#DORK 43: Will Ferrell Movies

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, December 5th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey breakdown the entire film career of Will Ferrell.  They each pick their Top 5 Movies and Top 5 Roles.  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute, and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door to market heads. For the door to my email which cheek if the door. Montana that's if that happens my dorm blonde cash. Thanks to an end or other sort of hash tag door my name is rich Kieft joined as always by Ryan Davey Davey you. Ricardo like this up but that don't don't don't check your SAP button right to have a little fun with the there. Have a little fun real fun always on the door part. A bilingual podcast. I think. Probably would do pretty well that which you probably think about that. Yet we should we should. I yeah I don't use Spanish double I obviously do not. No Latin now you can help us out bit flat meg going to be tough to follow but I think that people like that might separate us from some of the other podcasts the movie going podcast the TV podcasting's like that. We have a rocket soccer we grind sort of say we get right into. It was literally the day half. After we recorded our last episode the avengers infinity war trailer drops that we did not discuss our podcast. I did try my first ever trailer breakdown or get a chance to see it. Of course it and I'll watch that almost as many times that watched the trailer itself which is the breakdown. I think breakdowns good it's it's a great leaping off point and I think that is obviously room for growth. Did you are for a first effort at thought it was very well dot. Somebody on the Twitter gave me a four out of six for the breakdown and I really appreciate that. It does does pretty nice yeah I don't know how to take like the video again dorks not nerds so I didn't have any legs video from a and I feel like that is definitely copyright for an I don't know how is doable though it. But I just took still images from the thing that you have a big tick away with this Ryan and I wanna get to what your big tickle it was. That if you haven't in the video one of the things I mentioned in the video is. There Dallas has two stones. In his gauntlet. But neither of those stones are the one that he looks like he's basically ripping it out of the head of vision so that might already be three stone so it looks like he gets beat. If this is spoilers for or rag Barack but you for all to see it by now he gets the blue stone from low key. He gets the purple stone from. The noble corps in Moscow to know corporate get a steal back the last time we saw that and it looks like he's probably. Gonna get visions stone as well that was one of my big takeaways what it wouldn't you say. Yes Osama I mean what did ninety muted although the odds are not yet. You know so there's a lot going on in this trailer obviously you know we got some new look system characters which is nice. You know yes Captain America is just some sort of captain now. You know so we view without the stars and stripes and as are dude black Panthers you know get get this many shield he didn't rely on there that now Tony Stark was very put out so you know he's struggling with some things. He's going through a lot of I would imagine. How does this is pointed out by west he'd be from the boxers podcast he's that if you look that the whole cluster suit you see it. But Wes says the way he jumps it looks like holt is actually inside that you buy that. I don't. I don't get as yet he's he's right but wouldn't that be just wouldn't make sense. You know I did just that to me that that doesn't make sense but not it was nice to see you know our our irons spider suit yes and saw that Babylon. You know so that you know what's pretty and he's cute idea and armed army air go up on your partner so he's still got despite that. So I snuck out tingling a lot on coming now not romo's almost not at all. Yet clearly there would you think if Reynolds look. I do you cute they're treated out we looked like stone cold Steve Austin or give up a stone cold music you have laws that all of us really great. There's off they're a lot of means different things going around with a with Santos the tournament as they Homer Simpson and in my whole bunch of going on them. I would put it he looked fine I think he looks pretty good memories purple a lot of volatile purple characters but I and that's fun. If you think had been out for summary of the full had a pair. Under there here you're not yet another thing to come and now yet black widow and blonde they build up that. OK. Okay yeah fine she's she is a different hairdo and every movie that's a good thing that they want to do. I don't know now you're the first on the hash tag where talk guy you roll over that. But limited others they interview. But maybe maybe he wasn't there maybe uses a very very small maybe it was you know that's seen at the end where they're all running the ball run and match here. Yeah maybe you'd like he could be super small. And Gillick sort of a sneak attack Teva think 2000 it's going to be another battle normal conduct. And it looks like he's fighting like aliens to my guess is Panos brings the pit crew. Down the book conduct to that believe the last jam as the sole stone but what whatever it is the red one. Is still at large and I believe will be able Condit I believe then also be trying to get it there that's my guess. That's your guess yeah well it was nice that they slipped in the guardian at the end is it whole crew was there thank god. And you got you know Peter quelled and other. Yea you pull off a staff shirt and yet know the trio that wrote the moral looking good look at it and should with a rock and boggles the not a sexist it's more compliment I don't wanna go down that road. I don't want to and trying times on along we're very dark times come across as they had to Ted but she's smoking sleeve. That we have low key handing the Q or holding up the cube like handing it to somebody. What do you what do you think of the theory that I've heard right back come up with that of I've heard somewhere that. That's just fake like Jack could be he thinks it's real fantasy is Israel the time but it's really not because they founded and owns little underground layer there. Remember what hello of the dolls should anyway and a what if what you're ethnic. I could be it could be you know will be looking up to his old tricks there is it's pretty clear creek. He did trickster. There's a story which snakes there's all there's all kind of tricking stories there but. Let's forget about the job already. Pretty rock hard about the whole thing. Do we are we are full off full and full on with this movie though. The only doubt it a year further for the podcast from Alabama beat two parter. We could break it down into parts that in next may I believe so we have. Here right there. It's just her on the river bends they say. Summit slated to ship for avengers infinity ward you can now let us know in a lot of you or to have that or podcast on Twitter or podcast the gmail.com. On the emails this next trailer may also deserve its own trailer breakdown. The bad man ninja trailer. What has been asked that would. That was unbelievable. So this is a out of nowhere we look on my no ideas going back there and it meets and a man a and one of the thing while the lines are the trailer which I logos like from the top creators of Japan. So it's like okay. Best. They created Japan on in the and it's Batman as a ninja and it is the Joker as a ninja. And it is super and a man and it is super Batman. This looks for gonna cost them. It does and what confuses me Cilic in the beginning it looks as a bat and went back