#DORK 83: College Movies

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, September 12th
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey talk all things college movies from Animal House to Old School and everything in between.  Plus This Week in #DORK, a Spider-Man update in Davey's Video Game Minute and the Pick of the Podcast. Twitter: @DORKpodcast 

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If the door. If the door to my chances which cheek if the door. Monty. Is that there is many don't mind cash. If the door. Behind it. It's the sort of market there which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens I don't mind cash. They executed and another episode of hash tag or might it is risky taught at all it by Ryan Davey Davey yelled had a fantastic that Richard thank you are asking that you ask I trust you're doing well. I am doing very well and I can imagine what your last 72 hours or so much you can only imagine because you haven't really heard from. This little. As I've gone social media dark. I that you look at as well rested if you do that maybe you're that's just the depth with copy I don't know what it is when you look you'll look. I thought you looked strong out right now well you know Richard thing is use the city's. I'm in in body to rest he can't be tired. I'm out there and how they're doing their lives and you know I mean so. He said the corporate insider rate notes but Spiderman at the video game came out this past Friday. David viable plan mambo or we'll get the more that the video game minute end of the little weir gonna do it. Whole episode next week. That's a good this game that we don't typically do that it went on it what's its voice in hourly 200 citizens at this point yeah we're we're approaching 200 total episode we did. Baton and are going with or tonight at night you know every dated. Overall which full. Were global warranted their own their own thing so basketball games that we played so many hours just like this one and I its who has regardless podcasts out little right back the plan. It's all. If you stay if you stay here with us since we are doing this live if you are watching this line is the year you wanna see how it's really done. You can stay and do and I promised so underneath it says. Side dish is no Monterrey that means that's going to be doing side missions are not going to be any store admissions. Because this planet do Richard. There go and ready to do so I'll be tackling that. OK guys another up club fort switched that he thought our bonding we Pittsburgh put in some live episodes there you'll want to still. There we go post them as normal again listen to it however even listening to the podcast. What do you Ryan we get in the yellow the opener here with the other news. Our Ryan last week accused Putin today after our last episode. Brie Larson who's going to be starring at captain marvel she had some and we. To enter their weekly if you like. Thought the cornea like have feel a lot like. Break in the Internet tomorrow you want it all that and then and it's there week there's like I have it on that or you think about noon. Yeah and then we got images from the movies. Which I was I was hoping to see some sort of trailer some sort of the time reveal you say get a break in May even bring the Internet. Opened the broke up the Internet was not broken the interest the Internet title looked up everyone collectively and just went. Had read it that's the bottom wreck it Ralph situation it was not the flu but of the Internet and look forward plugged in all day long. And I think it was my fault I mean she's tweeting at Entertainment Weekly lake I guess they're not gonna have a trailer but you have become locked into the game. The Mets have now that's. Tom. But it. Those front anyway fill in those images right between all the images out. I you get nick fury edited the age nick fury and we have no eye patch so they will find out how we lost its odd of people dying to know how it off the side. Maybe we'll get that you also had wrote in the accuser. Yet Cora out. Was that your work your character remembered opening scenes guarded we don't yet one other favors to forget its name it's the team and in hunched on Jews and John G-8. Any girl around it summed up already and it's rounded not really. But I don't he has good Korean. It is sure to click vehemently aliens this immediately and call you through. Albemarle to get the captain are going to be good captain marvel has to be good. At half and it has to be we've we've built like the cast they aren't we love the load testing well I guess look at Drake. Love that her all the love betrayed. Well literate. Speaking of marvel ride even though they are very separate entity is. They're double C three element of a teaser and it in minutes and soon to Netflix though. They're double c.s and three on the way in or political. It was now Murdoch. Slashed their double you can tell which was rich really you know you've got to confessional. And you're saying now you know you beat darkness with darkness. Which movie the dark you attach the better you know and I mean oh and I guess. On the one show those bad and good bolted yet in enough you know I've seen iron fist and as to offer it was Barack asking. So that's good yep I thought about it he got he wore me a little bit unseasonable warm. It's an interesting take on the character. That we talked about the likely Alec how just he's just weird. That there might be some things where he's like. He's got some idiosyncrasies that are kind of weird. And president. Scenarios. Famous for like going kind of overboard these characters you see a Magnificent Seven. No known about the new one he's like super weird and then the movie itself with dual. I do you remember value and only animal I was super weird. How all of our yet so. I'm not a fan of him on this amount. But Iowa did a thrill to discriminate Netflix trying to help the norm MacDonald's show what this is all about Rory doesn't this kind of came out of nowhere in it. I did a pretty good I think there's going to be a good. Place. For his skill set. Yes yeah focus he's always been good as like a death that you it has been different iterations that like the Norma I'll show what reverend into the wall goes like both Alec blogs sports it is like. The broader niche audience that they don't like it but this one. If your dignity in death I think you ever get a lot out of them and I think there and we love Norman Arnold so well all the little lawsuit by. Epic degree yes I think he's just gonna like catching people off guard that you watch the trailer like he's asking people questions like Dave Letterman gets up in the walks away at one point. And it gave the TV probably. Just to mop up time. You know. Thought they got to go through aggregate our rattle off little lives I have is this Saturday if you're listening to this. The week of the number of lower growth in the eleventh. So the fifteenth. This Saturday. Idle hands are good friends that I don't have the Malden Massachusetts. Are holding their October fast. It's an all day affair and they get from ten to ten the during a spine points and competition at 3 o'clock and we figured out what that is yet. I think he just pulled a year out is how long can you reported it. We'll find out more than details. I'm on a hosted who's going as well. And so on our Twitter at or podcasts. We're gonna give away a couple passes. Ball to the event. In an