Enough About Me - Ep. 69: Kirk's Mailbag

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Thursday, October 12th

Minihane is back for another 'Answer the Question Kirk'-style edition of Enough About Me, responding to various listener queries. Kirk addresses parting ways with his EAM producer Ben Kichen, staying away from working on TV, the process of adopting his daughter and much more.


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By this episode of enough about me. As they all brought to you by my great friends that built the store from Manchester square Chestnut Hill. Or social policy Braintree I just calls for just me that's the way I do. The best place out there again not a great Dresser god knows that builds makes me look like a million bucks and I thanked him for them going in next week on the brink and layered their Mike been Eskew they're. He's gonna fix those guys well that's all you need to know is he can fix Mike and has tendered Chris Curtis I think he. But all the great people who owns the service is great. People are great. The prices are perfect Q did a great deal I promise and you look like a million dollars go do it and into a lot of these things worse they do this to tell you go to builds its indeed. Store. For Matt. I mean do mailbag here today at what guests actually already done. This and would do mailbag to to a three year adolescent it was in June. Or do another one here before we start I'm just going to do the show and use the the producer of an album and tension and if parting ways you no longer be producing this podcast. A fight on air last week during my thing with Dale Hall. And rich. Our bench came out we were back and forth he set out from the job when men are producers of the reg your choice didn't know we've talked to him. It was semantic or really I would've hired and no problem like a bit of good producer. We didn't offer job is Jerry did know about it but we talked we definitely talk which are talking and he. Was it really it is delicate and a year and a half the band is very busy with that shows exit to pursue the station I think he has other things that are more toward him right now. Then this podcast which I totally get a don't have an issue then Ellie and and good producer he's a good guy he works hard. A mine and I have no no we'll all work really hard with a huge part of this podcast I've thanked him a million times I cannot thank them enough. About forty did not immediately tried to voice and he'll be afoot in this disaster and I'll be begging them come back in two months definitely possible. I've really talked about in Austin decide to do this to be added the initial conversation where tax back and forth. But I've nothing but good things to say open kitchen good producer really good guy really cared about the podcasts like it's your friend. I hope so does well that. That's usually how it ends with me. But that was a good guy is a good guy and now it was a really really really big part of what this podcast has been cannot again thank him enough. We move on looking for new perk up podcasters as we speak talked to a couple of people so we'll see how that goes so we have one McCain. That we did a couple of weeks ago with the writer about ghost of an innocent man which Benjamin Franklin's name. And I'll run that he that this week or next week Jimmy Troy you'll bonus when next week as well. On and I really enjoyed that the book is tremendous and he was a good guy came in talking right now have that as well. One thing on the disabled bad. I forget analyst I don't know I I've I can't think human opinion. And you know use not part of this this issue I have with the the afternoon show he's not part of that. But yes he is not the producer and you'll continue to look for one. You're going sports this I don't mailbag. Reached out yesterday on Twitter. Though it was time to do when just because I'm anomalous I was sick of being around people is way to be and remind myself for power and would just talk about stuff. I barely look at these by the way I'm doing this right now. So they go through all I asked yesterday you know any crush report gasoline streaming I'm looking at this printed off from the field thirty pages stuff. A short haul it. Pauly asks why you're lying about NBC job I guess he means Comcast that's John Hagee Neil again and I'll read some of the handle that wall because in the giving him stupid sometimes and Super Tuesday. I about NBC Comcast job new jobless ever opportunities have not pursue the job Comcast and nice back and forth. They think the VP Comcast Burleigh too which is NBC now last night. That price and you know I still feel like doing TV anymore. And I know I mean I make enough money likely right now thank god. I'll feeling going Reid and house for a couple hours and coming back as the feel again anymore you know really enjoy that process the stuff they talk about. Is that really what we talked about so I decide to decides to tell him no more annual Big Apple and android we talked to the back and forth. But I just not interest in doing that. Anymore what they do six minutes. You know you've taken this side nine. The Bruins whatever route you think the Celtics just. It's boring I'm loving it works and a fine of articulation myself. I decide to stay out you know what we're good. We're going to move on. Discuss the this is Warren Gilbert. Discuss the process of adopting your daughter and becoming a father. Can't do that so. Com. If the middle of 2006. We decided that you know we were we were struggling trying to have a baby. We think about adoption much as we were you first I mean 31 that. And turn 32 yet. In in also Mondays are polite when I was so we should think about adopting and I never. Really like grow up I'm a generation still Wear which it was adopted it was kind of weird. Little strange is due to keep my class was adopted and people can talk about it and its auditors had stigma attached to it. That was excite us and let's do this we were California. We signed up this agency. This woman initially paired us with a local woman in California. We're out to lunch with her we matter Red Robin and the