#DORK 70: Top 10 Animated Movies

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, June 19th
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey crown the Top 10 Animated Movies of all-time. Did your favorites make the list? Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute and the Pick of the Podcast. Twitter: @DORKpodcast

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If the door. Martinez. Is the door to my advantage which cheek if the door. Monty. Is that has my dorm blogs Spanish. Thanks turn into another episode of hash tag nor mine it was risky John as always by Ryan Davey Davey how we you know. What kind. Of that's great to hear Ryan now you have been to which a lot more recently how could people watch you play video games. Big you well they're not going to be able so. One of the things that I've tried to get evaded a regular schedule now so I'll be on Tuesdays Thursdays Sundays for the most part with the odds we'll sprinkle in some random here and there but. Part of what is going on now. My tweeted it out and I was very proud of myself but I recently becoming too which definitely nice which means I can actually start taking subscribers. To which it started getting paid to play video games which has been a lifelong dream of mine and I'm actually seeing it become reality which is very. Now so you're telling me before if somebody has Amazon prime they donate at that actually pay you but you still Billiton expects out of that is that. Correct so basically when you become an affiliate in a partner like the big time people are partners yet but we're working toward that now. But partners and affiliates. They have subscriptions would basically like they're paid monthly subscriptions but. If you have an Amazon prime account you can use. But a base level subscription for free. One person so if you apple and headed out there please app are on the on the twitch and please come and check it out I Alexi. A way as we record this is Tuesday and up tonight and jumping on so. So they also get on get after it switched on TV slash our vaunted. Let's get on to the true. Matt Ryan isn't really in inspiring the episode for this week Incredibles two was in theaters this past weekend and it was a monster critically. Very laws that audience loves it made a ton of money and a 180 million dollars tops amongst animated movies. It was. Apparently a big tar light years after the original it's pretty crazy for what fourteen years. To wait have a sequel. But people were on board and it seems to be the greatest movie ever. And I haven't seen yet but I what I'm told that it literally picked up right where the last movie left off. Of those we I've not seen it yet either but I've heard good things about it and it is weird to me I was kind of open when a when they first announced they're going to be doing it I thought to be cool. To do it let's see where they are fourteen years later the only known. Jack Jack and national number all grown up. But no it takes place pretty much after the first. Yet but it takes up with the ball me and pop it out men like deal and dies so I'm excited I'm excited he got like a severed up in the the glowing things about it from the people I know with CNET yet so and people like truck yes comics. And before people freak out wants to get more topic to shore incredible two is not in our top ten so we're not gonna discuss that and it could join the top ten but we have not seen it so therefore it. They're not there. Rick and more. 2019. What I'm also told the good news is there as if they sign that make a deal with Cartoon Network I think yeah it's a bit more on the right. They yet eight Fiat is based site from all these seasons I think it's 45 more seasons and there's not going to be any lapses between these. So that's great I'd have more to set schedules and you'll see it this season will be over that'll come back on again in the next year so that's good news. I'll Luke cage season two is out on Friday does that get you going. It does and I'll say they didn't did not a lot of press. About that I haven't heard anything about is Cyril cause there's yeah they're they're focusing on villains and I guess is the only article agree. So you know which is good I mean I. You know Luke Luke's a little Vanilla. From. Luke is Luke is a little boring yeah that's true. There at the pick it up in knots a little bit. I don't know what they're gonna do. I wonder you know we've talked about how would you know the marvel movies. There's that they're so good at like the way infinity war and did that people need to kind of relaxed within a united rating ever needs a little bit of a deep breath. Following a pattern war. That the Netflix shoves. There's some stinker slick went. When it was just the two seasons a daredevil and the first season Jessica Jones goes like this is some of the best stuff on TV I loved Joseph shows. That they're like here's iron fists with Sox years. The defenders were not very good locations one was fine. They pressure was good they got that helped you know kick things up a little bit but that just mutual season two was bad. So I don't know like Obama's gonna watch this I think we're into a standalone episode on it but. I'm not really all that excited about it. But keep your expectations are low which means literally to the. That's a point that's true that's the case in marble business and DC news here Ryan Wonder Woman that season 20. Is your take place in 1984. The year of my birth are very excited about that. They also showed a Steve Trevor. Who. Must be a ghosts or to win. He looked great. Out. Because the first one woman took place in 1918 right. Yes or around there so it eat in that movie was well into his thirties right. Yeah in died. And died so even if they do Billick but they were he'd survive writes I got a Captain America does it these frozen like. He's got to beat. Like. 100 years old. Yeah Abby looks a lot younger than that there in the in the yet on us but. I don't know waterworld is really the best thing DC has gone form so we'll see what they how they explain it but 98 or I don't know. And our eye and explain lake was Wonder Woman did she sit out World War II or Vietnam or host yep two. Maybe they'll go look at yup burst open but it will be elected I think it could be anywhere they like. Gillick and they get that pot shot at like newspapers like flop and down. That's a good little eight ounce on the low take up a newspaper montage and what are they so. There's also. Shots of what looks like an invisible yet. They go well how how do you see it Ryan. Well because it's got good Doctor Who was hooked up to elect some Reagan should look like she was flying that this city is seated bias is bustling. Yet. That's got to be weathering an invisible jet yet. That's pretty early in his which that's not. A suit out. There is the awkward man trailer that's gonna come out at San Diego comic con to live is next month does that put a little bit of lead your counsel. I'm curious about this. Very curious about I like teams want a lot the director. Like decent mullah yeah. I. Had nobody looks a little silly as welcome and I guess that any Hilliard and now what Wilson. Now that's probably true. Then obviously the black man at the helmet amber heard as mere I don't know about that. It's probably gonna stink but is how bad is it gonna stink is gonna be like so