Enough About Me - Ep. 64: Jason Wolfe part 2

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Thursday, August 3rd

Former Program Director Jason Wolfe joins Kirk Minihane for part 2 of their extended conversation. Kirk and Jason speak about why Jason told Kirk he would never be a regular host on the radio, what Jason's thoughts on the Kirk and Callahan show are now, and the dismissal of Glenn Ordway.


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And you get it and unbeatable price one suits are to just and 19999. Or get too would mountains buy one get one free suits they'll starting at 299. At Milton UB is comfortable in our stores as you'll be in our clothes. So sure plaza Braintree intestinal square Chestnut Hill milk owns the store for men. So it's hard to do enough bombing was feasible. I recording this. Fun stuff in Kennebunkport. I apologize at the net crashing waves of the ocean. And millions of cars going by coaches and right but to get rid of those cars I'm working on changing the road so cars and crow tribe my place. 68 degrees. Here. And nice breeze about ten miles an hour. Stop listening trainee had much in cherry show news not great amid all week obviously. And I'll be back Monday. And is that we don't the other day I'll be talking about everything. Including why I was off here last week. It was not extended vacation but I would say we'll get to specifics on Monday morning. Right around 6 o'clock. Wolf he would handle this whole thing last couple weeks my guess is he would handle much the same. You know we're new partnership and that's what war for the set as well my guess that would have the same. Sentence. That's Shuster guest that's kind of way they want that's way these guys always and I understand that's part of this well. I do enjoy. Reading. And seeing all these tweets about all the speculation. Now love seeing the treat it seemed so orchestrated the fake so the media critic of the Boston Globe since 97% of our show is fit between noon yesterday. 97%. Of our show this week I asked an example of course you can give one. And the reality of courses that our show was the least fake show on radio in Boston Police take. Because we have a problem behind the scenes we bring it up on the air some orchestrated. You know if final like Alex are chair or Gary doesn't like somebody you're Jerry's mad at somebody your Curtis we've talked about it on the air other shows don't. We do I would see the other shows are fake because of the to pretend world where the red light goes on. And they talk about you know. What's going on with Aaron judges swing. Or you know what do you do with the third lane just stuff that no nobody talks about conversation we all its total (%expletive) But they don't want their and they say from the get no complaints and they give me you know brings -- cage left to keep the job. But we go on their and we fight and we disagree and we do what you do with your friends when you're talking to your friends you argue you (%expletive) (%expletive) it. You talk you do what they do you break each other's balls you take cheap shots he talked what's up he don't want you to talk about. That's what reality is that's who seek fake is them Dan Patrick that's fake great that's (%expletive) radio. A Mike and Mike (%expletive) radio those guys right now don't like each other you could tell you watch it for two seconds they can't stand each of the that they won't talk about it. Bull (%expletive) is. In my opinion from the stock PCR next. Where they don't talk about Akerson situation. When NASA should do is about a second sweet. Don't David Price you going to sit room but to view we're gonna for the camera on you if you want to talk for fifteen minutes but they won't do that because they don't. They'd just choose not to do what they choose to stay away from interest to stop. We don't so again examples of what's fake you don't have what I mean I'll hold my parents are dead it goes victories folks are. Curtis is an alcoholic. We are pissed at number ten where stormed out and I saw people say it was a stunt that stuck at the time. He's the comeback into the full time host the show obviously that was (%expletive) Sort you know the sudden like I love that so we decided one day and weigh hey Gary I know what. We're gonna say this about you when you walk up for six months cautious of thousands of dollars because it's good for the show's budget. Wink wink nod I mean you child youth group that's how it works. No it's not we get mad at each other and sometimes that blows over three. That's how each show should work. Should should not work like this anybody yet. We think. What do you think the patriots should do about that. Third down situations he he he. Go to break nobody talks each other behind the scenes mother (%expletive) each other and they go back and here didn't seem boring bull (%expletive) buff Faye again the next day. Fought back. Those are the frauds. Those of the fate you could say though. You wrote Kirk's a current dividend and say look it's you know and that's orchestrated to now know. I can tell a corporate John and I we're we're Gerri we've never said for show you take this side I take that side. You know. That's just terrible radio comes across as fake you can get. You know you could get exposed eventually anyway the biggest Rivera had to placate and all three of us agreed not. I mean toward brought these dummies on every day a fight with them you think if we decide orchestrated one of us with a said. We've taken attain which side where the dude Tomas said the downside of course who have fought at the be all agreed it was odd sucked. It was unfortunate I'd much rather we disagree on things because that's good radio others don't agree with that Michael does a great Dan Patrick and his team and that's. Don't disagree. We disagree we fight sometimes it gets ugly sometimes it gets personal sometimes it's unprofessional. But people like that people enjoyed