#DORK 65: R-Rated Comic Book Movies

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, May 15th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey prepare for Deadpool 2 by looking back on all the R-Rated comic book movies, including The Crow, Watchmen and Logan.  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute, and the Pick of the Podcast. Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. Marquez. Is the door to Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens in my dorm blonde cash. Day to tune into another episode of hash tags or mining experts keep John as always by Ryan daily TV now we you know. OSHA it would there is are you excited are you excited for dead pool weak moment and. I'm very excited that's why I came out artists war second word that's said it was swear them all excited for. Yes. At the predicament. Or. My I don't know what to do you know the literary guy that maybe you would know the answer this and but you know you read the titles that listen you this you know we decided idol people on the court I've no idea I say it the other way every time you comic book movies. Which happened. Pace of this the formula Atlantic though IE. We do we were doing the podcast went the first dead pool came now and it's not available on iTunes anymore so I put it up on YouTube you go to YouTube dot com slash dork podcast. I know that the easy signals to a bigger and you table whenever it's on their now. And as I was skipping through holes like auto one ever see what we gave because what the day after the movie came now what could be given for rating. And that's error was the episode where you came up with our rating system. I came out that yes you did we were we were together around relate airway or to give the movie relate. The Olympic grade scores that we didn't really know what to do it again this was February of 2016. Who are episode 37. Overall. And you're like you know it would be that dork you score system would be infinity jams no I immediately loved it and I think. They are given a five and a half that you give it a five right out of the chute. Output at bat for I don't know I I thought you came up but now those those they are on the idea. How far we've come on we've really out I got a real good the government that there so go check that out on the the YouTube. If you mosques to hear what we set about the first. Did pool movies next week of course will be debt equal to today is all rated or rated. To the news. This. TV shows riot are get the ax summer picked up a lot of them are getting the acts including a three really good shows out even argue very good shows. The last man on earth which I love. Brooklyn 99 which is a very good show I I stopped watching it more because there's so much going out of a busy man right as you know person. Out. Right every night you're Watson Bruins Celtics you know warriors rockets you're watching everything Red Sox are on all the while so. About watching as much TV is I would like but I would still sets a very good show. I also think the worst of the bunch but still good for a for a couple of laughs is that Mitt. But fox canceled all three of those shows although he did see that NBC swooped in and grabbed Brooklyn 99. Widget which is an awesome idea I mean. You know eighty Hamburg and beat he guidance that are alive for a long time you know so it's. It makes sense. And if there was a shell out of these reality that was worth stating it was probably Brooklyn nine I thought that it's not the funniest of the three but it's the one that has. It's a few yet the solid show and like its first year on the scene it won a total war -- a physical will be forever a woman who bought two things that your one. In the show even got better and then for whatever reason didn't win awards and more by people like that in my house they could do. As does Watson this as last man and Mary. And I I solves the very last of the variable the first seven of the great. It's not a lot and I'm exactly which despite his number right the papers to view I have I'm just waiting until the end of the day sort of watched the last episode Berry does a little bit behind. But people are saying like the last episode. It's like Bill Hader is like unbelievable and I think the best episode of the. What he says that season two's gonna be darker. It's so I haven't seen it had gotten. And they said Mal practice watches this show and we don't have a lot of shows a little while so this woman I'll wait around like normal out of order finished it but. It's pretty amazing when you look at you know SNL that there's a stretch where. You know besides Will Ferrell not a lot of ethanol people were doing a whole lot specially when he talked about sitcom that they might make them a one off movie that's not bad but. Would you look at Will Forte really be in the brains behind last man on earth Bill Hader was buried in Sandberg a Brooklyn 99 a that's pretty impressive stuff. That's pretty impressive that's a good on Beckett. And a little bit at a news from the data also speak at HBO shows yes I would love to hear some news did you feel about Silicon Valley did that finish. Also that I did finish wants all of that I will say. I was pleasantly surprised by this season to even OT Tim Miller is it seemed like a disaster of a human he was odd that the funniest part of the show. But the combination of Jerry the and Jeanne Yang and Guilfoyle I ended up I ended up enjoying the season. And that is what made cared for the seat was his line has not spoiler but like his line in the last episode and you look the guy didn't act as you what do guided them on the factor. But I thought that was those of funniest part of the whole deep in these how do you like oh my god. Via my wife is out on Silicon Valley and rightly so icy and I didn't like he's frustrated is because lake. Power these guys so intelligent and they can't get out of their own way. I don't happens every seat in like we're getting some head way we got a new idea it's complete pied piper is now like a completely new thing like every season. It's it's pretty predictable the show and I'm surprised that I thought this whom their last year that they are worlds of it got renewed. Opera season six I think next year airtight Ahmadinejad or more up to that. But it's got to go somewhere like they have to have some success in going to be yet. Though. I got this lead to Huntsville about spoilers I'm not a fan of spoilers but last man on earth out all I would say is I watched the whole season and you you really wanna see another season or what you wanna see a movie are you wanna see something like it's come on there. You know some of these shows kind of have an idea they're gonna be done and they they sort of like here it is but this is one where. They they leave you kind of on a cliff hanger almost the house they're like what's gonna happen and who go shows abrupt Bakken Roseanne's on the air now some may be brought back down the road or I was wondering. Even though it law that lasted longer than firefly I wonder thinking go firefly serenity elect if enough people support last man on earth. It might Netflix is like art will give you like you know six episodes you can wrap this thing up but now be that secret. I'd like to happen now also last man gets canceled book off film. Is getting a fifth and final season. I. Phillips put a bullet metric at a town finally. As I can I build a golf them. Here's the good news TV wise Rick and board the Ryan is giving seven. 