#DORK 72: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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Tuesday, June 26th
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey review Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. They do NOT agree on it. How does it compare to the other Jurassic Park films? Should they keep making these? Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute and the Pick of the Podcast. Twitter: @DORKpodcast

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If the door. Markey heads. For the door to my email which cheek if the door. Monty has is that there is my dorm bond cash. Yanks turn into another episode of hash tag torque my name is Rick Steve joined as always by Ryan daily TV have you. All right you gotta be OK you know you sound a little down. Oh boy frustrated. If frustrated. Okay RE and I have a feeling in my had to do with the topic is sure but that's we're gonna put a hit and that Ryan really get to that momentarily. Yes please do first off thanks for downloading already in the in listening to this portion of it but it gets better from here. Now this past week or Ryan we had the pleasure. Of being part of any live Mac and who episode. They did a raft of 2000 TV shows it's available right now to check out Mac can do. Where spoiler alert. We dominated the pants off of that draft. Oh my god like at one point it looked a year and a kind of leaned in public. What the hell is going on. I was shocked I thought both teams are throwing it does to other teams were throwing it. You know. We're we're pretty big time so you get out true even liquid diet forest elected ineptitude and now we didn't our conference is high enough we didn't also win the draft but there is nobody who ever higher opinion of me to meet. As progress. In I've you're not wrong about that but anyway as a lot of fun. Do the live shows are good time and if you went to war one at idle hands and knows a little tough to hear if you weren't like in the front row. Mr. remedied that you know Ku had a couple of speakers hooked up had a high up pointed out and so everybody there. Is a little bit of a smaller venue but everybody there says they could hear it substitutes and so we Doumit added. I think you'll be able to better. And it just gonna keep getting better and better and better so next time makes you become obvious. Until we're out the (%expletive) Wilbur theater and then we can retire that's the high watermark. That's where you know. But Carnegie Hall at radio city. Out or snore the Wilbur that's for all the best acts in Boston though it's the well that's the next stop. Well maybe not but next stop is every summer and guys are right are you ready for all that the news of the week. It seems like that's silly goose Tom Holland is given the name of Spiderman homecoming to their state title is not going to be homecoming it's going to be. Actually it is but it's gonna be far from home. Far. I don't think it was I think it was a little cheeky thing debate every got a lot of heat. Com for spoiling some bits those infinity war. Yeah yeah I think they've made it look like he was spoiling it by holding up BI had been the pick out the scripted ahead that far from home so I think are being viewed it I think that it goes set up. Yeah I would like that we think of the name column. I get item of the movie I would have written would've been a little bit different and apparently this shooting in London with an extent that like what. That you know maybe Jake Gyllenhaal playing the magic tricks on. Oh sure yeah. Spiderman. Two magic tricks. Something along those lines freak hail the completeness. To still calls the villain. It is spread it on there's also there's a panel going on and Anthony Mackie and Tom Oliver up there with some of the other cast members in the avengers. And Anthony Mackie said something about how he hasn't seen the Spiderman yet they haven't seen homecoming into all was like. He's like Ali is nickel less today is the tonight I saw the falcon movie all now wait a minute. At. The pretty good burn as it. We've got some Peter Parker chops he does it is a good isn't good Peter Parker some report that second one. To get that also a marvel news Ryan although they're not really related all that much it was supposed to be that would be the Netflix. Shows Luke cage season until. Is available right now have you started. Have a that we got to action packed weekend you know I would go right to life like escaping to address the world I didn't have a lot of time this weekend so. I'll be getting into it this week. I have not started either I think it looks like going forward we have comic cons coming up we have ant man on the loss coming up. And meager. Unity after that we'll get to locate whoever is at any time. A noted that originally clamoring for now lot of buzz but we've done all of the other Netflix series shows the we will we will get diluted season two at some point. Are you look at big or rolled all the crime. Sure who isn't I'll roll all. You need to become a young adult and and you start reading things about a new like maybe he wasn't so. Whimsical as seat yes he seems as right. He's the pick of the pod right he's going to be. A long pick of the pod long ago. But apparently there are remake though which is. Robert Zemeckis is set to direct and yearbook del Toro is gonna produce. Remember the original which is that they did we that that I weirdo kid from parenthood yes Tom. This movie is going to be glorify. But apple with Angelica Houston was terrified very spirited guzzlers there. Yes and then with Guillermo del Toro produced thing and he's gonna have a decrease of creative state what they look like moment. Rules I don't know that's good enough snow lots out on the light on maybe. Which is it. And Clement in half thanks I am out on the although probably get what is is that Doug Jones are the guys and you know. He's he's he's gonna act that you know it yet run we got a bunch of trailers some we've seen before some we have not including a bunch turn drastic world but. The creed two trailer looks pretty bad ass. It. I'm excited some good stuff between Michael B Jordan and Sylvester Stallone and in the give you just enough but we knew we was gonna be. Fighting Drago skid but they do they more like them a good soundtrack where that. And then they show in the ring Drago just turns his back and then you see it on the back of his but he would because the rope in a row. Has dropped on the past that would become out November 21. And it could go directing Aaliyah. Should be a tacit Thompson and Michael B Jordan salute to a couple of and the terror your kind of hitters at this point. Oh yeah they're good another big time outs and the trailers that we saw turn drastic world I guess I've missed this one somehow the tip a few months ago. But the Spider-Man into the spider verse in animated movie it is pretty gut doesn't it. It looked good and I like the fact it was in the back from new girl is is actually voicing Peter Parker what the actual Peter Parker. Oh yeah I in my good name BI know it takes something not to look all that now. But in America. He gave it Utica bomb. That would just got a cool easily you know like this rag tag Spiderman in his he's selling well we're out yet like don't don't do this the way I do it. You know so it's kind of a and yet spider gland in there Isa on the trailer which is banks yep. I thought I'm excited I'm excited it would with the movie's gonna do. It does look pretty good at that act as it's going on I saw I watched drastic world with my eyes and Sheila looks overturn a previously ETF deceive us I'm like yeah. But yeah I'd have to do anything and I'm going to see that. We got the Mission Impossible fallout trailer for like the one millionth time. You have enough for that I don't in the crowd nothing I don't care I don't care they