#DORK 74: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, July 10th
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey review Ant-Man and the Wasp. Where does it rank within the 20 MCU movies? Was it better than Ant-Man? They discuss the best and worst parts of the film as well as how it connect to the rest of the universe. Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute, and the Pick of the Podcast. Twitter: @DORKpodcast

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If the door. Martinez. Is the door to Martinez which cheek if the door. Montana faster if that happens today dorm Montana. She. Thanks to an end or another episode hash tag door my name is rich keep join as always by Ryan Davey Davey how are you. What are they are today but we're a good day all day we're still in this heat waves are we not area we are we are we're in it. And we got held up so here to get to Ryan forward tee that we ran a hole on Twitter at. Dork podcast we asked we asked people out there it if it were the people's podcasts that's one of the other things the cost. We said should we do a standalone episode for Luke cage season to. And the people spoken 63%. Said no thanks. No thank you thanks but no thanks because we were gonna get next week you know yeah I'm glad I'm glad. Glad about it I've always seen every episode and it's it's fine you know it suits yet it's a show that exist yeah. So yeah. We'll come up something else look over some better but we will talk about some of the 37% that wanted to its own episode we definitely at some point we'll have finished it and we will discuss it but it won't do won't be a standoff that's that's where we are now. I great. Bryant you see this it's not like there's like sneaky and to Sacha Baron Cohen show it's going to be on showtime July 15. They've been pretty hush hush about it but it sounds like it's gonna be. Hopefully similar to the Alley G shelves with them like that I don't know I don't know. Yes so there I was reading an article about it is that he's been like undercover for year. But he's been like putting on like this guy is like giving interviews of people and it did TDs thought he actually has Dick Cheney signed his waterboarding Kate yeah. So like. To be at this point you know you wonder if people obviously everyone else on the planet knows who bore it. Everyone would take him out of you know like they know who he is so we have to go like deep like disguises in editing though I'm insisted he would Apatow. I wanted to do like is. Alex you show. Wall. Aren't. I love the he's you know I think it's hysterical I think at the Alley G character. If himself was amazing and pour out has the better movie Bora has one of the best comedy movies of all time but the Alley G character is hysterical it's an interview that he is thought I think his interviews on that show might be the best. Bora Elvis is very good even Perot was really go on the show the Breaux show better than broke the movie but I just wonder. Like this guy. I put him in the same light as like a Trey Parker but as far as like comedy genius but it like he's so Smart absolutely. Need. But so that's just fit so I would also Watson he does but he also does the what's the crap movies and I think in the name of the what the hell of oh Grigsby the year he grimsley. I did because you've been added fuel on the dictator Dellums terrible thing. All like it's the same guy and Nike's golf butch is gross out scenes moment witnesses the same guy behind like. Bora at all these always liked really Smart jokes at Vegas goes with the dumbest (%expletive) it just like penis stuff like I don't know. The singer currently Bruno a little too much from me you know yeah there was also a really good enough Ricky Bobby Hughes. Hughes is a good on their side US that's that's show and some drove to keep it up about the goes on. Other news Ryan castle mania season two will be out October 26 on Netflix I know you are both very let down by Cassidy a season one. Oh what took so much so let down it came out hot over the first episode good policy to be good I just like nothing happened it was you have right as boring those boring. Got the dollar and again I think it's gonna go at eight episodes and they're like 2530 minutes apiece so it's not like it's gonna eat up a lot of your time. But it it's something that they should look at you know maybe picking up the these. Do another black out just watch our bodies to which stream play Tasmania that tonight at a later date Sunday new go to that there's a Sunday at our Monday on the what affiliate. Net Nicolas Cage apparently going to be in the cast voice cast the Spiderman into the spider verse as yet another orb Spider-Man it's that that. At the T Eads. Okay does like. Here is an aid that we could certainly turn it up like that but let's keep our hero and one marvel property right now is keep it keep it toned down a little bit. With a two ghost rider movies. Now Spock to hold the job that gave us the ball. Birds of Brett Ryan may begin shooting in January's. Were Margot Robbie is going to be back as a Harley could win they have not cast the rest of the group yet. So on are over regulate huntress are black and aerial war. Poison ivy or who else we're gonna debt and it sounds like it's going to be rated. Yet they did they know back girl for the direct there is no back girl on. So that interest thing. The notebook is she Mike general multi year I don't know about the whole thing member just Sweden was gonna do it. That he wasn't. Already sounded then we found out that he's kind of creep. Yet I mean everybody seems to be at this point. Everybody opera company excluded ports. Jon quick three has that title called cerebellum. You can X and just what that means. Don't actually knew that means yeah. Also apparently comes from leading Latin verb. Which means Carl would be used to prepare. From Karl para RA which the first obligation very which is to prepare in a word column which means war so on the one hand it means literally prepare for war. Maybe if they command and the other and it is AD to the word terra bella Mattel busy type of. If people listening to the podcast for the first time why why were you able to able to break that down so easily. I would say in college I entered colleges they double major in criminal justice in physics. Dominance which to classical languages let's say there it is majored in classical languages doubt. I thought that it was. Iran and you'll like this they odds are out for the next James Bonds according to my bookie which I guess you wanted to battle that there's a lot of names on your legal what's illegal now. It is legal. There's a lot of names on here a lot of British actors some of their arm really not familiar who have. But the leader in the clubhouse the favorite to be the next James Bond according to this website is Tom party. Well today that I think is to pick. Yet he's too tough bond is going to be more like smooth about San Tom hardy couldn't be a ladies man I just don't I don't. Easily any of the guys meant to. Yeah but that's. No I don't but like I just Elba is on the slowest to I think he'd be better. He did fire. Like if he's kind of a big. Kind of guy that he's kinda like. It sucks believe all the its mood. You know he did good Michael fast spenders on this list. Still I could only ticket to blow them. Which your game is monitored and bought forever I don't data Cragg and stupid race. Yet although little party. I think gain Craig would be great content and you. I think he could that you pulled off yet well he's short. I'd like a nice six who Constantin you don't mind sort of I think I think. I just as the amount of them and it is neat yeah yep all filed with a mountain of amends for bond that's fun. Yet to be like a RD party a little too fit he'd be a better wolverines. But it would gain on Tom party would have been yeah they would have been a good Wolverine and wall Italian retirement Jackman at that there. Yeah hardee's on the reported that a two month old knows that. If people like that I mean I think he's more like well what public art art James Bond movie they'll never do it