70. More episodes. Which is more it's combined more than they showed had read the first receipt and I think that the thirty episodes yes I thought like. Which is great which is great news if it's good news that the double edged sword because you and I have resisted for the longest time and Wesley for the bucks as part hasn't been. Ever since we started talking to him he'd do what you gotta be written forty giddy review board editor in more in we've been resistant to it. But now I think we kind of have to do it. Yeah I think we're gonna have to perhaps they'll report episode because it'll be hard to do it. You know as to the show is so good so Smart. Oh yeah if they're so hard to explain but it's so hard to explain like why you might why we like it you're going to be. Yeah oh it's. It's bizarre but we can figure we could definitely figure out a way to it's a doable to a record. Budget if I can convince you bet thank you can talk as much. About charity as much as you want almost that's stared at him he is they appear in the next season it'll all know they are being noted the background I don't know though I'm. Really. Or this is my hope is you know how sometimes they want like inner dimensional TV you're over the public college they want the channels. If you pop it on that we actually get to see the real apple stating paper yeah apple. What an active NBA. Validate my life that they could just somehow find it yeah Apple's think paper. Did you see Ryan the poster. For the new film from Jordan peel within titled us. A comes in March 15 2019. That. It's as the new nightmare from Jordan appeal in the rumored cast includes. The heat and young though Elizabeth moss and Winston duke. So it's basically. The horror black panther with a little bit and meet. That's correct that the ergo more I had made spam there. A world market or black male that's really your choice. Load him mates at their but I am looking forward to that edited the holy. That the post has really give you much garlic to kind of like you know we're those silhouettes or never Alex sides back to back. And then but it says new nightmare so it's it's not going to be comedy doesn't look like it's going to be another Hormuz though I'm excited for that. Ryan the Russo Brothers. They've been making the rounds here and they answered some more questions about infinity war. I'm gonna again very anti spoiler here on the podcast so this may be. That the next that we do another YouTube video made you'll get into a bear market to a here maybe there's maybe there's the one person that hasn't seen that anywhere yet listening so. Where we're not gonna get into a debate they talked about some things the questions. And they they answered some they didn't answer others and try and lead to more speculation if if if you follow. A great anything else to get any other news. You stand. You know okay. Either hand. Oh. What they were go so. In two weeks now it's about a month from now 83 happening so aware you're having this we get a lot of things are coming out lot of trailers. I'll wanna look as big as the noise right now is. This game and talking to people at Bethesda which they did. Random odd odd thing but actually or knows somebody that the president talked to them one of their greatest way to I after the would like your biggest missed. And they said it was a game called rage but they thought that this game was going to be. But the next big thing and it just didn't really pan out and so reached two is coming out I believe that all. But they have a trailer for it to come out recently read at a B three. And it looks has been additive for it was a good game just nobody bought it. You know as one of those situations so I would today if you haven't played greats like deeply shot it was kind of put a precursor to its software is knew it doom. Which was phenomenal which is another but has the title electric out. So that decade on the there's been other trailers along the way to becoming out. In certain things are being teased. This game from home bill Cody debt stranding which has Norman read it and my Mickelson and it lead to models look it continues to look just completely insane. Nobody knows what the outer whatever that. I got some hands on. Went portrait news I got some hands on with an ounce and that was we talked about it last week that it but it. And first came out yeah that is happening. It was kind of fun. Yet so that is cool I'm glad I played it I killed at their house I get a chance to get the gauntlet well that's good enough from them them. It's good enough yep and then that that's fine there's a new legal legend character coming out so I know there's like 45 people excited for that. Well gotta be gotta be right there our article and champions and game at least right. And the biggest news Richard yeah is that. Your own RRD is now eight PP game. How do you move the ball ball swallowed in the league right yeah well just drop an amber and everybody sort of play them the right now player to pick. So here's what happens so I'm like all right so for 93 so I've figured that's going to be the first big idea is like try to play it for your outlook or. I was out but like you backed him. You know what you get like a new set up in the art it's freely on the paid for him that's a paper over what you did which stocks. Are you. Late PC over watch even though are your whole squad plays. Try to give it just try to you know keep trying to make a gateway can go begala yes we're but the content beleaguered colony like that they are. Anyway so so he's abilities are your what's your PC giving. Well that's a strategy that set up a now it's I don't play you have to run dual monitors to do this they'd be it is very or ball that I thought it was going to be but. Beckham but you know elaborate why you are edited other rhetoric got it. But this year ago. Other adult our show I was gonna and it's just reminded its I would dual monitors of the I don't know how to swift's put switched up my old. You know old school Nintendo and television a figure of just maybe asking Matt why if the hold my phone and record be playing mega man two and a two week. And yelling you heard Cameron said he only game. That is by the device those moments for the Milosevic is great now definitely build relationships yet. But I'm sorry I interrupted you you're talking when you're PC game renowned you've deserted SPS for gamers. No I haven't deserted the plate of so basically I have to their bull put definitely monitors elections switched back and forth. But outplayed us Richard. You played four nights first. You know and I can't tell you all the best for that players are playing PC because she's is that I'd die easy media. Playing decades ago and follow that. I think I've been six or seven years would not playing with a keyboard mouse it is not like riding a bike. You should cover float you animated of the tops one in a problem. You know it did I went for a little bit of a float yeah been kinda dropped it no place right thought I was I'm fine like a Monica feel about Noah Noah around eight died immediately. They know could it play. Pot shot out to our body shot in time this guys would switch it up a storm and he or night for hours and hours that so I tuned in last night. Just randomly read time he's in the middle