Eduardo Rodriguez Player of the Game Interview 09-23-17

Boston Baseball
Saturday, September 23rd

Joe & Tim talk with Red Sox starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez who pitches his best game of the season, going 7 2/3 shutout innings where he didn't even allow a Reds player to reach second base while he was on the mound. Eduardo talksa bout how the pitches felt for him today, and how he felt stepping into the batters box in a National League park.


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Are welcome back to. Great American ballpark and that Eddie Rodriguez charges that that was one of the best performances that we've seen from you we really had everything going. What sort of I was on my father been working really cute who and so the note though for me to. The user to engenders violence that. You know as a really good pitch mix today and -- and you know Christian basket is that you seem to have a pretty good chemistry honey like the way he calls a game for a minute when they're behind the home player and a there's a solid one doesn't come out Google's coming through these. You can adjustment this season to bring out all your pitches earlier in the game. Yeah that was that was one of my whole thing. Couple's daughters and I mean like just like this profile schools and of those who were who do so. I was looking we've gone above like political. Moment which is throw the game and that would move here. And how's your knee felt pretty good amendment again. With a good. That's good you're certainly seemed to be peaking at the right time. We've three really good start to actually you know for a very good starts in late. Your last war you feel like hey you're. You really in the groove right now. Amanda and I just tried to improve my game they get out and get good innings and the all everything defensive than a minute for the moment the full Lenovo and astonish and out too much go there and and threatened to sort of from the third on the court. It gets tough hitter sooner than a veteran they're like Joey potter who chokes up when crowds the play what was your approach against bottle to keep him quiet. A man goes to fix that are on the late in the army and and is presently Google Chrome door from local ordered to hand if you follow that ultimately wasn't sick in the accordingly databases. Throw the phone book voter really do any Faldo knows that that was blown them. And then a Coke bottle away feeling really good location with the changes that took his spot on and get a base see them coming he's really good we wouldn't it. You liberals aren't chasing a lot of high fastballs out of the strike zone. Yeah I mean everything depends like how the game's going to in both account do you think we're division about before I don't know. I do like go to the plate as often as you did that I think that there's a moment but first of that was good. 2000 on the board and a bond with two miles and everybody was Mullen was ultimately what that politically to do no immunity. And I don't know strikeouts of politics I think this is day to day. Feel about North America that we do for me all right we can that was the reason you that you did that Iran of course if that and Marlon homefront male bodies that then yeah it is does he QB in the game after the homer and if you knew the game you know emotionally he's. Tiger Woods and so we that during the PG. That's right yeah that is certainly a 2072 thirds. And he congratulations. And we're com Leo thank you appreciate it. Our right to rights act went by nothing magic number of by the Yankees cap on. Moderates like me today before me in the AL east way to play.