Enough About Me Ep. 72 - Kirk & his brothers 11-9-17

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Thursday, November 9th

On what would have been his Dad’s 69th birthday, Kirk brings in his brothers Adam and Ryan to talk about the life of their late father. Peter J. Minihane passed away on May 4, 2017 after a long battle with Multiple Myeloma. In this podcast, his sons discuss some of their most vivid memories of Peter’s life and his final years.


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Price this episode of enough about me is brought to you by my great friends and Milken's in Milton QB is comfortable in our stores shall be in our close social plaza Braintree Kinshasa he'll square Chestnut Hill. Militants is the store Foreman thanks also hello fresh dot com support enough about me he received thirty dollars off your first week deliveries. When you go to hello fresh stock common use to offer code meaning hand thirty. MI NI HA and 30. That's how fresh dot com use offer code meaning in third. All right this episode enough about me. I am my brother's and he has been Brian and taken us on Thursday after madness. Going across the street for justice. That's my voice will shot that Adam and Ryan here today of my dad's it's November 9 my dad's 69 birthday. So weird day in his career days will be more from and I know some people early in the Saint John person tacos parents again yeah I am. This hour my Brothers Odyssey and the more for me. She had to sort of document is audio dock with the effort for congressman let's get to listen to it. Remember those were there the whole step of the ways it was crazy to your journey we get a lot of that we talk about my dad and also make fun of them which is the kids about their dads but. In oil and we keep talking about during the the politician bureau's attention to reexamine eulogy into the church. Amuck and do that honestly I think I just will be able make it through I can't you know curious thing broke me just about. Couple stories and maybe I'll read at some point. Additional going to right now. But I was really happy about Brothers here who were great terminal process. They want to get along perfectly right now that's a life. A three Brothers it's like when you lose your parents to these things happen. Ups and downs right now it's sort of the down we all got together at a good time for an hour and a nice launch after it was were able to do that. It celebrates sort taco polite and my dad Peterman and would be 69 today. A great guy a great dad. But what they know what they MIT from eulogy take apart the breaks me up. Is some. At the end of it at the end you just talk about my dad got sick of the variant it was a Sunday night he GAAP hospital again after that. In the Monday morning he had this terrible attack in I think he thought he was gonna die right there. He was. A religious guy but nada not a crazy religious guy he called for a priest to come and he's finally got his breeding restored and is okay. In a priest came in. And his voice was really weak at this point is really sick and he and he asked for us to leave who could talk the priest walking out. In house tell us and I can hear him in the first he said the priest was seldom. Was I've lived the good life I'm proud of what I've done. And he should be. Isn't that the great life and he was the hardest working person I've ever known in my life. We had some tough years is teenagers and for me and that's out of fathers and sons but. There's no other data whatever one's life. Love so watch I miss him so much on days like this too weird. But I got a chance to talk my Brothers. About the life. In the last couple years really the last set couple years of of a great man my dad Biederman and on what will be his 69 birthday. Allen and Brian and hand the special guests. On this week's enough about it from here in the meters all Booth steel way with adamant Reiman and bruises. Mr. broadcast or podcaster (%expletive) my dad's six the ninth birthday. The first question asked is who I mean clog up the (%expletive) toilet because widget in just a minute review. Not a good it was but somebody did it because I got the emails from people now charges thing but you know we did it. I've been I've been there all the whites and popped in my view not even omni pure White Sox cost you because it was quite some of process that the white that's fine but that was an instrument illusion that you get when you are their more recent Iowa. Action on the tech of the you've been more recent and and I used the wipes because we use the likes to forego pasta for pennies is happening in the clogs up and we had went there yes sues you it's it's inaccurate 400 dollars. That's just not it's just not actor 400 balloons will. Come on your check. Well anyway so cassettes can be soft out of will be solved it today. Tension hairs are always is meant him voice and get together that's almost inevitable and usually unusual them action on the middle of which like agers remain on this. Seems