of the game and would you would you believe it he wins the game like this guy wins I think now more than he loses he's insane it's appeared that Matt four night but that's the PS four guys. It's not counted. Let's check out some time does speak to that Richard do you ever get tired of being right. Yeah I mean I eighths. It's that every day occurrence for sure I doubt yeah. So all I will tell you again that you know week took a lot of heat you know people look. When we first started doing this insane you know we replaced these guys entered our Xbox some lava bubble block right yes. PlayStation as of right now is blowing Xbox out of the. Waters. Are so glad you added out of water. Really quick on the line dollars and would have meant a lot different. When they have much difference that it that he does that what you gonna open anyway PS have PlayStation better than Xbox that's about it. Much better and Xbox I think a lot of it has to do with like be exclusive titles like where our Xbox is mixed with exclusive titles right I didn't like about what that won the pirate game. CP. Parts of the Caribbean Lego versions yet basically com. So that's a good note that we're on the right track here on the winning side of history I got something else warrior for the DV video game minute I just saw that they're gonna be re releasing the mini Nintendo. They are so that's gonna come out this summer I don't my next point actually think about that. But it does move things along with all of the and I like I let the other back and forth Iran is trying to get to the next point yet. The other going to be back on the shelf this summer skeptical about not the time to do it I guarantee it and they're not gonna make enough of them again in the sellout really quickly though. Or you. The price point is it's going to be this data out there was sixty box I hope with Sam and hope with a male Lotto now. However I should get it because my old Nintendo does work. But I have like I don't have the original controller I have looked more like her Boca controllers. Yeah ideal and I am missing it. Maybe a handful of league games that are in there federal it's worth it or not but if somebody like the body wanna that would take it. Yes somewhere like some video game store were to sponsor this podcast and just throw us thought that some. Pretty classic idiot is that would that would be great. Give you got to shout out we can enjoy the game it's really it's your scratch my back your scrap scratch and yours. And with that I look they want more that this this episode of the eighties video game minute has brought you by the good people illusion grips remote supportable grip please go to a ludicrous that the tailback comp. And get them in by other stuff and they're great and tell Kyle we've that I. I need to do yet he did get dating back door access though models. Ash sect or the podcast. And now without further a due to. Let's get to the topic is Orion. The topic is your and it's the topic of the day and today. It is either. You choose these are comic book movies within our ratings. Maybe that's the title bout and. There yet at a comic book movies. Which have an. Which have an. Son of a son of a bitch so. I have a long list here Ryan and now these are not every single rated. Are a little bit more mainstream ones that you were more likely it is the we its article the Roman chronological order. And at the end would you talk about best worse but maybe some other ones that we hope one day it will become. It our I'm starting. In 1991. That this was the first time on film it's ever rollout the publisher and who better to do that than all flagrant. This was the first in a series of misses on my like the publisher is problem my five favorite characters of all time. And what they've done in the Netflix series is fantastic. Like introducing him and they're double season two he was great. Standalone punish your season. Outs and highs and lows like there's times are total bore public beat the actual character himself might have been perfectly that's who why envisioned. Not as much golf longer and not as much some of the other ones we're gonna get too but this will be a tough early start but really they took a stab Saturday at eight pretty good moral character. And I ended there were two PG thirteen punish or they came after this right. Believe it or not those were also rated car. That Thomas Jane one loss yeah. I'll bet I usually only that I know there were still support don't want to. Warts all of Ray Stevenson definitely was the Thomas Jane was one is on this list and I couldn't I was surprised too because it seems very tame. But I mean it kills family and all that stuff so maybe. Yes some dark element there but again to keep that belt wondering. Bit amiss here. Out there was a mess now next night before Getty's rock how local whistles not just marbles not just DC. Inspired by the via the comic 1990 four's the row. Yes love the significant. Didn't I love the smoke yet and it's still it's still good I mean in the big about this man. Like. The story itself is loosely based on the comic comic is where a darker yet then in the movie. But it's a great story Britain at least it tactic and it. The music the soundtrack is like. One of the best movie soundtracks ever put on like it like that that not sport but the actual sound. The soundtracks amazing and it like beta next before you what do you think of of the movie that it gets through it to get a very. Golf book to an autism at the crow. Which later inspired stating the wrestler to have like such a resurgence like the original sting Carriker was getting pretty tired and lame wreck he would like I'd I top. Hi how top volume on a little bit of based pain he's got no sure he's elected tights he looks and you know it's for Parker back in the day was built a warrior he kind of looked ultimate warrior finished except yet haircut of Guile and street fighter. Correct and then they change up and he goes straight you just rips off directly to grow which I believe was a razor Ramon slash Scott hall idea I believed behind the scenes he recommended that something that anyway but he goes and that and then ends up having a great career. But I still go back to. Brandon Lee. Was shot and killed. While filming the movie. I don't understand how this isn't a bigger deal and how it isn't mentioned every single day like this is insane they think if Heath Ledger. Died while making the Dark Knight what a story out. Oh absolutely and I think you'd like. It was such a weird story that like there was one live bullet like there it was the scene where he was getting shot like. And a bunch of people were shooting at. He's on the table right in there like all the gangsters around summerall or all the creeks of the gang members wherever they are they all has opened fire its ethnic chaos seen. And it was want to live bullet it's somehow got. It's not an. It's actually good even crazier than Heath Ledger to be honest not that the move is as good but. Because he's the leader he is the guy he's it like every scene he's he's for terrific in the movie to. And heed to the ball make in the movie I guess is it's crazy to me. And it all the like you would love conspiracy goes yeah here it be that like the Triad was involved like people who were after his dad but it took about like it but the Chinese. People were after the it was it's crazy. And this movie