#DORK 61: Overrated Movies

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, April 17th
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey discuss overrated movies, those that get hyped up by your friends or the critics and you just can’t understand why.  Plenty of Hot Chili Hot Takes in this episode, you will definitely get upset.  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute, and the Pick of the Podcast. Twitter: @DORKpodcast

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If the door. Marquez. Is due to a Martinez which cheek is the door. Monty. If that's my dorm blonde cash. Day in another episode of hash tag d'or mining district he joined as always by Ryan Davey Davey how were you. Are any better adapt between that is really great to hear Ryan I think you're are finally a 100% recovered you've had a few yes there. That you you're a little under the weather but you sound you sound good and ready to go. Ready to Iraq well outside while we got Neitzel topic in store for you today ethnic and anger a lot of people was what movies we feel like are the most overrated out there maybe some of your personal favorites out there driving around. You get angry at us in a minute but first let's get to all the news and notes. First things first Ryan we got a lot of people to waiting us this that you hear the news about. The one and only Billy Mitchell. I've been following at this closely at any news story ever followed. It's unbelievable also Billy Mitchell of course from the king of Kong he is the one of the great villains ever put on screen. He's got the mullet he's got the beard is at the USA. Hi the most hockey video game player of all time and he. Three dates competitive gaming so he is yes. He's like the Babe Ruth of competitive game. And he was that miss pac they have record the Donkey Kong record which of course the senators wrote with the king of Kong. And long story short. They they get a tip this twin galaxies gaming which keeps track of all these high scores. And he was using an emulator which we also all we can all tell during the King Kong but they loved him so much that prop up on a pedestal. But it was proven. That he was basically cheating. And they have removed him from both the Guinness book of world records and twin galaxies records so he is no longer now his record for Donkey Kong it's sense been passed however he was viewed as the first million point game. Now that scrubbed from the record books and our guys Steve weepy. Get that again given the record anymore but he has the technical the first guy ever to get a million points. First guy ever to break a million points and a world champion and a bit when he got the news decried I think that seems a bit of our loss. Yes a little bit if we're doing a bit of that yet in the little bit of it being honest I'm currently for a run do all of all the Billy Mitchell scores get scrub not just been Donkey Kong all of. All of them and this guy was part of just about every single game. And he responded now we too we did this out at the or podcast there's a video of him responding. I have I've studied this big like I've watched like a dozen times. I'm just actually listening to what he says. So I don't know if we can play what he said at a rock opera works I have the I've had a transcribed I'm gonna read it's you and then you have to explain to me what the (%expletive) he means cash. Our does that quote from Billy Mitchell quote. I've been asked to address things that are recently in the media. The fact of the matter is now there is it true professional due diligence being done to investigate things that happened is sparse 35 years ago. At a professional manner not a shock jock mentality designed to create hits we'll show that everything that has been done. Everything was done professionally. According to the rules accorded the scoreboard the integrity that was set up. Not 2014 for by the current regime wants to reach back 35 years everything will be transparent everything will be available. I wish I had in my hands right now I wish I could hit it to you but it's taken a considerable amount of time. Witnesses. Documents. Everything will be made available to you. Nothing will be withheld you absolutely have my commitment to that we've been at this since 1982. And it's not gonna stop now. So what what you just heard that a lot of none that thank you but I think I picked beat. The crux of what he's saying is that in 2014. Walter day is out between galaxies in the new regime has taken all okay. Since then they've kind of changed how they abuse score. Right what I believe Billy Mitchell is saying is that what I did with a Donkey Kong scores at that time was legal. Oh my god this is going to be like Mark McGwire Sammy Sosa shift. Guess like yep it's not illegal like it was not illegal but also what he's he's talking about 35 years not 35 we do you map. You know that puts you in you know when he started actually news recording scores and all that 1983. Right don't do it it's it was what he says Sonya and I believe he did his pack and perfect game I believe he did that lot. They do that Adam I'm spike that's. We asked the question at the time I believe during the king of Kong episodes yet to go to WEEI dot com and check the archives for that one ever better episodes ever asking you straight up do you think he's good at video games and the answer has to be yes. Capacity and you can't you can't play those games promote straight memory in hand eye coordination standpoint yeah yeah. But you know it's secret video games now I don't know IB probably hasn't played a video game in fifteen years. Or but also a top of that like he's gonna videogames that maybe not as good as the legend would have it when it's glad that's that'll exaggerated. And it probably was good at one point yet it just like took up apple it. That's fair. The lead sorry about yet anybody say you know like in 2014 this whole thing changed and Andy bated emulator then. Right. Yeah oh yeah you can educated but the best part is. She would he said so retires to that documentary that. You've got to break records lies you got a break records like you gotta play the game lies and that he sent it'd hate to break a record like the very next day even dictate it was a tape is terrible. Outs here there'll. You know there's a Donkey Kong kills screen coming up with their interest and Donkey Kong kill screen. That. That's the other latest of Billy Mitchell keep you abreast if if you actually has any evidence or he falls up anymore who knows we may not see him for a long time from the shore. Ryan deal like good news. I love greatness I love I love greatness can be great. I was gonna tell you this actually is great news friend of the podcast very cool when the is going to be in infinity war voicing approximately midnight who wanna be up cohorts the Fed house. And I'm gonna say before you talk it up into the weight standards just boys home. In boys don't she herself back going to be in the movie now. She said. That they did like the Mo cap Bonner so she's actually in there and some of the scenes that that's her public it's obviously very CGI and everything yes. But I mean it's like saying you know Bradley Cooper is technically and guardians. Yet writes in diesel who else could say I grew anybody. Nobody does nobody got those acting jobs what do you