#DORK 82: High School Movies

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Tuesday, September 4th
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey talk all things high school movies. What is the best high school movie ever made? Who are the best characters? Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute, the Pick of the Podcast and a bonus review of Hereditary. Twitter: @DORKpodcast

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If the door to. Mark has its due to a lot of chances which cheap if the doors. Montana faster if that happens my dorm blog cherish. Today since. Turn into another episode of hash tags or miners received John as always by Ryan dvd how are you. Upset. There is just Henry goes snowball did this shirt is there really is show boy the La. Is it wherever the biggest question is will we go back important to say she should still see it and I said exactly we use and I said if you watch the trailer and you've got to see this movie CA. You might be less down. But again. Are you going I don't elderly and don't see it wait for it to come out but don't waste your money if you lukewarm on your hated. You don't I just saw this we get for the first time was super troopers to you have to tell murders that are. Yeah I watched am to be honest I watched the first like 45 minutes a super troopers to and zealously. Yeah that's a good pharma stuff to disarm is good but the yeah it was not. I was surprised I haven't seen until this weekend ago wasn't panacea but it was. There was not a threat to introduce dvd just missed the window like they should have done that like two or three years after the first one in a wooden. We better and better probably but again the comedy sequel as they are tricky mistress and his knowledge to do once they're so. No not Britain. Or is it gets the news show. We. I. How much does lastly we sit alcohol limit that as Thomas weigh in this week out all the outs as Thomas Lennon and what you think it is do you think like. And that was just bad information or people out of it. For some reason and I don't want to I don't get though on I don't know it's me if you translate this joke from I was ever gonna get made or what the deal is it's like. It's DC and it's not in that continuity so it's. It's estimated will get made I don't know but he was in there assuming a pretty big role. I didn't think he'd be the best Thomas lane at bogeys trial begins slimmed down Scott sat for Thomas went to match here on the podcast don't we don't do that we don't do that but yum. He's funny though he'd go up and down if you lose a significant round and then gain it back very quickly. Yeah that's that's true but these so Jeffrey dean Morgan played Thomas lane in the flashbacks in Batman Superman yet and I thought that was kind of win that in mind because he played Thomas lane and it was stripped the actor's name MacKey from Walking Dead played on the phone Loren I don't thank you very much Ryan and I didn't Google her several times a weaker dollar and that's that's good knowledge cheers and culture that's about it and talk creepy. All these. But they would have been great in if they did at the end of don't flash point in you needed aid Thomason Martha way to play a bigger role they already cast to good actor so utterly and understand. While later retest at. And I don't know why I do but I like the idea of an older Thomas swinging any younger. Market. I don't know he's confused I don't know what you know I'm an undated Darrell I don't really that would mean is like for bat. Those have been people like that dynamic could work. You know and he works Ilya where she hears. I feel the enterprise at the same things aren't the only people who father will be harder on Bruce swings among mechanical models and a little bit. I think not only that but does that really play out the relationship do you have a guy he was it was go to med school for such a long time he's a great doctors worried doctor surgeon that tipped the thing didn't have time and Martin distractions of this email formats so by the time he came around to dating my baby is front and up to us that you gotta gotta meet this Martha she's the younger gal but you gotta meter and that point -- he was ready to settle down. And create. Ruth's Chris and became that man as a little bit photos yet. Oh yeah I agree I I got sound so I. So I think you dig it Thomas went I don't know what they're gonna do there or what what the deal was just like the idea that the Joker movie was gonna have Thomas lane but here's the one thing I really hope for Iraq and real guys that I am 89 months out of the dream sir and it's a really weird read it do you dream journal telling you Omaha. Chapter one. Dear enrich your career god it's me rich. You did great today rich you degrade is set up to the bully rich Internet today. Don't or anybody you'll get some new shoes these young the nineties and oh god no not today Ryan another piece by all and he's. Don't see why he's. I just torched all my gear Ballmer emergent stuff that's sort of a fire. I just bought that you signed an idiot. And similar Thomas claimed it was like Thomas wait like I met yet. I like it without you all get the younger gal is sort of always. Now I don't know I was gonna say yeah. I like that he was in the Joker movie did to not go to baton in 89 route map the Joker actually be the golf I don't know that don't need to go there don't want to anyway. This is some that you elect Ryan we've been talking on and off about the guards the galaxy three situation when James Dunham at Disney everything else going on it maybe the most outspoken but he don't forget may be the most outspoken in defense of James Gunn has been that former wrestling great Batiste deeds but do please tracks. And human sort of kick in the surrounds a little bit but it feels that he was on the record this week saying I don't know what I wanna work for Disney. So even if they have a guardians three you might not have tracks though is the T. East as tracks. Yet really to really get Goldberg now. Just the jump in ya like. I don't I don't hate this I don't hate him for this I mean I know there's Andrew who knew the latest in I ate at what point are you like. You know that. I think he owes a lot to James Gundy he's been very outspoken not only about the firing of James Gunn but once he got that role is tracks he was like super super thankful to James gone particularly chance on them like human minds do these have like. You know people that want you mines may be he was like winning roles just like them baseless monster guy. He was really quick Kevin Nash. Several hours of Baghdad connoisseur is oath is a mover and grandma's boy I did like didn't really do much yes elect knew it was very thankful for like someone actually given a missed shot and any news in blade runner and believed that would have happened without James gone. Circulate thief. That's important you know I mean so like he he knows him. A lot so I think he's. He's got a back in the you know I mean. Also look at when this first came that if the whole cast wants James Gunn could this cat as great as they are if you had Pratt is always Obama. Bob Bradley Cooper in diesel but that you really need the diesel but they had been diesel and David tees care and Jillian if you all of them come together and say it and it's either James Goddard no movie late be. They are these are they couldn't make they could not make the move but I feel like Chris perhaps that kiddies and rule to walk out of class in many states. The I don't if there's that feeling is well Chris Chambers locked out. Others say it easy for me to say this Chris pressed volume yet fifty million dollars to make a move there were some steam you know so it's easier for me to say but it will soon happens there but maybe no but he says if they had to recast the tees that are tracks coo who do you think until it Goldberg. Didn't think you really want Goldberg weren't. Well aiming. Similar bill get over this girl and bring up the comedic chops probably not. I don't think so no name I can take away after seeing blockers John Xena doesn't have the Q Khan notes. It was kind of funny is. The big show. Yet he's going to need enough you know I mean late Jack you know you think the big show is big on snow I think he's big enough. The height and weight wise but he's not like rich enough he's not muscular and good. Just they all CG outages that justice CGI drafts. Yeah might as well of course it's yeah I was thing I was asking some immunity do you think they have enough takes of them Vin Diesel saying I aim group that they don't need him anymore. I would really hope so yet. You know actually they probably never needed them I never understood that but why didn't like I understand why you want good voice actors in. You know what the Incredibles and shrank in movies like that. But for that specific role where your. Changing it anyway you can post what the hell's the difference again soon but I don't know tireless ripped through