mall in Temecula California in the desert. I'd like for there and she's pregnant is slicker fourth or fifth kitchens young. She any nicer phone remember and I had she had really nice clothes she ended early cellphone. It was kind of theater and thinking this girl is is as more money than I do. It's what she uses for humans to Jamaica DO you pay for their rent for a few months you give them money in exchange for me in exchange for the kid really. You pay for laundered their bills. So there goes to make an agreement after few months she's not return calls from left she absolutely (%expletive) us over and and it's part of what she did she grab onto another thing. So we're down about November. When this happened with this woman she moved like Oklahoma or something. Number I was working one day on January. You got a call from this woman Patrice who Randy adoption place she said we have a family was not able to. Financially. May come to agreement essentially what this family. And these tea family Iowa. Oh a young lady I was pregnant. How would you guys be just nice to actually short course. And she celluloid actual look at renting out the proper paperwork you get knocked we will do it and I said no stop stop stop whatever takes will do whatever it takes we're gonna do it. This was January middle of January 20. I wanna say it to the baby's due February 10. And I said in my wife was traveling a bishop plainly as happened. I always think god forbid that I've been traveling and not answer that phone call at that moment mean I have Kate today which. I can think about. She said okay we do this this this this in this in this process obviously you have to go through excessive back pressure kept him meetings the counseling comes house. He get fingerprints you do this and that this and that. Blood work we do all that we finally get it done. Globally so we for Jimmy Kimmel here. So we we we we get everything done we speak to the birth mother who is great she's a great person we love her so much we or everything. And her mom. The birth grandmother also greatly the initial symbol thing where she signal I'm not going to be able to give this. Little girl. We found that it'll bid that the wife that I think he deserves financially shouldn't give her all the love in the world. I have no doubt about that. She would have ban in will be a great mom not just birth month and a mall. So we get on a plane from San Diego road to Omaha Nebraska we flew into to get to. Two I was a city where where where the baby was born. In a one person I knew we had to have with us on the trip with my mom. I just want her around fort she's huge huge it was a positive person she was so excited grandma she had been granted yet. And we knew you know shoes she is somebody that we could we can reply we can lean on she would be their forced a moment ago off the plane Omaha. And there she was with five million bags for little kids stuff. And we went there they're going ninety agree to do they was attempting got pushed back. He February 12 which was a Monday we want to we want to hospitals for him actually met the birth mom matter it was a hostile shares sister with her friend norm on. It was awkward but she was very nice. We just kind of wait we wheeled in the waiting room and waited and waited with him I'm almost there. This is eulogy as nervous I don't know you know she's gonna change remind me of the babies born which I can understand now. Or what's gonna happen market saying it's going to be OK she's could be your baby it's going to be okay. And finally after it was about. 2 o'clock in the afternoon. I nurse came onto the baby's been born. In an hour later which is along our. She came out with little Kate newborn Kate her arms and and we elder in my mom elder and my wife and I we took pictures and you know that remains and I love Harry. You know as much as I left a different ways that remains the greatest moment of my life. Hold linkage for the first time in just just seniors. In it was. It remains the greatest moment of my life and there's some people think for that. And we I would birth mom and her family who we still see he just psyche and I just saw them. A month ago went to Iowa for a weekend. Darrell Finley is awesome. Yet every hospital was great understanding of fantastic and and and my mom who was there for us and had such great relations with Kate metrics though is tough and didn't play the sound economy. But that's still is really tough odds to take of my mom in that situation in where she was metal thing and it just. Mental and sets the process of adopting my daughter becoming a father. And you know I make fun of it may file a lot Schoen public it's a funny way initial you know they've they've been my life I mean that they with capers again the standard the greatest. Okay we see here. Is Cali putting on actors as stupid as he sounds discussed and he's exactly stupid that is it Miley and go through a few here. On the sea here with a mergers done some consumers to questions. Why should have more bar stool people go on. What you more Marshal people on or go on Marshall podcasts and passion about Republicans I think. That's true Portnoy a disappoint astronaut. Actually on that one down. Blog spent for her name is it just couldn't do it they would let me do with a god knows Dave on. I pitchers Norton on iPad Michael Berg on three partial guys on which they have. Jared on but he was in 95 at the time that was in no could do that passing this I know shared very well. And I carry embers last name right now we know spoke to my caddie we year. Memory and forgetting certain things lately elephants are jerk around this course but I blanks like him enough that's because I'm getting older. Hope it's because something else going to still Alice in homes afraid to find out how that the other night. There's a movie with Ben Stiller sporting a disaster too small independent. I was tossing and turning for some reason a movie came I had no idea why. I couldn't remember the name of it would not conducive to remember the name of it took before ever. In my blood brain is blocked. Com am do we get right now. My daughter Aaron car the