#DORK 42: The Punisher

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Tuesday, November 28th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey discuss the latest Marvel Netflix series, The Punisher.  How does it compare to the others?  Plus a special Comic Buck Minute on the essential Punisher reading material, This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute, and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. Martinez. Is the door to my advantage which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens I don't mind cash. Thanks adjourn and another episode of hash tag tore my name is rich chief join it's always by Ryan Davey Davey how real. I'm having a wonderful evening Richard I hope you are having won also. It's gotten even better talking you my friend. Is that nice thing to say or start out with some nice things because I got to mention. Last week we were talking about our Justice League obviously a minute it it's wrong into a conversation of who was faster. Superman or the flash utes took to Twitter at our Von deet. And dependable poll would you like to share the results. Now I don't and I I you're you're a real son of god for bringing it up. Well I do remember the results. And what it was Brian thinks Superman faster I think the flashes bastard Davies a knockout of America speak for you but. Basically your biggest argument was photography. I want more with speed force and you know history in the comics and that's what the voters that as well the audience said 70%. Of the audience. Voters say. The flash is faster so I think the prosecution guests. Yeah I think in you know what it's it's it's my fault because I think. I didn't explain myself well enough I'm not gonna get into it now. But I did I think the argument is still there is still to be that you know. Outlook I would say this right now in the DC EU. That's Superman is faster than that flash Bob. To date he carried a goddamn apartment B actually caught the flash while holding. An apartment building. Well this flash is little shook right now he's not super confident he is gonna understand his powers of the guys' trip and it just falls all the time. Yes you gotta get ya gotta admit they get you mean Allen. He would tell me the guy who tripped over his own seat is gonna beat Superman from Kansas. To the West Coast going over the Rocky Mountains and through like force I think. Once. Yeah ID once he learned how to harness the powers utilize this be worse I think this Arabic into the fastest man alive or alien I've. I think I know what I can beat you win there you guys went like right yours do you said the bitches. It's going to be a huge week in hash tag dork Ryan adds we're recording this the avengers infinity war trailer has not been released but I've I'm willing to bet by the time most of you get around to listening to this. It may already be out so if you haven't seen it check add to or podcast it's going to be released sometime on Wednesday again were recordings on Tuesday nights we haven't seen it yet. But Ryan we southern new up poster which weeded that out at or podcast there's a bunch of Vanity Fair cover to look for different covers. Of the vendors infinity ward stopped but this is this is going to be the real deal this is. With separate trailers that come out now are excited for a lot of but this one which I'll admit I watched some of the blue led one it wasn't a great version that I saw. I'm pretty fired up to watch this trailer. And I'm hearing reports that it's gonna be tomorrow. So where I was were recorded on a Tuesday night he'll be out when. I just said now I just said that sort of break. Use that as early as tomorrow like I'm telling you right now that it is going to be tomorrow. We are being so we heard this just into the dark newsdesk we have a week we have breaking goose. Him. Yes that's how they hash tags or lose blanch. The avengers in Indian war trailer. Has already been released by the time you are listening to this. I don't think that. But I am excited about it did you did you like the Vanity Fair covers of all that to have for that well you know you you subscribe to Vanity Fair. I do now now so that's what I I like I like we groupings I thought that was really cool division others one. You know we've got a might not really like the Dem is like two other daily gullet school yet it means that you have. You know Spiderman hanging over star lowered head. Yes which by the way tablets are or being the only guardian to get a lot of there. And I'm sincere I'd you know me I could go for a lot of good Mora visions funeral issue. That's an outline but now it is that it Mora the other things is a big take away we go about scruples who is this is well was. For apparently found his hammer and his guy. Yes I saw that well. You could help do that they were at him like full marvel mode you know it was just Chris Hemsworth that you can tell us just like in the sort things that his diet back it is ever so must be an old photo. And I think part of that too is you know rag Iraq's been out for a couple of weeks that maybe they didn't want people. Thank god is with and I and ours is camera at a I don't know maybe that's. But they're guessing I don't know but I'm a pretty excited for the whole thing the the up posters pretty good too if you look at it. The first avengers poster. Of injures age of all drawn in this one are. Forty similar but it. But this one cut all the colors of the rainbow meaningless things that are different colors. They get it show up in this thing now that's the Infiniti stones. Am also all six of those bad pitches are going to be in there are some that are for that from marvel the DC Ryan this is exciting comic book news. We've mentioned it last week a doomsday clock the first of twelve issues was released last week. This is their watch men what is other weeks they're also DC Billick other DC characters like the main DC characters Justice League that characters. Sort of crossover between the two to give a chance three dispersants yet. I did not enough I did I do I picked it up and I guess is getting some make I was talking with the with uncle buck or comic book guy about it and actually be more from column book I've come up at the moment but he was saying. It does feel like a little bit like like a money grab these America I don't wanna see where this goes but. You know it's hard to duplicate watchman and you're trying to you're trying to get that same kind of feeling of watchman. I like that I was entertained by the first I think it really laid the ground work to see where this goes there's already some questions a little bit of intrigue and mystery perhaps. So I'm I'm in on and I I recommend picking and operates like the five bucks and if you were government I would. I would get it. We show now a couple of shows a little behind on about trying to keep up with our arrow in the flash of current given up on super girl and legends of tomorrow but I know a lot of people like those shows still. This is the week they're doing their crossover of that it's the air over so all four shows they're calling it crisis on earth acts. And I think it started last night again as we record this with the there's Errol super girl maybe into the flash and legends are gonna do it altogether. These are pretty far David these last couple years and you just get like twenty care is basically on the screen and then after work together and so it's entertaining. Each email or tweet us your thoughts on this but I am I am trying to keep up of these bad boy and you kind of lost touch with the shows. Yeah ID. Can't watch everything registers it they have indoor. That's a great point at the tremendous points beginning can't watch everything mystery science theater 3000. The overturned. Season one is already on Netflix right now. I did my toes a little bit I like it it's the odds mister since theory it's it's it's enjoyable. I did not watch all of the episodes but news this week is they did get picked up pre season tubes that you liked that show good news for you. Good news for you and I look at it like you I'd get my toes and that a little bit. Wasn't blown away at them funny part is in putting people in there