#DORK 81: The Happytime Murders

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Tuesday, August 28th
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey review The Happytime Murders. They do not agree. Plenty of non-spoiler stuff to start. Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey's Video Game Minute, and the Pick of the Podcast. Twitter: @DORKPodcast   

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If the door. Podcast. It's distorted. My chances which cheat if the door. I'm cash I guess that's okay don't mind cash. Today sincerity into another episode of hash tag dorks. I heroes for Steve join as always by Ryan Davey Davey how are you. Mood. But we don't want us and I feel great. So great Iraq let's just say once again for the the the mass is out there we are streaming this podcast who lives. On twitch stuff TVs slash are gone indeed that is Davies twitch page. Where it plays video is so we also to shoot the breeze from time to time or record whole episode of the podcasts so it's you can do we usually do on Tuesday night slowing on body can even be a part of middle Q and in the end I think people seem to enjoy it sort of you don't it in the water quality is not. The worst I do need to get a microphone but it is a war I am not on the phone so messy and as an instrument you so much better. I cannot feel but feel good up and what you said maybe maybe people are nervous enough where someone mentioned to us unclear tonight that one of their favorite. Bits of like this try to force thing we have going is they like BB. The back and forth sure you know do we want to be strapped that we take it out for walker yes I think I don't understand what I'm saying is that up. The electric crossover events they elected shared universe so maybe this sport has a great way. To get everybody involved the only issue is as we can't record that. No tattoos and castor being what it is. So it's a slippery at the slippery slope right give her exciting episode to get to this week and weeks and I Pete Carroll objective pumped more than and so I'm very excited for this and your lessons that this may mean. Jurassic world's. Fallen kingdom 2.0 I don't wanna say they're tapped to touch. But let's just say we don't agree on the stumble or not there yet and yeah yeah yeah so yeah it's. Let's get to plus let's do as we know is do let's be in the episode with this week in hash tag dork. I. Al looked well and Ryan let's see where this old juicy nugget Alec Baldwin that. Is set to play Thomas waned in the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movies what do you think got us to casting call. I millions of big interest the script has to be strong right. You gotta believe it is a strong script here I I would say stronger quite strong so under yes I would say so mean. 'cause you don't you talked about Tom hardy and venom like he doesn't have to do then we. I mean isn't there money right is not out all the should be just fine I'll Robert De Niro isn't going to be in this movie I think break the lessons and her. Yeah great. Seen this is a good actor is Robert De Niro was a good actor he was at one point lesbian actors I don't know peace anymore. What's the last good acting performance by Robertson now acting performance or movie yes. Acting performance. To even say. Which he backs that are meet the parents. Dollars and good acting out. And and he knows that it was good though I thought it was a different roles for a buddy yeah. He was imminent yeah this one with the dog Dakota standing it's kind of polarizing bad horror movie that would Dakota Fanning. But the holes they do that doctor Gary will looks like I missed this. But see that's I guess she is very helpful what did you tell all there is an Ngo and was up and you know what. I liked it I know a lot of people did not only the reviews were great for I thought I NC was pretty dead. But that was a long time ago about the young Dakota and it was a I was glad to see that's good now eat Eddie seats. We're going to be as well Bernstein a slow burn and Dallas that was a great does a great movie so a lot of the good ice but I am I don't. Where does see the Joker movie where we're at Ganassi CEO goes you got yet checked out probably didn't stand on odd million it you know it's DelHomme pump I mean it's a happy time murders is the only standalone pods with kind of opened the door up Bryant's and other. Episodes the external pods yet all of this is in the least surprising. News soon. Guardians of the doubts the volume three production has been put on hold her to us because who's directing the movie theaters the movie noted actor you don't have a drugs are now. Your son's director you yeah you're NUM. Negative directors are now has few more people don't want to do a mood he would do it. I was just because we've ever really done this as we we know how would you feel about you were about a tremendous gamers and I you know I agree really actually completely would the battle things. So we never really toss it out there too who want to I just I don't know I just want him to produce it or try to do. Yeah of course according to your other choice tackling TD. Or nobody else. Yeah doing TV nobody that's my that's my what about the owners are Brothers. So and their played I don't know if they would do it voted I don't know they are doing but did you just lose something new and mainly it's not going to be the same. And I think moving forward we can expect that a lot of people are gonna be expecting guardians to be guardians and it's just not beat up anymore now scientists are gonna be as good. Mean is it sucks do you think why wouldn't I don't you know all things that aren't now that's all the way up closer approaches them put on hold so there's no deeper. Guardian series so. To Baghdad and. All right this is the show that you don't watch but American horror story. Was sort of one of these into solid G television series and it got to a great start I loved season one seed Hewitt thought was. Good not great season three lights in them that they got so far right I stopped watching the show last season you want your all the year before that I think I'd. The hotel long lovely Lady Gaga I can be done. But what they started deal with this sort of silly. Can connect them a little bit in the original they weren't gonna do that's this started to connect him and long story short the upcoming season this fall. Americans or American horse or apocalypse is the name of it there. They're bringing back Condit risen. And Dylan McDermott from. And what's best season of it so I think I might have been millions yeah I may have to dit did just because these searchers are coming back. I'm and I didn't watch the first three seasons like you I think I watched the first one blows the house. Yes second one asylum yes. The third one what does Smith and not an answer yes. Yeah freak show fringe so I watched about half of freak show. Now I like the whole thing I would say that was set bail and that was I think the hotel. And then yeah season after less is almost it is. Very he kind of political battles like Aaron monitor I watched the first episode not tell you now lady can guy. Yes sir your father always programming out of fact however the fact that is the facts while while wow. Him. And on this that shows an apology DL you can't watch everything Ryan went on to beat the news right. Time and time again yeah we will launch season thirteen. Of always sunny in Philadelphia they had a preview and there are trailer it looks great. But my question is what's the deal with Dennis and Dennis is gonna show up towards the end of the season but he won't be in the beginning. Three quarters of the season but usually the last two or three episodes would be my guess. I think so too I've been I've been told us these