like the right as I guess it shocked to hear that I had inside which Michigan so cold it's not Michael in years not two degrees in this bill. It's cold and you want office school. It's cold here. So I thought we just talked about dad for a little bit as you know I don't know I think he giving half of the three was Stan for the kids in green go for that stuff we don't we did not too great job that's. Really no videos no not really good pitchers who struggle with that. We put every together 'cause in the coal put together in big job at it and we greatly. Photo taking me. I never talk enough that it got by the ways you also yet can also talk and thank you. Inheriting keeping them including mom and dad and it's just the closet filled with was a drug as any other closet is full of the things bud. Blow we don't do the same action we have a lot of kids photos but nothing of us involved with wicked witches. Terrible market you know Ehrlich even yet with in my own kids it's always generation is different. But signal yourself on anti ready India. Because there's very few of all of us yes yes who would spend well six months we can take the six months yesterday dad is kind of a believable than. Were you guys are six months later he fears a few different towns feel the same you guys the guys think about soft and you thought you would more often column it's. Some (%expletive) class Michael right now after taking the speaker. Yeah I'm taping a podcast right now you're on speaker with my Brothers to be a podcast. From my dad's a birthday usually Thursday were taping Soro podcast talking about and why why did you filter the call and right now. With second. Nobody can sound as if it user is terrible angels as a loan fees on cars and you since your daughter was great. By severance better rate on but where you guys. I don't really think about them enough confidence to move on. For Dunn does not think Sunday is for the most part some deserved. OK and and some is a really really bad but. Mean it's it's a pretty similar it was six months ago. And nothing changes it's the same on says take certain time it's just it's every every day I'll wake up. When they're trying to column pick up the phone text from wherever dad some consumers to call or text would never ever think that I ever ever respond to text you know foam pharmacies from dad would be. The two people who know our Gerri count in Peterman and leave the human fifty nine's second messages that the ones who can leave amendment that would have put ads. Ask but this. Adam dead. Wednesday 315 history. Yes. Yes it's it's it's dad calling them DiMicco back to you a chance Eric Peterman and went in and yeah it's Tuesday 330 in the afternoon. Was calling team. It's called Aqua talk about it later. Yeah it's it's it's it's it's straight for meat from it's much like it's much harder for me harder. But it's much. We're about to hit the six podcaster cry sometimes at night. That was dead as much harder for me to come in terms of being dad and mom as winners at Celtic mom is great and notions mom really mean new shoes. Or just a moment issues are too nice for the deadly. In a weird way I can still feel a (%expletive) 43 now. I still feel like in the wee or him chasing dad would be approval that like that will never sit in rooms with. We shrinks I've talked you guys talk here talk podcast they talked to wipe I talked for whatever like that will never in my life ever be resolved for summaries in price (%expletive) loves it. And don't get a Q. No idea hey hey I agree album I'll never and I was watching it terrible movie that sing it to Disney flick wearily to the father at the end is with him trying to get approved descend to improve from his father and it had its intended yes I am Gorzelanny I didn't it was a little unknown as much it would likely in yes I mean like there was that moment where's a Good Friday and I'd sort of crying like a little baby just I'll never get that. And I don't think that he is that the city was a product you don't know how it was an awfully nice probably wasn't just as we now and and now exactly it's. It's ridiculous it's yet that you. So that's you know that's that's always had a ticket. Also it makes a little bit easier being to be honest in Sudbury. I can imagine living in Lexington back close to the cemetery necklace to register because immaterial attempt (%expletive) up I should I got it I have to stop doing a but if I was there probably due to. Q yeah off ego. Probably once every once every couple weeks ago. A goal and bring likely are we gonna send real quote communicate in a very long it's weird I am I would appoint I would generally I I was in the other day. It was after the it was a big storm. Last week as we can doesn't know I went the other day and for the first league the last couple times the first time's come I'm talking about Imus to assess where between Iraqi and Asia and the chair at Brigham legitimately talking him in my cap. No work's going okay and suddenly you've. (%expletive) cliche