#DORK 75: Breaking Bad Season 1

Dale and Keefe
Wednesday, July 18th
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey look back on Season 1 of Breaking Bad, 10 years after it debuted. Plus all the news you can handle in This Week in #DORK. Twitter: @DORKpodcast

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If the door to market heads. For the door to my chances which cheek if the door. Monty. Is that he has my dorm blob cache. Say to turn into another episode of hash tag dark mine is rich keep join as always by Ryan Davey Davey how are you. Oh yeah what all you know what it is I'll tell you what they got us in a new studio nobody really cares. But I'm all out of sorts a modest sorts here who might not have all of the bells and whistles are we normally do but I'm okay you know I can play road games that's fine I'm OK or not. We just played that's what we do that's all we do that's always do right we don't have time for small talk with skated to the news of the week I don't have the sounder so would you would you like to sing it for us. I don't wanna do that at all K all right great assistant diverted to grind this week in hash tag dork. Zombie land too is happening. It'll be out October. When he nineteen so a year from the small will be the ten year anniversary from zombie land won the Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg Emma Stone Abigail Breslin all on board. Do you care about this. Yes it did you actually. You don't gonna come in with a good now not really they got kind of deal you try to do care about this I know yet articulate belief that person like you're at the least. In this is Jesse Eisenberg we can believe that. Yeah I'll tell you what his turn as Lex Luther wounds. As soured many people out on. And only that but like in his subsequently pressures he dumped like nineteen mediator and Justice League you know at that he just seems like a smug prick my out on that's no you're not often that a. Too bad because he had a few movies drove like you know I'm a guy like this guys these are pretty good actor that you like he's kind of it's clear a nice Simi apparently lake magicians I'm not one I wish there was this is not meant to be but magicians hate that movie because it's like. It's so wrongly everything about it is not like we'll magicians do and make everything they do as the bulls at the movie but have you ever crawled out of bad meat magician on a trick. I had I not because I am and I have been a political trick though there are illusions I am very easy mark for magicians they can do I think Billick. The card I picked the cardinal much already and Mike this is going to be amazing. They inherit that when you see something you're not supposed to be now well and you're like hey I saw that and they're like. We did all of the equity category pissed off about it so well I tried to just enjoy it I EI. Seed as entertainment that tried not to add to dwell on too much. Not right gets what South Park season to when he too was your premiere Wednesday September 26 this is pretty intense. That's pretty intense what are your seat and I mean it's never gonna cut dissension but I don't think. No I don't think so but they keep pumping Ramallah they do shorter seasons and I like how they do it and it's just it's still really good. They've they've said before they're a little bit less politics are kind of hope that they go that. That route you know and just have more focus on the stupid kid stuff but there are a civil out topical humor as well. So I think there's blood there's enough good there's enough mass that stuff for the world you don't have to do politics felt having graded papers. You know that credible hanging fruit renowned emblem proud of them month. Public daycare but I don't proud of them you know duel going like get on the other funny stuff we can talk about public everywhere is gonna pile in on the presidency in governance and whatever so. The quote put it off. Let's the blue the different. Steal a different route one of the great graphic novels that I have ever read start to finish the thing is all done it's called Y the last man. And it's gonna be a show on FX recording made some of the casting. And Diane Lane is gonna play senator Jennifer Brown who is the mother. Of our York round or why whose Debbie played effort the actor's name some duties Dusan Dunkirk he looks fine. This legally carry Poland a cracked. In our name and if you if you look at him in its spelled like he okay man but if you know you keep your daily program Asians and I think that I don't. He OJ again that he pronounced but when. I think this is that this has the makings of what could be pretty good joke and this kid Barry Cohen there. Tokyo and told so you in Dylan Tom I believe that Colin he looks like JB Ezra Miller. Mean. Nobody looked exactly like instrument Alec as a Miller of more clean cut gets a Miller as a Miller should have been a good role though. Broadcasting put into it and I'm looking at them into the paid they're actually the same age. Thought that. Yeah perhaps wind and I guess is gonna plate full right now I think he does. As well speaking of his plate being full in the DC universe right have you seen some photos. For both should exam and awkward man. Yeah so look as though the document was so I actually did have about people. I think yeah like he just responded direct it and retreated as responded directly to the poster. Yeah in public there's no way that like orcas in being re it would be in like the same waters. Unless you can control all the fish in the sea. Or you could be yet but like even then like a tropical fish and Micah almost Arctic. Wail like you're gonna put them in the same victim doesn't build died. Yeah it seems a little laud and also I know I sparks some like weird debate. Among people you know my statement a joke to joke yet just travel a little fun with that but the DC debate that they take themselves very seriously I would I even lump myself that is a DC person but he's gonna call space has stated that the moves are very good so. Oh now and then. What movie made you can swim at the speed of sound like you're probably not gonna Wear leather pants. Are two different questions were what movie will be better in your mind off command Porsche is am and what movie will have the better rugs motto score. Both will be document. Lohse is AM unless they're common that it from a different angle we're really were gonna be so in on the joke. Like if they they could make it. The could genre on its head Brian potentially horse into the worst movie ever. I think it's going to be stupid. We stupid. I don't really care does that relieve guy that mapping dude looks stupid the suit looks dumb as house that you could go to Toys 'R' Us pick up the pod and pick out that suit tried on where around anybody can do it. But I've seen better Costin elect Halloween Halloween warehouse yeah exact looks like a Bagger ship the debt off command looks like opera man. Yet but whatever I don't know man it's just so accurate anyway Brian have you seen. One episode has been out of who is America the new Sacha Baron Cohen Joseph. I thought I'd Bubba ten minute clip that they did with the guy but they've gotten not. Yeah IAEA would make him make preschoolers saw that aren't yet so it wasn't bad I think you know it's similar where similar to that Ali G show resume and interview a lot of politicians and he's also an interview. Some people who get to secure there SA some weird stuff serious for brand new characters. And may be other all warm up storm but as it stands right now. The best of the four winning cracked the top three on the allergy show. Belly and I what I what I kinda watching this that the show might have been different I didn't watch the entire episode but I heard like peace at lake it was good not great. And what I'm what I sensed from that is that like. It's not as lighthearted as. Like Ali G or like if that Bruno or whatever like there was like a silly did that and like this isn't that they get so he's public. Trying to show people just how ridiculous the United States of America is right now. Yeah and I got a good plate full right to go back source there about South Park like a lot of weary time no really trying to get away from it you know to watch in the shows and it's like. Just bring it back I know the numbers were really bad etiquette that it's a showtime show particular imagine. Television shows on showtime and what that shamelessly does not really that many. Put the numbers I guess we're not very good for the first week. And you got to think of it on showtime that means is Ali G was on HBO. Yes believe it HBO like now that path that it turned it down the yeah. A speed that I watched the first episode of sharp objects that Amy Adams