#DORK 54: North East Comic Con 2

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, March 6th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey went to North East Comic Con last weekend and caught up with a number of people in attendance.  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute, Pick of the Podcast, and the announcement of this year’s #DORKmadness topic. 


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If the door. Martinez. Is the door to Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens in my dorm bond cash. Thanks for tune into another episode of hash tag to work mining has received joined as always by Ryan Davey Davey how were you. I am having a weak moment. I'm having a week. You are having a week and I'll tell us good to see in person this past weekend have done that the bits and most enjoyable for everybody. It was a nice it was a nice little get together and beautiful Foxborough Massachusetts. Knows that you YouTube showed up would get. I did always bubbly. I did I showed up with dips. A shuttle some wine again 50% off your first order Kelly young Weinstock conflicted in on that sweet sweet action. And deleted from a person who I'm not I like wind but not really a wine person. Yeah and that she it is religious. It is some tasty ones those particular I guess that last week my wife tricks more wind than anybody I know and she loves that Rosa. She could not she's literally can't get enough of that so whatever you straight. Just outside semi talker deride notice is gone back for more second or fourth archer Rio we were packed episodes is while mark comic con episodes will replace interviews. From the convention we have a handful of people to get to some better than others but that's just the nature of the business ride in my right. He had really is too I get to the other news and notes we. Fair and we. Home. Would leave you don't get up but people would be acoustic version has propping up urgent that's markets from the boxers drop a little acoustic version of the of this we can dorm we're gonna get bath. Might have to come back gamut some blue one of my own. I think you might let's begin with the it was Oscars the ninetieth Academy Awards this past Sunday did you watch did you care. Thoughts takeaways. I did not watch because that was doing my my job. After a long day at comic con club but I would follow along on Twitter yes. So that that was how I got I've but I was up to date now was current on all that. It was very and it was Jimmy Kimmel that the best joke with the whole night was at the beginning he said. We need the show you know to not go over you know like four hours or whatever we need to show to be you know a little bit tighter this year. So whoever has the shortest acceptance speech will win a jet ski. And so loud it got some minute prop jet ski out like price is right style a man Helen Mirren apparently showing it off. And then at the end of the night they literally give it out some compose our guests at the shortest one and they use seen riding on the jet ski some like that it's funny the rest of it less so. The so. That's good well again there's that there's a visit to honed in Hollywood right now that that is too little heavy wall so people are really inhibit jokes. And speaking of that about Kobe Bryant winning an award. Choked they break Kobe bribe up there there was like cheer for a Mike and and onto it a little bit of around Laura search there on a strong commitment RS already does not I don't know I don't let you decide that maybe she get all the gather all the information urged. And I don't know whether it was a little with the Pixar movie. One. Once I believe what they were it was what yet it called Lou it was awesome I don't know rod Allen didn't win the bet that's fine. But hey Dave they went with the with the Coby shape of water won best picture. We both saw that you liked I think more than I did although Whipple like three billboards bulwark. Yeah I think three billboards is like the one that's got to kind of speed and the test of time I think three billboard in the as a better movie has for him to it really laws. Like yeah I saw that lady bird. I didn't love it. No I I did I like it I thought source show Ronan. Was was great about she was really really give. It took me like yes seven a tweet earlier today like I feel like every four years like one of these movies come out. Yeah I think he's like sort of like all right so it's this year as I said in my toilet ten minutes into the movie like towards this year's Juno that. Yeah I was journal but they talked more like people talk with Juno had that weird dialogue. Yeah they were like times really easy that's not how teenagers at that age at that time talked convict that was our you know we were in that game. Did take place like 2002 that's a spoiler but in Brazil looks around the time we were graduated yet guys like people didn't talk like that. Now I guess that they did in now but that's got a really good performance out thing in this two I think I was amid a tuchman I if it's like how. Bad like the law could be like to say you're an actor and you put on the greatest performance of your life and just awesome. And you even get nominated for Academy Award but you go up against. Frances McDormand from three billboards or even had a bigger scale it you go up against Daniel Day-Lewis from a there will be blood near like what the hell like hell yeah. Like you could literally be any other year in the twenty year span but you go up against like it is app flu wagon you know like forget it. It would let us forget I don't know this is this is true but I remember it was the same thing that whatever it was like. Oh Tom Cruise is gonna win fully born on the fourth of July like delicate best performance by far. And then like Tom Hanks came out with like Philadelphia all day here and I can really see right at the good luck. Not beat Mac guy. Yeah yet though that's gonna happen all the time as a I don't think I might. Be something like that I liked I got a ticket for the fourth of July was. Well aren't gonna guess again as we all early ninety's ladies room was but Sam Rockwell wedding vows that I was here is gonna see it when. He was really given that I'll think back to the movie made where he has a small role and it's that he tells me he's so funny. In that they got that a guy worker at the scene he has Vince Vaughn is. One of the best scenes entire movie like that that it really. The drug particular accused another of those negative space he's due out. And they are laid out. Yeah like soul Buick is again our hundred dollar no slight case of with comes back. As a fifty it is one of the Arabs that the other is that I'm sorry there is one other countries are at what at what if you what do you CB you know what if I give you eighty foot watts. The rooms are all the same sooner. These are longer mediated add up the Clinton about getting in the originally. But Dow's about it argument though Earl one. Now is good. I'd in the annals Oscars I. It these and that it would shape water on the most therefore it was pretty pretty scattered like they were is the death you know I out and JD 14 I Tonya way. Very well there but yeah there is an idea though. Tonight. And I was just read get out wins best original screenplay which is which is awesome dude deals are cooled out very cool so I guess that's all I got the August. Hectic at this is the biggest news I forgot the Oscars the biggest news since the last time we did an episode. Is avengers infinity war moving up. The release date a full week they're going to April 7 though first of all may usually is like the unofficial start of the summer movies and may. And hour or in April so we're. Less than two months away from avengers infinity war. And so it's also interesting is they get a little bit further away from. Dead pool is dead pool also jumped up in front of Hans solo movies though. That's going to be in the middle of may now they separate a little bit further from that are a few also some of that Rampage. Which