possible when we do we talk in mid exactly and other than that it iron I don't what's acuity you know yeah. My birthday is coming up it's assistant Dan it's wrong but. What has been really nicely into this that we can wasn't great but very grapple with that it's just it's bizarre part. Yeah I may have abandoned its receipt keeps saying that I want some I want with mom's birthday. Baum but because it's an hour and fifteen minutes to get the site prodigal every three or four weeks and have not from a white he had brought Juli wants whose baffled by it but that's the same thing I'd sit there. Interim saying yourself do I supposed to talk news is this if it but I just sit here are supposed to talk it's just awkward. Years look at amiss and it won't be we're surely coming to three years ago partly it was from mama doing man some nameless and it is that difference in you know who's sort of this you know as sad as it was felt that from mom and Purdue's. It was she died no better way to. I think it probably because you know clearly the better way to dead in the heart sort just dies and she was I was I wasn't aware he was Q is nowhere on sesame whatever my point is it's this will be an app like we should not you know he's an address. Your record that's still a lot about them. But the but yet when you but it's hard you know it's hard in capsule and a man I might actually the start of this pockets -- will do could be interpreted later on this week and reduce on the eulogy maybe. Maybe should want to hear as he locked the century years ago you yeah you know give it's I don't know you made it through it decently until there yet. And yet of that wouldn't be bad for the good. Every you know drug dealers get the guys you've got according during the actual funeral it was yours always monthly you know. My dad and I laid off your my dad Mimi said. But I'm glad. That it I tribe the haiku it's just art in fairness I mean you led off and we are told them ninety seconds to two minutes after Bryant noted I don't know do you ever and a bill made you wonder service keep a real short keep real brief and that you had time yet chemistry with both we both you you took over. Or slain I'd try to catch attracted. To slow it down enough selected to diet I I saw adore notes as Jesus Jesus. And it might sound argument that it. But again like we also went into it saying that introduction went through my dad who's the greatest memory amendments on the grandmother yet about it but we did everybody to its board. AAs are awesome. Average I'm. I nobody gets in the community and introduction and kind of what he was going through it's just gonna go and do whatever in the middle and you're gonna give the figures and we had to say that we have a talk a breakdown who's gonna cover white and a day before we said. Now packages to scope were gonna go to pass on the we had conversations you won Mexico. Quickly went quickly happens when that quickly so along its about time we got to meet him. You oh Jesus Christ our item one in my disappointments. Actual which is awesome that that actually brought a fortress that led off notre. No I agree that that whole thing which I still don't know who actually sent a team which is you know and now it's up on. Yes shall sit him now that the activities sedan and the but it science bomb I was I was just don't just listen nod Odyssey I actually that that was never thing was never the time would love the fact how quick it was that was not the issue the issue that anybody would see anything about was. Mean freaking out the morning. Writing the the actual house. Because we're doing on the nominee Jeremy. It didn't have anything to do with you I was just for wreaking the hell out about it and I was that related. I think that in that time I think I was like (%expletive) I thought that he had everything all set I know exactly. You talk about that category and Margaret had stated you're an answer during the second. But that that policy I never did I swear I swear and let my kids and never once mentioned had a stroke lead the boards this is yours and it. I know what Aziz is this going to be the memorial that'll be the first well and I'm probably right now won easily lead. Possible candidates are five or six sites and configured. I was I was first a psychoanalyst. Last known as uncle Mike and mr. The girls that wasn't invited to play get it's not it's not for you to apologize to push certainly not that's the Celtics are. No I'm sorry that there was confusion into all the ways and sorry. That the note no what's so it. Much of a synthesis and already out there including dom. And those say it's hard to describe that the people who did only pets that sort of thing that did the trick like if you knew him like he's he's I think he is everybody says and what their dad. But he's one of those guys who literally becomes sort of when the the people Italy won't forget that is the Dan all the way people want to them when yours is nieces and nephews or whatever you close a pack of guys