episodes without them which I kind of fear. It's gonna hurt the show it's not like losing Michael Scott on the office you know it's not that bad but it's not ideal well. You need Dennis but they have Dennis in a way you can seem to drill and they have. Tests that they do sort of have to be Dennis this axe all Ben S which is. To me like you're not gonna have them but to have Mac click the read that thing around and personal. Well I'm glad he is a maniac. Yeah he teens. Like sixty pounds to place that Mac it was a bad wait for that and now he is. She's ready to chisel this season which is which is crazy simulate how do you do that yeah. Now you mentioned they have a dog Dennis did you did you see that in Toronto there's going to be a brothel. I guess a brothel where it's going to be six. Sex dolls. To and there are the mount and they're apparently need to meet all of your fancies. So the question I you immediately go to innocent I you know working will be here you know were to. At the (%expletive) thing I asked did receive part of you wants. Who created those things out. V there's a two step process. I think you're supposed to help in the processing cleaning amount. They also say although not required. To they recommend the use of condoms. So Hoch. Take real goods aren't they're also have been different deals where you can read to me or rub it or aliens are -- bit it's I guess it's just don't know what you wish it was a rogue bit I think it's just a doll. I see no it's not until I got to be done again maybe it is sort of rolled it in a way. And it's like there's half hour prices there's our prices. There's also you can rent multiple at a time. Which. I was event did you all. Know there will do my rent the place LA needs English. Usually you don't for a loop here are let me let his final his final with the committee who don't have data exploited children to go to on this round hole. Well to best. Do you do when it. Policy. Misses a okay. They're going to be six different female sex stalls. Had a strong Ramo establishment. Insular in that awful look at some one point they are and introduce some males but right now just can be females. And there's a quote as advertised exotic curls to cater to every once choice of beauty. I'm not sure I'm done if you get sick every one. I don't six seems limited trust if you go on the Internet streets there's a lot more than six things to get people going. But I thought I'd just been put that out. I write about this the there's a year up poster released for the film Holmes and Watson. You know who Will Ferrell John C rally this comes out. The drug Christmas time. Back up and got his. It has to be some super strong cash CD that's coming from this they have to be right. But you incurable thing can happen with this they also say. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are on the rise now and this is serious cool. They're both on the rise and they're having a harder time treating it be so I think it's getting stronger and stronger. Thought that he has PSA Ali I know there's a lot of single. People listeners pod desolate to get out there may be mix it up a bit and god bless Syria but please c'mon don't be a full list. You're ready you're dual. Moving on sorry. Anyway. Sorry about that vessel and network where they get half and half human half robot babies. But you minority member of that episode yeah me get a bit. That's gonna happen it does ask the age old question Ryan would you rather have sex with a rope bit or an alien. I have to answer to yeah its it's who you unanimity about. This is out there and out west now it's it's a robot robot alien watches. I'm glad that France's theater in singles final Holmes and Watson poster is. Blue deuce get past that god had only actual police could I just received an email sites weeded out the poster. On that door podcast yet. We got an email. Be like copyright infringement your tweet has been deleted in like this whole thing abolished. Did you can't post so whoever I don't know how that never we treat ulcers all the time all the time. And this is like the first one that there were like no you do it as a whole right up on miles like cheese Chrysler kind of a Twitter is gonna get suspended now emulating. Throughout inquiry that that was comic con we dabbled as a comic con. The way you immediate comic con that's where there were adults and these these next two bits of news's. I guess that your allies. One Tom hardy neither guy Mike. Certainly signed on for not one not two. But three venom movies about that. And what's awesome is I read that the first amateur about that is when you set to be outline through this through this podcast and I looked out. If you listen to him talk about it he's talking about like. They're three standalone Bennett movement in his knowledge yet to play veneman three movies are three standalone the words. With a venom trilogy has any sort of call selective venom universe like it's an actual things. So that which means that this site. This movie's gonna be setting something up. Year. Which is well pretty little thing is like the whole idea of maybe Tom Holland being involved slugger oriented Spiderman. I think we might get carnage in the first law but it's not like we gonna get some more the spotter and villains in there as well there's a lot. Potential for the the venom series and some that are up this this fall. Here's a lot to play with fares so it is it is interesting comment how much Todd MacFarlane is going to be involved in this whole thing is interesting as well. Yes I'm it's true. Million in the creator of spawn and also created venom. Souls. Trying to tackle that's what's gone and venom kind of look the same. You say it's gonna McKay. Essentially. Pretty much thought Eric's doctors told analysts yeah. The last and is that I have is we knew there's going to be a big trouble in little China movie. Yes and we thought it was going to be server reboots because they reboot everything their revenue and there isn't and it wouldn't hurt that's that's on summer Gasol Lamar. Turns that it's all in the rock is going to be in this movie. But it turns out it's not gonna be reboot it's gonna be the seat quote it's a sequel now I had the highest of. Highs and the lowest of lows in the mid summer in the middle we read about this because all I saw was this tweet that sounds like something about old. Big trouble China sequel and I was like. Why hasn't anybody told you about this and why their news about this why haven't I've been informed its automated removed from the eighties. And it site you know I was watching this special features on. Infinity war and they do you watch the dividend directors roundtable. No evidence and Tyco TD was talking about Powell. For info or Iraq was inspired by Jeff Burton in big trouble China. Which is fascinating to me because he's like the character of Jeff Burton is like he asked all the questions that the audience is ask knees and where are we. Who's this day was going and where it is so there's like it was like that kind of feel as for his oh so I was super excited about that is one of my favorite. Local movies I'm. And then I read dad Dwayne Johnson's going to be unit and she's like. The sense that he does you have to be and everything that seems a bit months that the like everything like you don't have to say yes you can graciously say no to things you don't have to be Ian everything. He's also in several of the same movie. Like the idea but I don't think I men like a rock we all will republic after Pattinson there you know that's great league filled mass is owned. Doing Johnson. From Winfield mouse only lives and he lives in until now though he does yes placement field. And they want to start their usage or my motor mile wide this is vocal. Yes anyway so it's. And then kind of like