Dramatic past 2 games for the Celtics; Why Kyrie Irving is NOT the MVP

Thursday, December 21st
Michael Holley and Rich Keefe recap a wild past 2 games for the Boston Celtics. What star players are on the Celtics Christmas list? Keefe has concerns about The Boston Celtics playing several games in a short amount of time before the London trip. The guys discuss, Lavar Ball's new basketball league, how bad the Chicago Bulls are, the latest Book of Isaiah, Michael Holley's new favorite player, the Cavs have figure out their early season issues.

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Michael Holley and rich schemes. He's mostly seen some post links podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird. Parish to pierce everything season. Mostly seeks the most least he's podcasting's presented by GP LB officials sound of Jason teed up the Boston Celtics and the NBA let's get to Michael holly and Ritchie and the mostly she's podcast. They threw into the mostly seed pod cast presented by JDL if it's found of the celtics' defense. Celtics podcast. Under the WEEI umbrella. Are you sure. Nicely but it's a very active mostly c.'s Michael buys that we start c.s were recording this fresh after. The loss to Kelly the clinic O women got to be kidding me and my wife disguise what is that I loved Bret Stephens comment that the game well. All of those states. Though already heard if they get through Portland go right. I'm gonna let him use his left hand. You got to give them space. That's what's gonna happen on that. The thing hasn't developed if you have been given public Kelly Atlantic without a different player they clear he's the same player if not worse in my view or about the same. The horse a horse that he was last. Yeah a little work I thought he killed himself on that dunk late in the game when he went like a nice move got the that looks are everything else looks awkward. But he got the basket third down two hands. But that has momentum took them and I thought you get bent in half a over reverend see him again an idiot that went walking in off public I guess he can play. But he could have scored a hundred points in the game and I never once put it said man I wish they had no I don't not only one time I just. I just wish they worded. I was it would focus more throughout the game they have a at times and he did they need what the patriots have that whole cliche of displaying the complete games ever over. They have moments of brilliance that's why there's still atop the Eastern Conference. At that they they start games at the other night Indiana Indiana they scored the first ten points of the game to go up nineteen. And why they wind up. Down five points with thirty seconds to play in I have to have a miraculous play by Terry were jeered when it does have too many moments like this during the season. The through that effort problem against the heat is the heat didn't have any of their best guys rated they're starting lineup last night. Was similar to AG league. If she flirted with. The horse like or dubbed the illegal Lavar ball is gonna start that's soccer workers high school but I thought I'd let players across the country that don't wanna go to college I was looking is looking on lesser talent than you mean he has been dead had a headline of the go to ground because look at the box or something on to the rightness of their stories I guess from their new morning show. It was like this was the ball quotas like Michael. Not sure the Lavar ball legal work or something and other lots. No we don't think there that's gonna it's gonna work out or this a crazy surge by the way about. The ball boys are playing with a winning and how that even came to be our view side TVs that the whole site thing like. They're they're excited to people what the winning are really excited to have the ball things which. Made me feel better as an American. American screwed up about America that people care so much about the balls but even with the wing although on the world everybody's messed up Lavar and all of that on international he has. But back to the the Celtics from the game against the heat. Carrier ring to score at will what did you think of the final play like that I didn't. I gave I think there was a little bit of a delay. So six point two I think it was on the clock and it look like to me start to make Israel move right around 44. Point four. Like that anyway at the end of the clock hit that it generally the thing you know six. Six it's let's go Paul Pierce for years and just wait until now dugout go when you Dan and I don't know that was the original play and he. Improvise that was like four consecutive plays leading up that he scored any time you want in Iraq Lebanon and won every time couple more. That one it seemed like a double team came off shot. Kyle leaning again and maybe not 'cause there's not not not because it's value in could've but he got awarded one makes it it does speak to the point of Ari is this gonna be a team now. Are we gonna see them may be laid down to a level of competition because they got out to such a rocket ship start and they were awesome and they still aren't the storm first place in the Eastern Conference. You know they've