#DORK 56: Jessica Jones Season 2

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Tuesday, March 20th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey discuss Season 2 of Jessica Jones, the Marvel Netflix show. How does it compare to Season 1 and the other MCU shows?  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute and a You Better Be Sitting Down Major Announcement.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. Martinez. Is the sort of botnet which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens I don't mind cash. There exits unit or another episode of hash tag to work on mr. Steve joint has always been Ryan Davey DD year. I don't know whether Richard you can probably tell us a voice the you don't sound right. Both the last the last week Gillick is somebody got a little bit of a coal bearing him like you know distill one of those big circle no it's full blown sinus infection so. That's good enough but I am here in humbled feeling good. You know I think again a little let your pencil is that we have a big time major podcast announcement. Coming up we enter in the podcast and this is big that we've had. In the history of the door podcast we've had maybe three or four quote big time announcements. This one might be the biggest. Yeah in retrospect those big announcements where they were. There were big they are realistic well let's see let's take us the memory lane we. I want you to be cute one with the W media Alia we're going to WEEI were wherever it is. Channel that was a big podcasts. That the issuer depart WEEI. We're still on T shirts thousand big deal for awhile. I think we added a couple of segments like this we can darken pic of a pot Seawright they weren't the the ground breaking. This is excitement is an exciting announcement will collar. It Warren does ran a tease it for just before the topic is yourself you've not seen Jessica Jones were of no interest in Jessica Jones that's okay rocket to make you listen to the entire thing you know would likely to already get to you. Coming up momentarily but first Ryan we got to gets all the news. Well hello did you see the avengers infinity ward new trailer Ryan. Yeah I hate. I frame by frame that I'm watching it in Iowa they are watched it a Baker's dozen. I think is where it stopped at a stop myself you know why until I could stay on this podcast and watch it Baker's watch debaters doesn't vote and it's bred out. Course to be thirteen for those of you while lag behind I watched it twice I'll be honest just twice because I thought they gave a couple of scenes. Like we're already in the nobody needs to see a trailer for this. But it's nice that they did you see some cool moments but for example star award talking to Iron Man that was great I could waited till the movie for that or Spiderman and Doctor Strange at their little inner play. Awesome also could wait for the movie but. The F I think it turned. Out to best jokes yeah that's a good point I know I really hope that they're not too now. In addition to review new trailer that came out they also add a new poster and I had won the huge problem with the poster. It nobody is wearing a mask or a helmet there all you see their face almost suggesting to us that I'm going to see this movie because of Robert Downey junior or Chris Pratt were Chris Evans which all due respect them I like all three they're all very good their roles I'm going to see this movie because that's the avengers it's Spiderman. It's guardians of the galaxy it's bad else. Honestly I could probably give two ships to be actors are. Is that is that true though if you want to believe you ultimately the you don't care that Robert Downey junior's in this. I think he's good but to me I'm I wanna see Iron Man analyst Robert Downey junior he's at a good job as Iron Man. But to me a snappy your poster would be the Iron Man helmet. The Spiderman mask. The black panther masks last helmet when everyone a call that I think that looks that that's the character in the they've all done a great job some better than others but they've all by very good job too great. I'm more I'm more interested in the characters aren't you. Yeah the guy just. I'm doing the quick math in my head and I wonder could something as simple as like they're more characters without master and there are Whitman. Yeah they're they're might be but like so be it like art hole doesn't have a mask but. They put him in green face still like he was he wasn't wasn't Bruce Banner on the goddamn thing. Or like some of these other guys that have. They're like smaller it like falcon was wearing like his little falcon mask part but it'll she has little thing but like the other guys overall. The Dow's the big take like that poster is cool and it's just slammed with people. But you look at it like it's just faces the familiar faces. Do you have an issue with the fact that it looks very similar to the floor wracked Iraq poster. Yet does it does look a lot like that but it is it's. It's gonna be difficult to get thirty people on all posts ago. Yes yes. He'd stick with those stick with what works yet that Tony Stark in that crisis posed there you know yeah. He's kind of killed at their now know. Ant man that no lost again or he could make the joke that they're there they're very tiny and no hot guy once again. Talk show up speed Sheila I think they well I think I think they'll they'll make mention to them at some point in the we'll have a reason as to why they're not there. And then of course it meant the loss comes out July so we'll probably have something if if nothing more than a post credits he wants something there and they also cannot separate captain marvel dot going to be in this. Yeah that's kind of I mean I guess you don't really need early this thing's going to be pretty overwhelmed with character so do we see out of warlock. No. There I like it's a good question. I say we do not did you buy your ticket yet because they are now noble idea ticket picketed at the retail item. Cocked locked and ready to rock. We are pathetic in some ways it. Yeah I alcoholic. And I can't figure out what notes that one one again although I'll tell yet at the this is a free plug for AMC theaters they have the the applicable bar setup eagle eager supple Long Island they give you a full shot of each thing. And it's like 1011 box which I don't argue about that you don't beat a guy like here. He's back at. That's through however. If you think about it and let's say you bring in two or three nets. And each one is a balk minimum right to be a buck fifty's you're talking about four dollars let's say. Worth of nips and and you go and buy a Coke which even a small one is like. Four box it's also watched. But I mean there's something nice about the net site I've I've I still do that from time to time but I do enjoy the the Long Island strong island that they bring area as well now this big scuttlebutt news ride did you happen to see. Ben Affleck back tattoo. It. So this was two years ago. I guess somebody got a picture of it and he was like all that's not real it's for movie and it Jennifer Garner who has been at the time was like. I have that's. That's not a real one and I guess recently used at the beach in somebody photographed him as well and if you haven't seen this that Larry it is. A Phoenix rising from the ashes it takes up his entire back and I think conservatively. It is. 35 different colors. And you know I have not gonna be a person who throws stones here Richard has Sutherland an embarrassing backpack to myself I have knock that Rust Belt. Here until episode don't feel like hey man you do you. Not a great choice. But