so. I love the old show it's not a good revealed show obviously agreement wreck. But it's still worth a watch if you get nothing else. Also on Netflix riot which by the way what apple block this month. And it inactive that is all I want asked god didn't put one up buck but Netflix is is making it. A dark crystal freak pool it's gonna be ten episodes it's entitled dark crystal. Age of resistance. Filming is underway and it's expected to be out 2019. Which also leads into one of my three really strong impressions. That would be a spec scenes. An angle former likeness. A and I can do the other specs even when he fights about Latvia what is. Chamberlain I believe it is meant yeah and that via the other one of those trapped. And. When they're fighting that I got balance we get a bulk. Is very good it's very good we get those of the Tuesday if we were to a live show out there wherever lucky enough to do it live hash tag dork show. We should probably open would dark crystal impressions. That that I get the people go and are ready rate for your portion of the program. You stand. Okay. Even and I am. You did not sound very enthused about the us. Well kind of but it slow week other than talk about like you know you've had Black Friday now Cyber Monday. Where you've had all these insane deals that we didn't you know we forgot to mention on our our. But are leading to Thanksgiving episode so sorry about that I didn't know about that but this coming out I missed last week to Richard that people are. Losing their mind about and it's something that. Who like the sound of this so. The nether realm and beat people. Injustice have released their latest character pack. And people are losing their mind at the fact that you can not play you can now play as not one but all four ninja turtles. Low. So this like ala al-Qaeda dialed up a little bit you know like you know when he played mortal combat every character applicants style that they can go with yes you could actually switch out like which turtle you are. I know your big Rafael Belliard a hot head Canada. I've always been partial roughly all of my favorite all time characters however in the video games he's got no range is at the worst weapon you wanna. These facets it is the gluten is the remotest. If you ever got a verbal spat in the game. Yes so that's that's pretty exciting. Nintendo's which is Mario Odyssey continues to impress everybody it's probably going to be like the best tribute game of the year two are really excited about that. For you casual gamers and mobile gamers animal crossing is back. In them in a mobile setting from people really like his game I was never really into it. It is it's that the game about making friends. And trading with people which you know I don't I don't really like to do. Now I stinks. Yes you know I kinda I counted. Don't like cap different I have so right now I have it anymore. No god nom at a friend's limit myself. It's really just an opera fans of football league that's all you need. And then social frustrations continue on the bungee and destiny Q and battlefront. Battlefront front and I guess you could say or. Whereas bungee actually had. They had to address them you know. David tell the fans with the game's gonna do going forward and try to explain it to them to people getting frustrated with the lack of contents down and people are kind of finishing it and then not knowing what to do limits. Definitely one of those games they played their really enjoyable it what you get to a certain point that you don't know what to do anymore. Yeah thank you just yeah kind of wandered around shooting at random things. Yeah I wanna keep playing but I don't know what else I have left to deal. I don't really know what to do here miked right in my gathering light there in my late doing patrols are one of my doing. And battlefront they they suspended the kind of micro transaction thing that they're getting absolutely slaughtered force that's suspended for now. In my comeback but this has been a huge issue for them and people are fighting waste cheapest system where they have. They're controller set up like automatically place for them to like arms that they cannot lock in Lubbock sleep. Which is. Lot of that. Coming up now that is so bad that's like back at things like Midler you gonna stay up. Yet any other thing that I found this week it was a it was a Black Friday sale that actually picked up my good friend at Bethesda. Meaty. We didn't get a lot of covered on this game but it actually one of the best games of the year and probably one of the best stories. Of the years Wolfenstein to the ground actually really really good. So picture in 1960s America whether or not he's one. We have like a LL tell you what that's in this gulf of Israel fund. Other through it makes you feel better I guess. If you if you look bad deal still out there pick up wolf and spent two per share in that that is funded. Diego are well there's the other DB video game minute now I ever I told local box you know what our topic to shore was going to be right and that of course. Is the publisher Netflix series as they ought buck we could probably use some essential reading you know what what what are the comic books that we should be reading it. As a relates to the publisher to lo behold he emailed me. An entire list of the best punish your books. Some of the bad stuff from the publisher of many of one of the Oakley is a lot of good some bad and one ugly so without further do. But it's. I'm here to talk about comics it's. We need to hear talk. Yeah games. Let's talk. Area Ryan this is the essential reading list for the pleasures that you liked the series is new and you haven't read a whole lot this is where you should go. And no surprise he starts out witted the first ever appearance by the publisher that came in amazing Spiderman 129. All the way back in February of 1974. This is a very iconic cover your front also in the cover by now buck actually owns this issue. I on the poster which I'm excited about but the issue. There was at least it was actually famous enough to be featured in the movie coyote ugly. I like. I like that for some of. She's Chrysler reference that is where we're at where does that at her in her apartment. Norm everyone has yet the Australian boyfriend who collects comics and you know he actually. Cells that. She's like help her out at men she invited back for a much makes a record deal. Now that was a movie that really should have been rated. It should have been and it was a movie I was sold a bill of goods in that trailer and I took my high school girlfriend think it's yeah I'd like drag her to see it by the end keys dance and all over the place and I'm that this stock. Now this is not idea I was late because you don't the any boob in that rate that's not. An uncertain as kind of the spray it on our yeah maybe. The dairy air for couple's second. Allows him Bob but anyway and in now. I thought so it amazes I ever want 49 frank is hired at present hired gun for the jackal the kill spider this was John Bermuda and Gil Kane. And this tremendous as this is literally his debut. The very next year. Uncle bought falls and up with death sentence. 1935. Marble preview number two Gerry Connolly tells the origin story. Of departure who flashes back to the murder of his wife and children. During a picnic in Central Park and we've seen that some of the movies. Along the way so. No spoilers for the show here in this point by just some of the stuff that's going on departure. Now as to more. Of amazing Spiderman won 75. On the hit and back in town part one and two others around 1977. Hit man. Kidnaps. Franklin's hit man is in fact the old army buddy who once saved his life in the end the villain hit man in spivey. We've done did you James and hang from the statue of liberty leaving frank to choose which to saved. That's that one. Daredevil 183. This is also another iconic covers that Frank Miller. In the middle of regular television legendary Ron at the publisher and daredevil which is this is their first meeting. They fight all trying to solve the drug related death of a young girl seeing the good and daredevil publisher shoots him with a tranquilizer rather than killing him. Now remember. On as a lot of really good daredevil posh or stop the season two of the net what's yours as all they Stoller these penalty they talked a lot from the comics. Seven of the mid 80s1986. Publisher won a limited series circle of laws that. The first solo miniseries for the punished for Stephen grant story about frank breaking out of prison and court name start of a gang war. And yet it. As boxers and a comic cover. By Mike Zach. Harsher war journal number six and seven in 1989 Carl Potts a week's stories saved by Jim we are as frank goes toe to toe with Wolverine. For the first time. That's a missile combination. Here figures agree on. The publisher kills the marvel universe. 