#DORK 79: Top 10 Fighting Games

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, August 14th
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey countdown the Top 10 Fighting games of all-time. Do you agree with the list? Respond to @DORKpodcast with your favorites. Plus this week in #DORK, Davey's Video Game Minute, and the Pick of the Podcast. Also this episode was streamed live on Twitch! You can join in at twitch.TV/RVonD.  

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If the door. Marquez. Is the door to my behalf which cheek is the door. Monty manifest is that because they don't blond hair. She. Say it's it's there and order episode of hash tag door it very special different episode of hash tag or as we are also live streaming this on twits who told you awhile but Davies. Switch page go to twit dot TV slash are on. I did the best. I have ever had I've ever at most have had awhile in terms of podcasting is upfront investment. Let's get your best that I got to write our two kids to death is it just infamy. We can you show there which is exciting also I don't know how this is gonna sound so let's save this we know we've tried some of the things we try the Google hangouts settlements was a summary of the whole audio podcasts. That this is different does not running out the other apps that we are using sort tried so now we. Maybe you've heard I've just hours on the radio show and so in a little bit trickier for us a record. Or try some different where in the from the confines of rural home you know average we relied. You know our sit here yards is yet and not just talking about. God knows what and we have all that's going to be the same date. I get it you're watching this on which we'll answer some questions at the end of the episodes are to be interactive. But we're it continue to do what we normally do Ryan including me. Then do is sit there. I arrive good news is Ted today we are record in the summit Tuesday night and earlier today of vendors infinity war. Came out on dvd and Blu-ray. I have not solid Blu-ray ray dvd and a very long time are you and I both had. Particulates collection throughout high school college and realize that. You know Mitt we can't buy every move anymore but this is this is gonna probably get back to buy one because I I got lost again and I wanna see all the extra. Yeah that's at AME I saw little snippets of begat real and that looks actually worth the price. I get a dvd or Blu-ray dvd special edition asked of you at 120. But this. Probably samarra and I don't Boller forever I know Mac and do were either sweeten up pictures those guys sort of bottom the snapping up other guys over a listeners are tied it up and this is the kind of movie that you want all the yet but ever the bells and muscles are you want them for this many sort of try to predict what's gonna happen in the next. I and I haven't I haven't bought it and hard copy of anything I really want Tom I think even like PlayStation games like a look at Emory now I think I have like eight. What you're Mormon download what's the last dvd in or Blu-ray. They purchase. I think. I'd lie in the east special edition with the variant cover King Kong. Our Picasso and the last one I bought a guy I've I wanna say for me. Modems this is the yen over the comedy this the end like that that's how long it's bad. Because a lot of gap between Netflix and HBO go and whatever else you're doing watching movies I feel like I can I wanna watch something I can probably. Mr. Big league you could find anything you want me you don't have to go to best buy I love doing best buy. You know I was in the other day and it's kind of depressing. Little bit if they don't like and a lot of time there basically there all the stricken time it is just look there are tougher job a long time ago did not edit the yet honestly mutants like the Newbury comics that we elected you would. You believe Obama got away people. I would sit at Newbury comics announced now know. That you're that are really good representative of the store. At the time in the late nineties that in part he didn't look alternative enough you know look you're in piercings no. Generally unity. And I know that's all right Lou I think we've all got the better as her movies that are in the box office right now Ryan. And at the weekend box office let's go from five down to one Shelly she understood why is black Klansman. Which is also operating at 97%. On rotten models. Which is great I mean that's. Don't let them movies doing well I'm glad spike Spike Lee comes homes by towns. I Spike Lee is back calm in from what I'm hearing it's really good Max thought he said it was really good so Mac likes everything now to smack in everything he likes everything. Also likes or it's very yes he's the dirt that's what he's doing so yes he went down saw this this'll be a when it's available. At home movies yeah. This is not extreme. If you can't watch everything Ryan number four and I just talked about the documentary last week. It was like my sort of pick of the podcast that would be. You Wear the slugger ran which is like the true story in which is about the girl status that this is based off the character is just called slender man and it is rocking a solid 12%. On rob. Yeah recently got Powell on this movie I am I am all out and I did not wanna see this at all. No no no interest that it it is you're looking for a horror movie this is a prize for this. So you know or are among our shared your verses of the week yes last week contract. And I mentioned that conjuring universalist to conquer the two in a bells and then there's the non. Yes the other and so we comes out X number seventh out of nowhere out of nowhere I got a text from class and she says. You know that none will be oh yeah two's we should see that theater. I goal lot I look. Eat that might ski areas like a slash mask. In recent memory I don't like the biggest some exterior. Now in a blast. Scary movie I saw in the theater with Mal was calm the contract. And they were Ramon ray movies are great and there was a there was a moment where it was like this really tense moment that you was it for the tree up. Whether creating a hum yeah yeah yeah and the theaters like dead silent and you intelligence gears coming and my wife just like in Denver where it. All oath like delegate reflects the blow out of its. You know they say about hormone is trying to. It's not like oysters there are a natural aphrodisiac. It is true it's true. I edit the two of my previous girls from my previous girlfriends are to Malaysia we should justices aren't a lot of balance turn. Out. I don't know tradition and actually out I don't know I guess in my wife and then my girl from prior to my wife of how does their men this visual. The first leg dates that we have a bulls to see your hormones. I don't and that's why doesn't. You don't you don't for the first the first movie Meehan I manulife ever saw the other that there is rob zombies how we. Yes because she said she loved the original I also the original we have a shared common bond that movie was out so whatever year that was like old. What you're restarting seven. Time is great. But yeah that's a nice trivia question from the sort fans out there so I'm sure it's gonna come out Sunday there's there was the first movie you saw. What is what was the first movie you saw what. Hangover. Great consecrate a third that's a try to treat it. You go harder I go comedy so it'll either we have watched movies we had what do which I pulled a bomb. Which was my signature move at the time Michael Connell hustle. Yes sir if you which is where you you. Classic club where you put on a movie on the couch and you know. You know cuddling leads to hit head on the shoulder than you know arm and you know it goes on from I don't I don't wanna work Lou tonight zephyr election. This there without movies nobody's having any kind of sacks not. Like who would you do pay you a little air each other subtle work you guys that's waits. Gotta think to people go to baseball games. Now that's like the worst first Nader I worked for it or chart worked out pretty well let's first dates is at Fenway and New York Mozilla or are baseball game and buy a nine dollar Beers but not really though I don't think so wanna go home. I deer in the fridge we can watch Netflix like that's a president that's the perfect. I never wanna leave my house and actually that's why does podcasts ago here about how suddenly it's even better we continue with the not cried tough out of the box dobbs this week. Number three Christopher Robin. It is 70%. And Ron meadows I have like I have no interest in this. I'll check it out later Lloyd it's free and I mean am I gonna didn't do like hit. I think if you liked him I Duma elected the creatures looked weird like piglet and (%expletive) that don't look right. I think what it's just it's supposed to be disposed to Buick easily disposed not look normal so that Google Washington many times that's an early and out assigned to you know. Don't like get off. On number two Mission Impossible. Fallout still. Our work and a 97%. On tomorrow's. Sauce and because that's great for us on in and now without a doubt I doubt. That a number one this week at the box office was of them nagged. 