#DORK 55: Worst Movies Ever

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, March 13th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey discuss the worst movies ever made.  They take a look at all the Razzie Award Winners for Worst Picture and add their picks as well.  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. Martinez. Is the door to my email which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens in my dorm blogs. Thanks to turn into another episode of hash tags or my name's rich keep joined as always by Ryan Davey Davey out you. I'm having a wonderful by Richard despite all the snow in the the generators kick it on and off where I am. I'll tell you Rick it's really common down out there in my right. Whether our man it's fall a little more full of it we are absolutely. Networks. Well yeah. It is a topic of conversation ignore also the topic of conversation dork madness three time people are mystery our love in the third annual dork madness in what it is is best TV show and we've got a lot of feedback already. So give me how about this give me a and about a way of voting is going on all month at torque podcast on Twitter. If you don't have Twitter I apologize it's the only way to we're doing so. Give me a one word review. For all of the snubs that people have sent him okay. It. Met her own political a political showplace double that made. I want whoever you crawl all. Argued problem and go to I've thought it Arafat go right now nobody there aren't what does this Dexter. Actually got no way it should make any 24. And entourage. No. X-Men in the animated series. The point could be just one word right yeah you have done a great job that are out. Different. And Silicon Valley. Young. Yeah now what I concede that I think there's a good argun for Silicon Valley has. There's a whole HBO region and that's probably one of the sixteen best HBO shows but whatever. And if you have you go back to begin the first like HBO show. That goes struggles. Rocker you right by the front Iraq. But like I buy it first like HBO like really HBO drama I think with the laws Yemen everything just just how good could those shows have been. Like put put this way. Silicone that was good but it's not as good as Kirk. It's not as good as game for it's not as good as. And make an argument that it discusses what. Yeah I that you could the west reliable one seasons though I think you could make a case that it's better and you know another thing about frontal rock probably should have been on there. An opportunity that they played it goes gonna beat. From Iraq. And closures the delusion cheap but there's there's Stephen about it. All right who gets the news and notes eight. Are actually a nugget that we missed from last week but marvel announced some phase four dates for the MCU. July. The OC with the month because it's too many numbers but to live to 120. May of two points when he won the July of points when he won a November of two points when he won the and then February may and July of 21822. Of course they still have avengers infinity war ant man vs the loss. This does not include. I think captain marvel. And maybe another one maybe even Spiderman two. But yet beyond what actually starts right yes yes so this I think is where you'll find guardians of the galaxy volume three. This may be up sure black panther too sure that'll be in this Gloria. Any other wild stabs at the other guest is probably just another Spiderman and other Puerto confirm adorn a second one but who knows maybe even a trilogy they could do. What do total what about we need so in my head you'd need a transition year to infinity war people are gonna start dropping off yet contracts are up. Right I don't think. You know Chris Evans is gonna wanna play he's done it technically after this infinity. Right where. At that is Lotto Lotto scuttlebutt that he could be dead. But my point is that there's a lot of these people I don't think Chris Hemsworth is going to be wanting to play for forever. I don't know they they or they gave them a haircut which are the likes. And it's more and more comedic character now than it was before I think he enjoys that but your right united beat these guys are doomed forever. So they have to be totally transitional is that what appears likened a standalone Iron Man movie duplicate transition. Lego they would let loose the Caitlin Jenner. Nowhere it's like you know you you maybe introduce iron heart yeah they have got out of somebody. Yet something like that or like Bucky Barnes or fallopian become Captain America. Right yeah supposed to be as a black widow standalone movie here in here somewhere yeah. Code red sparrow and it'd be all that well not now and do particularly well if there's going to be some other ones maybe get like maybe for only a red Hulk movie. Maybe like this Doctor Strange is sequel I outs and no one. Enough now that they're definitely need. All for they've made even trilogy at that and feel the Captain America trilogy a four Iron Man at all those guys a Big Three movies black at the food. Thought this probably blow your mind right now to pick you movie idea right now aren't gonna sit down. Go ahead black pit their black paint their Spiderman crossover it would create in the hunter. Yeah I like that in a great deal like I like that very much yeah craven a hundred greatness universe get him in here Alec that. All right about this will DC news for you'll DC news budget. I love it I love I love what they're gonna do you know where to find out what they're doing. Did DCU. As had a lot of success. Wonder Woman to. Has cast Kristen wigs to play cheetah will be the villain in Wonder Woman to. You know this it isn't one of those intriguing casting calls it like it is. You know I I don't know I don't know like oh we get the guy wouldn't shock deflation there have been Munich. What you. It used to this that footage of that by the way yeah and it looks bought terrible. It looks those stupid it looks like yet. Ass hole. Who went to Toys 'R' Us if they still exist and was like yeah bush is there a cost him the death in the back and open the other way yep there it is also on sale apartment that is put this on Google birthday party out there looking up at the fact that they're Hollywood makes this fake muscles in the arms of candor there is perfect. It looks so bad. So. A trade they'll by a wig and I didn't see the movie. Other. But I heard the boxers review of it. And apparently Kristen wigs and it Miette pretty wild. And keep the highlight of it that she's got to let you get an action chops. She is she's more than just comedy but also always be anything that she's a supermodel com. And that's been greatly keep this is kind of like a serious kind of a crazy characters so I ID. I don't know if you bring it in humor is going to be like I can't not look. And that is gonna sound bad but it would mean myself I associate laughter which Kristin I was gonna say every to have a look at her lap. It's that now at our event when an oddly is quite common on. Our associates but like you speak she's going to be funny in the quirky and weird and whatever gets us off. It might not hit it doesn't really work yeah. But we also said he also said that Heath Ledger was going to be terrible Joker. That's right we did and we said. Not Hugh Jack rabbit who Jack didn't reduce our kids Wolverine and we said we sort of mood just. No I didn't. Public jobs back of rose gonna write an executive produce live action Star Wars series. Okay throw away and do we know what to what what it's gonna be audited Netflix I don't know. What's streaming service to my gonna have to buy a watch that. Isn't Disney make it their own thing IP that. Yeah but I don't know that so the word I got all of clicked. I don't like that yet Zoellick daredevil and just you don't vote all go to Lou on issues going Hulu won't everything's gonna be off Netflix. That that's. Mean that hurts Netflix and whether that's worth Mike significantly because. I think our demo well it all the