EMERGENCY: Marcus Smart's mysterious injury

Friday, January 26th
Breaking News Marcus Smarts injury has taken on a life of it's own.Hear Holley and Keefe with the debuting Dale Arnold on what is going on with Smart not being so ... smart.

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Michael holly and Richie yeah. He's mostly seen some post links podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird and I. Parish to pierce everything season. Sleep seats but mostly c.'s podcasting's presented by GP LB officials sound of Jason teed up the Boston Celtics and the NBA let's get to Michael holly and Richie and most weeks she's podcast. Welcome to the mostly c.'s podcast I am usually the producer Casey proxy. But today we have an emergency mostly feed after the we don't hear a little clip from jail. You think you'll mostly see Dale Arnold not know about it but it still ridge and might gold. Went into the details of mark this marks a mystery injury. When you usually your people swiping on blacks attended their Smartphones on eating out by. Marcus Smart had some. Really. Unfortunate things happened to him and the guys were getting into here is the take from the deal holly. I'm gonna go and keep show and is a very special edition of the mostly c.'s podcast presented by GB LB officials sound of the Celtics the Celtics are on the West Coast of the games are Lleyton and we probably haven't given this the attention that it deserves. But the Celtics in you just Turkey during trending now. Read the tweet that market Smart put out the Celtics also put out a a release some markets Smart injury update. They said he returned to Boston following right hand lacerations. Suffered out from a non basketball incident prior to Wednesday night's game against the clippers. Following evaluation by doctors. Tony. Shin should and a I think it would be pressure and a Andrew Toronto at the New England Baptist hospital it was determined at smarts timeline for a return to action is approximately two weeks. And then keep spread to the tweet from market Smart adversary said that he swiped at and hit a picture frame on the wall win. Mean he didn't miss this the last shot right between C America last shot it again with a every blamed alcohol after that mad that he missed the shot and said. Please I gotta get it done it's not gonna get and Brad Stevens an idea rather than deny is again ourselves more so also I ago. Last serrated in his hand. Glass in the in this hotel. Got stitches. I don't know the full story we're we're learning more about them right there and Brian Dolan. We're wins in the hospital. Two hours ago got stitches and doesn't sound like a long term injury but. We're doing more research on how sells music. So he's effort are birdie but I don't police there he's putting his arm though slip in the ship out as it let's like stories straight ahead eases you lesser rated his hand. The hotel at the hotel. So I was fighting and after he can't on glass on the need stitches right there at the hospital with a right now but you know I don't know what happened I don't know until you kind of pinpointed as a normal. It's not normal. And finally also out Steven should be in a position where he efforts by this is on markets marked the grown up. Come out and say it beyond its week. That's what Mueller more than everything to autism science it's quite dead I pictured it then is Ari teammates coaches fans it's too bad that I've met a big game tomorrow thinks he can with glass that he never Paxton Crawford ruled out of bed fellow. Jerry does appointments Amare Stoudemire smashed glass which was I think protecting like a fire extinguisher in the knicks' locker room a few years ago. And he was out for a long time friend Kevin Brown do some similar to yes Kevin brown and it was on the analysts punched it. Yeah but so that that happened like immediately after the game. So here's if you wanna say Margaret Smart missed the game winning shot against the lakers used fired up punch glass. I would believe it if it was in the hallway at all away at home. Mean your word ever raised the game just ended your pit stop I get it still stupid I get it. So now you. Go to the locker room you shower you get changed you go on the team boss to go back to the hotel eagle at your hotel room. Must say you're not still pissed these guys play a lot of games. Anything he's in there and now he's smash in. You know like. Like I like that atom Hamels bock. From the Boston Globe it would cease I'm going to anoint him as the line he's gonna get that he did it to market Smart nonsense scoop scoop what he's gonna get a scoop yeah all of turn of the morning show back at the breaking news left Britain senator I'm talking arrives through from a he has bad ave Brooklyn the football and size of a basketball. Reporter. The Celtics inside the years they've Hamels bock is the guy ambles by