48% Iran's models but. Here's my question to you as as someone who is not a fan of did Lucy do you think this movie leap out of the duplicity. Do things better and it's your son. And attract outside right now but that being said that being said you know Jason statements made a career playing here. Yet in our view gets it. Which is crazy because in snatch which is more my favorite movies he's not playing the transporter role he's a donor and he's great. Yet but he's not a bit tough guy like he's got a little toughness to him but he's now the tough guy in the movie. You know to. Odd couple TV things here Ryan up better call Saul episode two was last night on Arthur caught up but. Home run after home run here back to back home run that should say that's what they don't they run up to sit back to back home runs in the sports world Ryan and better also all season forests off to a report start. Yes well first episode now is really good and I'm probably gonna watch for an effort on this. On the midnight oil and I have yet ceramics. I crippled up. It's really it's really good stuff that specially. Now it's better also has already its own it's edited standalone show. But it you're breaking bad fans there are a lot of this has the woods what they're doing that all okay like this and a my other TV show we're actually not the only other one below middle of them watching his sharp objects on HBO yeah atoms and their doubts through six of eight episodes. This is they slow burn. Let's let's call what is it they slow burn but they have some really read (%expletive) that they put in the soup and it's like it's. It's at the point right I have to finish it soon it's going on also I think is nice. Is one of the producers came out and said. It's once he. This is it yeah yeah about it. It's a book Zoellick you know I don't think they're gonna might well in front of the nets would schema drones to back into our. In sharp objects the book was going to be an ambulance and his attorneys weren't so. Let's serve so there almost before that I did a really exciting news particularly proud for our boy Mac. Do you look there's a loss to Maryland and Rhode nude scene. From the movie the misfits in 1961. It has been discover. May this doesn't it. They were not doing nude scenes back down this is there early sixties heaven's sakes they are doing nude scenes. They still on the news scene apparently Marilyn Monroe it was her idea. She was making sweet gentle laughter Clark Gable also that are its semantic rate after. She was in bed as that's that's one place to have intercourse. And hurt she dropped the Sheikh. Dropped the sheets. Director said you know we're opera and in the film but it definitely make a lot of sense. The did they thought they destroyed and been put the movies that make it the director or one of the producers sons. Fervor probably haven't yet had a since like 1999 under some put. And you know like. Some some some guy who like to porno. The opposite. Probably handed it to some guy. Every element Hewitt took the film in the looked at it realized what I was on T empty nets. This is pretty good. So I have I have not seen it I'm sure it's a real polite so you can. Wherever you go you can go check out Merrill Munro. From 1962. Shirts and extracts accent. Are right you ready for the next portion of the program. I I assume I am just do it eats my food. Okay. Either man. Sounding crystal clear how good rate right now I hogs I really look forward to hear what sounds like after I have no idea. Not only arm so a lot of little news and notes yourself first what the person is a Maddon came out and get mad. Which is great and this year it seems like every year with Matt and we have a fresh. New batch of glitches. Which are awesome if you look at them I guess that's good health. Teleport Jason is a thing now there was one video a guy I was handing the ball straight and off to Levy on a little off tackle play. And he teleport in like sixty yards down field like everybody across the aisle this well like. And touchdown you know to me there was another what I saw where there was like a swing pass and the ball got fumbled and then the ball is fumbled. Like all the way across the field it directly elect one of the players it's which happened to be a patriot and he created for the all my. Straight feel that allowing it to music city miracle. I don't wanna laws now as it was a fumbled balls on the ground mysteriously ended up in someone else is this a popular opinion ran amok and yet. No you shouldn't you shouldn't because it may have done nothing new in the team is rushed in its never it's. It's never our mic great in this complain about. But now that so right now and I can't play as many games consistently in a at the same time as you can brought great outlet overwrought intact and they'll soon you'd like Spiderman. And that I know what our red dead has come and outlast a volley there's two begins tomorrow and I guess economy. NHL probably gets so I don't have time so. I'm not known as they noticed that especially game I guess habits like not. The people who play Madden rave about it it is sent people likely to okay like I. They embrace the glitches may like that which is just my arm. I wrote an op Ed article from mammoth gamers on about this hoping we can mode ninja and is is opting out of playing women. On the seems to be kind of a hot button issue in the fort community right now residents streaming community to people on which. I'm day based see it ask him out purposely keeping down. The female streaming community. And besides it's not true yes I had it from what I've seen from what I've heard of him acts islet like for an eye and I'll watch his dream that they do is look at these just a good guy. It seems like a decent dude who's really good aims that is like a song guy in like he's making making the most of and his his reasoning is like I just don't wanna invite the kind of like negativity and in my marriage and in my life I don't want. You know whoever I choose to play with no matter she's like the most respected female gamer or one just game or in general like I don't want people. Going after her name bucket. You wrote you don't Obey grows back and it's just quit Twitter and disagree on is people into. He just doesn't wanna do that to them and you know late. That actress there's like actors they cast as star fire member who is black veterans freaking out that she's not black it's like this is an orange alien. The equity what is wrong with people I guys and I forget it now. So. Yeah and so if you ever had a if you were in a similar spot and obviously I like ninja is that what the the top what he's getting millions of followers and also the stuff. But at a similar thing happened to you really are swisher with Rolen on you certainly like you play it was shiny play with us to play a different guys. If if you climb with girls which you have the same concerns are which you know. If I so it's. You know when you say it yes I think win win my stream gets to be I you know I thousands of people watch. I think it's I think it's a conversation you have to have weeks. The woman you are playing with my you don't understand my leg when I it's kind of like it's not the same but