Enough About Me - Ep. 68: Tom E Curran

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Thursday, September 28th

Kirk and Tom Curran sit down to discuss Tom's upcoming book with Julian Edelman "Relentless: A Memoir." Of course Kirk can't help himself and has to tell Tom his issues with Comcast's Boston Sports Tonight show. Tom decides to pick a fight with Kirk over Bruce Springsteen, never a wise idea if you want Kirk to promote something for you.


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This episode of enough Bo he's brought to you by our great friends at Milledge abuse comfortable owners stores should be closed. So for plaza bridge to her secret location might location. It's chestnut hills where Chestnut Hill. And also today by the way by Lou fresh. Thanks hello fresh supporting enough bulb you can receive thirty dollars off. Your first week of deliveries to hello fresh dot com. And you offer code meaning hand there again. Hello fresh dot com and you offer code in hand there. Target repeat. Early. The first. Five or six. He's back again he's got a book to promote the comes out next month he'll be next on buses come in September. With Julian and actually join this conversation with Harvard law and our first one was great social trying to figure out. Was sure what to do as much more comfortable this time on Wii degree talk we talked about the book covering the agency talked eighty. You know talked about a lot of stuff I talked with the show is on right now Comcast might choose them. Go to the whole thing actually enjoyed this a lot some sock them were really good this is a good one. With Tommy carb Atkins book Julian Edelman coming out next month. Should look at a brain. Was sent. Relentless. Relentless Tommy karma Julian Edelman comes notes. When let me see. Where Tommy current can tweet relentless. (%expletive) twit doesn't have that you right. Okay. October toys. And battling through stomach ailment he's still got a right then he gave good for you gold star field. Play produce the best radio show in America. October 24. Relentless. Julia element a memoir on. He joins us right now on enough about me. So the book is called. Indispensable relentless came and hit it without her but it's. Yes and relentless until pre season game comes along and it was Tuesday night continue to be relentless in that game we did like looking at me isn't what happened. So we here at Tommy's car. And you write the book relentless and Julia which comes. Between 5 October 24 October 24 fine October 24. Little brown publications. Hatchet hatchet publications October 24. Ebooks is for you. This is the first the first me and boy does it matter at all that the subject of the book blows out his knee in the pre season for the book comes out even care about that and think about that. Shall we because you try to make it as current as possible price we agreed to do this book at the end of may hold and we compressed everything. Between may and July 20 yeah into his life stories parents place or it would extend. And you reduce current as possible up to and including from him being in Montana Brady. And you read the book in particular way he leaves the book in particular way. And so much of the focus that vote is mortally his football mortality writing right to stay in the NFL head home. He suffers an injury that certainly is gonna happen stern is an unbelievable. What breakfast set do you. Think at all. And I must say it is on my editorialists and gotten us do you think it worth a point in somebody's life when you're 28. When he meets the 303031 I sort of want that's totally different animal. After we need to read our it is and biographies written. It wasn't necessarily might call. Because we have seen. The publisher ended up the publisher did in the public accuracy and you know when you look at his story. It's a great story obviously it's bizarre you know to which could a lot of desire hooked Stewart. I think it's more current because of what he's done so it's huge it's called memoir. Politics though. To save the fact that it's called memoir that's kind of like you know. Is not a witch look when this happened here are doing or you like sell yours. We don't know enough that no no but. If its application to what you can experience. Short he thinks that other people could use it. Might as well rated. It's very well behind people pick it up its season to get something. Are you so years doing TV show you're doing here you're right you're doing stuff you get a call from. For Patrick saying that they want you write a book about Julia. They actually start hauling. Because Paul had written a number of books that. And a reach out to my consortium contact Julie and gentlemen my thinking might be right. Yeah and makes it look you know just finished two books and do know somebody who knows him pretty well also had reached out to me and asked if I get them in contact to use. Reps which seems to Iraq goes yeah on Brady's. It's like a commitment to them and kind of just wait. What is your point though she won't do it right away. You can I was always thought divide but we want to write a book unnecessarily. And has faltered. But this I think it was a very good way to start it'll do it espionage spy novel you know my. Movement that you were not all night. Also but I think it. Like in 2000 set. I was very close to writing a book on that team prior to the season kind of chronicle of 2007 teams actual. Cooperation. In season I was staffer requested. All I was in the process I was doing publishers that point I had three kids who were right on 789. And I was NBC and it just started there is something goes. I just finished crack and I couldn't go and you know when you do Jones who might be turned out pretty. I think the point. What happens when