and it's built or a thick like it I pick up men it's a little slow burn but I think a man. Yeah I'm not a not a big time you know but I did read the book. Employed she wanted to stop recorded right now actually you know what Dominic take that back you know what I didn't I didn't read the fact. It just lied about read the book I didn't I didn't. All kind of Kyra I listen to be audiobook in the car when we lived in Boston needs to have a longer commute booed judges judges yep accounts accounts. Now accounts. Listen to the audio book that might be more nerdy and are now auto books are awesome especially to get a good narrator. Yes Dick who did it Amy Adams. Am I forget the the woman news right now. Cricket those same voices Surrey on the iPhone on one of the best ideal game and as all his own audio books who that I would listen to. Because again American gods I picked up in the books or the other day I met Dick government that physically picked it up putted by a does look about a foot and throw it smells like I should read this but on this knock on. Yes anyway I strangest things edit teaser Ryan where it looks like Hawkins is getting a mall. A mall and a new character and a new character what you the girl that was with Steve in the eyes are jobs and yet. Yeah sure. I think it looks pretty good I'm in I'm all that a stranger things I've talked to some people that said last season two was filed kind of dollar that might not make a mom a balls deep concerns with the. Lynn I like it like I like that era I liked the I like the dynamic with the characters and all that stuff and I I I wonder where I just because you're gonna go it and they're Smart yeah Smart they ended. With very. I think you're probably right and not so much of a hot chili hot take but don't should get the sense after seeing some of the kids. You know at some of these awards shows and things. They're not all gonna make it man but there and there is there's gotta be a couple that have like the traditional. Child star issues are as my guess. I knew I pick it out it's annual barbecue and duke I think he has the best I think he definitely does he's already known for things outside a stranger things were every other kid is that's the strange things you have to stranger things have. Like I loved what's your name Bob Bobby you really Bobby Brown Billy Bob yes saucer but she's awesome she's she's eleven or Israel it. Yeah probably. Probably the future if it is thicker than what you did two bit of a job with a kid like the united in the long. That actually Segway is pretty good and who are out topic resort now right is it okay we view because we have a lot to get to win on October Paris and switching time. Are up I told you guys though we were in a different studio some all all mall a whack. Two we skip the the daily video game Manning directed a topic is short only if you promised me did it could be longer than a minute next week. Com. Yes a can in fact next week. Believers gonna take a look at everything all the trailers and things from San Diego comic con so next week who would it would be a sandwich and dad be very welcome now have a nice long video game minute. All right. Our topic resorts are you ready Cirque. On what it's the topic of the day and today we are going back it is season one of breaking bad. And worst it's going to be all spoilers. And I think now we're gonna try to focus on season one but. If you're one of the few people out there we actually got some of the tweets and emails about this of people hadn't seen at the new we're gonna do it sir are starting at. I don't. I don't wanna spoil future seasons I might not do it on purpose but just I feel like I have to warn you what if I say something in season wanna do it and we know other out and like I don't. You might wanna just put pot hit pause right now as my guest. Don't download B episode obviously. You're already here you've already had eleven great minutes the contact my point would be we're gonna be very focused on the seven episodes. But it's gonna be tough not to mention something down the road rate that's only fair. Yeah I know is that because there are certain things and now again this show has been off the air for five years right so. And on you know I guess it's ten years ago was the heir to the first episode Lee bureau on court you're on board and that night I looked at before we get into this. Definitely hit blog if you look if you or ever interest in watching this show. In my mind this is the most. Airtight. Television series ever put on the small screen keeping elect. If everyone who loved. Game it broke and the like while they put these potholes like an overly honest in this city with the soprano that people like it didn't make any sense everything in the show makes sense. Yeah I think it. For me I still like the wire slightly more but breaking bad is the all only other show I can really listen to summaries argument on this is the greatest show of all time. And here's why. I think gave a throw it's much I love it. The million characters does carry a throw people off a little bit you know if you go back and look at every single storyline that happen you can probably Trace a few that said. That really import like to be really need to do that sopranos the same way you like was that necessary it turns out it really wasn't worth breaking bad a everything goes somewhere every everything is you said Don for a reason. Yet and that's what that's one of the most Batman why I've been re watch this entire series for content. That got to grow like I've I've. The study is the wrong word is that I'm I'm. Fascinated. With this show outburst so many reasons and I beg you if you haven't watched this show yet. You need to watch it yes available on Netflix right now as. So it's easy just to sit down more through it all lot of people having pins watch IA. I think shark watch it from the beginning and he told me it's go to my dad and daughter now. And then I think it was either season two were season for the rest are watching it live the first season what for a talk about him on 2008. It was only seven episodes on AMC I did not watch it's I think what I do with a got the dvds later on. And then watch the show but what everybody else weekly but for the first season I think the first two seasons actually. I watched the mall right in a row it was like the show is amazing and the first thing Ryan is it's seven episode season one why was that only seven episodes. So I was well I was reading this article that they did with the tenth anniversary of breaking bad and they were talking to Vince Gilligan and were saying that. Whitney show went into production it was actually very like lightning in a bottle kind of things so. If he was going to the whole thing is that. He even put himself under like this he's like. And you want to meet with you by Asia everywhere turned it down. Men everywhere that he couldn't turn it down and intimately AMP want the beat you by your project and he's like in the may and the that stationed at Joe Buck and short circuits do every day. I love short circuit soup but yes that's that's a minute that that could blow up. Well actually write real quick Alley to take your story but it TNT. Showtime and HBO all rejected by B of the pitch of the show. And as facts was actually set to develop a pilot. But they ultimately passed in favor of Courtney Cox's showed dirt because there were trying to get more of female audience on FX. Yes so it doesn't. Which is which is crazy like ethnic. But anyways so Vince billion we've ever passes them as that he that he submitted it to accept our agency and AMP had just. Signed on to do mad men but it hasn't gone into production. So there was that these two shows that they that they have that they knew were good they just didn't know. If people we're gonna watch were not so what happened today while the middle while there in the middle of production of season one with breaking bad the writers' strike out. Now right. There were sixty years some showed that all fell victim to this writer's strike heroes being one of the heroes with a really good show the first season Fred and I liked it was another one trial let's. Talk about that that took a major blow they soldier threw it there rough patch you could probably identify the episodes with the writers' strike avid and that they've bounced back after app earlier in the middle of the CR the series. They had a bit of an issue. So instead of doing that. What they didn't they cut bit they cut Britain got from nine episode first season that the and kept their debate that those were already written to bat like that. Probably that's what Dave did show. Yet because who knows what the weather would have done it and they would than they would a had some bad episodes