that so we decide to do it. We talk like people talk we near and knowledge that to me is what you're supposed to do. I don't know I could be wrong archer Jason wolf agrees either I don't know wolves a big fan of mine I don't know did decide to come on. For the second part of the podcast. We got into it and wolf he did a good job enjoyed having him on you know we haven't talked a lot the last. For years since he left. Published sat down with arm from I was reminded folks Marty usable read you know he's an adult understands. The business and and you know he should be in the business I guess he is beat him. He should be program director somewhere doing this I enjoyed it. It's part two would be enough but me podcast which he's wolf I will be back Monday morning at 6 o'clock obese Seoul on Monday I'm with the rest of it looks like. They'll be alone. On Monday morning. At 6 o'clock and as I said. Calling if you want now answer anything you want everything is in play and know that that might sound fake. But you can ask it every one of my best dancers while back Monday morning on the Kirk Callahan show this is part two enough about me with Jason. Before we get the other stuff we'll get to it always comes down to respond to assist me you know ultimately that's why it's why we're here. Figures and I tell the story all the time I would say it was five or six years ago we the media we. It's a semi regularly in your office before I was full time I saw time on the air I mean those were the website on the radio. Honesty more than met with with Kevin Bernard Joey after ventures just sort of talking about stuff because I think now they feel like they can. Doctor exhibitions and he'll walk away so at that point mistress who are postal submissive that. But I was that you did sitting down one time and say I don't think you're going to be in every day on there personnel. Remember saying that down when they say that. I am but you with the first do you work on specific date and then write it don't happen but it was before I was supposed to like weekends and stuff. Are thinking well you know okay that's can be some ailment that's fine. But then win when you guys picked winter over me to do that which was the right move by. Now we say like that role in their appointed metres with a sock I was and a bad feel that. We advocating for me to replace winter when I assume Jerry Johnson we have written this kind always just let's just throw him in here who cares just trying to some quick. Kirk I wanna do you take the job from the beginning you didn't want that role that was not yet but as a true. Hell yes it was real then that's the way I remember absolutely. I wanted you to be in that role I had envisions. A growth for you that. I'm not gonna say ultimately would have led to where he award today because I didn't see that common and it's kudos to you you've been able to. And so far prize have had some success in this business. I know I'm not surprised I am and astonished frankly no kidding and think that you're you're doing an excellent job mean you've figured out what it needs the personality traits that are needed. But at that time. We were looking for specific role right and here. You couldn't see chose not to do it when another union I was offered a job. To our mojo now and try to that job but he I want you to change I want it's I want you to have that job you didn't want it you can do and hopefully that. You say did you I guess we should go back and I'm hopeful that contract they don't have it or but that was a few contracts ago. If you are probably don't remember that note I'll I remember my fit in your underpants. I would a is that sure yes it's I turned out. Yes he didn't wanna do a sumptuous possible really I don't think we talk money I said I want you to have the role I think you can be good with those guys right and you can wanna do it for that particular role by the time you got into the role. There was so I think I was only there for another me for six months and six months of I was so. You know I admittedly at that point wasn't giving you guidance and I don't think you listen to too many people other than yourself. In terms of how you're gonna make it work with the two of them right and you sensed. Rightly so that. You could become a real third voice and then ultimately grow yourself from it and that's what happened. Always sensed from the start to was in this sort of narrative that we get to -- pushing guy now that's fine but I sort of sense she did but that's her and I did not. They've been get head but I sense that some tension between the two host and which as you existed already at that point interference trip I'm sure you've had many during your India the middle of many bells between those two years. But I thought north OPEC charges snorkel at Ford said this before was winter that was kind of a no when situation for him really. Yeah I was too like yeah he's gonna at least that's what if what he is doesn't fit him with what John and Jerry do you know. It wasn't a good fit right it's it was a mistake yeah and again to put but she does that happen often radio I think sometimes you gotta say. I only do we did not on sex and that's what you didn't focus on working out let's go on to whoever and I said okay I'll do it but I don't wanna. Sit and they're gonna sit here and iron and ironically the one who is more open to that at the start was strong. Thomas farm or it's at the beginning Gerry Gerry want me in there and doing honesty of this weird. When he's a good position leader's role. That there weren't you there were more facets to it then. He scores every bad eggs and they wanted him to do bits they wanted to do. Creativity and come up with additional content that was not going to be. Show right and that wasn't necessarily your thing your thing is more being involved discussion building and they. Advancing the dialogue which you could act so I can understand why there was some discrepancy there but