it's a little bit similarly when IE. Tell you paid what would really help me out is if you re tweak this from the chief account because you have more followers. And what is the first thing you say to me. Yeah they're gonna get a lot of stuff you're gonna get you're gonna get a little and are you prepared to deal with. You know me well enough to know that like I've gotten better started podcast or there is yes and you know mostly now. It went out when we first started this podcast I was not. The handle. Like anybody said anything about me like I respond. Positive or negative different I was like it's his they think that that's just it just bites that they I think that's the conversation happily use. I would love to help you. You've got to understand it with that comes this. And it's not be glad I'm not trying to and it is something you really wanna deal with fine if not let I think. For him to be like no. Arm. That's his choice and I totally respect that because it is a poison toxic community. Oh and Epsilon yeah but. If that person is he if someone like an old girl I talked to. Was like god I don't care which is its rich in my car to suit whatever happens tonight I respect you enough to respect your decision will roll you know saw is minister there is work that's a well. That's a mimic Davis dot com on you yet it'll be you'll you'll find beyond their arm. Hello to those guys those guys agree though and they're hosting this podcast now on their website which is nice and I am so I'll let they're fighters podcast they're all that's all synergy synergy yet ordered us that don't tell. Yup so couple things obviously on this quickly a blizzard announced that the more diablo coming which is nice for diablo fans I don't know what shape or form if it's gonna be diablo or if it's gonna be an expansion it just in the world warcraft the EU will roll warcraft laid out the first time the other night. Not permit them. Not math and I did that play everything. The uncharted movie now has the script and is moving forward. Which is which is great dual modern day Indiana Jones action would be a rogue like Indiana Jones. Okay which is nice which is nice LeMay Kendrick action are my mom saw our first quake content and do a kernel and now looks. Awesome as somebody who's grown up I think my very first love of gaming started with Wolfenstein. And -- the original doom. So it's great to see that we're still are cranked and do titles looked straight weeks. On Nintendo switch online is coming next month. So for those who the big knock on intend to switch is like oh that's cool look you can't well mine. I can't insist starting next I think he's game changer double standard. Which is already a cool console now they're making it'll be cooler. I know lasted a news I got his new game plus it's coming to god of war August 20 just in time for me to be that team again going into Spiderman September. So it's. Series yet new game plus is awesome I used without our combat man's all the time are you start to those you don't know new game once you start the game with all this stuff you are from the last game. So you start like pretty awesome which is nice I doubt that all it was longer than a minute for sure we don't get on to a nightclub eagle what he's talking about more video games. This weekend we go to bed at that post. And Brian are you ready for the topic does York. What is that. The topic of the day aren't there yet today it is top ten that. Fighting games of all times of David I have put our heads together we have compiled we are the voting panel. So you agree. Which you might if you disagree which likely will you can hit us up or podcast on winner. Our podcast at gmail.com that is giving lengthy complaint sent us an email which we read all the emails by the way who read every single wobbled so senate martyrdom. Are these can't if you have a problem could if you're watching it would street right now first of all go to what's in the pro follow in their if you watch and the birds on it that little hearts and also. If you have a problem with it. See it go that far away we will answer questions at the end. Of the podcast so Brian first let's begin with some honorable mentions a date we will all it is we. We we ranked our own lists one through fifteen. It ten points for want or whatever that the thing was you heard the word out of there we combine that who list. Then the the honorable mention that the highest rated ones that didn't make the top ten obviously. Also won the first old legends from me don't beat tech in two. Second sue for the PlayStation. I may. Love this kid I absolutely love this game really gets you with a law and lay need at some of the characters this first second was it was good. But they really started to ramp things up like a lot of these video games when their second installment. And tech into adding more terror urged the graphics were a little bit better this got me hook. It will get into some of the segment super Nintendo games that your great does that next console. I wasn't sure which games are going to be greatly fighting games and for its PlayStation one which I had taken to was off the charts. It was a real look at the reason doesn't crack the top ten and let you set I agree with you everything you said the graphics are better the characters were better became clear it was batters a little bit smoother but it just wasn't there. He just wasn't like it was just. I'm from what we've seen from tech and now which you get in it talk about tech and a little bit later arm. Looking back on it. Did do what they improved upon moving forward from tech into it was a great jumping off point but what happened next was what really brought that game. Two other ones that went up well lumped together here they'd both just missed out they're both great that would be in justice. Gods among us and then the more recent injustice to. Which are grab me if you're a fan of DC the comics are currently they have their own storyline they take all these. Super famous characters. And they hit them in a fighting game they all the special moves the different sequences some people love it some people don't and maybe that's why why your standard not a fan of the injustice gamespot. I love and a whole storyline is great the way they read in the don't care like Batman and Superman and then also more obscure DC characters as well he's gives a lot of. And that's what that's. Why we honorable mention is because the injustice the first first these person justice I think have a better story. Com. Which was amazing like you're playing this story mode that you don't of these games like you just it's it's hack and slash fighter game and actually had a story that you cared about with characters that you cared about that was nice actually play our. You said it had its its use game play wise and you know some of the characters were way better than others but. It's it's worth mentioning in this. Excellent note you know as they a sneak you Carriker injustice to blue beetle. Camera time don't eighties and then there's also download bulls like the ninja turtles with everybody who uses the ninja turtles hello boys while on holiday got a handful of different downloadable there. Another game more old school Ryan and out of this is tired or less than modern also made by the kids in my honorable mentions originally it is our virtual. And this. This one gets mentioned because. Lot of these games the classic fighting game has that the security side scrolling where it's just on one plain greed gone back and forth on side to side. And virtual fighter was kind of one of the first let's open it up where you go. Our rounds and you can go and you can there was renounce Rica like knocks him and outer ring. I just from the start playing and like jumping in like having Hank Aaron for the first oh delay at all like this is crazy like that hit me in the eighth. A day like this is so different delegate. And that you want to do it to hide the go to college go out of the ring red. Yeah those guys and delegates. But I that's worth mentioning because some of these games wouldn't exists without virtual fighter needs you mention. Does that the last armaments or deserve five or religious and again to our top ten would