in time Billick feudal Japan. Which that doesn't make any sense I can make that themselves. Is did everyone go back in time or is he let go back in time and and assemble a new bat him. It's jokers there I don't know jokers there Robin there back girl there catwoman there there's Selig assemble all of these people want to get spared they come back with a I don't know the the it's it's Coca but it. A lot of a lot of different images there it's really a quite a sight to behold I would check out that trailer. For short other trailer golf from buy gas slightly more than DC animated movies were talking about this'll be out early next year like just a couple months actually. Operatives trailers that we tweeted that bad boy out we have a release date Ryan for hell boy though the reboot with David Harbour from stranger things. That'll be out January 11 2019. So a year basically year yeah you can that. I'm OK with that it has long it is done correctly. What's your interest level all won the sixth. On it public for an app for app on cowboys. I I'm a little put off by the fact that del Toro was not involved. Yeah it was great it was grip I report to. David harper giving give him credit as an act of great you know it does the images that really dead now this. And if it ain't gonna really cost would bring it back if you podcast that's really gonna cost. Ron Perlman of some free drinks. He's definitely got the throwback that's the classical mug and if you're fined the podcast romper and likes free drinks. Now we have an inside source with that that information. This this is gonna go right up your skirt gambit is gonna start shooting in March and no you don't think Gusmao who ever may. I have to keyword review on that the gun on television news yes yap. Right classic classic yeah I wouldn't do it yet but call it back fielded. Yeah other than reviewed to him what must be six years. So I think both of you are still falling review and through because it was a great idea and it just then it died on the table. How about maybe you can explain this once and Ryan Quinton Tarantino. Star Trek movie. Another thing like. Always get like I think it is that they like it. And be beat Tim Burton's Superman movie there has not been a more ridiculous idea for anything ever. Then bit. Oh esoteric like oh. Doing a Star Trek movie verses timber and doing it and you saw the movie though what happened timber to mimic what that movie was going to be. Loved it all I love it I love this documentary on the helping a little of the movie opens. It was a little like what are those ideas so a little brother look we need a big spider like the spiders and look at here. I. Used to be expired wild wild west and moved up yet exactly. But it ought so. Again this is just so open minister meet them my understanding is that Tarantino directed in JJ Abrams is like to take the money. Policy which utility you get money to produce it and elect bill that would be received. I'll tell you what though I am a huge Tarantino or guy you can actually check the archives we did and it is episodes six REI Iran. We did and Tarantino movies to David I broke down all the all the movies to wanna go back he missed that one maybe you know what that fuels the road again it'll refresh. I'm not a huge Star Trek fan and I understand a lot of our listeners are that's great respect you sir or ma'am you can like put every alike. This vote this'll make me watch that this'll make me go to watched our trip right away. So what's great is that people are already out of Photoshop of game you'll while Jackson has Jordy with the device they're. Are prepared they're McCarty CNET let's get. So yes. It's going to be a sense that's hurt that's for sure. A couple of Netflix news that Ryan no surprise here but it is official stranger things get a season three. And yet what about like Netflix going on Twitter and being lectured remake straighter biggest scene in three yes or no who's cards and all things that I held that they. But what and then that people demonstrated things were like okay. Let's look like we need to do this. You have raised that's like some and certainly talk about for the poll question today elected today but. So and I am sure the what do people voting no like that that that's not a good feeling that would. Now it up like they're probably just gonna to be funny Ehrlich seeing if they can get it to ya know elect. I thought they would get a notion news regular things these are you getting paid again mechanic. This is not as much of notion that news but it's still I think it was headed that direction but mine hunter which I recommend is the pickle podcast a few episodes ago. Mine hunter is getting picked up for season two which is great and they're sort of leading there's definitely room for it and they can even go multiple seasons that thank you started out at all yeah. Not yet though a bit and the next cute things that kind of waited that it is a pleasure obviously some now I'm in. I mean TD limbo right now somewhat different Asia pick up and this is top of of the list the other one. Is that people won't that you're included and mapped to in the boxes are all raving about Riverdale which I watched an episode of and in. God is great I mean if you like 9021 no but back in the day it's a high school. Show like forget about the Archie comics I mean they they definitely. Intertwined some of that stuff but like you don't really needed knowledge of that at all one thing I'm excited for not not for an ugly it's really a spoiler but. So Riverdale is right next agreeing de L and green Dale's where Sabrina the teenage witch lived. And they are both under the Archie comics umbrella. And so I'm wondering if they're gonna open the door up to. Little crossover can CW is the one that started with aero than did the flash of the cross over the legends and abroad or super girl. So I'm waiting for a Riverdale Sabrina the teenage witch crossover. Top. Brett. I. Well I'm very excited. Yeah more of Curb Your Enthusiasm season nine is in the books so roamed out for. More shows others greatly this. If you didn't know that they took however many years off you have no idea again this shows just despite his third time. And that's what it's the people were a video of this thing that threat I haven't watched it I was waiting to binge it and people were Yang that you know it's slow you know it. They were you know kind of disappointed in it and if not these other little thing like it just kind of picked up. It just never stopped that you would be he. Which is a good thing. That's not by Nassau talks today Arizona article today they're hopeful for a season ten but you know who mostly it's just what Hitler didn't want to do. Also allows watched the last episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm edit trailer for a new HBO comedy. Called airy where Bill Hader plays. Like an assassin or an old assassin now wants to be like an actor estimates and comedy looks. Yeah yeah I like size when you treated doubted activity really got very much like excited. About that I would definitely want to go yet. He paper the next your portion of the program. Sure it's. Okay. Either man. Unlike last week we have a very enthusiastic. Ryan. I'm always enthusiastic about true that the that the contents little lacking. So the big news the big video game news obviously that destiny to have launched as of tonight as of record as podcast the note that he would be the Osiris the trial of Osiris. Could be DLC which is which is great start to curse of Osiris not the trials for the person Osiris. Which is you know destiny be doing destiny in. In May raise the cap from level one data point five. People are bitching about it I think it's tedious saying it's whatever. A cut off destiny right now and I I they