you miss it but I've always wanted to do. Because I read if you do courageously yes so it's this. Live there and they say if you want to do you know what to do with Cuba do OK so OK Sam you post. Decide to do it in him and watching Cuba's young point of course all settlement. You begin writing may use. We begin meeting in very early Q when did you write what's hooked up and wanna be greeted me to drive a you've done about 525. Tom when you read what we're may 25. Of this year yet jeez so you start talking admin couple weeks later. Within. We've probably around six readers like you don't see him or talk to us almost all the time we did a lot of time it is. His Condo so policy pop on the hours community and I would say wait forty hours Trent struggle than yourself note on good. Right you. Some girlfriends. Are really my wife came in fine and it's okay. And when my buddies from from what up so if you all the care. You know the more no no. Check in the book yes thank you book. Not yet officials in the paper basket of interest I think will be curious to move on your part so so. Procedure the whole thing you've pored through forty hours of this you can throw the trash along the book. 280 piece is it like a (%expletive) Tony's pages of the words is as good. There will face up for lost it's what reality its like about forty pages. No knowledge they don't ask what we see here's the interesting thing of eyes and I first person it is that. It's nothing we're right now for nothing else. Yeah because you're gonna fill 288. You need to be reading in between points and stories the anecdotes and recollections right so you've got to. I things that he didn't necessarily say I think that people understand that masterful works yes so. You when he tells me about scheme against Toledo when he was. You know the day Kent State right. He's not gonna he's gonna army general. And turn it into. The you talk (%expletive) talking before this line just stopped and telling the worst part of biographies the worst part that the real real. Nicholas Berg. Because you know when your books like there isn't what's your favorite. Which is here. The last time. And Churchill Churchill's. But you know like for instance. I reduce pristine when did you. We talk like there's that much ticket you're capable shippers and he told me. I feel like parachuted bruised when he started to turn out there won't miss that. Eighties. Tunnel was great record speaks to great force. Let's let the guys both you don't like Casablanca. The rising. The right magic that's a great record. The Irish anyway. I think I actually bust Iraqi produced which was written frequently how's that possible community groups I agree with you have to remember that the housing possible. You won't help you improve so much yeah. I was upset human heart he wants a little it was a story to everything you were kids get my kid stuff. But it's your kids' stuff to my room in my personal kid like my first recollection is when Roosevelt room. Proposed amendments that humans like you normally specific stuff first grade. I do. I don't like you but I don't remember anything happen on the news. Nothing. There were real yes here. Problem problem victories were plus two dollars to move on to have. Back to Harden is Leo bill remember things he's three years old in the mean Morton book. It's a Brady stuff as well aboard to committee hears talk about Hulu for ash. 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Okay but here's what was interesting and I didn't have too much of that in there and actually in the and it like to go to the key elements in the news means yes because it was relevant post Rollins great crash. Good question. It's especially relevant. Because this book is relevant and thoughts on the way. Because I get thought it was a meaning games and admits that acknowledges that it's in a little mistakes which you know we too hard on and had some of the stuff of embarrassed by yeah. Why would step like that his dad was like that this was we trimmed it back. He's more in depth completely or offices in data through race. And his dad's mother this is what's previews. She lived in Oklahoma and she had three children. This is well not this is this is doing besides Graham right all three would get him so. At that point in the fifties do probably going to be committed bright future so. Jewish grandmother so I actually do that so. Being in Oklahoma the only two places you can go here go to San Francisco New York Times who would of done. It different. Yet my backpack off and could that flag and effort that. She basically packed up left her husband California with her three deficits. To. Reasoning California put them in school Berkeley while there. She met. A guy named John out. Who fathered Franco and chewy spot. John Adams never part of Frank's wife the only time her coliseum was when he was in his casket. And as a result frank basically grow what Ferrell child whose. Tree all the death for the assistance worldwide for his Yahoo! is working in York and it's I don't know how this kind of comedy right. So Frederick himself sometimes like three or four and he ran wild all Redwood City which is reviewing us who grew up. But he had no real support in terms of page you know start yet that this guy cup structure right we said when I have hit. My kids never gonna laugh structured right so basically Julian who lost the trail with McCain right all the time. Really yet. On this story here multiple stories. Different directions physically and it just the way it was racing in France that was not too hard. And it's hard when you look at your parenting parroting. People listen to our. How do you do right that's the freedom hymn book especially if you're a guy who grew up with the offering in Paris in your fifties