be mortal combat acts. Spoiler alert you will hear from at least one of the more combat on the actual world combat acts just sort of the be re via its kind of version would did the sweeter graphics the more here are some download nurtures. A different Superfund. Soup. Fun game and it took everything that injustice once you do it well and made it. Gory and gross and disgusting and offs. Yes it's a horror movie right arts arts and get into our top tether also as a reminder to the Enron ripped through laughter you're top ten we'll quickly do the five worst games. My personal audience while our number analog stick Illinois. So number ten we have great I was a game they came out which ooze super fun in the arcade an asset as a special place in my heart because it was this. And another game I went to Las Vegas with my mother when I was fourteen years old and this was Duke's one of the first two games I won money. Playing and that was. Killer instinct. Which was a game that was put out by a mid way and it's a rare where it was it was supposed to come out or two which was then called. The Nintendo ultra 64 right on the loose and became an antenna 64. I deem that one of the coolest things about it on the story was find other but the graphics where that led Donkey Kong country like that currently rare where like that kind of ganging up. On the combos were written stimulus and the most fun it was super fast. Focused on combos in one of the cool things to. I don't think any fighting game and since you had to life arts. So instead of their being round you rated. Com your life or go down in the bottom and then it would immediately shoot back up what the person who won the round got two key. Like that helps that they have their first round of the fight yeah yeah actually at this stage it's huge comeback to actually win. On which was it which was kind of a cool thing you knew at the time and the game that I just picked up and was. Matt. Oh yeah you play you play what you're good at it's been tremendous was one that out I drop a lot of money on got really good at. And then. It was just a favorite of mine and as super cool game played super fast equal care. Think the sellers today enjoyed because there's there's three or four and Everett hit a lot of them sort of franchises in the fighting a great visit and they are very clear top three maybe four right there's. Probably a mount Rushmore it's fighting game titles and killer instinct wasn't one of and so. Would you want to play a fighting game and you want to listen a little bit different are killer instinct sort it had sort of a different feel to it and it was it was a lot of on so. That's a good tech number nine on our list is soul caliber two. Albert would jog you'll see Mitt shoes and all these so if Jesus is that he and sure enough for me right. Yet what are the other cool things about soul caliber two again you said so how everyone was fine. End. This was like leaps and bounds better than the coolest thing that they did. He had weapons which was nice different ends. Don't depending on the game console you bought. Soul caliber on became without a doubt like a free character. So for the Dreamcast it was link. I for PlayStation it was high taxi from from tech and and for Xbox which I had sold out for you accident took place on. Which one it is. Office which is awesome so I am and they they had three different boxes for each. For each console. And it was it now it's a lot of fun to end there was a character actor get dynamic here that. Todd MacFarlane actually. He designed one of the characters in soul caliber two and then yeah. So that was tracks talks about its eyes are so Smart to. Like put characters from one game into another game because I saw cover I was there and you'll see that you clear vows is familiar with them from tech and and then some reason he's in the salt tell overseers to do it on my. It's about a shot base our client because complain but so are pretty good game credibility again and end. Like most of home it was the second long that they were really out right. I did they took a good game originally. Really improved it and then after that there're some good games let. This I think is the best of us that there are in our opinion the vessel caliber game we both Arab journalists so I'll do. Our number let. Obviously because I put it on my list because I knew you were putting it on Europe so this is probably the most polarizing well on the list is probably the one that would get the biggest push back on because you either love this and I feel like or you didn't play slash hated it. The end eats girl's champions. You know I've played it for Sega and if the only 106. Ozone is not is not a superintendent. Just have accents actually because. It's not my area of champions and it's very yeah so this is true for our offer some handful of twist your eternal second or saga. This there was a boom in a lot of these games are talking about maybe you prefer to for the arcade may be preferred for a semi estranged from her sex life eternal city it's this is written the bull love mortal combat street fighter Sagal is like we're making it. So that mega game call it colonel champions which there's a whole crazy story lines who it. It's like he's nine fighters from all different time lines so. Guys from 50000 BC. To present day all these guys they all future in the future needs of all died all died before their time. So this other guy the eternal champion. He puts on this tournament so it ought to come all the different reasons that tournament someone makes more sense than others so he takes all these heads fighters dead dead people. Put them together and the whole idea is that you win the tournament. You get to go back to your life seconds before you died and you also know. What's gonna happen in Bob the world is gone and you fix it. So there's a bunch of different characters has. First game play is concerned I think it's Berry street fighter went. But the sound did you know like you know the noise you make you hit somebody or all of its very street fighter. But they also had. Like levels certain things on levels can hurt you one of those like environmental. Things. Players had weapons. And so that was the wrong you know what also was cool is it a little thing but you know how the beginning would you first like turn to Saigon and my. You know it's soccer had top court averages six and so the second thing comes out. And every time to turn around there's a different character like interacting with the sign when you don't punch in netter to commit a different character as Clinton's recently accidentally got to go to my answer all the way. I'm terrible about it now. Awful. Hard year old me just to shelve everybody I go there I was losing the first guy like I remember a couple of moves I was always Larsson who was the tech burglar 1920s Chicago. Yeah I'd like yet a couple of weapons electric rat in court every my swing through the level. It was a fun game it was kind of weird is a little bit different and if you were sicker if you want cliff fighting an aggressive before you are sick of street fighter Mortal Kombat I thought eternal champions is great. I know not everybody would agree but it was higher wireless. Davey had a because all the merchants are comes in and number eight the number eight on Carlos. It as an honorable mention just because they knew it was gonna be on your list and I wanted to talk about that we need to mention a next Sunday at number seven we have marvel vs Capcom two and I want to. This is one of my favorite. Fighting games because this was like unlike anything I think it would worlds collide this oh I belief. 20012099. Or ninety. 