would bill the one I thought it would feature Rhett but I don't care done I had to do who had some of these X 65 years old the only got a pilot's license for this and they make itself what's he doing all of those stunts he's not. It basically taking the plane off and put you've taken a helicopter up and putting them. But he's not doing a 360 at least not duplicate downward corkscrew. In a helicopter having just gonna talk populist spirit that we. Yeah I'm not buying it another movie that looks bad maybe even worse is Robin Hood. Yeah did you get that out there earlier in her eyes as it did very agitated yeah box like a soft well Taiwanese. Another Robin Hood movie but he gets it. Peter read put up Robin would be grants to me resident with Michael B Jordan you earn their first Michael baker and red hood has a dark. Right thing we can do amateur. But we're all the good part of that in dot ant man the loss. They've always had a bunch of trailers to think comes out just a couple of weeks I think some of their early reviews are the people some really like get amiga and the MCU as a very very few misses over the last several years everything. At the very least is like a B plus everything else is there any better than that. Quantum realm Reagan introduced him that it looks like but. I am on board very much was very other trailers that are missed there's about a. Opera. New predator went all out today. OK that's fine okay a bit watchable I'll I'll see that as well. Uncle drew comes out this week are not yet I don't think so although I bet Nick's role will be pretty funny. I noticed you know it disappoints the Tiffany had a Alec has announced. Yeah I mean she's got she's definitely work and at five minutes he's got right now you know. Worked in I didn't see the movie yet but there's a scene in girls' trip. Where Tiffany hash takes a banana. And a grapefruit. And I'm my god. Not. No assets she basically takes she cuts a hole. In a grapefruit. And that sticks the banana throw it. And it just absolutely goes the town on. Irene cameras on it yet. Like I don't like I don't think they could show that I'm Comedy Central. I don't think but it. Cross separate do we get to I think they'll do it for this week in dork let's get on to the the next thing here and. You know. Either man. C got. But got a couple things and I got I got one payment date to the end so. Bigotry out Richard it looks like we're drop in another over watch character and it's coming very soon nice there have been some hints at it you get that kind of like. They've had this Gifford chipped up where assistant Alli. On the EC with some posters one of them says no block and it's a little bit of its a monkey. Bomb and then they had another one where that like rolling through and you Selig of little metal ball rolled through. So the speculation is that the new character is specimen eight which came from the same program as Winston guy and he's a chimpanzee. My guess is he's going to be a defensive character that they haven't had a new one of those analog that's true yeah adequate dealers if that's indeed yet yet tank. We have an avid new defense guy along time. And it's going to be his name as Hammond. We he's been talked about in the war I'll tackle that emanated name Hammond eighties which he's a smaller. Prime. So he's not a full gorilla like when that intensity. Yet maybe the mover and shaker you know I like that yet like a magnet effect. Bomb crashed into candidates coming up as it in Spain trilogy for all platforms came out today. Which is Tuesday for just the times been a bit yes. So that those games are always been really fun old naughty dog game if I'm not mistaken. They have been remastered C get awfully crashed into games like thirty bucks. Which which is nice and the other the other news which is actually very interesting to me. Telltale games who has done they did the battening game mediated. Bell Walking Dead they'd be darting right. You guardian had one and they did my but a wolf among us which is my favorite of them about they just came out and said they re doing their entire engine. Well both for and they've made a good dozen games and they all kind of had that same look and feel amid epic Alec Hoosier and adventurous thing would that would cost of yeah I haven't played horrible game and didn't like. Are morally and won the portal emblem of the. Now it was actually kind that drags format playback did Alan I was kind of a drag the Batman I just sat down flew through it. Doubt they know not so they're redoing their whole engine so it's he could be just see what they do moving forward in terms of their art. I it'll hopefully you look kinda the same but more updated. Are they are they do on the stranger things game. They are a tackle they are a total of hopefully that's coming with a new engine and all that stuff so updating deviated baseless and hopefully that'll cool so. Audit that I downloaded trials fusion the yet the bite game. Any coastal areas is I didn't know this is into the case but some plain X is a bit of free download a couple weeks ago. And because you and I are our PlayStation network friends. I could see your scores on all of trails and then I. It was Dallas it was awesome because then I'd like some that the compete whereas those like a single player game but Tom I could see like a shadow version of you. So those respective so it was it was bonds Ivan clearly beaten at but it was like it it did an added another element Altria would have been. I don't think I would like that is much of it didn't have that part of it. Looks like it's sort of looked like she gave exit. Did you start to age you start Arnold aren't yet yeah I want it a lot of and is there is a cool game and double talk a little more about that toward the end of the it's oh OK or good. Are you ready right at the top what is your. What average. A topic of the day and today it is the blockbuster. Of one of the monster summer movies Jurassic world all Kingdome. Let Darrow. This it'll be Ryan died I don't like where you're your sound right now but it's a two hour and ten minute film. Currently don't rob the motto is 15%. Half 50%. Build a better on the audience score 61%. On the court plot here three years after the destruction of the drastic world theme park Owen grating cleared the air returns the islands of east a new blow our. To save the remaining dinosaurs from a volcano that's about to erupt. They soon encounter terrifying new breeds of gigantic dinosaurs while covering a conspiracy. Keep conspiracy that threatens the entire planet. We start as we always do spoiler free and I start asking you. Did you like it. The urgency came home after seeing drastic world last night and my wife was watching and made stale which finds. And I NG ST so it's having now it's every. And she asked me how old I guess she oh excuse wants to do you how is the movie. Oil looked at her and I kinda gave her this expletive laid in review. Very sector review of this movie. And she goes we're gonna have to clean it up before you actually say that on there. So I thought about it in here is what they came up with a minute to read or write that I had to write it down. Let's just remember that the question was did you like it. If Leonardo Da Vinci. Somehow preserve his last dump. Ron did it put it in an ornate block with his own design and it was sold at auction. Jurassic world ball in kingdom would still be the most expensive piece of (%expletive) ever produced. That is tests. Not right Ryan. What do you pick a movie rich. I liked the movie riot biggies Philip. Our lap or rap world all Kingdome don't scream and a microphone I liked the helmet. I'm going at it they dial this normal beat. I have watched all the Jurassic Park films are for prior to this the first one I loved draster world without a strong. Two and three certainly worked great at all they're they're not great