#DORK 78: Shared Universes

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Tuesday, August 7th
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey discuss shared universes in film and television.  They hit on everything from the MCU, MonsterVerse, TGIF and the incredible Tommy Westphall Universe. Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute and the Pick of the Podcast. Twitter: @DORKpodcast

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If the door. My task is to the tour via email which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens I don't mind cash. Thanks to an end rather than it has tagged our money ST two on oh as my right David David how are you. Great regret not having debated Richard. Oh million what you. And I'll go around as. You. No you don't what's what's the problem there. You know we have all the equipment here common equity might be. We got no debt limit it. Photo dead so. Tough apples don't get used to it that's what David sounds like so everybody move on Ryan iPods and about tech in seven. We we can get our you know. 100. Match marathon to which stream going at some point. Let me start with a series of excuses one. My best character as a match on the podcast before it was a tech in three exclusive gone. I won't feel the use him I was prepared for that though I knew he was it be in the game. The the biggest shocker of all. Is lay war along with eight seconds staple made his debut all the back and tech in two and is that in every single tacking games since he's probably my second best character not in the game. And that well he really. Balls she's on the game right now. They talk with the download but I'm I mean I'm gonna have to do it and then. I also I got good years ago if it is attacking packer tech in five or ever was. But the kick boxer Bruce I got pretty good with him also not in the game. It's sad when. Why why do you think I agree if this thing in the first brought the brought here at ID B port to a statement like that active. Not sounds pretty good no and a Williams either although she you can download her later on site and I got a readjust again train for a little they give a couple training sessions that we could schedule this the Stadler. So you and so. It would be it. About our orders that are out there with the over the news this. Goodness are right I better call salt is back season for debuted on Monday night out of get a chance to see it or not but I would say often targets are. I did not date coincided with the season finale at the bat Brett. Not yet know under. While understandable so hopefully get a crack down it was a nice hour of television they also if you look on YouTube they did a pretty good. Here's a ten minute recap of the first three seasons at the fewest for. Variety year Vanity Fair one of those flight magazines. And it was a bunch of the characters including Bob bode Kirk phonetic ripped through in ten minutes catch you up mercies of force that pretty dead. I you have to let it like that again. It commitments so much happened that show that he can't look away for a second yet missed some. Definitely some of it dated a good job hitter to back up to speed are right between this out ads or podcast just the other day Goldberg the goalie from Mighty Ducks. Has seen. Some rough days. No court recently got arrested again. Looks like he was. Publicly drunk which is not allowed most places and I'll play a lot. As far as people looking different than they did when they were a kid that he's got to be right up there as one of the the best or worst examples depending entirely. Yeah I think it's not a great look. And if you read the article in the bottom and accused drunk. And then like they put him in the drunk tank and let him try out for a little bit and immediately let him go like maybe they look at comic art and think that the man. And that goes not even forty years old. Don't you like yeah music thirty very occurred I like it any looks like he looked like while there may help melt. Yet he does look like he's super hot Walter Matthau. Like a guy like Barry like that DF of the the dude in like the burning house without the it's like viewing is based off. Good news ranked it is on the TV front looks like alpha is getting a reboot. Al yes you know what else. Gordon showed arm out. Wondering if like. Hollywood and TV they're just completely out of ideas now that we're going to be trying anymore. I think what happened was movies were out of ideas for so long and then it just says. Screw it remakes dance sequels and reboot that's all we can do and that TV was a little late to that game is no one. These shows used to be popular we don't have anything else going on let's bring it back at so we had no idea no broad standard Frazier. Murphy Brown Alps. I mean. I don't know is there any show that you like to see brought back that was that has been off the air for like when he plus years. Yeah. Good citizens. Now like to see that come back early you reap some watchable Simpson. I'd be an idea for some watchable Simpsons as well here. All right Brian did you see the trailer for maniac it's gonna be on Netflix comes out September 21 this is the movie win Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. And it looks like all these different realities that they're going through. Yeah I don't know I don't know where it's like eternal sunshine needs like oh recalled meat that is really year eats passengers. But I don't know it's funny we're supposed to be like extreme parts are violent where I don't get it Wear you out on Jonah Hill. I'm like one foot in one foot out and Jonas like I don't think there are some days he's like. He's got to go Jesse Eisenberg an emirate which but it. Yeah guaranteeing. I think there's some days were you like he's interviewing he's a good mood in the market. That. Yeah I go I feel like you kind of like well ought to be dialect probably don't talk to me get away from economic. I Betty is yet then might you know if he's friends Leonardo DiCaprio and sometimes skinny sometimes he's not like that I don't know I still think his best roles in forty year old virgin greens trying to by the boots with the vision of