that I doubt now that I wanna go like. Like ultra violent James Bond at the go RT. Which you never go full penetration and bond. But wants that theatre. Run Billy. Okay it didn't look great though from the pictures I've seen. You know a couple. Assay. Terry Fisher looked terrible and they were able to lake maker more than passable in the Star Wars movies on truly clean up do we deal little bit. You know credibility aura wouldn't it be great Tuesday happened apartment it completely spun out. When no carry him like he's complete no doubt at this point. If any does he does the the dusty roads hard times Romo he just got guys a flat tax it like that it. What are the son of a diploma that's how it happens like just not a credible but that's. Adamant that they were good but the shock bastard and talk about two or public. Shocked shocked masters the greatest. Moment at the wrestling history where they'll like the storm trooper helmet and the debt put it for the two before they put that before. Today's crash and at that that's not taps the bank's land out. Jeremy Renner Ryan this is this news right or right near wheel house Jenna Jeremy Renner is gonna play. Officer or police officer which Williams not to be confused with which dot TV slash are on the which Williams in spawn. Alongside Jamie Foxx. And just talk which is one of my favorite characters in the bond comics and detergents spam. Dex he's to I was reading about he's gonna be in it a lot like your honesty in him he's trying to keep cool screen time this bond. Well yes and I wondered who's gonna place say like who's like the big lead early debate factor I don't know and off the testing that question. But that does that mean I'll watch anything better yeah. I they go to pretty good. And out last editors I have you're sad news rise in the comic world Steve Ditka though pick of the pod he is dead. He is a co creator of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. And is known for some. I think really like when you think of Spiderman as a comic book fan in my how always drawn you think shows what beat decode it. Yes and I I eat this I was able to like talk about it it was the day in my dynamite my daughter my sister got Barrett so it actually like. It will delay your tweet it out to do all of this up elected bill look up Spiderman is. Is he Dickau and you know that would pose spider web weighing in mentally builder all in. This tunnel though. And it's it's an amazing amazing thing that he did he just didn't leave the guys get all the credit but if you look you know as this it's always expand Leon's somebody else. Right now I'll always yes. And only about Jack Kirby Steve did go those guys that are. Allan Bellman who we met we were friends on the podcast. Spoke art that's that you ready for your news. I got a B like this week but little of it a lot to get his thoughts on east. Okay. Either man. Are ya. So just it just a couple quick things come. I didn't talk about this this this was news. About the two weeks ago but the first trailer for. Shaq fu legend reborn call me out God's. Oh yes Shaq who's back in boys by. Shaq himself good. So it looks like a bit of a goofy kind of game but it's out there and it's something that exists and dumping that I will definitely play at our at some point. Because Jack flew right right on not and it's a bit of its more like a side screen brawler that it elect has been. That fighting game which is kind of fun got. You know some then there's there's some product placement and edit based gaelic the buddies but it watch in the trailer as we speak and there is this side for Ed peach gangs. That it Jay Wright are right there right around the political drew will be looking on likable character. So organized. Going to be. Player so. Poverty has their big big tournament coming up they have a big lick World Cup apology coming out so. Of the mobile which appearance is watching now I know I am a much more adjusted that then. The other bit of news I have which is I think tomorrow ordered I think maybe. Thursday or Friday. He's in of the new season in fort night comes out people are very excited. There's a huge crack in the sky McCracken getting bigger problem what is it even things that. So what I'm hearing is that where it's gonna do it it's gonna change but weather. So lame and so well essentially what they've done now if you've ever seen realm Royale. Where they have the map would like these different areas of weather. And Howard is ripping that off now no cost like three games now. The sum was saying clearly doesn't. They could they clearly ripped off property in that model we of Oreo. I guess they had to re mixed mind craft. Music playing during lick the playground mode that elected they're ripping off my craft and noticed it rip off. Realm or else like that that I don't understand. Again I am I'm locked on the appeal of this. People other people love war I and an eight and a you don't want it to me it me. I'd like you are going to big it to me think that's okay you know I know what I found in my video game playing Richard and doing more of it now that I ever have. Is that just some games are forced some people you're not wrong not you're not wrong about. But what I found it when I'm gonna actually stream tonight it would be streamed the next couple days in the game armed. Called punch showdown. Bomb which you'll you would actually very much very much like this game so big lake you know Pollack important the Jeep like the map gets smaller yes. So it does that kind of a smaller scale you're playing in teams of two so there are ten people poll on the map a guy and you are all. Bounty hunters in your hunting ace in the big monster on the map that you have to find. Clues that Michael shrink the main mapped out for a defiant like where the monsters like location as. Is this PS four PC. Right out front PC but I think it's getting released I have. So it's early yet what I public early access on Twitter like yeah the early access version which is which is super cool it's your PC player you know like. So basically what early access means that I bought the game. But it's still being developed. So you can actually reach out to locate the that this doesn't work and they're they're making changes to it is not the final game dot. They've played in teams of two but the big kicker is that one you're dead you're debt you characters debt. Though what you what you can do is if you're hunting this monster and like you're getting you know. Teams are coming after you re not doing very well you can lead the good fight ticket but I mean yeah keep all the stuff he earned. And the other cool thing too is like once you kill the monster in collective bounty. You still have to get out you can actually let teams do all the work for you and then killed evidently. Didn't classic. Though it's actually like a little bit of a twit the the horror twist on the battle or out system. And it's a little bit smaller scale assault beast which are net and I cannot map had a lot of fun doing that so I know you're there we are there video game minute. There you have it now Randy ready for the topic is your. But the topic is your. It Ellis the topic of the day in today it is it Handel lost the latest. In the marvel cinematic universe came up this past weekend number one the box office little under eighty million dollars domestically. One hour and 58 minutes. Currently sitting or at least at last check 86%. On rotten to Matos. 