movies but they are dinosaur movies and you go to enjoy you go to see them at the big screen it's a big screen and popcorn movie and you know nick so Long Island's your bring him in there. It was an entertaining film I didn't think it dragged at all they showed off the guy knows they are flat around good Dido action in that. I enjoyed Jurassic world I don't care who knows it. I told you should care but I know that now another compared. I'm I'm curious and I haven't felt it. I'll be used what you expect this thing to me well I'll. Go to their daughter Vinci for God's sakes do you think that's a that. According you're talking about it jobs. What's your program would go ahead and I don't know I would rather look at that I don't assembly show I don't I'm gonna express myself I expressed myself some way. I don't know what didn't like about it is this hole which don't like immediate failure bubbles are about to repay the note. Mike got a lot of wants your which reads scripted material wants to tell me I feel off the cuff let me ask you this first just reset everybody. I Jurassic world how did you feel specifically about that movie. That would keep that movie was. I think it was. And good like blocks summer blockbuster like movie you know having again just. It was no frills it was just like okay this as we know we're doing a movie about dinosaurs is very self. Where how did you commute yeah okay like how many stone's view Divx I think I did a solo episode this of the early stages of dork in in the summer of fifteen. I think I did a solo episode. I I should've gone back and listen to a put out or at least got the score I'm guessing it was like. Four and a half as. Ironic I'm on 444 abduct a don't ask don't keep getting a guy yet no we do we we we we still do now. The lost world Jurassic Park three where you entertained at all or just think those were dumps. Out those were down yes there our. But still finals that you know got out of that mentally you really don't. Know and so what you first part basket and still the best month yet. Hilda yeah the problem I have with this movie. Is that it wasn't. As. Visually it was correct it was called a special effects or the guy that by themselves this stuff. It was everything else was insulting. To me. I was insulted. That this movie was I paid money to see this movie. And maybe economic don't just because they'd they'd bill me out twenty bucks to appeal economic team isn't bucking iMac breeding. They'd all that's your problem right there with an interest in 3-D he did and I don't think so pretty Sox. No more be within several Doctor Strange in jackass 3-D is supposed to be seen in three days. That's on your age Jasper refund if she calls these are called the the fear maybe get a. I'm going to see it. In your stupid Argo a call on him yeah Esteban spilled their golf called him directly I think what the pocket that. I think he's out of the loop now I got a call college Rivera or whatever his name on it. Oh my god now know it was. In this director. It's the guy who directed the directive. Monster called. What that movie was. Visually awesome as well. But it very like that is that Kennedy that he did like he did com. Spanish movie of the orphanage he could be orphanage to yeah. So it's usually like this guy knows what he's doing he can't tell stories are shipped. Where and where would you put it within the Jurassic universe. Our. Probably like. Address sequel the lost world knows it better than that but that's about it yet let's speculate. It's second or third at a traffic park their original as the best. I think this is comparable to drastic world they're they're all better than lost world address marks which is awful awful yeah. Brian let me ask you this what did you think of the action in the film and remember include that I know the sweet sweet done no action please. Like every. What you think the action. The action the action. Lights camera action of the standard I didn't care for what did you think of the comedy. Are out the worst part of the movie you did laugh out loud several times. Want I actually honest to god. So we'll look book looked back at me because I audibly groaned. At target that the girl makes me laugh like all the time highway was out that's only the movies this drawback I would die it not my wife when the girl. I went. Like in the movie theater well that's not organized now your editorial comment solitary. You you compared the story to a pile of crap Saudia like the orient ship I got out of this story was with pretty compelling I was locked in from the jump. By the job. You're brought the diagnose them again some really quality dine out big Donald little guy knows Herbert wars carnivores blog that's live ones that are in the water it's all good. Oh by the way there is an end credits scene for those again who were still stick with us your spoiler free so if you wanna stick around there in the credit to get an extra little scene there. At the end before we get to our hash tag dorks scorers. Is there anything else you think you can now scream about that's non spoiler. It. An idea of do you have a score do you think about this one. And why the one undermine any like the last Jett died that's lies than that. One. I would give it up probably a four and a half. All rock hard core and a half I don't know what the problem is this is very enjoyable to vote at. All rights. Guys run a little hot you're gonna quickly run down the film disorder don't forget anything and that we're gonna do what did beat light which will probably be dominated by me. And then what did we not like which will be certainly dominated. By arrived but I also feel free to add those in here as we go along. Just to begin. It's three years after drastic world the team is looking for that and dom earnest Rex DNA in the water. I thought that provided a pretty good seem to go down there it's a direct kind of the last movie beta yet but the underwater dinosaur which was a sneaky star of the most recent the the film. Prior to this unit like at that. Are valid Abdullah the best part of the movie the first five minutes. Good start so you're in there how what this. Doctor Ian Malcolm is back. He testifies the senate that the Don those should just be allowed to die off in the impending volcano eruption at. Making up for John hammonds mistake which he said he never should've recreated dinosaurs. You gotta you gotta like Jeff goal of coming back. There are. OK also than Claire has to recruit all when that B Bryce Dallas our recruiting Chris Pratt to go back. In same Lou the job loss or after in the other guy knows certainly this is better then how. Paul Amanda Kirby ended up going to the island in Jurassic Park three this is there's little reason for this. They do get to east of new law are they find out that Buffalo Bill as they dinosaur honor. To not enough what can worst. Punter I've ever seen in my life the. Here with a terrible character Ali and I'll I'll admit that like the villain that is just so villainous that's like academy and anyway deep there's a ship of captured Donald that leaves for the mainland. And then you get the CEO of Brock you Soros. Our bracket a Soros is being left behind and then gets lob but the death that was sad. Arlo from. It's short it's a smoke. A semi like did not like that scene and allows us got choked up there as well are you find out that. There's not this. I'm outcome but I have to step in at this point that you need to tell me that you felt bad for the dinosaur who was crying out. For the boat to not leave them behind but it has captured (%expletive) it dinosaurs and trying to be good all wait from you think that dinosaur really wanted to be a vote. I don't leave he said wait for me I believe he was running out of play and that didn't have a lot on it so we got closer could it anyway and I don't he's not a strong swimmer that's not what he is