think Vin Diesel that paid for guardians. Too much whatever get data which thank you announce the next question had to deal like that is the biggest waste of money. Walking together and talk about it he'd hear him talk about it like it's like art like he's skating you've got a picture he's an idiot yeah. Like please I'm group but anyway Carrie Cologne so all this does at first I was like why don't need anymore like spoilers please don't tell me anything else that happens in infinity war. But all this does is prevents me from the first two times proximate midnight talks during the movie mean looking over to myself militants lecture to the Turkey are to do that anymore I guess I kind of saves me from that I'm very very excited. And hopefully she'll be on the show some times. Probably not though about open and it all right we got the mod TV news a bunch of shows have been picked up for another season. Jessica Jones getting picked up for a season three my initial response was why but that view and some others on dot Twitter at a kind of set me straight but. You think this is obviously good. And I am I can't fit in the tweet a Mike if if there was ever show. That needed a rubber match it's that's what. Yep I just get too caught up and how bad season two was the season one was the best Seawright it needs a season three but you know would be nice. A villain they. Sweet but ought to put a villain and it and it will cage maybe. Something like. That and I guess that you on the Twitter you know it's not like you know just a joke of the caged don't have a meaningful relationship. Is now Alexander don't run into each other every now and again now but in. Married none of that and you had a goddamn. She sleep woods with Luke cage in season one she's teaming up with them in the defenders and then this one has ignited a mansion and OK all right -- But anyway season three Jessica Jones Davis had to break the tie a couple HBO shows picked up. Buried with Bill Hader has been picked up pre season too and that's good news. And I like this show I've seen much you know it was it's actually thirty really good I and my favorite characters sneaky the it is calm the foreigners these two European there yet. Are you what it cost millions or what I thought something might. Those as a part of the one guy. The bald guy play victors as in Gotham. He's funny he's dead. Now also in addition to bury getting picked up Silicon Valley getting picked up for season six act out of feeling at this is going to be yet but look the they're they got another season in store. Kenya carried emirate now. Jin Yang and Jarrett. Garrett can carry chose those two can keep it going that's for sure it's weird how big you even point this out. It's no one of the weird shows in the sense that the lead character of a good show is the most unlikable. And not only that but like. It's just I I was talking to my wife my site mile wide others like Silicon Valley on Sunday don't like. I told her what exactly was gonna happen in that episode yet they do exactly what it's gonna after political team thing it's this same thing like they get a break him and dared. That cared but you know he talks about but not yet you going to be. And every every time. The Walking Dead season came to and I've not seen yet I I got pretty caught up I'm not finished I don't know what else is watching it but I. I am in no monster that it showed it on television. Told all the time. If every got the commuter it is. Hey Ryan did you see the Incredibles who trailer. It iPad like that our parents I think so I guess though if this deal. Is it the theater movies or. Yeah I'm an attempt to take it like have kids so they mean that that helps. You know I haven't been. You know that does you don't look as we are going to see the ball Apollo adults like the kernels. It's a good movie but I don't intimacy in the theaters though. Not that I didn't care who is she sharing sharing sharing sharing sharing my thoughts are you ready for your sharing data ago. It's the. You know. Either man. So all right so the biggest news coming out this week is that that we we met we keep little bit last week but this week it got a four week. Low where that it got more for the reboot about a quart coming up for PlayStation port. And there refused that happened between our last podcast and it cast I I would say are strong to quite strong agreed. Lot of ten out of ten a lot of game of the year mention lot of like. Best game for PlayStation ever while hyperbole sums it stopped I am very excited. And so if you're on the fence have you ever like live and Xbox as they bought by the PlayStation Wii at that time and time again that. Both machines essentially do the same thing but those that exclusive content on PlayStation is far superior to out of Xbox. Yes definitely and be one Xbox exclusive game its work would Wear to god damn but I Gary brought there aren't any. Probably years of war franchise but yeah I would really like. Nine now that's all that come up with so. Yet the yeah so that so that could have gone toward coming up Friday which are very excited about a bigot stream and that you know Doumit first run through that you know what we do it. Com and this might be a hot pick Richard left. I think for next dot. I think we're done. You are all the sport I I've done before right and I think I'm not. I'm not the first and I'm I'm sure people are gonna follow me cannot play why. A good game radical right sitting we talked about last week equity beef from epic game pages it was a formally of epic games. Right. Now came out with radical iTunes is like basically fort bank to be in the eighty. OK eighty. Eighty connect BM accurately the next likely would be but the new. And now call of duty black ops or is for pot or reportedly dropping its. Its entire campaign. In lieu of a battle Royale mode. Ago that we are just completely over saturating the market would be things about people widget to catch grab. At this point com. And it's just it's only a matter of time. Before people just bail on this completely. And I would like to be you know the hot chili ot take. The second and I political litmus test for all of these things in the second my mother mentioned the. Thing to me in pop culture. Yes that's pretty good about the war I it has each player that. I got thirteen year old nephews they can't explain this game you do you play this. God in it I don't Wear a series is over good. Submerged as quick hitters and start world Star Wars battlefront to adding an. Yes that they had to play has them. Be able to bin Laden out beat each other up a palm and they guy is reducing its meat it's many console. And breeze big incidents and a switch that's that's some good news there. Yet you're sick guy and you get your own I'd been bit. They don't make it whatever called it. Like the sound of that value of us parties to the video games Sakharov friend of mine and you say he's asking me. He Aussie to get a PS four aura or an Xbox one used on you ask which one and so I give the whole spiel that that we've given before. But it is same as it Sig here for a reason I haven't played videogames and a couple of years is what he said but he goes the reason I wanna get back get it is these are all these goddamn far cry five commercials elect I need to play this game I'm like yeah. Yes and it bonkers but it's on committed