78%. By the audience. As we do it all movies TV shows we beat you in the know on spoilers. And I ask you Ryan did you like it. Yeah I also I liked it I liked I liked the movie I'd like. I do like to know I I enjoyed it. But it like it I enjoyed it. I okay yeah. Mean perhaps semantics but yes you enjoyed it I liked it out quick hitters here Ryan what did you think of the story. Us source and sort it was okay. You know I think I think it was. For me what this was an I was speaking at the first they became an in my head that this with a nice Pallet cleanser from infinity but it city or was. So heavy oh yeah and it was nice just to be like a little like like catch your breath okay this is make believe you don't mean but it felt. Yeah trying to like get a dot. Getting back to the smaller scale like an in route to the joke because he's an a at Bryant any works for me and that is not what else that's on now that's now what I was doing there but it isn't the much smaller scale because it every character or just about every character in the last movie and it is very heavy and the ending is insane now this year like back to art. What can it be sort of like a couple different heists that are never ending heist kind of film. Paul Robinson there. And he's always good he's enjoyable I would say the next thing comedy. I thought the batting average let's say it was not super high they took a lot of shots out of there were there were constantly going for the joke. It goes up more of then my actual laugh out loud moments. And it didn't Wear a bit of the biggest distraction from this movie was it was pretty goofy. They guys yeah that's funny but it with a goofy you know I mean it is satiric as little slap these military gap any of that that's not really like I'm in it for like eight. I think in the tuning fork in it like that this thing they've been nailed it perfectly was guardians like you have a kind of like it went back and forth. Yet and Daria don't edit sorry it is such a high bar but you also have. There's a number of funny characters but there's a couple of characters that just aren't and and that's what makes him the characters you write more funny and it's different humor like rockets humor is much different than tracks is immense star awards at the all kind of provide a little something different. Here it seemed like a lot of characters. Were gold for jokes a lot of armor ticket's chances at a. It is if there was a little too much whacking it. Yeah up to this one if that makes any sense. Yet I area and that the action. I thought was really can I thought though a lot of things go on small things don't big. Fight scenes you know and it and the loss so I think if you're comparing it to the first walked the first one that's cool things to whoever would like dot Thomas the train get blown up. Sorry action scenes that you realize that other actually fighting amicable its place that so there's some good stuff on the first one other they didn't maybe even a better job here in the second one. I think the action is what kind. Brought it like it's faded a little bit out of this this move if they actually it was batted they had bad actions sequences. I don't think this would have been there would have done well. Yes and a lot of home unfortunately. They did show in the trailer so like if you watch the trailer can open the trailer you probably were aware of a lot of different sequences are in the movie but there are still. Pretty gunman got to the showed the pads thing in the trailer. There is the other some cool stuff but Waugh was really gets to go wings it she's obviously a better fighter than than Scott Lang is so she was good. As far as so there'd out to one team. MCU movies. And as far as the connection. You really have to watch this movie. You really just need to see it man and civil war rabbit. Yeah civil war and ticket that's it that's that's all UNC would you say this movie is better they are the worst there or the same as the first him. It's a little worse. See I hate it I am gonna say it's a little better but I also feel like a month from now I may change that. And my my whole thing with this movie is it should have been called the lost but it may not built up that. Though I've but this was her movies she stole the show. She was very good. She would excuse the MVP of the all star dampen the. The ability and spoil it targeted a wide that this is definitely badly in those. Now a few minutes we've done this before public ballpark. Where does this rank within the top twenty MCU movies. I would say if you split it into. Oh it's in the lower third. Yes I think I might have it at the top of that list I would made Adam when he it's probably like. 1415. All I think you're I think you're forgetting some it's definitely see to me it's like eleven. And you know what you're right you're you're right Cutler a lot of (%expletive) ones like so right away. It whatever one about rank in the bottom of the saying yup halt. You have two different iron man's you have a or maybe even both fours are the first two tours I mean. I think I think the first Captain America is not my their movies that's already six I think this is Barry and Doctor Strange some people I think it's and that's same mix those like it but it eight net it's at the garden arena it's in the guardians to. Doctor Strange in May and one mix. Era yet so I think it's. It's probably. In the the view if you cut they MC UN perhaps it's probably on the top pap top part of the bottom. But what's important to our there's a lot of really good movies you know and it east I would say. 40 am you will be there are three. I yeah obviously or but I hear you don't say it like 33 that are like this that I take one yet. And at a summit like our nom. Ice that's that's a hang up on iron in two and three and part of this is the first army and so good side of those still that match is it OK okay to it like that yet. Florida dark world is that incredible display not bet incredible that. Yes so what would you have to Bolger dorks score be hot spot for an app. Yep I was Singapore happens while I was I ate there rounded up forty. And I think deserves a lot of 55 and a half sixes in the MC used so you can have a before half and still haven't the eleventh twelfth the mark so when that realm. That of course again mostly listened as a prop Norris in the movie but the still spoiler free so there is amid credits scene which are definitely gonna wanna watch the others and credits scene which as I said before. Your artists that Mary Basel hang out but it's not balance out the terrorists though not. Or anything else not spoilers right. It. Oh. Our I think this might be the best way now to start there's a lot of ways to review a movie obviously Jack Alec this idea where org is gonna kind of ripped through the plot but feel free to stop and any point and you know. As Michael Hollywood used to say let's just park a Mac urban looks like you know dissected if you wanted to direct. So let's begin the we see. Really the OG lost with OG and man. And wasp has played by Michelle Pfeiffer Janet and dime enters the microscopic want the morale almost did disarm a nuclear missile. Paint him couldn't do it there's something going on what his sue so she went in the and was lost for good this is back in what 1987. And then Michael Douglas has to go back home and explain to a young hope that hey you know you mom's like come on back. In let me just let let's just talk about this for a second because of this we got to get it out of the way right now because of the very first thing I text you when I got out of the movie yeah. Michelle Pfeiffer is sixty years old. He has smoke and hot she's only smoke not. She might beat six Euro best looking six year old woman she was like growing up Eric Gonzales is Susan how Orman and yours like Bowman admittedly dangerous minds of our loss and that hesitated be like. She is the breathtakingly. Attractive. Instilled. Gil were got meet is that like. You take a look at gripping it in the marvel that would indeed age to her and Michael Douglas noted the DEA agent I think they're getting better and it it it's getting really good. I think it's pretty strong if not that's not distracting like a but when they did lay. It wasn't forced awakens. Or whatever lower broke longer river was. I thought it was kind of distracting. But they marble they've gotten really good at it are they do with the art there's current Q obviously Billick. And I'm like altogether really good job Michelle Pfeiffer in the DC Michelle factored into the movie devastated really I must say that the loss well they didn't staged a change your air. Yes that though that the pro little more like a different makeup on currently that's she's pretty much the surged as there is a apparently it captain marvel. Samuel Jackson's gonna be TH 25 years the