they've cooled off the pace of there with the rockets in the warriors are doing. But they're still still played well but you lose to the bulls aren't sure who was playing for you but you can't lose to the. Polls and not only lost to the bowl ski from the big guy. Blown out by the Chicago Bulls who I know are playing a little better now there are so where they're asking thank you just did you ever processor don't want anybody on that team you don't want anybody at the classic if you look at it all they must. To their guys are what hurt. Through there got to suspend Edwards or gotten out traded victim that's their basketball lives in Minnesota that if we're lucky that Boris Jordan is that these outside of but but there their Mellon in there they're going to be that maybe they get Marvin Bagley you know maybe that's where they end up. Yet the Celtics again I don't care whose player that it just all of a sudden and maybe they're playing a lot of games that are effective excuse he's a carrier earlier with these and other game tonight they're playing a lot of games. Because they have that London game coming up down the road and so they're basically getting like a week off. Around that gimmick before and after there's a lot of time. So they start to play 82 obviously with the bid for the start in the end of the NBA season. But they're giving them almost another all star break so this month it feels like appoint a lot of games on top each other. I don't know about the concern although Brad is a great job. No amount of concern because what it was Al Horford who didn't have a great game is just he did play last night not a great to get abused by Kelly local clinic health. Are you not let that happen. But he's averaging about what 31 minutes 32 minutes. Hey there hi yeah in that. I read as well but pretty yes certainly that is oh yeah. I like beyond that some rules if that's the way that's the way to go at this like you know if it knows it's just crazy your promise guys on the ground and those guys are gonna lose in the first round today began exactly but you know if you look at. You repko when you're talking here beat the Celtics revenge games are big. Jordan Mickey last night and help it I'm I'm leading somewhere does get 32 from a clinic yeah. January 3 factor and really be Isiah thomas' first game. Of course. The book of Isaiah even you don't like the book of guys I don't see much if not up. Like the original right of Isiah like you look at the original book is there any like you you're obsessive edit Thomas you still its nuclear planner. Not all of you move on a crack divot repair. Isn't it already one of these guys is I think it's pleasant to say that I what I want to see what he does but. On soft spot prizes I don't even like that being a god came back with the soft spot for Isiah Thomas. I know it may have been recorded over the summer it may have been recorded too dramatic it's kind of drags its topic I don't like either in a I don't ask it traded I wanted to know everybody history audit. Was. I didn't I was artists for a little bit again I understand why he's upset. I don't understand why he's this. Upset now. Yeah I don't know if it's Caroline if there are others that this part he thought he was gonna be a part of the whole thing. I'm going to be here number I abroad and now. I brought in Hayward and he thought that he was really be. Like a partner in the organization. For two and a half years fair. So Hewitt at the University of Washington longer than news in Boston yes and no Iverson is different but like. Put that perspective and a lot of players get trade lot of players go play that might fall in love with the team. Then they get traded reactor like. A young Paul Pierce home goodness and that's what they traded you for a bag of balls I'd like this. Well I like for a number of reasons one he's got an error in the little guy in a big man's sport that one's pretty short not little is little while I don't think they like that Latin people. But I can I get an idea let's play out about the Elizabeth I think we don't call me a little eyes he was a little person who can pick and congress of the things aren't. 59. Play Italy where this average height is 6667. Iron although closing line at the Celtics last night was not that a bit high school team up there among the well the bell he's out there he's doing is playing county. It was really embraced by the Celtics. And in the city Brad Stevens. Help make incredibly awesome but he start a site also ball square two FS you know he started in this start that it themselves. Like atop him apparently he did not now but how fighting literally but is now makes a great. Don't you want those guys think that way that's part of it out I liked that idea idea but then that's also his issue right now that's why can't move them like why the Celtics. Trade may be just the book of lies in what partly because it would cost and yeah a but you know I didn't because they love it if they have got a record my guess right. That's golf that's our producer Jason Rossi at the hash adore podcast sometimes we will not all of they're passionate about last jet I won't. Forget it never been a part of an operation like that the IP of the