bad that it's good or is this going to be like crap. I think if you have a little humor. Yeah a little bit yeah yeah it's ridiculous to cure its run widely regarded one of the worst superheroes ever you know. Yeah have some fun with that. Have a little bit and have a good time they did that and then the new 52. When they re launched I think Jeff Johnson have been writing it in an awful man they Condit. It was there was all the more self deprecating like becoming got tickets like he is one of the is there an original avenger or use like their first group first here anyway. Yet he's not an answer to take your back is it just leaves it one of the first guys. So he's an old school do. Couple minutes here Ryan combined video game news and add it together here for this Spider-Man. We were oxide about the upcoming spotted a video game. Apparently that version of Spider-Man it's a different universe Spiderman is gonna make is in comics debut. Yes spider dead which also comes out September both the game and the comic will be out September. Ended the art of the on this looks unbelievable it looks real slow. It looks real slicks so they got to the marvel team in the Marleau video game even insomniac proponent together as it looks. June and last the news that I have it looks like Comcast has gotten in dollar bid for fox. 65 billion dollars don't mind me so the idea of fox and Disney together they could still happen. But it looks like there's a some competition they're here to talk about it how it acted impact the X-Men and you know and CU all that stuff so oaks or have to wait wait on the. Yeah it'd be it's just that I. I want nothing but bad things for Comcast at all times so. And cut. NATO but it pretty straight forward and outside get us a solid as I have Ryan let's get on the orders showing. You stand. Okay. Either man. We have. So I just wanna get into a couple of these big today I admit from last week the last we develop buddy obviously. And we didn't we recorded our Tuesday night immediately deceit and of eatery says there's a couple things on that we saw a couple things that I Mitt. That I know wanna break bring up again namely. That just royal and Indian Harman are coming out the video game. Yeah exactly made. There's so that and that's kind of a big deal that I recorded hospitals don't know the American morning every American morning guys we just brought up there are becoming over the video game that looks. It's it's very much a Rick and forty SD game. Side by adventure kind of thing with game Roland voicing. That title character which is which is awesome so start from it and out on that. We did talk a little bit about Nintendo. But the biggest the biggest disappointment that we are waiting to see what happen meant a lot of people would agree with this is they're not that from Roxbury. I know what their next game as well that would. I don't know they kind of apology they were Paula apologizing to people saying when the time's right yadda yadda yadda. I don't know what. Time is better than. Yeah right I mean it will you know what's going on and so. That that. It has no power play on the game or something red it might be a little bit in my in my view little delayed. What that exit lane. Lame lame AJ styles is going to be on the cover of WWV two K nineteen Q wrestling and that's on that the ball good. In that is not take it upon being stopped is reportedly looking for a buyer there out tipped up. Yeah out there like GameStop is like hanging on for dear life is a summit first of all GameStop. Most of whom not all most of whom are in malls. And most malls I don't know what malls you frequency of the listener out there what you frequent out of a sad state of affairs like. Us growing up go to the mall that experience is not gonna be shared by the the next generation there to buy a jet on Amazon or wherever else. Malls like. Half the stores were closed it's like depressing it's is that they're boarded up or like they got the stupid like window thing down as locked in him is like are you open or you you are open and as a going out of business sales so it's like it's hard. GameStop to have a hard time and there. They should you know best buy dragon not bad rep for the longest time. I'm surprised by that has like Circuit City wins the way the total burden not that long ago actually a while ago now but Circuit City was there is his radio show actual thing. They're done to right or not. Toys 'R' Us has gone you know so like this is met this is a systemic thing. Now. You play more video games they've you know you'd normally just. I am on the machine down on a bright jacket don't. And the great thing about that you're the reason GameStop. I it will though it's not easy because why would I go out in deal. With the seventeen year old kid didn't like turned his nose up at the fact that complain you know game that he would like when they just sit in the covered amounts won't. And just like downloaded beat governor. And that I thought this also tells you how cheap by him but. There's no sales tax on those that he botnet a fit and I don't read our game it's not sixty dollars or an ever. Not it's not cheap Richard we grew up that's the standard of living that you and higher costs are having been from the great state of New Hampshire that's it though. I don't like to put it out and talk and Connecticut eating garlic plain paint sales tax in the. Don't know I know that you don't. Forget about Nadia please death I'm will I will. And the last but it is look at data we had a lot to get two years there was a trailer that he prefers serious Sam for. And they're boasting. Get this Richard they're not there yet but they won. For this game which is kinda look at Duke Nukem kind of like first person shooter that they want a 100000 enemies on the screen at one love. Yes I didn't do that for I don't know what you know what I'm pretty bullet yet. Guys it's it's not even just bullet hit like a new weekly Gillick duke and yeah did that game. Cuckoo bananas at the load ever played it serious and game. That via video on that. They go Ryan very well done very well said. Is always there is a fairly fairly for. It we've not heard from them again as a one off. The kind of article. Runner for the topic is or. It all the topic of the day I read. Today were going to were ranked this year we are ranking it would normally we do kind of best at worst we're sort of straight up. The top ten animated movies of all time. This is as voted on by the hash tag door panel. Ian Davey. And it's actually really funny so we did ten and unlike our horror movie top fifty. Which is kind of a bastard i.'s list I didn't like how the how they lose. Waited another of the list was but I disagreed would now like it was weighted. Anyway so what we did here was dating and I each won one through ten. And if he is ten points for number one in and all the way down we had to break some ties I've discounted the that'll my own but here's the deal. We came up with a list of ten. They were both completely different I think there's one lap on the whole thing in a small like a lower one on journalists. We thought extremists. Yet I can expect to deal like I've seen way more animated movies and I thought I have yet and not only that like I own. Like a way more animated movies I can mention on this broadcast right now yes and EU and I have very different idea of