you know and we were. A little bit too tunnel vision at that point and didn't. Didn't seem too far ahead when we should've. That Kevin has good broadcasters he is. Wasn't going to be able to add that additional element. Those guys want Howard Jason wolf handled. The Kirk Callahan. In the situation from like you know. As we came toward the end. A I don't. There's limitless you you like Jon yeah obviously you you know you John pedigree as a great partnership to get a lot of success. Are you wrote something for. We're direct dirty water me turn to our media we were going Jon Jon great careers no questions why your loyalty and so to get that. But I wondered looking at that which you mean I think he handled I think I would have set the three G down we before it was obvious that it was becoming actors right. And tried to have an open dialogue about one. Right and I think what I might have heard. Was said John didn't want the same thing as he wanted them two years early. And he I think he wanted to take it a little easy which is OK I was getting elite the end of his career and he had a tremendous career. But maybe he didn't want to work as hard right and you're the young up and coming Bach coups. Own a China shop and you wanted to work hard you wanted to be aggressive. And I think that that was a factor for him they are Jerry works to know I'm right. The people never understand. They just work from six to two and a half to some do I guess since ascent some probably do but for the most part the real good ones. They're thinking about it constable day thinking about it 24 hours a day seven days week I honestly. If you're not doing that you aren't being as prepared she could write. If there were is certainly too much tension I think on air for the three view. That. Some was just probably really bugged because they just wanted to hear them battles but right. It was a little uncomfortable for others and then I don't think it was healthy. I don't think it would if I was sitting here I don't think it would have been healthy. Two to continue to advance show Ford and certainly got the point where. When he is gonna go right. And wasn't going to be who I guess not yeah I guess not but John and hearing China great career I'm in October forever but you know I don't know. What do you think. When you look at all stations then again it was too much what major leak was injured when measures. So the two stations are really defined by the morning shows. The personality of the guys in large part based on what you do every game and the same for them. And that's what keeps them on two separate tracks even and 82 a little bit of agree because Feldman has righty so well right. They are. They are probably equaled a generation terms of what drives it station. But if you listen from 10 o'clock on. Both stations. You're hearing much more sports right here and much more or not. Cookie cutter tunnel vision break you know Arab tech stuff but it's good sports talk with production and entertainment assess the work. Not as a whole these formats do it works I mean I mean the ratings both stations we always say cancer are well you know my point is correct that. Not whether I like or dislike political talk whether anybody. Dislikes and likes it it's irrelevant what happens is people get attached to certain personalities on the air you guys have had. Tremendous amount of success by being a lot of things to more people but mostly being treated cells right and that's what's real about it so if you're going off on Iran to. Something Jerry shed as relates to could be added to Brady could be related to trump could be related to Bill Cosby doesn't make any difference. People are compelled by that because they can appreciate. The passion with which you discuss. The so I think in in an in an odd way. Trump fighting with the media as much as she had passed rather over the last eighteen months to it to two years now. Has seeped into. Radio to a certain degree that's probably true because she have. It's okay to fight with the media right even if you're in the lead. Right and you guys are making a career that rate at the end. But that there's something wrong with it and so. I would be so supportive of that at this point. Because I know that's what works and I wouldn't worry about well we're gonna (%expletive) off this guy or this guy's gonna tell us to go pound sand. You got to take the good with the bad and look at it as a whole even though. It may be the perception that there's like ability facto lesson with yours showed memories with touch and rich. Both shows are imminent these hugely successful hugely successful I want to Jason wolf program director coming in the criticized with a criticisms of curtain go. But that. It the criticisms of curtailment bulldogs are too much Kirk won't short wolf becomes an attempt fifteen and sort after the back slapping and stars get into with the issues. I think that there are. A lot of things that are excellent about ship them anonymous passion there's an Annan on I can handle I was getting to just get on get into market. But there's there's certainly is too much of the I don't care about. Sports and I and that sounds odd but when I'm saying is. Sometimes when I listen you guys discuss sports right I feel like you don't even give a (%expletive) about what you're talking not at all sports stories certain issues of EU. Well you need example of what you want to make herald staff. Like let's say we talk among the big cavaliers and that and borders are playing as we're taping the scenery play game. Five and right channel and chip given up on sports and we talk about Golden State vs say the Celtics were golds it ranks historically a guy can ever really passion argue that. I cannot impassioned argument or conversational Karstens Smith act like I'm just not built to do that and I think I'd better. To say on the air I'm not built to do that and pretend like a bill to do that I agree. I'm saying that there