1995. As a one shot Garth Ennis the courts. Creature fame. He sort of foreshadows the boys. As its careless superheroes who kill us fail in the park sparking departure only killing spree that eliminates the entire marvel universe. And they've someone's like the dead pool you know verses the marvel universe soda for the harsher ones sounds great. Let's see the publisher marvel knights won in 2000 welcome back frank Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon again Beazer ball the guys. From. Preacher. Frank takes on the mob and a series that reinvent the frank Cassell and inspired the Thomas team film which. But what if yep sort of pick one facility required reading this would you want a dark and it's it's Colin welcome back frank obviously yet the what. Dead like 300 pages are undated it's but it's a really cool story and it's dark and it does preachers so is Della. We you know. So now to where. Like. We've talked about the the punish her movie the Thomas Jane on the it wasn't all that certainly wasn't great but there were some good moments and there are some of the good stuff is that they took from back comic you know. And the word in the worst part of it took all the stuff from a cart that is comic and invaded a PG thirteen movie. Yes but he can't do that. The way it was knock work. The publisher Max age that 2002 limited called born. On this is in my collection Garth Ennis it Derrick Robertson from the boys put together francs. Definitive Vietnam story. And then boxes and it's just are telling the story gamut 2017. They'll soon. Also on departure Max. The storyline in the beginning. Old man frank six years before old man Logan logic terrifying story of an age frank. With nothing to lose. Which is our horse is good odd couple morgues also departure Max series 2005 this flavors. Garth Ennis frank targets these sex slave trade after hearing tragic stories from an escape worker. I've not read that but I think that once that thought this could be very intense on in the last than the good the essential polish her reading list from comic book guy. Kingpin. Jason errand and Steve Dillon. Says it dark extremely violent publisher tracked down kingpin. Readers learn kingpins wife is really pulling the strings along whether. Assassin and lesbian lover Elektra. So. Keep it very much in there is that you know there's a lot of story lines between the publisher and king pin there's aggregate some of the best stuff from their double season two was was kingpin in there aren't punishment. Are avid to detail scene was the best fight scene and altar. Awesome I a couple of things for bad debt. Comic book I put that year I guess early on. The publishers forced to use safety bullets. While Clinton is initial run double the days firemen and daredevil and even as early solo books. That he also says that there is a a seven part series. In the early ninety's publisher 53 through 62 the final days of the publisher. Says it's an intense Reid promising the end of the blood vigilante only the end comes and bizarre left turn rafter being sliced up by jigsaw in prison. Frank is reconstructed through plastic surgery into a black man. After an odd to part team up with a Luke cage he changes back into a white guy without much explanation. I look at is that. I had no idea. Your debt that's his ridiculous. That the ugly is broke the demagogue the bad the ugly got publisher. In 2009. Partial eleven through sixteen dark reign at the list publisher won the Franken castle. After a fight with wolf marine son. That jacket or deacons and NATO action yet where his arms are caught off and he's decapitated. Frank is reconstructed by more BS and the legion of monsters in two Franken castle. Well yeah a lot of good stuff so religious summon up check out the early stuff would Spiderman and daredevil and then check out most of Garth Ennis stuff. Right. All right let's now get out of the Netflix your priorities sorted it tipped our hand that is the topic to shore the topic of the day thirteen episodes. On Netflix this with season one no word yet if there will be a season two were not of the punished here. Will start of course spoiler free before getting into spoilers. So I ask you Brian very simply. Did you like it. Sure. Now OPEC. As I IC a year ago and they sure yeah. This was absolutely in my mind. I had such high expectations for this is one of my favorite all time characters like he's on the short list for me. Him. I'm always on the part of the publisher red hood. Iceman. I. Green arrow like yes obviously bad Timberlake. But that orbit all time favorites. And after seeing him in season two of daredevil is a great jumper and balls awesome these network shows. Really with the exception of iron fisted bed you know any ranging from good to great. And I was so excited for this the previews all the good that they're pro Metallica music apps yet I was excited I was on board watching this bad boy. If you ask me after about eight or nine episodes how to told I don't now. I I guess it's fine they do ramped up some of the most memorable scenes come in the final two or three episodes kind of saved the former to be honest but. Slow burn teetering on slog. For a while. Peter onslaught for awhile and I would say that all Wolcott and more sport is here but the issue is not the publisher John berg also still can't build it. As a punish correct yes. He's not the issue it's other things around him that become the issue will get in the doubly so when my in my he would take on it like yes I did enjoy it. But like you said I mean be prepared for like five or six episodes of back story. This is that issue too I think further even. Like Jessica Jones and the two dare devils are my three favorite of this Ron that's not really saying much is located it's fine iron fist socked. But with problem. You know the defender was only eight episodes. The other ones were all thirteen and they all probably should have been eight or maybe maybe ten. But this those that this is that big time example of menu could it tram all lot. At this right in the they'd they opted not to do that I don't know why they're so. Dug in on thirteen episodes you know do it worked in a way for daredevil that right out of the gate they must elect while. Here's the template we go we gotta we gotta roll with with thirteen which I I just don't get there's too much too much filler too much dead time. Because the action scenes are off the charts like some of the the fight scenes in the big guns scenes and they just frank being the bad ass scenes are great. But then it just seems like there's too much filler in between. Ever tell you right now like he view it is by far. The most violent marvel thing I have ever the but it is but borderline like turn your head panic or movie esque kind of way. Yeah now at all by Korea Times that really you're you're like so Netflix or this is a marvel property is a marvel still owned by Disney like they brought to in this like. I guess or four talk about the eventual merger between like Disney and fox in the moral have all the fox characters arousal or that or maybe it won't goes dark is Logan or. As you know have. But on and on mean. You watch some of this between the sex scenes now they don't have the languages and they're not dead pool language but the violence is as violent as any comic book property we have ever seen. And yadda I don't know I mean I had at I think I know it's funny is a lot of the reviews I've seen of this it's either really positive or really