yes he did the best he could teach people use. Forgive me if you think I was away so my dad's. We hit with it can get this question in my dazzled. Ole miss you to. Close. And my dad would never touch us ever. Ever ever that's why did you think you go away together I think it's extremes either annually you're dead exactly. Where you go exact opposite way like actress checked out some about an exact obviously in shifts well and that you can ask for his exhilaration. But if you think that that sort of I mean you know I don't know what you're up and I never witness that can. You know on each of these settlement but the same time I'm guessing here that that talk and no animal. And he embraced. And he looked in him and his brother Jason Kennedy loved him. No we did but when he tells stories of they wouldn't rule which usually goes to the baseball fields because baseball's world should have. The blue field he'd come home where they were trapped around trying to finally open field. What's the final field it's not pitch to Matsui had to happen. For apple shipped or make bad decisions stepped up if Crist out of it to him get his back turned into vicious finally. Would you it was fifteen. Big enough for him physically. Good to recharge them out and you know. Threatened to Pakistan is yet to basically keep discoveries he shows up that job became citizens to be people Williams shows up to came. Well as yours I put out for him and saying you know it happens. Another cable almost got it right notion you know guys capsule which I mean I got it got to know I spoke to him. Taught I'm a huge talked for the book. 25 to thirty yeah actually talked to bring up. Crash. Go check again and he he was willing to do it and he is. He's present their blurb on the back but we want such time constraint who's supposedly in July 15 to a group scattered wins. That wasn't really doesn't carry crafts. Maps later. Who we are not usually her best friends. I know it is not enough holidays with. Who else illegal. Those a lot of guys yeah but a lot of it's the upper. Keys to the right people call didn't we understand. How this guy. Kind of wheeled himself to do we did. And how much an ass hole plus fifty self admitted. That he just didn't care. If people didn't like him because he was like these guys and just force things to go wait. Did he ever talked to those. Accidents and so. My wrong all the didn't benefit you know tonight tonight I didn't know you went through some analysts say she didn't meet ever ever patient yes I think I. To a food Rio Weaver alive when he was one had. Actually meningitis itself and restrictions on him and Julia please three besides him. Was diagnosed managers who can be used three but really it. Still a lot of depth to it if you like. If you're the one great thing about the Oscar is yeah this is a book that. Is really the first one that's a little towel guy who's on the patriots. While still play. Bruce you get one after his stroke without really focused on the stroke Rocketboom there's agent that was terrific read yes great books show. But he's elevated. He's when you talk to these players you know. We talk to here is the do you get a sense you can still would talk this guy you know what he goes beyond this is pull back on the talks about the operations the patients. Peter out it just comes out this off people teacher organization. We've got all texting while he's famous. See that's thing is he tells a lot of behind the scenes stories that didn't give me. I would guess that if his relationship with walker Willis was an interest in like. Welker wasn't happening almost was and when I spoke well but what do it and you know welcomes you know in the side things that is. Usually it's different and then this. He's he's kind of guy you have to be used was acquired taste for the selection and understand the ups and know what to do what crazy right he just was always. Just going a million miles an our million questions. And what was more open and stay right remember queuing said you know. He could be in mind always needs to take the wreck and well what welcome to it. And one time doing netbook quote public this must just what's the fun in coach and in doing tilt. Is that is that scene in India. In that one Belichick at work she parred number. When did you get comfortable but one is it did did you want and you send me music I'll read it I don't know ratings I don't when you're talking about yet and involves. Her this great team pre season title while okay whatever them. And and politics aside welcome all music. Good for him politics that we had just watched away it's the Welker Welker talked about that actually. Bothered him in hindsight yeah. It was blatantly explicit well above pillars predictable Billy you know I don't know what it makes it sound like him it. Was a better player. And it is better football player. Always forget. Well I'll it was a it is best views of the people that he thought bass. Yeah. He hit 15100 free in 2000 exits. But I think the interesting thing is metric circles that Atlanta's win Welker was leaving in 2012. Instead of saying well actually Europe if I'm to a minimum offering into the New York Giants the giants runs very close my eyes out basket fund says it has its U walks into the reading between natural community. He's the giants so. Meantime. The picture right that's where the control effort to go to somebody else. Was he doing because you want agents to Washington patriots it was prepared to sign the giant. He was prepared this time giants and now. And routes whose. Koreans very it was very very close with the settlement. Base that. Routes for me you know settlement process hostess. And it crying about the decision. In just wrenched about it and radio and actually said. You know what comeback trust