have said this is it a couple people like. You get to a point in the game readers like and not enough like I just don't wanna. It seems a good job leaders like Brian that's about like yeah I mean yeah don't wanna like you get to a point where. In all of them that multiplayer is pretty fun and then you know you try to do these raids with people in need in a bit like no room for error and you just try to get as like. Legendary stops and what you get regulate pre announcements would like to commit so a little bit of a grind in competitive video game news Richard this. For the Boston team. Philly team is having had to pull out of the entire preceded this according to dock compete. I can I could talk to dot com I guess they were having visa issues with our of our international players oh boy. So the city of Philadelphia team has now had to back out of the entire pre season. The tristate yes indicate can you people do you figure paperwork straight on is that the did you move. It'd it'd be moving the other thing Connecticut found out that this this happens a lot like beware you know international players like term of the people have to back out because they can't get there. They can't get their visas. And that happened to look out the NHL this year Africa at the house name right now but there is a player I forget if you stomach for candidates who beats in the states or vice Versa but you I couldn't even travel with the team which you idiot. Yet. Well that is what it is and I big news this weekend B cap com cup. Will be happening this weekend which is the the best street fighter two players on the planet we'll get together in Anaheim California. And then they will do a marvel vs cap com infinite tournament so the best outcome players in the world will be gathering this weekend. So I'm looked to twitch are deceit out of fear that will be all over the place. So nice little operated 70000 dollar prize for the winner. Very nights. Aren't hiding money that's sound that greatness that are you raise the topic is sure. And yet. Us the topic of the day and a topic of the day is Will Ferrell movies now we took the Twitter poll we try to do this every time because. If not it's a lot of pressure on the you know on the listener on the Twitter follower to choose the next topics or I can do that all the time plus that's but that's another podcast do. We're not gonna develop them but it was Will Ferrell movies. Did Denzel Washington Brad Pitt or other he could write in other that we ingredients were they Tom Hanks Christian Bale. There's a couple other in there as well. Brad Pitt to knock it a lot of love us and hoping with Jimmy Brad Pitt but it was really 882 horse race Will Ferrell edging it Denzel Washington I think will throw that 40% of the vote Denzel got about 33%. Sort of go through like we did with Samuel Jackson before. Every goddamn Will Ferrell movie then we're on Tuesday top five movie that he was an. So he can have you in the lead or he can be literally like an extra. Or enumerated the top five roles for both personal preference are you ready. Okay I'm ready elephant US rather gear and that's up this is probably the most we call ourselves past regular podcast is probably the most mainstream thing we've done. This problem. But I think it's a good one and it went won the vote so this is a this is a little bit that to the cap back to the listener. We are in 1995. Will Ferrell as any film he was on credited he's in a film called criminal hearts. Where he played newscaster. I did not see this film tough start. Austin but maybe this was the beginning of you've played newscaster later on rise which in a we're gonna get to. 1997. And so he's still on Saturn realized he was in that men seeking women. Where he played Al and he also did not citizenry. OK also nice nice seven this is the one where people really kind of attribute this to his really. Movie debut Austin Powers international man of mystery replaced Mustafa. Great role he's sitting there at the roundtable with doctor evil he gets skill he gets priority screaming like this is this is a great start for him I think. Yet and he goes and even brown face in this movie is which is an inch and boy a bold choice for sure. And it got Andy he showed a bit of a later Austin Powers and he breaks like smoke like almonds right at that nightingale. Soak up late just like he thinks they may think he's dead and he keeps screaming at the table no look around he's like please like somebody just help me and it's like the long played out that it's really good. And it's sort of vintage Faire like he does that same kind of bit throughout his career with a with a screaming and stuff like that the Bergen. I knew 1998 he was in the thin pink line. Which is a mock you Metairie I guess based on for the thin blue line. No idea but you're out now it takes one of his character also an accident he one of the characters from SNL they make a movie out of it a night at the Roxbury. I didn't hated player right now I did not hate this movie but also I saw this when I was fourteen so tickets for what's worth. And I think it's one of those things where they were these string of Saturn nightlife movies they try to make it just didn't work so they had success of Wayne's world and they try to make these other movies and they just got blocked Maryland that it's pat moved. Ian as pat could only be Stewart's bella that movie. Is that a couple more on this list both barrels and you yes but that's what I do like like this sketch itself on Saturday lava Thomas so watching American Roxbury and dislike. Ten minutes and Mike and animal. You know it is actually thirty seconds into quote gotten like. You know. Yeah like the characters. I don't know I didn't den while you but there there are some laughs and there but it's not it's certainly not great. He has then he is then in the movie Dick 1999. That was a big east play this on Comedy Central Lott who's like the Richard Nixon. Type thing where he actually plays Bob Woodward this is they have Michelle Williams Kirsten Dunst movie. It's fine if not another exciting. 1999 he's in the suburban. Where that's the name of the band. And he's in the band he's a bassist. His name is Gil. That fifth at that most bases names are guilt. The only goal really redeeming part about this is that Jennifer Love Hewitt is in the story about. That's really about it. Are now as you mentioned today not Austin Powers the spy who shagged me he's once again back to stop look at individual time travel there. That was in there as well but then I'd superstar this is a more of these death and now things are trying to trying to out there this demolish him in but. He plays sky Korean and Jesus in the. Did a great great. Credit. And sky Corrigan and Jesus yeah the ago. So the ninety's how would you assess the ninety's for Will Ferrell film. Bit of a slow Bert it was like over but the high point was Austin Powers like these that you know 1516 seeing those movies that are really good. Obviously yet obviously a big role in knows he was but I remember seeing those big are they actors that are not yet right. The only movie he leads is that night at the Roxbury and that is you know what it is what is it that so the best things are cameo in Austin Powers for share. So 2000 he's in a drowning Mona. Replace hubby at the funeral director. This is a crime comedy without Danny DeVito and he's in the ladies' man so once again to that these are all three. SNL movies. Or at SL recurring characters. And so ladies man what judge wasn't terrible like ten medals displays is. It's not the best SL movie but it certainly not the worst. Note that the worst but again it's not back great. It's it's it's kind of wears on you after awhile. Yeah ambiguities amongst our 2001 this is I think a great year