negative. Out of more in the middle that at some of you or to. Al more on the middle but there are things that we'll get into the second after that we do get the spoiler alarm but. There are things that I really liked about the show and there are things that I just felt where unnecessary and borderline like inappropriate. Okay yes are out of issues do you say I'm not I would just say mayor Daley gets it it's a weird time. Now too late if this was all the stuff you see in the news Edmonton football a show like this. And it's just machine gun rounds like in to people in the places like I can understand what people might see that but I just can't want this. But if you're OK with that you're going to be they had I just wanna be entertained back and show up my mind off to the other stuff I just wanna see this character I wanna see some cool scene or be entertained. That I think it's I think it's good in that that's priority at the positive reviews for the people it's things to senseless and I also I grew view. Oh a lot of aside characters not all of them. But a lot of the side characters kind of let down what does a great performance by the publisher. So. Vs the other chip let's just keep it to the Netflix marble shows. I would say my ranking up top my head would be Jessica Jones daredevil to daredevil one. The publisher. The defenders Luke cage iron. These so I would I yet the only thing I would flip if you're me I would put daredevil season one. Ahead of daredevil seasons. Yet and that's understandable and I think he could make an argument for any of those three to be the best. I just only because the publishers into his via bumped to but I I hear you like it. Right back. Act dab in the middle and I at a I actually had a note it is better than iron fist located the defenders. Were audited nowhere near daredevil or just did you. Yeah I think the result just a little bit of a let down from me only because I had such high hopes of like this has got to be the best with this should be the best and it wasn't so get a slap a and you do have to slapping a hash tag dork score on it. It before you ask me again yes you can go half stocks. Okay comedy go hard floor on this Padilla thinking it's hard for. I've recently seen these a lot the same way I would go hard for as well and I'll tell you what. After nine episodes of probably a 33 and a half. At my if you tea if you take benign best episodes of the thirteenth and cut out the other four it's like five. Yeah you're probably right. Well spikes agave justice legal for right in the punish her for and I never in a million years going into November would have guessed that. I liked both about the same I never would have thought that but I did. It a bit. Our notes those cute deal. Our first they give me very intrigued some of the things that you thought were just too. Like over the top two cents or that. So it senseless is is it weird word but there are times really did show Gallic really political. Worth talking about gun control talking about there was a scene where. Billy Russo says to Madani. Yes some I go to Q were you gonna go to like Wharton business school equity sales pitch Wharton said Wharton was my eight was my safety school. We all know that Wharton business school is where the trumps him leeway. I recollect though it isn't like apple app if there and then there's this whole thing about gun control and that they may kind of put me off a little bit. Was the kid I forget I forget his name Louis he'll loosen rules in bulk then yeah Obama he. He used what he can do what he used was the pressure cooker and Mike screws and nails which is exactly what Boston Marathon bombers used like that's like the to me as you know we're a Boston based podcast that seem to be like a little bit on the nose. Yeah and a little in little inappropriate. It's as far as I'm concerned like. Like c'mon legs to get the public debt debt debt character. Right like it's joke like the bad side of the PT EST what happens to these guys make some home and all that stuff elect. Can further the plot like at all. That's I was trying to figure out was that with the skylights. Could we have could this series have happened without him altogether. When it yeah I just thought. Listen it it does there can be heavy moments like that these Netflix shows have done some of the kill great stuff in just beat Jones like there was some really. Dark heavy things comic I'm OK with that but. For such a day. Kind of nondescript character a couple of moments here and there and conversations that he had with the went you know whether frank or Curtis. They ultimately just like blows up. And Mike at Vegas he needed a guy and I did think the the scene that one episode where it's almost like Quentin Tarantino in the camp like chopping it up. They elect talked Caron and Mike that it is you know we don't really know what was happening kept jumping all around time wise. They that was pretty cool but you almost could be used to different care that you have to use this kid Lewis Wilson. And it was it just it really was that that was unsettling maybe that's what they're going for I understand PT EST is a real thing. But you know he got this kid don't dig a ditch outside. Early you know living like under the tent Neely he's he's doing that and just. Some of the stuff that he had a way to use or or could there just have been less of it but we said that it would be thirteen episodes of the whole show. Maybe you could trimmed his rolled out a little bit as well. Heavily you have this is him you that you forget when you're watching misses the marbles show does that have to be got hot button. To be a marvel Cilic you're you're going over all these topics and stuff and it's just like he did you have to do that. Yeah I don't I and I and like I said it will get into the character breakdown elect. I felt like John Burt Paul's performance was unbelievable guy who played micro was great league I'll play her own you know Billy Billy result granted. I thought was great. This supporting characters around them. So all of that. Tough real bad I did like Caron or used to care bullet did the new the new characters for the most part were all. Pretty bad now this is one thing you know always gets me going the Netflix. Series giving you some references to the MC you put the DMZ you never returning the favor ever ever ever returning the favor so you know accuracy so Spiderman departure by the way are open queen's. Nothing and so now that I feel like. Netflix show. Shows after not getting a lot of references or any references from the movies have now kind of build on that as well so so. Did you notice that the market early episodes. Talking about New York. Rather than talking about when the aliens attack like the low key tablet from the adventures which all the other networks shows that it. They referenced 9/11 and stat. Alls like well like I mean I understand your work in the real world here. Prior to that all of the talks of the attack on New York were always the incident and it is always aliens but city of Homeland Security understands Homeland Security but still. They could've talked about low key they could have talked about what happened there in the incident but they consider what the 9/11 which really kind of put this show. Almost in its own thing like this is as stand alone I feel like a show as we've seen so far. And I think number of those went on record in May be after the budget questions about this I believe is direct quote and I am quoting accurately. Well was content to continuity is for policies. Being. I get I gotta jump in their job I disagree I think about it article that it with a smile on his face down. It is I was pelican obvious. There orders it easy Kyra throwaway line about the alien invasion rather than going to. You know that the biggest terrorist attack would ever had the United States. Yes yes I mean it. I don't know I just there are some some difficult choices here that were made that I'd I don't think they've but a lot of that Paula that. So the other connections that I sighed again if you found any you can not tweet us or you cannot emails at all podcasts in or podcast at gmail.com. But one point there's a newspaper of