was scheduled for April 20. They jumped ahead another week as well. So though the movie with a rock which every terrible video game but April 13 that is now released is give it two weeks the box office before infinity Ward Just dominates everybody. And that particular we're talking about this and we're in person we had actually a very good round table discussion with Mac and do in the west from the of these boxes podcast. Where I was staying that their reason for this is that now. Give me gives infinity ward three weeks to just. Crush the block is not going to be any competition. At that at that point I'm I'm guessing. Rampage is going to be a two weeks and then infinity war comes out and just blows everything out of water for three weeks' rest then. Another marvel property dead pool picked up. In that fourth week. Right and that's that's the kind of engaged movie Selig that's gonna make a little bit gonna make a lot of money but only for about a week. But what are we gonna do after that and detonate it with Stoll also backed companies just for the next two months. The other area just crushing the box off. They're making a ton of money so printing money but in June plan accordingly so we're gonna bump everything up I think where do a infinity war preview episode the week before thirty work comes out and obviously ultimately into war episode. After that. That this is also came out this is good stuff. And now 2019. There's MB three X-Men movies in in 2000 money is gonna be three more X-Men movies. About excessive it's not Italian Idaho lots yet and if god help you with this one is in good it's dark extended flops. Well that's thinks we have dead pool to India expert dark Phoenix this year. It's of the six X families don't include those bullet they will do is new mutants we know new mutants is coming in 98 this post up this year but it about next year. There's an eight X force movie. That's ever going to be there. I would not rule out dead pool three if that Pulte who makes a lot of money. It did not. I would not rule that out now he's at that's technically counted next in the. Now there's beds of scuttlebutt about a multiple man movie. Would I think potentially James Franco although I think the shine is a bit off of him right now. The middle and I and I also heard a Bear's fate potential squirrel girl. With Anna Kendrick attached to its. World girl would be out of the excellent brawl and stay with Katie pride that we said Tim Miller Erica. Okay pride and of course Ryan your personal favorite. Gambit. Apartment in. But I'm really keep up with six pretty quickly if you include even without him that they can make six I don't know there'll going to be but that's. That's what you guys some Netflix news your ride just the Jones season two will be outs. This week so deep down that people will try to do what we do most Netflix shows give everybody a couple weeks to see them including ourselves and do an episode ban Luke cage season two will be out June 22 that was just announced today. Now I don't know who's excited about locations certainly. Just ask you record it as. I. Entire prison a lot better than our for our ride to work madness Hillary is upon us it is the third annual brackets season where we break down the or the important issues and so. Yeah one of Powell book movie is a 64. Film field. The Dark Knight won last year we did ask comic book characters just for marvel and DC. Batman one. So we're having on the Batman we did away from that if and here's that here's I'm thinking for our. Dork madness three our topic this year. Best TV shows. I so I've been doing some some thinking and I think the best way of doing it out the way we're doing it is. Four regions. And one is going to be best comedy shows and then that way that can include like Chappelle show an ass and also it's not just sitcoms. Best you know kind of drama may be scifi show be in the region. I think there's enough HBO shows to have their own region. There should be yeah I mean they're kind of their own league anyway. Yet they are then that way and like they'll be some six comes in there will be some whatever but that's I think you did you hit HBO don't start you Mexican stars as well I'm not well what's the best Art Shell ever. American got. I did not include that yet although I'm at I don't want Tito and Italy have yet to prove itself but only one at that. Off some obviously open you are the though the rest of the committee so I am open to all suggestions and then an animated region where I. I think that's good because you know most of it's going to be adult cartoons and author Ehrlich Batman the animated series just so he had the chance to win three straight. Or madness this restrict or I think that's probably. The best way of doing it and then. We go back so shows for ever have to be like good to work angle to 'cause that's who put on the got them brackets. Yes and people don't wanna listen to us you know talk about you know but those who brought it up Alec Frazier like. Oh good reader with a line and I'm not RAZR was divided doubted dork podcast I don't wanna talk about Frazier the right. Now like a little little out. He might number one seeds so tell me if you feel differently about these men number one's admitted next week we needed to hole up and so on this is going through how we came up with the brackets but the number one seeds if there'd be signed felled in the comedy. Bracket. Simpson's in the animated. Either go wire or the soprano is in the HBO. Know give a ground. No I'd big dynamic and Milan beat I think they might even be as low as three. I don't agree with that bold move on from there all okay dealers that Eva prone to look across cultural phenomena. You know it there I don't feel I know people who have never seen an episode of a surprise. Ball OK but I would just what is rare but. The front was also completely done what you it's it's done yep that kind of house that little bit and in the wire but the ratio of all time. And you and that says the end shark in what do you think. And that and the other one probably breaking bad the in the drop I think it's probably yeah brick bat. Operator and I picked up probably end up putting Friday Night Lights in that same. Region even though it likely to come up with more drama than anything right. Yet it's a network drama you have late at it and you have to politeness is not front and lying about what this is laws and do our best argument the best of all time. People of budget. I don't but they also love. Lost. The bucket Big Bang theory if you if I ask your little 100 no notify here ask what it. Lamar person reaches out to be we should talk about Big Bang theory and all in all black wit Big Bang theory that the worst goddamn thing ever put on TV. Off the top I had the comedy region would be like sign felt the office. Arrested Development it's always sunny in Philadelphia. 