entry into the final figure out. And I ate food or that from my part. It will not be. So ya well no you won't I won't be but people could listen to this on their way it and get a feel like you kind of were like I was. I told them the gossip makes you go to got tired tired of people and have been super good to us so we can only you know return if they undergo open our eyes it is suspect Eric Wilbur that's thing. The only big money maker for them so if you're here you go out and they've been a supporter of Hamas so. As of October Beers well there Debra October that is. Billiton is. Like Newsweek. Blatantly there is no news bears want to. Our it on the harper let's go to the one thing I don't wanna talk about others that it's always sunny premiered. Last week the new season I don't know you miss that I want to check it out it's it's. It's a good episode I would say it's great but it's they are definitely lease them the group dynamic has changed a little bit. You know that I won't spoil anything for you but it's it's funny. About disappearance might be detailing who's great in the episode so definitely definitely ticked up. Our other report that without your lives eats and. Okay. Even hand. It's not. Are already got there are no I don't think. I don't think I don't know at this idiot is is that people have been asking me about it and I guess that I've gone like dark rich Italian I've gone dark and so immediately. We have a group chat at all at the tri force podcasters I have not that word and it other than to tell Mac. The stuff spoiling suits. Macro. Go with Mac is like hell bent mix because I I want I don't know. On now I know like three suits that I don't have yet out of 28 because of Mac bootleg. He's overseas tell us all about it and if he's not tell us about it he's posted pictures on Twitter. All right how about now I'm not well I'm guilty of as well because he felt he mode. It's pretty fondly know around the city and get your suit inoperable it's landmark so according a lot about it is again next week we'll go. All put Lugo beat Pete Dye as the only thing I'm pissed about that episode was like I actually have to finish the game. And I Datsyuk. Well. Yeah but I feel it by next week you'll be pretty close yeah I mean you know I might just finish the story at this point because then at that point. Well they already announced that new game plus this coming Garrity announced that next month in October DLC is coming black cat. So I have plenty of its bloody game to play. I am dead or run off or so now I'm Matt without 36. Our summit fit yet so but I I hate. The last story mission digested this is just one of the last or amusement dispute is the one they showed in the trailer with a helicopter. Mr. negative. Yet when you bring down that's the last and it did and I have. But I have like Florida city on the side missions to do. So that's gonna be working on tonight so I don't suck it out. I love about the different outlets that New York City. Yeah it's a real landmarks mixed in public of marble landmark like it that's off the lake. It can and is very similar to meet you are seriously get it's the other way. You're fed up and you can freefall from the city outside mission of the main story you'll like character so are similar to that in that regard. But the fact that it actually in your city in you go to like times where you can go to all the good spots. That supper that's pretty bad asking what's. It was like I just calm there's now look at fast travel system. And I'm like looking at them like. Why would that lead. And never used it once that gets that goes on. Yeah I'll get. Like it's way more fun but like if you do I do use it I did use it just you calm. There's earth David yeah for us here. In your in the subway like checking your phone in the a guy like sleeping on your shoulder like in your in Michael's argument that it actually is pretty equal. But the one thing tournaments and I've I've read tweets and tweets from the marvel team unions on team. It's incredible to me the level of law. And here in detail that went into this game and things like you might miss like one of the things retreated. They reported Yuri you loan the guy who does the voice Peter Parker did two sets of dialogue. One where he's exerting himself in one he's not so if you're at any point in the game if you're swinging it's a different. Dialogue in if you continue to just standing still. That's incredible what he's like puck and a half ass he's talking in the future sitting in it'll change that outlaw so it's it's it's incredible. Do you like how seamless that is what you can be. Doing one thing. Then you get like a phone call and like you're still on the phone and you're doing wherever you were doing and they don't like in Iraq forget choppy when you're still yet to be invited here. They get a picture of a landmark or her do it a mission but it sounds talking you look at all runs together it. It yet in his there's like no load screens like and it's all it's all open liggett's is all there. Which is that I mean look at mission likes me like that a third part success so I would say this too and people are you brought up Arkansas during a market again. Yeah. IE sneak. Marcum that's not our city. Is that no wheat for waitress Arkin city is a better game. Bagger but. Spiderman is way more fun but I think I think archivist cool. But I'm having way more fun playing Spiderman and ever had playing any the Americans. A clue what I think it's. Yeah. I mean I think that's definitely you buy a new expiry of more than anybody I know like I like it out and Carriker more than a Spider-Man character. And like that as fire that I like about similar relate Batman villain a paper better yet. That's right as the game is so much on it and that's definitely true that some mean things you can do the fighting style. Is better than about it it's a little bit lower organically due to your inbox I'd like you have to look at and Batman plug it will do a lot of the things here but the ticket Batman. It was more for me anyway the way out without it'd be more late. This kind of mauling god like a simple combos right where the Spiderman you're thrown objects at people who do it might. Crazy combos jumper off walls and it's it's a different. Episode just to reiterate what I meant was that like. The whole time I was playing the Arkansas games like this is really cool that this is. Like I wanna do this well and pavlik is a serious look at my face the entire time and place Spiderman inspire. Yeah like the entire time it's been smiling the entire time is just so much space in the Indy included a fast. The fast travel system you don't visit its web more on that swing just get like that's the best part of the game and they nailed it nailed everything. And you know I think notes activism and there are some glitches. Which you know sort of like. Some things happen things happened delegate pat they'll be fine but it would. It anyway the story about the kid that try to proposals. Erupt that long. That we talked about accelerated at are you from ultimately for the poor bastard and that this amazing that they even though it agreed to do it but the just we needed insomniac games of the day that. A lot they have opposed the Euro rallies are we can do in the game and got back on in the long story short they put on a mark key yet. There'll Matty. William Meredith I tweeted out it's the only game and had anyway so I think you. So that game took a