to what other game can you just likes to compare on somebody. I distill that I mean not many and I also think that they've done a better job with this ad campaign and then my. Almost any game I can remember this is like in your face in May make it look far and they give the refuse to give you some of the game play date they. They play it all the time currently these NBA or NHL game so what they're in the right demo and as salute goes far. We're running the game became the subject matter of the game and it is a little heavy at times you know but I think if you just kind of in distort kind of secondary if you just go in just like you just have but it again the black apps will now is dignity agreement brought vitamin. Yes it was thank you Richard as always has brought to the good people of illusion grips. Gear all your game grips which we also desperately need at illusion gripped that detailed dot com. And make sure they just can't vote game controller Extenders which a lot of people like. I have. I have some there actually really good you can you can help with your with your accuracy ought to definitely an extender. Jack you know like you can't wait a front. I'll yet all the controller. Yet the ordinance and position your thumbs to be a little bit more raised the economy you know. It's just nice you know that makes you cared about cystic spot this super super super affordable it was by the their grips select an event that the peace in the extended selects Xbox nice so yeah. If Celso. That's pretty good 42. To that are Iran are you ready for the topic do as your. As the topic to shore all what it is is the topic of the day and today it is over rated movies. Here's the day. Birdie full of hot chili hot takes a year. We're probably gonna win noise overview by saying whatever your favorite movie is in telling you that it's overrated the first thing I would ask you Bryant is. How would you describe. And over rated a or what makes something in the movies John Mara overrated. What would over read it to me and this is not necessary to them what I wanna be super clear about before we give him any of this in immaculate it twice. Any movie I mentioned is not necessarily a bad movie. Correct and over rated movie is not a bad movie sometimes it is sometimes a that is right I can I can elect a movie and just do it that was as good as it once said it was that's what it over rated move. If summit comes to mean like this is my favorite movie. This is the best movie I've never seen. And I don't see it and it's not the best movie I've ever seen that over rate. Suddenly it's overrated or else they want it at the multiple people telling you that if you give one body out work whose like had loved this movie and then it sucked and you're like out. That's just one person tell you that worried about this regarding multiple people tell you have this movie that can be overrated I think. Oscar winners like right away could be overrated if you don't think it very good. And also like you know the rotten tomatoes stuff which is absolutely taken over every goddamn commercial for us a movie. That is in the 95 plus percent they tell you about it so if rots models scored really high that can also be overrated. And it's also obviously up to. You and I and whoever like. In the ID. And we're not just give you the obvious movies these are ones that are either. Every like everybody in your group of friends thinks is great except for you movies that do really well critics lies or like these Oscar type movies that's about it. And I think you would get careless there laughs not saying you know we're not saying that some of these are bad movies. They're just not as good as you think. People market here that Bryant and you're in the disclaimer they're not gonna listen enough heart to one of flight. Yes I don't I don't you take a lot of pretty funny. Now that's for. But speaking to heed my first hot chili hot take it really the reason for this podcast idea was a recent movie I saw. Yeah everybody. In the (%expletive) world to tell me it's the greatest movie ever. And I would respond when you told me this was shocking I suppose I believe it myself. But here's the deal ladies and gentlemen the film that is in the theater right now. Entitled a quiet place. Overrated. And dare I say not that good that. Audi. It will be guess what think about it for two seconds and that probably still like the movie. I'm not gonna get him to. All the reasons why didn't like it. Because most of whom if not all of them are spoiler I media you haven't seen a lot of people have the Florida offer a week weekend two weeks maybe. It's a make a lot of money at the box office and what really blows away. Is on Twitter. All the people like Stephen king and Chris Evans and always those that I've seen. Better sweeting at John Kaczynski and there's like take you so much for making this move feel like. I've never say I've never been this sense that I I if we want to (%expletive) another movie that that doesn't this. Indicated activity of your movie. This drove me not yet race this this is drove me nuts but people are going on and on about this of one of the greatest movies of the year is one of the great. Horror movies like you're never gonna see a suspenseful movie I'll give you this. I like the premise. The idea and so if you just read the plot I like that and you know me I love horror movies I want. Good or movies this is I'm. This review I thought this was 75 right down the victory I thought this was like. It's suddenly fastball that you get out of the park I got that it. I like Kaczynski like Emily Blunt the kids in the movie didn't rule it was kept acting problem is not that creature feature like a creature feature. This movie just was not for me inside a lot of you like it good for you oh. But not for me so Ryan that's that's how we're sort of starting this off and that's that's the perfect example too because everybody that had seen the movie. That I knew told me it was great in the critics told me it was great so you could not have had a more highly rated movie. Then missed and I walked three and holy smokes only ass hole that didn't like this. And so you can tweet us or you can email us let us know if you also if you like Khatami's election coming why elect a month ago. We're to a region. I'm always aware I started with the whole thing and I mentioned it on a podcast past like the movie's scarface for me is like one of those movies that you know people you know you know. You what remember what's like MTV cribs in the people have a are based post or edit playing on who put their house every app of the world that let every reverend closer are basically a rapper name scarf days yes gamely. It just didn't like I was stunned I was saying this is some of the of the day and I used the same argument that like but it what happens in the middle hour and a half of them. It which by the way maybe it but it would you meet unlike the judge easily keep that in that camp and then he gets seldom again at the beginning of the movie. What happens in the middle but it will wickedly depiction but that's Vienna the movie what happened in the economic point at the table like. Capital what happens in this alleged yelled up like prepared to yell at me like it's my question what happens in the in the I don't know what that's what that movie sucks. It's