99 this came out and it was the very first. So marvel vs Capcom. You think of like Ari how many characters that you have for each. 56. Playable characters allows us that sales like this. Get a clue as you all the characters were available that. Out in front of me because like terror. There are our characters in this scheme that you would never put in the video game before and likely get the crossover event. Of the century. Must have been of that century you had everyone from. Outlook greens Spiderman. Juggernaut done you play. Let me read to release the marvel characters get its work that bit the caps on care where everybody might not know these are all the marvel characters in this video game are the Zell and a quarter. Black harder. Cable Captain America colossus cyclops doctor doom gambit hole iceman Iron Man. Juggernaut magna ego Merlo. No idea Meagher read solid lock rogue Saber tooth sentinel shoe mud gore rafts. It's over samurai Spiderman spiral stormed Santos and number war machine and Wolverine. Would like that lineup alone that's again. Got bigger as a break him than it through edit some of the some of the ones that jump outs me from cap com would be Chung Lee. Zain chief. Right you mega man and ice in ten is those is a pretty good group or they're they're. Yeah you got what other ones that mega man out. Strider was in the game to and more urgent from in from Starks. Was it dark soccer's weeded out one was armament to meet dark soccer's right rhetoric doesn't want back. But like this and the beauty of this game was it was almost like tech intact you can pick who cares. And you can tagged him in and out so. You could have like I remember playing I would play a Spiderman and pennants yeah article today as gambit in will go into his. Yes I found myself more gravitated towards the Carriker I think for their August yeah. Because I know as much as I love street fighter. I don't wanna plays ten or coma like if I get a place vitamin a vitamin. That's how that's how nimble but fifty characters in a system that like. The big game was fast and have an awesome combo system an awesome combat system would like super moves in my. Everyone had a different thing going on style place it was super fun game super fast. Are you can still get you so get it on my PlayStation network so I would say you got out of. A journal that's really good odd number six. Second tagged tournament. So a number second games of the series are David I produce you're gonna stream tech and seven at some point are so there's been seventy Gonzales and sue. Tech and tags so but the first second tag interment in there as just the idea that. It's a new wrinkle if your good with two characters you play as both characters in damage you know the other the other your opponent as much as you can. I just love that seconds of me has always stood out as. The better teams in the series that I know I know there's differing opinions on now I deserve I love tech in this to me is probably their second best game. But the idea that you you mash them up together role and a little low tech in bowling for good measure. And you get is a bit did you know and what are the one of the cool things too is our memory we would sit. Links for people went on a couch. And like weaving got a good enough to the point where like I've hit the button and hand you to control right. So QX four apparently gets us some good strollers of those four people right so than what you want I I get started it yet I hit. Or even a mid rounds I'm like aren't you attack targeted the united that. Mr. yet read because there wasn't it wasn't. Oh my guys dead now the next guys up like going to a job battle royal remember this was our. They have so and so there I don't match up well with that character so watching jumping. There's so Smart Smart fun game it's the top five Brian let's begin with the number five that would be your regional. Mortal Kombat. And only you know there's been a lot of good Mortal Kombat games but I think. Any fighting game now come close to sit owes. A lot tomorrow combat because what they added was like. Just an adult team like remember when Mack in first came out I think it was like six greatly at the sixth grade and people like up in arms about it is hard and the fatalities alone were. Stuff that people hadn't seen the video games. And with what was cool about this is this predates the Internet really silly you would only. Whatever RK UN TV would you like. You can like rip someone's head like you can like wholesome and Carter addiction. Arrests but also lets you said without without the Internet is like how did you find out about these you to like try stuff out or somebody had no maybe you'd be in a magazine that somebody's ascribe to that may be. Our numbers that I've recently I hooked up my my Sega just like a played turtle champions does jog my memory also pledged moral combat. I still remember scorpion. Starter he ripped the mask off the blows are sort of that. And I'll remember is some 04 downforce or low launch a serious yet. And also how crazy is this so we just about marvel vs Capcom two with 56 characters brought combat had seven. Seven and it was amazing he's great like OK great out victim to these characters and I'll play over and over and over again and is very simple you play their different. Difficulties. It huge score the tower you would face every other character in the game you do some endurance matches that need I grow like Ching soon and then you would. And if self. By yourself and your are a little nervous. Never made sense to me though is the it to break a brick by brick the woods yet this is distant ruling new controller. Yeah see and my vote castle like I don't want to I needed to death and you're pissed that Brett. That I don't I never really understood admiral comment James about a fifth now and others like tricks to it Rick you can take like to put a license or your credit card so it rubbed out over the top. In ballot it will go we had. I'm like that what are we doing with us the usage and it is. And and like banging on you know the donut. Symbol lookup that's create a lot of these games a whole lot to what they have from Marcum Matt obviously yes a look at as the pregnant. So next on the list and this one might be controversial to come. We put on the list whose title is because it's one of those games that people are obsessed with and it's one of the biggest fighting games. Fighting games ever there is is this small grow. It's a huge. Percentage of people. Do not consider this a fighting. And now we're we both did B bullpen. Wasn't sure which entry to put in there. Once I saw this was the that you put on that's us solidify those on the list is people love the yeah. And that is super smash Brothers melee so a lot of people say it's a ATV brawler not a fighting. And that has to do it well I think the idea is that it's multiple levels. Com and this is not a lot of different the Dow is all the that it's. It's it's a different fighting itself to me it's still fighting in the other thing too is there's not. There are special moves but you just have to hit a button but you don't. Have to input a certain date a special thing to get a special to it right. Which makes it more of a brawler like a side scrolling brawler than it does a fighting game to meet if two people gone at each other this way. That's the type. So good distinction there Rick and I was I was pretty sure of my list was public who would do all this let's sum also. In a dividend of being you know checking our other people would have for theirs. After Matthew Stevens and Venus. Other people figure the best buy you it's sort of forget one even though it probably wouldn't crack wireless. He goes weird and so. When you just like say like meta critic or never and I operated fighting in the super smash from the shows up he'll also shows up. Is like every WE eighteen. Sodas like Mike Tyson to those are those are not fighting games to me and neither is even like USC games. That's that's literally fighting but to me that's ago more a sports game. Sports like I would consider Mike Tyson's punch or a sports game I would consider unity a similar view we honor you if sports entertainment while Rex press. Let's us just not brother smash Brothers we bought as a ball included year and so that we have it we have melee coming in for. So just just. Touch on it it's great it's having all the Nintendo characters on together fighting each other is awesome I would be captain falcon dialogue without going package are. Alcohol bad and I'm not that's housed those I don't I am not going to unclear president. Kirby you suck at the game and it's cheating it's like Kirby is beyond job of smash. Her resides up that's all right. I so now. Our river three Ryan and this is my number one I was shocked and