#DORK 46: Best of 2017

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Wednesday, January 3rd

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey look back on the best (and some of the worst) of 2017 in movies, TV, and video games while Uncle Buck stops by for a comic book breakdown.  Plus a very special Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door to my head it's good to go to marquee match which cheek if ignored. Montana. My dorm blonde cherish. Thanks journey into another episode of hash tag or my ms. rich Steve Joyner has always by Ryan Davey Davey how you terror are what's up girlfriend. Yes great to hear your voice once again rise. We did we get out a little hiatus we have a week of hiatus but it was there we we play over her old episodes Jose we went into the other Ashton dork catalog. We fished out an episode for a year ago where we crowned our our torque hall of fame. That you skipped it if you missed that one not that we give you ten movies video games TV shows. It comic books that deserve to be in our hash tag dork hall of fame so. Let us know if you agree or disagree with those. Ride we have a lot to get through with the best with a little bit of worst of 2017. Away series Garrett and I. You error. I didn't have time to have markets updated so this is this year and dork usually overdo it here that makes cents. It art or break it down vastly we're ago. Well first of all right should get to the topic is your. And I'm right. What's that like different. Avaya glad you asked topic of the day and today is the best of 2017. Or a start movies. They're gonna get into television. There we're gonna get the video games and then waited very special guests. To help us with comic books and it will put a bow on it with the pic of the podcasts to round out this episode of hash tag dork. Let's begin though with movies that we spend most of our time. On movies and let's just get the south simply art if if you were. To nominate five movies. For best picture. For you ever you know for the podcast you're your top five movies what would those five B. OK so I kept cutting in the family of like dork. Mean I did. So obviously like the second Fred starred in and Day-Lewis is gonna win best picture or whatever movie did Meryl Streep decide topic decided to start in win best picture. For the purpose of the people as they decided if you're gonna watch five movies this year here they are in no particular order my. What do think by refusing to give you my side. You mean you're five W my five but I would not be should I would not be surprised they were the same spot. Winnable number one I spoke just earlier Logan. Yes. Or Iraq Iraq and get out and maybe driver and then in the shape of water. Boo so I have for those same five I've not seen the shape of water. In its place I've Spider-Man homecoming to around my five but it didn't get on chip water. OK okay it is sort of but honorable mention that it Spiderman homecoming and Dunkirk. OK don't want the guys also Nazi Dunkirk that's emulator we have a question that prominently in America over the British people water Tom. It is basically. Everything you'd expect from a Guillermo del Toro movie with like invading creatures in just like the way it's shot in the music and just everything. And look at it that they'll look into it later we get into some sub categories here. But it's everything you wanted into Guillermo del Toro movie it's got like action it's got some suspense it's got to elect a love story illegal weird love story it just an amazing. Set of actors so. If you love movies you need to ghosts I can't spend too much time on it it's been all podcast on. Xbox other remarkable I saw the preview for it in house like and those who do forming and then my my eyes was with were losses are regular ones but she looked over Chicago on C that public really the guys I did not think you heard appealed to her. But I really don't see him. Jack and that's the beauty of it is it's a Guillermo del Toro movie that you could watch with yellow pages and send and they it. It doesn't get something out of it you know and I mean it's like an epic epic its creature re enough for the horse and yeah it's. Well shot and off for the film geeks and and you know it's well acted after the film geeks and for the ladies you know it has that bureau love story that you know. What's it like this was a really good year I thought for hash tag to work movies and again you can go as far as is far away or close to the that John Breaux are out that umbrella that we kind of have. But think about it guardians or galaxy volume two will. Was not did not crack crack the top five for either plus or like Wonder Woman which is a nice surprise. Justice League even had its moments how out. It (%expletive) Star Wars movie came out this year you what you get firmer and and it didn't even make the top five forget the cost a top six or seven and so. And and again we we had a whole episode on that and we and we go through I think it's very polarizing but it's not terrible. And these movies stood out I'm with the I think Logan. In this early movie too so this set the bar of the first of the comic book movies to be released this year or last year. It's the best I mean Hugh Jackman is play the character a zillion times he's been at some really good movies he's been at the dumb (%expletive) movies but Logan at. The best way to end it he was awesome. James back Roy crops are Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier was awesome and its some of the side characters that pop into were really goes so. I feel really good about crown and Logan is the other door movie of the year. It was like you said immediately became my late guns blaze and I think. You know what a way to put a ball on pampered Hugh Jackman but instead in Kuwait good preempt respected that out like for so many movies in the ceiling on it because of the ground after. After an origin on. After origins are after last stand or video awards Israel occur this bio movie like that's your movies are. But you stay at least you stuck with it and the Oscar nominations are out yet and I don't think another not. The the Golden Globe ones are a surprise Hugh Jackman to get more love for this or that the movie in general didn't get more love. Really didn't ruin and it was really really good. I think get out for me. Would be second place like a nice kind of pour you pork kind of lightly to place falls and before we rented our top fifty all time already but it's not super scared again I can be free you know. There are going to be getting nightmares over the don't think but it was good psychological and I like when Jordan PO I like way. Somebody who's not gay. Like lifelong horror person with a happen BofA and and they've they've done something else looks comedy or action or wherever they come over to that. John rookie you can tell just how much he likes all those movies. Absolutely need to tell that there were you know. Little nod there you know subtle but the thing like that that you could tell that he's if you can't have. So great so based on your nominees I can tell which one you liked more but so at the end of the day when all said and done. Do you like for rag Iraq more than Spiderman homecoming. Just and yes just because like I feel like. There was too much like I like the fact that homecoming gated. They kind of glossed over the whole Spiderman story. You know how we got the bad men origins story like yeah night that he did not only have a lot over it in I thought it was great but I didn't think. Tore rag Iraq was so different. So it's funny in his letters. Funny. Or comedienne. I would go back and forth I think in both the home of five