#DORK 53: E-Mailbag

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Tuesday, February 27th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey open up the inbox and answer listener questions in the E-Mailbag.  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. Martinez. Is the door to Martinez which cheek is the door. Monty manifest if that happens I don't mind cash. Banks which. And into another episode of hash tag dork I'm host rich keep joined as always by Ryan Davey Davey you. Great day Richard RU I am also have a great day I'm excited for this episode it is the email bag. Because. Nothing says they 53 episode like answering. Email and Twitter questions I've always said though I get excited when I figured yeah it even numbered fifty treated the thing that popped out my movement. It's definitely not a hey we don't have any topics a lot of you just give us the depth of topics topic that's kind of what that is but. We're still gonna do our normal. Bells and whistles including the news and notes of the week. Brian let's begin with John Sweden being out on backer what are your thoughts. At all of the troubled me about disease said he didn't have a story. Which. This doesn't know stories about back Earl yet there's no story about Becker it was probably knows source material you can pick from and you don't need a bit of a knob. Yes I'm guessing that you didn't have to get his own story details so he backed away from it. I took the shine is kind of off of job Sweden I think he's getting a lot of backlash there are some other the other stuff that has come up about him I think people are. Down on them. I think and I think a lot of it has to do like like we were just kind of alluding to I think he kind of mechanism parts at this point a lot of hearts and he's better than the source material you know I mean which is absolutely not true. We had I believe goes Mike yet agreed to conspiracy on Twitter he said that job Sweden was actually never attached to the back Earl but they said that DC brought a Mahan. Knowing they want him to fix Justice League and they initially get a day's going to be go back Ehrlich also is doing this in my about the Justice League where in reality they just wanted to help with Justice League but the. What you yes I mean that's that's not out of the realm of possibility that the debt has some legs. And it you know I don't that would be a terrible idea may be Avalon a female director duke back Earl I don't think god Killen. Now that would knock Ilya and I think a bit stated that that that's a fantastic idea about because it's a woman to get somebody in there who. Knows women a little bit better than just Diop to set of issues that the ladies' three. It doesn't exam that's a point they have people are going to be like our let's let somebody else and they haven't had a tank exits at such a good job Wonder Woman maybe if somebody else. Take on about a particular. Rule number one I would definitely want to Kathryn Bigelow. Back at all that would be that be fantastic other moving his Ryan mark Hammel. Is trying to get himself an unguarded of the Tutsi volume three. And why not out of Vietnam movies don't wanna remember I think you'd be a lot of fun appears in the movie I think. That movie could get Nazi get some of the hill and especially if you get lake sly Stallone and my all of the the original guardians that they showed that showed up the volume two and then you also include Mark Campbell I don't out of the way wouldn't do that. It would be even better who is just just brought this is just travel and feel free to shoot this down. What if we're jumping dimension go over the place we just happened upon looks skywalker. Dissent. Now you're telling me that the Star Wars universe that the FCU are one of the San. Girl under the bid reflect my guide at. And Mickey Mouse. The girl from frozen or both girls doesn't get a bond and together people like you shared universe idol I admit on that. Speaking of shared universe is. It sounds like X force is in begin filming in October. Dead pool Ryan Reynolds in cable just roll and are both set to be in the that film. Pots there's some speculation do you think they should bring back cy lock from the excellent apocalypse. The daughter Olivia month's time and effort people like Olivea month however maybe not the best actress. You know people said that about Ryan Reynolds. You know people that he didn't have the chops. Touche although he Kerry to Gaza grown a pizza place. He did a bit and he also spoke up the jointly. That is romantic comedy around that he did. Although I would say giant and they just trended in and out elaborate it is just adds very every watchable and definitely maybe is perhaps the greatest rom com there's ever bad. I does not hold a candle to sleepless indelible we're not here to talk about that. No we're not that's our your four unless it comes up in the email bag it just. Or when it when Harry met Sally is one of my favorite moment the company. And they go again. Not what we're here for if they totally agree a topic spoiler alert it's not in the mailbag I looked at the question that that is not in there. About that's also an October dobbs zillow vs Cong will begin filming now the movie won't be out until one it's one he bought. On a scale of one to 616. Super pumped gods over com. Arctic climate Rampage. I'll take that as a one. Not all excited about this you see the trailer action I know that you did so forgive me for asking us to I didn't did you see the trailer for her read it. How hereditary. I did not. We didn't OU yeah that's right. Well because now at what I was told is that. Involved a lot of people when it went get out we had a lot of buzz people like. Read anything about it don't think of anything about just just go into it so I did and the ticket with creditors of people are telling me to people who have seen a movie this thing don't see the trailer. It just go just trust that that it's gonna go see it. You know the movie comes out in the summer although they released it what Europe where one of the festival's already and it's like a high percent on run to motto that it's a 100%. And it's supposed to be the scariest movie of this generation. Anderson it's like the actress says of his generation and yet so it's called hereditary Marcus from the boxers podcast is on the putter on our radar. I watched it and I only watched it once I'm not a gold over with a fine tooth comb so maybe there are spoilers but I certainly couldn't really tell I just thought it was pretty eerie. Toni Collette is an aunt who I really liked I liked Nicole she's got a lot of good stuff even alleged that stuff like cramped as slick she still good. And so. This does look pretty tapped and I think your point and get out is good like IA and yeah I don't know but told the store in the podcaster up I'll listen to. When Jordan peel was on the Bill Simmons podcast. And it's before I saw the movie and he said how it influenced he was by stepped revives. Yet at a somewhat in the as a Muslim movement others this is that for months but what does it. Yeah Selma those town vote. But anyway it's a hereditary is very much on our radar I'm booked for a I think it's a June release. A couple of TV shows are back this week we'll start with the good. That the ash vs evil dead they're back for season three. Pretty good episode but balked brought this up and he's kinda right he's like can you tell me the difference between yet the suburbs. Doubt there's no difference it's very formulaic. But that's what the people kind of it's not so much that plot that you're getting it. But what I love about that show is kind of like the cheesy effects that they do you like they're raining effect that they continue to do you know there's very little computer generated effects. And just Bruce Campbell reaction this stuff is the best part of that. Yet my pop was a good side kick in so late there's dogged comedy between the two. They are they definitely do like crazy hills just for the sake of crazy kills so there is that it's it's good it. Mindless half hour television. Yeah in Italy they keep that it only half hour delay. William pollute the economy. Now it's cool to as they. Some non I don't know if they do is everywhere I think they must like OnStar that you have on demand liked it the episode comes out at 9 o'clock on a Sunday night. But earlier in the day daylight release it on the man didn't want it then it so the Walking Dead is also back the mid season premiere I guess. Man. This just sit Danks it's picks and liked. It's what are we on season