the care might have been holding it and it's sort of set the thing about the battle under the streets. So clearly this takes place after the defenders. And they also showed a clip they showed a TV it was the WH IH news channel. It we've seen that now blogs that actually is something that carries over I think ant man. Age of all drawn had a scene using that like their their fictional news channel. And I believe I read this some mark I don't watch the show link agents of shield uses the same TV shows well earth station in focus that they do that on the we're talking about a little bit and not spoilers but to a slow over burned was with the question I was asking because I find myself. When I'm trying to convince people to watch the wire. I say well you know. If you don't like it after eight or nine episodes. You know maybe maybe you should just bail but the epic in our Damascus the latest in nine hours watching god they have shallow lake. Maybe it's just for you that's fine where's the publisher. Like would you tell somebody to watch this that. Sit there like. Fringe in two like other Al watched most of the MCU movies I've seen maybe daredevil season wore on him whatever that would you tell them are you gotta watch the monitor. Yeah I mean that would elevate your. If you have no knowledge of this stuff like united mean there's no it's not very comic book he would not very geeky it's it's just straight up action it's like. It got to pick a page out of a John wick. Yeah like if you like real if you look violent she hit it if you if you have any kind of affinity for the punish her like if you were somebody that. Bought a ticket to see the Thomas Jane movie the nation probably watch those. Yes I would I would recommend to people that they were interest and haven't been there like. You know my debt to exports to punish her much now but not. And now you you don't you don't need to. Where they're their to many flashbacks trio. I think that was doubt part of it com. But again this could have been you could've set it up at such a way were you done you do an episode where it's the whole story yeah. You don't mean went up like chopping it up like that that are doing it peace is good about it felt like. I got it by like the third episode Mike are they get you know visit Cairo on any set up the whole thing and it was explained in. Dared. Yeah right they're aren't like that all heroin thing and Howard how that went down without authority explain. Yeah but I think they must I wanted to let standalone they wanted to it's idiots and think that like doing that'd be dragged it out. Yeah going to be in major drag the whole thing out and it went on or why he didn't put on the punish her thing. But suggesting for like six episode. It took awhile that's been an ongoing feel I feel like in the Netflix series like they're doubled in to have an outfit until season two but it what the end of season one. But he had but he at least the Havoc that Frank Miller like me. Angel looking thing. As you're Franken now that both also knows things it's tough like how do you get that logo without making it too easy. Like he's so he's spray paints the (%expletive) out of it and that is wearing I. That's great it's like maybe the coolest logo in the history of comments. On it. Underage you don't just have assured them looks like that stuff like that I have got a three you do like all of sudden like. Either do it I think have been really funny if you like (%expletive) it up a couple times and then had to like redo it. That's the case of accused him he's like he all the like you let the best graffiti artist the world. Now is pretty is pretty dead now I think. Looking at there's broke a handful kind of story lines the route and we are talked about Lewis will settled the Dow's one that. Didn't really do it for browse but there were other ones along the way elect. His relationship with the Billy Russo and how that turns. That ended up being really do like I I I like that some of the stuff on Homeland Security. Not as much. You know rank just frank being on a mission to get rid of everybody. That had anything to do with his with his kids and his wife's death like that that's good stuff in most of the micro story line. I light kind of creepy face spying on his family but hey put in the same situation we probably all do the same thing. And. Yet and you that you words about is that W Ding dang thing where he was much more you know Frank's what's more violent it is approach to getting back to people and you know micro goes about it you know Lee Christine Whitley Christine. Good about it like beat the other way where he tried to get information and try to do law and it up well ducks in a rubble or does anything worse frank it was ball for the law violence. So it was it was a nice little balance again. Between the two of them. As it was plan is better for this situation yeah I thought it would and and what to name the guy. Then something's got to played micro was. He just did he did that line between like weird Kiki and like you know very sensitive and very you know worried about assembly can. Yet like for a lot of people like the man in the chair like you know like the public inspired me kid that wanted it like they're somatic whether it's. You know felicity from the aero war. You know gold go down the list of all the different characters that that are sort of the eyes and ears here even like an Alfred or whoever. He's not like he's Alex super nerdy geeky guy rightly you don't think you saw you would just immediately think oh he's ears and dirty he's going to be guys threw in the stuff. And how could have a hacker is he really if he's gonna get like completely up ended by someone unplugging emote. If it. Well I mean he's he's got kind of take a makeshift set up down there. It nicely how good are you insert comment someone router do you think it's realistic that he can have that whole set up down there in like nobody would know he's down there. Maybe you know if you you know you paid in cash in your piece and things together like you know Letterman asked you're kind of a junker. If you like you know frankincense and things together. Yeah Agassi could do that a thing like does he pay for the Y five a baby can like hacking like steel Wi-Fi have to do it all wired. Yeah out though that not too bad. Not what where you what did you think were the best seen or seen there's one obvious one what do you think was the best scene of what it was the worst scene. So I thought and abet the best scene. Well as well and all of day and the guys came into like political. The basement like their hideout was unbelievable. I think you said he would like home loaning like everything yes he would veto you click on the ball with. You know gunpowder and all that stuff I thought I was I was really good and incredibly gory. Cut to guide head off strapped grenades it would make further ahead. That was that was my big takeaway from the whole series was tight here he he cut off a guy's head. Strapped a (%expletive) bomb to it that it threw into the middle of a budget dues in a blow up. All the other public health somebody's head can you seem all the head diplomats gruesome. Right media just decapitated a master's in it ought to wait he also just like duct tape the bomb to it. I'd rather than throwing a ball to do a pile of people right at strap it was severed head into relative. Until unbelievable. That that's yes that's so unique notes and I don't remember seeing them before. And I I would say the worst scene of the show it anytime that Russo and Madani had sex. Opposes it askew he thought the sexy thing. Dell has the most awkward. Like ridiculous. Sexy and I've ever seen in my in his victory of the. There's three there's some. There's some OK ones. And there is nothing worse to me and this is this is just beat but there is nothing worse. And that the sound of a microphone to close when people are making out like you just gross yeah is assassinate him play here. No it's like something Netflix super obnoxious yet. They expected the smoking is like the way over. At the top sound I thought over the Bessie was definitely that steam but even at the when it frank turns Russo in the