#DORK 51: Jackass/ CKY

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Tuesday, February 13th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey take a look back at Jackass and CKY.  What were the best stunts?  And they draft their own crews, let them know who did better @DORKpodcast.  Plus This Week in #DORK and the Pick of the Podcast. 


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If the door to. My hands it to the door to. My pet which she is the door. Monty. If that happens in my dorm bond cash. Then return and another episode of hash tags or mining expert Steve Joyner has always pyrite Davey Davey how are you. I use a cool very nice Howard that I that I did like that. Housing on the view. It's got out of feeling a little betterment voices a little bit on the on the men. UNC says they get turned the corner health. Yet you have that you had a couple of weeks there arousal word of Georgia. Yup all right so I'm all right I could survive IE NC. Yeah I'd have freaked packet of emergency in one day apparently not supposed to do that yeah. Yeah. Well I've heard mixed things on the I went to college with a kid who both of his parents were doctors. And he told me when I got sick if they do as much vitamin C is as like. Possible moment all a particular order through these things today he's like no no he's like a load up on it that you can never have enough vitamin C. As I did that recently a couple of years ago I did it. In like it really messed up again hurt the team. Yeah it like it like turned my stomach it might not think it has too much obligate Arnold what that didn't tell me that maybe Darren and great doctors I don't know who was one other thing with emergency they're getting one packet has like 12100%. Of your vitamin C daily recommended Greg recommended dose so it has much to be in the. I'm currently drinking a a monster energy drink in the have. That'd be twelve in this I got. These six. Sure there's like some yellow five there's all this pocket but it can't now that's locked advocates though that we should be good to go sure get to the news of the week. Please. Since our last episode riot act like a bunch of to users in trailers were released right after we did our last episode including. Dead pool to with a real focus on cable. Did you enjoy it. I did I thought it was really clever the way they did it where. You know you see is is green screen arm in the dead pool would bitching about the fact that it's not done yet. And refine it I wonder if there do you think people are gonna get like fourth wall fatigued. Are now because I think you go in is any fan of dead pool you know you go into that kind of expected it. In a lead after the character. What he does right I think it's going to be funny and I that you either like rumor you don't and he'll go for another movie that's that's I think right. But I think is a Mika. It was really cool do they give this little flash of like an X force kind of vibe yes it all yet even they if that has brief second beat Selig getting off a plane or whatever and it. It's like an X force kind of team. I think dominoes can be great effort at the actress' name but she's in Atlanta with all Glover and she's happy. AP. That's EP. Big is that he beat some ideas as yet she's great she's gonna Atlanta I think she's gonna get a dollar and also look at port that now does this concern you don't know what has. In previous movies in the past. But it's been confirmed. That dead pool to. Is doing re shoots. I doesn't concern me really only because I feel like insisted that happened. It does I think there's examples of both but like suicide squad had re shoots. But I think sewed to. Game it. Either the first dead or maybe did or. That voted MCU movies and can read that either way like there's examples on both sides of the ship Maliki get refutes the soak and some of the really good dose. You. I did it edited out and MC bogus thing so yeah right now but it. Parents org or that they are legion that season two is coming back April 3. Now this is the show. Admittedly not our strongest episode be checking out in the archives we did a legion one. I don't know how many people watched it it was more of our least downloaded episodes it was a good show. In fact Emmy for legion expert character as obscures legion it was a great show and it was on FX so they did a little bit differently certainly not your typical. Superhero show. With so many superhero shows I do feel like this one should make the cut like say there's a hundred role but say. Realistically there's fifteen superhero shows on right now the right anymore. This is probably in the top five when is that. I would take I think the problem is I did a lot of soul searching after that episode because remember we we did it and then. It was like our worst downloaded episode and people are like emailing has that Jesus usually deal that would and the Wii doesn't really into that variables. The electorate again knowing that you're kind of right in and I think the problem was is ID. I watch them like all at once. You know I was never I was behind you kept asking me would you actually do like Cal's loss and we'd like the yet I would I was behind so I watched them like all it wants. And it was like. It was really hard to follow. You know a guy I was I don't care deleted but that depiction over there really but if you just watch that show you don't know legion isn't part of folic what he does. What would like any of these. Mutants or super here Betty humans where everyone like that have these mind powers it's just so messed up because you like. So this happening is this happening in his reality is this happening if somebody else's reality that going on so if you can handle a crazy show would you. If you loved inception but you should watch legion I would recommend Allegiant. I'll Wear start season to see work goes I've kind of fallen out with a lot of TV shows recently like. I don't watch aero in the flash. Like religiously like I used to I gave up but yet in a while ago but how are given a goal April 3 arm. North yellow at last we will not do a standalone episode on it but we will mention we will certainly mention it we want to listen we will do waste in order episode. On Jessica Jones season two it comes out march 8 they editor of the trailer for I'm excited like. You and I the season one is our favorite Netflix show right you're so that's her favorite. Yeah yeah I think as in all like the marvel shows that have been on Netflix. Like this is that in my mind like this the best shelling about a show like this well a lot. Like daredevil has the best action like daredevil that would be cooler Carrick are just tells Kim slightly. Textile Ridder is that CC is not a lot well. She is not an athlete and we talked about that no we did that first analog episode bullet if you want like. Like a good political story with a cool character like that stared up would you all like violence that's publisher if you want to just wait to you know week your life watch iron. That you really want like. Look at really good to drama. We are superheroes would Jessica Jones is by far. Really gets that another trailer and it looks good common and looking forward to that also on Netflix. Thirteen reasons why which of my pick of a podcasts. A few weeks back I watch season wore on pretty depressing high school girl kills herself she leaves only tapes behind. And you're listening to these tapes and are meeting all these carriage really well done really well written it is based off the book did not read. But it's really well done they are picked up for season two and in this past week they announced the pick developers sees in theory I've no idea how they're gonna do it I don't know what characters author amber opposite characters back. Or what I'm excited for that. We got a vet them teaser. And I don't know how great it looks. I obeyed it would I think it was intentionally done that way like you don't. You don't see a lot. I think you're just making excuses for Tom hardy don't I don't unseat. In this the movie that we picked up in the movie draft experts join me just bored with this that's true David that doing the back ago movie draft that liked. Did you kill me but it gave this one night right it's stand to reason just like. Tom hardy Michelle Williams on the two big stars in this movie they're not here about right either one of them. Companies Scripps do you think those two get auto weekly golf like it's going to be nonstop pat you not stop it why would they choose that you know what I mean. And the source material for this is is really good right. It's that in the end we note in the MCU came gently but it is it is also given a boost ticket a boost and in. If you're going into phase 45. Whatever in public this marvel cinematic universe and you have a established venom that our party like. We're going places here. All right I just I though the and I do like I didn't wanna see him as venom in the trailer gladly save that I can save a suddenly you're told aspirants going to be unit that feels like. A spoiler I wish I didn't know that but your get more butts in seats or so why did that by. Yeah and he knows Sony's Sony's holed it on this property for dear life right now. Quickly of a pleased marvel don't buy out Sony's Sony