I'm happy about it because that I certain ingredients are talking about how to see we'll see you have to do. Particularly moderation. Asians not going to be in it you know and don't think he's going to be an easy guy he's replied well it's TI announced. You have to put. Kurt Russell somewhere in that movie greatly musicals. Yes in what can entry through the guy's name don't you think Dennis done link to you doing blink DUN. Yet again when it went into you have to inner. Yeah they got to be in there for our best and can control she doesn't have to be an but it. Them parts of the draw. It's an elderly and some success now do you on the run chicken meat but it. Yeah adult altered to trump come on let's up don't be crass just in the movie mannequin. All right what are they anyway. But that's all I got let's get time it's your thing it's time. Okay. Even hand. It's not. So the news this week we have a lot of stuff happening first and foremost in the video game world people are super excited about this outsider 12777. Begins 45 minutes of game play. For this game and it looks great Richard going to be into it because it looks like. Blade runner. Meets dais X and met the movie dreads the coloring dread so I do I do like all the like. All those things and that's kind of what what this game is doing Tom. Where you can mod the character you can even change their back stories of anybody being a little differently depending on route from what it so like. The customization is really cool became clear looks pretty slick. In just a kind of a cool looking game and beyond. So is gonna like cyber punk feel to it you don't like and we select beyond. So there's that it was so you can find a video X 47 minutes of game play in commentary but much outcrop. That is leading millions Lotto winner. Today as of today and no this is time stamp and it. Columns but fire pro wrestling world is out to date. Palm those PlayStation noises you might have heard coming from. Becoming miss I think it played in my headphones but not necessarily through the microphone and hopefully more than desktop on an area here that was that was that gay and downloading so maybe after this we checked out. I looked around for customization you know I'm nice night out our hands Dario and Max value and I think I wrote yeah it'll be like a working. Review of the game as a player so that's cool things coming up on him. Yet the embargo. For Spiderman is going to be listed on the fourth of September. So if you're looking for sneak peace be reviewed cop is a big game is how people are playing. I would avoid anybody who works true as all of those because spoilers have been leaking left and right I have not I've not read a single one of them but I haven't either guise or another are their though they're out there and I've also read that the first DLCs or Spiderman will be nine in October so the RD at bats and so get your season passes like you can. Speaking of September 4 the desk need to forsaken. Is going to drop then they just had an awesome cinematic trailer I'll what's fans favorite need. Who was voiced by a can billion. A non Muslim media and doesn't ruin my Jamaican joins us economic abilities what was your castle. She's a smoke and gas Actel slowed that the actual goal. I trailer turned back came out it looked awesome very hot. He gets yet you did you fields hurts us. That's good. Assassin's creed Odyssey will be the only assassin's creed title in 2019. And people are kind of lukewarm on this. I'm not a lot of people have too much and they said there's going to be several DLCs for miss. But I don't know. Amount on that I grade. And lastly I do wanna bring this up because it is on everybody's mind this is a video game minute this is video game podcast. Obviously people read what happened in Florida. It is worth mentioning that it is on the go community's mind EA came out something a statement every video game company worth a damn came out with a statement. Annan praising new video game community for their outreach in support. And I just don't want it gives this. The excuse excuse the harsh language at this spot in knucklehead. It more time then he deserves some but it is something that is on everybody's minds and why he ended video game and on subject. It's where mention. You know I was gonna ask you though so when that was what that when that was happening obviously we're talking of the mad determined in that it should not have been there. They started sharing the video went all embrace it or I mean I don't know if there's a ready answer that but. I definitely you know there's there's a couple players there there were twitching in exceeding hear the gunshots that is part of the story but. I don't know that we did not retreat that that's that's our choice to be gusting to every one I just I don't know let's say it's a weird thing for me. It's is that we think meets news super hard to watch because it what are they the kids sitting there and Q where it's one of the kids to who else I think pass away I'm from is from the gunshot wounds but. You see him just playing and then all of a sudden you see it right across his chest is a little like laser sight like. Austin and I think it is odds for its clocks but I hate you don't but it was like this terrible honor I don't know I don't know lawyers was doing extra mile to. We just in part of me says that that's that's where we really it's like that's where the society we live in now in its limit on. Apps. But you don't ever want. Anything like that happens. Eric. I know just it's just absolutely terrible. You have to know under under him in our zero room bring that up those certainly. Connected to billions and yet. The dominance just fertile. Happier things and how much everything's for some and Ryan let's begin and I guess or at least get sued the topic do usual are you ready for that's. Lola. All of the topic of the day and today. It is none other than the feature film the happy time murders. This is a one hour and 31 minutes feature film are currently on rotten to motto as. 23%. Gaffe by the critics 52%. By the low loyal fans out there before we get sued the other film itself Ryan. I missed probably we should do this'll the more than we do. The trailers. Yeah trailer shows trailers that we saw this movie by the way there was a 2000 trailers I saw a thousand trailers. The way these storms that I remember a hundred million dollars more. One we I didn't even know it usually. When you go see a movie but say go Selig infinity war. Yeah sewed trailers and I've seen a mall like oh it's fantastic beasts and its mission employment or and it's the lake I've already sealed trailers. Right this movie I actually sought to go three trailers that I had not seen before. Yeah created to there're couple and I hadn't seen. Including. Jennifer gardeners new film called temperaments. Erica alias to alias Gardner coming back nowhere no or yes I wanna see this thing I very much. So it's from like the director or the writer of take in some things that got milk taken but what are really is is that a female publisher. Yes Jennifer Gardner's child and husband are murdered shot has to do bids a gang of some sort she tries to go to trial and do it that way. Doesn't work out on a shady business isn't dealing Lotta shady business and winks and nods from the judges and lawyers you know Jennifer Garner just take that result she does not run. She goes for five years in learns how to become a bad ass then comes back and reeks. And vigilante. Justice. This movie looks and looking in office yes the people are you with temperaments. You have vertebrae no lightening in an underground storm ledger to bring in Jack Johnson into. Because slaughter as that backhoe and she looks great give and give your rap but I can't say Jay Garner back. Not yet we had. Not