people listen to this like that's. I don't know I've had Netflix very long time although when we first are the podcast I was in an economics and re yelling enemy that Nazi daredevil but. Since then like that's one thing whereby if a movie shows upgrade in a foot of random series shows that great but at least I know. Every year I'm getting. Daredevil Jessica Jones blockades publisher defenders Wear a watch those shows that you take all those out like wood but sooner or watch wipe out artists out. Yulia then I'll start to push their own stuff you know they have right now. And a big whatever whatever Netflix loses the office so I think there's going to be like a rueful. Yet that they look at very lost it's always sunny now is get about the kick in the John. Though speaking of the Netflix stuff Jessica Jones season two is out style BR episode next week have you begun I have got him to episode. I'm four so tight it's still early on in the process. Not a whole lot is happening. Not at lot of going on right now but I like I like the characters that late. The universe within the universe but. Still Carl wolf the federal Wheaton. Down on right now I'm down and say I would listen to Trish topic. I I would have put them down under right now I don't like which he's trying to do you do to get I don't like it. Now OK I area. Also punish your season two has begun filming decade Iraq cart. And out today I would say where we're getting the blood flow but it's we're not we're not there yet unity. Now that I do know what you mean that's very well said before you get two of York for portion of the program. Did you see this Fred Durst. From Limp Bizkit fame one of the the great front man of all time is directing a thriller. Where John Travolta. Plays an insane stalker. Of DeVon Sao law. It's called it's called most I think. Yeah anyway what got people would this is I read that. Headline of the Islamic Twitter or something and I thought it was the only meat like an onion article like this has now universe in my hand right now. It's a really big place now the real thing. Yes unbelievable so aren't your editor for your thing. Don't at least east the. Okay. Even a man. De La. All right let's have some. Well Richard as you noted that this video game made it will eventually be brought you by wild bill go to a wild bill's filled out. That's not to say atlas that you've given. This gentleman a lot of free plugs so far. Has he gotten back to you at all because at first I we will you know sue because that they. You know you if it's just get you a free soda every time we go to we'll climb I think that's what we need to deal. Yet thought he'd. Immediate future Bogut will then maybe have a big piece of Mike Davies ginger ale like like half mile mile and special group ginger ale is what it now I can't get my owns. If I can't get my own custom engine derailed in one has its all been about. Nothing it's his bid for ships. Obviously we're not you like it at the end of this podcast McNamee and that we hang up our podcast microphone that you telephoned the head I don't have biological derail. Yeah that we got. You know. Is that a waste the whole thing. Well here's some great news for you Richard Lester good news with a little injured that I'll. Aren't. So. The people epic games to make for the could be biggest video game in the world right now yes how about. And said. That we wanna do clot across platform game this game cross platform anyway PlayStation Xbox PC. Phone like if you have anything you can play it for night you can play with anybody yet this is DOS. Microsoft said we are on board. I'll let. I apple computers we're on board. The only sticking point right now Richard please call what do you do in place they Sony's Sony's. Like their look at it right now but this can be in very first game it's the biggest game in the world right now Heidi big the biggest game in the world bigger. You make it the very first. True cross platform game that would be rates which then opened the door to so mitigate the debt standard. Snapshot look at that thing right you know handle it. And while it would hurt console sales a little bit I don't really think it would it would hurt his value to keep the console at one place. Oh I don't have to buy something else to play with my friends elect now much like for it to my brother the next time PlayStation we never played. Competitively probably good thing that yeah replacement that I outline yet. You know we'll get together for everything at some punches thrown yet but when all the home early but now that's possible and there are people like we want to do. And Microsoft of all people who would have been the biggest pain in the ass out of any game system. You know bill we weren't. That's huge news that is all. Well so I guess that's sort of dates to be continued rate has PlayStation I wonder what the sticking point is there they they have a bullet on that that they get a that they have been. Is that everyone wants it it's one of those things but everybody wants. Everybody why don't you want if he thought that want to. Yet so give that kind of a cool thing tonight I just came across. By accident there is a game called go on trips when he 20. Which is eight re imagining think of like of gears of war met Contra. Oh yeah and made. By a eight students. Over eight weeks. And it looks great it looks like I've geared toward game like it's got Contra attached to it whenever I liked. And it's free since they use the name Contra. In Contra is known by cannot meet these kids are just like ticketed for. So you have a windows computer and have liked being whatever you could actually please think for it looks really good place. So so there's that well and laughed at a news you might have we don't get political here but you may have heard that the video game industry has come under fire recently that your from the executive branch of our government. Who believes that violent video games lead to violent things. And it was great while New York Times article about how it scheming coltart that the games themselves. Because that you know as a 36 almost 37 year old man. I've had to buy a mother's morality. And bisexual orientation come under fire by twelve year old. In the gaming community whenever I play quite a bit real yeah quite a bit yeah so that. So that's that so I. Shot that they didn't call you win to testify Imus. They should or patient I won't know what I think that was actually really cool gave this charity called games for change. Put together this real that shows video games as art in something that's beautiful and whatever these clips from shuttle the colossus they use. These days all the games and put it together this is actually really missed all week these Bissau along with Contra this cool nice deal that they showed. Two two be on the other side of it in the bitter bitter it was. If they had all the censorship people there and Ed parent groups there they had the president there and the one people they didn't have a besides just these social scientists who have come out to defuse all of this. These claims they were invited. So naturally they weren't by the news but there's a bit of video game minute there always eventually going to be brought here by wild and. Always in my mind more than fairly informative so thank you Mike. Are you ready now over the top what does your what does that was the topic of the day and today it is worst movies. Ever. The word go through or tyra some of the worst movies that we've ever seen it. We're also gonna take a look at this in the helpful guide I think the rats the awards which were ought not to long ago. They have been crowding. Achievements in the worst movie making since 1980. So we're gonna go back and look at the worst movie winners worst picture since 1980. Lot of those will be on our list before I do that. Let's just sort of get the guideline out here what CU. Makes a movie the worse because I would just say quickly. There are bad bad movies but when their re watchable like they don't. Qualify