#DORK 80: Summer Camp Movies

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Tuesday, August 21st
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey discuss the best and worst summer camp movies. Where would you most want to spend your summer? Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey's Video Game Minute and the Pick of the Podcast. Twitter: @DORKpodcast 

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If the door to my task is to the two of my chances which cheek if the door. I can't pastor is I don't mind cash. Banks turn into another episode of hash tag door miners Retief join as always by Ryan Davey Davey how are you looking crisper sonic Chris tonight Richard's going to be one. Good guess about this topic so let's get after this is exciting and now once again for those you just listening on the iTunes or on stitcher Google play. We're also the though not try to incorporate a a video aspect of this as well did beast which account which dot TV slash are on. Right now is right there and ice have a nice episode and I shall we get sued tie too sure Ryan let's get to the news. All right Ryan HBO on their Twitter account and ran that. I know it's fair to call it a teaser there's more look at teaser for a user. Basically just some images I mean images just like words. It in the right thought of watchman and they're just really dared seeing us that watchman. Is coming in 2009. Just one LA you know this is a thing that we plan on doing so. David rattle off. Right some say I was a high hopes David Limbaugh off my head. Waxman. Are we are certainly on board for so it get in on that you haven't yes. What is it did to tackle it was nothing ever ends so is this like it had what happens after what I'm guessing. Navy yeah. They work cut out forms still in the commentary to come offers other nonsense goes. We do and how much the original cast is coming back to get I don't think any of them are doing anything. No I don't not automotive recasts. Human recast recast yes I know by Jackie Earle Haley as were you know Matt did if you suspect and he can be back and usually. Yeah there's dust on it yet and anybody can do work document end usage of voice the the big blue winner you know. Swing at you and me and MTV and MTV you know HBO looks that they just LePera. Yet there's also are so that was a yeah there's a subset of doctor Manhattan adult film. There has to be right my dad and me and you could find anything whatever whatever milk sugar and you can find it on the Internet at that point I guess you've ever of the weirdest thing you can think of. It's been tops whatever you can imagine it's been top and it's out there so. And that all right let's say between about this a day Will Smith has really quite a film biography ahead of him. He it's really gonna be three straight hits. Making rights to yet the Netflix right is gonna have a sequel suicide squads gonna have a sequel. And bad boys three is also gonna come out now. I did like bad boys and bad boys two I only dad I've. There right Alec Edwards to more than I liked the original bad boys only because bad boys two was the most ridiculous movie have you ever seen. Let Y two YR. Two Miami street cops like crossing international line. You know till like breath once raid of the lake PD you know it doesn't make any sense. And it's. It's got like three different ending soon it's like oh or doesn't know or not or go to Q violate our government that's like no like. The other thing. The part where the big here it comes to date Martin Lawrence's daughter. And the answer the door again and like Will Smith like pretended to be amazed and yeah that might be the funniest scene in the lake they close. The kicker Robert. Michael didn't do that. Right we have a lot of Netflix news of the Netflix news I guess strapped in for some Netflix news stranger things three. Apparently it's gonna be really inspired by the film fly such. Which isn't great because I think I was talking you guys and a group chat I think Fletcher is one of the most over rated comedies of all. I'm a big flats fan sided not really love this news and nervousness people who write the people who like Fletcher seemed to really like it and I'm not one of those people. On its like its ultimate like Chevy Chase being it's on HBO if you wanna watch it I T skip it. It's just the skip it to skip from me if all that I category of you know some of those movies from the eighties that. -- grow up whether it's hard not as funny as people tell you that it has not been the most of the chase who's really up for it yet all. Money this is good this is more exciting. American vandal. Having a season two. Doesn't here's the way back towards will be at it it's gonna be the two kids that did the documentary. They are gonna be it and they're gonna me. 02 Catholic private school try to slow. Who is deterred burglar bright and is something if you watch the trailer which I'm sure you do there's an incident that happens called the round. Which on chicken finger Beirut start crapping their shorts is everybody here's a call back our own gallery abortion all of this all right back. That's a call back. The embezzlement and girl who's just like yeah I just shook my pants. Like that that's good enough rate that is right in my will. Another thing humor. Still think right right away Obama I do think there are focused on Yemen on that but. When they did all all season one when they said who drew the Dicks and I think we know who drew Dixon who did the Dick's yet. Not a bit that's going to be tough guy who's deter burglars deter burglars. Ku did addicts is much funny that's funny that's much funny because you you're getting like. You know other people are like you know constantly saying like who who drew the knicks went that's Lleyton Hewitt that was part of the charm of the first season. You don't like chicken fingers crab and it's all about that the lieutenant Mike Mike. It's just sit at sit out footage and you know. This thing it's come September 14 this rural corner data kind of snuck up on sun is already that I knew that analysis to but I didn't realize is going to be. This quickly and then the week before that it's going to be iron fist season 20 yeah they released a longer trailer. Crazy to think that it doesn't look that bad. I mean trip we've been duped by trailers before we've we've bonded and four I hate but. I think in reading the articles in the day the people know the show runners of iron insist no that it wasn't great and they knew they missed. So I think you're trying to correct some stuff now like the said the trailer was oldham or action pack a little bit more. You know Dini grant has gone full swing going out at night he skipped and his other job and you know while what's her name has really Wayne calling Hollywood is really we're gonna. You know so the leak. They right the ship with that it's never gonna be great it's never gonna be daredevil I don't think people care enough about iron. Unfortunately. He's also rocket like actual like masks now. Yes it was a good one reader looks a lot better then what who's worked with before so let's say