it's there it happens. So let's leave that I believe that we're in Italy Dick as well. Now you know what and so I have. Two backed Nazis and some people probably say those are dumb when GM for whatever I care I like them and so. I would view on that sense if Ben Affleck. Likes his. Rising Phoenix it looks like a boxer Koreans threw up on it that god bless them. I'm doing it it's his his got the impact what you care about it out so I'm not I would never. Rip the only time I rip people for bad tattoos is like face and neck bad months I can't stand to face that it's just not for me. Maybe you're listeners have a face that to have shirts very nice but that part is not for me but everywhere else screw it like it's it's not on you what you care so much. Yet it it's my life in leaving until we did that yep. So how many attached how many total tattoos do you have five how many are you. How many are you proud of route out as like and think of a better word so. It and you can talk more. Board as one that I don't I don't I don't talk what does that. I think we're gonna go down the road that it's gonna bears beat Fred beetle get embarrassed but I do I. Don't let this came up on the air the other day and they were like we're talking we're actually talk about the Ben Affleck that's Leo and so they're like hey do you have any taxes on that yeah. And what are today and so I explain what they were obviously out is wait for the people to collect our Alison approach and we are now let's see. It like I don't care man like this is this is what is and so I'll admit one of mine Aliyev to. But one of my got in college I didn't really care who did it in so. I saw no problem with it but it's not as like detailed as the other until I think his suite in but the other one is like. Yet that lovely kid was 18. O'clock which again I don't care bay right so we're moving on tattoos Davies get a comfortable that's fine. Did you see the fantastic piece the crimes of Cooper and the wall trailer. I'm excited about this I didn't think I would be and neither one of ulcer are real pot heads in the in the door world. Outside at this movie comes out November 16 I enjoyed. Fantastic beasts and where are they come get them I think this one I think that's what's going to be pretty good so I'm excited. You know I've I liked it I liked that movie I think Andy read made with. Awesome in that movie he was at the box it like aspect to put out something that I didn't notice they'll actually watched it the second time that the listing them. In that Andy read made until the very end of the movie he'd never make eye contact with the other person. The at all. That actually makes a lot of sense out of it they say it. You know I'd like they've set it up like I wanna see PX the if there was throughout the world will be be really doesn't like doesn't look at anybody directly but today. I was now this next one I mean Johnny Depp. I'm a polarizing tat I wanna oh how he's going to be in the face turning heel you know but he Foleo. Now this is exciting news you pointed this out I which weeded out at the podcast. Devil's rejects 23. From hell is currently filming. You're excited The Third Shift I am gonna let it hit the I've feel pretty good feel pretty good about that and so. Will see what we do that but Halloween released. Probably no idea not the filling it now. Maybe next Halloween I don't know what to do it but probably wrapped up filming next week. Probably stick better budget vision touches on this than their records ago. Are you ready for your port portion of the program. These. Yeah. All right Reilly does. Well the biggest news coming out of video games this week is that ninja the very famous for that player. Played four tight -- to rake in almost broke twitch. So that mean it was a huge staying in view yet get this 600 legacy. 628000. Concurrent viewers. All shattering. The old record of 388 doubt which is held by UN Mac. Yes. A guy named doctor disrespect is another statements that torture that's pretty dumb but they do it it's crazy that like. You know this has become so mainstream that you know people logged on to twitch just watched lifting that even watched that listen to directly if you. Aspirin like the first like ten minutes like is Mike didn't work but he if many finally fixed it. But it is trading at an alternate. And in the next day he played for Knight with if you use this Shuster yeah the Steelers saga which is super super funny. And he actually called ninja who had you a small white Katy called on the Edward a couple times. The point that out throughout Britain like the likes soft not hard Laboy got you know soft bullet yet but let me ask the person band aid the crowd at at last an hour. What's he do that. But that obviously thrown around like Helen was on sweats I probably shouldn't and a huge huge huge huge just would you do to do Villanova that's. And it is so they have this huge interview with this kid and they're talking to a month CNBC analyst stuff but it turns out he's bacon get this Richard. 500000 dollar the most played video games. What is it about a month so he's making six million dollars a year to play video games. Yet so he's he's tied in now with Amazon and he's tied it is a partner with which. So he didn't like it all of visit like sponsorships and Michael like all these things but he gets paid like per viewer. Plus I feel like it's he really really good it games or is he just an entertaining. He's also been he's really good at fort again I would say 70% of the game to play to win but if you ever watched him play he wins all the holy smokes. But he. One of the coolest things about the Kadaziz he's married he's he's in his twenties. But he's you know. He'd help historian lady of he would be he was actually really condescending to them that Lego budgeting your parents to get on board with that we've become actually buried in. You know I went to college and my parents that I couldn't you know I added -- slightly in order to do this and so they're responsible take care. That 700 helped her condescending about it like you jokers gamers are just people who live in their parent based. They're all losers in other creeps and answers everyone though so Dexter really cool and to talk about it neglect after the fact that this can make this much money. Then. You know four if you go onto which he's on there all the time he'd which eats streams all day. That's Brit I've got to be out of there it got him yet and I've never seen him at last like 80000 people. That's not the that's wild though and it does that better than some TV shows but that is in an accident since. Arms so the other do they have right now we'll get into the good stuff the Atari baucus is the real thing I don't know if you heard about this but they Atari came over the concept console. That kind of looks like an old Atari with an updated controller and all the stuff they were taking priest salesforce. Been stopped. But it turned out that the game is going to be shown. This month. And it's going to be short of the game developers conference insipid Cisco. It's gonna be anywhere from 250 to 300 dollars which he. Sounds like a lot but what it does is it to retro console like the other ones where you can play all of the old Atari games including ETO. Including AT while you gotta like I would ever wanna play that by saying it also has a Linux based OS that will play modern PC games as well. OK so it's not you know not just playing at the Atari Bedard just need to just play it to be targeted in our new kind of crossover console that they're going to be on there right this week irate. Not done. So there's that but there's