#DORK 47: High School CD Collection

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Tuesday, January 9th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey take a deep dive into their High School CD Collection.  They discuss what they listened to the most, what was the best, and what may have been embarrassing.  Plus This Week in #DORK and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door to Martinez. Is the door to my hands which treat if the door. Montana. Is that there is my dorm blond hair she. Thanks for terminator another episode of hash tags or my name is rich keep join as always by Ryan Davey Davey how review. I see what. Not too much Howard Howard thanks. Good good I am this is better topic is your which we'll get to coming up that we have been kicked around for a little bit. I think some people. And shame on them they may read the title of the episode and say upfront hey I like movies LE TV I think videogames are also account books. I don't care of their musical taste but I say just given a shot given it. You're gonna try. We'll see how we deal. Just to help out you know peace can't be a complete person without you know battling a bit into the arts. Siri means that's a great point that is tremendous point let's get to the new show it let's do it. Brian we are fresh off the Golden Globes the 75 annual Golden Globes where you have the finest in. Television. And movies. All on the same staged there. I know you're playing fort night for most of the night but did you really give you some of the highlights what some of the rundown of the Golden Globe through truth. Kind of a snore I'll be honest I I says beginning a win I would live to eat this late twenty minutes and I'm like I should probably dale. But my wife's watching it we're all watching it together about like between a little bit but. Elevate wait a minute. You're gonna sit there and you're gonna me and explain to meet other Golden Globes went like I can't figure out for myself that I am I on the theory that all male podcasts out there you. Couple of the foods we need to we need a lady perspective. We don't have one right now. You know it's actually funny though they eat so you know is atlases and funny but there were all wearing black right accuses volume of movement everybody men and women alike rower black and elect the president of like the Hollywood foreign press. Public stroll out like a red dress like where it happened here like the memo. But one of the big takeaways from the event. We talked about the movie the Rome and how that inspired the disaster artists and so Tommy wise so was there. It James Franco wins the award for best actor musical or comedy. And here comes tonne realized though onstage which he called them up. And then he's like thinking of that touted merely goes towards the biker volley he's gonna talk in Jay's pregnant like out of the way the that are not. How much up here I don't need you. That that tock but. The time I was at this like every show it's on there's like worst movie ever put little there there really cut him in the crowd is just like laughing like meant. And you like jokes on you because you're I have to. You're basically paying me to be here so that I do. That's true I you voids your mode del Toro won best director for the ship water. What did you think my girl Natalie Portman because there was really strong moment by Oprah Winfrey she went up there and got real whip the crowd up into a frenzy few a lot of lot of things say people really liked her you this women's movement in all of this going on. Natalie Portman comes out next along with a Ron Howard to give up the award for best director. Mean that it drama and she goes to hear the all male nominees. He didn't and I I kind of got into a fight with my allies it about like. I IE now I can watchable global glide and obviously this is all over the news it was kind of a big deal and the biggest deal in my point was to hurt if like. Look we get it they do it it's sucks as the husband as a brother of a sister as a father of girls like I can edit but I want. Every woman in my liked to have the same opportunities and doesn't like it that just makes sense to its common sense yes I mean I agree but. But like. There were executed right after Oprah did her thing. Yes but in encrusted shoes greater in Oprah's unbelievably you're not gonna say it any better and 0%. Right now so now it feels like to meet like about Guillermo del Toro. Right right Chris Nolan and all the other guys yet it like you're taken a hit out of what I did. It's like well I'm up in the big to select I'm up here because a man it's not because I needed incredible movie that all the men get directed anyways that's why you're here. Yeah I think she'd been that a little bit and my wife and that's not it and that's not the point she was trying to make it big element Meehan Michael. Yeah that's the problem now and now Natalie Portman is causing fights and she only that that have fed Natalie Portman. I am not a I have bad and that's why at first though she can do whatever she wants and then the more I was thinking about. Because yeah it sure I'd like to steal smooch but that's actually that's bringing us down that's that's set us back into your credit and I guess I wanna fix that pose no problem I don't want that to go on the record but. Act at first though that whatever she's making a statement to an exact gasps and you're like OK go like that's what she was trying to deal issues trying to you know. Focused on this moment my question is though that did the dudes outcome would view it here or built hurl. He was on his faults great like it is in these other directors sure there and a good position but they also all made good movies and should there been a female director nominated probably. I did not their fault you don't take it you shouldn't yeah been paired night taken up with somebody else yeah. Exactly how likely is that if it didn't come right after Oak Ridge did that before Oprah talked a bit like close out she got you know enemies. I was assay and it's so yeah right that's true and that if you wanna say elect the Hollywood foreign press I guess were saying that they're sexist against them away for nominating all these male directors the two biggest winners of the night I feel like all of your ship water was up there but. Lady bird crushed it that'd be female director. Had a female best actress had a female I'll beat you want the best supporting actress nominee. Honesty the women and economic actors the Philly and they doubted the night the director was there the movie. Did really well and then big little lies the show on HBO Matt I put the big thing that's show Reese Witherspoon Nicole Kidman they were all there so they they. Kickass though that's it on the other Golden Globes. I don't know about the people really care all that much of the glow about this news this little nugget Rhine. Lindsay Lohan or Lindsay Lohan I've heard both the monster which is correct. Wants to beat that girl in the Johnson we movie in fact she took to Twitter. Disable re tweet or RT if you think I'd be a great girl let pat Johnson know. What do you think that Lindsay Lohan as that girl. Ten years ago you would have thought that. I know right out of right after mean girls should get a perfect sewer grates. Yet now I looked a little. Would that went again. Weathered it well yet. But whether it is the word I would go it yes. You're gonna say. Ridden hard put away wet clicks too mild a torn up road. Yes he's seen some stuff but feel I met not met maybe not my choice now I didn't. You know I want I dynamic Becker a bit less sadness. But I know that's Richard that really what I thought we have brought a wheelchair maker oracle. Is she'd be a poor oracle I feel. I do I do want us the I accept invited on the podcast I've not heard it yet I Tweeter Peres today. Would love to have you on the podcasts. It to this point that radio south but I assume she's thinking about it may just talking to their people. Yeah we should quit their Bellic what she knows actually knows about backer of that. Billy what did you think of back girl in the killing joke the DC animated version. Actually she could be good is that back you can bet we're just trying to sex up that man. Which generally done now and I like how the Netflix which we heard they're going to be doing a Sabrina the teenage witch spin off with the same producers as Riverdale. If that's in the same universe that's in the Archie comics. I don't know how much the characters or if they're gonna overlapped yet however it sounds like they have cast there Sabrina. Her name is here and it should cut you probably don't know the name but you remember the daughter from mad men in the blog. Yet. I think it's a very good testing. You. Like that you like. That have that took place in the sweet to hash tag dork. Did you see the trailer for the red sparrow movie would Jenna and arms but it sure looks just like black widow motivate what does it. There even Russian league or some eastern European some weird but does so it's at its. Problem how do you really don't like take a color in a creature at slap it together and then have a girl become like about vascular leg as a young girl on. And some of like black widow like no you nodded and you can't do that SP is so like I'd find red. Mockingbird a delicate gold mockingbird security to the good luck in GA. Men that are done done you know. Delegates up a collar on it but yet. Quite like no red on red spare. 