are certain times where it sounds like no matter what you're talking about viscerally it's something where I guess the next us just let's move onto the next thing let's get back to. The social issues of the day and my own show little circle if you're never good to me. To need theirs and it's not so much that you're bringing in the other side of the political scene I mean honestly I don't really care. It's a training year in which people say about. Politics are earning that I mean I wouldn't I would makes it more with. He passion about Golden State vs Celtics vs. Left vs right on the political Specter right in there may be use certain amount of people are OK with that. I don't think it's necessary if what you do and I frankly think you're just pigeon holing those guys into being the leftists that come on as opposed to. Letting them talk about their institutional knowledge if if you think that there are good enough to do it. I guess according that's I think that's legitimate argument but I do think you know like. Like you're saying bring up that I do want other people be in the mix because we talked to before you bring him I mean think of the people we've brought in training who okay Roemer was nobody. You know Mott was a guy who is doing nice and had worked in the days in the penguin we've brought up from out of nowhere like it's sort of it's you know. Oh there for other people. Money that. Yeah I'm I'm not saying that there you need to say is I have many different way than not are dreamers deep institutional knowledge of basketball baseball. Saying if you think he's qualified to talk about. Other subjects besides. A first rate social issues and yet he should talk to maturity is he's well if he's not Banesha. When you get to the right now are working them very briefly on the big show on felt. So if I was never in the house for that you'll never be never part of the kinda part of it now price help them with a little bit of marketing it's about how long we your England June than in any point not talk. When ground quickly and touch us or were you when we knew when he lost his job fired everything was fine he understood we talked all the time yet he understood that it wasn't. It's did you actually so when Glenn got fired did you wanna see your so. Called in his office or call me your offices and you're done. I did was he shocked and have some ideas it was. I don't know if you shocked. I I think he was. I think he handled it as professionally as she could handle it. Or syslog polygamy do you say I trust you have three days. On the air I mean some guys who would review done after John. Right and I think it would depend on my situation is different. Are usually not I look at her I said to. Personal I insisted. That argument. Right and they decided that it was time and move. Then after show 6 o'clock. Yeah. I I didn't want it any way right but I also said if we're gonna do we're gonna do with the right away we're gonna let him. Have his time and whatever criticism we get that comes with it and they'll be a lot. It's gonna eat it and not worry about pieces he had too long of a career and too much success admin too much to the station. To just tell on the 6 o'clock he's gone never hear from that would have been colossal unfair. Corporate greet and so that's why it was definitely used public dale was dale dispute to you get over the show that they need. I filled in for aren't you had her we walked back to the office and you actually grab them and I can cause less than bread later that day he was gone. Was he completely stunned them now or two that day I can get a sense is I knew the idea he was. Not yet. Who went to leave it there. He was not yet been somebody you don't for a long time. First guy to work with yes yes that's got to be for you and oddly Dicey now to some extent we Jolie. No I've known Joey for. Nine and ten years now just like eventually showing probably one of fires me it's going to be a weird experience from both of us think. Well now again it's. It's not a fun. Scenario have to go through. But at the same time. We're trying to move in another direction he wins the wrong direction and I am glad frankly to see that on those guys are back. And that it was a lot more life left in an old line and people. Were. Nothing proves that more than. Even though there may be large discrepancy in the ratings they're still doing much better now it's gone. And when has revived. At mid Asia. Now as I understand I haven't seen the ratings but as I understand that there basically. Been talk you know these guys to win one week right. It's got to win another sound you're talking one. I act on the back nine but I I've talked to other people as well right so I don't do regret I don't think he's not doing it very well. And so if you look at that and other than. A couple of other puzzle pieces that might be in different slots and another personality. Christian for me. So same people rightly feels exactly as a probation now to some extent. Yeah with what you would like to permanent damage yeah. I'd whose biggest national your portrait yeah. So many career with a new one. Should the sketched hassle. To and you gonna pin me down with one of these types of questions were not have to throw somebody under the bus I'm trying to think who should be. Obviously for our I don't think that they or there was anybody I didn't get along with a mean I had. Had my share of disagreements with people I think people respected me because I would it reached telling the truth if they like it. But. Opening. Nobody came off like a complete ash and break its oh when somebody I didn't want or I'm Jeff Brown. I think he was doing what to just told and did what he is he he was putting into a role. To make some hard decisions. He was not. Ash hole proceeded me. I think he. Didn't understand the way this market worked. At me challenge that the bigger challenge was. And he felt it was. And help him. At the Boston Globe report everything