like a three hour movie and they're supposed to be Cuba and none of those guys are actually Cuban but I guess that's you can okay like whatever they're actors they can they can do other things out. It just was a pilot crap and that is what like that's the there's an example of an overrated movie that that's just bad in people don't think that. Yet in the psyche you could double in the middle the movie they can meet Michelle Pfeiffer again at the lot that goes on. And you just forget about it because if the first half hour glass half target. That was a volatile relationship. Just not know I didn't I didn't care for that and all those carpet scarface mate. Actually speeded. The most overrated movie ultra. We could probably and the discussion right there what about let's get into just like certain genres and movies that we watched the most there are comic book movies. I have a couple the first one and again this is gonna get people upset the beyond a hot chili uptake rather shoot here over rated. Wonder Woman. What do they here's the deal so Wonder Woman got atomic credit made a lot of money everybody's loving it. I understand that having a female in the lead role is very important and there's a lot of female argument incredible two game a throne has gone that direction where there really showcasing how strong women are so it's great we'd love that here we love women at the hash that our podcast. Putt you should accept the movie that is probably on par with four or Captain America one. In say this is the greatest movie ever. And there's a lot of that that got grace movie ever grace comic book movie ever also at the very low bar right now to be in the DC EU. So just because it's the best DC movie does that mean it's this great movie we talked rather awhile ago. It would probably if you rank the eighteen MC movies in maybe we'll do that next week islands but if you were to rank all eighteen and then add Wonder Woman to Wonder Woman is probably while. Or support it oh yeah and a lower part of the middle. Yet they. Like that with this in this is why clarified at the beginning Wonder Woman is not a big it's good it's dated good it's good it's not solid. Superhero movie. Yes I love it ethical distinction like this is not one like the previous two movies I would even if there are sneaky bad especially scar discoveries just straight up that one woman not that I agree on that not a bad movie I liked it I'm glad I saw it we had it'll review eject archives on the app boy to. But it's just. In the sense of what the raise was four it is yet if it's overrated. Got a little overrated and I think again I mean. Being the best moving to DC you would like being the world's tallest midget like that's cool but like. And whatnot nothing ever gets here. Exactly I also like the like this TGI stomach at the end like the villain like c'mon let's let's not pretend it is it was this is great film and we've never seen anything like it a come. Come are already got. Com I meant. And again I'm like Crowley are Mike wincing as it Davis. And they've just thinking about this movie. X beta feature passed mile and I like this OK I like this movie too. But epi what it really does it for me is that. It bridge the gap between. The first three expend movies in like that next. If you go to means you have right why Andre Edgar rewrite things a little bit because how about last stand laws look that's that's the problem might have a bit it has become like these big. Reset button. Yeah like bill the whole point of this movie is to just a race the first three movies which is in me in my mind is title. Yeah immediately I guess I consumers and it takes the way it takes away from the story it takes away from the start because at the end you have it is like night. Like happy ending world like like the last pandemic never happen. They don't do it is that bad news that they look so bad public it'll only take a lot that's what you get for put Brett Ratner on one of these movies you know and I mean you yet. Now that's true maybe you Agassi deserves that for putting him there and that's also most confusing actually really like the movie those confusing about it was. Pick ours and who knows like that it did wolverines still live all of that and like this professor X and know all of that earth like what what are we doing here. That's what it means so bill what happens at that as it gets really modeled. It's and the news I mean X-Men movies are consumers who bought it yet duper confusing and then at the end they just put a ball wanted to do XP it's fine now emulate and you leave here being the goal that's that's nice. In every bit they'd been middle of the movie. But Charles Davies consciousness is supposed to be like he spoke that no idiot like talking to himself so that quite let me tell himself what with the fox going on. Its own mouth. It and it's great in my mind it's just like it's kinda. Look to to clean. But what that one about what magna you know move the whole stadium. Poll out some that this orwellian you know Jennifer Clark did you know there Earl. Sexy thing there yeah at which it a bit like the smoke Amir's is they've distracting from a story that's pretty model. It was the best quicksilver or put on screen sure. I got another comparable before you and this is less outlets say. Comic book nerds and fans dorks like us I think it's kind of regarded as not a great movie. But I'm shocked to see critically what this movie was receiving and that would be. A Dark Knight rises. I think this is overrated in that like I believe Robinson Matos has this as a higher rated movie than Batman begins. Which is just just not the case and like pain was pretty I like Spain Spain was good. I did not like catwoman not really understand that Pitt thing that that Batman or persuade with in that. There was not a great high after the and we talked about some of our other issues with the the Joseph Gordon-Levitt character like. He's kind of like a future Batman and he's not really like what is the one that just pulled from the actual comics you've summed it very characters there will be trying to accomplish with this. So I don't get in the ending the (%expletive) ending in and Mike on there on vacation Alfred they are now. I just the. Her name's Robyn lake Robbins name isn't. Now none of Lamar there's four Roberts or five Robert McDonnell were actually named Robin ass hole. And it's just the movie to me that the first two were so good two of my favorite movies of all time and then to end with this and then from the outside again critics look at the all three of these that pass like these three movies are so good and it went about one doesn't deserve to be mentioned with the others. I would think that I went there I went to a real you're there aren't yet real fast real hard. Hopefully yeah hot chili hot takes on in your work out I don't at all over the place on the other day when anyone else any other couple movies. Now I think we're recovered that there you know I don't wanna get too analytic deterrent to people against us too much. Now that's reportedly haven't John is that you know I would use the most dollars for. Our let's get into law maybe our other favorite genre and this really hard time coming up with stuff because I like I again a quiet places on the list. Horror movies. What is overrated. Horror movies what do you got. If