#DORK 52: Black Panther

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Tuesday, February 20th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey review Black Panther, the latest film in the MCU.  Did it live up to the hype?  How does it compare to the rest in the universe?  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute and a special Black Panther Comic Buck Minute. 


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If the door. Martinez. Is the tour. My chances which cheek is the door. Monty. That's my dorm blogger. Thanks for turn into another episode of hash tag tore my name is rich Steve joined as always by Ryan Davey Davey how were you osu. Nice you're obviously very excited as you should be this is an excitable. Episode topic it's black panther in the latest. Movie in the MCU which will get to it all its glory coming up momentarily before we get to the the news and notes of the week Ryan. Get a look back at last week where we did jackass and CKY you can go back in the archives on the iTunes or on. Stitcher or Google play or WEEI dot com where every get your podcast go back. Listen to if you missed that went through some of the best stuff from the movies and then we drafted teams and the teams were pretty much. Aviat most of the jackass guys plus wrap himself and they're just wrap himself I have like the whole CK a Y crew with Wi man and Preston lacy. And so we put it to a pole on Twitter at torque podcast. Twitter results are in. And they were unkind to me daily. How I got crushed 74%. And that we need to make this clear it was. You know at their best I don't know if I lost points for having Ryan Dunn in there but. I feel like he's one of the best of all time Uggla for all time not like if you're a startup and you show. Not a yes yet it would be like acknowledge you're starting to show now but like if this is yet I thought that was understood maybe we work. Now I feel like that's a reason why I got crushed so badly is really. More people like jackass than CK wise what looked like if you had not bills Tivo and you add audience and Dave England. You don't visit it. You know I'd I don't know a bit maybe it's the short end of the show that we just assume that we know people know we're talking about even though you and I know we're talking about. Yes that thing out like is that some comments on the Twitter at they were like all like jackass was better Obama will look at the team like the rock I ask what shows to air but anyway it. That was that we don't do a lot of triples that's probably why. Our let's get to the the headlines here. Feel like basketball movies aren't. But some I consider mr. may. Yeah know that there's been some bad ones there's events few good ones but. How about Harry Irving finding a way to take a 32 Pepsi commercial and turn it into a full on summer movie uncle. Through yeah and I thought Australian public is this I thought it gonna be another. Doesn't beat Annika but there's. Yeah I candidates do and then all of a sudden you see the full trailer and their Shaquille O'Neal Reggie Miller. Lisa Leslie Chris Webber. Tiffany adage nick scroll like it's it's a full on movie about Rucker park and I don't know I mean I guess it's a big carrier ring can be better at the LeBron summit on the but. I don't know about this. Take I thought LeBron James was the best part of train wreck knew you would say that. It's true that I Bubba Bill Hader. Yeah he's he's got to do about it. Too much do it I thought John Sina. Better than the brawn that John. Thank Decker yeah what yes correct. Give him you wants the Moore yeah the more summer movie news. Don't write about shark NATO 6. July 23. What point did you stop liking the shark NATO's. About thirty seconds into the first aren't. I was excited for the first look at the data we have bills to pay via ions hearing still alive he's on the poster for the movies. To have read in the as a base beaten him Marion at this point we just putting her out there and like a string is that. Yes there sure doesn't look right. Now. So that happens and it only knows there and that is yet. I guess really good news though I broke this on to what earlier by understand that not all of our listeners are on the Twitter and if you are at or podcasts if you're not you're here this news right now so hopefully you're sitting down. But Ryan. The bad boys of comic con are going to another come on. Them. Bad. That's right we of course are the bad boys are referred us we have the bad was at comic con. Odd northeast comma con last year without a halt with literally at a hollowed out JC penny in the Hanover Mall in Massachusetts. We went guns blazing and that who. Shoot we went we went. Locked cocked and ready to rock. Now we work that we went which is. Hope in our lives and now target this year it is at a hotel in box Borough Massachusetts. We'll Stewart it. Game game step it up that's that's there's this great. I guess it's so it's the first week ended march so we're gonna go we're gonna try to interview. Different people that are attending the event like we've done it always pass comic cons in rule love really that I do you get it we come up with some questions. I think we're gonna bring back the what's your favorite episode of back and do bring out on fire that's a good question and and it will go from there about excited for north east comic con so if you're going to be there. You'll probably see us walking around with. Microphones cameras just look like idiots wearing hash tag dork here so come on up. It's a pretty light week in new as the delegates do we could spend more time on the topic to shore Ryans are you ready for a while you were part of a program. Jack and I got stuck solar talk about today. He's the. Either man. All right let's go. I would do it. Like I like you like take between her and tested and sometimes it just like aero med I put on the spot and the put it out in the universe and you'd be arrested back to me not about one. One of the biggest hit at lake. This this this game you know it's called for nine you heard of it I'm playing it now actually our Euro at night I got I got in on it. It's a little people game that people play in these days Richards who are playing. Something to the tune of three and a half million concurrent players like it one like I don't know on the house servers to do this but please go to a little bit of phenomenon and out what I. I don't understand but it's fun. I don't get why it's like phenomenon status you know. So for the for what the two people who don't know fort that is it's basically the Hunger Games. And raped a three game you and are playing it on PlayStation four but you can play it on you know just by any kind of console whatever. But it's a free game so right away it's pretty cool and your playing in these things where it's like a hundred it's like online play. Yeah there's different modes is that it's pretty in depth for a free games a divot that. Yet though that but I mean that's cool I think that's one of the big selling point it would is that it is for. Which is which is the main. I just don't again like. I play a lot of my own I play a lot of so look cute so you know how many times he jogged back of the head and Monica on down. And I happen on that have a lot possible outpatient either like I guess accurately you can hide the Mike is. The new assume it's going out over here that dad yeah. So the recovery or double that deceived into it ending in season three is starting this week so they're gonna expand I'm told they're gonna expand its gonna be open to new things meet the new game mode maybe some weapons that they