appalled that it was not on your list I do not understand this. This to me is the it was noticed that don't have like populism is and you sick to my stomach. I was close all the correct the number three it happens to be given the game allows the best that there's also it really is. One of the great game exciting is it regardless of sharp drop this is one of the great games of all time I beat second three. I was its arcade game we play it on the PlayStation. We talked about your second to those problem mention and this just to go one step further. They added more researchers to it they they gave all of the preexisting characters got a few more moves all the more chains rose a little bit more in depth of all the searchers. All of your sheer terror are intact in were in second three. Whether they're eggs into 15. The ones that you like the most trust me. They were in three or some don't variation on Jack are one of the guns are the jacks whatever they are all that there. Ricardo shows up and Teddy girl that was in there gone is in there that's right talking to. This is an oversight on my part if it was not limitless and because that would set aside it's this is my number one game. Maybe my thought was a couple one of the men and put it in there somewhere. Edit it and so serbians are grave like this is my favorite. I'll still play this game dictates it put in front of him Kellyanne outlet for hours. Agree Matt Geiger ogre is like the last guy you Fulmer turned into yoga. He chews through any ceasefire. Oh her. There was actually guns Kryptonite it's get a really good low kick combo where it's several low tics were all struck gone so ogre was really good against John true grow the fireworks and unblock able to draw it I'm. Vietnam yen's debut he's become one of the great characters and game. They just keep adding to the high gosh she like 'cause we Sam managed to daddy characters. It's awesome I absolutely love this. And I I can't each week it's been a whole episode going over the how second works in the story and everything like Capital One of the things that you touched on and I want to reiterate is this game was. It was super easier way. It really hard to get good bet you can pick it up and why it and Buick are I get it. The buttons are so simple because you have left to right punch left right like each button. And that's it but you don't have that this like. This three buttons so you have to like your outlook here with a home that. So you just this year on my issue of the general we've talked about hold on I've incorporated the Baptist and I incorporated the two fingers our clothes my point the finger in my middle finger. On either I guess one square and triangle or accidents or less solid play and that really helps of the log combos. It's an OC UN I'm not I'm tired like mapping like late this so we used it like when week depending on the character we would actually play that. Angela my best I know you're you're listening to the podcast you can and I got suicide of the four buttons of it before main bugs that you hit I you have two fingers on out of time. You have to. Yet yet. How the acting was incredible. And they added some of the other stuff to like beat a team attacked or like the like attack mall wherever they called it. Because before I don't you could only do that wears this one. If you wanted to seem sick so you either get six friends yes three friends each person to be two characters or do one on one in each person that's six characters go through. And most fun there is sent the first guy. Her respects the other guy's first guy. Well then you still get to keep your first guy in the news faces radar on dot Alonso knows. It was a world tour and it all the time I've played every second game since then. And cross fallen but there's just something different about active regular part of that was we were high school we all the play altogether I understand that's probably part of it. But second three's does not ever. I'm not to this was just the woman also had taken four solo second Fortson and couriers and I think they added that later on no I don't think it was and taken three I think that was when they insist that might go to PS. Who do it mace or Orman which is a bad second force which is like a side. Side scrolling brawler like streets of rage but you could players like to sit out electors that are drones. Yet it was awesome so are coming in at number two another number two a lot of who's here but I'm mortal combat skewed not everything good decent about or combat. Arm was the anti was up on and some of the I would say some of the best fatalities. Immoral combat were immoral combat. Some of my favorites included. Jack's just like reading. Your arms off that's the toughest like that's those are just. Which was cut. Which was kinda creepy because it didn't actually kill the person they're just like standard screening like the idea of what does it cut away and eventually would get medical assistant but they needed. Gonna lead out Rick and then one. Colclough with the hat slice levels and down until where you'd like Republica. That was awesome to me on. And and have them like winning once too but I would say this is critic team got screwed you also dismay and two really good characters that weren't in the first long and like. Right they upped the anti red tile lit up the answer to all the different guys different or is that Tim and there ends. Certainly get some of that the weird stuff as this where they do you think you did you. The noted that there was a bit it was much more prominent and there is much more seeds fatalities which people like to never use opera got someone to follow that he's really much more yeah. Are there were spikes on the ceiling in one level I still it is always at. And then it's spikes there's a more spiked. Drinks you doubting spikes to the mix. Yeah welcome metsu was. Was really good. It was that wants a number ones as you like this that I do see you take this on. So this. In my mind is the one that kind of started this whole thing. Come and that is not to be specific. This is we're talking about obviously number one with a bullet street fighter. I'm done that you news if you do feel that we need we have a street fighters on air so you knew this is our. Street fighter one. If you've ever had had the chance to play that it's like on playable. On that game super hard it doesn't make a lot of sense. The voice over workers like you can't really understand it. And you to play his three run Uga that's it. I do like write lines when street fighter who. Yet cap com I don't know how they did it that this team. It settled a lot of arguments. With me in my older brother it died but it kicked his ass time that was our one at. The other game that I won money playing out as a as a young person public street fighter two turtle. Once you could play is like the other characters like the were 34. Other characters there were. I'll rock Saget. Who has last Baghdad street under one big guy and an M bison shows up at the end I mean. Getting the players all those characters is great. And this is the first game and it was done by accident I don't know if you noticed that introduced combos. And fighting and it and it it it. It was a glitch. And it was brought to cap comes tension in the game designers thought. That the people enjoyed them so much that they can you imagine a fighting game now without crumbles. Now there are those nights ago. And like to kick it right you intend estimate goes straight up in the air and actually hit you twice. When he goes up and and come down and actually hit yeah that was a was lynched but it wasn't supposed to do that and they arrested and there was a couple other things that happened like. They hit boxes were weird so they captives and now combos are nothing if not for this game are fighting games wouldn't be what they are there would be no combos there would be no like. You know I I don't know but I can't say enough about this game in terms of like what it meant other fighting talk about a lot of these games. A whole lot more combat. In all these games but. All of those games oh what they are street fighter and I will say I'll go to the grave saying that there would be no modern fighting games