'cause it works because communism. Brad did a 120000. Dollars to watch game of drones with an heiress. And didn't even win right that's sort of the headline was he did that much for that some other. Pervert was able to two win that now I believe. You just get to watch the show whether I'd. I read the fine print I don't think it's any funny business going on a 120000 civil steep to me to watch a show to watch anything with anyone. Well I'm just saying you know if there's been. We agreed to fight for it we don't know what else that comes with is that if it's big news seen him before anyone else gets to watch it I'd be onboard. Yeah yeah yeah okay. Steve Finley but he did you talk about anybody can there a slap like an embargo on you and they're not tonight. But it buy it and I would walk around a bit smug look on my face like I don't have that you don't know how did that yeah. I did that night it would it would. Is that what tickle you. The guys next to its well. But good at that date as it. By the way it was also good for her to do this but there's another story this week that season eight doesn't come until 2019. Again that we knew that but. Yeah we have to have a full calendar year without schema thrown side. I apologize. For that. Cavalier HBO and out description and fired back up next here. Maybe not the money. That's not a bad idea. It's time. Okay. Even in hand. It's not. Hit it where it hurts Ryan already got our. So I got out like it then I wanna get to the topic do you were so badly that I got one bit of news today perhaps deal with with our game over watch that might be under a minute. So today out of today. What they're doing it each character. Now has twelve Newt skin. Holy (%expletive) really and they RB colors all of the over watched lead. In so don't go to an all out now so that's my that's my Mike McLaughlin and the EU the inability and it is a yes. There but if you aren't Vietnam. So what's great is that there's there's good bet there's so they give you like these it's gains and they're not gonna operate like like this is there's what they call like league with a comic week. Currency like leaked tokens he'll be okay. And each of its gains because a hundred token so there's a new you don't. Unlock them the way you would normal skin you have to update you do that in second. Other good part is they give you a hundred free tokens you can buy your initial game for free dot net for that. Another rule which character should like death. No I guess that we we've got to coordinate with the crew and get all the same colors as they are tightly we we have to go often. We have to. That's our man ridiculous and west if you listen and give only the Boston skin. So get the block and game for your main and we're we're now look at our decision caller Milliken but it needed David as an avenue purple. That's the way out when there's so there's a new update some characters political things they're doing now right from the game. Richard since the over watched league starting you can watch the match is directly from the game there's going to be a part on the menu we can stream live. Matches Soledad excuse housed if they're gonna do that is the way they're presenting it at the home screen now I thought maybe that would have that's awesome on the. Don't wanna go you can watch the match is directly from. The game itself. How difficult do you think could be to do play by play for an over watch. So you when I I would actually be about that those are those people are called shell captors. I should add that to my Reza now they're being shot cast their. Yes I mean I think honest to god like I'm just say this we can talk about the more up every human action or are at the rink I like local shout casters or the over largely because takes off. Absolutely. Yes you. Are solved aren't they have thought the aircraft we'll talk about Kraft Nicklaus. Let me let you know you know me I know you're among an Belichick would do again that's why there. Our Ryan this is very excited are you ready for the topic does your and so. But it UMass who would that. We're also said that deadly that Richard. Outlaw about death is the this topic of the day and today the topic is high school CD collection. It I don't know how you can put this one this is WB kicked around for awhile and get. This instrument as we of course for those who don't know Davey I went to high school together and we blitzer reports it is boarding schools that started. One of the years we actually lived together until we would you know listen a lot of music special Ryan rides a bit much bigger music guy that I and we can also he can sing it. Eddie can play the guitar and maybe Brian if you believe in practicing some of these songs you're talking about. Today and yet I figured. We do we do vastly we could break this bad boy down in like categories. At first of the amid a 5 X 5 and I that you know what. Hatched a dork we go to infinity stones so maybe a six by six feet six categories. Jerry York top six and and give you some reasons for why we have them there. And not to step on the toes of one of Mac and whose new segments who's robbing six pack. But I feel like we've already we've also sort of cornered the market for the six as well sort of six by six about it yet. The other thing to the other caveat that the Lister must know is that when we mention these CD's that are in our collection these are one that we actually. Correct I don't I don't own it yet the had you listened to were you like mrs. You own the physical copy of the CD you didn't burn it from a friend you act either bought the CD or is given to you as a gift if you wanted this CD. Osama physical you mentioned movement but it would definitely known I think that's why electric grid I get elect yet they. That you know that Radiohead beside that you really like it sure was really good but it wasn't in my CD collection at the time. Right correct you had on the city and David graduated 01 I graduated 02 is that this sort of a a time stamping there for you that. These are basically. Ninety's. And very early two thousands CDs for the most part it has to be there that's also why your rocket to hear anything came out mid two thousands of we're on the college that doesn't count this conversation. All right let's start let's just let's just go out guns blazing and give me what you would think. Are your sixth best if you thought he could rip off all six and then go back that we can we can ping pong and talk about the the deceased. Six best or strongest CDs you feel it there or in your collection. OK in my collection the strongest one and again this is like late nineties early two thousands credit made a late night yes 2000. So in my I opened up the book today in the book. Write up about the first thing I went through in the first thing I thought up on open as it's OK computer Radiohead took that that was one of my first ones yeah. The other album that I consider of the battle one of the the crown jewel of my collection greatness but Jeff Buckley lot of great one. Morning view in Tibet. You're a big into this man. You really were even when they started to turn in the pluses you still enjoy the activists. They did it could be Cuba these two by the do this let's look. Insert joke NE RD nerd well. Their first album our beat first guerrillas album. Who is up or that. Yeah yeah. And in it. That it was not yet utilitarian and while he's on board got punk. Oh and now you did with the death on a lot gated. So those of the six strongest CDs did anything specific you wanna hit on any of those. A lot so I think you know at at the person who grew up playing acoustic guitar and things like that I think. Radio hearing OK computer radio ads for the first time as some actually sat me down like may be listened to it because it was solid buzz remember it was like. Grainy like album of the year like cute little one all the accolades and it was like people were like freaking out about it. And I sat