out of six but it really depends what you're in the mood for like if you're in the mood for sort of a you know a younger. And yet it in a way it's an origin story in a way it's not as you said but it's sort of a guy coming into his own figure out what his powers are used in high schools are some of the same high schools trolls going on. And hit a really solid villain. An idiot did you know the mentor shipped from Iron Man cumin and or if you want more of day. You know the body top hilarious comedy it would be crazy action scenes and would release takes place away from earth like there's a different. That like you know tomorrow my favorite might be the war and then you know the day after that might be spider and so they're they're very close to me. And there's no they're probably no bigger Spiderman band in the heat though. You know it it pains me to say that electability that it meets Marty investment I caught on. Now it's up. And the last one now so we've we've done standalone episodes on Logan and on Spiderman in four. We did not do one on debt out and we did not do one on baby driver I saw after the fact. Now Kevin Spacey is in this movie Kevin Spacey is that I. That kind of hurt the movie when you see like the movie poster or the blue recover or whoever else but. Edgar Wright and knows what are your favorites and this was this is there really in the ads aren't entertaining movie bit David drivers that. Yeah I'd say the huge smile from the beginning of the movie out the end of the but it was just it was just really well done really looks like how public that like template tequila in the big guns going off like to the beat like that we did. It was insane that it it was a sleuthing. So David and I are both going with Logan I I I I pulled the panel some of our former co hosts on shark. Bessie woody in the someone who was not co hosted ever but my wife asked all of them. Best movie of the year. Shark said Logan or thawra Barack Bessie said get out or Coco. Woody said the last genocide or get out. And I guess not in a not if said Coca. Yeltsin NC a ton of movies with you on both cocoa are. Optimistic Coca by the dictate what happened to me Coca. It was the fire alarm. Out and out I am (%expletive) that this. And let me hear me out the data I take my three year old daughter to go to Coco and we're really excited to dynasty to see commercials that. Would they don't tell you the movie's close to two hours long break all of the top of that right yeah get on top of that what a bucket half hour frozen short. So I didn't see the end of Coco because you'd like to reflect and if he had to delete. Autumn glamour first off waits longer in the theater. So I arrived she went sci whether or niece and nephew and I wasn't there I didn't see Coco. But she was like oh my gosh that they did this frozen short interest that are my niece to pocono Rodney B elect I don't think we're in the right theater thing of what this is that. She likes frozen but she's like I know we're not seeing frozen genetic we need to leave the theater and an hour this that this that. And it's fine that you sic his ball that you that told me that. They later took it out so that people are pissed about it that it goes to cocoa now they don't have that half hour quote unquote short of for an. Let me. You would you say it's a short like a ticket like five minutes into the half hour long. That's Apple's suit as absolute (%expletive) Are so top five performances. They can beat mail they can be female constituency gender here Ryan we don't we don't see that kind of thing and now a dork. I will rip off my five favorite that he be your files there that we can take her normal that I thought the five best performances again I could be. Missing some second had a subdural podcast that gmail.com or at or podcasts on the Twitter. I would say Hugh Jackman in Wolverine or in Logan as Wolverine. I'm Margot Robbie. As Tonya Harding and I Tonya. DL the dot in Wonder Woman. Sore sure Ronan in the lady bird batters into the door movie but I saw she was great. And then my last ordered because org played by Tyco what TT in Iraq Iran. That brought them out I like so public and mileage out I'm female heavy due this year. Lately. Goodyear for the ladies. And one's surprise there so my top five performances this year Daphne keen as X 24 hour Laura and Logan. Oh great one yes. Betty Gabriel and get out she played Georgina but made. All right yes I know how much he's an outstanding in that movie who wrote. Sally Hawkins in the cable water but alive and she was uncheck play commute. That's right OK okay so it's it was unbelievable a wildcard here. James Franco in the disaster artist so I thought it without. He was good he was really good that we'll be. It was kind of underwhelming two males opener be better. Yet it's a little bit more dramatic it's billed as kind of a comedy but it's a little bit more dramatic than you think it's going to be our embark. Yes hi mark humble and and then it might get one I'm not kidding Richard Tyco white he as as court. Core steals for us score. Card. And effectively like just the best court. So I think because you know boards there were just atomic boards and there's not a one individual wants securely given the knob there. But I think at a all of the movies that we saw this year. Yeah you might have to get at the court. Court was incredible court story got roughed up and I thought somewhere this this is old news but Kevin fight he said that core and meek. Will in fact he and mom more MC movies. And not to spoil anything but the last scene with chord in meek. Amends when biffle was funniest part of the movie and a look at the very end. Just when you thought you are a lot of laughs they they see you without one which was Korea so it's not so we get the corps reserve. Biggest surprise Ryan in let's say in a good way excite I know we spend at the other women now allows surprise of this movie sucked but gimme a surprise. In a good way 2017 movies. Resorted to and in if you remember way back in the in the early days 2017 what I said was I was very nervous a boat. Wonder woman in that the DC universe is gonna tip wherever it is movie goat that's where they're gonna go this movie flops. Like if they're (%expletive) yet and I Ed I was very surprised at how weld done patty Jenkins. That that movie was it played and how good job a couple of in the role of Wonder Woman I thought it was a great and I thought it was gonna suck. Yeah I was very surprised at that and Richard yeah she just brought it up my second surprise of the year I didn't take the port. I'll tell if I have yet. I don't just report specifically is are sent out. Of court and yet ports ports were pretty good if they served. Not really a purpose which is actually well I think what everybody was happy with I didn't want them again to be like. Having a war army having to save the world so I would say I would don't want a woman and it's not my favorite movie of the year I think it actually it's sort of got the point. Where it almost became overrated because I think so many people or surprised by item in myself included. That you started talk it up almost like it was better than it was like it was not a top five movies of the year it was not a top. Three or four comic book movie even of the year but it is still very good in the expectation was as into trash so. I think Wonder Woman I would also say the movie it's. Because you hear it remake you're like a you know Kate find that that probably should remade devote whatever. And then again not the greatest move in the world about the best or movie of the year. But the fact that. It was as good as it was we did a standalone episode of that I think