#DORK 60: Hockey Movies

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Tuesday, April 10th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey take a look at the best, and some of the worst, hockey movies ever made. They also each select a lineup of fictional players. Who drafted the better team? Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute and the Pick of the Podcast. Twitter: @DORKpodcast  


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If the door to my hands it to the door to botnet which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens I don't mind cash. They executed or another episode of hash tag or my limits for Steve Joyner has always pyrite Davey Davey how real. How you doing. Good look at it you've been a little under the weather the last few episodes these are much clear now. I am way back nice wolves that both the tip to get him you know full health again. All these you know port side. Embryonic. These sites you go to mean I my wife says it might want to vote I'm sick dumb move but. My oh my lack and I'm I'm I'm sick gum which mean like. I don't know how to be nick yeah on the semi terrible yeah like she's that you don't you I Yuxi you have to read surgeries in your back to work the next day that like you get sick you're useless. Just a dump I know I think it's might be it dude thing I'm not sure but it's Vegas the worst thing in the world if I have a good cold like I think it's never gonna go way. I can't breathe on this like a man I assists. Socket. Well and I thought you know sinus infection is like a cold like you just let you ride it out it'll go away apparently that that doesn't happen. And now they'll still linger there like Gallic the cranberries sun it will certainly linger look at yeah. They don't please don't you know nobody took those pills and your back to a 100%. Editors as this Ryan you're a big hockey fan I'm a big hockey fan he Stanley Cup Playoffs begin this week. So we figured no better time than two break out a hockey movies episode with never surprisingly never done this before. Now now and I've yet I'm I'm surprised that when you mention it might have we done that and we have not. I don't we've done football we've done basketball I believe tournament that's been done baseball football maybe pass a data analyst at some point though hockey coming up but first let's get to the news in the notes. Quick look at the box office first from this past weekend Ryan a quiet place the horror movie from John Kaczynski starring he and his wife Emily Blunt. Fifteen million dollars. Took the top spot. And this is the movie I've not seen yet but I think definitely going to have to see it and maybe even this week. Rave reviews. It's like through the use PR I loved it out level stuff. Yes people are nuts and I know our our bodies Mac and due to episodes that you've seen it may be checked out there episode overall on Mac to podcast. I don't think we're gonna do a stand alone on this but it's definitely worth seeing a very intrigued by it and even Matt eyes said that she would wanna see it's a maybe that's an abuse of the that we do. This week ready player won the finished second with 25 point one million and then cock blockers. Came in third. When he one point four which is also getting pretty good reviews the Johns seen a movie. If this level demanded that they voted Judd Apatow joint. It's a question. And we see Leslie Mann and probably a publicity and done it. And yet and does CNET predict could be which means it would also two and a half hours long. Director writer. Executive producer credit yeah I am proudly and then Chappaquiddick. Finished seventh. I agree the people aren't really all about Chappaquiddick. About anywhere in the movie draft which surprised a typical example we I thought as we get better Rogge motto score than it did it's like hovering in the high seventies right now that it pretty special thing. Yes so little so we did a movie draft would MacKey who the boxers and honest and it's based on box office money combined with the rob the motto score both critics and audience alike. And it's way too early to tell back to a black Panthers their Killen everybody yet they also infinity war says that there's gonna win. It just so it just so we're clear participated. I might name attached. But let's also make the that you were invited for said will be draft Iowa affect. But what that we're into okay we have and and the loss of dead pool to whip the drastic world sequel we have. A couple of things some late edition will be ulyetza summer movie blockbusters government coming your way we will move called Rampage dry and every year that. Now Tyler Perry's acrimony did not helpless. Turns out nobody saw it and it's terrible though. That's angry. Hey speaking of movies that might be terrible to see the new solo Star Wars trailer I don't think it's gonna be terrible I at all because I think it's gonna suck out loud. Because. Yet it people are really excited about the trailer they're like well like I think this is going to be great Mike I don't know man. Suicide squad had a bad ass trailer so did better last year and I had a great trailer. So. I don't know I think the hit all of the other characters carry the film that big big dude who plays solo is going to be terrible and it's not all his ball. Is it though he's trying to play. Younger Harrison Ford like good luck bro. The in the has to be trash but what you guys got mother dragon. I did Clark a minute I do like area land those going to be great obvious RE and eve get a steal the show. Dog lovers gonna steal this movie. Well you know what it should abandon our Orlando a star war stories. And then Avago Lil bit of Hans solo and that so if he's if he's goods like great will be more intriguing if he's bad note no big deal because Lantos the star it should be alive and a movie. Like Woody Harrelson does mentor role. Yet at the does he play in the same Carriker didn't Hunger Games basically. That the serial writers maybe. Nothing gets Peter may view but now we have a new guy played Q Barca and I guess I Google Dicky Richard Democrat in this he got the seven foot. Finish basketball player like like the sound of that good athletes and I noticed in the trailer Chile scrap and couple that. I like yet. You know equipment people you know so does pretty they say you did you bock who can move. There's some sort of you know post move no finished joke in there somewhere but I can't buy. I don't claim you from Finland but whether or not that country and yet that's still very much up in the air it's highly debatable whether or not the Lexus. So you're on solo that's next month that's Mazen enthusiast month for us. Do it vendors. Over to. You know at Heinz that we really should of pushed for was like movies spears sponsor becomes spending too much money a movie tickets recently. Anyway public TV news here Ryan Karl urban as been cast as Billy butcher in the boy he's on Amazon. Immediately if not he has now I would assume so here is at war and the outing like last exit. Do overtime. I. I had as pretty good. I think we can do Australian accents we can affect the current sister not opened so. But how about this so you get the boys is gonna get and the south the Garth Ennis. Graphic novel it's awesome if you ever the they really should they should pick characters drawn to look like. It looks exactly right eased is based off votes out of paying what else am I doing like another star treks all. Great player wants. He with you that one day of shooting on ready player on the hopefully he's in the boy is speaking of Garth Dennis preachers season three. Is gonna debut on June 24. But he sees two double file was better and seize once that's in the news. And then FX. Ordered a pilot for Y the last man that's a Bryan cave on graphic novel. We