eight. At yeah I think it's eight and it's episode like nine or ever atom like man I've watched so many hours of the Walking Dead and it suggests. Is that I want and now remember like it was good at one point was. Okay at that depth and I'd like I was into it until about these and 45. And then make to your problem is you're so into it now you can't stop. I can't I really can't think it's too much of an investment to just like well I don't care how it ends well below about I have to I have to watch it but I I hated it. I hated so much. Is there any today and they receive. Yeah they should've out that they knew what the ending would be three seasons ago words like now. I'm I'm polls or I'm not sold but I've read but Robert Kirkland. Think he knows how it's going to and delegates still may go offered on the couple seasons might this is just the pits. There's one of the things they're really elect about the comics is the heavily give Maine state people elect people came and went. Yeah I mean act like they're hanging on a certain characters like too long. So they just got rid of one law and I'm not there yet yet not a spoiler if you like but the governor one character which is great again they should've gotten rid of this character seasons ago. Betemit yeah days you have to write anything else news vies for get the Euro segment. I don't look at it which one website has referred to this as fairly. Informative. East and. Okay. Either man. Other oil what do you think of the article we so we traded this website to win. Cities teak. They wrote a review of hash tag dork I think it was like eighty. 5% positive but there is yeah flick little jabs and ends up taking a map to a that they could is that it's sock them whatever date they could have felt that way. Let me you that you did date we read and there you mentioned to me that they wanted to do com. A review of the podcast that Michael let cool and you're like but wait and you like look at this review and my own now there's this other one. Ripped. It's so this one this is fairly. But they fairly because. So the the author referred to. Davies bigger game minute pretty much it's fairly informative. She said that the podcast is mildly humorous. Which like classified to each their own. Kirk constructive criticism and there's another live in their articles Rosen law. Yet we're broke a couple of that's fine would do just fine. Again I mean that it's hard to take exception to any personal. But swung what's wrong with a lukewarm bath Richard. Enjoy you know it's not. Not content faculty did you have a nice time and there. I don't a line that warmer to than you would not look good at I would like to be funny here I would like to be smarter I would like to be more informative I would actually like to be 65. On this. You know I mean there's certain things you can wish you wish one hand and crap the other discipline getting it built urged I guess that went out on it. I can't make I can't act commitments of more informative some actually tried for that wanna read and up yet again yet. Is that it is at this point we can do we get too big to better ourselves but I'll play good dog. Take that we I would like the podcast to be better than it is so I'd seriously do you take constructive criticism sometimes we re read it and and I try to apply other times I'll throw it in the bin but I am I am. Open to all kind of suggestions for the show I do think it here. This army excuse alarm big target excuse. David Wright doing in different locations is Turkey. Leg is just it's just easier when you're in the samurai just an episode of Mac and do all three looser in the same room at this does is easier to flow that way so that's my excuse and it's it's it's been like that for a hundred episodes that pocket change anytime soon so. That give I want excuse. Now it violated and I just I hate appreciate the fact that anybody is listening especially in the twenty beat Minnesota. Area that listening to this go the other heard about it so holds no idea but it would think they guide and it was a key city with a B plus positive. There was. A little I'm a little. Perturbed by the word broke into her and I'm almost like 37 years old but that trip got a little bit about that and I don't think. Worse super row he but I think compare like that's a straight geek website and I think we come out of it a little differently work. That's why they don't work is the perfect label for is because we're not nerds were not geeks. But we're also getting to be old ass men's rod jocks anymore and so we irony we like all of this stuff you know instantly and we always have in the hours talking about it's I think. Dork is more the in fact you can get a shirt right county public pick who made etc. I'm not a nerd of a hash tag dork. With yeah I saw that I. I would like to say you know. I would like to put but not a civic thank you so much for a ticketed adult isn't it ridiculous new example are so I think she definitely did this as a guest and in case you mentioned like very specific things in so that that was really cool tested. He can be thought of when. You know dusted write an article about it yet those cool in the in the Minnesota area so thank you so much for listing and they Kiefer like not. Like ripping test strips developed I would have never done a podcast again compared. You're very given your fragile state point four sentence I'm glad it was. Fairly nice to you now and I might angle matter that back to the fairly informative Davies that it did it. Get the well we got all audioblog this lucky this year vertigo Perry got passed a minute. Four I'd better PP we're getting jet pack now. Attach your eyes and as I will be speaking beef really informative how rich placed fourth night for the people listening in on the most fascinating thing. I have ever seen. So if you watched extreme the other day were sitting there like you know wet and tired trying to get our bearings were trying to get stuck together group gathered materials and weapons and all these things. And then five minutes into. Round. In Britain just dropped out of this guy out of nowhere with nothing really where they held in it's about for bloat up like skydive. I think this guy come down that I had touchdown softly with a laugh and that I and I don't tackle ballot visit I'd like to read at WW agog. What's amazing is that I think we actually won that game yeah. And you were just out for a stroll and I think he's said to quote you it was the most peaceful part of your day. I love it is just. It looked like this ice ice cream at the top my lungs during over want to lose my mind. Live sport it's just like I just have a drop and I don't know why more people don't do this people are like lose their minds are going right until the towers. I don't have a float at so here's a little tip there but he out there if you play it solo. Take your time. Take your sweet time and just get down their flow take a look at the whole map. I want a one time but you know hundred people start I wants touched down and there's fifty people left I totally I Randy and there's fifty people lap. It was in the sixties when you touchdown and no there isn't that a quarter of the people the game with a good. Last night median Mac and a couple has bodies we finished second in the squad Atlanta little bit sooner that's out. But while that situation it was by wanna Max buddies like Kiefer is still up in the air right now. Julia and yet you can figure out I am just float number you have guys that Kevin Madden guys blow out there are more of the I don't know off the. Villa BO pay go visit the and annuity game they came out of a PlayStation network it's on all platforms. It's called pinstripe which register playing which is getting pretty rave reviews it's kind of like Vietnam. Limbo or. Is that kind of like that puzzle kind of game oh yeah that Billick will. So if you all just didn't get a lot to get cute so pinstripe of the game I'm playing this week check it out on Xbox Live Arcade PlayStation network or on steam. You get it it's getting great reviews so check data so I would get. Get to that topic bizarre Ryan. Left the topic of the day and today is an email bag in the second ever email bag that we have done so there's two ways to get hold of us. A dork podcast at gmail.com. And it's always open at the email that's very easy to do was to get to those who read a mall. Also act or podcast on Twitter and we encourage you to use the hash tag. Dork back. And so that was that was good as well. And for anybody who got in late or we missed you all will try to units in those that