#DORK 69: Best Love Scenes

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, June 12th
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey celebrate the 69th episode of #DORK on WEEI by discussing the most memorable love scenes in movies, TV, video games, and comics.  Plus Davey breaks down E3 in a massive Davey’s Video Game Minute. Twitter: @DORKpodcast

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If the door. Marquez. Is the door to Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty has is that it's my dorm blog cash. Day to tune into another episode of hash tag nor my name is rich keep Joseph and as always by Ryan Davey Davey we're back. We feel good to be back and welcome back in the United States America Richard thank you very. Much I was at parts unknown. AKA Barbados. You couple are paid those there was like hey take a look at my bags not true what happened was this loyalty behind the the key household curtain. We don't normally get money back in taxes this year we did and we said let's actually do something with it to the Barbados for a week and it was lovely Patrick a lot of rom. Listen a lot of Rihanna and just had a really nice time. I should have invested in a PS before you went doesn't onscreen before he went down there. Yeah I burn hot guy Hebert I got on burn I did a pretty good job staying out of the sun unless those swimming. One of those guys that. Just stay in the umbrella in mind my own business because they can be. They can be bad form you saw firsthand ulcer. It's a little while I was I was just about but the only person more susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun but you is me. Recent never quite a week we come from a very very similar background. Yet they keep Davey despite name you can probably sense that were not great with decided that we get ready rebrand ourselves as the sunburn Brothers. The third fair envoys. Developed at the bio wheeled out with a sunburn boys ride there is so much to get to it is. Happy 69 episode here at WEEI first of all. Then eighth. Days yes we've had a 69 episode before we're not gonna let that pass so we're going to be doing best in fact the title of the episode as best love scenes. I'm more. Most memorable. Love scenes from movies TV video games in comic books. We also have Holland to get to in Davies video game minute coming up in just a moment with. And that's he was still going on as we record the podcast right now. But first let's catch you up on this week in dork. Brian let's start with a news and everybody is waiting for oceans eight as the number one movie at the box office this weekend. And greatly in what a global view that we can smoke flow we give the movie Iowa. Backwards. And other news. The week at the Halloween trailer the Danny McBride. Written. Halloween that trailer which we have that out at dork podcast this. This will be. Your thoughts on this movie just based off of that two and a half minute trailer. I mean we can do to Australia before. Yeah really looks good and the trailers have burned as the force subtle little leery of this now correct me if I'm wrong but didn't like that equal to the original. Correct there of like four different Halloween time lines you have. 12456. You have Wanda sue an H two O and resurrection. You have to you Rob Zombie. One and two and both remakes of the rob summit Tom line in this one is of one that. And then this one which is important because. The second Halloween Halloween too. Which takes place like that night but it's literally right after the events of Halloween one is how into. But they're gonna go a different direction at least what it looks like with the trailer everything. Rather than going to deepen the Michael Myers Baxter that I like he's related to worst road and I got the sisters just to kill sister Linda. I feel like wearing a moral like he's just the bogey man Bob. Okay yeah I didn't yet because he's he's locked up but he blocked up them like this weird prison. Because yes and so it's been years and years and years had so Jamie Lee Curtis is in this movie but also. This is if you just watched the original which is almost the may be a perfect horror movie. The there's no connection between Michael Myers and Laurie strode there's not. And so that's they have more to play with here that had they included two in the continuity so I'm our country. A country. Like UNDP. Yeah damn skippy. For wracked Iraq now available on Netflix right that's goodness. Yeah I did I was talking to you guys that you're out of the country but I was we're texting about it. Senator Dick Beatty talked. We just didn't watch any of the appellate stuff I'll yeah just something I jumped right from like the war to Hulk. You know and and in court and I was good that the good 45 minute movie in in worth your time. But I really like Helen as you know how really really did for me. I thought it impressed them. Bush's is that nobody remembers music that whole scene like that kind of dragged let's get. The middle like awesome stuff. Shifts at the smoky eyes go oh yeah that the smoke is I'd ever seen on film. It's up there as far as smoky eyes are concerned. Also a Netflix right now Ryan is a true crime. Documentary series called the staircase have you gotten on the staircase yet. Not yet up people a book about this but I I just haven't been given Netflix true crime angle right dislodged evil genius yeah I saw as to Alan. Yeah I want stated in its. It's like or. Like a rounded hour episodes do you like four hours this stuff and it if it was a two hour movie it would have been off. Got sort of like yeah two months twice as long as it had to be. So the staircase is fascinates and again if you like making a murderer do you like any of those type ones. I would highly recommend this I'm not finished them I think halfway through right now. But as a bonus Ryan I think the plan is a bonus episode of hash tag dork next week we're gonna bring back our. Hash tag dork resident attorney Nicole who's also my sister in law. And we're gonna discuss the staircase. It's cute very active on Twitter have I'm sure if you if you interacted with her on Twitter she loves to. Like give me some noise from time to. Yes I got her her running gags you guys shoots all over the daily video game meant for some reason. If you look at this thing it fits your behalf episode this week that. Good luck to her but we're gonna do outlook to a regular episode would mean Davey and all the bells and whistles the runner dual side episode on the staircase so. If you're watching it now know the red if you're not watching it you're looking for something to get in on I would recommend it there at thirteen episodes and they're all about 45 minutes of size that's not the full hour seek got a shock on two or three in a row will be easier. That's the news on the staircase season for a ride of Fargo. Will go into production in the fall of 2019. That too long to. Hear from all yet that's the production and put it on a separation not know or not. Late in continuity like each season standalone. That's a long time I guess there were asked about like what do they know what's going on and they said they have a year a city in a location. Well here's what I'm thinking that I'm just I didn't know about it until you put it on on the outlines those thinking about it. I am correct me if I'm wrong but Jesse Clemens and Kirsten Dunst just had a child together. They are they were seen to middle and we