and there or things that they would add to make up for and it also kind of worked out where. Walter White it would go through this episode by episode but Walter White. The original plan was for him to basically go kind of full he'll. At the end of season one but because they didn't have those final two episodes that gets pushed in the season two which I think is great because he's still. You're teetering on the fence of like our like or is he capable of look what is he willing to do is he good guys he bag guys somewhere between. So that's I think season one is as great a man actually did it to help them there how lucky amerigas. Yes it's been well what else was super lucky too is that like Gilligan heard about this writer's strike in the could put spell it basically the end of the show. So the last two he wrote the last few episodes that were basically elected finale like this that the end of the shows are gonna throw the kitchen sink at it. And actually. He pat this is the spoiler and it never happened but he had gently and Hank dying at the embassies. One. That's right which is crazy I guess you know Aaron Paul is such a good job as Jesse that they ended up keeping him around Furlan and what it what are. Unbelievably lucky adding that those two episode never got produced because that would. Completely Rancho. Oh that's terrible plague gel like Walter White gets all the attention as he should has been one of the great characters of all time but Jesse Aikman is right there he's always right up there at the top and that's why we're talking a stranger things. But Bryan Cranston at least has been in other things obvious he's in Malcolm in the Middle has been another TV shows. And movies I don't know error Paul houses well. But that talk about a guy who like your disappointment but framers Cramer as tonight you're Jesse and again tell I see him a pop up and anything and others Jesse and its audience. I'm back they don't keep up the show too with that like through that five seasons but seems very. Yes. Yet the with a unified C and it held leaked Cingular stores. Right but there's not there's not as open brought all of that the season where like the wire or the like oh that's this season and at that these are right experts think that it held one story. Throughout. And just how crazy aching gap from where it started so let's start there it's episode one it's just called pilots that missed the very first episode. It's now a little bit longer to draw Shia Netflix the are all about 48 minutes is as an hourlong show it to the commercials out this one's like a full hour. I you must have been ninety minutes or whatever when it when it debuted at you immediately start out. Waltz in the RB yet the gas mask on is getting no pain at saudis driver through the desert he crashes the RV. They record the video for his family and pulls out a gun waiting for the sirens the find him. That's how the series starts and I I forget. They got their 62 episodes total after watching the whole thing in order. I forgot just how. Wick this show starts but it's just right out of the gate radar here's what you're in for our number think like looking back I was anticipating more of day slow burn but it is not at all. No you're expecting much in character development you expect to be introduced to some people might what their motivations are and regret out of the gate. But you have this guy who's like. Running around in his life front and and it's. You know I mean he's him like he's driving our and it's crazy in my opinion it's gone crazy in the key to what crashes in the incident that video that justice Stanley north of the review and yet in the got a. Oh my god get you up bodies in the Bakke got a guy passed out on the Riley euros Jesse yet video got passed out there. It's just chaos and then it gives you the the title on the screen it's just three weeks earlier. And del Walters turning fifty. His Qaeda seems like a bit of (%expletive) and Walt junior like the first hundred introduced storm. He's complaining about the hot water is complaining about big. It just it seems like. Things are going great for wall like he's at least ten years older than his wife and she's also. She has become more of the characters. One of the most annoying characters in television history. I that in that exit public what do great starting off point is not yet again I don't get in the OC that it now that you have the full picture yeah. It's. The first thing if you put the plate down in front of a minute there's fifteen on in like in my mind in my literary minded Lagarde if you're right in the middle road right. And you just typically picture of like any wearing like basically Walter White wearing like all tacky. Oh yeah like he has he has just scientists teacher Joseph America is a ham and dagger is a series your regular dude literally Kevin Becker is a hand and anger we've taken on his birthday but it's a special kind of bacon because he's fit the TP you know on healthy. Yet the Turkey big leadership aid in that Walt junior doesn't wanna eat. It'd be greeted particularly like regret out of breath before you even diagnosed with cancer but you liked. His life so yeah we're we have no idea about the cancer uses he lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico is like an average size house. A wife who he's probably kind of annoyed with the kids who doesn't really like to many more loosely shows that you know complains all time that's what he has and he's got a science job. And the kids in class don't pay attention to home and all the so stuffed in his wife's pregnant which is strap on everybody writes in Munich bet like yep I guess 52 I guess the original script. Walter was supposed to be forty. But I think AMC was like all they don't it's like a midlife crisis maybe make them all but older like for him to go to bill blank that he's about to go to go to make him a little bit older. So then and pick how different this would have paid if they cap either John Cusack or Matthew Broderick with their first their first choices for all the way yet that would have been. Rural I think Cusack probably could pull that off Matthew Broderick would have been terrible. Terrible choice. Yes I don't think he's got the chops to go he'll. A don't think so at all I would not like that as the other one of the things is is that Vince Gilligan really liked the idea of the whole tasks like not really being famous the Bryan Cranston plays the most famous anything he's was not an A list celebrity actor before the show. Right so he liked the idea kind of obscure people America so that out Walt's fiftieth birthday party. Hank his brother luck turns the TV on because he's being interviewed about this meth bust in wall like immediately look like balls golf is a that's a lot of money. This whole thing going on right there. That this is an interesting scene Skyler. Gives Walt Mowlds fashion and that all the talk and they like but. She's like watching her eBay thing into just crank an empty hotel about you just cranking them out now he wasn't super fired up about it what what would be. Now she's your laptop outside and look at that interest talking about some should buy in you know chop skis that she's just give him a Robin Todd Bobble secret welcome Bobble. I don't know also than Walt also to make extra money is working at a car wash for the terrible boss so he collapses at the car washed. Goes to the hospital that's why we find out that he does lung cancer. Yep it's that it. It's humiliating scene where he inspection had its classes like you know try to Mac on the grows or productivity of it goes the table and enacted. He he's watching act kids wheels of his car yeah. Look at that big guy needed him to like help about like bogged down eyebrows yeah I'm on my goggles and some remember how to host. Watching that look like type guys like I'd close as it the most like humiliating thing I'll insist our so. Out cited as a teacher. Like kids look at you when they see you outside of the classroom like out of context they look at you like they're looking at an animal was as very strange if it's it is very sick like you remember it senior teachers like out the well yeah that's one. Yeah it is in my case that seem like it would run away from me. There have been a little I don't know what to do I did like way and when his boss told of so wiped on the cars in this country freaked out out of many that he was ripped the Dow but he grabbed his Dickinson wiped down this. Both go to one. So that wall you Ozal inspires millions of going on the ride along with Hank and there in search of Captain Cook. And that's our introduced to Jesse thank men who apparently got the name of Captain Cook out your number that's seen. What I don't understand so they go to