#DORK 62: Avengers: Infinity War Preview

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Monday, April 23rd
Live from Idle Hands Taproom and Brewery! Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey are joined by Mac & Gu (Mac & Gu Podcast), Wes & Marcos (The Boxers Podcast) and Uncle Buck (Boston Sports 101 Podcast) to preview Avengers: Infinity War.   Is it the most ambitious crossover event ever?  Will any major characters die?  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey's Video Game Minute, Comic Buck Minute, and the Pick of the Podcast. Twitter: @DORKpodcast 

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If the door to the market heads to leave the door to Martinez which cheek if the door to. Monty. If there is my dorm blind parents should. Thanks for tuning into another episode of hash tag dork and for the very first time attending a live recording it. I'll hash tag dork here at Iowa and brewers a big you very much. Cobb and yet it is here today to discuss avengers infinity war we brought a whole GB group. The tribe forces here my name is rich keep I'm joined by Ryan Davey. He's most ADV you know you Davie or you I am fantastic hello idle hands are you guys yes. Yes I have I am actually a real person yes I do exist that not a voice and what are we were gonna have on the phone with its not worth the effect do it at bat up through the whole problem. Mac ignored here as well Mac or you don't mind doing. To we are great that you don't them Afghans don't go our about it exactly do set up the whole thing. Overdo all that Ellen okay fine Dario they're good. Not good anymore you're sliding yeah they're owed an incentive do. Now that's not gonna happen that's an appointment. Wes is here from the boxers podcast and and market. Is going to be sharing your microphone with west from the box guys in the marble let it. But he passed up the plays with a nice little jacket Bob and I. And our comic book expert uncle buckets here on the Butler out middle part of yes. That's got talent in the world aren't. We get to the top Zorn just a moment but first let's do all the news and notes it maybe this week indoor. Bandana around them. Wow. We need yeah. Little. Thought I was good I don't know alright guys the dead bolts. For the final that will suit trailer was out this week and we got a chance to be introduced three new character. His name is Peter up here horror onboard and Peter are we not like Peter I'm on board here because. I was sort of the whole thing until I really easy you get what you didn't like it wasn't Stewart and Peter pop diesel diesel Peters and acting now the company public next hour's hot hot chili hot date number one of the day is Peter's dad before he hits the ground. I would not rule that out and it looks good I'm excited about this movie's sort of you got solo next month you infinity war obviously this week. So did pull to the chance the kind of fall between the cracks but I think it's going to be a monster I loved it one if it morgue thing. Or if it agrees that they're not once it does because infinity wards that I'm records but it will do you think Domino's going to be good. The year Josh rolling. Right Josh back in it in a bit. It's obvious that that will do you think Peter's going to be dead. Yet you museum about but now is who cares that Robert. And outgoing yet known something was up because Ryan Reynolds have been re tweeting from the months. Optionally turn that Peter is easier showed up just and so with that then we'll do. Jurassic world ball and kingdom. If not I not hang on dinosaurs are Smart. Now true and a network creating new dinosaurs and might I think that we just what we have the movie drafting accurate. Yeah well people like because everybody can see the movie and maggots on one and I was in the big screen can not see it I have ever if I am I wanna do is keep us away from likes wreck only episode that's been like the loser has to be. Anonymous girls I don't know if that's the director of this. Monster calls in the house at the orphanage. Like are these guys. That I hope the doesn't ruin his. You think that he might be on us that EC Chris Pratt as likable because the cost anything if these. Kinda like hackers price me now did you guys like the first one IE but it was fun. I think I enjoyed it very much I think it's one of the four out of the way we do you view. We did and he knew the report would. We don't ask don't pay for and have them forum I think again. That's. The but my concern Jurassic Park was a grisly who's ever wanted to fall bulls have been critical to this month to. Go back once again the dinosaurs are Smart they can respond to people as well. By the third one we talking. Maybe it's been done talking to maybe even there it's just. Riders which. Is. Pretty hard to we have casting news most guys that some. Don't know now argued. I casting news stranger things seasons brewery which won't be until 2019. Has cast theory no way. Who of course was in the offering that's the only place you would know him from August offering that for us right now are our best doctors. The claws and he's gonna play mayor Klein. And streak of the season three and Jake Busey. And Brooks. It was a journalist for the Hawkins and then as that is news about it TV shows him. I think that's why I that this this week in door and do not excited about. Those cast. Care L is that he says in this offerings as it is kind of a cool you know bring bring our guys back that's it yes yes and he's gonna play advocate crooked politician believe and I. I know I don't marry you which unethical things on the podcasts yet but he's doing that Jake Busey who looks at Oregon heavy politics and today. I. Right right OK I'm all right Brian all right Brian but anyway those guys should be. Out west world season two begins tonight. And I yeah Olympic yeah. I'm west and they weren't real good at west of pop pop pop is back this is the shallow Hal. Lastly our notes and I went to work with the knows Wes well I got it OK I know like that that's. If there's knows I don't want c.'s world news now Joseph Navarro dredge and world yet open world and that and it's going to be I I I thought a bird really hot for me in the first season elect the first season early on and then I kind of lost that luster but I'll be back tonight I just don't know about they. Standalone episode although the crowd here seems to really less world looks like you're gonna do west world maybe yeah maybe it was a big fans of thing and robots. It's. Just yeah turner top and optimistic Oscar Perez that not much of Iran and on you. I don't know where they're gonna go with it if they spend much time in west and Italy and much like us. Who was what smarter of the robots in west world of the dinosaurs in Jurassic and a certain easily tell when they get open windows they can both open windows and doors as we don't know if the west vote could open windows on Lester we have not seen that yet on screen. Aren't the final three Saturday Night Live hosts of the season Emmons like shut up nobody wanted it. I'd just gotten my Davies they'll do we don't want the idea to show their gratitude for the re here. He was really solves so it's going to be Donald Glover Amy Schumer CNET. Any club and I mean anything that's. Constantly on a hot chili hot take number two you know the color out. Does this show of hands how many viewer is done with the Amy Schumer at this point. Hold got paid I don't holes god damned right I don't think you realize she had sex with men and but it doesn't stop you there and you daresay that's and I quote I could catch a date anywhere she's she's a little bit should be. Kind of American average OK she enjoys. Relations yes man you're married now Rogers she went out WB we are told that while yes you told Howard service access to athletic. The real thing that a few hours that record thought it was a does anybody else that refused to note that click here before we get to the next portion of the program. I'm speaking now or forever hold your peace I'm very excited about Glover that would be great yes I agree that he would make episode is going to be cameo galore audit everybody and that's the season finale and everyone wants virginity bound Acela. Now have them in the human not day to believe. I'm a fan of the human yes that's in the here and there all right let's now move on to the TV video game minute mark is pleased. It's founded. Davie his video game man and it's. Even a may have been used. It takes months and I've made it to mean sometimes it a lot of new front would like today so. The over watched contenders league finally kicked off which is. Yeah. Which is the basic David Healy of the over watched Professional League we lol so what does is it just doesn't pay Diana's Z got this guys have been and it's yeah its days ago indicate a call and ask that behind talk about it to tell Ron this is your this is your minute I'm sorry so everyone everyone at the table now who plays over watch this figure phones out. Vodafone's mere. What is this is a total joke notice that they're not ringing. So this league is already boasted that we. That's the good it's a good setup right yeah. I great I was we've had some good that's the bad news in Boston sports recently the last couple days but. I am here to tell you that you're Boston uprising to watch sleek professionals arcade perfect. Eight know in states to lay off that well I. The first team ever do they'd be highly be with the the Dallas fuel in the highly touted. The Korean team be sold dynasty yankees that means the couple and I went there yeah yeah yeah. That's an area. That's done this why don't forget folks. Any job professional wrestling fans in the house especially. I meant by my best friend in the whole world Brian Kennedy in the back if you guys are good he has it right back you. He's at it as Brian Kennedy is the host of the good Brothers podcast if you guys like wrestling we came out the other day that Randy Orton tattoo artists doing. Two K games in the WW VU as a stroke. Monster because they used his work in the game is popular written work is I guess is tattoos and back doing them that that's news is there was some luck with that. Reasonable human so for those who you're playing god of war right now to do about our yes I am here to tell you up about four or five hours he would miss this is worth the price this thing is legit. Is it looks amazing. The game is challenging but it's it's those silky looks great it's all done one shot is no load times whenever. I'm calling the agency and good spell check out the exact same thing when no cuts in west at about ten hours. Yeah and I am so. Ten or twelve hours in that it's gorgeous. If you like mythology. Nerds and right now I. But Norton Norse mythology it get to the couple runners over. Did that controls little one lucky little don't you with the controls you gotta learn how to do the things with the things we're providing I'm not down. It's awesome if your on the guys that you should be on the parents you know if you're on the fence about buying a PlayStation four as well now's the time that we have this with Spiderman coming out news in the fall and with. Latin Ozzie should have abused on the last it was too. Please get a PlayStation four and you can play with a us submit that is and the last minute news happening hope we did look. I'd I don't I don't lottery I can't read I don't know if you guys know Koo is like this is like a little bit of a video game. But it like a very. It's a very specific. Skills that and that he plays the game injustice but he only plays with the ninja turtles that yeah. You'll only played it to be an internal alien part of this is big for do it justice just announced that they are doing introducing a new character he man. To the lineup. I'm not use your guns and not noticing yeah absolutely you know he has UT's as the years are gonna be so excited for this I was expecting router I was expecting Casey Jones liked will be hostility toward what is wrong just can't believe it oh man Cochrane. Frank. Well what impressed because went for Hillary what have we played it Dreamcast. I'd be very much that about MLB two K. Thought. No no and and I'm trying to get off from the crowd pretends not here stop addressing the crowd out there right now it's and I got it. I know it always run a red button that'll be the end of Davies video game minute business that is why it is being here and all that massive. And I don't get Johnson the other that a comic book managed Alley Clinton's McVeigh has bought. So I didn't name is not. It's gotten his name is not. Certain. Here to talk about comics marvel. And DC. To talk about. 