through his other once we they. Date for the sequel to. Quiet place tentatively called the quiet place to. Oh may fifteenth when he twenty and it's gonna we're really going off from from there I'm not that excited about it beyond his mom I'm doing an enormous deterred. I didn't think it was turned to an island. You know bulletin Woolsey and we'll do it happens that. Big mouth season two comes out October 5 for both big fans are so yeah. And I looked. Do you see your question then yeah. And so. I heard I was listening to Dax Shepard podcast which is great it's called armchair expert so much that. You're losing that deck shepherds podcast yet it's really good and yeah separate lesson he admitted to heated two hour episode when nick Kroll. Our love fascinating and they were talking about big mouth season too you know because Chris bells on and whatever. And get this so there are introducing a new character. Called the Sheen wizard. Hot pocket he's voiced by demons to Lewis who if you guys watch the third season of Fargo he's the guy who Petit who Zoellick constantly picked in his teeth. Ours isn't the worst previous character ever and it just like he wrote the character would him his voice in their. And from far off guy that's going to be awful Andre Iguodala and it's about the big thing you talked about and broadcast was the she wizards. Obama announced a different. Also Netflix red right now with season two of ozark which I am enjoying very much. Yeah I invited just one of those things it's on my list I just had fun and and it's. Putting your Q1 day you'll get to it but ozark fans out there I am also watching those are there with a ton of music Ryan on the podcast we did high school. Our CD collection doesn't and chicken are clear archives it was a good one including this artists who is on there how about Eminem. Mason is album called kamikaze Jiabao last week and it blasts and he's very descent and moved to within popular as it stands right now. I think we'll but I do look about a news he has a great deal of confidence he does but he also. I think the best and handbook given him a hard time Christina and get machine gun Kelly's like hasn't distract about Eminem and my college stuff you know but. The best Eminem is angry imminent. Yeah it is and he is angry at his last 23 albums were decorate because he wasn't ya pissed off when he was all about it might. Finding peace with stuff you're on this is yes and that's what might. I don't wanna like an Eminem to another late nineties late but our band likes member winds sustained. But alcohol in my glass angry. Like yeah acoustic stuff the night we put on the CD good bonus sucks now what did you make the case was likes. And you miss one you like to lie I did you do Lincoln Park but there's a lot of dances are now one way the military having some problems on this foreign. Like we're fighting now album. Yeah yeah well they're used to before we're good now. Got money simply did not what do you what do you pissed off about now yeah potential. Ticket to act now money's not the you know. Yeah under your happiness for Mo money Mo problems. I've also heard disarmament and does not know yet ratified the re. The very first track Eminem did is called in today and it's still my favorite Eminem song. Really yeah. Essar sudden go back it was some of that that'd. My thing and evidence Ullman is probably one that's nine and on and Eminem album does what he did renegade would you easy allowing two hoopla. Love that but anyway this one. I think is as high as its fourth and then as low as six. Legged some order you gotta have the Marshall Mathers LP the slim shady LT and Marshall Mathers LP two or Montrose to order a lot of them show. Yes I think this to me is probably in in the mix and Eminem show and on core and then there are better then. Recovery relapse survival but his first two albums are like first you like right in the scope albums are out of this world. Yet the second one is my favorite but they're both great yet that's us in America. Brian Austin news I have here is so the bullies what's awhile ago we said should be a show. Should be a TV shows somehow someway it very difficult to do it's occurred Garth Ennis comics. We both highly recommend that they've been doing some tests and they got a pretty good all star cast already of people involved. I know how votes Jennifer asked Zito. Is yet to be CIA agent Susan Rainer. Jeffers Zito was in the movie crash scene is just very small role in the movie made which was close yet yeah you recognize a bizarre but that I'm I'm in I'm not have this funny we're talking with somebody on and on Twitter about it. Yes and very difficult show to make it very difficult show to me can ask you to right now weren't relating getaway through a lot of stuff and mighty tipping point do they need to get. Simon peg and somehow some way and yet they do. One of the characters is designed after sontag has drawn just like Simon you needed our hearts yeah you've written for what's his nephews it's like he sent do you ebitda six of them Micah is that you eat. Sure my PDF puma. They were Obama says that's up right are you ready for your bit of news I guess it's time. Okay. Even hand. It's not. All right so the biggest videogame thing we ever get tax west happened this weekend. I guess. I would really love to go and everything that happened attacks west. But it's just way too much stuff witnesses you know just forget we had a lot and a lot of new game play footage Lawson looks at some really cool games com. Lot of big names are out there off follows there but the biggest news I guess they came out of this is some kid. 11 point five million dollars in fort night in and there are a little like tournament they have west yeah it was a shock and it was not shot which I am missing that took place in Seattle so I don't know outshine and out better. Comment on a time when it started like a similar questions and (%expletive) I'm sort of rethink some stuff like dude that's where the money is the your the money is slight I think. Personally I think for next kind of a flash in the pan it's it's gonna be gone in a little while. I think. We were crest of the wave right now it's your question Ryan Mo money Mo problems woman who problems insisted to me it's just. When games are caught like I don't mind game updates to win the game is constantly being updated digs are being taken out the back and think you're getting lot of these are getting off things you know means like it just never seems finish to me and I can't get comfortable playing. I'm a short night in a. Aboard. I was gonna say it's 234 nights there will be an embarrassment to a formats but every time I turn on the play overall archer played tech dinner play something else. The big pops up like update installing now perform tonight what my crisis and got it then I. So the other big news is this Thursday. I'm doing the big stream nominee started a little bit later. But a minute ago. To about like 1 o'clock. Maybe later. Because this Spiderman. Is coming across Kansas are. So that's coming it's going to be able midnight Friday it's already late pre downloaded on my thing and think. Imus is an Iraq in the people ask what's the first thing you're gonna do I am going right to be avengers tower or I am going right to be Empire State Building and just jumping off. That wouldn't insult the first guest quick all like to homeowners look they beat him on Twitter and said elect him as awesome photo mode now. Us sleek looks unbelievable and they have a trailer for their first DLC which comes out in October. Which features black cast. Ago called it's called city never sleeps on the height. I like so very much and police looks greens. God that she does so we are so not only that we games coming out on Friday and there you have lakes and killer DLC for so. I'm Paul and I'm all in I would I will. What's that what's that thing I'll hang my hat on and or something like that I know you. All and I am personally chips in the middle table on this game. And they say does it all in America I will check. Iraq. That's what the classless guys we let's cut rates should hear Ryan the topic did you or show eight. So I know I was listening to what was the topic of the day and today well as you know him better than anybody it is back to school season Ryan's. Let's welcome everybody to the flow would be a little high school movies first thing on the nastier let's set some ground rules. What well aside is as a high school movie. Well I think you're you're I say this carefully because your characters and need to be high school aged first and foremost. I think that's a great starting point you high school age because I see I see your characters need to be high school age because I think originally Adams in mean girls it was like 24. And a big Stacey dash was like thirty when she played where editors and clueless. Writes only. Your need to do young eyes are on the the school. So that's so that's great to talk over this wind I'd husband. Is can