that we did all right. That was a real challenge for me I and I said it's much to everybody at time I just felt like I was putting out fires constantly. So much open the paper I get a call from a talent what's this I mean you know so it's in the paint. That was hard. But you know again there everybody has her own philosophy as to how they wanna go about doing. They think is going to be in the best interest of the station. And that I can assure you that that was not in the best intrusive station particularly. It can change of mind because that caught everybody completely off guard totally and it's not as though the globe wrote some big. Unbelievable piece it's time to let go and go and you know brightness new guy who's going to be the greatest thing ever. I don't remember reason that did not exist but do you think we might agree this wolf I do think that Mike I know some people reappoint. There's no doubt that it's our little world when it comes as media stuff and I read I know you worked about it but yeah I I know nine out of ten people have no right out of my dad's example fortune and a deafening as he has now. My dad the degree that you didn't. Tell us are doing he would know what it is no who's replacing who I consider who's on the days when everything one would be talking about who's this guy that is our own little circle jerk I totally agree that. But that is in me but your point doesn't mean you gain less pissed off when your read something about it that you don't know about you know remember reading that. That well and wait your. I'm I'm talking about. When you're making really BA I don't know decisions that that is so that's different Peter worker and attention he had no idea that if if some little things shows up in the paper that. It's you know. An actor and yeah it's just. Internal. Sports media world people intentions or something like that right. That hadn't ramifications way beyond sports and attack advertising and also let's assume I remember my first start of the child injured maybe a month then. It globe agree that they were looking at adding you guys were looking having Mary Pawlenty. Was the first crooks like it's girl with cart to the show. I'm thinking that makes absolutely it's not possible them excited so you don't you the story here's the stat whenever you told me after a good idea. Story is that. I called her up because I frankly thought who's good on that show you any good chemistry she slipped the business I think conservatives and and and I ain't. I went and saw her two replica then you should talk to our president often your job it wasn't even really thinking about it and it's. A real possibility. But I took her out we talked we had a long conversation. And I liked her about the she had some spunk and thought that she had some knowledge. I thought she could play well. Off the two guys but I promised her that the conversation when stages between house. And I came back and of course I had to write reports in my general manager this is what happened and it's good conversation let's see. Where this goes no rush we'll take a time. Plus she had a contract that was coming out with conference so if it got out she didn't want. Anybody that knows that she might be looking because she wasn't right. Well when mash it up in the paper that was not a good thing for right and you know that that part of it really bothered me because site said. He keeps under wraps and nobody else knew right when they don't. A watching your article missed one thing where he would be things can happen with this merger and your your business. I think that the department well I put it this way forceful if I'm mom if I'm here. And I think it's Phnom. Love to be in position to. Have some role in. It's because there. So successful and so because this right so when I say if I'm here it Fineman internals and I think it's a tremendous. Program. I think the challenge is I think India will keep both the sports issues I know that Entercom wants to. Certainly makes perfect sense that they would want to. Think that the people that I have talked to. It's going to be challenge it's not a slam dunk stretch of the imagination. That you. The Department of Justice is I think it's public knowledge Africans because that school everybody knows that they're looking into it up. They're gonna look under every rock and every tree branch and every piece of dirt to see it. Find a way that. Meaning to into deeds intact under the same roof it's gonna make sense. I would not even. And sure I guess as to what they do because they have so many different things that there are looking to you know in order had to make that decision. But I would say that it's 99.9. Percent not going to happen until. Yeah and some here too about I know that's that's people keep saying to me. How might my theory my conspiracy theory that John Henry's gonna sweep at the last second in by W media. Unless the commission changes its rules at some point where one. TV and newspapers same market which so little can't sell the globe. Sellable. Dumping up I'm. I'm well. I don't think so I think he has interest. In eighty you don't feel what we'll share they were gonna buy part of right ready DOS before break the press can't dwell too country it's going now dead. Africa so he would certainly like to. To control that if I could. Don't be good news. Known that would mean would be out of work just how they would say you have to sit there and moved Avago I'm not even mocking these guys it might like you become an expert on cartoons misses yeah. Ivory grass. I think they would say really accused Tom Karen Tim Wakefield in the morning. I got to be would you raise your right I mean but in just say the ratings might not be great we have a couple of advertisers no problem we of the games we have been we're going to be the Red Sox station. You know when Lou and whether or action don't you blew it is too critical of the Red Sox and they were just goal. 24 hours