as worst like the ones that jump out any troll two the Roma. Plan nine from outer space like these are so bad that they're good or they have a cold fall or never like to meet. A worst movie would be something that you would never wanna watch again and you would never. Like recommend to front. Yet right or something that I found just like no joy in like at all yeah yeah right like. Like there's some dignity said Blakey. One of the things that come in this news hired by are different from the good Brothers podcast the fridge who wanted to do this one so we said it would. But you look at a movie like say like Mortal Kombat. Or road house yeah I still there so that that they kind of they kind of go the other way are like them. Yeah you have to Atlanta to spotlight than that's been put on the room recently yeah or troll too for that matter like those movies are so bad. That you actually kind of like them. Yes you're like there's some that but it's weird because you can launch tutor for movies and they can both have just terrible terrible acting and no story. But I don't know how to explain it one of home is like endearing and the other one is just a piece of trash. And like I know at the end of the day at a right to edit that they're both bad movies like it's very clearly you'd. You give them zero or one infinity stone senators strip that movie's. But one of Obama like it you gotta see this get so bad that you've got to watch it. And another one that's like the would you would watch the mystery science theater 3000 show. A lot of the movies they play an out of state. 80% of those movies they played. If those guys weren't too in the commentary you would have zero interest in the there'd be no there'd be no reason to watch it but then there's a couple that you like this actually might be funny just to watch to reference a mile. Yes absolutely and that's and that's. And that's fine but like that doesn't qualify them at like you know terrible boo. Right so feel free you can tweet just act or podcasted emails to our podcast at gmail.com. The worst movies you have ever seen let's use the rat he's as a little bit of a guide first they'll get you know some of our worst that we've ever seen. The first ever winner. For at the rats these for worst picture was in 1980 as a musical comedy called can't stop the music. Starring Bruce Jenner Steve Gutenberg in the Village People. Yes which it. Mean unbelievable yeah that's unbelievable 88 visit seeing Bruce Bruce Jenner. A person we ease walking down the street with the Village People at least Alec this crop top and like these little tiny click denim shorts yes it's just like. This horrible I haven't actually seen the whole movie but it seemed like the trailer in parts of it like scenes from it yes it is just sump and now. It's a math I've never seen it but I was read them move them up on today like yeah not so it a worthy winner for the first though worst picture. 1981 the winner also prosperous. Was mommy dearest this of course the Joan Crawford movie would be. I. Like that just got that Sousa book written by Joan Crawford's daughter and they don't know exactly how much of this is true or not but. It was that I was the Faye Dunaway I think playing yes Joan Crawford. And I don't I've seen this movie I don't think it's like the worst movie ever. It might have been the worst movie that a year and I'm telling you the people of the wire hanger industry are pit. That this movie. Yeah well so proper due to dollar wire hangers. Ever know there are prepared close it lately more criticism unfortunately Joan Crawford. Don't you like you would you like F feel like I got stale on I only watched feud because I like Joan Crawford so much I took some film class in college let's at a few but one of home. We lost Mildred pierce which she nor on the best actress for it in the forties. What a delight she was great and then whatever happened to baby Jane because that was really the few was between heard Betty Davis. These these ladies they're just. She's very very good actors aren't all that until Crawford so maybe. Maybe I opened Monday although the additional over mommie dearest though. Who won the 1982. It was a movie that it Nazi called in Sharon. Inch on yet this little booklet and that is where it gets sticky for me because this is say eight war movie it's it's about. Was in the Korean War ready you know that's or whatever but. Did this conception elect if it's a war movie it's good though not the case not the case but that's not the case. Right they got I don't understand you know where automatic elect here's here's a here's one here's one that like. I didn't like that people are like in there's been a run of like. If you don't like this movie like you don't like America kind of movies you ought to be like yeah American sniper like I didn't really like that movie yeah I was fine. There's find that he wasn't terrible but you're just like. Not for me they would like lone survivor like these like kick ass America movies that I'm not all about the and that that makes me unpatriotic. I don't beat doesn't know that does not it does you know what is particular exercising my right. All eyes the yen let's just put a pin in that right there. I hope you don't really was 1983. The lonely lady I have no notes on that movie. This is one of the one that I honestly I knew nothing about I know really motivated by the item nothing else and beyond what really. Phillips let's go to 1984. Bolero. Now this is starring Bo Derek. It is written and directed by husband John Derrick. And it's a story of a woman play about Bo Derek who is traveling the world. Looking I think for the right person to lose her virginity to do. All right that's hello. Larry basically be. I disagree with you there. It is the right to know it might be the other broad Derek. There's another vote Derek are here which is fantastic curricula to get to that one but this one is the virginity one. About Valero was the one with the bull fighter husband and anyway so basically so big this movie I saw other. It was like on HBO or something like a late night and basically it's just port O hello yet. It's your basic report yet. Starring Bo Derek in her and her husband at the time and it was a movie that was put up like candid pictures but he if you ever seen that documentary. Electric book loop. By the way check that out of it is sort of like candid pictures and this is one of the movie's ability they produced. And it's a phenomenal story about how this movies are released. Does so this is our mobile arrow right. So this is set in the 1920s. Ire Mac Mac Gil van RRE. What about Bo Derek is a virginal 213 year old American graduates very exclusive British college. In or for air so vast fortune ire is determined to find the right man for first sexual account or wherever he might be in the world. Rich enough not to venture forth alone she brings longer best friend Catalina and the fan family show four were caught. They but George Kennedy's. Anyway there's a bullfighter ultimate and older units. Which via. Art it's a 1980. Hope that we don't even know appellate about that the bad will be 1985 Rambo first blood part two Betsy I loved this movie about a kid when I was you know seven. Yet but do I thought. Yet so I don't think all trust. I don't think all these moves are that bad. In this what I would not include in the worst movie ever public 1986 we have two winners. Under the cherry moon and Howard the duck. OK so let's pick despite piece by piece if under the cherry moon. If the worst first of all hottest purple rain purple rain at an awesome movie starring prints under the cherry moon also start prince I don't think. I think it's the worst movie ever but it's not good now yeah than and I would day that Howard the duck is the worst comic book movie ever it. Yet there's a couple others on this list though that I think are right in the mix but it's the back character like it's like who cares about how the duck anyway and then you know restored. I nobody looks so