what it meant to be the best animated movie. Yeah. Well I think people listen this right now they have no idea what -- are going to be out I had no idea odorless is going to be out there were no I don't lap and I did it 11. Yeah we had one wall head on it when we get there but a lot of people might think you know. Pixar movies that's what they think right of right away some think of maybe like the originally Disney movies that they get that right away. They that they can anime maybe they think of you know whatever but that that's what you Wear your mind goes this a pretty good mix because the two must balance that out. But let's start wind. Honorable mentions the one that did make the top ten brown once you start with some New York. So by and I went to my list again just I went a little bit more. Adult friend adult heavy. Which is fine but somebody at the armament and I made spirited away and Damane Duckett spirited away which is an awesome movie was distributed by Disney. I'm so technically in the Disney movie even though it's studio QB so that the that the that the fantastic movie of the Lego movie and last Lego Batman movie those two movies that bigger outstanding Paul Byrd. Toy Story to read my favorite of all Toy Story movies. Surprise it's only got an honorable mention but. Whatever. Are these the very first anime movie I ever saw was ninja scroll. Which is phenomenal like right from the very first scene that you have a team ninja scroll you got into enemy at all but. You wanted to be telling please watch ninja scroll. In a movie did it on Netflix right now I'll wanna might be great animated movies that I've seen in my lifetime is the iron giant. Yeah what's and that's what are now. Those are the ones that are on my a armaments atlas ones are on the bottom half of my top ten definitely more kid friendly definitely more than what I saw growing up. And I think some that you're going to be shocked are on this list but I would say Beauty and the Beast in Little Mermaid ball and we're great animated movies. Toy Story one and two I think they're both really good I might I might tune slightly better than one. But all the Rihanna deserved at least be mentioned in the Lion King. Which I think a lot of people would have in their top five I didn't muted Ryan but he definitely. Desires he mentioned it's one of the handful of movies I can remember seeing multiple times in the theater. I don't ruin you don't rule to Lanqing forming and I can say is that this happened. When I was eighteen or are early twenties might have been college I'm not sure but what happened was. I never read mic that Nestle into what's required yeah and then someone basically said the other Lion King is just basically think that it is that collect ducks. You gotta really took. To me to mean that kind of ruin the movie for me. Let's Macbeth appliance. Yet. Ramona Oklahoma yelling noted that a letter written it in our quick line that's Lion King stole like avatar at Oakmont. Yeah meets fern gully. The bit of a black and there are around without further ado let's get into our top ten animated movies of all time you can tick us off with a percent. So that the one at first our first Pixar movie airs might yes so Finding Nemo. Is probably one of the greatest. Animated movies from to me and get it at it's got everything. Richard it's got humor and heart yeah I thought other door character when you first meet story gets a little tunneling toward the but I thought. You know what a delightful little character to playoff like Albert Brooks is like very. Doting father very overbearing father and you have you entry stories that kind of a playoff but I thought the story was great intimations grade. And a bit of a tear Jerker. In this blue emotional I underwater stuff I'm in on fish amount sharks of it on stuff like that I like it. Yet I like you know all the fish for the personalities. Yeah share. Yet I find him on number ten number not lane Ryan this is a Latin. Now again I think a lot of people have their personal favors in the Lion King Little Mermaid duties. Whatever the ones you wanna throw into that list but to me Aladdin at. Was the best one document activity to. 94%. On rotten to motto as critics scored 92%. By the audience via plot what a street urgent. Vies for the lovely beautiful princess he uses a genius magic power to make himself off as they prince in order to Mary here. It won two Oscars. Are this is before animated movie was even a category so I would want three and a lot of these older ones. That one for song and (%expletive) like that would have won even more but out of rubber what you're they started out but they certainly didn't have a 92. So one for original score and original song for a whole new world. But jasmine is my favorite Disney princess. I think yeah hello I think the genie. Is one of the best Disney characters of all times are the best voice. Acting jobs of all time you know it's hilarious it's well done all the songs ago. A latins get an easy easy to root for. A boot the monkey is the you jog out the carpet is good for Christ's sakes good win. It's if the total package Aladdin Aladdin got everything. It got and you know that bit of the personal and I think over the tenure Holmes return eleven years old in the mood for my first thought that I remember being blown away by it yet. And the more you hear about it now. The more impressed they employ dvd in the beginning scene where it's Robin Williams but he during the two different voice like this street vendor yeah. Yes get this thing work he'd basically be put all of these items in front of him. And he just. Where would that all aptly by rub they put items in front government he just like started in an animated after yeah. Let's I mean that's one of those things that like it's it's one of those legendary stories about you know Robin Williams but it's it's such a cool thing to me that makes that seem all that better. And if they are redo allowed was there are some talks about it in and who would voice. The genie in your like are but you couldn't really do it like I don't think it is good. And then there's a live action when that was rumored that Ed Will Smith. Facto laws it has Will Smith of like yeah Eddie Murphy depending on what Eddie Murphy you're getting could probably do it but Todd that's a tough. Yet have a a big boys to get a deal like change it up a little bit like it's there's a lot there's a lot with the geniuses at the company without doubt are out. Lot and out but for me like those those mid ninety's tells a home if you wanna throw some of the earlier ones like Snow White Cinderella almost. Aladdin to me still stands up it is it is the best want it and it also. Made it very fond video game for exec like super Nintendo. Did it really did it was one of the best ports that would do the game I've ever put labels on last summer nine run nobody at number eight. I number eight I got heavy metal out this movie came out I believe in the 1980. This will be the theory that being yet they're kind of take place like they're loosely based together. In their based around music in the movie called heavy metal and one of them like most. Inadvertently funny things to me about this movie is called. Heavy metal and then you look at this soundtrack of the people who were on it let me give you a little. Hears them Donald Donald Fagan. Who is the lead