mean you know we can tell. Dad's stories forever bitterly forever and honestly it's. Dominated our lives doing bad impression telling that story real now he's on it's still too little camera and now you find yourself is a dad I mean moments recently dead topping your kids and it's like (%expletive) up. Or conversation I'll talk to somebody here whatever. Scott you know whatever. Program directors some guy who's not just shoot it just got gambled (%expletive) telecast. Byers asked the people. In Hattiesburg and just this is the thing that burns. I art while back to work a lot of people kept asking I can tell me about your dad ever used it was people who had no idea what it was to try to get different language right now McCann renew them deal then those didn't like it's sort of you know he sought. The wait to wake who's in most people had been Doherty stormy and it was that the biggest weak paper. Everybody ever Haywood a lot of its been around me it's been around for Everett generations and it's woods. We figure out how much dead time moms compared dad's it was dad went until fifteen minutes toll. And we still had 1015 people walk through my business really crowd is just huge crop blockbusters Ozzy is that if I won them both of the offense the right mobs crop was huge nor -- assembly for some animal network costs between a live as six weeks and compares to the people compliment or so but I but I don't think in an even in fairness enemy to put down mom it's still even if it was a year later Paul Goodman's as a dad dad was just I was Saddam lunges professionally morally you know parental you know who's been you know it's sort of people for Manhattan on McCain and just where Manhattan I'm. A school that he went to not knocking you resort I don't remember Mormon and non cash or not. Matt Matt Matt Dion manual deal and man and if people came that hadn't seen him in. Forty plus years and still. It's tongue seemed to act stupid stories that you heard from people who work with them weird. On the all of us in the X axis is it really well it's. Use that you was an odd guy like as a as a kid just thinking back and it just not understanding his sarcasm was basically the hardest things did not and in till you get older realized that he was just. Just a pain in the ass of one argue and just to be shipped and Dallas and you. It's you know he was it the ultimate contrary just to be you know people say about me but I'm bamba's that would literally just argued just argue that (%expletive) you off and watching this stuff he enjoyed he enjoyed that process. Morton and the people worked form while the oil actually measured by pain in the past estimates of times and god. But I still remember you coming up to me a couple of times towards the end expertise argue with you just argued just given up shop and I don't entitle it. Doesn't you know he was no matter what ones who take the side drew one. And he added that auditors are kept this speak into the Mike you do that Iraq and he kept on the rails it's like are you right there right there earlier than do. For a breeding like that out that matters breathing room I was Britain and Alia and that's the extent that it really. Its review three thank you. I would give back to my my Brothers here in a moment but I'm happy to take a break here to talk on my great friends and builds I should take my Brothers by the way the building open bothering me to do that I will do that at some point. We brought Ken where there Chris Curtis a couple of weeks ago. Mills is the greatest you know they've been so loyal to us and we are so proud to have them as a sponsor not just of the show but of this podcast. It is quite simply the store for mad if you wanna go into a faded in the great. Don't mess around don't go online local searching you guys don't know what you're doing and no I don't. You drive to social plaza in Braintree or where I go chest he'll square Chestnut Hill. You'll get outfitted by Milton you're walking in the people are great. The prices are great the look is great very simple if you like simple stuff. Don well he's going to milk and you'll look I'm telling you what fantastically you walk out of there. Mills is the best shopping experience I've ever had in my life I hate shopping. I love going to mill closed the people there I love how they do business militants is V. Store from. Went. With you which with like the dad sort. It's hard and its assets that that's impossible to bet that. We've debated for years. Jesus. If you've thought about it it does I mean and a script I guess I mean I've got a couple I guess. And in neither of them unfortunately neither mentally unbelievably vivid but the the Bermuda story with. With the with with the golf ball had Isaac is that is honestly you know so young my story way. It that it it is but I still it's it's what I remember we are at the semester that we amused. Plane it was it was like it'll pull. Yeah a little knowledge about yet and yet people like his miniature golf course. Individuals domestic