me I'll make it work trust me it will be the vesting if you don't go. And but he was pretty close and and he felt you know kinda. A little tilted futile effort was assigned the niners after that 2013 she's right here Jim Warren much more. Jim Harbaugh was. It's a funny story in their vote you are brought to medium there pieces. You know. He's not supposed to do this with a good team to get this done it's actually went to cover us know what the term while keeping it. All. Options. All break so we're talking before this podcasts are talking about. Brings out this week I'll play. Them I wonder what points please screw these you know. That means he's company to get freeze she's an infantry isn't. I mean stuff like that over the years. You know he's close to them obviously. But even that he's not just that in the NC chair craps is now. Other quarterbacks would have obviously the issue. That just never mentally he's operated you know and that that's okay with a yeah I mean at a Wendy's is of the same line I mean that's that's the way he was raised with that right. Player Cote father here all that stuff Eric's very simple we're not. Friends went on here that's why you see Belichick and Brady and not as close right now it probably would say Bill Belichick and Harris. Belichick and any number of players who have moved on. And I think that'll come with it but I wouldn't consider. Their relationship to music exceptionally close he told us he's never spent times socially Belichick ever played Pebble Beach port but that's so she's never had with them. Individuals. Who said yeah it's it seems. He's thinking and is this the greatest you know parent all happened you know I'll ask pop action. That doesn't make sense when you look at the history ordered the military history it than when you look at Belichick growing up in this place that he did we look at me and you know. Chain of command and keep your friend came to France with the true that's true yeah that's true visiting and it's not gonna help you it's not gonna help you with the rest of the locker room do you think anybody's. I guess how receptive to some extent it's a long time ago. Coach Tom Watson's some in this Belichick's now somebody at some point I can't imagine what he's my life story have to. Because he gives a (%expletive) about the history you look at the library that he has in his or the axis is given NFL films and you have to see at some point will I would be we've been surprised if he doesn't write it himself to alert sent right. Of outrage among countless. I mean of course. Yeah I wouldn't I would think pretty well at some point yes you try again. I don't know man I Mena and usually trust us I did but like I said it's sometimes pretty easily knocked it. I mean I'd like to write a pre book prices be good for the business say. We like it talked about would I do the whole thing justice. Would be looked into right four in the what I would inevitably do it's somebody else get the book and doing. I. Guess but the placebos or is this preventable. In those ten years he said she's your citizenship should. Is this. The young white robe Belichick Brady. Yes you know and Ian O'Connor. From she right when it again. Didn't cause I'm proud culture for a long time already Belichick's or so yeah he's been round for not coming out. I don't know what it was great beyond. Should PC guy you're you're tense night Easter break even age well yet he's left wondering yet here I come really different process and he's actually acts. I mean to a different networks. PC when you couple years ago tackles him. I'll ever forget he is. Talk term. Regarding his his structure we talked last Thursday's game and so what has happened since 2014. When we started that I think these these these guys. Why on all lecture tomorrow week but I think the pre those maps. That's going to be great book what's it going to be about. It O'Leary's. With a police could kill the ownership level these shoes I can keep to myself I can change between publication of these. To right the whole week territories you know we don't know you with me. All children are you with me at all we'll get back buttons. So actually wrote this is thought yes and are you with me at all in the craft. And try to label site. I mean you can't call press conferences you can't and then all of a sudden part to me catch this guy I think what's fascinating. Now. That yeah. But I mean he I thought that started in May of when he fifteen when he says the MP owners and what happened there was. She got of that group at the Ritz Carlton. In San Francisco. Yes the Rooney's and they weren't a big day kind of give my hat I felt what you might have felt in 19929394. Felt like the outsider again. And I think few people put their arm around him. And tried to talk sense to movements and we'll work something out been which is we're craft itself has said show I thought we got to be able to to. You know manufacturing politics. And it didn't happen and you get sold go to exist so once you realize the reaction New England Tim doing that. Was it useful radio right try to put the toothpaste back to by going on the offensive against against Goodell. The fact that it is. Robert Jonathan. Don't believe it could bill is necessarily be fully guilty. Are. People who is the lieutenant below. Operations. Who's in charge of those guys. Ultimately ultimately and at the same thing as a judge you give me they've been right on the it sure is. Everybody every now and just everybody has lost it yet so when you go off bills you know and troll. Yeah. But solution points here being off the rails. For breast cancer was content mobile yet bill. Saying you know what. They do initiated in doing new issues. And Domino's. Since 2007 in the way it was let get away with a you know how