Enough About Me - Ep. 67: Alan Sepinwall TV Critic

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Thursday, September 14th

Kirk brings TV critic Alan Sepinwall back on the podcast to talk about his new book all about "Breaking Bad" and the upcoming fall lineup of television. You will be informed about which new shows you should be watching and which shows to avoid because they flat out stink (we're looking at you "Wisdom of the Crowd". Kirk and Alan also talk about the upcoming 20 year anniversary of "The Sopranos" and what is the future of Netflix and Hulu.


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Planning a trip down the aisle with David Katz that he to build a for the guys agree to attack we walked it been doing great job for you. BQ rate it's going to be easy pass these guys dogs with a two rows goat to Milton is right ninety designers styles. Please color price ranges by what makes much more sentiment to get. Make your point one these guys today call or email would wedding at Milton dot com and build QBs comfortable in our stores it will be in our clothes we know that too. So for plaza Braintree in chesterfield square Chestnut Hill. Militants in the store for men. Art on audible here this week we're gonna have army car and that's done that's in its in the bank you wrote a book we Julian Edelman that we do two weeks without actually excellent conversation McCartney looking for you guys hearing that. But Stevie sees and I love TV announcer lost amok again so Paul might show for forty minutes of talk of teachers who care about the future of who cost just doesn't. Sort of the sit down with sample talk whenever he's got a new book coming out. Breaking bad won a one to complete critical opinion in a mom last year that he be the book. We're ranked all the TV shows historic which are really like it remains an eight or bathroom shooting position for me which I used every. To his remarks or bring back an irritation. This will look if you like breaking bad example is the best TV writer. Of your breaking bad and get it be a dummy not to do it. 101 deeply critical and we talk about that. We talk with the currency the television which I've direct uninteresting you guys don't I don't know what the hell's going now with you right now all over the place. How we go through budget shows we talk the future TV. Talk about that The Sopranos which you writing a book with the twentieth anniversary of The Sopranos. What's working what's not working on TV case and shows you might not know what you want to watch can never go wrong. Howdy good TV conversation the best television right around right now our inseparable. He joins us once again enough about me. I return appearance for our successful. Six months or so but TV season starting he's got a new book out right now is this notes series is your rights and called it critical companion at Reno we are new world of of high end stuff breaking bad 101 to complete critical companion. Allen set the mall joins me this comes out October 10. It is this almost seems academic I mean this is not this is this is not a serious work as a. It's meant to be a law. A collection of reviews that I road series as he chips it was airing some of them have been rewritten some of them are you know spruced up. But you know every time I do these recaps of shows people say it's. Man I wish you could collect all of these in the book I would love to have it. And it sit with me while I was watching each episode and so now there's publisher Abrams dead has shown interest in and they demand and booked. Where do and a breaking bad book that's coming out that that a year from now. Rants are. Yes twentieth anniversary. That's wild twentieth anniversary break that is one of the shows some do and some don't break that is held up pretty well like if you watched the first season right now. You know it is held up well it is not is not age idol. I agree and I had to re watched a lot of the show obviously before working on the book and it all to build up. Perfectly and also. They needed that much harder for me to watch all of the midi breaking bad wannabes that keep yet at that in the years since that because as the show did better than anybody else. You know you I I could be wrong with this I think I'm right you were critical of ozark right. Yeah I thought felt to me like sort of mayberry and breaking. Can dad wanna be only with Jason Bateman. It was a bit and and I started out not liking it but I have to say it like it was okay it was like a satisfying. C plus breaking bad I think it's bad it got better as the year went. Did you give up on that are now. I talked sixers have an episode into it decided it wasn't interested enough and we've seen the resolution of things with the Catholic shows you know it's like okay you're the next episode loading up. I wanna see what's happening next what did you say there was so much TV out there that it's just to keep plot I would rather move on to something else. Does it bother you at all is as a guy you grow up like guidance are watching TV waiting for The Sopranos perfect example you waited for The Sopranos Sunday to Sunday to Sunday. Does that bother you now as a TV viewer sometimes it does for me that you don't really. Get to build the TV show you can watch seven Ozarks if you want in one night or whatever it is supposed to watch The Sopranos Sunday night. Went to work talking to everybody about that water cooler stuff then waiting waiting waiting