I think let's make the announcement now arrive at some point. Let's say middle of September middle to end of September. UA Luke cage and iron fist all season to combo so golly heroes for hire so. Jerrells friar season it is. Go up market. Our Michelle Wilson and Joseph McHale. Both had their Netflix talk shows canceled. One I get in the other one I'm kind of like in different sorts of Michelle wolf com. She went through she went through some us some stuff with you know the correspondents dinner and stuff and that's that's kind of no surprise me at that I'm a little surprised but I am not. Tell us a couple episodes I like her that she's like hurts you on in the Joel McHale show he basically tried to do like. The top of the soup again. I'm Netflix and it was awful and you could tell like watching it that he didn't wanna do it like at all like you just completely melted and saga. It was it was. Almost. On watchable here is bill was Batman really yet so I'm not surprised at. Well I don't think that's really let people. So I think that's lets viewers are thinking talk show or like weekly talks a lot toxin you're still thinking in shallow right again credit showed up so the report through these so. Maybe it'll work somebody under an appeal or what's in the Letterman want and then whatever but. Will say. Odd in the lasted about Netflix news. Up close season's salary is in fact happening as we move to Vegas a year ago. No brainer I mean that that shows good it's and it got that it's one of the rare ones of my cup banner. I think that season he was better than he's one of the other you're right I'm. This for document area they're going to be making that dark heart of Jason boards ease the making of the final Friday. Just the last laugh. And then they sit and meet the final front I amber like. It's just the final Friday at a movie don't when it was just like no this is the one that was. That led into. Freddy vs Jason so there's like the image out there very very end. Well you know they're doing the movie with the two of them. Yeah and put that in but like that blade fingers are really the Freddie hand and all that it's yeah. Always interest did I loved watching like special features and I loved watching how movies get made and I'm interested to see like why. They chose to do this late now. As I got to him so maybe that's something I'm intrigued me listening about the movie like I don't know. So magic but other apps Grassley could get your and that's the whole. The last in his I have Ryan is apparently to Miller who directed dead pool one. Yet she never was originally I'm more predictable to an end up to many it was out on that. Up apparently she was gonna have the fantastic four. In dead full seuss and now they're gonna fight to juggernaut like the wolf. Is fox writes it carefully fox and Olivia. Dakota where. I think a lot of stuff and listening to Mac and you talk about the XX men movie franchise and those late dark Phoenix in new news kind of being shell. Our own you gotta wonder if this like fox Disney deal was and has been in the works really really long time. And that's what it kind of put the kibosh on stuff like that because they knew that this is probably gonna happen and that fox is selling off all heard the right so. Many doubt would have been I don't know and what's fantastic for you know put in unity new people you know put in the once it's on a unit put in the would like they'll let us album like. My other well I was on earth I think that probably considered the crappy crappy fence for movie tells the most recent and I don't know what they signed multi still home deals are what they ended up doing if not go to task that probably did. Could you know was there Campbell movies I hope they don't moment I won't have done to Iraq is an absolute tongue heat. Brodeur stuff was all time. I absolutely right Amazon calls especially. Compared to the ones the chemo. You know fifteen years ago where they didn't have as good a special effects are they this is just as bad as close what I mean that it was just bad at those but at least those movies were self awareness and like at least at some camp two at some point Salinas and that's where Dallas is dead serious and she's very dark there is ships no fair no villain until the last ten minutes and an idea. They've got one of the best villains marlin liberalism. Debuts as brutal stupid stuff. Yours is. Your thing Ryan student's needs. Okay. Even man. Let's just point out if you guys want to keep up with but all of video game news and stuff like that I'll check out mimicked gamers are come they're doing a great job they're hosting our our broadcasters have been super supportive lots of Albert the team or new guys and great thanks so much. The good news and that I wrote about for them recently the gene's gone. I'll fire so he's he's done. On and I kind of give my thoughts on that from him gamers and I kind of let people know what I thought about it and don't you agree with me Richard but you know where does the buck stop. They're cannot query web that thanked emir. Tibet boys and sure the job Rawlins and all these you know reason to it was the summer Josh Rolen and you know people just sweep under the rug that you know people who I. We're talking about this forum and its brutal you would talk about this before where it does seem like. More people of the getting in trouble for things that they said. That for things that the actually physically. Which is OX. Car replicates in sports it's an entertainment it's in my freezer muted that stuff goes on what to do some news notes and as we in terms of video games. I'll CO2 new trailers now offered new games one making my day. Not time stamped this whole thing but I'd devil may cry science. Trailer for that came out on in early show the deputy treatment showed it at com when. Go to commit an arm was basically Virgil who is Dante's rather. Virgil and Donte' great. That are literary references there. I am sure so and so immediately trailer in debt dropped today Donte' actually shows up. On the and he drives some sort of motorcycle wreck in peace split into two and then used as weapons so that was. Silica that tell us what's controller. That he's run a motorcycle and takes off yeah its people that limits and that's. Just me. You know that those problem I haven't until make crying games as you have sweet guns. And they're not worth that god damn they're just not worth anything they do nothing. They do nothing I'm so. In May make those things like we're using is announcing. So at a coming off the heels of hard fighting games podcasts eighties a trailer for soul caliber six. Came out today and now how's that looks interesting in Iraq. You create kind of your own fighter and you take them on like this like we are fighting pilgrimage to speak over lions. The least that's what it looks like from the trailers and limit. And on that it's completely custom so you can do my chain mail armor samurai you can beat. Some weirdo pleaded not chalks up fighter would you be if you could choose any kind of fighter to be creator trading. Yourself. Over the best kind of fighters. Oh. We