#DORK 44: Star Wars Theories

Dale & Keefe
Monday, December 11th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey prepare for Star Wars: The Last Jedi with their own theories and predictions.  Who is Snoke?  Is Rey related to anyone we know?  And all the porg questions you can handle.  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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It's the door to market had asked if the door to my pants which cheek if the door. Montana. My dorm blonde cherish. Things are turning to another episode of hash tag Burke my name is rich keep join as always by Ryan Davey Davey how were you couldn't nude. Nice sneaky mrs. doubtfire. Yeah right yeah OT bomb occurred you're just telling me quite a tale. I want you ready play it'll hurt tonight here or allowable costs hurt yet. Yet. Because David the end but but he would bring it up now smoke inhalation is a real thing and uptight white people. My wife. Sorry my lack. Indication keep banging out my door I was prepping for the podcast you're giving here. Well it happened was she was trying to make hot chocolate from my daughter and herself in she. Left one of the burners on. To touch each other right birther talk about the left burner which on top of that was a candle lighter with a pick expendable letters. No lawyer so I walked and it just just how to fire literally in. And it's. Might have been hailed the some smoke and animals stuffed up right now like it's spelled burning plastic so. Now the good news Ryan as you are always somebody telling us to check the expiration dates on our fire extinguishers so I assume you're up to code. I have up to code but it wasn't necessary this time I actually grabbed a pair of barbecued songs picked up. The lighter and threw it into the knows what they got to this now. How glad that you know years and years ago maybe you would have just pulled the past out of this the fire out but you've you opted for different different math guy. Keep myself this. This is an all black smoke kitchen and Smart. Well I get the windows open and without further duets there we get to the news of the week Celek late. All right this is a passionate viewers the would you like to update the world and I was going on with the Ben Affleck in that man. All of because all I can't wait let me tell you a bit fearless there. Guess it was right the entire. Time Bob May at rfk history. So it turned out bid beat that dead Ben Affleck experiment at that and is over whip. For the most part I think he's still might show up in flash point them from what I'm hearing yeah. But after that he's the only person to play bad and to not get it it alone movie. While that's quite a little laden nugget there even felt joined Brad is on George Clooney had its own. Thought Keaton of course had to bail had three. And he was he sort of half the movie at least that yes in the title one but yeah at the same disease that there is good. And I get mr. Brodie saying that leg keep it cool news broke it first. You know who did it. Just saw it this off. Another was that one report that came out around San Diego comic con and then that's why. There's a rumor floating around but that's when I asked Casey Affleck in the minute we all know that we are right now or else I wanna go back to all those. Ship aunts or tweeting out a spear like those guys a slug collects clicks on watts. I still don't get that bid date it's click date it's a two week bro I don't get I don't get any money if you click on my tweet at all but anyway. Did you see the Jurassic world fallen kingdom trailer. I did what a great little treat deceit Jeff Goldblum black. Jeff Goldblatt say that thought that effect a Jeep broke the Jeff Goldblum back as doctor Ian Malcolm yeah. That is that that's with steel that also you get the the rapt or that was friendly with Chris Pratt in the first one is all grown up. Are are they raptors I don't think make great pets can imagine this is gonna play out well but you never know leaves sort of like that the raptor whisper this guy. Bethpage even Q champion Pete turn out people. That's true we're not there yet to see that there's also that time that. The line. Almost murdered Siegfried or was Roy Roy. Right photos creeps Roy it only took a chunk out of or got a chunk taken out of other trailer in his trial trailers this week exciting week obviously has a dork. Jessica Jones season to. Is gonna be out march 8 our Netflix so would have to wait too long for season two Jessica Jones. Would you make of the trailer if anything. It's pretty good about it we don't we did Rosie seem expertise you know jumping around in the and scrap and you know like fighting people. What did you address what did you think of the little jab at the end to Spiderman and away. What it would have been nice if he just kind of like poked its head and we recognize that she was speaking to him. Guess what it won't happen it'll never happen because they don't cross over anymore at all the Netflix is the referenced the the movies they currently do that in the movies sure (%expletive) don't talk about the map which shows so it's indigo waste the time but Beijing to update it. She. Trash my guests. Or hopefully will we get any Luke cage in the us I hope so. They get married for Christ's sake as these the duo in the comics so we will see if they do here. Decks thing next how about the Spiderman animated spider reverse. Movie now becoming out late on next year. What can you tell that the spider ever. OK so the spider verse is arm. You're dealing with multiple realities that they kind of crossover. You have like your big spider men that will levels show up from time to time. And often they will work together. So it actually it's actually pretty preach pretty neat. You know where you have. The amazing spider create working with Spiderman and why are working with Spiderman 20099. Working with miles Morales. Yeah and then working with the scarlet fighters that are there all over the Christ you know and madam Webb is kind of via the the person pulling all the strength to forgive my plummeted need to be definite you know I don't know that is quite. Yet so it's it's actually pretty needed I think beat the idea that. Miles Morales is by the giving his own picture albeit animated by starters they'll kind of shows up in right so well they'd like comedy of us are. The nuclear could be Betsy crazy though the deal Biden saying. It. Now it's no. It arrived at and that made me. All Babbitt and Angela think it's gonna rip debts off I can't wait. For that and against on. Also great news is deep blue sea is gonna have a sequel Ryan did Lucy serial. It would be rated. 