have no they just electric acted yet another public respect out because payment and it. And this being a NS Clemens. And it's Clemens yet anyway so maybe Lagarde what they're doing it that maybe they're bringing them back. You know give it some time in a story Cambodia saying in the mid bring them back for Fargo may be. Able survive this season they did well. It did Dowdell one of my favorite dialect that is but he used book by the butcher shop. Post season to right yet I season three with knock guided not likes and three season one was fantastic season two was also fantastic. Ride ex im rain. Did he didn't see it as. Apparently the they'll come out. Called the Bermuda Triangle. And Ryan Reynolds is set to star in the film where he will battle sharks vikings and Nazis. So. Get ready there yet that. Now the gods still universe is considering a mosque throne and king. Should who was this king to throw Laura wood yeah. Standalone movies for both of those fassel's your thoughts. So I am hearing that. Test screening for the new got Villa. But it's public ability to marxism like that in lake testing really well okay. Oh I didn't lighting cared for I didn't care for the last month or the last two well. Com and there's going to be in the it did just waited to be would occur wrong. But Villa crossover. Yes that's the plan anyway so. It's probably a bit better than the dark universe which is already folded after one mummy movie. So as far as. I would go marble. DC. God zillow. Dark universe by radar and I'd rank the crossover events. They had such wished they had such an opportunity with a dark universe to bring back all legal monsters. Away. Doctor Jekyll mr. Hyde could do all kinds of stuff and then like Dracula. Movie wolf man out of wolfman but. Great creature lack look at usher because of I did it mean. Now right out the listeners sitting down because we have an absolute ton to unpack here. 2008. This has. Even the man. Oh yeah well it's certainly well this week Ryan. You how we wanted to order a candlelight protest outburst well let me mention if you pro you can regain nerd out there please go to visit our friends at illusion grips that illusion. Ludicrous that detailed dot com they. They love to have you so don't go check them out the most affordable video game controller grips on this Richard is going to be. A doozy there is a lot to unpack what is the best thing for me to do was break it down by console them. All right so it'll do it in the order in which they appeared so. What was it Sunday night. It's an and I were Xbox had in Microsoft had their big conference. And so we got a look at some gains as halo games and which we got a cinematic trailer for no gain play out of there is gonna be another halo title which. You know great. People are so played halo was good for you crackdown read. Wish Sony and Microsoft did this really weird thing where they were showing gains. That were crossed console games. Oh. They had a couple title to their on the they were very proud of but then they showed things like. Crackdown briefer instances in Microsoft's with the game and then it showed things like the division to. And devil may cry five. And this game called anthem which is made by BioWare who did all of the mass effect games which is basically just destiny of jet packs. This country with that it on the tree and that kind of thing but the big there are two Richard deep gears of war titles. Coming out for us saw that. Soviet geared to five which is a female protagonist that I'm and we don't always feel about email protected. Apparently the owner Robert battlefield Alia they'd area. I'll say this about myself. Before over launch which I've definitely invested more hours and playing like a multiplayer shooter game might have more will watch anything else. But prior to that the record holder for me would have to be gears of war and maybe a combination the first three I played the shoe that gears of war. Did and you played them longer than Mel most people that you were well it's already reelect. It's still playing gears when people would note new call of duty. Why had a good crew my cousin and like two or three of his friends so we would team up and we play for hours and hours and hours and then. I would also that you would sort of get used to the controls you would play the single campaign mode which responds he played out he got. And then you play the the debt co op for all of forever as there's also our elected. Not yet but so I mean they're exciting mean we're excited Selig is in on here's title back that night. Much thought I decided the next governor presentation and it wasn't anything that was mine blowing to me that. It was good and then the next night Richard you have beaten gets blowing PlayStation four. But he PlayStation. Conference yeah O'Donnell doesn't mean that slap your right. Which it would started off hot with them showing game play and the more footage from the last of us to do I do away which. If you don't buy it like I was talking about it on which last night like the little things. That naughty dog does in their teams that like you don't notice in the time. Like you're. The particular take it step academic really watch and appreciate what they're doing like there was little things like Ellie is I think Elliott could be the main character in this one so let's etiquette. She gets shot in the shoulder and then like kind of staggers. Like in the way she got shot yeah I mean and then there was one scene relate she shot somebody in the state. And instead of just having like there's generic lake head exploding things like that you could actually see the bullet hole like the person's cheek but where it. It's all the little things like that. The last of us more of those games and late in just about wants out last night it's one of those years were like you you compared to another game on the same console and your like. Houses houses both PlayStation four games but it looks almost infinite the other. Yes so getting into that so it good segue there because they didn't have a a game called the goat since achievement which was they but I like it samurai and open world samurai game. Which looks amazing and I was saying again like the com the what's gonna make or break is into the DP in game play footage but what's gonna make or break this is. Became bad the control. I don't know how to control gonna work but in combat game like that like if you have bad control set up like a disparate it drew became. Oh and I forgot to mention the Xbox David haven't written down. (%expletive) embattled coach is back. Oh yes I'm glad you brought that up you loved battle toads they don't like oh that's right you hate battle toads. It high school David I've played a ton Nintendo Wii that it with the emulator so we had just every game that we played a ton of really everything will play a lot I didn't really take part in Balco that played a couple times like this is for me meanwhile they've misplayed it got very far in the game. That he gets the scene where anybody who's played the battle those familiar with. You had a race or wrap seemed innocent enough. Put the (%expletive) rat is impossible. To beat anything it. Does this say there are their lists of most difficult teams of all time for any console in battle toads constantly. Gets into the top ten. It constantly does because again unless you have an and you later there's no way you can beat this game even if you do it came near impossible