30 Rock parks and rec cheers. All the family line but then I'll put you output all the family and Bobby show I don't know man not this climate all right. Freaks and geeks. I want season. When a mystery science theater 3000. And I think you can all about Chappelle show. We got to put supposed to Chappelle is one of the best at Asia that we don't doesn't count on and asks available in there and I think it may be even jackass may be. I don't know I would do we do workshop this after. Are you ready for your portion of the program. Is the. Okay. Either man. Aren't targets also speaking of Netflix and speaking of TV shows. It was announced that but which here is coming at the Netflix here's a look I don't know if you've ever played which are but it's ten. Some people swear by it it's it's an ultimate like RPG game. Where from me like I liked it I thought it was worth hype but it's just way too much going on for me. Like a bigger one time I was I was Gilbert likes six story lines out about crazy too much pretty V it's so deep. Like theater is not a Linear like like eight diagram or something like that so it's it's difficult to kind of. It's little plot that I don't so it could be it could be a good TV series and that way it is good lord there it could be a great replacement for game well and if it's done correctly. So it's got to look at that aspect to it which is back so people excited about that. There is a new over watch character now we haven't talked about her on air yet well Ricky. That is is that legit if you if he didn't want they Bridget named Bridget is the biggest perhaps in the end leadership they could Brodie that deep that. Yes a lot of gonna help them be a valued at their armor is yet to sit and Bridget. Bridget. It's really called for me because of the person who is the main in the tank Maine yeah but who also likes to help the team. Do you have as you your watching and listening right now you have your offensive support character here at your defense of support characters. You that you just like mercies just straight support it appears when he'll people night but you don't like you have a bit into the tank support which is they've never done before. So I'm excited about that someone who could push a little bit but ya can help the team while doing it that's that's very exciting for. Opt for tonight is now the most watched game on twitch is blowing everything away. You noted as I think it's it's people like me just haven't afloat. Haven't afloat if you don't have afloat I don't. If you're watching that kicked ninja who. I've the least amount of people have seen watching districts to extremist 74000 people home like god if he was just float he might not have that much but he's got that on. 11 at some over a 100000 people. So rod. Just one guy that's just one guy that's pretty impressive that the so far cry at five which it which we do a little bit about for mark for interest in best secret of the our guest just investing in the off that far cry I was coming to the United States. About a year ago elements of the touted by the now I think it can help people. I'll point that has little spot yet but it's real. Tom ball clean up and I kept it secret I can do on the records. So they have an arcade mode now which you can you can develop your own it multiplayer maps. Would you call it and of itself but get this they're letting you add into the Ubisoft game they're letting you add elements from. Watchdogs from assassin's creed and maybe from some of the Tom Clancy games that they owned you can add elements. Of those games into your maps The Who which is which colonists here to run it yeah we did a shared you know. Not hit some news where if you equal if you're equating. Frustrating really hard games with critical success what did you like hey. Like I really the heart of the game the more like it or those you know whatever that's what board is now free on PlayStation if you haven't. What I love foreign I'll doubt about it I'll play this night I've never played in I know it's late. Got like like a nine point eight I'm like medic critical growth. But be prepared and people read and they and their fan bases rapid that is just like this and dark souls like the hardest games. They are so frustrating and a lot of it is that the game itself it's the mechanics and it's like distort. So like you acquire these items in these games that you don't even know what they do you would read a book is a parallel with the helmet thing does I don't know I didn't. It's so hard. But the games are so hard. And it's not even like you feel good about it like when you do something like blocked but that took so long. You know and I mean. That's freed if you're into that you know I just I can't. Violence and on the other side of that PlayStation is offering ratchet and clank to the remastered version which is. So far Obama needs a little worse speed and a game called mighty number nine which is basically just a mega man rip off but it's actually very playable very good it's free. So if you're waiting for mega man eleven at about check up mighty number nine is that are pretty fun game and it basically mega man with a local. The ice on Xbox gold games. Far cries out trial of the blood dragon which is like there. It's basically like. You know the trial like thing but replica of like a far cry blood dragon things so that's fine and does so this is where Xbox kind of falls flat. They have a game called super hot which is basically like. Half the game it looked unfinished yeah. And they have braved the video game at three this month. Along with a game called quantum conundrum which is basically the portal rip off so where to go Xbox together really flawless and say that they. But he did. That I believe minute. I thought that was more than fairly informative. Of the I don't know very informative the fifth that there. Or tied now. Rise for the topic these York. Mike man that's the topic of the day today it is northeast comic con the actually. Let me ask you how should I title this would you say northeast comma con 2008 team. Just northeast comma con or northeast comic con two electric bungalow. I think anytime you have a sequel I think we're legally obligated to refer to as electric global. All right so northeast count on to electric Bogle Lou was in box or a Massachusetts at the Regency Hotel. That a couple of rooms set up actually several rooms set up that'll cause play event that video game rooms at all kinds of stuff Ryan how would you compare it. From last year's northeast comic con which is the first car we attended as a podcast. Which it was at the JC penny in the Hanover Mall. OK so what we had here we have a centralized negated the pros and cons in the JC Penney. You have this centralized location where you can just got to walk around you can kind of like get the lay of the land and all that stuff. This was literally. They put it in a big into banquet rooms in the hotel itself was somebody like exhibition you had ago. But he exhibit. Explicit sex object. I'm he has do you think. You had to go into a legitimate hotel room. The late video games which was I thought with a little bit creepy. The whole number of little else. I gotta I gotta tell yet for the for the person that tourist who's looking to visit. Foxborough Massachusetts I hope they're better options for hotels if not. You're in some trouble. I believe there's not a I that may be the only game in town they have almost been good at all they act like they act like it because the water damage on the dealing told me that they just. Gave up a long time ago. Now I know that you had a lot of boxes to check there and he could do it there's the issues there but we were able to speak with a lot of very nice people which I think is always the case the comma con whether it's Boston Rhode Island Connecticut or northeast. And right let's just get right into the Shelly. Let's begin with the queen of the paranormal. In the this is a woman who a a quarter cent option tables yet a big poster with her on it. Or audits were name and everything here in a moment I checked her out on Twitter searches that pretty good following on that 39. Thousands on the ball worse and she. We a lot to get through this is the longest of the interviews and we even have a of video coming out with bigger. In in a bit but let's as the taken away years ago goes. I'm here would be queen of the paranormal KO how're you I'm good and my real name is cover ocean. I needed usage because I was giving it. Now how did you get involved but the from the the thumping over the young girl this is the part of your life well. I have had we have seven over several generations of women that go right back to Russia and Poland. That we're dream interpreters and spirit communicators. And things like that so I grew up in it and I felt like everybody did this. Until we moved away from our little polish community. And then you find yourself from high school people making funny in like bad so I thought everybody did that. This is a dream interpreter. And she deals with spirits. You can eat that you missed a golden opportunity to ask her if she knew any dream warriors and then start screaming the Dawkins long proprietor and now a bit of