long time to make this request. April yeah those still broken up not only the only that. But the girls going out now with his brother it's a ticket and actors for a you know and I'm an area you don't like and all now. But how how does that those who we just. We just request that it is like this week ordered or logo actually part of their deviant logo to your dvd John Manley somewhere in bikinis. With like underneath it tablet might switched. Handle which you meet you got it in other ticket request I didn't know it was an easy. Jesus you know but I I thought the better than the ball a lot more next week it's a right now I don't have very many complaints I feel like. If I'd get third game obviously but I don't want anybody tell me. But if I get through the game and there's certain characters that are in my mind if I don't cede them that could be militant play academic. And I think one of them that you wanna see they announced that that person is not in the game. So I don't know that it but I can get through your there was one line of dialogue in for those viewing now you'll get this the light. It was this is this boy decide missions about spoiling anything Billick is an impostor Spiderman running around. And it looked at one point. Peter Parker looks at one of his victims in the guys still alive and he goes oh so he doesn't look like he's and lethal protector. And so what are so I just I just. I think I think well how cool. Thing you want from it. Alienated equity. Our buckets fill up a pit and that would get the warm up next week if you're not play in the game. We're into other stuff too well well well look good this week and door well more video games that wouldn't fare well though. Now the next week our products the topic did you work well with that concern was sent. Of the topic of today an occasion day this is sort of a companion piece to last with the pathologist high school movies yet but about the very very successful. This is college movies yes I think thing to begin. What do you qualifies. As a college moved. Seem to me this is different it's a little different animal than the high school movies. Because I feel like you could have a high school age movie like the public American public 90% of them will be to please out of high school we're dealing with a high school aged kids right. Yeah but there are clear enough for me in the high school at salt I agreement but I guess that most of the college movie perhaps take place. At the college. As opposed to like maybe some of you know regulator Gilligan has to be like on campus. Ari I have. Marie and we're bringing telling would've before classic comedy or sports and other. I have three. Just to get a sense I wanna throw at you wouldn't let me know if they call like Ibaka are your ought to go that way yet are the first one. It's Good Will Hunting a college. Now. If he's not a student to student. So probably the it's not even though a lot of take plate that Ted Bunker Hill and everything else that not angered you. Us similar to I know what you did last summer is I still though you get were they college. Now a debate talk about going to college I haven't seen them but I think that will be once. Okay the Jennifer Love Hewitt that are here yet in like if she thinks summer classes in like Boston. Ed the very beginning of the movie and her and her that is it you better go home and that whatever the obligations so it takes place. This summer after her freshman year so it is not attic out of the earth seen it in college cited note out of college. And then the last one. Would be saint elmo's fire. Here are recent college graduates right they're all graduates I haven't seen it recently but I do you think a lot of it takes but the round Georgetown and my dad is about to go to George elder recent Georgetown graduate who just graduated to balance we have it right on offense the front of the fans. It's like the big news cast of The Breakfast Club went to college and graduated in the did note to do their lives but that's what that movie is it's not very good. I don't mind it but you're right it is it is like JD if the brat pack grown up yet which. Passed on a little bit. Let's get a classics are let's just kick around a bit of water through that jump to mind immediately. Animal house. Let us click he would be quick descent but there would be no none of these movies that animal house that news didn't exist right. They would not exist 1978. Animal house. Faber college vehemently if you sure you get all that stuff yeah of course Lou though in otter and ruled it a really to believe and we tell us a lot like this seventies and eighties comedies and whether or not they hold up. This is one I think delegates that may be my favorite of like the caddie shack. Column yet that the National Lampoon. The arrogant old dogs out although there that think animal house probably about it. I think so too I'm I have the older I get in this is this might be a bit ought to I think this is a rich keep warm take. I'm Julio Terkel won them more the older again. The mole the last night like caddy shack. But the more. I think. Either you do them the more movies you watch you start to see like the cracks in movies that and and for caddy shack is is as a class it's still a classic movie elect ID. I find myself more like changing the channel at certain points if that is excellent but the borrow parts and it's pretty good idea and so you're just like. Able house overall better. Absentee ballot wire to wire cutter that affluent that the class yet elected. But John Belushi wit like everybody had a poster that John Belushi where in the swept under the call yet quite. Everybody Patrick to Jack Daniels and there's the rumor the rumor is that like he actually drank that Jack Daniels and it was like several takes. Her. You know toga party together I think it's Elvis the guy played otters it actually tells the stories again that was that was real Leggett. They might like it might have been like ice tea for two takes but the one they got was like that was real. And make them make sense and you could imagine with the crew of people at that time that there was a lot of bad behavior going. And noon yeah I go about their Fifth Avenue for capital Friday with a wild to do it really was there. This the other one that I would say it's a classic now. Modern classic a smaller class modern class I hope classic now classic nano yet. Old school yet and I mean one of the best college movies. It's edit it and for author came out while we were in college forever watching it over and over and over again. It's so this is. Like sort of loophole because that in animal house all the main characters are actually college students where in all they're not but again there it paternity. At Harrison at university go cougars cougars an attitude. But it's just it's great and I. There's enough. They the college student Philip actively pledged elated if it's my favor comical. I hate that a lot of good but it it's number one mile. And it's up there for me I wouldn't say it's my fair but it's definitely up there for me because like you said it needed it. Because their soul that he does very well. And it is like for a peak Vince Vaughn. He will Farrow and then like. Up we will Lugo both Google+ like the straight and he's like the the baseline. You know I mean and her but just unbelievably funny but I tightened IE eight. Probably laughed harder in the theater watching this movie that I have any other. The