#DORK 73: ComiCONN 2

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, July 3rd
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey attended ComiCONN for the second straight year and got a chance to speak with a number of people.  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute, and Keefe’s awful Bane impression. Twitter: @DORKpodcast

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If the door. Martinez. Is the door to Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens my dorm bond cash. Thanks entered into another episode of hash tags are my name is rich he joined as always by Ryan Davey Davey how are you. Hot. And all fail be honest we're a bit of a heat wave. That's a actual weather term I've picked up what's in the weather. And we apologize right up the bad I feel like is talking about the weather is the lowest form of human cut. Communication. It is the world it's what most conversations with like your neighbor are as bright men how many more pleased that we think we got. I don't know are we keep. Him suburb of my god it's hysterical. A it. The best. Rod we what the comic con this past weekend we have now frequented a lot of cons and die out. We're already labeled the bad boy is the comic con that's why we have to embrace that this is who we are at the tag right you know that's not gonna change any time soon. Ought do you still enjoy them or they care they get to be old the girl. You know it it's one of those things where it depends on the consulate when we go to I don't. If all things being equal I think I don't think I'm I'm ready to do another New England comic on just yet I think we've done we've done what we could do there. Yes that's I don't want to but I don't wanna say at a big time anybody and they we've outgrown them but. Now. But I got a zero illegal ethnic. As we get it to some of the interviews like that we do all the comic cons of this northeast Boston Rhode Island the content in Connecticut like this on a we literally interviewed acted for the second time and that that's gonna hit me like you know I. Maybe we don't have to go to every single one so I think. It's not because of that but scheduling wise I think were out unfortunately on Boston comic con this year which their college the fan expo I think. Yeah the panic but now because again we tell me elected Diego like up upn. Do bear comic con they weren't any there. They are trying to copyright comma con in San Diego is zero like the first one release of the biggest whatever site it maybe other ones against scared off by it but anyway dollars in August that a lot of that was shall probably in the spring and through that's good time but I still think we're gonna go but. Our as a before we get some law that the exciting comic con news if I was to get through the other this we indoor. O'Reilly our very first look at Kristen Wiig as she does she is gonna be the villain in Wonder Woman two or as you see all of her Twitter Wonder Woman 1984. He looks fine. Here's same character from ghostbusters. Yes she's not playing that role a lot of it was a feel like. But yeah Disco sponsors of other stuff which is a little smaller than the ways accountants like. Is walking around looking yet does avatar of steel to keep it straight into me you've seen her vote that's India you CNET. Yet there it yes yes and Alex from these things going on. I think it's going to be like at net dish yeah character with a bad name like become the bat that well until I until very attractive. Cute attractive yeah very very attractive lady. Yes yeah it also to. The original ghostbusters correct me if I'm wrong cannot 1984. And so with all connected. Although it all connected Bryant. Both Jack horsemen season five is coming out September 14 by Netflix on your watch that's shown more. You know it's funny I made it one of us should I am I'm stunned that this is edited it he and I thought you came I'd probably get about became public last year. But I think I've watched the first two episodes of boat deck horsemen. Three time just starting out. And I don't watch it for like a year in the night. You mention it as someone mentioned it to meet Madrid started again watch the first two episodes you you don't suddenly. It's. Yeah it's not grilled about it I am sure it's funny and I will get to it eventually. It's also very depressing is the well that aid to state delegates I don't think it's for everybody can it is funny and liked the retired respondent Will Arnett funny. But man there's definitely. Some it's sad at times. It does it does not a preacher season three is back I watched the episode lawn episode two of evercore is already out but I've not seen it but episode one was a a good start. They're going looks like they're going to Jesse's. Grandmother salsa to throw the college. Remember that. That is. That is some wild (%expletive) we've editor Joseph Odom well we've introduced to Jody. I remember that from the from the comics being the wild right. Doubts had some of the stuff there was absolutely intense but. Even those shows on AMC. I shouldn't say that because you know breaking about Zion Xena did a lot of crazy stuff but. They need. They're willing to go there if you've been watching the first couple's he had done. It yet they detonated a well hey here's here's some fund is Ryan. Christen Ritter is gonna make her directorial debut in season three of Jessica Jones. They can't be any worse than the other the other. At at that. That's. True that's that's great. I'm glad to commemorate the you know let's look like that those the headlines like also also accepted directed episode that you care or is that. And Gulfport Gulfport. It's like Yemen fight he basically confirmed that there's gonna be a Doctor Strange to. Do you wanna talk to strange to. Kind of I mean I thought I thought that was entertaining at a golf I wanted and it meant to lead here we are here we are. You're org debt one sister of gold buckle and that I don't know doc strange to. I guess this is gonna be interesting after the next infinity war. What are they gotta do it makes how are they got to make sense of standalone movies after that. Blessed that they mean how where do you go from here in our enemies and I think you know. There are Smart people people smarter than me in charges this whole thing and I think they'd be where it's going yeah that god bless them but like I'm I don't know. The Buick Doctor Strange that the production in that you could literally go anywhere but if you want but do you make that the