a day amateurs that would work me you get it wouldn't but it's not gonna I don't think it's gonna happen at that having been. Look at the merger is gonna happen it's just a question of how which patients are ultimately going to be asked so. In this market. Can tie with complete confidence that. This particular market hostages. That the very top of the list in terms of what it's looking to Russia looking at other markets because of some of the synergies that. It's it's there but they're definitely looking at Boston listed in. Terms of how me. She's too. Happy single payers question asked once why you better answers time. If number one station in the market. Will book a 25 if you were typical of them was country number two was country they're that a third country. Who is classic rock classic rock their classic rock right now exports sports by why. I wanted to do it's why not and the third sports station that we'll just say it does spitz said the rate in the market if you get lower priced salary guys. Maybe make a little money off. There's certainly enough passion right it would have to be people who team. I necessarily don't. Exports Spenser my nose and you know you're gonna pay these guys who have more than you paid DJ playing musical and understand that as a factor was just not be unified talent and project as we said from. Early part of this conversation he. The marquee talent for showing a painful right second of all they're not so many of them out there. So. If you if the third wheel if somebody comes in wants to be a third we will and want to do it when it. ENT talent vs AMP count. And they make you go that maybe we'll say they don't Jason wolf they're gonna give you the job fusion check your than UPU two thirds innings expert sports station in town. We're gonna go and grab a show right. You can go see who's available in trying to grab what one of three or four shows at the two stations and Hoosier what would you look I don't know I mean again it depends on what their overall philosophy is if they want it. It's just going to be nuts and bolts you can pick a thousand guys strike if they wanted to be. Personality driven more so than doing that so you go and you trying grab on to morning shows maybe mean around a third wheels are available for what it. Right and try wouldn't be able afford. One of the teams right so it's it would be a tough putt. Try to do that now if you had. Comcast as an example who's trying to build out this. Local lineup right. Let's say Comcast cut a deal with some other radio station and it was a Simon cast or some version of simulcast with content. It's I've heard something similar to that. It's rumors about that Barack welfare because so it. That might be a way that a third player could commence in the market I just think it's highly unlikely at this point that. Another individual owner would and and try to build a third station against right to their markets crushing it. It's I think it would be extra money and drug your program director full time other Sports Radio station again or no. I had plenty of opportunities to do it right around the country and yet you mind I didn't wanna move. And off in San Diego I dad. A lot of interest to two different stations in Miami. Chicago and it just wasn't the right situation for me and under the right circumstances and and it certainly never closed the door still very passionate. But I have to either right fit and I would have to write for them and it would have to be right for me at this point but I'm at in my life. It's not something I'm looking for actively for sure. It's the phone. She'd like to work with Kurt and him again and Richardson if I had the opportunity to work with Kurt many in that might. Absolutely call me to the top of mind would want her to turn people always think their hard work. We go on okay. I think you're gonna be grilling me this is them like some sat cupcake and happiness I mean. While I mean good lie about our job obviously hardly a take responsibility for salt but that's OK I mean you know. I'm taken response to high. But I that he didn't tell anyone ass hole is to work and I know we got here you can listen thirty castles worked really can't bulk. Vessels. But that's because you think people wrestles pretty vehement I like to see that good in peace. You do I remembered it was. When did start doing that about three years ago two years ago AB yeah I don't know I mean and now I do the people that I work with the closest yet. Again I felt like I had. I had their respect because I would tell the truth. Doesn't mean it like everything I did like everything should doesn't mean like meal right but it was a professional respect. And that helped me. Be very successful. Do you find it humorous that shows our momma is a program director of the irony former intern yes. Don't you don't I view these might be my boss I find it humorous and well I mean it's it's yes it's odd to see him that position. As you can Wear a tie every well he's a guy who you know he's the guy who sent the since the penis cake to Chicago. Remember a couple years ago and now I remember your property usage it's funny scene you know. When you're the producer of the show vs when you're the program director all of a sudden stop it was funnier producer isn't so funny. In it it was funny. The viewers think when you approach and I'm saying only boss Joseph is our politics is too funny that probably we are for Aaron and did you know your dominant. It's gone as we talked immigrant earned that right yeah I mean. It was their business focus they'll put those decisions have to be me. Quickly decisively and let it drag out and it's it becomes problematic. Yes it certainly does it certainly does are allegedly been around here long enough he's leading USB port. Oh (%expletive) out of Q that that means you wanna talk about porn might affect how I conduct an excellent job for. So you must clearly you were getting so when Amy area all the