have to kind of a samurai or if you talk of sorts. You happy and it's almost like you have to. Or do you go like like hung in two handed brought sort later claymore you know I mean who. Yeah also Erica. I'm much more of an elusive fighter and you're more like a straightforward like parlor let's get knocked right out jagr coming right to the center of a recent swing and joining me. Desist so a lot of the other quickly. Or any other and it's getting done quickly so. Again Newsom just cause for. A lot of people are gonna like just cause I never was I thought it was. Silly. But I. So trailer for that is a tornado EC this guy Rico seems to be chasing it down and and have a good time within just you know haven't and on. Thought the tornado I did a a run through of paper boy. I didn't see you see I was gone for the most I was not brought along we get that in the seed yet miscreants terrible aside I just over the diplomats all there for some reason the screen Tampa like changing colors like the way the phone was reflecting off of the screen now it is seizures. I would urge everybody not to launch it by the just sell write downs just look at you know Monday through Sunday no problem they were delivered papers mood around avoiding guys with guns everything else time. So yes it's it's not a big deal we called the ghetto street we know what do you socioeconomic things though we don't like too late Uga. Well extreme I think it's more Victoria. BC. Yet and I'm so I know we get to the topic you're glad you're kinda. So Sony is now coming out with new PlayStation four controller something they haven't really done the new colors now which ranks rule. So I think to try to go like Xbox and they have an elite controller they're currently in in that market. We have a souped up controllers that he used threats on in the in the game spiral for the kids has been pushed back. And those close to come out I think this year and next so I very sad on the spiral front but do we got news and notes video game bet. Let me ask you this are you ready debts but it sure I forget what that is. The topic of the day and thank you. It is summer camp movies can we figure summer is running outs this is sort of the the very end of summer may be kids are returning from their summer camper however that how that works. So we figured this was the last opportunity we had this year anyway the talk about summer camp movies there's no problem. I would say pretty polarizing but there are some that I think are pretty good look at a lot of the critics. Think a lot of trash movies I was really. So let's just like kicking around you're not gonna really recommend to a top ten hours and got a new best worst some of the best characters best counselors best and worst camps. And all that's also. When I first say summer camp. Movie. Also first on the putts near. Two. Meatballs in wet hot American summer. Are what you start with the meat balls because I mom are bigger fan of what hot button that ended up more so getting to the meat balls. So meat balls. Bill Murray movie that might bush just cracked some fears did you hear that. Very subtly Alka trillion. I'm. So this is kind of like that it can't movie to kind of started all this like cam movie thing we're bill Murray's the media leak counselor at summer camp at northstar. Northstar and Davis where today he can't across the lake hit tiger law. Is we're all rich kids go. And so we just have this rag tag group of misfits who wrap this summer camp there you know there meet Al. You know they're neck and you also can't council things became radiates calm and it's it's a fun movie it's a very uneven. So it seems low it's a series they shot at a series of Mike vignettes that just like. This movies about in the complete switch gears and go to something else. Because it starts out like Bill Murray has this relationship this can use a little bit of an outcast that no one really likes them. Mostly backers make peace who's just a really creepy looking team. Arm and he takes a running so we and it takes them under his wing. Then it switches gears and then it's about like the CIT's in the near relationships in the army canal and there have in the summer their lives. Then all of a sudden we're in this competent no explanation we're in this basketball game with can't tiger while obviously now all of a sudden we're in like this thing like this you know Olympics thing with cat is so he doesn't really. I ever. Found. Out together. Yeah but it's say it's none of these movies we're gonna talk about next would exist in terms of what hit comedies 'cause I think it horror predates the comedy but on a meet all this kind of like the granddaddy of all summer. Yeah right I did yeah that is doing a comedy at a summer camp and so I go and in the on that you Davis wet hot American summer. Which came on 2001. I was shocked. And appalled when I looked at the Robinson models numbers. That. What do you think the critics gave wet hot American summer I was gonna if I were to simulate what would ideally like where we're and I put it I would say like out like low seventies. Lakes. Separately at an early eighties edit they get that's different because. Coming acidity stones would you give what. How far we're not yet ratsiraka death yet so the critic 33%. They just don't get it too it's like it's not. But it's so outrageous sum this data in there it's I guess. Like the other scene where they go on the town and do drugs all day and then come back and everything's fine. Yeah it is like don't get it I guess and like it or that when the kid. You know Hillary steals the kid basically want Gloria and I got to. I'm sure critics like guy that's disgusting I wanted to. Like that's stupid but I think this is like. Because it's it's a cult movie which people loved it loved this movie knowing that it's not I think the problem with film critics and stuff like this is you have to be objectively you have see Alex this is quantify a week couldn't get it. The way you shot this like the fact that. It's sunny outside and you cut to interior shot it's raining like stuff like Alec. That sucks it's not good film again elect. C'mon dude it's funny it's funny it's like it's it's super funny at the cast is outrageously talented the task I think really good yes. You can tell that a lot of it's like improper. Yes which is awesome I might be your characters she. G and it's early. Yet. My mirror newspaper yes you know it. There's a deeply about all around he's oh yeah that would you know the the gene Jack at all times too cool for school this girlfriend is Katie Saturday. And he's just the man I give you everything he's also making our Elizabeth Banks have the movie you know he doesn't cure kids that's a frantic hitting everything good. Happens to tolerant and not just making up. What's her and her name is Connie. In Mighty Ducks Connie from the Mighty Ducks make now attorneys Nextel. Rather young Elizabeth Banks and either you do lower than that she's wearing a pair of shorts and one scene there. So that takes place it's six as outs I don't Waterville Maine Sosa yes it doesn't look camp camp so I. Yeah