2018. Now we are an airplane that's the most testament to the word great. Now. Idol I liked the film it is probably the third assets shark movie output it. Blow jaws and open water and then out of rocket deep blue sea and their numbers batteries. You review it first baby no objections cut doc is that he correctly yeah yeah yeah yeah. They spoiler he's he dies you die right in the middle of it at that. They we have been out Walking Dead mid season finale. And is this season eats. As a they're now they're eight episodes into season aids. I don't wanna spoil it but it's still not great. I don't wanna I don't wanna give believe you don't hear I'll go there. Gloria I'm not I'm not love that I am watching knicks I want the goddamn thing and that I wanna know goes on there. Quickly here before we get to be the video game minute the Golden Globe nominees came out. And I'm not gonna go through all of the actors and directors and everything but real quick. Our best picture and best TV series. Of first best picture drama. The five nominees are caught me by your name. Dunkirk. The hosts the shape of water. Three billboards outside adding Missouri. Have you seen any of those in. Out of all of those there was one that I wanted to see. And I I tweeted today the shape of water to Guillermo del Toro movie which by the way lead the pack for the most nominations out of any globe Golden Globe nominee. So every saw a preview for this in the theater the movie I'll tell you mole what I saw tonight was not interested at all and it may be maybe I need to watch it again but does like ants. Today but anyway you're at you're in on sip of water. I have and I have been for some time and that's what it was a very rarely get to say like I was right on that one you know yeah. In an area and there are. So they're there you earlier the guy. I don't see Don Kirk a presidency in the theater notes a better theater experience but. By the time the Oscars roll around I'll certainly watched on current course tunnel and it's mostly like the best one movie ever. The musical or comedy and you were sent fast and loose with the word great this is also fast and loose with the words musical or comedy. But the five nominees for the best picture there are the disaster artist. Get out the greatest showman I Tonya and the lady bird. Now we've obviously both seem to get out get out great it made our top fifty or movies of all time already as tremendous. The disaster artist is the James Franco movie based off of the movie the Rome which actually just solve the Rome I watched the whole thing recently. Reminded. It up at my nips and had to solve back on right now because that would certainly. A thing. Thought mark a what a so that. I didn't look it's just like the dog stopped like quote love scenes elect a right hand. With that all in the all due respect that girls disgusting it was that big hitter like I don't know. The greatest showman I've no interest and that's the Hugh Jackman circus moved him. I do you really wanna see I Tonya would act comes out Margot Robbie is Tonya Harding the red trailer with. God is great if you really ought to think. Yeah and I saw lady bird thought I Leahy bird. My wife I'm Matt is and I saw this week and wields a lot of movies together two nights ago by myself and to count the movies or Star Wars movies spot. We 1000 beat together this is the movie that he probably heard by now as 100%. On rotten to models. Like hard and fast there's an art under an economic problem now it's not even like some of them have like twelve critics this one is like in the hundreds. It's like close to 200 last I checked it was 100%. Doesn't it's the best movie it just means that everybody thought nobody said it stunk and it was good it was like. You know how to describe what is about the high school girl kind of like going through life like of them middle class middle lower class spam playing. And she's and she goes stood up. Catholic schools that some rich girls there are just really good like the girl I can't pronounce your name at the super Irish name. Source sure rolled it is off but she's gonna won an Oscar for this and then Laurie Metcalf. Who spoiler alert is the killer in scream too. She turns and a wonderful performance Ryan. All because of bound she should win or at least been nominated for supporting she plays the moms usually give it. So this is the movie it's not political aspect or movie by any means but this is one that if you like you really well acted and well written film. You'll like lady bird my wife even said. It's not it's like if it's depressing obviously as Manchester by the seat. But a similar vibe ports is a very real like these are real characters doing real stuff and they they found a way to make it entertaining movie about it. Check out lady bird doubt best series. Drama they split this up stamping drama or musical or comedy so the drama the five TV shows nominated are the crown. Game of groans the hand maid's tale stranger things this is offs. I've always seem to obviously certain things game thrown my wife loves the crown and hand maid's tale and I don't muted response this is enough. Yet the I watched it I watched this is just from a little you know from. From afar when my boys watching in a poke my head and because you know we love that amid a more on the podcast because he is a she is a the U local from the great state insurance you know she's national native has a mind and so that's our. So I like that and and it's it's far right I think. David's throne should run away with this yet the same time like this and they'd still people were all over the almighty god love that people people who. Yet it's cuckoo bananas and I don't know I feel about Elisabeth Moss it's illegal beginner on a 45 degree angle she's all right that among other known as the. Mosque you know it was really weird like what don't odd combo. She was married to Fred Armisen. I did know that yet we. Yes that's very weird. That's very strange I don't know why that I come I'm like how does that mean it's like why a lot of that you are a lot of you know the crazy thing is key and I just have a hard time picturing Fred Armisen being attracted to anybody right because it looked out he's just so weird just doesn't think. He just absolutely does is a thing or he has sex with the lady in port land deal with them like they're both we add those together. Column although that could be a sister I don't know but luckily when. But you'd actually lead figure have been called Twitter Katy which is actually little girl kind of grungy and alt rock grunge band I like the fun fact. Are they as good has seen the. I think everybody is worth the kitty that's bigger has been able. The best. Now's not the best series musical or comedy the nominees are black fish the marvelous mrs. may easel. Master of none the smell. And will and (%expletive) grace. That's it just a terrible category. All my job like with Curb Your Enthusiasm not this year or what what the hell happened here that's a what are the ship list. So anyway let's let's put that to bed. Were were behind Albert Ryan let's get to east. Okay. Either man. What do you have. I did a lot of stuff so this is kind of a huge bit of news for the the classic gaming community. So you remember the game gold and I of course it. So remember the first level of gold and I was told dale. We you have you played beginning of the movie yes. So you brought in the last bit is he jumped off the dammit and that the plane takes you way at all that stuff. So it was believe for the longest time that. Fifteen seconds was that he did the fact that you could do it like you did you could do business for fifteen years this record set in nobody believes. That you could go faster and to beat tech. Yes plus me I had. Are fourteen packets that at that. So that it's got those kind of a big news in the ended streaming Canada speed read community and butter or debate yet and elect a decade it is huge amount of time. In so in that in their world but let me. You'd. One of the most frustrating thing that got into this week we heard this each cute trivia. Noble at doe eyes I certainly. It into trivia game where you'd