didn't want to its good and it's done two's that's one of these ones where you start at right now. You can read the whole thing you don't have to worry about it going off forever never never never never like the Walking Dead. You could pick up Y the last man which is. Really go looking forward to that. We just to give if you haven't heard of it it basically says it's this science fiction kind of thing that in the future everyone is female but all the men died. All the men can't reproduce or something like dollar of those one guy left and that is why I live I mean yeah yeah and so yeah Michael Y chromosome. Zone it's all the women like after him. Yet it's pretty nuts it's history. Yes and member of this was supposed to be become a movie like Shia LaBeouf was attached to it fraudulent. Yeah exactly. I know that Shia LaBeouf and but he actually like transformers like. He's got a ticket carries a good actor he's a little bit yeah weirdo but he's a good actor and he'd be good in that role scenario yes. Last bit of news before we get to the video game minute did you watch the eternal movie and it's beyond. And I did not and I over the life of me now. I don't understand what Alpa chino has been doing it the last five years and I seem to be the only be dealing is that these HBO movies where he plays like. We've doubled our little. All the way to a timely plays it was Alpa chino. Chino and every (%expletive) movie that he. Yeah all of it it's so he'll looks kinda like Joseph Paterno a look at put the make up on them they put the glasses on of and they froehlich a Penn State sweater on obstacle let's Joseph Paterno. But then he just talks like Al Pacino it's like some actors make the choice elect a bucket topic I talked to like doing okay. But then these other actors who completely more like year old David dean of the Lewis and these guys they're like. I'm gonna completely changed my voice and sound like them I'm like there's enough. Videotape. Of Joseph Paterno get the kind of a unique voice print it we've all heard talent higher Pitt Cate an accent to it cannot. It sounds like a bitch and so. Out just on the opposite and elect a cut it. Remember to like look at that he's big he played Jack Kevorkian's right you know Jack which is an HBO movie. He played Phil Spector in the Phil Spector movie and now he's playing Joseph Paterno wanted to look terribly great golfer HBO like what do you do. I don't Dennett. It would basically the same movie like. He just a creepy old guy you know I mean yes anyway I would fallen from grace now here's an idea Richard for Arabic possible future show a bad. Worst best factors. Tell people you consider to be like the best actors in Hollywood now stink I think now it's you know and it's I'm close up there. Best worst actors or or worst best actors urged a overrated actors. And Al Latino man. That I got an argument awhile ago at Michael Hollywood he still worked here and we were talking about altitude over Robert De Niro. Got its. The new with ski begins to warm. How I lost my mind like you that he thinks the altitude is better than Robert Caro public that's not even for dates. No matter what you're talking about for talk and comedy. Drama in their prime host Bryant but whatever wherever you want talk about. The Nero is better than that you open anyway have a deal holes that we can do that that your of beat the Tino. Although he very one sided on this month. All right oh in the about the other H building is at night or recording this on a Tuesday as the tonight. The Audrey that giant. Document comes out on a. And I'm excited and it doesn't really excited and it compounds what a fascinating guy you know. You really at MIT looks like they're talking all the right people who like to get the wrestling world they're also get in the movie who wrote Billy crystals and it standout Carl Reiner so. His daughter talks about it you know gas thought it's going to be a very pretty good are you ready for your portion. Is still. Okay. Either man. Yeah so what I have for you first Richard is that you know being diminished as the last two have been brought to us by illusion but great people illusion grips. A golf ball that metal losing grips off on his Seagram and Twitter. Make you give this show go to that website but some scripture control its rating like me I Wear these things I've gone through three PlayStation controller is already like the bomb that the. Rip journey yet goodness Melvin now he Mets and I probably will soon. Yet they'll probably ripped soon do you view your rough on the right here you'd background at all when things are going well which is about every night. Which is about the Vietnam so get it in terms of video game Grand Theft Auto five is back in the news Richard. Ooh it has just become the best selling media property in the history of the world really. Adjusted for inflation it it is more profitable than any book movie album. Any type of media it is now the most profitable. Piece of media in the history of the world is the Bible media. Yeah but don't you get free with so monetary about Mo it's the most profitable it is generated six billion dollars in revenue. Always smokes. Yes the amazing after the game really is just in people are still playing their game like 56 years old that he was still playing like it might closest links up perfect game. Oh yeah absolutely. The only thing post Star Wars technically. Has generated more if you count merchandise. Yet but it has been it has made. But the Star Wars movies themselves it has made more money in those box which is not to think about is the thought of six. Well they're doing red dead is coming out all other like cowboy Greta which I am incredibly excited for. Our you can only play red dead two or at the new Spiderman game mode at the wait I I ask the hard questions on the stock that you don't put the evil well so to speak of that so that was my next to get an answer that question and out. Probably not. But it anchor job. Aggregate redemption is probably one of my favorite games ever they I hope. And I hope that Spiderman is becomes one of my favorite games ever. But the big news out of activity that got sick. That's that's all that's called a boy adding the question. Don't like I didn't get into its. I'm an app they red dead now because I don't I haven't played generally. Are there and that it could that's but packaging it's at ten and I got to put it this year on the record right now. Yes they did it right now if I would rather play game that I played in love in or not play a game that I haven't played yet I mean that's kind of silly. It all here's a second follow up question let's say you get both of them on the same day which one do you pop in first. But it. Got. A bright as a that these two. So. Speaking of that so out of taxi we read ahead of taxis to finally I was treatment should out of it I was sweet ma'am most beaten but boy error on a chilly at marble games. They finally put a release date on this thing which is the members seventh I believe yeah are you got pre ordered Google started pre order that it. You know though. Some really excited about that. David shuttle like game play and do what they really wanted to mail and I hope they did the web swinging at a pivotal game they actually gave the doubt the most fun part yes great. We just sit around cities so they were shown them that often look sexy cool it was smooth. I'm really excited. Some other pacs these highlights they do the game typical locker melee which is like basically not truly brave in cocoa just videogame okay. Tom and welcome Ailey two is coming out looks really cool some look at fort plain that. God of war coming out at the end of the month the twentieth of fort when he meant nice. So that school. And lasted finish our crack five by the way did you is that some velvet