movie studios right now you know. Yes they are are you looking for a low blow Michael Bay movie. I'm looking forward in the dumpster. That is. That could happen and look there's a distinct character DC Carriker sort of anti hero. You know he didn't get your galactic. Saudi honored to have that you like meat hook. One of the cooler characters to play an injustice by the way I love playing a blow. Via lobos a bad ass but Michael Bay movie Ed I don't. No why that I that's at eight eagle back to team America fund please Wear or world please. He's worldly current lot is Michael Bay keep our main key in movies. Yet pearl are the lately. Dole America was just might be a pretty much applause via what happens. Car better over ago Ryan is we've mentioned how Tim Miller. Is gonna directing cutie pride so we're like a public he pride. But now public Brian Michael bandits Bob comics fame needed to know what Justin Jones alias series dubbed hot stuff. Brian Michael vendors may be on board who writes that they'll. Might it yes hello and so kitty pride that connected via a two with a four evil go back to legion. Any character any comic book character there's been so much written about them benefits in the right hands. They can probably find the best stuff and make a movie or TV show so I'll give kitty pride shop. And the last that are news I have before we get to the video game minute good news out there aid still filmmaker. Has determines what the shape of waters fish Dick looks like. And they're selling it it's called the jewel of the Amazon. What's the funniest thing about this is that you put this in the outline Michael my god we're really talking about this and then scroll underwrite new beat today that they feel and del Toro comes out 88 he got the quote. Week that I would ask them about it and yeah broke aura about it he goes that's not accurate. You read is he actually had these big Garrett about it but that's not that's not accurate. Well it was kind of a sport works out reading the article about this and I've not seen the sip of water yet and you have black. It said that we don't see the fish is thick and done well here conjecture. I'm like the why am I even wanted us. At this point what do we do it but I'd they sold out of really quick because there's a lot of weirdos in the world that is sold out those quick but I think they're going to be back. Before the Oscars so. If you're looking to get. That you'll be. Big baby they're going to be elect like Oscar gift bag that they give everybody and the only party that nobody else. Class America. It's the jewel of the campus. If it's time. Even in hand. It's not. All right sir or we got. So we got a couple think they'll get out of really quickly so I hope you mentioned this before. But did talks are heating up with John Sina to played Duke Nukem yes it will be looser car. Yes like that's coming agree we're close very close to being a real thing. So let's pick it technically video game and movie news or does it I would lead with that it's it's super absolutely. Speaking of video game and movie news as the people know on the PlayStation network my eight Gamertag is sand and play them six three that your. That meant limited actually of a series of books that written by discredit Richard factory. Which is which is great ape like hardcore like punk Constantin kind of thing yet yep. That is being turned into tears of movies by the John the people who are responsible for John wick. That was yes it would that's actually going to be. Really cool so that the candidly I'd like that isn't that's that stuff. Other video game news injustice. Give other new trailer they'd announced earlier but they actually showed deeply footage of the ninja turtles and it is in the game they look really good. Which looks really fun yeah it was but it really cool and this and I'll I'll quote this one. The overall sleek Richard yeah society its very first female player at what. Which is awesome on the millions watching yeah give the Billie Jean king of the over what secret Amos king Kim C yardage is Korean. And she's regarded as the best Zaria player on the in the world to really. Yet and what I awesome. The quote the seat which he was seventeen to them with a game first came much is it just turned nineteen. Oh did I see this that I see that it was just the one I was going around late in the game early on. Yet in key in people like freaking out because she's from Koreas so she's playing on the Korean servers and people would reportedly. Report her or repeatedly reporter for cheating. And people like bill mean straight edge he's so good that people were reporting her for cheating. Oh my god that's so she's in talks to sign on with the Shanghai drag the equipment Shanghai dragon. So they need they need the help absolutely yeah demagogues are all that's actually really good news as its first female overall player yet. Was good stuff Brian thank you very much are you ready for the topic did you or. That's the topic of the day and today it is jackass. CKY. A big push on I wanna say he treated us to suggest that we're looking for. Have you ever have an idea of of episodes thrown out our way we have a bunch plant with a lot of open weeks as well this is an open week. He mentioned this something that. Davy and I love late. Loft and I are now off to describe it liquid through this stuff all came out while we were high school while. The CKY movies in the jackass TV show came out while we're high school as the the first movie. And then the the second two movies you know later on a one word college but what are. So we were obsessed with the stuff and I think it's a great topics or to do is for a kind of too focused mainly on the movies there's 2.5 episodes the TV show or focused mainly on the movies they're four for CKY three for jackass. We're gonna tell you our favorite stunts but that also I think. We draft teams. And like we we split up the crew. And MLB arc de facto power rankings so you're starting from scratch like who's the best at this stuff and he got a I think. Include a lot of different things like you know what they're willing to do how funny they are all kinds of different stuff we can get into that. First thing just because it ties in with the video game minute. Did you know that branded the Camilo. Is a Vegas Arab is a professional gamer but. He ranks fourth all time. In Mortal Kombat arcade score. I did I didn't actually know that he's actually also which is plastic dork as well that is so similar. Any enormous like professional wrestling fans. He seems like that the not to get too far ahead of ourselves he's one of my fair guys in the entire thing I love brandy to mellow. I think there's a lot going on there with him and make his relationship had been marred Jarrett now. Doesn't sound like it's really existent I don't know what sort out there. But but think you know if you go to twin galaxies which. We talked about a few times on the king of Kong episode. But it. Reliable they are we really don't that's very true Billy Mitchell and all that's going on there but if you go right now at twin galaxies dot com. In the cup the Mortal Kombat arcade top scorers. Branded the Camilla from CK lines jackass fame ranks fourth. If he at one time. Was the leader eSATA atop the leaderboard I think for awhile and three guys since passed about it try to include that so let's assume we Starwood CKY movies is the movies came out. Before the jackass. Yeah Obama they'll get like buddy got the right so again you can and it stayed it is but I need to I need to our listeners understand like how. They didn't get it down really heavy like how important these movies were for media at the time I watch them. I you know like I teach actually teach a class I'm not just a class assist Richard I actually a my digital media yes and I like to making it things like that and how I actually got started with that stuff is watching. These movies and watching CK a Y and watching. Big Brother movie's little talk about the second night like anything that Spike Jones did. But I would go and watch these things in all of my friends skateboards that we could have leaked video put these videotapes that VHS tapes yesterday on hand and I was the worst state. Border in the world so actually I don't I might have been worse I'd try it for a little bit like third grade I was awful. But I have my ace in the hole was like it probably because they played hockey oh they go so yes so. Bite de facto I was the camera guy. You know but I would follow with the camera and you know Ab roller blades and public that it was because of the Big Brother movie it was because of the TK why movies that. Debt became cool the dvd camera guy it was cool yeah yeah yeah no I like Lipitor when I teach my students that pellets or elect. How did you get into the public eye it was a terrible skateboard that I got into. Well and that's what's so cool about it was that these early ones like Bill Maher Chara like you know you might hear of in an interview in your life. The guys who kind of now or never but the fact that he is like writing and directing and like be a part of the camera crew like cutting the stuff up editing it like. There's a lot there like he's a pretty Smart guy and always run and all kinds issues we've. You know booze and