would have made Brantley star agreed say that now because it obviously it never happened like just movies it's stated it's still good today are. Watson I ask you about the dvd or something and high school it made it out the first time I watched it then I definitely went out bought it myself but I've ever watch I think. By the review I watched the first time like this movie is incredible. Like I. I loved every like first I love vigilante in revenge justice there's nothing sweeter than that and that you have the character. All of Britain brightly character and it was just so goodies so I thought well acted out that the whole thing was really good. And now they end up ruining it they have a whole bunch sequel is also the bulls that now. Furlong off. Now they're big they're rebooting this I am wondering. And an abilities in the law. Is this is just get a chance to think they're calling it. The crow reborn its coming out next year. Well that's the working title I don't get it advocates that the get straight reboot. And what's funny is that like. Eric Trayvon the guy who plays the yet they've prepared to the crow yeah direct musician Jason Malloy is actually pretty good bass player yeah so I mean they could work but it's. Now you you still think it holds up pretty well 'cause I wonder if you just pop this sit with somebody who hadn't seen again to your eye watching it now we're gonna I love this movie but someone who hadn't. Like the whole off the book is kind of like it's almost a joke now worse before it known of these guys you know. I think I I would go as far as debated this kind of started the whole god thing. Yeah maybe it is a double got things started around this time because of this. Oh my god my high school was littered. Not the one idea of going to buy part of all. That there are persist prep school to shockingly had no golf. Are by the high school would have gone to it after seventh eighth grade was. Filled with dots they have there's one family that slept in coffins they are like vampires but there have been a part of particular. Laura was but it is the place was banged out would go off they were the Betsy. And the health micro. It doesn't. And I had a five at a couple of swings and misses they had. Sylvester Stallone's judge dredd and Pamela Anderson's barbed wire. This is what the judge dredd with Rob Schneider and the rest is I was stunned that this is rated. So I was it was nonetheless that maybe I use maybe I didn't do all the proper research but I didn't its belt weight Tamer than that. And yes they know it but it remembers. The barbed wire I remember this isn't likely coyote ugly guy would told a pillar good to this movie yet. It is did not deliver on anything since the barb wire set to go for the moment I don't edit excuse topless for like the first like thirty seconds of the movie and and that it. Eyes and I was told Billick good in this is like primo Pamela Anderson. Out 95 outs who apparently this was also late. The movie poster or elective VHS. Like cover like. One of the best. But once you actually watch the movie. So hard. I 1998. Here go marveled our brave all hot and bothered by the MCU or maybe think back to acts manage direct Spiderman but marvel really. How to re launch things back in 1998. With a little movie called blade. Yes and this was a movie to kind of came out of nowhere like I didn't think. That this was going to be any good now. And like the character big day this is an example of taking a character come a friend G marvel character like a look at the cool idea and then doing their own kind of thing like they took some of his back story they changed some of that up. And he was great mrs. Pam Anderson and 95 was great. Wesley Snipes in 98 was also great and it was dark it. Like the idea of feel like half vampire is just that fast and this this one was really good in this also. Think about all the vampire ship that came after this. Yeah and again I mean this kind of you don't wanna call it a transit there was been apart movies before that bill interview with the vampire and Bram Stoker McCullough suffer before blade obviously but yeah. You know this idea of like an in Buffy you know but this idea like vampire hunters. Was. Prince. It was secondly having that with some of the strengths them on the green. The opening scenes off the charts are skipped one liners I love played at my dad this is the spread up your Alley 1990 seven's spawn. Any get another movie they're remaking the movies ethnic attached to discredit our topic parliament creator respond yes and Mitt. Kevin Smith involved so with so I'm not a huge fan of Kevin Smith when it comes to like Kevin Smith movies read the putt down either. But he had a band of comic books so much alike and writes that he loved. On in its if you were to give it. You don't like heart our rating to the reboot my charity please do it Tom but defer respond. While Michael. The bishop are so let something like that yet he's that. This movie. I think it felt victims had been like way ahead of its time what it was like to progressives and other problems soundtrack but I'll yeah. Really good soundtrack which John Leguizamo as clown. So this the crazy thing about it that's not TGI like he spent like eight hours and days like hunched over. Like in that too. He's never recovered. No I didn't but like that movie I think if you were to make that today I think he would be much better but like now an app like. This the special effects were just not what they should have been. Well that's the thing is so when you look at who these movies these they're gonna be remade I really do not have interest in the crow it out rather just go back and watch the old crow but you're like other gonna remakes bond like I am in on that by I think they can improve on the last per share. Good they have it the big bad guy and as David smelled soldier in 98 looks. Ridiculous yet click pin it looks so bad but like the movie itself the idea for the movie is is good in John Leguizamo I thought the best part. Well you like him aka a lot of clout in the violator there's no. Is not there's some crazy scenes of their pressure. So as I said and we said blade in 98 negativity thousands. 2001 that from hell which we hit on the way back in our Alin more episode. From hell is one of those graphic novels that. You know it'll take you months to finish it is very dense it is very pick a lot of words classic Alan Moore a lot of words but it's also very very picked. But as the Jack the Ripper story. And Johnny Depp was in this movie and the end Johnny Depp now. Regular kind of sick of home maybe he's also create there's whatever swallow them but Johnny Depp. But early two thousands up I was in a bunch of good movies and from hell's wanna why I enjoyed from how Heather Graham was in there it's that they're spin again on to on Jack the Ripper. Good time setting it is just it's you know pretty dark obviously without story but I thought it was a pretty good comic book adaptation. It's pretty good I mean I didn't love it when I first thought and like it's okay that would it's watchable but yet it's not anywhere near and that is where. I think Alan Moore worries you have like a problem with a lot of his stuff being put the film like this is kind of where it started like he was not happy that he hates all that. We take all of it but I think he I think partly in the cape all of them because