you occupancy scream I'm hanging up on right now. And plug in and bury it may have thought I haven't bought a I do area. Dream why did it all I got the walking in the east today we know this has been its forty year conversation between me don't act so surprised. Actually it drives like. Agreement and that it's not a bad though it's great it might the greatest movies ever made note not it's not a value. Yeah I remember being in high school watching this movie and I called Olsen on that you weren't in high school in this league about. He went the other maybe you worked in its. Yet what do it 96 yet at six definitely has the freshman tackle block OK if we got anything out there anyway. I'm never watching his movies showing. And I did it appear watch it on videos sorrows yet but it doesn't want to miss them like at this point Richard the public the height of my horror movies and a knack. You know I mean how did you like every week and they don't want to Mike evil dead and you know all the slick cool movies in the army of darkness and Mike. You know. We boy can't express it thirteen to watch all these movies and I'm sitting there and I'm listening to. In oh palm. Would what does that have been little Jamie Kennedy. They go on and on and on about like. And ray. Rick it makes it one of the greatest characters the ball I would be going on and on these properties drop a little references the Easter eggs. Political thing is like it looking back on it now would be that's all exposition McKay of explaining to characters what's happening to them it would believe he is spreading in the world or the bass. Or is apparent that's happening to you right now let me explain it here but definitely be reading all of those if you really like people read it. If you like these kind of movies. Go watch the (%expletive) movie you ought to watch this. But those movies never identified those horror movies acted like they lived in a universe without other horror movies this is the first time that they identified the fact that hey we're watching Psycho we're watching a nightmare Dell streak don't run up the goddamn stairs. How about and that's clever thank you. That's a clever little plot point but my amazing it's not amazing I think you just did this to hurt me that's. Well you don't want to be able to take BP. I'd have enough from you sort of attributing that. I'll like God's green aren't yours I wanna go home watch scream and I would alive and at the hole and then. But it prepared for the thirty years old it'd be high school student Goodell is a little little yeah I would pick who that's popular another you like. Yeah it follows. Right at all right it all of us. It is overrated there was a lot it again a pretty cool idea but I just thought it was pretty boring. I thought the movie kind of dragged. There were some weird stuff we actually talked about this on our top fifty or more was which it made. But some of the lazy kind of things there you don't like the pool and it's like different things that they put in place. The acting whatever the horrible who cares what the acting but. Just the overall idea of it I thought it was more thought provoking is almost sort of a quiet place but you take a promise summit that's pretty good. And then. Overall I thought it was pork secure shouldn't I also something that's scary. And a kind of dragged habit such a tough combination for a hormone. Yeah especially when like the bad to ever elect the evil spirit looked like just walked. But he didn't he could much easily runaway government. Right here I don't know it's gonna be Greg look out its duties but that we your eyes and stuff and probably him. That's right you know had a couple out there yes please yes lead but yet I only say that it wasn't just due it was a lot of people that like oddest. This is they're hyping it up like you gotta see this movie as we maybe you mentioned as a go pick up the pot awhile ago initially be data it was worth seeing it's a little bit different fur fur or movie which desperately needs new and in creative ideas but. Overall I don't think it lived up to all the excitement. At least doubled the pool scene which is what it dumbest thing I guess it took it collects anecdotal mobile work posters. Well there are no if you have any other or are you did you have to be cut I don't ever remember one more they screamed to. I'm not as attractive. Hostile. Was smooth very overrated for me I think I think you're right now this is a certain job but the torture porn like people had to do it or their out of that that this guy a lot of like raise your right. He got a lot of phrase and that he Larry that either Austria. In. Oh console experience makes whatever it was scary which is ropes. Yeah the public didn't like you know I have a good stomach for that kind of thing and at the academic Munich turned away epidemic that has just like it. For the sake of security Munich are doing it's it's just excessive for needlessly. Yes it is in this movie like that didn't do that like classic horror movies that like our super gory. But they don't take them saints felt as fiercely hostile bid. Yeah it definitely did that make it and did they know they're being licked you look at the leader like Texas chainsaw movies like. What that was like with the three other bought Dennis Hopper within. Yet out. Those are the two or three. Yeah that that was ridiculous when rebel did you go to Vietnam. But he knew it was being ridiculous visibly trying to be serious and like that at the same time it just wasn't what we. Yeah I hear on the island and other horror movie I have on the list in this is one where it is picked up some Steve and it's on some of these lists of like. I horror movies you must feel like we're going through we do our own lists every October and it was I was on Netflix that's otherwise that critics score. Again for horror movie if it's like above eighty it's pretty impressive is not a lot of movies are like Hormuz are very divisive. And if the movie called the invitation. Yeah yeah all my god I would like rocky to sleep and that you would stay asleep it was his warring as half. And in the I don't spoiler but the payoff was integrity it was like finally did the ending of the well. That is the one of those after lake suffering throw like I don't like any of the characters I don't like what's going on here so much dialogue that went nowhere. There was so that Owen. Not from I would not recommend them. RI or hoard normal on the comedy but move on dark comedy. I was. Real hot so hot take yet caddie shack. Two months at the bloodied it hotly hotly debated. Any it's a classic movie and people talk about the caddie tech beat one of the best comedies of all the best sports comedy best comedy of all time. But go ahead. I just don't know I mean you have bill Murray's think your best character I in my opinion it. Who doesn't really speak English is just chased around a golfer like okay. Fine. And micro artist. I know people quoted and again I I think the younger demo listeners this'll probably agree with us the older demos are you (%expletive) you not think this is the all time classic. We talk about this before too late. The it's just different animal house I like more than this as I do and people can maybe make an argument for that but I. To be overrated but whatever I'll actually like a lot more. This