jigsaw. Like that was (%expletive) awesome what he's like slide like scratching his face down the broken me here like the act it is. Very violent and now francs killed I didn't keep the count maybe somebody did he kill front 200 people on the series. Today's like I'm not gonna kill you probably messed your face stuff so. It is by so. And we'll do some of the care stuff too but. Russo. Is jigsaw however. This is not a in the comics jigsaw is not an old army friend it out like a best friend of frank. So it was definitely a swerve and it was like a reveal late in the civic action the last episode. But when they said Billy Russo and it is that a for the first time maybe halfway through the serious I'm like. That sounds an earlier but what I have read I have read publisher anything in a while so that Eric but that when you go look back on it they reference how. I'm good looking as the a bunch of times and so his name is Billy the Butte they comb the beauty was like Leo mobster guy hit man type thing and he was played by. What the hell's name the guy who played McNulty in the the wire he played tonight and it's like Dominic some that maybe. About it on a boy economic but he plays him. Endowed publisher war zones and not the Thomas Jane one but he plays in the the other one he's just. He's so badly he's the war as the worst portrayal of this guide is a much better job and I'm I can't wait that they do to a season to. They could definitely get jigsaw on there or go to can also do rye is weather season three or more of daredevil. Would it make sense to have jigsaw out of this in the comics but you could have him basically go work for the kingpin. Yes and that would be it dowdy great now maybe he's looked in that mob scene it made Dominic West by the way. Don't respect thank you arm yep get him to get involved in the mosque in that haven't haven't sort of play out the way that he was but it's fine that he has a military background he could spent that that's that's the epic. I think it was good that it was a good choice because that put them him and frank are kind of equals in that regard like they're the same rank as the same outfit you know they've they have the same training. Yeah. It's about love about this to the future and make the show real rate your kid just have like a random but I'll discuss this random super bad ass like you can only do that so many times so when you're taking like. Marines. Like how believable is that like a marine or army ranger or green beret like get the skies about as a oh shoot he's a bad ass like you've been traded for so long. To be like an ass kicker. It's of these guys all have that background Seawright so. Billy is certainly no pushover and obviously we know what. What frank is capable of a 30 those are some of the best seems to me the worst scenes. For a while it was just NEC and Donnie was in what issues have sex with Russo or not I couldn't standard or otherwise is. She's pretty he and what whatever I just she bugged me but I did not want. Other they would bug me about it and maybe that will help you out that cute terrible at her job. She was awful responsibility acting director of like this you know Homeland Security thing yeah I might have been terrible terrible at her job haven't been that. Terrible it is that you after decision it just terrible decision making. You know that's a lot in April what I like her character and and on things like great you know all party Billick. At the end of the day like Michael Lewis Wilson she's useless. Yet he used a variety he tried to catch frank castle all the way up to this point to that and a and it's he has this relationship. Where it. Russo and net which is completely useless in and make those cents and then at the end she kind of like let him you know like what you do when. Yeah do less I would I would ideally lower blood and that or to duplicate the majesty is that different for for Madani. Also I was worried if they go the first episode when Franklin still like construction. In the guys like picking Rahm comic art we've seen this pulls just so many times right where I could guys picking us everywhere we all everybody watching knows the guy getting picked on could kill all of a second. Like art at ago at this construction angle better not last very long. And then bed so I don't like a fight if I was working at a construction site in the guy wasn't talking to anybody in just smashing down walls with a sledgehammer guess what. Ali Malone. Yep he's do you do you buddy marketable should you know about overtime you do you do you would whatever it is that is scope for. Are so quick character breakdown I think obviously the publisher we loved what he was he was terrific I guess I'll ask you this. Punish your season two that's something near to that and. That's some images student now that we've set up kind of villain and arch nemesis kind of thing I'm I'm interested in that yeah could obviously we've set it up to that Billy Russo will be back. And I think that's what kinda and I elected the last episode was conflict and afterwards that would dealing with like. You know hottest frank you know deal would now and I thought it was really cool that he went select group. Yes yeah those and I thought that was that was really good one of the things that they're really impressed me with this is I know enough. Marie I'm not a Marines are now are that myself but I've been around enough servicemen. That thing that blew me away is how he stood. Yes and how we interacted with people is exactly. How those guys act. Yeah it's for is really impressive. Like how he'd at least it's something subtle but how he's stand up like his hands like grabbing his wrist like in front. In doing that that little bounce like I've seen so many guys beat Alex nailed the mannerisms. If he definitely had a lot of research on this has run amok spent time or as an authority and his family or whatever but he he did a great job so he knew he was awesome. I thought Mike Rowe was as good as they sidekick. As we see actually. Thing about it don't like dodgy or you know summit Jessica jones' friends or iron fist friends or locate his friends. Mike might be the best sidekick that we've seen. What is useful the united electorate times are saudis just used. Foggy useless but also would all of their story lines like all of like even Colleen wing who actually didn't mind the like all over the side characters like story lines like I don't care go talk to the go talk to the main character please put micros you like. Okay well. How long is to be doing this like what's morally it's beginning get reunited with his family like all of that I was at least interest. Yet not I know I really want a caring about that that Lieberman to family and him yes you know about what happened to them so except for his kids do. Who is done so we have been and. It's not where he talked about Diana Madani from Homeland Security neither am worst character by far I'm spy that we we both thought the same thing. I care page. Choose good or she's really the one tie and her and actually we don't ones seen with Turk that Turk Barrett Turks and these episodes. Different get a paycheck. Was not Turk but. That was that we did see clear temple we we didn't see any of these other characters that overlap the lot it was just Caron page but she was few sketches and she's a good parent and all your question. Do you think. Uninsured care are hers perjured and the stealing a smooch. Well there was that charged moment in the elevator it was very hard flawed human went for it. I don't I don't know if I like that you like you're sitting there I know she and what's funny is not she's becoming like the marble expanded universe is Lois Lane. Yeah which is that it which is critical. But I tell you I love the story line I forget if it's a born again or mail without fear or love the story line worked Caron gets addicted to heroin. And then it just to get another hit seat. Reveals there doubles identity. It's just that on what think that it kingpin finds out it's about Murdoch but I love that storyline but right now Caron is so far away from that. Yet no one bad day right underdog I also think it through one that is right but Karen Page