of from hell I think from elbow all the when he. Alex item off data back could be back then and there's a few more of his on this list as well he gets 2000 to get the blade sequel blade to. Which is awesome. All of them and directed by Guillermo del Toro approach is the best probably I would say. Yeah then I think the arguments are well equipped with treaty is if you read or watch the restrain. Yes like. Guillermo del Toro idea of empires is very transparent and like the vampires. That hunt vampires in this movie are like. The one industry where they're jaw open and Alec that long that. Tom kind of thing grows which it could create growth but it looked awesome as it. Yeah so I I'll probably do it and if it Carter what incredibly moving. Late it would be first. Let's do is religion I agree also doesn't whose road to perdition. Now I saw those what do came out I don't remember a whole lot of it this was what Tom Hanks right. Yet and Tom Hanks is like this mafia hit men which again it's like completely out of character and that threw me they did it take you awhile. We get to Tom Cruise is probably the nicest person alive probably yeah. And to see him as kind of like anti hero kind of bad guy is different approaches. It was different I do remember thinking it was pretty good but I don't have any Ortiz tells them that I apologize. I believe it was Paul Newman's last one opponent last movies and he was really good and it. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. The publisher of this is the Thomas Jane wants him out 2004. A with the outcome surprised that it was. Rated. AK diesel. As like the big Russian guy where Russia objectively. I don't Russian that always seemed. Rebecca remains stables is in there. She was hot ticket that's true. Yeah well there it it just the the only thing I remember from this movie is the auditor using like. In a highly stylized way like using a bow and arrow. And Alec didn't make sense. Yeah there are win it up and that's that was just wants to Wear his kid. But before he died got him the power first goal late shirt. And then Mike's after he died that mile put it on it yet knows Africa. Line that's when. It hits off. This amounts. Let's go to. Same year they wrap up the blade. Trilogy would break blade trinity which I think it's on fairly (%expletive) on I actually enjoyed blade trinity is the worst of the blades. And Wesley Snipes really kind of males and in this one. But you get Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal you get Jessica deal. In there as. Daughter. Caller yeah right who was it was slowest I get a I think she was supposed to be. What's she supposed to expand health things daughter then. Forget right what do supposedly they were helping yeah. But that's those was there but Ryan Reynolds is plays kind of Ryan Reynolds right he's Hannibal. To precursor. Oh it is he doesn't stop talking and he kills their pars Parker Posey is really carruthers about vampire triple h.'s in this got him will be. And it's it's a pour represent about representation of Dracula. But I like how they go just all out like Carter we're gonna fight them the status vampire in the world it has to be Dracula I did like that part. I did like it you and again we talk I'll like the one I wanna turn it into day in fooling. Broadcast by remote Jessica Biel Alia off which he's someone else. Tops. Just and in just a real hunky bearded right Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds is really strong would have beat Kagan has all my goodness yet he was he looked really good pat on in this movie as well. Did you think like Ryan Reynolds is probably seen him in person and he's probably one of the skinny people have ever seen. Really calm yet if you hit it or not surprise. You act out of this tree. It lead natively lately but it may not hydrated enough maybe that affluent. All in play pretty music you'll. Yeah now area. I wanted to do it got rattled too much but there's that one scene where they're torturing enemies like changed up pennies heartless you're like genocide. Yeah I deposit. A big big block I got to take a break we pick this up later. 2005. Constantin. This other goalie Ryan I think gets (%expletive) on. But it's not that bad is key on a Reeves take on John Constantine. Who was a character created by Alan more. I love cop out of the idea of constancy in the near the hole Hellblazer comic Ron they were the best form by Garth Ennis but. Constantine was introduced during swamp thing Al more slumping Rhonda but this guy yo master of the dark arts what they would say about Constantin. Power crazy but I think this movie's actually not bad. It's not that in this acute that I love this type of character yet but I would love to beat. If garlic you know exist in the world that likes superior than whatever like I would love to be electric Constantin ask character. It's that he's such a cool character because these other guys that he deals with have like super powers all kinds of other stuff. And there he is like what magic in dark arts and also the bulls in a candidate to use all that it's news. And I love that comics when he like. He works like that men like it's really cool or. David did a good run on the CW show aero where they brought considine who is the same guy that played constantly in the failed NBC show they brought him back. Put him in this universe. And like. All of a queen knew him it was like there's a couple issues reflect the only guy I know that can solve this is Constantine the Ottoman is pretty bad pass. Yet I think that. That's why like that character to duplicate probably superheroes are dealing with these things because he took up rip and darts and like seems shipment yet a year ubiquitous as bad. But some robbed a bank like please. Yeah he's just drink didn't smoke it and talk about how to do it in face to face the demons in hell you know like I've I've seen some ship. Also 20051. Of my favorites on the entire list is sin city. I I right. It. It's so good this is an talk about right from the comics too like I know I think traditional. Art directors or liquid would scoff that it 'cause it's so green screen it's almost entirely green screen. But Robert Rodriguez did the movie with Frank Miller edits like ripped right from the comments. Yet and it it looks amazing. If you watch this now what he'd still be that well that's really cool yet you know it that way they issued it out again negative at some point in that you know at this. You know Mickey Rourke is ought some Bruce Willis is awesome in this movie even Elijah would like to be in that little creep that he. People to those guys are all good Clive Owens Dwight is my favorite here like one of my favorite characters ever put on screen he is such a bad after the way he shot it's like this is the coolest guy in the world. And you know Britney Murphy and it topic of the Rosario dawson's good Michael Clark Duncan's good. John Allegra Gucci Carla could geno bring in the heat in this it's. It's awesome but I I look and it's. They they pull from a few different stories and so they just kind of he small together like maybe the three main stories and most pretty cool as I've never gone back and you know listening to some like the dvd documentary stuff. That opening scene with Josh Hartnett worries out on the the balcony and Indians up assassinated persons with. That was what Robert Rodriguez like shops