yet repetitive one. Richard editor cholera mr. Bernal but it looked like they would have fish in a yet though you have any supplements and stuff they'd give it a serious actor comic and opera tenor here with. In Ryan last bit of news I have is the birds of ray film. Has a villain all set that is. Ordered. Black mask. Put your great. Great. As a ability as one and has been used before so it'll be the black elite black mass debut. On the big screen it's I think yes I was a good call that's a pretty good villain. That man and then you know that Batman universe has a million album. And they haven't used them so if you asked me the main guy for that fumble for. That was you know Asia is the Batman gonna show up in this movie here we out of it tonight pocket doubted they had a cast new Batman and personal thing. They have to do. I just it just reminded of the first person report like Ben Affleck without on alma had to be eaten a loss. Oh yeah you know you got them. Well I'd either way and it was is that the work label and now was. The one year anniversary in fact of it is added some people are still some people are still in denial about the whole thing. Quick be. Able. Cracks that are what arena you know what you're gonna do let's get to some of it is game stuff so. Ripped through this (%expletive) computer keys to. Okay. Even hand. Frazzled and computers lagging idea of the though levels are all off him make heads or tails of it Davies on (%expletive) cell phone rather evident we're having a time near avenue at dead over they were gonna keep pushing forward here already already got right. Technology your daughter for not telling us it's like you is that you're stream the other night applicant on. Altman got that would not brutal tactic that open up their wherever reasons street lap had me on a server and for Cisco went all the way across the country helpful. But I would vote not helpful the antithesis that I got that squared away at our rental history there and that is he figured out so. Hopefully by night where it goes back Joseph dark joke back cracker acted as though. Circuit but I really don't do you know so. We're talking about tech and they just released days we just picked back up again. I'd been. Richard and you're in a lot of trouble you don't have her any guy you can play I don't know right now I don't like you so one and a half two characters like in years they I get some work to do. You're in a lot of trouble but anyway so they picked up and do other pair is coming late law as an and a current experience to act along with you can block either a bird as it needed. That's very weird amid a yellow they would need I don't know. So they have. Not desperate knocked it from Final Fantasy and they have a coma street fighters appear to achieve those guys in the but speaking of street fighter they just added two new characters character have never seen morning she. And Sackett. Is back in street fighter and you know that he's back now I think. On another video game news the trailer for. To pick nineteen NB AQ in nineteen a quicker excited about that. That I let. The other you know we have free games to play this month on Xbox. Or or to get squared dead space story. Tom and then later in the month epic Mickey you boo and or honor those are pretty good games coming for you Xbox people out there. Not to be outdone PlayStation has would be. Mocking at every other going to be free this month. That was probably the biggest disappointment of this year or last year you where people are very excited about their game and they went nowhere so that's three now. And then bit by daylight which we played a little bit which he he I'm Eric on that one year. The the monster and you gotta you know you'd chase after four people may try to work editors gave them we put that on about. Yet that you bring. You can organize a great comment about that the last that it is busy game coming up and I actually currently playing late at our. I'm in Atlanta doing a review a bit on mammoth gamers out some pertinent Riddick game called dead cell. Which is a bit of a capsule being yes and they called these local game which can be viewed at a local law. So this game where you're basically crawling dungeons and all your debt permanent. So tortured guy the quick get like. Like dark souls like what you did you get. And I think which makes the game incredibly difficult but this game as America much more capital they knew that it is dark comic does it they aren't so it got that side scrolling to eat everything going on which is awesome it's being hurt you'd root root. Uncle at a critic and actually. On IKEA all they were to upgrade because plagiarism summary of late models used Christ you don't like that. I could it be quote to be my pick it ought. But I have another all right but this game looks looked awesome so here it is at a game which I am. A plaque forming broke like. Dungeon crawl check out yet so you know that. Yellow not yet sells like purchasing it by data yet are Redick hypocrite this week. That's good Ryan and I appreciate that here here we go yours for the topic is your. That's the topic of the day arrived and today it is shared you know reverses or universe side. The Pentagon what side the islander from I would say Ryan that a couple of reasons why this delicate topic today today would be. Infinity war just came out on Blu-ray or raise re watching infinity war we might even do it another infinity or episode coming up. After all it's his three watch it again but that is out. That is obviously the most ambitious cross over or you shared universe say we'll get we'll get there also better call sauls back sabbatical slow breaking bad is a great. Shared universe and let's be honest the B try forced to podcasting shared universe of hash tag dork Mac go in the boxers is also a great shared universe so it and it and it and it it really everybody has crossed over with a they've all everybody's on everybody's show it's the whole thing mail. They all exist in the same universe. Ryan let's begin let's actually begin in television will be television and movies here. This is. This is the craziest one and I want it I don't know how much time we