coup was in and we did an episode on it. It's not that it in Wonder Woman jumped out to me is a good surprise. Yeah I really like it and I like the fact that if you read the book immediately ping pong back and forth between the present day in the past. And it did get stuck right with the kids storyline which I thought it was with Smart. And then you're like you like my idea of waiting to when he seven years and then filming the sequel with the passage without great idea. Hopefully have a knock on wood all these kids are make it through we us and how much are jinx anybody but they don't they're always do it. Biggest disappointment. Adidas that this is across the board I mean. But he said it wasn't a bad movie I didn't not enjoy it but I thought the last get out with a bit of a let down. It has to be just because the expected it was the most anticipated movie of the year and I don't know neither of us loved it and unless you loved it you buy some degree were disappointed it's as simple. And I think it would sucks because they get the ice I I. I epic as rock in my stomach without even saying that because it's not that it's just right in the that would moment. Yeah I waited client like new director new lives on it like this is going to be open and I'll likely get up the other I love right Johnson's work I think he's a great director. It just it just didn't hit. From Indian bid at Tokai. Got about they've Billick borrowers is dead and it's never going to be good again like I'm not saying that at all it just it just. There was like I said the second act with in and rose that just killed. Does nothing. Now evident are very upset at critics of the last ship last week. What I wanted and I think I think I've made my appointment you can't sit around and expect them to do. Empresa expect every single time. This isn't it like it but you gotta just be happy to distill making these buckets. Yeah that's true and we'll get another one this year the Hans solo solo movie will be on 2018 it. What was the worst movie that you saw obviously that there could be one worth I think I heard well this year I was looking. I try to make it a quick list that may have less about a sock close the 25 movies. Check him out this year a lot of McDermott podcasts in a couple might have been Netflix once they weren't appear in movies that they came out this year. I think I saw right around 25. It out to when he don't relate to. Between good and great guy I've really hit on a lot of these towards the worst movie that you saw this year or movies. Well you saw that's the Will Smith a connect up aren't enough what I thought about sample all the review rivers like the worst meal I don't yet. Aren't. I don't argue hey I may do that are the worst movies I sides too one was of the movie rings. Below or I was entering a market. And then table nineteen. I don't know why watch this movie this is with Anna Kendrick. And she is table nineteen is like the loser I wanna miss that voice table somebody's wedding. All horrible like Arnold the supposed to be funny or is supposed to be a but it drama the I hated that I at least mr. She's Cuba. I do weird airline bell what sort of Rasheed. I'm good the airline down by again I candor but. Terrible movies don't see table nineteen what movie Ryan didn't you see that you most want to see. I'm saying missile that might peak bared in my eyes pinched together because of so embarrassed I still haven't seen blade runner. I would be that parents have either don't know that I have a huge split brother guy I have I have a team played programs like wind think that like. Well the two worst for me are old Dunkirk and again I could be in the right head space for a war movie and I've heard I don't west from the boxers podcast lobs that he tossed the C that you liked it I. I got to see it I just haven't yet and the other one which is insane because I'm the biggest soft franchise and I did not see jigsaw this year. It's yet like Dunkirk like it's good it's not great it's not Saving Private Ryan. It's a little slower and not. So it's it's like he's had to be you have to be in the right frame of mind to invest in that movie you know empire. Higher what is the your most anticipated movie of 2018. At. Besides avengers infinity war we will not count that as an answer to that probably 99% of our audiences most anticipated movie. Yet to pick a new or one or two movies for eighteen that you most policy. What are you have a list of explosives if you wanted to you can fire the six. Ready player one. Into despite ever. Did pull two solo Incredibles two instead of. Nice that is a really good list. Now dead pool two arms and no mom I'm definitely in on such is the cast like the party's top Marty RM Michelle Williams is an incredible actress is it just actresses of of our or any generation. I'm gonna throw another one asset to say about Halloween. We Dane McBride writing it continually Curtis is back. I think this is amazing I you know I. He's a guy not a comedy guy. Yeah that's I'm excited about. That I mean there's a ton of content movies I think we too we have about few weeks back. It's like almost one month sort of be pretty goddamn busy again that I have to work. This year. We like that is absolutely and so once again if you wanna check up the archives on iTunes right now or wherever you find your podcasts. We did Sobel episodes on a number of movies this year. Starting with Logan which was number four. That's after of course are switched over WEEI. Guards galaxy volume two was episode thirteen. Wonder Woman seventeen. Spiderman homecoming 22. It 31 at four rag Iraq 39 Justice League 41 a it's our worst the last yet 945. The last thing out there Ryan is. Just gone back to show what a crazy year in movies it was for perhaps take to work spans the idea that Spiderman or. The Justice League heading live action movie and we really didn't even mention it if you're like yeah like is that happens but. Sort of a lot of things. Television shows and move on television shows. Are similar to what you were out top five you know we were if we were two and a our own vote version of the Golden Globes or your five favorite slash best shows. 2070. This is really what to do about I had more fun doing TV related movies that might result in more hours what's on your top five shows that I saw this year gave it for a stranger things to glow. Big mouth and American gods where my top five this year. Very nice I of course have to overlap their game with loans and stranger things I'm also would include the leftovers from HBO their third and final season. I thought it was a great Curb Your Enthusiasm here and it is just because as a couple years and was gone but it was back I loved it this year. And I'm gonna this is dale warning for west Rick and more duty season theory was a top five show me this year. Mention Africa. Yeah I liked American gods a lot as well that was a good one. We did sort of a grab bag episode. Of at a bunch of shows that we had on one of them was American gods again we do a lot of game thrown a lot of stranger things I think that those go without without mentioned but. Really ramped things up on game bronze obviously in the strangest things. Or where he didn't really know what they're gonna do after you won like how are they going to be also need to get things together and I didn't love the new characters but all the old characters were just as good if not bad in fact guys like Steve. Ended at the end you don't want the best characters of any TV show. Yet and you thought like it they typically done in an effort to the podcast did matter. You thought he kind of tapped out with that character that they those two together world economic. Yeah