therefore he eats trees there's no trees in the water. Had no wouldn't go so he got lob led down. We're introduced to a character named Benjamin Lockwood. Who we find out was again and old partner. Went to. Just finish pure warned that in there. This I also admit this is one of those two ropes that when you have. Movies that go beyond like a sequel or even a third actually oftentimes this is something happens in the trilogy movie. David say this and scream which ZoneAlarm my favorites and not one of Bryant's that. They kinda like go back to the beginning in the late. Change what you thought that we had thought that John Hammond had just come up with this look on his own turns out as with a sky Benjamin Lockwood. And he has a quote granddaughter. Named Mazie. Don't look at me let me let let's unpack this bloc would compare different second Shelley let's. YE. OK so he was part of the John Hammond bay had a huge falling. Yeah we're gonna broad outline a little to find out why a little bit out is that eleven minutes let me ask you this Richard you walk into the Lockwood state right now. And Bryce Dallas Howard looked her right. And there is a multi thousand dollar oil painting of John Hammond as an old main in his house what a block which you have that in your house if you did like the guy. While he must have somehow gotten the money from him and how I think inning is that owed to him they were good friends. He didn't like what Lockwood was doing with the technology but he still respected the hell out of that man. Prominent Democrat and oil painting commissioned by mortal enemy and put it dead. Did read in mice in my in my Fauria. Laughter this episode I'm the gonna get an oil painting of you put that up my house. Or that you can watch it added Don I've I've changed my mind cannot change my mind by obstacle. There's a in dough wrapped there this is Brian the new diet dodi's jeweler it's like and and dominance wrecks but smaller and smarter or are you afraid also our. I'm not because like that again and again let's. What are we gonna do we've seen all we've seen it he reckon we've seen it so quickly so the next movie we just have to keep inventing new dinosaurs. After the third round they're trying to weaponized the dinosaurs and makes sense it makes a lot of sense. The Indo raptor dead at the defense can pick up at their. At one point lays dead he then makes Buffalo Bill that the lotion on his skin. Which got some big dinosaurs seem mild. Yeah my field don't we get the joke he'd joked yeah again. What what. Guy wouldn't acquisitions like this master hunter stepped into the cage and let the door shut behind him. Right he let his guard down. That's all that was he let his guard down and that the Indo rafter obviously inspired by dead pool and a winked at the camera and they gave them gave the business. That that they don't that's great. I want of that character dead in the and a rapid did it. We find out right now this was a real blow Mazie is actually a loan. And that is why Benjamin Lockwood and Jon Hamm and what their separate ways because management Lockwood lost his daughter. In a car accident so that he turned. They created it his daughter over again they may easy. And again like what's the point of this. What's the point of bringing events like you can it has got a daughter that's a car crash and had that the movie would have been the exact. They know it would not as bad because she wouldn't hit the button at the end but let's not get ahead of ourselves let's roundup element along okay. I'm like how much ego raptor taping indicate right now I just wanted to watch good what'd you like all right we stated. What was crazy about this movie is the Indo raptor got out of the cage and started chasing his mother (%expletive) all over the house it odd opera house next thing you know they do the old. Hate the heat sinker is now on all went great shot by Clare who recovered from an injury very impressed by her she shoots all when he dives around next thing you know the and a wrap there is in failed. On a triceratops skull game ever that was great. Now this is very controversial people still are all buzz after sitting at a theater Mazie. Peak won't granddaughter. Freeze. All of the unsold diagnosed and again there's the big black market sale and dinosaurs which apple are in this film as well. She freeze all the console buyers of this was her decision to make. They were all there you felt that I felt terrible form as like puppies and pound things that I want these guys to be free. However they're now in America because they left the coastal Rican island of Eastland hoopla are in brought them to I assume California cut through most of these things happen. In the compound so she's like not they're not going out like this rocketing gas and can that was there was an impending death. A they're gonna choke to death. With a cast so she hits the little red button and three days ago leading us Ryan to Ian Malcolm returning to the end of the film. Saying that humans and dominos. Will now need to coexist. Quote welcome to Jurassic world. All in. The movie the movie. Good. Electric bungalow. So. They go fast on a four and a half out of six I don't know what is. Why would you like to go first the what you didn't like about the film. Utley. Talk about Jeff Goldblum for a second Malia doctor Ian Malcolm get a doctor Ian Malcolm meet in the beginning of the movies like this should not ever happen. In like what we're doing is speeding toward like the end of the world video and time basically we've genetic warfare we've done nuclear now we're doing kinetic warfare. Yeah he had a great quote I think it was in the first movie where is like god creates dinosaur of god gets rated dinosaur god creates man Maine gets rid of god. Maybe you guys yet yeah pretty kind of got me great got that's great so like that you get that opening scene was like OK like. Jeff Goldblum had a good good duck Gardocki government have been credentialed. So what happens is which he skipped over it like the US. Government decides Villa were to collect them die because there's there's no it's a private it was a private enterprise we should get involved in this like these big it's an act of god there's nothing we can do about it. Well I think her so clearly now Jurassic Park. The lost world in Jurassic Park three like all those events happened that happened in the ninety's. But those also happens I think finally they're probably saying to themselves we're really gonna save these dinosaurs like Yemeni people they've killed like we've dodged a lot of bolts of this. A great tournament so bringing Jeff Goldblum in at the back into that movie doesn't make any sense because he's already got what he wanted. You already got the United States government to do it okay Tibet and being that he does it got in another time it in the same here. That epidemic accent. I think it was out of the hearing said the difference here now you wouldn't think you'd ever Wear the same quality was from the same hearing slick and they dated had a lot of close. It's stupid all right so let's get let's get down to integrity a Gary yet dividend this story of this movie is stupid there are four different lot in this. Like OK okay ready yeah bears we need to go back to the island which by the way. Bryce Dallas Howard character rim the park it was like this would've been at the end of drastic World League is a terrible idea. And Alec are gonna go back. I should have won the dinosaurs the diet though I think she became time affectionate with the dinosaurs by the end of the last one which use like. It's not fair to just like ultimatum to stick let's kill a mall. So this guy Eli it would have been Eli. Man who's running who's running the estate now who is basically in charge of the guys' money. Interested world whatever yeah that that guy the guy who ends up doing Lockwood yet and