many systems are gonna have on the horizon. With Dallas with a marriage to Rooney's with the Richardson's. So. Make him take his medicine here we're we're gonna make him take his medicine. He talked to placate book yet he's been there yet on us owner the bills I'm guessing here. He didn't seem to me. And he's I mean you know we've never really embracing anything about us not excuse there yeah very. Angry. And what it sold between January this book lawyer giving you teach them right. Trying to be beat writer for the patriots sort of whatever that type dec accessible until not into an actual filter is kind of more entertainer. But let's say let's see that in a bit of information purveyor of murder and electricity. That we. I've got to watch that conception I think it just me. Between all that you're cranking out this book. I mean usually you don't the book was first in the first person reads. You mean you read it was you who believe in the rough draft I doubt that what else. Published on this earth to reach it as I felt because we have to do with so quickly he was reading the chapters of what's been placing it vs Jimmy Page and see the out yet again we don't really care of it it's grandparents. Emigrated from. It's they're German descent and they were in Sweden and Canada to Kitchener Ontario doubt that we don't really that's that's nice. Was okay and that he said you knobs it's decent it became. So. She's that's great question. It's not yet (%expletive) what fox. And Alfonso well well when I did the searching is yet to set I'm gonna do between. Adding it all the historical stuff and adding in everything he said. I see you know what I'm thrower never written a book or force them and send it in just as I. The books that I read yeah and let them do it so win QE2 aging Carter credit. Cart shop yeah he said you know what can this week. My eleven year old daughters who read this this is an awful lot of folks. Commission will also look at tutors and some of my necessary. To a 57 so I would note it down to and we conversational ones that were reflective. You know moments are things general February quotes so somebody actually said. So that was really the only thing content wise that we. Pull out all blue book. With the guy your relation with the guy. Does it always get your head at all what happens. To your show now on who might show. You talk this story. It's girlfriends I can I be. Yeah pair on this story. If if I hadn't been doing this wrong. It would be we. But I think. Did you difference between me and at times people or at times and a full report or you know. Yeah Jim McBride war. You know we have so much morphed. Wrong. Being strictly the factual beat writers amassed to give perspective if something like that happen. I think it'd be able to get better perspective what's considered a friend. Yeah I guess I thought he shows off what do these players care which you can't ten years ago. Look I consider him a friend. Of professional please. You know you know probable us so it's. It probably wouldn't be you know right I don't we did his level character right because obviously you have a problem. Whatever this woman did he went to great detail about 2011 skirt early. Allegedly grabbed guns is that right the only source that's in there as well if that happened approached I was surprised yeah how much. He broached the school subjects and that happens today. You would be tough talk. That slip right off the best things you have to and that's what. Because failure on our part medium right now because the point with seven I don't know and the fact that on TV that night and he to have worked fast attack this. It doesn't work because you look at you know last week Michael Bennett thing happened. And you were in the office and and there are people in our office which is outraged. And I think really just you know it looks terrible and I don't understand what it's like at them into the ground and I know that it is. And bring you the broken windows theory we see it right all the (%expletive) that went on in New York. Read that Avian and I understand. How much damage that it. But until I know why this one particular person in a sea of people we've heard and thought was best to get on the ground. And I need to know more and I think people are more accepting that there's a rush to fight we have got to find out exactly what the Las Vegas police department would. Probably not. Any issues and to be honest if you find dependence and it's not telling truth and just go away Brett LeBron James we're just went away that's. Ultimately we talk about log shows us you know I just want proof. A tall skinny just I'm looking out for giving us ahead don't believe. Somebody says something I don't know but can wait for proof before rushed him before he said he journalistically I'm surprised. That's a shame when we get that's what I can we got here was because of an eight you know hypothetical instance was with a player develop a relationship with I wanna know Walsh had that happen. Like for instance take a references. We have the caricature of him that we resort to frequently. His income so I was sure yet which gets which doctors. Well. I mean we have. It's proof to its pet C can't use that truth that fact has moved to filter and the cob. You threw one away now with what they got in a big part of moving it no doubt what has it which is that would bring up to Clinton. I ask somebody who want us going to chapter and verse on it because he figured it was. I deductible. No it. I wanted to do it. Ridiculous time for it but it. The way peace. They stated to me when I spoke spoke to in the past is what he didn't wanna be. We're free to talk to the person who did that ship which which traders are doctor windows except. Okay Guerrero is selling its August