he's going into movies but it is a great year for Will Ferrell. He is in Jay and silent Bob strike back daddies and under rated movie I do think it's really phony. I do movies clump around that pretty good pace chainsaw bomber funny Jason Lee's funny they're they're used to those characters. And that kicks up in knots later in the movie they get out to Hollywood. And Will Ferrell shows up and Jon Stewart ball shall open the movie Will Ferrell playing federal wildlife Marshall whilom holly. And he's trying to get the monkey back from Jay and silent Bob. Eddie's like he can't get a magazine he's like the bumbling copper to ever basically. And daylight disappear on on it but what at what point he's trying to like shoot them he's like. These guys are you it really Q and they're like. He thought that it did sound Bob are in a diner and they have the monkey with them. And they decide to come out a name address the mark yup and clothes make a walking out. The cops are all there and Will Ferrell they have like the whole thing like you know corn down there like they got guns drawn and everything. And get the megaphone he's yelled out I'm an ad jays try to explain to him that. Now this is our son like word gay lovers that we have gay sex all the time this is our side. And that is that that will Farrell's like comic guy we can get involved in this coming election storms slightly better and better let them go he did he get to the trouble for this. Is that you have a very beautiful fairways there everybody exact slide is three that cut that thing up and all the guys look like Judd Nelson's they're like you (%expletive) kidding me. They also had a that's right shout out Judd Nelson but I think and I think this is they were actually really did care program. It was good I mean this is kind of like the public is silly the bumbling got to do this kind of guy you know the that he played so well. Com in the kind of like the Lumix kind of character which is which is which is really good command again kind of a high spot in that movie for me was. It was that when he when he shows back up the keys on the scene because now it it's on or hurt his jurisdiction because they're looking for a monkey and he's the federal wildlife. Marshal those very. All that same year he plays Mo got two in Zoolander. Which is what a great comedy villains of time. Oh great comedy villains of all time and just an excuse for him to just go completely off the rails. Yes there there yet which in my mind I I've talked about this that the couple times might might theory of Ben Stiller movies. I have yet has there were. So basically it might my theory is that. If you name. Of Ben Stiller movie a movie that Ben Stiller stars and where the comedy. Ben Stiller is only funny because yes funny or people around him he himself is not funny if you take. If you take Will Ferrell out of this movie this movie sucks. And hurt the he may this and hire your point usually right you said that Ben Stiller is never the funniest person in his ability. No he's not you like in the yard I don't know like I've wanted one and a half when it. Heavyweights. I doubt now and not see this developing the people always bring up there heavyweight is the one movie that Ben Stiller right in its true. But the death penalty then become lame when he plays the exact same character in dodge ball. And now I have closets there white Goodman might be the funniest and dodge ball so. But it got later at the RT did that character Tony Perkins in. Heavyweights like it's the same thing. Nine I don't I love Vince Bonnie it was the same character never movies and like the white decrepit why today that you know fast soccer and I I appreciate that I enjoy that but you're right I think for the most part. He has not he does surround himself with some good people at some of the movies is there are dead but you're Atmel dot it was so that mu got to. Like that but yeah I'm taking crazy to our second taking crazy pills. You can use Celek every day against him you're talking a summary earlier group of people that like disagree with you like crazy tolls line. Is awesome and it just his book looks of physically. He's very funny but even his lines. And so I'm on board this is one of his best performances. The one that got me was that. So hot right now and we'll cancel though like that like so hot right now we've gotten back kills me every time he says that it's a great. So that so Zoolander is tremendous 2002. He's in just one movie called boat trip where he plays Brian's boyfriend and he's on credited so. The one with Cuba Gooding junior when did the gig gave vote he got the decree yesterday it that the when he goes with him and her ratios bands. And Vivica fox and they go on a cruise and attend a community papers. Not like notify our take her third go. Pretty good. 2003. An awesome year you're going through movies but to classics he's an elf which I'm sure ever raise three watching Ian right now. And he's an old school replace frank the tank so go take a stab either one of these. I think I'm just they got to speak for themselves I mean this kind of I would say if if you didn't think did Zoolander was kind of a break out role. For her Will Ferrell I mean everyone knew that Will Ferrell on the at this point it is to know how he was going to be used. And that he's in old school and completely steal the show. And then like they did noted that like facts don't care about feeling sleepy that's. That's back and is used very elf I I was telling somebody that today you could make the argument that day. That elf is the greatest Christmas movie government and I would say it might not agree with you but I will sit in with and he understood that you like. The biggest and greatest movie ever Buick noted that you kind of dismissed the if you used that to me right now that elf is the greatest Christmas movie ever made I would sit in with sincere. I think it's a great argument we had out probably my personal favorite is still Christmas vacation. An arrogant like Chevy chant thing it's just that movie is the classic I mean I love it but elf. Attic for her and a different generation. It it'll suck they'll certainly Biehl and acumen 2003. This. Is great in the it's it's very quotable it's smiling my favorite elect the article. By the elf what's your favorite color like it's there's so many things like your thoughts in a closet to seem him in phase on love. Is awesome. When buffets complicate. You know Santa Claus coming tomorrow he just freaks out like that's great what he's talking Artie Lange who's playing Santa Claus. Crazy actually geared she sort of prickly heat it it's all been like the lines are nonstop without health notes about old school. This is still my favorite comedy I love all the guys that are in it the Euro Will Ferrell for the first time you see it. Him getting shot would that dark like the dark and the next scene. If I don't explained comedy somebody. Is that in the got I've never laugh before about I don't know what this is lightweight whipped exploit humor to Munich will be something now at laugh at. It to the dark thing. The good book and our Internet that we what would your for your tricks here and Trixie. It's the best and then you think the scenes over that he shows back up he knocks a can grab a kick in the head and that dives into the water. And he's around he's singing at lose funeral these he's like. Everything about it his ged and also this can. All this wedding is wedding was one of the best scenes ever. And on believe bogeyed it yet. A he's so at least streaking the whole thing when both Perez frank the tank and this came out a sweet spot for Ross were both in college when this movie came out. So every party you're out yet to have somebody crushing Beers do like the frankly