yet. There's still on a commercial he seemed more commercials on TV for far cry fives like any game and in the long time. It crushed sales this month now it was like Allred but it it has been and it's fun is at the NASCAR crowd. It's the most fun it's not my favorite far right reasons or might it about this is this on the most fun time. Goes so that. So that's great and I'm adding annual segment here support Magnuson at all or cares about it more people are all report it still relevant now so. There's been rumors that an asteroid is going to hit til the towers in just wipe it off the map that's I heard this area yet so I guess the idea that like it's basically for a tilted arc is basically breaking the game like you can't. But you like you going to float in Chevrolet and until that by the time you hit the ground is like thirty people. Yet they've all kill themselves there I'd never go there are just float around the outside it's a matter relaxing. Yeah you divided the game and half by having it there is half the people go there have to be avoided at all costs. But it's really a fifty person game instead of a. If that's true. Let's got a pretty good that if you were horrible lone survivor of tilt the power he would feel pretty good about yourself. Yes yes or good arms so so they're gonna do that so that's. That's kind of what the next update that they're teasing right now similarly a studio to studio that we've lawbreakers. Yeah which of the game made by twenty feet formerly of epic games some export bank. They're releasing a game called radical heights is basically knock off of or nine but. It's been looked. Very similar the thing so it and knock off of a knock off. Is going to be free like that it's gonna be free it's gonna be free to battle road right out in the tree. And now also when I'm here so that's coming out so basically for tonight with the knock off of pudgy and now radical heights is now on not or night you're gonna try to capitalize in this whole thing run around. Yes and the puppy people are now starting to get their own players back the role played spec by adding like fun game modes. Okay temporary game mode support it doesn't actually start at those which is. Puppies backswing and again but. Well. Sometimes it is sometimes it is over a minute a lot that's fine and you rated though for the topic to shore. Do whatever it was the topic of the day it today it is hockey movies or do for a go through. All these hockey movie in chronological order where that say what are favorites are but the best are the worst is and then we gave him. Pick a fictional lineup did do it a draft that we each have our own lineup and we could see who has the better squad. Based off of players so. Let's begin and really there's. That's for starting with the best move that there's just no get around that. 1970 sevens slap shot a failing ice hockey team finds success. Using constant fighting and violence during games. I mean it's like you said this is kind of the gold standard. Rocky movies yes there'll never be anything as good as slap shot just like in you know you talk about golf will be like people it is going to ever gonna be a good caddie shack would ever read you know. You know. Critically speaking of movies not that good but. It is a funny movie to classic movie and there are some there are some gaps in slap shot too but what they nail. Is that every hockey player trophy is like represented. Like in this they're all there. Right in there they're all there and it just like this stuff that's away from hockey in this movie is like. Even bloodier than hockey stuff like away from the Hanson Brothers stuff. Like there's if that was the fashion show. Yeah at one end you know that David you do and I think I've been like read the beginning of the movie but that's one of the funniest hockey scenes and motion picture history. Illiquid Denny the so the goalie. He's due in the the talk show he's explain after the host about what the penalty in what happens it's really it's as good as it gets an Eddie these moves or talk about. First scene you know you're in for epic right away and it always Paul Newman's great. As Zobrist Dunlap. Yes they got a quick passes process he says coach all the tree as a player coach. It hits all of the and it's. A lot of these movies to you noticed that the Minor League Hockey if that maybe get more personality out of that or something I don't know had to do copyrights or never. But they start with this is certainly become a cult classic it's not just the best hockey movie it's on the shortlist of best sports movies obviously of of all time. It's funny that the characters are really good I would look for when we do our draft dead Braden probably going to be a pretty high area. He's on my list either of these that I drastic and educated guy you know skilled player and. Fun fact about him the leading score of the federally. The add that to a but they haven't bought a make. Addicted Hanson brothers' debt so much of the attention in the people reference slap shot they say handsome Brothers there's a lot of other really good characters. Don't care. And so leaders of this that this was obviously great sources are we get slap shot on the list it's funny because there really wasn't a hockey movie prior to that. And then after that it to hook. Nine years to make and other once it was almost like rock and a top slap shot of we've ago near hockey let what are we what are we do it but the. Alibi ya so funny because like hockey changed you know iguana I grew up playing hockey and anyone who grew up in Iraq to a site like in the last ten years they went from. Hockey with a barely blue collar sport like in the in the seventy's and eighty's. But he was you know and I remember like all might and I hope Robert rich parents played basketball. In like I've played hockey. You don't mean it doesn't make a lot of sense because public order as expensive in basketball not. It now and how. Stupid yet since then out dog prepared skate. If flip. So now you have jumped nine years 1986. Youngblood. A skilled young hockey prospect hoping to attract the attention of professional scouts. As for pressure to show that he can fight if challenged during its day. They Canadian minor hockey town. His on ice activities are complicated by his relationship with the coach's daughter. Julia. Ed Youngblood of courses named a thirteen young blood it was play about rob blow. Just put back very yes so basically take a movie outsiders and put them in hockey. The hockey and that's basically what this movie it's. Rob Lowe Patrick Swayze Keanu Reeves are all listeners. I gotta put the goal it was his first role he played pretty good goalie yes Patrick Swayze is the could be wiley captain of the team. Derek dot. Derek Sutton who also has got to be one of the best fictional players of all time. He's he's done yet so he's still given our draft. I got might now so it could deal with them as yet a head injury which paves the way for the young blood but Dirk Sutton when he was eighteen in this in the in juniors getting 92 goal season. I this that this book in evidence though it Syria and make the Patrick Swayze I think about it. Mid eighties some ways the elect with his hair like perfect hockey casting. He and he's also get. Yet he gets hurt by app called backe which is another great party game car rack and who could go into the league which spent being young blood at the fight at the end of the movie I'll scrape. Stand up for himself to being a little bit of a pretty boy you know he could do that first line pretty boys gill guy. Now of course of course. So I know how does young blood stack up that's good it's a forgotten sports movie. Odds that it's a little too late it's a little too dramatic yeah I'm palm. Which is fine and the relationship with the coaches