sloppiness that's again if you can mean one household that we've ever worked with you know white in the radio business. I think remain reportedly hassles but not yeah it's. So nobody was ever he I was national. It. We do now and. Christ and you use our tell you what you list thirty people out Taylor and Burton. Stricker joining us ever. A mile past the ground like jobs. To be great book to your but the you'd say. You know I was debating whether or not even to this podcast is going to put more stuff in the book. You write a book. Should this dive for a lot of good stories definition it to be like what's his face as the car around put prefer unite people read that that would do well I think people would have to work if any did ghost writer Richard is literally that's a page where if somebody knows I was an English major re talking your progress to write he doesn't want out I would never. Could somebody from EE I couldn't write. OK let us be honest all the Karl's book is pretty good. BCM she's a bit I. So did you hear what it would look the Jerry Portnoy in Glen on our show. He did yes I I'm not at the time that class and subsequently heard I guess so well the funny thing carcass was right or wrong. What's the question I forget what the group or more the orderly Portnoy an event that was funny that not a so that's the funny thing was that. I started getting texts and direct messages on Twitter I'll it was happening in your your love fall toward. And quality of life a lot of the young people Twitter Twitter. And followed everybody from pollsters to why purpose why. Because I don't need to deal with data today I've got different centers. Circumstances and been involved with now so it's for current sky you know it is what it is and every now and then I do a little search and if you don't with the Chicago poignant. Bjorn followed me to the viewer follow me first that the powers that are yes I was a balky got a tough you know black smoke. So guys I don't like anybody you don't say whatever you do you. Which of the sticks and stones that are coming into position and I am just not expect federal bureau outside them you'll outside the game right now you can do that Bangkok yes. Anyway so I was so Portman to sort of an orbit. Yes so I thought it was funny that. The prevailing theory you eerie ways that that became such a big story that they actually have. A shot true. I'm story until at least a couple of days after what they've made historic. Which is agreeable or only be a vote about Brady's kids picture four total porter's reaction to yeah. And how about what he did it right are you wasn't really that big story that days when families became all drummed up because everybody is talking about it right and I'll say two things about it one is. That. Heat he was given a raw deal. By by the company and I imitate the full blame. Because. If you if we took a step back and realize. The situation while I thought we did was completely over the line wrong posting pictures of I agree that it's signed this. The reality is that. It wasn't really that big a deal. It wasn't this whole explosion now we have to get the lawyers involved in legal on if I had to do it over again when I had him in the next day. To explain what I was always Jerry's promise you Jerry says you didn't let him back on you should know more I didn't let him yeah I didn't because I was told that. We're not gonna put more intelligent call so now some Michael again I certainly didn't. Running into the studio that day and say hello rocket news reported that did not happen palace agent once when I was working with. But not hustling for Luke and I said something about Jack Edwards. They use the word Jackie glee to describe you re ministry your drop stuff. Unlike your I think something else is going on you to go on me as a percent of dad I think it's for the once there you'll be national ironic that I might have your yes well I work reflecting like 500. Yeah that's so I'm a professional no there's no doubt so you see you're. Contention is that. The company screwed up in him report which I agree with amended its that that was the that's advocate again I think there was. Why America I know there was right knew there was. There was pressure from the patriots there was a lot of rumors and in discussion going back and forth about. Storm may happen. From a legal perspective nothing happened now of course Robert Kraft is is by the support and videos together their best buddy black. I think he gave Portland a bunch of issues I guess it's all good stuff. But again I think that C. He is to me it's it's not so much about what he did it's about the rule. Oh right at the time I think he was a great fit with John Jerry yet because they sound like a bunch of dirty old man talking to the target site was much more. Smoke show and I'll let staff ace is posting now which much more lifestyle and very effective to reach a lot of different people aren't nearly. He has a huge following and credit to him. So yeah I think some of those things get blown out of proportion and I feel. Badly that we didn't see through that old. And went in. This he would have been good to. Provide that form and I want to have a back and forth whether. I wouldn't point to add the right thing. Any else you see you mean she would have poured in your pocket in the us I forgot like after sure that was the first. Human (%expletive) that's bad job I mean how much shepherd. Well publicly the whole you know loss is Miami brought back puke if it peaked it would he did. You program directors at a lifetime ban community goes on report knowing says those things stations succinct and ship dock comedy bring him back. And that will be did men and women did. On the year that day which is scroll from from history you're there for that. I was right I remember I wouldn't I would have now treat for you speak it's a lifetime ban. Oh he can't use the station two years which is not 22. A little bit in his defense I