the house favored format so they go to the house bit they arrest Captain Cook or Jesse's. Partner. And meanwhile Jesse is next door look at the girl we see her breasts so shout out to Mac he couldn't you know that's a good seat cramped. So is he jumps out the window at the neighbor's house that he doesn't get arrested. But then he gets into his car. In the got him license plate is the captain how did they not stop the act out how they let him get away let's play captain. The first time the first part my father Michael funny in the in the Saddam thinking about them like why didn't he just stay in the house. But he cute next door right but why do you why do you run into like oh. Because they probably he needed to get out of there with the car yet but he nodded happily give you saw the card you know like this someone with a license plate is that the patent on it. Like on the plate. Brightly and easily find out where he is an even though like at his house he covers up the car that yet you're still in the system you have a vanity plate they can find you. Yet but that all these cops say go birds video flying into the house that come back out there Russell one guy. The whole time there is that right outside the house there's a car as that the captain on its about the rule. Much he's also known for adding chili powder to his math which is which is which is drip that's our like my math Fran I I don't hold so a powder please. So that's where Walt and Jesse. You get the sense are these guys know each other clearly just it was a student from before so Walt meets up with them any black males them in the teaming up to them. Jessica doesn't want to erratic as there is an important theme in the entire show is. Count how many times Jesse tries to be done with this kind of lifestyle and Walt convinces them to keep doing it. And that is where and that is the most fascinating piece of the show is that. When you're introduced to Jesse. He and the back. Like he's the drug dealer and like they they try to paint him as like this like low level kinda like nobody should head to who's like a drug dealer who just gets Walt into this world. Then they DNA and the beauty of this is is that the entire time. And you get that since season 120 look at that elect what you find out down the road is that like Buick is really just he's just want out like just you just want to be. If he's not that not him. Now he wants to make some money but he doesn't really wanna be like a full on criminal what he's not looking to be like this mastermind he just. You know you even in U some have a job interview views before didn't go over well so he is also make money in the clip his life he's not looking to make billions of dollars he doesn't need to be as intimidating force or anything he doesn't hit. He just wants that to live his life. And Walt keeps dragging them back in there. Column and so just he still doesn't know that wall has lung cancer he does not that he was a stick in the mud teacher who failed chemistry. Column there we get the scene or Walt six up for Walter junior in the closings clothing store in the in the Gaza come employing a more ever are now we are crazy eight in Amelio. And they want Walter cook for them and Waltz like hey I'll teach you how to do it gets and the RV. Easily kill some of science it was a big kills in the science yet then our back to the bit where the episode began likes an hour right there at at the start it. What's crazy which I did not remember at all to every watching it. Is it more this in the scene where. Diego the bodies in the RV which are being crashed Waltz waiting for the sirens which of course end up being fire firefighters are up police officers. He takes the dawn holds it underneath his chin pulls the trigger but it just clicks. It is quite. That could have been the second beckoned him in the series sector and pathetic figure. At the gun was loaded because they're like so clicked and they shot the ground important came flying out so he tried to kill himself. In that episode. It. It. Now while Walt and Skyler have. I've sacks. He because. What you can tell years Walters so turned on. About being a criminal like. Him breaking the law is what gives him Jews earlier in the episode. Couldn't get hard on because oil Wallace she was given in my old fashioned now and this is the move they do in movies to where you have like an older guy who's CEO. Baby passes pride a little bit. When he turns the wife over to go from from behind that's what he means business that's where. That wait a minute he's taking his life back in men scholars like all the all is that you suggesting that he normally has a tiny packer. Now is a giant packer. BRB that's all I read it I don't know how you read that no way in there that there's definitely a. A bigger picture of it yet put it like that they they I agree that completely I liked your word Jews there's some more Jews are Stefan is more juice so episode one ends with them having sex episode two. Called cats in the bag begins of them having sacks. And now he's dealing with the all the events or episode one so crazy eight in the RB. He still alive the idea that he's still alive also some pretty funny stuff in here is. Scott others come on don't look what's going on because Jesse. Calls the house he's like yeah we got to deal with a situation ball tends like if somebody else so Skyler star 69 zone. And Jesse answering machine is hilarious like it's good to know you know what B just click this whole blog thing it's a scholars no idea. She goes to his online page which was. Not FaceBook or MySpace is called a shout page shout Peja and it just like. Naked women and partly a hotly is in effect the general interest for Jesse are fine herb page. Keeping it real. Jewel right you can't Kong flu. Bang in the skin's are my smoke in banned European moto cross. And mill smell smelled Smeltz. Eric what uphill but the milk now. And that is education it says is JP win high school don't fry university in the street you know. Right universe really pivot commercially all the right oh yeah not about a week I could get away from. It's at now some crazy Haiti were crazy mediate crazy eight. Is locked up in the basement at Jesse's house Amelio is dead. Crazy eight is still alive they don't know what to do with the Walt and Jesse trying to figured out so they flip a coin. And Walt asked to kill crazy eight Jesse. Past the dip. Then into an acid bath. Now Ryan if you were in that same situation. What would you choose. Would rather you be not achieved yet Tibet Mitsuzuka that I can already dead inherited it yeah that's her in though and there's Bear's arm. There's a self defense aspect in that room like he did that because they were clearly in million Grady were clearly gonna kill that. They've done is put on him for sure whether definitely gonna kill them so I wouldn't feel as bad but you're right it's still pretty messed up. And here is A one of the first turning point you have four walk because at the time you know he's I'm just looking at stuff like I'm not. In in his mind it's it's victimless crimes like I am making this stuff I'm making money people want this stuff from providing a service that it. You know right now and Brett dealing with crazy eight unify that this is one of the turning point for Walt now this is also. We used to the dynamic for the first person in the way what happens with the acid bath is probably one of the most gruesome thing that ever seen on television. Oh my god I don't and aren't AMC I don't MC gets away with some more stuff then you know. The NBC or ABC would but it's also not HBO and so for them to do some of that was. Was it the same but also shows you like how wall like applies science not only does he know how to make mappings that I cannot get a debt riddled body must. And they still Jesse to get those like the plastic tubs canal work he puts it in the bathtub that still. Again 62 episodes that's one of the most memorable scenes in the entire series is the cat out of going through go into the house without. Even one episode two yet and you still have sixty more episode after that which is which is great. But again it it's Walter and Jesse interacting which you see them interacting with paired dynamic for the first time where while trying to teach Jesse something. That he might and it certainly one color it is again have to learn like read a quote it again but what I play according to get the plastic because of the absence does meet the plastic beads in Portland. You idiot and it basically came to would parading jet. Right yet it's it's definitely what what he's doing and that suggests the wall who's Jesse pigment and and so quick thing in my wall he says he's his pot did dealer. And scholar at the confronting Jesse immense