weirdest goddamn movie of all time you can be in a different like that dimension or oral wherever the hell. I don't know wherever. It Jack in May defenseman Brad has a bigger role that's. That probably know people are looking middle Tennessee anymore bedroom brought. Com and the other thing do they give you introduced at a moral argument that opened double and open the all of the door. Yeah every ability do other crazy (%expletive) so we'll see where echoes. Visual treat Newton. And rates of a data points that and nice will they won't they relationship the people sure you know like that a lot like Zach mentality it. Hey other are other comic book ms. Ryan that's a lot of the news usually focused on here in this segment of the program probably a more obvious movie that nobody asked for. They had. Again I think to a that would open the bit this. Joker movie that geragos will be starring in and producing it what happened that we did we just going all watched. All that is that the DC movies so I don't know what the hell's gonna happen there just really scheduling once again how effective. You know I don't know I don't know but Allen is not the one with the mark score says he's going to be in the. Yet area so it lets us see your score says the Scorsese that's like that it could hit it that's yeah it's a skid is the I don't know if we can't. Among all around the field like of this movie that nobody asked for and it weighed more the kind of hang on to the Spiderman franchise in like the worst way possible. Yes of their basically is so they obviously have Spiderman homecoming is theirs in the NC with the Sony half property also and then they're gonna have the sequel which we talked about last week which chemical far from home they had venom which comes up this fall and the military how well more dubious starring Jared Lotto more Prius look the living vampire. It. It is it is great catch right. And there's things like the Sony MCU Mike no that's not a fan and I'll start out that's not a bank but technically this would mean more BS would be in the MC you write like a Spider-Man two potential overlap with venom that draws him and and if this if they're gonna connect any of the dots there that more BS is now in the in the arrogance. It's a for people don't know more BS it's literally he started out as they Spider-Man villain. And they really became more of what is an anti heroes right that's pretty tepid at vigilante type. Is a (%expletive) vampire and also that. This is a fun fact I believe it was that maybe even shot and I think about that deleted scene at the end of laid one. That after blade like you know the final battle or never than whose only survive and then he was gonna come across a guy who's regulate. Somebody that turns its back and and our policy is like half of the space and it was going to be more obvious. Because I was he played the marvel character to ever are now there's a forgotten marvel character but I think that director the writer said. Yeah we kinda had an idea of going would more BS in blade to. Which have been pretty sick which you have perfect for that. Both trilogy the unit. Oh absolutely it. I would rather have dealt or do we needed him deal with the outlets who's to say yeah I mean I'm okay with it. Debt now do you think they'll end up ever bringing laid back. But recasting blade and sticking him in the emcee of. If they didn't. I don't know I don't know I want that. He seems like a DC character. They let it be people like you just dark and really belong that's still the move without you Amir weighed on the longest. Give me the auto scene in swamp thing in the whole crow yes please. You see the poster Ryan and I'm sure they Dick we tweeted out that door podcast for the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan movie. The last. And I did you got asked poster actually turned movie posters are concerned so it's got. On it. It's his votes well if you if you look at the rest of us there. Also ahead James Mack what they're all sending its shares as James back and look at split its principles and Samuel Jackson from unbreakable they're all sitting in chairs in what I would assume that an insane asylum. But then the reflection. He'll sort of like the episode one and we can skywalker Darth Vader poster which is the best part of anything that produced from that movie. It's set on the floor you see like what they're characters on aren't even seen those movies you you you know what to expect there. It's of the three of overall going to be together at least that rove in this poster anyway. I don't know what else are gonna do in this movie but I you we love we shared universe here and this is this pretty sweet. And my little buddy buddy height the united mean. A little you like a heist film don't mean that it has united denies that the movie scene it looks like from the movie poster made it looks like. You know Bruce Willis is incarcerated. It does yet and something that I notice and I know allow west from the boxers pointed out on supporters while. It's kind distracting because. The names they have the three names of the actors on the poster but they don't line up with the character yeah order our they're also not in alphabetical phone thing if there are now back Lumix Soviet that's the billing for the movie that I don't care. But they're not even an alphabetical order and they don't lineup for the care their public. But he donor dozens. In but yet. And blood people have occurred just to throw that in there there was a time their lives are rich referred to media mr. glass. That's drove ya Ryan and experience a lot of injuries throughout on the injury front the major corporate jet is that it brought. A beggar your specialty was the separated shoulder. I got thirty Attila the bill lucky thirteen of the old silly policy you know. Ron this is also news Jim Carrey is gonna play robot neck and face summit movie. We played fast and loose with the word news today these are things that happened since our last episode right idea it's a segment we use it Duma had ailments and I find it. Out of like I I had that a completely like I don't look at villager Brooke tablet from Shawshank redemption. Level understanding of the world today so give it a pilot I've just I just don't get it. Life is being made wise Jim Carrey saying okay nativist like what the book is going on I don't know what is happening. I don't know about tolerance when they're about our greatest focus they don't give air time but I got people telling me Billick Jurassic