yet I'm gonna say take charge and Jay Garner. Back. To back. Tunisia who always beat is you'll always be the voice of the mother and mama mama which is a great. Animated Netflix shown in my children watch constantly sake she really needs accidents she just wanted to child in the film Juno that's really is the last time I think as such never Nike ball I can't fault for that no no no not at all so in those damn Capital One commercials. You know she's moving along like temple on cards get portrait. Doesn't it goes smooch he absolutely does I probably do I just she's never bend so this. I like Hirsh is not narrowed my neighbors are so this movie look particularly good. Just look at it yes he was lecture on and now as we were palpable results which is not great. I Willis is under the preview for the film the nuns. That's in his sterile joint. Right yeah should be good student yep it's that I had not seen Bryan this is as it's called the girl in the spiders web. And that is the girl dragons had suits and that book series unfortunately this is grooming morrow this is another actress another one yet so Lou and order and he's doing and it's a new guy playing nice guy really care as am I read to the books. And I think it's like golf it's like mashup of like there's like three other books and I think it's like a matchup you like to. Yeah as well as the hornets nest wanna read it next to kick a hornet's nest on the girl playing with fire and it's on the bigger on the spiders web which is like. I don't think that was ever one of the books the girl who took the girl the dragon tattoo well. I'd like the movie alive never the book I like a lot electable electable so I watched around the girl from. I'm not alien covenant bush that for on previous. Yup the sushi was the lead in the the international version of that movie took out so she was actually get earnings I'm drunk tonight but this week yet a Swedish. It is Swedish one. It was good news to sell outs yet a lot of he makes her own chickens and these and his good chefs from the terrorists. Ended. So I knew that looks pretty good tough runner wanna see in the none of women that Cink as my last wants to see if for some reason. That's fascinating to me a lot of guys are closet on. Not right as you pointed out on the young twitters that are on the yeah I'm not one but sue Tiffany had this film previews and they were back to back. Back to back with you he had his movies and she meet god bless her like she's getting her money please let's yeah I can happen right now hi I'm just so I would do the same thing. Slit your sim before on the rocks at bay because space model did pick and choose. Since they had us burn while the iron is hot my thought absolutely absolutely because you know look at even Schumer. Yes and allow our people are real sicker real fast how. She is funnier in my mind I like her energy alive I like I think her personality is greats. He's movies both look like core ship. This one related turned Kevin Hart and Mike he's in the school it's called summer spent a night. Alex really stupid. And an Iowa where she's like a convex but she gets Bakalar sister and her sister is getting catfish. Yet this it was O Perry yeah. Bottom dollar bearish but actually what big bird seemed really funny in a movie yeah as the mother to see yeah she did have a couple of lines the original rocker right. Now it doesn't some hard passable Lewis also yeah we probably missed some there are so many acts thirsty people in the rows behind me god and true selected. They're getting upset about finding a happy time was only an hour and a half. You know he's going into the certain moods like thirty minutes and a record times at. A missile. Out on this one so we thought the vet and all in on this because. It's drew Goddard who did cabin in the woods up which is great coup which is great he was the show runner on the first season of digital also Rick which is great. He was a writer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was a sweet guy and he's just we guy and well you know this because he's got his. And I learned this from my wife was a huge Buffy fanatic she exe rain I told yes indeed. I'm. He message boards like on I am DD elections like a moderator for him with. It's really too lazy ass everytime I go to comic comic which Buffy people are gonna be dad and I tell all of us. Probably all the lousy and millions and it's going to be there will probably pulled out drunk is that evidence of weapons that get all the luck you know it's in solemn. So drew Goddard wrote like Buffy fan fiction and sent it to jobs we. And that's how we got to start of the write music is understandably Josh was like I like your stuff like numbering for me so now he's directing movies. This movie Elvis has a big time tasks and including some that he's in this yeah him from the television program mad men. Yet there's so to me Jeff Bridges. Jeff Bridges this for them okay. It looks like H. Murder on the orient express but awful and that movie was also awful. So I think it's one of these like hotel old. Murder mystery. They got to you yet the enemy just billions beat remember you you saw the trailer for what happened in the woods and you like this is stupid. You remember he was like not eating like you thought it was going to be yeah that clearly be reviewed for there was somebody good movie I just not enough. I didn't go and make drew garlic to play with that stuff a little bit if you like to see this in the theater. You know the Olympics are not may depending on how the reviews do. It's a maybe for me it's an intimate amid a government that's all site. It's also our let's get to the actual Stillman excelling now that murders happened some murder let's let's begin spoiler free as we always do Ryan on these feature films and I simply ask you. Did you like gets. Milk. I'm afraid you're gonna say Ryan died he didn't like it. I definitely had to be fair. Did not love that's. Okay I'm going inside there issues when it I was hoping to love it. But I like it did and there's a few reasons why. I'm not gonna be as critical I feel like as you are which will certainly didn't see you let this I was just exit the simple way of starting is. What were your expectations. Going in expectations my expectations were soon below the going into this move well I would say not super low but they were tempered. Well like Mike this is going to be dat. I have in my eye on the good thing about this is as my expectations were met I wasn't disappointed well we'll cut at. I was like this isn't this is kind of gusty and it's gonna staying. And it did. So I wasn't like it was like I wasted my time it was like I thought it was gonna be awesome and accept. Any. Okay and I think it's so I'm kinda with the likes of my expectations were I didn't think it was gonna be amazed that we hadn't heard about this and we forever we saw the trailer and we got excited this off the trailer but it wasn't like they were really pumped in this thing and then I saw in the initial reviews or yen and they were trash like they're just a personal mud guards people are gonna like it it's going to be a little bit different against you remember the trailer some of the stuff that was a map. I think right there you're either in or you're out. If you don't like that and forget it it's not for you and that's going to be a lot of people. So I was the first sale let's say those super excited that they made this movie just as you know we've joked about on the podcast. This is literally eat the kind of movie out want to make or have me yes Debian or rated puppets slash Muppet movie that said yep that's me that's. You know this probably not a lot of us up there are some of us that sums up there that season like this and say this needs to be aid but. Well like all right. They're