and they're about it exploration. Com and at the very end of this episode there's a kid out in the desert and finds the gas mask I got left behind. Which happier description of the high school on it right and it also. That sort of part of the theme or what you call where a kid sort of stumbles upon something he's not supposed to see they go back to that odd break that a couple times. And yet and if it's one of those vehicles where. It's almost like I want a State Street but it not chance it's like the lake is always coming back always liked the it was all in if you look at the end of the series person beginning of this series you know it was always gonna end that way. Yeah. Tell you after share and work two episodes in and Walter White fifty year old. Husband and father science teacher is already a murderer. Getting into crazy yet but he killed Amelio he's made drugs and he kidnapped crazy eight so but this. The crimes he's already committed or off the charts there were two hours into the show. And which charges the show and you can already see the conflict within this version of Walt where he's like. He's giving crazy like a stand which he's even got him locked up with a bike lock against the to poll the public the you know it. Murdoch get bet. Our credit. Episode three is called in the bags in the river to get up so too is cats in the bags is in the bags in the river you get flashbacks. So Waltz work before coming becoming a teacher and that and that being sort of theme. Throughout the season and going forward how he wasn't just the science teacher exhibit more a let down for him because he was a part of this. Company with Elliot we don't get Elliott yet we get as a Gretchen it's true that the the things that he's working on in my. How much money he could be making in the could completely different path his life could have gone down. And there's this whole thing where Ian Gretchen are talking about like your body is made up at their scooping up. Liquefied remains of Amelio you know it vivid description of like what makes up the human body and it's not the math isn't correct. And elect me what the other part of it may at the end of the episode that have a bullet must be the sole yeah there's what you're what we're missing. You know right that I know there is so the idea that that the tangible part of a person's body. And that can be like broke him back in new and then you have this change in Walt that happens in this episode take it away rich. And I'll see your crazy eight says the wall laws locked up he says this is the stuck out to me is that this line of work doesn't suit you. Yet I don't like I don't know men's. If they're you could lights. Than in others that the storyline here about Walter junior. Smoking weed Ari but he's not but scholar thinks that he is and so Hank talks the Walt junior about we'd dress like scare straight a little bit whatever. Walt and crazy eight have like this heart the heart to fire crazy its aims to Mingo. There's that this long conversation in the basement you mentioned you know making a sandwich is cut in the crossed off and all of a solo stuff but. He drops the play because Walt still DeLia boy embryos lung cancers are still dealing without. He Eagles the perimeter point sandwich drops the plate Eagles and a million pieces he wakes up after being unconscious like ten minutes. Puts all of a double play together goes upstairs makes another sandwich but then realizes that. There's a piece that could jagged piece of the plate that is missing. Yet as though he was probably like he was trying to come up with a reason to let crazy eight go. But they realize that he has the initiative. And he's got it you know autumn a.'s talk and I still so let him go. So then he goes down and chokes him to death like heat takes the got the jump bike lock and chokes him to death so. If you wanna say the first death he did kind of self defense and it was with the A there with signs like you either explode somebody in the RB and like the toxins were ever got we got. This one is hands on it and now he's already killed two people three episodes and. Yes and and and again this is one of the big. Steps that eat cake sports you know becoming Eisenberg is actually. Killing somebody right you know and it's its side it's another when it's it's kind of hard to watch. You know because it's it's it's pretty. Intimate is the word I would use where he's like he's -- like he's shooting someone from a mile away or Alec you you know loan about now. And like crazy like and thought he's like he's struggle then you've seen he stabs him in the leg a couple of times would that piece of the plate. He's going nuts and so at the end of the episodes it's crazy because. Walt says Schuyler there some but I have to tell you. And it's really silent cancer is not talk about ought to murdered two people already. Gaza episode four's called cancer man. And now Hank is looking for crazy eight do they know it did you know about the drug trade and crazy eight they're they're now looking for him. It found his car out by that. But that site right exactly yeah. So wait I was it was crazy it was Amelio the informant or crazy like I want those guys must've been the informant right it may pick find out down the road that it was created a crash barrier impact. So Walt now finally tells the spare money. Ends. You know that he has cancer. And then you can see immediately like why he hadn't told them because they all start freaking out they all sort tell them what he should do wouldn't it all that stuff he can sell you see a space right away is that this is now while I did not want to do this. We also in this episode. We see Jesse's parents for the first time and he has a little brother really prop up is like this great little kid and everything else. You realize that he actually. There's probably more like Jesse that is parents would be willing to admit you know he's high and lead over the house and so what does. And it was an interest because this is the first time you see get the not cut it because the bad but there's that scene where he's been handled that Germany takes so what can build our work and you know I he's smiling adding Alec paired up like looking analogous to the person who had some potential. Just didn't really. Connect that way right could connect the dot and then found his but it became like either an art he if he keeps telling. Walked my guess is that you're an artist you're an artist and the notes on it is not enough guys out right he he conceded. And that I I that always stuck with me that he was very interested in art because he. The persona of just these like that is not very big it is close to the beauty is closer even to big for him which is what it but the representational like he's. Not who we think he would. Right exactly but I think he's gone down this kind of happily prime wasn't great school he has other things that he's good that. But he got kind of caught up the mess and this is like how does that make you money and so. He you you find out that he's able to sell it and Waltz like really frustrated with them because he's a Wii's males method how much did you sell for a just like. What's not easy just a search selling math think it's like that you what did you sell all the somebody that that's not how works but I don't know what you think this is. As they have evidence. It yet he had missed the bit where it like you know Ed by the candidacy you know like no that's exactly how this works. What was right the whole time as a note you have to find the person like to go where you can give pound of this stuff you right out of the shoot. Right he did just to go around and elegant parties and selling in my opinion like 4000 bucks apiece or government on the first ago. Also Jesse gets kicked out the house as we said because those are the maid found the joint he didn't he didn't you know throws brother Abbas obviously are you also get that guy. Ten the guy was always I was I was Bluetooth it is like super obnoxious and an artist who bought them at so wall adds a blown up his car that guy at the end as I can see him throughout the episode he's just such a Dick head. He Dak I also is in better call Saul he's an episode better call Saul. Where. Sol and what's her name the girl that he hangs ultimate kind of like really screw them is the same path pygmies is that an ass hole but he pops up better call solves well. And and I knew I recognize that actor and because the the big office and he's the bad guy who comes with a do the commercial like he's the guy who come depicted the commercial that Michael that's right it is like that stuck in that without our. That's our idea. Back at her and not as great. Yes so little that I backed it doesn't look good call back also they're