like I had elect. There are times you do like the speeder bike level you remember but I had to like part of it and like stand up in my distraction that took but I got through that now I have to remember that what's coming next. And any if you would still couldn't do it and look at rat which had to raise doubt it was one of those things that you had to bring down I've tried I tried it every member of ways. They just couldn't do it I did. They did people who would be built owed millions ever ever there was eight child that we went school with who claimed he never lost that monopoly they lose one of his most outrageous claim yeah. And we're like aren't worried PP totally fortunately people that he beat battle those afflicted kids is part of liar like the TV battle though typical got. Catastrophes hit that the threat if the announcements. Guys are risk rise like forget about Orton aren't. If there's been no way the big dogs don't monopoly. Yet so goes as you see the looks really good out of the game called control which is basically like your professor expects road blocks and stuff around the people. Tom there was some weird and I was I was saying to elected the VR thing I'm glad that Sony didn't really push their BR because. And until that has that become less cumbersome with the wires that you were they never show they showed on the commercial all the time but that is like neat little package. The amount of wires that goes into these things is ridiculous. I they were right we we talked about this months ago were like wait and let. That work the kinks out get a few more games like they're not we're not ready yet for good VR. Yet not yet but this nobody is so. The other things so base completely re booted Resident Evil to which is one of them I would say the best Resident Evil game yet and they need it. In the immediate look like Resident Evil forward more over the shoulder instead of like top down but medical. And then it. India quote human game debt straightening bishops and game played that they'll listen I don't know. Is going on with this game and I people are gonna talk about how how much of a genius he is how wonderful this game isn't how beautiful it is. And meanwhile like you're carrying around a beat is that lake gives you thumbs up like every now and then they help. I'll like that all ethnic earlier. Over the guy that we talked to you that they gave battled the fetus from comic con the Bible defeatism. That you wish he would love this game he probably what is this mechanism put in the navy like I think. Thanks so what they showed the game plays just like you're walking around like a backpack and Mike packages. The bet picnic amount of the notes in outlook but I will last thirty seconds and and and there was some weird VR game from the people who make cloud dark souls and blood borne which looks like a Tea Party with the Victorian era Tea Party look at the map out there. Sure yeah and and and ended the coup d'etat these beat crown jewel of PlayStation what they actually showed. A deep cinematic game play and it had a demo after out of Spiderman. Miles and yes it's look. The ball that does so they open up in the senior on the raft. Like you do visited jailbreak on the raft which houses the maximum marvel maximum security prison out in the middle Leo we. They even referred to in both the MCU movies but they'll surfer to it in. Jessica Jones season to this does that what they're match in the raft and it was a big part of this civil war comment. Yes it was so it was so that despite demands on the raft and we get a look at five of what we can now consider. The sinister six. And you don't see the sixth person it. So that's getting his green goblins that lemmings and me you know so I've but. Well because I know Norman Osborne in the game but then people were I was looking on Twitter and people they had a hands on demo station in Mexico and play a demo of the game. And people are likely the first thing you do which played Spiderman game if you find the Empire State Building in climate. Or take a look around. And someone biblical little screen shot of it and the avengers tower is in the game. Follow. Though that is so that's exciting that is you yes he's the yet so there's this looked awesome from what I've heard of am hearing it's like super smooth. Like. It just be you feel like a superhero of some of civic read out of the gate would you like it's it's awesome and introduce. On the the combat and the swinging like when they issued and it's just a perfectly. Like polished game so I'm really excited. So from everything you've seen so far for. The date Spiderman in the last of it the right up the top yelling don't those look awesome. I really liked the way super smash Brothers looks to smash the development I like about looked. Homage huge band. That hit and theories. That looked really good off fallout obviously followed 76 look incredible. I know that's five right now but visit lake there's some dark horse teams here that looks really good what are those called jump force which is lake. If you played any of the dragon balls the fighting games like this one of those but it's like every enemy character you can think of those of that that looks actually kind of fun let's would be in on that. Super smash brother or smash Brothers ultimate rather call it is gonna have every single character that has ever been in a smash Brothers game. And more ready dad I think I'd mention it there adding the Belmont while. So from Pennsylvania which would be really cool. I would not I would love and I think it's weird this but I would love if tact in ever. Brought back at others and attack in seven or govern not too long ago but if they got every single character for every tech game that would be the best thing ever. Everybody Obama commented like Mortal Kombat deadly it'd kind of the same thing they have like this. Robust that the characters and every once a while there did you like oh here's five more yep I was slightly more journey that would be just keep eating fresh. What do justice to did that to justice to have some characters and it would add mail are processed. Until I watched Nintendo's conference today and that they're hoping to seems to be like hey we get this now. You know to me like it's being there's no really like good new titles other than smashed there was inevitably chronicles visit new Mario party. For Mac in all of this supposedly friends you know like Mario party. Speaking of that so Bob Mackie do every week they do a the good news UC six pack. Usually do with other people's well and they that a top six of whatever they want until last week of a Mac group podcast they did. A Nintendo 64 draft which is a great idea so they had three guys do it a draft they drafted ten. And 64 games. And Ryan. Felt there were a lot of snubs so you did they are Von DJC six pack. It's he could check that out on iTunes on Mac and do or we can also check out on our YouTube page Davey has six underrated and 64 games. So check that out YouTube dot com slash or podcast and feel free to leave a comment on there. About which ones you also feel like are underrated. So and 64 in the news this this past week. It is yet to declare fight to be the ones that I don't if I were to do the draft with a much certainly wouldn't have drafted them but there were mentioned they're good enough to worth mentioning. That's a little bit over the underrated I'll obviously imitate (%expletive) gold mine and