are at a later date apologist marketing to those but we get a bunch to get to. Let's start with the Sandra or Sandra. Mean that's our first mystery Sandra or Sondra. She says I think I can help you on the hand Pam situation. What stone Ryan do you think is on what conduct. Has to be the sole slow. Have to be the sole thought now not in black panther at the minor spoiler there. But this is to the best of my ability. Space stone is was in as guard and we think that. Low key stole at the at a wracked Iraq. Yet the reality stone the collector house. The power stone is currently at the noble core. Which I don't one area which we also see and sandals glove in the Infiniti work trailer. The mine stone is currently in vision. And then at times stone Doctor Strange is in charge that. Could have a great soul. At the end I I was looking through today I got the mailbag last night I was looking through in the description of the soul stone sets. It allows the you to steal control manipulate an Alter living and dead souls the soul gem is also a gateway to an idyllic pocket universe. So in my mind he saw black panther you know that he goes into this. They can global Condit haven't kind of thing. Yeah yeah I'm right right right right right back could be the souls don't manipulate you know a decade. And veto we talk about the media their crest earth that was made by premium when it makes sense that diesels don't visit the center of that. Yet the way that they show at the beginning of black panther the the meat year it's like kind of like glowing a little bit like from the outer ever so. That would be my hunch plus infinity ward trailer there's a lot going on on will conduct and for this movie there'd be no reason I think. To have a huge battle on Condit if there wasn't a stone MacPhail used to collect the stones he doesn't need to go hang out walk on. Are at this what does it get there. Now these views that maybe a Doctor Strange portal routes but this looks from Alex off first question is for Keefe. Policy of no problem with go morals lack of eyebrows again I've said many occasions I would love to steal smooch from the Mora was always Obama but specifically the Mora. So the answer is no I have no problem at all. It would funny that it even noted that until that point. So it's said that. They're like. They almost look like scars are like there's like lines where like they would be but she doesn't really have eyebrows but I could get through ships about that. For Davey favorite mix votes assuming it's Greek or Roman also what's the most underrated. It's actually not it's actually not Greek or Roman as as though that it might trade I have a huge fan of Celtic mythology and storytelling. In my Twitter bio. I am I refer to myself and him modern age on a key which is an Irish storyteller which. It would tell the story I would not you know how to pronounce that iconic shot of public see Nancy. In my Al automatic favorite and I would say the most under rated which they got into. Because of American god obviously in the new game and spoke but Norse mythology is actually super so fascinating in equal to sort of a horse got. Scotty Scotty. Scott. This story a blow. Gore in low key and how they interact is actually if you want if you read doesn't watch the movie it actually pretty funny that how old yeah they actually used. This story that you tell the drag Iraq about like locate turning himself in his snake. But that's the real story I'll write it right at the general that the real Norse. Mythology story so that that actually. One of my most under rated that would phase Celtic and my favorite is north. Argue that this stuff are this next portion we get into the the boxers podcast portion of questions become yet. Ball markets and west emailed and would thus several questions sorts ripped through these. First want first group questions for Marcus. Who can split the furthest. Yeah I'll give TO I'm like I ate at a distance better. And I I am a huge fan of feeds. Whether they be sunflower pumpkin or whatever so I get a lot of practice. Our baseball team they went through bags odd couple backs up bags are this next question. Who would survive the longest doing a wife swap any makes it clear there's no smooch stealing here just simply co existing. So I know that Hillary did this so I'm gonna start this stuff. I know that I'm that the hot chili one but actually in real life. I am much in I rich and not say anything out of school and I think you'll agree with me I've actually much easier to deal with that you. Yeah I so I think though if I posed this question to Matt Wise. At first thought you really understand at first and then I was trying to explain or what the dealers. And that she was like oh. Does that mean Ryan would last longer than you and and mrs. Pedro and grind and house like. I I don't think so I go you roll your eyes at me when I play video games in Daly plays way more videogames and I you know it's like yeah but. And I believe these were her words but he's not obnoxious. Yeah. Itself but she was like shoot the girl right wouldn't be able to view the for like two hours of like while that's. Upsetting to hear but I still so maybe she's right if it. I don't know a girl arrived like a view the issue that you would run into busy you are both very headstrong. Part much more flexible regular I think that's that's not again that's not anything you don't already know so yeah that's probably probably but when. There'd be some head butting there you better get alongside you could go on fight it would like her very yeah yeah he's very funny you're very funny. But there would be a personality clash that what he told you to do something to do you like now yeah that is this year. Well and it wouldn't talk to you for weeks while you do it atrocities that not. It would just be me. Try to convince her to watch the left overs like world the first conversations fairness he was like I watched one episode that shows socks and that I was offended by and then I was trying to talk her into it that way you it's horrible people disappeared like if they do it's over simplistic but so that you arrogant. Yeah I don't know which you would do that a driver not that you would watch it without water. Yes by when I do Debbie Doug wants all time so yeah you're right it probably be you wouldn't in my allies. Yep policies of this I think is easy would you rather be the smartest guy in the room or the funniest. I ate. Spent a lot of time. Trying to be the smartest guy in the room people. And people needed me for. A funny as the Olympic club Stevens well every time several of the funny guy Mike my wife's sister's. Baseball alive from the office they called me behind my back into it about a practical actually. There were just correct them all the time like video doctored me up as we actually. Bill I'd I'd I'd be bad for time and I've I've being older now and knowing the error my way objective audit them publicly for wrecked in. That of course via follies dancer who can wrap the best through the two us what do you think. Well you're much more musical and I have you what you can definitely sing and play musical instruments but rap is a little bit different but the answers to Liu. You don't wanna wrapped I have never won out asteroid did win a rap battle and yeah. And I read it's meant let's go to right now you yeah I I think it given crack epidemic if you attach the harness the craft. All right here's a great question if the sky is the limit which let's face it it always is isn't it what do you want hash tag dork podcast to beat. What doors would you wanted to open. So this is like pie in the sky like this is like. No limits flick you know most of all like I would love to do this on a related daily basis in the same room. We don't like he had him in and backed. Could make money off of that thing like because talking to one of your best friend developing your past and about of the one of the coolest thing in the world like I didn't do that every week regret that saw them race. ATP so it's. I know we we do a little bit of planning but the B amount of planning that we have to do for this is like minimal which is. May still amazing to me that you and I twenty years later can still find stuff to talk about. No it is enough pretty great I I wish I would do. And the other thing Billick. Ultimately led what I would love is to just but to the bought food we the Boston as a professional gaming scene now you know Boston has. Take out of this dork like music scene itself adept I would love to be like more involved in that nimby kind of like out