creating all new puppet characters. So yes it's you know it means you're going and what all new characters that you know Melissa McCarthy having to react to them and serve and a decent ensemble cast from there. So my expectation was it's gonna be a really good comedy but I never a million years thought it was gonna say and like. Daddy your old school like it is the better out early guesses like take take a hike you know laws step Brothers and I never thought that. It used to issues as soon as they don't use side I was like you know. I didn't like this movie but I won Olympic at a studio hands and alternatives episodes Brian Henson and they have some alternatives and like I want them to try again yes and I don't know you tell they did not do well inbox. Oh no we didn't suck it up the humans is not good it's not a good agreement cover like Maria Melissa McCarthy salary I'd. You write I don't know does that things are eligible to take forty million and they said McCarthy got in the range of ten to seventeen. Yet so it didn't cover irbil union so. He's really. It wasn't great. OK it was not pretty it was an extra me. I lights. Fallen kingdom more than I like this but we hope rule wow. Yeah more punch in and please understand it I'm not a lot of people who. Obviously we didn't. Yeah I feel like she's in the majority here they're gonna make fun of me because I actually liked it I like the movie out once again I enjoyed it but also be hesitant. Legs. I can tell you don't launches I can tell sharks are wanted I could tell a couple of people but other duo Kamal Samir but not you you don't want to sleep like my wife was like what I was up like I elected. You wouldn't you do you know when you absolutely want if you wouldn't mind yet so also the I am I dead into the theater I saw a like a Sunday afternoon. And there's more people in the theory that I thought there's going to be and I did in there by that time the upright some walking in like as the trees or rough start. There's an old lady. And might I assume our cause that I really get a good look at him delayed another person's next to her house like a look like or trust the product not the demo that I would expect. In the theater with meter or about five people well hello but yeah it was no I'm not kidding I'm using to have dozens of ten people and nine including me and there last people who locked in where I was a father eighty with a huge beer belly I caught up teacher. Let's hop up on it we're 330 really what I can assume his sons are dead ranged in age from I'm guessing like eat it. Thirteen desolate a year old so now this not kidding this can lose. And mostly here's a. This is a hard. As of the heart are part of us in. Yet but I US in the old lady next to me and none of us her or somebody else a couple of times early on the movie. You could hear after the good joke which I was snickering I was enjoy you would look overwrought tastes and what are you think is gonna do it goes out. Half hour into an hour and a half movie the lady in her husband get up. Levi the other one of the bathroom they were not yet last billion and a steady took all of you gotta only I have. The closest I ever can walk a movie I wanted to walked out of was City of Angels would Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan Sullivan on today. So I did not leave that's why didn't it so I'm glad it was me a girl on the if you brother friends our other friends got up and left but I was with a Canadian source like. Are released make it out anyway the matter seriously. And watch those so. I'm you know me I'm so cheap I'm not walking out of a movie. I would want Karachi he cheap you're drifting fifties the Smart she or merlot smarmy discouragement duck. Smart as well here's one here's a criticism I would have for him. Not the film I don't think it's the film's all a feeling it's whoever. Came out of the trailer. And this is not a spoiler because this is just your own personal sense of humor but I thought. Definitely the funniest thing in maybe three to five of the top ten lines in the movie world all in the trailer. And that's tough but. I feel it is an unfair thing to punish the film for that does it say it say he's found a friend to have the similar personality. Did not see the trailer and you like him and watched this movie. Did they would lose their mind would like the office sex scene they lose and suffer the presence there within the mine. You know I was dying when I saw the trailer and I know you're. On the times somebody I even laughed again in the theater but it didn't have the same effect they knew I knew pardon the pun I knew it was coming. Do you have a message didn't immigrant beaten boom boom boom we doing to your guns on the beds. Usually and yet I guess I'd like my issue with the movie was that I think for. It was an hour and a half movie. Put it felt like for symbolic or hours. It did it to me and I think out of that whole movie I think I left. Three times. A song about though I mean to birds some comedies yelled at them and lastly. I don't think. Because I knew it was funny is that it during the off the seamless it's insane war ice got started laughing. Because I knew he said something that you were gonna die laughing I was maybe you do you think it's similar. Yeah. This is a way that is like he says. Something positions and museum this Villa he says something like and I started laughing in my rig to go. Well I loved it a little thing after that exact line but I loved it I still left I knew what was he is totally. Legal. But then halfway through peak and headed. Let's head and what he's done it seeds go ET's go it's amazing. And then my real was really good the movie and all the senators don't get some donors and her facial reaction that well while those who knows really good. So again that's the tricky thing because the director doesn't come up with Newt like most McCarthy. Doesn't come up with a trailer. You know and so wreck that happens where that takes some of the best of what's happened and other movies too but unfortunately it definitely happened in this movie. Are there any other comedies you would compare to maybe not necessarily in the and also a very unique movies like it but what other rated. Team America is like. Yeah area and that's that's different but there's also keeps in this you know this is like this is lights. Cool friend Roger Rabbit if they skewed it a little bud Moore are like best are obviously delegates than I was able. Yes I think Who Framed Roger Rabbit and like many hangover three. I. Don't look good and good we just. But it wasn't union and Mike like. Humans interacting with C I think you were here trying to think of like funny movies bomb. Over the last even like ten years. Ago in like the hang over one. Is better than us. Oh god yeah. I don't know to hand over one made me they laugh out loud much to be on of course it did Desormeaux did I mean maybe a couple golf and actresses alleged. This is better than hang over two and three. So some episodes and dunks dissent in the chat he just mentioned and misses this is exactly what I was speaking I'm glad you brought it up Peabody said. I'll blades of glory like this this may need to go blades of glory because like if you pitch this is that a man. Nobody if you pitched blades of glory to somebody in in the room. So we're gonna do figure skating but it's gonna be two guys and two guys we have our will Farrell and Napoleon Dynamite. Red dot you could you believe yeah that sounds hilarious like that sounds lyrics and you make the movie you'll like. Not that funny Brett. So this like. And Melissa McCarthy isn't it great and my Rudolph awesome Elizabeth Banks perfect and he made it it's like yeah (%expletive) Now so I think it's it's it was a great idea very poorly executed so. I'm not as harsh on you