isn't as funny as the PR rated comedies of today and maybe that's the generational thing. But I don't know the best parts in caddy shack to meet don't stack up with the best parts of other companies. No and I think what we did that were killed it is and now it's pretty I needed to. It's been like yeah have like this you don't know like who's the main character caddie shack that you don't really know right. They give there's a bunch of being cared it would you have Dangerfield you have Chevy Chase. The kid who played any nudity and Bill Murray and you know Ted Knight which you don't know. But who the with the good guy here he's gonna be like oh my rooting for. Yet he's got to throw a lot of stuff together on the screen molecular connects. I had to invade this funny scenes and you know Bill Murray Chevy chaser you know comedy heavyweights and maybe that's been together which like people well mostly improbably that's great but it's like. It doesn't really belong in the nice yeah right exactly. In very busy where you play game Karl Spain like this program director volume that seem like then there has no pragmatic purpose in the movie. Right exactly like suffered so for me again. All these movies have to be highly rated T even be on the list that was clearly as it is always gets mentioned as one of the best comedies about and it sucks I just don't think and in this case anyway this one does not suck. It's just. What Thomas in my top Wadi comedies it's not on their worst most people and most of these lists would have in the top five. Doubt have a top ten but I wouldn't have been in my top three I don't know men there's a lot of goods since bond movies. There's a lot of bad in slot is Vince Vaughn Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler may just be my top one. Okay are already got comedy movie. So that's what it was good with the media darling and people like this solo you know. Clerks. Whoo boy a friend of the broadcast Kevin Smith is not gonna like this. Work sucks. You know I'm not really argue with you on this guy this is. This will put him on the map but to me mall rats is so much better than us. So much better and so it I would even argue like Jay and silent Bob strike backers have better movie in court and yet that is about invaded. He made it on a shoestring budget yet he was working you know what I know whatever the story is even working at their convenience store while making this movie. It is the first episode Jay and silent Bob would get the (%expletive) United Media the guy who played dark day. He might be the worst actor I've ever seen and so. Yeah he's definitely in the mix he speaks he can speak tomorrow. We put the guy on the game show. Yet. Deal. Bridal Halard at the guy's name didn't homer why. He's in his truck and my dad's that the thing like. Yeah like the guy the guy who plays Randall is actually pretty funny I like our guys this I like Randall. Yeah he's funny images well public that was doubt whoever whatever but even that they're not that funny in that movie. No not really known unity yet among there and it's getting at what what's the point of what a lot of that movie is anyone else. Of clerks law I know that he's not supposed to even be there today going to be desperate. Government and I guess it's kind of a call back program of sort yes but I would archery that's a good one that I'm 400% file without because that is. People hold that up like this movie like this is all beauty anecdotally gave me just move to collect 250 bucks to get stuck it shows. That in itself. Yeah at a motive the clerks is a problem. I'm out on comedy like I pretty much our got more I got more productive our ultimate chamber here and it was probably. Nodes sort of pitch no no way this is so quotable this is the this movie's amazing it's quotable but it doc good is that enough for you why you don't wrote me. Yet it is a real loss like this is your whole thing about how comedy movies are good movies. But Alderman yeah. Yeah set up with for the port so this this is over rated comedy. Yes it's funny is locked I think it's funny that I only what about what's up what's your. Outlook. Without profit problem that put your probable you don't it is it like. I don't like any of the characters. You don't you'll. Or you quoted the (%expletive) movie earlier on in the podcast you said that a video it was stronger quite strong that's from this nobody. Yes it all out drag out and tell you about Europe or how's your portfolio of strong that. Aren't yet our it is the hope Microsoft got it laughter on that thing or a good look at. I ever met and it again you're gonna call (%expletive) on this but I remembered thinking dat. Like fourteen years old that Billy Madison is the dumbest movie I've ever seen at fourteen public good down. No. I'm not kidding you right now. So a guide to do and podcast with for over two years if somebody I've known so. And slope which 120 years is telling me that scream at meet the parents and Billy Madison are overrated. Overrated. Of by god Sudan next week we have a new. Cohost. Only aren't I don't more normal I don't know I can hear it if you say it's ace the tar on the. I editor at the United Center state ball. I agreed agreed space if you watch baseball now if you'll laugh want. I hunt if you're probably right you're probably right yeah yeah that is that's all I don't know I don't baseball guys like we agree on it won't know. Stupid okay. I I agree it's it's not for me arts 55. Scifi. I don't I've read that jump out to me I have. Three maybe four by one that I think we can all agree on I don't know anybody who likes the movies now the avatar. Yeah I it was it was called a look at but of of movie this story sucks. I think that's kinda lame though if it's like you have to see atmosphere like I'm okay were that there are some movies that are like that but then. How good can really be if it doesn't hold up lately you have to see donate. 200 foot screen or socks than like okay. And then that's not great. I don't know what you come out of like order trilogy and it's. Now like how long the that would remove economic 2005 Islamic. Yet are make at least three Mormeck don't care militarily the what happened and imovie name something about that movie nova goes and about the mood everybody's seen it but nobody cares about it. Here is a big time hot chili hot take with a bullet on it. Overrated. Inception. Old. It's sad death of an end you know it's a fun game to play when someone tells you. You do what you do if someone tells you that it inception as their favorite movie yes pretend like you haven't seen it and have them explain. Great call. Greg call. I think I have to explain much about why I think it's overrated I would just point you in the direction of the South Park episode where they're basically reporting on at the whole time yeah that's all I really need to see. But the whole like this movie so Smart at the dream within a dream people love this movie. They love it they love it if you ask them why they can't tell. Like I just think I'd love how it was late who shot it is leftover shots. Let them what the movie's not that good. Only Christian enough on favorite did this thing like that our budget actually the score like slowed economic Islamic. Wool. It is better Doctor Strange but that's clever. It I mean I like I like almost all the actors that