join they played three and a quick nine to lie. It if you are the last person standing you leader. Wind a sum of money or you split depending on how many people get to the end. And at what lap they had two rounds last night there were 101000 dollars to Jesus Christ. Industry. Eight there's a road trip agreed future via here's the rub. Though lag on this game is atrocious it's like until label. Like Friday the thirteenth the first week and yet they're like so like you get I think you get like five or six seconds into the question of it bad defeat any you know. Cheating or wherever they. They should be no noble should follow friends. And heroics. Four times or try to play the game and Mike I he never saw the question if they read it actually have a bike stretched. Trash so it's defunct the I hope they pick it I hope they get some better certainly sounds like it'll that they did a great idea you know also arm. Open that handout here's some good news that you elect Richard a love good news yes yes. This year 2018 is coming here is that thirtieth anniversary. Of the game may commit. Lose so it did celebrate this. They are releasing finally for all platforms mega man eleventh off clock that's awesome. Now knowing what we know about three inside strollers. Like puppet. But I bet this game is going to be impossible. Most likely wake up that a little bit this decade is so hard. So that's pretty cool so are so big middle evidence coming out in the fall to detonate you know relate to detonate. So that's why. Oh he's in on that I definitely on that via. Her. Let's see I have some other note here there was a new death stranding trailer. Which is the new hit he deal coach of a game with Norman read it and bad Mickelson in it who in I cannot make head details of this thing. And that's I don't know what is going on for sure and it's weirdness of those two guys. Depth and the last blasting column. It was odd that today that they knew god of war will be. 25 to 35 hours of game play broke. The once spoke for the ones before that average and the like nine to eleven. Who night this game is massive it's republic game kids. So that's goodness that's great you know that's that's all the news that is fit to print or that there's a lot of great news now rice who gets on that the topic is sure. Yes because they would ask you what is there too excited and ready to talk about it. If the topic of the day and today leading into Star Wars the last jet we figure the thickest Abbott was some Star Wars theories. Now everybody listen this has watched all the Star Wars I assume so this would be spoilers for. Previous movies only. I didn't look ahead to like the cast list or read really many articles that all or watch and YouTube videos so. On my aunt again I can speak for Davey is well. There's really no spoilers here so if we get something right it's a gas but we we decked by no means were we pouring through the Internet looking for leak spoilers. I know people of or seen the movie now and there are some reviews of it most of her spoiler free but I didn't wanna do that I don't are rewarded for myself please just wild guesses on our part. So I've put together a list of questions here Ryan will ball at storm as we go throughout. So the first question I think we sort kick this around before but with the name of the movie being the last jet ID who. Do you believe is the last Jana. Also this is this was well you know once the title of the movie came out this look the wild speculation as to what this meant. And I honestly believe that it is the plural. Yes I believe him one lucky little one language already. They like German by the way it's written or whatever it's already like clearly plural. Yet so I believe it is rape and I would. Dead pencil haven't called them then yes medical calorie read about it now I wouldn't I would. Say that's a three watching and the force the weakens recently and in the opening scroll. It does refer to Luke's Skywalk skywalker as the last Jana. Now that things obviously changed I thought it was interesting that in an outlaw and they're basically thinks he is the last gen hi. I also look at it as maybe the potential of asked how we know jet but you've talked about this before about how public there's a light side dark side now there may be that gray. And as we go forward there may not there may no longer be any jet at least in the definition that we nobody. Right if that makes sense. Well yes it. That's that's exactly that's exactly my point is that I think that's that Luke is the last of the old Jenna and that these ones are the rain bands are going to be the because of the new yes and at and I think last might be misleading. By the at the last as you know them. Yeah right that's right exactly is that exactly yeah so that they'll be like it maybe they'll still be underneath that name that the sweet name you want change and keep that that the gen Y name. But mattress up and elsewhere that. Now this is so the last that I actually want people that he probably have a lot of the same answers there. But this is where it's really wild so enforce awakened obviously introduce us to a new character. And I'd be snow. Grandmaster supreme or the (%expletive) it is he is in charge he is the big Dick of the dark side right now. But who is smoke smoke theories are everywhere Ryan what is your smoke theory. I I like the I've always liked was whenever we bring it up by like the idea that east dark place the one who. The ski yet. So learn how to escape death I like that theory because there is some literature that that says that he has like a completely mangled face. Yeah so so that would make sense although this is of those movies that it will will give it a little divorce ago but like I don't want. To be right that I want to be surprised. They got I got that in my mind I would love this to be summoned like you've never heard of before. Yeah but I. Idaho I. Brightly but the Star Wars there's so many. People are related to whoever gets is very incestuous. So it'd be surprise there it's a huge galaxies have for allegedly with this huge galaxy it would probably be somebody that we don't know and I'd be happy with that too. Of all the ones that are sort out their right now I like the dark like this one a lot as well. Is he was somebody that we haven't seen a Darth city is targets as Palkot team he's explaining that whole story. Out what are. One of I would say the cool kind of conversations in the pre schools which are for the most part trash but some good stuff here and there and he's talking to panic in about how. An Aussie commit the whole thing up when we have been no but he used town about Itar play gets heated keep people from dying which is obviously a big appeal to panic at the time. At Denny's are now a like you know and then ironically late he died he couldn't keep himself from dine. Which would be great that's he'll switch Ehrlich or could he serve in order fifty all along he has been and then maybe. He's got that huge scar on his base so it may be Palkot team. You know did kill although I think he said he he just snuck up and kill them is better or whatever maybe he finds a way to return to light pretty easel is all messed up. While the big it was a tightly to do it gave the girls like there's a little bit on the doesn't come back. Every time. Yet all you have right exactly now smoke also said. Tearing up forced awakened sees as if