down and listen to it and in it there are certain albums that you have to absorb. In this wanted to see if you play if you don't start to finish front to back it it's an experience. Yes and something and something that any music fan isn't like this BBB experience at a music not just like singles. You know also as a complete album I think that's probably the strongest. I would also say this just just paint the pictures well everybody in high school you had the CD book right every other area that he had multiple CDs books Ryan. Maybe the most anal about CD book compared to anybody who went to school as he would have a moment. And I am I'm organizing islets are overalls well but when it came to this. You had a and they are all looking they were all facing the same direction they're reality if you took one out that's what had to go back in that spot which I respect a respected that. But it was I can always tell you were bit uneasy. When somebody was looking through your CDs. I want anyways because it is night there are told that tale of woe along time ago where I had a one of those would be haunted 250 Beatty case is that public all. That was stolen from me. LL want very anal about my PDA and for those of you were wondering and like high fidelity that I went alphabetical and then chronological by artist. That's right oh my god one don't get loser. Tonight but what a loser. Anybody here is that MI a followed a mother quote political hash tag torque. Come. That's like one of the categories and I'll I'll we will deliver this exhibit I was mapping out the one that one of them is most embarrassing. I was I wrote my wife of Michael. I honestly this is the Soviets I don't really get in Paris I don't really gotten bear in high school I don't I don't lake. Some of the songs like it's I still filled out that that part of it. But I'm going through a Mike. Most people would just get ripped apart for most of my musically I don't care and then a significant other than Mike. I tweeted. A picture. I'm a grown up adult I'm a married man. And I had a picture of mini helmets. Surrounded by phone call pops. And like comic books and we host a (%expletive) hash tag or podcast so. The most embarrassing thing like I don't know patella they had at that doesn't exist I don't think for me I don't know why. I have I have some embarrassing moment etiquette we'd figure I'd know what you're putting your strongest. Are my strongest I believe in in no particular order would be Wu tang clan at 36 chambers. Rage Against The Machine evil empire sure which I would say by the way a friend of the podcast Billy wicker who is. The funniest person I've ever met in my entire life he has eased is that he is also one of the best tech and players I've ever. Come across which is a great double threat there the only funny airplay tech and he quote borrowed the CD for me. And I never saw again but I did yeah. If you were you scared of death were back. He also do you think you are the best fighters probably able so I did not get that CD back but that was in my collection. I would also add System of a Down and I celebrated their entire catalog both they toxicity is probably their best. Yeah taller and not put that I think have to put green date to Keon there. Like ninety. But I had a in my collection. Your enemy in the death notices like it was actually a hand me downs from my sister my sister. An episode on her CD collection even better this year the the grunge Bay's been sold all the grunge music and that it was just rap music for awhile. So green they do keep. Eminem the Marshall Mathers LP. It does great and then I would say slip knots self titled debut album slipped it. I've played a lot of those will be added that those three of the six best. There's might be some overlap coming up in the most listened to. But no doubt. That think if you flipped through my CDs. It's thick it's like Eminem and Wu tang spurs rap at them like all the metal bands from that day but that's pretty much what I hat. You're in you're big you're big rap rock guys do like when I don't rock thing happened I. Did like I I had a CD I don't have a limitless here but at one point it was called take a bite out of grime. Which was all metal bands doing covers the rap songs. And I try to find that because it had a killer version again eight cubist doing still not a player with. Borough. Who has bad jokes. How was that yeah I am I gonna look this up there was that it was back could take a bite out of crime has thought it there are a couple of good tracks on their butt. I'll get to that you give me your and there could be some overlaps certainly would best sixth but give me the most listened to. The got the most spins. So there's so that I try to do no overlap here but not so I have double album real evident. Okay you know yeah that's how that's good yeah you when I was nervous at all to follow the leader board I'll point out all the leader going on I loved that so much court. I don't I don't I don't good anecdote with corn real quick on follow the leader and I love Corbett follow the leader was their third CD in a few remembered the album cover it was a girl playing hop Scotch and like jumping off a cliff like the and get a cliff. I didn't know this until the other day I was like looking stuff up for this. Todd MacFarlane and Greg to blow did that. You know that no logic board Todd McFarland Italy admission to the video. Oh you know what they ended McFarland Greg Cooper duo though who's done like a lot of the Batman new 5272 of the great. Illustrators. Heat he was about part of that as well and another fun corn fact. All their first three CDs all involved. The album covers. Our kids that were in harm's way hate. That home like. But the first one. With the girl sitting on the swing and they're talking like shadow. A shadow a shadow and then if you look at the shadow of the girl. The way it goes into the K on corn looks like she's being hung by a noose. Yes it did not bring stuff back grade yes a thousand little. That is one gave Madden and get rattled like Luther College that was one of my favorite CDs at the time. Big gave Matt these guys as will connect play guitar growth like that things and if this does about one CD that I too in the last two that I have and I know for a because every time I hear anything opted album I immediately think of view but Nelly country grammar the yeah I can't tell you we do every word to that TD and no doubt extremely. Well regarded him. They are that was the last flood most listened to in this business story would this would forty out of freedom but sublime. Now my brother and I had a Jeep Wrangler with a putt the pioneer stereo back in the day that had the base plate. Member of those yeah I think what you tickets he's played off. For whatever reason. We were at hockey practice one day and someone told us basically off of our. Opera or stereo in the Jeep Obama if we we're like in. The CD that was in detained in the Jeep at the time was sorting out the freedoms of for like six months and we couldn't afford another likes stereo. So we just we saved our money Billick for six months that Beatty was stuck. And I think people there and do it wouldn't yeah they were just play every feet like over and over and over and the only degree it was duke is six months so by default forty up to freedom. And I eighty. Album that I learned everywhere in every guitar cord to I could play every song on that now. That's pretty good enough to fight it out more than anything else about the only got him the other. Yet that's not my last night's vote significant other in three dollar billion all they were put the (%expletive) out of Kabul those. Take a bite out of time this was a rock tribute to wrap I didn't have that just out of it now but. This is the track listing bring the noise the public enemy song as done by stain that featuring the biscuit. You had going back to Cali sung by seven dust. Soccer and seized on by a lords of Brooklyn. And ever last boyz in the hood by dynamite hack. Up posse armed Broadway by the Insane Clown Posse which will get which will get to. It. It's tricky but the Bloodhound Gang mine plays tricks on me by cotton mouth kings. Microphone feedback fun loving criminals knew Jack hustler white to open. White lines by driver bring the pain. By mindless self indulgence in say in the brain by factory one and the tribute by non point in Gorham. What do sees it in. Auto absolute monster are my most listened to. I would say first a couple of overlap that they slip knot. It is both the first slip knot album and then Iowa which was there their sophomore. Track title. Our System of a Down both the the first one because the did the answer to the song that I play the most that