800. Let's talk about comics. It's an iBook good luck I. Apparently there's also the after breaking. I will give it credit frisbee game minute and a lot of effort delivered the new want to please exit war that. I thought it isn't it your offense has nothing plays its president that the celebrated seventh anniversary of the that's it. The only real news I have this week besides my top six and a story a juicy all right Matt Kennedy has had is the launch of the first ever thousand. Issue that's easy to say up action comics action comics hit number 1000. And it means the arrival of Brian Michael madness. The line up in DC his first full work will be made if indeed in DC number zero. But I don't checked out side and it's getting kind of mixed reviews of the moment to go to go read action comics number 1000. I was going to jump right city. Six pack of infinity stone are the sort of thing that we have. Six. My that's probably clubs what it comes out to be happening. Political. Analysts comics. Guy its first partners and make him a three iron and 55 some to give that are mentioned it's kind of a smoker's back. The robot version of him as makes more actors you know as that was his first one. But if you're want to read it and I was comments okay dangers. Annual percent and marvel two for one. Annual number two from 1977. OK he has the right area believe that the bill that adds up there and shows up. The roof line that they do we won't be active about. And that's that's our first nanos avengers when they really do it equates to start a two part series. Well Standley checkered be built everything we're talking about the gemstar in this release date infinity ward thing. These items these from Jamestown. 1980 choose that death of captain mark thank you know I've been lightening. The well. So what happened marvelous dying right he's got cancer. And all the other superheroes on the Canon is there that respects. And it's a great story actually one of marbles best works of all time. As far as the story goes Astoria. Impasse over it. Analysts fighting Morton. And those quest and as well as the return of bananas in 1990 number one it's huge in Ireland and run lame art. This is to return to Panos mistress yet pulls him back. Into the marvel universe. And it gets read our silver surfer. In 1998. The volume or did you not like the worst and let's turn activist and out there she's 34 to 59. A great in their own story that leads out issue. You got a good 16. Here as well. All the collected and this is by the way issue before maybe my it would count of the all time. And I was happy I haven't read it goes out Hillary digital broadcasting act. On these are all the people who listen to totally blind man. It is in a report in just literally goes out and kills him the entire marvel universe it's. It is you know it's it's so that's a great stories that they came up with a file OpenId to infinity ward which garbage if secrecy 93 witches. You know the checks cleared but it was terrible. But then the only look at it now is and as rising 2013 is really the only thing. Marvel that real and I marvel now Ceres. But it's all about the back story of the analysts and as he rose to our beat him mad tonight. And that is the. Buried in an ice common box thank you very much yes but if you're here you can go ahead and turned to the woman next you and wake her up. Yeah. Escalating. Right now are necessary time. It may be accurate but it's not time to argue ready Ryan specifically yes for the top of the storm with them different walls the topic of the day OK and today it is the avengers infinity war preview. We found out last week it's two hours and 29 minutes coming out this Thursday night. The people are very excited about this movie just Lincoln kind of set the stage here for everybody I want everybody on the panel. Real quick to say your favorite and least favorite. MC movie I will begin at the AT movies we've seen guardians of the galaxy is my favorite. Iron Man three is my at least. They've got I don't know if you heard the two hours and 29 minutes I'd distance my wife who's tonight immediately immediate right. Just let out an audible groan and that's good at doing to our thirty minute movie now. Again I would say guardians is one of my fear is now supports civil war on that list yes and that I was a board the dark world is probably my least favorite. And you move so first off two hours 29 minutes. It is two hours 31 minutes to shorts and my right it's a. And figure out what a single player of the audience across town where the crowd. They're not here at parties of the galaxy forty on a movie civil war winners olds are also right there the worse on the dock what else. It. Guardians easy number one I don't accurately notes that incredible Hulk and it's easily though they reveal forgot about it. Out of character they wrap con I think I've been lifting do we just assume it doesn't exist as of yet it does west. I gotta go for me winter soldier. I mean just. Re watching it is so chock full of great action. It's got suspense that you want you know the sales I didn't bring up my number one it should your and we've all the unit is Mike Espy and am home coming. It was finally public yet Spiderman it wanted to finally finally won it or whatever supports it sucks all the parts separate aren't that Perez what we're back terror wrestlers are eager to twelve favorite here that he's there I'm gonna go out and doing chuck Adams juicy nine at the moment and as we've. Now markets are not a fan of these films actually I used to be until they made 45. Yeah we're. Online. Commodity right now. Itself so my favorite athlete you know I actually. I hate these. Movies I actually saw the midnight showing of avengers and it's actually still might be a grizzled yet yeah and then my least favorite is any Captain America movie. Yeah I'll have to verbal banter that's not gonna melt down. Thank you heard on it has a great movie posters sneaky great movie post yes it did on the block favorite at least favorite I gotta go to the original Iron Man am I getting let's and I. Then a minute I'm gonna agree that yes the end. Offices. About here's the thing now they've been saying that the people have marveled at the infinity Ward's beat most ambitious crossover event in history. I would of course challenge that by saying golden girls empty nest. They still run the ball right this is the wrong 10 while they of the shared community there between the two and then that's often the golden palace would that you would Doctor Who that are opening yes. And it's something extra club the Sox are out and a few other job is it does that would have won that can rival the MCU added we also because you asked us to. I thought. Our west desert no. I can't see Hillary up I got us Steve Burkle showing up at full house and now. The danger yet I did about twelve year old Wes his mind was blown out on the back on on this show that and I'm not lastly I think we all know where we were November 12 of 2014. That was planned out. I was in Chicago fire Chicago PV panels and a whole lot law and order SVU council. The guy. Everybody got together fired Chicago. And yet I broke out. I'm telling you about that Al. Garfield and friends Al Assad Theodore waited and went through to bigger the market babies including. Big week army the eighty biggie is that all gone out we girls lined her Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck Michelangelo in all agree on you as you we do we leave almost screen. To tell us not to do heroin. It's all stars to their rescue holds the record blockbuster for the movie that I have granted the most. I. But nothing crack cocaine you know they all went straight from marijuana heroin. Debate today. But I smoked it on a cocaine this morning's I didn't do its job now August. On the Bucky Avaya about a across government well as those that the original and it is has begun at the porn image that was gonna work yeah that was huge huge movies that doesn't work that none of this works as an advocate to go back to the first avengers there have been one. Actual good movies. Prior to these centers writes the your kind of Iron Man as it worked out iron and we don't remember it was that you're working with Aaron we said this is why it's his third attempt to halt. But outside of it I rocker and certainly. I'd rather have an act how how big player coming in on the funeral parlor. Where you know world. Championship. But Hulk Hogan a pretender that was the biggest of all that but there are going to go I am pleased to be the devil's advocate you know. There is no because a great and I hope that this is the one and again all right enough I don't have a reason you don't want and you might be right and it's what you guys. I don't know if people notice there are fourteen. Oscar nominee nominees and winners in this movie really. Fourteen if you if you missed them I think it's six winners aren't as you let them Robert Downey junior Robert Downey junior. That's one I don't know Robert Downey junior rocket docket thanks for coming guys nominees I'll obviously Cooper. Renner. Downey junior number batch rough hello Glenn Close pre Larsson defeated long ago. That aren't they can protect our. Tomorrow is going to be in this movie she's listed on the nine DB is that that's. Really hot topic is that a pipeline one. Room room not only that the pipeline doing stuff. The web site I've realized that Ellsbury. At night and I'm confused I get emerges aggressively but he continues yet so reluctant with the Daniel Longo. The needs of the tomorrow Josh Roland Bradley Cooper went wild throw in the mass Don Cheadle. All nominated for a once all of that. So it. Again