yet as as you would say the ORACLE Arena of. Well in those. I think we knew what he's talking about Mac can't be the best draft in my eyes. It as far away the best I mean he but you know I think they drafted like ten as many as thirty alive. I have five or six games had Mario in the at or above in four of them had Mario in the title. That so what does this mean. So I mean that they mean there's a lot of stuff but that the came out a lot a lot of good stuff does it do sequel this Wolfenstein people who read sequels that they're doing some really cool thing is there's now this guy or more which you can predict future an adventure that you can play with Alexa. It's called this tyrant very special edition that he'd repeal those are his. Yet military the army is just a lot I mean this it's still go out onto the next few days so this stuff that word. Not gonna mention. The local giveaways students have now they did it big for black outs or with Billick au were re doing these maps from all the old black cup series. And if you had. Black ops three like you get this Expansion Pack for free and people are like well what do we do we didn't get black out theory and the like oh. It's a bonus game on PlayStation network now you can download for free well. So I think he just just because it's free I got black out three and now I get early access to it this Expansion Pack it in also read on for me. Things are not all right what do you. Off topic had do you remember what the Spiderman. And or the last of us release dates are. Spiderman I know it in September a back it's like three months away the lap of the believing in November a in November is gonna be the Christmas season is going to be packed we've I think the last of us all out. And Mike. Rage to it all come out like mess that's a lot of a lot of the rules to the lie and they always do this to calm. So there was 10 yes so bill the last thing I'll mention is Ubisoft came out in the air doing the magical things the crew to it may have. I knew that was pre game Odyssey which takes place in ancient Greek. Meant it this huddles assassin's creed games really smacks me they just did nothing new. I don't try to look at that I saw I saw the the game play footage and there's a huge battles like 300 vs 300 or ever O 1515 the generalist. I asked that's not really for me I like Al lately actually battles like I liked the assassin killing that was fun. But anyway but it is there ever gonna be another Grand Theft Auto game. Well definitely red dead. Certainly we haven't seen any of that stuff yet and I guess rock steady and announce what they're with two bigger game but they've been keeping all. (%expletive) yeah you tweet that out so they obviously did the Batman series. Early saw the good law actually out there were all gonna open they didn't do what draws origins. They didn't get it into our court and those Warner bros and sounds pretty good but anyway it is pretty good but it wasn't coming out here so they aren't there yet. Dave had eight Twitter poll they said which superhero would you most like this the rocks that he game of in the options were Superman Wonder Woman the flash in green arrow. Green arrows got to be the answer green is popular around shoot arrows all the different trick carols are he has that game. Every bit Bibby escape from super Max would be the game. All right RB crumble like our yes you did it make it more different that arc of asylum but likes like that and be off. When you run across like every. The DC villain in the world again. Want all plot afoot to flash forget kind of boring McKee is it good at village roads gallery but I feel like if you're just super speed guys decked kind of redundant. Get boring Superman is boring. In your face Superman fans. But I mean that's that's more than enough for you to you wanted to DBB a game minute and if you're checking ID three. Like just keep going you know it's it's not done yet there's a lot of game developers are gonna do some side stuff that'd their comeuppance so that it. I shoot us so she does that sweet outdoor podcaster in emails to our podcast at gmail.com games you're looking for two weeks that are a check on YouTube page on that. All that nonsense Ryan. This is the 69. Episode. Here on hash tag dork on the WEEI side of things so we thought about a very mature podcast. Let's not ignore the elephant in the room which is. 69. Let's do best love scenes and because some people think we're too focused on movies we're gonna run again or do running. Television. Comics video games are you ready for that they're all it also happens to be the topic that you're. It. Our topic of the day it's back. Love scenes edit let's say most memorable record rank gum in the Republican had done that but were not sought to sort of ping pong back and forth some of the most memorable love scenes let's start with movies. And worker away from there how would I like him again. Obviously I have witnessed some of my favorites. Well that's all time at zero on the and there are there's some legendary one and the one that people always are gonna go to Q is that the scene. With Annette Campbell and Denise Richards and while things or Susan Koehler and Steely Dan Ryan. That's good that's what you wanna call good Palmer name. And I think it's good for our adolescence I think either of the ski movie came out like 95 to 96 or 97. No I don't know I think he's. I wanna sing 98. Our revenue and a will be there quick story about the league does create it makes sense I remember vividly. Where I saw this movie and with whom I saw this in the I believe I believe Bryant I was an eight trade. Rocket to mention their names but I lovely girlfriend of course they did it she had a friend as well I was friends who have. Literally the three of us saw this movie at the the south willow street movie theater in Manchester, New Hampshire. The grip with it now if that is right so the three of us got dropped off probably buyer parents because you are old. So we're it was a boot that they want a strict fro like a two we know on and then they crack down like after death but. The three of us going and we're sitting down watching wild things the scene comes on and they're talking about the need to researchers have gambles in the pool which is great. But then the scene where you re introduce Sam Lombardo. As portrayed by Matt Dillon you see the three that get together. I did my eyes couldn't invent any bigger. Just my allies now probably not a math and output. Does put him back and forth that the two ladies and Mike this is the greatest thing of all time. And it happened this that there aren't other note skewed this could actually be happening and like stop it like well why. Look at the good part about we talk about this week to discuss it. His parents or won't be home tonight slightly lower to pull this off. Yep what a moment but while things there's a couple in the. What a terrible movie. What do waited tell people what a terrible Brian a lot of. Twists and turns. Up old. Boot up who'd done it yet you got. He didn't ripped out that who's the mastermind behind this there's also a sneaky good love scene. The love and quotes between the did like that's the end. No I'm just slapping balls. They're dead the movie itself. That movie is great it was definitely in my collection when it background like 300 dvds. It or a lot of positive that it also on my list right Catherine Trammell and nick has some very intense love scenes. Yes