have today might be shorter episodes I want to start this rather than. Ending where this is there's a lot to get in this combines. A shared universe where is a two conspiracy. So it's one of the greatest things. May be of all time and some of you probably heard this in here hoping that would talk others I hope you're sitting down to this will blow your (%expletive) bit soft. That that is called Ryan beat Tommy west ball universe. And I am glad you started with this because it honestly I'd heard about this a couple of years ago bears blew my mind. Yes yes. So world Ciba below the MC as to when he movies and counting like well what do we didn't hear the Errol vs four shows they cross smaller and that's amazing and always other worlds with who will get to beat Tommy west all the universe. Brings together. Over 400. Television shows past and present. I understand keep that's that's not but that's what it is that's ordeal better. Who is Tommy west ball Tommy west ball. Is from the television show saint elsewhere which ran from 1982 to 1988 on NBC of that you know medical drama starring the likes of Denzel Washington. With a Mark Harmon Ed Begley junior with the quite a cast that they had. On saint elsewhere most of our listening audience I assume did not want to I did not once it is but it. I think a lot of people probably worthy is pretty popular show in the eighties and launched a lot of careers. So a minor characters Tommy west on his father's on the main characters on the show. And in the series finale. What happens is Tommy the either an autistic son of doctor Donald lost ball he's seen are looking into a snow globe. An inside of the snow globe. Is the medical center saying a lot I just. Bit of from the TV show and then behind. Tommy is his father who's wearing construction workers close their war. It's implied that Tommy has imagined the entire thing like it's father's not doctors in his imagination so this with all the show so it's got a mortgage should be the o's dream kind of things like these are Brad can ending that you know some always have done TV shows have done. But saint elsewhere after five or six seasons ago on episodes. They decided to say this with all in Tommy west balls imagination. It would look like has become kind of like a joke like yeah yeah I think it Dallas as well they all agreed yes they got but. What's interesting about that you don't like. Because saint elsewhere was connected to another show and yet isn't like that all kept rolling Obama. That'd Kinect is like 400 over 400 show right. Yes and so part of it so that that show takes place in Boston so for one example. There was a scene where a number of the doctors from the show. Go to tears that it is go to cheers bit they would have talked I think to Norman cliff that might. They're tear so it also a lot of NBC shows overlapped so this is an example of one of those but it cheers as we know. It's on Frazier. Right John Eric cat. His character called in to Frazier select that shows directly tied it there but they could care they're from saint elsewhere appeared on wings. Also warned that wrote the key was. Is it Alfre what are the the woman who played it was in Luke cage she plays out Mariah. In advocates so she knows she was one of the doctors on the show she played doctor rocks in turner. She appeared in the television show homicide life on the street. And there's a character in that show but the character's name is John munch. And this guy. He's really one has created this entire thing because so there's that overlap between doctor turner and John March John March was on law and order. He was on the X-Files he was on the higher yields on 30 Rock you've got Arrested Development. And then you can just about all the other ones that connect. From there and so ultimately. They'll at last count some of these people have a theory it's 441. Shows I mean. From firefly to the wire. To the Walking Dead breaking bad I think I Love Lucy you're like what like that might be the old show connected it's. Do you think and most of home our character to character overlap where there's also some it's a little looser. But there's they are fictional type a cigarette called morally cigarettes. Aren't you account Tarantino has is like red apple cigarettes are made up and they connect universe is so morally cigarettes if you're watching you showed out old reruns. Look for those not also connects them all the Tom Wesley universe. In a witness to upload leeway about this is that it doesn't a lot of shared universe go forward but it started. Nickel or like this goes back. Yeah like wait are back like that like all the C eclectic elsewhere like like early eighties early committee met and it goes all the way back like that if oh yeah medical board the boat like it's it's crazy that they like it at the epicenter of all it is just this year the show Village People were so I remember. Reading about it people being so upset about it. And then being taught like that's just the whale would be you couldn't figure out how to magical what they've done it essentially like created its entire unit right network universe of TV. It's so this theory also maintains that the only axle bit of real television. In this whole entire universe is the five minutes where Tommy Westphal is looking into the globe and talking to his father but that's the only. Actual bit of television everything else has been made up by Tommy west ball. Great now the biggest argument against this firm for them to all be issued universe is. You know. What they have like real life characters that they're so for example I think one of the one album at that popped over the ouster back is about one of these shows so ouster back obviously. Exist in the real world so the question is it ought he is. On this TV show days in the real world will you can't handsome off from the real world therefore could you cancel out these other connections that the thing. But I ultimately. I would think like Tommy went well in his. He in his travels I've seen an episode of jeopardy so he could work it in regret Alec yeah. Doctor Beckett like that that that I would like. Yeah. I think that worked in real people as well we're