other day my carded a driving. And she said we talk to race the other day and how they head down. Those drones to fly over worries took a picture I couldn't go forward drone for ever. Bitchy senate to meet him we told the start talked about again become remembers picking that name again Russian war in a few times lately I've just forgot stuff. What is that part of being for almost 43. Or just something else going I have and I had nothing to give her too so I don't know but it's. If it's you know I stuck a three out of ten but sort of a weird and concern right now. And RF Mary tale Jerry Mike and Jerry. Who am. I would marry. Jerry. No I would not wouldn't know how would I thought Jerry because I think he's angry and going to be good hard angry screw. I would kill Gary in merry mocks a mob would be like a total pushover they gotta run that matter to be nice change he had talked Jerry. I'd kill tang lakers who cares in a merry mex me nice got to settle down heavily for that really you. Brian smithers wants to know by ship my pants recently of course in Florida at spring training you have heard this story I was out running one day. And had a weird meal my before my stomach not feel great. And where our hotel as you cross the street is busy intersection. These are running your thoughts about outdoor mall which is opposite tendency to run its good mild us. I was going right by a target nights I guess squeeze this out shard at. And then in second serve a sequel of the came out was all over the place. So in the bathroom at target change and the nine change in the White House that the that the that the boxers for the boxes away and was chief. It was a disaster I have not since I'm very lucky to say does not happen in the last. Eight months especially the course of the entire Red Sox season that has not happened yet. We see here. And need an oral history Brett wants to that we grief anger coupled with me Dennis finger pointing incident. Statue of limitations has to be up by now that there's much that you and I were sick of each other we were angry or a locked room for hours every day you wake up for clock. Tensions rise. And he pointed his finger I mean which is that I was triggers (%expletive) deal with this guy was sitting in this seat was mailing it in. Telling me what to do by some (%expletive) clock was not gonna do so I basically said no but that idea finger might face and we really this is the truth. Never spoke again. Ever. Off the year after that which isn't a couple months boarding in the view but there's no like smoking gun part of this story. Mike Spector wants and I'll. I have like five questions or his music. What's a better Kenny Rogers on sort of the counter that came in it was again it was Sox it's overrated power of the counties could sought in late. Is a great Kenny Rogers the problem may. Yeah. Alone in. That I mean. Great stuff. BC did. Another marry (%expletive) kill Tony Mazur righty Pete Abraham or rich keep new. Seems like to keep she is on the air in my between the money at least for now is I think it's subtle now marry him in the oval life. And it gets tough I mean I guess that would have sex him as a Rodney kill Abraham I suppose. I guess yeah I guess so yeah. But Tony and as I guess and killed. Easy. What percentage of the shoe show Israel what percent stake and it's taken care of him we all know that's (%expletive) we Fauria think people are asking my party on that. Embassy. What is the deal with the parity counts exporting you know these guys you and Jerry talked to him behind the scenes that is Gibbs for fourteen. This. The deal I guess is they just sort of sprung me kind of having to start it was forty. And sort of on life of its own I don't speak to these guys at all. Every shot Twitter eloquence of happen in my life would never say thanks a lot but I stay away it's weird for me talk for exporting our MacKenzie because he's me it's just. Pretending this is strangely odd thing but they're awesome the parity counts I think are great. Part of what makes our show some good it is and we feed off them and beat us fought off bus and they get the joke. On guys Alou as account moment parity Kathy and Andersen know that but it's a big part of our showing it's funny useful. I enjoy those guys any relax every exporting our MacKenzie history between re. Had the entire Curtis monologue made no sense he wrote in all public person pictured person we (%expletive) laugh my ass off. Joshua. Luke plot. Ash and struck the them once. I. There was already a movie and CD of all time. The most overrated movie of all time it is this. It's tough to get ovary movies to be good movie. Tom. I would say the most Allred we've all time is public at Midnight Cowboy. The won a best picture or you know instead it's the Titanic a great movie if I can Sox. Scott forced pump is the most over rated movie of all time these forest golf most overrated CD of all time it was over. You know there's certain groups I just don't get like The Beatles or group to wrap my arms around them who. Com. Most overeat it's discovery's sister in blue Joni Mitchell wants is a great record. A great albums (%expletive) lesson that album that's (%expletive) that's having people say. So many great point this week and on Twitter read this story in this is about the movie part. Where they said the reason is blade runner sequel did so portly. Pot is because every pretends who've seen the first play I agree that's W people tend to like put them categories well but it's funny they probably did a whole. If a whole 150 million dollar budget based off a fallacy. Then. The BC. Is Boston too small for Kirk many and I think it's new Yorker return LA. Probably I think that's probably true blood stock here my kids are here their happy year had a good job mechanics of a mile leave a Boston sorry among even Boston. Do you think quarterly slows down the tend to show with all this constant disruptions Kosher polish the seems to Wear on Fauria in lieu. Him. Europe's a lot I'll say that but I don't think it brings on the show I think the ratings have gone up since Glenn eyes come back. I think he is a good interaction with those