votes bullish answers your reasons obviously. Well folks if he believes it to be. Hopeful you combating. I mean disappointed which yeah. Stage where half the size I don't watch movies and walk and say what if something twice that much has that he's part it worked for them I'm saying about. I am saying no that's not a you're also went away and that's awfully pitched. Bright red trash stuff sold ports like you said. Just got diagnosed with stage wanted to come over here we you know what in this program coma because I have an interest groups yeah. Pitch and you know he's obviously it's financial dealings boot into safe for me in like I think you like where you've you've you've got worse and thankfully that happened well I would say it's like. The Boston magazine story I personally surprised to Tom Brady you have this is right here to teach people. The reason it's here if I just that the freedom thing in my house that are not well I don't know if you guys that are here. It rates aggressively. But it's. Where's the long form story in some big publication of Guerrero to pass this Asian stories high in most things I think play. Right now I was writing a book in essence I mean in essence. Rarely loses this is part in really pull off one phils off Brett and that's it should easily did yeah. If you Guerrero. Deep dive into weird he came from. Hoover is believed in him we are you learn what you learned who refers. Incorporated all (%expletive) ups do absolutely host welcome to stay focused it would to a settlements were doing 2011 thing. No Tom Brady in terrier or whoever else would be I would say that but shine a light on it and allow. The context of the get receiver I brought that out war. Get the full context sure. I want and I we've tried after three times. This accident. I don't I managed to track that's tough spot for him you find. I think passes last podcast do you find it very harder fewer now than ten years ago. No no I don't just as easy. Yet really. He just don't talk to you but there's more people in the locker room didn't allow our sponsor if you look up to emcee at second and talking talking. I just think he's keeps its distance I think now more than ever. Because he's at this stage of his career and he's won by some troubles. And he is. At this point where you can see the finish line. That he doesn't want to transition toward art and acted so they meet for three of these except. What's going to be and he's more concerned about managing. As you know with with your viewers what can manage his message. Yeah just for him so much podcasts and so you not enjoy it it's actually and for interior play us close boring. He's got worse much care can turn things. But to notify us. Georgia proper. Golf here at various ticket Missouri's fault what looks at what point did you like your. Like Jerry did you have a lot of principles that is what I'm shortness lecture at first I did you deal personally really feel like contamination. It's different guys need here you know he's he's he's he's he's good friends with. With the growth call. So she signs up on him personally don't feel like me that it's just an interest in its function names names. Fokker. Let's go. To CEO and he said couple country for us. Which excellence which. The amount of more than anything I don't. I think. I know we'll come out here you have left through we have made eye contact the entire topic you know I contact yet so I think. Given to him and thought it hints at the level of anxiety so that's only if you'll leave right now because Alonso lost behind you and me and I was like me. I've always like to take. He's just as he's a rock god please give us your cover that I didn't relax like good I think I'll I'll. If you go to first street my best we we can't it was a nice holy crap taxes. Tweet me Shawn Watson's coming. So what if we got the big mountain hooker. Song. Yet the treatment that you know this year now you know football's done what you expected. Very. A man Fred it's a statement keep please let us. Let's quit when you do it becoming a bright new issue of overgrown. No credit union enough. Because if it works on this. And so Camilla that you're not you're not going to be run around to agree to succeed in partnership. Program. That still listening monitors the previous model. You mission accomplished in this deal. I think eleven things up until two weeks to finish at Colombo 101030. We let things get for that. I. Felt like an issue. Honestly no wind. Exploits to sport a form. There's a ton Brad Kassell kind of this sort of like key this wouldn't do you have asked if there's always regret mastery. His gravitas segments we didn't you know plenty of it has nothing host judging. You deal what it takes weeks. You mentioned that it has been it has been diagnosed I want us into this expires not been acknowledged not expired it's it's it's on the back burner. We shouldn't. Call again like you know what now it's going to be now going to be excellent but I'm not television oops I'm gonna watch also think it's a little bit. You guys catching just like a bad news. I hate a little bit that the other regional and the penalty on off off analysts note that you get to England talk more than his own for you know she. See that's how I would. That's out there are occasions. We are right I mean the girls get OK she's great she's a rare occasions where icy stuff and Giles kind of opportunities. Prick. Let him finish let it to an excellent. I thought I or still the bluster but little. They're so I don't stop over bless this time the kids yet what's shall afterwards because I honestly cannot stand for so. This act. We are. What is what is. And sometimes you can putt well. I don't know why did you do that I don't have quite closed behind. It's just put on a student you