life there's my video game and. Why Oprah sit down rank is right now and hope all the listeners are sitting down as welcome right now we have maybe the biggest announcement history of hash tag or are you ready. Do we get to play disputed whether senator. Although we have benefited. We counted. This discount now they hash tags or blue slash. That's right hash tag to work. It's teaming up with idle hands slowly involved in Massachusetts to bring you a live taping of hash tag to work that is right. If you were in the Boston area get your sweet ass time idle hands on Sunday April 22. We're a start around 4 PM. And not only that but this is going to be a mega pod this is going to be our infinity war free view pod. Featuring Mac and do. The boxers and uncle bock they've all been invited I assume they're all in the we will hear our got the latency I guess but. We let this mega shared universe podcast to talk about the ultimate shared universe from marvel again Sunday April 22. Come say what's up to us have a couple Beers listening on the podcast maybe even get in on a question and answer segment at the end. But show up to idle hands again in mall then at 4 o'clock April 22 we will remind you every episode between now and then it. But I'm excited about this should be a lot of fun to chance to meet some of the listeners and just sort of maybe get ourselves out there and you know mid April podcast that way as well. Though it actually is accurate audio talked the markets for the boxes podcast of the day we have spit ball this idea for a really long time it didn't mention it because we didn't know. If it could be if it was possible like at all you're getting what would Allah if we could find a place to be at the pay for whatever. In the people and have been really great to us but I was talking to markets and you know you like. Lot of people do you think you gonna show up and I said you know the the issue with me doing that's remotely. Like to be doing an incident in another state if you Richard yes I have no idea. Our I have no idea how many people would show up in the. While I figure there's youth there's me there's Mac there's two there's Marcus there's west there's uncle buck so. I'm going minimum seven. Maximum. Undisclosed. I didn't go to guy I know but like honestly I have. This podcast does not exist to me outside of debt so now we get this nobody give a (%expletive) here that I. I have no idea I have I have run into people industry is that. Then that no hash tag dork so I'm hopeful that there'll be some people there in the NBA a cool thing. Maybe it'll lead to more of them or maybe it'll to shut it down maybe it'll be so bear thing in the day where the people that he's ever gonna come up that added promising anything where here will buyer peers that wheel oval will shortstop out. Also. Political had thank. Even heck yeah isn't done yet but Oregon I think do for Mac can do because without him we would be able to do it he's basically get a pack up the Mac and studio. And then set it up at a idle hands so he's an engineer produce this bad boy is MB on Mike so it should be a pretty chaotic episode overlook reports. Ed I would just like it did anybody who does show up if you do get a look at me I will tell you a bit like I'm disappointed to. No Ryan no don't say that you look you look great. You you promised the show everybody your tattoos. It. Are but it would be a good chance for us to where are dork merchandise in public. Absolutely aren't. So that's that. Hopefully I was not a disappointment in the over it save the date right now setting a say the date to everybody through the podcast. April toy second 4 o'clock. Idle hands hash tag dork try force in the house breaking down infinity war. Please come Adobe often it'll be it'll be really hard. Yes promise we've there's beer there the worst case scenario you just a bunch appears to be fun. Are you now ready Ryan for the topic do sure. It's lost topic of the day and ray it is Jessica Jones season to. Thirteen episodes on Netflix it was released earlier on this month we have seen all the episodes from now will start with not spoilers before we get the spoilers. As we do what all these movie and TV your views I ask you quite simply Ryan did you like it. It. Yeah I would. I would agree that. That that it wasn't it wasn't great now you and I. Full disclosure. Out of all of the Netflix series Jessica Jones season one was both of our favorites. Yeah it was great. This was not so this was I'm with you this with. I was wondering if we as somewhat timid to even do a standalone episode but I say you know what Mars will be consistent here. Even if yep even if it's not good if I talk about it wide isn't good some would view. I did not really like it either. Give me some quick responses doesn't have to be one word but it can be short sweet and to the point on all of these different things from the series. What did you think of the story. I thought it was too shotgun like they went heavily go to Munich was just a weird spread of like. Main story like side stories. Yeah I was I I would say was missing something goes missing that the main thing. I know exactly what it was missing it yes woods into the acting. A little rigid I thought everybody you lick item I thought. The main actors just kind of mail that it. I also thought there was there was some not not the act scores or actresses fault. But there's a few scenes. With the wigs that we're very distracting. So that's not on them but it was like that didn't help what did you think of the action slash fight scenes. Worst part of Asia there weren't many of them that are in the upper end in annihilated but they're they're. Ultimately saw great dark. Think about daredevil season want to think about the publisher. Standalone season. That some of the best action scenes. That I think you've seen in lake TV and it Mike in them and the marvel universe which again I put I put that quotes because that's what really grinds my gears as the if it really is the universe at all but this you look around that word of their action scenes they're never more sex scenes that there were fight scenes. In this debate this I'm glad you brought that up to this is the very first show that I've ever seen where I skipped the sexy they were not great. They were just weird in the awkward you know maybe. Yet there are uncomfortable. And again one album was maybe supposed to be put the other ones I don't think anyway. What did you think of the humor. Show. Now. And what what humor I don't remember any I mean what Jessica Jones is just overall kind of smarmy attitude at times can lead to like elect. You know it's if she says something like you know written on somebody's got a chuckle but there really isn't gonna. But even then like I felt like her insults were that this script was not great like day I'll get into a more later collect. They were at like weird quips that she would say they use like it's supposed to be like it's hard boiled detective story but it's not it doesn't work. Now I think I know worked from. Not what you I think experts on the answered this but what do you think of the what would be the re watch ability of this. I would re watched one. Yeah. Yeah I just yet and that. All of these Netflix series of the marveled with the exception of the defenders that all of thirteen episodes and even the really good ones could shape. An episode or two off what they should already tanner lasts in this is. Right there where the enemy Kabila to be a lot last so where would you rank it. Again we've had daredevil one and two we've had just a Jones won the Luke cage one iron fist one. And defenders