guys I was in that show a lot have set an assistant last. I was into the mid day show in the car a lot I didn't listen to the old today shows them auction car actually enjoy it they try hard trying to be funny they try and having good time. It sounds loose I don't think to this action does that I think that six to ten and two shoes do that we're in lockstep these two shows the other shows rated decision not to do. And that's okay I mean ounces of Oakland Dylan and Ali Richard decided whenever I mean my thoughts very clear and but these guys have a good time they laugh they agreed to this balls that should not station the other station. They play sound that gets forty sometimes but they but they enjoyed it more than we do but they do the other stuff. So before they figured out their big picture right now Sonoma I mean I'm addressing those guys make them for interrupting soap and I have no problem none. Dot. Com. To shut it down after the showed government work home. Means. A whole Mike. Amid shut it down after the show them yelling and screaming innings pissed off but I think about the show all day were texting crystal day in texting each other Jerry and I talk every day. Right twirled your reading stories try to figure this is gonna work that's gonna work but it's nothing that's part of your job that's which hired to do other host of the station don't do it. I'd be coming in certain time in the mr. diamond doing the job and don't care as much but deal that is a reflection of that their numbers are that. I happened Terrell Owens of the Gerri so is Jerry Chris again that's a reason why. The show has been so successful I think is maybe the biggest reason why it ever was invested that was in the case before. On the show and every home like you know stop this summer. With the Red Sox and stuff for with you Erin Andrews action short Burnett's stuff like. And you know fight on the air to dish out Nokia would dom should happen to work (%expletive) like everybody else of course you're bringing home. Some. So what will cost. People wanna know about two. Wearing a man up and run the Mal Washington not much we met no (%expletive) that. We see here I've sort of light packet to the second. If you're any media if you are someone who enjoys it is much as you do it in that. Respect those people much. I don't know and is sometimes they don't enjoy it's an objection your frustrated like you know but the future of frustrated they think they're doing a good job that's fine. And you know I like dale. I don't care for hall event like dale so you know and I think dale. Frustrated as a coach or two times you won't do. But do we do we give people enjoy it as much I have no idea there's time's right get enjoyment of their times right don't I delegate of people if you without a tool to be honest with you. White and entertaining idea bring your rear back somebody else asks George throwing without any breaks off into the table arrogant and whiny. Well here's a war is yours my thought on re all on was in my lifetime ban on him. Was because I thought Chris Curtis didn't ever want him back which I totally understood I think we're gonna bring Reimer back with Curtis came into bar called me and said you know what Kirk. Or Gerri give you what he did I just. I can't have I can't have a frustrated. Is it upset me. What he did was she the and I just can't find myself. To forgive you never feel comfortable with him in the room. I would say you know Chris actually fine no problem I really would no problem that your call. Where were where were absolutely. Actually die without until you change but. Curtis is changes might ease once in the comeback in the short understands why he's good for the show. It's an astronomy that's fine I mean Jerry obviously wants him back we'll see how it goes in in in David's not do that doesn't work role will bench him I mean that's that's that's what we do. Oh Cali for a perspective accounts was a what think you changeable the show today to make it there. We gonna see more of class of on the couch. But one thing I would do the meat to show better. I do think occasionally I'm very guilty of this. Do you don't want us talk one of the time I know which I do think occasionally special and listen to the segment later on the capricious park Castro of Islam line which I don't do much. I am guilty of I think board and Jerry even be dropping sometimes I'm bitterly fought and shot up watchers talking. They're having to hope and because when you talk conversation dropping each others wanting. But sometimes and he gets to be too much I'm guilty of all the Jerry and we fought yesterday report guilty of it sometimes I try to Russia last few days and if you're listening raw socket a go ahead. I'll step away a little bit now put this off from jumping in. But the jumping just jumping and I think gets to be able tires and so I am working on taking personal inventory trying to fix that. As as as far as the third person lingo and what the cast a coaching anymore I think it's it's David and tired stupidly the top of something else. By the way she's the (%expletive) per gallon shall we of rotating there was. Was in the big show with with the casting couch it's our show. We're not gonna have a third person when you're calling dumb name anymore. A five Rea if we enjoy having Alex back. I'm in for the first time in I think since the start of this a year and a half ago were ever a year much of the year change ago he we have mutt you have. To mossy he would tank where you train yet Alex that's five and Jerry and I won't sometimes it's essentially six. The underdog but we're always open to is to bring in new people. Mark James at the exhibition I would bring him in some. But died now we're always open to that I just don't know how that's gonna work out I don't really I'm violent everybody right now on on on in that her chair actually no issue. We'll CL winds up now with Alex the right now I think that tickets which are pretty good little a little mix right now. See. Them. Question from David Lynn and why do you think training is still single what's the main reason we talked about this I like to. Amid trip