the laws and you're rural sort of asked us about but it was I know what you did last summer. Read I don't think it talents because. That is the summer again obviously it's in the titles but you never. Walk slipped into their high school massacre of fringe but I say no on that I would say no sooner has to be some scenes that take place in the school. But you have to see is yet to be in the school at some degree I think would also kinda helps all of these movies. Is not just in the high school but may be any. Teacher a principal coach is also sort of supporting character originally ties into the school race yes. That's something Jim and I think we can do here as we wind is sort of the guidelines we're gonna miss how many guys can certainly between us that our podcast. Email store podcast at gmail.com. With your favorites your least favorite senator senator outs before we get to some of the other superlatives if you will Ryan yeah. What's high school aid while attend which when he wouldn't would you be friends with if he'd steal listen coach X that are out. Let's break it down sort of sub genre within the high school movie. First this is kind of brought against bush once would you consider classic science and all timely classic high school movies I'm just gonna throw like. The Breakfast Club sixteen candles when it goes there classic. I think day genre defining moment I saw oh yes I've heard that before ones that are like this is what I high school movies should do. On migrate all the movies. Knowledge is are they just use movies but The Breakfast Club at sixteen candles and shares dealers day off those who have gone next. I think places Shermer high school Shermer high school in New York Illinois. It's the sharp reverse because. This they overlap and is it weird science might also overlook it's weird science doesn't rule out of this yet I think it does put all of those three jump from the mid eighties are perfect yelled John Hughes movies all had their strengths are what do you numb. We're doing is that I got to go out fast times at Richmond high. Excellent and right there in the goddamn title just narrowly yet American pie. Yes these can confused. Yes and Heather's I would say are like for me elected classic. High school movies. Yeah I think so I think I won't. You know I'm also put in there. Would diss is Jessica like you're the the eighties once practice got sixty channels there's dealer yeah fast times those early eighties. You know DC diffuse early ninety's the late ninety's you yeah accede Heather somebody that's late eighties. Our American pie is late ninety's are probably also throw just can't hardly wait and oh yeah and I clueless out there who listeners well. Clueless yes so that's a demo from the ninety's and I think. You know can hardly wait like the whole idea of the high school party. But then the whole thing like when they have this. As a deal progress of the closing of the regrets when they're they're gone there is this the yearbook relics opened through like that is just and hit willow looked patrols by yelling the nerds you got he seat at the wannabes get the jocks who got the hot girls Sierra ya everything else and I think that's part of the magic of what qualifies as a high school movie to reach you have these people who are coming from different kind of walks of life went in high school I kind of talking to each other and I think. Bill that's what makes a good high school movie. Yeah I yet daunting I think it does it's just to go first to the like it's The Breakfast Club like again. Personal shout outs to a Judd Nelson who wants this in high school stadium ushered him. John Bender doesn't it turns and held performance hurt us and that's that's the one where it's such it's such a classic in just take one from it every category disability and use the Romans is tension and then. Hijinks Ryan hijinks throughout the entire film yet but there's not always that bond were you dig deeper understanding that they come to delay we're meeting we're not so different you don't mean although the top what. Don't Tug on their own heart strings are well. In a pack cigarette smoker John blow days and bad luck and thanks Maria. Not sixteen candles good fair steeler Dennison was was pretty good on obsessed times. This could be an unpopular opinion then it's to me kind of in the eighties comedy where depending on what. God generation you are. You might think it's the best movie ever you might think it's overrated or you might think it's good at all without a button that category but I am in the category where. Yet it's American pie or fast times whose ball was on TV like I relate more American pie that's only because I was able alive. Us cents cannot be IE Eden was I think they're running so I was alive yet the so dumb. If for me it's it's. A solid B plus a minus but it's not I and I recognize them things they were doing MM movie. Which you know ice Glick high school kids are doing drugs and high school kids on sex and iced cookies are experiencing these different things abortions but you're pretty heavy at times. I'm not so doubt that we wouldn't have half of these movies or fast times didn't happen. Com right that's for sure can't but I I like rated high school bully who has the high school is rated. So I think it's important and I IE but it's not if I artists and down in you put all these movies in front meets. Commuter personal pick up now think so either I think spoke holy has become a little overrated like as time has gone on like how great that character was. There's really more about Stacy and lend for being honest and we are being honest. Amid Charles Jefferson who ugly was in our football draft back and we didn't two Fisher there's certain movies it was great ballplayer obviously. Is confused Ryan is one of my a save birds when you mention high school movies and I know this takes place. In the summer and it's the whole thing about building up but. They're drinking on the football field it's all about those freshman getting initiated a source of power the movie takes place at school. Yeah that's Sergio right exactly sewing it absolutely counts in the characters are unbelievable you know we would worsen and which thousands Fred though Daniel yeah. A companion Karla Meeks by Parker Posey is on is just perfect for that and this is one if you want it to you involve. You're you're. Your female audience like him for whatever reason. And get them and I I know in my life love this movie. They did it's like I guess that's that's the time I think that is set in it's the soundtrack did the characters that there's all this sex couple of boxes not sure there's women who like Blake for whatever reason and I nose because my wife and her friend slight. We were duped this comes up all night would you Peter my high school movie and getting reviews like that's. But he and a lot of like. Who is a like button Joey Lauren Adams character. Awesome she's I mean she's she's kind of like nice to like Brett did the younger end and my daughter is just like that I was like. We've got a community like I was at the nicest of all them easily guide and that character. It is they weren't they do we don't want to high school like it. What they're a group like any girls let's say they weren't all Parker Posey but definitely wants. Oh my god maybe two or three but I think about it. Yeah yeah yeah there's definitely a group like that those as those really like Jesus take it easy it's my job yes that was those Lee high school which is where they went days if you tell us right. In Dolly in Texas bred a Pink Floyd didn't relentlessly apply more and what killers movies and then nerdy little brother Mitch stinks he'll probably stinks stinks and probably one of the words athletes ever put on them. Oh absolutely viewed on the shortlist he would definitely relish or look like you put decade an amount which you kidding me. Men are so on and off. Brutal of Harry's touching his hair tosses there touches such in his nose might die yeah you read on the Internet Ryan. Bob pass lacks character that role fro being union yet also want to Vince Vaughn. We've been told looked a little old. For now my dad like Ben Affleck looks looked old and and I get I get that was the point been gonna look the way jewel. What about this that this was three years before swingers. Extra young and swingers. Yes sure I think may have been able to pull off that and he can definitely do like. Astle terror and I think that's a defense that's like GAAP cookies and you told us that's all he does seller like Mike Downey junior news police are now like yeah bids on is just that that could be hassle now I think that would event is usually your read those loans are registered traveler the sector let's get this rolling it out what an awful glitzy that's moral might see that. And did he hit us on Rudy early gritty came I'll regret after Madden and Richie played like that guy when he was a decade. Right right and then the other one that I yeah how are you is you what was what you