without now odds. You think there's and that's us the street fighter franchise being Mortal Kombat franchise and the tech in franchise. Is there a fourth woman deserves in that group. Or no. A lot of you know what to make this list was I dead or alive a lot of people like Darryl left. Arm. I would and that was one of those games where. People like you got to play general I'd get a plea that are alive and it was good but I might one honestly tech. Yeah I feel like I feel like there's not really the office fourth horseman here I feel like. Joining get the soul caliber series or killer instinct or marvel cap com or injustice is that those are also on both those three so. Ryan. If you're playing any street fighter which character would you use right out of the chute muscling industry under already attacked. Right now they got taken as well or art or puma Bill Bennett did. Course who I who shows up in street fighter story that you've played every tech and I played every street fighter there's a character named Sean. Who is a who is in only a streak to 3COM who. I would play with it's given mighty druthers and talked. Oracle a very good in street fighter floor I was a nasty coma. And or that yes and therefore so Tom what about but I just. I'll go this girl and I keep them. And you're better five likely do it all the time and I play a lot of hello more Ken Ken Ken got details Mortal Kombat franchise. Hoosier go to. Rocca. Or. Policy. And more combat acts Aaron Aaron Aaron Aaron black I am. Pretty good our boxes character uncovered traditionalists out probably go scorpion in most cases. Sci Iraq's I was pretty good and and number and moral commit three and then not. Come at X he's a lot of reptiles and it is a lot. I'm no Jason no exists or predator there yeah. Detectives the murder just attack in franchise. Again Texans three gone is only exclusives that game probably a delay. Law Nina. Probably my guys you of course any court though in da. Ricardo and Bahrain and they say why rang and sergeant Travis I just didn't gut. But I eighty Cordero. If you gun in my head economic. Also wanted to own that record up art before it's taken the podcasts. A solar ready know that we are gonna answer some twitch questions we have time for him floats which questions about to get in now debut martyrdom those middle gets to the end but right you also get out of the five worst Friday gates. So if you guys have questions. How's the time two. And I'll leave them a moderate is a little bit to compile some of these questions but the fire I would say the five worst fighting games that are yes. Let coming in at number coming in at number five as I never I never leave but I saw people play and I he came out early 30 sorry jaguar. This came out for it was called bikini Kharazi. 16. This thing in and like all all women's like that all of them where they record I have no problem that. An apartment that what I do have a problem you justification said women so at least wearing bikini in harm's. And from what I saw just a completely on played against. The coming in at number four Star Wars masters of terrorist cause terrorists cup I think we don't receive terrorists I terrorist past. Ask us to scrap you have a game. With you have us Luke Skywalker in eight you don't get more like sell like. He fights it is out there that doesn't make that doesn't sense. I'm coming in at number three at some a spot supplement chat but yes Jackson sat slumped. Set. No reason for this game to be made. It doesn't story doesn't make any sense. The button memorably the you have to like press start to wake it would aren't Genesis like you had to lay. There weren't enough buttons he had like press start to access now buttons. It doesn't make any sense. Also some and I'll get to that second. A number two was an arcade it was an Atari game another argument was an arcade game that got ported to everything else in a fighter you're not. Are put for now they try to do it tomorrow comment saying where is like actual people knows that motion capture an actual people but it was. One of the worst games ever played super frustrating because like. You would people would hit you and Mike you wouldn't let you wouldn't like come closer race that. Or you're arguably punched through someone's head and you know ounce of super super frustrating. Arm and I would say probably there are some bad fighting games but one of the worst fighting games I was he'd be worse fighting game I've ever played is street fighter. This is insane we talk about this when we did video game movies or bit jumbled video games we do we do lots of them both. But I remember the fact they're like hey let's take a great video game and make it a movie like OK thank good luck. Let's that terrible movie and make it into a video game. Not only that let's take up a two very good video games right. You have street fighter two moral comment you mix them together. And on top of that you put characters from real shooting movie in Nat. The worst the worst. Game I think about fighting game I've ever played. Just awful like the motion capture was terrible to try to do it tomorrow combat and were actually Jeanne Claude van dam. I'm player. On the play. Let's do it this summer might have missed. I just want to mention you Def jam vendetta was super fun game. We met. On the stream last time like playing it's met the man and Redman Regis on people than it was the other goes. 01. Joseph obviously will have to right now. What is. Let's see that's one we missed clay fighter I never likely fighter. Thought that was dumb. So they had just entered a series of other options but that that's pretty good list solo once again real quick from one net from one to ten. Street fighter two Turbo is number one number two Mortal Kombat two number three seconds three number four super smash Brothers melee number five moral combat. Or six tech and tag tournament number seven. Marvel vs cap on to number eight eternal champions number nine soul caliber two and number ten. Killer instinct. Anything else front four gets the pick the potted Vincent's which question well. Let's let Tenet. Yeah yeah. Which are to kick received defer or defend the ball. On my scuttling this week so I'm dominant received a gophers arm. So what are we games haven't played a game game is dead cells I'd complain a lot out even not even ons on stream but. Are offline as well. And it is it's Superfund. They call it a match regaining a some guys who watch are now seen you play it. I so hard but it's so fun. Hermann death. Rogue like game kind of a dungeon crawler. Superfund game and you can pick it up now for like any system I guess so and the only other thing I would say you is I'm wearing his teacher right now you can see it. Com business new podcast to reach out to me ought to call markets for bargains Ruth oh. Their market drew this NB AT serial. They look fun nine and if you CNET episode of the office where they talk about a finer things club that's kind of what their podcasters. He reached out medium they wanna talk of Alex and Jane Austen books and literature or some books they've read it on a check that off there maybe. It yet check out our market drew her yeah. Maya in the pod this is that we love sports fans Ryan note though some podcasts so. Until this show we haven't talked about but it's back for another year. Second episode is going on right now as were recording us now would be hard knocks and it's on HBO. Even that. It's only four episodes. Yeah at least like enough of that and so Cleveland Browns. Owens sixteen brown spot. The number one pick Ian Baker may feel at a new high priced water siren jars injury they got a couple other guys that are somewhat into sync so. One episode then. I think it's worth watching based on a typical show. How how insane today do that every week's an issued during the weeks of the guys that's where it is because every this week's episode but it's not it's not full week because this week's episode Tuesday night. They're highlight their free seizing game I believe from Thursday so it's how crazy. If if they should sign Dez Bryant tomorrow how insane is that ice anyway I hope all I want the teachers assign does Bryant but if they don't and the browns go X we see you get