introduced into the game so people there are very excited about that. I get the feeling in this might be another hot chili optic. But the bubble can pop on this pretty soon. I think it's great make for what it is but there's going to be some really good guy AAA games coming out this spring that people are going to be like okay were off. Or nine now. So that that is what it is so moving on to you know you're you're Tripoli titles the ninja turtles Richard out of today our life. Injustice still an injustice to her older and they look. If you look at them they do a good. Here's an interesting thing there's a game called the monkey crypto coming out. Must look at it though not beaten yet months includes the right. Or the Monte Cristo sandwich the count oh or the semi yet. So this game actually really cool because of the puzzle game and they've promised to get this since we're all about ready player want to write this there. There is C hidden file in the game. That you have to find it if you're the first person to find a password to this file they give you a big point. Yes sir you're the first person basically solve this puzzle game big give you keep your pride of the people now experts had. I had no idea would bitcoin is let's just pretend that. What is that torn. It is what is called a crypto currency which is again on line aren't they get it the global online currency aka. Right so that's been in the news lately though I know unhappy I'd does that not that the network yeah. I'm just gonna look at it right now how much is one big point as of today yeah. Today we're one big point. Is six as of February 5 6200. Dollars. Holy smokes. So one big point is that is that. So that's that's a sizable prize now cracked cashed that in somewhere cabinet that aka you actually can and they were as high when it first came out they were 179. To 171000 dollars in the first human do you think at some point in the future were all going to be using that Colin. I made it to global currencies like maybe. The talent to use. Are you a story about fifty that how he forgot that he accepted bitcoin differs. Late last album oh my god now somehow he made like seven million dollars but by accident. Like totally forgot about this guy between that and the vitamin water stuff he's a good games ago he's going to be a billionaire by now. Let him more bits of news that we'll get to the topic sure to out of there is now in east sports apparel line and their stuff looks. Great goodness somebody is moniker incorporated. So you wanna check them out they have east sports like active Wear froehlich year year active gamer who blew yet. And last thing the game you should probably playing as we keep your if your big gamer like like gossip metal gear survive is out this week which is the first. Metal gear game economic put out without Padilla Coachella. So that Saddam lead advocates are zombie survival game which is weird from out here but yeah. That's real different but I don't know will the toppled on that one people are not very excited about it. Well to eat and I adolescent with a pig ear person thank you very much Brian. Yes now he is not here is not joining us live however we do have a very special for get the top of the shore comic book minutes. But it's. I'm here to talk about. He's the yeah yeah. Steven. Still in. Our face and Marcus from the boxers podcast for all of that and so. The comic book men at every sub don't go blocked because a black panther there may be some listeners out there Ryan that wanna know little bit morbid about his origin or they wanna know about you what he was like in the comics. So this is the essential reading. For black panther. Let's start all the way back Ryan. 1966. Fantastic four issue 52. Stanley and Jack Kirby this is the first appearance. Of black panther. You also get the first name dropping its conduct you get the hidden technological paradise uncle buck also mentions that. A yacht nine point eight graded issue of this sold for 51700. Dollars. Two past December. But a nine point six grade is currently on eBay right now for 25000. Sorted it big drop down but still op pretty crazy at the cool cover up lack of their. Kyle like. Standing and are jumping in front of the moon with all the fantastic four characters pole so that's along with character goes and also. It reminded me of just how far the fantastic four have fallen if they do a comedy like they were. The most important. Kind of character for awhile and marvel and the movies have been so bad that you have characters like black panther who debuted a fantastic four. Who have shot past them in popularity. Yeah. So fantastic for the very next issue number 53. This the second look at black panther you get mortars origin story also the first appearance of claw. In the introduction of the element by brain so pretty important issue there. Again back in 1966. Let's jump up a couple of years 1968 avengers 52 all this were black panther joins the avengers. That's a pretty big issue their. Avenger 62 this is in 1969. You get the first appearance of bock who the mandate. Which we can get into a little bit later on. As the analyst to block prints at the movie avengers 87 is the retelling orgy of the black panther another really cool cover there those 1971. At 1973. Jungle action. Jungle action in five through seven and this is actually the first sold low. Black panther comic Rondo also the first appearance of Erica hill monger and get the origin of kill longer. So again we'll get him coming up. Let's go to black panther number one in January 1977. More of Jack Kirby a the first appearance of king Solomon's raw eggs and which are magical help are stationed devices which uncle buck points out. There's also some sort of combination with Doctor Strange and he says you know who knows maybe in its view that as it goes forward. Marble premier 51 through 531979. Black panther run the series that it previously featured animated star award at there's a three part robbery battles the kkk. It's good stuff. Black at the Wanda marvel knights it's about to 1998. Did you kill munger is in this one as well to challenge black panther. And it's it's just a couple of ones blocked at the one marvel knights 20051. Appearance of his sister sure. Or Surrey. That was censored for her victory there. And then the last start out to more blocked at the number one in 2006. This is where. Lets the the disease says both football yet it for a further explore will conduct and that one. He also gets black panther eighteen. This is the the story Mary storm. Making storm queen of chemicals storyline. Acting at their 26 through thirtieth 2000 2000 and seven that is really fight marvel zombies and an onslaught black panther one through five in 2009 dark rain. Sherri. Takes on the black panther mantle. That's pretty cool that could be something that they play with down the lines there to those are the comics that you need to know as a with the black panther. They got read very little of that to beyond. Have very yeah I've read very. Oh but some good stuff that you want whether it's fantastic for avengers an early days or his own black print the stuff. Now so without being says that Ryan are you ready for the topic is sore. It that's the top as the topic is towards that its stance that topic of the day it's today is black panther which is the eighteenth and CU movie. It is 82 hours fourteen minute run time. Currently Iran tomorrow's 97%. By the critics 77%. By the audience. But there's some shady business going on there. Lot the shady business going on and I know if you've been keeping up with the new you know that. They were IDC fan