the movie live like that they shot just that that's all they had. And there are like pale that we're gonna go home will be like like this admin people like yes lead apps. What happened it just went back. The rules of the pot though the Ali okay good good he's probably get ready for the next Halloween. Forty years later perhaps. Ours is Cynthia love I history of violence also to about 2005. That's another. Comic book adaptation of eagle mortenson. Yes about a great movie a great movie which is overshadowed by his team wouldn't bite and a bat house and issues we are everywhere. Yeah you had seen prevailing in the running out in it and like yes yes that's. Yet just. Song happen everywhere yet. A history of violence Kohler history of violence on the flag and a the that that's good as though the more you say about that film critic good movies that ruined by that. Or or made depending on mate you know where you come literally at last impeached. Like a I. 2006 run brought us three hundreds of Frank Miller and off the backs of sin city in the success of that had they make 300 which. Again everybody has said this but it's true it is gladiator on steroids. Yet the dismayed. Withdrawal Butler Don and now. Back. Oh Zack Snyder that I dismayed that that is career now in this was the movie again. It didn't look like anything it was just straight brutality and violence would still a really cool story. From history which you know he did actually happen that the way to say it but I think style I'd like that. You remember that this is when Snyder started doing that whole thing with. The slow motion explosions speed up to slow down again like that was you know ever did that before my. You know and if I remember that scene went around. We've got maybe his son died he kind of broke loose remake broke rank it was just like and in the united had to go get him about what they're clueless. Action sequence as the ice said he'd adapt point and it's like the matrix. There's really nothing better than a little thin ice Kansas. Without it's a rock hard. Oh yeah and then you know how many times did you you know kick somebody to pool a lot of times. Here's how they'll be out of a lot of times that have yet. And they get serious answer in this movie as well. Always does now we go back to another Alan Moore movie V for fed data came out 2006 and Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving. It's a pretty bad ass movie remember remember. The fifth of November. Yes again no limits on elected. Very dead heat Natalie Portman there ago. But yet he still brings that she Scioscia Rocca bald head of IG's. Commitment that beautiful face no matter what got. For hair. This don't want black wonderful actress this also movie Ryan where. I don't think you can watch this one all the time. No I think is just like to once every couple years it'll come on public golf aren't. Right in it and I'm good. In the that's you know with probably probably it's a lot the lot that that the lot detective. In 2007. Year thirty days of night so we can at least track Josh Hartnett the 2007. Because. He is in this vampire movie which I actually really enjoy it. Sneaky one of my favorite vampire movies really. Yet. And because I just love the IT ID is a perfect. But if you are vampire like why would you go to a place where it's night for a month. Gonna meet with the media mall this small Alaskan town that you know in the kind of in the middle of nowhere and just really cool vampires to. Yeah I got and day and the graphic novel is obviously phenomenal so. Battles playing out. Oh I've I should've done this what we're about V for vendetta we of course Leo talked to a lady who knows that out around comic con now's your favorite movie in fact you dress up. As the he then that a guy. And she even had some of the weapons and I have real that that's the plastic ones I can score off of her. I was eager to draw plastic daggers when you. How you can I have my car. I knowing. If you can't trust this person you do not go to this arson at that point. I was doing a young girl you know scene from dank Enron thought about the while talking about talking about the that you're doing that to prevent that I. It's. Fearing they. Out of town on the on the but the 2008 you get the race Stevenson publisher war zone. And I think you've got. What the hell's the name of the guy from the wire the main guy from the wire who played with multi. He expects him Robert Dominic West the blues and he played jigsaw and it's the worst performances by character in the he'd tried to but the emailed it in bad it was like he tried too much bad. The act that I had to put up there it was those uncomfortable to watch it on the Syrians do. Do much much last 2009 Ryan we have another Alan Moore movie. Watch men which at Hewlett. This ought to be falls into the same category as like Constantin or blade trinity where I think the initial reaction of the unhappily stakes but in. That's a pretty go to I'd. Margaret yeah I like watchman all spirit I like the movie houses I see it but I think. Again we've talked about as we talk about this would be a couple times in the broadcast I think it's just it's too much like you you can't do this as one moves. Well throw the HBO series is promising but it needs to be there that this is very dense when it needs to be more than a two hour boulder two and half hour movie whoever wants. Yet in this bill also would you have liked the original night owls journals do you get a little bit above the story of it where they came from a ninety. It is more like day its history its delegates alternate history story which is. Actually really cool you know what if this happened and evidence and unbelievable characters. I thought Jackie Earl alias where Shaq was awesome awesome about he'd nailed great Soyuz hurts now before it yeah. And you know I just. I just missed it is too bad because of the Ryder went from three went from 300 and then he did what was that awful movie needed. Global war 300 he did the remake of dawn of the dead which is ago which is good but nobody immediate political adult girls. All sucker parts sucker punch which was like housing mess. Entity comes back we have. I think my tablet etiquette indicate that with watchman or did billion he did. Talk about after what I think you dig the Abbas was all neinsager punches holes after that and I I saw having read. Watchman a couple times and I knew you have Q see now I'm like you know I just. It makes sense that that I I think that's the best they could have done with that source material in one movie. Yeah I met a guy the best part that's the best possible way that it does not getting any better as one movie. That probably right is cast that pretty well and I'm really at a complaints there so. Just confident. Alan Ackerman chicken stuck she was she's. She kind of stunk is. The Specter yeah. Yet but it could have been there. Our 2010. This is one of the surprise on the analyst for May not penetrate armor surprising it being as good as the laws was the first kickass. Yes and I outlook he get to being awful but this this one was. A decent surprising this run Mark Miller daughter muted you'd think they is that you know I I was. Upset with myself that this movie came out and I actually hadn't read the graphic public. All right. So I would I don't know I have another. This Edgar Wright Corey. This is and outlook to name