dawn shooting paying. Yeah a string of frank the tank. It was okay back then. To funnel. Two Beers and and liquor girls base he can't do that now what it did yeah. Some good putts right you don't. Good thing about old school by the I was watching like the directors commentary or something. So at the end when they're doing what their final showdown. And then all those different sporting events they have to do and they're doing gymnastics. What he's doing the rhythmic gymnastics which he crushes. That was supposed to be. Luke Wilson Luke Wilson apparently the hill to work with and he didn't wanna you wanna do so if you notice. Will Ferrell does the mascot jumped so he's the mascot. Right that Vince Vaughn does the ring stories and still hold it still ultimate. And then the fact guide does the but the ball. And Will Ferrell is back again to do rhythmic gymnastics so it local doesn't do locals as the star of the free movie. Doesn't do anything it's his house that he doesn't do any of the final thing. If you watch like. If you remember they delicate dance routine that Greg before he jumps bickering yeah any watch that watch Luke Wilson just completely Milli did in that like he's just like he brought. All the crazy or anything and you L yet and also I guess. He was like pissing off the director Todd Phillips because you know it takes a while to shoot a movie and he tell kept getting like haircuts so. He would show up pretty delicate different haircut note well this is the same day as the this other scene in Mike you don't look right so if you bought it's let's look at Watson again the Arab. Here to see him be like and his hair looks completely different in a deck is just to get haircuts for some reason. Aren't so this that you're a different sort of the couple money like you said Zoolander I heard this discussed capable of health and old schools like art. Now he is the mosque have. Comedy guy so he's yet on credited role in star ski and how much replaced big girl. He's in a Democrat is it a document her eyes himself but oh what a lovely Tea Party no idea. But that yet so that beat that the documentary about how gave out about him. Other takes about an hour that was the the line now what's his name says Dietrich Dieter I think is is mimic African airshow where he's after your service him look over me it's a little lovely Tea Party stuff right. So that so I actually saw that and now that she pretty it was pretty. Sent. Will throw pops opening Woody Allen movie Melinda and Melinda. Amount on the the oven oven aren't here we go out now is the leading role. In a great with a great cast anchorman the legend of Ron Burgundy. Is also a co writer where he plays of course the title character Ron Burgundy. And this is this is really hard to top this one of the all time great movies as one of the all time great performances talk about quotable. The more portable than old school or else. I still that we do like Mike checks at you know where from like remote broadcasts or wherever the docket test the Mike was like the human torch was denied a bank loan unique and act all we do it all the voice exercises. So people little people I'm occurred whenever right rich as he rich called me and I picked up the phone and he says can you cumulative just to test the level I asked a lot. Nine and ten I mean to viewing and a 100% of the time I either do a Spinal Tap line or a Ron Burgundy. Those are all that it. The Tressel enjoys it fine chewing gum they're helpful entered your description your mouth Donald would get rated talk for an hour in my stall. You some of those ones. Are finished at oddly shaped feet. In my 36 years on the planet am I can count on one hand the amount of times I've laughed. You know at a movie to the point right couldn't agree. Yeah this is gonna on their. It is it it was this team Arab member where what I was in Matt the match be common. And keeping nasty messages nice I was watching this movie and it was the scene where. Ron Burgundy is talking to. Brock according stone yes and he's got here out on that Rhonda do obligate yes. And she scuttle it looking down and BP which he says like mr. Burgundy you have a massive erection. You had a camera zoomed out and you saw the hit that first time and he's just gonna like try to play it often liked it to deplete. It's on the lie a little. Or rioting last. How funny that. It's so good shot. But it. There ought to walking they don't use like there's not a lot of owners and in comedy movies and wondered why I'm out and they are not guys these desperate. Is price because I go back to old school. Want them maybe the horse ever laugh in the the year was that dark scene in Hemmer who were up in college watching it. And definitely miss like the next three minutes of the movie but you know in his role though Israel at wiping tears and you're just like yours everybody's laughing so hard the movies obviously keeps going on. And I don't know what happened but it doesn't really matter. Now we go back that we were all down yeah that he gets back a bit optimistic. They. Tech guy and Laura yeah but you're. You're already Connolly teared up that that just like it knocks you like that's the knockout blow. And then when he ponds that kept telling if you didn't touch indicated it would have been as funny but he grabs the kid in the Bakken and the push them aside. Crashes over the table into the pool and it is the pertinent Q music hello darkest mild fried you know like we got ourselves a comedy scene. So when they may anchorman they made they had so much stuff because all those guys would like. Do with a gaggle Rama are a lot of Rama where they were just like rip off lines and so they filmed so much stuff. They literally made another movie it's called wake up Ron Burgundy deep lost movie. Those direct to dvd I think if you bought the dvd which I did this was a part of it. And it's not really a movie like your movie critic you've got this is thrown together the notion that this is it. It's deleted scene it's basically instead of going through the dvd catalog via like I wanna watch deleted scenes like out of order. They basically that put him in order there's also scenes that you would recognize from the first movie or maybe it's is it different line or whatever. But it's a whole different thing like theirs they pick up bank robber it's the epitome of they get the whole different story. So it's funny for like lines but it's not like them but a real movie. Now if so is this story is is that when you shoot a movie you typically related to our movie you'll shoot like four or five hours of what. And then like edited down take you know yeah that is down to a final hour tapper to right. And on how the director's cut to the doctors cut. Yet if the director's cut that 34 hours and make an edited. They shot eight to nine hours of footage for anchorman just that they had all these ideas and they just kept coming common comic relief to get it figured. It's ridiculous amount of stuff like even scenes that they used to from the other movie are different because they're different take in the united means so. In the sense that like they had so much of the footage that they made people think of this gang of bank Robert Culp the alarm clock right in a funny story so funny story is. My lack of Mel CQ but in California. Which he was an early twenties. And she saw this movie but at the times of economic she she might have with the united endorser. Now. Which is what she saw the movie all the all the embassy. So she was explaining. To her friends back home what I saw. Another anchorman movie and the like what he talks started explaining it to people and elect. No like your making this up like that that movie that makes it like you're making now. And then so we start dating and she'd beat