he's been a bit of a master lately especially after Ryan Dunn died but MR terra genius when it comes of this stuff and really Smart too because when I first saw CKY. It was in high school. Here with a kid in her dorm was the skate boarder and he would he would pop the tape bin. And he was watching for the skateboard stuff because there's so much skill like every once Roddick all that now they're just skating if you go through Philadelphia earlier with a half pipe stopped short ever. And then they would you know cut that in with shopping carts they would cut that it would them like you know punching each other whatever else and and it would also. Bam would have his Brothers band which was named CKY. Playing so it's like a showcase for the band to showcase for skateboarding. Plus of them just doing stupid (%expletive) you put that together it's a 45 minute video and there's like almost something for everybody it's a like just skateboard spam journal launches. Just people who. At that point in even go to like pranks like garlic you know what ever that was different stunts you're watching that. An entity and also became like a big music video till like throughout the whole time. Yeah yeah and it was and that was the key to Eddie was like that's sweet spot and you know. But it said they were at the eve bit the video of this skate video culture at the time a system like you would either go. Like it skate shop and I watch it but like the dude you know like out across the counter or you would buy it in the different logic you guys just that are out of like watch it in and let go do that stuff. So that that that's where like this whole. And I honestly believe. That in 1999 yet to remember that no YouTube. Again well then gonna be a little bit like it'd. There was perished there wasn't really dvds was I mean maybe not a but I certainly didn't. No so that that started in my mind like that started like this whole thing started the YouTube culture of the viral video thing where you would. You know grab what your friends Schofield something which is what you saw and how important that is especially now would like cellphones and stuff like that how easy it is. Also he's he ballot for yet to get those stupid cameras and make the cameras at that point we're getting smaller and they're easier to even have the actual VHS tape in the writing anymore but. It was still. It would take you some atomic yet the film that are at night get a plug it in your computer yelling up loaded and you got to figure out awaited that'd get it out there to distributed. Yet so it was really got ahead of it. Time but in the jab at first jackass TV here's government of forget this I gonna get out now was actually a mix of all of the Big Brother moving which there's four brig brother movies which carried titled. Ship. Number two and boob. And crap. For those things. Yet for every with spirit think and just Lido palace sophomore restless the first season jackass is just the mix of CK like footage in Big Brother but it's. Yeah exactly like you can go to see it you could see in men CKY by the end of CKY. It was also. There was the tie in would jackass obviously has the bright V show and there's that obviously an overlap there but. It was a lot of people most of the noble don't believe that the guys that Big Brother. They saw CKY and Ehrlich we gotta get these guys and and that's basically the formation that they're recruit a couple of other guys that became the core group. But CKY like the shopping carts that late it seems like such a elect our everybody was doing matter rate does that. Out of their margin are invented the shopping cart stuff but I sure (%expletive) never heard of that or sought out prior to an app became such a staple for them. Something anybody can do you did show up to like Wal-Mart we did it or high school. Eddie you know want yourself and the trees if you're tough enough you can just lock yourself on the the ground like. But it an easy thing to do it's dangerous (%expletive) but if you're doing it greatly. All my gut in as you and I having done it. Together in filmed it somewhere it on video somewhere and it hurts. That not feel good. Know a lot of these things hurt super bad enough relative to secure what is a good job where. First a blown away by how much stuff they film like it must be filming nonstop just to get an hour were the content because. They'll have like a random look at dive falling down the stairs it's a you had to be filming that but that's also that's gonna give you two seconds of your movie. Genetic cuts to something else Americus amassed the one they like with CK one I would do is they whatever once while throw in like. Dislocated shoulder like they would write it on the screen to the duke just it all these guys are falling off on like the same medical. Okay now that was broken collarbone now but the broken wrist it's like. These guys are like kill themselves just for as for the video. It is ridiculous. The first CK a wide which came out united and united. Again it was like the shopping carts there's a lot of skateboarding they're doing the thing where they were filled somebody would like. The a big fan look at TV elect walking on the sidewalk that in just dropping it in have people's reaction to them. Like with a lot of that they got a lot better after that as that it could you could see where they were going. But CK a Y one is not necessarily something I don't think you just pop bought him in once again now. Nobody you can see it now looking back on it now like you know. Almost forty years later you look back on it in public that's the speed of what is to come up and then seek let the next year's CKY two K comes out and that is. The bloodiest being it as a teenager like doubt the funniest thing I've ever seen. But a secure like guests secure our secure it was awesome it was perfect came out in the year 2000. As their their trip to Iceland and what also was huge in this was Ryan Dunn AKA rated hero. Was a victory got bit player in CKY one what used rarely and CKY one. He's in CK a Y two K a barge and that's the big difference because before it was there was bail him. Brady and Camilo who. This certainly will certainly do stunts but he's more like he's just a layers like the stuff they're delicate freestyles which is also the second one. And things like at all to the brink holes like stuff at the drive through which looking back out and now you're like a lot just mean an attractive person but ordered high school like that's the path that don't have is this whole area. On the drink back in back. It's mean it's terrible it doesn't deserve that but. Then it goes by so but to me. Delicate troop costar Alec so that here's Graham's show. But now you have Ryan Dunn with deacon Mello and then you can really use the other side characters like wrap himself rake your arm. Hockey temper gets. Branded Novak. Our web 1986. The whole day ended CK a Y. Obviously parents' parents and his girlfriend at the time Janice Revell who was also plagued Warren and haggard. Are also on our web 1986 by the way. I guess they call 1986 because all this favorite music was from the year 1986. Which I've. It's amazing what a great nickname so like if we ever have like I'm sorry I think. But what year like arm all in favor police came out and really what year right there too late if we just our colony let Ryan Davey 2004 but I think would be hilarious. Yeah I agree or would he yeah I would be well I think. Fittingly enough is actually down like a futuristic movie I would be like baby cute out of this. Little throughout. It's really got it at to me it's very speicher that you pick out that the basics and has Yuri is born but no he just loves music from that year I got that awesome nick intact. Op anyway. You're right CK a Y two K. Definitely like a huge step up they go to Iceland and the one that jumps out to me is oh there's a lot of this stuff but. Dreaded. Oh my gosh I would have so. So glad you could get it on the tip might. They do a lot of poof stuff. Which is gross obviously that's how it goes and ridicule Melo has like group on Mike NAFTA in Oregon on face cloth or something get any goes any wipes it on Ryan Dunn's face. And yet he has been used yet to the battle lines of CK like he goes you go to eighties walking backward to utility click logged on Donnie got like Slotnick Willis it was just a ridiculous yeah. Eighty goes. When you've got sheet. He nobody thought to reduce evict walk into the room and the just as soon as he put that was right across the Malkin goes. Couldn't crack. It like that like though obviously I don't know why it has its ability that they have ever seen in at the funniest thing ever seen. He does the guests there and wide so it is just smear smear poop on Ryan Dunn's face. Phillip takes on a minute to wake up he wakes up he's so this that you literally wants to kill. Did Camilla which autism accent he'd like I'm gonna go he'll buck and punches brains out. It entails a turnaround that are up to still get did even with a getting movement that he's like look what were omitted there was Albert column and bam goes. Why aren't you dump jelly armor something. You put jelly. Let's put (%expletive) on my face it you're talking about jelly. So that they wait three hours a mini just pisses