Seymour will bear a thing got little cameo bots that where he's headed for the two of them while with the animals that avert a party. Seeing IR thoroughly you know you always remember like the hardest times or laugh yeah there's probably like. 56 I'd like our member in my head that just like. Your your crying in your stomach hurts and you can't read you don't remember it the next five minutes of either. The movie or like it or just a conversational friends that you don't remember what. You're just like you're wiped out taking anti. Yeah what you're doing here. Your. Market data you need some bad and it was the scene where Will Ferrell shoots himself with a tranquilizer dart. And at the whole angle of the football and he street. In his pocket that blur you that are open Gordon had a better than a week. Critics crazy. I felt they are rated it out. Developing but it's so just when you think that scene is about to be over yet they start singing happy birthday to Matt. And green up in the air is good. It would need all of the kid's head and out of already. But does one applaud her like it's like an eight count by standing eight count and then what I care about like I've dead now a dead and it crashed into the water at that he's is that you from the Democrat. Which is a great call active graduate but like like you said they showed him shooting himself in the net in the trailer. Make over and over. It did in dire desire remember being like. No leads as they just wasted activists like the funniest part of the movie but it goes on to Betsy can. And it's there's Edward. The debt out of. But what's good about that believe that the more times you wanted sickness so we will build up lines that make it really funny like that. Throw away lines like stickler people probably don't remember that he goes in there and Mike both girls are what this is about the tranquilizer. And that it goes in grabs the chain is that if any ZoneAlarm and it's now the negative what yeah it's good. It could go birds goats and it up with Jeremy Piven was also awesome movies Indies like. Youth you know political and yet he needs unity. But goes. And every time I like that's one of the things that you like now it's like that you want and he sees this and it's. But they fear a throwaway line name is like he put a dumpster exit yet. I got out. I get out. Red dog had bit of Granada. Output at the complete throw a lot of it is just like the dot Arnold's will beds but would their response to in his presentation at the a frat house or that house speaker of the house. And no one to let the real and they're looking kid like I have a question that. In the Al Davis ever hear me like why I actually go here and did the women are businessman but yet. Okay play bad doesn't matter to him at all to go to a OK. And I did it all yet. And it might yet. The hole it when they have to do sports. Left that's another whole part of the movie with like little girls some ridiculous. If he's good rhythm rhythmic gymnastics. And that was a bigger than I thought I guess before the house watching old school with a commentary on yet. I guess Luke Wilson was kind of like a pitch to work really well you tell me about the haircut. He got haircuts like all the time and so what if you really watch the movies do you like it doesn't matter for comedy Billick get to prepare conflict and from what seemed seen what is hair shorter longer it looks different and they're what we do without her out. And it also. He didn't wanna do. Any of the sports stuff like I think he was originally supposed to do. The rhythmic gymnastics yet because Will Ferrell does the mascot playing the mascot thing like to propose to keep your vote because that. Vince Bonn but they'll fill hole and it will call. Via. The but it will herald bubbles up. Yet the density of the fat kid that does like like the pub or third tropical vault you know it all in and Luke Walton looks up on the athlete will look like act out of. If you watch the dance seem like he could not be any less interest it. In what's going on Ali I don't it is terrible that yet but then you also tablet stuff would blow you get the thought with Snoop Dogg at the with the wives like eighth. It's our finish this is there it was alone at central school UB with this well people talk about how good animal house is like this is our animal is our. Yeah you know I mean so a lot of thought and acted out of Watson a long time every button and a year ago. I mean. Okay you only get one like that hooligans Ari what twist my arm yeah. I wrote what both did and others that you would consider classics before getting military are the only one I would put in this category opposite one of my personal favorite is revenge of the nerds I would put down in yours well. Maybe he rare trip. Now yeah I'd I definitely have a the next category the other one. I think wrote purpose funny here. Oh would you consider PC you. That I don't think not a classic. But I'm actually let's just leave it there all the old school and you need a third will go to into the innards are. Posted net get into comedy a lot of ways BO comedy. On the story out there with American pie two. It's almost a different release stuff. You know America I America I have not been my favorite high school bully American pike to. They're both good at this is the debate we got a couple people we now us there in the week that that are quite do better than American pie one minute I disagree. I also disagree. It is good now this is also covered on the fringe. Because this is there in college the very beginning and this is also their first summer all but it's kind of but they talk enough about college I went on we're gonna it's our podcast we're allow liberal and impart to. I think it's great yet have every good looking Vicki. Big news bring in at sea and that this is about the time where retirees aren't yet. Google news and yes you look yeah like the signs were there it was very like these guys. The signs were there. But you know allot some very memorable scenes and concede the whole thing with com. There are no. The ones now should break which is what is his name in the movement. Fitch other the whole thing with him in the tent the tantrum. Yellow whenever I thought that was really funny I want to eating I don't know like I don't know why don't we don't what it was it was a good break from Kevin the whole tempting. Rookie year that that was just. Has been the worst he's an arson Kevin. Haven't things you've purple. He kind of desperate like that I don't know why Vicky would ever go while it kept now he's is comical where. You know and I mean why would you are that like I know. I like that doesn't it off now it doesn't and you know that they just like that he you know economic. Want to back in the she's into it too little pebble things in forming you know it was annoying inordinate. And other public I think he played sports now it and arm out of those kids afford that house. Unity 08. Obama pretty good community you're right you're right it's gonna let. Wealth that was loaded we know Spittler Florida and I like Joe's doing all right like that's street do of them. Nicely in the neighborhood it's a picker partly urban did in our world it's red raiders. Don't wait outside yet. But yes there are about their depth the they have some other ones like I would say on the cusp of being. Considered classics like. Back to school. Rodney Dangerfield a just don't like rugby if you just as easily