one. Where ballots so I would put this. In Isabel portable I'm not exaggerating I would put this up it's better than iron fist. Yes. Yeah we agree we definitely great vows they get back. They did offenders wasn't great in the cage was not great but it was probably good that goes. Missed it. Good solid entertaining it is had a terrible villain. Yeah and I would say that the defenders believes that. The reason that it's worked from the defenders is that defenders said everybody's so like even if there episode was dragging a little bit you can have someone kinda like. Portal regularly meet and it was eight. So as the smoke it's health. Some waited this is this is the not the worst because of iron fist but if you throw that one out. It would be so is there anything else non spoiler that you think we could have daughter through to get into the spoiler narrative people care to be honest it's not a very good show. No. Art spoilers so if meat in your mind the best part or parts in the worst part or parts are with the yeah over this way. I I called it out. The and we are now officially in the spoiler spoke won't fit that we sure well. I'm like you I think you're gonna get killed and I think this is for this is before episode miniseries that they stretched into thirteen episodes yet. That would give the worst part of the show. Like everyone cut inside story. Like poke our side's story is just completely inconsequential if you look what happened to her in the beginning as she's she's diagnosed with dale right. Which by the way let me just jump in and say I think obviously in specially in New England that we we have. We have more knowledge bail us maybe there were Underwood what Pete Brady's is done and how did ice buckets largely taken off but it's still in effect such a small percentage. And I think. You know most of the shows usually just go to cancer dispersant with cancer in the and that's what that's what it is in every everybody can relate to that. But I thought it was pretty remarkable that day. Identified it as a LS I think Hoch are even mentioned the ice buckets out on point Iran but I was like man I obviously it's it's a sad. It's a horrible disease and at that at the sat storyline in this thing but I thought bringing awareness to AO last I was I was pretty in treatment. Not good at it the other thing too is that you know for some it was a calculated is very it's some it's like that. You don't know what you don't know halt bat it's progressing you don't know how long you have like some people last year's idol people. Last month with this price the right it's. It's pretty scary and you know something you said is new englanders we're very familiar with thankfully you know and but again I mean but that if you look at that at the beginning of that vetoes episode one I believe they introduced that. Yes one or two I mean you find out yet pretty early on CNN in the end the whole middle. Like ten episodes like it really doesn't matter until the area. Right with her with it says in the boyfriend and all that stuff like that that whole side story was useless yeah. Com and similarly. I really the only site story that actually cared about was. Or associate there I'm David very public Malcolm. Malcolm I really like that his cut I did illusion there. Like Alec Malcolm's path there but there are some good stuff there music it. I liked him more now obvious in the first season news you know brain washed addicted to drugs and I liked him a lot more. This season. Yamana I and so. It's we're like side that is the best part worst part I look candidates some of them are that one in the same ends and in the sense that. Like so Trish walker is hell cat in the comics and we you really see that. Play out during the season so now the best things to me is like your setting up. Another hero and Mike all the stuff that you she wants to be here all those great. But then. Most of the stuff includes some of the flashback scenes like she just ended up being kind of a terrible characters they're like it did you need to maker so bad in order to get the transformation into hell cat. And and the other obvious kind of best and worst part was in episode eleven. Here fight through the slog they finally. Bring you kill grave now pilgrims obviously dead but he is in just a jones' mind. Why was he not in the first ten episodes and why was it on the episodes after that and I are stick our scheduling or whoever else but honestly. Didn't get this didn't get the feel of a show. That was it a weekly show. And was doing (%expletive) it was getting bad reviews in the middle like we got to bring back David Tenet we gotta get back and then they do for a one off project this is great. You're getting inside her head she still sees them like this is affecting our. And he's gone so like. Today it's as simple as like a throwaway line against the go to Egypt anymore to the book about. Ceilings you know what what was that that you clearly like right away like an episode one she's talking about how she's not a killer so she's. Obviously still hung up as anybody would be I suppose of killing it. Purple man. But then. He's not in there at all many is and it reminded me of our prom night where in the videogame Marcum Knight Batman. C.'s Joseph the jokers dads he got the right Joker but he sees them in his head and it's awesome well here's some of the best like that our conversation with a nobody else can see him. That's great. Why. Just one episode of that that was insane to me. And I think it's in which you separate what is the big problem with this show they have a problem was there was no luck bill I was gonna ask you who was the there wasn't like there wasn't I mean clear focus and I think what. Why we liked Jessica Jones the DC and one was indeed have probably the best villain did any of these shows that thoughts of death and continue. In what you did here is like this whole thing with like this. Collective victim's mentality PT EST and anxiety that all these things become. From being a victim of abuse is you know you can like put that in the superheroes stated. Like that was. So cool and so do so fresh and so intriguing and that you just take it out of the show completely. Except for one episode and all that episode biblically set but it may we be like what just deductible. Yet this really is and it frustrated me more like other I I need to wait ten hours to get to this and then you're gonna punt on an after. And then I guess. The very simple question of who the villain is a big one answer might be Jessica's mother. And then now and ask what was her name. Like if you can't even tell me her name that it's not. It's not true villain like she'd. She played maybe the villain and a number of the episodes that's all the conflicting donor ever like that's fine again they don't need to be cut drive villains trust me. It doesn't as far as I'm here to take over the world. That's also kind of a lame ass angle isn't it like the are you by your family is that site not dead she's here and guess what she's got the same powers as you are like that are tired and claim. It's solely but he never got that I'd I'd put it weed out the elect yesterday. Was like it that and they don't reveal that it to like episode like seven or eight but you can do the whole time. What you might have telegraphed this thing the whole time like this is what's coming this in the coming so that what it does pay off select yen up. Yes. Just brutal and so are those of yogurt and a live. So by the way back and I know that because. I keep thinking that in this is my sinus infection docking that I can I thought they kept saying Melissa Melissa so the. Like