just put all of this is my TV this morning now I mean not a 100% of the time I think I think OK something's. We have bright and he had me get this much. I just thought. I can't disagree YY need to get us where it seems a little forced anyway. Yes funny the biggest say it's if you keep doing it within cannot think (%expletive) what gets us where it matters that's funny because bill was. Very much has seen we've been very much. That's where why. Because you see any pictures worth at least at this point is forming what they've told us where knowledge about all of obviously that. Stars were. I've got to focus I think he's consults Jane and that's this audience and I heard this you cannot accept a completely UConn I. Equipment or is a lack if you weren't there triple sourced. Triple wrong. Excellent source case. She was she's always because I laughed about it when I heard an accident in the hall as they allegedly of focus group in mental focus. Yes yes the only guy we've had its former got from he has cancer now is immediate and he doesn't like this where. Okay but initially mr. Netanyahu pushed. That meets for an. You know that demand cable. Students who I mean actually emails they say OK that's enough what would that particular. When you relax and housewares show no but I called Giles she's it. They thought that was gratuitous which goes back to your point about you know little grief that's OK that's Great Falls. He's been cheesecake you can call but he knows what she kept asking to upgrade its TV. Don I know but she's received it would lose the functional. Not quite that quite (%expletive) (%expletive) What's the difference because hacked yet she's well late weekend for instance. The lesson on the podcast I'm unclear what you worried you swear podcast. Oh of course yes you now reports part he's out more you know I was really really they're real popular product. You hear that now that's one has broadcast the MacArthur talks. They open now what we were. I don't wanna get into policies and people's. Let them do that from on the ship who cares. Who see this is what we're like HC this is a I can assure you people care this is why viewers to see this is what you've done you wouldn't want your screen writer right when you decided that was in the working decide to write anyway and now you can keep your radio host what you need to look at scrolling issue I have yet to. It's worked out perfectly embodies. Parachuted in as a screenwriter it's still right (%expletive) screen writer sensibilities. Into this arena always seem so you're inside a security as you know that's not true. Think I'm you know a month ago you know what at the numbers. Everybody you know huge cost. I don't like to try to view it that sets us coldness on all these you know other occasion it rips it up yet I just. Don't trust other people's importance. Want to because on the final for myself. You can say have a conversation summits is sucks. Yeah but I wanted to be sure these ups is somebody kind of beat some video camera time and discuss us. Nobody unit restaurant. Everybody needs an ball. Not the television analysts upwards. We. Know how to circumstance. Let's talk show them or us but I do that as we can talk more I just don't think I think he don't like him I think he's completely detached. I think he's completely detached from. What the things. That he says. Will cause to have happen. We're the reaction that there will be tour and many surprise. Or are you smarter than you think he's actually playing act react surprise. We want sister ship and saw my god this. Again that he didn't too much credit. In my opinion might be vulnerable too much credit but again. A boldly take something this is good news Paula because he wrote when it is that he does a nice guy and it's been. The elements harbor and visible yes. Because I mean I think about that we've never really had a chance to talk to brilliant is never anything I want to ask me would you agree it's probably this point. Mean albums and meetings and ask them for years. Yeah three whatever you know 34 years and knows a guy who. Kill people in jail for the rest of his life is different. From what crimes but I guess about ten yards out yet. Bob. Did you ever try to contact them. I didn't ask what the relationship was like his teammates. He liked them he did you like them because of the competitive. Nature. Fernandez and it is. You know through settlements and I don't give every week every punch. We we have some good insight into he. Could be pretty acidic and acerbic on the field with teammates. House shot. He had and yet and he you know he he did not down play the level. Distraction at a post. To everybody how shocking it wasn't happening junior back camp in July in the White House. A this past year yet is it kills music or. Can't remember. And an anathema to what those delegate estimate the whales. I don't know what costume design I don't memberships is right. That's why would have done two books little. To pick up to the book and I am gonna pick this book comes out soil or watch a lesser rated amenable to influence might just fine I'll mild. My you get Giles that were pretty good. Did you hear Giles. Just who we can ship here but the snow on the maybe two months ago I was driving around my son lives Paris risks post game easily but. Book pretend to rest. You guys doing this terrible. But it's not his fault he's doing these terrible rapid Red Sox post action just for policy application for them not thinking. You can talk just talk about stuff that happened just go for walks scored say hey you know you get pitched better. It's like call station has pick from up. And did a voice. The that's an netbook and I called to talk to him that I system to alert. Haven't happened a generations long argument my son