the he would hate it loses mine. Would of course be spiders. Buys a gun go like you remember that you like you like that you expired amendment and it looked like a bucket paid day off and hit it lost. Do you attribute. That ultimately do you expect a lot of letters out of and the most noted this is (%expletive) terrible. He's that he is kind of moan and on and on about something there amendments are but that in toxicity. This is the day and I love may be hard for Ehrlich a stretch. My other my favorite band and the reason I say too is I was never a guy that. Love like say Michael Jordan or you know like the the most popular that you wanna find somebody that like that's your favorite and nobody else is really their favorite. So my favorite band for awhile was a band called orgy. Which. Ever there's CDT at the gas I thought it. They did they they were on the family values or they did candy at our out McCain has the beaded up blue Monday. Blue day which is the cover for the Nelson it's stitches and then they had a few other songs are good. He's got a unique voice or pretty unique I would say because then this other bank came across a few years later called Dead Sea which was share sun. And it sounds a lot like orgy but it's not our Jeanne if I was yeah. Obviously they try to do like that rap rock thing but also like that eighties and Roger does like glam thing it was it was really weird. The. Definitely like an eighties thing yeah it was that goes and does that not techno would have liked the way they did it sound like all the different. But out -- also on my most listened to. Marilyn Manson at that point at a Blanche of his CD's. But I really like to live there though last or on earth. Is essentially a Bastogne and that line versions problem. Limp biscuit you mentioned the first two CDs actually. First the re getting that third one came out maybe taxi near. You need right elected Boca remembered chocolate starfish came out we rely. With that well there rubble but it what a terrible album name. The yen as is that trash and name the role and remixed that featured like Redman and Mike. The DM Max is on there now the good for football games of good. They're also just the third a curveball to some like hey this guys and all about death battle. I think Blink-182 dude ranch. We did I listen without a good amount. Now specifically say at the time again but before hosting a hash that door podcast acutely make fun of us Bershard that we liked because. Where it would really that's all we talk about now. Op but for you. What old ones where people when you didn't like them flip them to your book with they would stumble upon it and know at least one of these guys stumbled upon it that I that. And yet that sort balls an excuse but what where you're six. A little bit it is our ability to let you go oh no you don't get embarrassed so you can have any of these. Other I have six RI IR the first gesture and so this is part of my thing where. It was more just IE changed it was like by the end of eighth grade. I'd started to change but what I listened to and so a lot of these are carry overs from like seventh grade that makes. You know I mean. And so I have the Sister Hazel CDs. What's this the ethnic we all of the other Sister Hazel font. And this other thing is I know they would sell like singles. But I don't applauded in those like in the super for iTunes this was right even in my guess is as around Napster ports are about CDs and so. I would buy some of these CDs hoping that David the rest of it's going to be an effort the one song and it turns out though the rest of it's terrible so Sister Hazel. Are the semi sonic CD the closing time guys yeah I had smash mouth. Oh. Ideally I think I act if I were backed by a middle school yearbook. Felix smash mouth. Walking on the sun might have been one of the better songs because I don't get. Have a good often flashback of like being government you'd you be like hey. They are yet to if you play loch that they can you played did you play off preview by mr. able Mike yes. It like play at public why it's like still it like you really partly to play. We can think at every cute girls. Both get all the girls. I also have the wall for hours CD what I'll ship that was such a piece of (%expletive) but that was like 67 grade or whatever was. I had effort at which Dave Matthews Band CD but that's for me was again wouldn't when you look at the rest of my collection that didn't really fit. It didn't I shouldn't have that. I honestly. Yeah like all the girls it's great love Dave Matthews I guess I'll also look Dave Matthews and then the last one so. Most of this CD is good but some of it is embarrassing it would be be scream three soundtrack. All right let me tell you this Eddie and had like slip knot it had a bunch of bands that I really liked but for some reason they were in the they I guess the band that really helped make your world together with a little bit and called create the and so the first song AM the last song on the album are by creed so I'll put that down as the bears. OK so I have. To pick pick things up I have human clay because read some what I call person heard it before before I do anything about creed that and you pick read. Hey yeah like I like that song in the first time record you're admittedly a public. Like barely literate and Beatty Michael economy what do I have to whatever I don't gonna kick itself but not the way you think. I communicate this thought Richard but I had. Indeed there is some of these I had several of of these artists now looking back on public what was long list yeah. Summit kicked it up I've got in my collection up unleash the dragon by Cisco. I thought yet about Obama doll I thought well and I had that in my collections of that's wanted. Not great until matching yeah this acted on there. In just I don't know how that album got made it was so well. Unbelievable com. At one. About the album with the B lead single being the same game as suit suit riot by the cherry pop in daddy's. All Mike Fries you did and I bet that well I. Did it wasn't like the trumpet player wasn't he like our defensive coordinators. Nephew or something. Odd don't you resign. The sorry that your blog that he was in mountain. With the other big bad who daddy. I ask him about that I got a good at it from what is leaguer not a gutless and confused Boca. Yes yes so there was a bad swing aid that actually took one taking some swing lesson stopping by with it by high school girlfriend at the time. Wait and girls saint Paul's or before he got there bell from before I got there a swing last decade yet how. Did you did you do it could swing. Very core I don't like you seem surprised Billick I've often nominal him. I hear you with the suspenders. It's a year I didn't I would. That was a thing like it happened what decade you're pro I you know I dated this era like I would be out of huge what was the swing era for those of the sort of in the dark about. But the and a roaring its when he. Not roaring 5050. That's about it worked at Google. Wasn't 3546. Was the swing here who America that's sweet spot of the air right there or WW two. OK while that that's what killed really inarticulate via and I kind of killed divide in the room you know we're down with slang. Remember. So moving right along Richard. It would talk about movie soundtracks I had these City of Angels. Soundtrack all my god that's one that's the one movie that. I I actually ever walked out of a movie but that was the closest that I wasn't with a Italy. Probably the typical adult that you don't iris was a big song that summer. All of blows its use of tiara hold everything. Are cute and it was so that I bought that the rest of the CD it was a passable a lot of Morissette song on there. Quote uninvited but other than that oh yeah song. Just that dumpster fire. City of things holy smoke at that that's horrible worst movies of all time. About this Richard Aram. I have you can take your pick here. I have. Or. Dashboard Confessional. He might have been. My collection. I hated it surprised Dashboard Confessional has forced the eighty's well. Total for eight. I was I was day I there at that that piety it kind of you know teenaged extricate that I went through there is trying to really get tested my feelings also being guitar player might interest or I'll vote of Dashboard Confessional really hit the ball out of park form I actually recording as you know one of our friends from high school at the actual recording music. With him at the time he was the one likely bet TD form first and that kind of with the inspiration of the problem we cut when we're at high school. Right because made a CD and it has which actually we should play some of that or was