undersea you're saying I think you was Eddie was better than that I think there's. If we get a list the comedies I that I could find a bond said it was better than but I mean awfully menace Osgood is so we really do want recently now there's also reducing nugget this movie's been in development for awhile like bit they have this idea. I don't know digital strip that the idea for a long time it's some of the actors and actresses that they had attached at one point the star in the film before Melissa McCarthy. Are pretty staggering one players in each Cameron Diaz. Which would have been worse go to much worse she's got him. As slick Elizabeth ranks Elizabeth Banks is roller Melissa McCarthy only they since starring role someone a symbol C McCarthy don't know worked. Stellar Katherine hi eagle the way knowing or no women funny about it and then this one's weird so they would do completely different story but apparently one point Jamie Foxx was connected to this movie. He would've been a good and and he's great and it only has like a voice like he would be good as the boys maybe maybe I think a lot of the voices were actually suggests puppeteers. Beware yes yes delighted I was I was even and you Bijan I didn't when he does people where I mean the guy who wrote this movie I have no idea who ES well. Yeah hopefully he makes have to tell murders itself because I want us now you know put it slowly and always. Yes brown what can vote yes for a dork score. It's too. So that's it. Did you drop the deuce and habitat unless it is to do it to two. Zulus. I. Don't like you know it is like you don't hear from you don't want to see the role but I don't know if you don't know. You have between us Florida for a half million. No you're not you absolutely cannot you cannot. John you eat like began after the Internet world for the on the hard floor. And part of it. You're the worst. You rumors of it before have to talk murders. Yeah average outscored its a three passing dorktones. America. And and somebody you're so pretty sweet I forget who they who was but they're right. Right on Twitter there waiting for meeting candidacy as part of the as part of CEO review. Snead popped an action. Scene. Should there once we put actions there drew I was first Jersey public actions so now I'm giving it to forward Dave was limited to I also think you've got to be really careful. With who you recommend this to. Sorry for everybody. Gets it is not yours it's yours ever I mean. It's simple enough go on the YouTube. Tied to the trailer watch the trailer if you liked the trailer. Go see the movie. Or I'm sorry it's you love to the trailer goes in the movie if he just liked it no that's probably most of the best stuff. And if you wish to come out and then if you were turned off by the trailer then just move on but certainly not for you it is day you're like you look at your currency -- stupid skip entire mess not it's not for you Dell our I think people are gonna terriers haven't watched it but let's just get into us spoilers anyway Shalit. Our. I'm. Line. Are right let's start with the best parts and worst parts. I'd probably have a lot more best parts to get to slow allow you to go first. Okay successful. Obviously like you said I think we can both agreed it is simply stream seen in the office was the best scene in the movie it was the best scene and I'm telling yet if I was in the theater. And had not seen it it would have been a laugh out loud potential tears seemed yet because you get ready for you wouldn't have been ready for in this rather I think it could've been as good as like did dark scene in old school it could have been as good some of those scenes like I loved that scene thirty scene of a million times that was a would you that was the best. I've never seen it like to use this scene where Timmy Hudson who plays like the lieutenant yet. And so easy to talk to Melissa McCarthy and they hit it. Both ends bill Phillips and Melissa McCarthy's like all drugged up yet. For whatever reason I thought that was really funny liquor like playing like this stupid walker she was like Norton all that lake sugar sugar and so you get a rate like the whole idea that the puppets love the sugar like the puppets are not sure just yet Mexico should get a pop deliver better. Yet and that she starts talking about the patient like she's talking to sugar she's about disagreed. And I would Zealand who frequently it. Does become the most of the talking go like I've got. I was really funny and us or you're on your favorite part I don't know just say so that part right there I didn't I am I thought it could have been better because. I noted in San at a desk. Regardless of how either of us are really at odds as say if that reminds me and it's kind of stealing from the most they'll do it but the Seymour Martin Lawrence and bad boys two acts only takes Ecstasy. Yes it's in the should have been better like Doug that's commercial and should have been better yet most McCarthy was out of remind NC and its directors and straighten her losing it it was good because even better it's so there it seems and part of it. Was again in the trailer where you have cool fur who'll get sue a happy time Dan. He's releasing some bad times you know resort and it's gone the other way he's living in like a trash can went cost immigrant yet he's although drugs. He offers the most McCarthy is that hey. Also to Dick for fifty cents and she's well it's a great price. Is. And they wish I had a deck surrounding areas the trailer that's the trailer after she turns him down for the blow job. He looks and it looks great the guys goes. I'll give you a continental hot sock. She is you want everything from you know. It's just it's only 56. And I. Well then you Vista you're excited about it so blessed that we did we do have to draft that I've only allowed to use your laughter so yeah. Com the hawks are also gives everything you can download. And it didn't like everything was like a puppet kind of joked that continental hot sauce. I lost it I was older women still laughing about point. Did you figure and in beer fest news items to be given the losing end of physical disease and use it yet ask you important. Link to the battery life like does select certain cities and I don't know but. Win. Let's hope Moussa called his reaction to him say also predict for fifty cents is she says it's that's a great price. There is great credit he says. He's an accident right oh you don't actually lose should it. I'm Gary catching yes and transferred confident the hot sock that I lost it and then there's open. When she'll still goes to jail until Phillips goes to jail. And there they're talking about the peel off thing but what can happen Q loving and they reference that somebody is can they ripples and kill little rescue off. And MS excellent. Deal off and. And someone says like it when may so he's it's just Melissa McCarthy in my Rudolph having that conversation only what you laughing at us. In meant to bring Philip Phillips and her like she's Melissa is like visiting him exit out there are gone and as well Leeson did you. When I was that was good. And not those are probably got good. I also likes this scene that way and still Phillips is investigating when the murders and goes the porn shop. Early on yet and then the that the vulture got struggling at the vulture this the porn shop owner was really dead. And he your consumers and the behind. It's like an octopus milking a cow or will it also yet to link all the little comments that fills those things about it and then when he stumbles upon mr. bubbly tense who relate. Is superdome porno is like is this year's and it's like this week passes seven or number is oh no. This is bad and dozens. That reminded Dexia undermine union not charity. Yeah I did a little doubt there