he wants to be single but they do you think with trends she's a beautiful that's OK I say that with all respect. My training is a handful. Com and she's when you've been the single this long in you don't have kids and you at this age I can she might occasionally jugs forty by an average kids and they're married. A lot of stuff would be about me so I think we're trying to push is on the air TV people are different I just think she would be a lot of work. That's all and by the way that's link to her credit she sort of some drip. Some drunken loser by now easily but she's chosen to she's elected not to take his multiple reasons I doubt we might. Then. By a couple partial questions wherever in the short essay. That answered. See some more. Thoughts in your program director Joe's our bond. Are positive results circumstantial resume actually making a difference. All citizen but Joseph never differences god knows we have our differences and be my boss. I guess which technically is cannot be. He doesn't steep pitch yet he doesn't come stuff. Meaning meeting yesterday it was the biggest (%expletive) waste of time in history we talked about this we fought a few times already. But he lets us do our show right now he's joining us to show and so is management and letting us do show. If our ratings were different would they let us to our show they would not that makes sense to me so we have big ratings so they leave us alone can be seen some dumb stuff we see some stupid (%expletive) And leave us alone enjoy byways also. Back in some big spots here in news in which it was document because every says that. We actually has in you know wolf we had some problems like giving Graham a lot but but Joseph week I think. Your cares what the station more than immigrant station Jewish from here he worked your cabin. Was a good guy tried hard had our backs are in big spots what was different and have known Joey for almost ten years to announce yours as a kid. But. But yet he's doing a good job learn on the job as well but he's really good job he has our back which most important thing Indian leaves us alone. Now he made mention not to that I don't know what's gonna happen as the years go one. But right now it is is all all good right now with the program directed back back back change. Bomb him. Obesity. I. I am I'm answering that question. In what was your best friend you would be an outrage is so boring is best segments are ones you have to play of the brain knows well. I don't know I enjoy Friday's in my because it's loose it's laid back we joke around in you just have to understand okay I understand remarks on. The weekends. Or whatever he sees or our nights are that he does and I were ever he's born again repeat as Red Sox regained his boring. But you understand the talent wherever like Colin. The ability to align yourself to be constantly shoot on in being the butt of jokes for four hours a day with us. And laugh about it and be okay with him is he talent in its own waders died a cure disabled sports. Or politics or anything I don't. He allows us to make fun and easy wack packer the number one wack packer the champion of whack Packers in that is significant I can't thank him enough for. He's I able to the show by the way can feel it page. You don't for me or for Jerry. Now but without us is a different guy them with us and he's not yet. I think is not ever going to be comfortable enough to let that might characterize our show that persona which is more like might. Come on these other shows you just isn't just not ever gonna be confident he's not on the wider audience and we don't. AJ Bennett wants to Jessica a couple of questions like this and I'm not and didn't have any interest really forum think. We're device you get this summer trying to get in the Sports Radio industry specifically the Boston market non I would tell you to find a different jobs at this point you know I guess you're younger guys. You know what I'm Mike Hirsch a fluke. It's a miracle you know everybody else you look at the station. Hollywood round longtime Oakland's been around for long time Dale's been around for a long time Lucretia played sports juries around forever. A fluke like to be careful they did it's like after the great. What I do that helps but you know I tell you to find something else find a more stable job you know 1015 years now you'll be doing. This really questioned why the jury have to make Pryor re are trimming trainee seem like there's something special all the (%expletive) time pass minor league much spare. Usually god bless. Dot. Com. Yeah he treats while Alex much. When he short treats. Trainee. Differently and he treats. He treats others that did that there's no added there's no denying. We have a double standard I think we all tree. I and it's the author Trent after the before I'm guilty of it as well sometimes too (%expletive) care. From the rest of them we actually see we actually cross we picket line leadership should be fine. Jurors who older I think he's just one comfortable that sometimes but he's he's he's better with it and use that. You know. Right I think that's it to a criticizes him we would double standard with trainee then bend and the guys were on the show. I think that's a totally fair critique absolutely fair. Obesity. If Jerry died tomorrow would you continue to show. Probably at the show tomorrow but. Women get hired Jerry Donaldson we would retire right if I continue to show. I would. Finding discretion Simoneau guesses name. I would find. Somebody else probably might I guess if I do tomorrow and rotate our people and show would be is good there's no doubt about it. We would miss Jerry for a few weeks now we don't want you would think about it again but yeah I mean that's stupid (%expletive) question I have a living have bills to pay a family. Is it. You know colleges and and all kinds of stuff mortgages in life. Toward us so yes. And I would retired age forty to be history telling them breathing anymore nor heat at age forty to abide. And 72 right now he dabbled in time. What bush did you during the show we bury the Red Sox and sporting took over. Obviously that was a big