all. Is what it's a struggle like that. We could be we re elected via the Tommy west public that you're not and to the top that it's like every Frick and show and so. You know like a big search you can find them even more of the episode the connect it might if you could seek some other ones that we're gonna hit on in television sort of go down that same road so there's like the TG IF shared universe where. Harriet Winslow. Was originally I'm perfect strangers then. You know that led to the spin off or you know the very popular daily matters and then on family matters you got a goal who appeared on full house you appeared out step by step. It he wants sent a letter to Corey Matthews on Boy Meets World. So there. Again there so right away all all of those connect also Carolina in the city. I was at lea Thompson's talent city she appeared. She appeared on friends and she appeared on Frazier. So that immediately ties all those shows together. It's incident what that they were there eighty Jonathan's government show that America this year. Despite its single guy it was between. Friends and signed felt there was like that bridge show when you before he got the site felt. As a sick that's Oprah I think for a solid rotated that they couldn't really find the right one public Latvia but it just like all the good plate that would show we're trying to push yet a people want to be thirty show this this'll get. Yet and that I think he without friends at one point and I don't know a matter of just sucked but I've ever Carolina city like the big deal that. Offshore yet and I just I love it like the way in my brain works I like watching a show even if they don't even necessarily address the other shows once he notes that a shared universe. Just my way in my. Thought process goes elect. See is that really drive around amok all they took like two turns like they could bump in the zones though or like you know some great event that happens like they also are experiencing it. So. You know Everybody Loves Raymond to being a queens and the nanny were all directly tied the candidate they think was that the media appeared on a couple initials or vice Versa. You had. The golden girls an empty nest they were they were neighbors and then that's what they were neighbors. And yet there were they weren't far away and then. That was the Dreyfus was the Saint Bernard on empty nest in every wants allows you to stick run through the house single girls with like as simple as that I get at these are connected. And that empty nest spot off into the showed nurse's. Aide golden girls on offered the show the gold palace select all levels of the connected. Cosby show. Don't know who should be talking about the Cosby show of course had the a different world go to you know go to my hands. Get that was what was quote flexible dropped would at least subordinate scared to vote that was and to meet it was bell was an issue as the knees. It looked at a Sudanese are yet he dropped and he got a college and that was and then you where are. Wayne Wayne and all those guys of the of the good show. Obviously the Walking Dead fear the Walking Dead any of the conspiracy Ryan RT spears if you will keep your. And yeah this is an AMC conspiracy where. Breaking bats of breaking that circle saw obviously in the same universe the breaking bad. On AMC there was like a really bad batch of mass spec on everywhere events that led to the events of the walked dad. Because it's been in that one of the very first episodes. Daryl and his brother. Play by my coworker yes. That they were like going through some pocket and found the back. That might be right the app that like they were going their like they had drug on the amendment but some are drug and acts like. I like that it is it's not there within its true that really ties together. I don't but I think that would believe that it electrical things like that in Italy the very first the first to second episode that happened that would be amazing badly the walking desolate better. Odd. That backed all the way it is responsible for hobbies which. How does it credible now you also have course the air over air of flash to worker alleges that tomorrow they'll crossover with each other that's a fun. Little shared universe what are. The it is what it is very creative or just whatever ring in the DC character you wanna include feel free toss them in there it's all good. The Muppets in Sesame Street obviously overlap malls it would currently some of the other characters as well. At any else for television I mean it really stop starts and stops of the Tommy west while universal time all in non. I think it would come US open if you look at the grass they have a visual quality if you look at the graphic where our middle elsewhere in the middle into it's. It just to look at and view that where these things commit to elect any cure you've ever heard like mash. What you that's firefly. Even down on the lake mister robot is connected. I'm thrilled and Al rat yet like Al showed up mister robot that community means that like it's great. Yet and it's it's they did a good job too that most of the connections in the guys that came up with this theory is that you are the strongest connections are. What a character just is on another show you know X that ever so easy to do where's other ones it's like Aaron well at the same. Branded cigarettes or whatever like I connect counts Bly but you'd like the characters interact a little bit just so you know it's more grounded that way but. Pretty pretty bad ass or give up that also. Gets in they go back to how that series and the league if your real X today. Try to think of what a great show right now. Amid better coleslaw I guess or Fargo one of those but as if it ended the way is. Always just in this kid's imagination which you would lose your (%expletive) in mind now. Aria like depicted that would put brick bet I'll likely well it was all like well. Yet. She's just like looking around it is that wakes up but he's still a teacher at their famous together it like like look what was the point if that's the pits late that. Well what does not like about that that that at one point. Like when he went ball