you can't wait for that next Sunday. That feeling is dot. It's mostly gone it's not entirely gone went to a drug was on the so. That's true that's true that's true. Ever do it or not a lot of other shows left it's almost practically to that and the Walking Dead blood its its obligation I admit that I really liked. That communal viewing experience. Every water at least every one it feels like watching the same stop talking about it either that night or the next day. And that has forced to go whichever one even if it's not a Netflix and Amazon show they're still watching it on the road schedule unity will be at a party to mention you don't. They're an episode or episodes for an episode nine and gently stock and a boy I'd yet. That's that's that's that's as you do you think that before I want to do some of the fall stuff with you did you are you buying into the theory I think I have it although maybe just the quality of movies. Has this hurt it's for a guy like my age now. I'd much rather less than movies summing up dynasty. I'd much rather sit down watched two episodes of some show on behind assuming a one start to go to the movies right out do you think that's legitimate effect for the box office this past summer. That's certainly some of it and some accomplishment theatrical experience is terrible and you're spending so much money. And yet there's 25 minutes previews and you have to worry about people being Ahmet Boehner talking or whatever. Where's you know you're all you can controlled environment so that's nice but it's also. There's still great movies being made a lot of time I watch a movie and think. Man I wish there were you know seven hours about this as opposed to just the two I just watched it didn't feel quite satisfied about. That's true I think apartment like let's say we want to see that just bomb will be stronger and its premiere boss last night with a C a it's a really nice little well made movie. But it's gonna get some Ribery nobody's gonna see where his 1520 years ago I think it's not it's. Yeah it's it's part does the audience is splintered everywhere between movies between TV video games the Internet just people watching you know. YouTube videos on their phone skated becomes trickier and trickier. To get people to account for anything long form and did to get them to all agree on what belongs formed think if they wanna watch. It feels like we're doing Micah in 1997. Question I'm asking these questions but me and ask you because September what the network shows that you wanna see or are worth seeing if you're in if you if your car right now. This this I guess the networks are these things are three. ABC CBS and NBC and they have television programs occasionally this situation comedies and an occasionally on the dragon hourlong dramas. Are there any new ones that are worth seeing. Soon network shows they're not a lot this last year was a really good default season for new stopped there was this is customers speech less solemn on cable there's Atlanta and better things. And some other shows. This year it's sort of it goes in cycles so there's not a lot that's very exciting interview think even on cable or streaming did did the kind of an every other year thing. I'd like kind of coasted to which as a sort of sit Comex vials that fox is doing with Adam Scott Craig Robinson the and I think certainly like heating period the first episode is not that great it's one of these things where they spent a whole episode explaining how these two guys windup. Working together but it feels like with the two of them it could become really good. Here's a guy. There's a law and order true crime spinoff cement and then did it with. I haven't he takes seconds of that but it got Edie Falco it'd. And the law and order creative team is generally very good at these ripped from the headlines things and yet it seems sort of like a wannabe version of people vs OK but the it's been awhile since that would on the air and that that's an adjournment want scratched. There are sure shows that went so when you're watching football watching whatever and you see these network Promos like you see a problem for the derby didn't show what you think is this. SNL parody. Of a show like or just an actual show me how. It took us is seventeen others possibly get green and understand. Because it's grim but there was a bunch of shows this last year with a similar to you know. Wouldn't equate that to act billionaire took over some aspect of government so you add the one with two with a rich guy ironic hospital one with a rich guy wanted to keep or if it was with a crowded sort of similar it you know. One can't read it constitutes local park Chris. Is there any way to show is not gonna suck. Well I saw. At its content ideas off some it doesn't seem to understand like. Well it'll be people might want privacy and big crowd is really bad at that sort of thing. I was the first episode it's a terrible. So I guess my point is a Smart people whether it's people HBO and did some bad chosen nepotism that shows. But they wouldn't ever green light show like that so what is the person still feel like the F due to a children's network person and I don't get. I think they're desperate they're trying to predict what's in the fight guys. And yet know the heck is big right now disruption has big right now. And let your political disruption as well you know we have a very rich guy with no governmental experience running the entire country. And