boys who Wear. Planning on sabotaging the audience scored for the rotten tomatoes score which they did successfully our group posted a couple of them. They were not not kind. Just stupid is stupid stuff I think it's DC fan boys and I'm not gonna rule out races I'm just not I'm not can do that because black print there's beginning a top hype and you know these reviews give out so early that nineteen people and to see the movie probably regulate it is so anyway. However a lot of people that see the movie a 192. Million dollars opening weekend at the box office that puts that number to. All time for MCU movies and number ten all time for movie movies so pretty impressive stuff only the avengers. Made more opening weekend. They're top five is the avengers black panther. Avengers a double trauma Captain America civil war in Iron Man three actually got checks in at number five. The bottom three the the worst box office was the incredible Hulk. It man was seventeen those very good movie but it is seventeen at the sixteenth was the first Captain America. Yet despite assert debate here that yesterday. That black panther beats and get this. The forced awakens for the most. Monday's failed a move. All night so much 08 hours so the first four days black Panthers and the theater it made more money than justice. Not just not and I think justice league's first forty's I think Justice League period in April or money at less than a week. The Justice League did the entire time so I somebody asked me this the other day and I had an answer. Got a multi facet that I guess but why do you think that this movie is so big right now. I think it's so big red out a lot of it has to do time like timing yes you know I mean Andy. This is. You know I'm not I try to David Ludwick being diplomatic as possible and there's they're dealing with to get into that later we get enough spores but it I would say timing the timing of this movie was perfect. It really wasn't there's a lot going on that you just you know we don't really get into politics ever on this podcast I really don't do much in my entire life but I think you can get. You can kind of gauge what's going on but everything in sort of put that in place I also think what helps to. It looks like nor the fact that. It just that MCU movie about the MC movies do really well we went through a whole list of they'll have monster opening weekend. This character we actually saw in civil war and everybody liked the character so I think that really helps. But getting back to you black parent there what he stands for what he represents. He's not the first black superhero he's up the first one to get a movie however it is very different like. Blade. Was actually the first real marvel movie to get things going back in the late ninety's. But it was it was Wesley Snipes are established our it was blade interest in character. Then like this surrounding cast was you know vampires. Auto white dudes whatever I like Uga I don't think I don't that was just. Dismissed blade in how important that was. But think about comic comic book movies there ban how many black leads. Have their back is it just played like steel or your account you know Shaq could steal like they're just. There's not then might I Am Legend argument of that at summit that's I don't count at a time like marvel DC these super these super. You know box office. Moneymakers. It's black panther and and the entire cast with the exception of love a couple of guys. It's an entire black cast and it takes place though almost entire movie takes place in Africa players is that there's a lot to this. I think also people wanna look at it as you know what I Wonder Woman meant for the female audience is what maybe black panther could mean. For the black audience so I can't. Yet autonomy accent and is accused that it ended the could be black community is as rally around yeah I was actually talking to people like this should be like required viewing for. Yeah any any you know anybody it's just because and I and it said that the people too and I'd visit when I was kind of touching upon I didn't really devastated elect. I've said this some of the of the daily Q what was the good Mike. Yes it's due realists marvel movie. I've ever seen and the like like the most realistic public melt like big deal and with like real (%expletive) like in this movie yeah right out there. All the space aliens you know I mean. Another deal with real stuff for the dealing with the NA is still a comic book way people look at some of the changes that they made to make available the more. Real data a little bit. Again it takes place more Condo which they a fictional. Location but it did have more the real in this as like the marvel Netflix shows that. Rhetoric like. I didn't love Luke cage but there's a for a lot of real miss their Jessica Jones was great I thought you know their double punish her or what do real world stuff going on there. This one in a specially what a departure from like for Iraq which is great it was a very entertaining movie biz a much different thing so. And I definitely elect Barak Iraq is like it was a good movie and it was entertaining but it was it was. Like it was it was funny it was the this is like the. Yeah this is there to step with different. So like we do with all of our our movie reviews we start spoiler free the little sound the alarm on you were little sound the alarm it'll get the spoilers. So the first question I always ask you you already answered it. I usually just ask you did you like it and done it sounds like you did. I loved it. I also really enjoyed my myself on those very very happy that this is is very entertaining and for moving those two hours and fourteen minutes. It I'm somebody that's a hard time sitting still like I never con alike. Got uncomfortable my chair or is like you know losing my interest like I was locked it for the whole two hours fourteen minutes. And I will walk will want to listeners to haven't seen it Q what one of the things that year I was so excited because obviously people I've adopted were talking to people metallic good it is. The smallest part of the movie's beginning. Yeah like justice and I that power me through electronic OK okay you know stimulate. And but that got me through it at first like half hour forty minutes and then it was you know an hour and a half of the ball the law so. Yes it it was it was a good kind of lead in in today short bit maybe a little bit you know but I thought it was still a bit it was a good start to what. Against spoiler free for the sparkle what stick what stood out to the most. A would sit out to me in my obviously be the role of women in this actually really stood out to make up. And I guess that existing in the the marvel whole thing is dealing with. And I was I was thinking about how to save it rather watch in the movie but like the marvel hoping it would dealing with. Responsibility what is the responsibility of these heroes and and that's kind of like the common theme throughout any. Marvel story right yes Tom and I feel I felt like what stood out to me was the weight that. But on the child the black panther is much different than it is for any Erik there. Yeah oh yeah that makes that. All for shore yet know it it it definitely is I thought for made. We did. All like oh come up on three years ago our very first episode of hash tag dork in only twenty minutes dating identical them on like YouTube and it was the it was on marveled violence is the first thing we did when that we love these marvel movies it would love Marvel Comics but if you go through. If you take out Mac need though if you take