don't Bradley Cooper is dead and Poehler is good. Geneen Roth below our means. It's funny and it's outrageous that some of the stuff. Yeah and Nigel from Frazier well yeah under the slug it doesn't get a sense some of the stuff but it's the end. The stuff that is for Netflix. Was actually pretty good suit us what is the don't think it did it look couple series you should check out or the silica. You know a prequel than at a ten years earlier to ten years later whatever was that. In primitive first day camp and intended tended to burst through us first they have Kampman and ten list of funniest part to me is that. Generally the people you know shows look. Good like Paul Rudd still looks good people always looks good. Our own Bradley Cooper obviously. They brought in not Chris pine for one of those listening and now and took Cooper spot I think great. Something like you know immediately but you musician music and attack him and hundreds of com auto Chris pine yeah but then they'll get out of Scott. Yes yeah to take over yes but. Michael Showalter who please coup in net in the first big camp series oh my god. A hole. It looks. Awful get out of the game animus against eighty pounds a bad way. None of the good let me I'll do it like you know you win or it's just always like here. Is where like half tonight shirts and stuff that might be like the hookah shell necklace silicone shell necklace it's like. And we need to tide on him. Citizens of a global on a holiday and one half where he's so he's the guy who he's he loves. Haiti Saturday like that the love sir it is like some nicer or she's nice to him. And at the end he thinks is a chance she's like no I am winning Indy super hot like a it's just the tip OG he's like you probably noticed. I like you you're nice guy yeah. So that. Allison is get an hour so my eyes had never seen it before so it a year ago and it's of our favorite movies now she she actually went to summer camp I did. I did I was out of circuit and that's probably even funny or do you guys who have who like to see some of the stuff that's going on yeah it's it's real like you have Beck hit the music hit and every single cabinet no matter how old they are electors. The whole summer urges students out. And my concerts really do think I was a counselor until I was like seventeen summit that I was like. You got a million trouble at some point hourly. Trouble its original our immediate shot and got one hit him regularly clothes on fire. Find out whether or not. Are speaking of smelly cancel about heavyweights. Actually I'd frauds heavyweights though you're not a huge fan. No I am I like heavyweights but the problem I have with have you I like heavyweights from the issue I have and I've always hat. Is Ben Stiller and in so far it's. The character he plays in dodge ball which is another good. Yes it is ruined. Because it's it's the same character as Tony Curtis it's the exact same character while maybe it's a shared universe. And it is no name I could make sense after being a failed fitness guru and heavyweights may be he becomes. Another. This guru who is off out. So just take heavyweights on its lonesome before dodge balls and made. That's seek as he goes asked the question and it's a good question is Ben Stiller ever the funniest. Character in the movie never answered yes heavy. Had a heavy ready and that's the one exception but I would say that the fact that he Bruce is it always have that work in the recycle Medicare mix heavyweights inherently linked. But I can not not not gonna punish heavyweights because. Two of my favorite comedic actors of all timer Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell. Yes they don't play a lot of different carrier takes the extra pass it could play little overlap there when those guys. Have you who's really good edges. Some of the stuff they had Tia a young Kenan Thompson's and there a yeah a young Goldberg who was just in the news recently. Probably future of the modern humans. He was in the film. It's called Campo. And they're trying to get these fact kids to be skinny. Not that beats Tony Curtis still say the slaughter also while the launch has been canceled due to lack of hustle also say oh I love. I thought it meant is that partly goes you wouldn't. You know. And I love that these Big Dig in meatballs the big athletic event at the end of the summer is like this road race there that I. You noted they had to late race like F five K so much that Ehrlich to treat the fire and then that's when it's like over your right go carts. That's good run and anywhere. That's when they had not had a lob on the Internet piracy in the globe are also sad for the yet sells us. Is that there's the coolest thing ever that. That is heavyweights is good I do like heavyweights what do you think make up from rob to models. Heavyweights not probably not good arsenic in the fifties. 29%. You. So consummated critics do not like summer camp salado power however. I should commence in the audience score on web hop was 76. And the audio heavyweights and 77. OK yes and people. Like Donald. Joining me yeah yeah. One that I he really liked it was because it came out came out nine before so I was thirteen years old. I'm right around us right age was the movie can't nowhere. Are witches. Awesome so we idea is that these kids they're also one supposed to go to. Back into one's supposed to go to computer camp and once the cigar like drama school wants like this computer computer programming whenever and they Alter your parents in Hugh sending them to like this abandoned camp where they just. Do nothing all summer and I remember thinking like that. That's the is being like if it's very. Yet just free and Mitt I don't know Ole. What she's doing now but the young woman in that movie who was the B person be elected drama camp. Hot resident on. Who's your sixties she is something else I do not know. Thirteen year old me was was all about well what is now there are about to. Our great sums up if you're listening. Christopher Lloyd is in the movie meet plays like the he's an actor but it failed actor who like runs the camp click pretends around the camp so. I love I love you know reducing Islam. I've not seek him nowhere doesn't give us the let's got to tell us up mud mud. Early favorite for guy I would hang out with that summer camp and Arnold didn't develop it later. Let's throw and this is and obviously on a Friday the thirteenth. Yet yet you are hard to beat hit Kristol can't crystal lake is probably the most Mitt well recognized name and any Tampa. Actually yes it fictional camp re yeah. You have to be right. It's. You know it's so twelve movies in the franchise. Not all of whom are on the camp wants space once in Manhattan. That's right hell but yeah most of whom are. At Tim crystal lake Jason this is where he's Tommy Jarvis. Who is in its floor of the twelve movies so one of the main kinda. Just as the characters but it's a good one and that sort of you mentioned how meal meat balls got the horror of the comedy camp. Movies going this obviously at the horror movie or camp gone so. You know there are two things in avenue