the wild things and base against the group both be very high on Ellis also a latency is is we discussed this on previous episode. Unfaithful. The movie with Diane Lane. Well yeah I didn't either elect my boy the fridge is is that you'd like. He Hewlett Diane Lane Bryant a key part public policies that. Egypt needed like a mount Rushmore steel smooch like Diane Lane would be is like a blink. Oh good for him I that I respect the hell out of that you can still vote for Diane laying god bless yeah. Superman's mom. Stuff back. Day you know Avago just want to I I always like this one four. But because I believe it bring it it is a part of the male brain that you know we can really talk about dominion sought onscreen you're like all right. That's the scene from American Psycho what you like doing his thing. It is looking in the mirror at all times like he didn't care about like it did the girls is that just like checking himself out. Yeah he tells the dead in the bathroom bath tub and wash themselves. Yet outlaw yeah yeah yeah I want to create a committee to get there with don't just stare at it heated. In that's the barrel at the most wretched thing in the world elect. This team received ignited paid attention to him and just like I don't know he could care less what they are there yet he did quick point got a himself encased like dad that the mile. What unintentionally funny. Yeah but horrifying at the same time. Listening to his his tunes which is accessed through Mike. I've a couple Bob really funny once they did the funniest one of all time in my mind is in the Gruber. I do you're gonna that would delay you have valid. You this movie. First I love the movie everybody's loose on the podcast for half a second knows I'm obsessed with the Gruber I love it I couldn't recommended anymore however. The love scene in this was bill hardest I laughed in the entire movie which sets and there's a lot of like red faced tears in the guy's ego like re wind because you miss stuff funny and but the love scene and they set it up perfectly. It's a group Bert and then it is Vicki saint Elmo played by Kristen Wiig and they're having a really tender moment you start to get like some really sweet music are up. They're playing broken wings by mister mister. Yes it is a 100% Brooke links could call. And they're talking and it and it's very likely slow and like they're both the air he's been really smooth and she's just like oh my god it is it's gonna happen. Then she said this that this is delighted that the opening up she goes. I'm a virgin. Any liens and he says not for long. Edit cut them on the bed in a full sweat collect. 888888. Like really hard sweating honor and then he's screaming interfaith he's gonna spill in the. He eats eat the way they cut it it's un believable. And I guess like in the deleted scenes stuff to make the outtakes. He was just you dubs also worked out that he was literally sweating all over he said he felt terrible Felix what it all workers the wait. I think she's trying out the lap that she's like like moving your head like try to not get to rip on Mike on our youth is like the skeptic but he's. He says something else to tour events she tries the tar thirty cities that don't go to that and it's it's like. It's the best and there's also another scene where my Gruber is having sex admire Rudolph in the graveyard. Also a very funny scene. Also very good at if it goes back to put a call back like that being which is yet which is. Belichick said a minute set it up so perfectly when they have a bit like low eighties. GM definitely beat this commission part I'd like to cut the music is broke it. It's our sound like anybody at the a person could make we'll have exactly. You have not seen Magruder I would say please please do yourself a favorite like David do 99 or whatever. Now I'd like we kinda ruined it but the move is not for a long time and it's still good but you've got to get you got to see that part it's it's a. Personally I would say in terms of funny sex scenes she's in one. Where in bridesmaid resin with John camp which is actually which is actually pretty funny too yeah that's a little Balkans Philip Glass dispute it. It was simply grab their booties she's like probably. The the other buddy went through another funny one Edmonton obviously. Team America. The puppet. All the sex montage between Darian Lisa Kudrow. Off the charts they do every do you every single position you can think of and then come and sound that you have not follow. Yeah that did this all over to a point. Oh yeah I had yes. The only other. Well in early two legitimately funny one that would hey is struck train wreck with John Xena went. I really care for Amy Schumer that much of that movie was actually pretty funny and John you know it was like when he's like I'm an acute human. Oh Alia anti funny DOS it was if full Packers funny also a super bad when the glove and finally has sex. He's up the basic needs is that it is. That a fifth or that she's like to studies that they get to Bodine and the right. If you like hands are like a condom in like the lubricant from before it's just it's hysterical. Tom the other one too so there had two more for funny one the heartbreak kid to the scene that Malin Akerman. Who also I would put it a categorically worst sex scene ever in watchman. Yeah actually I'm gonna get to that one in comics thing it's a good addicts sexy and it's not a great. Movie sexy. No and and heartbreak kid she's just given it. You know Ben Stiller and and ended it. Is there going to the betterment making terrible noted civil spoil it gives them a guy got a tip the other yet sort of the my buddy wants it's safer for movies. Another good one was the dead pull montage the first dead pool. Got a real Erica it was. Marina backer and by the way it would have to be in some kind of like door call fame. Based off being in firefly and serenity. Dead pool and they both not a great show she's engulf them like so that is more hold posse and firefly guest is a golf. She's married to Jim Gordon from Gotham and he wants to play catwoman in the worst way he should be tell him great as well Tom you're gut. Couple of the worst ones I would say that I have for movies showgirls the one in the pool that is just so uncomfortable I thought you see a blanket an awful. She probably did some New Orleans and he doubled urban legend treated me it's stuck together like that it ask import. Yeah let's ask some sort of suction pocket she does get stuck together and well come into Alexander with called Terrell and Rosario Dawson and garlic or against each other in. Real weird. I'm Alan Ackerman and watchman parity mention and then our production. Yes yes no talks about that is enough operate at. Lea Thompson got. A little duck and the last that I mentioned for worst obviously is in baton in the killing joke between Barbara Gordon and persuade that was. They're not supposed to have sex. Now that's growth they get older we have a special category for this Richard that AP I asked I would do my outlast and that's yeah but yeah. And her pick for worst sex scene of all time she said that with a straight face anything involving mega deal. Of god the whole movie of secretary. Ended TV anything from the deuce. It could call it debt that is terrible. Yes good movies TV doesn't matter anything with. I like it she's not wrong odd couple others are just mentioned yet he you nailed it ain't. I said I denoting. Natalie Portman Mila