I don't know how many that it had that many us that lives on the scene screen that's a lot of times and it looks out the. You're never doubt you'd never know what's his ground and nobody is a hotel early on in west world plays they are left from my next week go to law that if there. That's like that that have these big big thing in my background expanse of massacres death. It's going to be good so I guess I don't think ever again you have that many Bethlehem that we rebels were like that the dark make trilogy they would have three or four people that were off the charts yet you know gears Oldman you know Christian Bale and Heath Ledger but not this that -- the indictment against the candidates. I'll go your right so it's nice to go. Imagine. Does anyone alert because. They hedged their bets with the wording ambitious they didn't say it best his oath and yet not be that great. I'm real quick I was Obama at the Max black suggesting that the viewers to Google Earth hour. I ride. Yeah Mac and CP that's exactly where that I act that I think. She and Woodley that's the pipeline are apparently have him meet with me yet that he's obviously aren't back to I was wondering definitely. That's definitely helpful anybody else on the events. Ambitious event no we're good art let's let's come previously where are the Infiniti stone right now there are six and beauties though and as we all know. Five have been identified. Within the universe to this point in those looking to get all six. I was gonna really quickly say where they are that we can get into this Pacific zone. First office based on stone was the tests Iraq Lou. Thought Captain America low key used in the avengers it was in Owens treasure room but now the previews we know that bin house passed it. Other realities don't we saw that in the crap fest that was or the dark world. The collector currently has the reality stone power stone was in guardians of the galaxy that no court as it. But the NL's has it in the preview the mine stone which was used to create ultra on is now in the vision. Time stone Doctor Strange has in the eyes of our Comodo. And then these polls don't we don't know where it is although we assume it is it I don't know exactly we have not seen it yet but am I again commodities and authorities if smarty pants and a heart attack how does how does and don't get the space though. I believe it is did that as the stone that brings about the purple one hour and in and black men there. These guys they did they go to logistical and I'll that it does but first let's go to counselors that those dollars. And most don't is based on the blue. I think O'Keefe took him we don't know for sure and he David details willingly because he's worked at delta for yet so this could be missing isolated he ratted outwardly or in the galaxy at the end of the Iraq Iran and that is what about this little never the it is seen in Iraq rock I think it was Stella was going through old extra room like all this the base yet yet that'd access I don't know what you said that he didn't act goes oh I like that and consistently guerrilla. So so so you can't have that as guardians go through hell and then all diet and since the end so I think you're gonna see low key was kind of playing good right now the outlook he's gonna say. Hey take this and leave leave us alone clearance as are now that starts it off. That's probably is gonna happen with the others based zone via the power stone. It was at the noble war began the or you already see in the preview and douse hasn't Oz gloves. I don't know beating that's going to be scene in the movie I gonna have to get right doesn't kill John C ride a John Sebring Legos. Let's keep rule is gonna die here are out of now probably dad he's probably gonna half do will we ever get and Obama. And in front of a guy you know that nobody pretty powerful character to come. Yeah you know you accuracy nobody is certainly that does when he just got too much to cover we can't be bringing in just the individual character like that and and let everybody know very unfortunate name. I'm Richard writer. So I'm not sure we're gonna see a Dick griner did rise in this movie. I. The perfect. I would I don't warlock we can get out of moral I hope we do I would love to. It's gonna happen I'm gone already said he doesn't shall opens ago parties. Three the very start of mine when you are now but at the very least they have to show that seemed it was a big deal guardians one how they really get that's the only -- -- together so Pittman killed Ronan with it in and they really paid no or you guys protect this but the very least they announced its two and half are movies that my only five minutes ten minutes when he goes in there and just direction once again. Two and half hours not not I don't know enough wanted to get heavier and other vendors use the word about it. More ambitious. I think it's up for our post ritzy ones. That Ortiz like a podium and a credit seem now like that it's another movie it's a bigger shortly before cocoa. With a resigned on me but aren't. Ruin my day the realities on the collectors still has what are we can get him much in this movie thing and O'Leary is now he's got away we should've gotten him in the war Ratner yeah I read it yet we've well. We've definitely got his Britain's got great brother David and other well growing and all the happy talk to them because they they are gonna to receive them at least that's what teams go or like what's he summaries are okay and I was that he wants to get those two in a scene I'm Doug right now you don't expect in this whole thing. Howard the duck. It is going to be broker right yeah. I'd ask that. It. That was collect it was him sitting in the wreckage of its collection which rank Ramadan. The power of the dollar and ask them ask but so it's it seems like do you think piano's yes. The reality zone in this movie. Again that's the one of the collector currently has been that he is now keeping even comes across and now. Is that he's gonna south which won the state still with. Where guys you know probably true now the mine stone is in. Vision and we see in the preview again we see him kind of extracting it from what will. The human vision which the weird I don't like that when I got up human manageable that may have seen him and other things but it doesn't look right public about I don't like that I also don't think that an oath is taken in the mines though I think that history. I think Jerry is taking it I don't know that it's there it's as hard and clothes are I wish I had to. Why would happen this we have to punish this wage should look at Fred. Things in the tonnage shipped out to Vegas after the point at the end of it yeah. And he's gonna take it out of it but that you've seen obviously. You see the rocket mortgage commercial that shows that. And there are. Dancers one one I've you can get preapproved very quickly. What is appropriate being pretty on this Iron Man is we should. She eased from. Like that in in that are so cute on the death yeah. Yeah I mean is wearing them in the rocket mortgage. Spoilers those habits. Who is in the whole cluster that we see. Is that sure about it are very certain that everything if you think it's all its banner said oh yeah probably not Iron Man. Now I gotta I gotta that's one thing we can agree on its bold prediction I'd iron in what was a very dark very beautiful suit Mac what you. Homecoming terrible with the great deals that keep it right out yeah. Now on I'm in fact is is Doctor Strange to be able to keep the times dome throughout this movie you see US space and I didn't make an hour now. How many phones that is they'll stab you in the gauntlet at the end of this movie or. When all all of the body is always going to be working perhaps now he's white and I yeah. It's funny it's going to be at this immediately pass you know at the end of the movie it's going to be band knows basically wins and we have the waves nightclub eat it would be cleared him to have them come back. Not yours you might bold prediction Bible prediction it's not enough movie. I think he's getting he gets all six yes all six this movie and there is a sequel there is a secret sequel that that is gonna com. Out in November on don't tell that are telling the secret sequel we heard we heard your prayers and everywhere else. Right now we're witnessing it can't come out of line and can't comes out in July. But I thought to be a big well yes. Yes it is because because marble has always been on an early and late night that he does yeah. Yeah you know he's noticeably upset about it jointly joint November when you order right now what we've got here to see the movies and if the rock of it it just almost let them and yet that just what is it. Everybody listening everybody on this panel has lost their virginity. Speak great now they say I had a big surprise you a ticket and I think the idea. And consoles don't you think that's why they're a Condo or guys who obviously now that's what did and yet. Because of and the whole thing with them going to like the afterlife whatever that has to be because that's there right but they may not know what's there were a big debate you. Not negative I don't think they do you know if there. But it didn't like it this is great we have hog the technology and everything every you do all the school about we don't know why haven't analyzed don't know thousand and Elin knows what it is weird is really yet hot they all end up but the Germans around it wonderful moment. So. Are aware the so we know the stones are aware of the characters right now I think basically you can take the aftermath of civil war yet. Right Captain America breaks out all the guys from the raft or in gals rates currently ordinary himself. Governor I turned himself don't think he did that out yet he. Lastly I wouldn't do it ought to do it now well now we have the Beardsley you know we see. Whether or longer sexual. Waves. E-book club where we stand up tired and right now New York. Oh it not only that but is he is a lot of demons though he finally announced easily obtain more was you know he's been the entire movie he was not a guy you are to be a great job inspired you use very accurately it's about this on me he wrote this the Kobe you're going to so you're only dealing with that now for you mean we're not right albeit he did you know we know about is putting in the Levy revealed that. Or Libya killed in the November and a lot of it out to speak called the faculty accord. And who wrote plus a sports story happening in this case. Obviously you have the war in the fifty remaining people about our float around Oregon they're gonna ports including core there with the mayor and unique and you don't eat it alive thank god. You got Bucky Barnes and blocked if there are more calm and along with black widow and now and who possibly look at the avengers writes a hole with the war and those guys Doctor Strange is still at New York in his place. How long are we missing anybody where as in Harlem which. Man. In and talk I felt in scarlet witch we're broke out by Captain America there somewhere but they probably have to be in hiding. Right they're