that. You guys wrote the song serial into the. Don't for one we have one cover and never went well and songs on the honor those like our whole senior spring as a recorded an album so that was kind of a cool experience I was likely guys credit those out there are body graduated with like he did most of the work. I was just therefore you know some lyrics in you know here is it. That he does have a live show and then nots also want to bet on it oh record release party which is actually really fun. Yeah those Lawson and yet I was also featured. That on the hidden track. You remember at the end that's the death together Cortes need to make a funny guys know what was your stage name DJ late today which he's really a case that's a rough translation the DJ milk. I have the year ago Richard I have to re Adidas Franco CDs in my. Ansari and audit the strength not a party to Franco I don't know much about on. A strong feminist acoustic guitarist songwriter. Kind of like a post punk. Yeah singer songwriter kind of thing. Yet you can't let me that my friends thought I think you would you pick right maybe you automatically are either big idea to Franco sent publicly it's again to try to get touched my feeling. Your diving because we're gonna get you know I only get labeled a sexist podcast. I don't know you have to Somali men get in touch if you if you're confused that's about as about how the women of the Golden Globes were feeling. The other night just throw it jamaat brought the money to live again but yeah I mean a couple of plucked strings. Yes I'll listen to anticipate with this thought I would I would go to duke check that out you know you'll get the life of the Golden Globes. And lastly Richard which you output on this because you were so excited about this Richard stumbled upon in my CD collection 88 CD. Inevitability as well as specific because this is the one you you pointed out elect what's best and I'm like. I've bought it like at times like girlfriend. Are you about that you bought it used that I think is that you found dead or lake a relic left that your house it's (%expletive) thing. It's so the album was no strings attached by instinct. Now the issue Elijah is no strings attached in not these. The previous date self titled I think I'll let you also know denial please tell. Is because. It was a decision I made. To have it in Dixie because that person Expedia I got I got from India after Reggie he's got stolen and you don't regulate the Columbia house seeking Gillick thirty CDs select. A quarter estimates. So I got the first didn't think that way. The military attaches beat second. Because it album I think what a conscious decision I made. By that Beatles did they regretted that so that is. It's solidified me at that instinct that this day you know I feel about Justin Timberlake violate his new single. Timbaland is back producing it it's great I'd like to note Timberlake fans of land. But thank god for certain Bessie for bailing me out somewhat all my. God our buddy Bessie is musical tastes. He had all the instinct CDs in all the back through policies he had together. To get you gotta be equal sign a loss that was the DB fake. Band he I put it there. I'm glued out buddy about he had the CE debacles he lit it little Blake and a person does techno mixes it bring to what the weight room look at the (%expletive) did you find the stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Put all the kids listen to now would he use the like W had to keep ahead of the curve. Intuitive that he really yet. Are to those of the embarrassing once the snacks category. I call the Corey Feldman speeds of the ones that did not age well so sir at the time. You would not be embarrassed of it but it now looking back through it however many years later like I don't know and so what jumps out to meet. Is I'd every quantities and I think until they broke up. And maybe they keep you know they might have some later albums where I like dance on guys back but between like. The first one and through probably college and got every single warranties though. The self titled life is peachy follow the leader those the three best and I went down bill would issues most of them for that. Do you remember the song. On and off all the leader called all of the family where it's especially. Aid Jonathan Davis vs Fred Durst rap battle but like to metal. And they were just basically at solving and doing a lot of hard apps and there it just like retreats another. Yet it was and I remember like. It was like smack dab in the middle of the album and it would broke public the hole with floating album. It was weird they also did the thing where the first. Track. Was not until number thirteen. So you put the CD and and one through twelve were all like three seconds of silence or something it was very weird. But it did ourselves what we added are we we had together was like if I had this it was against. Britney president it was so kickass at the time it was a good fight CD disk changer that you could put on shuffle. So it will be like crank it like random music and then it would take forever for the CD public's been around in yet what would rank and that there that. Every once in awhile it would be elected like fair fraud committed in it was because. Reflect and Oates fall league. Leader Warren at first pretty. Tracks are blank all the also greats it was so it in our high school once or twice a week we had like this exceeded meal thing but. Half hour leading up to that. There you can play music as loud as you wanted which I guess is just the way that you guys can like unwinds we would have this stuff guest cranked to the gills. And it was just really some good stuff including all the family what is your favorite corn song Ryan. Well let it record and so. Let your record like to listen to review would be twisted. Good that you would you like about I Clinton. Yes I think the one that jumped out at me immediately Scott got elected I think is is. Yeah one of my favorites that's a problem. Amateur record video and one of my favorite music videos of all time as frequently each yet those knows about it logistical video. That video is also in this I was fine the video is much better I was a big fan of no place to hide which was on the let this peachy album. And then of course. If you go to the sun daddy. Which. Is really just a mental breakdown what job the Davis counting or recounting is. Upbringing and apparently now this is one of those like myths or not. But maybe you're even on the told me this he performed that song once. In concert and has never done it again. Yet that that's true and that he did that I did tell you think but he. It looked like I like sought of like it was a the MTV special unlike the fairly valued toward. Yet if not like the Bronx man if you like messed up some votes I got that long and then their. If you're at the news that the last track on life is peachy is also go wild ride. You can't. You cannot account for like the first time you heard corn bay everybody the first being the bigger the song blind which is the first. For all of that black is credible way to get things started as a on the ball song I laden love that but with the or are you ready like it it really did not. Do well over time like that's why haven't on the did not age well for some area some of the bands that I like Lexus them down I can pop those on now and listen. But corn like. Brings you right back to like the late ninety's that you're slicks doc there when it it didn't it to it's a some of the other ones are similar like. Power man 5000. Which you know I'll. Begin by K were there. Would their I hit when worlds collide off the album tonight the stars revolt exclamation point. Lincoln Park this might make you a little bit mix of Alec Lincoln Park a lot more that their first and second CD when they were a little bit harder. But put those on this list. Other bands stained which is from Springfield mass you know it's been awhile it's panic in. PO DR PO DB. And then another band I I'm probably the only person. Who's listening to this that owned a CD by a band called mush from head. They were essentially a poor man's slip knot there were like out another band out of the atomic do's and I think there were masks. And I thought I liked them but they of one song. That in like the hook. It says something along the lines of if it were up to me I would free Charles Manson. And I look like what I was like I can't really get on board that part of it fellas but some of the other stuff violate but. This is not great so those were at the time I listened to all those bands all the time but now that those are. Harder with those. You wanna take if you like saw them out in public you would like avoid eye