Chloe Moorad there she was she stole the show that she was great. Yes it is also so before he gets to guests do you had to read. 2012 solemn people solve it this is worth seeing it's it's really good. If you like judge dread yet in its like Karl urban as dread and Catherine Olivia some years ago really weird last may. The bureau's data with a hug the young. Would that come into contact yet can't. I'm and a elephant Tom. This is probably what the most underrated movie analyst. Out of this out yet threat check out dread of it yet that you would enjoy this is what if the first hole Sylvester Stallone should have been. But a Pearl Harbor and egg carton of a wrong yes the helmet on the entire will be right. The entire movie. Yeah the the entire movie that he doesn't really think. So that the opposite of my avengers criticism how there was pick in the mask off the south plus the helmet on the entire rules. Like OK so the girl who played Anderson in the movie's name is I keep saying what is your name is Olivia but real beef but it's not it's girl B. OK IR LB why there'll be right. And she's she's great and again another another appearance by a leader Eddie who played mama. I think. You don't. Yeah out to prostitute all up just. Two months I don't that doesn't thirteen you get to gas to experts that sucked. 2014 you get sin city a dame to kill four. Veep maybe the most disappointing moving on the list of sin city it was you out all five. They were say they're gonna make a sequel. They didn't until nine years later than they did and it's Sox against the shot the same way so it's the look the same here but it is awful. And it is that this is this an example of like. Stay in your lane Blake I think this is direct written and directed by Frank Miller yeah. And it's like you know what frank Blake you're an amazing writer he can't direct you need Robert Rodriguez he needs somebody could remember he did look at this beer or they would yes. Seated yes the spears who is one yet and that's those bats of this was bad. They swapped out Josh parole and in Clive 01 out now's. It just it was not good 2015. Are really good kings and the Secret Service the first thing I'd really good. Snuck up on it if you look at delegated to the Vietnam like deliberately looked at. That good I don't know I thought I'm like oh yeah I would. So there's there's only HBO or one of those things of what I'll watch it elect spotlighted nine Nazi this sooner some would get them and. Because of that I'm still going with this rumor I'm on board with parent edited playing the red hood. I'm on board with OK I don't I don't indicated played equity playing. I got dot I got Michael B Jordan. Oh yes I don't think he'd get we can do it now I think he's too big time who was at the standalone red hood movie. Yes that's what the world needs and people Donald fantastic Ford now it on black panther I don't think he's gonna do it. What the threat that standalone. But what the debate here's an idea if that's. By Oprah sitting down 2016. Dead pool which we both really love to pull to visibly a topic next week and if you wanna hear everything we have say about that pool. We have on YouTube right now but a lot of the short of it is hilarious. Very violence. Reviews of swears but if you're gonna make a movie rated. You might as well eighty Blakey. And I love. The American people relate Dominica I don't know does it work and Ryan Reynolds fighting for like seven years to get this moving made in the finally do and it's. The original dot I hope. I hope the dimpled too is. Two thirds of it as good as the original iPad that's all we wouldn't you know. In high regard I think of that movie I hope that it's just a fraction of that. I'd done it with cable it would domino. My I think it's going to be just as. I think there's a good chance. Peter and hit and it Peter who has you can edit it after the live show he's going to be dead boring it's the grounds of that I play. A couple of animated movies on this list quickly pap and the killing joke which was horrible. Justice League dark which was fine but it's not don't run around see it but if it's available to you check it out again to a constant team like some of those characters yet 2017. At. Probably the best more on this let's run that B Logan. Question no question it's a bad movie on awesome again if you're gonna make a movie rated. It went with all these super heroes what they do lake dead pool kills people he's not bad days are gonna save on like he's killing people Wolverine. When he's pissed off he's gonna kill people and there's. I still think the scene that when it. EO they show up to try to take the girl they in and so it's mostly. X 23 fighting but that's also Wolverine in the at a capitol compound there. That might be my favorite comic book movie scene of all time. I got a good one I love it I love the one where you create your goes into little goes into what it is spelled B having expelled all the hotel and the hotel yeah he'd like. Over lake Logan in slow motion like stabbing someone like him aside and head off our hands on the ballot ought. Just so. It really is it's it's the best movie got snubbed at the Academy Awards it was just. It's an incredible story it's well acted the the action and the violence. Is incredible because. I don't know lake so it was a Q want somebody like choreographed fight scenes like. Are you go down you jump over that are gonna block this country to block the sponsors like he has. Out of it didn't clause he can go right there your brain if he wants do and he got its. It's people like accurately and often it's just brutal and an awesome and just. But it occurred gut read my gut punch that in the end you know. Public idea so that you also last year got. The sequel to king's men the other gold circle I haven't seen yet but I've heard of art it's pretty gathered it's like you like the person like this one. And then a couple of other. Animated movies that came out this year. Batman Gotham by gaffes like not that that's their Jack the Ripper story it was and I wanted to cut. And that's when I've not seen suicide squad helped the pain that's animated. Yeah delegate committed. Batman and which is not rated. Venom later on in the year that's going to be rated. Hell boy with David Harbour from stranger things that comes out next year that's rated. The probe reborn which has since the working title that's next year spawned the and then how well this silver and black which is going to be a silver sable and black cat movie comes out here. I think it's that I thought on the Internet that's that's rated. About that below the eyebrow idea of our top five's best of of this list. But it taught by best of this list amid a direct analyst broke yup. Obviously Logan yep. Blade two up. To read yup. Intensity. Yeah my list looks very similar out of diploma unless go low. When it if there. There's a surprising amount of good ones on the person should ones but I Logan's sin city dead pool are my top three no questions asked. Blade one and blade two in the row are all probably. In the mix out what the the first king's men. Is probably knock on the dorm room into a hurricane that church scene makes a please vote yet yes it did yet that it. Are the worst movie or movies. Guy killed four yet up there since and. The punish their AD any punish your movie other than this series yet it is on pressure. Barbed wire and