pick comedian's comedian that people like. I don't think you're able a lot of people like them yet is that he doesn't get any respect they get out of throw it enough to throw and you right now that I eighty. Com this is not a hot take this is on the I thoroughly enjoyed the first one anyway. And that is pitch perfect. I got out of university low pitch perfect and bargain hard doing our bell are great I loved the first blog yeah I think the ball. We're not very good. With two with tunes like palatable fray with like a lot of editing I agree. I think they're agree anchor there a bit but the first look very good that Anna Kendrick and that in a camp. And it hurt although. Third. Period bank. Good dude from alcoholics. Or that it's you know that's you know setting. Yeah that's when you know I was like okay that's quite good there in Beaumont. And daughter and a yeah that's that's one that's worth mentioning interns come out of pepper a birdie every hour pro van wilder your way which is rightfully so. Cool woods college foods college and I'll and other terror read she plays when I just pop makes it sort of is. This breakthrough in this wounded but they're so I think it's Ryan Reynolds Klein Ryan Reynolds it's like dead pool in college you know about it on the sword. Because he's just being randomly he said to him being Ryan Reynolds just you know but to get them talking to remove it you know put it take a funny guy from 2000 grown people play Hobart college spelled differently yet yet. I like it there while there was we didn't talk enough about road trip road trip is very good. Look for it. Very funny very from a university in Ithaca. If they pick not to be confused at college to Israel which is real odds with the writer and director at the league went and they couldn't zany is thicker collar cities that use the so what are at the end of order into all sorts feels move which podium I was mentioned that's she's not a my podium but I think it honorable mention would have beaten bath. And in wrote for a very good your Barbara are you member Tom Green character's name in Europe trip home. It's something very Manilow is that I knew we. I had married makes sense to be be called Barry Manilow. There and how about when the top terrified let's make the however the scene where he's trying to feed that is the best relate. Imus is it musical and I'd like are you here for like if he didn't hit as well as. Why is a day like. He dropped the late bill waited all day for it you drop the matter that of the puck and it rolled all the cap on the glass that they admit. Yeah up any or what. Never doubted that he'd like to handle it all of its rate and that yet Agassi got in the kind of a massive repeated his embassy relief that the oil slick in his mouth. Yes like that's just it Tom Green being time you know congress are hungry and thought that there although it is like. Mr. When that you look at where the epic came and it is they where to go it is like. Off the off then yeah I doubt that often enough that you can hit it off and is that the just like staring at that threaten to Mary Easley and bet you. Vote I don't think there were like yeah this evening. Would you kill Shia golden girl unaware of it. At. That. But yet it's worth an hour that he didn't it's. It's funny that the the dude that lace oh. Beth feet on the off is actually Todd Phillips the director Ollie dad yet and that's in a room bullet. In the oh what are with you don't need it. It's like the same characters he played old school there for the this reaction debt at an active though that only. We just like lower tier comedy skewed public you know people are gonna tell us that the water boy should be classic it's not. It's fun I got my part yeah most parents aren't terrible schools say that and what else via really see it. Real genius Val Kilmer all of you Rhode Island there Labatt movie that's on Netflix you can watch that right now about drama sports W drum line sports. I've known him well this is just it is not a sport. What about wanted to just very. I didn't I was lukewarm. How about those foreign oil dumpster about that they go to MC speech. College which is metropolitan cities state college and what they had done about this is they were the statesman looks like hallmarks. This is nice but. Appointed doctor with a and I would miss a few Sarah. Nudged the though we didn't know that you go up right now you bet you'd do not like we've got to the point now in the pocket bereavement finishing each other's in. It is senseless. Suited us live from frozen. Nursing program. One of my favorite college comedies well I think I've watched this move I own this movie at some point. And I actually like this movie and in my personal life the right out of that I'm looking right out of the lakers'. The black slacks and all the university Walden University I'm there was a time. Richard. Yeah where I was doing this kind of solo acoustic being around you know open mics and all that stuff in my stage name at the time was leave him. Great great column and I I was worried if oil here this. OK it was later part of it there. I'm Jason Schwartzman is incredible it's probably theater ruled Jason Schwartzman replete is just so weird it is that his next movie like after Rushmore. Yeah. Use would involve a high school so you believe that the accident and the vote yes which we did the evidence outlaw. We're out of it I don't know I noticed it was him. About Jean king GO yet in that movie. A special some special. And then. What's the name. T.'s legal opinion piece from PP. They drew. Real weird government. You know I'll he was great what here is athletic. I was relaxed that you don't do this very very good to me yet rank you know role young both. If they had nonsense lies I below to speak. He's. Got paid he eat fruit you Rhode boat. They. Yes good stuff. Roger for the movie accepted. I did see the movie accepted. Not bad at it for mentioning that would just the long Jonah Hill they make up state college called felt Hartman Institute of Technology. Yeah which if you put those letters together that's a Joker if there at the Perugia. The goal they would want to go to court one underweight so basically what we've mentioned summer camp movies we mentioned yet know where this is basically you know where a college. Is essentially what this boils down with him about that they make up the college in people in it turns into like legitimate saying it. Yeah there's some like bad guys who tracked them try to stop them and I gotta measure what I had a 214. It probably gets whatever it is it. A legally legally legally one winnable sect are we not been a week old today. We should've. Limited it to like underground not Democrat is tactically that's law school it's not an agenda than the title of the pocket or are you very Europe you're very wordy yet obvious. I'm mentioning legally law. Not that I actually saw the musical. We did you down. You through the death it was differ. But for the likes the very well. Poor or dividend or comedy. So since you brought up one that was I wanted to bring it up for high school movies to kind of falls in between which is like this summer before they go to college but it's ultimately going to college lot. Another John Cusack movie that I am compelled to bring up the movie one crazy summer which is one of mine other. The year John Cusack movie about the W that's when it features Bob Beckel wait. And it one of the lesser Murray Brothers at least