so I can sort of see how they think look at just tapping into what's happening in America where people wanna see. But based on the ratings to the other two shows which both died quickly. That's not gonna happen. And what is I mean. My favorite sitcom characters of all time misty and fielding what was John America doing I don't like seeing him in the show's look awful what was. They're articulate and showed me myself and on about the same character three different ages mainly about Bobby more and the the president John lyrics it's in the future. John Boehner and are going to look nothing alike. Just this. Zero and I think the vote before I difference. Is to look like. That there is in the job market seem to get the love interest who do we see Bobby Morton with as a teenager. And a lot of interest to split the company's twenty years younger than jobless Erekat no not a good mechanic at all. It's not great out their deadly work shows that fewer than Matt. What's the what's the worse shocks on watched where she'll watch the powers. That's all that's definitely lower question what's the pilot just to buy enjoy it from like a bad TV with. Now I think I'd like Illinois on the site is so dumb and it also commuters anything that sort of interest and attorney Evan could keep playing. The nice guy but it will meeting guy and you don't really want Jeremy Piven. Roger given the at this point. I think we all need a break how about this idea if this arm willing Grayson is a success let's just say. An amateur there's real appetite for maybe a brought is that there were to see more of that from other networks and it was to each other's ideas and say oh okay let's try this in stride he shows that. Global poverty can he get willing great skills like you know the twentieth through the thirtieth of these revivals. It's different in that it's one of the few words being gone as an ongoing show that those with special event but in others for house. X-Files came back to try to bring in 24 back that didn't quite work. You know Gilmore Girls to the miniseries on Netflix. It's there's nobody shows now. A lot of these executives think that the only way. To cut through the clutter and get attention these with a familiar brand names you say it's. Oh I remember it will and grace so I don't require any other kind of sales pitch I just wanna you know when congress and Jack and Karen again. This. Does your appetite late it was America clamoring for return of will and grace. I wouldn't necessarily thought America was clamoring for return of all else that's how we drew one of the successes. Blitzes on Netflix right. The net Netflix you basically gauge that they know for example how many people there are streaming certain shows they know what hits what that's. So what is so like I it was was for example ozark a big hit for Netflix. No idea. No I don't count they tell you do that. Right so we don't know so. Which freaks I've ever seen was that ranks the ten biggest hits and so I don't know watches or into black vs house of cards right. No it's all kept secret and won't come from bunch of reasons one which is so that he can brag about a bigger audiences are and delicate subject of another so. When like people on their shows try to renegotiate their contracts. Daytona as successful this they don't know much leverage they have. Well this Kevin Spacey say make as much money as Mark Harmon. I don't know honestly but mark my social on seem to be saying. Like way above market rates for every. What's the special right now on Amazon nobody's watching. Our seed of an amateur with a bunch there's there's transparent there's botched. Want to dispute last week called one mr. It's next to gauge the judge in the jar of the borrow. Tickets are you sort of semi autobiographical but do people six episode seasons but character has moved back in with her stepfather. In Mississippi app. After her mother dies and it just sort of small and sweet and very sharp and there's performance by the guy. John Rodman you would not know the gambit as soon that you can't just say oh like ligament like 25 different things and ask her stepfather and you. Fantastic it's one of the best performances on TV. And it's a Lucy casing in there too right. All of the security cannot develop. Publicly bit but I mean we've I've read that she has a character and who should she basically. Up bases Louie CK Wright whose pleasure himself from Gerber that's what he's famous for. Eric Berry is a team like that. Thought we famous for that shoots his defense is. Justly famous comedians will televisions but all of that's one of the things that's worth watching. How about like so everybody watch I don't know anybody who doesn't watch netbook trying to Netflix is forty dollars a month Netflix and get rid of everything else. I find more more people are just completely bailing from forget networks just able now that you know deep throat is gone for the year whatever. Who stick around to watch one on these channels. Well I'd there's definitely a lot of core cutting or some statistic that sadly there's going to be about 22 million people. We'll cut the cord twice haven't enjoyed that getting bigger. But and what happens if you wind up you've got a couple of the Dniester subscribing. To all these other services and everyone is starting up their own that. And Netflix is slowly but surely losing most of their library titles. Which is why they have so that you originals so eventually you're gonna have