memory jump street interface. You're not try out I. Did that is a huge ligaments on my part so have you seen a ghost. I see it goes. To call it. Energy from the past. I wanna go ahead series knows that she's. Now we're talking about that and now I'm gonna skip ahead that it's a long answer there when skip ahead to basically no I was shocked. Again clean of the paranormal Sokaiya who pose a lot of the stuff of good blown away like I think I believe more in the stuff that she does that weird. Now I can you believe in the afterlife. I believe in the afterlife. And I believe. Like you in prayer. Watch. When did you ever say that you believe in prayer I don't imagine that you're never mentioned it wants. I don't think I'm like anti prayer but it's certainly not sub them like I'd do all the time but. Okay. Your life and I believe. Like you in prayer. So we can prey. And we know our grandparents. And we have a young maybe grandparents are still alive but at my house. Yeah mine mine and and I pray and I can still feel their presence. And like put that a body or an animal passed away you still feel when there he has so I do believe in the aftermath. It pays off a beta it is they that at a but he believes that based off of prayer. That's different than like yeah I talk to goes so. I don't know meant but now a fifth year queen of the paranormal who gave you that means. Well this is a really good question government ghost hunting industry said I give it to myself. He's not sign a radio interview in 2006. Up seven and a gentleman called Denny said. Call you queen paranormal and I'm like that's cool stuff I trademarked it and here we are today is that. So a radio collar. About the idea of let's say that this latest mobile makers because it's in one sentence she went from. I believe in energy from the past ride and then she says she deals with ghost hunters just like she did the ghost hunting community perceived like she's not old ladies. I don't know. Now how about this that she's at she's the queen of the paranormal so this is multi tasker animals here comes wolf if she's picked it up well put them. Your day is there a king of the colonel. Mom you know what I think. I don't think so but because it couldn't trademark because queen is too close to king so that never get the trademark so. So now the innocent. I think I think he just mixed with you're rich you're getting I I didn't care there is the actual I think I was without him earlier married yeah. I think she picks up on a little later. I NC by I think. It's at that he does now paranormal to me means not just kind of goes but also may be alien that's coming of any familiarity with. The paranormal is everything that. Borders normal but is not normal give us like parallels normal. And that consists of crypt to zoology. A Greek mythology. It consists of US who's an alien. Yeah. Then you have today is. Need it consists of US news and aliens it consists of flight. And to think not only ghost hunting much psychic ability or anything like that so it's like a big multitude but most people think it's just groups. Now more likely to meet a ghost or an alien you think. You know that's a good question because. Personally I'm never seen an alien. Myself although seen. Alien like people would you like to read an alien an idea gooch timing and so go from backing Q was there and he was at this point. Videotaping this interview because are. Well I'd probably go badly caught out. I don't spoil it I'll tell you where I was later. So you're gonna a year ago who wanted to jump in if you wanted to know who she would rather meet I asked vote be more likely that he jumps over who would you rather than. Alien like people would you like to read an alien. I like to read an alien. That's a good question to I would have to say ash. Why not I mean different things yeah and if it really could be provable that there is mine I mean being they have proven that prayer does work. They've proven that energy does remain and that's what we look forward to get some equipment sold wine on the alien situation. My dad was in the CIA. How many years and he's passed away but he's very familiar with the area 51 has in the air. Mindset that there are some things it's obvious he could talk about with the clearest. That we should be very aware. That will come to light in the future so whatever that means stand and I hope that. About that the CIA's so you know with the clearance she he couldn't teller everything. Out there and we'll find out at one point. Now you need to chance it may be aliens and people work together at some point out of your promoter of agree out of treaty at all. Right you know I I I wasn't a bunch of strange people I like calling his myself. They. In this war of the unknown there's so much that is unknown to every one. That I wouldn't live up put past anything that they didn't work together or will work together in the future. The idea of vampires or Wear wolves now do you go with a I was the only guy asked about vampires Wear out you know I just par for the course that the idea vampires or Wear wolves now do you believe they came. From somewhere that December's imagination or perhaps they existed at some point maybe still today. Well as far as vampires you. You can walk in the room and you know when someone walks in that room to steals all the energy just takes a sucks the energy out of the room called skin it exactly so so people like to feed off of other people's energy and they call that an energy vampire. I just call it a real downer. You know if that person the hell out of room and he still sorting. Is right now. You have that kind of vampire didn't have the ones a take it to the umpteenth level and they want a drink blood they wanted this. And then as part of their cult sort of religion like seeing let them have it I'm undo it. You never have gotten the bizarre answer on their pars. Didn't energy empire energy initiative. Vampire feel like as well within it there I was kind of in the wings and nose with think I would look at Iowa. Almost abducted. By 88 woman. Who just decided to tell me about crap crap out and how about. If you mention anything to her. She'll make a craft port. You and I'm over there like ten minutes and that I have my horses at a table with this lady. She pulled me over the luckiest or she gonna hit me she grabbed me by my back in my apartment pragmatist able to see you show me your crayons and (%expletive) and Mike. Talking Bihac admitted into mascot of like like a paper plate on the ladies and I'm working here. Wasn't so. I don't you think your interest is what where you'd. Did you say everything there. Production or she goes she's watching you being interviewed each victory part of his entourage of gas that we do a podcast is sick ordinary. Sort of like Garrard is. Yet this. Yeah he's in the so. But they did the queen of the paranormal you're sitting there and like I could see it but you ask her question and then ten seconds in your eyes to likely like oh man I was. Really hoping they get like some off the walls answers. Like at public assisting one. I don't want that's also true thirty or got two minute answer kind of brutal my second question. That's what we kind of god here here's some you are sorry listeners would be in yeah I mean what's the weirdest thing. Not weird you know we're demean maybe but some of from the outside might look at and say you kind of weird what to what the queen of the paranormal is doing. Just say work with the dousing lines at the right here. Cyrus takes up the Protestant. Faith that these two sticks inserts bit and around. Is that the hole at the whole thing. Yeah Ozal but he didn't miss it now if you also of a crystal ball on your table here is that the limit you can use and sort of look into the future all I can tell you by the crystal ball. The crystal ball is given to me three months ago. It's got to commute trick at. That picture. I'm well versed in the different tools of the paranormal about it never had a crystal ball because they're supposed to be given to you like tenor