Jules Murray in a very young anymore. Like anymore yet another savage Steve Holland beat eggs in guy who directed. That are often so calm. Good movie jet that. Was the best bringing more. Movie. This movie earned my feet. Beth though Beth anymore or it's GI Jane. Yeah probably a few good men. Well ghost. Those are. Shoes but the format sucks strategic growth of the terrible weaknesses in the what about that fear when they're making the pot the pot. Of what else what else happens what else happens. In Abu ma swayze. Took over Whoopi Goldberg's body in the pocket like. Doug the body over that yet to take the field though those subway it like that. And let that or when he when he takes a guy at the end would be you know the bad demons come up and get them the terrible. You know I don't go you know it's terrible movie. They alleged. Horrible he's Ryan there's a couple of ones that I really like I actually some time someone just had go to the best throwing lines from old school leaders put in the chat I'm gonna have to mention is one of the only. Nice to Al Franken. Yeah thanks Susan did you pets if it got that you mile they all the time Indy flicks. There's movies if you look at what about it then. Like they're certainly like that warrior you realized your error on his unit and that's what yet Mike's eighth of her luckily Billy Madison like dumb and dumber old school anchorman. Our war movies Bryant I had a couple of jams couple of him yet. What do what do you think about Windsor college. As seen in the film scream two scream Adam. Now unfortunately this is where are raiding meat met his end which is that I know your race and it really Meeks. I'll show you will not go portal oil. You shouldn't have walked back close to the man also those kids are playing cop knocking very loudly when they walk by the area on the jet the issues. Not enough but I happen to them they did blood. But several members applicable object but number three in material it captors there. Also Ryan out of the victim and a year actors were into yet but the urban ledger privilege. Oh in university. Yes. On a few simple lock on all of the school yet live at that. Speaking it's still a smooch ya wanna yours and here. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yes it yet. I don't know if you noticed but big big. Rich rich he is a very big Rebecca gave art but it's a bit and the only biggest areas of liquor curly hairs. He is very fair these. Ryan yeah did you see happy death day. I did not too happy that terrible not terrible banging that thing kind of you normally at that the Groundhog Day field so it kind of thing. But that takes place in college as well those are my horror and I think we're thin I still know little account. That is so there's other instituted if you look them up like one of the good ones like the movie the roommate. Which is only existing is only interesting 4% on rotten tomatoes by the way well. But the fact that Leighton Meester and Mika Kelly are both in this movie and for the longest time I thought they were the same person. Rule let me get Kelly is a little little little thinner than a little but lately beast at that point you had seen either of them in like the same room suit it. They do it the single wait you know it's passable the other one it's the cabin in the woods technically college spring break OR. RC one cabin in the woods. Yeah I won a lot of cab on the way that's on a bucket there yeah you know I guess there that are part in the dormitory right whatever they're leaving her on the team with Siemens cabin feeder. That we stopped. And I thought. And my favorite college horror movie Richard rich I cannot believe that you missed. American werewolf in London which is a phenomenal. Their backpack through Europe their college kids. Back. Yeah OK so that's how we're playing a little fast and loose with the bill I'll you know I didn't hit out of our though the U we are elect there is a college he collects. The late spring break they mentioned you know. Back at finding themselves back acted with not a lot of much more high school age or in college. Goodman's anyway the only other one I would. Mention because people get pissed we don't actively deep dive anything because people don't get pissed if we don't mention like hostile. Yeah I hear about that we're gonna hear about that we didn't mention in. It just. About that once you wanna mandatory vote when we're we're gonna get from the Canadian. Oh I don't you know or. I just don't want it here you know enemy. And a and now I now it's fine. Have voted sports blogs Ryan yes it's good sports ones. My favorite football bowl of all time. The program. The program is a good at eastern state university timberwolves. Went Heisman hopeful Joseph Cain joking freshman right back Arnold Jefferson. You have boss Steve Latimer goes from special teams the starting deep at the table and Alvin Mack. Who would've been a first round pick. And not the stated devastating knee injury and ultimately have been with that ease off of the. He you know could read that's his defense. Right yes and total poker probably very damning view of college football but aren't sure very very accurate. My favorite football movie of all time is these Scott vacuum vehicle necessary roughness hit it. Starring Scott immaculate from quantum leap in the starring role. Again after Jesus the advocate stupid. Probably name I well Jason Bateman at wide receiver. Oh my god that's right can't really big ass he's made his dad only has to advocate booster for the football team. Kathy Ireland steel smooch as the kicker good ticker at her and Sinbad. And I'll build you up that boy I mean you gonna. Okay it. OK remember that on the line and the guy who like somehow to go around and I say this all the time. But what is the most quotable lines necessary to manipulate the working guy who's like about the quarterback. It passes in the gym. And he hit some guy in the back of the head and he goes through that obviously goes right this is bad effort you know it's good it was because moves in the is is very good duke when these. They had unity. I love Sarah. There are up at him. I Wear a national water board from before yes feel a few mud dog food blah yeah I would say so big hits though and I love that they had. The it's. About a negotiation or perhaps camera grip both. What does it back. The best night game is women's you'd Michigan brings in their towel boy does it. It hits the coral. It hit a good movie though I am not bad I let him do it elect. They would do it that sports that are highlighted yet they've put up our daily and the facts are very that and he's he's look at Mike is like. These pictures like look at and out of camera. I do what do summer bash you consider that a college moved it to him. Disney movie appeared yet. What college student there's like the I don't I wanna read it because it will be about Rudy obviously is is one of the better. I'm I just run of summer camp because it wanna talk about just appeal at the end we talk which are okay summer I feel that the Kennedy. Being. Basketball equivalent to the program was blue chips bleeding would agree I love blue chips the western university dolphins McNulty is the head coach. There neo onboard though bush McCray and Ricky row in the greatest recruiting class than the fab five. Those get it and they had Tony on their team who flung TV. C'mon Tony that if you read welcome to just walk to the tip off that political book