understand why he was upset because he couldn't get a meeting and he felt like he had something offers. It was what it was but that's not the way Hamlet that's completely gone and my son love Pete that was not me. It's gonna talk but at the sense I love. And once more than once more than once Portugal kid gets all red mini just explode think about it this thing that authorities can and horrible in going to wind up so I don't know but I don't you know hello hello people you Ali isn't. We somewhere else or three months later say this is great and like oh my god we're doing this whole thing over again. Out PP. Phil archer an X one awesome on the big show he was tremendous and it's pretty funny when you think about it because. Glenn had two guys so I mentioned I don't know operated through Randy they're born here. But for what they did. Outstanding immigrant who's telling the green environment sort of have a better bet other. What he can fire the first. On my position and elimination was not online poker. During the show it's not on line. Position when somebody else we consider where the collector salary by 40% who never had a conversation you've. I didn't I well that was not an option sales has gone. From me. Now all those positions are limited because you guys are doing now. She's so right I'm into the camera or does for you and I don't do updates that's what's underneath you and gets let's not let's not. Our news and updates I don't sponsor Bentley you know I mean. He interrupted 29 minutes here inning and tell us that the Red Sox lost less than 1 o'clock in the afternoon I think it creeps us but I mean is in the kind of about it look at it's not really any different and every remains subject you guys working here yet. She get ideas you may go after right topics. Most people probably know that those of the engine yes so they're not necessarily going to learn anything. Certainly not going to be. Informed because I'm told that the rights or slots for 83 last night. What they're going to listen for what your opinions about it so yeah the updates have a place but. They certainly don't need three times an hour. Enter the smartest himself smartest thing you ever said to me. Like to know of those wrapping up. And I'm looking at is is still exist that you can notice it's on on right now this right here's the text machine because I never ever ever ever turn launched Harris who wasted time. He said to me one timer in a meeting. You and I are something you said it was he said it was up to me I would think Texas she'd throw out the window. Hermes I said yes you said that in I stand by that 3000%. Doesn't have sponsoring archer forgot about this it's great. But I it adds it's all he distraction Twitter is a distraction but it's it's necessary distraction you have pat is huge shift going on. But there is no reason for that thing none. Well it allows you stay more focused. Majority to have often. Yeah ports and look at it right same thing as. Either way whatever you think it's is that I see you mean the show for his best to. Keep your focus at a higher percent that continues and if the tax aren't going to offer you anything. And she regional. What's your take on calls. I think that every great show is based on. The personality of post and the subject matter it's cuts and everything else is a distant second. Don't you like calls most callers. We all to hear themselves talk and less than one half of 1% of all. Since there really truly call it it's really true because I think he I think the older hosts some as a perjury in that category. Feel like they need to see through your for a costly thing people listening mistress in the in the case American I know we've reached we we know we get your calls the other shows. We have weeks I would get a weekly look back and I think I think we took like twelve calls that we completed the fourteen or fifteen. Subsequently we can have full lines a weakened to attend the panel there's no public intricate it depends what you're talking about if you're having a really good conversation about. Eighty should have been at it Tony Robbins thing right calls can be effective yes somebody was there ever a conversation based on the outcome Farrell didn't punt with two outs in the seventh inning last night. You might not get as many people who are as interesting as other cops in my right through these Red Sox callers are older and older. Yes I think so be it baseball has a real challenge. I know there's a lot of talk of trying to speed up the team. Pastor who do that they need to do more. Yes it's really catering to. Much older people too great game it's. Awesome to have the Red Sox and they're terrific partner when I was here there's you'll feel right there and you enter Kabul but she got to have. Gotta have a reason to want it to me. I'd be able to you. Utilized everything all the resources at the game it's it's tough when it. Target watching you guys talk about it all the time and socio station. Sit down watch a hockey game that you know it's gonna be two hours or two hours two hours fifteen minutes vs a baseball game could go far. Right. What you going to write a book and come back here tomorrow again at that point you found one hassle to work with them or come on the finger at the actual copy cement but you've got to make one up soon enough. It's been a long time I had a lie I would lie but I can't. All right. That's as are disappointed that some. We'll see you again now wolf behind them on her knees could go Fam is good jobs could. My really good jobs good lights could get freshman. My daughter just completed her freshman year debt Emerson. Which Angela daughters it freshman in high school. So Carmine Lexington I'm little I'm a little shorter no use to be on that's possible. I have errors booster seat back push for the cardinals interviewed over good excellent that was good was jokes never get tired and don't need to retire at. Carlo street tough skin maybe I'll see it.