out. Maybe a couple of Spiderman guys. Doctor doom like there's just it's not a great lately be heroes are so good. What are the villains and you know maybe two weeks ago if you ask some really pay what are you worried about you know kill monger but watts like I don't know like it might not have much to say about him. But Michael B Jordan a doll was so. Goodness and we started so I think we start to see it change like the full feature in Spiderman was awesome. I actually like hell up and she was like the greatest government about how low is a pretty good villain. And I think panels is gonna be good all the sudden we're getting a switch in these marvel movies and so I thought that kill monger was awesome. In heat. I don't wanna say he stole that joke if there are people who at different times different characters were stealing the show in the movie. But just you cannot understated it up like how good. He what Michael B Jordan was in this role and get what we get the spoilers I'll I'll amid talk about this ad nauseam but like he was. He was great argue me a one or two word response to what each of these things. In the movie the story. The action. Yet the action there were there were definitely times where it was. Really give it a couple of scenes but I don't there was any that you would say this is the best marble like fight scene with some good ones no doubt but there's an I don't think there's any that you put up now. And again with a spoiler free like there are some Turkey said there were some aspects of the fighting that where. Some yeah. And there were some that were just like okay we have to do it and run of the mill and I think yet. Are at the acting. Great. The humor. Unexpected. Yeah yeah yeah I would say pretty good again if you're comparing it to. Ragged rocker homecoming yet doesn't stand up there. But if you're sick with all the seriousness. To it it's still found that line where it was still marvel movie and there are still a couple characters of particular. That brought some laughs and so wasn't like super serious the whole time. It was it was great it is that broke attention it wasn't like. Up throwaway line I think he was put there intentionally to be like OK hey you're still watching have a comic book. Yes yes exactly. And then the last part. Like the the marbles cinematic universe. Connection and put together so it's it never seen any of the marvel movies that you just plop them down and watched black panther. Has the UB five. Yeah you know you do utility fund because again they make mention of things and they feel you win enough. Yeah but as a marble and tested the there was one thing that let me down if it was probably yes because. On the horizon is like infinity ward and and you're like OK like how is this gonna connected you know and as marvel movie and your own thing and look at what's the next thing what the next thing and expect. But I think it was done intentionally. So you focus on this movie in this. Yeah now that's that's probably true and I get all their says there or urgent stored movies like weathered Spiderman or doctor strangely they kind of walked them to be. Hey to show up and watch this movie but then they also they each want to have you know they they fit in a little bit differently. I thought it was great debt of it. At this might be witnesses spoiler Rivet none of them actually show up. No sign of an edge. That's got to be a spoiler. Well people were to estimate that everything. Up mid credits the Democrats in and a postscript seems obviously as at the MC will be sustained for both. Your hash tag dork score Ryan zero through six. Yeah I was figure five that. Is it it's either a hard to hard five. But I think a regular five and a half a begin not a lot of fives recently in the MC Yahoo! I think this was slightly better. Some guys like I gave I gave up five to wreck rocketing unified their guardian I mean I currently got a two yeah. Well this is slightly. Batter. Arts are a few prepared this I whipped this up summer is asking me about it so. I ranked. My. Favorite MCU movies 13 team. I think it's. I think it's probably easier just to go want to rate seen having racially rather than now being dramatically going eighteenth through wanna gets more confusing. So right now I have black panther number six. Okay. You cracked cracked my cup but. Did it OK so this is this is mine and don't pat me on this case you can mean a full point this whole thing not number one. For me guarding for the galaxy. Number two captain America's civil war. Number three. Iron Man number four the avengers. Number five Captain America winner soldier. Six black panther seventh floor rag Iraq eight Spider-Man homecoming nine at. Guardians of the galaxy volume to ten ant man at eleven Doctor Strange. This is where there's a hold of a gap. Twelve avengers age of all trauma. That probably another gap. Thirteen four. Fourteen in the first Captain America fifteen for the dark world. Sixteen Iron Man 217. Incredible Hulk in the worst MC movie according to meet iron in theory. I mean our yeah iron into was worse enemy that that's just been so. What are you got. So what I have right now. If I have one that would be guardians. A two Iron Man. Three I have avengers. Four I have winter soldier. Five. Black can't their loan. And then I have six at this six in six and seven to interchange but civil war in homecoming or like six. In an arrest just whatever. But yet are all that's grew out of the pretty similar but Davidge. It's really good and like so for me the only. Or urgent story better would be Iron Man and I also people don't like it is much but as it's the first war it should get extra points for that. And it was just it was awesome and I looked at technically technically at guardian origins story. You can point good point maybe it is and it's a group origin and a debt aren't those the product or your character so it. But the big companies now I'd be really sense all trauma they've all been good. And it's funny to look at that you mentioned like I mean three iron into like those weren't great but they're not bad. I'm back now they're they're redeeming qualities in the and each one but are anything already agreed to be a great question asked what's the is there any marvel movie that's worse than it DC other that will take note bat and out. Is there any marvel movie worse than it these. As funny red forests are recording this couple guys at the station raskin in their late Islam. If you just take the DC EU suffered at your right forgotten when all realize it eaten it all out all you only get. What is that man of steel that may be Superman suicide squad Justice League and Wonder Woman you get those five I think we all agree one woman's the best. At the so I think Wonder Woman would probably fit like. Thirteenth fourteenth I think. Wrote it yeah iPods probably in the bottom but it's better to me that Iron Man two or three whole cloth or two but then your your right there the other ones. Andy Elson on spoiler. Know enough. Kerry Collins that's known as the spoiler alarm and of course. Now the movie takes place a week after civil war so one of the issues I've always have but the marble. Cinematic universe is great as it is my biggest issue we all know is how they don't overlap with Netflix at all in the Netflix characters have never seen the the MC care or the the movie guys or vice Versa that dress and now it's second thing. Is ever wants all the timeline is thrown off when you're a what year it is are the 7-Eleven years ago well before this other thing. And does that bother me sure liked it should it probably not I should have bigger