saying Matt better call salt which comes out thank later on this summer I believe. That there eventually got to be catching up to the breaking bad timeline is breaking bad where is that came on 2008 that's where it's set. Better call saw things started like 02. So their bench are gonna cross over I don't know if they filmed anything yet what those guys but. I think there's going to be a tie and would Jesse and was. With wall at some point out to be pretty sweet. What I would love what I would love to see happen with that is maybe get. Jesse and Walt like a cameo. Yet you see them walking out but like I would love it if you know whoever the receptionist for assault where they're just like oh. You know who's in your office again music ability at when he leaves that unit goes and that's something else so the whole time but he's really doing is. It's all think he's also dealing with Walt and Jesse yes like they mention it. You know a bit and that's what part of it certainly don't ever showed. I did they get they get they can drag this out political season and then might finally get over revealed a casino of them like next year some like that yet. Episode five is called gray matter that of course is the name of the other company that Walt. Helps invents. You see Jesse applying for jobs. And the store we meet badger has spread stature who has appeared in a lot of the episodes. We also delighted that we have to have any peace in what the other guys name I forget gotta go the the the whip ranks. Yet that junior but it but some of my debt but you'd be far I figured out yet keep off so while we've all we also beat Elliott this is Waltz old part up partner and they have this like. Crazy party it's like bit that you see there house and Elliott is with Gretchen the U turn right Gary certainly get a sense of what that relationship might have been like. Elliott wants wants wall to war Ed gray matter. Let them walk currencies or do that immediately because Schuyler told him about the cancer so. She's trying to get payments for the cancer in an alms and early scam on the health insurance because Walton and a bit help insurance or Erica fine. We get that and that's what's funny in the scene till. This episode. Is Jesse's in the RV. With the badger any showing of all the speakers in the flask and he's like naming all Mike what they are like so clearly it or you learn like he didn't know. All that stuff in the walls tell nominee didn't know that Jesse was. Taking in that information and clearly he was it combo by the way is it all day and hook up a combo that column. Convicted again you'd speak to get his character because he's capable of much more than he kind of gets credit for the beginning duplicate that he's actually learning from wall. And then and which is funny because he had never done that before and elect before it you never learn from and high school in every visit live over the did you learn anything in my class is like no. Yeah 85 vote result papers at his house in the previous up so where got to ask finance and apply yourself like you know so he was. Not a graced every interstate in making math any news. You so mad that he thought he followed the directions perfectly and it didn't look as clear as the way it Walt that it so he kept destroying it badgers Odyssey and pretty pissed about that. Our Beverly intervention for Walt and that's where Marie is the sister in laws like most real to do every once in Minsk out loses a mind over that. So wall search treatment he knows he's gonna need money scholars and the impression that Elliott is paying for it. But out wall goes to Jesse and like are we gotta we essar to cook now the other question aired out for you is knowing the relationship there and what's going on. Would you take money from Elliot to pay for your cancer treatments. Well did just speak to that I think that this is the most important episode in the B entire series and this season. Because this is the moment like that it would Wear me. Yes I would yeah I think at what point brown. At what point in this is where it becomes the not hit not a you know amen to pull that card out of the deck but like this is where it becomes Walter White become beat tragic. Euro but quote unquote it'd be tragic anti hero of this hoping at a Greek tragedy which kind of is yeah. This is quick and it that the pride of Walter White. That ultimately leads not only to his demise but everyone he's ever met. But just ruins everyone's life around him and it's this decision this. It could not. Take help. From people who genuinely want to help him write and and from here on out this is Walter White ego on display. But I sort of see where Waltz coming from because. So this is his previous partner they should have been equals they pull should've been millionaires and he he stole his girlfriend. Like that is that is it I understand why you'd be the last guy to accept money from however the alternative. Like the reason why it's even more surprising is the alternative he already kind of knows. What this life is gonna be like where he sort of murdered two people like he's an he's willing to do this and continue to make methane also dangerous it can be you know look at people. I may be doesn't know exactly like he hasn't met to go yet. And he hasn't met Augusta freeing yet again and that's some of these other guys down the road. The fact these are broken so many laws in knows how difficult it is and here's this money like I am armed pride full as well but. Yet you've you've probably just need to take that money. But again in this in this stupid like payback or something you know let's I don't know. The main ingredient of this whole thing is his. Arrogance and his yeah at least Billick he can do this by himself without anybody without the advice of the Stanley he didn't help broke and they say he doesn't help for a month. But he had cancer if he was trying to figure out on and on the fact that he thinks that he can do anything he wants by himself and then art that the the feelings of anybody. Right. And then there's even and we'll go back to episode six but at the in the final episode of this season at. You know we find out you know Marie is is like cup though order issue like steel stuff in stores. And Walt basically asked Schuyler is it what would you do afire if it were me that stole like Maria quote quote you don't what if you found a but I stole stuff this just stole stuff. If she owes you wouldn't wanna find out. It's a right away they gets another like I don't think you ever gonna tell her anyway. But it's very clearly how she looked really looks down people breaking even like the smallest law which she would not. Put up that crap at all. A lot episode six. Crazy handful enough and is what's called and so Walt basically like lays down a lot of Jesse he says no more bloodshed. It's a strict code that killed two people a scenario flash forward to Walt walking in this is later on in the the episode but deal flash for. Walt he's now bald he's walking. With a de sac in his hand you know what it is there's chaos something explored behind him. And you're like oh my god like stuff. The that's also the scene where. Not just because he's ball and it looks like Lex Luthor or anything like that but that's three like art the skies go on full criminal now he doesn't have a ship. No need and that's what. You can tell that he doesn't give a (%expletive) about anyone but you know Tom. It's it's an amazing thing to watch because what you at the time it up until this point you're like oh well either this is really sympathetic their ability to pick and you know he's he's just trying to help with Stanley and what you know what you know from. The interaction with. Elliott and you know from how eat how we handled that with Schuyler was when they're leaving the party news but basically just like. Ripping her apart from like even asking. Right now and going back. To to go after he had almost killed Jessie. Right right. You know give a (%expletive) about anybody. No he doesn't he's the he's. And what's funny is the way this started is he wants. He wants this money not really firm itself he just wants to can he thinks he's gonna die and he doesn't want. His family to have all this debt so he's he knows he has one kid with a second on the way and is what he doesn't wanna leave them. In debt but what he's deal what he's doing here sought worse leg with that but which he doesn't understand. And that's the thing that I have a hard time reconciling this in my head elect. Although he's doing that to like help is simply that I don't think so I think why he's doing this is so that. People don't like it get spam he died at him to become destitute like deep in debt he thinks that would be a poor reflection on him. Yeah