didn't it does a senior so Joseph McHale is that FBI agent. And he goes in key spots. If he's screaming at Wilson McCarthy to drop forgotten it sheet or to drop it isn't it. God she she's like I think it's a rental Stevie were involuntary job my guys it doesn't stay here and simple it. I'm yet. Then there's the other sim card has been fired just walking up to look too smooth I did you talk with the philosophy. A yeah. The whole scene like from half baked or from Jerry Maguire where he really you know thought you would spot you originally in the office is you're fired that's it turns around she's like whatever of the guys they were sort Ron. I would have sex video it's not your real life husband. Turns around is that it's not too away. Yes I let her husband who played here Marshall in bridesmaids yes yeah. XT US TE Taliban planted. I think if you take a comedy movie and walk away with five or six quotable lines it's worth it I'm that we think continental hot sock it tellem dead I got to. It. He'll Stephen yeah yeah experience he football team UConn and allows us at that over the Breton the outlaws gold forward switching over to become a hot sock. We're coming up clock. And going through you'll go Cooper Willis on the bench Cooper and if so I would those those were some of us probably more you know for some of the best parts. Other worst parts. What would you say or what was the worst like even with the scene in the world. What CU made this movie it's so. So bill would make its movie to end in in my mind like I said the good news for all of your good I can come back it's like bad and a lot of it had to do with like. The interaction between Mike Weir still Phillips and Melissa McCarthy's character who is Connie Edwards. To me to tell me this can you sense and we didn't make sense he was just the two of them arguing your Glick who the bigger ass hole was. Truly an hour perhaps there's a lot of them they're not into a lot of back and look you're that's all you're nestled use are not use our isn't a lot of that. But she's mad and inflict this completely Blix stupid reason elect. She so easy and we were on display as is this point but didn't matter where I mean they were once garner partners were on the outs because it was all she's on top. She's getting held hostage. I am glad she claims. That he missed on purpose he didn't know what actually happened was he missed the bullet ricocheted into struck an innocent. But in the head and killed in front of his childhood than that child AM yeah. Which you sniffed out so you can write it right economies and the manager tubes. And I get it is it's puppets and it's whenever the election. Yeah I mean to the hole you didn't I mean by IE the interaction between magnitude of them went a couple of stupid. Without good reason why they were mad at each other was dumb. Quick anybody who had half a brain Buick. Aren't you didn't do that on purpose. Right miss that guy in shooting an innocent person and an emperor like the soccer and I didn't look pulls out of shot but he's because they're like looking around like. Lose. But kudos puppets don't shoot puppets McKee indeed he shot it and then tried to shoot one puppet and killing another puppet you know. Portland immediate shot at several blogs yeah he's not like. Yes look look what retired us about hoping to make any sense then we had stemming Hudson. Come in what's in my he's supposed to be doing any time something happens like he comes into my explain studio audience like what just happened you know Armando Rios is it it's always thought they were Mac has a slight. Did people liberals thought our movies like yeah they do know is that Delhi Delhi and music collection. So I'm usually the least confusing movie ever but you have to have Stanley to come into might put his hands on his hips and be elect's huge us so and so and now they're going to be looking to so and so when you release explaining the whole movie two units is only function in the movie. We can still writes. Parent. Here's what people are gonna give me a hard time to look I can't enjoy anything that I remind everybody yeah. So amazed so what are some of the jets do you just choose those who looks and sounds and until I work on or about what it sends a good solid campaign. I sit in big trouble Lu China tournament favorite movies and that's sell service is not you. It's now a singular. So here's a podcast that a great. That's probably for the best but who hardware and here anyway just stay mentally points. Care to break down arrived and were shut this thing has flown by better than that happens murders. He's right I could bring down the of the humans first all detectives Connie Edwards Clint Ramos McCarthy I thought she was publishers get out of that song. Immelman the latest and it was just a little too much like your cancel your dad yes a little bit more former bubbles played in my Rudolph was very gut. He was my favorite character in the movie and it's soundly at the end of the movie she insults those are gonna get together I would've actually love to I'm upriver and anyway maybe a little bit out of love this in a love scene between those two. Yeah. I've got this like some directors cut I'm sure there is like some puppet on humans how. I think I was there to watch but I end of the day yesterday and because I was waiting for that too because my Rudolph is in a very good sex scene in mid Gruber not the best sixty member. But she's gonna fidelity in the world the grave to grave site. And she's really someone there at the gym and the one year. Agent Campbell Mike Joel McHale was just kinda nothing I thought he was actually pretty bad. Yeah pretty bad and my age beat astle says what a joke was so still need to develop a lot. So standards you can always device everything over to to me it's it's over. And they didn't like four times in many do it again I mean they it was a call back which I liked but not a very educated called acts what did you think of Jenny Clinton Elizabeth Banks. It was like I like where this is going in that it ended in the mid broader back in a Mike the house with the double cross. And that's the Hamas. I was dumb lieutenant banning Clinton a silly Hudson murder counts talked about it like. I love stimulants and yet the weirdest ears of anyone I've ever seen basically blew instead in this kind of swear to god but look at it again I've watched enough to be office IE still maintain an ambiguous on this American on the stand in the world off. I've seen nothing but on current. We're such of a particular candidate as what do ripped through the puppets here Ryan still thoughts. I'm not funny enough to use like kind of how do you have a BMI the straight out for a little bit more neutral Phillips. Yeah more like there's a one C where he's beat the (%expletive) out of a guys like stop and honest nots we're gonna want more of that. More publicity military grew up through the yeah thanks and I thought that have been more over the top to be honestly was actually like to reserve. Let's listen you can happen and yet the public view street ultimately in the in new what do you think it's almost Sandra lived in the village of course is the girl whose father was shot by accident that she has a grown up to be the villain. There's a nice scene in the and the jail where she has the spirit for basic instinct and you tell us purple tubes everywhere. But even and even had like puppet. An absolutist. And I. This is a lot that she said itself Phyllis is first and out of she's like. I have played in a disease that he's like. I said I gotta get in or like without my way into somebody in the accident it's silica. Yes it's a sentiment that's yet I forget what it was reduce. And that was the First Amendment. An enigma guys you chuckle out there I'm Abdullah there was those four and a