going to be on the ground now and he's got to hide. These guys it's not wrong about a very small but solid if just to jump to the next apartment but we are in the loss the hot guy. I will point out again if you look at the idea. The gauge. All of them are listed as being hedonism. Yet you know in a Lynda Carter Levy who plays misses on guys off this I don't know I don't know in the movies since he's listed on the I don't every out is currently in the movie. Pot guys debt. This is dead body on the floor I'll be well I I think everyone wants that. But in the comic they do lose happen the populace so they could just. You know pull them out immediately you get quick little while they're like oh vignette of hanging around playing pool you've made his name it is kind of hollow McDonald's. Because they have a poster balls in the post where there's like forty characters but it man at the loss and hawk eye or not and it they also want to win it every now what are they did that ridiculous they were they mean everybody got a remotely like everything occurred on remotely but those very didn't account I want outrage if I thought I was playing pool. What do you hit all the balls and with one shot on that once. He shot an eight scene and around the golf adjustment of the worst artists are unbelievable it's believed he believable big in the entire ams you probably Kim Jung undated the yeah. Korea. Oh yeah. America and now I stop stop stop stop. About you're gonna lose the couple together thought. So. What do you think all three or in the movie though and yet at the moment yeah they're they're a pop up and then that think ant man the loss of the July 6. There's going to be a huge kinda swing type movie we're gonna get inner dimensions and all that suffering yet Hank Pim. Jam band I'm there're there are going to be in that has been pretty good with the inner dimensions. Do we get the ax. Oh no no no not yet well I yeah. The deal is finalized yet what are turtles we don't internals you know I guess circles or he can get is now on our parents they rhetorical question. But he answered anyway will we see daredevil Jessica Jones Luke cage iron fist aunt or the punished under and here's another rhetorical question will they be referenced. I've been meaning to talk about this yet not enough I think it's time we use season. Professional well on this issue you you're you're not a setup as they tell the god and that would still there part of you birth. Let's talk about each other airports not a pretty hard to separate IQ yes thank you. You don't got the crowd got forget that aren't yet all it takes is like Tony Stark to be watching the beginning. You don't need the guys but yeah. Now out of the glory it's I don't want to know what I don't want a fifth of the stock. I want falcon to be like a lot of trouble like some some aliens a meter dimensional alien. And then like. You get like shot in the head and you look up and he looks up and his punishment is given to Michael we could become the United States and that you have to be out we've heard about it. But there's there's there's zero chance right no chance. Why didn't. Along with them while doing it why would tell why would they lied wants it tell us that the Netflix series is a part of the of the woman now because they finally got a lot. Every out west wears a rectangle but rectangles on a square. Some. I think you are now British drugs you I don't you can ask again. You put them all of this green and get some space alien with a laser Gatling gun I just think well now I'm one I'd never deceive at least they made it to the big screen that's that's OK you guys did it. That's all I wanna sleep because this was. This is an original idea this motivate mode though a lot of since to me is if they have to have most of the battles either macondo war in outer space. Why can't you recruit the defenders to defend New York I'm sure it's gonna go down in your early days when they show it. They show on the right yeah it's nice if you didn't recognize actually defend now all they have their house they once did but there was a dragon director of the stadium against bracket racket it was charged with deadly hundreds of years they actually want me I'm just trying to do is fine they created that he. Are we seeing some in the previous already but what team office. And again I'm sorry but he can't use the that would scare that's what he mumbled do you wanna see in this book to answer this honestly I've I've. Tom Holland is treating them like. Skinny Chris Pratt and Robert Downey junior when their on screen together. Just it's it's magic that's the I kind of wish they'd given to us in the preview but it it's going to be hilarious he's still has plans Sox have been planned in South Africa they have some degree I'll look at boarded up. Pot guys roads Blackwell. OK I'll just wanted to sit out yeah right yeah right seriously though. Rocket Tony Suri get all the time people and connecting on a room together plus Tony. With rocket there I didn't vote Larry if I may to a series Peter Parker dating situation. Louis hello how helpful power in like that. Science Bob when he got out west and its arguments about this department hours that's John out of whack. More and more black widow bite. But that's that he talked about the parking lot. It had a little mound tonight. Make about a cat fight I L I don't they let that happen right now you'd never know when they might all into my Baghdad Bob iTunes and it. This morning I'm somebody like wrestling I don't think just my Monica 62 of the best fighters in the universe just go here there's always somebody loves. And just go we don't take this to apply they were discussed this while eating hot dogs yet. So other than hot dogs imaging is that a hot outside North America there are negative view well for boarding up if they get that little mood of the podcast. Of course of them also anyone with. Cord yeah that anyone with more important out of our best markets jump in on this and you gotta I don't I think oh. I just thought he was underwhelming everyone on our. It's incredible thing in the back of the end is that he's literally incredible thing. We don't know that west is carrier around Martha's I don't know box is dead I got a yeah I. Guys that. We. Know that aren't. Guess I mean obviously that perfectly describes it but that's not just carries me around and basically dad agreements that. I'll that they just to go back to the team month's rocket and anybody that has not left the earth yet. Like rocket and it may have would be amazing Paul Rudd be elected this guy. That's the talking when you like what you may get a plasma bomb Libya is that what the (%expletive) is that yes yeah you have to do as a blow their mind they. The first those they can or. And rocket but the board has seen so many weird things already passed the beast the results were rounded but even Iron Man. Well sweater but I would like rocket and make more than they've already all these guys three party all seen god busy girl like me. Yeah that's true now you might have little beautiful Kate would you like it's a good one superpower wouldn't it be rural gave my don't have Kate. Which I would love to see anyone from earth explains the rocket what are raccoon is what a lot of rockets the actual record it again. I'll talk to beat and you decorate the US UV that it felt the best result is triangle based on data the absolute best one the tough. And here it's I'm a fan I'm big fan of the mystic arts by I am are you listen exists today everybody we dabble. What you guys are just look. You gotta pay the bills are probably distance I have I love but just what's that behind you hear what. Mine I'm the but when I might see it seeing scenes are lowered jump across what looked at the doctors ranges. They imitations. Yet gotten it pretty well at the I was. He site that's going to be really good outlook report that art now. A couple of times the FC it was great but there's no doubt the NC was great it's been eighteen movies they have not all been winners. The continuity is pretty good there's been a couple of hiccups like in a homecoming when they said. Eight years later it's mostly for any mistake it would not BA here's Linux along with state but they've also had to recast. To significant characters so there was a standalone incredible Hulk movie which will regard as one of the bottom three. We did Ed Norton that is now mark rough below. Do you wish that Ed Norton could've continued or you Barbara blows the better choice. At Urbana. Here yeah and jointly. Mark rough hello. Barbara Lowe looks like he got out of the cigar bar at 4 AM like his his base is went very well these results he always grows. He just he looks like you you aren't you arguing for north Americans are Norton Norton is this ignore at our career aren't the guys careers aren't up. Rob rob hello all yet. But they are and any thought he'd like no like love and death the smoky I'll done it if nor. If north wasn't deterred if Norton wasn't an axle work with the snow as late bagel. And that moved by it absolutely. With that I disagree that zone program note but but if you know right now thank you the problem was Norton in fight he got it there was that he would buy movies -- we can beat Andy Abrams oh yeah it was both soft. And others. Through the fighting each other. And sex. And exactly. That's what the book that the main point being I think if if Norton wasn't such expert to work where I think he smartly patterns and problems no way. Matt big problem god I like Alex that hold Eric Eric actually heard of them are the Ang Lee movie that nobody like Alex that home. Authorities try to halt the ever excited Edward Norton. Yeah and it's next president's next. Club and let's hope that will be great when you go. And I'm not celebrate them. That's why I operate without going through it. I'd that you can that you could cast hole if anybody anybody who'd be. Guests also be Bruce Banner actually really only have you heard it right you only get through there you know you can put that note that in prepare them you know international yeah pentagon RB hammer. Tom hardy. It's not the creativity to make Crispin Glover is the answer apparently is looking reverend Ian primitive except the real crisp in the loved it yes you big Willard. Are here without. I'll be out in America. Yes good golly guys bring to our back or or Michael Jordan as they think everything asked me that every character and it. Maybe a great red hood. He would be a bit of it thank you have it come on the other ones are humans and humans are Terrence Howard that's apparent power of war machine in the first Iron Man has charisma out the asked him and it wants. And mind no real hot hot hot line. Slowly I'm leaving office in office that they'll work on with a rare and blunt bluntly I don't oh lastly if you don't see better or if there's power output in humans don't you just you know Don Cheadle turns out it's not seal is a wet blanket in these things oh stinky but like. It's similar to that point and but I've I was gonna say this right now. You know let's I haven't left it and it. He's good tee ended last byword and that's fine I. I