yet the worst that'll. Worst bad guy ever by the way I hate to quirky Baghdad terrible back I'll give you that he's going gaga. So break out Howard is now the head a bit like dinosaur like protection things. She thought it. Yes she gave the dinosaurs. Sheriff there yet I think. So he's like we need your imprint to get in negative as part of the park nobody can do would beat you yet and if you look at any actor says it's. It's not exactly legal into the man. That's ahead. He's going to get the decree the United States government to go to. The library at it's he agreed immediately. Right she goes in gets always. Graduated like who is now like Chris Pratt is now doing at a cartoon Chris Pratt and he agreed. Immediately. To go to. Yeah issue on this thing in well. I don't really doubt it he did not. I agree immediately think they could drag it out too long but. She first approached him he said no they went back and watch the video with little blue in the other boss raptors and how well scene that was a coal seam because it shows him talking to blue. And blue understood him and then got the other raptors in line I thought I was front school. This is not it's not an I'll tell you why because the coolest part of the original directive would be the previous stress the world. With that Chris Pratt telling people that like even though elect I can do this. But these things still might turn on me there are predictable that there aren't predictable but then. They're like men and an advocate that they went back and read rewrote history Billick noble who's been good the whole time. They did make Lou look good god bless the little bit of a wildcard picks for Roy the pocket lion like you can you can do a pretty good about me my hat off you don't know. That was quite a bit tense moments were like Chris Pratt was ecstatic. Department of more rapidly built that was the best part of that movie it is absolutely didn't know exactly how we're gonna go he didn't know exactly I was gonna go oh yeah what are they don't want. What a cross blue when he first came across him this time around he wasn't like super it was like hey get the (%expletive) and truck let's go luckiest ought to do like the little clicker might be like you didn't know what he's gonna Google. All right let's get it that you brought this is mindful that we can put park open dialogue of this movie. About the strength. Not the strength because what happens is that aside and get to finish my thought about the force we have been getting the dinosaurs out the aisles yeah that's one. There's impending volcano which I like that's that's topical that's in the news there's a volcano Muppets. He bears the bears yep and then you have the the whole thing with Hammond and his granddaughter. Did you have the whole thing with the other hand grant on a block and aren't Rockwood yeah radar that you have the big with the auction. And then you have the dissident like image editing with the created dinosaurs you have four different plot. But they overlap because they're they're getting them off the as a false pretense is for Claire and all when they think they're getting on them off the island just because there's a volcano and volcano is true but they think they're transporting them to and other violent what's the guy tricked them into saying and others the island but there are trying to get them off because they're trying to sell off all the pieces because let's face it if there really weren't dinosaurs in the world. People would try to sell on the black market and you know. The dark web would be littered with buck and dinosaurs. Okay fight but you just brought a good point so what does what does Chris Pratt they awarded one of the characters they when they realized. That. They'd been duped. Where does not remember if you don't remember the characters says. It's a double cross. (%expletive) a double pro Hamas. They actually say that it was a double cross bubble blast so okay so. Let's talk about the dialogue let me give you peace and quote from this movie and people were annoyed our I was writing it down as I was watching the moves. That's just a good job out of a podcasters on yeah that's as good homer. Yeah. Wind all the Bryce Dallas Howard and net net issue. Systems analyst go over the cliff and fall into the water. Right. That's was not by the way great job by all would say yeah yeah yeah what is super what a super guy got in Marietta aren't anything about them that Gonzaga and it would. We went over a cliff and now we're in the water. Just can't you know what was going on a little dot LD that that's out. Processes things that he was very weird I did not find him funny I wanted him to die the girl next to me again not eyes but the other us stranger grows next to me laugh that everything like I said I didn't understand it she'd love that guy. How many times do we have to be. A systems analyst AKA hacker go in type of politician or compete on a computer hit enter and go again. I mean do we still do and. While we don't know out there that are not let me ask you this Ryan has not. Buckeyes ask your question in the yet continue to allow you could that it of this my question would be. Nor when you go to watch a Jurassic Park movie are you going because of the dialogue. Nobody that's the thing like I'm not going because of the dialogue but he you have to at least give me some credit that like I I get you know I mean it's insulting it's. It was insulting to my aunt Ella. I think that character is socially awkward and he was just saying what was going on because he was nervous again I didn't like the character but I think that would explain. Okay so. Explain to me that okay if the plot holes and the second part but. The last line I will give you that I'd visible what I went. Like in the beard that. This visit and they would get off the plane there and you know Costa Rica music on pot and you get that shot. Of Chris Pratt looking over his shoulder edit volcano that exploding and he goes. Let's get a whole lot hotter. Well that's some stories we don't know if you know if not that's not I got a blog not an idiotic at that idiotic classics are lords. No it does classic powered by our lord would have made fun of him saying that probably yeah I did a lot of. Chris perhaps not a great character witness he's not and but that's not that that dinosaurs I've always been the best characters like maybe Ian Malcolm in the first on the AB but it still the T Rex. And the other ones is that as the raptors the pocket to erect its the same key wrecked you can see the stars from the previous movies. T Rex is still the star eyeball thing is always good any time your next door eyeball at that that there are that's close by that at the open my terrifying backed off. But that's the other thing too they've done the same (%expletive) in every single book of Eli at the end of the iPad to my wife I go to the the big bad guys Eli right as it turned out to be real bubbly turned out to be Baghdad. I did not connect up bows at west you pick up doesn't really that go on costs are do you think he died. NGOs I don't know which is ticket staff. You beat me by a dinosaur like Yeltsin what dinosaur purist he economic boom you got it now directs also the guy. The girl that girl whatever it yet here it has no interest in you know now whatever. Not use the same stuff but let me caution you the Indo raptors they bring a new dinosaur ride the about the right stuff. It's not so it's not because of mr. in the first dress the part it was the raptors. You know the raptors were walking lavender well there were right. And then we jumped address world and it's the end of the dominant dominant Lex yeah like well let's stop. Let's change that they dump this reckless to Indo raptor days bad day is made that ramp it up the game but it's stiff. They explain both of those first of all they say so the Jurassic Park