badly you just so that particular in your life afraid of them. My wife got to shoot them like the look she doesn't trust that tell you that yet you have those kind of weird things read I don't like that yes. Yet she's just like I don't like are the dark animators data that you Howard the duck would get a shot at the end credits in the first guardians of acute state watched most of it could happen. If you didn't speak to be entirely yeah I look forward. But yet on the right yeah get a martini you'll do on. Hazel. And what's the capital. That is a wild variety doesn't leave me conduct will be in the day input from portrait to Applebee's and in the bat and bat. Some people like that that's fine or injure species. Erotica with him in we topped its beast realities that's exactly what that at its finest. But I critical interest species erotica but I know that's probably that's how you look it up meg and eighty. Seven Leonard part six this is a Bill Cosby spy parody. Now it would. Turkey Iran there was no lettered one part one through five I believe there was not Don I got part of that's one of the the basis sort of start out with a joke the biggest part six Justin. The ball that. 1988 cocktail. I think are still not there it's not by any education public out crews. Yeah yeah it's late eighties crews NASA jet crews did the last concert group in Mexico and nice yeah I don't think that's the worst movie ever I don't get it by any means. Are in a primo Elizabeth she follows the shoe hello. And in my right. That's not a bad move gotta carry you put those three people on screen together that's not a bad if you know what it is a bad movie but it's not. The bad movie now a shout out ought to our friends. At the Mac and do podcast there's also in 1988 Mac and knee was nominated for the worst picture. That blows me away how cocktail couple it would ready for the worst picture in the same year that McEntee is it is made. Wolf what I seen back in May no I'm not all of my god it's that could be the worst movie analyst. In my toward the worst movies of all time your I I listen to back muted the whole episode on and I've seen the previews of every time Paul Rudd ghost Conan and he would show clip of McNamee sighed I'm familiar with. Where and that's Larry's dad that he does. But I think all oftentimes you'll see especially as it goes on in the rat these if there's a good big name actor attached they're gonna get will be more criticism than not so they they thought through and I mean that's what one. So 1980 nine's Star Trek five the final frontier one worse it. And by the way this is another one where people were pissed that we did not play. Star Trek on our TV list though I didn't Sartre was on their debit didn't totally bitch about it the Star Trek comic. It's on there right now those are my favorite ones the ones that people are arguing about snubs which is fines seeding which is fine and then once who like they just didn't see it. Think there are really upset that Alco putted I have lost its on there you can vote for. In a mile well you can use bigger pot a bit public back down to get the double down. It is just like in larger that Iraq. They are 1990. I again you have to winners you have the adventures of Ford Sarah Lane and then you also have ghosts can't do it. Let it say about ghosts can't do it. Yesterday's yet they're back out again this is literally this is the plot to the movie. Scott and Kate are happily married despite their thirty year age difference. After Oklahoma. After Scott suffers a heart attack and is unable to make love. He commits suicide. And becomes a ghost that only Kate can see and speak live. To make it possible for Scott to return as a human. They conjure up a plan to have a young man drowned. So that Scott can take his body. Now also of note this will be Donald Trump played himself. And won the Ramsey for worst supporting actor. Can you do things I've done I gonna do now as I go through my head like the pitch meeting for this. That's amazing. Everything about her sitting across the table and somebody your that your that person is making this move wants to make this movie you just explain that to me. It's of it's amazing. So a thirty year age difference okay Yuri got to be some sums there gross. Has a heart attack and the only side effect of a heart attack is that he can't have sex anymore. And 'cause he loved sacks so bad he decides to kill himself. And have their plan is was she can still see the ghosts. But she mean now he needs to be able to go inside somebody's body. So they lure some young man. It's a lake of pool or something in drowned. Maybe you can come back any young man's body maybe we'll get some therapy. You know kids killed yourself that you could have that you wanna kill somebody else would come back and have sex night do you get bit of issues Don has it appears. If a woman you're having sex with is click OK with that is like cool that. I loved seeing that this is the same crew that brought he brought you Bolero which we could grow our laws but it was basically a woman going on the world front it was a virginity. Value of a case where she's having sex with a sky utilities has a heart attack and etiquette do it than he kills itself. I don't know how it doesn't. Felt like Bo Derek pro Derek and Olivia deleted the apple member of the oldest sister from. The wonder years that you ultimately destroyer yeah yeah naked and do so. Yeah where we're cold air. We got to watch this ghosts can't do it that I don't we ask you gotta be a full episode goes can I watch it like like we. Dammit the great lie to me yet I was blown away by the plot of the movie I've not seen us but I am very much on board. And it beat out or tied with the injured dice clay vehicle. NASA. No pun intended sport barely both Bryant who don't lay's own movie. It's great hosts 99 aren't lucky crashed and burned an act guy yeah. Yeah it's so yes the rocket the leather jacket goes to great. Does 19901991. Hudson hawk with Bruce Willis actually one where Specter. And ten year old mean love this move yeah it was around the time my mom picked up the job picked up a job at a video store. Also you were just lost moves left to right out just watch a movie left to right and then like this store never sun goes video of those yes. Those she worked as sun coast video which is across the street from blockbuster about it. Asked those sun coast so it goes goes out of business and the like a mob just like came. I'm not kidding but like hundreds of VHS tapes. Obama it but it went out of business leaders within a pro about to easily bought boxes the movie's moment but an awkward one. Nice arm ever taken how cool it was a bit lower east movies. Yeah well known fact about me I do love a good hike did you like the movie heist. I did not now they'll select who was about highs not movie's name he's not W mean tight. It entice us into this with a good like keeper and it was kind of quirky but now I watched it again recently elected recently five years ago yeah like. Jacket he what people you know is not the upgrade itself bucket goofy like the opening which is to get slapped me it's a little. Yeah but it that people like the one thing I didn't like it when human being I LO would like all right we got we have to do this in three minutes in 27 seconds what what's on commute thing. Right at that exact time you know like. Mac fanatic or whatever whatever if you didn't like yeah besides we cannot start some like that Picard got it they would like do it to music which. This up about 1992 worst picture was shining the rule is a World War II drama would Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith. And a pass that 1993. Indecent proposal. Depriving. Think this movie was that bad again it's not like yea you're all in the movie it's not like you're gonna teller birdied that to go see it but. It pretty interesting premise the acting everything was terrible I was outpost thirty fein have been indecent proposal. Yet look and I think bit the that premise of the