Kunis in Black Swan. Race. This this just the moving dawn girl. I let you have the movie it was. I didn't love the movie but there's a scene as the spoiler I guess for go on girl with anybody terrorist. The girl that is supposed to beat gone by guest in this case she has sex would Neil Patrick Harris. And like ashes have XX who have she kills. So it's like it's pretty intense but I wanted to add that that was a sure we've missed the Bonser again that tweet us. Email us whatever it takes there's a lot of other good sex scenes I'm sure all of the other thing I thought and our daily key producer Andy. You say that another subcategory could be movies it is Kyle like teased you in the sense that he thought it was going to be. Like sex filled Ehrlich super sexy a bit awhile since. I got to do it goes right up to pop out glad. Coyote ugly. Yes big time. Stripped. Sorties. Yeah I mean she could be your right does he need more than a was. And that we are in the same cruel intentions. But it was pretty good and there are a couple of moments but he thought it was going to be even more than a laws. Well there's more going on behind the scenes that didn't in their married and they know what they've big conceived child. Unlike very shortly after early on that. Thanks. Dave and yourself by the way that the war is no public Reese Witherspoon age when Jews in that movie in mayor elects spitting images of each other. Oh boy here they're divorced by the way. But let's move on the television Ryan what jumps out to you off from the television world of love making. But we have a best worst funny we got and and let's start with the that's OK so the best one. I'm I've seen it read was Alexander did Dario in Woody Harrelson entry detected yet. At some analysts that was season want to detective of course early episode two was an ex second ups and. No like secretary episode and sheet rock off the charts he was little old. She still it she told this story wanted she's like she met the president elect a President Obama. At one point he was telling her how like. Turn detective was her favorite show. And an all sheet he kept thinking to herself as a the president has seen me naked that without. I TD he didn't make it weird that she was making it we're. I love that show he's like specifically knew what was going on there. Most most of the violence haven't to be from HBO because like you can just do you do some want more on those channels and end up by the way we should mention probably. That are going a lot of Smart Alex out there there between us their favorite scene from a a porno and that's already here. That's like what this is right I don't know if favorite one or you know Harry Potter assertion Harry Potter and the sorcerer's ball and I don't need that we let our talking about there's not sadly there's a full penetration on the news so so c'mon guys let's just. Copyright. So I made it so so delete that email that you're gonna say analysts who you're with your favorite porno scene. Oh. I'll ride that's what they're gonna love this from a little TV showed you part of it called the leftovers. Oh there's a scene the sexual tension. You could cut with a knife and it was finally Kevin and Norah late in store by Carey tune in front of the pot. Season one episode seven. So there was some a little bit so it on those two gonna get together they'd both been through some ship. You know Norris family disappeared. Kevin was separated from his wife you want are there are they gonna get together and they did it it was glorious. This is an amazing scene that. They both looked very good routes and it just it was it was one you're like your route for a couple to Vista is about it in this is one of those times. And so the left overs on analysts. So what another early in the other early eating good ones. How about Jessica Jones and Luke cage like spared upper bedroom. I'll that's on my list as well as one of the bat from the entire Netflix MC use seasons that's definitely good and they're about to sex scenes in there but this is the best one is just told. Funny it's funny story I used to go to the dentist. The it is going somewhere and it was a the reason I chose this dentist because every chair he had had a roku. Which is pretty sweet yeah they have headphones like like you knew people were done are like it. Always thought of there are what put them through and I was had been watching Jessica Jones the first episode McDonald's what's this whatever yeah so this area. There's very meek very timid I guess it was like talking to me or make its small targets investment from watching in the public. Is this much relegate you are a little bit yeah. And then that came on and I would like super embarrassed because. That was. Because that a huge Boehner. You're they were generally. While they don't know and they both have superpowers. So that is the way to go silent on the doing now on. Really you can pick about a hundred from the TV show true blood. Trueblood had a zillion good ones including sake Stackhouse and Erick once those two. Finally got together Jason. Jason it in the early seasons like the first season Jason Stackhouse of these brother had a whole pod including. Couple times Lizzy Caplan who was I. Salma got a bum I would do yet some outlet that is hot outgrow it at that point you only knew if you watch party down later regardless he Kaplan whatever. I mean it that you saw her negroes can't eons and then. Get it in. A while now the key. And again. Well aware that are more than just looks Ryan there's there's there's the intelligence and Toledo. Soccer super but a thing as the four girls in mean girls she's the hottest one. A here. They go to pot that hit it out who's really beat the art girl would be elected absolutes. I think if you take every one of them in their crime you'll probably go. I think thrive. So I was I would say Lizzie tapped for me anyway be Lizzy Caplan Lindsay Lohan. Right select Adams Amanda Seyfried Gretchen Wiener. The I would I feel led that this is kind of stacked deck because when Lindsay Lohan was or thought she was like. Seventy which is like gross no way now that's true that this event. But yet so recently end of the on the flip side of agreed to McCadam the mean girls like 25. That's true and likes that idea. It meant a lot after I'm no up. I can Minnesota but my big thing well some people are our blue guys the people or are but does some people like on some people are Dick guys what every happened at the I am Richard. What's. Bring it. It. Yeah other ice I leg I like girls with huge guys. Oh we ask that you like who's the other one. Just Emma Stone just yet in enormous I. Our big Emma Stone. Fan necessarily. You wealth has enormous eyeball is Aubrey plaza. I don't like her either and I don't like Apple's there's a bit about them I don't like I color I think you're not color and I didn't craft well my color. I'm sorry Basel Trueblood anything in there is and of course rank Damon drones. How about John Snow and eager it when they're that anyone that's my belt broke oh and tallies in elite would doubt on blood everywhere I doubt it Jaime answers he lives there yet thoughtful. Awful. At just one point I wanna see our repeated bank honesty petered liquids like accessible public somebody is gonna. Instantly see him do that with the the house or shelling. So Kate yeah yeah do you there aren't a lot of sex early on. That they did. Not that was bang and share. Oh yeah. Other there was