to all. I think if frank had like a girlfriend it would take away some of the sense. Now that the heat of the moment you know and I mean that I thought one of the coolest one of the coolest. Scenes in the show was when Madonna he is talking to. Lieberman David B micro and yet talking about how like. You know Frank's doing miscue and it's not because he wants people dead as he doesn't think he should be allowed. There was a bit there that this whole biblical revelation about that so. You know I I don't think you know frank thinks he has much longer they could go so having a girlfriend you know that you know. I agree Serra Lieberman micros wife I thought she was really good of stratosphere where I saw her from shoes and like two episodes a grim and she was it something else that I us. I forget Arafat had now if you could steal smooch Ryan from the Sarah Lieberman Caron page or Madani who would appease. Our lungs. And it. Age I think so too. It's certainly not the true. You know god did I do know what you mean. Billy Russo will be Jake somebody's belly Russo throughout the series I thought he was really good to use a good friend but it got that you kind of knew something was up in the the kind of reveal too that something was up so. But he was good also there's one scene where he is seen reading Dorian Gray. And there's a movie two years ago where he actually played join. I did not know that that's actually faster than I I thought it was funny that the care the the main character was watching. Was ray knowledge was reading on Dorian Gray but I that's funny you know he was story. Those little things I like to look for soups a lot of shows now do that and so he's reading Dorian Gray frank with reading Moby Dick at one point you know like Erica both of those. Make sense William Rawlins and he had disservice for episodes. Agent Orange yet he he was like this pseudo stake bad guy. You know and I thought it was great that he now frankly last week adamant that try to beat him up but he's tied up. They keep you know he's wearing his. It looks stupid gloves on yeah that was that was pretty dead as some of those scenes and that will like bonkers things were basement or whatever word or pretty yet. I would miss the most Wilson we are talking to him for Curtis oil you usually get used but he's a good character coming grounds her body and he has. You know one relationship with Billy's a different relationship with with frank. So I thought he ought to. It also say is kinda tough deal like this world class like special ops operator and you get your ass kicked by a kid with your own leg. That. Rudolph out flipper all the scene where Billy went over and made people had gone on now is a pretty good seats and frankly it's those protective. Tom the upcoming series on Netflix you have just a Joan season to daredevil season three and Luke cage season to. Which are all expected to be out next year. On the order to think Jones would be first and then they are filming iron fist to. So no word yet on punish or no word yet on more defenders but. I humbly I would definitely see upon usher. Two if not I'd like to see him in the a lot of daredevil or even mix remember Jessica Jones I don't care get get him and there are some audio. And I would like to see in all of these shows I would like to see maybe like one or two crossovers. With everybody. Where they crossed patent. Yes or yes absolutely I don't know yet no problems in that rabbits to sort email of the episode because it's about this. Topic earlier so Chris emailed indoor podcast at gmail.com. Is that John burns' ball just like every other role is really brings the heat as the publisher I'm not sure if you're able to steal the show in your own show but if you are that he did. The way he carried himself the way acted it definitely made me feel accusing real tortured veteran especially the voice he had some real subtle runs. That were outstanding in any time he yelled. Then started to run at a person absolutely terrifying. I think the pressure is definitely the best marvel character on Netflix. It would probably be a top six MCU character. Critic Chris is Captain America Spiderman star or Iron Man and for being Mueller wants better that's obvious is subjective. He goes side note we finally have an actor who can froehlich a (%expletive) man how many times do see actors turn throw. Like they're throwing for the first time ever went burn balls tossed the picks in the street micros kid he looks like Joseph Montana comparative a lot of these actors. Former semi professional baseball catcher. Well that there aren't clever they. At Augusta Christopher over the same thoughts we did because the season turned into too much of a slog. There was way too much back story and not enough asked taking the first three to four episodes ago the last three or four great everything in between was okay. There are some good moments but a whole lot of slow ones too. I didn't need intricate details about Madani or Lewis Curtis. And there are so much to unpack the franc it was also it was like all five seasons of Errol flashbacks roles in the one. Would argue it's a great line I give you less backs are less dialogue and more ASCII and frank castle the one man army every single one despite things were tremendous. Definitely not a guy would mess. The passing with him at preparing the though the warehouse for the showdown at eleven it was a home alone which we we just thought of but for thirty something year old fugitive. That he walks around in the darkness cutting heads off which he's four he's just awesome sequence. But the slump and I think frank castle as invincible. That's the only way that that makes sense he was shot in the head in an arm. In the chest a couple of times he got stabbed broke some bones puncture the goddamn long throughout the season. Best case scenario for a normal human being you bleed out frank castle. That mother (%expletive) not only keeps going but he kills everyone in his way a lot of interest comeback from a span of two maybe three weeks. I was really cool yet so they I think based whoever the writer was knew that and had. Agent aren't pump ample like app deference. 1000 collect his he wanted to get a feel that some we'd like shot a third a Mike OK that does help. Because he was just no way easier deal to do anything from pulp fiction. It but donny's dad patch them up that one time as well as doctor. So I had I known I now. Chris is a few more buster goes how fitting is it that he is the flip phone that happens pretty good yeah. The scenes of the backgrounds completely black and he's doing good various activities when his wife was out of not a stranger things specifically the void ordered that places eleven talks are momma trusts talked to Mike. They're both Netflix shows may be the tip of the cap I'm not be reading too much into that though. Art any or as well. When Madonna figures out what happens two or happens on the mountain with a daughter it was just a little too quick for my taste there's no way she's back good Colombo was needed that good. That'll thing when they're out there on the mountain and in the woods that that there are losing in that episode will be honest. Yeah like Indio. My gross fly in the drone around. Like yeah as we did we get yet. C'mon man on the slot that we sort of head on but this actually appoint in the battle for Caron page. Who'd you got NAFTA Murdoch or frank castle both of saved her life and a clear romantic feelings towards her. I'd say the betting lines and open up at Murdoch as a minus 150 favour through their history but you can't count out frank as equality sleeper choice thanks. That's soft as anyone at different unintentionally funniest. Scenes of things went frank tried to big time micro done. With the night yeah oh yeah I that. In a people at night on the kid. Like it or we learn about frankly that he's more comfortable. With a night that he is with Scott so there's more dangers there is a lot of stabbing. In the show yeah. And windy it is is route so part of the attack and killed or what double that. You get a little bit that night. On the arguments and yet what that is a very effective weapon but I'm surprised that he would have