daughters is. Some people but it kind of takes away from a little bit of the movie the funniest part of movies they have the bill that mother which it missed the deal that team with mr. deal yet mile from the teaches basically dangle like it. Which is what I thought about that I I do for you I do have them out play off the art you have some guy that played juniors with two with their bill apparently got a lot. They'll fresh. Sure sure that if one Otto happened on out so young blood now jump ahead Arnold this counts are up with on our list 9090 two's the cutting edge. Eight temperamental figure skater any former hockey player try to win Olympic gold as they figure skating pairs team. Well what did you did just that dumpster fire moves and I'll tell you this right now he knows not on mileage for fictional hockey players would have been dug. Yet DB Sweeney whoever it DB Sweeney he it's so of one of my ex girlfriends this is like for one of her favorite movies of all time and so. Ex girlfriend. Yeah all right let's go out later that same year sort of just brought to the Cyberworks mentioning it now also president to the Mighty Ducks. He's self centered Minnesota lawyer is sentenced to community service coaching and rag tag youth hockey team. Just a fun little movie on an awesome are fun like for youth sports. I mean you have like the sand lot you have little giants you have you know there's a few others like you know Major League and little big league like these wants bought. Marty docs to put right up there and any of it maybe it's the best. And it's probably I think it's one of the first one of these persons like kids and sports movies committee members it was like them being greener than the best soccer won an exhibit to analyze the little giants I think that it had to capture like what the Mighty Ducks it. Then the air blood series yeah. From me outfield but all of those are those Terrell will Mighty Ducks is great in the sequel Dietz do the Mighty Ducks but don't out slowdown. Well award an area. Our our our despite this the Mighty Ducks the NC have a a young Casey playing Charlie Conway who sort of the heart sold the team the most skilled gentlemen out there at the bar counsel the team. Adam banks is is clear the best player little bit of a plus for being on a cake eater and they were calm and as a little bit of the cake year. It read. Who later what are from a boomer from the point later without could be a the terrible lawyer in the Netflix and yeah. The biggest kid in Mighty Ducks with the absolute. Clap bomb from the issue is ballot short fat be lawyer and daredevil. There's a around the east Sox now. Via you about Greg gold Burke when he was still a goalie have a youthful spoiler does not always the goal later on and obviously ability OS a scored bomb bay. As the coach and out and it sort of you know what what could have been for him you know like he's really should have been pilot Mike Modano in the in the NHL. And a cutter that was not gonna get drafted in this thing is DB Sweeney and Amelio for being the worst on screen hockey players. Ever you know all of a guy he can get deeper (%expletive) no. He but. The that are not the worst hockey player until he's caught. Also a fun story with Peewee hockey and the hole that we've all played youth sports in there is that tested about like well where do you live like what town are you live in the what part of our unit of what you get divided all all routes though. But soon Adam banks is is the classic in so many other movies like TV shows have done that same kind of fit after the fact. Let's go to what Dietz do the Mighty Ducks like that before. Gordon Bombay is forced to withdraw from the minor hockey league with a knee injury. Much as surprised he's given the job of coach of team USA hockey for the junior goodwill games in California. Would most of the ducks in a few new players in tow. He sets forth for LA. All appears to be going well for a while but the hype of Hollywood starts to get to Gordon. And he is distracted when Iceland the favorites to win the title appear on the scene that's right hockey power Iceland. Part of that and that's where the (%expletive) it where's Canada where is Russia. Where's Finland are we you know we're aware of any any every team they play like it's not a hockey country. There's literally like eight countries you could pick and it would be fine you just had bonds' moment like if he said. Under a knack for that Czechoslovakia. You couldn't guard is. Finland it's what. All all all all the ice. It does a threw up on its Volvo car stalled. Gonna call in that that that the trainer from. You know what that was the it was the coach's name to coach at like some like he was a bad ass soon. You grimaced don't know ghoulish doll was that the hotshot and and and which also introduce this to actually protect gaps in which would apocalypse. Who's the better goaltender the gold. Yet as Simon close you also get team performance of that sort of gives full read that the the bass Brothers now at least jail now. Deeds ordinance. Yet. Note note and jail. Goldberg. The river but I oh Alter or are they simply deem Portman in jail. No I think he's married to somebody he's merits like I DM and Zeller something. Open. Fact check you know will definitely get back to that I get the not pock yeah cute Thompson's first movie as Ross Tyler he's in the house. I hear you scream you liked back like anyone who feel like you're like that Luis Mendoza. I do I debate yet they just made it careers child actors. Who stole home in the Olympic game wants. That's pretty good but it's so I think the ice thing is dumb as hell but it's a fun movie and it. I think it could be even better than the first. Lose a lot of them are that nominated a guy with bigger reform in the Trinidad they public but the weirdly racists like Caribbean team. The tide I'll Dolly yeah thank him steel drums on the bench like c'mon. He had a cab it's a little silly but it's. There's a lot of good stuff I've never seen this on the computer as what however a little diagnosis it was a blast that mythic. By the way a little Little League rule Richard yeah you can't come out in the third period the different uniforms that is that the war but yet. They're gonna answer that every time politically that always bothered me is that everyone is with the click on way I like about Ehrlich Goldberg you know it on the back yesterday. And in full read that full and his first name always bug should not be if you go on to the pistol on the. I don't like that at all well like that are before we get to the other final part of their trilogy there in Cincinnati five we have a little movie called sudden death. A former fireman takes on a group of terrorists holding the vice president and other hostage. Hostages during the seventh game of the NHL Stanley Cup final. It's basically the opposite threat level midnight is basic plot is basically what this is out I was a load. Yeah shot clock as there in court it's penguins' Blackhawks Stanley Cup final. Which first thought like that Felix up movies like this sometimes don't. Like they don't care about the tails and they'll have like 2 like Eastern Conference teams in the filers or some (%expletive) that. At least peg with Blackhawks could be a final so that's that's fine every real players so here's a little trivia question Gloria. They obviously needed to force overtime as to extend the game to the whole bill it was gonna blow up through the game was over. Do you remember who scored the goal for the penguins there were down one of the third period at a real players horrible form. The real player services denying the ID 55 and it's a player a really good player parties not synonymous with the penguins. So it's not LeMieux or yarder right. It would have to be someone like. (%expletive) like