Emergency Bradfo Sho: Truths about Gordon Hayward, Eduardo Rodriguez injuries

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Friday, October 20th

Dr. Laurie Katz of Newton Wellesley Orthopedic Associates joins Rob Bradford and Pitcher Nick (Friar) to explain exactly what is going on with the injuries/surgeries involving Celtics star Gordon Hawyard and Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez


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Add road show. That's my open deputies obviously. That's my old. I where you don't know why you're stupid. Brad boat show. That's delicious. We're very fortunate that doctor Lawrie hats with us from Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates in there is no better time that doctor Katz. On the podcast because there are some serious injuries in the Boston sports landscape in I have should also note. Nick friar you have you're in a head injury but it is significant injury. Yeah am I have my elbow is junk now actually a wryly yes surgery. I did not have certain it's I can stay it was just a matter of whether I return doorknob really I can still do that so it's fines and you see ails our episode doctor large jets after after we get through Gordon Hayward Eduardo Rodriguez that'll get out. After you for a diagnosis how nick friar Internet. You can actually turn it or not going for but doctor Jeff how are you today for salon. Thanks for taking time busy schedule over and W oh they always great people and always great to dated check in. We view all the winds start certain things like this come up and mrs. I mean this isn't we don't do this just for any athlete views these other notable ones these are the ones is people wanna say. How long these people about what's going on when these people and and we'll start with a Gordon Hayward and and Gordon Hayward when we first side did did you. Were you able doctor cast able to watch is usually the first thing I. People don't wanna watch this because it's so gruesome were you able to actually watch the event. You have got a permit that we unfortunately see you know what that was like you know when people have the type of an injury and but whether one but actually. But everything got into alignment those seen that while a little bit it's certainly not something I haven't seen before I think yes but what people watch it. So went so we're new to watch it. You immediately clicking to doctor mode and say instead of all of my goodness I can't write I can't leave that to happen and say I know I am pretty good idea what that is our that could be a beer city. Yes I think not a hobby time is something like that it's still definitely is a little breathtaking minute burst. You know you were going on there but Betty the minute after that kind of passes you realized what what actually happens you can't. OK so now that we we've got a couple days away from him. What what is your view. Before we get into the actual ice as we do get the actual specifics what's going on here with them and we he he had surgery. We know that. So one of the first questions I do you wanna ask you we heard when that when the physicians came out in the medical team came out they were able to set it right away. So when you what when we watched them do their thing initially what was the most important thing that transpired that might actually. Get this guy back to being normal that we might not even thought. I'm so you don't wanna get on realign by the way so he would've done that night. That most importantly wanna make sure that the nerves or you know can't the market by the what is okay. I can basically what he had called fracture dislocation. Golf. So the fracture part of where the bones break because break it fractures to think they are. Language ads for the boat break but in addition he actually separated the ankle bone it's army each other. And that's why it was so that formed and new your body injury an actual shot after art. So right away like what goes back it aligns. So doc I want to ask you when he comes to this kind of situation obviously they're people. At the scene dealing with a but then of course everybody's weighing in on Twitter. You know us in the media or asking all our doctor expert topsy were asking you. Thumb when it comes to weighing in. On something like this is there just be careful with have a language they use and how much you speculate on this issue. I say yes I mean I am not repeating his medical record I don't know exactly which found cheaper you can make an assumption because the injuries tend to follow a pattern. But yeah I think that anytime you're gonna weigh in on medical care that happen in our out in the app to be a little cautious of what they are what you. They'll insinuate. Now by air I it was a it was a tidal waves. Of both qualified people unqualified people I mean we wouldn't happen. And Hedo is much interest from airport point of view to doctor but these. You know I wanted you wanna talk about oh. The thing that everyone wants to talk about what is the timetable here. No one wants to give a timetable and I don't expect along the lines of what nick just asked. I don't expect you to know all the particulars of what's happening with Gordon keywords lagged. But. But you've seen things like this happen what are we dealing. Well look first that they had that during his surgery after the injury so that's an option sometimes it's a lot of action at the lay it up two weeks. So what the fact that you about the surgery right away. Will certainly help his time line by at least that week mark. At. How bad the injury wise. And I he could be not wait buried anywhere from six to twelve week believe it or not so that the current crop is without being able to put weight on elect. Sometimes but he the second surgery over the they need to come out of Iran but at the twelve week mark again that will depend on how that it injury wise and that even after you start weight bearing an exit twelve weeks. It takes about a little while to heal but then. Artist actually getting strength back. Getting back into the ability to jump in life. And get back and conditioned by higher local sports. That'll be a back and take any work extra nine month. Now docked at first they said it there was an issue with his tibia in addition to his ankle but now it's apparently his stimulus. I'm just curious is there a difference in terms of the rehab process as it had been used to be instead of the studio Padilla or is that make it fast enough and it's actually. The latter. So I can't without knowing. What does that say look like his medical record he probably broke but should be and so generally would it take that the injury break both our. The ankle identical chewing it actually made up the so the tibia listed below us and that apple carpet payless. So it usually would disappear at an injury I would have expected that he broke the should be and but again you know I don't know that mr. and patent and obviously the more breaks. Our and recommend as well which generally do what ankle comes out like that just location. That's certainly at more time lapse. Healing