things to worry about putt. When you host the hash sect or podcast that is a concern. But so firm. Time line wives. We get introduced a black panther in civil war. His dad obviously has killed there and this is a week later and he's back in Africa. As far as. Again we've both given a five and a half so there's a lot alike but what about any issues you had whether it. There's a couple things that one again. Party spoiled this but there's. And this is I think it's not an issue but they gave you might have an issue with a bit that there is. Very little. And see you playing here this is obvious you have lake. Mark Freeman's characters in the movie yeah. Ross Levitt and closet and it's so we've seen them before and and then that's the that's where it stops basically there's no Kennedys don't there's no talk of pan out there's no talk of no affinity stone was a huge surprise wasn't. It that you should get caught have to be right. I assume that it is and that's they're going to be an infinity ward that makes no sense and there was dirt there was one that thinly veiled reference to Bucky Barnes only one. And I look like he's (%expletive) barely how to not mentioned him yet war. Was probably keep them under wraps the only other thing that IE. Sounds very distracting in the movie in this is a petty thing that mark has more to do with mean it does the movie. Getting to tacos glass side was. Very very prominent display as he's talking like that ever land when he goes to lick the way to the ancestors. Let me ask you yes. Is the odd that was higher. On his face the real warm or the one note lower. It was the wanted to looking at the screen it was the one on the right so it's his left side those laws and any notice when he below what it when he links to that I didn't blink. Well I don't like they're so I just was. IMAX greedy and it was very prominent display Intel vice let's be very distressed Hannibal Lecter never. Know about it it was. It was it was creepy to me. Yet as weird are so the one issue I had with it and again sort of at this point you would vaults in the movies so. You know. The whole idea of Michael B Jordan character. They fired they host father is killed so the whole idea is this is thing of revenge so. I'm kind of curious just how much he could have known about what conduct and I just thought that it was kind of quick and so let's say you learned a decent amount of it. Thought it was kinda quick how he was able to show up there. Challenge. To Tolle. Defeat him momentarily. And then become king and then all of a sudden he's like dishing out lake. Demands of like man he really just spoke over the whole country very quickly. Yes and I think when it was playing with is that an outlet center right Covert the director talked about this is the whole movie is playing with tradition verses in a patient. Right so yeah that's the theme of the old movies so like they are you available condoms are so dead that in their traditions that. You know we allow these these tools to happen and do we respect that and that's just going to be delayed it is time. There was a very strange people like you said that he asking claw like how to delegate to conduct that is like I'm not telling you. And any shoots him and then showed up there by that letter. Brady went to the exact person he needed to go to the dude from doubt he goes right to him who he late he must have known about as general appealed to him. Then the next thing you know he's in the jet I council room and he's like. Hey I'm challenging you. It's a tells like our great. So the Mets won one for him to get the challenge in the win the challenge the next thing you know is that our send all of our weapons select all these countries like. I guess that makes sense but it was just that seemed really quick. It. So but anyway go back to kill monger who were talking about before. No relation to iron monger the bad guy from iron in one as far as I know but still longer. Incredible character he's got some of what the victors as too long whereas like he Marx himself for all the kills. Eight it was sick because he's talking you he says he Marx himself. And really you know whatever they rolls up his sleeve connect a wallet his whole arm has covered many off the top off and it all my Christ like his ship it. His entire body is covered it needs marks. That's up to people you're skilled. But he was great united and won the Texas is that when we're gone back and forth you were saying how. Very rare to have a villain who you actually kind of route four times. Yes and that and that's what the beauty of his character was like he's making points a boat why and is motivations makes sense. Yeah they did going to be if you like that makes sense any you know the beauty of him is that you know you're actually at some point in the movie. You're rooting for him when he shows up pennies like. You know I grew up in Oakland like I saw would be way. That's happening to our people out there and he's like saying things like where were you in the sixties where were you when their rights were happening. Things like our people are dying right you're spitting on this injured just. You're doing not. It was all right yeah. Used his reviews really do it was a different element to it too because. You take the characters and will conduct. And the other sort of addressed him you know the more traditional traditional African ways. And the way to child talks some of the other characters talk and then you have Michael B Jordan who grew open Oakland. And he shows up there and just gives you different element to the movie and it was. It was awesome but I didn't really know what to expect I don't know what he's gonna do we also of the previews. Where. You see him turn into a black parent there anything he's fighting and you can tell is a bad guy. We did you had no idea how new wants that laws is is the idea though. Not original enough I mean it's Hamlet it's Lion King it's it's sort of the same idea. But at the same idea but I think what what makes. I guess said that to make that the kill Margaret Erica that much and anyone else selectivity is the wrinkle that. But their wrinkle that he was like that wrought that you all he's one of art. You know you actually. A CIA agent you know I mean it's not like he's like some he's not a thug. He's not a person who just showed up off the street with guns and you know he sees a person who has trained his entire life for this. He's the person who it is motivated to use a little motivation right about the Aussie. He brought yeah brought up without a dad like that's his main motivation and that's like that the very real thing. Yet no that is that is definitely true and it's you know similar to how it and Spiderman homecoming make. Like the vulture you see what happens having lately loses jobs lite RE. This guy now also as a motivation rated against the opening. And clearly. No longer does it he's just bad ass maybe he's different that some of the other ones pays also. Like forget when he's taken the black panther stuff but he also. Is another look legitimate data as the publisher like. Okay yet back eight this exact kind of marine background he's going to be a bad ass he's going to be you know a really good fighter. Ed so don't you have that would kill longer. You go straight to anybody we can mission what does exist to be in this is kind of like I think it's kind of throw I think this movie it wasn't it was so good that it I caught it. Was that the Vick customs. In this movie. Yeah were some. Yeah they were in even like his hair is the longest airlines. But when you first see him get elected Jean jacket