in his mouth. I ended up open now because he's all resolved and then the conversation through the next day. It though good kids that their argue over which one is worth that much basically you watch on meet annually just illustrate. Unbelievable that's like that collapsed I 36 years old so we're back big it is but people like that. Ridiculous. That may I think that kind of introduced the world to Ryan Dunn. I could remember Daria I just I remember watching that for the first time. It even even the people do exploded for a political party unity is partly does that. In other. And the Leah watts I couldn't agree when I was a little the only time in my life were like I was laughing so article and. Well and then they were all tied lasted two and later it was just it was hysterical that he thinks that the camera guys running in the big suggests march derelict is running out of the road that falls down like they're losing their mind they're laughing so hard. But there are like man this is intense there's quite a favorite we always want good footage that I didn't sign up for having hoops near Obama face or it peeing in somebody's mouth. Also a CK a Y two K. Our rates gone thought to be funny to light their AM radio on fire in their rental car in the whole thing just like blew up. That's developing a candidate based brokers would be extra eight bucks for insurance delegate that's oil and polished. Those that took like. Which they later on in Jack us. You were one of the jackass movies they do like a rental car going to. Oh yeah I would go to another great line in doubt we'll get to that we dark object as yet but. You know a lot of that stuff and I think a lot of the reason why you have CKY guys are kind of pissed. Are with the told Jack gasping like I know. I've I I've studied these movies like gone public with it Wikipedia pages but all the stuff to seal economic background information and like you said the brand because Melo like. They have like don't talk. Which is really Xiamen like we will gives them the spin off stuff like so he appeared in my vehicle abandoned like they have unholy union and some of those other things that he did but. It's in let these guys were best friends and I don't think that's nearly the case anymore. Well I think I think the issue was and like listening to like. Like so what happened league bands of professional skateboarders so because of jackass because it's CK like he's telling like Jack. Like crazy and made that out skateboarders make most of their money they have like they make their own pro model deck right they spell and they make like a dollar. Two but it also look at it damn I think a lot of these things is like gets producer credits and get all these other credits where he's. But Tommy he's Smart about it where dams getting all this money from jackass those other guys probably aren't the other big thing with the Camilla low. I read was he hated just leaving Philadelphia like he was a apparently a Westchester is like you'd want him leap like you went Iceland with them but that's it like. I think you're probably invited. To be a bigger part of jackass but he didn't wanna have to go to California. Yes and I heard the other story to that like rake yards basement with a purple cover is D. J. White UK. Yes they music recount basically screaming he never let that sold however many million copies and he can he would die. Of that because that's brutal. So like those guys relate to what the (%expletive) might do what am I doing this for right or anything like that doesn't make any sense. How do you also got it done in secure Y two K what my favorite lines was so when their kick in the footballs in the moving cars like their aunt in the footballs in the cars. The guy stops he gets out result this city's agreement that bear companies like it's a brave new car a bit goes. It's a 96. Got the got a good thing that you. Like. You expect the guardian it's like totally and I remember watching them Bigby that over something you would say well you urged people would say that would be my responses can. The good thing advertises to kids like. It is due to enemy and they just keep it dented the side of the cart. That is like though to see people like driver body is like. You know or Ivins could hit it up at it that. It's okay that's good our brands freestyle which this whole area that we put that on CD's that that was a great freestyle. That mellowed a great pick up there was a good after find a bit of fat suits they can introduce backseat where. Bam is all he's like skateboard it would that huge. Like Mike's eyes like sixty pants are never. Yet it is it political except bucket it was like yeah right that all bubble wrap what you would neglect of inflatable fat. The public goes literally wrapped himself in bubble. Also the guy that weird baseball scenes where there Ehrlich can they were trying to do like skits at times to do. They were just so weird they were really weird and Mike. Deacon Melo would always have like at least a funny line in there are just the way he would talk would be funny some Lisovicz on Eric OK though as the weird three minutes like net. Yeah like an excellent but it became why would make public the original peek it would immediately toward seen yet it. Is that in the woods and like that's that's fine but also to the beach wreck it you could tell this was they'd they tape this when they were like probably high school where they they. Captured a or who would have thought of that but it worked. Any else in two K are going go secure wife Marie. Noticed decay like street which. He gets at this point it gets a little like jackass is a thing now. Like Jack yes this movie had come out and then D. J. White three comes out and you can tell it it's getting to be a little late. Self indulgent. Yeah I think and that's another thing ninety Camilla had an issue with a slight. Once they edited jackass even the CKY stuff became all the more Hollywood and like yeah maybe you wouldn't just if you just watch that first you know. Block she might not realize that but I guess for them the way they had to do things stood they have like a random collect call skit Norman out on. Yet where he's like hey don't you know it if you call collect that he could save a (%expletive) dollar in rocket hunt that the guy that I really care. And it's of their picks at the politics yet pay Loomis. Yeah Loomis is the guy got here awhile losses could kick your ass or never and I think what added they show up and it's like they beat the (%expletive) out of Ryan Dunn. Yet I think it's probably Gaza CK alive. He's like head thing it's like the music he's word tightest pants in the mood of the book Loomis. Look at series of those pants right now. Like I reread it makes no sense that with the public are reiki on picnic like. To mustard mustard then all of them they attic raps who put on there's a lot of wrap themselves to open on people. It strictly goes pretty funny running at full speed dollars and CKY three that was pretty funny. The ship dollar. That's really good and make up the perfect guy to like I lost his mind to pick of the dollar and this is a picks it up you'd like almost throwing up Mike Coffman but that was that was a really good one. They also had. Let's see. That I don't know who was like not a guy that's in their crew. But they had a guy roll up into a clap a pint glass and and drink it. That's disgusting. Yes and again this is where it's like OK thank you pushed it. That you pushed it a little too far it's an idol I did not like the outlawed in this is what the lower that the banned him. Third the take over him does him music video. Yet which is like it is. Like I remember thinking like slowly this but can they might dispense lesbians cool and then it was mainly one other albums being like a ticket and I don't know typically a big deal. Maybe the most embarrassing teacher I alone is that him symbol. Oh listen I I would I love I love jackass LO CK lie about the god of terrorism speller that's a bit but I am book that. Logo that hitting like a damn logo like I liked barely more than I like him but I still had that certain. I really can't excuse now on. The street Jack dasher to highlight just the black shirt with a just jackass like in the spot that that the future. So you Mets in the cross over you get to cameo Johnny Knoxville is in this just like sitting there and Chris Hani s.'s in this where he's walking around. Without pants and at a place just like Porky Pig and dislike his shirt on. And gas a look at Adam this what they also introduced. It in two there were kicking footballs the cars in this and they were rolling like a dummy. That they stop the guy that's that. That's pocket real dangerous like that's really widget. You like that guy back I hit the brakes so hard that he probably did some damage to his car. Now's the I think that was the ADD line because he is like. He's they both just old newspapers and we'll talk you guys doing that both of you with is that you do that I don't know I think the you also get Mike valley vs four red box. What yes Alley fights because they call them a skater bleep. And that we something homophobic they're yes the not if you look at Michael is like you did bill. You're not fighting them you're not find him also bread and