that Boswell yeah yeah Alyssa great. The she's the mom her wig was count on me for awhile Trish is whigs went through the flashback public Obama got like ninety I feel like. Joke joke they kept switching away yet they did. But at least she really was wearing a wig. Like in the yet new scenes like under the flashback scenes that she wasn't supposed to be but these ones she clearly was after the accident but. In you know it got me to Rachael Taylor who plays stretched yet. She's Australian right in you are very aware that she's trying to do an American accent. Of yet this season even more than last season like Seattle Wacey talks like. It it's. Those to go work out sometimes for her to late get a word done. So some of the MCU and other Netflix connections that I picked up onto the couch at that we love with shared universe is but pretty early on. Hoch Garth references. Rand as being a clients like okay they're. She you know continuing that foggy shows up like that fog it's worked for a second. I'm thirty seconds go by is better than zero seconds and let's because you don't need him for very long. Right errant fog is gonna lame. But he got in a truck yelled at him and he leaves. I was at but at least. At least it's like okay you're you're acknowledging that this universe is connected because there was no daredevil there was no book cage there was no iron fist with the exception of mentioning brand because of her client base. But like if it's built on intricacies there were opportunities to do that like trees which says like you know he has that boyfriend. Fiat today whatever it was like this investigative journalist Rick says something like. You know that's who I want it to be redwood that it made sense or be like I wanted to be like him or electric parent page. Suffer and it all you have to do dug him you know there did not color now they did this is one of the bit best connection so far. Is a big in prayer for the episodes they referenced the raft. The prison from. Civil war. In so that that's really wanted to send Jessica's mother slick that was that's a really good to rec time and so I like elect the raft. The only other what I would save about what to veto. The the boyfriend kid. Yeah he takes the Captain America dull whatever ago. He has a Captain America doll and it also got a broken shields are like you lost to shield her ever which I would say is kind of a bull (%expletive) reference because that's. You don't need to. So what the kid knows that he lost the shield early he just lost your Linux feel like that's what's going on the movies like the but you know you're all in the same universe but you can actually bring Captain America in for God's sakes it's really wanted to do. But anyway here yet through via the toy there's also Steve antley. Made he was on a poster on a boss Thalia he continues to be in everything. And others also the part where Jessica. She mentions something about the good old caring and like the last time. You know I I've formed up summer somebody died it's not she's referring to kill grave there or she was referred to it if she thinks there doubles dead or what's going on I don't know. That is what the global when it first time it just it would interviews went in there could be asked to borrow from other killings somebody's been issued under state publisher. Yeah I can say is that what needed there and then lady cop. Says the wind on you people like working. Yes there's like a couple of ship references that the picture of people which. Yeah those those also goes. Comments on each episode will rip through this of this hopefully it'll be born for people so episode one. Called AKA start at the beginning you're introduced to the super low lives down the hall now and his there's Oscar and he is one of the worst actors I've ever seen. Any debate master forger of passports which he can turn over in like a day's time. And that like how many opportunities like that that's what pissed off about him like. How often do you have to take a passport I feel like they did like five times. Yeah there are some passport I mean what you have a skill like that you better utilize that. But I just like the way he talked on the discount is Sox this guy is awful as an actor. Yet you look the worst act and so what you David he was pretty bad it was up there how about how the drop and the winds that are. Which look like you're an idiot voting it is we are like. This is it's not a big budget like marvel movie but it's still horrible it's still to be like you have money. Spend a buck and money and visual effects yeah liking the winter actually like running. Yeah those are clearly looked so stupid and Natalie adapt elect. I don't know I I just thought that was that don't believe this thing ever conveyed in the end it made no difference he dies. Yeah he's scaffolding fall on them right eased and that's never explain. Now how that happened. Wizards dead and he's like from the golden age of comics and apparently he was created. Like he with a there's a blood transfusion would like a mongoose or something like that and so that's why they Sarah that's why he has a pat mongoose at the whole thing. It's but like it was frustrating to me because first of all I was like super lame depth that he just like and Kiki Italy run fast when he's scared. Is a fear based hero. Which that's the stupidest thing ever hit. Now also when she's gone through an interview to people beginning in so including the wizard there's also that lady who mentions lizard people. So that could be a reference of the scrolls. Potentially some and we'll have that down the road access think captain marvel the movie's gonna deals scrolls so. Maybe they'll make more sense later on also this episode Jessica early in the morning drinks like a Honda rebel like five rebels and grow. I felt like that was cool little march. We also introduce Dick Griffin Sinclair nutritious with also Trish brings Jessica jones' families ashes over to our house which. Was certainly something. That's possible argued app from the first mistress app though. Episode two days ago about a little storage locker Cilic. Keep on episode two AK freak accident you get Simpson is back who is known as nuke in the comics and then he is killed. So that is that is through that Jessica Johnson sex and installs the sort of begins our our sex scenes. Which is just like super awkward to yet. Well they also that Hoch Garth drug orgy in this episode yet another one really weird doesn't comfortable at first you Michael rose's. Thanks that they like. That he starts dating all weird image takes off for elect. Any thought the worst color in the world is Richard Dominic Davis right now canary yellow. Nude. Color Newt is the worst. Color ever. And you see folk art like take down her underpants which Ehrlich these nude colored like grainy Kenny yeah this is if you like being single weird. I don't like that is that psychedelic dance only it's in a lot of movies do you like I don't like that and all have a goalie like these trash you look at women like there early. Aggregate. Content can weird. That is I think you started this happens throughout the entire season but Trisha is mom. Calls Trish patsy who has yet Dick curled that she played grown up like that's insane she calls up all the time so it's patsy patsy patsy. That's it that's probably good like. Child star parent have at them at the capitol time. And I found myself sitting in this episode repackage them. That he didn't know isn't cricket yes it has while. All right shut up when you talk. About the outweighed pretty Davis again. Whizzer else draws the line in this episode with great power