were routing those two run that same period and through the suns aren't yet. The other thing that I read was. What was the actor so shy and injuries who played two heaven Pickford in the movies yet. You revenues drug hasn't. Yet. He was doing a million Jovovich at the time residents there on received their both in the movie as well but according Syria must have some right up that are linked later was doing. She said that she was supposed to have a bigger role Sean injures laws so as a bigger role but she really guess and hassle and didn't get along with the other actors. So that dropped his role significantly and increased. Matthew McConaughey and his role which initially wasn't going to be that day but everybody loves them and he was so great that's awesome and I I read the numerous elections summer like the filming that movie like Mila Jovovich and I got I got married for like two weeks. Somehow I think ultimately more yeah I think there were dating yet that might be right because they were definitely together and then. There are no longer together yet. It's if you can if you believe they are not. On the judgments that mention those loans now would you consider this is an Ohio mother split as Greece. I think as a kind of. We when we were going through like a different shot sub genres grit of you have Blake all the ones you received all others others in Greece Greece was the first one enlisted because. Out obviously. You and I aren't gonna I would I don't know haystack we're not gonna pull Greece and to remove what Greece you know but. Come. It is a good musical movie that is weren't they weren't mentioned in this I don't know I know why people like hit it. It's like Bob Dylan exist and people like this not the first time. First and I mentioned Bob Dylan Thomas podcast. Death did market tease us bomb. I get why people like Kris it's just not for me yet hundreds become almost as part of a six they grew it got me deem. Els the sternly worded letters X that are ups so those are probably most of the classics another one well I would say this. These are all of us are classics but and then they saw another John -- too but when you when you mentioned Heather's yet which was westar Byrd high school yet wind Veronica JD in the Heather switches very good things. That's spawned a handful of other movies like that where. Job breaker as he knows how much they were raised him up nights any night and then mean girls which was. Great movie that I actually love mean girl I hear us. But that's sort of like without Heather's I don't know if you get you definitely a job breaker and you might not get mean girl I take so what happens is very dark but it's a very dark comedies and saw America does a job breaker is and that's what and essentially might mean girls is like headers like it's like diet editors. Yeah like turn up the comedy turned down you know a girl dying breath yeah. But it's also like. Com instead of like physically violent. Which they have theirs is like mean girls like psychologically violently unanimity that's how girls operate now is like just a lot more like more realistic yeah for sure yet. Our deal was let's don't sue up comedy you know pessimism overlap because obviously American pie but what are the laws you have Furman for comedy -- so going up like mean girls wanted to do what it's like sneaky one of my favorite high school comedies I'm is a movie called easy eight with Emma Stone. It's. It's good it is it's actually really good. It's supposed to be a take on how the scarlet letter. Which you. Emma Stone plays this girl who you know she lies about like Hogan up some guy AN you know. Eventually turns and like X she lies that you looked up and all these guys severely cue cards and stuff like it is like bizarre. These and just. Well I like nerds and it's like yeah like that little Taylor and it turned biker gear gave best friend was like can you do that for me so people. You know I don't know that I'm gay and that I can unite and end is. It's very touching and it's very funny. When it's also link. Pretty poignant my tricycle kids yeah. So I like talent but obviously the one we haven't mentioned yet not be liquid essentially. 2000 like millennial comedy a super dad is. Lilly yes absolutely super bad and yet great characters who would you deal with Seth and have been in men. Mick the glove in his become whole saying he's great. Daka is really Julia did Samsung character for the whole idea. You know high school at that age Selig that's so weird. Timely dozens few months warriors still in high school. You're really ready to get out of there but like you still don't have everything figured out telling Maria and its own mentally let us. It's that time. It's the only reason I wouldn't put this in classic status and this is because I doodle I've done a lot of thinking about oh. Let you look at like fast times a ridge Mon dynamics a lot of times we talk about like Obama we will never get made now. Unit right. Super dad. When you watch it now like when we watched it in 20072008. Your like this is hilarious but now all. With everything about oh. You know sexual assault on campuses and things like that and the whole premise is likes these kids wanna get these girls trunks and can a couple of looks like I don't know how well that's gonna age learn. Yellow what does Michael sur resident also very focused he openly or even has a chance to do it backs out. That's no good she was so drunk yet he he's the water stops oh and I think that's that's the saving grace of the movie is that it doesn't work. Anybody like that mindset for young men like the only way this is gonna happen is if we're both. And then her friend says would look people wasted its climate that's not true at all but that's not sure but yeah. Here comes not only don't do that link that's not yet. My parents were like the one of the best parts to be in that movie and it's not want that anybody really even remembers but it's a good quotable lines or should Russell NBA games. Is there's a scene where children hell's going on and on and on about that whatever surety needs in the party are suing the planned and Michael Serra says they're playing video games. And he's like and whose script and I he's so there's like. But why is that what why would you put that again that that's what is that that's that's impossible why would you put that Americans are getting well and you definitely gave. And excise at all there's in my diet it's awesome and I ate I know what you're saying an academic where would you put that McCain but. That's indeed what you're Obama and that was also reminds everybody knows what it was like before you're 21 trying to track down loose. Yeah and we've all we've all been mayor we've all done. Quick quick anecdote so the first time I ever went with my brother to a high school party this. My brother wasn't I didn't this is honest to god truth like you in which came out for me I didn't drink little tricycle I did it distracts I didn't ask. And my brother was a big party yours so. He's like that there was this market by our house call he's whose grocery relate for whatever reason they put the beer cooler right next to the door. Yes I saw him and his friend which his friend who are gimmick by the Pentagon and while he was buying a pack and got my brother would just grabbed 230 backs and run out. So he's got out because they. But you know I was right there mentally and now you're gone and so these exit behind the wheel car and just keep the car running in my just. So basically turned into he was running out the plate to keystone might thirty tax. Go and it's I see had to like Carly he jumped in the back in the deep which had no top on it and just like to grow actually drive them out there. Really don't for a I was an accessory you promised I was like fifteen years already have my license yet maps are the first time ever drove a car. So I'd say yes yeah Johnson drugs or race yes. Is this store or comes as I can. And obviously that bit and he knows what it's a rule that like he once it leaves the store what you can't do anything about it. Yeah I did not know that I'm not suggesting anything that anybody with a guy who was a security guard shot and he's like once you step off the curb and there's nothing I can do like date if think if I mean yeah if you run off occur and like I tackle you wish you could sue the store. So they tell me like I have the state so they've. Up little. I was a fun fact from all right hold on one with our Monday a mister itself there on the scene steady apple no one. So because it's a good product Ortiz and the Napoleon Dynamite Bob I eighty from what I like it around him it's weird. Last I thought well time quoted all the time. Or do other things yet like in my wife you know my life last Muehlegg who do you which are planned for today and Mike wouldn't remodel or if you don't really cost. If you look at the bear that. And it is still vote for Pedro like coincidental a lot of it takes us at the school you have the the event at