Novak you get more him just kind of skating this is I think. Three heroin for him or maybe during her on a much credit to start yeah. Yeah and you get right downing Chris raab roller blading when they're both naked and like connected. And yet this is the one that ends with a wrap himself running full speed in shootings are yet adult open arsenal is just. That secure life for comes out. It to kill our older clips there's that scene where Chris raab who's gotta be like fifteen. P.s are electric fence that does not go well. You get some Don Vito actually look at young Don Vito. He he has some issues himself. Probably the best part of the whole thing Chad Ginsburg from CK a lot of band. He goes to GG Allen's grave. Which is in the great state of New Hampshire. How about that that's right about that if you ever want. Have a good like Wikipedia. Rabbit hole just look at DT Alan stuff TG the piece of work. Ed. Anyway Ginsburg drank the entire bottle like Jim beam. And then every dislikes dreaming is lag. He (%expletive) up at 93. You all. Out hello yet and that we. How does GG yeah hour and a that he has is on his grave which again. Not knowing who GG almost 2002 when I first saw this is like that is the most disrespectful thing in the world. And they do get just a little better researcher Judy Allen and he probably would have been very onboard that. Yet are yes and and so is great site is in Littleton New Hampshire that's I just just west of Mount Washington. So they were up there they really work though the hike I just do without a quick cooler original problem Michael. Nice with Google out of being myself but at the my valley also got to do with the mall cop in the swan. And Ryan Dunn he goes in a barrel off roofs of those ones where. It doesn't look. As dangerous or painful as a sure that it was I think you broke something. Every little thing about all he with you like half out of what god bucket in the Howard rolled down and then like the yes that the spine of the. All the Alex he landed like right now or something like you would see like all easily get a higher early get a barrel and they pushed the barely off the roof. And really compressed this finally had on a new. Probably terrible. If you better ranked the movie is would you go to disagree. 14. 234 Soledad yesterday. Or degraded at all the pretty much wasn't called latest and greatest but there's not a lot of new stuff besides Ginsburg but at the. I think that that would not like we do there was some new skateboarding which is fine you know I really enjoyed it I'm not minutes of the board. You previously bought a bit like there's actually some like really really good seaport in in these movies which is what the original selling point. That's another thing as any and then all of a sudden he mixes in a sponsored like they're Tony hawks and some of these sort of really deep and he's friends with all real and he's a pro Steve force others. There's some good skateboarding and their shore. Us also that 2002 were secure life for comes out is also when jackass. The first movie comes out and the show had already been a huge success that they've made the movie you made a ton of money obviously the cost is very low. Date intro it. Would it very fittingly there on that huge shopping cart and all this like hitting each other all of stuff and and like crashes at the end. And just Knoxville not Celtics to another level like he is such a good. Face for this and you know just hey I'm trying to knock the walk and a jackass like. Perfect like all the effect the perfect phone and the movie it was awesome it was just it was a better version of already related TV show. And it was like high end version of like anything you'd already seen on TV yet and I'll say by the way. I would be remiss if I didn't bring this up so I watched all the Big Brother movies and Johnny Knoxville when he was a nobody he was just wicked dude Billick on around public adjuster Maine it was like they're creative director of Big Brother magazine yeah. He did did stunt rich we're like I don't know if you've ever seen him do this like he shot himself at like point blank. Here with I think his big hit it through yet his big pitch I think it's remained a Big Brother was. I'm gonna try out all of this riot control stuff yet and you see some of that in the jackass movies similar but don't want to arm but he didn't really want those things ourself yet. Yet the one they didn't show it he actually had a revolver any turned it on himself like using his thumbs to do it and he shot himself in the stop he's quick. But that was but I remember like. Being stressed out like watching that would heat and and I watched like a behind it is so if you go on. Hulu we will have a documentary about big brother and they talk about this on the eyes and think they're like. We thought it's public it's called dome which is not. The word yet and it is just like we. We thought uses chemicals like this guy's crazy like we're gonna helmet but like this that it killed so a great products. Yet he's not a key really is aides saying he does some of the most dangerous stuff but I know. Steve O gets a lot of credit for it and Ryan Don and they showed that those guys are not too. Public knocks so like almost sneaky does the most dangerous yet. Yes I did great build back your original movie like you watched we've in this one of those movies like I remember watching like the special features like behind the scene Alia or they're. Crazy about it and Mike. Listening to the cast. Public bolt CK watt a CK like crew in the in the Big Brother relate together. And listening to like Erin McKee talk about like how just stressed out like all the time. They were filming there because you never knew. Like someone just gonna run up in the kick in the balls like shake your head. You don't know what your always on edge that they're always film there's always cameras out and it. There is a one up for each other and that's just not playing like two or three like they just. They've already done so many things so it's just getting out of hand so some some of the ones that jumped out to me from the first jackass. Did that rent a car crash up derby mr. tuck but the average rent the car. And probably decode the guy and the guy like Andy that we've got to take start not Knoxville that we use to take care of that and the guys like. You sign this paper that said blah blah it goes much bigger lovable because yes but that's just paperwork. Agree you pick out pressures that oil hit a dog. It's all about is literally the demolition or is that how you get a dog that yet. India is a may have been drinking a little bit secure drinking it. And nobody's asked about the paper he's like laws drinking when I signed that. That he shrugged out of their vows give the also that the golf cart thing. Which that goes from zero to sixty so fast like. It's it's there arm and no it's. I am a geek Melo I think and then at Knoxville and done. Yep and they're just bomb around like this like golf course in many golf course smashing into things and into. Oddly I bet that's like I can do that like a bee farm that we could do that and then Darden drives that awful like eighty. It looks almost like a must be a bunker but it's like I hated Eagles flying off that thing turns on its side. And pulled Johnny Knoxville concussion. Let's call number one that at least a of the movies on many like this guy. CT EE like not so passed out. Do lake and you in if you watch it. Frame by frame like that being tipped over the years he lands like on a back that's always looked old good all hole golf cart misses his head bite like inches. It's amazing he is doing its goals you're crushed. You have a new bill of afterwards they have like a that's the worst thing that could happen like to know what I don't know man and I think there could have been a little more. You'll also get Dave England whooping in the store that sells toilets which I. That was off that was only visited in the barber elect they tried to do it the first time music it really improved that part we're going to and they get the bad needling you don't get there accident. If Rick topic is just like growing up throwing out does this. Predict all the camera guys can't handle it. Aaron McKie he does the mouse traps on which. As somebody who is set like a few mouse traps the idea of going into a room full home is actually pretty terrified. Like we lake that was one of those things would be duplicated department it was you know twenty at the time like. Oh let's see what it feels like Alexis stepped on about stripped its parking hills ought awful like if you put your feet like a break if tiger people. That's not a real hard yeah so you also get the that Johnny Knoxville riot control tests which. He is does all the shed its old self and it's like. It's insane but again that's our sort of made his name at first and it's like yours pepper sprayed mace and caesar's and also stuff so that's that out of control. This is also in the movie where they put the alligator in the dam's parents house and April sees that as the screaming like as a really funny. Moment. In shout about it tomorrow our our board from the big Big Brother podcast bridge each we were just talking about the scene the other day where elect. He got an act it's