it like on my shelf of like deep in my personal collection to this day. And the best part so she's like oh my god to take is that the other anchorman movies and public values Dina. With the reason that we're that nobody knows me. So the best part about that dvds it became with the insert for the dvds was actually Ron Burgundy news journal yes which was. Side splitting we've funny right because all elect ray on my ideas written in crayon on the Mike tattoo ideas like it is ridiculous. It wasn't like notes the backs their two or there was some get in there that right now. Yet but the best part of that movie date they were traveling. Like like a location news team called the better because the grip the lid off of it is that one of the funniest thing into the movie. Yeah other integrated Ron how I've you know about that because outlet top yes. That little one of those things that I quote that I don't know and I'm quoting. I said the other girls who ripped the lid off that completely forgot that's earth from that anything that's good stuff. So that's definitely if you're Will Ferrell that he probably already seen it but if you haven't seek it out again not knowing that's not really a movie but it's just it's a lot of good lines and stuff in there and it's a great characters. 20051. Of the great cameo appearances I would say Ryan of on the last one years. That is Chaz Reinhold. Cat in wedding crash years ratios that he's like the legendary. Wedding crash trees crashing funerals now mop the meat loaf battle scenes like just tremendous job by them doing that she's doing back there. You will us are raised with that. That that's great 2005 also he is in winter passing. And this is as though additional movie I don't think as a solid. I did it I did it I was not great globally India on this little. You thought it was going to be more comedy that it was drama but it turned out the other way around. Look dark you know. He was in the Wendell baker story this is the first ever film directed by Luke Wilson own Wilson's also admit he plays Dave picks I don't think it's the major role for him and us. He was and the producers. I ever saw the producers. My spine yet either a stretch year where you know where these are fun like bewitched obviously taking the TV showed me he plays Jack quiet. Terrible. Kicking and screaming I doubt I had its moments I don't love it but it. It wasn't terrible. Filled up there and there's neighbor like Mike that they're sometime. Yes well it's father's neighbors Mike did then they point out because. So yeah it was a good idea but then it was a very big idea that they try to put into a movie and it just didn't. I like the idea Will Ferrell playing like dispute it's kind of like so yeah it got these two except we should be doing like coaching soccer team and yet you know. All the whole side story with him getting addicted to caffeine was really stupid. Yet have them to use in stranger than fiction in 2006. Which is a little bit more of a less comedic role I guess through third. Yeah yeah but it I again this is that this is the movie where people started you know one of the only times that will throw an active at that. The story that is our third place Bellic Emma Thompson has suddenly you write this book and but like this that she received an actual person. Right right right but you write that affect him in yet there was kind of a cool idea that it came out around a time like you know like. What it say. Eternal sunshine so with a pin. One of those ones right right. It was also enough or use the voice of Curious George or actors or use the voice of the men in the yellow hat. Now nicer to get to Iran here Ryan were basically. He's just in these roles where you know the pitch was a character who is this. But it's Will Ferrell and rats which gets you in the door so let's start with. How you read my mind yet read my mind this is exactly what is at Talladega nights the ballad of Ricky Bobby ware of course it was Ricky Bobby so it's literally just you walk in the door Will Ferrell NASCAR driver. Yet if there's anybody else he would make this movie. Pretty good out say you know not one of his his best because they're so somebody good ones but I laughed at this I think I I own it right did when I have only dvds. You know I this excellence is the whole shake and bake stuff. It would certainly. Yeah all that's that is is pretty got him and and that nor were also start to see him and John C. Reilly and how good those two can be together. And yet unbelievable but like he's got a mean these are the movie digit in it like all of a row what you see them it's like it's a link. Where if you NASCAR movie elected I Will Ferrell NASCAR movie done what do you BA best golf bat like but where Will Ferrell what it. Yeah exactly figure skating Will Ferrell Levitt unity though. Absolutely TSE's on the as a semi pro we're plays Jackie moon has some good lines and their blades of glory I didn't really lovely to glory placed Chazz Michael Michaels would that do from the point dynamite double. Male figure skaters. Up but the real gem in there is step Brothers were timid John C. Reilly. And this is. You probably I mean maybe you can make the salute people but the idea of hard you have to step Brothers. Who early in their forties. And they're gonna doing immature and all that stuff and it makes it so much better Will Ferrell but this is a real. This is the gem this is this is definitely one of the very comedies the last ten years. I don't know if you read it on the Internet to did that Adam McKay and Will Ferrell have an idea for a sequel. A bit and they've they've kind of pitched it elect. The Internet. And it it actually awesome so their parents retire. And then after working for like three years or four years Pailin Brennan decided they're gonna retire and then moved to the same retirement community at their parents. Cowboys. So even write it again you just walked in and be like there's BA did like perfect yet by the money. Again comedy once of a little leery of it so this is also this is this is the time Ryan Moore I would say in May be of a different opinion and I do. But right after. Step Brothers or semi pro everyone came out last. That would would've been your time to sell your Will Ferrell stock. And I fit I think duke duke and respect for him I think he's still very good I still see a lot of his movies. But we talked about sort of you know with old school with the appearance of wedding crash yours with anchorman that was your going up up up step Brothers put up I think that's the high. Highest he's ever been and I don't think it'll ever get there again not to go negative I love him. I think that was peak Will Ferrell was like a week. Yep and I would say once semi pro. I think what came out first step Brothers or semi pro unless you're there will only. Yeah I. Could I remember Felix semi pro Buick. Like it was it was good but it wasn't. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be at that point by at stock it will fare like probably shifted at that point and those. Up Brothers came out after the pros in the summer movie set a rose like as a step Brothers was the last movie he was in 2008. I think that was again. Where his stock is now is still higher than a lot of comedic actors but I understand where was you can put that on par. Would anybody Ellie his work we'll get through all of them but his movie co is comedy movie collection. Is probably as strong if not the greatest of all time. And there are some there are some in here they're so high spot in here that will get to the second but they're over the next ten years for it from. Ten years ago 2008 Will Ferrell probably the best it's going to be so you're younger you young guys out there you haven't seen the best Will Ferrell yet we saw live you know. So that he was there and other goods live hard sell hard it was on credited role he was in the Land of the Lost. Which again isn't a straight Communist that is there's obvious it's a funny movie but it's one of those we have you know crazy CTI stuff. He's in the other guys have been Mark Wahlberg this is get out what yours say that. This yeah out of they've this is the best of the late later will serve a second act Will Ferrell like this is the. I did like and this is a really good for fourth by Mark Wahlberg as well he's really follow us these give. He is the voice of Mecca minds that didn't involve little these you know kids' movies. 