to subscribe to like separate different services. And paid for high speed Internet from your cable company and the price will come out to be exactly the same as now if not more. What's the big Netflix show in the fall is stranger things which I was Ike Ike could really wrap my arms around it's coming back for season two and their once fired up for that. Definitely the bill. The diplomats coming back around Halloween and I liked it I didn't love and I enjoyed it a lot and I get what people were into it there's sort of a big eighties nostalgia thing to let the and unlike a lot of the other Netflix shows it was only eight episodes so it didn't run out of steam but. Like most of their dramas tend to do so it's nice experience that it was over hyped it was this thing. Mechanically and I don't know I ran right right right whether it was the weather shows it. So and the saves her videos that look Netflix all the time is going to be a couple of shows that have been under the radar. That you like the people around a lot about. Got to try to figure you to ultimately Netflix or. I had to quit. Yeah or real I would say originals so probably more likely though you ask you about us about this one it's not it's not they had originally Netflix. What does he won with dom Nicole Kidman Jane Campion is doing it the girl from that. Like that on who boom. Yes who has the rights to both the original season from twenty Turkey in the and the new one that just wrapped up airing last Sunday capped call probably China girl that was a little bit off and the first one of the great chose. I watch the person. Yes did you watch this last. I kid it's still very good because it's got to look at the mosque and she just killing it this year between that and made stale. It's the lost a lot more you've got to let a lot go to this time. Then last time it just it some more gibberish Peters a lot more coincidence. It's practically to the big city and one of the things that may be originals so great was just as remote melt and Al location would be hugely. And the nature of it and the new season doesn't have that but it's still very good. Have you figured out like at this point obviously when you started do when you start doing. Television refuses until. 1996 I mean when you look at it now the landscape how do you define even try to just say look if you should have to worm trying to watch as much as I can. There's just so much more you know I used to have this philosophy I'm gonna over wash everything that. And virtually everything and eventually that surge going by the wayside bit by bit. And now it's to the point where I can't even find time to watch everything. That I think might be to a hundred and I've been told is good. And I just sort of have to pick in Jews and sometimes he gets wrong and you miss something you don't. You know I have a friend who keep saying it. Telecommute washed out yet which is some it's really showed that Netflix has all the different streaming networks have a lot of international shows that they had seven at the time. Yet that's that's part SEC are you sitting out right are you doing. Sopranos this disappoint anniversary book is just going to be year old reviews are you re writing some you're writing new stuff on it what's the. Portland and stuff don't they ever recap the last season of the show when an error. And then a couple of Summers ago for up rocks idea that the first season and since then that it's just me and my partner Matt Zoller Seitz. Were writing most of them don't scratch we're doing and new series of interviews with David Chase one for every season we did the first one of those earlier this month. And sort of going into really deep dive so most of its original. But that ultimately be in that. In a time when there's all these ball players coming back item one having the big time to watch sopranos episode I watched four of those yesterday. Do you think if Gandolfini had died was just say was still alive now that they would have brought that show back at some former fashion or. I don't think I ever would have done a sequel because among other things that we're required David Chase answer what happened at the end. Op I think here you've talked over the years about being. Be doing something heaters that earlier in the run of the show. Like an art historian ever learned about to hold it between two and three and force on the like that. Or he talked about doing a flashback series set in the 1960s. About Johnny boy junior soprano summing like that. I think he might have been willing to do that and then want Kim died it just did it became a little too painful. What is he doing now chase with a C hatton next and. Our he has it's been a development for a long time I think it might finally be moving forward a little bit at. Maybe your retreat to be yelled at the early days of the movie business and like the nineteen teams. Real operation BO. It's a distinct. Bomb when you when you look back at The Sopranos now what would he knows now that you didn't know this would you for watching is that matters worse is it different. They are I watched the first season forever. Or. Age very well I mean they're they're part of it there. Or wait a minute can we forget eat a little bit back then because most of the show was so great and don't do what. And so some of the performances that are little on the broader societal mystic your side. Those big stick out more than they did before and there's just some plots that never