entire movie. Well did you concede they can do it they can't go it looks great pretend they can do it. Obviously elect. If they can do that good job like the first that we thought would in civil war when they did it with Robert Downey junior when he looked exactly like you looked community Gator Daniel thank you was in it weird science is something we like that yes. Not because. Yes and then. And outbreak epidemic. They did. Oh by what Carlos wrote that he Kurt Russell guardians to your right then why couldn't they just. Get rid of (%expletive) it Henry cattle mustache in Justice League now's been I would not Bermuda. As a distracted. But now this. Well different studios minerals doughnuts and I would jump to our relatively present day because again this movie. Stated takes place before avengers affinity or we discussed this because this could be a little bit of hang up for some like people who. Pick Ehrlich we do. But anyway yeah yes Scott Lang who was on house arrest they say that infinity war they follow up on that. He has two years and he's he's runner he's run at a time there's almost off of house arrest. But they per episode coated of course they bring up when he didn't Germany. In in civil war and I also think they do a pretty good job of explaining how. You know he didn't ask the wasp the go over there in and Hank payment date they're pissed at him because he went over there with that technology. And them want to go help Captain America other bells a pretty good tie in. Also a very cool out cardboard set up that is playing with a daughter and entertaining and off. I thought his daughter in this movie but forget the chassis as the game are out I don't know about it. The gap he bit bigger electorate through great she was excellent CUC Oakland. And I think she and Paul Rudd have a nice little late chemistry going where it like a little timing thing going together which is which is super nice. It's really hard to do like most she scenes and not be like uncomfortable millions so lame McDade you'll part of Iraq would you actually feel that way like she's like she's a sweet little girl which is hard to find the right actors to pull that off. And and it'll get into this little bit later when we talk about more of this stuff but like the one of the things that I I didn't really like about this movie is that. Scott Lang that Paul Rudnick type sucks. Again in which he doesn't he's not really good at what you do know and like everybody around him it'd better be an amateur you know. If they get a better job the first one showing off what what a good like. Cat burglar he has a sexually like he's a really good thief like never elect climbing up that you crack codes to break states like either really good criminal. But other men like now unlike most of the avengers like he doesn't have any powers he's just you know as Hank suit and technology. What to let him like I text video that I could have done that. You are yeah I can pressed buttons on my thumbs and I can get bigger Nike gets in the looks like he wasn't exited that we know. Oh would you be able to name all those aunts. You come up I was in an acute funny in the heroes coming up some of my island load load area it's been. It be any reporting would be one of the aisle to the pod. Didn't applaud I would be up Carmelo Anthony's. Come and the colony that be one of my on my go to our Greg Anthony's or. Any mace and resist the religious basketball players at this point. We could go might eat there one who played the drums there was there was the bass player from Van Halen is Michael Anthony. Do you have like a band out there and you know Michael Anthony. About. It hit me Hardaway that's kind of get the strength inferred jets that bit of a stretch a bit of a stretch it does equipment so that's my point is that like. Scott lake in the movies kind of deal. Days and days does not elite yeah the current. And that that I didn't like that. Yeah Iberia play end and again he didn't really. He was not the best character in the movie but that happens sometimes that is because he's the lead Disney's the bass other guys the relatively. We're we're already get that we were deplorable for ever get away with is just how charming he is politics on the nice pants aren't often. Yes and he is very visible again like you do a little bit too much like yuck yuck. For me with him. Yet he used to much Paul Rudd via. Here's two point. So Scott Lang has a dream or receives a message from Janet van die and so he calls Hank payments after he told the FBI agent that Ollie doesn't talk to you know hole per or Hank may hate and has talked to him anymore. So then they get the message that bin diner and in and adopt him do so hope kidnapped explain. Jim the put a tracker on the ad giant ant so looks like he's still at home. Let's just say right now. Lots of giant ants in the smoothly. But apologized some play the drums some you know take baths some do all kinds of things that a lot of giants lot of issue. But so this is why so then hanged in hope. After talking with Scott Lang now think that there's a way to save Janet. And maybe there's a line in the first movie or maybe there's even alive in this will that I missed but I feel like thirty years has passed. And now all of a sudden Hank items like hey let's let's go get my wife but where where where is their buddy you could what would that be your only mission froehlich a very long time. Are very long time yet you would stop like that nonsense and liked but I basically looks like it went. X disparate and disparate scared to talk about that this studies that they were doing what but the quantum think that deal what are the other hang ups they had this movie maybe a voluminous too. There was a lot of like science talk. There was a lot of size that would but what helped was. Paul A-Rod was like us that he could be like I don't know earlier talking about earlier cuisine what it but you need a character like that. But you have like that anyone who is like a scientist in this movie like talking to each other and you just like this is this is not that's gonna bet. If you talk to order real scientists about that but again this is all month. This is mostly well I mean there's got him particles in the real world. That is being Natalie is talking about like quantum theory yeah I want them physics economic. Use that this is nonsense is what we want. Yeah I yeah I'd like I felt that's they way at times are doctors strangely to some of the stuff that he would talk about Weathers in the hospital or there's still other stuff like I don't know what you're saying I don't get it but. We get we get a bit at major characters seem intelligent but the rest of the select. You know. So hope as buying parts because the other trying to do this whole quantum realm things she's buying parts from sunny birch played by Walt and guardians. And he finds out that hope. Who hope is if she's like columns thereof as a matter not a WR I know your dad is so he wants the tech for himself he also says. He does he's worker for the very dangerous people. You never find out in this movie who sunny birch is working for have you heard one of the theories on who that could be. Now this pretty good. There's a chance he could be working for Norman Osborne. It that would be amazing that you could now introduced the green gobbling into the MCU. Through Emmys or have been set up in this movie because obviously an avengers for these are the fatal thing he had yet to figure out what's going on there. No cap tomorrow I talked. You're gonna beta kingpin which would have been which would have. And I still. Yep just like kingpins in the Netflix. I don't. I think but. The idea that he worker for somebody opens the door to a lot of things I think one of the writers on this movie. Even confirmed on Twitter like Jack could be your it is or something but. They have figured out with Sony I don't know how all that works but Norman also make a lot of sense because if you're going to be moving on to phase four. Of the MCU you're related to have bring in a couple more bad ass villains like legit don't agree goblins want. So I'm I'm very hopeful that