like collapses in. In the perceive of him yet in whatever the other car looks like he got there. Well yes and every in and everything else is like victory. This is just made up. That's pretty guiding us television wise. Oh. It's as the cools things are let's go to movies obviously of the the MCU. Starting with a Iron Man most recently it meant a loss that's when he movies and counting it. Best and worst parts of the universe Ryan I would save for best it would be. You don't movies like infinity war in the first avengers where you get the facts are already senator and put together the worst for me. I know it's well a lot of but I'll go back to the Netflix thing like they're trying to tell us that the methods sectors are in this universe to make it even a bigger universe but to make nor just way too much of it may never they never reference them with. Matt. Yes I mean the best part for me as I thought this one on YouTube the other day at like basically a four minute tribute cute. Robert Downey junior playing Tony Stark a column. And Howell these twenty movies have been like this huge character arc for iron he would want the Draper wanted him. Yeah and what kind of carried it like all the weight as the face of a per share. Basic aim at like. How he started verses weird. And back what their characters done and so I mean. Ehrlich Robert Downey junior now where I'm needed a couple movies they're really good wonder boys and it is back. You know it was. Post in drug Robert anything chaplain. Well like in the heat of the helicopter and hang something and ignited to learn yet after it was for a treatment. That was probably boo but I borrow. Those clever about times of Aviv area of California. You know Robert Downey junior right you made it higher courier during meant and what I what it shook the bet that it's it's a great quite a comeback. And the work the work part for me. Argue just the waiting to quit your weight around and like this state to pay street like I'm waiting. Which they speak out and note that the whole point is we get the like drama enters the way I need to see anymore a luckily. What they were prepped events in the news part was Dave Batiste of course pleased racks. I guess is said if James Gunn stop back. He may not be in guardian story which is already going to be delayed anyway but that's a thought about before Mike if you guys really really care about it you need to threaten to not be in the movie. That it represented by the Scripps written. So but he just like it did not use him like I don't know if you if you don't use his script I'm definitely. It's sick so I affirm I would think things we can better economic retool things like Elway or not. Pass and one. So that's yet CFC is obviously just dominant guy of the DC EU or as they sent a comma con worlds of DC. This is a man of steel Babs ever Superman's suicide squad Wonder Woman Justice League. The upcoming awkward man and Cezanne and Wonder Woman 1984. This one is an absolute bag of (%expletive) immoral worst parts of it is something as simple as Batman v.s Superman where. You apparently have like an aids. Bat man and yet but Superman doesn't know who we is that in my off them and in metropolis are right next to each other in the interim really know each other like that. Such as she is no back story there economics of these guys are just like anonymously being heroes like c'mon. Yeah I don't like I don't I don't get how. You know intimate level wired city in baton and like I it is elect weight would put on that. You don't mean or at least a lot like trying to help. Yeah oh they want to start trying to pick away at it like if you think that. See you obviously has its losses while some of the timeline stuff doesn't add up they have to go back and how to change it and because it's certainly not perfect. But the DCU if you put like any thought into at all in the club does make sense that this makes a good. And that's the problem and I think the problem with that is obviously I idly Christopher Nolan. And for the for the right reason. Yeah I think Christopher Nolan did what he did at bat so well. That piece he's like aren't we kind of have to keep this home going. With this kind of like somber like very dark tone. In Medicare elect made it doesn't work. Now they really doesn't at all events so that's how it's so man of steel and the way Mittal steel and you're like okay practices. This is quite a equated to hone your you're setting here. Yes and then in another trailer there try to change up which is say I'm familiar jazzed up about. I'm not not not yet known about it it's almost like they get it. And the like oh commit their purposely trying to get a way from that and it it's like four Bagger mean yeah. Now you want to talk about using universe is about the X-Men universe. And at this. Honestly when I heard the news that they might people on the blog on this public might be time. Yeah are over it like they basically try to start over. Within its own universally excellent excellent too too great movies read the shoot that X alas there it is awful so. Yeah they need the re doing they also throw at them or urgent movies there radio blogs from home. Wolverine was horrible so they didn't they pulled the plug on Mac neo and other ones that they had planned so then. They have X-Men first class that okay like these are these together are they not together. And and day the future pass like there together and we are got to reset the pain in a way where we take out. The last and that didn't happen but it's also confusing did you art who knows what's going on who doesn't know what's going on. They're they're recasting they have like some people were original expense some wore it like the relationship between mystique professor acts. In the first class trilogy do like best buds for life in the first trilogy they've never met each other so. It's all over the way in and that is dead pool and it's not and Agassi is in like if Logan that really Allen and like. There's a lot of good reason there that the idea of a shared universe is terrible it's not. It's ultimately. Very simple thing like not not involving the plot like. Eight is of the characters don't