after the failures of the first park they got it up and running to drafts of world for years was a running park and Bryce Dallas Howard character explains how kids are so used to that. They see it he wrecked now and it's like you see an elephant. So they have to go to the next thing so they go to the dominoes rack. We'll look at the minority party I already equipped now. I thought (%expletive) I don't bother. Lester Clinton listener webware I'm going and visiting Thomas wrecks they created that and it's not two but. They wanna weaponized it and the main thing it's Chris Pratt and even admit that here is that it's his fault. Because he was like you can the again it's not perfect science but you can control a little bit. So they're like aren't we got to make this thing wrapped their and and that way we can use them for war which I think is a good plot point because everybody. It's gonna try to manipulate these things in the weapons that's a they would. Let's talk plot points here Richard let's talk let's talk audible let's do that and yeah. Why if Europe billionaire and you control it because obviously like what that Lockwood the billionaire right yeah how this. Why would you. Why would pick I Eli bring the dinosaurs to be how. That doesn't make if you could afford capital warehouse that these things why would you bring them underneath you're out I admit that the bloc would know. I don't know OK so here's another line Manila by the way don't you write do bolt just beat these. Lockwood figures it out like what you guys do it right. Yet any sitting on his deathbed that he looks to me me guy in what was the (%expletive) guy who plays him. Solved. God he was in. He's been in a bunch of stuff. I'll let you back I'm struggling with a British accent the entire movie couldn't do. Couldn't do in many looks like dip in the eyes of BT's and this is down and he goes Pam view. Like c'mon man James Cromwell. David Cromwell I am you. Yeah those are those pretty terrible. Let's talk about maybe for a second right yeah maybe skip around the house for what dumb waiter you know this thing that you go up endowment the servants would like bring food up and down. Yeah remind me of like. Was the people under the stairs early harmless if there are lot of walls. Why as the dumb waiter that's decide decide to go into a kitchen go to low level Parikh maximum security sub basement. That note that they can be sent. She now she went down to the elevator she followed them to the elevator where they weren't. Yet when they meet her seat inside the dumb waiter. In building split. All I got to when when she met oh yeah it would limit the map abounds there which he originally get down there's an element. I can't we get this super secret elevator that get to the super Max Payne always by the way the (%expletive) thing to bring the food up and down goes to a. To crazy house you know I can't really speak to the architecture of the house right now and I get a little battalion there that hole. We were being a clone. Yeah it does not help it'd be the only thing that helped. With with her sing like her being able to push the button and deliver the line. Or. Like me. Well again I but it dialogue not great but it also X. Planes why Hammond could have had a partner and that we didn't know about for the first three movies because. Doubt that a bigger loop hole there likely to you form this like how come we haven't heard about you but that's why then then a major disagreement. Time to work. One on how old she is a network how do you know when they started it. That he did just that I'm going to do this he's like don't do it and that didn't work for awhile minute did the. Because that (%expletive) crazy dude looks great battle right to them let's talk about the bad guys in this movie at a worst bad guys in the world. They're terrible some attack guys buffalo Buffalo Bill Scotland it's buckle up Cochran real split. He's he's awful he's terrible at this job. Every little community like he did it there's a bucket of mayhem going on around him dinosaurs Duluth. People are screaming people getting killed if he comes into the room where my bonus. Well I get paid I was gonna get more likely to look at look around in my could MIT any position to hit it to bed mow you right now what about doctor will let them. Why did good. Why this guy's ability to movies why are people still hiring him everything he touches turns to (%expletive) I don't know that he's getting jobs. He needed badly and don't wrap there he needed or router and guess what it's sold for 43 million dollars and it's only the pocket prototype it's not even dive and ready yet it's still made 43 million that's rather hire in this guy's Jean. If I would like if your rich I got that. You wouldn't buy it but them OK here's significant if I would like I have a cure for the common cold if you like that's great comic. It's still in the little tweak it might just only few two week it might kill you. But I'll give it to you. Do like how much. Exactly but they do like our. Okay which you drink if I that it might have a good pick because he can't killing you or like being cure for the common cold which take I would not I personally would not make it okay so they civic albeit the raptors still needs to choose from. If you behavioral two weeks but it very aggressive and it can do it in if you put this thing on it it'll go until the big debt. They nearly would buy that thing. Well there's try to stay one step ahead of the competition may be. It. Here's another thing. So Eli telling all of these dinosaurs they get one of each of them right. Odd that's a little like ambiguous I think that he did that many species but I don't think you said how many of each one but yeah. And if you look you don't want yet capital would like he has won teach them right yeah I guess elbows. Why would you why would you get it yet you did doctor rule you could make you newest any. Electricity means. What do we can put me. That epidemic because I think that's modeled I think he's trying to cash in the mic off hundreds of millions of dollars are probably good for awhile but in my but if you're billionaire what do another hundred million dollars what difference does that make a lot of you guys a billionaire. Bill well you what went Lockwood died he's in charge of the debate right yeah maybe you or photos like killing him let let beat. Let's be clear up on the deck or the murderer and then this very next scene he goes down. And he's like. 01 and what today ran out Howard glare of the only two people making you do any of this and you say out loud. As far as anybody knows they died on the island and and you didn't kill them right then and there. And you've explained exactly what you were doing to them. That's terrible. That's terrible right. What what about the dinosaur that put his head down smashed through the that wall. Yet. The but why would you do you don't know what these dinosaurs can do we don't know they can run to report. Not a big big deal about it until a paleontologist here deal with the these. Really and let's make up a character who was a specialist BP elite eight billion pound pales in polite one of the Caylee away and Helio back but that's the thing. Why aren't. Doctors zero Rodriguez knows how the big fan. Here she was she was something else I didn't classics he delivered a great line there's like a mustard gas. Leak downstairs they're gonna kill all the dinosaurs in what has she paid 20 when and where. Calm down here you have to leave it yes well I'm gonna go the mustard Dominique or elect the mustard gases and I'm gonna go down there and just see with my own eyes. You don't alert them. Well if she wasn't assay nothing they'll all have been killed that showed you something. So they mention that I'm just jumping all over the place here but they mentioned that eight. An indoor raptor can smell you up