that's probably the first of its. Yeah or I would today be. Gaudin who is by the. Kick ass too. You. Are what character or comic book series would you like to see specifically within our rating. I would look to see an. But somehow in the air or I would love to see it moon night rated arm. Who very well done now is also a monolith. Known as some analysts what about Red Hook. Favorite but I think I'll tell you court edu deficit. And I trotted out a way to. At the side that like the classic look and listen to me well I'll. Yeah be reduced and original swamping movie which I don't it was nudity but I don't want it would be good or they did they live action Justice League dark. Now because radar out with Wisconsin he danced lumping together. With the blood moon night. I also and I know we're gonna make the movie I don't vote in the radar probably won't be. And maybe special would that Florio public death stroke having his own yet though because it was pretty good. If if the person killed people. If I can happen pretty much has the the rate that but I would love for them to do to god the god of city sirens another movie getting made the accurate are. The that the now would be to our movie. What about the boys we've talked about the apple for oh yes that's going to be Betemit he's here that's in the series. But it better be MA it better yeah I'll take a page satellite preachers. Yeah he had that's actually you know what I think about the boys would be good movie beat two months I'll be there wasn't a good series they would preacher or I love that team and although the superior to be indicative in the hotel and they go on in Guatemala. That out of my favorite comic book moments. Well when we did the episode on failed comic book movies one of home was the green arrow a state from super Max. If you were gonna make that now would that give grated garlic if him going up against sauls builds maybe haven't he'll couple that green arrows are opposed to telling people to be Aston. It's much. It definitely should have been and actually on this list at least suicide squad. And Batman v.s Superman like director's cuts were radar but it's like this off that we're the united mean Rocco the blues about buckled back effort it's a little bit better bottom of stomach on back. Art anything else on the. No there what Jamal what beat him movies like this is not a comprehensive list but feel like it's probably a couple we missed that. Definitely check ego yeah out the rules don't overlook all of a lot of people up for by the way number one with a bullet in the worst list I. The killing joke so Ben Ali that you don't bet you'll play killing joke was like one of the best Batman stories ever. Minute turned it into like weird port knows that weird porn via the. It's. Our Roddick to kick received defer or defend the goal. I know received this week all right I want to think that sought today. But that's the type sticker I think it just came out this week the trailer for the queen will be bohemian rhapsody starring ready Malick is Freddie Mercury. Out yeah we just we split up the posts are just yesterday. You have to keep it either it he's. Amazing as Freddie Mercury that you get the tee and everything and like it looks really good days ago back and had a bad we didn't get in the movie draft but like. It looks good. Speaking of movies draft we are not doing well here early on. I've but tout Perry's acrimony was and a lot bigger thicker. Arteries. Support of the poor choice. They've they've all been poor but we got dead pool this week that's our movies though. Make some hay on non temple. So here's a show that I just started watching it was actually recommended to me by my radio cohost dale Arnold and it's a netbook show. I can't confirm that the whole thing is great it's eight episodes I've only seen two. But to Netflix series called safe. It's the dude from Dexter. And it's got like like the broad church feel even though I've seen all night and I don't want that that's amazing that one of those gonna whodunit it's like possibly miss him what the what's going on. Two episodes imam walked the come in IKEA went to watch the rest of its OK good we don't talk about. He does he does a good show what he sees want to check out a movie safe city and Eliot. That's the key for dale or keep trezeguet vitriol about Riverdale of the of the goo idea and so. I think he likes I think he's coming around the river bill. But by the way I caught up I'm all the way back you know Riverdale awesome. It's just it's an absolute mass but it's that's a good time. On one particular idea that I am watching Q development make it to another pick that ought to do is I finally started watching Atlanta. All add. That Ivins in the season the first season assault. Well I am convinced and Dave by the wayside they'll be early reports from solo star or story that it's. Great and Donald La dog lovers still as you know when I don't know surprised that nobody right but I'm convinced that this kid can do no wrong at this point so. It's a funny when somebody I OJ give credit SI news is there of the NetSuite those gimmick a million retreats but somebody sets of them like. Kind GA west. Thinks he's Donald Glover let's yet. Not a lover or do I do you get graphic nick let the big guys that you're in at that is to shut up like this guy the genius let him let him do all the talking and although whatever he wants to do. Right it's what you think doubled to work week. Started that's right yes there's going to be another dork later on this week or maybe for listen this now maybe it's available now but before the end. This week. It's gonna be all things New England the year we're gonna have a couple of beer experts in here Josh steering and will Woodward will ball but on previous. Hash tag torque episodes of days gone by NATO everything personal about Biersch they're going to be in for a break it down sort of sort of a little niche within and it's I guess for a decent but a little bit different but the double the work week so other beer episode will be out. Soon. And next week of course will be dead pool too so I'm very acceptable to get it you don't see it goes to spoiler free at the beginning and middle full. Heavy spoilers as well. I can't wait you can rate review at the scrap on the iTunes hash tag to work. You cannot hit this up on Twitter at dork podcast. You can email stork podcast at gmail.com. And run you two would set a few new videos uploaded YouTube dot com slash dork podcast. The people just laugh all you right. That our quality on any and all social media I'm trying to get this thing up and running we're trying to like so. Essentially got the PC now that particular part and put it back together that's gonna kind of be my summer project but it's working right now. This is trying to I mean like it worked for now there's certain things they have to get done with it so would try to keep that stream up and going again. Lot of ins and outs Lotta what have these but. Are going to be joining you know questions. I think I I think I know what the are are locked out should be now on the podcasts. Asbestos is the sorrow killer. It is a ballot killer I'm actually yet but I live in a very old building ominous bested this is around well while a great flame retardant. Not great for the lungs. Now so. So sector where ticket out of an ace is the place with a helpful hardware folk you got it.