Paul copiers Obama remember it was looking Luke rope tied broker would. Luke wrote that was great it NHL 95 with the kings but I guess he he was with the I would like for a couple of years many of us who have backed McCain's but he was there with them. But this this there was also great because Jon Claude. Ends up taking on the goalie pads stuff he'd end up dressed up with Brad Oliver. And he makes a save any punches out a guy in the Blackhawks. At the front of the day. I. And it would merit some point at a penguin mascot too late doubt involved but yes yeah predict yet of the mascot that was icebergs and it was like one of the girls though that a villain was dressed up as the penguins elected government it was health clinic but is like they had all of these they had the vice president. And all these other people. Hostage being held hostage in the VIP luxury suite. At the. Like every ticket free food they haven't snacks and Beers and I lost the game again they're going general bathroom Maryland graduate journal luxuries we stay here don't move and elect okay about the planning on Steve's never going to. It's seventy giving me as the ballot test right on the floor somewhat common agreement to interpret it. So the the sudden death the analysts are let's wrap up the Mighty Ducks trilogy would DE three. The aren't really team of hockey misfits grows up a bit at receive scholarships to a prestigious prep school. Where they take on the snotty varsity team. Not a part VT but I'd I'd love how you take a gold medal from the junior goodwill games straight they've got hired the whole team. Well hold pretty coed. Mike do you dress you that you make them there's no women's hockey at this sport ex smoker that's completely on her dog that you had any to have that night and had six. Aria and then. You just hold Phillip note. Adam banks makes party and the rest of you were on the gate BT. There may take on the department team and beat them. I hate the race I hate the so much can you imagine it was so when we're at saint Paul's if you guys faced the JV team. Not old types like. Just physically emotionally spiritually just like stopping people into lockers visualize that for a moment the that would the you don't play ever out like high school hockey locker and you talk about chemical which you like to say that it won our first I mean one of our first practice as we would have liked the red white game we would like you do it but it Buick Gator squad later tell it makes. Many demand like that that they've always been open to go to Dave being in boarding schools now working in the board school world you know the first thing. That jumped out to me was when when thinking about the movie again now this thirty fictional. That is that a lot of financially it might be thrown around all yap right. They're targeting all those guys are quote on scholarship and they were they wouldn't be on TV but that's a quick pick about the the good hockey players. That go to these prep schools they're playing right away that you wouldn't waste all the money on the TV to the dignity of the poor bastards that. Played like like hockey that they show to prep school like got to him like these guys are for real they're all gonna play College Hockey. Well mama but at that. BI. They get are we need blind like would be added are filled out after reports that would go a lot. One other thing as the Steward of this movie two is the varsity players. They all hated the the ducks for coming in and part of the reason was they all have like younger Brothers who got cut from JV to make room for them and like. What extent to which that they've got an honest to god right Ike yes I don't like long watch this movie gimmick all the kids who play like for the dogs out there apple. Yeah Albert they're apples in this movie. But are not to dwell on this but again it's gone back to saint Paul's for example how many kids would you say roughly. Played javy. And then and frolic a year to and then played varsity. Probably like in my time I would like three or four yeah right like in they would play their plate javy of the freshman can they just like hockey like popular baseball like. Nick if you EDT wanna get better yet to play yet throw you dynamic football you can get on the sidelines and not play in the moat destroyed games somewhere. Like hockey baseball would you have to play to get better select those kids who just you know you're gonna be a varsity not a place we'd rather have you play your JP in to play a lot yet. You know. The goalie like he needed shots to get better. No Lester did it Ethel whatever but they weren't so this is so that if it's got a problem Iceland having a problem with these guys winning the tutor goodwill games and then not being able to make varsity is just the worst so except at a bank or bank if it yet. It is all solved. Both ways are now also and it's an ID six. Is this a hockey movie Happy Gilmore. I don't. It now of the plot is they rejected hockey player puts its ills of the golf course to save his grandmother's house he led the league in penalty minutes they played and he also is the only guy ever to remove a skate stab someone when that. Yet but there's not a lot of hockey. But not a lot of hockey I think this was just the excuse for Adam Sandler to look. Like Adam Sandler just like where hockey jerseys instead of wearing actual clothing that. Could be out his putter. Is a hockey stick. Any he looks like it like a three year old like trying to putt like anybody. In you know what's crazy about this is like every anyone I know who grew up playing hockey are played hockey for really long time. Are all decent golfers. Yet that's true that one definitely transitions they are all the worst basketball players and really good golfers. Yet it would you don't have like. Yeah I don't know like guys anyone who likes the election audits got a puck before the next article yet I don't understand why he looks like an idiot doing. Well it was a good hockey player. I want art. Mr. arts and astronaut hockey movies aren't that magnetic nines mystery Alaska. This comedy is about the residents of a small town who get over excited with the hockey team gets chosen to host eight televise our events I didn't see this for ever. And that's what is it like it's like sneaky because you think that this is like a family will be. And it's not. Like they have like he governs like you know it seems EP there when he pitched it was like oh you know what kind of like the underdog story that's like PG thirteen or whatever. And that you have like guys back at each other sisters and you know premature ejaculation nudity like all the athletes it's crazy. That said Jay Roach movie right who do awesome powers expect Mike Myers in the seizing a small part to and that they are. Yeah now he's yeah Canadian guy and then they have a tie in to at the end I guess spoiler alert a couple of guys Dick contract offered by the New York Rangers. So a bit of the direct ties to the NHL but at Dallas I don't allow people like mystery Alaska that that. In this in this is a great story commodities. Actual NHL play at the ready New York Rangers actually Rupp which showed up to this game played like they were on in the movie. All right right now and I got. Russell Crowe. Like anti him he'd like trained to be a hockey player like six months Ottawa this yet and it was like taken some liberties with some like NHL players boy. And I guess they just beat the (%expletive) out of them. Like any tablet you like on film like. Immediately you'd they were actually hitting and which you can talk to Adam Fazio and don't forget who told the story about it and a brightly just something like that but they were just like. Not out of them. Good but it sure is this at this pre did the gladiators flee wasn't as big yet. Slap shot to breaking the ice comes out 2002. Yep I keep this one a little bit probably the worst hockey player ever put on film. Even bobbled. Stephen Baldwin was on the cover of the tape for the dvd does with the original handsome brother still on the same Minor League Hockey team. The chiefs are sold to a new owner who gives them a female coach puts them in a league which they are you regularly humiliated. By the opposing Harlem group. Globetrotters like team. Yes and the the commissioner of the league blow of course played by Gary Busey yeah obviously which we did so obviously what would it be you know I mean. In just like just embarrassing like you have a guy like panting refineries like on faceoff and stuff like that like it's so stupid it's. That didn't make it it's the caddie shack 2 o'clock. It has yet slap shot to recognize that a slap that we will get to a moment. 