you can laughter ass off already. And murder no it's a two things but I I would say Friday the thirteen original or even park to overthrow and on and on the list of best summer camrys yes from beavers are always thought. And this might be a hot it's not it's a warm tickets one of your signature wanting to feel warm take care. I would start Friday the thirteenth part two was better. That's a nice bath water take a brilliant blue book because what they think you do like 5050 C is speaking at the Casey to catch us on a black cat. Remember he's he's on a time so that's how it's not. Who might be golf. I don't know I think like the first on better but there's no actual like big hockey masked Jason GD mass Jason tuchman. I'd get it back bags were an actress and yet when I. It doesn't close one. It's amazing how iconic Jason is word Jason like the like the Jason that you like closer us and see. Isn't in a good movie. It's true you know really like you might Michael Myers and Freddie were good movies in another field and human right. It their all and should believes too. But Jason's ruled out any good movies but. Anywhere that I've sue others that would include somewhere on the good list. Addams Family values. I was wondering we're gonna be rerouted replace this because. A lot of it takes place acute chip belong where done Wednesday and up pugsley go. Brandon you're the kid who liked Wednesday. Is there was jewels. Just let a young David crumble halts. Yes it was a bit less thing going on. Also this is a vessel trip down memory lane the popular girl champ Amanda and was played by an actress they Mercedes McNabb. Who did. In both of them are solar. Connecting an innocent active the week. Christine Baranski turns in a hell performance as the camp. Leader there so it does now that's that's accommodation it's a wedding movie and it can't be. Yes it is there I think you're I think you qualify for both lists I dislike the like the images of Wednesday and pugsley. At a summer camp is that you think of summer camp is like Ali's deserves a great time what are they gonna give them more miserable as it was good. And met a U summer camp a bit of them how era. Oh a lot of my conference shortly after the war that is your Wednesday doesn't really feel summer camp. This these are the ones other kind of like on the cusp. I would say I like summer camp movies. From one up bow out like mood rice and you saw that. Yes champ Ivanhoe. It can't I don't know so that's you know that some. We are pushing us and I I didn't move rise kingdom photos like Aaron that's a Wes Anderson movie it's an incident. Absolutely Wes Anderson movie and I want you can just. Com it's great for one of those movies it's quiet enough for you can put it on you would go to sleep in the media is kind of ignore an ischemic and it's very late whimsical CL a the music on a background rounds that's talent on the cost me another one that I remember loving and it did not age well at all. Was Ernest goes to camp CNET recently Osama lest those out as well I think yet. Ole Ole sidebar here Ryan yeah. How what is the legacy of the artists movies. See that's the thing I don't think if you showed a kid and earnest movie as this I will signed by the sidebar. I showed my four year old daughter today is I think it just came on Netflix recently you re playing house who do well. It was tough for everybody ever reverse as well he Rios about. Right but she's like in new hammered by she's like. This is pretty electric chair and hug him like this is not everything in his house is alive and mechanics prequel it's Tom that aids so. Little kids look like Japanese phew what show the Kennedy year old Ernest goes to camp you Beulah. The hell is that's like who's he talking whose turn. All of hurdles if you. Are we burn where all permanently. I think we are all burned we're in the real collective term we're all birds like really explain that to a kid to do that with. I did I seriously don't buzz going over some of the things off for this episode. My mind circled through and you shark you so much of Ernest who is all the time and so you're scared stupid goes to jail. Just like that there's like five or six of them I think. I'm big myself like. Those are all these movies came now what I've what I've thought about it's so big that just nothing like it. No there isn't a happy how would you explain. The Ernest movies is that a decision to your sanity should a look at our unity just another adult thundering herd that. Where would you begin. I don't know I mean aren't whose earnest by Ernest is kind of like this weird redneck paneling janitor guy who's like kind of like a dummy. And but Nike hockey breaks the fourth wall like constantly in late. But Europe the for a while his name burn so he's talking to at least are gonna burn the whole time your burn so is he dead bull. Essentially he's like the summer camp jail earnest at Halloween double that he's dead pull out of mask. That would be a great bit for Ryan Reynolds to do you do like an awareness that. Like a solution right that it he's kind of a forgotten. Like love movie legend ya ask me is that. He plays a Jim Varney right ticket upon. Good luck. Keep playing this character Ernest who is the lead character in like is in every scene of every one of these movies and they made multiple movies that made it. I think it's five that over the four or five yet and that person direct to dvd you want a video. Let us just yet it's this year and anything else. I don't think he's in Beverly Hillbillies views and oh yeah and moving replay can clamp. So I'm elect yet he made a career out of like being earnest 00 my god it's fascinating to me there's going to be this. There's got to be like the Jeff who is per yard bird or wherever you're burn a river about other outlets can't kick cocky. And got samples didn't make as opposed to keep a ticket to physically keep it khaki I would pick out because they're a ticket out. Written whose campus boat okay. I'm just look at Google list right now like best summer camp movies. Al ones that are worth mentioning race your life Charlie Brown is a good one I'll Whitewater summer with Sean asinine Kevin Bacon is a good one. I know that's that's more like an outward bound not like a summer camp kind of thing I'd bet that's a good one. Let's see. Another amendment attached to. Get Wheldon in Maine yet the original war. Low a little lower ones he's developed and has good. Let's see America by being known and that that. I don't need a big that's what else he got others that got a couple of for worse. I have a lot for worst. Can I start with the unethical with sleep away camp. Please do. So Google has mentioned sleep away camp many times on Mac and view including. Some of the Halloween episodes in and spectacular is that we've done. And so some of this is based on who it would he is told me because I don't think it's have you not seen since we can't relevancy of Trevor the bottom line is this. It came out a few years after Friday the thirteenth so their backing off the were. Champs movie so what happens is there's these two kids is that there's a boy or