scheme of of the questions here. Was what was mine and you know what happened he talked about here and criticize the Red Sox and I think. They weren't thrilled that went after people individually in the organization and discussions are made a much higher than me. And I didn't workers that week. That was I got a paycheck for significantly less than my usual paychecks so what are suspended or not that's. All up to everyone else annoyed at work rest that week and got paid less than they normally do. Another centimeter shell of what has a great show but this is how it always works because it was it was a great wild show. I now works now is I can feel it in here and you wherever line there was or wasn't we weren't we went over. In service are great you're great show message waited a year to just wait a day or two short affidavit to later meetings were had phone calls and contentious phone calls for. And now is not work in the rest that we can someone back up to Maine which Kerry and you know. Lucky for me I usually get suspended this summer and he's got to Maine you know I mean nation deal. All the money you'll oh upset me back in mind especially given having happened this arm told the violence that maximum scale much now. How did you learn about much do you why. OK so we did the show. Was just mean Jerry think. On a Monday. And I got a text from out of like 955. Do you call me get a call me right away call me after the show called me after the show him. So I'm thinking geez what what the hell is this so we go in the office for awhile leave. And call my right away walking out I'm thinking what's going on prices and stupid aired. Catches turner break with some might come on tweet you know you never know that's the other thing. But this time as you never know. When you as somebody offers said the wrong dangerous at some controversies since amusing joke it's me not take is joke to show. That call might much and I talked up (%expletive) up (%expletive) up (%expletive) up like 45 times. Without taking. To be something like in that world social media or DB DD DDD say something did he do something. What happens is and I'm here the night before in opium and here I should know was going. And he said I got it to you why. Now as walking out of the garage to get to the car. Act like you stupid (%expletive) And say that as an odd Jesus we talked and I cynical back in. Doctor Joey to program director Morgan that she was going to three of us talked. You feel better after that and we talked and some other people building as well and he felt better after that and look at. I do think or at least reveal. Them texas' wake up call I think he will and he has so far. But he was. Terrified he's terrified about marriage and he's terrified about the way Felton is a daddy was a barrister was humiliated and Eileen first on the list but some were an analyst who were these whose job. I did that you every once he got lucky in some ways because you anybody needed in the car was his third time. But I think he now knows this. Which is that if he does this again he's there's no conversation as if to ask you walks out the door I mean you know UTQ do you wise. As you should by the way if they said you know they said you're out to be our for me to to defend. Morrissey. Another casting couch question which we don't call anymore. Are you frustrated can't finding fresh faces sentencing for five maccast coached each week again I would see you. You got. Should this every time the people is the questions I guess the most ECB are you gonna ever permit their personal uliassi market the people understand where you can do that the people listen. But that's watching it's somebody new do something you'll see an equity guy he never give me any names. We tried them at thirty people on resettlement rotation which was kind of always play him but leading and I tell you something new breaks out or somebody wanna have on. They're going to be on the big they are if they want to they are going to be on. They're going to be on the on the show no DO. We're your biggest influences what talked about that for sure stern news you know huge influence Jerry was a big influence. It's not the big show did when he had been on sports stuff. Big points my cameraman Doug being a big influence. But your dream job at this point ESPN shouting show drive times to him podcasts off Simmons. Clay Travis. I gonna be honest I'm actually. Right now professionally pretty satisfied. The sub TV surely I'm doing right now. I really like to show like the show's doing obvious you were doing fantastic ratings. It's working with which struck an error for the right time I think. And I enjoy I enjoy doing these four hours I like the fact that like everybody I work I like him like Chris I love Jerry. Entangling training to mossy and much. I I like that I didn't like working with John I didn't enjoy the experience at the in the last year year and he like working with me he would like Jerry Jerry and like him. I was fresher with Curtis. You know take my frustration out other people I'd stuff going on my life. Now I look forward. To working I look forward to the show where I was dreading it for a good year year and a half and trying to get out and they would let me I was trying to. Moved to other shows or do this or that. And. Now enjoy and that will go away at some point I've no doubt but right now I'm enjoying the show the edge of our show yield is based misery and in. Now you know this is in anger stable we have more we laughed when the other show in the market we laugh more than any other show. In the market where more authentic and initial in the market. We have a good time we question things when I'm afraid to fight with each other like some other shows we. Are enjoying it. And enjoy the success of it so right now I would much rather do the show every day Boston where I grew up. In the middle of the issues. They go on ESPN and shut up and Roethlisberger no desire to do that nine drive time I'm in drive time talk and I am on a morning show which is the most important part of the date by far removed afternoons to support. While they fight delicate pressure Kurdish one