to real coaches about a real player and there is no but I also. Like Bobby Knight and a but the blood clot and I like Bobby Knight was in the movie like you do that then on it and they are against them out. But I think the ball. Probably two real foot give civil later really like like bill like the program blue chips like Dennison is out of it. Yet what do you consider what was. Other basketball ones those thinking of he got game do you consider that a college movie. I know that you know what that actually could have been more high school will be defused a blink your eyes for like up Ogilvy and the big question what. Hate page he's your go to big state. Our dog run away my option to get him perhaps he has. Which is how big the big state. Yet which somehow work its way into the door lexicon like back in the day like. Hamas in its rich you are able Olympia Saturday when he wanted you to do and I don't know when I asked him exactly don't work it's win. Well both of our friend Billy wicker corporate about here. He transferred from saint Paul's. That we kept are now and every single day if he was gonna leave conflict I think he wanted to leave a likely result Lilja leave any advance every time it weighs options as they gave it everything out in a way out into his. They win the options. But did apple Jesus shuttles were OK so. I'm looking at least a minute compiled an unofficial list of college sports movies. Yeah mom and I'm just gonna run down some some that are passable some that I liked it right. Including. Him earth are we are Marshall. Which is that movie that voters are basically if you're story which you considered miracle. A college sports. I would not bode an Olympic we'll be right the express that was pretty. Yeah we got father. Some. And yeah. That's about it aren't out there are lot of little. Lot of college football bat a ball yet from that you're below a couple of movies without any other Julianna mister wanna get is of these thus prone to. Dramas like Rudy is more of a drama you know from yep. Let's see I do a little bit of two this year things that we did. On the graduate people talk with a graduate culture you know that's that's that's a good one. I how high. We miss them how you are either go about it how high. Spring breakers is another one and Louis. For brilliantly here the movie with honors with Joseph Pesci in Britain freezer. America where they're regarding everything. That's ever happened in college Rodrigo American pie beta house. Now we're gullible enough Orange County. Ryan what is your favorite college and all the all. I guess that personal favorite I think like it's between my revenge of the nerds. Were slackers I love slackers I don't defend that movie. Forever it's just like my caddie humors is like super beard one crazy summer obviously. Via what you've got. I don't feel cool by the without question medical school out what is your least favorite college movie drum line. I've had two more would the goals on that movie stunk. That is this it and both live in a real yet all the terrible thing Amber's acts done yet and in this one more than it is really disappointing was ever had been on campus. Yet that was. You had about a hundred thug that more if not at war and the guy from that that you didn't like yeah that's. That's gonna do later. And then that do not forget its name but he plays. He's in Riverdale. Who either the father in river just over a Riverdale some corporate. You have these well yeah yeah. I don't know what college Bryant would you most have liked to attend. I don't know. Sabres he's pretty good Adams college for revenge of the nerds like relevant time. But anyway but that's one of those movies that if if you writing that movie now you'd think that is no way this is it me. Now out out out there and no way. Yeah I definitely get into. The I would I would. Harrison from old school a David Barden University of Pittsburgh perhaps. This. Of the if you played sports it would be you know western university or Wednesday that you want to go to. The school that you at least one militant Al whatever the college was in the movie higher learning I don't wanna go to that's. A is that are right to it by the finance there's too much going on please. Note that there's a lot outgoing Pendleton. You know other than the nice welcome ladies there is the issue was that every single urban legend played out which one they all of it yet it's gonna have a bad. I want your friends that Bryant. Would have been friends with and call the Z this is this tougher is that wanna align myself with hindered his -- he obviously they win but that's not that's not kind of might speed you know and I mean. I would love to pin in. You know me and frank the tank would have gone along having in college. Yeah. I would like I mean being mean or go to them and they're human being here basically the same person easily got it. But I don't want to do it Erica agrees you know I don't wanna be friends with and this is this my tactic in the team tactics dirty. No absolutely totally president do rather irrelevant from the genial era. Yes that. There's been on character in my relative resident and Allenby friends and I would love you've been friends with. Trysts Chris Knight from real genius there have been real fun. Now cameras dumped him as character genius. But didn't go back that they're from last year last episode out of front of Randy in a three and do you know. What a sad that your habits and yet but for some of the your little poem. All right are you forgot this is probably what they're written waiting for your steal some coach podium. From college movies. Look at the ones you mentioned. That it did it and never gold medal. Just to be in EU laws of attraction all our summer which one which when you want to welcome. Jennifer Love Hewitt is because industry last week. And the other guys will not sit at about his set it up which is I I think that was awful. And then I'll sneak. American pie two terror. In the Bronx. Okay. That's wrong that's the strong again and a veto it and we Uga. I am not dull witted I've got to go live know first actually blue and gold medal Lois. From screen to. At played by Rebecca gave a decade ago over well Brenda from urban legend. As played by. Rebecca gave our. And with a bronze bell Ryan a bull with a low in pitch perfect as played by Brittany Snow. Snow bird it's no use it to him we're in the shower. Yes he's very confident very confident. And all of our very high. Portrayed by their drug dealer yet and gets. Worried yet we had some mentions in the in the chant we Halle Berry in from the program. Are good ones yeah they're good and Tyra Banks from higher learning. Yeah deaths and the youngest Art Smith those add those in their two. Yet there's a lot of or any child from donors. She's in the which now you have no really it fair that hula. And Rihanna bolt from slackers. Both Israel. And lower pre party go from there. Both from slackers so yes it didn't. Everything else for my problem is now agreed to watch old school idea is going to be no one has not seen old school at this point hole but it doesn't mean you can't see it again you know it. Yeah won't get into road to follow EST EX the X that day that the whether he figured you'd think it until it stink you that oh yeah well you're row your boat and that that you are you guys. They got great pass it. That's Arian and Alberto he would. But it over the next portrait of the program headed to