home yet it islanders giving them yet but jealousy in his own plan and no homeless a 1% every single person that's allowed American net. You walk by homeless person. Go in there and I was there's a great that don't count. But the idea none and yet there was the there was the pool I'm doing hands example there's that there was a pool a great hotels military is sort of terrible delay from the angle yeah you mean golf course like you know hotel. And in the ocean and the ocean. We're playing. And who's just three of what's your really a guy who actually might have been no. That's me yeah I was probably best for the next no's and Exxon that we like as you're just a little that the remembered aside yet and did that that you're you're around twenty conception. That maybe who hopes. So I was on the I was on the whole I missed the plight. I grabbed the ball literally viciously. And slam them like my hand Jesus. Admitting golf that progression is caught the ball and hit dead square and (%expletive) at fort. We just look these sobs of course you care to do regret and human rights principled and it was illegal now inevitable inevitable spread to the point I mean honestly could stop sprinting. Not sure to zero what happened he yelled out. But yet that's that's that's that's one of the ones and then obviously like it defeats the sprained ankle. You know him just freaking out about this clinic with doctor no was and it was and then mysteries of theaters house now is summer. Games for his ankle stuff like that an image is again in the worst tolerance of pain he's just such a team's all time the latest on screen you can be sinners than cry. Prices unwinding of it would be says there there'd been detailing mistake winner and each says he's been mom and you know mom's instinct all the time with all the stuff Jessica moment when one term. How pivotal clinical party's great moment in. Those situations he got hurt she showed. She. Should suggest try not to laugh at that we get is that Jesus Christ strange would be glad to be for him we read by talking twice a week. That's that's a good dad story Virginia. I got the one. Was we need you dad mom Paul Rainier. Washington masters when Mickelson was gonna win she's classic classic dad fresh ration anybody would have looked at which is being skeptic but. We didn't there's a commercial long work car was backing up slowly and at the beginning of like cameras being in the back of the cars which showing the safety feature. And mom let out this Yelp has this car was gonna kill the Philadelphia. And gadget darker and outlooks are remote in. Did complete just disbelief that are stupidity of that moment just says patsy statistic guy DM commercial the and everybody in this. She's on bears ferries keeps laughing and laughing he's not laughing wasn't a joke it was you. It's just it's it's not it's he said the masters it's funny it's like. That transition that maybe I'm doing to his right about that it's weird thing to me like when Mikell when can encourage one and 95 masters. That would have been howls so it would have been twins team two years ago now so that would have been where I've where it was my age. That became quite like oh what what what happened. You're not a crier and the character's dad died and Unita members primarily what he does he was higher in the early have a slump would not describe him say he was a weepy too we've been in front of us know and on for an anybody but as you say that on his private he was crier live every sporting event it's very mr. prime every sport it was something happened was he would be crying like what. It's tragic when I mean wipe out any tennis Arsenault manner star spangled banner went. That was a guarantee I'll leave it there to torture in the pictures. As any forward Ali is Ali were bad that was it that Ali these guys and as justice thriller. He's mechanic and then you know more more we thought we left. Which is definitely titlist regrets in my life that you guys you guys thought that we had to hold him up early next days and after a miserable if you watch a game. Yeah I mean as it turns out. That was definitely has to have foresight and he's not here I was and ideology and that but honestly begins halftime went home at that point did we get you to be get the information at that point that he had already bought percentile or would you yea that was post we know it always Ireland where the tree that's right that's right that's right that's right that we knew which way it was on that went bad that was regret. Yeah night I just I mean what was it is just a blowout and he was a ball times as it was not too long after that he snapped with the Celtics team like. He was so freaking calm during that entire game there in the third of extreme scores he never got upset wash the rest the second half of them he's kept sang the capped well. This is the I think has to happen next minute happen is that it has death an accident happens commas can be and they won. And it was still may be which again is going to be that whatever the score challenger whatever that it wasn't sure they went over the line and wouldn't freak out he wouldn't freak out and they finally announced Grammy can stop crying. Is trying always weeping eyes and ask is just too is. Lol I spoke with the notable it is. But yet it at that transition from when I. This life I think definitely yeah I mean we like the patriots Red Sox Red Sox to a degree as a result of your arrest it was a self what are we are receipts garden. 