look at that sends a towel I thought that was that was spine my guy. Little gross a little groups that we have the happy time gang Bryant is very successful show in the eighties and lemurs ninety's. Any easier all grown up now so you have Lyles. Who's prediction yes and the most I can trailer. When that she supports that she sorts the thing passes out that makes up and then goes off (%expletive) me it she doesn't it. Yeah yeah. But this place is really so I was pretty good he wasn't the time but he was used on that and more and I'll I'll do more now. Would you mr. bubbly tense. Inflicted cute cuddly and cute. Conley rabbit is like the point three point is a rabbit. You carried it just got to get it yet another I'd I'd business other business managing business I'm a business and unconfirmed. We needed this movie Eddie Griffin needs is a movie and Cooper stuff. You do have been and moderate. To order for spin off from great I was not you don't because I always. He was and now it's frustrating to I was the only scene using. It was treated Islam yet what pray I think it was. The only seniors intimidate anyone who's found washed up on the beach erupted Mariano does drugs. Support for the overseen and it was again in the true it's true there was like millions like the trailer was a success next. Was the scene where the two girls are scream doubles and I did the running dagger most McCarthy's amid a pretty funny and there are dislike what you want man and woman and then like look at these other they their pockets of good look there. Well yet that's. Okay. Beyond differences there was Ezra and terror which who is we got its gross enough. Another episode or 2012 since Luke and that was the creeping. Slash. Weirdest funniest thing in the movie. We can just like Michael has won I won almost three guys and they're just screaming into the streaming into America. That was funny lady next meet on the property on the six dollars and we're on from there you actually coming from the back and doing the copying we're doing that yet. And opened the door it's it's like to do its use breed scrutiny. Emea and your unfunded Su on the bad list and off. Quality of so sources brother Larry shenanigans. The name Larry shenanigans I didn't even though this is all of the things that they'll month. This is this is how bad the readiness movie was I didn't know they were Brothers until he actually said. Like. That's my brother and they didn't know really isn't it laughter on the if you look at dye job like his vote because he wasn't blue and more radical he's really glued iron up up polluting wire. You have Pollard now again I don't rally continued it. Yeah and like in I think when they were doing we go home video of them going to the party. Like I think all that but he easily go that's my brother and I was like oh Allah might. Now my actual. You know and now Obama didn't. So I regulars and millions. It was it police officer for the housing zero arrest people are you like the whole Lotta Lotta breast. Zedillo's sectors were low the culture of the torch doubles give the crowd. Who was would like wart hog we're never going to the beach they're pretty funny bit in the octopus those jerk off the tower close. Pretty going pretty good result like yeah she's like strategy and to give the mortality gonna get five dollar bill that. Easily he'll get it you know that's another except insists it's. A huge sales of the food down as it is urgent of terms and hit moderates like Taylor we see here they take a top toss ups like that doesn't mean Zeller one time yes that's not what's that. Not ourselves happy timers. Serious so it's it. That these viewers you respond on if you see a trailer you like battle areas go check it out. I enjoyed it it was kind of funny we her to come out on Mike. Cinemax Speedo and he's gonna be HBO and then then yeah it looks in Britain announced but it is definitely enough for your own yet because again. One of the problems didn't. The medicine they're faulted all the best stuff but most of the stuff besides content lots sock like most of the dust up was there. Current solo job checked the (%expletive) out of appetite. Murders is and how people sit glistening in the Jeffrey you and I. Fully agreed that rich breaking down this movie is funnier than the actual. Pay to get a puppet into an original obsolete. Yeah we've we've Oreo long ago I get to the the podcast. Meted upon. Okay. Right kick received a firm order some a goal. I will receive this and I like my quirky little documentaries on Netflix on and one minute just watched. Was called power and grace skull the making of the men in the masters and the whole. You see how he may end. Actually. Came to be music it's the idea really what in the eighties. Basically most always relate since they were like part of something when GI Joseph was a car or a cartoon and I was actually picked. Or like Star Wars was the movie enemy had been delights since he's in order ends. How old email and actually started they were trying to make toys for Conan the wire Makoni in the movie. And then once they got an. So there was actually pretty good. Politics so to all of these summer. And doesn't let up that's an essence of the summer shows that you want your yard done just in time to launch all ago there's a million shows and thought one of trying to watch for the future shows were preacher. And sharp objects. Preacher outs it was good if you like preacher. This is. Really get out of each season has gotten better believe this was good well I like this season a preacher sets in the books only ten episodes on AMC and catch up on that sharp objects. Didn't love that's it was eight episodes it's a slow burn. So if you prepare for a slow burn if you like really good acting thing I think didn't and then it's good. But it's not. In the in the camp but he can't watch everything it's on a monster but you may be dipped into it if you want to see it did and it would seem that interest you. And then let me know you'd think if you make it withdrew it would you describe it is neat tour de force performance by him you know any ounce grade area and is awesome yet. But then again like I was I was talking on this without Matt Wise god this use Austin showed soon she actually like to even less than I did. I was like you didn't you have a really good acting performance in a bad show linked. You manipulate it. And sometimes actors to the best they tabulated fairly terror throughout the moon but as you as a spot somewhere in between that. That's for next week Rand we don't have the topic. Pegged down yet I was thinking though. Something along lines of high school movies woods back to school C school. Back to school. We used to back to school book back to school start writing you don't leave we do also just on back to school even. Aren't I could. Bermuda let's go to the people menu last that might go to that they wanted to give people something or other sort of human than polio in Milbank do Milbank. We're gonna do change and hired this season to later in September but next week we get an open week so we will. David tell the audience a big something school related just because it's it's this kind of you of course to check us out on the iTunes you can rear view and subscribe on the iTunes Twitter add to or podcast YouTube dot com slash store podcasts. You can email us or podcast at gmail.com. And of course. You can check a rhyme DB on twitch and occasionally our podcasts on switched switched on TV slash RRD. If you right now only. Thanks for being here we're gonna we're noting it stop button but thank Gary Frederick jacking up the live stream hopefully guys elect and us. I'll take some Q and hang up to react and miss the we get a stop this right now so. I don't think that big tournament it's we will autopsy. Is next week.