world a better movie than Logan all right what does I I had no idea what should. What's going on just behavior to what are beeps on Twitter please that's now we're not here to down the public says the say sorry it happened I thought I had that normally you know take a postal problem. But the I I love the growing up Jim Carrey but it in my favorite person in the world like the the raw end of Ace Ventura and dumb and dumber the mask haste in turn to for a kid who was like 10111213. During that run. There's nobody on earth. May be Sandler to con arrival at the Jim Carrey with the man to me and l.'s Boston reruns of of in living color that I loved Jim Carrey. And then watching that Andy Kaufman the documentary paying on Netflix elect this guy's just an hassle. Yeah I was gonna have to do the question of gonna ask you this if you know. However rolled rich thirty in his thirties rich right now like eight inaugural luncheon would Jim Carrey but I don't think you'd be like absolutely. Now probably not I I really like my interview omen putter on the podcast that I would do both the no you just get to hang out of them public. Applaud you don't Buick no pictures no cameras no recording equipment is devastated city on you there but I don't think I would Lotto like I would wanna do that well. No way alcohol education. The other big doo doo like you can't tell anybody you did it without being elect also I would want to compare to him cubicle you're an interesting person that you could tell anybody that. Look at chair and he is a lesser bands might hear a little bit on this team carried stories. It dead any use they'll play another Carriker the entire time for another movie is really not fought and well he's he's. Kept insulting me it could com Jenna Google issue. Cameo which which you see it on a comedian and Arctic poppy users I think I did actually Los Alan you know doubt that was super awkward yeah. Yeah that's true ought by the way this is going to be more episodes of that coming soon as well which like that exploded on us nicely but fifteen minute vote quick hitters. Target our audio lot of New Orleans yeah one very significant at a news here that rival gets you right now he's. You know okay. Even hand. All right. What do you wanna pick significant amount of news. That's significant amount but I would say very significant nugget that we didn't get to last week. Involving a game that we played together often. And perhaps the renewal hero in the second. So. Albeit that a minute so speaking about it but. So eight we have a total west's world situation going on at fort I right now people are all above about this something cracked the sky in fort night. Which uses which is something needed to expanding and people are gone bananas over it has something to do a time travel a boy have fun. At auto that I don't really care and the care what goes on that opera house you know what it's going to be the same game. Like every time parent so big blow stuff up they can move stuff around it's still the same the beverage and. So our son Thomas won over 200 sport like in which is good for him yeah I'm respect to putting that much time and and mad props not prop. Twitch. This month starting today is giving away 21 free PC game so if you are a lot of Netflix com. Just does a quick wits that keep my eyes are on the district which yet which Amazon are giving away out of one freak him. So that's that's pretty cool and there's some good titles and it's hitting metal slug it on there so. It's some good games that they are giving away the idea classic Richard is back in stock it's sex at several places including GameStop. He says that he and Annette there's sixty bucks if you want to gear and on that they just did restock them or that no innocent people. Well about those and they don't have them yet so Diego dot com. The Greek frigate you'd read out yesterday it on the cover two K nineteen. Yes not a bad choice pretty good read on that. You know breast player. Got us I don't know limbo. Such as it that's great frustration yeah honest are that the Colombo. I've article Boca I got a right now. It's west world didn't suck it digested as what world last night I have my frustrations with that albeit in the net but so. It is the second time I've mentioned west world in the video game minute that's muses well you did that didn't talk if that any event he didn't suck it up but turned up but they're being sued by Bethesda. Apparently they have a mobile game in the stole a bunch of code from fallout shelter. So if that's there. It would basically be at the same exact game except public west's world characters and it says is it mr. in the pants off sounds awful. So that's dot. Army and other sake news. The only thing worse than not being in the play crossed play with PlayStation as we found out Kazmir PlayStation people we are our congress started to get the reasons why they're holding that up. The only thing worse than not be able to cross play is the reasons that PlayStation is giving. Was the big first the first thing that it was a technical issue which turned out that that's not true. And they said it was an issue like player safety. Moment like me wanted to well you know we wanna make sure we wanna make sure they're going cross platform that there aren't any like securities mica. Turned out that bubble it yeah that sounds simply yet simply what it comes down to is that basically Sony doesn't want people to buy games. Elsewhere and then played him on air network for free. There has it all the money Ryan and the monetary. Or so. But it is what's frustrating is that I developers who Ehrlich trying to create cross play games and that's inevitably that's where the gaming world is going to meet a crises like. Nintendo's which party has crossed right. But it is big big can play with anybody. PC can blame anybody Xbox is still I think taking goat they can do anything in with mobile the only thing that's holding PlayStation up as PlayStation. But I don't understand. But what the hell they're doing or why this is like a monetary concern but they can't like figured out how to say it is frustrating so there were starting get more beat these news. Quickly before I get to the nugget you were talking about Spiderman. It's not expire demand won the best act in venture and best console game at eat trio had been. And well. Which was BioWare game guys best action game and get PC game. And the best RPG of the show was kingdom hearts three. And as a reminder that there is no worse person on the planet