contact like I did see them yes that I kind of think yeah what do you I got. Make his debut album Harlem world this is up short. But that didn't like you listen to that now Eddie just Summitt the other cold. That it makes you think it Derek he's sick when he recorded that like. At the time Legg Mason like these guys yearning Melia yet that this is it debut album and it was it was greed. You know. Lou blue and if you like found god and Mike republic renounce it all wrapped but now he's back. He's back baby in my in my oh my eyes she wanted the bad boys reunion tore went into the garden and she was like mace was actually got. There are surprised by a vote MS is very low energy he did seem lower energy like he was all and downers. Probably the ever left album Whitey Ford sings the blues you have to do want this category in age well and kind of a crap by because they use you heard what it's like it it was like everlasting yeah I got out of Pena like. He's got happy you're in the get a get a heart attack elect thirty. I'm like yeah but a massive heart attack or died. Our one year I think his senior year during the spring fling. Dan Adler and I. Did one it's like on karaoke. Points because we did. I was literally out there all by houses I was out. Made the karaoke jas like growth let somebody else go out of my car who wants to go out there was like Valderrama aren't let me go again it is all right. But so be it Abbott did that we did a pretty good job remarked I think we can improve on this the like an hour later we came back in the guys like the same sign or like that. New audience like let it less than others got it right back G it's like god that. Ballot good I Moby double play which was it which is a huge album like back then like a listen to it again not great. Now it isn't I'm with the idea of starting out with some of my mix CDs to what while I was taken some of these out and. On honey don't like your. At the Honda on income hello my daddy I'm I. LL YI I'm I'm Obama. Yeah it turns out that's all it is though foot four minutes. Yet you how to. I had them they gave me that. The rose capitals. Another album I listen to again. He's kind of activities he did his Rudolph the red nosed reindeer Padilla max's it's dark and held. Hot yeah sure you heard doctor if you know there's a high point there are some high points on there and then there's this song within. Slipped a ball up. The duplicate the most depressing thing I've ever heard and slip into. No we get started again is the curriculum so musical boys and give matches in this ship right now he was. Yet. And if you use every time it was that now in being older and devastating a little bit more about how the world works like. He had he paid people like on toward the lake walker out of him just like. But that's all they did I cannot lead this exit Saudia MetLife dot how knock raid. Get a one razor blade romanced by the band camp. All died in mab you know that's true that is about. And AMR. Care if it right in Asia bamba's. Superintendent and the public all the spin must be cool like ease into it and then I later ran it back the other day at a Mike is as good. Non he had a couple of songs are member harmless that I didn't have it but I know it you definitely did. I hereby arms degraded to get a cool like eighty. Don't like power ballad kind of haunted them like the rest of armored just like. Which played it would be used that wouldn't CKY. Two or three I think yeah get the electorate. Or no or did they use that haggard. Let me I think a whole soundtrack of Packard was with him probably owe him a little. Haggard. I haggard was not great X and I thought it was funny about him if not great I loved. At a time it was awesome I thought it was a funny but it probably would be a by the bigger margin Arabs could possibly do you lies. Did although a couple of agony aunt who's at that face so. Bet what he called self back fox based on probable username I don't know I can't speak to that if history that the other thing I would computed at a high point but like you really that all the petty should be beating. No no stop it take take that back right now today's the is awesome. If there's still tremendous Belgrade c'mon tribute to partner. I live performers they just like there is but yeah Felix. A look at Billy complete albums here so there's like there are forced on them there they're really (%expletive) yourself on like Roddy was funny it. Mock drill. Also solves the Google bought seeks his arm. Get out there you dipped their unique blue brick cage he would argue. Buddy we do you think it's like well that's a good look actually paid money deliberate and it's like yeah great if it loses mean spirited. I liked it though but I urea a errors than. Are so this next category. Against some of the there's this kind of overlap but they are at their new watch they'll be different this one. I call it bad buys this would be essentially waste of money and cycled back through a lot of now the one hit wonders when you just get stuck with the whole CD and it was trash sums are ripped through the use I had the blur CDs specifically for song to via. Knew that on terror. It the band a deem it was Jonathan Davis's half brother is the lead singer to deem they had to Thong I'm giving in which I really liked. But I was kind of most of it there's a band colts great SKR. A PE. Their album new killer America and rely on that. The band flaw. Another one of these like. Rock rap type parents I did I day a CD called or the band was called forest for the trees. And aware of the elegant but this one there's violence of the like this. On the first person you know the second person earlier today outs in the third person stopped cursed start converse of those public. At eighth grade Mears seventh grade me obviously like it that bonnet and then. This one was more disappointment as much loved slip knot I wasn't as big of a fan of stone sour but I had I had stone sour CDs. The first. But I'll rip through some of these do our bit now have a two good songs and it was like. A bunch of other crap. Alienated farm. You think it yes yes baited hook criminally admitted it buckled movie that would actually really like select also the album must be Vietnam no album and it. A shovel while. All my guy you hope don't you think ever heard any other other songs other than that now. You would think it was a completely different band. Like terrible yeah terrible stuff. But he leading Barenaked Ladies. Wu I actually like the Barenaked Ladies doing right now that's fine that's fine this is your list I just wanted to say that I like I have the first two CDs. One week is one of my go to karaoke joints so. Old apartment like. Will advocates on if I had a million dollar million (%expletive) dollars Ryan. That thought stinks and it bugged. Think I did you know look at you know opinions can't be wrong bureau that that's bet. The album every day by Dave Matthews band and have a story about this one too so. I would accused Dave Matthews Band I was the gaelic you know what would bootlegs we think yes I do but I had like how our mitigate met these legs and they had their almost leave. So that they did their their mostly by chronological above us and and I think it's like so that. If you remember there was they had they were working on an album in the Islamic Napster was like you and like while Lime Wire was new and and so. They are working on the album. With the producer Steve Lily like in the album leaked it was love at first like big album of the leak. And they were pit stop. So like they just basically. You don't stop making bad album but what it was going to be to follow up to before these crowded streets which is pretty good album. And they're all equal songs on it that we I'd heard them you lied but they were gonna put like do studio versions of them. So they all leak doubt and debate and got it scrapped the album and in came out with this new album with a new producer called every day it is probably their worst. And it if it did the first single up it was a did it build character are you look at the end it was just so. Pat yeah I I was so pissed off with that Saddam. Let's see the there was eight. You have to look at that list com. Alert prompted immediately someone opens out the the album of Ballmer byte 311 where they tried to do. Like non 311 things are member of that on I was not knowing that. He said ship that Al network and look like I was I saw that's disappointing they're not real evident content like. Seven times up to that point and click by Fred and any dedicated that we ago. And didn't like the where young with the fund and its road bettered only had pretty good opening acts. And and they came out that it was like all booty