comes great mental illness so little. Twist on the Spiderman on. Also Jessica says that Griffin because he says is balls pulled them something in Scioscia knows what it's Brody cents. That there's there's the humor that we're talking. About telomeres the beard is out selected they order. There were so someone that actually went on Google keep to they didn't believe that it will lose them and I was like typing them in the microphone. As they people said that and they said things like. Guess ticket get shot in the back in her mother like look at adage goes it's hard. And then. Jessica's mother said it's a bad play and an injustice says it's Europe that planned. Nice what does that mean it's the part of the perfect comeback is what that is. Yes it's like I won't kill you but it won't let you stop the at one point somebody asked like. But why do you give like what it white give a crap about you people. They referred they referred to lead his rap. Yeah welcome to call grass so little look at doctor ballots it says use sick dirt bag like who says that. Yeah it's weird like what they could say what they can't take his base likes a couple of like lesser swears there's obviously blood and violence but then they can't go like full rated. Like (%expletive) in apple British Open so why are you calling domestic dirt back and Britain let people other poll here comes ready to deploy adamantly Kirk on the classic. The classic cart scenario. Doctor malice. His name MA LUS does David doctor bad. In Latin ballots mean bat well I know what I think we found her villain than. Okay yeah I'd be all bad they're bad not to doesn't have to be the villain. But that's terrible writing that I know that at the character and it's been around for years yeah has done better in the game and I'll. Now I'd say. Episode three AK sole survivor this was maybe you can explain this to me didn't Griffin. He liked to hook. The wizard video off of person precious computer which you like founded or justice computer something like. So is almost like oh maybe Griffin eventually become like a bad guy but he never did so or whatever it was a plan that's in that. There's no that's good thing there was like Pete. They tried really good athlete avenues in them it just telling build on it. Yeah that's their fear a sieve like the timeline was kind of all over the place two there are certain things that is to blame. Even though it seems at least thirteen episodes were written in different rooms and it never like. Talked about it yet but there was a basic storyline that is really where I'm my name in it yet. The four AK god help. The whole boat so Oscar. Hated Jessica Jones but then the Oscars kid. Try to jump out a window justice Abramson idyllic love sooner. An American also at the this scene from the preview. In the the anger management scene where Jessica Jones throw the ball against the wall. And between that and her running she again proves to be maybe the least athletic looking person ever on screen. She's not because the woman who played her mother is actually worse. That's a good point although to be fair. They don't have special skills because like they were born that way like they they got them later on so. It's actually not like a terrible cast that it doesn't really matter that she's not athletic looking again. Well it matters in the sense that like they at least know how to throw a punch. You know I mean yeah that's true things you learn like him don't like this like beard like under hand like ovals but an upper cut punch yeah. Delegate police practical thing ever and let me just bring this separate out despite be unpopular what is. In in in their show. From what I can tell witnesses spoke to be a superhero show. But there's like nothing superhero about it as far as like Intel and thirteen episodes this season to just be Jones purse superpower is holding people still. It's like that's what she does. She can also owed. Layer I'd jump out of a window and land on her feet. But like sort of be like her whole thing of it which he shows like hurt that she's just what is she doing when people realize that Jesus superhuman. Yes she is basically just hold somebody against the wall. She lifted that refrigerator. So. Those she's got to box. Like it or it's still yes yup this without the bus yet another sex scene and episode four Trish and Griffin sexy in that that's into the foreign. Now burned out and adapt when it was so annoyed with her again. That's her she's taken that inhaler and she's worker worker on the nukes inhaler. Says little I don't mind that. Like I did because like I asked you violate Dijjer figure oh what this year it is and and they elect know and end at the end of the either and she goes like candid sort of pharmacist and should look what is peasants yeah hello. And hopefully they're taken in that does Google's could lead to death. And let blood be active ingredient which is I don't know it could. In apt get the first animated animated I don't know I don't know. But it could pick up the worst writing in the. World there are some poor writing in this episode five AKA the octopus. Griffin proposes to Trish and her response is quote thank you. Thank you that's tough. That it. Also a little oil has stopped after that episode. You never see that do to get. Now Griffin was done after that and will also that's an episode was. Jessica's mom and like the piano that was some of the most boring (%expletive) ever. Dealt a hard watched I'll be honest. That's what I knew who she was you know and like. Throwing of its latest right now if you're gonna like get rid of evidence. Don't throw in the fire pit your backyard. You've seen making a murderer on the Netflix using that they can write they can figure that out yeah I think figure that out can. They always can. Episode six AK facetime. Jessica and Oscar have sex on paint. Anti British and Malcolm also have sex she's all popped up on the on the an ailing a couple of thoughts among all these kids. So that's I also thought with the octopus. And the stuff like that the guy I'm malice laws octopus at the aquarium. I immediately went to like hydra but I I just. Don't think that there's any connection there. You want to do it and elect a weight that that. Night or it could be a connection though it's not another stupid. Which pro rating. Episode seven was also terrible AKA I want your Cray create where there's a lot of different objects this is terrible I don't know where. This was real bad the the old stuff just goes old boyfriend you see where she gets her forget leather jacket she loved this guy her mom ended up killing Mac guy. Just because I want your Craig Craig all the stuff than the Mac club. These are some terrible Trish wigs stern all the flashbacks. This is this is just really really rough stuff. It is really. But really really bad like off the rails and and again one of the things that I really liked about the B original seed in the Jessica Jones was that they were strong female characters. You know they where they were motivated some by Keynes some by success some other things in. You know but they were all their own people in the new really you boil it down in this season in that basically. Jessica and Trish are these like lifelong for enemies who are like I hate to have an agency that awkward gaga take them out after. But like big. Each of them one what the other one has so they're kind of like playing each other any become like really caddie really superficial and really stupid yeah brutal episode takes. But it's the wind out of everything that this show that they'll. It's Erlich wanna rural a sophomore slump and a half episode eight