quite worked at any time they would do an episode. I doubt you know Italian American representation pop cultural like that Columbus they want us that it ought to have asserted if not match. Magically better all these years later. Put it could stop my god it holds up an astonishingly well considering. How many shows that ripped out awful over the years including breaking back. Oh is that it is no doubt that ball yeah that's true we reuse of Mr. Big are Britain about to ask you this. If I'd say to you during breaking bad while it was Allen. There was going to be a spin off of breaking bad was going to be better call soul about Saul could you ever thought that was gonna be good television series. And sharp stock. I was so skeptical of an IE eight and wanted to kind of split off because it ended. More or less perfectly. And BID if they're reduced to one I would've wanted it to be about Mike or god I didn't think that the so all with an interest in enough character to carry a whole show and instead. It's great to. Yeah there were times honestly like toward the end of breaking down when you went salt Nieminen who's sort of Dickey almost after a while you're kind of I was almost double assault by the end of breaking bad that's why I'm so surprised good but it works. You could say they took a character who was released in May and typically one note comic relief in the triggered her okay cool what was it like before that. And it turned up upload Kirk that you read because dramatic actor. Yeah which we are if you watched Fargo obviously Richard sure you did you would have no damn good in Fargo. Yet but that's for me the first season of Fargo was about as good as again it's. That first season was great I love the second it'll Hurt Locker felt kind of like diminishing returns and who knows. When or even if that'll come back. What's the current landscape of late in the east to get talked of a lot more I think when I was here it is that's been built car book came out. There's a real feeling of war to the book is war anymore. In late night television obviously this trump which is a great spark partner but it doesn't seem like. You know it seems like found when it came mole in ending poll barrel operate their own sort of you know universe is namely intersect. Yeah you still have some people try to cover the ratings like it was the Bill Carter bleacher days as a salute. You know called bear numbers have gone up since he started being more political. Balance numbers have dipped a little bit and the elections suddenly. You know his material doesn't seem quite as much fun and work people are still annoyed with him more when he intro Obama. If you want those guys. Not really like really like comes sometimes I'm in the room when they're on. But it just feels like such an artifact of an earlier time does need to watch in an hour. You know certainly conversation with actors. Promoting the project you'll want to watch it link is Seth Meyers who I think is due to related stuff. What's it like to be what they figured out. At least with the what you do now is you watch you know. We want as late night shows of the summit happens it'll be viral when you watch admin you're exactly I mean nobody very few people think sit down. In watch you know Jimmy Kimmel for how it seems impossible that. Yeah and yet you know there there's my one yeah. Some level they're pretty much for giving them yeah. Now what SNL this year I mean obviously last year was. Enormous season I think largely obviously because trump I mean do you anticipate them continuing to roll at least you know I think with the show was last year. The numbers were big do you think they'll have another huge season. I don't know depends on April Alec Baldwin's availability. And you know to trumpet just sort of difficult to generalize because everything he does is so huge and in a lot of ways particulate began work. And they'd get their best within our agreement I don't think it was necessarily. Great last year it was more just people wanted to see their take on and every now and then it would have been on cold like Melissa McCarthy of spice or out but that was the other. The first country that was great I feel like. And I feel like you maybe it's the effect of guy runs the show is older now I don't. I don't find SNL I think obviously where they stand politically pretty obvious now that just don't find SNL. Most of the. It's definitely good yeah. If you keep the show it's the interview. You know your your favorite era vet and l.'s pretty much always going to be whatever the cast was when he ran right. Graduate high school no doubt for me it's yet right it's Dennis Miller for me and Phil Hartman and those guys car. I'm gonna get a real. We'll watch some look at it. Hostile now for a grid that what you said that nice to say that is. You know my dad would you say beets I'll Belushi was the best Akron was the best yes they were funny sketches but your return to Tamil watcher for ninety minutes it's torture. Butler and that's the thing that no one who was creating shown now would make. Make it peaked at ninety minute thing would host's monologue with two musical performances. With the weekend update every week of total world regret The Daily Show and other things doing this stuff every night it's just. It's a legacy format that they're still doing because it's tradition. So how does network television save itself. I would throw others that is create you know another big generation