always screams more available yet and she's just trying to he's just trying to get it swear but that's the whole thing sounds a civilian and I'm by the swearing. This idea forward that's all we don't do. This is the paper cuts one. I hate. This is the one we're like IE. Like turner actually turn away the watch. I think it's a top five most memorable one for me. Oh it's so good it's such a simple idea but like just. It bought a place agreed DelHomme writes that the evidence bigger like new apple would you accede to the open up. In the worst of like they they're just doing at their hotel room they're probably thought at all day and then their drinking and they decided that highlight interested in this campaign appears in Steve O comes down it's TiVo's like nobody has stood at any like does it across is moll says many leaves he's like I'm really glad I came down here in. About yet between the toes click on the into the nose was the our favorite but if there's an original Jack as well and I know you're gonna bring it up is at the very end. And it's an option story relate the vote tells the stories like. Wasn't like they brought this to be valid to do it and I called my dad there in the movies like I'm just disappointed because by X ray. The bought extra fee if Steve I'll put the car it is ass always done. Done are no I don't Doug did I think if Steve vote did it his dad would have at super disappointed because they they first asked Steve voted. It feels like now I can't imagine there are one of the guys like that's the first thing I think you've ever said notes. It doesn't show and the waste people tell the story league doesn't show up music although it. Dogs are again. District area the best part of the bought extra if there's a lot of good parts is is really well Dodd. But the look on the old lady who first hold that up. She's like so disgusted. If you like looked at the thing looks at the care Iran like looks back at the X ray and there's this huge car. Admitted they could've found a better doctor to deal. And that was my favorite part is he is reaction to it is priceless giddy like. He fits in down any that I closely with a bullet in our path cellblock because it's that and the doctor goes. You leave here. Don't tell anybody about he already knows that's too many people aegis block out here you don't know anybody that would happen to people what I'd like pocket down goes. Don't tell your girlfriend don't tell your boyfriends don't tell whatever don't tell anybody he'd like to point BURE note that too much people. Does that I didn't eat that easily go you would have beaten that. I don't remember that. Night. It's evident the other voted in the doctor added subtitles I don't even know this is definitely say beasts like. Ali Alec disguise here. Or at a college party they all got real drunk have a sex don't crap that they've got a car is that this this is not you this is not a part of you is already it's certainly. This car inside of what else we got all the silly fights odds out of box open spotter be. And he gets knocked out another concussion but a great line you like in the ambulance. He goes is spotter be OK okay. You literally would not that he was snoring they knock it out hole he was snoring. Eddie tablet gets silly. Before that it. It's going to be one advantage as the beast should out of Henry Rollins off road tattoo. Got to create fear that's a top. 51. That I would not do I mean I wouldn't do most of these but like high school me would have tried a bunch of moment this is one dole Athens way no way. DMX Tug O war where this is code where. There's a pressed in the but the fact I Preston lacy is tied to Brian Don and Brian Dunn is on a DMX spike but he goes off the jump. And it lands in cactus that he's already got its act I hate it right. I'll golf course air Morse is on this on. Which super funny which Silva money. Get the guys who get really mad about it they're like big guys you would think would get really bad right. Those are the guys that it would be a party or they'd be behind you on the golf course on you to hurry up like those are those guys. Ed the best part is there's two parts of the so love so they're doing the airborne in the backswing. And and the guy gets pissed. Eddie goes to turn it on them if so he's gonna he's got a tee off at them but that made at the airport again to Wally is doing to him which is a Major League. And asked them why is doing it and he says it's because he has the site us. Upper site it is actually gonna play the horn goes on helps. I that's jackass the first one jackass number two. You gotta go full on riot control test in this one's great. So there that romantic the being that it's like. That a bunch of bullets that it's shot out Roy yeah in a clear line of all yes and it's so (%expletive) loud and it's Knox still done in ban. Dave England there is like I'm not Dillon net. And dale lit this listened to a they don't even shooting in spam and don't walk out there like me go away. And then it cuts in them they're all doing it. And Johnny's like it's just allowed it it's just flat out if typical. Then they get shot it it's like Peru elected dog likes raid would like a ton of shots and it's it looks nasty. That was a good one. Damned if they opt penis branded on them. A he had written public open appears outlined is that Britain nom. So why all of this and this is crazy to me so dark boats Tivo and a lot of things that Steve old pawn is due you can tell they're kind of late. Setting the ground work for while boys the show that they had to they do a lot of stuff with my animals. And member of the Webber goes to swim with sharks but he just like. He sticks a hawk. It is Sheikh a key key holed themselves. Amid jumps and who was sharks in the most people probably see that elect Obama got his swimming with sharks I'm like he'd just punctured his cheek with a hold we're gonna win about it. It skirmish shark like you didn't have to cut that out of them like Davey I can't take all that out and then you have a whole without debt that messed me up yet. And at a couple in this movie don't like. You could tell that lake. Okay look we're going again or go on bigger bigger here like some lament you're treated like that is. Just two months like the one yeah you know you want predicament the one more Knoxville upon his lack off a horse. Yeah and yes and then they let cricket party boy drinks that there yet. Part of any idea do you look into the camera I'll never forget it just look at his face of just like. What they held that I just do it he says out loud I'm completely ashamed of myself. That's still like oh I get yet it like it like it's what your parents say like I'm not mad at just the points that I think they it to yourself. While I want them initiate it myself. Also adopt when Preston and wee man we're both log connected on a bungee. Bows out of the dugout I could set I almost died. Alia Dell's that the terror taxi where they told Aaron McKie Healy he was going to be the one on at the demanded of getting GA is that she industry car from the temporary. So yep I was great other. Don't look like that the beauty of this what it was like a prank within a prank within a prank it was the only exception that race they have been gaga but it was crazy like so you have this prank we elect. Oh we're gonna dress the public a terrorist and taken to the airport they go to the airport like there's a joke right there. But we got to put. We're gonna hit the guy who's driving a taxi. Is an actor who don't wouldn't known actor at the time he's gone on active military you know we have gotten a bit the other joke and many like oh and by the way. The fake beard we're gonna put on him is all of our view this gossip. Just let's hope it would be his face when you find out that like I act like a big payoff it wasn't. The whole thing with the terror attack in my notebook that's not got a it was noted it would be actual Q beard probably the most ridiculously grows. Programs. In the me and this movie they and the like I guess saying number but before they do the number. Knoxville. Sticks his hand in a bear trap. And it's like what you think. That he's ready to rest what what was actually I have yet. Anyways about it. Dot yet got it out logos full tilt in this movie cubicle want Reid get blindfolded get hit by a ball yeah always it is the one where he. He got rob Johnny Knoxville and I'm going to come an epic of their rocket in the blockage shoot out of the side in the global it them. If you that you must not there of partial idea that's almost died. That 2010 you get jackass 3-D. Which I know a number of people know who for Mac can do is said this that he's right. A lot of 3-D movies like you don't see in 3-D earlier a lot of movies anyway eateries in 3-D like Doctor Strange is a great one. But jackass 3-D was really good because they added a lot a lot of their stunts that would you know different. Things coming your way right and so that was a good one I think. Kind of the highlights for jackass 3-D the high five was hilarious like where they don't know where you're walking in like office building whatever. Well the best articulate they told Aaron McGee he threw it hey do you grab that trade soup it can be geared. OK and that. David good yeah it cracked about to