singer of steel again. It people. Maybe take our. Journey. Grand funk railroad. Cheap Trick. Speaking act like these are all people who were on this. Like hard rock movie soundtrack is that the the only metal band had I would be on here is black rabbit like they have won yet on the other accounts. You know they are pretty hard. I yet and yet keeping the title track of heavy metal and it like lap that we funny that this movie it like it is put adult animated movie. That's like was probably very advanced at the time but they've they do you obviously crazy weird thing yet and is like building Blake beat. Big boom big hair women make it all of them is nudity this hump and as the great. Fund an immediate so can't be so stupid but I love it I loved this movie if you haven't seen heavy metal. Definitely check that out I don't think you've seen it yet I'm not in the news are used to tape like one of those things that you put on again just like smiling the whole time without stupid it is yeah. In him in the music is like ridiculous because again it's called heavy metal but it's none of its heavy metal. The movie was so good Brian ranked it's twice in this top ten original. This guy that would walk out of that I would like 1010 animated movie that would watch heavy metal. I'll add it to my Q the C a available in China and it. Odd number seven on the list is the Incredibles. Get around 200497%. On the critics or 75%. Audience or provides solo. It. We're but I thought this was unanimously loved I'm surprised that sort of Iverson op. Again I think you know I I would. I don't know that this is by it is my favorite Pixar movie of the gravity haven't seen incredible to get. Neither knew thereby so I would say but even though this is definitely my favorite. A semi undercover superheroes while trying to live a quiet suburb her life are forced into action to save the world. You get a good family all different skills mr. credible alas the girl violet dash for ozone. The bet a lot of it at the little baby to. What really puts them over the top though a syndrome of voiced by Jason Lee who is just fantastic villain. But they they have all at the superhero ropes and also 2004. This is obviously free MCU. But you know already had a few X-Men movies he had a couple of Spiderman movies the daredevil movie I think was or Yao so. It wasn't like. The great consistent movies that we have now put the comic book superhero movie people I think really sort of started around this time so for them to take this you can make an argument no forces. One of the best. Superhero movies at that to that time you know and and so they took a lot of public that the know cape it's never worked tapes like a lot of that was really really go. Yet and it was directed by Brad Bird who. It's fair Brad Bird very first. Major motion picture and debut with the iron giant. Before that he had directed. He directed the music video Purdue department. Has to go any direct them to episode of the Simpsons. They needed to iron giant in 1999. And then 2004 was incredible. So he hit it hit utility it Miki goodies only directed eleven things including do department. But he's done the iron giant Incredibles ratatouille. Mission Impossible ghost protocol which is strange in an incredible do idiot tomorrow in which we won't talk about but. I thought that for a separate and only yes did you how much work went into these movies ultra. Yeah it's got to be it's gonna be nuts to you soon be. I guess over the weekend juju Smith's Schuster the waters here for the Steelers. Was like hitting on alas the girl against these like online is like trying to like a couple of last the girl. Yet a I did not see that's that it makes sense dealer in love with a last bigger. People are one knots about last a girl and I did see all the stuff from the weekend but. Basically she's a very thin while waste in a in a big. Booty and so there's a lot of people that are very very into a last but Varian to last a girl. Very into it which is state it's the body type now I doubt she can Bender audience certainly she can make your body look however you want so yeah I know that impression. I would he do that on purpose. That's that that's the bar that she wants right must be. Now so far here Ryan is more to get to put on the steal a smooch scale. How high as they'll last a girl. I NC dot com and let the stealing has moved from animator is not on there. Not on there just total acquittal but you know I think she's have she's a bit of from the first movie. A bit wet blanket. Or about the mill factors that factor at all. No it doesn't sound an enemy we. I had or were tool that mills is what a mills Ehrlich are your right now we have when you have children of your own it becomes an appropriate. That's probably fair well. Yeah now that's probably true yeah. And yet give everyone my at my age now tomorrow. And that's appropriate. It's inappropriate yep I've Stater in your view adulterer now we're just we're simply not the word to steal some votes that the circumstances. Were or there. You still saying elastic related outside analysts. I would you know let's just for the sake of the argument and act that beautiful putter in the what I'll I what does that mean. But what would WOWOEULB. Wow a wide body but the WOODL Mike that's way too crass Brian. Aka but I don't know what I'll like discussing our would do well. I'm Tanya I think in not to get too perverted I don't wanna get anybody into trouble here but. Because of her superpowers. I would move her up a few more. That makes it yeah yeah now. Right now. You wanna be with somebody who's super tall super short super whenever whatever you need to do she's she's panicked at the that's out always think this sort of a side topic. At a everybody of all time. The right answer is probably mystique from Waxman sure because it just like oh I let the look at that person and she's done. Do you think you would say that personally felt like I don't want to look like you right now eligible for somebody else. Al yet there would be fights their beef but there not to some give and give and go or whatever they've this. You know you'd have to make some concessions demand. And Erin that's probably that the are it's a number seven was Incredibles. Next. There were six nightmare before Christmas. Which is big timber and film timber and directed film. In this movie. Kind of a landmark movie in terms of like Plavix stop motion animation. Column. Up until that point I think Wallace and Gromit was was around but wasn't really Wallace and Gromit yet though I. And this was just a completely new look. I think they ask Tim Burton if you thought this was a Christmas movie or Halloween movie. And I see what it would any day. What is it about this he didn't direct this movie go right it's just Tim Burton presents. Right right but he did all the artwork for the gaelic it might eat like. He was hit vision I just don't think it he could have done it. Yes and I thought at what he said about it I think it is a Christmas movie. A team and they go and but I always say the you know after. Christmas is in the (%expletive) title that exact power gives me a light up. A nightmare. The true but nightmare would just mean like a horror movies like it would mean Halloween. Like black Christmas is a war movie but it's also a Christmas movie. So I think that the character Jack is so obsessed with