true you know why I could Agassi that I can definitely see that in case I it will completely narcissistic. Sociopath exciting bit like what it like. You don't get it right away even having watched it so many times and only knowing what happens yeah. Like that whole thing and it it happens you get it at the end in the very last episode where it came and Skyler on the screen for the last time. Where he's finally admit that thing to her. You get that like this was never about that. Never give every visit seen in the beginning. A look at episode before where he says. Did that somebody would I'm awake now yes but I'm basically what you find out that you're gonna die you can do they ever thought you want in it doesn't matter. Right and that's and that's right he's clinging to do what you like and it came right at the moment where he smacked the kid's leg would make it but it's not. Right they gonna do yet kill me like a Marty don't now what. Yeah it does have a fear of it anymore at all and so the also of that six Jesse discovers that wall has cancer Walt goes and talent like Jesse finds out because. And then at a certain learn more to exit Jesse. Physically MI on how that unlike so. He's older more experienced than an in like the ways of the world I guess you would say it then yes you might think is I want the success of as like I can dumb kid that got so he thinks of embryonic and other sky. And a lot more experience in the world a new bank then. Grassy like who took crazy gates' place. As as some guy named to ego which is Swedes a good tease ahead to to go. Walt's still has stopped well you know they're not giving enough money as he thinks they deserve he's pushing Jesse tells in the gross and (%expletive) balls a one point. Mitigate the Seymour Hank goes through the science inventory because. You know the mask is you mentioned it's traced back to the high school. Jets he is friends with steamy heat as we mentioned in skinny Pete was in jail with two ago. So those guys get introduced it to go our ups or Jesse first goes and gets the (%expletive) beat out of him because he's like he gives them all this great Matthew goes straight is like. Op Allison money music. Major piece of (%expletive) out so here's the other question don't have Oreo is. After Jesse comes back like hospitalized he got beat up so bad. Are you going back to to go. If you're Walter White yet apparently so yeah. You know computer again would you care to care what happened Jesse and I think in this as Rivet would Jesse's kids to go back to them use that when he. It's just you talk about taking care but on and that's the policy was announced her house he left to pick him right. You get the sense that Jesse is a good person yes does bad things. And Walt is a bad person who tries to justify. Doing good but he's trying to simulate what he's doing is for good bye in the most of his life he did good things even though he made probably want to but he just didn't. And dumb yeah like you public. I think they go back to to go because well he's at all that's where we're gonna make the money at a dealership that he almost beat to beat you to death went off Bordeaux and. Yet we didn't like this is where we can go and that's one stop shopping bit also story is a good quote in this one as Hank is talking to Walt. Eddie says quote you wouldn't know criminal through its close enough to check you for hernia. Like Hank there's so many little messages about Hank. Putting Walt down and else's Billick you don't know what this is like it like others like you don't hear it in lake and there's so many little set ups where Hank. Think she's like this great cop in the whole timing saying hello Walter becomes a bigger and bigger and bigger drop him like the entire series. It's not like. And that's why would hurt anybody's even watch it. To watch this scene again because the those are the things that you see them on the the second and third viewing electrical all well yeah you know make. Well my tank is like just basically prepared on wall but Victoria is dictated put all your guns heavy again it's whatever man carried my basic always. He's nonstop megaphone and yes. So we also this is where highs and berg is borne its episodes six to go ask wal what is name is the desist Eisenberg. And they blow the place up there they go back to you know at the beginning August of his last episode where he Harlow this episode. He you know you. Again science he blows up gets money they sets up the next buyer in the attic to go at that point has the respect forms a disguise knots this doesn't sane so. We can't really intimidate him. Are finally the last episode of the season ups of seven entitled they know rough stuff type deal. Are there Alec up PTA meeting him Waltz fingers Skyler under the table. Sony tyranny in the car than they have sex in the car. So walk again it just proving you the more crimes Walt makes like the more like alive he feels. And it's because they bring me DEA in a popular school and may have hit it basically got away with it. And that's yes like him doing whatever I want and getting away with it like that's what drives yeah and it. And you comes out in this seat and has like eight sexual release which is really strange. So it doesn't it so Skyler was the first she said no this is not the right place for fingering and then the app tortures like yesterday it's in an enemy love on a cart out second. A cryptic. Just the says the wall at one point you look like Lex Luthor which is just a good line. The bigamy in the junkyard. It's pretty funny because just is like why don't we just mile at the mall is like this is this is what a person like a criminal to movies this is like where they would meet. So Walt what this fight is Walt wants all of the money owed to him he shows up with like. Half a pack point 53 pounds of meth. And Betty and then. They clearly can't make enough of it. It's so to goes this city you know he wants more of it he's agony of the money and then Waltz like hey can you hit a four pounds next week like you couldn't give me two pounds this week. Yeah he's losing his mind. So then again once again Jesse says he's out at wall as the talk come back into it again so that it's already happened multiple times in the first season. Yet and it's because you know he. And like the psychological issues that they've they've right into the show are fascinated. Yeah I mean because it's like that it's an abusive relationship is basically what it what it boils down to it and what do what it is slightly between a father son in a public. Emotional abuse that give them economy dated thing like you've been nothing without the human where would you be without me make. And it took it away. But controlling. Yet. No doubt it definitely is a men. We also this episode to get more Maria's a shoplifter and Hank has Cubans so it's like. These cities like minor like law breaking things you don't want to call tonight about the Cubans were legal. And you know that soda there at their count pushing that out a little bit you'll see at the scene in this is where it starts again. Like later on the series some of the stuff gets so fantastical but this is one way or like our I can see the sky making math I could see him. You know exploding something again if he knows how works. But when Walt and Jesse go and steal the math on means we're als like. I don't know if they could really pull that off. Why did I think did that comical part about it is it was just such like but should be robbery but they locked their big guy in the Porta potty yeah yeah that's true I mean that's who was completely JVB other kind of learning on the fly. Billick Walt nose and I where do you even know where to find that. Yeah that those that was odd you also it which was this is very telling it as well it is. So Jesse cern understating the other what you need money for later cancer treatments is like I kind get wall why you're breaking bad I think even drops the line your breaking bad typo in there. But he goes goes how much cash do you meet. It Waltz answer is more. So it's like okay what there's there's no number then but you're disputed that sounds like a guy's gonna keep doing this forever. Some of the comedy in this episode those the open house suggests he's a they're on the base of making meth through this like thing of bowl on open house so it was a bad. Probably yeah yeah it yelled a guy that aren't going to be a yet yay screaming out of and then the last we also two things at the end here for the very first time the math is little. So the idea yet to begin again I think it's because of the Mets would mean that they got or ever so. The methods blue dome which is going to be obviously a big part of a series go forward. To go first that what the hell's this and any