dollar some lift weights you take part in the Fareed I don't want you. Then. Chris wants to know how you cope so well with the passing of your parents counsel lost mines are here saying cared for parents. I don't I coped so well with it. There are days where it's fine and your days where it's Sox. And again it's like I said before it nothing compared to so I don't know from coping with the well. I know that I get up and go to work and with my family and then I work again. A good neighbors and I didn't think I would further agree it's much do I go. 45 times a week I actually enjoyed such it is you know it's nice in the fall to it's it's not the weather's good it. It's it's peaceful and you really talk a lobby just sort of sit there and stand there. If they can just you know water them play it's there it. And a clean up a little bit I find it to be sort of calming the way I like it like knowing that that's there. In the like bring the kids there and talking about them reminding them of things and then. You know moving on in doing something off the third day's work. It's it really hits you're not sure over and then there days Reid he you don't think about it as much as the other days you know my dad died five months ago. Mom died not quite four months ago yet I'm sure that's true. Yeah. Yeah and I'm sorry that's right not quite four months ago yet before months. You know month 22 month so. You know you just sort of you sort of go thread no you know I've been asked a few times of people. I have no advice for all everybody's thing is their own. But EEE I would choose. I would say is you know the idea of not popular thing about was dom domination thoughts ticker the end for both of them I think a lot and I think if you yourself think or the full life that I do the end right now but the end. Is still so stuck in my head. Yeah so I'm just knocked over you find yourself some decrying her grave crying your cart crying babies on earth ought. Breaking my mom's birthday was this past Saturday would have been Bert Ayers 67. Tough day you know Halloween. Though be tough steak Shapiro was there that exceed the kids Thanksgiving we talked my dad's birthday is November the first Christmas. They'll be the universe she's just the stuff meaning Iran and the people who knew them or letter from somebody's think of them. And their they're always just also present you know please feel so presents deal all the time. Andy or be so every day every day you know multiple times. And now objected to sort of taken away Kate my daughters said. He just feels it on long vacation in that's country legally can't keep waiting for the door open and walking in the distorted view they were. Before each got sick. Coping I don't know I know if I'm coping well with it or not. Com but you know I'm coping with it's it's it's it's it's okay it's okay criticism is a fine Sundays here. Favorite Tom Petty song Alex esprit that maybe I would say rebels department favorite or you got lucky I really like that song. Alec face the crowd at petty song was souls on. I like its face and that's a great song tremendous. Lets you post master get a few more nugget here. So ago. Too too too too too too too too too too too too too too too. Can you talk what night fox is a deal that you always had to we've talked about it three million times I've. Would you have at least fifty buried Dino stories do. But some ice and cold Arctic foxes homes for mean. You know John is drinking at the time he says she's sober now which is great if the peace over that's fantastic. ABBA is strictly a lot that day. And much dinner. In a restaurant and foxwoods and Thai restaurant and use the per go to bathroom and a two minutes later editions of the guy from the catcher brought back to what the kitchen mistake. And he was bombed India's back support whoever was but nothing really. Nothing really crazy about that and thank. I mean all these questions are the same. You know. A lot of these questions of the same so I lost ought to Warner to mourn my god here. SC. Then. Doing it this do you buy into this story. Well Israel's. I feel like there's an idea that some people. That you know when your parents are gone like when they die. You know the second and it's gone you know at some point did that you did did your parents of breathing. You know immediately there's a knock on the door and somebody comes in the hands checks. Out works obviously you've gone through this. It's a whole process all legal process and he would do this and that is paperwork in his Dole's the time we submit bills my parents every day or the pain. Do that have been very the very fine inheritance and having making various voting anyway I'm very lucky. It's disseminated put away and worry about very very lucky I'm making very very nice living. But you know what you learn is. My Brothers and I. And Ryan. Sort of sat down geez. It's got him so my number is a sudden they want phone number. And what they do with these clauses. To seven they won 424 and good luck bye bye and so is the first six did you and number. So now I get these cold calls from so they want four to force all the time like yesterday as well I can't give for street. What elect that the (%expletive) calls and cellphone start. And you. My Brothers and I certainly a pact when my we've always obviously not a great relationship an attack of asthma spike asked you. And we sat together at the start of this doing my mom got sick both my parents and were were in terminal cancer. In recent all the ship we've had passed all the attention it's gone for now which can get through this together and we did by and large we did. Really a Lehman Brothers are great during the process unbelievable. And then they then my parents were gone. In and there was stuff that. Really between my two Brothers more ironically action not the middle of this which feels odd way. But they're mad at each other things happened in one brother more than the others frustrated the other. About stuff financial stuff and this happens unity alert you talk to people only see this happen means Applebee's have me sent them all time. And now the weird spot where. I don't have any