girl. And they're swimming and camp they're just swimming Italy. All the sudden some lunatic comes out how to help ease like Obama did a water skier in this boat murders one of the kids. Murder advocates. So now bit the other kid asked the lives with their on. I expected that parents are some thing I think is that a move over the on I believe this would have dozens of eggs and promissory. That goes until that. Short of the odds raise the kid eight years later. Eight years later. They send that she did it. Soon the seemed can't Wear the counselor murdered. Their sibling. That's been apparent right and so now now you have. So it's the girl now labor I think her name is Angela so she goes in the camp after her brother. Assumed from Brooklyn quotes that are Brothers debt crisis of the girls going to cancel the whole movies girl there at their economic girly hate girl don't let the growth people sir turn up debt. People are everywhere they go that turn up dead but there are ruled accidents like well. Different ways that been ruled accidents and you start to get trends here that it's people picking on this girl. Right another young guy that likes the girl and so he sticks up for the girls so you'd think maybe it's am baby Sam turns out. It's the girl who's doing it. She's not a girl she's actually a guy. Spoiler alert it's a nice some lumps quest she is revealed to have a Venus the entire time Ryan. And yeah and it was the trees. Know that you think you've been happening again what is your own auditors and there was this loses boy who was OK to look at the growth because he lived with a son and his are always wanted to girl is so rains and as a and so but at the end he just rocks out when his clock out and you're like holy smokes and so anyway. This movie. Which is a camp camp or lack 80% on Ron's motto. My oddly you get out of did not think yeah I'm guessing there was not a lot of critics. Just that I that I can read whatever that movie came out but did go wrong maybe maybe do can correct me but I'm pretty sure that's how the movie played out so I'm sure you are you treat sleep wicket resonate three and a sleep away camp. And so. It's one of these they say it's a shocking twist ending of any movie ever it so this girl the whole time was risen but this movie. Involved like at one point the girl who knows a boy oh boy like the Coke tried to like rape murder something. Then there was. She had like flashbacks to when she caught like her father. Like our fathers like male friend having an affair. There's a lot of weird kind of things that it's weird like Jean she didn't think that that's what he was into electors is all kinds of stuff. In this movie and yet rarely critics really liked it. Yes it is a lot of years there's lots unpacked here is not done there's tons unpacked there you go out and I don't want to put on the bad. And then there was this spawned a bunch of sequels. Yes including. A league goes Bruce Springsteen's real life sister. Later laid the character of Angela. Really who is like actually. The dude I haven't. Had a penis removed it believes in real rape legal situation. The mr. today she. I. I guess that's that's a bad one and now let's say it's what's worth mentioning is any. Awful I believe it culminated with meatballs for. In which the lead role is played by. Corey Feldman. In this is when. Court is not doing so. Korea's. Rotterdam like teenage phase I think Korean team was doing a movie. If anyone has seen this movie called prayer for the roller boys I'm. Amount which could always got it was a movie there was a post apocalyptic game movie starring Corey game. In which there is this street gang that was run by rogue leaders if you can believe that says the a CC prep for the roller boys. 1982 lot of neon terrible movie. Is called me bulls forward to their rescue. Hurdle that it you don't see that movie what about that and Tibet. Look champ Cucamonga. You know 1990. Would Jennifer Aniston and reckon Meyer. Now can acquire hubbub this cast as well so they said he'd primary this was from like. Which he probably to the silly film serve primarily as a vehicle. To cast a variety of stars from popular TV series of that error including an honor Ratzenberger it's yeah yet Ryan Robinson head of the class. Chad Allen from my two dads Candace Cameron council house. Josh some of audio. And did victim teller or Winnie Cooper from the wonder years. It'll only matters. That a couple of others aren't silly they're all in this movie and it's happening in the Ekuban 1990s as a very young Jennifer Aniston ago terrorists hit three troll Jennifer Aniston yet and she still had via. She uttered those. In my right. This yeah I thought she did the the minister. She did and like shaved down just care. Remember a leper com. Looked at Jennifer and looked a little bit different where rats ass Warwick Davis Kabila won it would now taxis can. Some of the worst movies I've seen there was one called fired up com which in involved who grows going to cheerleading camp. I want to end that was just done. Some. It was the key aide who played. In remember that they're pretty dumb and dumber prequel. I played Jim Carrey. Should forget his game. You don't if you saw the area and and Angela city use and it was pretty bad and the other one was American pie being camp. Yeah which is a receipt. Dallas one of probably one of the worst movies that are turtles this all those are compiled movies were just brutal movie said what makes those like. American I'm loses just like Eugene let you think Jim's dad isn't it suits like all of a sudden looked like American pie is that how that works. Must go to like a producer I guess similar to loser just like a slap the title on it and then bear upon incense. And somebody's name stiff where like in its like some weird but cousin Ehrlich and other make Delhi some weird relation to him they really bastion nozzle thing. Not great. The best characters in wanna hang out wit and or the best counselor. OK so the best kid I would wanted to hang out with again we talked a little bit before you get nowhere mud. I played by. Jonathan Jackson Jonathan Jackson I forget. But he's pelican masterminded the whole thing and if you think you need debt friend who's like gonna. But when you're off screw around them like trying to like make out like he's going to be the one is they kind of be still and Darius at a stick in the mud while we believe me when we got to keep them all together you need this friend said he keeps in check. So I think summer can't meet needed somebody who like it's always some of the you wouldn't really like hang out with. Right yeah summer camp front. Yes we just need to like we need you to be who I am sick yeah he's got he's got the good snacks he's got the good hands he's you know hostilities nice does that and a nice to everybody everybody gets along with them and you know he's gonna take care every. Jack iron very you know I think my counselor choice would probably not to do all the point that are probably be artists. Neutrality artist or Tommy Jarvis coming out of out of Thomas Tommy Jarvis he'd be a guy that you're gonna hang