picnic every night at a but he's at a netbook right there. Call I can't believe they have been traded in the city of city of Austin you did say it anyway I don't. I ask can I ask you I am. All field allies. That a bit of an electric the Christmas tree we're going to do it now you have Michael you could swear it's great because this at the city. I'm not gonna do that went. Got it all he got it all wrong beneath that Abbas is going to be bad. Know you've got traded Michael how he's gonna be mad because I'm your number one it. People look at me like I was crazy Jose Isiah Thomas over carry the majority peoples say oh it's too bad. Isaiah awesome guy gave us everything we can carry. So does how does he think. Does he think so the fans are upset is gone or they're mad that they were. Because I've is that these are you a memorial I'm on the popular player. They love me there and now they're trade me solicitous of what's gonna happen their play Cleveland and and when whenever you. He's gonna get a huge ovation as its counsel that by giving Cleveland now. Read the January 3 in order to believe in Cleveland. So he's gonna get a huge ovation every show that the Boston again. He's gonna get the whole Jumbotron they're gonna go I mean what it was the hero among us last night. Kelly Olympic Wallace now has deleted all the off the court stuff all the chairs and that's awesome. But I did Thomas. He did some of the court does a loss of on the court there and have a big thing for him it's going to be great. But don't carrier is an effort to align their region MVP for him but that's the that's way to January 3. Boss already well an embargo the. What did they get is January 3 that game is in Boston but then in February. There's another game here but that's the Paul Pierce. Our our ceremony so it's like as children got up at the big deal. Edit all that post we so so he's gonna get the whole works and it's going to be giving this guy cry yes yes you cry. You know loses mine Yang who get emotionally by pirates are about fifty. You're carries Kyra you go to Taylor I like I don't let him in this Olympic shied away from me yes. And will there be weird awkward handshake hug with LeBron after the game like there was in game one on a LeBron camp and you LeBron play the political game. No doubt about it then that's what I want but I only like I don't know if I'm that the morons that's his head that he touched is that the daughter and I am intelligent about it right now okay oh god. Who moved here and another thing I've I've noticed that not. God has been out there has been on Luther. At the moment let's think back. He'll live out. No I think got the bronze or the extra. Yeah LeBron or not but he still carry guys they it's gonna try and Isiah as a great player. I'm not wild about the fit in Cleveland and we've gotten to this debate before a ball on the podcast there on the on the radio. I just think star players have to sacrifice a lot in this guy's gonna contract year coming off injury. Once he has a lot to prove who's the last pick in the draft the year he was picked and he's people sort Howard amount in the that I as a nice player. He took himself into an all NBA player but he also had the ball every single time he wanted to last year for better or for worse rent agree look at me is that I needs more help we did you know. He said last year that it was against the heat I think it was where he scored fifty what and a regular season like 52. Or something like that I guess so I AFC edit at the garden scored a bunch of points and after the game. And he said this many times last year he said I wanna take my teammates. For allowing me they've really want me to do this. But I can't sell them that yep so. Yeah the problem. Is that was your team back everyone isn't while the bridle that he's gonna get is not hurt him at all in LeBron might. Maybe there's a gamer LeBron feels like I've taken it off FISA passed overall bone break and guys that have forty and give her say it's a problem here. But then playoff time forget it Bronson lets you do that of the playoffs and innuendo and what the ball off duke law IKEA which for some of those bones when Isiah has the ball. The bronze is called for it as the stalemate that is stared at each other across the court. Products like Isiah really appreciate you come up with that nickname for me last year in the fourth quarter because obviously. And it's a fourth quarter on the case I think you hit nobody liked it like I checked my watch to let us do laughter but I don't want to tank one thing's ugly and it's and it's and it's LeBron though. But the cavs up by the way of we have the podcast and a few weeks the cavs certainly. They've rebounded figured it out. If they're back. And applies to you LeBron. It's a good he's been held in this is the best season. Of his career he's playing one explain the best basketball of his career right now Embry now in the same day. That's what happened today all. We're Leavitt tart talking Iran. Maybe malice or toggle on so I thought they were I thought they were dismissing another guy. The cavaliers. At the beginning of the season so it's easy to figure out get LeBron Kevin Love is yet to their role player guide you through