then adult did meet it. So. Stepbrother they go that's about hundred or put them that he thought about it did get a quick hands on. And wrecking ball the new character over watch and he is pretty difficult to use but I think. If you can figure it out he's gonna be annual territory to take character. Drops bombs everywhere he could actually went around like wrecking ball. Com great seeing me out but that's terrible name me by I personally like him and it's called payment that would imply. Yeah heavens great go to him and murder answer a bet Lovett. Now Bartlett got Beltran from our global it all I'll take out that outpost. You're the topic is Orion. The topic is sure it's the well yes the topic of the day and today aren't up yet today it has come continent. Two electric book Lou. We Aurora we we is that what it is open to anything that we speak to get this Dave. Electrical blue yeah like them my wife yeah ethics on the obvious electrical. None of my favorite days. I know that it is inside figure and everything to what Muslims slap that on there is little more of a toss I think. So what we did was we is same same Monica scenarios we do every time I go to these conventions this close and fox with once again calls that are really live as time. It's it's sort of the one right in the middle would subsidized biggest Boston and it's not as chaotic as Rhode Island but it's obviously significantly bigger than the northeast right. So we will we walked around we interviewed about people the first person we just spoke with. Had a very sick. Bain and caused play it looked awesome how would you just rather at a six Infiniti stone Bryant won't you give this gentleman's cost him. It was awesome right like he looked like gaining about hit the exact mask yet like the but the ball proof vest or whatever he is like. It is like pretty jacked it tattoos are up there real or fake I don't know it's too is all over body. And also there's a picture won't answer Graham now by the way shot out Thorpe I guess that it's a grand babies were of that that bitch and there's a picture of me interviewing Bain so. Let's let's hear how how that plays out showing. I'm here with the first opposite if we use this for the podcast. So over. Right there. He's got the mass gets one of those masks that has the voice in it which is pretty stoic rate like that they sound like big as we go out to a bank which it could take. Particular band. Dark I would balk at that. Yeah that's pretty good yeah. The beats the amateur and I think that's by the same lie and I were I would workshop this the worst impression that I do. And I worked out at around the house all the time and in my eyes hates it. In the night's board off didn't it. That night. Or their irked. I go to high at times. Where I await tonight you're I. He would do it. I can't do what they but I wanna do it being so bad. You do a lot of big well thank you now wanna know a beta impressions of the bottom of the list it yet what's funny about me is if I'm not good at something I immediately quit idea Mike forgot yeah. It just quit but this is the biggest hit they'll like Dick well IT equipped debate of president. And that are there it's great that. It's terrible it's really bad. What brought you out of the comic con today besides intimidating people. So this is what we had this is every single time Brian when you winner at the convention what you're talking to somebody and caused play there's that moment in time. Right before you ask what the second question where you don't know if they're gonna beat the character or third just themselves it'd been a constant. You have no idea and so I was I was really hoping again if you got the voice piece I can have a feeling that you know what you're probably going to be. Probably going to be playing bay and what they become confident besides intimidating people. But both block. And the public the biggest let down to disguise the one of the first guys we he would lock in you've got. And he's got everything like that it like down pat they need seat held later that really do need all the stuff himself and you think if he's gonna like played up if you like. You know what what brought yardage did you get a gulf albeit it at all actually days don't they ask to be. All of the terrorists acted to a game at its. Can't stop I don't need to I need to I'd if I put my mind to a who have the best pain by the end of today. There's this B the other costs was that you do. Yes there are much more. That eleven that nick here. He's most known for blade. Around of what what parts. At first that they use yours like I'd do blade ID pain I do that man I do on no. I do Bruce Willis at a yet. You really all but these did you discuss stuck there in the old B category. That eleven that nick here. It kept all of now is it difficult to breathe in that apparatus. The old order brawl. A ball around and a feeling. You're. At it now. Mel and and that's a rather lose that they don't get kind of closed and it is that it is goes that you Bedard are now I got to know I don't similar is your voice to be in some voice. At all. Where does he did that that that's and you've got to do that and that's. Started through no respirator. Then benefit. A woman teaching being. Things are some other Abu Ghraib. Those are a he seems get out of breath. That's made it really isn't. Really here click breeders' cup of love I. Know there I. If they have got his ticket is that that is Dark Knight rises all the two of them cause like contests here today. I bet it's the ability to someday you'd be here for the yes I come home but I guess I've been able to. Every day doing my iBook. Cyborg really deal. Don't know which one would you say is your best if you go to show up and in you knew you're in a serious competition you can only Wear one more would be. Yeah people people leaning towards that target put that the it's a very bulky. He will be available. I'm sad demise happened about how do you drink in the big announcement. Lloyd hear it and then over the strong. You very much. So they go there without. And that's what fascinated you the most because if you when he said that he like kind of like looked behind him. In in the being that he had electric cable back like underneath it yeah in the straw Rian from the back of his now elected back behind his neck all the way up. The mass media actually could drink from the maps. Now that pretty. Which is pretty weak but like Jesus Christ what a friend of first such an interesting person that was the most Vanilla