movie is really good and the execution was a little bit off I thought that like he. That's a cool like twenty minute short film to be stretched in elect an hour and a half and had their you know like bowl and in the public with a Woody Harrelson of the husband. Yeah Woody Harrelson Demi Moore and though Robert Redford Richard yeah. Says it's all questions so would you let your wife spend the night. Including sexually with another man for a million dollars in the house also 1993 so what's caught ten million dollars now. Caught ten now and and that like. In that I think that probably caused a lot of like Merrill fight yeah the Portland just the idea of this. Thea think. Okay built. Yeah who's the guy ghastly if it's Robert Redford in the police say sure and I know that if would be like yeah it's ten million dollars. If it's really knows what you care and I do it you know upon. By that that was like I'm not make that decision like you make that decision. But so if she said if your wife said yes you would sign off on. He put me you're you're you're paying penal court that you put in accord I don't know I don't know spoke to do Seattle had built and built select. Oh million dollars and it's one night out make sure the gentlemen is. Clean and you also have to make sure that. There's no way that she's gonna get like pregnant or hurt. Yet and I would sign that you know a thing like afterward like. Not a restraining order delicate decently to cease desist so it's no contact order your golf after that you're done you know you can't have any you don't talk to her. Let's I would I would picture by the mighty my lawyers there you know you apple would Hitler and the paperwork right up. Right. Has yet it could be pretty slippery if all of a sudden they searched texting her in the and it's she fall in love with a element becomes all the right. And then she takes the money back and then you're left with a literally nothing. You are now again I guess the kind of back and forth well. Spirited debate it is the it's a lot of fun gang 99 before the movie was color of night. Starring Bruce Willis in Jane marsh and how but this little nugget on color of night. According to law Maxim Magazine which I don't know if he's even still exists. They said that in color of night there is the best sex scene in film history. Heard that before but never actually seen this I've not seen it and I know right now Mac for Mac can do is just pause the podcast that he is searching for this right away. It is color of night I'll also be looking this up shortly best team. I can do is probably the only person with a paid subscription it just did. The color of night here we go. That's gotta do you feel added we have two elected knuckle cracked like the push and hand the way to get it like you know here we go in. All right Jessica some grueling color of night personal assistant radio. So it's fine that it goes from other best sex scene in film history. Into these next two back to back winners 1995 showgirls 1996 strip tease which. Both of them one elect you'd like fourteen and fifteen year old beat yeah. What elect out. Up say one. Then yes a let down argue one way of putting I guess eleven year old men earn always howls. Yeah eleven year old me for show girls. Was like wow you know saved by the bell has taken a turn and then twelve year old me. I was like Demi Moore is the greatest thing I was like the movie itself like the whole premise that is ridiculous Burt Reynolds is ridiculous. But the couple scenes with Demi Moore but the one over seas on the boat dancing and guide. Hell out of a I'm only annually annually appear topless for like ten seconds and a whole movie. There's a lot of pausing yeah you know a lot of pausing at it make for some great gifts. We get extra out it's not with a TU QQ. And metrics like Hitler get those sent to us right away. Showgirls. A dump of a movie definitely the worst movie ever however I've probably seen it more than once it's like can't put it down as the worst movie ever. I can't because that wanted so bad you know like you make you got it don't regatta watch this you have to watch he'd Edgar Shawn Bergen at all. Like sixty minutes you really can't should get a more than anybody else that'll movie how the ferocity. Of Elizabeth Berkley. In the pool. I. Archie was I thought she was having its eagerly legitimately. They got thought that was like they just caught it or are you that. And I don't wanna be kraus by poachers gonna break it off. Oh yeah and the other big illusion that a worry people that populate it but the other Richard. That's true you create a couple of the vacuum not suction. You deal with the that's how people get. Stock swap that would be unfortunate shore yet as there's some intense scenes there. In the sideshow girls Bob. Art 1997 the postman wins that they Kevin Costner directed and starring films that post apocalyptic game. And that same year that men are in great deal is a myth about guys that men and Robin was nominated that's senior which is a terrible terrible. Which I think you know Batman and Robin let me. You could give it cult status it's not though it's just that bad but it's not even so bad that it's club. Now there obviously are like. Mr. freeze and poison ivy win their ridiculous catch phrases and things give it like a little bit of a cult thing but it's just such it I don't. Yeah Ankiel and there 1988 an Allen Smith the film burn Hollywood burn is the mock you better have never CNET. Back to 99 and wild wild west's which. Was that was so bad from the get go this definitely deserves to be worst movie ever I saw this in the weirder when I was like united great Revver was. This is a piece of Xia. And what. But like what makes it kind of often now execute Salt Lake. The what happens is that what happened to permanently and yes this this part of health expert but it still there. Who else did so like the guy who was spearheading the new super beat Tim Burton's Nicolas Cage Superman movie. Was like. That Brady they wanted to do a Brady act like you know it was a whole thing out to him back he used as young as he remembers as the producer right in his hoping that we needed giant spider. And Kevin Smith and whoever they brought elected teams of writers into Kevin's at selected Robert Zoellick with the with the spiders. The united. Yet I don't really definitely in there so they. That they kill that movie and then the movie he did then focuses on his wild wild west which big big bad pain in the movie as a giant mechanical spider. It's just so insanely big guys that was like yeah out here what you do I need to sit there and equipment needed a big spider with a the big spider. In the incident got it. An icon is so bad. Piece of crap now it did inspire or the greatest songs ever written wild wild west by injured it Will Smith. So sure. You are apt to vote yet back. It will. Be doing it Will Smith doesn't have the costs and his record albums the solo record. But the but he thought it was me off about that is like you like this clean rapper. In the body as part of any bad boys movies when he opened public mart lowered the kick of the beat Mike Martz is daughter. Which is MF them up and down. All it can't lick heart are as much did did. It was but it it was the funniest thing it will Smith and Everett. He swears the movies but he doesn't swear to wrap this it's really it's it's my dog. Now also that same year Star Wars episode one the phantom menace was nominated and I think that one. Definitely belongs on the list although when you're in the this year universal or near in like a series of movies. I know what I've seen it more than once the there're there are some just terrible parts and currently between Jake Lloyd in charge are it is. Just piece of trash the then you have like you Darth Maul and you have young Obi wan you know like while. I kind of have to. Watch it at the very least. The medical oriented out of the your board of the that you can't just like develop force ad that was operate. But I love the dispute the charter a theory that he's actually worked with a bit that's why he keeps that screwed things up. But if you watch it from that angle and just assuming he's back I like the movies actually watchable because it never showed up and sent it like to movie later and you like completely confident. We'll go to if there's this there's also the theory that he is like a jet died and that's violate. Any it has like that drunken style or never and that's agreed on the battlefield he's like step on the go on and it's like working right everybody's doing an all purpose. Is great. 