2004 though we get it we got a great one we got miracle. And here obviously is telling story O herb Brooks the player turned coach Shula the 1980 US Olympic hockey in the victory. Or the seemingly invincible Russian squad so this is the based on a true story that all the players they got. You know Kurt Russell as herb Brooks whose great. Though some good moments from Mike was going like that story had been told but never a movie like this and it out of it a great job. Bill awesome job and I have an awesome anecdote about this well sir I think it's awesome so I don't like you got you you. You know my brother so my brother was at the image he played actually played college document and they'll. It was appeared major there you try to be an actor while also playing division one hockey so. Around the time like this movie getting made it picked up an agent in New York Lou that this guy called him and he says he repeated their they're. They're shooting this movie about the 1980 Olympic team but the date they don't want actors they want. Actual hockey players from around them you know Massachusetts area in the Minnesota in Minnesota so. You need to go on the audition like basically you're queuing for this since you are an actor and hockey players like you need to go to that yet. Of that but what it wants. Yet corporate. Yeah that legacy of a mess it up with the right it I don't want credit where the guys forget who was. He played like his father like he got the role like his dad at so you forget which Geller laws but yet. If convicted betacast the entire team you know between the crises in the games everything else. Indicate who played Jack Callahan who missed it Mike candidate Joseph who passed away recently come to the pot. We grew up playing with him let's just yet I keep from around like we played against him growing up like opera. Nice. So the democratic draw in my pocket. That's really got the exams and that is now but this in the oval with other sports movies like they'll mix in -- a true story one that's pretty good and it's like yeah yeah a real athlete it's hard to compare them to. Some with fictional ones that's why. But it's the first one on our list right with the ball. Real player like we ought to all real all relatives. Speaking of real dude 2005 the rocket the story about Quebec's most famous hockey player Maurice the rocket Rashard. Focusing on the struggles of a French Canadian in the National Hockey League dominated by Anglo phones. Once. Yet it is very like pro Quebec movie if you get in it. Eyesight OK it's not it's not an end and I and its operating about it I have two hoops about a rocket shards of it not a not a real struggle but that's not a real. Think it yet he's there are two little French Canadians. This say there are people around the world doing with a real struggles I don't know that. Qualifies. Oh I speak for and their well speaks English beat them from a weird province and you know real problem tonight. It's idyllic Jackie Robinson. No no it's not yet this is exactly this is the 42 of hockey movies it is Akron. Have a this slap shot three the junior league team on 2008. The handsome Brothers are back and who better to what rag tag youth team in the shape for the upcoming championships but the most unpredictable trio ever a strap on skates. Yet and you can't. He can't play junior hockey when you past 21 years old I don't know what they have promised to be playing here and unknowns it's that that the work around there and that's why I guess they are. Because their coach that the team that's knocked it the F deliberate and by the way the worst hockey here I've ever seen him. I have always seen the trailer at a Michaels. It's distracting is that we elected outright hate football movies where the shoulder pads like bigger that look way bigger than the person's everywhere in the help like. What do position player has to face masks that they wouldn't have they tries. Oh yeah remember that movie necessary roughness we tablet but the weird. Which face masks like it's rising not yet and a lot of weight Leslie Nielsen and slap shot pre but it. Well the pay check. 2008. Role it's that it doesn't it was a great year for hockey movies as the love guru also came out. Ditka and American raised outside of his country by gurus. Returns for the states in order break into the self help business. His first challenge is to settle the romantic troubles and subsequent professional skid. I'm a star hockey player whose wife left him ray rival athlete. And that Justin Timberlake with one of the most ridiculous character names in all in all sports cinema. If David Jacques Le caucus. I. Agree that that a lot of release is that it's worth mentioning is. It was kind of like this is kind of like the last we've ever heard of Mike Myers right. Love guru yet popped the opening glorious bastards they like pop up and a couple of things. Politically he's no longer elect he was the ship for awhile oh yeah gossip powers movies in the like reading and Wayne Crandall and tracked as growth in it accurately. It let me do the love guru like OK and they Billick when you take a couple shifts. I that would back to governor Ted brought us Tooth Fairy. A bad team on the part of a tough Minor League Hockey player results that are unusual sentence he must serve one week as they real life too. Very different ports are on the run. As it went trucked out that's the area an occupier and be terrifying skate. He would be you'd be as critical but it's very easy would knock opposing player's teeth out of the have a it would do another Minor League Hockey player to. Speaking of Miley hockey now we got a couple good answered analysts Boone. Cannot 2011 at. Labeled an outcast by his brainy family a bouncer overcome long odds to lead a team underperformed misfits the semi pro hockey glory. Beating the crap out of everything that stands in his way course Sean Williams got. Plays Doug Clapp. Who joins up with the Halifax highlanders. In this movie is awesome legacy is just a moment. Yet it's automated again what what this movie nails. Having again having spent time injured in the junior hockey world what this movie get out our players they're like what they nail. If they get parts Sunni but the locker room yet in a minor leaguer junior hockey locker room they fought game male. Nausea regularly at. Given the Brothers that are disliked though like. Over the top in like thirty immediately the goalie so weird you know like. Some players that are super quiet those same thing in the summer comic follow other guys have a super guy that like. He's hanging on the new like the young kid who should be in the NHL but he's not a night. They did handle a lot of different erect but some of the fighting is so over the top like it's great. It's great day in and shoveling Scott that they like do you roll went really well like he's got to meet. You have a it was weird Russians in the locker public don't talk to