2010 is also everything must go. That's another way. And I won't I owned it seem like a point now a he wanted to go to go to volume blockbuster conflict by two previously on dvds get country yet though little of this freebie. A different guy. He's in a short film Akamai and the button of doom he's in costs that they need podger it. Weird I tried to like that I shot out all Spanish or it was a dollar and don't. That's the house of my father. The campaign. Is funny bit late this or as my goals that my appointment it doesn't approach it is like top ten movies but this is him exact dealt inactives. Given given the current event if you were to watch this movie now it's really not funny anymore because that's like post sounds like one real. That's the point real now. Heusen Tim and Eric's billion dollar movie of the. I'd like to I like that I like him there and W rally attempt play. Ridiculous characters as any time and there are things like it is ridiculous. He was in the intern ship. I was a little credit rolled a thousand other Vince Vaughn lone wolf the movie. Anchorman two the legend continues now this is. And a lot of people are like I was of ashamed to admit a movie I have not seen. This is this is it for me because for someone who loved anchorman as much you'd think over the last. For years that this has been out I would've seen it but I have not seen Edgar Renteria. It's it's worth a watch on their it has its high point the Al. Yeah 88 but it you know go back to the well I think this is probably something that they probably if you watch it if you ask. You know Will Ferrell and Adam McKay honestly is it the movie you wanted. To make like it was equal there probably was that no right. No pan and if you could tell that some people like heart just got our data anymore. You know. That makes sense. They're all much bigger stars they by the public on nine years after the fact Figaro account but what Steve Carell and Paul Rodman all those guys are are much parent stars. He's a voice he's lord business. In the Lego movie. He's widget you know it was great. It's a good odd daddy's home in 2015. Again in a Mark Wahlberg. Seniors get hard he induct Kevin Hart. I'd like ball close to me here pretty forgettable and I watched the ball Mikhailov pearls and a couple allow the those were the renter. Or you're out of the boxes podcast you would you red box those movies. You'd like I was worth the couple blocks in the nimble on limited Zoolander two didn't see her look the worst ever is back and got to. Daddy's home to so he's bringing back the same character and he was in the house him and Amy Poehler. So that also. Turn out earlier so that's where we are with the Will Ferrell now one movie are a couple we get zero bill. Coming out in 2018. Its aid James Franco. Directed movie with Franco and Seth Rogen. Dana McBride and it's so I'm intrigued basically it's a young seminarian. Who worships film arrives in Hollywood in 1969. During a transitional time in the industry. Got hit or miss for original. I'll but he's also going to be in next year in a movie called Holmes and Watson where Will Ferrell or play Sherlock Holmes. And John C. Reilly is gonna play Watson. It so Woolsey. But don't think I would say the summit upcoming modest beginning like some bright spots early on. Then as good of a five to six year stretch in comedy that we've ever seen. And then Mike's still kind of riding on that making movies that people are seeing that are that are making money. But nothing that you would ever confused implicate top 25 company. Top five movies for you or how do movies first there will do rules so obviously those to be the same would be very different what are your five Faber Will Ferrell movies. My five favorite Will Ferrell movies not in no particular order I've ranked them that I ever say no particular order right off the bat anchorman. Yet. Old school and wedding crashes. Elf it up and Lego movie. I have 40 those same five output step Brothers instead of the Lego movie. Yeah that's the big play guy I I wanted to variety in my lest I felt like I was going to it's like the little movie to me was like. Kind of he came out of nowhere and plot that has Chris Pratt and it at all equal people and I thought it was really clever like what they did with him. Yeah yeah I beat people like a movie that both. Now hi Simon I don't have kids but I didn't hot spot yet correct yes I would go my order actually is old school anchorman. I step Brothers and wedding crashes like a flip flop either three or four in an alpha five are about rolls his five best rules. OK so I want a little TV on the went to the middle TV one in there as well so frank the tank obviously yes this kind of public the unbelievable roll. Who got to yup and then Ron Burgundy also it's like is. Passed him out of those at half that. Yeah those are the those are the three that has done everybody's listening the other new you can really go in the direction. So I would Allen gamble from the other guys which I thought you were Gator you're Gator yeah that is it at least. That was awesome but I thought that movie's great I had Michael Keaton killed and yes it is based quote he'll field does. Yeah and then. My one TV role that to every time NCAA dot ago but it is we needed Robert away. On Saturday I'll buy the whole. Our conversation but you're right that is the main thing he was a by the way the best to. Best of SNL dvds that are the war but the two Will Ferrell and Robert Goulet and when he Satan. Trying. To itself. Let's lacks the winner I don't know I don't know man kind of socks. Sort out the Borg out I just got bit by the love that and it's driving me and love all played. Out. Icing Fred's slacks almost every day to my wife but she doesn't hate it but she isn't like laughing morbid Jesus so used to. Fred's slacks. Is the guy named Fred and he's got a pair of slacks move Fred cat slacks parrot. And that was read out on the it's fast car on the highway. On the pie away mister robot from. Like what the hell does that. At any player he plays like that slow and at the yeah I agree that he thinks he has that he's like now. Answers are right they could the F cord it hurts my fingers. Yet. I. It is I'm sure that is the go to that I would throw my list I'm going back to federal wildlife Marshall will olive from to insult Bob. I love him he was so good these cancer can it really good and I think. There was enough from Jackie moon and author of fringe line but Jackie moon right now is pretty you know that semi pro. Where he's freaking out the board Roman he's going nuts about that is pretty. Anything else on Will Ferrell. No I mean I got it figured that'd be cute these movies everyone watched and you know my take on it is what you seven mean that they were as there was a time. In my life right about that will Farrell was the funniest person on the planet I don't know if that's still the case. Com. But you know it's it's. It's the evil institution at this point anyone our agency mr. B if you you have to seek had a little ceremony have to be up to date on other work. Break any new ground here would that nobody dvds