are you know they don't share but by bush but it. The bright articulate men. Tom hardy Joseph Gordon-Levitt so that's but c'mon I'm about on inception. And the other one again hot chili hot take again this is not a bad movie it's just overrated. Star Wars the force awakens. We do that. Yet you don't kill you can market remember very it's a member berries movie it's a member of our underwear it. And again we I think a lot of us myself included you're comparing it to the pre equals in a while this beats the (%expletive) out of that. But you watch it again like I was really good I liked it don't get me wrong I like the movie this is one where actually did like it but. It's not what everybody says and it's it's such Amir of episode four of them Micah that's hard to give this all the praise that it was getting. All right aren't those so I got Tom. I got three and I'm just gonna mention very quickly like you did that. One that people were like god out over in these movies their absolute. But can trash are that the twilight movies the whole thing all absolutely. Absolutely he shot up like if you like music coming out. I don't doubt that. Com. Visit this might be much really Arctic who independent state. Look bad Independence Day is not a good movie. And is a bit overrated as this thing. As it yet as as we just beat that it's like you know explosions that you know very Jerry Bruckheimer and it's not that good of a movie. In our enemies close and Albany based airline pilots are dating strippers you don't send. Well well yeah probably an island on a ton of guys again now evident further values by hot chili Arctic personify rate yes. If you tell me. That Donnie Darko is your favorite movie bull on you. That movie stupid yet you're really trying to impress somebody says it's a favorite movie to get why. It will do do it took time trip which shut shut up that movie's bad this is a bad movie over the rabbit. The only who's playing yet frank I mean again like I've ever really cute tonight quote we can be called him quote she told it will go public yet but it would you commit stupid. I didn't hate Don Darko but I have no problem with that being on this listens have a Dow's one that got a lot of praise feeling now like the a lot of guys you go to Q do my apartment watching. Out of watching Jake Gyllenhaal. Just being like camera just like sitting there at an all time the day's time on like medication or something right. Whatever whatever is yes it embassy. The imminent sister gone at it like that's a fairly bitter hurt him and speak the city Jake Gyllenhaal and he's even shake your sister like out to dinner table I wanna say that right. Pass. And me hard. Idol I have a couple of others here. Not one so this this will have not seen but I'm gonna I feel very confident saying it's overrated. Guys. Was not a fan and I believe she should've been the target demo now would be oh La La land. Yeah. Everybody says well every person I trust says that the bag of (%expletive) and yet it like swept the Oscars basically so. Oh yeah I've never heard markets from. But I've markets from the boxes is not a guy to shy away from musicals and he blows though not happy with this movie. He would now like the movie I think it's stupid and so that's on my list another movie that. People may be upset with me about this. But the bottom line is the wolf of Wall Street was overrated. And I've I've heard this referred to somewhat ruin this movie for me and they point that they he said afraid to me they'll never forget them elect its huge porn. Yet Sarah you go back again like this movie. Yeah I it was like a different version of like entourage. Exactly and actually it is that super long and I'm like I mean Margot Robbie is insanely hot but okay back going to have so far so great I was out. Not a bad and you know another movie it's like bring that belt for me to it was a the boon docks saints. He. Yeah well I don't know how I mean that's regard as the ship movie feel like. I don't elected people who were let go to social victories there are certain don't shoot guns. Out yet there's a lot of that that's true. And then the last one hour how long there's a kids movie we've talked about before bugs utopia. I thought it was a battle that's an I it's not a cute movie. While K okay paradise that depth worst it and most integrated animated videos that. Yeah all right so I got a couple a couple more in my drama listed as Saddam. The movie easy writer Alia old school. Old school that's not a good movie you know most public daily it terrific especially at the end when it in the opening in the graveyard like. Several accidents school picture that says it in school and yes and in be a teacher of ill repute if his classroom boy bode Aetna. Wait and. In in high school. All that got a you to class lack edit. Another movie one. God. You can vary over is overrated. Yet. Lost in translation remember this public that ultimately. Until aria yeah. Yet people who announces that that's a good on that when it's regulate Billick so artsy and attacker amount K great and I really don't like this with me you enjoyed this movie. Column. Silver linings playbook. The airport a little so I minded but yeah it's probably not find it. It was you don't bet picture it you know yeah Lawrence wins an Oscar for it you know I got Quincy and Mike. Asked a couple of that's true. Everyone in the movie just battle like that that's who were pretty box northern Italy and is yes well mr. I'm in the last tournament Davis Libya hot shall not take this might get catch the ire of some people. There ago Rudy a hollow note that it you are right you are spot on right that pretty good one a rattle about Rudy. He has this player is this a little bit try hard I practice guys are in fact I would argue TV which made him hey don't we hate him every team how to route the calls from Rudy and you hated them but that's not try to pretend he's something other than anyone like a term of endearment you acknowledge Rudy because he tried really argue coterie ago we were all Vince Vaughn in that movie we've all meet all of the deal with a Rudi good enough to quit this practice. By the way especially college. The key objectives quit please please loving god. And that's joke setup that exact dialect mix cement just like traveling around the country like giving pep talks now. That's an Astro. Very well done and if what it looked great but I don't know what that problem were get letters we are gonna get letters sure are. That's our favorite have Darius out of such. Knock you do that but it. Those the little heard about the screen I want you don't understand clerks the overall told the Mon may eighteenth which I stopped at. The guy's got a pretty good idea I've seen it multiple times yet not high art in have been forced to watch it by people who told me debated get it. Watch it again promising lots and again I'm mark. That probably not are anything else they want me wrap up where there don't know I feel my blood pressure buildup in and get hot arrows get to some pics here. The. It's. I arrive to go podcasts kick received deferred from a goal. Matter. Third matter there's only one pick of the podcast this week Harry Anderson and our earlier army. The militant target about that but so the Google did night court is a good show I quit it know what you know it's a testament to that