anybody views which speak Russian to like themselves yes. The (%expletive) goalies are always happen in the public that you that you have the captain who's been there weeks. Yet indicated like follows him around like tried to do like everything. You know like he doesn't. I had bet the one the old guy is to elect the pregame speech and he keeps mentioning how he's gone through a divorce. It's that the funny thing are you try to get the team psyched up for the game v.s like in you know like I've overcome a lot like you know. My wife's taken everything from eight days like. You think you and those guys over there there were planned. Three of those guys are also gone through divorce. But they goes. That is little psyche goes there or played against divorced guys. Though that does dial up in the off. Then there's the goalie of course that the famous line in the movie to ruled locker room. Don't. Don't judgment but compare cassette and the Japanese market that. If if that it does is like OK well let it out. So yeah the it was a character Jay Behr Shaw who ends up directing the other one he wrote this one and directed the sequel. You guys know him from this is the end and everything else. He's really good in this has dug out friend also live Schreiber as Ross ray like the the guy who's gonna be retired to big tube it's going to be retiring. The really get that Zogby will slam. Who got a concussion from Ross ray and Mike basically used the yet now produce the the number two overall pick in the NHL is now playing them so. Now they have a pretty good they're pretty cast the characters us about always awesome and then comes the last on our list. 2007 team goon at last of the enforcers. Hockey player plagued by injuries is confronted with the possibility of retirement when a tough new player challenges its status as the league's top enforcer. So they introduced you to Anders kaine he's the new. Player whose dads the owner of the Halifax team. And this guy is. Like you'd think they'd build basically as. Under even though we compare to because he's like one of the best skilled players bielsa has beat the (%expletive) better. Perfect topic there. Yet he's a perfect mark. Yeah I think in is like mark cameo on one yeah maybe maybe that became nearly Milan Lucic kind of player I was Lucic if he could score more. I think. He did immediate and he would receive increased thirty goal season yet and so that's that's how they kind of a bill this guy wealth like this movie is TJ Miller. Plays one of like the TS than. Like sports that are guys today and Lexus a regular TV but he swears volatile it's just like fine and like that cause like tip legal stuff that he's saying like it's really funny. Fun fun story due to an in the original grown wind died Jay -- shall do it like his radio show yeah. All on the ice service. What that was the hot license the DIA the guys run in the Booth they're producing the show are the Trailer Park Boys. Are they really. I think that's up about this though. I drove me nuts that there's a lot of stuff those like I notes due to the couple stupid but Ku went out to the really good movie this one. Was not a good movie that there's there's funny things but. Now one of the things they have aide Kirk a former out of the these exist. But they have these former hockey players that literally. Just do hockey fights on the ice. There's no real thing is that. It's not it's it's a little bit more nuanced than that. So basically which you have which you have year you're goal scorers you know use that careless and and and yeah Javier. In your net Britons but in order to for those guys cute it would be a dude you need. Guys who can protect. So it is like you talk about baseball I cuddled it unwritten rules of hockey the exact same way and people who don't. They shouldn't be fighting in hockey like. Their credit needs to be fighting in hockey. Well. I'd I completely agree with this I know you're going on this I'm saying that when Ross ray retired. He they would then sell out almost like a freak show or sing a boxing match for they would rent out the arena. And it literally just be hockey fights now there's no (%expletive) way that's a real thing that that was so out there in the a critical. Is there really critical part of the movie to elect it's kind of taken me out of. Now I don't think that's I hope that's not a thing. The a lot activity it was all these guys pocket and you know you watch these documentaries about these guys and all these guys grew up like it didn't wanna do that located eating comfort youth hockey like. Punch and people had like these are all very skilled players and that would be there. And go to lab right away is. Is based off from the real guy and I think Walpole yet but I must have all the stuff happened but he is based on get real don't want you to crop it and he wanna play like. In Mike Minor League Hockey just yet I think he got as high as the HL maybe. But it. Deck of its sixth or are so right out of all those movies won't be. Aussie top three or top five favorite movies. It's a top heavy slap shot is you again let's toss it back on that pick edit read Tom. But I'm an it in no particular oracle chronologically guess. Youngblood. Yeah I did a really good hockey movie. Mighty Ducks. Obviously in the good miracle. Is kind of an aid to feel good hockey movie if you looking for kind of like did that not funny in you know goofy elected. Best like hockey hockey movie would probably miracle. Our men and goon would be brought up my top five. Yeah I think that he probably in my salad a slap shot probably one that would go. The mideast that seat at the most recently I like to own all on Michael good in two. And that I might go Mighty Ducks. Then miracle. And it for me probably deed to just cutting off young blood and saying he's sued just over five but yeah like their their ball right there were each other. The worst more on this list and it's hard assailant entered just going straight up hockey movies. It's got to be wanted to slap shots equals. Yeah IE. Like slap shot but he either one of them but just to elect. But shot three is like a directed video yet doesn't really know yet that he does anybody know the story now. Mighty Ducks three could be on the list of that devil just make me angry if I get that that it is in the off aren't. Let's do a quick draft where is gonna. All right and I will I will give you the first peck. They give me all get the first pick them back how a guy. Okay I'm taken I'm taken its first round pick in Derek Sutton if Ford captain of the the mustangs from play by credit Tweety. The leader. That your friend Jesse 92 goal in the seat in the that's hard to be our gives me. Ned Braden then slaps you know bring yeah connect. In my next pick but I just gonna wanna David Scott on. They get the little political players a little scalp you know that the native American gotten taken him it'll attributable like all right. Let me go live. Denny LeMieux gimme gimme a goaltender here on any Denny LeMieux was the best goalie in the federally. Absolutely the absolute best school in the in the certainly. Next up I know I will take that forward that he had a slam. God like that one. That's really good. All right let's go we. This is tough. Margo. And always a bit of a prospects could be Caracter and Ebanks. I am gonna take L on defense and taken full read. Bulk. Delegate Johnny boy chuck kinda you know I hear absolute nukes from the blue we. And at that. Give me. I'm gonna go is Anders Kane from goon to. Because I got bags is a bit of and I got that Braden who really does like get you know deal all that stuff so Anders came to did beat the pack of people. Well that's why edit my last board that I'm gonna take is I'm taking gate killer Carlson. Who from from data Keller. It got two guys you know Derek Dudley