2000 his battlefield earth that's reveal towers John Travolta. Inevitably get all time like at movie yes that it isn't like. Well I thought about it but like. Critically look across the couple everybody hates this movie everybody and it's definitely they need to put it took it so seriously right they thought that this is gonna be like the next big thing John Travolta looks but it's ridiculous right horse Whitaker looked ridiculous I've actually seen this movie and it's its. Were the president mission but it's so bad that you need to I'd feel like you need to it's not like you it's so bad that you watch made you laugh it's so bad you watch it you get it. It affects the thought that you beat that watch in movies get pissed off. That's socket 2001 that we talk about this on the podcast this through I think is actually hilarious I Freddy got fingered. Awesome movie I really really like it it's just there's so many. Kinda gross out scenes that critics who lost their minds emitted realize just how phony ones but I I'll defend this movie forever. And again discipline you know Tom green is like any list. Still it time. I'm easily agility it not reach show it to one of the most liked but certainly progressive comedy shows on TV. But he's walking around like he's probably one of the first went viral stars like in the world. You know it would be all that probably and biggest bucket wrote a blank check in public go make a movie right it started started directed all you I think you did a great job would you want it. Are you a great job of the I don't I don't Ariel barons Friday as some on the barren live and it's as number once on it's as number one some of the Leslie from the number one son. About. All right we got. Doesn't suit swept away this is a Madonna movie. And others in the desert tucking her putt dead husband Guy Ritchie and making a movie whether wanna keep it. He's the trash attack of the clones. Episodes of Star Wars was also it was nominated but did not win. Yes it was. But when it worse. They'll put those reports shouldn't a revenge of the Sith is is not bad the other one or two or trash. Our 2003. This is the the Gigli that gene the whatever the Ben Affleck. Jennifer Lopez movie which this got this got ripped apart. If they were heard they were dating at the time they're hock how old are better firms lockup it was a drunk. Yeah it was not his best performance. There was they showed on time they are sitting front row at Fenway Park and you could not have seen two people look more miserable Ben Affleck and Lopez front row like eight. Look that they hated being there aren't that they hated each other it was like though they looked terrible. Once thought he would do what what evening did they take that picture. Is what I wanna you know could have adapted the after the seventh you know Affleck that applicants pit stop yet there's an August selling Beers. That's probably good point yeah 2004. Cattleman. This might be the worst. Yeah all right we're right. This. Is it out loud funny. It is not follow a fight and we're watching for the first time exit what is happening right now when they're played basketball with what is this. City is no mention of him like ever Benjamin Bratt. Yeah as is that the the how it very cost him too early that we're at the fondness is a regional great it is like this is ridiculous. That functional that does not doesn't five. Dirty love was a movie written and starring Jenny McCarthy there are. Irradiated. Hurt electorate that's Hank Aaron electors also. In 2006. Is basic instinct two. Now basic instinct the first thought is actually very good movie I I like it alive and no it sort of like in pop culture it's all just about the scene where Sharon Stone like. Cross is in re crosses your legs and that's all people care about that's actually a good movie it's a scary is that it's suspenseful. Basic instinct two less though. Let and again it didn't. At least twenty years I don't know yet 92 it was 92 was basic instinct won so fifteen years fourteen years after that one yeah to the out. That was not there she was back is also the dude who played the governor in Walking Dead he was. Got very. I'm Allstate the best sex scenes in movies again and color of night is the answer eight basic instinct has some really good ones to do that chair down. I don't know back today are 2007. Is a movie called I know who killed me starring Lindsay Lohan I don't know on. Yeah no doubt one. This is she was in the death of her this is both below at a comeback movie for her you know wasn't it was boiler. Spoiler alert in cheaply in the got strippers some like that was that this. And know you're thinking of ghosts can't do it start talking and dark area. 2000. And let's see where are we ate all the love guru had my flyers. Visit it at this is just terrible we had some rough I've never seen. They comedian. Or funny person loses as fast as Mike Myers. It's so weird is Mike Myers had yet you rightly he law yet some of the best stuff like Hewitt like the Austin Powers movies I know people really truly appreciate how funny they war a war. The big account lock the shuttle between them and Wayne's world like this guy's the man. In solidarity and axe murderer all of that will be. Great parents so love guru about it that's a great editor we created an ethical. 2009 transformers. Revenge of the fallen. That's what I know which one I was Q which one a bit too much in line it is like the fourth one Ehrlich the they're one. 2009 it's got to be like that given that the third but the third or I don't know the answer. I got the first most fine in my mind and then after that I kind of lost track. 2010 was the last airbag dirt. Which was this almost killed M night. That's right and let's back at his back might be expected to be split. I thought it doesn't eleven Jack in Seattle though you knew Adam Sandler gonna get on the list. Being doing it it is it surprises me this is the first. All. Meet this list and his. He just turned out but the problem and get a lot nominated though we even like to hear daddy hood a lot of people like the Dow was nominated but it's on of his I don't know. Just dump after dot movie that people most. It is the movie equivalent of the big bank like that exactly what this yet it only helps that he. Carved up that PG thirteen and under like comic crowd now he start with some of those are movies. The or proof is really get to the number of talks about but there was a lot of good sailor moves early and then it. All of a sudden he's doing these family wants and people are eating him up and like nobody else is really doing. Too many like family comedies like consistently so he does he's got that market cornered Jack. About a mile time because I I will say up to debit Adam Taylor has never made a good move. Like ever like he now you can say that like happy go public the water or public believed to have their party but they're not good movie. About the one that he was in. Don't you use they punch drunk love right now amid an epochal. The doctor give up on drug. Both the one that is it would Don Cheadle about the Twin Towers. Yeah like Iowa I don't know I was gonna you talk about the English people like Spanglish. Don't like. Yeah. How so distracted watching spineless some like it that crew that not a home at. Yet yet has been the whole move public that might signal because that it's matter cited a pretty good ball. Bet like white people problems the movie. Ethnic