show. Is that I found out that area it is and I was very. I was that. The panic couldn't get the goddamn theme of Nicor out of my head. I'm like god what a program now laws talk about a underrated show under holy mackerel and I court and that orally or me. Between full metal jacket and then saving Silverman. Rate just. As coach Pete lipstick absolutely credible. Are your pick is is it just the prom promotion. Activity are some before get to that only point this out that I set it on Twitter by you know not everybody that listens to this is also follow us on Twitter app or podcast. There is on Netflix right now eighties Seth Rogen special hilarity for charity it's an hour and ten minutes long. There's a bunch of different standup acts including John Bellini is very good there's a couple of other stuff that the Muppets from there are couple of what you. It's I like the Muppets though there's a couple of odd little sketches Sacha Baron Cohen is in wants those things but. The creme de La creme. It's just that Boylan. Who is one of the guys behind reckon more. He does a our four minute would you say right it probably body. Three minute like cartoon sketch Oliver at the mills as fast forward until you see cartoons. And it these two guys are gonna give anything away but it's just two characters talking at each other really in support of charity they're all about charity. And I'm Tony right now. This is my favorite thing. Ever. I don't care I don't care if by him over selling it if you're gonna tell me it's overrated that's fine I know if you haven't seen it I've probably or rewarded for you. Hazardous and there's no way that's the funny thing or a place that it's my favorite thing. I would go this warm my dog to. My wife three and that everything else after that I am obsessed with this I have to re Watson I just think about it and I cracked up out loud it's. I love what he's authority so putting story of like I started watching clarity for Jerry and Mike Ditka. Not great like Michael. It would make it finally gave people and I like them at the same thing in that someone comes out after him who comes out after him. Is it the woman who was actually pretty funny. As an amateur Schobel for something and has the coming and going. Or at least they go they go from Matt so like like. 9/11 jokes and Mike you know make for the gay people in in the Muppets come on stage. And that what the hell is that the most even things like shut it off outlet out detected as I was texting you regulate Q how. Have to turn it back always turn it back on the dispatch or to this. Most of their reason I was laughing. At this stage it because I was laughing at the thought of you watching this and just riding that high pitched last YouTube I was laughing really hard. I was dot I mean I was. I can probably count on my hand the number of times I've laughed this hard and anything to the point where I was like crime and I am of Cora tears everywhere. By the my pace was like hurt there's like stock in that like hard smile laugh position. My stomach and got her rib. And then that might or white Watson. She thought it was funny but not nearly to the degree that I thought it was funny. But it even shoes like argued to watch it again so the yes so I watched it three straight times in a row. And then now it's she now she hates it because I keep quoting it actually matching it like every time I see year. I'm texting the picture of the guys it's like and I don't pay enough again. But so I couldn't sell this anymore not apparently it's it's the best it's just the best. All right so Ryan's pick in the podcast of course is going to be the god. Sunday and headed. This guy in Sunday at a title in the brewery in Malden Massachusetts the whole gang is common at 4 o'clock we're gonna kick off Armin due alive. Preview for infinity war lives. To a July studio audience. Will make sure we bring our applause sign in our lap times and all that stuff you guys know that's a good point but with that you are. I am very I would like I'm nervous like is that I'm the only person who's out of the Boston area who's going to be involved with this thing. And I honestly don't know how many people are going to be there I don't know what's gonna happen but. I'm just stewardship while. That's the good news Brian we've already we have seven people were going to be taking part of it it's you it's me it's Mac and coo. It is west and Marcus from the boxers. And it is a local bock who is our our comic book guy. Here hash tag dork so there's already seven of us that nobody shows up they're still seven of us there's a bar full of beer. And whose recording system are and have one heck of an episode and it's the perfect episode. To get everybody together for because that is the avengers infinity war preview show. So we've seen the trailer and we've seen the eighteen movies leading up to this allegedly wanted to talk about will make predictions on what we expect will happen. Who might die in the movie maybe rank some of our our favorite moments in movies and villains and everything else in between and maybe. Depending on how the turnout goes maybe you'll even and with a question and answer or something like that be kind of fun at the end. I would love that. I would love that policy challenge thrown out the only people come up for this thing. Yes now there's free parking there at idle hands there's also their parking lot is a huge I know that there's also a spot. I think they even have a an address on there where there's additional parking. But parking is free attending his free the beer of course is sold separately supplies much beer. As possible on this stuff going on dial and those guys have always been great to us though. Looking forward to it. There were gonna start at four and of people have asked about you know what time we're gonna get there. I'm honestly probably not much earlier than that I think they have an event leading up to it before hand so that's why we're not starting earlier start at four. I think it closes at seven so I'm guessing. The episode will probably be about an hour and a half or so in the middle hang out for a little bit after that I'm looking for two it's going to be a ton of fun. Again 89 commercial street in Malden. You can check that out that is this Sunday so of course next week's episode. Will be that said episode. So we can't make it for every I don't know why it would I don't know where where your we have some better to do I doubted. You'll be able that your next week he'll be at the hassle. All right you can rate. Review its subscribe to podcast on iTunes we aren't just about everywhere else. Podcasts are available you can tweet us at or podcasts you can email us or podcast at gmail.com. YouTube dot com slash or podcast. We'll try to throw a few more videos lately or quartz and stuff this weekend we have the whole crew together are right at the people wanna followed just view. I'm afraid development after this episode I want to put it that's gone on any adult social media at our Monday. Again hopeful. He Friday and Saturday prior leading up Albee play a lot of god of war which you wanted to hit up the put the twitch he'll probably find me there. Paradise are right next week of course the vendors affinity or preview show and we'll be at idle hands this Sunday at 4 o'clock Ryan I'll see you then. She won another.