the. It's. Ironic that received the firm or dependable able to Fuller. Okay I recently read the Brian asked morello book I believe this is they pick the pot by you look at Europe on time. Yeah I would call moonshine or. And it could get so. It's delicate Brian overall feel I don't think it's it's good to have a harder bullets that's not thought to me is not a lot is better than bullets right. So but it it kind of cool it had the similar vibe to it seemed like a big city guy going down south. He's heard of Allah is great moonshine get a grip on back for his mafia boss but undergo and that's where wolves. Italy needs that naral pro check out probing general Ronald. When Stevie you know bright as a real wealthy you know hello hello. What do you got for me and this was something you got your Libya. You know sometimes in the door plugged podcast link to on line in the boxers were very kind and if you listen to our markets are very kind to me. On. So I figured our give them a little click here. On the air podcast a while ago dimension to show on called the British speaking show. Obviously. It's just it's. Just that the light of the show. You know you're wiping out all this is the British a British thinks I'm telling you right now looked and looked at the British speaking chip. Don't look don't over there to look at him look at the camera. Ask don't look at it every all the time and I feel like I feel that thinning. Out and people I know that's your receipt and the people yet. Yes of C and the thing is over over them but they make some final bread. Brad speaks outwardly calm. Something via. Lacks the Newburgh. At. What is Crist had they did it act yet. I mean I saw it. No they were making Swiss roles in the first episode I side and that is looks very difficult to do. You know so or to the British show it how did you watch him on magic for humans by the way. Yes although I mean to tell you that you thought the first episode yet. I did think it was very good let's. Now I've loved magic. Message and the guy seems like a real zero for all the edges you do zeros. I know aren't very impressive. That's out there and it has to be yards humans by nature but also and this isn't this guy's fault I do you think it difficult to do it on TV because I don't know what. Complete (%expletive) and what's not. Some of the stuff a picnic and a plan that were the first things they did. The kids we're such bad actor. For example if a guy took your phone. And put it in a balloon and it shot up into the year yet that is what that bingo would you like maybe you're you're fine this ought to just want to swap in. Want to get out of your you. One. Want all of your of your though. What is what is going on now just never stops you any news bulletins and stuff they use it anyway Ryan. So that the kids have sometimes to your phone and let and outgun you and like hey man I'm gonna act. Comment you know I'll put on out like up to the kid and other arts I it took me out of the way yet but now my wife said. She ought. Texted you yet that I. Because there's like three things in a row method that they each that they were good and we watched them and she hated all the consumer getting into it well worth it it would that show yeah. It was hereditary. Ice. Don't know that what you want what you want out of harm I don't know I can and I important. I didn't hate her and today she did okay it was to get taken out with tickets to get up with Matt. I didn't and I got away full disclosure I told you to watch hereditary not her I. Hit by double that now outwards like. Friday or Saturday night in my book but thought this data that is good yes he was Matt and I with text that I might a lot of time to join us next meets one. There was something else there for Miller La I'll remember it later what does. Can them of that gesture and that just banks elect. Well maybe possibly if you're at what's sure is. That backe showed that it about the battle it. Then I got those days pick a podcast that you like if it's horrible all executed itself can be here. Degraded. The Mel but actually it's funny now the food or the other whether McNabb did is recommending the birthday show that are to watch that show and I already let it. It's. Sort of like it's good. And yet very ugly what are what are their red states. Medium rare. But there are mistakes medium rare in front yeah. And are right next week yet probably next week please. Call eight or are all in. And they are right I don't. You know I guess maybe I'll be done by then but sort of Spiderman four votes and enough. Yeah because I don't know how that phrase really came to be editor that you want would you like me to tell you yet I think yep for that. You said yesterday you didn't notice that in Rome in cuisines. I'm not picking us up to you T be optimistic we want to or you aren't what they are you the very first thing you would have would be the suit and a seven course meal with out the soup. Would be the very first thing unity. But it broth like a Republican nice light broth. And on again off and then at the end is like palate cleanser or something that you would you do that I'm not so it's nice talking holed it from him. An excellent for the whole that are or dog suit that hasn't grown cuisine. Good idea what it. Yet socially illiterate non spoiler section and out early how they'll have to yeah we have to put us an answer yet and that so I would I would say is we do it like game play. We re game play we story we re combat and then graphics and then we'll get into the story. After and then we didn't spend what an hour just lifting Easter eggs yet we do a bet on I don't think so man. The top. Like that a lot there's a lot happening there you can of course can now rate review into the trap on the iTunes than you so much if you've already done that tell a friend do it as well we appreciate that. Even this fun little they have noticed. Because everybody really only rate the podcast wants. But if your significant other has not done that you can just take their phone and do it as well. And they won't know or care it doesn't matter but it did that give a whit what would that not enough. On what does it matter apple and a pilot and you know rap that okay product and now. It's free items for and I thought that if you're at you're looking at the red above read about daddy's dead right here. Tuesday. Follow in sub button that does god do that it could if you wanted to if you wanted to borrow pay for the so but it Vienna at which prime sub burning on your pocket you know or use. What's that he he's left arm on the emails to our podcast that you know dot com. Twitter at or podcast YouTube dot com left our pocket at here's southern got their thing. I've played Sonic the Hedgehog. Two dispute. Played for over an hour yet I haven't uploaded yet but I like our. But more because I didn't beat it. You but I knew that if I didn't mean you've been in my continues and I'm happy and have some plane tales sleazy details Korea I think if they tell I would guess I was asking you guys know that yet ordered our food crops as the number when you figure that out. Guy talk or relax and let everybody to exit out of waiting to play at noted your normal in the got your road you know people don't you call it. Would you read us read Hillary gets up and gets up about to fly in within pale we have come. Helicopter and yet our debt anything else exhibit a for the plot on a similar boat per episode run we will box her way to put it.