cards some BS game tape. Two of them you can't buy terror turn them buy them they can with somebody had to force ago. That's due time and again that would agree but I'm I'm well versed in all of this stuff. Yeah outfit which duplicate steeple of the paranormal and the crystal ball is like that what you like your first thing you get right that day Wednesday once the up here. And the fortune cookie with you have to give when somebody. Works in the mountains and I don't know upset about. I'm a I've got this ball here and I went up there could be some super charged and he uranium this weekend right. And in the mall and try and you reading for somebody all of a sudden. The ball starts to turn clothing. And swirls of going with you I'm thinking like oh. Here. It seemed like it and I am psychic breaks it's. So she's like blown away essentially that it worked. Is LA again how that sounds she's like all the sudden the ball to the crystal ball in lake started turning gray like stuff was going on in the inside isn't. Is that what it does though like complex art is the pride you. I was stunned I was really stunned I have with that they're reading what well. And had kids and parents come up and touch it move it and did actually does it kind of like climb to happen. This is so weak they used to fill Henne at us. Don't want drop it here. You know let's get some good weight to others give way now have to leave it. Now grown up I had a magic eight ball is that something that you think you're thirty you know could that workers that it's more of a point. I think the last like eighteen cents at ten into the Kyle and say I'm not a psychic yeah I thought if I see some thinner here's something I'll tell you I would often say like check back again. You know what that have you why kept doing and I kept in the same thing I guess there was information. But again yeah. And Justin Damon and people play with it they think. What is self fulfilling prophecy of that I personally and and I get a lot of grief from the ghost hunters and are ready us because personally I feel. 98%. Of all of the power and almost just BS. What I like is that 2% that we don't know about. That we can't find out with something else. Fans and and the like that's ideal size when I teach school children about energy. And the energy that remains to housing is the science. And so this is the type of concept that I have with the paranormal to teach advised they want. So queen of the perils of science teacher. If you decide feature and that's he's just there have been 90% of the stuff she does is (%expletive) I was. I'm gonna let down gang got to let them applied. What are we did it Hitler used the good part of the year ago. What did you think about Michael Holley leaving the film Hollywood keep show. I didn't even hear and so I'm so no idea I what did you think about Michael Holley leaving the dale and Hollywood keep show my belief. What was his main reason can you tell me I have no clue wedeman analysts like it. I think of course cheat on somebody. Give us we thought why apple OK all right thank you very much. You're very welcome think to some by the tables I appreciate it so. Cheek she had to remind yourself that you site outside. And she said maybe he was cut seat on some code to elect Obama put up. So I can tell this story too because you can't tell what do you were in it but. If you did not know who indicated the paranormal was but it was very close to being you buy my son. Oh boy. So what the Kennedy skipped over Rick she kind of like pull rich aside and make a lot of the governor put budget to go to put on YouTube that there. He does she does a free reading corporate issues very excited to what do you reading form. Doesn't get the civil right attorney actor but I just say this real quick is as he did the interview first. Then she offered me a free tarot card reading and then that's when I pulled you away from the craft lady of a got to come over here and that your Andrea Yates about it. Yet that I have terror card reading and then I have what happened after. So then the so she doesn't tarot card reading about him an uphill little thing at west to get the microphone. And the like aren't those great thank you and shut the camera down shut the microphone down and she pulls Ritchie aside. And she goes to tell him it this week it did that he was you know. Level but it basically but the way it looked. Is like picture this this is not good radio. But picture this she had both her hands flat and she was rubbing the sides of riches arm as he's telling him the exact that it brought him in closer yeah the richest candidate. Rigid like aboard like. On the side of the dark she's just like rubbing him up and down up and down enriched. If you meet you just had to say the word and you would have taken equating you would be complicated apparent normal that day. Because this lady was Phelan. I think what you like this might seem public Cody with a six that a sixth on days. It's really yeah you would give it hurt to edit keystone. Opening. I think I do. So guess what writes she wasn't the only queen we spoke to the that the dot features certainly was. First thinking you explain to me who we are dressed up. I'm the queen of cadets from the entire book theory. Those are Kara the legend of Damien my husband basically like a fantasy trilogy. And decided that the best way to you have the queen wander around in lured people at the table was to write me into the series. What are basically wrote it tears me I don't know did he write the series or not. Yet now you tell me run you really enjoy the people who write fantasy series. Are actually Richard boo slightly bigger department the exact topic that's educated and I apologize I'll like I duplicate how leg. In making it was continually play back the title of what he's talking about again yeah we do that. I'm the queen of cadets from the entire book theory. Those are Kara the legend of Damien my husband. They. Looked noted that the legend of academia and that nonsense you just edit not a should not walk around these. Wish you weren like again Greek goddess type out that way. Last edited is totally look at Greek goddess like outfit that you bought off the racquet like Halloween that he. And proceed dictate which he's you know this because we have Rick tomorrow. Like or whatever and look for power allegedly deviant if you're looking at these late terrible airbrushed pictures like these characters that are husband. Dreamt up. One day it just started the throwing random words around the the courts are yet correct that he's out on like created it's like that needed gentlemen Broncos were he's just what you had eight hits on the in the things we have a fancy. Double. Like brought Qaeda. I. Think that's basically what it was well that's what you dad are up at the end of something in that it. Tolerable. Saw her she was walking around the calm that she was like. What was that I sound like jams. Ehrlich spoke herbal bit and your legs they're like and McChrystal in nearly she owed yet. The shoes August crystal salesman for awhile of them. She is walking away we unit we went to interview or that is a biological or Riordan I mean my husband used to sit in the chairs out of airmen at a loss that you talked earned as a okay. So we talked to her about this this boxers a little bit. That makes Aviv. Gone to a lot of cons paglia here I am featured 'cause play at Rhode Island. Here or granite behind me. He's pretty much any kind except for Boston Boston how to wean him and I'd love to be featured 'cause claim Boston. He would shut out of Boston public. Yet it ought to pay one littered Billick wicked warehouse that you're from the lot now yet the Tara industry the yes. It's easy to forget about it so again no you can't put them to get hurdle before to be featured caused direct cause. With the you do it's well at comic cons I am always the clean my system but ideally it's my job I make people aware of live intelligent and tyra. Her job. Third job that's your job. And maybe. Maybe. But I also do work