in the public and doing things like that and I think you need your own talk show at some point yes but that's. Like it that finest guy at the stuff. So I think that's out of I think similarly I would love for like a small scale just to be like always ranked in like I two's just let more people find it is disliked I wanted to be. Something that you know just grow at a reported wrongly since we started about so more more listeners and like to be able to do look a live show where I think you'd be so cool water and know what it would entail the Liggett we were like if we're at the Wilbur early something like that in just yeah people show up. In Los Angeles talk about this this nonsense but I think I doubt be fun and then. Like I like doing the show like just the two of us but maybe if it became even bigger lake. You would get a aghast what you would get like a big time you know. Outing totally. Kevin Smith who unfortunately is going through some tough health stuff right now somebody like that relate to on the podcast. And it wouldn't be critical are these guys that you'd be like somebody who like our staff from that podcast it's doing really well but that's that's that's already got one. It's it's revealing as far as opening doors and stuff I think one of the coolest things that you know people reach out to us and they talked it was about like Howell. You know they found that podcast and how much they enjoy listening to it and how you know they they yell at their radio like they're talking and one of their friends and that's the coolest thing to me is when people reach a bit they can mean something to. Oh my god speaking of that the biggest jet. Deficit here all right. We got an email on this this is really really night be an email from a listener mark who member of his family is going through just a brutal health situation and one that may not. Get a whole lot better and he reached out to us to say. That you know he and his spam or going through so much. And once a week he looks forward to Tuesday night he listens to us and for an hour he kind of escape all that and you know. I guess he fared this more than mildly humorous but anyway like he he sees that almost as an escape back kind of blew my mind of the that is all guy. That was maybe the nice compliment we have gotten. Over some number or whoever it probably will ever get some were sending all the positive thoughts to market I mean I think everybody. On different levels has dealt with health scares with the with either with themselves or the log on and it's the worst is just the worst and so. For our little podcast he gives some real like down a little bit escape is awesome so thank you mark thanks for listen and then thanks for litmus note that that means a lot. Com next question here this also from market feel the couple more assuming wanna use duke for a prostate exam. Can we get an episode of rich interviewing people at the doctor's office before and after. I I think got a pretty good I think in my thrown out they might not domino like that and less on from markets free of consequences. Would you sucker punch Billy Mitchell. I would not. In the wind right if you said Bryant who bombed knock that out. Yeah that's true I don't think I would punched it looks like I've too much respect form even though he might be a bit of a cheater like I can't knock his hostile. In our that you watch anything with him like outside of king of Kong like he's not a bad do I think he just liked being the. They don't really good villain yes you're good point I would punch him but Bryant who different. Differ all the other let's go to Wesley from the boxers he is a couple questions who is on your steal a smooch mount Rushmore. I got mileage nominal or you aren't I got Blake lively Jennifer Love Hewitt is always Obama. And and the fourth wants really difficult but I think we're gonna go with Lizzy Caplan. Thank you yeah. They. So leave it like in my mind it was like all time you went in this is like in prize in different. Yeah Waldheim. Yes I would hope so. Although some other medals for the Arctic they're always they're always been in the prime. Yet that I think might or have as well so here we go Iran Derek yeah the Clinton. Side Tiffany amber decent nice is on the list. A review wild night news she's she's she's she's gorgeous and Smart all of these. That CNN. Obama with three edit before it just goes before congress directory we've though and that's mark. Number one oak. Jennifer Connelly all time yes she's very beautiful. Elegant and that is very nice. Do you have a mount Rushmore of national monuments. I don't public about it don't. Being a former Charlestown resident outlook the Bunker Hill monument on their but that's where it's about Wear it and yeah I got now that I probably could mean a name for and I'm not. Not a old man field of the mountain. While port port operator of our identity pick the pods old the mountain are what is Davies favored Greek hero villain the morality play. OK so it's. I put a lot of thought into this. I loved the the Odyssey. I keep I've got to be that's translated the Odyssey that would duties is probably my favorite of the Greek heroes. Anyone who's like a trickster I like those there. Omelet a low key or no dispute or you know things like that I I really like that some of the villains are issued today or in Greek. And Roman mythology to more monsters and charity thing so yeah that I merit is equal monster. Oh the like he goes a big cerberus plan. Yes cerberus is a good on their particular pressure Medusa the Gordon movement and and then my favorite morality play one of the ones I remember reading an which is really screwed me up was Padilla not like owner like to actual idea. Areas of the yes so Medea this story idea being that C leaves home QB Jason Angie and she goes. She's escaping her homeland in Jason's following her and in order to stop. Informed bawling her. She killed in this members are children and throw them into the ocean that he has the stop and collected these. Yeah it's very very at the challenging the camera that yet. Very aggressive. Good stuff that they be children can't get to the underworld of mr. properly buried Syria to stop him like pick up the pieces of that as easy as it which is. Integrate the help accurately read. I'll select via video game Dante's inferno and yes our concrete or Greek or Roman but that's that's what it but it but you gave Google. All right last load from all west. You are hired to cast a red hood movie. That'll feature Batman night wing scarecrow Joker and solemn and Ron the poor you hiring goers who are you casting for those roles. I did not nightly first let's go adults or red hood votes cast the lead. I you know it left and added that that Edgerton kid from jolt. King's men note from a Kingman was name although that hit the the main kid from things and yeah gay area. Either out of retirement you know target and Arizona Edgerton. Aaron Aaron eager to hand anchor than in a lot on was red hood we we go with Michael B Jordan. Whole again and yes I did and I we view I had a good bad ass because they're he'd give anymore. Superhero stuff or he done that he kept out now. Do more to more than or did offer a moment torching that doesn't count then you're a villain. And then neither Europe to be a bigger he deserves to be a bigger character in red -- he can take red hood to. New heights. Yeah what about that man now this is one but it would probably discussed for the if you could cast a bat man. Who'd pay. I right now if you don't really good today com I'm Michael army ever. That's a good one. He's got that persuading book yeah you know worry about it are in camera work I'm going for Batman Michael B Jordan not the if it's going to be like this not a professor. Of color alone Brad Pitt I think Brad Pitt would actually make a really good that man. Right now old. Yeah like Arnold I'm able to think about it if the other Batman movie with red hood the right wing you might even have Red Robin and in your kid Robby got a beetle that man right yeah I guess so are so night wing. Night we're gonna be a little bit older. You know I'm big right now I watched Logan lucky. Adam driver would be that bad I have a driver that would be it's an action shot a little bit older so he can beat Dick Grayson in going to be. Yeah. I'm thinking Marlon Wayans. Okay what they get out because he was actually he is was finalists for the shall Schumacher Robin. I think he was I think he almost got that would much younger then he's got a little bit of humor Salome and Mike it'll creepy yeah he's way