it yeah the guy you traded. I can irony hit you traded uprising at Thomas he's not playing right now so that's why you're struggling but that's not it. Do you think Isiah Thomas going to be the only addition that they make or there are they gonna McLemore big tree exits ought to come back to the bronze and try to win for this year and that he's gone. The owner in the GM have to look at it and say. Obviously who wanna win this year it's not going to be as easy to get to the finals as a was a year ago last year. You don't do anything. Rated at the all the rosters are the same in the Eastern Conference and let's is a pathetic with a bronze in his contract year. You don't have to give up the pick you up to give up that avenue younger players but you'll have to give up anything and you could still make the finals worth this year you might have to give up some of that stuff in order to get there. I don't think what the way they're playing right now. I think the problem always want to trade draft he would offer shorten your men and Dan Gilbert. They have an analyst they get assurances that LeBron is coming back now you know I don't think that it goes items privately and says I'll give you. I'll give you the last would not like tone on an unknown can't do that. Zelman wanna committing too humid to be the last time. If you ever happened I spoke as the volatile at a college is right verbal agreement that he sent some day. But word is guidelines are you don't joins me. You know just like in Jerry Maguire was the the quarterback was that the Cushman remembers that they might my word as strong as though. Yeah struck a vote the old Bob sugar and then. I got I've had to do something but LeBron tells me he's coming back and betrayed those bricks that triggered a Brooklyn and by the way. Not American is that now have now. And the bit over the summer and you like you always like down crowd. Yeah I'd like I did men don't like both of us is that we have ever hang out with them today and volley and I wonder. And I hang out with us. But did the other some of the good that is responsible for the amount it's better that it he probably does. I think coffee shop guy you I would see haven't accomplished now arguing for fair see him there he gave the guy a guy that's gonna run she'd be behind the CDs at the copies of the CDS CD player odds like these that it. Good of their music Mel it's actually got it out about five years ago this is that it's marketed as newbie who's now and stop it. Noted that one this coffee shop though Laker now for a long delay. There's picked at the Celtics would get it falls in two and five I'm not harbors and should they get that. I thought of the year the year ago you know that they're going to be terrible lot of bad teams basketball there are that's the thing I think there I think there are a lot of really bad teams. Chicago is ridiculously bad but there's a there's a botched raid in and so. I think they might have to do you know teams got the win the lottery that's you know lower down attempt team and then everybody kind of moves opera Rotterdam that's. They might be committed to next year's kings lakers pecker lurking sixers at the better of those two which if it's the king's neck. Probably will still be a good one. Now that's a fair one that's fair statements but it won't be the draft class and you love. When early to get into this right now but your excess of the struck out it is more than any other draft less than you know. I am I'm telling you tell you you've. We're going to be everybody talk. This way since they won the hey a lot of fliers you've got big guys. You know count the big guys to beat them there's one Boston there. One Boston the first five I like Darko. Sarkozy boss okay Darko was a plus for the NBA champion look at all the other when all the other surrounding him before him with 8031 before him we know that or are you at one before him and then. All the guys after room yeah. Really good players are current corporate loan now ice player Josh I'm going to apply OK. Five though the draft. And so is this. He's like oh eureka. And make him. Of mark helpful. This is like Isiah Thomas very patient on his way you want the ball big that blocked a James Harden shot last night. And then went out and we're going to win a game that beat the rock the EU was fine for Jimmy Harden. And keep hearing them now LeBron Terry MVP LeBron and hearing that died inaudible with that wealth to our cousins MVP. It would be at one. You're more than I ever did. They don't think it would more of their games of last thing here this is good question here from our our esteemed producer Jason Rossi and Jason Christmas season is upon us. Celtics Christmas lists. He says as it could be topped by Anthony Davis who else is on there and I guess the other option would be or nobody or stay as is that we're more Duggan post. Christmas post NBA trade deadline which is a few months away. Celtics have the same as they do right now or is there yet another shake up after what was the most the biggest shake up offseason that would ever. General managers crazy you any disgrace and a good way I think they're gonna make another move so we talked about this humans let. If you