interview that. Arouses such that was a huge letdown and then so the next thing also we were we're just talking to each other. About where else we should go and then this kid out working out of at a vendors spot you count popped out now that you know I already here let's just let's going to be discussing the microphone Brusca says. So besides this Karen's story which has a lot of good you know stuff. Come full Monty oh magic he would be. All that type stuff there is also a cool job over this so much of figurines. With dragons goblins all that stuff. There's another beat another shoppers that dean beat guys don't like copper metal and gold lettering. Deeply once said. Cost like 67 dollars. Yet now do you collect anything like like steamy day CF cards. I've played yourself. Tied the idea being my finger of his little. We haven't played for a month. But once that. Work. Schedules it's you know a bomber Thursday you've felt let down by some of those guys are they not as committed as an issue being. I feel like people are committed as they want to be so I can't blame. It's just timing Torvalds. But what it would just days the most expensive piece of memorabilia or collectible but you won't. That I it would probably be time. I'd have to pay for us it was a gift. Fly it on my girlfriend. Lovingly made me the key blade that is as tall as you. He played my hi I'm Obama. Now on right what would you say is of expensive piece of like memorabilia or something that you won't. I have the amazing Spider-Man number at 36. Love need that stem the September 11. Amazing Spider-Man that they did like two days after 9/11 happened in very like all black cover now big word that they were. Like what the way ahead at like sixty to seventy which guy would they got hit while. That's cool Pierre yet not great extent about I don't think out of Nevada it's Korea might the most the best piece of memorabilia I have a probably you know the dvd to scream. I had the box that is the trilogy before they give out the fourth blown out of box out of all three screens of silent about the fourth scream but all five all for the series on digital video yeah. A big deal but I have and show that off. The you don't have to beat Obama you know a big deal the collector's item so whatever they got it audio at full screener did not back. Accept that they have like the original Star Wars dvds are on full screen just like. That was back before anybody really had widescreen TV's amok or not gonna cut my TV and asked for gums are lots of full screen. And then you know five years later like she acts like he sucked now. They'll particulates just it lawless that you guys who knows like with thanks. And it has to all of you. She played my hi I'm Obama just under six foot nothing that's quite a key Blake bowed out in the open market. It's pretty well made not meddle it's now would fly. But the paint job makes them look medal so I would saying. Getting close to a hundred. Now if you try to bring that into a convention like this would be kind of flag that is being a pretty serious weapon they would put they put a little like thing on it sale game. This can be a lap pin. But it's a lot in me I've seen some people keep blades have seen some middle Heatley is still so. Yeah it's it's a lot to be in here. You just have to go through you know scary and they'll have a little thing says okay it's legal it's fine. Noted that if an intruder came in your house than they saw you pick up that keep playing would be maybe big toys. Yes maybe. Now that you've seen what the last movie some of the year. It would if any or it would tonight. It's good it's it's a good movie. A lot of doctors I didn't expect I watched I not like a die hard marvel fan I'm a die hard comic book fan. So I knew I happen in the comics and then you know shock resentment and than lastly what's your favorite episode American view. Here guys forgot to Africa it is another big mistake I didn't ask Maine. That was a real let down everybody else I believe I asked so let's let's find out what this element thinks are what is there episode Mac and who is. Then lastly what's your favorite episode American view. Can do. Never heard of thank you but. If we welcome. Ms. The there which read given. Ryan this. How would you describe this next gentleman. The next element to talk about yet this is the guy with the Jason Gore he shirt. Mile ability in other word that pops in my head is just creature like we we'd just we happened upon a creature at this point. Yep he was again this was on Saturday that we went I know it was air conditioned inside but it was ninety something degrees outside he's wearing all black. Long hair long goatee classes. At Jason Gore he shirt I believe suspenders. I'm not sure by the suspend. And he was locked in on some table he was fixated on some table that had I don't know others anime were never wasn't really you know we stalked him and I'm gonna war all the listeners right now this does take a little bit of a dark turn. At one point but stick what does it does get better. First off you brought up to the comic con today. Well. I came in to see this day she came harder. Jane potter of course is one of the guys which is forties. Who knows there. They have brought me out here is. Well I just love comic cons like. This is my Disneyland this is like where I feel at home this is where. I feel comfortable you know unlocked the ICL these people in these costumes and business. I mean. I look like I'm already already wearing their costs you hear me now. So I mean I feel very home here I can be myself and not be judge sin. That's. Pretty much flag he came here. Plus. So I that bum leg are the skies called it is Disneyland summit where we're inferred. Good time here Ryan right respectively and yet he's upbeat he's energetic that's one thing always said about every comic con. That they're all very positive people right. In fact is the very first comic comic ever bent to where I asked a person if they would do an interview and somebody said no. You know just this. It was a squirrelly little dude here's where it Jurassic Park shirt and I wanted to break the tie between you and me but he just ducked out there is these camera shy as a bit robotic cameras. But they eat took off like I was gonna like I got this stuff in the locker someplace I don't come back Eric again it. But this guy he's talking about hey you know nobody judges me here is that as the nice size is my. Disneyland his words not mine Disneyland but then it also. Takes a bit of a turn