that. Also again I'm not a marine but some of those flashbacks a Philip Bruce those hair was a little long. Yeah that's not that's not that's not right and I Catholic I'm Catholic regulation none so I was curious about a lot of really know for sure but it's either yeah like slicked back in the same haircut that he has in like that the current data the public. Well. It is which it haircut yet think that passes military must've meant that I tight. Any final thoughts run on the publisher. Dot again it's good it's reported that if you're marvel I watch it definitely aided the good is good in the bad debt. There is good the bad the ugly in the show and the ugly is probably the prettiest character in the show being. These Madonna. And her mother and sound like never really been beetlejuice with the hole and an act. Yeah I was gonna sound exactly biker he sounds haunting. It starts. She's still out darts an hour long acting Derek test unbelievable. With the magnet stuff. Art so if you can't sit like the perfect Netflix season for me would be sorority were talking about liquid audio overlap could probably include. Daredevil and punish your kind of working together and that hate each other doing more of that have kingpin in jigsaw. Maybe mix in the another Bill Lynn. Maybe a Jessica Jones Luke cage getting together like I think that some sort of like that Europe the cult of defenders the cult something and and you know mix and national. Or electric yen and data granted that it would go public. Who called him. Or here's an idea. Walking Spiderman show up if he's right down like got the street from publisher. I would be opposite like one time. This will do it one time like daredevil or like the punish is about to shoot somebody Ehrlich became Edward Everett Spiderman. And stop the Obama that he's batting a or you just have to be aware have been you know like. Thought it was a scene in super girl the one episode if so what she was the. To get killed. And all the good news Utica shadow. Of Superman show up and Taylor yeah that's all that's all you really need all you don't even need to repair it got to relax. All right so there you go there's our episode hit us up on Twitter at two or podcast or you didn't emails to our podcast at gmail.com what your thoughts were. On the par shirt giving other questions or comments and maybe we can answered in the in the next episode. Let's go onto. If you. It's. Our Ryan Tucker received. Our I will receive this little presumptuous because this is not out yet. Here's my here's my thought. There's a lot of our trailer breakdowns out there on the Internet streets specifically the YouTube. We have the YouTube channel we do here and there are things were that I think that might attempt could be horrible could be trash. I think I might take the avengers. Infinity ward trailer and try to do my own breakdown. On everything Iraq. I don't know how it's gonna go but if we do have it you can subscribe YouTube dot com slash or podcast will sweep out. He can make fun of me whatever you wanna do I think no attempt to do one of those. Hopefully I can find an Easter bigger two to lots of people are into the basket that's what would do what what's your pick. My pick the podcast is a movie on Netflix right now on the big Netflix guy it's called Jim and Andy's the great beyond the now what this is it'd documentary. About the filming of the Jim Carrey movie man on the moon where he played Andy Kaufman all right rhetoric and there's this whole spirit these stories. That you heard of Jim Carrey when he was filming this movie he went like old Jared let go lake he. Saw us and indeed able but it was Andy Kaufman and stay with you that he would show up there's like Tony cliff Spain it was like IndyCar adultery go on a really obnoxious and but he would do this on set and that all these crazy stories about it and what you find is that most of them are true. And you it's sad and fascinating at the same time did you see how far gone like Jim Carey is. Now a loner like do you under do you feel bad for a deal last out of the appreciated is that some combination. I honestly and this is that this might be a bit of heartache for meat but like he I think he suffers from like dead genius syndrome. Really you don't you don't think that like anyone like understands that he's just on another planet. Yeah in terms of like how he thinks and you know what he thinks about. And it's like it's kind of fascinating too I love documentary about like really huge huge goal like more serial killer I go looks more like. It's like weird people. Yeah you know become fascinated by like. I'll give that a lot and I was wondering like I literally I was an Andy Kaufman guys Foreman Tom rider to go back and watch any of the stuff files and in the the stuff they did see Allison legacy more. But like Jim Carrey's so maybe I'll I'll give them ago. Yet it's just it's fascinating to see his take on it just. And Spike Jones produced it and have a huge spike Jones and. That's that's you know there are pretty dead us that leads into the last things that next week we get a whole bunch episodes lined up weather was thrown out comic con or four or stranger things are Justice League now publisher. Before. The last Jett died we have a couple open weeks it so I tweeted out there and I apologize I forget exactly who was but. You know we've done episodes on. Certainly we quit Tarantino movies or Stephen King movies or that we did it with an actor and we did an actor too I think anyway. What about Denzel Washington movies or a thing of Brad Pitt movies. Or Jim Carrey movies even we could do. Or the other idea which are response off of that. It would be an actor draft an app that would wanna step on the toes of the Mac grew podcast of their drafts but the idea that you draft an actor. And then you get their catalog of movies and then at the end that we each picked like four. And at the end you see who has the better movie collection. I don't I don't hate that one or do you get and it is more in depth and go through Denzel movies so. Email us to lead us less than we think we'll think about it next vehicles will surprise against Gaza. Welcome mat you. Maybe it's a surprise episode with somebody. Okay that's a real hard the pain is what we plan on. Art at dark podcasts on the Twitter or podcast at gmail.com. YouTube dot com slash or podcasts you can now check this out on the I tuned please leave us a our review you can subscribe you can rate the podcast it's all very nice for up to a hundred. Her sweet so thank you that's. Keep on up toward admitting to what total dork tell a friend. Was it buzzes a page you like podcasts I think you might like this podcast wouldn't wouldn't deleted that I don't think. Now you know that we're worried about we're grassroots campaign we could be we are very word of mouth I would elements and sell Enron we're gonna be able all you. At our Monday on any social media really or. You know just might I'm trying to Raymond trying to twitch I got to get them working it out nice break. Not what -- all last thing I guess forward we go usually like to leave us with a an important message. I generally safety tip of some sort I think if we apply all of these things that you said along the way it's only get a lead to happier and healthier lives. Okay sort out what for Richard couldn't happen to media today and I wasn't thinking of doing this simply brought it up so glad you did. So I go to my patriotism want to do from a month Thanksgiving break from my school and you know try to make my girls luncheon. I go in there out of reach around big you know find a Candace something and I noticed that one of my hand is dented among. Now what you gonna wanna do people you're gonna wanna go to that pantry you don't wanna go to your Galley kitchen or whatever you have. And just check those canned you know to real thing Richard let's botulism. Well. You don't watch out for the can't get the candidates if they're damaged if state if you know that freshmen deal with pop does open just go ahead and just throw that out. You think the content is Roland at that point I don't moderate get and I don't want uterus and necessity yet it is. I think. The problem.