older than you think. No I don't looks great. Yes and it looks very. Who would you cast this scarecrow. He's 45 years old bowl wins is Armageddon younger dialing about a wage you know check those 41. Holy crap really get it pretty incredible that is incredible. Yes our little stare or grow. What it will do so I have Willem Dafoe as much Joker. I saw a now works that predicament we're about Crispin Glover for scarecrow. People that I had Crispin Glover Joker it didn't do their vote be get licked its debt in the universe somehow their bullpen really didn't. That created that we had to put up well those guys are not slogans though. Odd that Solomon grundy who activity. Do that's exactly what that note no way yet. Yet the Atlanta at the same casting agents that that day but these plays tracks obviously would be he'd be a great Solomon grundy. He really would get you know he doesn't he was to you what split runner. They give it and blade runner froehlich and technology and suitable running. I have great indicated in the first ten minutes the movie that it spoiler. Spots the birth amid a pillar. Ago. And you know he could act in public would like to rack and it keeps funny. Yet artist who he proved that like you can give a more dialogue. Yet and already doesn't really need much longer you can do the cursor on your good. Yes and an ability to speak like massive dude selected and I don't wanna be doing jumper and anything anymore and up and over in Iraq and go over. But Batiste or like Mike Goldberg you know it gets clicked but I would go. On Sina. 00 response from Joseph. Just wondering if you guys might consider another pod dedicated video games on my favorite episodes pre WER the once focused on best games console. Ranking best games in general. I'd love it I mean I love. Mean not I'll talk about that till till the cows come home. I'm trying to I Umbria or we did other movie. Based video games not who don't go terrified new anger focused like we definitely did best games by console and that kind of that caps little lot but that was kind of everything but I'm what I'm what did Joseph could definitely see more video game. Episodes. This one's from Josh. Use the hash tag dork bag. Best eighties action movies. There are so I would really you're talking about action movies there are no better action movies are I didn't start public listing ones. Yet. And I like to after 20 am like I can't. I prefer a bit in the eighties as the best for two but I tried narrowing it down to three. But yet. Go what are you got the what what jumped out I. But it in my free personal favorite you might not be back might that. Diehard yup. Lethal weapon yup. And my personal favorite all of these movie of the eighties action I think is gonna loyalists the if they don't feel that it is not going to pick up a bomb. It's big trouble a little try. This is my act. That the windows but I'm very serious Beirut but god well there. Big total that might pilots whose big trouble senate diehard and terminator. But you can take a rocket we got it like it we its legal argument that we do need at that point break road house. Robocop. Blood sport read all think any of those Rea hello we have to any news you know. So I say die die hard better than lethal weapon to me. Irate about it yet as those aren't really that. If I ordered the government that you had put the government hadn't that you got to watch an eighty's or move eighty action movie right now what you wanna watch I would say become a little time. That's funny I watch that movie doubts of cargo with my eyes it should never seen it before it's pets it's life. What is that liquidity and what is this that is it's a joke what our thanks and thought that. Maybe I'm a I don't know again you know enjoying it nearly three she hit it. This one's from Phil. Most disappointing movie or TV endings. Discussed. I had a couple I had a couple of these so one of them. Lost. Was okay it would yeah people hate lost and I didn't hate although I didn't hate it is kind of disappointing. The other one for mean besides felt it was kind of like an. Yes but I think goes by design I think it was a major central talk about it that you would like rather decently big. You know it's critical ones like tidbit is that universe kind of goes on it the right yeah I mean there was no real ending to that. Up but the one I would say that I was most disappointed with that I wanted to like. Brochure that the TV was Dexter. Really. Yet I never saw them Dexter I've heard that auto shows is getting is grades and and this is the ship after him or stop. While it's got a lot out of a city Ronald. A weeds at about it and they. A big sopranos like famously did and so that's sort of my theme like the ones where. But we invest all this time and then you're not gonna tell salad and like you're gonna select use your imagination announcer how these things and like that's kind of a cop out I think that you couldn't think of a better. Ending so you want us to do it so couple movies that jumped to mind. One was the Dark Knight rises. And who's really because it was such a good. First two movies but was not terrible but it's a great trilogy and then it ends where it's like. Is that men dead a maybe is not as oh he's just like vacationing with cal Goldman now Iguodala Albert Alfred season over their I'll have a hey I don't you need a break of it. And then Joseph Gordon-Levitt that's stupid line and I understand why they did it like. This Christian bell and Chris Vernal and they have that thing about the doctor do a movie with Robin. But still just scored Levitt in the ladies like are your name's Robin Mike you should know by Robyn I'm like this is ultimately lame. Eric the character of Robin's name isn't Robin. But that brought the. Thus I hated that so dark horizons. Also the ending of the movie unfaithful is not great fields monthly Diane Lane. The other big funding. Those boiler out unfaithful but Richard year. Kills. The guy with the snow globe that Diane Lane was sleeping with a had some erotica like there are some good scenes. We didn't know locally produced shoes that with a dude and a bit and then Richard Gere took a snow globe and murdered the guys. And then the cops show up at the end here light weights OC confessing or not confessing to taking him there what that's like credits. Oh okay what's the deal here. So I've always been there you never unfaithful. Now. You should it's really nice all right. But those biggest stealing is stealing a smooch I'll tell you that like our friend the podcast bridge from the good brother spike at the wrestling podcast. You know I'd ever talked engage him in talking about Diane Lane are about the honest approach of the you'll go to admit I have a dime. Yet she's very attractive and recently single all about recently but her just prolonging it broke up a while ago. Let's go with the this was from MJ worst accents. In movie history. He says Harrison Ford in K nineteen the case started. There is no worse accident that I've ever heard on anybody and Kevin Costner in the movie thirteen day. The one replays like they'd eat it to keep during the Cuban missile Christ always I and it goes. The worst messages accent I have ever heard in my life comes out of Kevin Costner. That's a good one but I actually speaking of Diane Lane that you either want imperfect storm and yet of brutal acts then that. Oh yeah like anytime anywhere all the accents are pretty bad. Not from New England trying to do it and the next is is just topic Kevin Casas was if you watched just. A clip on YouTube and watch a clip of that movie and in talking yet it's. Murder and. There's some really about with the the Whitey Bulger movie two and a bunch of people pompano there'll pretty bad. I thought out of that accent and all that why they need to force them to be American and I was Doctor Strange. Yeah wasn't a great that was not great. Cover bets which you have been his voice is so distinct. Like it it's watched the Sherlock period you watch anything else with him I can't act as though. Put out any step that would really people it's not like. A very distinct voice is going to change it it's kind of weird. Yemen deaths are from so there are this loans comes from a shredded beats. Cloverfield movie breakdown. All they ousted as. First Florida a solid found footage horror movie the second one unbelievable acting. Mary Elizabeth wince that's on the best actresses in the world John Goodman is amazing in that movie. And then they tied the two together had a loosely and then the third on the pilot crap. That's like. There's a predawn