minority media kind of guy is like despite start shaft has lights really successful but they just can't figure it out like (%expletive) do you like whatever you have you make your problems are not problems. Not to appoint I would argue with you though I think Billy Madison is a good movies start that there are not a good start of that it. Thought what else is there. That's my boy. Our 51 dates. A line. Yeah I don't know you can just go on forever amber what but one he's. It's always Adam Sandler in a tropical or are exotic location which is basically just a paid vacation polygamy as friend or not airheads. That's. There. Note. Below. They thought it again what I'm saying is that demoted to be funny yeah oh yeah they are good public good move. Like super troopers is a funny movie it's not a good. But it could funny movie. So what's funny movie is also a good movie idea. About. You know pile up. Parents of those are good movies aka what are we to take at least jacket who uneven although old school. Old school. Output it's an okay it could be said to be real funny but you put it like swingers and made would be the good movie movies yeah yep. And I I guy Gailey says yeah. 2012. The Twilight Saga breaking dawn part two. I was a hunger (%expletive) I watched I watched this whole series and my wife for in the book are it was read the books. So we watched him in this was like particularly bad. What this one of those things like it's it was like 58 degree before it Qaeda greatly Q assist the ship. Would be a part is that the shades of vampires. And it's like. You go back and look at it now and it's just like mental abuse click click here to be valid if I hated it it's horrible but it. Just a terrible idea. In the hole like over arching like. Like church thing that they had going Utley just luck and weird what that's like so whatever I never got that I never understood that opened up. Yeah me neither and I also but even some of these ones that might not be targeted towards like honestly you know like thirty year old reverend Al however old or at least about. Like dudes. There's at least the character to the Cadillac Johnson but whether it did a guy or girl you're I'd root for somebody in this hole hitters like I don't like anybody like. There are you team Jake every team Edward in my life and I had all these characters or else there. In that that like. I'm sure. I'm sure there's someone do that. That's my wife will save about light footed at the league for every pot but I find Kristen Stewart to be the least likable person I have ever seen put on itself. I thought she was really good as Jodie Foster son in panic room. Like a bond is not a vote upon ever. Outlook torture. Yet she's not big in the smiling she's not audio clip with like fighting shall we added I don't like her at all. Two dozen thirteen. Movie 43. Is so this is more of these weird movies where. There's a million different story lines that a lot of different directors like a million different actors it was like all kinda just different stories of Hollywood. Yet yeah I guess it's so that one that. 2014. This is this seems like a winner I've not seen this movie is called saving Christmas. Kirk Cameron plays himself. In what is dubbed a faith based Christmas comedy film. Yeah and it. The ball on this guy lately. At a Kirk Cameron Bret yeah Kirk Cameron. That's the most the ball if you are if you are in if you are into that kind of thing like pine. Let it keep to yourself Kirk's all right. 2015. Another one of these years where we had tool winners we had fifty shades of gray. And the most recent fantastic four movie with Michael B Jordan. Which again like catwoman like Howard the duck. I think all three of those were sixteen seeds two years ago we did or madness Beth how movies are debt. It is just so bad in a watt senior like. This is the fantastic four and on top of that you have really good actors that it. And it just released a story was a backer crap and there's no action doctor doom didn't show up until the end there's really nothing happening that movies really it's one of the worst was an ever. And you said late. But if you haven't seen this movie rights they have no you have to let people do all the doctor doom did show up to that yet. He didn't show up at the the last ten minutes of the movie yet right it will be two hours long. It did at least but I think it. He didn't show up until the last ten minutes and they're like. They just. Miraculously that team's been apart for elect most of the movie I just like him or even a team like fifty minutes left in the movie and then they just dispatched him. Very easily. Yeah I just have watched it once and I hated so much but this actually might be. There's a couple on this list that might be funny standalone episodes or at the very least some good live tweeting. At this could be 10 we need to fit that's for we got to do ghosts can't do it. In maybe a couple is on the list also the wrap up the last two. Rats he award winner for worst picture in 2016. It was Hillary's America the secret history of the Democratic Party those are one of those. Movies religions can hear me yet is it ripped the Democrats but also nominated that year was Batman v.s Superman. Yeah I would I would include an I think it's it's frustrating it was maybe the most disappointing movie. That's a great. Great word for not bad it's just. Not Pat's right I'm just disappointed. And then this booklet and so yeah I mean expectations to the roof meant it was just. The things like suicide squad Alex's squad as I understand now it is a bad movie I'll admit that. But when you're comparing its like battlefield earth and some of these other ones of like whatever odd is suicide squad was on again out out losses while. For free and let nothing else to do I'd I'd want literally out. There's at least a couple redeeming qualities Harley Quinn is a redeeming quality double B even and I I will it but it shot despite. The most recent winner is the a mode you move which did well last year. Which I apes. Team reviews of this movie I've not seen it and thankfully my children have not asked me to watch it I'll burger I am told it is just. He redeemable well yes nothing about this movie it's good. So what's he so that's a full list those are all the rousing award winners and those are certainly some of the worst movies of all time but for you it was somebody asks you. That Ryan Davey movie expert what is the worst movie or the worst movies going to mean a couple that you have ever seen. And that's a disputed the political back to like. I know I was thinking about this when you wrote this in the run down and up like I have a really hard time thinking about this because a lot of the movie that I eight. We can do it my least favorite movies are movies that are just leapt out. But people pump them up so much that I watched them. He had a disappointing angle morsel of it just it's like I did. More disappointed like one of the movie that I can I don't know why but the very first movie when you say that to mean that thing that pops into my head is avatar. Yeah avatar is kind of like is wildly over. Wildly overrated and it's one of those movies that lake. It's what it's obligated to spoke on it like it that literate legitimately the story of poke poke honestly fern gully. Yeah it's just like I've seen this before and usually that movie is phenomenal. You know it means they get it out. So good. But it's not that good of normally. I know what the other what like his other movies to elect I get that people but it won the one that you're a lot of people like. I argue with people but a lot of people hate Napoleon Dynamite. All c'mon Billy to end and I think it's become public it's just so weird. You joining me. At that I mean I think just like you know when you look at rotten tomatoes and allow the worst movies are either comedies are war movies because. Those that suits ties where you're either your all then are your all out. And some the other ones is like way more room for gray