skywalker overturns the new jet died will rise. Which is also just kind of interest in wave he stuck with the new jet. We got him movies of the last and I so other other smoke theories over the guy I talked to a comic con he said based wind do. What they've. Which is just that bunkers I don't know and yet I would not I don't really bought him die. No yeah out of the east the middle thrown out of a window. It's definitely not Darth serious threat QB that would make an audience. I wouldn't be Vader wouldn't be Darth mall they wouldn't be. At all. You will he get you like a deep horns. Amid gotta warn smell a rat thing. Maybe it's like you're there or the like our hair so the older they get it all out. I'll what's the freaking guys never got those on the jet like council they have like the weird haircut and he had like kind of like. Like a lot of wrinkles in his face you know talking about like not you owed obviously I didn't I. Forgot his name but I ordered. But anyway out of the what if it is land Ocala resident. What if it's brought out Claudia but that's why we hit it it really got away do you think smoking is the ball Obama. Built built it up on that particular detail so you're saying smoke is Joba the hut. This thing is that definitively that or a salacious peek from. The you're so you're Tellme smokes the guys from the band in the pocket bar room there backed rebellion in the factory and docket you think he's Dexter jets that are from a tackle box. I didn't lose or is that these are the deepest cuts like Dexter Jeffs is his people because like come up with a he was authentic materials agree what. But Dexter just hours ago that I mentioned him he looks like somebody else looks like Dexter jets there and elect who. Comic all while I think it was an episode two there's like a five minute scene at a restaurant that like one. Think that's like I don't know that I'm glad I don't know that there aren't Vernon. So anyway list of other way email us. And tweet us or podcast that he and other common act or podcasts. We all your theories your answers. To these questions so who was the last yet I who is smoke a Medea by the way play gifts or somebody new I would go to the two out except. Are our Brothers on. A lot has been made of ray obviously. Who do you believe she is related to. It's anybody that we know. I hate. And want her to be. A eight skywalker somebody. You know it mean visit this whole thing here Kirby and OB yes but if you know any of this skywalker traits. One of them is like an IP viewpoint the so she can talk to machine. She talks that everybody. Potato and it's like she speaks the BBA language and also. The whatever that thing was that was like trying to take BBA right when she first sees them actionable Tito. Oh that theater she yells it hit them like his language your demeanor in places she can speak every language. And then there's also that flashback scene where you see your worst is really small. And yes Becker families get like taken away sucked out or even know who like top Hersh it. Yet you say a polyglot as you said that speaks well multiple a polyglot. That was called. Are you a polygraph. A Latin. We have that in. Hershey's very good with machine. Yes initiatives lie Alito be in these are all in state we don't know if she ever flown a plane which he jumped in the let him out in pieces while over the place says you know it is an out. Just aren't that great Padres certainly does yet she could be that the very Skywalk. He and they. But here so an idol looks for this you know we first watched that so she. Has a line in there she is like I thought Luke Skywalker was a myth. And she knew Hans solo was. But she didn't recognize them so like when it once is are your Han Solo coalition that and then the thing whether. Is never should have that need to go back home so it was like somebody told her like hey I'm gonna come back for you or something like that and that's why. I think the no B door is still there there could be Blakey she could be older walk Adobe's granddaughter they're sort certainty that. Could be it could be I think they'll be lame and you've ever in a new hope would loop then it will be trying to get looked to go with it maybe I can't leave I have to go home. Yet but I have to go back home Williams oh harvest season the local band there or right on the lawn and yes let's just so there's another common thread there of elect right now I need that you need to be here. But she also she didn't. She thought Luke Skywalker was made up so you have she is a skywalker. She definitely never saw Luke unless she was like. Under read it says because you know what are whenever you really sort of memories of certain (%expletive) like that because and when she sees him at the edge easily count but you can't believe it. And you know it might make sense you know. If Luke went to the generate some. He went somewhere to train new jet I and then maybe perhaps both smooch from somebody off at CTK. You know woods Lance do not know about that. So you think he knocked up somebody and and that's ray's mom. Could be. And then she's the one she leave those behind achieve bullet you know I've got to spit ball here you know distributed Strobl and as we say I like that would make sense to me. So you're saying ray. Is related to some ball book. Yes yes. And the what are they called the go more in those dictate skies in just. It is do everything without feared telling me she is related C three PO. Billick yes. I've got only but not by marriage copilot. Right exactly so I think my guests like if I was just making it yes that we would win prizes for our gases. I would say could nobody but similar like. I'm different than you like I kind of hope that she's like her own person. But I don't know it ought basin water is how walker. That's why I don't want like is that I don't wanna be right in this Libby I think you're only theories I wanted to like blow my mind you know what if she's related to collect. GAAP Galen Marek exactly that the forced at least. Yes I wanna I wanna double the hour to be a more he's mine blowers. That's that I once oak quarry on Twitter he tweeted us lies that we're doing a Star Wars theories and he. I about have thought about did you did you just mentioned episode African Maury dissidents. Do we get it we get it wet we we did it. I'm thinking about changing my fears of football team name to mourn his mind blowers. Cork on Twitter says ray is they help the team. When a guy that. That he'd be something else is right. Something else Levy be age gap is there but you know. And anyway com. It is that would rates it was like she's in remember there's that whole. That whole conversation for a while it is she a Mary sue which is basically just like somebody that doesn't have flaws. Look at it there's a reason to dislike her like she everything she did she was great have argued Odyssey before so I wonder if you have any kind of late. I don't know is anything she'd be a daughter. Well I think I think one of the things that's going to be should be butter in this movie in and Luke it was still in the trailers that like she doesn't know which you you don't like where you have like. You know what if you've just found out and river they have been hoping to get evidently never trained somebody above a certain age maybe that's like that the bank of my diet even. Yeah all the boys and Lucas although a console is a lot