Christmas that it also pushes it into the Christmas. But at the end you know he he decides to like Spain Italy. Happened after a lot of of flirting with Christmas town. Yet so. But what Tim Burton said Henry sir Alex hit it to Halloween movie. Was the director. Well then that he said this to the director said the Halloween movie Tim Burton by just need to contrary and really Booth you know that. It's the takeaway that's outnumbered the Edmonton. It's the second hot be called debate between key for Davey nightmare before Christmas is ludicrous clear how only only. At the end of the movie. He's the big payoff is that Jack Ellington like you know what this is my thing you do your. You know. The grass is always greener it's a classic black grasses and those green. It's not I was there unless there were a mistake because and he could always go back he goes back. She's always mistake. Chose to speak but a good movie and a cool like a cool movie. My daughter who is going to be four in August loved this movie she asked sport all the time regardless of whether or not it's Christmas or Halloween. You always want to watch it except she did not like mr. of people. All know god I would like people either. Some of the songs are a bit much for me like Watson and again like as an as fast forward some of the. Yes so are those that wit. You know Jack has two voices. I've not jackets you Lewis singing voice for Jack any out. Actually that makes sense lead singer doughboy. Now there their hit song this is Halloween from from the film. Have you ever heard Marilyn Manson's version of that I have you played it it's quite good. It's quite good this delicate. It'd going to be well out first causes that number six that I ever for Christmas was the only movie on both of our lists. What that was that was. The one on. Now's the one number five. I can make a case for the studio lot higher even the number five to mean is. Or that for us this is the official top ten animated movies list number five bat man mask of the fan task. The 199382%. Critics on rotten to motto is 88%. By the audience. That man is wrongly. Implicated a series of murders of mob boss has actually done by new vigilante assassin. So once again like the animated series you get Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Campbell as the Joker. You also introduced a new character as it's at their in the plot. Which bat and already has so many great characters we've seen other movies. Or other comic books that they Rondo like a posh for example when you already have this great stable but if they ought to take a chance career bring somebody else and and that's what they did hear that in the animated series is one of the greatest television shows of all time and this was the movie that they made. And it's awesome before it's it's. Cannot 1983 and it still stands out. And if I watched the I had seen this movie and had a very long time. But I remember seeing any really liking it. So I went back and I watched the budget you to put select people explaining would widely liked this movie so much which excited or more which more much more informative than like reading. Like plot point yeah but people explained Hewlett why they elected him it was as one video. Of misguided killing apology vicinity just like drinking like explaining why this is. He says the greatest bat man's story ever on sale. I think he might be onto something there. And he put his his points we're like okay that makes sense that he's like the beauty of it is as they do it this movie like an hour and ten minutes law yeah. It's like they do that in that amount of time what took Christopher Nolan likes the re movies to do. Explain why detonated the way he has an eight set it up like in surgical way while also introducing a new character. Defense hasn't. And using the Joker in a very creative way. Yes they did they do that's the you take you have the best villain but that if somebody else and it's somebody who. What like one of the great things and one voters allowed the red hood that's another opening but you have like part of vigilante like that man but is willing to go. All the way they're willing to kill. And how Batman as a trauma that at the same time that while you're taking away a mob bosses like I you know I don't want these guys on the streets but. The one thing that's a little predictable. I guess would be. It others ago vigil they do individually they're also happens to be a new character has returned to golf that Mike I wonder if they're the same bucket person. Yeah but other I don't expect. Do you think it is the best Batman movie of all timer now. I don't know the Soviet with a distinction dated a guy making that distinction he said. The best movie with Batman in it will always be the Dark Knight I agree that. Beep but that's not that man's story. Oh and let's Joker story yet Brady's pretty bad and you know I mean he said that he would probably be a third or fourth most instinct character in that movie. And I think that's always been the case a bat and the animated series and Batman and the our column video games that's the most bat in the bat menace but he's never is never that bad man in the the live action movies with all different whoever you wanna throw the actor they're never the deal might do a little bit of you know the detective work or some of the ladies' man stuff or like the combat oral and all the but to have it all together you got to go to the video game where you gotta go the animated series. And Soviet aid series this being make that one of the centerpieces of the animated series you get a lot of Bruce Wayne back story. Bomb and a lot of it's informative and it's it's actually really really good. Yet it's awesome and you really can't beat Kevin Conroy mark Hammel like that is just the best. Now many are just like. Yeah so that's the best. I think it's literally it's literally the best so yeah that movie is is awesome on Sharma may be listeners have lost it but. The data once and again lost again even even now even years and years later Watson and you'll remember Loyola it's amongst. You'll employee elected as a kid but also you pick things up like that the characterization of that implied that meant is that man is is. Really good in exactly what of meaty Joker origin in this. Which they were Smart and they didn't give me name. Like that yeah you didn't need and they talk about 89 movie like it was stupid Billy Jack a purely the guys killed that meant parents like that now. Never and that wasn't even him like you this Joker didn't kill that means parents like they don't need. That would be such a star worst thing to do words like we're all like it's all related it's like everything's there are things that got. I bet. Yeah whether does that Dana Delany by the way we blew voice parents there Google didn't know it. She ticket back she really wasn't even more about the moment he came on like the later seasons of Desperate Housewives. That Terry had. I don't call. I've ion unfortunately I do not know you're talking about. I went all in I was PD and in that would act America act you're out of college Mike Terry Hatcher I am watching this. And it got pretty hot and pretty steamy Ryan. I'm sure acted. Sure it never wore number four moving up we're gonna go hard enemy now ghost in the shell. Released in I believe 1995. This movie tells the tale of a robot