try some and for the second time right after he tries some math he beats the (%expletive) out of somebody in the summit's his own guy. He goes absolutely crazy on Brighton pharma. Jesse end. Walt I think that kind of scared them. I think I yes and I think you'd he had other state that's kind of where this season and yet you know whether they're kind of like both like despair have a big lead. Yeah and and they discuss like staring like where they were economy without ghost yet. And I think they're negotiate moment for the two of them are like what are we doing and I think if they're great part of it just his character is constantly. Over at. Always he's just trying to stay alive you know and edit it upper sixties like that you like you do waiting for it to the guy. Side note you said you obviously wouldn't go down the stretch and like it Elliott gave you a lifeline you would just take that let's say hypothetically. You get away with a couple of these. You know meth deals and you have enough money to cover your bills. Think you would stop right there or would you keep going to like you know I can I I might be able to make millions of dollars to announce well. You know I think you cover mighty you cover my expenses in the and all of that thing about like. The allure of what would you do if you knew he had nothing to. You know I think it's never been to that point right but if you if can bet that that epic quest in the what crime would you commit if you knew you could get away with it. Right like it's let's say this is that your the night of the urge will Judeo. And that that the public I forgot who was like they should make a movie about the per click the next day. Yes I clean up works and where it's believed that you're like oh really dial people that night that legally though legally legally you know at this month ago. Yeah I mean I I'm not a big. Murder no me neither but you know we've been our government every five episode of the TV yeah I've door podcast you know all of a big fan of height. Who will then heist yes sir armed pocket Robin somebody you did you buy a new idea way. I don't Heisman because. Yet what your drug lords name B Ryan. Went drug lords. So he came up and how Eisenberg AutoZone might be nobody called him either burger until he called himself Eisenberg. Solace they get that about the same situation into goes like what's your name but he got to give him a name doesn't have to be your real name so I'll probably go with. Like an obscure. Like net eighty's and ninety's basal flare a good arm peek into veolia. And good they panic and Palin are lab Jeremy predicts the aisle the guys here wrote the the new John job hop their cell and smacked. They get to the way to go or like out Orlando set. But yet well Todd bending her fifth and coming. Up Bobbie think had how can I help you. But I got to the Lugo. Mean you don't. I would mean in my it would be like I would obviously Billick ecological and also go Norris Greek or Roman put him go assert some mythological name. This coming have a duplicate trickster like he you know remain Oki. OK to meet daily got to go all the more of steer yet. What is like mood and is one of ask don't ravens masculine. You know hung in a mood and you know so I would like you know. We'll vote rusty career. Rest degree yes it is what it that I single model into one that's pretty got that you need snow on the Albuquerque streets the pretty good animal borrow up. He says pilots on the candy Maldonado. I love to be able to not a lot of they have yet with a ball oh with a Marty Barrett part of the tent her back. Yet he Grover. Theater eroded quickly people. Let guys like oh yeah the twins first baseman from the early ninety's look what no I. Not Gary daddy. But it we're flap when I was death. About castle one and outs of the hustle. Well it wouldn't let got to be able to do that we were grandfathered in but did Hollywood is according now because the Gordon how baseball they're Guinea. I thought it was it was bound ship will tolerance BM. No the guy it would the last hockey player and Craig tapped that oh I doubt plus zero avenue where alma did. Ryan if you could steal smooch from Skyler Marie or correction and who would it be and why well let me see it appeared to months or however Sri. I think this guy would say like I understand why people hates gathers she seems like she's always on Waltz and she hasn't seemed very. Are Russians seem great most the time but they have there's more sex in this first season and the other ones and act that I can't I go Skyler here. Yeah and and so I'm David just typically the devil that in this might feel a bit of hot take you have to understand. Again I've watched the entire series or by yum. And just the bull Raj of ship and its Schuyler has to deal with. I would say like you did the woman who has who has lived in constant fear. Four years select definitely need to duck duck and behave rationally you gonna do stupid things he's gonna act out because he's afraid of the people he was. Corrects a bit of bits of let's follow that. I would say that dip from Dexter is there are worst character. Motto I never saw Deb Patterson Dexter mean. Our or dead duck well like but it seemed awful. But you don't and Scott is pretty bad though like I understand your argument like I would say you know Walter White is also bad football to White Sox but like sucks a like an entertaining way like Schuyler is a pain in the ass a lot of times. And I hate it did to and I understand he has several calls the I'm sorry about that he actually has it. The yet charge committee has it but not as of fears the character so I guess she that he plays up a little bit more until about that but just the stuff he says I think he's kind of assure that. And I think is so. One of the stub articles they read that he was meant to be kind of like the the voice of reason in the whole show. And there's this whole relationship with Jesse and Walt and then Walt and his actual son where they're like. In this gonna sound terrible but like there are people who believe that like the reason that. Walt is the way views with Japanese because he's he's his own son as a poor reflection of him. Well it annoys the out share an end and that that's terrible I was so awful and it like Walt the terrible person yes he has. You don't select. It's pride of place is such that like I have a son who have a disability and that's a shame to me. Well I figured out a bit. The neatest thing about like they didn't put that in there like just like randomly. No unity and I'm like oh by the way elite you have a high schools Sandra several policy that that wasn't by accident. No and I think that meant is meant to show won the financial burden that because he needs care related illness are appalled that we need constant cares about right and shall write more what more motivation for that that's true. Ed but I think that's more of like forgive the pun but that more crunch. For you all elect. See I need to do this because they're right in the same same thing with scouting pregnant I don't know what's on the wise sellers like. More financial stability that it could be set up for more medical bills make it you don't know you know so. It's absolutely a heck of a show 21 that a lot of ridiculous insane program. I mean even if you compelled by me talking about it right now I I could talk about this for another hour. But I would I would exhausted I was out until 2 o'clock in the morning last night I was exhausted and that is what reenergize. It's great opera and it's. It's awesome it's I don't know how regularly organ to be doing the other seasons but we will get there will do season 2345. And next week we have. Worth a look at all the trailers and news and notes from San Diego comic con so that's really good while there's an old DC has a lot of stuff so. Maybe he'll surprise us or we can just make fun of that that'll probably be next week. Did he also breaking bad Bryan. I'll watch it. Wanted. Eight if you if you like that episode please feel free if you have thoughts and theories don't wanna know more about what we think these are on the on Twitter or twitch of inputs that these come on in. Ask me all of your Britain back questions and I'll be happy to give you my two cents. Very good at dark podcast is well on Twitter dark podcast at gmail.com. Until the more long form. You can rate review and subscribe on the iTunes tell friend tell a dork. We also YouTube channel we updating of videos there YouTube dot com slash. Dork podcast that's gonna do it for this week. Hopefully it sounds fine I don't know honour of I mentioned this word a different studio with little foreign to me hopefully this gets uploaded hopeless is far and but I think sea of closeness and we'll talk to use soon.