can mix it up a little bit but it needs someone to protect that he had a flat and so on taken killer cross and Eric. I'm gonna go win. We go dean Portman to so you can't get the best rulers are the best I want to go at this point yeah. And I communicate politic Marco from goat. I'll read it don't get it that's my only oh yeah a buddy but that the tat there. How to adapt and be right back up against CC I haven't seen her play a full game yet yeah other than in Petri soaked all right. If you don't played JB you know she came in for one shot against gun style have a future can do you know move on the team Q is that correct. I'll take Hugh Hewitt the defensive from Youngblood. Is a nice is a nice Clark a quiet even in the color I believe it is it is a nice player. So I think my team is set the of one more do you need it on the. I get the mild hybrid from. Might reported Derek Sutton killer karlson and that gala flam that's due on DL guy Clarence screaming Buffalo's want sounded full read. I got Marco from goon on my bench would be Julie cat do to protect Daphne and oatmeal or. Of course. My forwards all our. I dead Braden Adam banks and Anders Cain. But if I don't know up front a lot of death a lot of skill in my defense and our team Portman and Hugh Hewitt in my goaltenders ditty LeMieux. Q but that I got that nice squads and it will will post those later on and yes the voter who has the better better hockey team. Any else on hockey with all I get real quick. Hockey abilities on the whole compared to basketball football and baseball great decorating stacks up. I've not it is. Basketball has hoosiers obviously. That's less managers and blue chips. A white men can't jump. Do Bluetooth is great. L Levy he got a game that got a decade and above the rim with two are up there it's. Yeah don't hit it Payton and article might be finding Forester. I prefer I prefer baseball movies. They are much better baseball movies and yeah this bud Moore album baseball's pretty good in football as a Federalist bass long occupy and similar. Golf is a pretty good movies do. I've a quick findings forced their story you know Margarita. I don't think you were never scholarly you go ahead this Davida. This was the high school I don't think you were there for this though it was like me would be Hernandez. And Brad. And we are at the weirder so we're in school or at the mood here and it was like that elected dump your theater that we do. It's only what the go get tickets for fire forced their but we wanted to food to and so we got like two large pizzas. Like heat the hot extort a suit brought into large pizzas and 22 liter bottles. At his Connecticut Brad. Have like the pizza probably just put his jacket on top of it. I walked straight into the theater scene and buy tickets he just walks rated with Hernandez at me it would Europe there. Buy tickets are likely need to get tickets like this walked into an already sedated so that way so we get in there it's the Forrester that now want to finding Forrester. Ed. Looks that we are getting for people were asking if they can pass slice of cheese edit we elect are screwing these two leaders it was insane they never sending that in the near people could care less they're happy were there. Alex though everything our Becky speaks up it appear like yeah I wants brought to large cheese. Let's. Actually though I heard it visit this is real quick there's no never used between Uga went to the few people think it's illegal to bring in. All of like your own candy order. That the complete lie yeah there's a lot it's just so they can sell you stuff and marked up there that have nothing to do it like health reasons predictive will choke. You go to you consume movie theater or blow up like this a true at all. But. Yeah lies were told him. Assembly bluntly we hope client thinker are you ready for the next thing. The good. It's. And pick received deferred found a goal. I receive this. So though the movie Iowa does the movie you can watch it on Netflix it's called the lat gladiators and we didn't mention it in. The public rocky movies all the documentary yeah but it's day it's. Kind of be the love song took it to the the love letter to the goon. There is a guy who and where it started about before but these guys don't talk about like I was good like Christmas Island is in the movies used to play predictably. The Canadian in the bronze for a long time yup probably in Boston guy knew that you are the split in particular got a good hockey player the grownup but yet to. This kind of happened to me union notified this college. Pocket get on it even stay on a team so a lot of these guys who get into the likely don't necessarily want to right. But holiday you know the other stick around in the NHL like they dude has been. Often dislike beat this about people miss of their teammates that Kodak beat a really good view into that life. And it's that they actually get kind of that the. Well we got a a buddy of ours who was the best athlete I've ever played sports where he played all three sports review football hockey and baseball at just football and baseball many. He ended up playing hockey it UNH bought he left our senior year to go play in the US HL out in the Moines Iowa. And he was like a really skilled player and you know more about hockey and I would but yet to be like a fighter out there to beat the (%expletive) out of guys like led the league in penalty minutes and it was. Which is like also on its own thing but I like it took away from the player I think that he will that he could've then edit is also a real shame kind of selflessly that. This was like just before YouTube of like just before. Very easily the videotaping things because we would get like still pictures there was a comic grainy footage of him like me investing would like watts like it like you try to send the stuff. But if it was like five years later it was definitely a highlight real and just knock the (%expletive) out of people. And he was probably better than most and that didn't actually strongest person government and the never lifted away to meet you open door in the podcast what he's. Stepped on a kid's just been ripped his team face mask off and football yeah sounds good tickets based maps off of it help. It sounds like we're making that up but that is absolutely true. Yes but he stepped comic it's just wrap this face mask and ripped to the face mask off Al. Yeah he was thrown out of that game and suspended for the next game. I didn't see that would mile an odd I would believe that you say says Apple's that he can't really do that late but but he did so anyway there's there's that my particular podcast. Is since we have the big infinity war preview show coming up April 2 point second at idle hands for clock in Malden mass. Poor little prayer reading for you you're a few things you can not check out. Yet the infinity gauntlet the infinity war in the Infiniti crusade that is the order which they were released. Full disclosure they get worse as they go along the quote that going in every one may be read the infinity gauntlet. It has cooled just seem like all the characters on the page together. The stories are always kind of out there you know that when you have so many characters in your fighting Panos and like Magnuson. Just get so out of hand but it's a school. To see all the characters working together so that'd be the order in golf at war crusade if you're in an. All right Ryan I don't know are doing next week but I'm sure it'll be good. You can rate review and subscribe on the iTunes were at our podcast on Twitter were or podcast at gmail.com. Also YouTube dot com slash dork podcast. I'll market the people fall you. Our Bundy on any and all meet major social media outlets. All right thank you very much Ryan Iowa already talked everybody next week.