cop. Who. Is struggling with her own humanity. It is a world that. Everybody in the world has liked these robotic implants. Whether Peter eyes or whatever and tired these com. These beings that are. Old robot. But they have their ghost when it's called the ghost is paired. You never go all robot. You never go full robot but they're Goss is liked their personalities like their spear. I'd of them. That she is new robot with a human ghosts inside about it. The this why this movie is important why this movie is so good I think. Ghost in the shell itself was like 96%. On rotten tomatoes and it's it's a good watched the animation is incredible. Why it is important is the movies that it that. This was a direct influence on the which house he's before they meet the mixture a while if we get in the movie what these. These things can do is they can actually plug in like the back of their head. Unfamiliar house in selecting entire world network. And they can then there goes out like into different machines. Like they use it like GPS satellite tracking in the you know information but they literally plug wires and there. So what tells you sisters saw that and they decided to use that. Any any kind of expand on it like what if you are right Robinson. And a whole the whole thing. I don't wanna get into the whole car keys symbolism in this whole thing where comes the body is mainly physical and hit in the head in the spirit are it's camera the united allocated any of that but a lot of that going on. I'm Roger Ebert actually picked this as his video pick of the week one week he gave the thumbs up. So Roger even Ericsson like this movie. So that's pretty tell now did you ever see these Scarlett Johansson live action ghost in the shell. Did idea is that. It's not good and why Washington. That was the big problem with the movie people adequate wife's throat and implanted Japanese or Japanese name in what's the rub it writes it was a matter. That well now what the filmmakers would say. And people like but it in Japan. It's true I I get it I mean all I think they should have cast a Japanese actress shortly that probably should have. There are trying to make money with Scarlett Johansson and it didn't. Didn't work so they probably for an I used her anyway. Right so the ID in again bit the plot of this movie and the the idea of it is a little muddy. It's night not as accessible if you would like it to be it's very heady outcome not as heavy as another movie that we're gonna talk about it a minute but. It's cool it's like one of those movies your watching and even if you don't really understand what's going on elected. Is going to be yeah. I don't. You get on board that yet to meet the very first scene when and you know there's a lot of enemy nudity so. No. Sergio. Who's who doesn't. All right Ryan number three on this list is South Park. Bigger longer and uncut. Cannot 1999. So early on. Over the TV show started very early on 81% a month Matos 88% by corporate by the audience. Went carpet and its friends go to C and think that Canada is the blame at. And it won an Oscar for best original song blame Canada. That's what this looks so good because South Park. Day like later seasons Comedy Central really let them do whatever they wanted in case where a lot more appearances think it's much looser but early on. There wasn't the way that it is now and so to see the characters. Disco you know full rated. Satan was so good like he's really sneaky one of the best characters on that entire. Show when he comes back he's not an atomic episodes. When he's there he's one of the best but you know the blame Canada but then also Kyle's mom song like that it's a great great move to South Park. It felt part but it I like you said with this and I was you'd use that would exactly what I was gonna say which is thought to be is that when that came out in 1999. Mike. South Park you could tell elected that it did they had a very short leash and like what they can do. Any question a little bit remember they've got like a lot of trouble of Aaliyah buying left and right make all this stuff. And but now lakes someone gave them a movie and just let them completely off the change. Yeah and Mike anyway it's. Brilliant I hate to this day but I still think South Park is a brilliant show as. Absolutely as I Trey Parker is legit genius. If yes and and they continue to put out quality product in this was one of the first times elect our. Let's just let these guys do what they want and they had beaten this character you talk about it in a homosexual relationship with Saddam Hussein. Burgers which is like. That's insane yeah I think at the time that no one would have done that and they did they do Saddam space like that kind of dozens are they animated it is again and again. Alex. Did it again. But yet I mean like that if they are still break that out that point out or somebody I mean. That is a great it was a big favorite song on in the whole movie is actually what would Brian Boitano do. Which academic. Where you can't wait did you think of that it would ridiculous reference and then at the whole thing you're talking when Howell. Paula put brightly it's not a do if you're here right now he probably ticket answer to that's a private -- you look what it's a family. When and that he didn't really chilcott piano music super disappointed that. It was somebody. I think you live for I've washed it probably does and then eventually during the song at the show autumn like dual and triple axles exit its it's just it's incredible. I love to see them do another movie that I know these guys are busy they have a lot but that's going on but that was so good and it came out so long ago. That I'd like to see a new movie is about. It's 81 minutes long so it's really just like three episodes but ethnic. And like they've done an Alley you can. I wouldn't count these as movies like for this list but like I'm imagination land and by the Black Friday like they've done they beat in the cocoon and friends. They basically are movies that you need to add those three episodes are two episodes together and put him out there. You you can get the same. Only did that build one season where one in all one articulate their peace principle late ballot W. Without trial like that there about say you'd think they'd like to Iraq specials like it was an imagination and want to match management student area like that. If you just it was a little bit longer like that that could have been a theatrical release if you really wanted to be. Imagine until the big guy could remember that I could remember that to import. Isn't so emotional so good so that's that estimates for analysts. But number two I'd I would put that this was my number one with a bullet for my favorite anime sort by animated movies of all time. And that is the cure. This very famous very fit anime movie again the plot accurate it would take me twenty minutes to explain to basically. There is experiments done on kids that make them like cycle Connecticut might make them like you know the heightened. You know heightened abilities and things like that at one level. That duo is you know he either discovered that. You know of these have been dormant in him in like all the other kids that even peek erupt with they're trying to like real men. He's part of as a motorcycle group at his best friend is trying to stop them