of hits I understand none ever be as big as they were we were younger but what's what's what's the next step or they can figure this. One of the things that they're doing a lot of it already just light a sentence because that's the one thing that seems to be. DDR on demand streaming proved is you wanna watch this thing went on that's why they're bin. So many people like musicals and some of which have done better than others but. Football has been one of the few things relatively immune to the ratings erosion machine ever but even that the last couple years. Football ratings are definitely give bank so it's. You know you have to come up with something that people feel the need to watch in a format where they're gonna be exposed to control. And it in the format that the networks want them to watch it in as opposed to the format. Did they wanna watch it and and technology. Has made it so it's sort of like not go to the movie it's so much more preferable to do agree you have to control. Is there is is this show where this young Sheldon Marie's a kid I mean is this is something people on watch. I don't know it's tricky because you know big bank series sealed hugely popular. But that's a very traditional look global multi cams to come out on the stage in front of a live studio audience that you hear people laughing at jokes are told that. And this is like the wonder years. It's there's no left record shot on film. Part of a dramatic part of it or not. And I don't know if the audience for the wanted to could be the audience for the other even though the characters the same day though Jim Parsons is parenting. If you watched it and you never know. I've seen it and all I have mixed feelings about it it's. Some of the things that. You speak as OK when Childrens do we need that in the adult feel kind of bad what are kids doing it like one of the themes of both Joe's is. It's really hard to be someone who cares about children Cooper because he's so difficult to be around it. And when you do that would be a Big Ten year old candidate. That's just seems a lot tougher to get through maybe that when each of Parse NH. Yeah it's actually about Netflix right now is this sort of at that point were networks get in or HBO gets they've been around long enough now that their shows sort of there. There were Hersh work core shows are coming getting long in the tooth and house of cards ridiculous now largely black Catholic sucked last year to tell it to the point oh they have to flip over and find. New hits I think that part of the find out that's so we. It's not because originally it was just. Netflix was knew who I keep working so excited to watch house of cards armored Twitter that weekend that people most of our attention have you finished it yet at. And now there's so many of these shows that simply being renewed Netflix show you've been in and of itself excited about it Woolsey Eric. Netflix has started canceling things they used endeavor cancel any day. A bomb and we're gonna find out whether the economics of this really work or whether they're destroying you know BP money he'd be a Gallup beat these drained. So when Netflix does something like that's what's is doing the Scorsese movie with to Europe cheap. Maybe I'm not sure. I've heard or whatever that this Will Smith movie when these movies. So today they buy it from somebody for or they actually finance themselves from scratch like 10020 million dollars and they're doing us. Scary sometimes they acquire things sometimes they're produced of them. Has Sandler movie the Salem movies for example. David Taylor but they're pretty themselves atom Sandler movies only a couple of the popular. True but I mean what I well understand is I'm sure I'm wrong it probably a great business plan. Is is there that that you're gonna get a return that every single time to pass in the makes six movies for a hundred million dollars or 600 million dollar return on. I don't know his. Nobody knows the impact is overdose developer who's watching how many and how much money they're making it just blows that they're doing pretty well. Today art. What's what's what's that any anything else on who this year that's worth watching her daughter who's won I don't pay much attention to a publisher. Handed goals one of the big shows love this year I would be shocked when a bunch of Emmys. This weekend is great look of the mosque built like a lock. To win an Emmy for that for drama actress. They've got a joke on the political future Adams. A group sorting through for this aren't you know of all old fulke and right now the best I can enter the new stuff already debuted that produced on HBO which I think. And that's a that's what James Franco he talkers that you right. But it's hard Nigel right so what does the plot that. It's. The rise of the porn industry and nearly seventy. So. James Franco played identical twins wanted to run the ball are. In Times Square Maggie Gyllenhaal prostitute who becomes interested in making porn movie vacation sick of being out on the street there's much characters were pimps other. Brokers that Federer and it's it's from the guide to the wire. It's thought which you wouldn't expect necessarily. Showed a bit but it really good it's sort of you know river final at HBO what how much of. To drag net losses so yeah. This is so much better match. I'll go watch that actually there any HBO. If he's network her coming up of these things like they had with the Robert durst in the