admit it was a meeting Mary Elizabeth went that it can do anything and there was a guy. There was another guy also on don't know Thursday. This this comes in from Chris. Have either of you read any of the doomsday clock comic book yet you may be waiting for the clock in addition when it's all over I'm finding it to be just OK nothing special. Fun to see the watchman characters interact with some of the other DC characters but overall pretty disappointed. I think for me it's I have read the first three issues I think that's all that's out I think it's operating at like a BBB. Minus. I'm OK with it for me. He Bailiwick what do what I'm actually waiting for I'm waiting for all to be collected yet on the bus that's on the way I don't have to you know it's like not stop and go and that of the biggest issue I have if you. Apartment in Africa had a bit comics it's and a well. There is delayed heard this months is supposed to be out already I think it's the lately that's what. And for me like I can read 81 addition of a comic book in like seven minutes. I right though it again really kept up flick all month and then I read it in five minutes that might affect you my you know it but let them you know but I like it did altogether. Are at this emails from Dante your putting together a team X-Men know characters are off the table but only five. Who are you picking it Donte' says he would pick cyclops Emma frost Jean grant Wolverine and gold balls. Who's older adults. Well you don't go to our date that are at the type I don't know gold the these are these are probably my five favorites this is in this like here the grid is the greatest team ever but. Under the accident a brawl I would say iceman multiple man gambit. Wolverine and rolled. Regret. My vote but I I would assume it so I went in in my favorite Wolverine. Night crawler. Mystique. Cyclops and beast. They out that's a good one now pits follow up as he goes they kept on fighting tasks you with the rebooting the X-Men in to the MCU. How do you do it means of love the show mayor Chile for ever run. Cut back hope that record by art. I would take Sweden's astonishing X-Men run that this kind of like the self contained one yet and fold that in Tibet have him directed. Obviously right arm but have his story about you know that the mutant cure coming out. You know it all end and that that old story that that they use that budget issues. Now would you do something like the X-Men have already been existing in the apparel all the mentioned. Could back something they could do it I think with like the ant man technology they could open that up. In this something else or would you be like. X-Men currently don't exist in the MCU and then all of sudden mutants to become a thing. I would hit it a bit they have existed yeah I think I think he's probably just that the priorities it may have been established they just don't crossed paths ever cross patent and but I know before going nuts like our planet. I would try to keep it's like the originals and then go from there quicker on Iraq debate beast Gina gray iceman cyclops like keep it would them to start and then expand. Yet you don't go and an ideal regulate start introducing like being let go or pass. Collectively that it held going to get us at least from the future like the future all the alternate dimension or like all future acts up there are a I don't double look at what might be cool in this state now that girl under the same umbrella if you take you know the new mutants in kind of old Emmett. Yes that would be pretty cool I like I'll analyze this one comes from Joseph. Hash tag dork bag if you're stripped on an island and had to pick five movies to watch for the rest of your life what are. You're at first I was the first mine came pretty easily. Five movies these are the most every watchable I would say oh ones that I can Watson Alou Michael wants every day every week. Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Scream. Guardians of the galaxy volume one. Empire strikes back in the Gruber. I got a few on a group read every every time again. I will go SC. The big about eight. It. Shawshank redemption. Yup. Dark Knight. Yeah up the wrong. Impression expect. You tap probably right. And slap shot. I don't opt out right are slots that yeah out of style depth there you write has to be Christopher Guest when it maybe best joke about a Christopher Guest younger. That dead. This one comes in from Kevin what's your favorite video game console of all time. I'll spearhead this movie I think at least do attitude to have the most fun playing. And that would be a Nintendo 64. Or a PlayStation 2. Yeah I PlayStation 2 I had way more fun playing PlayStation two and I think any a couple of ever. PS2 is great though it's been to boring answer but just original Nintendo I think stellar I would note go that com. And have a lot of fun right now EPS for the house but the outcome go to ten though from mine. Kevin also said your your weapon preference you could pick between a sort of a spear or throwing stars. My arm is what used to be so how many get rid of the throwing stars. That they are always throwing stars by the way and we and we lived together in high school he had throwing stars in the Rome. And he let me throw them once and I asked him several times. If I could throw the throngs are you. What happened was he threw the medal at the wall and they get it done and they. Adult I had a sharp and I would like people would sharpen. Which is it brings things. I've sort I'll I'll take a sort of those ought to by the sword my wife is Khaled Al that you really need a sword but a very interest in buying has been an owning a sword. Yes I am I got spear in only because I'm a person Imus doubt person who needs a little bit of distance. In a psychic create some distance of the spear. Yeah that's true that's pretty yet. Jake few emails cutesy spent a lot of time on TV movie video games and I quote a Currie. However is there something else dork you guys bigger timer money on for example they board or card game. A collection of something model building or whatever I love the pod even if Eugene or chopped do not. For me I spent a lot of money in time. Like video editing and and and doing all that stuff but I do a lot of multimedia work. To a social media and you know. That any any kind of digital media lab credit that but I also I've alluded to several times I have a eighty collection of like seven guitars. Who that I play all the time and I are record the stupid things. So I spent a lot of time doing that too so I mean that's that's kind of action. Yeah brought. Yeah that's a good one more money and most of my things followed you followed the dork umbrella I am I guess I'm a beer snob like I'm in the like Goodyear select I'll go and get. About anomalies guys it's gonna go much wait in line like up in Maine but late yeah like I I'll I'll trial ought to Goodyear's go to breweries and things like that summit amend that I guess. Well yeah I read I read a lot to talk about it restaurant and eco. Well let's go to rule the question from ray he goes you're thrown into a Hunger Games scenario need to pick a team to help you survive. To fill out your team need to pick one person from a movie a TV show a comic book and video game ray gives us his text he says he would take John wick from the movies. Drove gone from TV Wolverine and what kind of as the wolverines from a comic and sweet tooth which was the battle offers video game. That order to attract and like. Empathy it's this question it favors Hillary. They don't put into that put animals and agreed to put people. Now my my answers would be Mickey from snatched would be my guy from a movie so I don't think he's gonna kill him. A go Dario and Horace from you know throngs that it is the toughest do there. How I was stick red hood from the comics. And from the video games I would take mega man. OK so for me I'm going but he said Hunger Games but something like actual Hunger Games but it dropped into there is a good thing what you're taken he doesn't. Don't know it appears might be expected from the movie and taken it integrated democratic double crossed LeBron right well you got. The predator. That's brilliant. They get him as you know right. Governor he can survive and what he's had a million from TV I've taken Rick Sanchez for regulatory rule perfect answer. Does it they would not let it survive its. Yes comic book uptake of Wolverine. Because we don't know yet is to survive prescribed on the would absolutely it'd you know. And video game undertaken either. Pop up between