other awesome though great a great tag team so if you idiots that just want yours Brian Davies best TV show just seventeen. Globally I gave drones day you have to be yeah it. I I think so although. I ended up just because I'm such a left overs defender and ilk is not not many people watched the leftovers I might give that a slight nod and and it's done the day they add up they did a good job wrapping it up. As a seeded TV that's almost impossible to do the have a good final season like it just shows screw that up all the time. It's also left overs but really close thrown in stranger things and then after that vote a big group of good shows from this year. Our top five favorite characters again male female animal out of give a (%expletive) data giving your top five favorite TV characters. Our coach Steve from big well vote voiced by nick Kroll is probably one of the funniest characters. Of the year. Steve from stranger things made my list or call. Out damn Sylvia played by mark Merritt on glow great he was gonna be use good Matt Sweeney from American gods. Played by it would have been. Pablo my driver he was great honor to call you great of one. And that might be might favorite character and TV this year Nikki swing go. From Fargo played by Maryland the ones that. While the author look right now Fargo to me it was a disappointing season but she was unbelievable. Match. She was a draw a straight arts or without any repeats. Those Earl belongs I would go law. Again my girl Kerry Kuhn friend of the show she is like not one but two of our tweets. Simply ignored durst in the leftovers she was also in Fargo it would blow my mind is she was nominated for Golden Globe for her performance in Fargo. And not the leftovers. It trust and authorities that maybe the biggest carry coon skin in the world. That it's not even closely she was significantly better in the left overs but with. Up Mazie Williams is our is stark in game problems. John Byrne fall from the publisher. It is get Dodd David Harbour house Popper and stranger things. And it ride this one recently watched the show of this is. An actor named Dillon admin net he played clay Jensen. In a Netflix show called thirteen reasons why. This is a is based off the books in this show is Delta Burke it's heavy. It to have each Ryan it's about a high school girl who commit suicide. And she leaves tapes behind the audio tapes. Of reasons why she killed herself. And UConn a lit it's it's all about. President back to the past present back to the past and you're kind of living it through this character played by Dylan the net. You've seen in don't breathe used for the kids that broke into the house he was the one his dad. I think ram at the security system he was also. I didn't realize this but he played more of the bullies in let me yen the American remake of but the right one and so he's my prick. There aren't yet a fun fact about him he was one of the finalists to play Peter Parker in homecoming. I think he's beat up by Tom on. I think you're going good Tom Holland I think was the better choice but Dillard and that is my pick angle like 21 years old. He's my pick for break out future monster star he's an awesome he's so good in this in this for gun show that you really good job of like. At first UCL is different like ice who characters like all those are all kind of cliches of each whatever but. They give them all like these back stories they focus on that the character development in the writing on that show and I was off the charts. Don't a cool little thing and I'll stop talking but the show a cool thing that they do. Is because there's so many off flashbacks and on the back to president. They do a cool thing where this kid. Still on the net he gets in like a bike accident in the present time and seeing the cut on his head sizzling up and they don't his forehead. So every time they flashback he doesn't have the bandits are super easy to like follow whereas if they didn't you do that with the fact I would that is this under what are we doing. They were out throw him on the Arizona. Are my top five. Favorite characters I would recommend that show but again it's it's it's Delta Burke the be careful about. Best new show Ryan so what show did you see that season warned in 2017. Marble audible mentioned to American god and glow but all my let's. All you have all the mud but that Sheldon I'm watching right now and if you have a a lady in your life that you need to watch your show with I'm telling you right out here me out. Is this show on at least on showtime called milk. All of a small amount yeah you have to watch it because it's getting nominated for everything big girl and it is incredible. You haven't seen her anything she was a writer Craig ex girlfriend. She's a writer she's from Boston. Minutes showed takes place in south. Oh nice. It's about a dig down on a lock actresses also elect a single mom and the other her mom is like mentally ill and I also would like played very Rosie O'Donnell who's like. Some of the show so. Definitely check out smelt if we added we are doing picket podcast this week but straight up that would that would be mine. Aren't I like here like American gods and glow sub both of those ozark wasn't it was Jason Bateman back grape or wasn't that American vandal or we got our way back poised on those when your pet cats while ago. Thirteen reasons why which there was talk about the season one that. The that the top four though to me would probably be punish her legion. Mine hunter. Which is on Netflix. And Riverdale Riverdale started season once started in January of this year nearly went all the way through another on the season to. And so Riverdale is good but a lot of really good news shows. If he doesn't seventeen. What about the worst show that you still watched I'm sure there. Yeah bought a first. Yeah I'll just say quickly and I think I've mentioned on the park just a million times but. The Walking Dead I watch. Behind a Vermont but anyway I watch the Walking Dead. I watch golf them for the most part they're both bad shows. And then we obviously we both we get a whole episode on that we watched iron fists and so I start without doubt probably the worst. Television show that I watch start to finish this year. And yet so that was the worst but it you know in terms of still watching and play and I'm watching more. This show is is adored by critics that like it's very divisive it's it's like the last that I but I like it is bastard not. The second season this was it was kinda it was kind of weird. And but I like it so. I think I failed on that yeah I elected. I think I've watched most of the first season moment I was like an announcement on the salute them. Always tell you know what it's funny it always has. One episode per season that's killer yeah public really good. And that's kind of what David here kind of waiting for that episode indices could have that episode. So this this question. Hopefully it took some time to think about Ryan because. What's wrong what's the best channel it solidifies that you could only have one channel like on your TV you only get one channel. To meet the nominees. Would be HBO. Highlight of my game at Droughns left overs Curb Your Enthusiasm vice principals which had a really nice season too by the way. Armed and Silicon Valley and whatever else you watch on them deuce who cares AMC. But you're better call Saul creature couple shall we haven't mentioned yet all the Walking Dead obvious he's on AMC fear the Walking Dead. Net flicks. Publisher mine hunters thirteen reasons why American vandals are globe the defenders told Jack horsemen iron fist ex senator ex that are up. FX. Has legion in Fargo. Are