AKA eight we got fun. Yeah so. Hope Garth meets. The healer because it was like Sean rod back are never in a quarter of their tiger and you kind of a fascinating character in the sense that he's just the fake but. Because you live in this world that they do it terrible job. Of you know letting you know that they do in fact live in the world where aliens are you know low key attacked. The orca like all the ship that they're dealing with a all the superheroes like Spider-Man lives in the city like all these things. But the idea that somebody can be healer plus IGH is like creating these these powered people. For that somebody be used that until like dupe people like other that's actually pretty good idea. Is that yes and they get something that should have been explored from the beginning in not to yeah. If we didn't have to wait. Eight hours to get there. No that's true also doctor Carl malice he mentioned doctor bad debt. He wears a lot of doors shirts. Every scene every frigate episode figures weren't assured. By the doors. OK rich and speaking of cost and how is it that the homeless people on the show and says. Specifically. Has more costume changes than Jessica joked that Sochi where's Dave out in Islam through different teacher. Right that it steal what they only like her uniform my guest. Now. Just gonna probably yeah district and Red Bull burba and all that error whiskey so. Oh another guy another sexy in this episode Hoke. Our episode nine AKA. Shark in the bathtub monster in the bed this is where Trish. Loses it on air. That are. But that's because they'll hop up on a stop in the inhalers and the you have more of the healer and hope our a we haven't even mentioned the other PI was there are sets and other conduct terrorist yet another stupid storyline that's depth Aaliyah who cares. Episode ten AKA pork chop Trish gets her audition on the EC and it does not go well. That's just it Jones tells us for nine straight hours she's not a killer so she shows up to a prison guards house and kills him. It was right and I think even after that. Her mother says something toward she's like she's like you're just like beets because I'm not like Q I don't kill people I can I eat I you have control. But you just (%expletive) killed some. Eventually goes over there it's like shocked that he is the of them coming home and she kills them and NC. Makes it look like a suicide the next episode where you get kill graves episode eleven as the best episode but it also makes you pissed off as we said before there's no more kill grave. This is also Trish is like really obsessed with getting power so she's trying to she's getting doctor malice theater powers it is pretty wild. Seeing all those needles that go in or back without pretty messed up. That's pretty messed up but that's the way you know you gonna do it. That tiger today at powers episode twelve he panel and an episode AKA pray for my act the this is sort of like circular thing. The just has moms looking for Trish to kill her Jessica has been looking for the mom Hoch are bloopers stuff after Inez and the healer. Ponds at all the she's pissed about this here's a tie into the the Netflix universe Turk Turkey or stroke are the gun that's. Yet which I thought I you know what I I really light. How old are dealt with that I thought that was pretty clever by turning Peter you with a WE 88 Turkey in that like I didn't. This expect you to be the particular hands dirty. You know to me and she she doesn't she exe like turn and as against. To dealerships on her right back. That actually I'm with the that was great if you're like oh my god that they're not gonna have her go kill somebody or other economic debt but the way the show's going of the maybe they will if you'd like to add that's analyst but now that was clever. Again it was the storyline that didn't really care that much about but. Having her do that and completely lied or that and hazards of killing I mean that happen very quickly. But and then drive he had been drive off and call the cops and Billick fired guns yeah. Also this episode Trish when she kinda when she's in the in my the bed there trying to like get a powers. Very similar to Emily Rose the excesses of the it wrote her back is up all cranked that she looks so it's not our final at the last episode. It's entitled AK playland. Sort just ghetto mom were on the wrong on the but this is where. And the timeline you texted me you relate how did Trish know that she was at the theme park. I'm like I don't know and I didn't even bother to go back maybe they explain it but I had no idea she was they're so fat as a picnic. And also people complain about game thrown slick skating like time and like distance addicted did that in the show to where. She would call somebody or I should call the cops initial immediately and it was like very convenient some of the stuff. Yet they get I think I might have missed it in in at least we got us if we missed it but like. As far as I nutrition was in that bed and Jessica was having a completely different conversation with the with the name Florida courts as the like the cop that. She like. Oh yeah it is you like one a quick break in the photo whatever and like Trish what an anywhere near that conversation. Now and then she shows up and it shows up and shoots are right now had dead in like get at. Target like ER way it would. Also like that divot that I would write off to Archie is she has become hell cat at this point you know those are bigger senses are looking through the room and he saw her later on which dropped the phone like. Everything kind of frozen economy there footman are so. I believe that more than her being there right away and that also. Like not even try to figure out the situations like Jessica bombers talking to each other and see just like fires bullets dead elect wants. So that was dumb I did like when the nurse said to Trish. Possibly long lines of quote you used up two of your nine lives in his locker select all right how cats happening how kept happening. What else mrs. Yet the whole thing in the Ferris wheel though was Apple's (%expletive) Also hope Garth is wearing white at the end right shoes wearing black and it down there are you black out. Malcolm is now working with Chang and for ho are. Which is (%expletive) because Blake. Price tag has been trying to kill you in your boss. This entire time and then you just but can flip like that but I would note cool like everything's cool though. I trust it. And it Jessica ends up with Oscar. Much to my chagrin because I think Jessica in the comics is with Luke cage and they have a kid and I think they should be together like they were together on the show what. Are those look at their NASA and go down that road. So here's the last question I have for you ride as far as this is concerned. Do you want a Jessica Jones season. Hillary did do. A whole. Really do I I think is always need a rubber match at this point because we've had that's rubric that high that it handled perfectly in the we've added. Handled. Terribly so I wanted to see elected meet meet somewhere in the middle where you have to at least. Because Jessica joked only works as like this. In about an article like real people this is make believe obviously built like that character. Only works if you like (%expletive) up. Right you go to veto would have everything kind of going well for her you're just kind of waiting for the other shoe to fall in which he's the most rational character in the show. To see what this entire time. Yeah like she was the one it was like. The other voice of reason which shouldn't be indicate that she should be the one