dated to be on the great guy about his friend killed himself in the eleven years those Buick is the party music. Yeah Hewitt and bring it bring everybody down yet they keep you know. Body wrapped boats to the side that they tried it. They did it get hurt the old college try. Yeah and if it. And Becky go I mean if you're going a bit there's there's some stuff on there they just you know that. Another circle are there bad buys now this last one is Jim so I would say other ones baby ones that you had that not everybody else had or some that we just have really gotten to yet throughout this podcasts. OK so. You make you you go first. Our outlook first of the first on an have been put this one off but this is one that I think it's fair to say that that are high school I was the only person that owned anything from this band. Abandoned quotes dug the Insane Clown Posse that's right I got turned on to this eighth grade my friend John Mack and Thomas played me. The great lingo and I was hawked so the crippling oil on the riddle box found amazing chuck Brothers I have multiple. In sync pomposity CDs and I was not ashamed of it and I we I enjoy the hell out of them so put them on this list. I've put the the lives family values toward 98 CDs. Which was Korn limp biscuit orgy. Into this rom Stein would do cost and the melt that ice cube was on this war. And it's allows a really good CD. The band heads the had he had their first two albums are not there anymore after that I've lost track of mud vein big fan of mud vein with their big hit dig. This one obvious this is a monster but we have mentioned it yet Stone Temple Pilots purple I had that one. Of Iguodala had a dozen of all those hand me downs from my sister Cilic sold all over CDs. But for some reason Green Day and Stone Temple Pilots made it through a side took both those. Either Gotham crime we can't have a whole CD podcast and not mention the awkward mats. I was waiting go to bring it up to me and I'm so glad you brought up about the arc lead Charlotte there's about the uncle that. Talk about sort of the all time repaired the fact Travis barker applaud what needs to fame was in this the op about first as their drummer. They are just you talk about a farm that. Happy band. And it's a mechanic you know it account or some of the other music that we would listen to but they had a number do yourself a favor after the podcast is over. Whether you've heard it before or not go on the on the YouTube. Typed in super rad by the awful drafts. If if we can do it in if they would let us do it. I would may I would mandate that that would be our opening so whenever we start the podcast we open it to the opening of super because that's on. But encapsulate kind of our side I'll get on the awesome and I mean I thought I saw that didn't get a cavity had. Don't look at it. Oh man. It now would do ahead now to accurately know. Vol. We're allowed to argue restrict who brought the chicken yet but it. To the ten ATP. It. To the high editor to the pie in the. There's a bit about. Cup. Pot pies chicken with a hose that's on. That the magic chicken that who has seen a aren't they are the most fun bed you'll ever hear your life. No I don't put a wrap like rocks. Scott other states got other stuff reasons. There. Was one awesome album that was too just like not sent. But it just high energy on on our high energy and happiness though it's all happy all over the countenance a scary against blood. Anybody because they'd they have like shell. And they have like look at animated show and they have a good comic book brigade that they were to be stupid they actually. But it didn't hit it unbelievable so check out super rad but yuck about and smile. Know you'll be out of that. I think it was all I think they're this is great I believe is correct their first ever album. Came out I believe in 1996. Is called the return of the all combat. With a particular ethnic look better anything yet. I think the bigger hit may have been the fury of the apple bats. Out slums super rad boom. Track one not here (%expletive) around you don't need to listen a five Sox get to it in a lead off was super rad. And it won't rabbits what you said Travis barker being the ultimate Travis barker like I can play the drums do you clear vision and wouldn't you know smack lesbians that's for sure yet. A great outlook on what a fun time. In. I ask about that I feel like it's gonna be copyright stuff. But I feel like part might take in those guys use. Days songs the being in their podcast I wanna reduce super. I think it has to be like sampling a big news like six seconds there don't you to beat you like six seconds of a clip. Or like a song that's an easy it would I don't wanna hold there. I don't wanna bump OP it is a great job with the with the open but if we get super rad somehow and hear how we don't keep it out. Mean a lot like that too. And we'll figure something. Post Ireland LC forty forward you have four you were jams. He's an attempt to get our order tell you I look through my CD collection of like if articulate and so what you might got out. That I have that you should probably go out and get or explore music you should explore. And ego like Rick said I got IE grew up my first love before video games before comic books before movies before anything. With music I grew up in a musical household and it I witness some really cool music grown up. So it's really important mean you know I'm glad they're rich finally let let it do to spark ethnic and added opened weeks so. Just to did you stop that and I try to be all over the map and though. So. One of my favorite albums. But I made rich listened to by being that you're gonna miss that big. Check out the album return to the space cowboy by Jamiroquai. If you're into like. Funk music like I grew up you know like poppy punk music check that out. Not the one with virtual insanity on it but the one right before that it's called return of the space cowboy. It's fantastic album front to back. Listen to that it's here defunct music like me nice the other one as again again grown up at 311 cent. Transistor to me is their best album it's the least 311 for eleven is people patriot Levin the Stoner rock and whatever transistor had not songs like beautiful disaster. Transistors stealing happy hours which are like fantastic. Song. Yet that was the only 311 Al my hat and as I did the best choice for me music yet it is predictable well Goodman and. So it's it com. With the grassroots is pretty good elected in my mind transistors their best out. This one. Voodoo by De'Angelo if you like a year over the ladies. Jesus Christ. Is the only did the video words dislike and paranoia and but what. What it could reach out. Like. Now originally had this thing where he can tell. How he felt about the young lady I was currently trying to steal smooch from. Just based on the music he'd be playing when I come back to Europe. That's a that's that Mattel. Yes yes well we're just like you'd be you'd be like if meant it was played Erlich. Static X I'd be like okay they're he's not really into that decision probably by tomorrow to go or they want it like me in this Ehrlich leave the room. Now that would like a visitor come on. Yeah and what not to be acute who have appeared to folks like. He adds up it that forget it. But the thought I would development buckled Spanish joint which is. Tactics saw it check out who's ready and then opt urban camps by the earth over the verve bittersweet symphony. Yet they had to either members bittersweet symphony and there's another one that I liked on songs decent. Yeah it was. Lucky man is that it yet album that possibly it really really goods and that's an album that. Those those guys get a bomb rather get a bum deal. They're Rolling Stone through the (%expletive) out of them. Agent ever heard from again but that album is actually split tack an outside area. When they play that song and cruel intentions it does not get a whole lot better than that. Like you're one of the best. Music songs in them in a movie maybe not the best but it's right up there. It's right up there are they get that in tiny dancer from almost same as the threat their best musical mind. In your eyes and say anything back in musical moment and so yeah any Nazi America. Yeah. Date date date date. The the first. Jurassic five EP a little follow on day five right we looked at some could do solos that yet that's so. Check out Andretti either address aside this is what my friend Greg I remember you like 9798. Gave me this. I was listening to as I said based and DMX and Wu tang and all the stuff predicted money just like check out select. Real pop. Not rap but check out and I'm like all right whatever gonna put that on Mike