here from him again I don't know I haven't asked a follow up a disaster wise here as Erica. I had a really tough. Years away. I had the move by and I had lost my. Two and brain cancer. And they my uncle town halls of alcoholism. You know Leo feel sad about them but they're doing their own stupidity that got the stop button. That's just how I look at things. And my mother had to take care. My during the attack. Staying in she should spend all of a stress. Lately and since weren't caught the foxwoods is well she likes to gamble or play the slots. So I figured at 21. She guesses and stress relief and I get the common do something I would love to do. So I just figured you know I mean honestly do they have. I don't really have that much of a good good time here it's it's more just for our right as soon I just wanna see her very distinct. It's. Right regularly assess really relate to that now. So I was two minutes. On wire you hear why are you here anyway. All of almighty god Brian you just don't buy half the Stanley died Melissa Reid. Practice it or what do we what do we do here but yet and I don't I got a good that they are just title except when looking at my feet kind of supplement now. We do now the seeds of the enemy did make this guy's been pocket for like. Four minutes for a half minutes and you got into questions you know. You have to liquids or you don't see what he's doing here correct that it. And then you're gonna mourn her. Obviously your big Jason Bourne he's been you got the teacher you said your ears he came daughter is that your favorite or moving a. One of my fair our movies of all time manages one every now and then had this question is. Who can beat Jason. Who can beat Jason would. I thought I love those guys thought process because I think it should all the time to use video you're watching a movie like. And how that Michael Meyer duty against somebody out with this guy knows stays up at night David who would beat Jason. That kind of sums up the whole reason Avago podcasts like that both written about people beating me up pretty much and there's like thirteen of them. It Jason make a very scary Sith lord we. It's. The left. All right. I mean that is the best that is the his reaction to it that you kids these states but he is sloppy and it is the best sport. I. Yeah I would I would think so they know that the crossover like Friday the thirteenth. Jett died so far we. Birdies sure that I he would even top. Or greater over there this. Just glad it is there's a play evaders here walking around. Now what were your thoughts on I think a pretty polarizing film would be the last Jan nine I assume you saw it what did you think. You never should assume Ryan. You never never citizen. And actually I do see it. Can relate big guys that play goes the opposite way of everyone else. By everybody's like owns the hours and hours and hours tonight they got enough being a prominent opponents on something else. I there are a lot of the good that they don't let. The hours might look really Tuesday it might look like a lot of fun but. They're gonna make their money I'm dead I would go over here without when it favors something else. Well that's something I'll speak. Justice Leah did see and I thought it was great it's usually. The moment when Superman by. Bad. He's got. Monument where his statue used to be a flash is trying to like. Speed and then all sense of man's eyes and play lock on them and then you see flashes faces like oh (%expletive) because. And I. And what they did do this soon could do you prefer the DC movies to the marvel movies. I can they do because of an impartial the Superman I mean I grew over Christopher Reeves and the I note. That news everyone says it was the worst we've been my favorite was. The fourth movie. The of course they are pieces yeah. And nuclear man. Everybody says that he was a lightest you've been known but. Highly active and he had his own theme. I begin go figure how it goes it's like don't you may have motivated and we. We're gonna say. Didn't admit it if that attitude he described the ring that your underwear so he's got this. Bring it is that god laugh about. Nuclear command this the demand for the quest for peace might be the worst one of the worst movie government. It's a decent similarly yeah basically they told Christopher Reeve this simply beat you can wanna do it Superman movie. And they did an eight bit like you can basically do whatever you want to do is come back and you know you can make a Superman movie however you wanna make it music art what do Superman like used to arsenic like. And nuclear war might take all the nuclear or at artfully put up in space well in today's event. The studio that made it I mentioned that some elector pollute the actual movie electrical Lou about cannon films who made Superman for. They like used old shots from like alt to break they ran out of money that company under the F and the guy who played nuclear Mahan was an actual X Chippendale dancer who had. Never acted before hostels and it was at that phenomenally bad movie but the fact that you like a great Superman movie ever it. While it may be that he did tell Eagles opposite right. You know as opposite he's up to the contrary my daddy go the other way. So he's rock in this ring it looks like a bird on his finger at like covers most of his finger it's like a big black bird but like red eyes so I ask a very. I would hurt myself to swear that in a minute so you I asked them what's the deal with a. This turning. It wasn't I didn't mind anyway here I provided by. There was king being played. Played it tattoo parlor outside. And this is a touring right here. Who have. And rubies. Actually either time it. Mozambique donuts. They're known I've bought it. Gather proving it now the Mozambique garden garments merit okay sir. He's because another favorite movie of mine is a pro. And it's sad that Brenda Lee is no longer with us thank you think. Cook could put it this bit which put the seven looked up at this guy and raised both visits that they used to bring diddley who died in a good route yet. Yeah thank you lapping at weird lap but he. Yeah it. Thank you couldn't cope with the that this that. This could put it if it. It could quickly that this that this could could put it if thank you could have their local movie. It's like you had to die each week. The you may. They way. They. The and I'm sorry you didn't die each week. The logo socks that you had to diet. My god this is taken a turn but he did some good at the more pro