younger than August that it does earlier but it it did yeah. And that lake Luke duel after a while at bill like. She's all like in terms of yeah you know well into her adulthood. It's a lucrative you can have that Luke was a teenager you know etiquette was in oh preteen yet because she's a full blown adult select. That could be. Disaster. Yeah aria short short short could be. Powell ran would you expect him to be doing in this movie or Ben solo as it were. Can I kind of think like I like his look a little bit. Please. Actually he throws a temper tantrum. He wears a mask even though he doesn't need to Wear the mask like you know he's like it's an homage to his grandfather but. Bro you didn't even need a mask in that I know you were hurt but. You didn't do all that well against somebody who would never held a light sabre we got an a cholera and sneaky Sox. And I think you're gonna see a chain of authority guess I would seeded heat. Flips the a very gonna flip yeah these become a good guy. Yet. What do we get any more of the like the knights of Rand type of deal. A wonderful few. If you did mention to beat you saw that in the back like two seconds. You have to get some of that they have to be something that happened that I get to an effective but I think that they have to be something that happens in that like they'll. Do you think if you think he ends up training re Ehrlich working with the right and that's. You know. My prediction is and I think they said that they weren't gonna kill princess lay and obviously Carrie Fisher's a lot of what does but. I think he's done the I don't think he becomes due and I think Jens that killing his mom. The I don't see that's the catalyst I think he doesn't someone else does. The middle of them exist in the village my guess. Is it will work jumping around a little bit merrier thing but I think it's going to be best. Who does it. Polish and I don't think path but those deck and they have facts about yes yeah it is something actually you know it. We're gonna figure back I I think that Powell ran eventually will be a good guy just like Darth Vader but in this movie he won't be so my guess is. Could the first admitted they can go and a completely different direction but they also know that what reds their daughter and so force awakens a lot like new hope. And therefore this will we should be even better. And then they're gonna do some things the tire out and at the end of the trilogy so I wonder. If Palo ran who was trained by smoke. In the in the dark side that he's going to be like Vader who alternately kills starts and he has maybe. Kyle ran and that killing snow in episode nine. Yes that would be up and get that specific. It was pretty instead of instead of taking over for your master and critics have you got peculiar. You kill your grass there yet that the rule of two women that he can ever practiced at this time he wouldn't have an evil apprentice. Assuming he's still alive. Let's see. You also think it's a Carlos says that looks light Saber. This is back and forth awakens he says that that looks like sabre belongs to him when Thain has that like him picks W is northern coastal weather is like that whatever belongs to meet. So. Do you think that there was obviously he learned to train with Luke before you ultimately. Seduced by smoke do you think that. Maybe daylight. They have like a battle or something like that and he defeated Luke and then he guys light sabre like maybe that's holes on the lines if I beat you at your light Saber. Or or maybe he just simply be dummies like I'm taking a lifesaver your policy on Friday. Well technically wasn't a blue one of the blue one is technically etiquette. The and a dean didn't feel that they had no peak yet and it can go we give it to Luke but didn't return of the general lute is green ago when he makes himself as. Oh yeah right right right post that's panic in San. So he's been like this is like my grant had bees. Yet right but that's been best bets blocked immediately that's have been handed out to be. Yeah yeah occurred maybe it may be the situation where you know Luke was like about rocketed. Like he did the year you're able to access the dispute here like knock. Yeah. And ready to go out to protect it. And so Luke Skywalker laws are made based on his placement in some of the movie posters if he will become a bad guy in this it's so I guess at the end of just this movie. Will we look at Luke Skywalker as a good guy a bad guy or in between guy. I think there is a a crisis to face going on with Luke right now obviously he's on pilgrimage. You know at least try to figure out a new way to do this is obviously the old the old ways don't work anymore than even the new baby gave kids and cellphones. Bloody heels as the lovable yet yeah yet the ticket sort of attention decay controlled so you know Sarah. You know so I think he's he doesn't. You go to our own alliance and yes but he knows he knows the deal when he goes about this stuff works each day he's going to be great mentor for somebody we don't know who. But I think is the purpose of at all is kinda lost out right now yeah. Eighties he. Confused. And because of different things that. What our next question Bryant will the last jet I beat the best Star Wars movie ever made. It would be a very. Very difficult thing to replace empire in my mind. So all my I think it's going to be nearly impossible however. Like you could you can look at these eight movies that you've seen so far in K okay that was good but it. And you know the jet I was good but he talks. You know the first what was good but there's a lot of bottles you know there's a lot of like that you can pick. The prequel to our prequel whatever com. But empire was like perfect is that the. Goth area and introduced a bunch of characters you've got more of some of the characters that you liked it was just. It was a powerhouse that's what I'm hoping that this law if this. Piggy backs off vote episode five you will get new characters that you love the characters that made their debut. In. In episode five he should get that episode how to match. And now the cool thing about it they do that is they introduced care Tuesday cared about. Yeah they were just like throw it in economy. Oh yeah so my guess the only way this movie can be better than. Pot empire would be is if it was just nonstop. Whole works acts. And when I say that I know you're thinking you're big in pork board I'm not I'm not the second year rated X move who already know that it's not. But like classy scenes of or eggs having sex that tattoo mean. Going back to new boo you think it's destroyed house sex there. It's not there anymore you go back in time have second most afar you know little hot sex there. Where the jet I temple wherever you wanna do it. Pesci it will go to and seek with the wolves they're watch and they're gonna. August only getting involved I think Forbes doing kind of poured things mirage up or whatever can be to multiple or eggs detonate. Like the idea I likely be able pork what Kiki party. Well I like. Yes absolutely just people have a good time and things have a good time. Weird weird stuff reports I guess my other question I had several questions here will we see multiple forks. I think so I think there's going to be in May be true to explode out of a letter. Yes that's his body parts of this these are rapid fire do poured some mate for life. Yeah 'cause