has. By. On the basketball team I think my mixed you know our warmup. CD I I think I probably made a few was try to go for Alex and death metal black got vetoed pretty quickly and drastic 500 appeal what we would warm up too little. I would say. Shall Likud. From Charlie tuna yeah from Jurassic five. And del the funky almost a paean who was featured on the guerrillas album art by two favorite rappers. It coming out of the coming out of this era and the last one idol. I'll mention is the will to live which is. Ben Harper's I think second album. Which is in my mind is best selves rubio by a high school this would not be complete without mentioning that harper. And needed to criminals. Very nice out of state to put a ball on I don't know if you made this list or not but these are the six bands. That I know we already went through our best CDs but these are ones that. I feel like I celebrated their entire catalog it's like if you what are it'd be like multiple pages of this one band that just the football want it a lot of these ones that are already covered but. Insane Clown Posse Marilyn Manson System of a Down that slip knot corn. And Wu tang I had probably and almost all of their CD's that that was most of the booklet. OK so I would say admire it might listed did that people like at all of their CD's I had every Jameer quite CD every Dave Matthews TD every into the CD. And what I forgot to mention Richard wood could be at my most embarrassing. But I'm not embarrassed by it because they think their first two albums. Which were entitled they don't make basketball shorts what they used to it their first album that forget the name of the second album was a little band called who would. Oh you'd you'd love to who this thing. The older stable for the reason yet respect wasn't that. Wasn't the song that you and Brad did that you got the cover was not a who this thing. Or that somebody else are you ready for you what's what who's. Optimistic yet. In so I don't know really know. You really do because. As you remember. I was big immediate messenger. In high school a and any. Any global bank for whatever reason when it first started being a ban on their band's website they had all the bands I am handles. But I have the bit and you and I am bill yet so I. The guy they would do and that the guitarist for me cubist like I IE instant message intimate look. But I mean expanded high school but he is derelict and nobody's at this point in public view. I come. Keep coming out of plated saw it over instant messenger he taught me. He's told me the courts for this song in that oiler outplay that I'm liquor bill that was kind of a cool thing. Davie it's no data was so into instant messenger that his senior year my junior year. My body best you know without or lose them he's always on the instant messenger he wasn't half an hour and a very dark I know you war. But let's let's not go all the way down now to saying. You're on a semester a lot we want to hang out we wanted to play tacky and we wanted to do this Euro is the messages on his vest Spencer. So be in the good friend that I was I started referring to Davie as Hermes the instant messenger god. We can't. It also has the classic and the and it may include a. Thank you David we already knew his career path was going towards being a classes this we do that so I thought I'd hit a Mark Hurd called the army's. The instant messenger god. And then finally one night after weeks and weeks of him always via instant messenger at night us wanted to you know fool around to whatever some stupid. I finally created a AIM account. Named friend of Hermes. As far as take L it was not take it there's the numbers are stripped friend of Hermes. That he went to another room in the league Clinton exits to correlate with the man. If anybody here come all at. And. I was that. Eight outlook may do a lot on it Franco and a lot of gas or confessional the time that I can't defend my action but I was I was a grumpy little little. So I mean you invest your deal with the new that friend of armies even existed at every once in awhile. In college I would like logon with him investing would tell me he would just see that are pop up on that list if he's that it is every time you thought you just. It is fair about it. They got redder revive public honesty David. It. I'm sorry that I had to had to go there. Who respects so that the last our wealth Shia. That added that we've been big dog at least. That are less so please you can have this up. Add to our podcast on Twitter you can make fun of our list or share some of the ones that you have that. If you want to longer format it's up on the emailed dork podcast at gmail.com. As they were very quickly right it's a the other pic of the pot. Please. If it's. It tick received defender gold defer. UI. And simply once again promote RT public page team public doc comets TEE. Public dot com. You can pretty much just typed in dork. We also have a link to it. If you go to our opinions tweets on Twitter. You can see our store worry about how the ship and goof from the Mac new podcast has helped us out with all these designs the Obama standard tee shirt or sweatshirt or. Whatever pretty difficult ones the emulator computer case covered a good look or does she get on there. But Joseph keeps pumping out these different kind of logo three of the six out of six star stones. T shirt we have. The Al fix it and post we have Davies video game minute which looks Buchan sick because the top of my throat. I gotta get one of those well he just put up a new Donkey Kong one in homage one of whose favorite episodes of ours is our king of Kong episode. So I would just urge you to go check out team public dot com nobody got. And our previous song and I don't doubt public all the innuendo it like you're saying listen psychedelic color what I'm listening to do it is you know at this stage of the. On to sing something thing. We here's a thought employees ice then. Thing. That it is if I don't want a bit of about one Dolly like right guy you are right now and give me like a red letter yellow leather. If you were tortured and at a bank loan the arsonist and obviously beat the tried solo with a fine chewing gum. Oh my god you were fired in action I'm still in all today if you're sitting who caddies. So if you like hardcore studying like I do here is that it's okay don't. Hard courts and our course study Ehrlich and if you're trying to be productive Richard Anderson that I don't you. You and our art we try to be productive and like me you Wear headphones we knew in and you don't really like. Mozart you don't really like the stuff that people tell you'll make you more productive if you listen to. There is a progressive band aid metal band that is instrumental. The outfit is 28 string guitars and a drummer. That name but abandoned animals as leaders OK so if you want to check out their self titled first album. Animals as leaders it's fantastic to be worked to get the metal. But there's no locals and in unbelievable guitar playing an unbelievable drumming. So do yourself a favor if you try to get some work done that you don't really like that soft best. We get stuff with animals completed that I think the podcast the band animals because anything made you get. What do you bigger Richard keys. Richard she's only allowed guard yeah Dixie we forgot to mention him Dixie yet. If it did amount person that folic all of her death panels on yeah disturbed because it. Disturbed about another one of those in my collection guild disturbed. Our that's gonna do it you can subscriber rate and review on iTunes were also on a lot of other places where podcasts are available stitcher. Google play whatever fuel have a Fred Ellis of the podcast please recommend the podcast if you. Think that is necessary are also on YouTube as well YouTube dot com slash dork podcast Davies the people wanna just Holler at you what your musical choices. Yeah RBS are on the unity social media IE I welcome and I just realized on it to grandma are on these six killed three. So if you're looking for me to let them refine meat that was a little little wrinkle I just remember that I had a in Italy if you wanna talk music tour or whatever you know we're finding. I love talking music. Absolutely and now next week I believe is another open weeks a lot to come up with something creative there's no movies next month of course is black panther. But next week and equip other open dates so law. Go ahead hit us on the Twitter and email activity other ideas were always open to different. Ideas and go look back at an old movie you're an old TV show or whoever else we got so law. I dig out there that opened the poll on this bad boy and we will autopsy guys next week.