stuff it's gonna make you think so clear sitting down. We have a sense that movie I've been fascinated with pros in the fact that they had this. Myths about them that they bring this souls of the dead to the other side I mean. I'm sorry but that's not deliver more power cord in the American bald eagle I mean. Buck up up up top aren't well I thought I think is the law. After watching the road I did you know anybody that all of that became more interested in rose. I love it or not it's got that so I love it and then he basically he's calling out. The American bald eagle he's saying that's (%expletive) emblem I think we should probably change over the row. I love it would not thought that it knocks on either going in the fox with on Saturday. Now that could take that your soul he's he's carrying could he could. And what's your fairy episode American view. He's probably listened to Mac view of. Oh absolutely debated one of their guys yet. The belt what's your third episode of back and do. Manny being you news and yeah I don't really watch TV too much. Well is it lack. Now on out it's it's it's it's intoxicating. No more relying on Netflix and by playing video games and stuff like. Basically right Ivan Watson and Netflix. Recently was right known or. Yeah. Actually it's. By the fighting this about this young lady. I guess as part of namely that type person to fight these teams over and over and over again and so occurrences finally lifted us up and this is one gone and they can just put them down for good and any other thing is just like there. It fit that and and it looked very much response time I was ever shipped there from. Right not a lot of info there about what are. Play it well he's Watson at though he's absolutely rock it like gave failure gotten some been. So right that would match early it's like oh scrape by the way to circle back to Dallas for Donald all these guys agree that we got to pump this thorough so when we were Bluetooth Rhode Island come economy it is actually the last year act come upon and foxwoods. We interviewed a guy that loves Power Rangers. And an economic last year OK so that the say at a same goddamn place and this is the guys you remember it was like rapid fire answers I act couldn't find the audio of it from last year but has basically. You are characters yes did you see the movie yes it was a good yes who's your favorite red anticipate it was. India in this guy ever remember correctly heat we asked him if we could record for the podcasting you would have thought we estimate he wanted thousand dollars castrate. Yes maybe you got excited. Is that about it so we we we saw this gentlemen I'll always says you know what one on Rio. First off age as you remember us from last year. Possibly I think so yes maybe a little bit now can you break a tie for us that you're seeing drastic world phone thing Kenya you know I have not do you wanna see you. I'm moving us what is trying to move to us death house and what is that thing in the Hewitt came hotter. It's like he could be spent of the horror. Power and wealth and Power Rangers and it oh my god this guy ago Amir are raiders although it is a death house at some image expendable with the horror characters that would be pretty good. All to give that it got yeah got to go open your go to guy wherever I'm thirty seconds that these are your power and is on the line. Now beating others here I met him all right today I was have off some measure the Power Rangers got that are correct yeah Lester right. Yes I am now or visit our they will be making another movie you're Izard adding there any a lot of needs help them since half from bought them for. 500 point two million dollars. Now somebody was just getting into Power Rangers where would you steer them to go to look what would you tell them to start watching. Watch the original. Or watching element that you like already had something. That is sensitive. So start the original I got that I could do that but how how what I know what I like violence in. I was very confused by that was whistled through what is it about Power Rangers that attractive to them the stunts the acting. The prompter or anything. Media Avaya a favorite power entered yet Casey David frank now a senior this year. No he's not but he will be an island it's Arianna go to Rhode Island accords. What's comical what is your favorite. This one or an island have you been to any others. Lot city. During the time more can go to an August. Before we leave here today what do you think we should city. He's seen evolution comics. On Bret Swanson. Just think here in the rest of the Alter reality comic creators. Then what's your favorite episode of back and do. Hit the area out the money question has known this guy this guys go with that and what's your favorite episode of back and do. Backing you never heard of them thank you. But the bottom. Blog guy out Kurt is Jason David frankly guy who it would be green ranger who did like MMA ethics out. Daniel is there faster and are using all jacked up back I thank you madam. India is eight bit eight bit legal issues shenanigans yet the ease these are meg yeah maybe he's got some habits that aren't legal I don't know the great yeah. Our last guy Ryan. How would you describe this gentleman's outfit. It will. A lot of okay. He looked like he worked hard on it not Smart if that makes any sense Lille looked like it was an outfit that was put together with a lot of care but not a lot of skill. Bald cap an up yet a bald cap. He had not kind of sort it out and she hasn't trouble that the other the red jumpsuit kind of thing. Yeah he had a stuffed animals shark would like flashlight on it. Yeah commands. Yes that's that's probably needs now. It looked like he spent it looked like he spent some time on the outdoor it did not happen no now I don't I dude I know exactly yet. Both are now I'm I'm speaking your doctor evil what we're brought up to the comma confident. Yeah slight figure being he's evils I am I've been locked away for awhile so would be good to have a high profile. I call it my own personal island Parsons project. So this has fallen. It all it and it just in case you can get it by doctor evil he went into actual lines from the movies that indeed few words if you were confused still. You know he went into the hole obscure Alan Parsons project. What do you say this guy's doctor evil voice is better worse or the same as my Bain voice. Which you do it better doctor evil point but it. No that's not my repertoire. But yet so I think