Jerry well moderate myself that Eldorado guys now Rossi had submitted to use Thomas. Rusty you're talking on market Smart stuff. Ability and Sarah. Yes it's an honor them like its program modeled blew up is seen as the aces. And how they act as they think this kid that blowing this day they say the oddest things so it's ever a model he had me at in the I'm already with an excellent good out. On she's very there was a video posted two days ago. Markets Smart and her smoking weed together and they are sent text messages our posted all that's been taken out. It's a silicon developing story of what's at the Pena not not reliably. So could that gets you fired up these are pungent stuff in your hotel room I would say yes. At a mellowed you out. Narrow narrow he wasn't he with. Slogan we and then punched the glass I am not my speculation Mikey spears the would be all the sudden he gets home. He gets a whole bunch a text messages or he's flipping through his ball to and seeing that this is out there now he shouldn't be with there shouldn't be doing what he's doing with her and then he gets pissed. And maybe. Tears apart the hotel room. I don't know that we that we got a lot of very little evidence of that but it's got to be something. And I'm not I don't think this was just a job iso wiped out had a picture frame because that there was an accident. Not apologizing to everybody. A monogram right now either and there's been don't know what I'm a program right now and Ainsley doll. About how at all adulthood I'm innocent. Wanted candidate's name can report what does his stage name on. Fellas Philadelphia. Yet clear how I got here but all in Sudan Jones did so caught up in the pictures. Anybody can take a picture as a result of the filters and everything now anybody Bush's guy or not anybody. This idea be right this is literally just pictures of dolls it's a real and I got the picture of her. And she's holed LA doll she's only like three huge passion week. Accra or bunny years. Huge huge bags and read a look at the wrong person it's generally just at all it looks like an adult to. He seems short dale holly WE 2000 expected to show prep writers on doing this to show is listed this could be the the smoking gun here. It is not that I wanna do this out now Michael helped me out here because I don't know are our three. Kitchen sized garbage bags of wheat a lot has a lot the hell can't I just curious. And it looked like a lot to me died in now. As you look like she looked like she used to have four. The look on her face like she smoked for fourth and one as she's got three left. Deborah she had there's interest thing stories about her. You do it quite well. Seat she posted a video of mark is smoking weed. Posted receipts or bills that he papers phone number in Texas center. She uploaded video one of smarts other chicks trying to find her hi Donna and and a sonogram picture on the she even threaten of this cluster cock it gets better. He even threatened dale the post the video of the two of them the story says doing that matched. And the market's march that bill. Market Smart sexting image wordplay is. The Obama Little League agencies. Miller doesn't open the box and now here you here's some. We're okay. 65 point learn not to do drugs on the radio don't do drugs and videos and blow up this season with the. It should. I don't Marcus Martin a country can't do this and a contract year now the other question is a series of out there I don't question yes yeah why did all the audience to Graham post get deleted. She posted them he says he probably said Michael c'mon you wanna have a future with me in quake. And you gotta take this down in the through my money investment by business boy. What what what's gonna happen to Brad Stevens gets up to Graham and now black. I have an advantage if not here. I don't act like is Brad Stevenson should exit left exit stage left don't talk about this anymore. Because he's a straight forward guy and he has to deal with the stuff they pour guys are most active cut his hand. Last rated his hand on glass. At the hospital they don't tell stitches. Stitches but I'm well that's just more looking over our term positives are you need to know is when he's gonna come back and there's questions that come back for Gordon Hayward market Smart. This is weird. Ours is that two weeks. Gordon Hayward looked pretty good out there if he's back in two I don't apparently actively that's unfair to him just operating played Africa it's just a stroke just it. But I got to find out through a story. It's not like this is in there is a sorted real story in Spain and Barry for a long right now will fund a limit. I go to put Hamels walked on the case you know again but I used to cover the Celtics in Washington. You go out there got a story here a jumper and breakthroughs of some. It's a real news here from deal holing keep program. Another