parents anymore. And my Brothers are mad at each other in the are not gonna get along anymore you feel like you're. Entire family did you grow up with is just sort of bond now in the waste or talk to each of them individually. But the sort of gone it's just very odd. Thing where you know you're a family for a unit for whatever bad you should restart trophy and me but obviously they were still always around in any kind have nothing that part of your life. Is gone on an M mom's sister and is still very close to our family her daughter's well but enough talk to her brother who. Was not operate you know my parents. You know put them on vacations and paid for things for them in and we're very. Very kind to them over the years very generous. In my parents got sick they just kind of ignored them. And their kids at the same. And united to blow my uncle on Father's Day you'll my mom was upstairs at home hospice the two of us yelled screamed each other I did most yelling. For ten minutes in you know even comes in the wake of the funeral my mom we saw every day we talked to every day for life was very close to. And I sometimes feel bad no way for him tonight to give him. Not being there at all when my mom be crying and saying I just want to talk to my brother while my brother call while he come around why won't he seemed. While she's dying husband has so I think (%expletive) him when that happens animal okay. But topic that part of my life is gone they're gone a family never speak to them again and so I've lost my parents my uncle his family that was big deal obviously my Brothers are fractured. So it's very weird. Very weird situation right balance of setting in some ways but then also the same time. You know what he would do you know it'll work itself or or wall but that's sort of what's going on retirement question originally to be honest. But I only see me do one more Iran and oppression one of me in the stupid one when you think it's too. Is an ever intimidating to work alongside. War hero it is but the event mean again you know. After magic's two guys who work with MacArthur patent. We're Schwarzkopf. Or these people you just look at and he admired the things he did for the country you only can do was thank them every day. For this service and in an idea every single day canister. How close is about to being fired after incident close not that close I never got the sense. And by the way and I don't think he should've I think we (%expletive) up and and if he screws up again he should be fired no question. But I don't think initiative like if somebody across the street to offer rain and you wind and fire thank you mark a super tree how it happened. On trees you know we do that the candidacy in the fire it's really I mean you can't if you say spat publish your sponsors threatened to pull up that they don't. You know I don't you do that for one I don't think he'd. OK missy. Yeah now the jury John Dennis is a pompous a hole before drawing the show and if not when did you realize when the force him out. That's Kyle Moly. I obvious I worked a deal a few times before. Are doing it for Jerry the person on air I'd never worked with mr. I fills in the mid day show again a lot of afternoon shows. With Kuwait and the Oakland hall we shall it was Michael but what was going holds a lot of I didn't few full weeks at those guys. Bomb in did a lot of mid based off in a good six separate shows and John that was sort of knew we're trying to figure out my way. A new job is different and use quirky. But you know is producers were briefed really critical when you leave the room Gerry would as well put a pretty early on there was a different vibe going on there's a force him out. I should be cares much of the show was either Jerry did after a while news older and I understood that I want to get on. Try my own show if that meant you know forcing him out or sort of getting into war I was willing to do it and see who would who blinks first. So I don't know. I would say around 2004. And if middle of fifteen may be. I was kind of like art I'm ready to move on Jerry Knight talked about it we were ready that we wanted to try some different things. But you know. I don't like I might know hatred for deal anymore it's over like it's it's fine I mean by some today. I'd say hello I mean he may not he may hate me I have no idea that that part of it is gone and the guy. Kind of accomplishment want to have had a chance to try and land shall so far very early on. It's good. OK that's it I'm done we got. Viewership like just coming up with a set like this ghost of in this in the handbook. To spend in Iraq and wrote in again you know it's apologists are Jeremy talk participant sport but it's a really good book. And over now open up so few books is (%expletive) great book. On the drop that is we say hopefully petition allows us to peace if he isn't locked up or destroy O'Neal podcasts. Some plays next week or so I'm reminded of a bonus when Mexico and the guys against a plane it's every other week. On Obama doing every week now about them that world is over that's enough about me. That is via mail bag I'll do another one maybe before the end of the year to October up doing in December. In Harry Qaeda bothers me on the comeback ants on a few guys on the duplicates of the kids again you'll like mail back mailbag podcast. With Kate Harry for a Christmas break I've no idea if you look for producers. For the podcasts of a couple of names in mind. This will be up Thursday yet so I'm appalled provision that knowledge to be an update if we do have to do with the horse casing update. The state of apply. Cast your with in the park she needed some of that maybe once a week or every other week or so interpret in the week giving you what's. So that is the mailbag podcast brought them great friends who owns the store and we praise bill on time because we beat you love the guys in film of the people there. Up close there about the effect here want to admit they care about an awful lot no official time it's true. If your guys so what good has no idea who do go to build a we will meet you look at 100% if you. Milton sponsors enough.