of movies that are just click on the talk about and funded you know from the watch. I think only the only character or go actor to me. That can have the same tepper Reza like the his top five comedy movies can hold up about it too. It would be Vince Vaughn for me because you still rubble school in silver wedding pressures you even thought anchorman and then he can add swingers and made. And then who might be Jim Carrey just obvious basements are dumb and dumber is entered to. Me myself and Irene a urinary the those are the only two guys liar liar and those are the only guys that probably have a similar top five is even Chris Farley is like water to do. Sacha Baron Cohen it's like water to. I guess if you wanna go back. I still think like. Eddie Murphy Michael like I still think he's hurt his or better than most counts so. Let's if the last part here. If you can. Are ranked or the Iowa will receive and we. So I'm gonna start watching this this show it's a it's people who show. Called future man if you heard about that now. So. The the young man from Josh. Forget his name the dad young man from Hunger Games. Last hearts and yet so he is the lead in this we need to brief description key editor Josh. Letterman leave they pretty boring like spending much of the time playing video games when he network. Things change though when he beat it video game that the rest of the world has given up on thinking it was unbeatable. Everything game mysterious visitors from the future here. They put the work. They put. The work the world in danger and Josh is the only person to David he assembled the team to assist him he travels. The time completing various missions as he does whatever he can do to try to save earth from an extraterrestrial visitors. So a bit of like a comedy score early you have like that yet so it in it's getting rave reviews. Like on rod tomatoes on the rated it 77% of round tomatoes are now but let happen. I've on Hulu it eight point one out of 10 on I am DP which is more. Critical in most sites so I can't I'm gonna start that this week so if you wanna start that would mean let me know to think. Malacca after. What faculty and feature men are cool myopic and the podcast they completed an Eagles last week but their four part. Series I guess of the crisis on earth acts on the CW I mentioned that they were doing it but I I've watched it so. They do one episode each of us super gore girl aero the flash in alleged that tomorrow. At a mall up together even if I'm watching two of those shows and not watching the other two I think just the build figured out basically. The flash Barry Allen is getting married to iris west's. That's a bit happens. And alls and all hell breaks loose and they introduce a another earth. Think they've already introduced so there's a lot of different universe is a lot of earth in this universe. And Abbott added another one. But it is colosio the characters all the different superheroes like teaming up so that is definitely worth it ninety viewfinder on the website or on demand are liberals so. Check that out. Next week Ryan I think we have let's try to hash this out right now we're not gonna put this to a vote. These are these are the options I have that I wanted to give anything else or there's one that jumps out to you. We could do for next week's episode Denzel Washington movies because it was so close in the poll. We could do west's and others have requested a reckon morning episode could you Rick in morning. We could do this will be the week before. Star Wars the last yet we could do a whole Star Wars tour not slash. Star Wars theory episode where we sort of tell you where they're at now but we also make wild predictions for the last Jenna. And or the last option and it will be like something Christmas the panel last year we are the best Christmas movies both do something Christmas any of those jump out. Yeah I mean at the start work on jump to reset the table for Starwood and get ahead of the game that's I think about it aside thanks in you know oh what I always bring up at the table we have our table meetings yeah I think. You know dork stork tunes is still in play it's very much in play yeah it's true that. We're the ones where you and I break out our old high school CD collections and go. Back back and forth maybe do a top ten are high school CD collection. And maybe maybe thrown in there like most embarrassing. But what's the one in there you don't want it when you know you know we have. I know what your ISIS'. Well that's true but I don't want conflict there's one that you lied to me about whether or not it was yours and not to remember that. I don't that caused the one that you said can you had that huge. CD book that everybody had good did it on in your. Flip it through I'll slip through your once there was 100 wanted to say it or not but he says. I ego all you have like city that you found it or like this that you guys some excuse for a that you later admitted to me that no you bought it but needed one telling. I didn't think there was there was an thickness of it. I think it really the story was at my girlfriend and I collected it like it was hers an excuse in the car with me and put it in there that's the bulls and isn't the most civic yet that violate the idea that smile on and I liked it entered Iraq and what happened was is that our mutual friends. And and accomplish out of my interest and Betsy also had the same in sync CD if you like dumbed school a school article until. His CD collection was the ticket laws. And as of and at a neutral. So yeah about a one. Org I mean we could probably do that later on that because obviously to Richard when last yet guys the next week. As that we think on a precedent the leaders the clubhouse are Star Wars theories and stork tunes. Or middle school CD collection. Adult Colin. Our you can subscribe rate and review us on the iTunes more you've been doing that thank you very much for doing that helps us in the iTunes. Rankings where we. Occasionally appeared in the top 200 that's because abuse that they keep that you could tweet us at or podcast you can email us or podcast at gmail.com. We're not gonna open up to a pole but you can. Feel pretty email or tweet us. Out of all those options we just gave you if there's one that really jumps out to you if you want you know Star Wars in back to back weeks or who gets that's too much. As for you Ryan we're gonna be befall you. People can follow me a lot pat are on the on any. Any major social media. That's I'll come get me. That's not use the Twitter followers I know it sounds with it's them them thirsty. You will that's what the kids with that is say the scandal thirsty but it's at our Von. Any final words of advice aren't aren't. Yeah it's the holiday season and haven't beat it videos all over the Internet and compare but I'm actually legitimately terrified of this tunnel so it didn't look good joke. But it's kind of give your. If seek it is the holiday season as people know people like to be tested people like to decorate their houses might you one of water the Christmas tree because he's he's it's crisis. If you get a dried out Christmas tree with electrical light on it and that some bits goes up you are done for you know you are downforce so pleased to. Make sure that tree's got watered get a dog and house like rich and I do keep them away from the water it dry out the tree. Make sure they don't want to think just is important to be more port mission the dog you know always has water. Oh it does water and you we don't want any you know uncle Louis situation from Christmas vacation with a tree just goes up in flames and for local Lewis. I spoke up but it. Absolutely all right thanks Ryan enough they survey for illicit we'll talk to next week Aaron hash tag dork.