appreciate Terrence Howard because Terrence Howard taught me a lot of lessons one of them being Terrence Howard isn't back hard out here for him it's that glad that some agreements and then he also has a very wispy mustache which I loved the point against with silent I love. I don't like either guy. Terrence Howard Seattle you want and I I I'd like Don Cheadle but I don't like Don Cheadle as war machine I don't really care and Howard rays man. Your attention at all times is on the story Dwayne the rock Johnson put him and everything it's. And everything out now I think I did everything put him every night you know one point and green and it went to Augusta and U haul AM or he's always both roles. Yeah hopefully war receive right now at one point he lacks is any breaks the BC oh like that's a shot right analyzer. Screen shot that's all right moving on anyway. Our here's here's the question they announced. Adds that he's we've seen him in the post credit scenes we know we could be the main villain in this again the nineteenth and see you movie will they have nose be the best. Villain in the NC we raised our hands letters to buckle under bright red eyes. Inaudible the black orders and do all of his dirty work right in Ottawa approximately midnight yes we've I carry random rocks and hello. To knock out. Hunt for him and how. I'm sorry but I mean really how you follow up low key ally in kill along those they'll linger as you know. Behind bars for the gathered in very good. You know savored on my favorite film against you but so far has been a month and a well okay good hearted topped among those saved me net cast Crispin Glover is it. I'm. Glad that that that benefit there isn't he didn't work the second it is but the whole upside down. Coming in and nobody would notice the difference you know we we won we got to get the big shout out to OG that man no. Yeah boulders with very good players at all I was very they've they've had a good run of of villains are very poor or just as he does something positive as you know today you're mark as part of its kind kind. Augusta civic and throws. That's the reason why you know won't be the best because he's he's not human and what makes the Walther and don't want your Soviet is how you can relate to them and how do you wonders where they are. He said the humanize their costs yeah you can get behind you can't you guys would be in Oslo when we don't want all things that map. Wouldn't say that the shark in jaws of the good feel for the alien and aliens the popular shocking. Now who's not elegant announces going to survive the movie. Yet the lot of the fields to Ethier but the the problem with the bill is that you can use glasses back when I got it you've got to find motivation. Every yet but you are back in Monticello his motivation. And as you exit and Phoenix. They got his and I don't really think his motivation is that he that he wants to sex up down. Or Rory wants to kill that well how they borrow some people they know dead I don't think she. Is and I big bad I think he went down drag around I think Zia motivation for now I think she's too big but it has to ultimately up. I think yeah it feels that here and also. The laid back guy in which any humidity back today it's every chance. He. And houses it. Q. So yeah and it's time. Wait a minute well cabinet today to explore days. Psychology can you imagine how it may. Night. Are there ago and it blasts at Tony Stark and not to be on the not to be too crass. But if you could steal the smooch for anybody in the MCU. Who would it be and why. Number I don't know why would it provide distorted going to be I'm gonna think the more room for me you or your big always it always valuable comics are already have always been before. You. That's between. Black widow in in May. I've always been behind the Libyan man and I don't want to let your answer I haven't and experienced. Yes he certainly. Mantis. A nice nice nice to play west yeah pound and that's that's or it's right there. I would say I was actually the last I would say up three reductions and black widow. The moment you're out here at home. Now now now about to athletic now there's only one there's all what you do what you want. Let's concede it needs it isn't like five girls of one's yeah huge eighteen top snow. I think it is no longer than the Olsen Twins aren't there already. Did they don't like third parties are that already and it's not always beyond debate there on the thirty year old. Well that's fine but the good choice yeah. Markets duty on NASDAQ went. Now that I have I know it's in now when I ask how did he whether I meant that don't worry about it he gonna happen next. Believe that his wife and only does it matter are today it's good that we've had way too much. Unbelievable beer here and I'm an island thank again everybody idle hands make sure you're gonna idle hands involved in and drink out of hand we do. Yeah yeah. Up into the crowd you. So again Paula back best villain that we've seen so far so it they announces the company that he is going to be in potentially would be killed longer. Would be low key. We'll tell all vulture. Anybody else probably an iron monger hate him hate him I got up when I go into iron monger. Differed with her and mr. Ronan says that they don't know Mark Russell Allen back guy though it just kind of lost on us. Eat at a guy that runs well. Go back is that that this is obviously would not vote like they're doing phases in the MC and everything else but the bigger the scope is of the movies but less likely could really go back to. But no one on one like people like illegal ago look that's got the bad guys run and through Central Park you better stop them that we were out here like past Morris trying to make sure it does get blown out we can't accidentally got no longer we did get kill Margaret that is a good job but on the outskirts but at least it'll but I doubt we're Diego here. It isn't what it was girls. OK yes go which I can't mention in Jessica don't season to do or think about and others again. That they're using you as it happened and as. It. Like that is not after a W I think they've done their best what may happen down rated at that. That's where they're going so they're. I believe them when they say after the next avengers movie it's not all done there's nowhere else to go yes it's pretty much the I I I think I think you bring back. Reds golf. I think that if you can incorporate that X-Men back into what you're doing and only then you have yet you can get mister sinister. You can get you can get fast then I'd really want announcement right now and it won't introduce you know our zoo right but the biggest. It is honestly the acquisition of accident so that's really going to be the thing is bringing in this next this is how do you pull out all franchise. Well there's an advantage for sex and the other line I'm great comics green and honestly that's you know first time minute with a movie does that much better than without. Right and other the other aspect is okay you want to push it. Let's get. The fantastic four year dated guys get soldiers over there ask this article activists let's let people know my serve and that's the question to ask these. It. Up amassed a few of them that. I probably wants that is the life. Is that just because there's no all of them the left over the neighbors cope with a left overs yeah us. He's got out. I don't think for. It loves Carrey who's gonna be in this movie you. Into the pocket for a front of the pod entered do do yet the minute here. One question. Yeah you're really leaning into the Mike and it was my way it is dragon with a fresh beer that night and recording in don't start now reads do one. A student and other than that it. Aren't actually you know it's a good time applause for our in memorial but not to bring everybody down. The literally picked the pod. Him. Now addicted to. He's. This right into the pot please everybody board just a little bit of your drink now permitting me to this afternoon asked us John I don't know I don't know. What the pick of the pot that clean that up none of this is in memorial is that memorial misses the AT MCU movies. Feel free you do not if it does not work for a podcast to your silent the entire time the Guilford jump in that makes the comment about. Booed cheered stay with us the good character back here is whatever you Hanson's larger bronze stars and the fact it's right in the middle of the season. It's red skull waste waste waste of a care iron monger. Not too bad head. I'll whip lap. And it moved. And public has led I'll put him on the list because it's in the movies but agent Coulson is coming back field. He's alive in the should know nobody's coming back captain marvel back thank god that a recording them. And I Alter kill you mired in three. It works Meredith will. Oh. I original group returned it proves the editor of the sports games I'm he's dead excuse subgroups that. Group of our group that moderate broad and the accuser. I like them now news. Two days are days I like these days there his clinic and Beth. Ego mind egos that news bond young do everyone loves young talent that's coming back down who's got a gun shots elegant. The Infiniti yeah it is particularly. In the neighboring all back and lost somebody you know last movie it was like them. He he's an artist I got a new approximately a government could have made the debt that much more impact yet really done what do you bring or read about it like it in here in beer fest when they kill off landfill. And Pittsburgh is not they have and I want to call it left and right back in the car I don't value it will likely never left. All strong this. What the quick way over quicksilver let's. A quicksilver from acts as an ex. But not an accident yellow jacket yeah Aaron Ross. I love it when he makes a little lamb and goes. And I don't like that I don't know I don't like that are part of the group. If we stop having Bill Owens just be the opposite you're doing there's only mirrored these are all nervous speaking of cross bones I like cross advocate now the winds that could only when I. Howard stark told a town now it to be dead. While the whistled for murder Chemical Ali apparently died at a lot of forty yes yes he wants is definitely do we're up Peggy Carter. And then all of dates and trades at shotgun. I did anyone else I sit on our podcast as anyone else like completely distracted by the fact that I have if they died just like your hat right. I'm just shocked I'm about to start a lots. Though don't always do and you know Philadelphia we are of the UB holds over one that chopper lost job or not. Think if the crowd wants to do whatever you got to give people aren't you list these law I like law was solid and I know you got just enough claw you're not going all right I didn't apply to an individual team like yeah yeah now. Good cop no longer worth what we all love melanoma anyway back you'd either be back absolutely. And then the last word Allah I don't think she's dead and that's through I mean she sort of is down the what does that mean and I take issue. Take a few well I didn't I get beat we get aired some grievances around