he just like that's the most whacked out Baghdad or even tomorrow yeah Arnold. He's always like is put on different masks all the time and we're to that scene of him in the museum was just awesome and asked in his that wears a strong and she's the customers like now. Is that deduct it out and they think he's put in the mass on which is something that is character in the comics I know would do you Wear different masks. What do you think of what Condo and like how they how they showed that. I thought. I thought that one of the strongest parts of the movie too which is that the shots in the just the the scenery of this movie was incredible and like the sets were incredibly. I thought Condit was like super cool looking good you have like they showed like the kind of a dirty areas of it to that huge cities you're not gonna have. Yet Cecil affirmative like the skyline it was cool how they approached it is got to wonder woman in that sense words like this is isolated from everybody yells like yours for the outside that you go win the and out of nowhere is the most highly technologically advanced. City in the world. It is data as good Skylar remind me a lot of Star Wars does like this looks like Star Wars CD or earth or play our planet I mean Mike when he when he wrote when he flies. There will that a new blue field but a good way it looked like some of the the prequel cities but in a good way. But it was it was I am and then yet you go to these different places and then you see how important my premium is and also all by the way the very very beginning of the movie like a real quick run through on here we are this is why O Connor is important here's what they have here's the history of it seen enough to know I dare think about black panther and you don't view have been caught up in the first five minutes. Died it was and that was. One of the stronger parts of the movie as well so those yet. I thought it was who's getting what did you think ultimately of the black pants that are. Well I guess it's no longer being dad. That debate about the not too bad that they had to be you know that way. But I think one of the end it was the most powerful line of the movie for me I mean people like to meet our but he says yeah. You know it's that we're gonna you know we can still we can take you into the lab is still kind of like basically you could pick indeed active the most technologically advanced place in the world. Any said. I'd rather it would keep like doing what you're saying yeah well you know it yet from any ocean with a blow all my ancestors to do that. Debt was better than bondage there's something like opal and I biblical line you know. You can't save them now you know it means you don't bring him back outside size two bet that we that you lose him. But what an awesome awesome. Job he did play. We're definitely getting a black panther to I mean haven't announced it but I mean you make that kind of money people are so invested in all the characters. So again I thought it was at a Star Wars feel to it Byrd also the good James Bond feel to it as well like the way a black pair up there in like the technology. And then you go to his sister Sherri. Lee is issue the smartest person in the world. She acknowledged that police chief the smartest characters he'd like. You know at some point Tony Stark elect walked in her lab they're gonna have to really cool conversation. Like the post cereal and like banner like they those are probably. In this universe are those the three smartest people we now I'm in him somebody. I'll say right now that the girl who place jury in this movie is going to be a superstar. She was great she had really good. Our pick him also pretty Smart they get for him analysts. Don't like him. Announced it is the wife beater but surely also. To me was like if you combined into one character. Alpharetta Lucius Fox in oracle which she was all of them. Because she could she could invent stuff on the fly. But you also had good comedic timing like she's energy she gave her brother the finger at room when it became act of about it. She gets its SaaS. In an ABC becomes the black panther down the road may be in you know phase six of of the marvel believes she becomes the black panther she also ago. She had that one line as a thank god they gave you one thing. And that was when they bring in ever Ross if she goes a greater of the broken white boy defects. Now that will good I didn't know we're gonna get that scene but there's like you know what. It would've been distracting to have Captain America in it dispersed secondly if I didn't need down we dirty saw him show up the music art Bucky series. And that that's fine. Garrity did that mean it'd democrats' feet right that it needs a total war they need to do. So again the cut scenes here yet the mid scene which. It almost seemed they should have been a part of the movie rather it was when they're at the United Nations and I mean it's I was wait for them just a look at the audience when they're like. Haley maybe we shouldn't be putting up like borders that we should be like you go X like flipping over bridges are never. I only for the Ike everybody and on the screen like turn and look at the crowd. It's. The house find them in the post credit scene you get Bucky Barnes he actually get to see what are soldier walking through their fur was the white walls. And he's talking to surety so that is that's good stuff. So the white wolf in the comic in I'm outside the box dedicated to this question and have. It's terrible and accommodate the different character who's like an adopted book content bow but he white yeah he's like their head of the army. Yes somewhere that yet but it's it's not pocket Barnes finished in Scotland there yet. One other thing. A bit and we talked about this that it. In many episodes past the one thing has pretty cool you know Iron Man two is one of the worst movies. It big time Easter egg for army and two. Was one on the screen. Behind Tony Stark then all these places on the map kind of highlighted in one of almost conduct. So pals like eight years ago or merlot is so they're already planning out in black panther. Just his existence alone so there's a certain little things along the way. Obviously you get you know ever Ross whose civil war claw was an all Tron and so. He kind of knew early with claw anyway you thought our maybe he'll be apartments. As well. Now. Our quick Carriker thing to stricken ripped through some of the other ones stuff that we may have missed. This is gonna sound like a criticism or a being negative and it's not. But I thought at a like the main cast out of like the top five or six people maccast. I actually thought that child might have been the worst. I think he was. If it was funny because that you have this established character who's supposed to be this like all the bad ass and you'd it was the vulnerability of him like I don't really know what I'm doing. Yeah or like Eden that would that would kinda cool did it again it's kind of some is some real (%expletive) that like you know I'd if you walk in if if you worked. Named president of the United States tomorrow what would you do. Yeah like I guess I know apps will be passed the united. Yeah and that you know it. You know I feel addicted. It's like being apparent for the first time we just don't know what you're doing and he's gonna do that puppy and I think part of a character development. Four. The child would like I don't really know what I'm doing but I wanna do it my way you know so I thought that was again. We don't heed his weaknesses is indecisiveness may be like you know ignorant. The night