I think pitching 66%. Of the game at exit 64%. Let's open for business ever since tonight's life after a nice guy he's. But I just felt dosages I felt bad I just like way. I don't I feel like that that sports talk that he's too young should be easy thing but it's things that transition and this is she. If he was younger. He would probably be different goals that these things that are here thirty want with the latter. That I was on. As a writer is thought to it but he was on that and burn up underneath. So we still happening there and half an opinion purveyor he's gonna get better at it right and wrong and get better but it's just a. That. Start you jumped ahead of it that's because it was meant to Weston was there. I used to replace five or six stories on the game and my boss named Russell at least Tuesday regulate what is. Rate for a one collection posse of greater market. On football it what is analysis thing for sport that I would do a column which really was just. Chauncey knocked off for everybody and then it right you know new stores open also was in the U functions. I actually did you come out walk and went as if I believe that the adults it is has. Alan couple sides and check back that's left him nation and I talked you would cover all my corners and Marshall won't. Hopefully set which was it was something for us. But occasionally he threw me a problem because I mean from robbery he's sensitive I think he's a good problem as a matter of fact I read a harmless yet. Yes it. I mean he'll be missed. Only I mean it's over until all alone. And in the work that Shaughnessy did. See that's thing is is not a lot of hype around. Journalism taking place in the market. And it's hard. I think of the drone attacks weeks ago but that's please you reasonable time he's also opinion. He is right you ticked off court or even better for people remember while homes. And those guys. We just really pool covers up over their head to new report. And we don't have as much kinder to vetting process because it's just. It's hard but yeah we'll talk about it victory more resistant to it now. May involve her. You can play golf and he's playing before it. On if you please come this realization that her time spent as you can somebody who's going to I don't want to control trying to follow the non verbal and equities I'm fine so upset from that side. I heartless as you said when did you when did you start with some sports. So here. Some right and it is important to us tonight we took. You're not. My my outside your mom's sister. America schemes is divorce divorce hurts him. It you know these are god I was born with so it came out for me at that time my moment but the door appalling it. She's in public policy record store one to 45 basis points came up there so it was. You know 99 read them as human need that prescription sleep and you can tell you finally got equities this. In my Steve losing this thing except I feel he was no more there had to start going back it's absolutely pointless to. But then after that us and I really never laugh and never went anywhere else I can have a point at 24. Teams to root right here right here pentagon. It is being hit winners from the rest him real yes. Enhance us all each. Teacher tenure so that they felt the pull of the chemicals that are a couple of groups like what. Can at this point it's tough talk. So Bruce and he's the greatest record a little of that book is often. But some of the stuff chat that you credible. Yet the chapel was bad guys and he's just about stuff yup it's awesome. I think rich and everything chapter for the chapter if it's really yet at all. You busy with the greatest source items such Kitna off camera raw podcast that breaking suspension got. Elders change some guests are effective first. And we got through to we have very who. Yet briefing Erica green or else it's reinstall. Yes I think after going to be. A task which we just finished the executioners. And realized how scary complete book. If you read this book my first here couch rule you will follow. Little thorough for a little too much but when you when you have a Kindle when you don't know much about this I don't think we talked about him. What involvement so yeah that kicked out. Knowing the thousands. Rape physical books he get the before doing update record books run right round pick up. He's had to vote I can do this we'll know not all those were written before this while the public you rocked professional sports are. Yet which is yours user model yet mind you wrote this one. He's he's out this kind. Only to be like this just be honest there that you could fuel. It's you know she's forced our no I don't want sure we've you know it's a year. Infrequent and I were quick biography is an act. I hurt a completely full e-book is called hope that's what he believes page via the actual small. He was pretty good his 2016. You was very tough good. These are actually Adam. Good pockets call Rhode Island could be just fine. I didn't. Good thing about tonight's quick action puts lists tomatoes go Paris green and took Eric Neitzel smuggled it feels. And we'll let us October 24 right. Brought us up to put my foot actually fortunately. Tom Carr have talked to some reports thank you. All right thanks again for listening to the enough about me podcast. Actually know what I'm really not think of all he should be thanking me get this ship every week he's great podcast totally free do if it was you go and I two's. Download Dakota stitcher do the same and the parading leave review that she can help me out. This podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee you can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end. They have total thinking is why I think he's going back and forth here's the point (%expletive) you.