like the they're got some ten women them and time with it you realize. What do pork. All of that didn't want to. You know what this is your pocket like these Goodell could tell you don't know what the pork produced the blue milk of clueless like that leg yet. You know what this is this might be hard for some people that year but for what they eat. It might be other ports. Very sorry but there's Canada with the element to these guys. They have very sharp teeth if they need to the polar bear if it needs to. It will either and other pork. How long to pork live. Yeah. Five to six years yeah as a shorter lifespan I was a journalist Anna yet to import slide. Short predicament pop in what are they get bigger over for a little bit more about like a big Joseph public look at Jessica Jones. You know I'd be there today you know it it fell off something they could probably flood heavyweight title land softly yeah. You know but I don't think their flight anywhere how long. Can a poor hold its breath underwater. Well however one wants. Yet the film asleep on of their bank area speaking of sleeping are poor nocturnal. Oddly. The catalytic I don't over the come from you know but I think his body what you need to know about it right to avoid the credit the other creditors yeah airport. There are so there's so many questions as it relates the poor or do you think their primary. Uses their primary function. Though. Yeah yeah actually you may have pinpointed on the globe you tell you about the Bassett in what's weird is you milk the males. Okay here's say you know here's the question I have about ports what is their primary set. They have big guys split it'd they sightseers or date debate not have great he I played number earring or motion. No believe it or not it does that knows tots. Oh yeah believe it or not they're very sensual creature. Oh yeah they take what their way and they got their feel they got their left wing that can feel everything in the no I mean that's a real the real. Really nice thing to have. If you're airport now deport lay eggs. Hello group of men die baby do you have opt out of site features because we do only they got mammal that latex. With the platypus. You know what I heard they actually don't lay eggs but they will sit on others creatures eggs to warm at night yeah like. I and let us in the heart of a thing. That's a great debate that is really kind now again they may also eat those things depending on where they are because they couldn't really hungry. If you pour water or do you get more port. Only after midnight. A for fox that Ella love a good Borg. I have in RI chip in on the easel bastards. I really I really hope they talk well I hope they hope they speak like the king's English. He got up I just don't want one on the bloody introduction we looked aggravated at the port I don't wanna get in the controlled muck it up the works. What did you what did you think of that picture that was our office like an Entertainment Weekly or ever was where is chewy. And it looked like he had a feather in his mouth. You know he liked he elects they're elect a rough out elect the monkey business. You know I think he might be just slap it rattles that this baby this scary. You know the eight India. Should die okay. Now you know your minds that I couldn't find the gift of that or even a picture of it member and Super Mario Brothers three. On one of the levels. One click the little bad guys the guys really going across the map would put something in its mouth and then spit it back up. Never like it would like throw something out but it first dude swallow it and that it would like throw it away. Of that now where did birdie. It it could not arrow is hampered the forget I remember there it is that the literally go back to that level to the picture of it does when you may be chewy and the poor have like some sort of 12 combo they can like attack. Ergo peppered Alberto. Now I don't think it was like a little dude. Kind of creature. That walked back and forth in the news swallow this bigs like ball. And like thrown up towards you get a jump over them tell. The whole the whole. And it did your did report questions then. Male and female or go right or you think it's just one cup or sexual or. Or debate today change genders or exceed courses like feet left of the depending on who they're winning the reality that. I don't think do all email poor. Still the smooch. Constitutes Nicklaus and that they might they might remember. We listen where that pork question there we hope we will get the answer to all of these after this movie this week let's. I can be taking a tour of Skye walker ridge David Cook. You can attempt to manipulate no we're past that now you got like eight or questions that relate but I did speak to don't want what does. Anybody else have any non sport related questions click continue the tour. In owner credit crunch which it support questions yes. And yes that is. Do you think anybody of significance. Dies. In this movie I think where it got me too bad I think that's it I think her and that's it. And you don't you don't strike you go back to port if you don't buy an idea by the Huskies I do that that's. Your fascination with port is only matched by my fascination that you have no love for ice dogs ice boxes. Hold but I wouldn't say I have no love for I do I'm with you on the fact that they are why probably underrated right now. There's not a big buzz for ice boxes are as are the ice box is going to be. The good guys back. I think I mean there aren't there scouts. Rule I don't I like that a lot. Like this and about when. Don't definitely coupled pumped for allies hawks. Pro right sparked a four X-Men. And it is a. Although although they want as other trailer like this still image of the poor made me literally laugh out loud. But then the trailer version worry tennis walks I didn't realize that it love that. Now gotta like that noisy they can maybe you know he's distressed. Maybe it's just a little scared thing. Re a good advice Akbar typed in the act are going to be so. Now what's the likes what the lifespan on that old bastard got to be for now it looks like. Elect Fuller. Drupal that he's a lot of life experience though you could yeah out of a lie a lot of grit it out he did it boat danger that. You think he's got a good sniff from he's got maybe the best peripheral vision in the game. Or only peripheral that if you aren't credible he got about a fifth street. You sneak up on lateral Akbar you walk straight out on the. Day but some might excellent Buchanan tipster had a we're going there I I was gonna ask will captain for asthma. Do anything of significance because a lot of people have compared her to Bob a fat. Where they look cool they have a cool name in theory they're really good but they don't do Dick. And so you think that Phat asthma kills like yeah. I think so in the one of the people that we did this to people actually that we haven't even touched yet and that is. In what Zidane didn't. And quote Cameron like Jack. Put ever and so David while we have it that well let me a week ago. Yet is that they may have more to do with out of them the other crowd. That's do you think that and that this was a little bit of buzz in the movie came out do you think pulled Cameron and they in our day. I don't care that we. No I don't care either I honestly don't but I'm disabling that Mexican Americans there's a lot of