if it in night it would be. That it today. And it today. About his suits looked pretty sweet. I'd like to suits like the technology behind the suits he's put on the the necklace there are bone. So now sport Iron Man rather like she's so full that you guys seriously. All right a lot of second in the unmasking like if you're in the over the by. So that was really good having no he was good to get me wrong but it was just. Looking at some of these other characters like they are overall better as I enjoyed that I enjoy the more. I guess I think that was great I mean that one of the big you know it's it's a supporting cast that actually supports. The main character which is just phenomenal like as much as Tony Stark is great he's better than pepper Potts but he just did that but yeah all right thank you like you ought to be imam mystery. But the all the other characters but we're gonna mention like. I got said no once stole the show but they all like for the whole movie but they stole it at this. Yet there were all strongly there's no weak link and it is cool to what you think about them see you how you know it started and it was. You know New York City and then you know what Germany's in some awesome Captain America and iron and where he went all the United States then you know he introduced the war. Oster got as guard. The of the guardians of the galaxy there to blanch at different places and now they're still in America are there CC's new they're still in doll or on earth. Bowl konduz as a whole new place to figure. It out. It really relatively. No longer we are talking about it was awesome hot mic Kia. Now the key isn't very interesting character she's actually more of a villain. In the comics and rich are named malice. In the contracts. But. And like she was clearly just a love interest for child here maybe things will change going forward but. Nick here it was really really did and that was the teen and young who is younger. A young goes they've really good actors. She's phenomenal actress and in stunning to look but isn't it awesome that she's also about Qatar. As much and in our course. But yet she is and also according to TMZ she was seen cuddling with Michael B Jordan. Couple like I I don't lie. A court today played by the same owner plasma shown in the Walking Dead. Really really go that one on one of the wrong. One of the most bad ass character a gift if we did the thing again where you throw all mall in the could turn amid public who would win enough and she's got to be on the short list. Strong character. Often carry exceeded she's awesome she was super intense very like. Keep them shown thing which is which is pretty cool and I was watch in an interview with Reich who where he was like it was actually. Really interesting because you know would dealing gotta get up bring it up. Tradition vs indication that she's very traditional sushi at the C uses spear. In a sheet of music got you know it's so it was and that was all make a decision that they made and it was it worked perfectly. Yet no it was it was it was really to the so of course it was good Cheri we are immense amount of time she was awesome she was really good in this. In Moscow. Who. We talked about he provided some of the humor to. And so is actually here and uncle buck mentioned. In the count but minute. You pointed Alec when he was first introduced he's been a long time character and he's actually known as mandate. It's a they made the decision which I think we'll would all agree on that you know what. We need character named man a fair bet erotica a black person dressing up as a grow we don't need to do that so they didn't but. They still made kind of homage is to it like there is that. As I guess statue almost as Alex holding up like his player was that the public guerrillas so it was like. Hey map in the duel it out yeah sells like hey we still were were on board with the way we we understand like its comic background or document name a mandate so that was there was. Well funny story some sit down watch in the movie and not those guys are the Jabari I think they're called yet the bars there so there in his program which is like super cool edit the logs that you conceded gorilla you know and at its. It's in the mountain. So what's really awesome. And when it. The mark Freeman started talking minister go to quote. It is just like the author of that this good this kid behind me it was like could have been like twelve goes. (%expletive) These lessons up at that point gadget that coach chip but it predict it wouldn't I wouldn't go block ever Ross. I could find a bit I think you needed a debt debt tethered to like the real world. Yeah Atticus he had CIA guy who yeah at first it like no clue and it was like similar to going back in the mid credits scene when they were like. You know it what does congress have to offer local probably that the ship contrary it is like Danica and so. Would there or what he sees them when they're playing. You know at the car I did that day casino where you also get the Stanley cameo. And he's just like gays and I am bomb dump take it when I see a month ago and murdered dot and they kind of finally figures Alec okay these guys are the real deal like. He he's like there's no way I'm he'll agree he'll long lake he's realizing now holy Schiller will conduct is a different type of place. And that's what I had to keep reminding myself that the outside world thinks that it that Third World country yet exactly yeah. The edit that edit stuff in my closet what I have to tell you like being yet. Bit what do you like you stole all their right Brady music impact. Yeah all of it. Yeah I got all their tea and so he was also a good combination to it you know the vibrating and gone back to you don't all Tron and everything going on with the with claw but. He's also dead so 01 other one last thing I would say. You know what went characters. Are one or win a universe is set up as such where you can be healed by almost anything. Notes are like the Lazarus pit idea. Where they have the technology to heal everybody. It kind of takes a whale that when a character dies good how they really going to die right now. Can they get there are aware of this so somebody happens to a lot of people are predicting like Captain America is gonna die. And infinity war that I don't know that's my prediction yet haven't thought about it as much popular saying that so if he does. Like you have to like cut the guy and half for something other Matty Billick just signal conduct an IQ do you want. I guess and that if that's so a nice little southern new cap. You don't you'd always have that yet but what my point is like its is somebody dies on screen. If somebody like him Theres a crying and dictate knowledge can heal on I don't know cries. The idea how to give it impact full depth that was gonna assume they're going to be able to come back. But. Now you know you don't. So infinity war is up next our it looks like based on the previews are going to be in Condo for a good amount of it released persona may be a big battle there may be some buy premium maybe people get healed I don't know but. What you said it wasn't a silly like the perfect lead in for it but doesn't make any less excited for. Now it doesn't that's the thing is that don't movies so it doesn't take anything away it didn't added I think it also been taking me away. Ready good side Richard but so that it just existed in the perfect time. And it was it was a really cool movie that well done movie dealing with some really mature themes that are are going to be eighty you know great. Conversation pieces or about adults