one a true blooded that was like I could leaders on TV it was like. I forget who would want and what season I watched them all kind of a blur. But they just like it was vampires like feeding and then having sex or like they were covered in blood the sheets are covered him up. And there was a dead body on the bed and they're having sex some like this this is ridiculous. In 08. You do exactly. It was on clean yeah yeah. I would say for the worst the television. There was this seeded American got you to eleven there was the one with the Google ended June. Is that the cab driver yes yelling I'm not grossed out of the fact that it was male on male but the fact that they actually showed. Like penetration through like X ray. Yeah that was weird how that was not a very graphic yeah I regular habit of like just like for whatever reason like that just was like super are putting for me record I have Oprah. Do you you know because they keep them yeah a lot out there who enters the Democratic Party full penetration with like an X ray. Like top down and out right now they've made that intense. Yet it was missionary duke which. Yeah yeah I didn't advocate for the old guys. Upload then. Be eating scene in girl power every yes. Every meeting girls is just awkward and I know is supposed to be that wave that Jesus Christ. So now I call that the Marty. That's very that's her character as als Williams was in the kitchen. Well little anal Angus which you don't see on television a whole lot now. Now. By god bless those kids' welfare indicated that roaring a little they support the space. But gates yeah Africa that line in forgetting Sarah Marshall liked. Why would you put a playground directly connects you with a sewage plant it at the yeah. Yes Artie ending a TV your own blog. It's and violent and bit. The boardwalk he immigrated it's always studied at a rate and if you Joyce said he got when they go to about I always something when they go to the how about those guys with the commercials. OK you are some who went into it and deal with Padilla the I don't know I love I love Ireland Ireland where did they go to Jewish children that block and under the boardwalk. Although it. Yeah that's good I thought so little areas and a bit opening scene in the opening episode actresses evil dead when he. Ticket deploy our yeah that's no doubt that was pretty funny yeah. That's public art the public art threesome with with the Secret Service guy that was really weird I like that I didn't see that answer that I go back now. Yet worse now it definitely worse now. You wanna go to video games yet sure. I had to have a ton for videogames and thank you deploy carry this little more I would say there was a good one in the last at bat man telltale series where it was Batman and catwoman and like you sort of control or what's going on everything. Yeah that's pretty. That's that's kind of where the the video games can mean the which here I think that game is basically a porno. Thank you up on them where seem god of war the earlier got a wars or cigar horse who went three acute they relate quicktime like you have elect. Like you had to like be on rhythm like with like the circle button and ago like faster and faster and faster so that was cool I remember the first time in my grip that those free when you realize that you connect to pick a profit. Yet doesn't only other thing in my lessons you can go about my. That doesn't have to yeah I was more than mind blowing that you can go and what was not too was a navy was in three or San Andreas are ever aware you could drive. You'd you'd pick up a lady yet the car you drive somewhere and then there was like two or three different prices you're like. Him admit you did something different. Yet the vote. Those days they were kind of different runners there and I also got terrible. You dated somebody in my one of the missions that you day here and you go back in my you wouldn't. You go into the house than you do you just feel like the noise amendment the next let him walk out of the house select. Know that it that would interest you right. The other kind of took it up a step we could Texas really beating people like relationships if you have a relationship while it probably full deeply while. That I know that it undergoes a really bad on the news in the rose reasonable and spinal institute is one words. Like you know you're years and out your girlfriend slash like Q like eight months pregnant which it is gross but it's just like. Yeah it's pretty. Pretty the whole thing you know other of the game for particle custer's revenge which is the one of the mostly defensive games ever played like general Custer. And he just like rule wac relic to bank in native American women my. Those not though not great I'll. And one of the game and it's considered one of the worst games ever reduce the game called right to hell redemption. Which have immediately got speicher did that a biker game in 91 point like visit is quick time where you like haven't. Relations with this young lady invited all the viewer just close. The whole time the guys. They didn't bother to expect anything in the dialogue terrible out leave it on. It is we are able to fully close might look like you've gone and a very comfortable yes. If you if I that's worth the Google if you want if you wanna check out right to held redemption I checked that out. Oh pressure so yes so videogames it's getting a little more common now obligated comic and a second which is very uncommon. It can't do it not Sims like The Sims have. Yeah like you're under you like under the blanket and make it a little weird Sims noises. It's like flowers like in our endowment that that's kind of weird and you know there's been some air you know we engage in serve. Thanks. What about how sweet and nice I guess I'd I'd ever wants the Americans go back to TV but I guess the two main characters in the Americans which are also in real life couple. I guess there's a 69 scene in there yeah care Russell do that Judea and then. Speaking of next to that it a couple of good six moments in the two South Park games in the pictures and shattered that oh yeah. There's one involved like you as a child like working. As in a strip club yet like David got a lap dance terrible. Yet this brief yet but it. The comics we get on the comics. Art won all the jumps us is a few times over you read the preacher series Jesse in to a have a lot of sex. Oh they do a lot of ex. And one of the early everyone in the early preachers it is like it the other panel where it's like they've just gotten done and it like this and what like. Deal though and it'd Billick is really weird seeing my. As a lot I remembered in our block there's a lot happening there. The great it's a great graphic novel how they recommended but Jesse tool Purdue after each other. Throughout time really there's a lot of bat man and catwoman and I think that the recent stuff their their together remarried now but there's a lot between the two. I would single out probably the comic harsh. Yes outlet mine yeah by my paper or you aren't. I would say beat the other one Q there's a lot of secured by the way if you wanna like check out any. Mike section comic books like the Japanese. Are way ahead of the current element you know I wouldn't suggest that you go down that road but. You know that that's big matches and everybody has got some different whatever military currently you know maybe I do narrative yeah there. Com