line up all like to other everywhere there all over the place. Like wind it seems Mac it would become Patrick Stewart like when did he go from being like in his late thirties to being tank and I don't mean I don't know. It all make it well and what happened there like these that it would they must get old like. In two years. Yeah it's not very it's it's not currently gets one of those ones where it's frustrating. Because I want her all the lineup it doesn't see just have to take movies like. First class the first yellow X two days feet past located just enjoy those what they are because if you tried a lot of Muppet sock and happen. Now not. Is it any you know you're gonna try to upgrade the make you so angry right. It's not worth it but it's not it's not worth it. Yeah of these Star Wars shared universe and originally it was just sort of you know sequels to each other for equals but now that the dual and spin offs like you know the solo movie and rope Wanda. And it sounds like after episode nine is to be even more that's not just the skywalker so. Yeah or visit the live action TV period coming that right wait seven years after Jeddah so like in between right that I and. Forcefully toward quick and got stomped out Rory earnings in the U part of that so. That's for that that's a great universe again they've they've had their flaws like the original or like the other prequel trilogy obviously but. Italy's theirs they're they're trying the to line things up we talked a lot last week. On the at Night Shyamalan episode about the unbreakable. Shared universe at the very least it's unbreakable split in the upcoming glass but. We have theorized that. You might it mean six cents could be in there he wanted to to signs that the parents around him outside that they haven't talked about aliens but you could probably mix and a couple other ones you want it. Aria and it always been all be you know. I watched that happening again. I think they ought to that'll that'll just that nice that I left. EU monitoring universe Ryan is an enjoyable universally hormone was contrary wanted to do. It fell one and two in the then done which is coming out which is a terrifying mask. I don't know like that either where do you stand up you go ahead when he went down. I'd like I'd like the first two countries that really. I'm there so those people who patriot and now it's here is we've been married couple. Yes. That in an effort into my sister has seen there. Her vote the woman is the lie of the man get the husband has died but she goes around and those talks my sister super delight. The other coast often a lot of stuff is yet. Oh yes yes you are in Connecticut area it's these are issues like she's super nice and it was it was great stock. Yeah and buying it. In the middle earth universe Ryan out of course to be your Lord of the Rings trilogy in your Hobbits trilogy and like now. From literary standpoint I think those very very tight little book. As the Miller trilogy kind of went on. I think it got worse and worse which is unfortunate you know. I think I point being two towers which is the best of those or like those six movies I get yeah yeah. Or some 97 right now I'd like a parlor. And I think it's six but either way that's probably the best one. Up by the hum it was Lorraine and Ed Warren the Lorraine Warren could. Until the property with with the pulpit thing is that the hot at 248. Right and make these stretch it in the green movies and which I BP. So. We kept asking me about like certain parts what went out and it. But it met up at the books like are are like part like like Mike Reid for public. You know at one on what major chapter did this happen and it never happened. At sacred. Yeah Dotson snipped it. They actually like what's it like a lot show up like he's he's mentioned you shook up. You mentioned. Like actually yours you can probably read that book facet that you could watch the movie certainly the ability absolutely true and that that is so funny and act. As. A that went through. Get the big. The original shared universe trying to go back to the universal monster movies so it the old school Frankenstein Dracula wolfman mommy all those ones they were off. They're on a shared universe which pretty pretty fast. It's pretty cool and if you ever go back like sometimes every once a while I Halloween I'll go watch movies or exit. Like their camp in there and silly that like there are good. But you think about it like they came out anywhere between the thirties in the fifties like date. For the time they're really they're really good. And I audit you could get a waiver. A quarter which it was now back to put ons but on screen so yeah there though I'm really use their imaginations are yeah and that and the thing that could mean opposition civic try to recreate it. On cruise mummy movie. And why haven't worked RO OI don't cut this is what I think it at you have appeared to be called the mom which had to do with. Be universal are cited as the. Refrigerator. Does it score being Cain doesn't look good movies today. Talking to people I think it would reboot. I'll probably get this was dominated so they are scrapped it like the mummy road accident -- do it they should've started with the mommy anyway or not. Because wasn't it was Russell role going to be doctor jackal. I think you'd. Leap with that solicits a little bit differently could give me a doctor Jekyll mr. Hyde movie or something I don't know the future. He showed up. At right. That that's that's a good idea but it keeps our call the mommy ulyetza popular work so. In the would you do you know in doctored or round one and yes it cool I like that out where that's headed basically sit dismayed league of certain gentlemen good. Yes is that elect not it theater shared universe holy smokes and read that book that is they get every every. Character from from days go by. These three movies. Have tied. Well actually let me hear your thoughts on this like these one off movies or do you tie these together so for example. Alien vs predator Freddy vs Jason in Lake Placid vs Anaconda. Those are all movies that you assume. Like Friday the thirteenth and a night Meryl Streep are in the same