in the room and it's you know so. Just just an awesome movie regardless yet. Know how plots we've both given a five and a half out of six. Davies got it just inside his top five for marvel always I have it at number 61. Of the best of villains that could be another conversation altogether but it rankled violence from the movies but he's right up there at the top. In the supporting characters for a lot of characters that we had seen before or even a even comic book readers like us for not super familiar with most of these characters they were great they were they were really good so. You sort of creating another universe like a mini universe within the greater universe the so. It was really strong and we don't for facts to Chela and a Koi eight will be an infinity war I'm guessing sure he will be too. That's been announced that are not blood and even him the Bok do has to be it you like being there ought to be. You've got derivatives. Yes and Malia should be now what via the militia. And just maybe maybe he can go back to the the but the underworld the whatever was the where he saw as father and maybe maybe tomorrow will be there to get him into the scene and get it. Any anything else Ryan on by our. I can't again I would say to those people who are still with us to haven't seen it annoys would know that doesn't make any sense you have a duty to give them a message that they're not here. Out so Kevin he said it was it was the best movie that marvel has made that he can about that like he thinks it's the best movie they've made. I don't fault it's the best movies but it definitely the most important a ball. Yeah I always thought of a legacy of the marvel movies like this is probably going to be in the conversation. Beat the best. Movie yeah sports story but it's a good move. In the most the the most important it's a battering him man. Really it's wanted to ask fulfillment through social consciousness and it. You probably think the it's for the dark world is probably an area where you're headed where your mind immediately runs to. Our let's let's move on to the next up towards an all by the way of course. We've obviously both seen it so feel free to what emails dork podcasted G another comp or tweet us at or podcasts your thoughts on the movie that you'll love it that you hated somewhere in between questions comments had a thought whenever you get a chance. To get the. It's. Barack kick received deferred defend the goal. To use. Our I'll receive I wanna go it a horror movie that is currently on Netflix is called the ritual. And it's. How did bananas it's a I don't want to say too many comparisons to that might give giving away a little bit but at the ninety minute or movie. I'll be honest not the greatest wealth are up argument four out of six. Maybe a three and a half four. It's like the dissent in a way it wears a grip but the sounds a group dudes that go on a trip. But then from there there's some other things that go on but those are pretty good beginning kind of sucked me in it it gave you some good character stuff. So shot if you if you give give the ritual ten minutes. And if you don't like it finer hurt my feelings you can bail but if you like it sit down let you know it. So I have to this week one happy ones that. The I'll give you a happy first. It's just came out that. A book is being published its coming out October but they just announced it this week. It'd be Super Mario Brothers encyclopedia. It's a full scale encyclopedia of all of seventeen Mario games and even has like. Maps of levels and also to different care they give breakdown of characters and but over the years it looks I've I've seen a snippet of it and it looks like a really cool book. Even had explanation of like glitches like in the level so it out of school alike yet so it's not just like. But a biography it's actually like. Let's do this entire world where you can you know. And I debated the Mario Kart games during their Tuesday at a table like shortcuts in the different levels and but the map but you don't need to attack a little. Comprehensive thing that's coming on October com and it's for pre sale on Amazon right now. On and we haven't all right Pete pick of the pot. Now boy here we go this is the perfect spot for these so what do you. Who who talk about her. We had a guest on this podcast for calm several several times. And I reached out to him specifically for this episode. And it turns out that you'll no longer be joining us. On any time in the near future just due to scheduling. Yet. Now what are okay definitely just I didn't. Stupidity for a I know a lot of people as a three point Ryan thanks for bringing this up for a lot of people tuned in. They're waiting to hear to shallow. On the podcasts you've been a frequent. Collaborators who says the that. And he is he limited time for a anymore and it's definitely because of that is definitely not because anything else. Nothing nothing in the real world could ever have impacted this decision on our part is just because he's too busy. OK I think that's pretty clear cut so why. We do we'll never hear from him again. Not ever so there ago. It limits you can rate review and subscribe on the attitudes of other way since the last episode got a bunch more. Reviews trying to offset. The man who will not be named who gave us a one star review he can (%expletive) off so. Everybody else those that are very nice job we appreciate those I checked out or read the reviews its overnight so we thank you very much. Twitter outdoor podcast emailed to or podcast at gmail.com. YouTube dot com slash or podcasts. He also on T public TEE public. Dot com search dork podcast. Mac and do the boxers everybody do you love shared universe is universe. All consecrated T shirts most of the best stuff has Davies based on as well. Hey what's. On the I I was stunned duke got the other day like you put that I can't we're stuck with might take heed of all the time you do he can do that yet but I can't I just had the month. Yeah I do it go on out to do it I'm gonna throw down a challenge right now. Lee I'd say that the channel Astec door challenge if you come up to us. Wearing 82 or anything. Dork podcast related. At northeast comic con I will buy you beer. Who listen very nice as a very nice gesture. Yet at the hotel bar if there is an. Limit one per customer and has no real aggressive at the there's got to be at the hotel bar although a number of Boston College come to try to get a direct and like or not serving today. Jack is the last thing you wanna do is people can figure out state weapons and. Not at all. Although at comic con and we just went down on them all there and yet it's easier but anyway so yet comes. From. That's not a not entitled like Ron Perlman. I'm think in this let's give a better idea and you might. Next week's episode because obviously two weeks it's gonna northeast comic con I'm thinking next week. Maybe we go back to an old email bag and have people analysis questions on literally anything and we will answer. Yes it's Jack could be anything ranging from you know comic book movies that comic books to TV shows. Music. Whatever they recent personal preference stuff and we kind of we kind of let you into our house when we did you are high school CD collections they learn you learn little about us than. So baskets whatever will low choose to answer as many of those as possible so be door podcast at gmail.com. Or act or podcast if you wanna ask is a question on Twitter. Maybe I'll save it for the email bag and we'll do that would that be good. All right Ryan thank you very much I'll talk the next weeks there and.