from. Doing all these bet I could go on forever about this movie this could be a standalone episodes for me. But again it is beat. Until the fantastic mr. fox came along which I should have put in my honorable mention and they didn't this would be only animated movie in the criterion collection. It is considered to be one of the best. Foreign films of all time I think someone was stated that it was a time magazine listed as like 61 on the hundred best. Foreign films of all time La. It is an incredible side by a movie. Again. I don't wanna get too into it because it's going to one I don't spoil the movie credit if you haven't seen Akira like what he's dealing yet please go unseat here. Economic. It's it's that they do want to hear this ever. They try they've been trying to do it since early ninety's I don't think you can't. They did that would be visit to block all elect watchman syndrome would you be tried you can do a version of Akira. Our panel will be missed about a book you'll be super pissed that is not. That closely related it would give equity. To have one movie in two diminutive. The comic book it was based off of and people had a problem with the movie you can hear it wasn't able to. The comic book which showed up as a weekly. Even so like the movie. Was shown. Two years before the comic book and so they care it's called like Europe you don't really see that kid that character a lot. And I guess in the comic book like he shows up in the the next act a lot more. So that's where it kinda confusing but. It's incredible and the fact that the animation was done bike with Cingular cell animation. But you at all hander omelet this. The very first scene where there's the bite that motorcycle gang is together and Errol like riding if you just remind yourself that summit had to draw that ship bike and like it'll look at us. Stats is takes so long. Army and just go to put this to bed B is pissed me off when people were talking body ready player one. When elect like he's awaits riding out but Tron light cycles like bell it kinda does bite from Akira. None have. It's not a Tron light cycle it's from Akira. For Christ's sake like goodness but it's so that pretty vivid scene where he like does this thing we popped in the frame to duplicate lied like a bike slide yeah. Which is that's been copied so many times it's always been like an homage back to hear is people of them so much so we pick here. So Akira and ghost in the shell you like both of those more than vampire hunter. Dip Leonard. Be a parent or. Like super entertaining it's a really cool vampire story. Com. And if you wanna check that out don't watch the first spare tire harder what's that are going to be blocked blood lust. A guy. You what I immediately I cannot make use dissect you down and meet you watch it yes yeah did you relate to visit super sweet Caroline like I don't think that's any enemy at that point yet. And I mean you want about as got. Well I doubt. And also the other that the trick is and whatever these are lists but Wednesday top ten they can be best or favor whatever I there's a combined to it to say screw it like to me that my favorite is the vastly is the best to meet in so that's right Congo would be. Parts before it's the number wants recapping analyst number ten was Finding Nemo. Number nine Aladdin the number eight heavy metal. Number seven the incredible. Number six the nightmare before Christmas number five Batman mask of the Santa has them. Number four ghost in the shell number three South Park bigger longer and uncut number two Akira. And number one Agassi's or code number one is Davies number one was secure my number one. Is Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988. And I understand this is probably it's not full animation but I figured what else are we gonna talk about it that would include it here held the main character the title character. Is an animated characters were gonna go that. 97%. On rotten to motto is only 84% by the audience. And I don't get it I I I saw was clicking around the last night look at that it sounds like who doesn't like this movies Russia have a rotten tomatoes or worse literally like yes or no. Like how a no league how how joy lists are you like if you can't enjoy. Who framed Roger out there one guy. At the top critic and he was just like. Saying that the cartoon at the beginning. There would baby Huey the debt that he was like that was a better cartoon in the rest of the movie and what your thoughts in castle which you wanna lose their. But at the Odyssey tune feeding detective. Is a cartoon rabbit only hope to prove his innocence when he is accused of murder. This movie was nominated for six. Oscars. It was also given a special achievement award at the time on top of that it won three Oscars. Best film editing sound effects editing and visual effects. I love it I love it and make. Also awesome is like the combination of Disney characters and looney tunes like you're never gonna see that again we'll all those characters on the screen together. Roger Rabbit is amazing character any valiant Izzy is a great care to I loved him and and like at the time this is the movie I watched the most of the Kia wants all the time we have the tape I'll watch it multiple times a day. And what you'll realize we're here kid watching this and then you use you think about it later on is. With the DA has eons or whatever the the actor a lot of pot to any Bob Haskins. Ticket upon who had to act with. Like no real other actors like get a scene with the war Ceglia has seen with with Christopher Lloyd but for the most part it's him the and like stand ins and different that he's acting with cartoons throughout the entire movie and he does. I was always shocked that he did have a bigger career other why isn't this guy and every movie and nominated for every award because he is awesome. Are yet and he was such a chameleon to get him to reduce debt and an advocate next movie he was Michael confused me book. Some like that. But yet I think that was very soon after. He was was he in Mario Brothers. Mario Brothers is Mario from our roads. You ever get into that thick cock he actually had a big cockney accent to make united. It is from England. You know and yeah he was then. There's a lot of stuff with the world's after he was in. Mermaids yes hook like you said use use me as a good memory here's a hook he played Mario in Mario Brothers. And then. He played. 