here is that the federal honor and Marcus. Yes you stated your podcast that and I we both had our regular review. A lot. He'd be seeking getting all of my own daughter is now hold your lack. She was outlook seeking a dead yes. And I had an animal pot and use that you do it wasn't good at either it was chaotic there's a lot of hands but that's good and it's good. It is it was it was down I would he's my number two Ayman and I didn't do I remarked that he did see the scenery yeah he sees it. When we wanted to put Matt what is through the scenery means I can physically like. I. Thought that pearl lines seem aren't you call you out much hope seeing snow today lands that. Peter Weller guardians to return the Pacman to and the sickness there others. Partners the big question here is the the old timer war avengers infinity war. Who dies anybody whose contract with them. I was pretty much husband either don't want or every I think it's no I got I think Nolan is this state bad you know what might be the leader in the clubhouse it's no I got three so so my. Wrote on its mind notes hopefully. Every. It's okay. And I don't. That's not the path I got a I into the clubhouse and our Captain America yes. Iron Man yes vision. Yes it out to me no one of them want to goes to whether you go on yeah he doesn't say anything you see hot guys dead body of one. And it's an all around forever. I've got a I'll talk as if you know possibly a deadly ending is that he's always the reference the reference that is nothing but summer partly iceberg that's now what I think I think and immediately movie that you thousands and thousands of what's on pins yes. For a time that he knows that you take that back right now when why and here's why because he happens to be here will be happy. Good trajectory go with a Q did he she need to do my name will kill. I don't like well I thought more I do like. It isn't well. Update on pleaded not be happening. It was being mad at he would redeem his daughter you know and then now you that and then I think lived in particular that I figured out ultimately. Deploy it as well I've got away employee day in the and that was the best fighters coming up but it is one of the best path wasn't what he won the Atlantic race this it's not on their honestly about it it was going to be against the gators beat a little bit. I can. But I think I think either Iron Man or Captain America the statement you know Mac viewers and low heat of the day right. Well because. Lucky and those in it deal but that's more like musical get in the movie timeline. And now he just walk like I've got it documented nobody can make an example. Yeah nobody could go out and that's what they have. Have to do though to make the NL's looked like a imposing villain he has to actually kill a couple. Writer and real character that's. And so there's so many of them like they said. Does it to a forty heroes on the screen at one point them a B 76. Total length so wanna put your gut this out I think that's. Sumo nobody does what percentage do you think guys. Like less than five. Yeah oh yeah I think I think two or three main characters die but it has pointed out there's always advised that they got called the after the double thumbs up way. Love going to the path I don't. What we haven't lost anyone yet another lying we're. The owner that you are no we don't call war receive so he sat he back yeah well well well when that accident slightly off. I think very much alive but at this capped an iron again in the get free Captain America perhaps the emphasis. Gauntlet yet if we hollers. In the in the minds last have you seen any warranties ex lax at digital magazines it'll be curled a helicopter. Yeah he's really strong style is really good unity rally comes very strong and I also. Do it to me fast thing to come out here yeah I don't know I did yeah. I want to sleep. AM sick yourself all right it's like yeah. That's those that do any of the guardians of the galaxy no because you have green and no I'm not announced. Gruden another group them again another group I don't think other average Joseph Dumars didn't quite this this group kind of sucks. But analysts agree yeah there is not a good not good news bad luck but I like Mac loves this room. But it's. Forward. That's terrible where I have reports we're not a war at its polarize an analyst at. It's a little bit more got knocked back loved it and what impact close friends. Poorly really well in people. Every day are worn yes yes no and Aaron signed for anything more well not to have cared. Portland yeah for every night it's fuses on honestly look at it pornography. Now. Yeah arts we have three movies after this that are still going to be in phase three of the MCU yet and in the loss in July. You. The secret movie that weapons minted in November. Captain marvel next march in avengers for next made a film bolt the vendors back to back. For U jet so what's the deal captain marvel in this movie if you think he's going to be in it he's going to be an exit it does in the cap tomorrow that placement and ninety's yeah I think I. Pull that off like we've never inherits backwards message and her honestly I thought. Here's how sick about the way what if every one of us every day that men in black mind like you would you know. You would knowing that you would know that the whole point and went in and actually no no no you would not it was a movie well which adds I was so distracted by Johnny Knoxville Assad yeah it's great that he's. But the captain marvel my prediction would be post credits of those arrested and I don't think there is -- at the end. It's like sup guys guys. How. The hole and I called me count all of the all of the thumbs up and keep rolls off her back I know what's gonna have replaced the business. Yeah as the scenes from all the other movies we've heard in the background and it is it all the now as it turns out with it being you know secretly it is yet no time. And it there it really awkward. Yeah. And at the prisoners. But he actually is incredible discipline to pop out this note centuries. That's the funniest book that you as a up about it. Who's the greatest notable. Aren't what they're partners with a little off the board of respect what characters that are not in the MC you would vote both like the Indians you. I go ahead and use Netflix care if you want to give you an automatic weapons if he had them. Now you throw it. Back he added. It's. It's it. Now pick up there has died now that's gotten dollar and edit that out both our diplomats and public about it on that. I don't wanna be of those very well it's hard edge for that night it was that that's that's for Christ and being dominant. But that's that's good character you'd most want. The guys that guys limo drives I'd wait until next year and I'm not like them next yeah I live in the moment market. And all that terrible. You have a B student workshop series you're going to be too soon I'm gonna go so. America's I would love to see. I Indians you've been tested for you out that they need to be an X-Men black. No gambit. Because it's. The president yeah I have a I have a personal vendetta had an old movie coming out I don't know again he didn't make it doesn't -- I don't know becoming a note. Doesn't have a memory might. The party might Obama about a dead pool. Spiderman crossover dude I don't know of that will be used to sing I don't good I hate this brings it too much did you know already soaked with it what you don't you know is that when its own theories around him. Does him being funny around what those fears that it's going to be so I mean I am the U characters talking to them to victory and a guy that if they want. Already did that noted I noted he until light and I was terrified I was gonna do I don't now wait. If you had Spiderman show up and it will brief for ten minutes you don't think that would be good and I'm that I don't want those students are well. What is that. It is it what we'll do that be awesome Spiderman and might that be what my body that holds out easily could be deal got done possibilities (%expletive) crack the case. I don't. Yeah very different cars occurrence anyway my answers the reserve birth. No Internet and I thought I don't feel good going god I talking actual comics place. Good night tonight and I you know. It would be amazed that with them series I think that he's fit that stated that west world antibodies for cholesterol yeah. It right. Yeah. And I laden but game Ric Flair with us. It's happy it's. Probably require what about what about centric or stay home period let anybody serial you happy how serious you go Al go people. Albums I've ever heard only only the chronicles how radical Markel to primary blogs Bani users while amounted babies compares it. But there's no mag media didn't even hasn't gone. I think that the drought stricken from the record fast and not get balanced but. What about any leads him to meet Hank you know regular idled. But give a thumbs down podcasts at 6 o'clock. A it would come as well yeah port adventures and by the way when he went. In the big part. In a big part of me he's one of a hundred characters in the avengers vs next week than those now though my own problem and you'll lament I don't want you to act minutes. Speed on that you don't need them beat me both good unfortunate name again smiled at there and then wonder. Though they tell us. That's Natan Julian has wandered but then I don't know what's happened since I don't know if he's going to be in the guardians three or he's going to be an avengers or what but I think the best. Is. X-Men if you spent weeks yeah yeah yeah yeah. But won't be really look I don't like you're out great it is Fassbinder and scarlet witch hunt thanks how to do I have a daughter she's like what I'm not at all. Edit the year when they speak we ask a lot but I guess I would love X-Men movies coming up next. Mean your favorite scenes that's all okay all of these were slightly through right. Two. As you go on about it. This state and beautiful through walls you have a shoe box look on the letters of Michael Fassbinder undercut. Is that there. I bailed out just Alamo well that's good for us but yeah I feel the work that's gonna happen just because. Well that's because agreements Marty. And ask him. And India is venom in the universe will we get them yes. But actually eventually I don't know if you don't even though given how much did then let the ball hard down on them that's trailers on the army on the man who rely on that one tomorrow and seminars and it. To end it by tomorrow I mean right now and that's probably just weed out at 2 o'clock. Oh victory with a visit while watching that Julie is and then delete it and download this again the legality could lead to download it again and rated five stars to be honest that I predicted that he ought to be honest. The brewers trail with the little event and it went great it was finally got to admit Tom hardy Michelle Williams would be in its planes would like to talk to not do it as the sale you wouldn't sign up now like it's different remember how badly will it be she spent. In the late definitely yeah like she dynamo remembered