area like others a drama that I didn't love it for whatever that's what I was. But like a horrible really to me some of the worst who is it ever seen and I've seen a tunnel or movies are. Art does that mean that John so one of the war. That I size the remember seeing it. Number the I mean we talk us in the podcast for. Like the late nineties early 2000. Flew home where it was like after scream. Was just make or movies like their chipped an eight Indian people love them. This argument to doesn't to fear dot com. Student door prison authority ever saw with it is the war is the biggest piece of Sheehan or movie I've ever seen in my life. And I've seen in the Lazarus effect. Which I did a hot harbors for fur the guys over the boxers podcast. That's a dump the happening with dubbed it a Night Shyamalan movie the happening that is a piece of garbage so those are some of the ones out include but. For some reason steer dot com like always pops in the my hat is one of the worst. I also think if you get like. Halloween six. Or. Trying to like one of the Friday night power of the front of the thirteenth late. Nightmare in elm street to like a lot of that they. These ones that that pumped out like ten movies if you find the worst one in that series chances are it deserves to be on the list of the worst movies ever. OK so I have I haven't answered you know I haven't my least favorite movie of all time I actually have an answer for that. You record I'm learning. Scarface. The local hospital wells. That it might least they've hated because well play so many people like that movie and it -- didn't box like that movie sucks. So I don't normally get and I'd be hot chili hot take might be but. I don't party at all the first forty minutes of that movie is good. The last twenty minutes of that movie is pretty good bit beetle like two hours fought gained dock gate blocks. Start smiling which and a it would. Yeah a little bit that's our. Personal. Terrible it's not a good movie I'm with the odd that allowed put on there is called sweet sweet backs bad ass song. Yet it's like a black exploitation movies that Marvin bin peoples are Mario van people's. And a team like the early seventies I believe I watched that black cinema in college. And it's. They have a kid it's so it's actually been peoples who directs and writes directs and as in the movie. His son wedding later became a director real life he casts him. As like a ten year old boy. Having sex with like this big fat prostitute that you began in the movie. I think. Somebody might also kill a dog like and it's just so much you. Get somebody out but it's terrible against one of those ones at that critical having Cuba while wallet it's it'll. I don't care round like I. Like I understand it's important I think it may have had to go all black cast may be all black like crew or ever was which but that's really important put them the more they put out themselves I hated. And needed the movie I don't I don't. Yes forty tank. Who beat tang was not a good movie. Written by Louie CK yeah. That's right that's right yeah. That's great about everything when Rob Schneider. He added that that soft pedaling. Detective Baylor and all his movies are like happy Madison produced like they're all yet violent movies. It was a movie that rod Schneider with and they actually a lot you know it's a bad movie but I actually don't like is the best performers. Yeah out yet that was fine. Balance it is what it is right. But it auto it's so stupid it's those stupid. It's good also like Scott he's really I would love to be go to like that the BUN charter review would best be like the three of us take on like Little League teams are legitimate. That would be a lot of fun. Happy very you're very doable for. So they go worst movies ever. Pittsburgh atlas the ridiculous I know we missed some so again apt or podcasts on Twitter or or podcast at gmail.com. For a little more any anything else the worst movies ever. There's a lot of bad ones out there and and again I would say that you know you're you're tasted bad movies says a lot about you it says more about you that you tasting good move. It is I think it's a funny your question or the question I know it's ago voted question like what's your favorite movie. But people usually at least have a short list ready to go. And the white applicant said if you do you can speak. You can if so what does what's your favorite movie you could just they've got fired over the Coca. Yet good hands only a couple of is the only guy who like godfather that's very vocal but edit your you have to that it what's the worst movies ever seemed to have little. And not whole world. Community and world was the but I don't rocky five. Iraqis were targeted machine gun with the rest missile taking a pot yeah. The pretty good. If you. It's. Okay. Let's get through the taken pogroms or be kicked received deferred from the goal I. I'll receive this week you know our show I'm not completely caught up on. But I figured it was getting really good reviews actually getting kind of mixed reviews but. Critically it was a a 100% rotten tomatoes. Fans voted it was more in the sixties. I already said he can't watch everything and there are a zillion comic book TV shows. But I ended up going back I watched the first epic four episodes of black lightning from the CW. Not parent. Kind of enjoyable like it's not a get out and watch it like a must watch but if you're. Look at for some and wants to kind of binge a couple of episodes that once like I'm not watching the thing weekly but I am a lot of pileup. And then go back and watch a few I cattle that was pretty entertained by a black like out. Check it out you don't like it get passed vote like this until we felt that your movie reference now in Major League to. Willie Mays Hayes started a movie with Jesse venture called black camera quite like. Oh my goodness out of its Q Omar at version. Meal bar that spurs and yeah I cannot help but draw comparisons to black ever lightly when I think like that very understandable and there. So I'm sorry but that that is a politics at the do the might figure the podcast that's it I admit to it on this before particular incident bad movies in bad cinema. Eighty wanna learn how he's just how likable movie for instance in the global aero gets me there's a movie on Netflix called electric book a little. This story sort of got it's the story of Cain and pictures which is like. These two guys from Israel who just came to Hollywood and started like producing movies. They're responsible for Bolero. They're responsible for break in and break into electric pollute the eyes well like any Jeanne Claude van dam will be obsolete over the top like all the prop terrible movies. If you wanna like learn how these movies actually got made check that movie out it's fascinating and hilarious at the same time. I love it that's a very good pick of the pod next week on hash tag to work Jessica Jones season to electric blue balloon oh. Get in there earlier urgently reviews are in. And it's an end. At its wait for something to happen. All right you can rate review in subscribe on the iTunes are tagged or we appreciate that. We're everywhere else of your friends are there any there was no podcast recommend the podcast stitcher Google play. WEEI dot com Revver podcasts are found I think we are there. Twitter all month long voting on the third annual dork podcasts or dark madness excuse me. Figure out the best TV show is all of all time you can email laws I'll run YouTube as well as their YouTube dot com slash or podcast. You can also stream. Davey play video games at. Acts. At our Monday on which. And Twitter at any always immediate comment race aren't that set me up about jet will be out that well you know hey did you start in the ground. I did we do have a door pocket into Graham we have yet to upload any pictures to it but we are what it on the bill means so don't update. So feel free to Adams there as well. Our it guy that's gonna do it thank you got what should.