1995. Use in the movie spice world. Obama. Yeah isn't a lot of stuff but I but he I was never took off to the degree that I thought he was going through but. Other two on patrol was great the weasels like what I a lot of great stuff that Chris and I'm not a lawyer are fine. Find super scary or just limit but the issue in the dip at the skiers on the dip dip dip. Unbelievable good seem like beauty Bugs Bunny Mickey that drew the doing piano's with Donald Duck and Daffy Duck. Petty who isn't there and now just a rabbit. Let me say this shooting very high had a lot people steals votes I think it's too cliche for me she's not really. Little do we did you have a good part your soccer for a credit due to which what was that my past. In the past and never really goes away now so attractive redhead. That's her that's still part of me that is still very much part of me let Jessica Rabbit also. That's just her last name she's not a rabbit she's actually a real woman. He's real woman yeah I don't know and I don't know what her maiden name it. But like you I like to the touch it would be like play Q this is a movie that I remembered one of the very first movie that last. Loved you know I think just could not get enough of and like you said every character was awesome it was it was such a cool thing is like a kid like pointing out that who everybody was like you do every. It's so re watchable to today Q could you could watch this all the time. And look at said it they had done things book war with animation and human there on the screen at the same time but not this interactive. No this with a saying it is also crazy to watch and see how. Like seamless that is and how like that the cartoons look like they are on their the dollar floating around like they look like they're a part of it in this 1988. Like they are really change that if a lot easier to make a movie like this now. Yet I would say this is the very first movie loaded the bases I would say the very first movie that blew my mind. Yeah like and how he and the watching a movie Munich how to beat to death. What can I do that in real life do do. Like regular. Yeah but it really that you don't emulate that in my little seven year old mind like that just flew much anyway. I out. Yeah it's clear out I don't know I don't know hence why they won a special achievement award. It was what laws and was it arcade marooned here at the line when he was Taiwanese like this is the story of greed sex and murder. An athlete a six year old kid that's like that that's the heaviest line ever and you insane amount they don't say that without they stop opera house intrigue sex and murder against is that if I'll let you watch the movie did you promised the knock it off the degree sex and her part. It now. And also the cartoon bullets like. And that it deep character Eddie valiant is too later cartoon. Killed his brother dropped a safe on his head and so he used to be very pro. Cartoons he law he loved the tunes live into town is all about there's old photographs that show you how much he embraced toon town. That is Brothers killed by tune in now hates tunes but guess at that love is still part of and Roger wears them down with a all the little high jigsaw puzzle anecdotes and eventually at that moment Roger even in the all the times he yanked as the years. With Roger wants the picture. But he still loves them. Apologize to them all the cab the counselor best character Betty the cab. Smoke a big baby Hewitt that he who's gonna have no rights to stuff great movie. Tremendous over Ryan so there's our top Ted feel free to law tells how wrong we are torque podcast at gmail.com. Or on the Twitter at dork podcast. With your favorite animated movies. Of all time primary electorate that portion of the program. The. It's. And which are to kick received a firm order for Google. I'll receive this we all right. So one of my favorite a couple of years ago I think it was my ticket applaud was little Indy called unravel. And which you play eighty. Little. He already is what he called it a little man or woman made of yarn. You go on a little side scrolling two. And as you're going you start to unravel. You can't find more yards and a pretty soft back together and it held this. Meetings story about a family and it's very emotional and very visually cool. And awesome this sequel has just come up the rule until a couple who. Yep unraveled to electric vocal out just started playing a little bit pretty good. It's pretty good eight years you played to now. All but you're listed PRD's one red blue. Of course that that is it's check that out to negate. Pretty good IPO podcast couple things we have mentioned one that I mentioned before that you mentioned before but I saw evil geniuses after Tillman watch that. Pretty good you know not. It's good to me is like making a murderer or the staircase section and other type of upon with Osgood is or as in depth as those are the four episodes. Actually saw in her I thought I could have banned the a podcasts but did it reminded mills more cereal because. They didn't have all the access that they weren't in the courtroom they weren't too Reynolds stuff so. Now Mike Reid. No I don't but seeing her face made it good because she's pork fine. Is horrifying and again like I said it's four episodes and they're all about an hour each I thought that glass is one singular documentary. If problem I've probably could've been there were some dead time the first two episodes of particular. I got a little bit board that three and four then you're done you know our guys out. It's worth watching it's it's an interesting story and but again not as good as the staircase which is on Netflix now. And as of last week ordered a special bonus episode can be just on the staircase. We're a release that later this week my sister in law AKA the hash tag to work. Resident attorney the coal. Will join us to break down the staircase which is on Netflix right now. Next week Ryan are good at times addressed the world followed kingdom. Yes that are trying to wonder probability is well my time to see it but I think it will be that's the plan right now for next week's episode. Also speaking in next week prices this week I'm a little Mac can do live show which will both be attending. Although yes a lot of market drew that we've that there name market drew were the good. Or to that podcast so we got our live show Mac and do we literally could not have done it without too. He set the whole thing up with his equipment he is having a live show where there have been a lot of show they invited us so we're appear there at that bully boy distillery. And that's in Boston. Check it out Mac go to weeded out ultimately an outing at the actress and stopping it's 3 o'clock on Sunday. The ceiling by reviewing a draft Mac can do is one team. How stacked orcas one team the boxers or one team rocket tell you learn isn't it their release and out of their episodes on jumpin on that but it's a draft. All three of us that should be are all six of us so should be a lot of fun. If you'd be a lot of fun and the very first draft them actually going to be part of so you don't screw me like it in the other draft. While they posed as a motivation to get you do attend entrapment. Art you can rate review its scrub on the active hash tag dork thank you very much for doing that you or do you have tell friend to check us out iTunes. Stitcher Google play. WEEI dot com Ron Twitter at or podcast YouTube. Dot com slash or podcast. Dark podcast at gmail.com. As a match at the beginning of the show check at Davy on the tab which as well are on day. Yep we do and I get that you go over the Amazon prime free trip to float around I'd love to have that of them very appreciative of it. We actually I mean I'm in talks right now my tactic dork you vote for my subscribers are now pending. So they have to approve them first make sure that no copyright issues or anything like that but. They are wonderful so. So if you do you subscribe to my channel you do get access to those. They'll be more perks forthcoming so add are on deck WWW that would that he. TD backlash are on the column kid. All right thanks to listen this episode we've abolished episode this week of staircase and then we're talking dinosaurs dressed world of fallen kingdom next week talked via.