them on TV a little bit. So that's it so if you guys now's the time we've we've hit the picket the pot if you guys have any questions odd chat line is open right now would be. Will be will be here to take all your questions. The longhorns aren't the ones I did you could still belong quest and I saw there. That's a good question so. Our original or logo. Actually not since yes second to our globe winner old old school logo that was our out of my arm. No this is the dialogue all right there. You already earned that the middle one the one that we had for a long run the coup design. So is sort of my idea and then whose design. We sold shirts that. And so somebody in the chat had ensured a comma content people are asking them whether although at that point. We had a change it for copyright reasons because we're hopefully this podcasts gets bigger and they're good you need to change that so yes. What letter where did it come from its original tour logo was that he was the dare double duty. When you look that I look at a couple of groups that they're doubled the the lowest the green lantern logo. The horror was Robbins logo. In the mix hey. This is the hardest hole we had we had a hard time I started on the actual thoughts. Of Jurassic Park. Yes so does the dress are regiment. Killer instinct also featured sweet I don't I. On where you can actually play the Basra called that out there character intolerance and as you can imagine Iowa to Austria. OK so we got wins they'll locate season two episode coming that's a good question that'll be coming. Since June. In the near us every other episode ideas and that's a point I I do wanna see happy time murders a good we could do an episode on that analysis circle. Arm will eventually would buy space and a little more got to do breaking bad season to some point. I don't know what. Yeah yeah we'll get there we'll all get it won't we will do Casey's who after all there's there's two weeks in a year so we'll we'll get there. Are better village chiefs are Eugene does that Eugene Boggs but it cheesy Eugene dobbs I would say neither because we've vanquished both of you out there dot there're there're edit in their routes. I'll watch their probably events they're real people kind of hard to set. And it says that one of them do but that's that's fine. Speaking of fights who wins the cage match up fight to death Mac one bet I'll hang up in that that shot just any love back and win. Anyone bat like the animal I mean yeah Australia thing that I. Yet America Mac is a fireman though the tough. Yet Mecca fireman a Mac is toughest analyses from wad it up so anyone in politics and a bit just in all of bomb that I would tickner. In a fair fight MIT one bat be used at street like asthma and Mac. Yeah Wednesday. Smash Brothers main captain falcon oh god I know I was not it's not frozen forever. Yet just mimicked Nintendo characters are so politically and they don't vote. Yet Mac is definitely a wild card oh it's the in any else. Well says the question here. Ever play king of the monsters arcade game yes I did play at a time killer is our time killers it was one of those games it was a rip off of eternal champions but the cool thing about time killers. Is you could cut off limbs like meat fight motivated and stop the fight. You do is an excellent arm. It says for. Not fun spot as the fund doesn't knock out. Yeah definitely what's fun world after me or not it was southern New Hampshire's funds so. I didn't like Dick Tracy on any ass out of a game was possible. I'm almost as impossible as Who Framed Roger Rabbit. On any gas rich richer and you did lie to the game was actually not terrible the the movie is that principles on which are probably do a full episode unfair Roger Rabbit. Tell us what is there aren't that it's a great idea. Us a lot. He's someone asked Jay dunks ass is photography art if you have seen coups wedding photos. You would say deputies after it is when I say yes my ruling is yes. Oh so this is a good question to Sean I'm in a field this question this hat is from a hockey clothing company called violent gentlemen. Which I have about eight articles of clothing from they catered towards so the idea the logo is everything is like violence settlement is closely neutral enforcers. And they did the idea came from after the first Stanley Cup. When the Bruins and Canadians. Played everyone's bloodied and bastard at the end of the game does this really cool picture of who are Bruins player and a Canadian space shaking hands in the newspaper described him as violent gentlemen. And that's where it and that's an income from super violent gentlemen dot com quick plug in I've been trying to get them to send me free ship for ever and it. I am and John castles and they don't turn into the Hurley Brothers from our earliest saw from Saturday live like a hot. Sleeping your bed. There. All. Of the best beauty in the documentary. From boxers podcast sides king of Kong which we've done an episode on. I'm an effort on trying to get all of our previous episodes. Available also on iTunes but arm until then. I. Handful that I've seen. That one yet you introduced me to after it has some of the overlapping characters from king of guess Anderson I. Yeah I like got in began unbelievable yes indeed him in the movies my favorite documented videogame documentary. Other than king of Kong dude can Gasquet newcomers like Arnold. He treated you guys Annika yet also. I made the decision. I made the decision to. Go PC instead of switch on and that has paid itself paper itself. I with early access games and everything I was allowed us once my questions. Would you allow your cough up money to switch from what's my kids are a little bit older I think once might its letter that little bit older are still. Yes but like you get what they're very. Yeah actually buys I don't know man that's tough that's a lot. I would like did but I still low poppy in the don't say before like a place Sega I'll play the original Nintendo iron yes or. Arnold I have a lot time for the switch I don't look to put Mario Kart or look listen millions they had tennis and whatever. Yes this is cheaper maybe our best bet. Your best spending gaming platform are considered includes. Yeah. Markham security. Both are right I like it a lot darkened city. Are not Harkin city with this story of our constituents that you awesome I became put out the best game ever. The possibility it's in the minutes in the straw shortlist of best teams ever. The greatest sniped in any game I've ever seen lives or that I've done a son. I yet shot some good ones. The best night I've ever seen. Playing modern warfare two. I forget the name of the level that is the one it's like kind of like a junkyard. I saw some kid just jump. The growth throwing knife across the map and hits one line. And I've never seen that done we just like. You knew exactly where the other team responding was gonna catch someone's sleep in and fired throwing nice all across the map and so and anything that I've done on rust and in called. Right let's wrap up this episode sell it the podcast that we did wrong and I had one question. I'd better game halo or gears of war I would say payload regrets it and that's what's but what makes us. Different is a mix is greater ever held back and you say that's that's broke how all of a Mallon so big so much guys I think this is lost fumble said the episode sounds amidst didn't seeing. The seed back on May get more people next week maybe you'll continue to do it this way I don't know yet. This is a lot of fun. This episode will be close it probably listened to right now on the iTunes or stitcher or Kubel later WEEI dot com. Or at or podcast on what are. YouTube dot com susteren podcast I did east which stream are switched on TV slash are on the always email us. Door podcast at gmail.com. Ditty anything else that. And I'll let us so we're we're actually you know I just typed in and of the chapel we're actually gonna stay on for a little bit outward just in a stopper according to we'll continue to field questions and all that stuff on our episode has runs wells are so we get a pixels on all of this maybe you'll join us next week and we will have a brand new episode which once again is he he deep. It.