it is Norman Osborne. Now I'm very helpful to. But getting cute you we under the impression that one. The big guys that he got into working for him that Burch Edward Hebert him were terrible violence. They were not strong. I I I don't think. I was I would get pipe bomb into that Indian guy on the street I don't think I would have been afraid of him at all now that the one guy wins the White House huge. There had been eating nudity just stood there but it didn't throw punch and now. And the FBI agents were the dumbest characters in this movie like that guy played will Johnny willing yeah. Just a jackass. All right all time. I did like going back to Scott Lang hi how are you had a whole house it would all the cardboard stuff you also taught himself magic which you know all right I was at sounds like this guy this is not regardless of the here and yet the card tricks. I didn't mind at Johnny who like the card tricks but you're right they've made him to. FBI agent. Yet they admit they've definitely made him too dumb or like Sylvia he was so. It is silly arts and now let's send bring in the village here in this this show ghosts. Go to shows up grabs the portable lab Purcell would think of the portable lab. How welcome this thing was up and down and up and down and in and out at you nonstop for the portable lab and I'm like you can't just to pop it up buildings everywhere. Much that would when I wouldn't really work. But I thought ghosts. Was. I got out of that first elect and I got other of the sweet setup of the what she took the mask off the start talking like I like her less but I also liked how it ties in directly with the quantum realm so made a lot of sense of a villain like that. It was all a little bit different you know the last eight men movie had yellow jacket which is basically just the bad Internet you know make a lot of trees in the MCU early on. Had just. Mir villains and release ghost is very different then a minute wants but I I think ultimately issues pretty good plus. She hit like a real story it's it's not I'm taking over the world to you can't do that after then all he can't do Decker thinks Jesus like. Yeah I'll mall messed up my dad also worked with thanked him and would Bill Foster. He died in now like this site I Alter at the ghost is lute wasn't bad. And I I what I liked about this too is that. If you. You know biblically I am I have a very. Superficial knowledge of the hit man comics but like. And payment of debt like nobody likes to make him hit his wife's. Yes it was a drunk even abuse abusive like be in big kind of like flirted with that a little bit where Ike. You don't build our student like him. Yeah oh goes dad hated him and ample reason that he did what needed select nobody liked to ended date. They talk about image and it went it went Paul Rudd is Janet. And are talking calico. That is the first fight we that we just lost in ten minute. Immediately we ought before Alia and it got physical yes Gallic everyone fights with. Like and I like they did with that. That was good and Mike bays and the Arab descent abode with Bill Foster they're like oh and like. Everybody had a problem because like garlic or the maybe Scott Lang mimic that of the tees like you've got a lot of falling out of obvious elect Starks NATO Mike is that everybody has issues with. With thanked him. So you find out that it's of that Hank turns the Bill Foster Richard used to Goliath so he is now in the MCU I like how they have. Some of these older characters though because again when these comic for first written in my those sixty's are never. There's there all the characters were about that needs then. But so now they spaced it out so he had hanged him in like Howard Starker old Captain America obviously to mess around the time line. And then you have Goliath. Or black Goliath although they left that they left that part out probably for the best industrial ceased to be called in the comic. Public and Eric fine so he's working with the ghost and you get that whole story so then there as an exe you know Hanks got Oprah being held captive by ghost. Our Eva billions of toner the story of her father of her father. My guess they say is dead in this by. In the comics or father was egg and it who's one of the villains on ant man like the only. Villains that big ghost was actually ghosts I believe it or comics was a male so they they flipped her into a female for this doesn't really matter it's fine stores still the same so whatever to argue that. But as a male in the comics and I believe that an Iron Man violent but either way they bring her into this problem. Goes to Steve secure it and decided she needs to used Janet for this and then their wallet don't know like they're they're gonna kill Janet. And then also get ants in the ultimate case the old classic. Huge deal until Garrett you. All stand by ants in the Al toys. To then get that would you think of the scene where. Odds you and it takes over Scott's body. And that helps tankan hope finder. The only issue I had with I mean to severely subordination and does everything with a look too convenient with Janet. Yeah put an antenna where did you get the antenna deported his head they really put it and it is Ed Smart pick what he's talking about an out and elect old ghost need security escalate. Drain your body to like do it in nearly all I can just touch your forehead like that this is. This quantum things like it I think it intentionally confusing so we can be what it needs to be given this week given the right circuits. Yeah that's probably too early nobody really explain exactly what it is so you can open it up. This what I needed to do that it does bit when I needed to this they're like but these things like dogs at the touch you when you're healed now that's certainly going to the end and we can just like extracted. Like what would it. It's on it's it's all thing. I did like so go back to us Sonny's like henchman and liked how not intimidating there were. I like when they catch up with the Luis. A video that whole bit about the truth serum that that's pretty funny. But that was pretty much in doubt go to my lap like out loud. That was good at it like those guys feel like it's not truth there was rosters there that men like an item and Alex how the truth their answers Sarah at a Villa where Scott lag and Baylor goes this whole thing and so. That's obviously ripped from the first lottery where he's tell a story but. That's like Michael Pena his Bible we just doing it Michael Pitt best character or funny character I got again I think. Hope in time as the loss was the best character in this movie. I album Michael Pena Louise is still the funniest his story telling him he knew there and do that again I don't care fine still really funny. Yeah well I love it when they did it would make cuts take him speaking for somebody else and they had the actual actor like. They hit line. In like they did a great dollar both Paul Rudd in Evangeline Lilly as like sort of talking like they think that he would talk. M I showed maps that permit they did a good job without those photo like. Tim what that would they're no longer hairdo but that doesn't. In in the jail cell. Yes I'll lay out those funny we pops and thugs of dad knows yet. So then that Scott Lang gets out of there by because he knows they're there comic is he still on house arrest so he has to go back to act it did this too many times the old like. Aids it will burst through and Mike Garrett Marty here in the follow it okay. And I did it three times and felt like a lot of thought they did a ton of times it was reminded me of Jessica Jones season one when they're like. Ali we just that was found purple Mandela and a little five purple man again. Found them lost though he's gone found I got god damn it. So then they Scott ends up breaking them out of prison with the elbow bunch ants. That's good. And so now they're finally gonna go after Janet benign and Hank Johnson a quantum realm. And meets up there I thought. Some really cool stuff in there like all we. Because again it can be anything you want to be so it's like chaos. But the once it's about the me