out with. Let's see I would wanna be if our kid and I wanted to be accounts or wanted to be Indy Paul Rudd from could could be pretty calls himself in my continues into camp. You can't let. What is material at the camp camp you love that guy yeah you're the man a big chance Ireland would have to be the place ago that's it seemed like. Waterville Maine yes this bit and the best part you city going to town and like doing like hardcourt throw everything it. Yemen near lake house down Buick scared to get up camp unit is just for an hour at Augusta. Amazing. Awesome because they have Marino. The with his ridiculous hair is like a short short of days ago they like you do it if you act. It isn't. It claims that is that somewhat Saxon is that they're that you don't know there's always that guy or where you go. Yeah he's the man. Trying to think what else for champs. Mean you wouldn't want to go to camp hope that this year majority Bure effect editor on there just too bad. Childhood obesity is a real thing Ryan Arnold these camps opera not. They let you learn to love yourself. You need it's not about changing who you are it's about insulting me. And I don't mean the other that the point is that change physically who you are those camps. Eight you know it's like the average Joseph or Jim if we can do that you on a futile exercise and hang out with good friends. I believe we that we like you just the way you are cool joke. Yet it's an average Joseph can't look at it at all that is yet. That's pretty good luck that's what we can't buy at least wanna go to use whatever can't sleep away camp you just described moment Kyra lack. I don't wanna go I don't know all the bad news going on there it's just a plus scary scene. End minus the scary stuff there they're dealing with a lot of issues that like young people just aren't equipped with like how do you I don't know how do you identify as in does it gender you know it's not as by serious people you know that's yet to stop. That is no deal. Mom dad and. The wrist let's Cashman. From meat balls as the guide one least hang out with me he's the guy who runs beyond assailing. Yes and dangerous. And even one of a counselor says Lance Kashmir is a total jerk and he says. Right I don't turn off. You know and that's like OK actually it's Cashman at all these are real the real dumb dumb not a care that either. Rod yet they also love summer camps. All summer camp it was a big part of my life as a kid. The scariest hit movie I've seen. Is probably Jesus camp who where they go they had those like. Yeah those doubts that some scary stuff. Ends not to get that into what we do with someone mentioned it in the chat on switch and I do wanna give a special shout out. To our friends at camp I don't wanna hand salute your shorts the television series. Which. Great Sunday Saturday Sunday morning on Nickelodeon show. I don't know though probably but I would I would wouldn't wanna know I would wanna open. BB counselor Logan whose name was Kevin Lee and call them ugly. So there's that that's tough that's a tough nicknamed a lot of arousal if so just enjoy it's. It's a great show and we're talking about some rookie of movies so obviously we couldn't armaments and shorts out. We'll strict on that record. It yet but that's from record but it's what's worth mentioning. Great movies you really think about it like in the history of the summer camps and offer her a long time. Yes wet hot American summer it's meatballs it heavyweights. Are the thirteenth. That's about it I mean I mean according to critics who sleep away camp to recruit her lips into a camp. Sorry I spoke that must have an ending but I just needed to prepare you for it because it's not to hear. Point five years or 35 years MC five years it's our let's go over the next thanks hours and it. Okay. Oh what he got right to perceive us political. All other person you gonna go you're your big timing everybody on the street right now by pressing news to you you TV. Though that's not out. Dog got out got another and another nine minutes here I TNT TI BM TV claim -- games for the people mentally people. Probably aren't TV has some something Palestinians some people say I guess among some Stevie is his loss in the us yes. I'm gonna anyway so I AM all caught up. We're all my programs on all caught up. We had better call Saul who all got us was awesome by the way I'm all caught up with preacher. I think or a metal look I lost the top rated episode. End. You eat I might have been may pick it apart before and all caught up now. Castle rock on Hulu if you're not watching now watch council rock it is super. Six rock rock. Rattle Iraq us about it yeah. Cap rock what do I need to know going in anything. Are you aware of the movie Shawshank redemption of CNET. You know who Stephen King is. Part of a good. I meant cool these yeah Hulu coming Luke many episodes hollow of the episodes I have but our peace. Forget. That time I need to basic here Wednesday sick all caught up on TV but I feel like you're not cut up on the cage. This tedious Netflix and you could knock up a sharp objects. Read the book again and all that's one of those things like OK see I know. I think it across yeah anthrax mystery you're right right and I can get an estimate it and I'm not gonna like it and it is because you're right. What is that a is that Amy Adams character like in the book she is she is good tennis yeah. There's a gust of terrible for. Cuckoo bananas. Speak to get withdrawn. All of this is released. A report today. This area the case slayer for sale Bobble head. He's got all the the garb on even has the metal hands like stimulus and dozens pitching hand do you do you wanna make him only answer them. I was in a sale like they're like your best guy you wanna make a Malia and answer I know like Jamie Lister sound like a bit of a redemption Tora but he also a sex and the sister. Right he's not a great dude he also pushed ran out of a tower although. That may have led to branding you know more powerful them we will never know. Jim favor. So that's true martic of the pot Ryan. Well a comic book growing. Darth Maul. Morals and Darth Maul I was devastated to find out. That this is sort of a one off so this is a collected edition it's only five issues like put together it all these cloud conditions are. I wish there was more so this takes place. Three. Phantom menace. And so you get it's all about Darth Maul I believe it is cannon. And Alice as soon as I was done and it does give I think last year so sub brand do it's it's new to me. And as soon as it was soon as I finish settlement are now what are how many more there are. And then I was read appliance like those at the five issue miniseries like com on. They could carried out I'm sure we have we have lost our worst super fans up there and listen to podcasts and sure they ignored directional well there. Darth momentary hush agreed but this is Carl and Bob Thornton who wrote this. Did want to stuff he did good tracks wrong with CM punk is a co writer CM aren't there yet and it was that Harrell county was a doctor Jeff that told us to see somebody easily recently