gifts and teams going around like the way they look at each other. Like the way coach Darryl like gas sizes the mop that I think even at. Was a topic on. I think. -- camera was on Allen actually and Mike this topic came up and he David sort of like. Again ambiguous answer in the sense that they did they immediately could be you're like he's like I was playing at remain tactical in that there's romance and what you don't know what character. Yeah I don't know I'm but I wonder if they'll explore that at all it still wanna make it clear. Other one of the characters is or there's gonna continue to have a do you like what is your call like year fielder's choice. In can be like it. You know where that day and age now Richard where in IE if it doesn't add anything like what's the point. You know a bit has has other than you know kissing your sister and you know Hans solo and principally at being an item. Has there ever did they get really real. Like romance I guess you could say you know pat made etiquette. While on the heart and lay and Amanda kid and and like Ali jail not mean we are sexual assault no I don't think you'd do IDs that knows that sometimes get some with the Lee Blake. If it doesn't really affect the the storyline what's really the difference but some people like to put out a I got a positive role model rightly doing very well this is like we're not back in August is that is that gay characters of the gay community to rally behind. Told amber and it's so great but you're rating if it has nothing to do with the plot agreed to issue warning that'd be like hey look look at us we're not. We're not scared of of that like I don't know I don't know the point would be either. In in my in my mind it's like you know this is like hey did you build it pulled Everett has grown guys you know Mike. Okay the what does that have to do yeah. Find he's also a street pilot let's see some more pilots scenes. There's plea you know among them but no way action in I wanna I wanna see some action. You know it Unisys aired here Tellme to just because they dug out and did these actions together that like it's diesel and Paul Walker splits the extent that some looks. The event one. When they well there's been some rumors about than diesel but steel smooch as navy. Well you know bet not done it you know not. Not Dominic Toronto now about fast and the serious no he's yet very macho man that yes we would much. Do you have any other predictions and or hopes maybe things that you would like to see in the film. I would like to see a little bit more action. In this one and I would like to see. Maybe in new character that we go to. Yes so I was thinking about that as well they were definitely gonna see some new characters I had a couple that have been mentioned. We have the you had the little usually we don't negotiate yet. Oh. Yeah and unlike lord Jared Lee would order do what is com Paula what's the name but I talked about what about it how to do it right now basket. Messes up the up to no good probably so different characters that were mentioned in force awakened that we do not see that I wonder if we do. There's character called to Cain. And I bet we see him in some capacity he was the guy it was mentioned that he stole the millennium falcon from Han Solo. Seek imagine he's the real deal he can steal it from on solo. And then there is also mentioned at the Irving boys look to dudes the Irving boys stole it from Duquesne. So I wonder if we see any or all of them in this league there's like a little back story already about. What does the what does Lubbock country club it's got to quote the kicked around. All probably. Out on fact those two guys in condor club or in a movie called the raid who which is. One of the best action movies as seen in the past ten years. O of the raid occurred yet kicked out speaking at a club the guys intent to clubs into ordered the start of the raid. Speaking of us we team up action. Or action movies I think. We're in store for BB eight and that you don't like awe as the movies have gone on the they've added like the droids having different features you like the ability to kick ass it's like I feel that we're gonna see a few of those the most ago. Its people repeal got to get his. Is gold arm back a realistic with the red red and. There are rated ride and eight some disagreement which is a great yeah a great track there. Maybe I'm not a huge C three PO Indian analysts idiot meter again yeah August is acts tired it was there's a time and a place Florida kind of element. Well we need to pull yes because lake known either need to translate it. Now he does that we got a real ray ray ray speaks every language grow cut. Are anything else of Star Wars the last yet IDs for all of our theories from smoke to ray tech carload of hordes that captain fast and everything in between. Bring me the new Jenna order in order mean yeah some new couldn't interpreted as a great in else yes. That's nonsense. Aren't. They we got a email of the episode dispute Brian does not Star Wars related but it does resort are horror. Go back to our last episode where we talked about Will Ferrell movies. This is an emailed or podcast at you now dot com from Chris. Who says hey guys ever because a couple of times this time I bring up a theory. I've been working on for years he says Davey brought up his Ben Stiller theory. About how he's never the funniest guy in a movie here's my Ben Stiller theory slash observation. Ben Stiller Ben Stiller really enjoys running. You may be thinking what the hell are you talking about you are crazy per is that. But if you go back and watch the movies he has in which he is the leading role there's most likely a scene of him either running horse sprinting. In a straight line for at least five and a half seconds. Here's a lot. Columbia did this guy doing this with that with the subplots. With a stopwatch and how long been the academic writing it down ultra viral. And then he also in the email he attached pictures and like video clips. He goes here's a list of movies that I've seen that I either definitely remember him running sprinting from about 90% sure is he running sprinting seen. He goes hallways scenes. In all three netted the museum movies and then he put in examples of he said in tower heist he sprints after Carlos Lee in the garage tropic thunder sprinting on the bridge towards the helicopter. Zoolander two stars Bihac. The watch and a little walkers are the ones that once in awhile but I'm pretty sure our memory sprinting team. Because that's seven definite and who may be I don't think that's a coincidence. What does all of this mean. Quite frankly means that since there enjoyed running and I've seen far too many Ben Stiller movies it goes homicide delicate. Are good that. I'm glad that people are they're picking up on by a mighty sort of dislike for Ben Stiller I think that's. Yeah it's I think it's ago but. Now of any matches and I think you can. You can definitely remember a scene of Ben Stiller he's got kind of a short choppy steps pays like he like runs headcount a bomb obviously he does that no it is yeah. He noted is to his arms in relation to hit the rest of his body are incredibly long. Yeah and yell and my rhythm a little little tiny torso like huge arms. Yeah it is interstate duke Tom Cruise Rollins in a ton of his movies to guys that go back to one of the great things that Ben Stiller ever