Lara Croft in Nathan Drake. A move both violence. Both really don't I also consider Sonic the Hedgehog analysts. A quick after it better that that quickly discovered ranks. Dark back from Aron he says what if we could retire movies or TV shows or characters like we do jerseys what would you wanna hang in the rafters example. We're tired ghostbusters so no reboot could be made. I'm the one I'll take it and it's already too late but. I think Han Solo was as good as Han Solo could've ever banned in those three movies that he was then. So if you Waller right comic books about a fine public on the big screen I don't think there should be any more Huntsville. It goes buses equivalent and until the government Cuban I think there's just people who like they're just so at the movies and stuff that are so iconic that you can't. Ever do them again yeah I remember there was an early 2000 they were kicking around the idea of rebooting. Caddie shack. Yeah that I think it was obvious on was gonna be playing Ty Webb and then Lindsay Lohan was going to be playing late young girl like there was that the whole thing so badly about it. And it was a terrible idea and so that they did do a book a movie like that. Well they re booted out there reporters Heather's recently I idea CNET let's get terrible reviews like people hated the key issue now is that yes yeah. Yet and like that like why they did in you know we should never do another breakfast of should never do any John Hughes movie for that matter breakfast club but this specifically you know. Art last a group of questions this comes in from Chris. He who he's a Grady Miller to that the program he. Give us a lot of questions those are ripped through these I'll try to answer mall is keeping data here are some potential questions or a trauma. Because it's been well established evil but high school baseball who'd you compare your peak baseball game two. For example in my prime aisles like Scott Rolen he could feel the third base and that was very streaky at the plate. Who would you say you model or you were similar to in baseball. I had three players thirteen Red Sox players in one. California angels like modeled my entire baseball playing career that there and they were there you're gonna a year bigger enemy than. Darren Bragg the I'll amendment up. And like my three favorite baseball players died at some of that Richard Barrett I was the center fielder rich was a regular. And I that it's gonna do that yet so I wouldn't eyewitness Baptist bridge rich horse flashy. I got incredible jumps on balls yes and had with a gap hitter. Usually you don't gap hitter but. Odd surprising power and timely power when I needed. Timely power. I would say. First got popped in my head a Mike Knick mark cake is with more speed. Yes but I at a budget steel's senior year actually led the team and RBI yet I hit under 300. And I'd say we're both good defensive outfielders. Yeah I don't know that's a good question not a aren't like them that you hit it like it went home runs and drive in ninety that you solid all the L player but he didn't steal months I was will be different than the market. They bomb on the below 300. Yeah but like. You know gap hitter gap to gap guy and you know. Dive and all over the place yeah it are accurate because so immediately outside Denver it and remind him Brecht. I had a Vladimir Guerrero like arm from right a little fact I I and shoot I'd I named bio right arm Allman and I would yell at players not run on arm. View yes that's a real thing we would yell at the players all the time when they're on base. And Richard and I we're always been battled with our village that we cared about was outfield assist. And I think you beat me in like every single year but they'll. And of this senior year I had one error. It is the whole season and it was because no astle was backing up third base and I tried gunning a guy and threw it like way you Wear it they're accident like I'm an oil well that sort of backing me up I don't think that's an error but at all sales and Billick the woods are there. All right let's go to our warrior Samir go to games at fond spot. But you go okay so street fighter to write a raft that is my humbling game. Ahmet then what I really love of the four player game so of the Simpsons. X-Men ninja turtles like I love those games with a with a before joystick yeah yeah yeah so that those are awesome and I love the time crisis games. Time crisis is good time. I like all the originally was Pacman I don't boring blog although relatives at those have been games like X-Men. I think they've put acumen. Awhile ago so those will be the ones. This one was more for me is do you think that the no good line at mishandling nonsense spewing manager AK John Ferrell ever learned your name. He did call me Ryan once and I that he did that as a dig so I think he did know my name he'd just. Didn't wanna say it. Next question would you rather have super speed super strength super intelligence. Intelligence. Or just flat out BA super villain. I would have super intelligence so I could figure out how to do the other pre. Who belong out promise simple them out to stick the speed. He gets that question number five who shot first. Brito I think on. Well George Lucas Mexico concept agreed or shot first and may attitude in night I had that edit it though then there will agree that yeah. Peace said they would always contended that he shot first then. Would Steven ML's green Arab beat the absolute percent of Jeremy Renner Hawkeye absolutely not. I think he would. I would. But I think yeah I'm yes on that we need to get out it would be vehicles and do it if you could reboot one show what would it be and he says knowing in advance that it would actually be done. We want to show that I love that like he. I actually bought it and iTunes it first came out and I love the show and it ended after one piece because nobody watched it with the black Donnelly membership. Yeah I never saw you bought dollars I've heard it yet you young Olivia Wilde in man she and now. I'll go firefly and that's an easy 11. Yeah. Do either do you believe in ghosts if so have you ever had any potential ghosting counters indoor I feel like something strange going on here moments. I do what I don't I was a kid you always believe like I would hit the lights in the basement and and fly up the stairs to them to get me and but I have this really what I worked at patrol boat in New Hampshire. If that is really weird eerie thing that happened to me work in the mid ninety each shift. And league he's not really anybody coming like truckers like coming down the road. And I saw like will look let go a woman like holding the hand of a child. And it was weird and it's see them right so much so that actually came out of the boot to like. They like Haley get out of road basically or the need help yeah and a truck went by and they were gone. Who like the light hit them and they were gone and like that is about what might want Mike Goss story. You know I I don't from its but I just did Mac into episode on conspiracies we touched on everything's I recommend everybody go check that out. And we're talking about ghost house like I've ever had and experiences but they announced the back comic actually they got I've had. A couple and one home was a that a lake house with my clients in some of her family. And there was like a bathroom sink going the late running in the middle of night and a shutting off. Federer Mike we assumed it was somebody was like up to them we found out that they were staying there that day. The other comics that nobody like literally nobody turned it on it was like it to rip those like full on faucets on full on faucets off. It and so we woke up the next day it might be nobody is that will not agree about the my nose in there as the current. Probably content that some definitely on ghosts for sure there's more again in the Mac into episode. Whose life or career arc would you rather have. Luke Skywalker Captain America that men were Tom Brady. Well I mean. The only person who has I was thinking about this the only person in public zero tragedy in their life really is Tom Brady. Is Brady I know he's still owes to his mom like I think it's fun McCain now is you got sick and yet you are right now so. But if you pick editorially due to the story of Tom Brady as the keepers 699. Overall NFL draft the bottled up. He was picked in the NFL draft. Right you but to Michigan completely Orange Bowl Clark he's doing all right Orange Bowl right you like he's one fives like that's not even Mike. Where's the