until like a mile away yet goods on the couldn't find that three people in the same room as it. Couldn't find them. They're pretty good job that they've probably coated themselves and some sort of other scents of in my own death. I just don't get it got note there's like. And then you're later you're funny literal boat load of armed men. And they can't stop right now powered up computer hacker. Chris Pratt and looked at like four people on a boat yet they are now one person could stop. They probably should have been found out when that T Rex woke up that I feel like what do created enough they'll begin their attack right. Everybody's looking there in the back row where that we're Arlo from the big dinosaurs dying yet and they're all those that walk looking down at it and not one person. Militant. Now the cool scene though that the erect inside that little truck I thought Patagonia they get the blood. I like that. Why wouldn't why wouldn't do that go like I gotta go get blood from the T Rex you guys stay here all you all she's doing is holding pressure. On the dinosaur like anyone can do that. Why can't keep that comfortable around the animal maybe as big attic. Chris Pratt that's a whisper I liked Bryce Dallas Howard wore boots not high heels this movie that it. I'm glad you said that I'm glad you said that because how many times as big show mercy stepping up our out of something to make focused on her feet. Yeah because they knew that was a big criticism of the Los that's just the opposite mark again you're insulting. 22 week casual viewer it insulting to me this I thought it was the first Jurassic Park film at did not involve a knowing kids. Nobody had that systems analyst and that it by the way yeah he was that girl you girl who played navy of the terrible actors have a meal I think either going to be. I don't like it. Super relied on elected Jurassic Park original the two kids that were and it's a much more and even a two kids drastic world Brandon Moore I feel like the me he was. Okay and what it what your big go to do you go you're running around in my. Paula covered over your head like. That's sneaking in hiding spot though right you don't think right the dead eel made dead. Could be a pillow covered over and she had a Michael George and they could hear that now with dinosaurs not having that by the way. It's just it's an open that up you know what a giggle at this could be. The most longest podcast we heard about wanna get into I want to do that and how did it up a bit about that. Now Ryan who's pretty crazy decision by young may easy to hit the button and to allow the dinosaurs out of basically what she's doing is. Rather then killing. When he dinosaurs baby she's putting thousands and thousands of people at risk. But because of the clones or she can sympathize. Okay please feel like three terror Jack built you'd see one. A lot director what a bit these are all want hops right. You'll know I thought you saw a few of the it's like Thompson knots or whatever like the little guys that go myself. That are coming out at that point Richard Wright had directed at its first overall female stupid not reproduce well. I believe they'll find a way I think that may have been it owed the previous how he can find a way how can pocono brought source and its direction may they can't mosquitoes are complicated because they're gonna get the public something and. You don't let out a Bible wilding. Like wildlife federation might just give it twenty years they'll be deadly fire but it didn't like the crisis they're making it out to be their dislike is twenty dinosaur it was now wolf find them. They will we know they have trackers in them we can get that. Like it's not that hard to put these things. Let me at the end credits scene where you have a budget it's not terror tackles like scared of bonds are ever that the different art flying want to. They're fun to hang around the flight from Las Vegas. So you get a live with them. They're there's they're now. In America there's dinosaurs in America. Ryan do you want it Jurassic world's. Hillary but now absolutely not and again this girl pushing this button accomplished exactly nothing. Only as it did the deal was exchanged there's not a celebrity among us isn't that's. There were always dinosaurs Clinton among other about free agent to be dead and living among us are out there were on. Eastland who blow our that he didn't fly there you're gonna see about it. Yes he could go see them but they were like the Dow is your choice now if you're living in south central LAU turn around a public doubters that got a dinosaur. You know what you shoot that one dinosaur and there's no more of those dinosaurs in the world I think thousands of people are. That's six hi Donna. You know you you put doubt you again you can track these things do US government confined to put them down it would be a week it would be a repeat cup week but we do know. We'll just to our rewind so I ask you right if you wanted to address the world's three U I believe and I'm quoting here said (%expletive) no. Too bad draster world three comes out it's 121. Are an excellent Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard apparently are already committed to make that film. She can scream. He's not a great character although she did recruit him as a good line when he says if anything happens to me just remember you're the one may be governor. Now that's okay both of them I can you relate that. But base yet he wanted a trailer in the trailer. Blow was just the best that a dialogue sent out deliberate search and so and the lost world Jurassic Park which was also AK dress sparked who. Never the very beginning there's a girl is getting attacked by the little dinosaurs. That girl is Camilla Belle. Who has the lead in one a stranger calls the remake she is very very fair on the guys. No but let that and a little bit. And it does help this movie and it. No that's just the fund Jurassic Park back. He's a new law are of course within Jurassic Park drastic world. And followed Kingdome if you're curious it was peaceful Sorin in the lost world address park three. And it looks like it's going to be the United States of America is Jurassic world three. It like why and why are we doing this. She didn't like it. You really like the last yeah that I that much more than that's. At half. What the worst movie that week that that last at MIT. You'd into the suicide squad episode but I Lexus that's why a little bit like time. Well we do know who did. As the due up it's a little bit. That there'd be Superman is worse the mess. 9 AM maybe yeah like I you know what. You know what though I think he was because. Again I'm like I'm not. I'm not saying that the visually just movie was fine you don't think that wasn't bella and it it was just that I was insulted. That they passed this public although this is good sleep but it's not good. Because of a good movie. Yeah but I think for me anyway and I just look at it is simply like Jurassic Park movies. I I'm willing to overlook bad dialog I'm over the arm I want to overlook a couple plot holes because I've since so into the dinosaurs themselves and I think that it didn't really cool. Because you know all the budget David dinosaurs that you're like they can't duplicate dynasty with decade in the third grader brought the dinosaur flesh card oh like that a lot of big you know you're committed. You know to put it like out of pocket that it top one. Listen I don't mind if you make fun of thirty world which gave birth certificate and a nine year old receiver gonna have problems. Does it really brought all the data for placards in the new every dinosaur. I don't rip them apart it's not a it's not it's it's not a it that it court that day at the pump the blood on Mike let's look a lot. Soros little spit on you and an EU haul like god Newman the I Ivo at one trapper keeper