did. Was the MTV movie awards where he was pertaining to be EU is Tom cruises stunt double. Tom Cruise that he spoke cruised differently. And and so you were in the same shirt is doing the same laugh but there's also seen through their electronic and so they've government that is well. And let him think he like he. Acted is that terrible athlete. And I would say if we had a if we had a worse athlete award the Ben Stiller directed B cable guy. And Matthew Broderick might be the worst athlete until I've ever seen. Yeah watch the watch the basketball do you begin with Betsy Pryor could tell bedecked guys ever. Thrown a ball. Is off putting is so off putting when you see some really can't grow. There were no player. With your rights what happened this unit genetics play that went past. Chris and his email he says on his side don't I can't remember fiesta this on the other feed but they full length mailbag episode would be tremendous. We actually did go without one or maybe two mail bags would open it up maybe early next year or put out a good start here with some male. Yeah. You up but still I got bills this agreement but probably not PC anymore. Go to other idea that he had I think it was as the guy who was asking us to relate to do a beat up. Parliament in that room I with somebody else yeah that's on I liked I liked it. Yeah I wonder if break away. You know it Odom let him meet up somewhere. Yet don't think went over. I don't hate that little roller skating rink just did not. Or maybe like arcade and equipment religious newly created this must be at a packed it up. Yes that's it. Oh by the way did you see shark emailed us to our buddy shark yet a list of all of his. You like the Will Ferrell up so mused on the role as favorites as well. Chagrin of motion. We gave like that's only a radio right whose yellow at the podcast he says he certainly hit our stride here which is yet. Don't like 10930. Episodes so thanks there yet it and a stick. If it's. And are there to kick or receive. This week. Our I had a couple of things. One well this is your pick of upon them we just respond by saying I watched the Jim Carrey. Andy Kaufman thing. Have spoken loser Jim Carrey is. You don't think like and so. I love ace and terra I love dumb and dumber I like a lot of Jim Carrey movies like that about it 1994. I was ten years old. So there wasn't a better actor in the world I mean maybe you maybe Adam Sandler and actually now for the next year but. At that time there's nobody better than Jim Carey. But watching him do his method acting it is acting like an ass hole the entire time that Iraq it was very interesting every is an entertaining documentary. Bullet a Dick head like. What you're not you're not Andy Kaufman you're not Tony Clifton like cut the crap out. But anyway now that it's any different note that we apology emails and tweets on this. And on AMC right now Robert Kirk winds. Secret history of comics. Is it a TV show right now and they had a bunch episodes like the finale maybe acted tonight ever Corus but. I watched the first two episodes. And they're really give it the first one is all about Standley and Jack Kirby. And in the second episode is all about. The origin of Wonder Woman and like the creators behind Wonder Woman which is a fascinating story that I did not know so I would I would recommend. And I I assume the rest of it is is good as the first two were at the very least things are the first two episodes ago. Well that's great. I picked apart I was gone back to for the ought to thing that was really sure so. The dimension again. We had a discussion off fare quite occurred. Regarding BDR. Cartoon one punch meant yes which west has been trying to get me to watch forever and I've probably watched you know like the first couple episodes of it. Adam and it's kind of a fascinating. Premise. But so. Weirdly Japanese but it also carried a picture where Richard I'm over it like that you would yet not a spoiler though. One point man as a superhero living in it it it doesn't say Tokyo but escalated its very Japanese. So he can destroy anything in one punch he's getting to the point where easily bored now yep but it's you don't like this to be girding for public doesn't make any money for the Billick. He's not famous he just like those currently punt they can. So. How he gets started the week it started as fast and it so he he runs into this like. Did you elect from the waist up to replicate. Like a huge crap from the waist up the it from the waist down he's wearing tight white even as human legs. It. So he meets this thing as he's getting rejected from another job but he just like discovered basically gonna kill we killed at a care. Visit elementary kill you're looking for this kid with this huge chin. Two like medal would be in the park. And so he goes and find indicated it's huge in addition to the big pat on his face it turned out. That crap monster that after the little kid because he drew nipple on him with permanent marker. That is how we become the you know dead pedal bill yard. Bubble ultimately this is the most ridiculously fascinating thing ever so if you're into. Our cartoon accuse for adults check out one punch and protection pretty fascinating. I'll check out that sounds very good they'll do it for this episode hash tag sort of course next week. Star Wars the last jet guy. MI we do it every movie and TV show if you're not able to get to the Sydney non next week we will still give you a spoiler free addition at the beginning. Before he spoiler full but I'm guessing right or what percentage. Of the listeners do you think you're gonna ceased the powers this weekend. 85 yeah you know you're not wrong to. Summit site I have right now I'm going parity reserve my ticket with our board of fridge from the the Brothers podcast a nice. What did he doesn't we're gonna go. Saturday night. Credit credit. I may or may not have taken the day off from work on Friday negotiate when it. In by may I mean I definitely did so I give Friday afternoon. And then on next we will have the other podcast available for you then you can check outs that podcast on the iTunes didn't rate review and subscribe. We're on Twitter at or podcast you can email us door podcast at gmail.com. YouTube as well you can subscribe there YouTube dot com slash. Or podcast. Right in the working people follow you. At our quality of any major social media outlet please comment. There you go any final words at all I got out you don't know like that they talk about having that be nice the line on there yet are almost all Wednesday night's. I'm not like rich I don't I don't Wear the the negativity as well rich. Tendon snapped back yeah. That just just legal citizens said it my way that's fine out of the year should yield in this case that yet and I know the holiday season aren't via video words of advice you can be hectic for a lot of people and. What they like this you know the scarcity can buyer can visit this holiday season if they get a good idea if they governor spruce up my backyard a little bit you know cut it out the trampoline. Noted people go to emergency rooms because a trampoline yes a lot that out. You know that at it again you get you have like little boys to jump on that that's just shoving match which happen. Right now so let's not do that most of the ship with the trampoline bright that it spirit is over. Yeah it's a 2000 late gestures they cut it out.