on the side board Jeremy O'Neill of a mile thanks studios he doesn't do come on sometimes but we make you are. Fantasy teams come to light so I've been a very. I gave portrait of the principles gold at that to the nation's teacher at public style. Visiting school that we have a list. And I can now days ago and pretty much anything you can think of when people ask me I tell them on the queen in the which is not there. Fun fact when she said Jeremy it was a good thing Jeremy Davis system like that yeah. Affect studio I thought she said Jeremy David Beckham studio. Then I got to my eyes got real big enough like here we go in this particular document Harry Potter. Again the wizard school and was there like and all the only about the queen what are what are her characteristics. Well the queen of wives. A very low blow. But scholar you made type person in the king's. Kingdom and unfortunately after a horrible place came in and started to decimate. The kingdom including the king himself. He found out that I was killing people I have to get to heal. And I would wander around the kingdom and I would kill the second thinking of course. Grabbed me out and that come heal me and I refuse to kill him until he. You know mended his ways to better care of his people and in his gratitude for his life elevated me to the status of queen. I don't much beloved now. The now how do you heal people. I feel people basically be. Dad might he won the divine being or the god of this world has been about meet with the power to appeal to attacked. So it's more a if I know your heart is pure and you're willing to live a good life and I hands on and you are healed. I was really hoping it was like I got to stick one finger up your anus and I don't like the one figure near year I don't know if out whenever we switch. Sort of like. The edit it at that point were I believe it she thought that this was real you know. Yes you've got here is convincing every con for Boston's socially he feels. Now warrior thoughts when holly left but did on Hollywood keep show. It's a sad day for. Did you very much. It is sad day for all of that was okay. You know period no no clue what to play along I was actually hoping it would have been funny or just that I've no idea who it is by yet that's all right. Our next guy we talked to was a gentleman and a dead pool cost him and he was also holding like a puppet version of colossus. Yet it was one of those Costa and we're really looks like you're being piggyback. Yeah black colossus was to keep that he would get pulled it. Look like they're a lot of work to voice is admittedly this is not a strong interview but. Here it is anyway I'm here now with the we did Poole who's joined also by colossus. Now dead pool. It seems as though you're controlling colossus. Well I can't control colossus who inherited control did me. The right there you can hear the difference in the voices. If that's how much. Politics control colossus the American and controlled did me. Not receive a movie school. Now put in didn't. With South Park and an authority and it's always sunny heated up with the public basically announced he's. I have read others that is our ski patrol it was ski patrol metro east that. With the guys suicide who had like that to like puppet that he would talk to call it miserable for the. Yes actually I had agreed with his background and so that's slightly higher voices that pulled the deeper voices colossus. So that was colossus. Of those you can't see it is colossus going to be in the new movie. By cancer and to vote go to Purdue and can you tell anything about the movie. Oh I know Bob Ross makes an appearance. Does he really oh yeah I've been single trailer I have to the trailer and abuse in the movie you know clearly Bob Ross Williams you must pay it off. Just because Bob brought about years yeah and I don't out Ross is going to be in the yeah him on the suits you. Plus you being held against a well you know I'm taking him back to mention to talk to propose. It's a nagger sonic teenage warhead in this movie. Yes yes so at some few things and others are here though so you don't recognize the media what was working with cable. Cancer it. Tightlipped on. Let me ask you this the Oscars are tonight in new option. And they always go through the superhero movies give it culminated. Who boycotted. The guys are boycotting Oscars yes. What was your thoughts we heard that Michael Holley was leaving the film Hollywood keeps show. I was devastated. What about you death pool the final ball sports thank you could. Right. We had that. But fared the worst eastern European accent you've ever heard it elect. Yes that is the if that is the worst lawn in fact that is maybe the worst interview we've done now. The answers weren't great that the questions were graded that was that was not great that was not a. You know what you create a I don't know the first could you had earlier comment that he would not give it if they do like I'm stuck with the gut but the best that the best part of that interview you didn't play good I would. I lap which ended the interview you went. Big guys. They were to. Open heckled at a I for whatever reason I thought that was the bloodiest stage like Baghdad thanks what blood got water. Is Morgan Mason who was so convincing now like they expect lock us. Very sketchy it had like six it was literally like trying to lure like a little kid like yet all he was missing was like. And kick a box the wind. And but it out of. Like garlic like it collects candy in the middle that's what you get this guy was the most. Skittish dude I think we you've ever interviewed I've seen it and that. So it in this room their worst soon segues to Nintendo's at a deemed cast are all a dream cat would love. And a couple of things and so here's the zone I mean you're videogame. Enthusiast injury and bury you on you pretty good what is your favorite system. That's hard to figure out what I would say Dean Boyd. Act that is they rare answer bit of area enter the game boy. So remember we need. The best part it was when you you started it again aren't we interview unions are present as well. Yeah I needed it was a little worried that we would think that he was in charge of that room but yes it was announced in July. I'm just won't talk about you know the con you know mine. Really favorite game for the game boy. Catchers and yet it is currently. Which gamer you better. Catchers would you say you're better than everybody in this room that tetris. Probably not because we detest them tetris so there. Really now do you like challenging people and games. Not so much now. Not competitive person now. Now do you like now. And all my team like co op games are you a morsel player games. On the game at solar usually you know give the current system right now. I think. Music to have isn't he duty as 360. I mean the current tense up when you click PC Lott now a look at me clever piece here and how high Def by daylight in over watch. Although. Hey you know I got my head and. Should have been over watched what do you mean an over watch. John grad road home which account look like. Some fashion but not much. The jump Brad that's that's my guy out west and using road hog now you are good wrote on the other night probably I'll bastion I guess it's the compassion. We do. About it is their character that frustrates you the most playing against an over want. Widow maker. And passion passion or hate bash him in person and what is your rank right now. Got its lows I don't know it is for the current current competitive season but I know for. Think competitive. Capture a flight 900 and just know. What the hell to that you're different it is PC and PlayStation different. I don't think so of season 900 laid out not I'm not completely young man I just I hope he's. Zero on the net that's the real low. Now a bit. Nobody's 900. Like we're we are good not great and we're above 2000. Right just to give you a frame of reference here. And also if he's just like capture the flag he's missing out on I don't know all the