the CW has all those other shows are still kind of watch like aero flash legends that tomorrow super girl and Riverdale. So if you could only watch one channel what would be. It is so and it does so hard because I I put so much thought into this they don't have a clear answer. The bill closes I can get to a music HBO OK we HBO in terms shows. Show quality is. Light years at a very Padilla. That means that. If I don't if I'm watching TV just like straight up TV yeah I watched a lot of vice invite plant. Which is spike Jones's channel I watch a lot of that I've found a really good out there just got it's always sunny so that so that that helps. Netflix so I think Netflix is putting out. They've they've they put a lot of crap but they've put got a lot of good stuff. Checks out there so many shows on Netflix now. Yes which in there in their ketchup HBO quickly. Yeah there and I would say don't sleep on Amazon prime video The Who would you lost and not speak sneaky peak rates go up depicts. Is really good. And they had they're starting to get like other shows and stuff so don't sleep on Amazon prime it yet a prime account you should be watching him as a prime but he. Nice I think I would ultimately still go HBO I think. Because the game of the rounds left overs and curb the target top blood Netflix is probably. Pretty damn close. But he says because this could have so many seek him weed out some of the ship and then you want to some good stuff so why I once again pulled the panel. Shark who is our game with Brown's experts said stranger things. The best SeaWorld with mine hunter would he won the game with drones billions. In the region are seen and heard it's good though it. And then it went with the big little lies from HBO. And I asked my wife and she went with a hand meet stereo. Uma like also like that little under the deal that was her favorite show of the year. So there you go that's that's a pretty good breakdown in if you wanna hear more about what we thought about some of these shows here are our archive shows. Iron fist episode eight legion nine. Back on episodes of when he we hit on a bunch of shows including American gods and preacher in Fargo we did a game with Iran's preview of number two when he won a game of their own season seven it was episode 29 that defenders episode thirty stranger things seasons it was 38. And the publisher was 42 so good about TV shows there. Any else on another television room. That's an exhaustive list we feel we did our homework people. These. You know okay. Even in hand. It's my. You can't have a best of 2017. Hash tag door episode routes the video games Ryan what do you got. It that it is going to be it's gonna take a little bit too rigid feel free to jump into what I wanted to do that wanted to take it basically the categories that you had from movies and TV complied and it is so jumping right into it because the W a lot to do to get needed uncle buck to second here. Top five games I played this year in no particular order mind. Wolfenstein due to new colossus. Player and a player and on battle battleground. Not fort night I didn't do that the second. Dealt a breath of wild. Cut head and it audible mentioned at horizon zeroed out now I'm just skip want help laid that was sacrificed was one of my favorite games of the so. To that what what's crazy about this slip about looking at it. Out of the five. There are artists sixth really there are there is one that has multiplayer. While it is which is which is crazy so if you look at Wolfenstein. Help laid Zelda cup head and horizon hero dawn. No multiplayer in any of those games are about what was fascinating this year the best game they came out with they were bigger single player campaign really. Great stories great characters great visuals. And it's amazing to me be in the era of competitive gaming that. Single player kind of ruled the year for me yeah. And I mention player on those battleground because. That game kind of blew up this year it's been around for awhile but. Just the format of the game I don't know if you don't think about this but you're basically dropped into the area naked. You have to in the overtime beat the area shrinks. Oh. The Catholics find yourself. Not forget that mitigate the plague to quake area shrinks to get like find. Equipment and yet you can get cars you can do all this stuff you have to like be the last person standing. Which is a great idea. Now. We gained four night which I mentioned before. It was a completely different game. Where they added aspect to a pretty was more reconstruction based game reaction to build a fort with other people. Nam and then they should be introduced this new game mode called battle Royale which is the exact same being as battleground pudgy. So like they ripped off in the people are pissed about this but. For Ike is now kind of bigger then battlegrounds which is which is great. So that's why. Egypt and nodded fort night. But import in terms of multiplayer so I have a list of best multiplayer here yet. Over watches still is steal our favorite. In terms of what we play in what we do without bond in. How simple and yet expansive this game we play the game all the time we love it it's great. It's crazy to me still how overall how long ago it came now and how they still. In a Dane major there's so many premium games and they just in the door that they wanted to pay for every goddamn upgrade in the world isn't a character you'd pay foreigners and a map if the pay for and people do when they make a lot of money. Over watched for over a year. Is that pumping out new game kind of formats they've been updating things they've been giving you new characters. And it's all free so. You know most people spent probably sixty bucks on their PS for their Xbox want or their. Their PC game in that thing is paid for itself so many times all the upgrades admit it's still just responded maybe more fun that's ever done. And I would say that goes the one thing I wish they were add to that no realistic right now the people from blizzard. If they can veto it would be great is that they had a system of trade where like I was did you let that bit of getting all the skin and sprays for characters that don't use I guess them with people. To get stuff that I would actually use that's wonderful yeah that's. So that four night again if fort that in player Arnaud battleground like those are a great multiplayer games. Period of the piece here to console it checked those out. One that we. We played a little bit that we all loved it but it was so broken it was almost hard played was Friday the thirteenth. Obviously like deck game was so fun did I play. The first weekend was a disaster. All it was so bad and that turned a lot of people ought to it's I don't know yet I'm it was a play in the game. But again vote academic thirty bucks it was it was thirty yeah. Yet and then lastly rebels six siege was by the ATP about taking into that sixteenth but it's been. It's been one of the best multiplayer games I've played in it and it really long time that picked up as you. Thanks so game today I didn't play but I wished I had. This is the bears in this for me so evil it into a hurt really good things about that. That pickup bed by the way in about games you did you miss a couple of our Ryder Cup had. I don't just as important in this list was amazing and in terms of like platform besides rulers but this game is outstanding if you can play it play. But I just wanted to mention that the games I didn't play that it would stay ahead evil wood into. Dot separate creed or urgent that never got around. That he how much different and at the look at these assassin creators are fond but the very