go exits like he fell for the soup that we after the break it all with tomato soup any locks that that are way. Lives are constantly. Any time someone ask you to carry trade group look like what it over to the other and I don't ya don't don't absolutely do not. Everett is the one that without the body went bye. When it hit bad it like took off its feet. All and they antique them to which they've dealt with secure libel is edit the fifth grade boy he got like launched back in Mike we just covered and that was a good one. But just like we manage knocks those reaction every time they would get somebody was was great. Yeah just what they were massive crowd of we're corrected from what the high speed camera when they were rocky yes well they would throw water at your face and one side in and punch you would face native like. The high speed cameras do you feel like every motion of like the cheek and every right and had great. Energy Preston diminish armored cannon ball like all the stuff. They did beat tether ball that was ridiculous to go pick a beehive they certainly a lot of these stuff I think if there was the sector wanted to the second with the B level. On now with people like thought. In my I don't know what I would have done there like I bet that Sony music yet and use the loaded done just like to get out the window like just try to get. I gotta gotta bail them they got the Steve low in the Porta potty and economic wants them pork I think it's messed up so I always. Every government or party I have that like irrational fear that somebody is gonna Tippett. On to the door so appeal to get out. Not that you don't know a lot of time in their anyway but you always like I'm always like try to get out so grab a please watch that or I'm waiting for somebody to push it down like it's the opener. So the funny thing about an hour again I've I've these are my interpreter fell back study them like frame back for it so. I was reading an Rolling Stone interview they're talking about this one of the port article on up the air like this sport obviously shot yet. And I guess for health and safety reasons he couldn't be human poop. Like in the oh really. So they had to fill it look like dog in like horse poop. Beat it's still that's. Still that. Somehow leg it's not as bad but it still that would be edit make a conscious decision on what who did he really I think it's. Probably pretty bad. Aren't so there's seven movies and those a lot of others are stunts and stuff in the air but we got to gets some of the stuff work. Bests. Stunts TU I guess there's that there's a few ways a look at because they're the ones that are like the funniest and there's also get like the most dangerous the most memorable. Where you wanna start without it the most memorable. Most memorable Ari I thirty said the paper count one that's super memorable to me. I think any time Johnny tests any conflict whether he's Mason himself taser themselves shooting himself would like. The bean bag guns whatever it those ones those stick it out to me it's very memorable. Number one where they were they were fighting there they go bowl there Roma a seesaw. British former mayor go up then from down in the both Israeli and I like the bull (%expletive) like I while the bowl. Stuff your regular I don't I don't I hate rodeos like hey there messing around. Would that would those animals like obviously Malone but some of those ones are are obviously very memorable. But what about the whether you like you know good the government I'm glad yeah absolutely rule and you re going to be. The public just get crushed that period it would is elected by Buick dot there's some like basically just he just stuck to the ball and get like grown into the year yell yeah yeah. So I think one of the the other memorable ones and speaking of animals is when. That's the most credit slack line like over a period of alligators with like a chat with me hanging. Like beat and an awful and alligators like jump and Adam like yeah. And then like this skit that flight or fight they don't and that's about it. And then he ball. And then he tried to run and like app is running whaling acute alligator like stat that I can just mrs. -- McDowell was great enemy. And other this election from the TV show right there we're gonna do TV show but that when Steve boasts walls a goldfish that throws that out. Never ever Watson that anger that my mom or some way it was like what is the show Mike it's this pretty much sums up jackass reduces this. Jack and then they're like oh my god they they essentially did you know you're going to be able to get it back up the music aren't honored them up before the okay. I'm a lot of Steve ocean it was it was pretty memorable let's go. Silica but yeah the weather like you'd be when they had that jet. And they were like grown stuff like into the jet engine. All that was a great one yet it's a football and I think what's coming out a thousand miles an hour an era to Ryan Dunn was doing the first rumors like. Reenacting like that famous like series like. That candidate it out and it blows a backwards. Now's a good one. This is I think the most important one is. The cast members so what I've done here is arrive. I've because we're combining jackass and CK a Y these of the twelve people that appeared the most. I would ago this is in any order bomb's gonna cities of the twelve that we can draft from and then it'll also be arc de facto power rankings. You have Johnny Knoxville bear Marge Lara Steve O. Ryan Dunn Chris audience Dave England Aaron McGee he wee man presently see. Branded deacon mellow wrap himself in reiki on. So did not select anybody from the CKY band. Art web 1986 Tony hawks Spike Jones all of below mentioned before Phil and April note none of them. And then when you make a selection. Just give me you know what are your favorite skits are stars performed by them. Accents. Are you can have first pick you'll you will decide who are our best person is. I will decide okay so our update today. It is a no brainer you particular Knoxville to start like this is like your first overall draft pick that you'd you'd have to take this guys start only because that's the life. The comedic timing is there would be he's funny. Lake is blind to be not just people like those assimilate the funny airlines. But the stuff that this guy was willing to do and put it on camera it's like. Far away like it there if you're doing something would like riot gear in like BM Marge aero in lake looks that you and David that would you'd like now I'm not dealing. It's really is. Like I had to cry he is. I guess there before he's the face of it like he seems like a natural leader yet it's on a charisma and that without him. The show's not his go to the dude dude still appeals like you and me but. It wouldn't have banned the mass hit that it was about him he combines like the comedic timing we have literally will do anything. He's well spoken and Mike so the whole com he is. I think that's why don't over think it he is he's the total package so that the. Look at first I didn't think he edited the back story like these acute evil people got. Yes I think that's what his model really get to the moderate daily evil Camille you know so that's you gotta go back. Art so my first pick number two overall I'm going where is pick of the pod Ryan Dunn. Ryan Dunn is great I think he is all he's like sneaky hilarious because immigrant Knoxville and you know deacon mellow and those guys get a lot of credit for being phony. But Ryan Dunn if you go back as a lot of good lines he also wouldn't jackass or CK while I was at its best I feel like Ryan Donald was involved. And obviously in no car in the body is probably the one that stands out but there's a lot of other ones and its way to go back and watch some of these when there's different events like whether it's the seesaw against the bulls or the golf carts like anyone where there's like. Three or four people involved. Chances are handguns evolved and it's due. And doing the crazy (%expletive) about it but. And he got a chance he had his own show for a little bit called the home wrecker and so I think you can carry that that was an obviously very successful but. He was he was great and it's a shame that he's gone on his I loved him I thought he was winners Celtic Ryan Dunn. Yeah yes and again like a guy who is willing to go to Italy the extra mile and all that stuff too so the other Wanda memory (%expletive) the girl they kick box the girl I'll see you cut the crap out of it yet as the other right. I'm gonna go with just just on sheer talent. Alone to that big people. Be it economic take him in in this mixed only because. Eight trains go out. Which is getting thrown Bailey clown college so leaky gut like the stunt aspect. He's versatile he'll do everything. A lot of stuff would fire fire stopped it yes fireworks stoke your fire shooting fireworks out of his butt. All but chuck going to be an like he's been great in this is gonna sound really doubt it if it's not dumb and given the context like he's a great speaker. Yes but it's either a few well he directed that the puke helmet would like presently departed in the legs are now yeah daddy is where like the space helmet. Now the dialogue just a great future. That's the commuters at