universe or that a one off deal. To be questioned I would say is there's been like three vs predators does have to be in the same thing yeah. Traber did and I think that was currently but to me that. Kind of one off. There's probably and Tommy west falls imagination. Yet late flat and conduct here. Explicitly that it is big. Yes. Yet Allen doesn't really matter that's like you know a big crocodile or Al universities think about it. Is sure shark in Orange. Truck NATO acted like I gather up there yet together they get. And carried the late great senator Reid. Prop problem. Or read. That we get a burn reserved for the last restart NATO's. Liberty matched me giggle urgent here because there are like down there probably S and shared interests out of matches. Brian here's a. On shared universe that be the view askew averse. By different of the podcast Kevin Smith. You got clerks and mall rats and chasing Amy dogma Jay and silent Bob clerks to. And I'll do you one better Ryan has. A lot of care especially Jay and silent Bob they. Yeah he had Jason leave when a couple different characters in there and so unity without paparazzi and all these movies which really can get somebody and some other characters connect. Now. Yes they did that pop up that make one little quick line and then they're they're out there economic war. As they're shooting stabbed three or their shooting on the lot. Now I read somewhere that that's not hand and the (%expletive) but if you're put them in there I now think that. The mall rats clerks universe and the scream everything happened was Borough would scrambled through four they are all. An active. Would say you know good for me I'm not a big announcement and as you know now. I think they. Yet is high and low load but it ain't Mora although we all. Yeah Morris yet. On game Bob strike back was passable com. And I think dock was OK. Calm but you know I. It will be for what you and recently went export partner yet in this universe Ben Affleck quickly forget that Catholics. Well the and India who believe they like it share universe James Bob you have people won the director and one can't play any other career. Is that it's as though. He's great in debt but he's stepped speculate that. Like it not now he's pretty much him that is definitely and you know we'll tell you what your body to move we want to keep giving him worker in echo. Again the root Goldberg. Stands. This year it's if you don't bet he's getting equipment movies in the guilty PGA. So but so that building Ole miss universe together and it pretty weak. What if they made a movie where jays sound Bob got killed by a a goes face killer. I mean. Why not you know you're good you're good at the soft yes they react good security. Hey yes replied I've just waiting for an out west ravens pick up the pot so that's going to be tough to have a good one but. Notes are these the new monster verse is God's still from a couple of years ago Cong Skull Island. The upcoming God's Phillip king of monsters and and they haven't scheduled for one it when he got silvers is Hong. This one's so far fine. It by. I don't party. I kind of enjoyed Kong. Kind of thought that was fine yeah is that your big monster movie. Our goal I liked it. I don't know I don't know about the next got the movie. We we saw the previews are comma comma looks it looks are a variety thighs. I don't know a whole premise of the movie click -- we need to see a year by destroying it yet it seems a little bit like reverse psychology there at your to put that out there and hope because otherwise. Run the out wizard world is a number of Harry Potter movies and now will be to fantastic beasts movies I'd like this shared universe. I I had as much art I'm like give the and they actually do majority pepper got. Erica I'm. It's. Integrity. And in the US guys yeah late Jack used. And I I don't mention them out or they think the craziest thing is that if you watch him in the as you ever make eye contact people. With people now take a look at your ability to the weight that subtlety there that kind of thing. I don't like Johnny got I don't think that's what's hurting them. Understands. I got it he's just too. Mean to I don't area. You don't have now won the last and we went into this in depth that you go and it WEEI dot com is wherever early episodes. Would we did Quinton Tarantino movies is that Tarantino verse. And he's never explained that before where. They're not not every single movie of his is connected he has sort of ready for once that one there's like our there's a real world one. And then there's one that's more like you know. I learned that more creative or I don't know how you more fantastical our analysts say it but yes but what they like the grind house movies are movies edit this in the universe but they're not in. Yeah I believe let's get right Erik yeah yet of the characters from pulpit to go to the movies they would be grind out. Yes I think that he had to get exactly how to eat how we described it and I yeah but then there's some it's still subtext is he's also a guy were talking about the morally cigarettes. Before he he has like. Big Kahuna burger red apple cigarettes some of those stuff I carry over all of them but some of the the first ones that I heard about two years and years ago I love bird away. Was for example you know John Travolta in pulp fiction plays Vincent Vega. At that Michael Madsen in Reza port dogs please stick make so those those guys are brother Russ yet is amazing and they don't really well aren't they have the same last name. And terror TO years ago had an idea don't Vega Brothers movie with a tool which would it and ridiculous but. I'll read every coming you don't call the bigger brother and cool them. Technically this Six Flags on the damage it did it in the bankable if you look at the big brother and yet. That's with every immigrant bigger Brothers that I feel like this movie without a different tone a little battle out there would have been well integrated if they like it and Tibet thing that that song played the entire. Pretty good. But just the fact it looks or Freddie had to shoot pulp fiction rust or dogs are connected another one was see