similar. Yeah I know I just you know I get the badge earlier put the Walking Dead for you like I'm so Betts played every single one of them addicted latest. Persona five. Which it did mention on the block as one by depleted demo it is my pick the podcasts and and never got her on the playing excellent and that there. And anything be your. Especially Resident Evil seven which came out in a BR mode doom has the VR now. Sky rim has BR so I anything that I wish I had played make that it didn't. My biggest disappointment for the year. Ghost recon wild lands and I thought that was going to be amazing. European before it can be multiplayer you drop in to South America and you take it out like this drug cartel. It got really repetitive. I found the gun that I liked within the first. Twenty minutes out and united mean it became like okay. A lot of like with the repetitive missed that like a far cry game has really you find it a little for it yet to take out all the guys now which your sport kind of thing yeah. Which status sucks. But the game itself looked really good but it was kind of a disappointment. And the biggest disappointment for me this year with a game called lawbreakers. Which was doc went with Penske gave the guy who did gears of war ended bullets storm yes. Com. All multiplayer in kind of like an over watch format where was it different characters do different things. Right and there's areas in the map that are like zero gravity here kinda like fly around shooting people which in theory. Is a great idea but if you're doing this thing where it's like specific characters in the as a point four characters that you can all be different things. You're not gonna compete with a over watch in this game just flock. And it was it wasn't wasn't great there are some good things about it but it. We gotta be that lastly. Games of looking forward to most in 2018. Yes I would say whiff. Literally that I did partly intended with a bullet. Red dead redemption two yet that's going to be coming out which if that had the multiplayer aspect to it you're gonna find accrue on that. A lot Leo all the while us we are going to be raising hell and Robin train in the duke and output they're great kids. That's gonna be awesome marvel Spider-Man. Leo and obviously that's going to be you'd game made by the people who may vote but that overdrive or whatever it's called. Right that that's gonna be really good god of war. Shadow of the colossus and days go on which are operate these exclusives. Which are going to be really good days gone you basically put it what's down. The doubt the best and Walking Dead. Terrell. Barely hear you played Darrell basically operatic Bobby Gordon. Looks really good to view and then mega man eleven we knew we are very excited for us right up podcast yes and lastly a game. But it's Microsoft that the Xbox exclusives are called UT which is a big of black flight that would create black flag yet read it all the pirates stuff. You can now do it's that big game but it's multiplayer. So that debt is critical that that Stoudemire run down I try to do it quickly that could cause yeah if you haven't yet. I I was hoping I was hoping to be longer than a minute it is the year and view. So once I would mention I thought. I didn't play as many games as you did this year but I would say injustice to. Was. In limited is what it is there's a lot of on a lot of characters a lot of cool stuff on injustice to. And like some of the sports games other NBA two K eighteen was. We both played WWE eight team not the greatest game of the world looks on the Detroit get back into that there's a lot different. Characters a lot different a mock the bulls and things like that I haven't played it yet because I got I finally got South Park the fractured bought whole. But it came with the stick to truths some currently playing stick it through the wanted to play that beat that first and that's switch over to the South Park game but what are. Now that out right exactly know what to player but understand South Park devious Sandoz of this game. And my sports game of the year would be NHL ET. Which is now the introduction of of breeze like Korea three arcade hockey. Yes it. Yet to go to as a really good idea at another game that came out this year and ran the fine folks over at terrible toy box put this up with a couple copies of symbol we'd park. This is a game it's a you can play for just about. Anywhere whether it's out PS forward we we played it Xbox one windows Mac Nintendo's which were wherever. It's it's a great game. Maniac mansion is sort of an inspiration and this is poised contact cult games that you either played and you love it or you just somehow missed it but this is they have an original Nintendo game. Are grown up play in this all the time lauded newsworthy you you're you're a bunch of different characters. And you're kinda it's like a pixelated game. And you go all over the map to go to all these different places you collect items. You interact with things on the map but whether you go and you open drawers and you know take stuff that you're gonna use later on. He constantly solving puzzles having conversations with different people. And so simple we'd park is in that same mold. And it's almost like twin peaks like you in a sense where you have a couple of people showing up at this town it at a guy and a girl. And there are trying to figure out what that there's a murder they're trying to get to the bottom of it any kind of ping pong between the two characters. It's a lot of fun it is critical that you at least the roll back. You know. Eight bit looking at video games again who played on your under android two it's never like stranger things came out within a week. Game that you can put on your phone you can put on your iPad or whatever. It's it's a little bit more detailed than that it's not get a thousand free in this there's a little bit more to it here. But pretty enjoyable to devote that to get involvement. Yeah it's it's a great throwback game to people who elect Kennedy like pulling quick kind of things. Which which heard they still have a place to the world and it's so great in this they're a great example of delegate like you said if you played media expansion which I did as Acadia into it. It was such a break. From lake you know he had been thinking you have Alex salt some things and figure some stuff out I mean. It's it's agree it's great for casual gamer and it's great force somebody who's like does this all the time I got. So it's year you know kind of had a video games that you want something you know to kind of and not waste time it's got to spend time that's bond in you know things like that we definitely check this out like you said the we are good enough to get some copies. You know from Oslo from terrible toy boxes there they're great and they were there really maxed out so please check this game. Yet you can go to us symbol we parked dot com that's their website you can find all kinds of you know where how to get the game. Sort of the trailer and see if you like the look out of its look look of it sowed. Check them out there. Art Ryan we will bring you back momentarily but we got to get the best of comics. 