IE so Harley Quinn and poison ivy has started a relationship in recent comic. Well that's true baba boom. Of a boom boom boom about that being a chemical plant. Yet the bat man and tally Al cool and that meant some of the demon. Well what bluntly is that that produces very very lonely child this data in these very very normal the normal kid. It just there's a lot of I don't have a particular issue the green arrow black canary over their course of time there's a lot of loved making there and we are imagine watchman didn't translate well to the big screen but night Allen sucks Specter in the comic was was pretty good. Doubt good in the time where doctor Manhattan split himself into a couple of war that's true really gave it you're doubt doubt that developed over the hills the war. Swamp thing it's a lot today. Yeah he does you wouldn't think it but he does. It certainly are. Are right I think everything else that anything other than they love a love scene of the governor better get inundated with tweets and emails so I apparently missed the bonds. And we try to do you know tragedies and seems next that we try to do this for everybody that we try to do you know Felix straight up. If you like it big gate stuff if you like the animal stuff if you like. You know interpret more strict plants you know we got we got everything by its cover tolerate that here it's a real grab bag here. Yet there are some stuff with some celestial beings and demons and angels and stuff added in it on but the right. But hey you know we try to enact I feel badly that he would he'd freak and I took over we yeah if you want maybe we do morbid deep dive in up somewhere else. But. Boy oh boy. Where else I don't know where else would do. Then. To. Well you're allowed to YouTube posted like. This what do people speaker comic books Bryant I had an idea called hash tag the work. Comic book reports and we we sort that we tackle won a graphic novel and we discussed it on the YouTube. I've I like picking the wrong. It's. It narrowed it to kick received the fur or defend the goal our. San Angel just terrible. Yeah I saw that is our laws on vacation house crazy. Kate Spade and if these fourteen in the week those wild. But I Riddick a podcast this week ride is that I got around to reading the entire first volume. Of all star bat man by Scott Snyder in the DC rebirth it's awesome. It's really Scott batter's great anyway but. GE it's his art has introduced but he brings in a ton a different villains. Basically he's got to face and he's brought in to face Batman has at two basis issued this thing or is like if you can freeing me. I'll give you all of the money that like penguin black mask and like somebody else have. So values have always people try to attack them to like delivered about men and like free to face of its critical. That's critical did you see that just John is out. As DC creative direct. Here now I was like I I like Geoff Johns but I don't know how great everything's going to DC in the bring it in Jim Leach who's really. Jim Lee is really good I think Jeff junk science in my writing and producing things. He's still on board he's gonna write a few things still what I liken a lot of commerce a pretty good but. We'll see what would Jim Lee brings the table. But maybe they bring him in the they've via the movies but maybe you know what you got. So by picking apart this week is see the video game if you believe it comes to a lot of public on bananas over the at sixty. Before the did the classic at as a unit classic idiot classic and all that stuff that would say get it done. Is they've released they Genesis classics on that Xbox and PS four and produced thirty dollars Richard. You can get thirty classic Genesis game and your big Janet this guy looks at Hillary they bring this up and it did so you have. All three gold and axes all Rees streets of rage. Like three sonic is sonic the sonic sonic two. Sonics spin ball. Sonic treaty blaster and and you have so he didn't want to games on the that you wanna play. But Richard you can come back now. To quote jam in girl oh. And plan or Earl in panic on arbitrage apples are so you can actually. Maybe shark eat off the hook now you can actually beat this game and CD and credit. Well shark if you're listening and where obviously on to play in this game I don't know but the the sort of podcasts or not but you remember back in the day when you beat it video game and then you'd take hours or whatever you beat the video game and then there'd be that hole and credits sequence right to be a whole thing like a hole to do. And it's looking back on it is probably terrible animation now but at the time. It was great and he could only see it that you could go on YouTube and watch somebody how to beat a game. You had to beat the game it's a mean shark Plato general forever. We finally beaded. And I even says of the parent during a hearing undergo. Everett as his putting is controller down here it hit a button and it starts all the oil artists like to play press start and I'll let you asphalt. And he's never live that down now properly it. When he five years ago. And son of a bitch. Oh well I did though pick debit thirty bucks a dollar game. Larry that's pretty good. TV deal Ryan for our episode we will do Nicole and I will be back for the staircase. So look for that sometime. Next week you can rate review and subscribe on the iTunes and by the way there's a recent uptick. I believe in downloads for the podcast so thank you everybody. You've obviously told people about the podcast we appreciate that. All the reviews help although those subscriptions all that crap help at dork podcast on the to what are we like that it you know go back and forth there. YouTube dot com slash store podcast 82 emails today time door podcast at gmail.com. Data stores and stuff included on twitch working. Well well there they evolve we have our audio and any major media is so slow so one of the things that's been going on with the which I mentioned it last night I am. And I didn't know like it was a thing but I am like 80% of the way of being eight which affiliate. I don't know at least. So basically what that means his second start actually making money off of being on to which now we're talking and now I'm almost there were people can describe it used. Use their Amazon prime which account select tried to beat. Which I did kick the money for that. Om and were almost there I just have to average I think it's over three. You know over three or viewers. For the month. And then we're there I have to get a regular schedule of phenomena be tortured more and more the reason that's a word last night it looks ridiculous now. That's all it did this to get our Mary get onto that. Mortgage. Are guy guys that are on the on switch. Davies always planned something incidents were on the all went over watch or whatever the check him out on two which. That should be a simple thing Cameron try to do more rock concert on YouTube as well including Astec dark comic book report which nobody has asked for but you're probably gonna get it anyway. We're gonna get it ready we're gonna trade off we go tit for tat and his wrist does what I'll do one in the we'll go back and forth like that. Outside all right after this episode I'm not to take a cold cold shower. Because because of the erection in my short. You aren't sure when a fight about I think steroids for listening to hash tag dork we will talk CU looked. Next week.