he's the in the one area that's got all the different colors in some like to Wear the creatures were ever that are in there. And that he shoots out and it's almost pitch black and they elect cut the sound. And it's really eerie like in sitting at a theater it's like. I think that's what death you don't like is it like it's just that's a pretty messed up to me now part. The other thing I was an image into that I really bill autocratic got a chuckle that is when they're breaking out of prison down the back that up in. He like drops the lawsuit like on the table yet. And then he's able what it won't be any dropped the budget FBI jacket and that hat and sunglasses. Which is the call back in time that this is we're not in disguise different hat and sunglasses just go to a baseball game which is great drop and he dropped them. Visit that the FBI stuff and Hank would stand a perfect. If I did right they just watch rather it's that we have had him in custody is blocks out of a hat and jacket and it dietetic call back because that's one of the things like. I don't know how many MCU moves have done that like Captain America like all those guys in but but people aren't the be all bum like the Tony Romo. The brand less hat and sunglasses like nobody knows you are at the legal right back to a two. And again we should respect good and he instead like you're being Pippen being like Ali would tell you that all perfect. Author of the Janet at the coming back she's got to help coast south of serenity and all that but you see you also finally get giant man so like you saw in civil war. In what they only tell you and so. You really knows until this movie is that when he gets Pauly gets tired so he tells you later those that are slept for three days after the airport scene. In civil war so he gets big he's down appeared separate Cisco is trying to get the the god damn portable lab pact. He's huge but some pretty good stuff but again they use they show this in the trailer what can stop in the truck and him. Getting out of water in the you can see how big years like Perry showed that stuff but a so so pretty good. They're pretty good and I got that I just what killed me about the civil get into the later what I liken it in my but like you know I just thought that he wasn't very good at being hit. In this movie. Guys here's confines is a slick yeah. So that really amid the and it's pretty much wrapped up with all the good guys are free now some of Roma raw and you know and in so. I'll Goliath is with ghosts they're together. You get Hank and Janet are together down you know they got house on the water. Scott hope that there. Yet there they throw out another shrunken house for Christ's sake. Scott Hoch. Look what they're couples that so now they're watching a movie with NASA does cool scene there on the a matchbox car watching a movie looks a errant drive thru with woods the laptop those chemical. Which again what I thought was pretty neat there was a tough there was several conversations that Scott had attacked the and Herbie accident we just need a partner and he's like. All you have but she doesn't wanna be my partners that I'm not talking about her probably yeah which would set up in new or young offenders and what these young offenders. Right we got out jackass it becomes a superhero yeah. Air belief yet you like it girl he had it's there yes there. That's pretty analytical so this is. And are a much says it knocks at the a minor spoiler that's what some leaked stuff. Out there and offer them this movie like there's there's like screen shots and stuff for like future movies are of people wanna hear enough but there's America. What do you think now. I can't YouTube. Richard it could be spoilers I think we're all spoilers race. All right so I would just say there's a couple big so wanna have a look at the mid credits here coming up but there's like the idea that. When one thing they said the Scott Lang was the when your in the quantum realm be careful what time portals like dongle nearly time portals. That her death that leads you to believe or or you get popped out like years ahead are years behind or whatever else so. There's the theory that accurate keep them on ice for a little while and he could pop up later Robert years down the road. And I guess there's one website that says. They may have already cast another Cassie and she's like a teen into a physical lot older. This program basically throws great I would I would like to see her and in and keep this roll going and maybe they'll change in the I think EMC you what's also phone with some of these were things that you might think it's the spoiler but they've that are nice job publics or review which you remember the Infiniti work trailer. Holt is running down this he's running as Hulk era that didn't happen in the movie. So few and so if you heard in this theory that the reason that Bruce Banner couldn't change into the Hulk was because. That was low key. Here knows awoke he was Bruce Banner was. I don't believe that and I'll highlight I look at periods much they about it but I don't buy that one. Arts let's get to the mid credits seniors so this is in this there's a lot of questions I think offer this one so you get out of the back of a video Hank. Jed it opens got the tribe the harbors quantum energy to help out Ava Scott goes inside it Wallace inside hang him hope and Jada pin down and all turn into dust so that is the moment. With their nose snaps his fingers Scott is still alive priest trapped inside. First of all. What's the deal with the timeline. Like how much if anything do you think ant man in this crew knew about what was going on in Condo and other parts of the county and did any idea. I mean it should have been at least some idea you know device that is in that. If you pick it infinity war like that happened in the span of addicted. It did happen very quickly a QB that and these guys are at least in San Francisco they're not in New York City elect the (%expletive) and defenders who market up our heads out. Bit they're there at least on the other side of the United States. But but this is the best throw away line it Aventis has been a war about like Hough dynamic manner that I LA he's our house arrest the wall. He's almost out of house arrest and now he's bent out because this wasn't the next day that they had advanced set up he's going in the quantum realm. So I wonder they could've gotten a hold of them or not. But anyway so we know for a fact that the whole movie the whole. Two hour movie takes place before the events of infinity war we don't know fits well with the week at day. Months we don't know exactly what it is but it's definitely before. The the mid current scene is to snap do you think Scott Lang was impervious to the snapped because he's in the quantum realm or he just one of the lucky 50%. Well I mean that's that you might speed elected to present the other problem I have a dispute like if I'd Janet. Is like the expert from the quantum realm to she's been in it for thirty years yeah well he sent her. Let's also at the same kind of (%expletive) like with Hank Pam when he's a quiet the mess around this too much I can't be in the suit anymore and elect. What is your what your daughter and Scott consume all the time. So it'll air at. It's been down I don't even down at the thirty years and at the last what you want ago that it definitely I think that's why I was dead at a knock him back in there. And cops like I've been and it's too and I can I can do it who's gonna go in and out and like they're gonna be there the deadheads the. Centenary at talked of now he's stuck in there. And that's terrifying and so the snap happens. The other thing I didn't see but some people believe that inside the quantum realm. With it man in there. You could see Santos is eyes. Did you buy that or the other thing that I saw what allows those looking up online there's some like weird kind of screen grabs it's tough that really make it out. I think it would be door mom go. It looks a little yeah I think it might be dorm momma because again Doctor Strange to also get into a quantum realm with all this bull -- that he does. I think storm almost in their but there's another theory that if it's Daniels is conceived them which is just very eerie to think of how but it it's also pretty well. Will Scott Lang ask him to bargain. I think he's gonna have to several times. Take a solid solid at the do so that was that was pretty cool I was a great Mitt credits scene unfortunately they gave it away but they really did I thought when. Even that got the am trailer now for am man. This is like on Thursday night there were like. And make sure yes stick around they add blankets and you're like are your obviously your (%expletive) tight in that war. But we weren't. The others and and credits scene which again is on the one hand a little bit of like a throw away nothing but you do see Scott's empty house. There's a big and plan the drums but you also see the TV the emergency broadcast signal which outside of the nick fury. Maria hill colic and credits scene like where where there are New York City. This is the only other time. I believe that after the snap. You see like the what's what it looks like a the world unity new solar. So all these TVs are probably moment that half the people run around go crazy not know what's going on to about what it was a completely goes over how are the dock like it was a gave you a little something extra. It can yield some matchup you could've tied that back into which didn't have to do to post credit that you could put that at the end of the first. You know and I think that they visited me up like the it playing the drums like that was in the commercial that we saw that's the point that sucks and doesn't like. And then it wasn't like it wasn't bad because it was in that pissed me off a bit thank. It's one thing to it never would be it would homecoming of the Captain America like doubt spite of which didn't need to respond that it sometimes he would you know get to be patient because the united yeah that was pretty those like and I thought oh my god you got me but that they would dump. But it. So yes the best parts of the movie I think we hit on songs now throughout but for me like in the wash that Michael Pena they really stood out about him drop though. That. About dove off the the red bit below the commercial almanac how to. Because that was so good for such a short period of time the was up. It was so popular and that it was like dumb and it's been so many years now where anybody does that now I laugh like I think if I I think you rate again. Dirty mess in Kathy and Paul Rudd together a really good. I think they have the sunglass disguised bid it was funny also Paul Rudd called Captain America capped at them Debian might happen if at all and you know. An and amid credit scene was obviously was was really really gut. Yet I like pictured here bit I thought that was really funny but yeah certainly it doesn't typically. It between your bomb maker IA I like the character I elect goes that she was kind of a cool air to cool kind of costume. Core clocked in. I love Michelle Pfeiffer not up Michelle Pfeiffer as far as I'm. Yeah it definitely could add more Michelle Pfeiffer went on that. I like the fact that they made that paint him as an apple like he's not just like but it'll crusty old guy like everyone doesn't like him yeah that's gonna you gonna meet. And like again like. Already very charming and like the scene with a daughter and public debt and and so debut I'll skip ahead. It's the worst part yeah I thought the FBI were dummies I yep this secondary bad guys in the ball god and like they were kind of dumb. I do it might walk the dog and like in most things in like he plays walled gardens in most things but like yeah. Yeah Alex. I don't know I'm I am very intrigue I'm like who is boss could be used to that could go one or two ways that could either be Norman Osborne being credible or be kingpin are good summary to be credible or to be a major letdown might just never know. Yet in the one other thing I would stated I didn't like about this particular we gotta touch up the stuff public I wish. Paul Rudd added and had a little bit more balls. But when it came to like his daughter yes but and there are a couple of that in the movie was like I have to go but I have to go now and like it was it seem a bit like okay she's gonna go after Mike. It's like she's gonna go after my dollar goes is gonna go battered his daughter and eat at that point should have been like. No like I am leaving. You don't need a little you know that's the Jeep and then in then have to happy kind of talk about it and didn't know you need to go help them but have him be like. You know you grew up without a mother and look what that beat you miked gonna grow up without a father I'm leaving now. Right guys definitely played out more now have a little bit more balls as the character gives you again you're you're convict you're you're an expert on. But stop being a goof ball out among the notable out of like the movie a little bit more he was less football little bit more superior. Yeah I think overall I'm like I'm fine with a movie that is obviously like goofy but that it it was a little to slap me like it was already it was such a departure anyway from infinity war like they didn't need to go that far down the road so. I'm with you or not there's a sort of a throwaway thing but. About a would've been cool that scene where it man and Goliath are talking Bellic how big they get. Other would've been cool if Goliath have like a photo somewhere of when he was like Goliath in my it's just a door key compo. Nerd thing of me but would have been cool a you know we've seen old footage or old video of Howard stark we've seen like a young Hank Pam I think it would have been cool of the they showed the scene where egghead dies they showed bats again. A though have been cool even if it was just the photo of Goliath in like the old school Goliath cost of him. Yeah I guess what I was man and any good and I got an element on any buck. I do you Ryan wanna see an ant man and the loss trilogy. Idea. I think any more so I think I think it would be good I think and you know there will be starting phase for coming up I think. I think it's worth it I think if you're gonna do you know three fours in the third rules obviously awesome you'd three Iron Man you did three. Captain America as a big and Yemen definitely special with a walk speaks such a strong. Second character I think it's definitely worth that. Yeah it should be called. A cut it definitely could about how do you think this is gonna impacts. Avengers for. And it got to quantum realm stuff they got a I don't know what they're gonna do but and and and then how the hell is aunt Mae and gonna get out of there. Like any Dickie said there could be Bisping looked like today. Why would you mention time portal right we're gonna use exactly how does well what I'm what a piece showed up in mid ninety's and captain marvel. You know. Because I mean he he obsolete that's a good point oh somebody also said there's like a captain marvel logo. Somewhere one in credit scenes from a Pattinson is. I would have liked to seen urged I would like to see a little bit of that. Until they might be I'm fascinated captain marvel right now and I need to know what's gonna happen with our. I think like they have to they know this they're not dummies that this isn't the DC universe they have to do. Explain. Why she was never called before they have to like they had. You can't feel like so she skipped the event that was was that not a big deal with a low key was destroying New York that was not a big deal or like. Chevron or like why don't comic (%expletive) gonna. Like only if standouts like literally only sandals snaps his fingers to me a Holler like that. I like. They got to be a team with her and Adam warlock on the screen and some of look at the the Buick with what you've. But if it. But they got is the ball thing I would dare W has never call him so. Yes like bigger yeah you're probably would really needed. So that's the next MCU movie the 21. One will be captain marvel march 8 of 2019. Never getting avengers for still untitled may third. It's one in