the end there alias. It's pretty good it's not sad it's totally off beat it doesn't make any sense it but it's it's funny you know anyways because it probably wasn't like most of your high schools the kids experienced people like god. Like I watched it with my dad once he's in practice there's my guy distance. Like class you have isn't certain yet to be skewed a surge have a mood assert certain type of comedy that you wanted to be and it just like if you're not in the mood it's you're gonna. Two men out you know but it's fun. But Allen's Dolan stood. In the way which sort of mentioned was Huntington hills high school and some of the best stuff was. Them popular vote. I played. The idea this is definitely true like Muster in high school would you stink. Their kids or older of the new that are now on colleges like oh my god like you there and there were so thorough look yet at treatment. Because they're true but really he's like sit there is a mass sees that Obama got a what do you do you should be there like she is hot man there's like. I go lower than vice Gloria. Wear sandals in the shower Kazaa get Clare Short is yeah yeah and we just got warts all over my feet. That's my favorite line of the movie. It's like the idea of these guys are so great familiar like wait a minute and their allies the party now but what are the what are they doing here had his own not always that guy. Like who shows up. Regis like why are you here yeah. Yeah you again just like dude you know you have got. Mean you know doesn't the guy who was in a band a couple bans Ryan what did you think of love murder. I loved her out of love to hear what they put that I thought the one of the funny parts in movies but it never actually played and out. The best. Yeah yeah fights and Lisa are just bomb us but yet is always. We used to joke all the time like I I started playing guitar because I wanted to be to guitar guy the party. Yeah it's hard to go to the Los Angeles. Area couple a couple of bars is one of the other the best part of the entire movie is the door to close and this is another line that I call all the time it's really just not a time and among the group of people out. He's like they're the chances at least likes the dearly and somebody because. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. So evacuated as I would Charlie Corey you plead Robin Williams son and Hogan. I'll guy and he is like super successful now which he was. Work animal like how its cousin the cousin outlined that was unbelievable amazing ability superior dispense it's funny because he's like really that person too late he went to Yale Law School and he went outside I would like the Obama administration making like super successful. I'm saying that his challenge. A legitimate science is like an advanced mathematics professor goes. Crazy of notre. I was differ comedy ice some of the injured this one occasion to highlight that. I see our tubular kinda good in and one that's like my. Yeah one of my favorites on the left until the movie deal I don't know if you saw that I really good really good at like nine east. High school kind of movies. And what in my personal favorites that people are gonna IE. But in lobbies do movies one house party. Nice. But most parties whenever it's on and it drives my wife crazy like Iowa house party aren't always what you don't you wanna do a murder mystery party like forever to do it yet. I'd still clubs and I've always wanted to throw a house party house party. Brian this is subject house party yeah. Did send it to the house and bruises tonight a storm and it's like hi somebody's who's like possibly I love house party. I mean I was goes and says some bomb when they're sowing the movie and Chris Rock is on the set and he's like a basket and they tell us part of my house started soon. In that letter on that does that assisting us makes us part three of how important for the bush. It was party to one of the greatest sequel may because he had a lot of break into electric blue which we yes this is. All of our party to the pajama Jimmy Jam. Are people within the Jonas what I was in with a bullet and one of my favorite comedies. I'm a huge John Cusack and better off dead is one of my favorite I spoke on its all okay yeah dad. The wrong yet doesn't do that and how well. Us still want to have 211 jump street is good technically high school movie tactic did you see him take sub is a lot of high school you're at the main characters. Our high school but they're supposed to be sick cows and so much of it takes place at Sagan high school yet so downtowns. A bomb also throw this one in their because it does such a good job make now all of these parody movies are great. But not another teen movie is legitimately fun it is it is legitimately funny lady is one of those movie like I didn't want to think that movie was funny but once. It's just more now I think what happened was there a couple like the first couple scary movies were good. Then this one was good in like any other one side I think you should really didn't do much of those but this one if it's got Chris Evans and it but it hits every. Jason all the movies that we named before like The Breakfast Club and do you know American Daria and Jane hardly wait it takes all of those and makes. Parity movies may go to John Hughes highs forgot so. This look it's actually it's also it's quotable it's it's funny weeks we lost this volatile times I'd put that I would say we. Talk about this movie enough but like. I cannot stress how important. The movie American pie was to me when I well because it came out I was eighteen years old when that movie came out. Does terrific it was like a bad time in my life Mikey was it was. Everything that you kind of go through as like that each didn't like Ariel people like that was it. News jealous of us the big stuff like Internet. Pulled in Somalia like you know people. In female Michael lets up like you I remember early dad being. Let. I wanted to left more but it was like a little too. But he was a little too much wields real you yeah. Amanda yeah it's just it's really let Chris Klein's character. Linked to linked to guy and our thoughts but that was mean let's let's let's common nova but the president Casanova but that's pathetic that was me. I was that guy like I was like I played sports but like I. Try to present and the guy in the liberals. Never. Words like god now I was sort of guy you're trying to prod and I regardless Muslim artists all believed I was. Finally went sports too but I was a mess when I was at mass. There's Ryan at Ellison absolutely hissy said we. We actually told us or the podcast for everybody's going over again we get a different high school experience cuts were dormant and where. I have to preface this by seeing I was a senior and only seniors can have Internet. OK no that's not the start and you have to look different armies are in the tournament opener against. I was just as is is finally let's have a bad day who says the boiling point it's like you had to be their story that I don't care went on anyway and in you mean shark pay out probably claim PlayStation and then you're did not like I got plans. I'm borrowers who whatever the girls storm was to visit whatever the laws and you're like aren't afraid to go at the night after all this it would have been should not and so little time and then you get up to leave it in shark goes. You're in math hat following. Maybe just. Possibly unemployed Jarden. You're aware that pass. They don't it was like. One thing that the union did enough shark on your good news comedic timing. A star is Nicky we started looking at proxies like locked in but he he would be great comedy writer. Don't you be Greg coming rather he would also be a perfect third man in on the podcast work. You let me close the podcast. And then she would make you laugh out loud three times it was safe things but three times in Missoula file so shark it was the EU is like come. Feel like I always he reminds me of Sam we're increasing geeks. But John Bradley what he reminds me of him. Com. Because he was he was like wait a little lower than smaller Mike Wallace. And that one shark story I can tell now. Is we do this thing was called fox tails were like all the older girl the slugger told the source told us on. It's on the guys stand in the dorm and shut the door behind them searchers can make all these girls like rocked the US forty kudos. It is. Hello to talk like scratch again I'll get out of the door goes most witnesses those princess and the America east great falls high school in mission and against us Larry and Jim ship breaks the kiss from rookie of the year terror reads Alter its. Americans are getting anecdotal data related to ability to throw out yet it is absolutely appropriate I think somebody emailed us and asked a slick well. My wrongly some ass that's like what we relate to wanting more high school story silly wanna know more about us my school so Leo is true so when it was probably Marcus. Some wanted to