going off the rails and other people try to like Rainer. Rightly sort of load the loose unit when it comes to the defenders but going to get away from the defenders now she's playing like that they're double role organized ethnic Serbs. It would see like the whole time which you like talk tough but lake didn't do anything yeah. Other auto I don't know there has not been any kind of announcement yet. If there will be a third episode of felt sorry third season but. We will see there are also no word on the defenders know I think we have set in stone is a book cage season two is out this June. Daredevil season three is expected to be out later this calendar year. Iron fist two and publisher to herbal filming. So here's what I would like. I would like. All of these and I know that there's going to be a logistical right there are people who know more about these things can tell me others' works. I want all these people film in overlap a little bit in terms of their filming. Yeah you can't bills beans I need him to other people I should just see them working together. But I need to that you can't. You're not on an island you know and immediately could just how to get it don't go to thirteen hours. It really think we get is Bogart who connects everybody and thirty seconds of (%expletive) it up. All what you also mean is when (%expletive) starts to hit the fan you need a reason for why the other person can help them like. They kind of run and that I feel like with like aero with a flash and like that's obviously a little more cartoon Needham and Netflix stuff but. The DC on CW shows. Sometimes they have a reason why they can't like worked together that other times they do work together like it's kind of at these shared universe is our great ideas but the execution types can be just rough if you like. If Jessica Jones is so worried about something why wouldn't you go find the caged and how about why would. Knowing that elect kindness. Why wouldn't it they're happening like the capitol in a very small area. And daredevil that that person who's listening to like police scanners and o.s when things are going down. Right you know wouldn't it extends to like to look across the away in peace somebody else. You go to be ideally yes you'd generally from what direction daredevil comic from another direction and make Alex stop public look at each other. And jump in and built it all they haven't talked about it after. Did it doesn't make it timelessness. Because we we look at it on a map on the Google map that hell's kitchen is like to square mile right. But how do you not crossover. We've got to figure something out there though. Paris aiming lastly on just John season two which all which I don't think we give a kidney stones scores are probably go. Agree that it victory from a behind them but it's I would say yes bought three. Two and after two hard hard to an app. And it wouldn't go yeah I don't have. As our our vote or don't have I start upgrading more severe side that maybe it is two and a half because like I wouldn't recommend this as somebody. Announced. Particulate so given a free for which are. Better better yet. All right let's stick on. The it's. Hey. Resort to kick received deferred defended ball. I think I've been kicking game deferring lots are receive this week. So I read this news story and actually saw the subsequent movie trailer. That this news story's been around for like three years now apparently Richard. There are this group of ten friends who were all in their like forties and fifties maybe. Who have been playing the same game of tag for like 3045. To thirty years lots. Yes and for one month a year what they played tag. In the first it collapsed is it for the entire year olds doing it for 25 to thirty years. I don't know how I feel about this. Well. They're making a movie about these people it's starring. Jeremy Renner. John KM than animal Burress. Ed Helms and the guy who plays nick from new girl. An eclectic group of friends and it's called tag in the trailer just came out recently I watched it actually looks pretty well. It. Vote based on mr. and so what I what I'm gonna do adopt weed out the link to the story and the link to BB movie trailers you can see it but it actually that might pick up the pot this. Well so my pick in the pot actually is not really depend upon I've not seen it I've a new record for I don't I don't know. What the percentages of TV and movies that you and yellow. If what watched together like for me it's not super hi we have. Game at the groans. But we used to have like boardwalk empire breaking bad like there's not a ton of overlap it's they've been with movies like. We'll both be around that hate. Well what's a movie just they share. They bought the horror movie she says no we ought to dumb comedy she's now she's like you're lots like documentary now so I we art that we usually end up just watching like standup specials. So but this. Actually does not agree and have gone probably can accept it and I think we can both agree or at least. Most couples they can agree on. And we have a new record for a movie that my wife bagged out of the first time was concerned. It was. The movie wind river is on Netflix now. I've never seen it out to be fair to her she wasn't super jazzed up about watching a movie bill's late in Los starts on them she said sure. And she made it through. Three minutes. For evidence of wood river at that yeah I think I'm gonna bet. That might be seem. Now all we saw was the got to enter your router protecting cheap that's always saw that it did he shot like a wolf which I was not really thrilled with the knowledge of this is not a great. Did they have the coyote in the coyote was going to have to keep. As a coyote who's going after the shoot there's a view of they dragged the body allows I'm not wild about this but then. So she goes to bed and then. So I have the option of finishing the move on my own at that point I still needed a lot like five episodes just beat Jones so I detailed outside not seen it yet I've heard a lot of things yet. It's really good it's one of those like it's a thought it aptly enough people of missed the Nazi and you see it was a little problem. Yet not religious let's talk and Scarlett on. Here promote her let's not appropriate background. Well. It. Aaron while they're up it'll go all brush owned lots of that and art that is gonna do it for us here on this up so has that dork. You can subscribe rate and review on the iTunes thank you for all the reviews continue to law review us all you have not reviewed is pleased you ought to be awesome. At dork podcast on the Twitter or podcast at gmail.com. YouTube dot com slash dork podcast if you wanna just Holler at Ryan you can. At our RDR. I that aren't any major social media networks including twitch. Which I'll be hopefully getting up and going to night but you probably won't hear that bill whatever but. That's like. Ethnic go back and watch last night's two which three. You could trust us. And you know he. Targeted you look at a nick had a negative Podcastalley can't all be winners they kill because. Lester I think could be worse if you look at it like I'll hear all the reviews and I love everything that I have become yet how do you know what so just it's on to lose was not great. But you know what is great is our big time announcement which is April 22 4 PM at idle hands a live taping. A hash tag dork featuring backing to. The boxers. And uncle box so. Hopefully you're able to go to that and rule so regulator okay thank you I don't know we're doing next week yet but I have some ideas will. Cross that rhetorical. Aaron thank you.