feel the same way someone who fluctuates from dated a pretty steady locking and so Diggins yesterday. The proposal was. If you get Anthony Davis yes and maybe to order Rondo. Today the money if they Davis Rondo and a first round pick packet products or distract from the point leave him out of everybody how god our first round pick for. Al Horford. Jason Peyton. And and the lakers. Do you make that trade I Leo yes. I met you and you've did you bunt thing to do what it a thing with Jason Tatum is as if the call a young player to trade is they have had. Maybe all accents pierce on us practicing about a you know markers are with a high pick. I like the more than you do but of course you would trade of Avery Bradley and know that you really likes but they had their trip orchestra you Mauricio and commitment find. Jalen brown. Better than I thought you'd ever be I would trade him it would it would be hard that I thought he betrayed him some there the first for pics of course you were trade of Jason Tatum. So you would do that I would do it but Jason Tatum where we're making nervous about it the injuries to Anthony Davis. Yes the injury say at the Davis and then of course if Jason Tatum does become Paul Pierce are better. Well OK Jason Taylor becomes Paul Pierce or better which Anthony Davis is oriented Davis you have made about our game plan August out of the that the issue and I in I don't think this is the case from mr. on the think of young veterans who don't win. You are going better agenda veteran superstars. Of cousins and my guy 'cause because I consider Anthony davis' superstar right yes so this is yours. For Anthony day in the in the numbers are just he always took great numbers. And I think they've made the playoffs once and get slapped and his six year career is never want left and so. What. Makes and services to announce them dumped team will actually Kevin excuse me Kevin Love example. I thought it was superstar already was in Minnesota that we got out of Minnesota found out. He's an all star yes but he's not a superstar but I haven't noticed it took getting out of Minnesota realise that an end. But it's carrier variant or. Didn't air Izod our eyes or yankees there's so if they think Davis if you're worried that if you put the injured suicide in your word. He might not be a true number one if you put him with Connery I should be fine. If you may think and that about the Florida committees so why he won a may be still can be. But I think he's probably the the guys that I would. There's probably leisure time trading Jason Tatum there may only be 78 guys in the league that you probably duel for rate because of the ups he's nineteen years old. The thing about all the different players and be the few guys on. It be if you guys like on the warriors could be you know pause let's they have that this may be less than ten guys who treat him for. Maybe ten the number yeah about it and Davis. Yeah I think you have to make that deal and what would that mean for the Celtics. Well within me for the Celtics you don't have Jason Tatum anymore you don't have Al Horford now. Preferred firm where he gave us everybody needs an enigma got out. Deal but is this the know your import on their defense is a very good player he distributes the ball that. But if you're telling me. The for the next couple years you have carrier ring Gordon Hayward and it was Davis should be a champion since you still have Jalen brown should be champions. Yeah that right that's clearly the best team in the east and now I hear your right there local state electrical theory guy and they might even lose any other year to. Klay Thompson might say Huckabee demands somewhere and then there Huckabee is so you either have to deal I don't know how realistic is that your Christmas list it would still be dumb though by the falcons. Odd sort of point out that out over the years and a kid I would ask for things for Christmas and I wouldn't you know. Judo club so okay we talk about this Christmas list then it all set out love every David know we talk about this yeah. Sana says I can't bring Anthony Davis how about Okafor. Tonight with the Dow off. About it and OK okay I've knocked off. Are you saying I don't want Beth you're almost there of getting no gift that with the era what's worse than no gift for crap get crap yet. Well I relative that is pretty you know yet though if nothing that the votes. But in a lot of love in this that I pick an advisor to the fidelity to the lineup that because in this one nothing. Don't at a bad player to the team please I really event planner. That's good to get your final thoughts are with them. Americas as are about a happy holidays yes I appreciate you guys on the mostly Sunnis. Podcasts and I would say subscribe to the most easiest podcast on iTunes because we do a couple of days a month but. Might be after big gamer after a big trade it's not exactly make timely fashion so this way you'll get a little notification every time we have in new episode. He also stream it on WEEI dot com. Yeah you can also too we just giving ideas for show topics at Kieft wanna want in that Michael asked Polly. Everybody have big Merry Christmas and a happy new year will talk to you soon.