scoops on station we could have dual scoops. Mark is our fault that tweet up that we just read whip I promise I'll learn from the situation and come back ever. I love you ought and I truly appreciate all the support Oscar and I love the split. What would what's the situation there was it was such a way to make it more than it is. And once you are. We got a picture of your hand. He's dazzled or you're washed up or he's gonna press conference are to examine what doll. Or otherwise but they're gone deleted on his his account guys that obviously she's far from that it's the guys do is. In the last three and these swipes it's like it's on them but you know they take on the warriors to let our right they could use a dad that it normally we know what him. They can owner and his wife left it's what I keep up keep I'm sorry stars aren't. And other they beat that team here in Boston. Look like got a team that was able to is that the Celtics did that night the lights up a like a team that can really compete with the warriors. And then going into that game coming up a great win against the clippers. Golden Golden State without markets Smart. Pretty critical I can match up with stepped curry and clay content news. He's messing with some IG mob. And his last I heard it all added I don't I'm gonna guess just guessing now you know Rossi it's not luck doll. LA don't tell played all right not I'm now in the streets is like all of a I don't know all I've still just looking at pictures of dolls I can't find her anywhere on its Ingraham. Lugged all you just give literally just dozens and dozens of pictures of girls if you're over there on Collins computer god knows the stuff that's gone through there this sort of. I got pictures and videos levers as well. Votes or is is she sickness LP. A couple of forever mirror. No clothes on. She is something it left. It's not a lot plot here I have to appear to have actual ball misses Arizona while now is tattooed you know little lower tattoo a total only Kamal Marcus what does it. But that it got to love I think it's a word or some minutes and very jittery place he could miss you know I'd get that house aka. But yeah as the Celtics get pretty pretty fawning coverage and count me until we do they get gay get they get the benefit of the doubt all the time. If any other coach in town said we're investigating. A player who cut his hand on glass and he's at the hospital we beat going crazy John Farrell said that will be asking for. Their point five more questions we be mad at Bill Belichick for not telling us what's going on. Cassie would in a cast he wouldn't do that would he. He'd he'd say the real thing he'd probably would actually ya there Robert on us. This this requires little more digging. And NS is that it's about feeling. Like something really bad happened to markets mark oh are big yacht. But the only bad nobody does it take it a little far yet how many that that she was gonna post the video ladies they accurately argue that as they punched the wall we've all done that and then this very minute. You've done that yet the prices while they were there wasn't a specific and like I am opposed to video of you to punch the wall before punched the wall. If you have an anger thing I don't know hope you never punched want your entire life. Intentionally like I'm on I'm later met all like a little bit earlier I got got only adds it to fight a wanted to partial course. You haven't I don't think so bill don't somebody help me outer walls always gonna win. If I didn't get a couple good shots and Gloria you know if you don't have a startling a gray gray hair some let them while they you guys for listening to the most. Lee sees podcast again that was an emergency edition with the situation surrounding markets Smart. Currently we'll see how this all ends up is where under two weeks away from the trade deadline ambiance of this affects anything. And is on a contract here after all. I would be out remiss not to mention the dork podcast and our key hash tag. Dark podcast that don't remember what he had this week charts fantastic its movie previews the 2018. Are. And I got a kick out of there CD collection from an air high schools go check out all those as well as the most he sees podcast and don't forget if you have any. Ideas for the show or wanna tweet at the show on two and a mailbag coming up that they keep the Michael. Our great wealth of knowledge for the show that we can have a little spice and maybe get some. Users involved so debris can always a follow us at Keefe 21. At Michael H holly on I don't know enough that's starting and I and I'd Michael Holley is super fit. As well as myself at Jason. But unless they get guys so much for listening will be back next week will be in Minneapolis for coverage of the super balls you can follow along with us. On the DL holly keep show on WEEI. Thanks realist.