process. Now that we know what we know. What was the biggest bullet that he dodged. I have a complex. I don't think much of a bullet that was done. Yeah I can say I gonna be unconscious. And perhaps this season but still you here. Oh well you know ligaments are damaged this and that is there's something that it always clean break we heard that as well. The guys need a clean break I'd be surprised if you have that support unit ankle. Ligament. What would battered that would let an he need additional group added to allowed ligament EL. And that's the time that you might need a second search app and a twelve week but those are. Now those groups are not put into the broken bones that are actually put it on the ligament Beckett tour. So if you are able to avoid that that would be positive because that he had such. Surgery during his recovery. Now doctor Al one of one of robs colleagues on the edited talked about a break. Of an ankle verses sprain an ankle in a pain apparently. He was told that it's better you're better off breaking your ankle I was just curious he could shed any light on that there's a bit of debate the vick's right and actual person breaking it. Yes that's got. Question about the but expect publication that some time you know whether Utley and an ankle sprain well demand will take about you all and that we go to a bell Hewlett about the eight weeks. As probably the dollar got a quick circular and the man and so that's one of the reasons that people will say that. At the time just ankle strain just drag on for a lot longer are we interpreting the laps Kurt. No idea who know I don't they don't. The so so you talk to vote vote the the timetable of getting back to your seat and the bone healing in all of that. I would imagine your experience to with a huge obstacle in this whole equation is the mindset of being able to actually feel like yourself again. And and how how typical in Europe is in your experience has that been for people who have gone through things like this. Well interestingly I actually broke my ankle when I was the senior college I have been that I help the app experience. And I'll. Get back feeling like you can just normal thing and I remember my first step up a crutches particulate like it was. You know the big mountain that I had climbed. So it really does that back in your mind. Quite a ways that you have to get confidence back. Even during simple things again. And that they get credit for about it it is a batter and knew about what you're life and that we'll all at expecting to do well. So doctors who wanted to ask you that you wrote an ankle were you going for value to get into. A springboard diver believe really. Your. About a country in what was slippery and let in the other ankle sued. Did did you idea that if that's that's not what you get I am not I I avert my eyes it's like they did with Gordon Hayward who were you able to. Get back to either your original form are we able to get back and say. As you know what I'm OK again or how what and how long does that take because if I know I always compare the guys go up the aisle you for the Supreme Court divers. But at the they're coming compares the earth. Like I. We took me a good on I think like well like most things began and fortunately I did not have just location so. A little bit lower energy competently C haven't had curricula and fortunately. All right so the next guy we'd wanna get to in Rhode Alaska we get to his it was in the news Eduardo Rodriguez to the Boston Red Sox. He had surgery. But hello funerals summerall I'm. Mattel several ligament reconstruction the the prognosis in the press release said that he will be back pitching six months. What are we talking about a kids in case people don't know the history with Rodriguez is he really have three incidents that we know about where he. Ox sort of for lack of a better term collapse because of this injury came back poll most recent one was June 1. It's in that game. Then drew back came back for the season and I'll obviously is let the surgery in itself like pretty significant since the surgery what are we talking about here. So the good that surgery was can't reconstruct or replace one of the ligament in his knee and the ligament actually helped stabilize the cap. So that it doesn't pop out and see your knee cap is actually normally kept in place party because the Internet guru. Avatar like a track on the other about. But the top of the ligament that helped hold that place well and that's what he injured. Well so knowing that we've gone through these three different Soro hum pickups I guess live Rodriguez. Are you surprised that they they fought through this as much as they did without having surgery. Africa questioned that generally the first time that someone. And has been knee cap issue where it either what we call Bob lock the door just locate. The pot luck records is partially come out of that group and then just locate what it only come without. That would not happen the first time it's very common to recommend surgery. A lot of times they'll look at that look at you know people go along with their life and have any further problems. The issue really comes out and it keeps happening so at that ligament when the kneecap popped out of the socket is gonna get stretched search warrant. And it doesn't heal and unfortunately the kneecap can come out much easier. And so when someone and start developing what we call current instability meaning that the cap is you know. More than wants had a that we can't meet now. That's when he considered surgery so it's not entirely surprising that they tried to get a chance to see if he would do well without the surgery. Now docket that my big question here with him as. Do you think that his name is gonna be a recurring issue for him recurring issue for him going foreigners is something that you know surgery done right. It won't be an issue no next season. Get a question are at the bunk the surgery done correctly which I'm sure you know he got. And they insurgent working with him that I would expect in your act all of the activities. The only thing that long term could be an issue in every time you're need popped out of the pocket that. Technically just locate there at the chance that you can damaged cartilage cushioning on the back of the cap so that could have some long term consequences. It was caught the pain so look at without knowing the medical record I don't know he had to issue app that would be wanting to forward. While doctor Laura cast Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates who were tops your really religion and I'm not totally because you brought firsthand experience. Of what it's like if you high level athlete in fractured ankle but this because you told us if nothing else I know. That might Komansky is the gentleman that mic here was referencing on the air routes it who would say I weak ankles and they told me that it would be better if I brought my ankle than actually rating ankle. And now we know that this is not just an urban myth. A. But they are happy. Yeah thank you so much dark cats and hopefully talkies. And.