hardships he's. At. One time hottest supermodel and the world I think I think is very mean Batman does not parents Captain America is living in a different time and Luke Skywalker. There's a lot going on there we decided recently he's drinking milk straight from the seats of these weird creatures though. Yeah I'm still don't. This is the is the man. What did you wanna be when you were in high school. I did is rich in doubt there's actually there was a time right at the at a high school or actually chose to go to because they went too because of their criminal justice program yes and no I wanted to be an FBI agent. And we make a lot of make a big deal out of the fact that I'm the class assist. We do and they still on the recent bond back you know I actually entered college as a double major in criminal justice and physics. I wanted to do ballistics pretty good. So there's that went back. Your liked Perry now. I wanted to be this is more like elementary and middle school but I wanted to be game show host those really do they really I would love to be a game show host. Who was your first celebrity crush. Jennifer Connelly. Yeah members probably either. Jennifer Love Hewitt or Sarah Michelle Geller as like are I'd like you know like that's kind of ninety's. Late night. Zoellick crushed a little kick crushing was probably a little model who bought. Ellis Milan know aura Michelle Pfeiffer and turbulent bug that one of the first times I was like oh wow late what's happening. But if I answered eight. It did you ever consider frosting your hair. No but at what I was a teenager come in and aura preteen in the grunge hair it was big. By actually I have I've received at now but I had like curly hair and several Alex so actually try to chemically straightened my. Nice work it work I never I never consider frosted tips I think I tried some in one summer to see an elegant didn't really do much so I brought. It. Alia our last when you're stuck with in this is similar to the the island question but is all the more to it so you're stuck with three TV shows three movies with thirty answered. Three types of food in three types of drink and it equal water does not count. What what would your three things the rest elected. History shows. Breaking bad. Yup the office that good breaking bad it would stop you'll find it different app yet anyone that Reverend Wright to be reluctantly. The office which acting just like yes. Forever and just based on sheer volume optic the Simpsons. That's gonna go out there and out of that doesn't even if they're bad just. That's get out of go with the Steinfeld. The wire and I think it's always sunny in Philadelphia although the office is really close to Vogel analyst sunny arts and now go move resorted did to go to food. I would love just a lifetime supply of these very things in a stalker area. What they desperately missed beating Connecticut mitigate go to an attacker anymore. Before Maine which I love people. Home nice and Corbett. Public idyllic corned beef and tablets. Like that is very Irish view IE would go with. Anything buffalo chicken little buffalo ticket stub a buffalo chicken wrap a buffalo chicken anything lead of wings but tenders out of appearing in buffalo chicken. Odd don't months. That would love doughnuts and I guess French Fries like the like good Fries the front that like the good price. No girl I'll more within fright or curly Fries. And are in three equity at wolf right. All of them. I'm in a lot of Roswell now free beverages. This really commit. Going to be you know already know the answer Cinderella it did derail coffee yep deck any. But pretty hard to be and go iced coffee specifically. Long Island iced teas. And mountain do. OK okay to predict specific. Colebrook colder like cup. Yeah Alaska just missing the cut would be like I PA's a double life he is but I figure for the rest of my life but rather with the other three things so. I think that's gonna do for the email background to bring that. I guess it just missing the cut for me it's tropical punch Kuwait. Also it could play very delicious though. Here's the deal us are we mr. Nader questions but thanks for all of you who did either email or a tweet us you can continue to do that may go try to work him in the future episodes as well. Before we get to the pick of the podcast right have a very special drink of the podcasts. I don't wanna sound sexist here and maybe this will like it was edited and posted but. Women love wine. They love wind now I can only base it off my history I if loves it my sister loves it my mother loves it my Nana loves it my sisters in law love it might. Mother in law Ledell love wine. And guess what we have a deal for you about the best wine on the earth Kelley and young wines. That's to ease and Kelly KE LL EY you can check him out Kelly young winds dot com. If you mention hash tag dork. You'll get 15% off your first order. That's pretty good UK email Chris. Chris act Kelly young dot com email him he'll look yet been go to the website pick out some rose's pick out some sobbed on belongs pick out some. Would every want the got a great list there. And again my wife. I would say I'm not speaking at a school here she drinks the tunnel wine she looked. Atrix all the wines he had a lot of different kinds of wine she's a big rose fanned. And she said to me no bull (%expletive) this is her this is the best realization that rat. And she's maybe how to Maung was as far as I know she has had a ton of rose she knew better than perfect. She cannot get through the day with me and that she drinks rose to keep their business or paper. You know what now that you say that you might not be wrong. A huge wind I mean I had a sip of this thing of the delegates really doesn't mean this is good stuff to them about different flavors. Again Kelly young winds dot com email Chris Chris I tell young dot com. Hook up your order 15% off. So you order a hundred dollars for the wine at fifteen dollars off or 200 dollar with the wind because it that good thirty dollars off that's on us you're welcome. Aren't you ready for particular pot time. If the. It's. You. All right quickly Iraq kick received from the gold defer. Our receipt of that. I got a Netflix takes for you right now about that bossier. One of thumb is the it's the story of the founding of the National Lampoon which is responsible for caddy shack animal house in the national it would magazine. Starring Will Arnett and Donald Lee and it's called a few trial and stupid jester it's on Netflix watch it. It later that and that that the impact now and the other one is another Netflix show if I was a huge fan of the super. On DO I have yet on the hill to doubt Joseph Mikhail has his own weekly show on Netflix called until Mikhail show with Joseph McHale thanks. I'll which is basically just the stupid it's where. So watch that if at first the first episode throughout the road on. Aren't very good I'm gonna go with they horror movie that. Came out last year called happy death day. This the what you probably saw that the the the previews for its literally Groundhog Day the girl. Gets murdered for the she wakes up in much the whole point the movies she's trying to figure out who murder it's got its again at the ninety minute or movie. It and for those that there's a lot of crap this one actually enjoyed that check out happy death day. That was my pick last week doesn't think so not out another who's the ritual a threat yes yeah Leo happy. Death day it is that's gonna do it for us next week we are excited having another comic con episode northeast comic con perhaps the caught the ball cons Ryan. You got to the got to vote on what people watching 100%. And again my my offer still stands limit one per customer it show up at the comic con wearing. He public gear raided those MI deal. He public dot com we have all kind of stuff thanks to do from acting to we have all kinds the daily video game miniature hash tag dorks shirts fix it post shirts. Pick up the pod shirts ought and there are updating this thing weeklies that go check it out you can get T shirts sweat shirts goodies. Tanks whatever the holy one that's all there. You can rate review and subscribe on the iTunes we appreciate all of those when you do that you cannot. We just apt or podcast email store podcast at gmail.com subscribe to us on YouTube. YouTube dot com slash or podcast Davie the people apologist you know. At our Monday on also should be platforms. All right that's gonna do it thanks to listen to this week will be back next week with some great interviews from northeast comma con.