2017. From comic book to be crazy not to bring in the uncle buck for this so cue the music. Us. I'm here to talk about comics. TV and you talk. Stephen yeah. Let's talk. Are we got to bring in the comic book guy himself to break down 2017. In comic books uncle buck carry you. Everett or echo of a little nervous here on the phone that got in the DP. Phantom zone here during the Viet Cong and the league over the break. That's right you find out just how difficult it is to do podcasts the entire time via telephone celery Davies a real is a real pro by doing at this. I'm used to look arrived in knowing. Her art that we what was the are but 2070 buck good year bad year somewhere between how would you assess this past year and count books. I'm a citizen down here not only has done year storyline wise. But it would it down your industry which I got 10% down year year last year and it is a little bit of the as if Gary turned down fifteen. The industry was up about 10% flat line last year at our Allan. About 10% become an entire comic book industry did about 483 million dollars suspect here. Outs and it would yeah forget the credit kind of money that the will be good and at least 48 breeder in Alabama to title. Yeah you pick based of the movies there's so many other David I just got through talk about a possible me you know whether marvel or DC is just every other month seems to be a monster movie. You would think that that would carry over I know a lot of the lines have even started to model some of there. Characters off of the movie is sort of they had to some of the guardians are now let's do it or does now Iron Man acts let's do it this way. And you'd think that it would be growing instead of going the other way. Yet there X ray tried that to certain. Tried to a lot of character is so popular will be bringing in new readers he just hasn't really happened. That it had been planning it the this year beam in on the council and Eric overall as expected quite deep debt and. Tom Kane you know pretty much at. The rains in the of the bat man's story line is here including probably the biggest shocker the engagement they're catwoman as it turned everybody's head. Tour alum came out in this comic as the and a lot of people upset about that. But at the probability of the year probably came also the debt. Story line that Bettman who laughed as part of that the metal story line eight matchup of Joker in debt and as one character although the character looked like the magistrate. Yeah I was asking about his. Last thousand acog bookstore looking at some of the of the new releases like the single issues that are out there it was a ton of the DC metal and like to have eaten or whatever is calling it is that is some of that stuff good or what. So it yet the metal OK I mean. Like we you know like to say that industry being down. The last quarter of the year. He's he released middle Indian state clock which really brought in numbers back up in marble try to Rangers all the oral care there's a lot of it killed a lot of home. That killed not including like Logan. There a series legacy but they edit rilya. You know bad turnout for secret empire earlier in the year but really legacy metal doomsday clock. You know. Salvaged. You know the business to a certain extent in that final quarter Spiderman is still tanking. You know he's normally the most popular character over the years. Means rhetoric when I was their biggest seller even though was at a price of ten dollars. But it had a better year record number 22 was our highest. Don't yeah and lot still killing him and that's. That you pick in. In economic locking it up he still is still not a top 84. In an individual issue of the past years story. Got a little. Go cold in the in character McConnell called. But of course some good in ebooks can situation check out. I'm eighty after death the image title from Scott Schneider in just here. What we are also that are really good run on it and it re imagining of marble Saab black man. At least in the very controversial comics series called black which. Only African Americans have to prepare a super empowered in the course are you know being acting. And after by the government. China sitting idiot mentioned Brian as guerrillas. Hit for image with a good series. Seven to return the optical image of the big hit one of my favorites. And I got surprised by this because. Don't know what to expect I really enjoyed it Dark Knight. Number three master race Frank Miller Brian as well in Cooper series. Brutal name I mean the master race to come I don't really it's not my outline. On I want and I agree. With what sounds terrible. But yet I I enjoyed they didn't make a kubert artwork really geared. Frank Miller had been previously I'd like to storyline and yeah the vision series on that they've done a few years back and that would also at Tom King who is that man that writer he also wrote that but that you miracle re much. Now if you could only read one thing from this year roller done. You know what I would probably go back to ED. Yup I really enjoyed it got me here I'd like premieres stop a lot that night. Time but there were a lot comics as yours are individual issue that really piqued people's interest just to name a few. First appearance in the back in two laps comes thirteen and twelve other metals series on Adams used had a killer buried. Ordered the 700. Which is built on the big money of course we start in the past about thinks the comics got hit. And that we magic from what happened so EU superpowers. It was also really good a lot so I'm very. Dark that'll number two the oddest thing I've done this year with the realm. Mrs. say series from image. In which they edit it. Cobb secret buried which would basically comic in newspapers in the paper bag. It was a sign that was so huge where we'll bring your date a paper bag count like. Marble biggest thing was weapon aids. Which was basically crossover Hulk and Wolverine. And it's are also in need book Rick it already. Number one has blown up with the you know the series. Being more popular than ever have a topic the first appearances in becomes huge. The deputy atomic issued a retreat with a brick layer and if he barrier. Which went bananas when. Speculation that Larry and it the course. And it did that you were things that from from image silliness on issue in which. It was a one for every retailer is called on banks and had a meeting at a hundred college variant. From MacFarlane and then image had done this series. Called your knee in which introduced the character me and I know where he any is based on that would seal. And then make collected that in a. It would comic that they distributed only in certain declined. Boxes which got partnered on the season's gone over that big book of the year very nice we look forward to woods does an eighteen. I'm hoping that marvel really writes this beyond. I looked at me like they're trying to some getaway from the dance slot or on all of it. Spiderman. And you know when they're big storyline it was excellent Captain America would never sells well so. Hopefully they'll they'll right the ship with Wolverine iron carrier. When they go you as the comic book guy and your podcast has moved a little bit where where you'll find that now. But the sport one I want it now over on the WA AF. Radio airway in the pocket airwaves but you can now on a. About the no nicer out on sites using also checking on Twitter at uncle buck. WA AA half time now to get onto a very special pick of the podcast because that. It's. Again thanks to uncle bought for the other comic book stuff we got to bring our Ryan Davey back for their very special. Pick of the podcast. To wrap up the the best of 2017 episodes obviously Ryan we got to go in the more in here that's what we got to pick of the pod. You brought a dead got the table earlier this year we even have a T shirt for forgot six out away. These T shirts on T public dot com T he's gotten in. Five for sure what you're doing it you'll you don't Wear shirts you're not clear on the close. You need a new shirt you get that shirt that you want for Christmas or for Chanukah or Kwanzaa or four. New Year's anniversary birthday