namely that we see captain duke games those minutes. But I don't have evening next era there's not everybody can do bed that let the game. Yeah that's great minutes gossip can you do the Bane of president. And I TS. And good today brought my laser sharp. Just to be a little extra. Didn't block. What you could look. Have you run into I wasn't so lazy I would mash up his laugh with those last crazy desolate. And it parents that didn't like it did now it's it's a vacation week there's nobody really around diet right you wanna make it and that's right or doesn't take any time off the super two weeks ago and thousand Barbados so we're back now. It's any kind of authority figures today that have yelled and try to get you back behind bars. Well I did see eat what I like to call these streets of course. Yes. Can't I won't tell you that they will not be able to combat the magnitude of my email plants. Nice figure a way I'm going to Buick. This time around is I'm going to make. A Star Wars movie we're a rabbit. And fish fell. I mean it. His given name. Figure I'd call him charged are big scale designed to wound here knowing that I'm aware that. It would have but what it goes and held going on I don't know he's trying to duties turn to something or this is he's working on material with us that's based in here. Basically relish going out. Continued to a doctor able prussian. Studied air annoyed that I asked for a guy yeah it's not dead. Number two that's bad but really how well I got workshop where it works out particular route never done this I've never done this before I don't doubt that tried that. Would you consider yourself a super villain. Well super. Mega bill when. I consider myself deaths now the shark I know they are holding their hands out of water. That is how long is he survived. Number Q has figured out a way. To have a land roaming shark. Which will be a lot better forty. Territories that are more inland than in the past and that's what told you all you look a lot like doctor robot neck. But John I'm willing to entertain that because you know with the corporation suffered some cutbacks. You know I figure my latest investment in Amazon has about played itself out. Yeah what's your favorite episode American do. About death did enough on it and have enough video cards are things jokes that are major. Your investment portfolio and put that in that this side let's get to the real meat and potatoes. What's your favorite episode of Mac and do. Hacking group we'll. Can be at its review. Not seen Mac and I apologize. And don't worry about they do so much for your time thank you. You noted is what people here episode they all assume television show. Also in television and the all wrong they're also dumps a rhyme. Now I would those of the five interviews. We have had some really great. Comma con guests in the past you know we've pad. Lydia Dietz who woods who was just an absolute. Three and go have some of currency. I was doing Google you don't see enough from dank Enron thought she's a hall there. They're there to say. Joshua Adams I would say it was today was a hall of Famer. At first I thought with the pick it. We're receive from was it Boston comic con now he. Kind. I think tonight the fee thanks Scotty Scotty was probably. Probably I would put her in the hall opened him to aim meal or I'm just as it's gone before Scott pizza. I'm not. Is the woman that we can actually get audio over the art art and craft lady from the expected New England comic con oh. Yes yeah yeah yeah yeah like a rat. Me and talked to me about how he can make any big year any toys USC was definitely up in like. When it com daily Brinkley likely. I didn't listen to me and my name is Josh Rambus. See you can't find a toddler nation. So. Yeah. I don't know a lot out of this group out of this group I would say appeared inducted. Some went into the because play a comic con hall of fame might begin apt to be doctor evil. Campaign if he had if he had any kind of actually no veto it Jason guys pretty at all. I think I'm going I think when I go there with a I think it here I think Jason guy is the best sport we. It's. I think it might have to give a ticket might have to give it to him at an out of this group. There's a lot of yeah that guy can cheat toxic. Always good bitter or box. The went if that belt and pockets of laughing. But the only guy red in the face with a. Are you going to have problems. Just everything else. But stay positive and stay strong. I agree I did that so. It was there was not not a bus there was as well done I gamblers pretty good you guys and let us now at or podcast. And door podcasted gmail.com do like comic con episodes. Who was your favorite from this group what would be your hash tag or call fame it was you crown a mall one point really really inducted into the has sect or comma con hall of fame at some point. Ryan were cut up against it's on the grip have a pickle a podcast as well throw some about real quick. Yes so if you are up big edit your big dinosaur guy rich yes. There's a new video game on on the PP Coulter epic world evolution theory though worth like him steady but you can build your own parking guess what rich what's that. You can see it you can engineer your own dinosaurs yes I'm going to go in that way in bill Ratner. Oh yeah and it follows the lower of the drastic move. Movie says since you know we have some need to expand out there. Go ahead and pick it up I know people feel very strongly very deeply about dinosaurs so make sure you don't protect them and make sure they're protected in the park. I'm excited I'm excited for that game I'm also excited for next week's episode where we get back to the MCU. Ant man in the lost. It out this week's that's going to be good were arrested at this weekend and while the episode at some point public Tuesday night like normal. It man handle wasp. Of course on iTunes hash tag or you could rate review and subscribe we appreciate when you rate in review we conceive that. Twitter at dark podcast YouTube dot com slash or podcast rattled absent things up our sleeve for that on the road. Accorsi email us Davies on two switched switched at TV slash are on the our program now answer Graham that's exciting. That's. Pretty good betting until beat yet it's mostly me you know being from distant so it's going to be some whatever we go out as a group little will be a lot of that and then. You know just some game and stuff. What does the game stuff so I think. I think they'll do it Ryan. Clark are right there just.