miniseries coming out documentary miniseries he seemed to be home runs especially on net four attorneys feel people love fish. I Elop. Her unanswered Victor government wants the pipeline especially since December and number. And the phenomenon that it was like couldn't naturally pull want not a lot of out of my head right now. Let's let to a lot of shady like making a murder rip offs on Netflix you watch it like you know it's like if you watch speaking murder watches that night has a sock. It would not look even at one. It out effort coming at a weaker typical American handle which is parity of the six pack I really documentaries. I know that they know it sort of needs have the mistaken out of. And are there any soak in the right breaking bad you write The Sopranos obvious you've done the other ones mad men. His show right now that's on TV it's good enough you can see yourself reading a book about it like 1520 years. It depends on how lefties and the American it is for instance I might do that and also all. Could one day the left overs which wrapped up its run the earlier this year or what it was pretty great by the and was equal a lot of those. Early 2000 HBO shows. It depends player you kind of have to have this confluence of events of not only show being great enough. But a lot to do enough to do it and sopranos was acute care. Breaking bad became a huge hit by the end mad men that numbers were never big but it's sort of did they have to beat deep pop culture footprint right. I don't know there's no does that mean I'm sure. I'm sure any books will be written on game of broad I don't know if that's what that I would do. But there's definitely going to be captions on the air. Is game thrown CM a big game in my game approached and his game of drones. As important HBO's as its premise wasn't as big game and a cultures premise was I'm guessing it is because socially exists that we didn't bend. Yes I went toe weighted bicker because even The Sopranos edit the most popular as it was before. Which does not anyone's favorite season sopranos doubled the Columbus Day episode. Carmelo floating material on all of is that we. Come Panetta inflicted. Twelve million people illogical week which is a big number and maybe got bigger over time when people depending on one episode that watching Monday or Tuesday. That was the time you know you or was still on the air all order salami error PSI. West wing there are a lot of BB PD it. Army it was one of many. No it's came approach and Walking Dead and that about. So to HBO out one of those two shows. Is much more important of them now I think. And sopranos was ready for The Sopranos this show that led to everything else that happened after. May more TV from Aaron Sorkin affiliate that there you either get really good Aaron Sorkin really bad sort. He's got a bunch of government work I feel like you did your experience in May have discarded from coming back if he fulltime that occurred to a live version. Of a few good and the feet. Baldwin is Nicholson. Almost at the August I have a joint it's like Rob Lowe Rob Lowe at some point was that comes into their and Helen. All I was doing that to like that's like a whole ball would move to north of displays (%expletive) it it's a good test to. You know it at that that that might act as well also so optimism will be coming. With just contrasting. It 11 last album for which ago protective season for Reid is gonna happen. With. Ali who was not a not a last year who was not in on this past season postcards or I don't. OK these other things including he was and el duque seasonal lawn club youth. That's that's working very hard now. Any expectations for two detective sees it three practice season through you saying that Petraeus. The only little excited is because apparently the creator of that certain experts Lotto he's writing it we David Milch who's the guy who crawled like a win that would get. Russert triplets he's one of the great TV writers of all time. So I. I would love to be a fly on the wall that particular writer turned to these guys both strike is really you know. Stubborn and specific about what to do things right so I could either brilliant or it could be an even bigger bat in the column Ferrell season but I am going to be washed and a. How Long Island at season to be before you realized as a whole disaster twenty minutes. Definitely but I can't the first episode one why I was meant to care about it. Writes the book is breaking bad won a one to complete critical opinion counts apple comes out October 10 is that right and we get that. October at the looking for two we always enjoy having you on hopefully get jobs again here. Once Brown's book and come out to have a Daugherty ever. Come in January of two when you're nineteen which will be the twentieth anniversary of the premier. That's saint twenty years for that are excellent alma have gone against us in the short thanks so much. Thanks again for listening to the enough about me podcast. Actually know what I'm really not thankful at all he should be thanking me get this ship every week he's great podcast totally free do if it was you go to iTunes. Download a noticed Richard do the same and the parading leave review that she can help me out. This podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee you can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end. They have total thinking is why I think he's going back and forth here's the point (%expletive) you.