more Skaggs Mehdi is the parole officer rats or dogs they talk about. And his rather. Stagnant he's Brothers detective Jack scat daddy who is a natural born killers which tenor Tito rode needed directed but he he wrote it. Mr. white. Who is at present war dogs talks about a girl named Alabama. Who of course is in true romance another movie needed direct but he wrote. Added a little. Bit. Look we love love and romance at the movie producer lead dot wits who is in true romance of their deterrence sell them drugs is the son. Of the Baird you Donny Don on from a glorious bastards the pretty good America there's a lot more connections to like the. Wouldn't recommend it in the MC used that the principal at Peter Peter Parker high school is the grandson of one of the of one of Captain America guys. All DA that gathers. Oh the other relatives in. In civil war you remember when the there's a woman as a parent who confronts. Robert Downey junior here. So that's also that Alfre Woodard woman who was in. Saint elsewhere. That's an issue suited me because she plays sort of a minor role Natalie but it's important for Robert Derek Jeter to speak with her as she lost her son she's blaming him for it. But she also plays the villain in Luke cage which is the same goddamn universe or sores led to believe. Korea but it. That's worship Porsche in all worship. Are heading out the shared universe rapture were missing some sort pilfered that you malice outdoor podcast at gmail.com we just at or podcast. Samir a favorite or least favorite shared universe side. We don't have the video game here you'd ever that we yet that we inspector at the lot of chat with me you know we're fine. Yes have not switched on TV slash our bond at the we'll see if we can get this. God damn computer to work to get the power. It's. You. And Kyra the deposits out of kick received. Deferred chemical. A lot on our I think the ball outs like yeah I. Ultimately what this is articulate potash wanted to mention that I saw it like I I kind of recommended a kinda don't doubt be. I finally saw the documentary on HBO B where the slender man. Ship's mast it's messed up it looks like two hours long. In it you're just watching it abolish the actual case like what happened what would these girls. You can Condo Watson a little bit faster because they also. They spent part of a documentary being like. And here's like here's why people are afraid of the boogie man of like here's how this was created in Mike if you don't care about that. Which we didn't know about it with my wife and I with Arafat's order that. They got back to the girls to that terrible story but. That is an HBO op but also HBO which is much more enjoyable I finally saw the movie the house would Will Ferrell and eighty or the wallet at Pristina. It that got ripped Altec. Augur crushed but it's stupid it's a mindless. Ninety minute comedy. That you know Jason Manson is is that it he's great nick role as and it. Obviously barrel polar. Even if you're kind of sick of them like the other side characters do a great job one of the guys at the cues from. Operates as the brigade as a competent he's hilarious it's it's party like it's not the plot in Ol old school funny but it's it's worth. A lot to be looking for comedy out there you could do a lot worse from the house. If you like a Saturday night at home with the white yeah that kind of look at absolutely. Yeah. You know to go the other way Richard not my pick the market as we show our Netflix I would call dark for severe bishop dark deterrents know. So it could travel show but with a guy that elected the description of the show is fantastic on an up our act together. Well while I'm pulling it up what you what the guy. If he goes through. He traveled the world and ghost like the places that nobody wants to go to Eric gets dark or the debate now Jesus so he goes to like. Mexico City or they'll go to like these like war torn countries and Mike to participate in bike battles. Well go to Cambodia like Japan and obviously there are these are really areas yeah. Gonna get the court I think he's like a czar Rick Steve's. Wrecked and whether they beat description it. From a nuclear late to a market force journalists it carrier visit the usual an optima hybrid tourism. There are good that the in the upper and if people were like that figure like. Serial killer isn't stopping yank that was that you couldn't happen to be you know that ot be kind of thing check that out I want the first episode that's really good all right we got. Anything else I've. Now we'll let you are we love cellular. Yes look in your progress is pleased you know check out McEnroe in the box get a chance. You can find me on any social media to predict that it is that the department street and twitch and Richard at a day. Check it out we are now hosted the part that the tactical and gamers who love their cinematic gamers. I would just freelance article write articles that frequently banned now caused in part. Pretty good. It's they do those guys can now rate review as subscribe on the iTunes are stitcher Google play WEEI dot com now mimic gamers. I think it hit us up on Twitter at or podcast YouTube dot com slash store podcaster emails any time. We're gonna get a read about Steve Mills have been getting numb I I read every single one album and debut reads every single one double dip earlier bring some more up on the personal deduct coming up. And also again died at Davie on which Sundays Tuesdays and Thursdays. We apologize for the audio quality today we will have that cleaned up on shore. By next week. And I think. Where eventually gonna have to get the Luke cage episode people people still want to locate episode I got to watch it. This summer we don't have a ton of other stuff on the books that we have to get to sum up promising you win but I think ultimately Ryan maybe we should just suck it up and figured. Bite the bullet and do what it was very emphatic that we. Very bad where. He was cussing at us on sweaters we are a lot we love the passion now we love the pack it would also love shared universe is and who knows maybe this whole episode was just inside the mind of one young Tommy west ball.