know more about us and high school but that's I think they're giving you enough to reiterate we're zero sounds everywhere else. We did that single enemy. Didn't have assessed the overall I got along with everybody you did in the problem I had is when you started (%expletive) man in the white. Fix it. It was a very confident young you're men viewers what Iowa does Tebow had a problem that's come on them one more hello I love this story in my dad's still tells a story every time rich comes around. Rick and I were playing football. It was a very very rare occurrence that it was a close game you're playing an equally bad T. Yeah column and we had an awesome when my favorite coaches have ever had was our school coach. And rich and another planet we're on defense and rich in the wide receiver we're John back and forth like in the huddle. And I am gathering the huddle as the middle linebacker and I have everyone astronomy and rich is pointing his finger over my over my shoulder yelling at the kid. I grabbed rich by the face mask hold him about an inch from my face and go shock the clock up. Iraq throws a flag on TV person. Children's where you have a fifteen yard penalty for swing it rich. That's the way historical around midnight I believe the news news plus the way the newsletters and we lost decade we did lose. Spoiler Soros book and last and did it. And what else we got for comedy the comedy miss a couple of year but let's move to mean we always check them out on record that Rushmore. Those will be a great movie Brussels and she's all that missed out on. Yeah and love Shiloh well I gradually took so we're gonna. Juno. I don't know June it was a good movie I I do things and it was a good movie I don't totally diffused it it is seamless daylong talking with police. Thank you for making that distinction anyone out there do you. Think you would think I am. I don't like Freddy prinze junior. Like anything. Out with the on the so much or just too bad because I've barbie's probably just a gem of a guy probably a great guy and a death. The even though couldn't rule and I know he's a bus and saw Paul Walker was an imovie. I hated the idea like you just take a girls' classes offered she's not no action was hot. Jews in nerd she was a diamond may be hotter and for being overly awesome each others of us looked about Iraq and hole yeah going again by the way. I kids now on a tip believe it's taken us this long in the podcasts but I wanna start with horror high school bullies I'm all right. To scream yeah I knew this was only a matter time before we had its human. High school you get your Sidney you're Tatum your villiers do Randy Meeks was one of the best care jerseys rest and take a pilot TC and Steve who. Did not make you very long and a movie you have yet the principal who has a very significant role there's a major death at the schools they're talking about stuff at school school gets shut down for a day because obviously the murders that are going on earth so is there even would spur high has become. They could go to stay on every mentions woods broke was Borough killings and so. It is like to me it's one of my favorite high school movies just as far as their movies. I just wish we can get through one god damn podcast without you mentioning the movie scream and pound and we can do. I'm going to be enough I don't remember sunscreen and big Mike this is awesome. Unless it is case I don't want to lose much as you do but I still like I still putting I still appreciate because of the many aspects of screen where. Is a craven was driven to. You're goddamn right DSL and so it was Tim Williamson who wrote it's awesome Dawson's Creek did I know you did last summer he did a few other ones he wrote this spoke Wes Craven directed and which is great because the whole comic Wes Craven it's kind of like. Examining the movies he Mason kind of like you know he says it's the kind of that nice. They're probably self aware there are probably aware of the Hormuz existed within our mourn for the first time is a minarets of the 1996. That's out right. But it was CR every other movie was just so we're on its own and so this one works. Did its own thing and yet another movie where. You look back a Nazi like they don't look like they were the highest blow up whatever. Forty. So stick Norwich. And maybe other it is generally keep. He's actually in Riverdale is yeah yeah it was great about this movie and I'm thankful for this movie again and not my favorite collect. Why am thankful for this movie. Bump I now watch horror movies differently because of screwed up. There I think you have to they do I think ever undergo a impossible to satisfy a vote. Probably an average of twice a week. I'll ask my wife if she wants to do a scream marathon. And we've been together for a long time is yet that's a lot of times I didn't yet is never said yes to that we might be if mr. Davies come over 11. When Dave and marathon we'll do scream marathon. What holes to I don't know I don't know children but. They go to my parents yeah it's the largest fund but it doesn't mask on the Yankees think he's doing crazy things now. Don't. But I would say in the quintessential. Would be best high school horror movie ever made. It's scary. Yup us us second among us apps like I had to really pisses them all and didn't like almost perfect normally. It's occurred it's incredible it really is incredible movie we talked about it on the 1976. T remember what the name of the high school I don't. Eight's high tide. Little inspiration from Marat Norman Bates in Psycho yeah that makes it it makes sense I do like that. I do most. Some I was here on Tuesday yet crazy mom lake. Really we Unix tortured main character. Yet your you know your bad apples you can't see your human and I are you know times she and but what Jesus what an awesome payoff at the end you know but also like how many high schools. Everybody does stunts made everybody guy you it and it muted the idea. Skidded doing that tidbit kids think pigs or. From what does it unless they won't get too obviously and in the sports car but one of the lives varsity blues and reds. They're like these kids were sticking their rank her so much glass the a lot of club isn't right here on the glass of people. Adversely you know mobile has no coach or construct. That there is. Some glass the deal. I'd like about it I'd like to backtrack for a second and go back calamity. Does Smith first. My dad a new car he's. Yeah Gaza and the very first Michael Klein joke ever heard when made and I'll look at my friend Michael hunt Mike and she says it over the loudspeaker and Bennett and drive and thanks. I was crying laughing at thirty years later still grow still grip. That I am Ortiz is agreed comedy toward yes I wish we would miss that that would be debt so no I know we definitely missed some the other ones quickly Otis ripped through for horror would be Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Our enemies who aren't as good but the faculty actually I'd like to faculty and our previous like the fact he's done now is better now if you watch and actually he is deaf parents in high school further the faculty the missile was bad tournaments are on their because. Al Williamson wrote of the that he teaching mrs. tingle went out and he solves that Ellen and what about god Jennifer's body with. I didn't know idyllic ever spotted us fight best best Helen Mirren. Why she agreed to do teaching mrs. tingle yes it because she said and I quote they paid me a ship load of money to Delilah Helen Mirren. Since all right let's let's ripped through some sports longs real quick already up for sport the greatest high school sports movie ever made was hoosiers. Yeah I see you're probably right but I would say this doesn't count because it's a documentary. But. Hoop dreams is you can't and who treated. Amazing does exactly who dreams of William gates and Arthur Agee. And it's actually it's so much more powerful. That neither god made it yet. No because you're watching other commodities just are greatly to get invited Chile to McDonald's game early to not to my dogs him like the Nike camp and intimidated by you also had a big recruits and I don't swear they wanna goats and Mike had done this would like Chris Webber Jalen Rose you have to think like everybody makes it yet you like no this is so messed up like what like there are some stats stuff that happened their Stanley is a woman's brother got killed oligarchs who own slate. Holy smokes about the separate thing but I sort of mention who drink. It's crazy like being a coach now. Our men talking to kids and all those kids are still the same like there's still like and I try to tell them like the best baseball player I have ever coached. And make a cup of coffee in the major leagues. Best hockey player I had the best high school hockey player I knew growing up. Played like a season in the NHL. Rice union and now he's coaching he's doing great and related. And letting us Rick DiPietro all of them played with him