best parts of the game. Are you may throughout this game with continued to add new things for free it seemed that nobody else is doing us. The blue boxes that's only fund that you've got to be paid for new boxes no. Unfortunately at bots of my team we're just. Panda what did you think when Michael Holley left the deal in Hollywood keep ago yeah two knew that this. The shocker but what he would he was very end not not the telltale I can say this you can't he was very very upset. With the people of another Boston rock radio station WA AF. Yeah I guess they were eagle eye. Is that pax east they were asking some inappropriate questions and he was a little concerned he thought maybe we'd be more mean spirited whereas I feel no I think that's not what we do we just bring the people on. And they say what they want us that. Yes it we did we meet all to a comment here there are daily you know that looks good but I'm not gonna I'll talk about you know. They were all the other man this thing called life. I would say. We have three people. We have a cup with two more interviews with three people out there that are in our comic con hall of fame we have this gentleman. I don't lives gentlemen mr. France. And Arnold cause and correction. He's for sure there. I would say she I was doing young girl you know she came up from dank Enron thought it isn't there. I have real magnet the plastic ones I can tomorrow he's definitely in there. I would say the OJ going all the back the first northeast come on I'm just as Scotty is Scotty. Those relief that the mother who wanted to Cuba defeat this game I think he was pretty good. Got your Scotty was was pretty good as of this guy's got some seats are sick and of course Josh Adams. Plus are you ready Joshua Adam is by far their best one because he can approached us. He's that's the point he was super and you actually do our we have two more this guy I. Is hoping to be he he is an author warrant or a play about the book that he has. And but he had a sign behind him at the conspiracies. Are all are everywhere. It's a Mac and you're like I'll keep you gotta talk back and ilsley yes on talk this guy but similar to the queen of paranormal. Way more normal than I was ever opened for. I'm now joined by crisper and he's the author of grid iron conspiracy. Cursor crisper you tell us about your book. By the end of the book I gridiron conspiracy is some. You know obviously you guys talk about this all the time and it's a big hot topic with head trauma. So he knew who I was he knew that he knew all the W yeah I don't often do you go like AM you know armored ski a number to keep music right now. Yeah public oh. Danica thing that's pretty that's pretty disarming heard from the start do you like all of this smut podcast system apart at 200 people want is a kind of we don't know exactly New York. Public the earlier and probably more normal and I put the ball for the air force and I had to really face that and of course you know we we do it here in New England we've seen it all time Kevin turner. And you know lately Willis. Of course with the Billy junior sale. So I wanted to create a story based on that I didn't wanna put people in the middle and say listen I'm just gonna talk Q about the science of head trauma. So I wanted to come up with some then that people would you know. Look unification away. You know imagine if a large company war in this KC Professional League had to decide. Whether or not they were gonna keep the ball rolling in other words you know what's that all about it's all about money. It is no different Benjamin's in the print the money and guess what. A large lead is not gonna stop playing. You know so they have to come up with something else in order to do it. T three at the talking about like you know if you clone peoples that aside by typing so actually gave me copy of the book which really nice of them have had a chance to read it yet but. It's called gridiron conspiracies. Go lodged are that bad boy. So if the skip ahead here ass in Kabul the question now the tag line it looks like is the conspiracy is everywhere so that's safe to say you believe and other conspiracies. Well consider an I grew up here in new England and among New England through and win no stranger to controversy and conspiracy here so absolutely there is a conspiracy for everything. Now where do you stand on the moon landing. Of course the moon landings real. The only problem about the moon landing is his guess what's already there space station already there on the moon. I haven't I have a theory about that as dork like get their but the space station on the moon than I thought the majority of the day real but. What are the other thing that you we we have to do I before forget this guy also said a couple times like yeah I called it showed you never take my call. That's out of my hands I've got an accurate or that's completely out of my hands yet got your hands but. They can check out call and I will next time well I don't space based on the motives Richard or was that content. Oh my goodness graces the people from people comment on the moon effort. So I was talent Jason Rossi who's one of our producers now about that we're Taiwan conspiracies and Osama the Mac to episode. And that is that what's your biggest spears him Paula may I don't remember the Boehner ever. A Mikey yet and conspiracies like now. Now not really. And then after amenities like all. The noble like reptiles like reptiles like rep tell people Obama. He's like. Yeah that you are like his people that. All of the presidents have been rep tells people and they live in the middle of the earth I was like yeah is attacked violently that a. I don't like the most like yet that's the most ridiculous money illegally. Drop on me that I had never heard of before and now I'm like a freak out or this happened at him not real let him in the dog. Again getting back to back do we we covered a lot of ground there and do another key spears you fall into at some point as well I electorate. Yet. So wise do you believe in aliens absolutely that's my second book heaven's gate is based on the ancient aliens theory. Do you think aliens would be good football. Why are people in now they possibly are playing right now Diego's we could be the aliens. Tried not considered that that we are aliens now we're down ghosts. We were seeing Iowa ghosts and ghost absolutely we got a nice normal lady over here have talked to all day about ghosts. I'll keep it goes you know get the half of them and we certainly not the who kill JFK who killed JFK come. You know killed JFK it was us the government man. Do you believe that Finland exists. Only education in Finland exists. Was that the I don't know that told them that apparently has the best education public education system in the world can't go to school like four hours today like apple it is like recess. Aren't that makes sense then. Our last interview of the day this is the tail section of the first interview we did but it's the last or play when is it Delmon. Wearing a trench coat but he was wrapped entirely in chain. Ignored it Platt well yet but chains on the last. Yeah we're here in northeast comic con first of all circuit you tell me who you're trespassing. And music saying like yeah I addressed designing I'm here in the flesh wound. Transit alert. So go to independent comic if I'm not mistaken crack that was. The author is just standing next to sheepishly it'd just letting this guy talks yes he's spent. The whole this whole interview. Looking for the page what do we give he would mr. chain link look like that's gonna quickly confided in his own comic book. In the 100% right mr. chain link now we're talking I find that guy. Well here's my idea yeah. The best stage you can get away. Yes sir the it's an opinion on question sixty comics it's. Yes so he added he was booked certified it became for like ten. If only. Now this isn't an original character called chain faces. You do to you to push a button at this point as well yeah there's all bases wrapped around did change