well. How do you feel if tomorrow we complain about all of like by tomorrow you mean it seems that sorry that's old news good news if you could feel actors in the previous to complain about not seeing it cost you and then. In the next preview music and it cost you. So soon it's hard. I don't know I was bigot then so. Superdome as the vikings Spiderman swing by acknowledge what you did just that. Kinda of an island lot of let's just think. These. Trailers weren't as I don't need. The public yeah I. It costs. I've amassed. By the way the guys that was sitting in the audience coming up shortly regular Q in days to come up with a question if you would like you can ask the panel any questions you might dance request we're gonna do that in a moment you come here and to introduce yourself on the podcast asking questions. Aren't what the final thing I have a rapid fire. The solo characters from the MCU you'd tell me if they deserve a solo movie or not. Like one at a time merlot it certainly want one. Same goddamn thing. Do they deserve it I don't know according to you do that this service that this goes in depth than it is this mind. No ice or it's pretty yet. Yet shore area I want podcast. With the war in me. I got that will plot the course I gotta tell them that I would I would see accorded me movies aren't going to let my dad art. Do you wanna see a black widow solo though now yes I really did not read sparrow and considerable growth rose three brief reduction yes I'll like I'm glad they went with their breath. She's all right now let me it might be the problems or it might be the perfect time because reds did do very well that's right you don't need a black widow movies. We need a hawk got move I don't know that aren't just you can nativist desert as seriously as we get a hawk island currently V. Was it like to be retired marksman even in the U. TV's the paramedic experience ever talk about that got hit that are here there's. It went magic aren't reading that there and I read so this Charlotte with their own solo bill now. But had to talk W wanted to raise a handful of layup. I mean as I know women as they would you gonna stay that go ahead of its putts which you fulfillment house and asked storyline yes good at home. All so that's absolutely. Yes and I I'm Natalie I'm gonna say it's going to switch to vision and a movie together. Well pavlik and that the religious aspect there all are on the honeymoon 32. The way it's in the Yeltsin wins. New York. Would be levied reboot would you human all right let's go Wii is vision now now now now gone now war machine now. Yeah ads hotel or watch. Yeah it. Thought they had it. I think I think he most underrated character at this point it's too late to it was a little film but I am a big falcon guy nobody is he candidate you'd stuck. Well if you in my mind cap was gonna die in falcons gonna become out of America and. Good good question becomes Captain America there are two choices basically balcony and Bucky bar dirty bird who would you rather just have Bucky Barnes the white wolf. How else you have but there's also. Them guide to weed out the picture of Bucky Barnes with the heels of the fight he again I don't know and yeah. Some sort of got the director of the I wanted to give it. Odds are all of our does that bruiser and finally scored. Yes targeted follows the local Largo on the home on you know it won't bore hole. Brodeur ought to look at it movie but with court yet now he dual Warhol. Now they kind of already did go to him we're not enough at Angel. I'll question now comic comic yeah you may ask the first question in the QNA is cooler part of like comics. Yes he's a huge part. In what it needs to the world in all it means uncle bought. Was teeth Italy in world world and that's one. Where salt in them all at once it's quiet little part of like an inconvenience. Or was it like he like he tripped over wire item once it situation. And this is where the jurors are being and I hope. Or warm in the crock pot you meant when I admit it you know I do know and you it's not us. Our idea anybody. No doubt the puck back above that. Our anybody have any final thoughts here on avengers infinity war which comes out this week you we will have a standalone next week yes thanks in I would like to thank by the way you guys. My final thought is thank you all the ambient noise you guys for coming out thank you I guess I live two hours away but I had no idea that. This many people accidentally submitted. Thank you so much for coming out and I again thank you for recognizing that I am real birth and the one that's gonna clapping that podcast is Donald I don't I don't know where we are very much about it yet asked if they're gonna have this data so think about how content are you going to icons who have money I and it's. Really excited there's growing dispute. This is the most anticipated movies at that being he'd be at the madness odds are. Dog yeah. I think all right. That. That's. A good question but what it is. The most anticipated movie prior to do it again about it for you have to implement it happened anticipated and visit me oddly political scream four. Not a Republican McDonnell and I've never ends up. Now I mean. Let them less and less costly but on the last I is the word of why I avoid that we're excited. I think I think last night thieves thieves was probably angry and very popular very very nervous of me I did not expect. I owed over one. My final thought up anyway am afraid they're gonna get guns. They got that sense of war you know knock on opening night and I can't just give me a consequence of that and it's all I want. And again Buckingham final plot. You know OK now I. Well that's all right let's fabrics are really sort of what you broader review that he's he's. To infinity ward they are in my back. Though like I think he might keep it in I don't know if there's a lot of noise about Saturday to keep the big war against would be. To bring nip that in like Lenny and it is two and a half hour you don't want too much slower because they were on and off. What Metavante in May well and as you know I'm a big proponent of the B two nips of Rome. We'd be icing that's nice that's very nice. While that yet. Art everybody's interest it let's open up to a Q&A right now if anybody wants to take part in the apartment walk walk all the way here from a single file. Only explore opening of the view all all wanna do you get in front of that microphone and introduce yourself to the pod cast it and ask your question. Music Twitter handle. Yes that would. I guess the walking and yeah yeah. And yes yes that's out there. You. If there is any. Universe. Let me be. He would be. Great lesson and now I guess this is a great question Al against the iron monger. You'd be the iron monger and why. I got a big it's always. Always giving stern look as big. Yeah. I think about it. A beat easily defeat evil people request to edit your questions about asking is whatever you library. Don't be related. We've introduced herself first then ask your question. Background earns. We've been there it's got good grades and Microsoft. Who Anke yes. Keys to the L it reluctantly and they can't have these keys he may not tell anybody that on the radio I think he is a pin you skis. That's buddy cop movie we always sort of thought long with short hole yeah. What do you think what you think we being Indians you were just as yeah MCU MC and a lot of good stewards. Right up top that not street from the trailer starlet. That it would be very funny you know there are strains by. Street Bonderman who wanted to experience Letterman. I think rocket and anybody and I'm Tony Crocker rocket is funny and just their interactions with him every out could laundry room. All right that rock group if there are being directly into the microphone. We also have a lot of back and teachers the well we think this is. Deliberately moment. Thank you very low masculine voice telling Wes where yes other nations had. West third assert your question. And that's. Aaron. A little bit behind the curtain rack up Iraq question her little. Yeah it can and it will you hinted at the hotel and I did you get. Well first of we'd all be answered that you wrote yeah. I didn't write a lot of guys its teams he's out of view on that paper about I today I'd take your time. But I guess I'd like to run the business a lot. The favorites. That it's it's not like having a podcast I described the movie to earn yeah three inscribed in my on the minds now Dunlop. Regularly and about to get back your good buddy cop series right there and I don't know how to read the last night. Last right you pay in advance an out and how I'll tell us about Brodeur and I don't know the and importantly. Its contributions you win the copy of Ringo nice without the need. Now we know right as the mayor now you know like who was yelling at the crowd doesn't hold like families in the front. Put anybody else like to ask that question and aren't up to the front yes here we go introduce yourself that far away. You can back in the places that Americans that freedom and a question. And back yeah accused the advantages to play any port nights why. Wins issues. Authored what I have four night. Mac is our resident Horton idea you need to brains guy captain America's got to be the leader of the team a guy he needs someone super aggressive kind of wild card is star award. And and you need to that's actually really good so give me the war. Series property gets near miraculous I. This that it hawking was billiards or do you need I hate them but you need hockey. In the crossbow and yet at all costs. Don't go with a don't worry about it I'm fine I'm fine and he's more like it. It's for his contribution he wanted copy of how to train your dragon knights. Another case. I guess why it happens. My sister moved out left and I. It was about. We literally prizes come up ask a question of him as the question them ask them and make that yeah come on all the way up next gift is a used care. Yeah I mean right there right after you eat the Mike what's. His character that's what's. For me it's silver surfer and have a completely ruled that out yet I figured maybe an outside chance I would say server I'd say captain marvel. I would like to see captain Marc-Andre. I really wanna see no I wanna see that Dick writer now move on and it went right management right and it kind of got it I guess out of warlock yeah they don't want. Anybody crosses over the wings expanded so. As a city pockets you Pak who's the most likely reflect how come my. Al I want it out and got to be Jackman the next meant to be debut Wolverine right and that he could figured out there and Utica for James Marsden. So far and for that question he got Dan in real life which is it. I loved. Steve routes to. But I think I might not be posted because deeper open space and while opening dates yet it's night featured on talk class act upon fiasco and I know what a wonderful performance from dying in east. It also didn't come up. All right. Ali lost scores again with us and it starts out. I think it's so ridiculous and it's awesome it might be I could lead to a lot of good points. So reduced