nineteen that will be the end of phase three pastries and off the charts by the. I thought it it's that didn't do that last two years have been just marble like Pitt did to read you go to the movies. I mean it's on really think about black panther and infinity war from this year you go back out. Spiderman in Iraq Iraq and the cart even guardians to what was it like the greatest movie ever like just it's been awesome. Awesome run so a spotter read far from home. Is July 5 the 2019. Different try to go recently to three marvel movie or MCU movies a year. And then guardians of the galaxy on threes thirty down 420 at some point but. Pretty bad ass. And been a good good time for deep seeded got to regroup and what the wounds. Yeah so let them do their bank. Yes absolutely so let us know give us a shout on Twitter at or podcast or email list or podcast at gmail.com your thoughts on ant man in the lost. Let us know if you saw thin else in the in the quantum realm or few thunderstorm momma or. If you were making that up I don't know I'd I thought I read that on the Internet street somewhere so let us know what you thought about all that. It's a certificate that just rapidly you know to put put a ball on it like it's a movie agency it's good it to good little like this is that type of okay. It's political B it's a little bit that'll evils eighty slapping but again it's the summit this summer movie and Mike what people have you know. It's not as dumb as her hectic world is not that was up about self spam by that that it that. But this is like a little bit more substance to the doubt if that makes it. Yeah I do agree with me but I got no action. Sweet sweet on our action notice clothes I had this notice was better than drafts were. Oh absolutely. It spiked a mortal by rankings the 2018 movies on China's trying to have that's by the end of the year number eight general. The other thing I would watch in the true we didn't mention the trailers before this movie there's a lot of (%expletive) coming out. Oh god without I was I wanted to talk about the trailers because. I'm so used to watching. PG thirteen movie there usually is. One or two comic book movies or a Star Wars movie to answer to preview this time around there wasn't anything like that so it was like the (%expletive) nut cracker. It was like dumbo. It was that Jack Black will be with the clock on the wall like all of like. I don't wanna on anybody's. Stupid robot dog movie Axel but yeah it that amounted to short circuit with a dog. I love short circuit by the out of the eye dogs are cool enough on a robot dog yet. OP economic yes a sub normal business the only other liquid that debt. Be interested in seeing is that its past nuclear test beast but I have seen that. Oh I do yeah I wanted to do that too but there's that other movie worth like. I see this preview nonstop it's an all those kids it's basically like an X-Men movies that's not expand. This week and I'll hated it. Yes the other way do I out dipped into the department of ethnic group. It's. You. You're obviously very excited tell you. First art while I was on the weekend warrior pod I was on that last week we talk sports there at the end. Pat the host asked me a very interesting question Ryan and this is free air and reverse the lost peace said. If you could only watch one starting now you can only see how the MCU finishes or how gave us the bronze finishes. Which would you choose and why. And obviously. I'd love to see both and I will see both but by had to choose I told the most going win the MCU. Only because I understand there's spin off some game with throne and that's gonna happen of those could be good. But they're six episodes and yes I'd mom dying to know how it ends I wanted to whose overthrow of the end. But the MC who has admitted to have all those movies that we just mentioned in more amateur avengers for is going to be as mosque the is it yet so. Great question by him but I'm going with a though audience CO. Nobody elected Diamond Bar your phrase gonna let the government ball the support that you could never project gave. Getting it never watched game at bronze or can never watch and see you again I'm be like you know what I think I already know what's gonna happen with game thrown on good. I'm good there was someone can tell me later you know to name yeah whereas they empty you've been so much more coming the debt. You like it is Alia Ali has come a lot I talked on and I beat a zone debt limit that I need to be yep I'm with that I'm yet what are you got. So my age so speaking of the new mutant. But it just brought up your boy. Marilyn Manson is did it did it wrong for the new mutant soundtrack he did a cover of cry a little sister who'll. Which is if you remember is the theme the theme song from the lost boy. That's going to be smooth. It could about hopefully. We get the arguments it's out now I just came out late and you and so the guy. Doesn't. Take a listen you point Marilyn Manson. I love you needed it covered but he did bill Willy Wonka song and on I know there are. When music concert he does because I've never seen him actually in concert but apparently he does like is all kinds of covers it's it's like anything goes. Usually don't look good recovery I like a good scare scare up covered a horror up cover for me because it. Very. Well Monday. Right to figure out a deal the next week we're gonna do blockades renowned knock on a duplicate to get the blockades fans who will talk about it at some point I feel like the Netflix series or lose and a bit of steam. I'm still gonna watch film but. It is I don't like iron that iron fist season to I don't think we're India kennel so. Maybe down the road will do little group up onto TV shows like with government pout that. How though we do so what's coming up so we could do pleasure to locate two iron fist to. And then we group told altogether do one episode of the. We cut we could that daredevil three are all the terrible threes really good and evil doing anyway. You next week. What do you think for next week withdrew due out special people do you wanted to do a cripple do you wanna do breaking bad. Well I mean at this point we we've been. Harangued enough that we kind of have to. How about this up you're listening to this this'll give you guys time to all re watch it. Or want to for the very first I want to be a treat for you. Or re watching Eddie can enjoy the episode next week were just there were it to be too overwhelming view the whole. Series so let's don't let's do season one breaking bad next week I think it's only eight episodes right. Yet I'm excited a lot of gonna watch it again. And they're all are all on Netflix so season one breaking bad that'll be our episode next week so law. Jump in there for an outage that that's far it will still gonna do this we can or will still depict models to them although Dave is that it. This lake got to watch along or get a head start. And relive the one of the greatest television shows all times of breaking bad season one next week. Will eventually do all the seasons but don't worry its socket the next five weeks and our road ping pong around much to but the wireless that's though. That'll be that that is that is it for the week you can now rate review on subscribe on the iTunes hash tag dork. Ross on stitcher and Google play tell a friend tell that the work WEEI dot com. At dork podcast on Twitter. YouTube dot com slash dork podcast and get some new videos up there you of course emails to our podcast at gmail.com. And Ryan what about you. I can find me on Twitter on. On it program odd door podcast on its agreement is doing is alive and well dramatic spectacle the more that I Som pretty streaming every Tuesday Thursday and Sunday at 9 PM. That is Debbie WW debt which Petitti backlash are Von. And again not any. Any social media are on these very confined to please come say hello commented the night. What about garrote ant hill. As a Brit like as an auto I'm that you just basketball I think of course brought in just basketball Harvey girl in its. My god that's just I don't know I am aims. All right Ryan that's I'll see I'll see around.