whatever the hell. Get it now gore team public dot com and also. As we could do the Mac new podcast are working on these bad boys so if you have an idea and we got a couple. If you have an idea of fruit a new thing we have the DVD video game minute. With a six six Infiniti stone we have our our traditional logo we have the pick of the pot would be. Grey stone as is our IP we've all those different things but if you have another idea something that we do on the show hash tag dork related. Let us know a navy league in flopping on ushered seek an email us or podcast at gmail.com. We need to witness act or podcast took us up some really cool look at shirts they're better quality than our previous shirt web site. You can change the color on them if you want their critics did not sit at the local wanna have a good time. So I recommend that very much. I have an idea I had had an idea ultimately early and that it's an idea Davies hot chili hot take. Believe we need anyone of those serves him some also what if we had our fans we have a contest. And if whoever it was designed we picked we send to mr. These I I don't mind that adult I don't mind that. Yeah. Some of our bigger podcast time now we're ready right I have a list of people. Who said goodbye. The log farewell I'm probably missing several names this is quick list that put together. I will say the name you can either do you give me a comment or you can just you know say alrighty I'll get out of the next and how's that. Our let's start in this I think in order of when they died let's go to William Peter blatt he's the author of the exorcist. Good thank you very much for your work. And they've screwed me up for a very very long time being your movie at age eight thank you for that. If they are very. Very scary film former world wrestling sensation super fly Jimmy smoke and instead. And accused murderer by the way Jimmy Stewart flies Duca together delta my very first wrestler that I liked in the WW. This has just super fly Jimmy's Boca me bwic barefoot in the deadly day you know the leopard print meters while over the place. I was in house like a wishers wire issues there's about about I didn't like him on the mad barefoot there wasn't wasn't for me. I'm Mary Tyler Moore is dead. Comedy legends very sad. But you know moldaschi like eighty of them. Doesn't send my list. Don Rickles. I was actually more sad about this but I thought it was going to be because you know Don Rickles is if you watch any B old rose and stuff that he did. But I dean Martin's that this guy was like funny before people were funny. It would just like just rip people side I was very sad about that the immediate past. Roger Moore. Chris Cornell. Are very that yet very status. They had as a person who grew up. And if there's anything that I love more than what we talked about in the park activists said before I'm I'm above all else I am a music fan. And if you ever if you have the means to go on YouTube it is a video. Isolated vocal of Chris Cornell seeking political side and it's just his voice. Move knives. Your mind and a this this excellent maybe the most hash tag dork. In memorial name you'd ever get now be Adam West the original Batman. Yeah and a that we had that we get I. I know this data because we've screwed that up as we had a chance to sit down and talk with him and we didn't do it like a like a month or two for a guy. I was is that north these comic con. Tonight big regret in my life and they did it shake it and think back to the the music world Chester Bennington from Lincoln Park. Another one where you know voice that kind of that generation of kids you know it did disenfranchised kids did it just sucks that. You know that that things happen the way they did with him and you know this it's that. Big Tom horror director George A. Romero outside this. Is that Adam West is the biggest dork yeah in my mirror unit ribeiro might be and just it just. Just. Ridiculous joy he brought to. Our lives with his movies. What about. Two Marten Landow. Toby who are another big time horror director he's the guy who gave us Texas chainsaw massacre. Yeah and budget their. Texas chainsaw massacres and some other really really strange movies that. Yes a voice lost that that's too bad and yeah. Are we got Jerry Lewis. Jerry Lewis died. Mr. didn't bury that he shared it Hugh Hefner. You know it's funny I thought Jerry Lewis had been dead for awhile and on a couple sect that Louis the area. Half half instead. After an index forget which comedians that'd that like. Pub bombed it have to be when he gets there haven't realized that his life was better but haven't. It is a what does this was this man. Other boxer Jake what Mata die he's on the list is because of course rating poll is based off Dick Ramada Ralphie May the comedian died. Yeah yeah that that stuff. Yup Tom Petty he's dead. Now another one note you know musical. It sixteen meg not down yet just a young pop of the yes isn't this great stuff from top rated funny so much like Tom Petty mean. Music mortality did you do like I'd got a little like it I would listen to Tom Petty Leah but like ignored it for the public the second half of my life. Yeah it is. Charles Manson finally died and current business. And Los on the side Dick and bird legendary. Announcer sports announcer Dick and berg who also appeared in the movies naked gun and mr. 3000. He's dead. So did go hopefully elect our best of 2017. Thanks again uncle bought for joining us our right worker the other folks Foleo. Are gonna be on any and all social media to please if I missed anything please let me know would be nice I don't like people. Yes we get an email it to censor from Bryant he just doesn't he doesn't like the negativity suggest please be nice to Ryan at our on the could say would every want at door podcast. ITunes is T shirt he could be brought YouTube in fact I pinned its suite that has it all these links to all these different things where you can listen to it. And what not rose look for ideas of show topics this year or it looks easy pretty crazy and all the movies that are coming out this year that looked pretty good. But what time for some other. Weird topics of of our best episodes are mostly listen to episodes were sort of outside the box but the king of Kong episode run and you of that on those are some of our our more popular episodes though. Listen to those also our thanks to all the support through from a not so listeners thought. Probably guys and our shared universe Universal American view specially do helping us out with. The the T shirt stuff and some of the imaging that we have. The boxers podcast Marcus and west Marcus is that a lot of our stuff put the ticket upon this we can sort all that stuff so. A nice year they were continue to grow here I start the work. So for 2018 hour mom opened the really blow people's net softwood what we have in store for this year. Movie and I'm looking forward to the if there's any ideas obviously the rich that it is debuts please email to contact. I love the event off the wall stuff and it still have my my pot in my back pocket I have one. And outside the box store podcast in them and sit non it broke off week. Do you wanna share what it is you wanna spring and all the people in Iran. I doubt it so I have I've had decided forever and atomic you guys wanna hear about this but. Rich diet both have our old CD collections from high school volume of insulin a day and the senseless I don't yeah. I'll have a dork rock one where we talk about are like Turkey banned. Oh dork rock. And elegant are so why they get for listening it from the biographer David I'm Keith we will luck Sox you guys with a topic to be determined. Next week.