Saddam. I don't and I saw Rick play I was I was any Hartford wolfpack game and he was playing for the Bridgeport sound tigers. Any got ready apple. You as the number one pick in the draft has been announced our first goaltender to go on number one overall in the initial draft and I saw him that'd be hold back. Among nine autumn MI two periods like not. Just that wanted to be anywhere else but raked area. I feel like you get these guys like. It had a pretty successful in its own career so it's an eight car bomb blood pressure or blood. And didn't really didn't really work you know. The hoosiers though hoosiers grape picker it was that image at all of these great. Outside lights the withdrawn their the movies yes. And merciless. And mercy blues LA do you have to put those elected to there's not a lot of like he. Baseball I think football is kind of football and basketball are kind of attitude sports these are my high school sports stuff. Obviously a separate thing altogether it's front and let the TV shows on the great high school sports TV show club domino. The only thing I wish there was a little bit in the book in front and it likes they play and own race plays a whole lot more of an issue in the whole thing. The kind of glossed over in the mood. But with the very last game at Dallas surrender whenever. But it was always like around but in the books so I IE yeah. The book looks good. Senate. Report both sort of a superlative Ted thinks you're Ryan. The other category were ones that we didn't name it and followed category and slug meant increased Muslim one of them. Back to the future. Yup I had that on here so prevalent cause. Hills valley hi I went back to his concern out there slacker who. Rebel that caused James Dean who's probably going to be like an isolated and I want my personal bitterly to comedies of all time see anything. Okay well he's turning blue dog went up I always going to be really done we're done it yet Z. Fail had a hockey gas. You know as soon couldn't chronicle. I don't know probably I would say I know we're gonna cringe at this Ryan Johnson made a movie called Rick is starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Which is like a film noir. Like mystery that takes place in high school and it's awesome. The sector and I've not seen my own. I own a motor on its critics it's definitely worth a watch on the hoping takes place again and around high school but it's like one of the old school like detective books. And media spotlight that even talk like without any novel com click my camera kind of thing but it's it's place and high school. On the dot skip and I'll say. The global global the perks of being La flower was actually you wouldn't think I would like get Soledad does a pretty good movie. When I forgot for sports. To Africa for sports actually one school ties. You mentioned about society. On and one of my wife would kill me and I don't mention. Is bringing on. Yeah. There era era Euro time Bergen on Bernard including about Gonzalez fiduciary threats. What is. In your lines deep bass. High school movie ever made the best high school movie on best high school movie when asked who is similar follow up question. Is but right now what's the best high school movie ever. Breakfast club. It's Yee asked yeah he is because and I do because it to AD. 23 year are 33 years later. It's still relevant. And let you in that movie does not beast like kids are still kids and a big breakfast clubs there's a gender is a lying in the women's theater system like the assistant principal ways that kids are still cute kids are kids. When they're going to be to send our kids yet you know they didn't know what I'm saying is that Mike. That those troops like those characters. You'll always find them in high school. Yeah that's good man it's that's a good call and that's as far as just has always I've definitely got above sixteen candles affairs dealer yes. I mean what a single a dazed and confused. Thoughts. He should hide under my pillow. Michael America replied I don't think just resident's morning and that I would say that's our breakfast club. Let me in yeah right right exactly but I think they breakfast club just a slightly better movie. In my career advice would funny here. Yet what is simply funny area the lake so it's answers for your so what's your favorite on my team my two favorites are Oscars viewers stay off. Which I am I model my early life. I wanted to be my the first celebrity I wanted to be was very particular on the event and are better off dead. Is a result of my aren't yet. Our American pie and you went on an issue once scream in their dust and once the mole. I think she comes time love mean girls that mean girls are coming your momentum there gauntlet now on there phenomenal. I would imagine clueless mark should Bronson Alcott high school that's also a very good movie that much that at any time. Yeah courage so what's the league what's the worst at least they were slash worst I got what money and I want you did. And we didn't even mention it might be a semi should be allowed to not take for me. Oh really it Argo had the DARPA. Ownership that is obsolete out that movie sucks. Hold it sucks okay doesn't make any god damn sensitive don't condone. Happy about the money on it don't know who it who are you wearing it suited me ensued but that's stupid. Movies did it doesn't make any sense it's like that it needs the our version of what the blue duck seriously people like. What would have posters like Donnie Darko Wonderwall Snead and a lot to leave the Bucs saints do what you like moviemakers it's ticks Ashley Miller doesn't that movie. But what happens at the and I send us and I'm now what happens at the end of Donnie Darko. The dream and enter his. Regret at a lake it's good to me like it was one of those just to. Tell you I tell you ever owned deer listener into your host. I tried just friends I tried to try to drive a car that I don't I like some lunch unless. Thanks that's my job in pajamas the critic permanent. It's saying to. I like it still makes me laugh I love it's is that magnitude six. Bob my worst slush Lisa Faber has who boom all time. Israel for a little high school called sounds Glen south but never jet. LeBron. Oh barely exists. Does anybody did a good show did not not and that seem to be where they have like the super allegro will get it in her ninety's that she's like. She shows up. At the high school is she's like a news student bands there electric bass masters substance like all the reason didn't sue. Stood. The grossed just exhibit a cruel intentions on which also what's in that it's tensions that aren't you know they never in school or they may talk about school whether it remains cool. Scene in the movie is the first day of school math problem that. I don't know sad I would put it more on the historic server so dollars and Bolton output in the ya know he did last summer category where they're high school students but not enough of it there even really go to school month so I'd say no because I don't want to blood demo we item two but I would put an honor to I would say that we do but I'm just looking through list right now in two days are definitely worth mentioning that we didn't mention. Com. You riske did risky business. To business get a job retention at Harlem we did and one that's tunneling under rated for me is project excuse graphic X. Now that's pretty funny years ago found footage like house party movies that are popular and again bad ending but good movie. Iran if you could attend any of these high schools which owned jeweler or through school and I would like to do it between everybody. I would knowing me like I probably would have been friends with. Like the two kids from my weird science. I'm like yeah that's true yeah you have been but doesn't Rossum you know I. And yeah cool house like Shermer Illinois death by the way sneaky like. Pirate district sound like a lot of money into doing so retro. Even that order. To take it down for Reagan high in job breaker Opel decision decent confused I don't go to school blues dudes out. Yeah currently I saw myself in Texas yeah. Tech's opponent of the west came in would have been funds and varsity blues are gonna get high school yet Ali Larter and Amy Smart rounds. Reagan high though where you have Juli who has borrowed here from her horrible you know it Courtney fox the actor and those ladies are we still would try from a distance. That big a long. What do I. Such though the schooling at least on what's on at least one Woodson probably period but it beats not I don't Jessica. Looks. Does it dates are woods Borough was ferociously do you know you get caught up and it good just to yeah to high school kids that men and openly to melanoma Obama. You're set a few of them but who else would you want wanna to have been from. Mikey I mean now we're like high school me. That's a question I guess I was they get Maurer of yet put yourself back and Jake Ryan from sixteen candles slinky and I would've gone