told us to. Doctor Jon Tester just. What did you hook if she posts at somebody else altogether doctor Joseph told us to figure with him and said. Check out Carroll County which is also my column on bail out recommend that first our worst fans and dark mountains. Sure I'll want Pelosi to numb because the that you brought we brought in the book you threw me for a loop so despite having Nimitz coming and three weeks. Four places for exclusive which I don't Europe is being got spider. Like Philly offense sputtering game now as out of place aged exclusive Ryan places exclusives you don't have a places you can't play it but what you can't do this you see that. That we think Marcus from the boxer's mother of two reits we unit it was some guy he was like. Xbox owners when PlayStation aren't Spiderman comes out. There's the picture of like the Pink Panther hump over over the does hands like little in the slums like the so that's a reason to take it a PlayStation but there isn't get this there is a novel. Called hostile takeover which is a prequel. To the video game. So what they've done is they've set up like this university to get like a better idea as like what is going on despite written it is there's actionable. I'll Spiderman hostile tickle it's not a graphic novel it's a book and novel you know and it. I'm gonna have to you are is already out. Out came up today are data this week how my goodness gracious. It's a brand new one so. And after Rita it up close look at that only happens that's very doesn't report Osama no matter what. Next week Ryan I'm very excited this episode I am all fired up this episode. I would you are I would invite you also listen episode even if you don't see the movie you see our time to see it has I guarantee you only have a lot of fun with the happy time murders. To look at Florida this and that's our first trailer. This thing could not be more up my Alley this is like your dislike you think this exhibit is rated. If someone said like what. At a movie do do you think Richard Wanamaker some probably like some like horror movie having to deal like this supernatural all are like. The Muppets Sesame Street like radar like that wanted to. Would like Muppets like. You know in releasing silly string all outreach now. Got to tell. Replicas Alec that would that would make the most sense to me it looks amazing. Are innocent if you do to get out of here right now are you get some time for some some questions and get melted and yet. Always some questions are different chat throw some questions and thank you I there's a lot of people who first of all Mac who subscribe again I saw on a couple people who through follows while we're doing this thank you so much I did see them I'm trying to make this make this thing so. Let's see Tennessee. Our no I did not mean to college just there's actually another is a doctor that you sit Sweetney but that's not that's certainly not US have you heard from you heard from. Com. What's the guy's. Not indeed you train or arsonists. Are you friend and I heard from him recently. I mean some of that scroll through little mentions. Does the great outdoors count as a camping movie no it does not. At that this is an addict can't being a movie this is a summer camp movie yet I Mac Mac gas. Best camp activity. Sex. Heavy petting but is it all just dry hump thing. I know the bass can't activity I wasn't very much involved in. Archery and refereed in a program called Lynn sports which is basically just like. Any playground game you could pick up weekly I including Mike. On the we did when I was a kid concert pianist guy we we had this idea we did retirement day. Which is basically like bingo. Shuffle board. Mike card games and what we got to the one thing was like a prune juice drink offs with the thefts and yeah it's always Sousa did you hit a lick the prune juice chugging station in my. I got and it's a hundred degrees outside. And what he didn't tell me was that like I. I wasn't supposed to chug against every single kid who came optimist I call. So I had a line like twenty kids deep and I'm just like racism like solo cups of prune juice. That did not end well Armey let me let me tell you this much about them how long it takes to get regular. I know I was like it was regular and it was just like. Rock solid unity. Let's see. Did you realize that fired up is actually this movement shooting movie yet I did I just don't I don't care it was it was silly stupid. Hum. Outside of him. Plus pets. I'm just reading I'm C seemed to questioner asked X-Men video game mighty lately is ER. Well I'm not used jumper or the extent origin the Wolverine one and act idea where same time as you did maybe a little bit before. You didn't seem too at worst camp activity was probably be. Us sailing. Or hurt. Ecology. Lewis was pretty bad here we're just waking up early and I write such as we mean not. Yet or if you had to be like your your turn to clean up. That was sort of hurts for Juan this game the nose goes game as well I'll learn at a camp. That was good one reflector and just like countered that knows from all other if they got. Yet no I would say this will the swim lesson in staying in was the swim test. That's been. Asking snack. Any. Let's see him snack. This has some really offensive you're gonna do not gonna do I like my job. Snack almost you sit best snack combos of combos were pretty certain. Talent shows Roh is on the biggest literate know right now I'm you can rate review and subscribe on the iTunes were closing in on 200. Ratings. I believe it is those I'm viewing. It once. Worry about America but I think I think we have I think earthly sue lone star's three to surge or vice Versa some length. Yep and shout to guide to turn me on Twitter instead it like Mack who is way better than us. I didn't know we are in direct competition we are movement and they know robbery. There's a lot of hatred at our podcast on Twitter YouTube dot com slash or podcasts you can email us. How did lights are podcasted gmail.com. I'll check out daily on switched switched on TV slash are on. We is your life you're watching right now thank you very much yes I'm going to be too soon we do read all of your eat anything you see it was we do read it actually rich we have an email we have to discuss that I sent today yes he wants out slow going. So something's that's anyway it will take some help and end. Positive feedback a constructive criticism is always welcome bye bye I'm getting way better at a hybrid not responsible adult mind is Davies sometimes gets is. Brick this up and a bunch but that's as an art right are all learning wrong world standing as humans. We just try to get spending is what it is. Expanding her on universal horizons yeah I. Think LOO privilege for the parliament here. They don't do it for you ominous sticker takes more questions and own up to go public and I'm an amending the putt to essentials of the podcast download the podcast. This. This isn't a leader I tested you. She has run away now coming back. Others didn't exit is it gonna spin outs he's just not and I got a lot of in the partisan era. All right good but.