that operate Abby on the because ray if you missed it by Internet addict prior by the way nick thank you very much in it it right I think wearing a red lectured by the way I don't see moderate who deserves. And I love it and Michael B Jordan yeah isn't it but if you watch the trailer yankees as it he says I'm chatters are in situated like. I know you're gonna make wannabe yet but it shatters gone that route they're gonna get around him they're like me on it or not an easy. Wearing red shirt. But it's a long sleeve right which is awesome Osmond and heavy at times that means you've shows that she you know has an available was that a free and use that yes I don't want to see nominee belongs to execute and it's cold it has it been a cold spring and really not even whispering I think it's before you I guess where it. Jason Todd worst Robin best anti hero and that gets worse Robin turner especially character in that long sleep he just got a copy of ice age I wish I. I keep them warm glass of part of that very well not a part or questions here question. Come on up ask your question again about anything. And you get something yeah don't you guys aren't minding your phone is not buying their deadly audience. There's also Mac and who T shirts everywhere on the way home very exciting Marcus was also wonderful enough to bring a Jupiter is sending poster of a lucky man that movie's terrible so if you want the boats out actually Syria when I'm making that I have you have president asked if the virus that big poster. For some knowledge aren't gonna order yesterday senator Patrick desserts are the guys that haven't already and it doesn't rain will be posted now with guys that you don't get any votes that are out there that if it's that where everyone's. Apparently guys out there. Great question I think it's actually now I think now into yet I didn't balky. Strictly because of dollars are now on the legal Bucky. I think it I mean Bulldog out in both the good choices that a ball would would be able to handle it I'm a balcony but. I got a pretty don't backpack but now it also doesn't own sweet character admitted that he doesn't need to eat let's you red wings and they'll fly around that kept America they would not. Assuming that you so argument pitches they. Amount. Comes come on with them that rises to give up everybody asks that the news alert days. We have two more dvds here. I'd seems to want of that. That's a good one and he's just not that easy. That got it back showing it's teeth wiley XS and outs of a bit. Made it yet maybe it was that kept them around half that time there and you're at. But the I think everyone already owns that one yeah. I'm finding out that might be the problem all right well you know what if nobody else but yeah. Note to editor. And don't lose that's fine. Mac so yeah the thoughts on raised please. I can't deal with. I felt like raising a. Break out on its own any race days and yeah. The war now is that it's a bikini award winning actor and the warm morning father Emmy Awards on. Every employees are. It was a thinking man's show I understand I don't like the boom that's the best here a little yeah tell me let's race. Fraser ray was. The man. And prayed there at the comments at a time. That aren't on Frazer question the traffic out. They're not different but it's not going in particular podcast magazine and wrap things up. What do we think it's a little bit of podcast and let's do it last synagogues. They get the they get the car. Art of arts arts are pick the podcast will be the host of the first ever have to act or live recording idle hands Furyk thanks very. I don't mean to that's. Some of my favorite here today but they Revere the forcing in the sixty or through my my two favorites going so whenever they're available likely not mainland baseball stuff it is baseball stuff if they're delicious might be this really great Andre Agassi is it and real home on the whole Enron also shout outs you love Vern Troy. We learned that he. Dead at the age forty not with the heart 49. There along that we haven't worked up in this one area. Seems like it's the only thing that sort of on him with his life span it's not just might. Night. There frontrunner in this realize that there in the virtual iron just a really like believe that the some of the best overseeing happening on the rest yeah with the theater around it's rod Jeter anyplace and believe night and I need to do to me is little doubt that I already got got taken upon that they did. I've who's gonna do notably an arm going this please I don't know if any would years. I invited him to come anywhere from a losing grips if you guys have been losing grips you guys play a lot of video games he needs grifter controller please go to losing grip not to tailback com. They've been a great sponsor for us they've been they've been wonderful to us so please check them out made democracy yet. I gotta be the case there is the end I see no. And I'll stop talking with the Danks burns hired died on purpose to be that they can applaud just. If they're great. Goes to keep track of everybody that was way too many in the last yeah they're all about all of us an update. More than anything else is that that is like it hurt him alive dork like I need to be made to begin this is the best way to do it. Yes and the movies and it's main. What the blue room both Beirut thank clubs room right now the generals talk with thank you it. Worst hockey movie of all of us. Back when you have. Pick the podcast of course wanted to sports leagues are fantastic. MacKey QT shirts if I watch out what's where everybody on the street you're by enacting new teachers radio we are happy coming out of there Obama obviously wanted to message let's have a 941840. They just increasing screen printing embroidery water that's. West putting up regular pod the tool bars and seeing this year no politics in this business. Have you seen this it doesn't sound great on I'm Tonya. It it is on those. Yeah all five seasons on Hulu. No commercials 42 minutes of polarity I cannot laugh like I blew my belly laughs at least once an episode yes it is awesome most news Austin. Report before markets before you go. A little bit of news Hulu speaking of boo they just picked up all five seasons of Friday Night Lights hole. And I haven't. It says that it takes about eleven bucks a month for premium eleven behind it there's no outlet at eleven it's and it's. You get a bit of money and I think there's I think about it yeah. Broad acts that yeah. It's about. Not outraged by the is every universal project yesterday it got and yeah they've gotten all they've got all your enemy needs if you are compared to all our. But many like me I think yeah. The giving dork art all right we're all out all those things. And box so anything on yes what do you market isn't good so my Atlantic friends but do you. I. Thank you introduce means you a cooling her diapers straight guys on Netflix. And I literally cried in six out of it happens. At. Moving that Jimmy by birth parents. He is. President but back to that market area that's very nice yeah they've been asked this at Maryland days I think before it's not about we have a quick my wife long aisles are and an ambiguity items included an act of US will be marked my uncle buck right like. Like Mac and I've blown have been widely. Yeah well actually that's why it's again. Anyone wants us you know. Acting acting is very active in there and content area would it be alike which is a candidate yeah. Want to go to it would definitely that's Mary heave a slap fire I broke our heart we're gonna start real quick in my life right. Her neighbors the people would think you know who wouldn't repeat my name is Ryan Davey how client you. Related pizza got it back. I've looked a little bit now at 33 and. Wesley. And then they'd been Italian cup and I mark is. Look at it as bargaining. Ayman going jagr line why. McLaughlin of McLaughlin are up. But what's the topic of the blackout that remarks like if it is called him the announcement that the bottlers like going and later. They've looked at places for buried. It very very nice rant. This idea passed away. Argentina. Is sort of figured there are absolutely not them maybe a joyous. But but they bloodiest lie and I. Hey guys comic covered water now. That's not what it was but it got a Britain though support of the lottery outlets where we got here uncle buck you got a podcast and WA AF we're in the people want you. BO PS 101 Boston sports when one podcasting. Settlement Pratt. Boxer's effort by the guys are on iTunes aren't bothered by that form here. Of course yeah. All right anything else does. That's you guys take let's just listen to our episodes we talk tomorrow we have in the right spot episode everywhere and way yeah. I'd gone to the the nights ago. Backing you up first we'll do thank you very much resentment solemn and ulcers and could have done this without and I don't know without giving any I had if they go about and had a big game Purdue. They interview everybody look. That Danica. By the raid Obama did not want the day I looked out. I. Mac let's go along and report that was. You know that together by the way it is my budget so they don't and it's you know we're going to be moved on through. You can find us at MacKey who podcast on the Twitter we're also at that podcast on it's adrenaline Everett of the platform. We are mapped it percent unique items they stricter FaceBook. Stitch or two in cash box I heart radio zoo. Spotify so on the blog where Google and oh yeah. Yes let's just let's modify it off and give this remote is also something. I do but also. This Tuesday Mike you're doing eight best in theory is a marvel cinematic universe where it. Richard meal house team that is how my middleman and that's not my neck actually benefited so no second acts and also and again how old is gigantic element is that us ladies in the house you can find Jeffrey MacNamara on Tinder. You look right now is probable very close to you I am yeah. I can't protest face there. I it's nice the past. I'll art and again I'm Ryan did in the past that are podcasting in Miami at our bond deal on any and all major source of media outlets. Richard you can rate review subscribe on the I'd soon have to act or we are at or podcast on Twitter YouTube dot com slash or podcast. Or my death at gmail.com it's all good. And Anthony and we're we're still looking for mercy mean. On yeah Barnard drive or the over watched on earth remains. Over what it wants the mile to a mile Steve Ed yeah. If you don't mind just give us sort of a David he has stated I don't know look I've been here in the slot the news recently and I think everybody here if you're if you're listening please listen up. If you're eating salads opposite sides of athletics south there right now. Lot of people I tell my wife now I've had a salad bread before we came here I'm a little nervous to drive home there. But there's there's not imagine going moments of Romaine lettuce so. Yeah yeah yeah. Who asked whom asked. A regular customer attending take you very much realist removing bags actually on a powerful infinity war breakdown thanks guys refused.