wrong. Miles out of luck to you didn't. I think I have some friends who were likely. And an end. The kids from Superman BellSouth says and and you those who knows for sure out of returns and dom. The guy who drives a pickup and Cole Hauser the guy with The Who drives the pickup truck. Yeah yeah yeah I know everything you have that's really flu Indian imagery fluid when do we really got on Putin's slow you don't know how to do jobs. Say go into every street is out of these friends would steps lurk just because stickler is the guy it was just all right we want to be Winston slur and he goes NASA always funny play sports EU defense some really stiff clerks but I also wanted to present some really Randy Meeks who you suck but Mosul that bootleg so. Combination of those sue if there were one person. Undid themselves probably principal and we have that we always have that same leader befriends it's like yeah that's Albany's are astle. Yes he's a stiff person he's gonna dig it you can't have a whole new bunch of balls got associate the come to be fun. Then Ryan if you could still smooch again high school version of view so you're under seventy yeah he did Steelers coach will one of these. Characters for many of these Ruiz who would have probably Joey Lauren Adams and anything. Some of the podcast Joey Lauren Adams. We did we that we incarcerate a visitor I'm I was this is your super nice and Mike wanted to talk to us because it was like nobody era. Oh that's also horror. I'd Diane Lane play and I only sky in say anything at that she was adults and I got here comes I can they said at the top of this and I was gonna say another Bob Dylan sorted. I'm I once went outlook Colin date. I had a lovely evening with a young lady in college who looked a lot like I only sky from say anything. Vietnam. And that's about that while you're. Relaxing. World expect. I am she says he's he's absolutely do you wanna hear much I think it said it told he'd told you this story off the year before the blood on sort this. Which you join gimmick favorite song and I was like. Share and she put on. How to lay lady lay my Bob Dylan and is there isn't a song amazing house like that merits they I don't deeply respect the talent of Bob Dylan but I don't you guys don't wanna listen to Bob Dylan ever. Like you coming would be Bob Dylan like over there I don't bother me out of debt over in the middle of our our our post hang out relax. She's like she looks me dead in the actual don't use loved this song and I might know. I don't know if you look how did in the face and I again forgive the strong language she looks me in the Iger fees completely changes NGOs get the (%expletive) out. He's still the other flat. She's ex emails and he's yelling at me. Such diligent and it was a little bit I don't like to have songwriting it's stupid. I would have that same reaction so religious screams up like I've said it's your resilience and I think yeah. I was an noodling with you who has got and that you know and nicely at a nice time when you end like that and sounds -- to take down these guys again. She's. A debt. Wrap up you're the the still switch in my hand here's my podium there are getting the bronze medal would be stayed home. From scream. Led by a rose McDyess. The silver would go to Amanda packed it in can hardly wait and we're gonna. It is and what did you screwed. And Lauren with a bullet would be Julie from job breaker played by the water only relief and argued her idea I now model for click here. And you could put Beasley the entire cast of mean girls on the podium. That's also true that those are all off. Honorable mentions there they're sent to infect Janice is she wasn't wearing the make up to now that the good order and is I think the belt and that's great we talked about it before against the currencies backed it Lizzy Caplan is like the leader. Yeah eagle. And that I mean it's teeny Regina Gretchen Karen Janice like those are all the gesture commands obviously but that's hard it is stacked up fives. Ladies like that anybody else that's there that's stuff I write anything else all this nonsense for its live pick my goodness this is good. That was the surround regular participant. We could have gone. Okay. Are ranked kick received defer or to somebody will. Deferred because I might make him plaudits for you this sweet oh god great I have a lot of things as I've a lot of excitement of coming up. I've Sony yeah so incidents of high school energy is now. I am blah. The comic book and so. I've heard bad things about civil war to. It's been out for a while so the hoping his and one collected edition so I read it action in mind it at all in this is a very minor spoiler but it it reminds me of the minority report yes. So they did trying to steal that idea but if you can't overlook it and just take it for what it's worth I actually I did eight in fact I actually liked civil war. No and I like that oddly twisted it a little bit like they played without an idea of like being able to predict. Things. Yes yes so again that's a spoiler that but I like the I'd like that it's. Tony Stark. Verses. Captain Marmol tomorrow desperate call them and everybody is small and the everybody's bought. I already got there is a show on Netflix Richard you're a fan of your fan of and the illusions right. It's and European late David Blaine. Yes I am watching magic for humans on Netflix. Really I saw merit in Los I'll go watch it you'll love it blowing in your fight you know you we it will blow your mind. So we should he's sitting down and holding on them and if you do yet you can do to apple what's gonna happen if you're gonna fly out. My god you're she's. And might run around yeah I know you you're doing the last Veronica comics and happens. I got some really clear the way it makes sure the dog is not below the recliner and I can remember like when David Blaine do attract and got a good. And it runs on the street and you're gonna do that. That I was happy ending yes thank you guys opera. That's an ace called back to our dot com difference come on yes no doubt a snowed out our battle watched the hell out of that. Ride real quick we've got to get out here but real quick we both saw hereditary this past Newton. Like to more than I did let me ask you this did you think it was scary op martz worked yet. I guess since you untaxed like. What scares me now. It's like a horror that's rooted in the reality. You mean like the fact elect this'll ailments and horror kind of go like. Hand in hand might gadget freaks me out is like skinned out we did start talking I listen a spoiler debate in the beginning like. What's her name's Tony collect mother dies and she talks about she had like. Associate news. Whenever I've disorder Angie had schizophrenia and she had dementia select those things scare to death. No real. You know consulate does strokes I did think Toni Collette should at the very least be nominated for Oscar she was unbelievable about and that's. I didn't give it a perfect score across the board I didn't give it six and six Jones I didn't give it forty hot dogs and I didn't get it as an own it. Was because. In the first half of the movie is so good. And then the second half the movie you're gonna like this you know like you just. Do it. It's still good you still need to watch it's still good but like this. And more prominent I wanna I had Del Mar a little bit more because that's piracy in the previous for the first time but in the steered him like holy crap like this has got out of the crowd here so there's so much build up today. Yeah editors there is. Yes let's only think if you sorrow that Terry had us up on Twitter at or podcast you can email us. Our podcast at gmail.com. We're also on YouTube YouTube dot com slash dork podcast. We're on the IC news and great review of describe we have over 200 ratings now which is great sick continue to. Those that are tell your friend or those that Agassi what do you usually if you already done did you do to get on parliament can handle it and you don't do it again. I think Ryan is September 15 and unfortunately you can't make it but it's coming up all week from Saturday. Idle hands are good friends that plans are doing their October fest I'm gonna be there a -- all the details yet but there might be some sort of Stein we stink competition. LX 3 o'clock he's immune all day all night event on the targeted either in the afternoon if anybody wants the slim by say what's up over at idle hands on the stick. Out of love to demand amid a sadly human to be and they said the I'm going to be in the last big house that we answer enjoy figure out how accurate time. Any else right yeah it's extra sets these tedious let's R&D arm on the Iranian also some media come to get out I don't know what how tonight's gonna go but I'm not I'm sick and it at all. But I will leave you Richard with a single thought. I think that at bat good just it's a climactic hereditary is what it is is that the tarmac at the noise Spitzer call back. And just like that he has got.