my entire life and Jose Jurassic Park trapper keeper. That they came out when I was nines are very much in on on dinosaurs I still am to this day. I thought the movie it was entertaining against definitely a big screen movie for me I think if you're gonna. Wait and watch this at home but the count again the whole point is just the the events or the experience there and says. Don't. They've made that pretty clear here you're a know Ryan's the soft though Roger as a parent I. It. Like this if it was number one at the box office but it is obviously very polarizing and the reviews are knocking it on more people agree with you certainly it and then agree with me. The economy you know like it wasn't like it was it was the pool with un watchable but that's not but the fact like it was sold. It's what took everything about the movie was low hanging fruit like everything. It was so I thought it was better than two and three and remember go to the ninety's like how anticipated. Jurassic park zoo was like I was a bigger let down this one's in my mind. But like that thing back pocket (%expletive) me off and make I didn't mention this before like every little twist in this movie. You saw that coming from a mile away. Closed little like I another grows the loan right away and out. I absolutely did and I think that now on nothing that like that in fact I did I out. Absolutely need to click right away suited helix Q what do regulate quote the picture book gimmicks bucket underneath it but like I knew exactly what was going on yeah yeah. The second that that a guy Eli introduced himself to wrecked out garlic that's the bad guy. The other bag and we're definitely over the top and they're reminded you of like a bad old action movie worth it was strictly. Meet ten minutes into the movie how to act I was gonna die I could've I would've called it. And they've got big decline in the here it is gonna get them. You got any buys. Dinosaurs he got a. But like specifically like he's gonna get up from somewhere like I think he's okay and that he wrecked it and accompanied my doubt would have. Picked off right away. Well in three years for sold on the podcasts. You you won't have to see Jurassic world three would have somebody else and. And do it would look at it look like a professional. I'm an absolute professional as a I was that there are packed in the liner now now do liquidity. This pact trial I want lilac Sunday night you on Monday night right yeah yeah. And it specifically specifically it was like. Marketing this so there was maybe like 2030 people into fifteen to go to with a bucket. Fielder reunion Michael off behind the people all walk don't want. And they were like all different ages ranging from a four collect eighty. And they were like behind us and they were like catching up. Where people with the each other at the movie was. Minus their love of dinosaurs which brings them together back like Jack. And and you. Jump pit stop to this movie and and all the submit your dislike and behind me go like the the new jobs go you gotta be like like a buck off. Yet not now lady writes sleepers. Are anything else wanna get up suggests. They are right now I'm glad to talk about this anymore. Now we're that occurred at a fine. It hoping that don't don't hear it I guess I think more people are gonna agree review. Overall but don't pat me on Twitter might elect what I mean it's been you know I don't put out. It's at our Monday but don't. The. It's. Our Arctic kick received deferred or defend the goal. I have a couple of things first of all the other Mac duke podcast from this week that we match at the beginning of the podcast I'll tell you to check that out it is Mac and do as one team. Mean Davey is one team in the boxes as one team drafting TV shows that debuted in the two thousands. That would very well for office. Those who know very well you don't president of pocket landslides Bartlett can. I would I would agree with that also comic book related I've been reading the doomsday clock of trying to keep up with that they're five issues in that. I just bought the fifth issue it yesterday I've ready yet whenever the first four. It's amazing it's worth the reading and so. Out to I would tell everybody to probably wait for the collected edition because they've already kind of then like screwed around there with their release date that they said it's Indy month late in the like our particular month off for your like Artest just finished the got him story if so. I don't know but so far been it's been pretty gets out check out the doomsday clock if you want or just you know wait until probably about a year from now when you know when them be done. OK so I got that into this game that it comes from a it's the same company edit pronounced like clay like KL EI. Which today video game company that made games like don't starve. Opted not included are market in India. Which are kind of cool indie games. They just came out with a game called hot lava. Blue ridge it's. Lot of them so they don't like it alarm. Or maybe. Ever member of the game. Mirror's edge really do my part or Michael if you just yeah around yeah towards that but you get to live out your child that it game of the Florida blob. Like all the credit granting a lake it's actually really funny amateur runner at your school you to run around home and it's like this it's like com. A little bit like Tony properly every level public challenges that you have to do Dahlia art their level of Islam so why deck game and beta right now. Peers that they do why this particular pot Richard. IE got the data. Paid a little extra for. So I said on my eight which I don't have to go as a I was recently became twitch of all congratulations that's great and so well. When I'm sure I'll probably be streaming hot lava the evening nice so and Thursday so for those if you want to witness on Wednesday. And from like 69. To commit to try to come up to. My mighty one of my next subscribers. What you by the beta big debut a freak vote for a free version of this game and it can give to somebody else a local. Dominant pick and you subscriber at random and give it to peace the only the gonna have to be PC gamer but I will give you my code for outlaw. No a street aren't. Don't arm on the on the switch on Saturday. Days. Right next week we got a big up so we're going back to come upon it foxwoods Connecticut that is this weekend so. Please actually at a loss at dork podcast or dark podcast at gmail.com. What questions should we ask some of the people who will be in attendance there. We are a lot that I get to the word into one of those interview type things hopefully we get 45 good ones and we'll have that for you next week. And please please if you're going to ask me. What this task Brittany Daniels something inappropriate please understand that I am or gonna do that on my own corrupt you don't have to be that. Don't anymore extra ones we gotta get that part of recovered. It's a star studded list Ryans were excited to rub elbows with some of the. I'm excited to see what's old time the eighties and nineties wrestlers are eating and expressed by themselves out of styrofoam box which is the most depressing than others. A shout out to the nasty boys. Born there and that. You can rate review and subscribe on the iTunes. That we are on stitcher Google play WEEI dot com. Run YouTube's good YouTube dot com slash dork podcast Perry gave him a Twitter. And the email. Ride people can hollering you. Our audio on any and all social media and go to the government are on these six of three but anyway. Are going to be decided in you'll find me. Are let us know did you did you like drastic world like I did did you hate it like Ryan did let us now on the email and on the Twitter and everything else and about do it thanks for listening to this episode will be back. Rick and downed comma Condit next week mostly.