now this visit your original character called. Chain faces extremely. Channeling Lincoln who write notes in like could you tell us both on your powers. Sure what. They composed the bleeding chase him. We'll go through and through there isn't flush left his oldest shade. Regenerates but couldn't get anything Indian chain can do. Now I don't mean to us we go to school here are UA superhero super villain somewhere in between. I I am an enterprising businessman and he's seen maybe in the Waste Management business. Your Waste Management you. I was confused as to whether or not the character of chain link I had a Waste Management company or this may and I had a hard behind the group behind the costumes. What a garbage. Had a hard time of death and the other going yeah. Yeah it is what it is it's a dirty business leaders and elected talking and an outstanding citizens who. What is and isn't Antoine. About seven. The best fighting goes not Ivan upstanding is that he said I'm an outstanding citizens. There it is what it is it's a dirty business but we don't know what you're talking and an outstanding citizen. Outstanding that it. Are pretty good at it without them. The that your you'd chime in here and you ask the questions have been likelihood is mr. McGinley yeah. What does mister chain links towing capacity. Yet it's. The only at a boat is thought that at all. Yeah he figured he could do about. The back at that point the illustrator or that the creator of the comic looks up from flipping and goes yeah he could do vote. That it so we're here I have good public what the appellate capacity of mr. Bentley because nick what do you got lake technical legit question. So our guys like I can't confirm he could do about the body can ball vote yet absolutely. Now what is what are some of these complications that he runs into on a daily basis. I. May well rain yeah magnetism. Yeah I'm not stainless steel and so it rains an issue where it's permitted him. It was just a minute yeah. So yeah. I had a few of them we to have some guys there's chime in and out without aka it didn't 53. And his ignorant vision unit didn't need power you would nocturnal person there or are you up during the night. That's when most of the business what happens if you will the most of the best in the book the lord gives the words instead of being. You know away from prying eyes of the most of the Waste Management happened that night exactly yeah. Nobody wants to see what the traditions if you judge Gregory and Modesto you're so flippant group. Go to go to look at me with a dress him up if you catch my drift I do not I am not know what I buy at about talking ideally. It may have begun to talk bit I distill it to within a group. Here's the product page business through you're still flipping through the iPhone and including those that were your community. Gathered today and definitely. You don't think that gentleman establishment and ordinary. As an outstanding business here and give them all you business now he's mr. chain link in that area strip club. Yet announced if you think this chain link have perhaps a female prime home. Yeah it maybe he'd go right. Who got left in the in every issue relevant to the lab candy. Lap candy you've got him. It's about it now and us. I get not to get too crafty or visit chain everywhere we have had hit it. Isn't personal precedent that's fair question for a get out of here warrior thoughts on Michael Holley leaving dale Hollywood keeps me. From that much radio man myself thinking well thank you very much but no words yeah. Okay motivating that candy. But nobody ever you know who's never had sex. People who say let him be a. Yeah you you might be right about that had a good chance you're onto something there. So that's gonna do it for interviews from northeast comic con IA again I don't think living hall of famers like chain face that body is pretty good. A chain link phthalates in link like. I wanted to like the queen of the paranormal lot more but she's just not. She was hurt. The point that we might have to that we might have to avoid if we see that she's on the list. At a can't we might have to. Not go to. A yeah perhaps all right you ready for the the last portion of the pro yet they because the. The game. And I kick received deferred defender at all. Other people have really excited about the notes here. Though being viewed this is coming in the what I was alluding to you heard that the reason that grew over the basically holding the camera for the queen of the paranormal was I was in the bathroom. Peeing because Richard both ideally. Eject or god gives soda. I was enjoying. I would enjoy being a wild build old fashioned soda pop. Where wild bill came and he he I bottom mug from wild bill he says it by remote you can have unlimited go to throughout the entire day. And boy howdy did I drink a lot of soda. So it's actually really good I got a really cool mug biblical would be like. These lanes copper mugged that look really cool. Check out wild bill's old fashioned soda pop go wild built go to dot com. It is he would they would they offer a wonderful wonderful Vanilla cream soda which they had been ginger real event really would be to date but. I'm gonna sponsor I'm out on the spotted yet he'll be admitted. Yet altered by wild bill's old fashioned soda pop but I have. Hey I agree that's it happened enough to tell Ku had to do his job but maybe a Davies face Photoshop on top soda pop Penske having back could be in the works as well we. Because this guy was triggered tip rethought and I knew your identity he's he stared at the thing. So many times out of regular sodas I get a mug which they get a mug it's soda like just get the mud gets soda. And I walked by your refill that godless though. Oh yeah it was a great day. I've I don't either dead people like six times in the two hours well. It's there was an issue my pick of the podcast is the series Waco I finished it with a six part series on David Koresh with. Taylor kitsch playing the role of the colts' leader although. Maybe not a COLT David is I don't know I mean. I do think that it was not to go spoiler here give it like a four and a half out of six that was good is worth watching. It was a bit of a like Branch Davidians propaganda piece at times I would say I got. I don't know maybe this is the truth I guess you can determine what you want to from watching this but it's sort of a different side of the situation in Waco. Texas forever in PE it's. Her war. Right next week we have another open week I think it may really just really dive. You know balls deep into the door mat mystery. You don't are our friend from our friend bridge from being good Brothers podcasts had an idea to that I wanna all all air it out on on mayor Richard Aaron out. Would've sweet we cover the rab these web onetime. Just this year revenues. Or just we'd make it a thing where we talk about the realities and the worst. Films of the year. Yeah I like that or religiously at rallied to bet the worst of the worst. Now that's not about on like the worst of the worst that. For Christ's sake. He's getting you got two free ones here. Well we can didn't have the right rate review there's nothing else like if says that describe written review on the iTunes to hash tag dorks we are on YouTube YouTube dot com slash to our podcast including a new video from our body markets that the boxers podcast. He did eight she conspiracy wrapped and it's really good you should check that out Dave you'll probably be uploading my tarot card reading. At some point throughout the tree Twitter at dork podcasts and the American people fall you. Our quality of any and all social media arm well. Look behind the curtain and I'll be on vacation the next three weeks. So please look out for any to which streams and they do mid day where. Big feature is site just picked up they do resident beat most recent Resident Evil to haven't played yet subdued a blind play through that. Nice thanks. All right that'll do it Ryan good stuff I'll talk to you next weeks or let Aaron.