the thought it out yet so brightly that without issues you know that's that's a good pick with Steve though I want ago. Have a good value here we go the leader of the CK like crew give me a march Arab. I think you know a guy who. Also will do. Just about anything like he's put his. Life on the line and like me terrified of snakes and I feel errors by his very unfair that a couple of times they put him in a situation. To freak out again I know he's not doing great right now but for this period from 99 to 2010. He was as as good as it gets so give give give them. Off any members crying to put him in the media Joseph public snake pit these Ehrlich trying a we're gonna. You'd think I drama that became one of my favorite guys in this hole in his old started Dave England as the pope's stuff aside. Like he's he'll give him there in making it up you go to mean but he's he's one of the funny guys who was booked they had the yeah at bottom. Dave England pretty good yeah he's yeah inflicting that crafty veteran of the group. Yes you agree skateboarders two ended with a guy who. You know just get you know open and stuff and corporate elected a volcano. McCain now pressured Rio at a lot of good stuff. Are there and expect this is a tough one I got it a couple of guys in my mind but I'm gonna go a what really considered in the CKY theme in give me branded. I love his comedic timing you can also if you're gonna have a showed just win with these guys you can break it up for it he can do the prank call he can do. Really what would every want like freestyle he can do whatever he wants plus. Look at it there he'll mix it up a little bit he'll do some of the stunts maybe not maybe not as crazy but he's doing all the shopping cart stuff like he's you know. I do it in Westchester Pennsylvania he's good that is one of the men the drawbacks that both want to I would say out of the hole CK like fruit he's a funny. Yeah I think use the phrase that I created or used the Welsh or the ones. 88 we didn't. Really touched on over the bootleg movies haggard luckiest super funny in that movie I liked that movie theaters microwave. Rob Marshall my wrong way to the dumbest idea ever played him in spring on you need to get all the freedom as Google. All right so with the seventh overall pick you've got. Doctors audience. Yet I was I was going back and forth I'm having a party boys get. I part of boy in because you know he's. You know pixelated ought not pleased that ability to make it all the time which is that you need to naked guy in the people think. Out of the most or whomever he addressed the public mouse and this may yet a mistake they buy them. Yes. That's right and what it did not motivate favorite Crist on his part is when he human on the barbarian members spaces like upside down. Immediately as yet been like attacking him that was great did pop Eddie gets up and you'd like storms out. And the like what's the matter and it just goes talking over yeah I think he is a news that it was a matter to come over it and I'm done. Yet used it. Our it would be eight overall pick my fourth guy Mya accrue a world would we man. I think he's pretty versatile. First off the skate boarder that wanted to since the skateboard that you can do that about giant cone was really good when his walk around as the as the economy. And I think it Japan. But he he just kicked himself the head of the those the with the good stuff as well that need to be we've been. I've edited next pick governor take Aaron McKee. For the reason that like out of the whole crew like I just feel like that's the guy who just gets (%expletive) on. Not literally though like he just like any time he has since the worst. About the worst one but he's the guy that like there in the group of friends like everyone chip. Don because some day they cartons of danger errant. Yes but he doormat you could always movement to. Use lose and it isn't a lot he's going even the one and a rat trap Akeelah and the worst. Like you leave a bit bit short end of the stick like all the again Ted shaped like all the time that's true and now he's back and I you know. All right with the tenth pick. This is tough. I guess. I guess Fargo Preston lacy. To happy about it he would. You can't have one or the other yes again giving an argument combo there are not a huge Preston fan but you know he had his moments now. Him chasing. Wee man both in diapers pretty good so I'll I'll I'll take Preston. But always fault all off the bench in the road trip to Tampa keep it good for that yet no enemy yeah. Comment that is the eleventh pick yeah your last choice summit kicked wrapped object wrapped himself. Only guess I got I got I got another book guy but like you never have to people guys you can never have got guys. Good value there at eleven workers trapped plus he'll pass out. And you'd do it every once and. They're very they're very heavy sleepers you can do it every one of the players see it this D. J. White GKQ when. These sleeping on the floor as happened in the head in the poems are straight it's based. I edit it out. The best part about it but it's perfect art politics you could ask for better part. Yet arts over the last thing about the rate on he's clearly at the least but I wanted out even numbers he hates mustard seed spray would mustard want to freak out. He looks knots so. A technique recount that is no shot leaving it degrade our probably thought as basically I have I have the CKY crew. Where is. We've been impressively. Davies team is Knoxville Steve vote Dave England crisp on its air McKee he would wrap himself. I have Brian Todd I've Ryan Dunn to emerge there printed the Camilla we've been impressively the brickyard. So based off of our. Polling at the top five the power rankings the top five best jackass slash CKY members are in order. Johnny Knoxville Ryan Dunn Steve roe. Their margin Ara in dating. Like I is pretty good. I would look pretty Good. Friday it would be on. Yep unease is right there. For sure you eat you're definitely in there now some of the spin off dementia that I haggard retire recommend. Ming hag I couldn't get in 2000 other rather their movies and TV shows were wild boys bibs and only union the evil of them home wrecker ones like that. Our last question on this rise we are where growing long. Do you wanna see eight jackass for now. Probably at best and the big part of Johnny Knoxville actually does real movies well he was doing real movies. Yes so you know we're probably not gonna go on and they just took it to a point where. Did kill themselves against the next thing. I'd be dead though dole may have duplicate remember the evidently it would be a dance. To the decked out like 2030 years but put it that like watching you know these guys are forty now the united Munich in the dark silk like almost stiff. Right exactly so yeah eighteen but watch him like two old guys fight but you don't wanna watch that could tell war. Yet the latest attention Iraq voice graced nick. All right that's gonna do it let us know where the better team we could put a Twitter pull up later Iran but it looks wrap up the program witness. But it's. Tick received deferred from the goal. I don't hurt you I will receive I finally saw the movie jigsaw a horrible that came out last year obviously in the saw series. Very good critically they hated it but but the fans really liked it about a court Iran's models and I'm with the fans cyanide whole week recommended. My objective and a four and a half. I six and I Cho was good out watched exile. The city is that it got your ringing endorsement I'll check I will check it out I was not I was on the fence about it but I know I'll you know well you know the price. My pick the podcast looking ahead to next week obviously now I just picked up today to weeded out today the black panther. Soundtrack. Who is a player if if so Kendrick Lamar right it's Kendrick Lamar but like. Technical mark I got every sought but on that track is like any rapper who's anybody right now. Is which is on there with you Allison. Yes I mean it it's crazy so. Checked out out a good good lead up into the movie of the movies anything like the soundtrack it's gonna be really good so check out the black epicenter. Nice next week on hash tags or it will be black panther you can now rate review at subscribe on the iTunes thanks so much for all the reviews we had a bunch of reviews since the last episode and ratings so thank you for that. We want to candor gives a one star reviews though. Everybody who is out giving us five star reviews we appreciate that the sort of you know cancel that out at door podcasts on the Twitter tour podcast at gmail.com for the email. And YouTube dot com slash dork podcast Steve where can be befall you. It would appall me add are gone beyond any major social media platform and while I'm mad on the on the subject please go to keep public dot com. Com and check in by god gave teacher. That's right you could search dork or two or podcast will probably pop up at you can find her whole story great stuff from. Do for help without Mac into podcast boxers podcast part of the tried for so check those guys out. As well thanks for listen to this that I don't rattle the blog this week but today. Who really gives the ship so well its socket actually cast a dark.