1147. Going. Nine. The front page something for. We go in there watching games labor and Ellis that became thing but transition just I think he I think honestly deep down we witness which rose disperse. These tea caddies he just kind of I don't know if it ranks aren't the only so long he's he's moved telecheck a pre over yet now you but he loved Rossum for. Yeah really really really used them as well as the last few weeks it was it has been here a pattern that room it was that when we're watching and remember what game was so expert right wizards with what was so yeah that yea and it was 242 violation and he just he'd just grabbed controller and almost threw across from grinding. Oh of course and then suddenly dads you know relax it's one possessions one that was the second quarter and it was only gaming with him in just pleaded with the control I was trial was the wizards. Remember the wizards because we were Washington Wizards. Got later see you later here it was it was the seen series heated it to him and he would ask yourself spray exactly did the right series was the first. That was a second round I think. I think. We'll Tanzania and that is exactly that they went and in this well or the door the (%expletive) problem. It's you you're the problem. Weirdest do you like yeah that was that wizards. The right is that a double overtime game was hos there but the evidence right Toby that's good because I took him. Home Iceland and arms and you'd. You to be released in oh or via. The wizards game exit took him he died on Thursday. The Sunday before that I took him to national for a hydration. We came back and watched game two loss in game one must have been good scheme Brownback what scheme you use. Mr. scan that was a night when dinner. Was right north Vietnamese which is at stake. And I wanted it. Mean probably the best and Justin got really sick want to osment and which hospice and that brought and we watched game two minutes yours. Who was game three and they say Thompson's appointment or hospital. In three it was a you had holidays coupled data underwear or violent riots in right now. Which we're I well we've we've we've you know. Will went through of over those two years optimum from its. We went through those two years for me if you break the craziness of it in the start of we could go with where it's hard. Which was out of my perspective and I can tell from you tell from yours. I. I'd be advocates Christine and the kids for Julie's birthday party should have been 33. Story here period. I drive him there right mean yeah I mean there just. I get there. Poland there on the right votes. For a point. God's country. And there you go up in it it's his birthday parties going in. And you know Harry Kate it blew people off the corrections or see people. Just look at it somewhere. Eyes he did it in at lake that is how does it affect your own Jessica by night as the demands and I talked about the two different after the so it was running around all over the place in that this is September 2000. Right Labor Day weekend. If so what that I've been mean the dead that we can before reapply all places he's becoming a person of Monica chicken up to care that you don't purchase it. He's going went for a walk with then is that six mile walk. Walk unions shorts properties loafers. As John in the weird weird weird undercut. That you're make it for the connection face it this isn't I had to get a job in Asia can print the stick for the dogs the documents that. And did jock took rocky did you ticket to Anchorage. Mistake she saw him I go in there. So doubt in my mind the thinking mom to toe healthy people on September 2 effort two dozen. So while walking your service USC's Julius the year and see kids running around your neighbors in the weird weird work. And analysts and can focus on dampers and understating him I'm going get married to for him yeah dad looks at me smokers like openly. It's perjury. Is way. So Harry I'm thinking that's that's the Harry. Going to walk over to. You. In the back. And we are joined in the bath yeah that was what I am or I or yeah I don't I thought that their I think it and then I haven't had you first meet as I was like it is I was like. Annually dances her dad's death stroke and stroke Connie writes my quantity and it was in remembering me stroke like stroke Sony whose brother. Dad's brother con uncle. Was diagnosed with brain cancer stage four in December of 2000 in. Mr. before. The first my first us. So something can. Happen. And cited. Lose your inside garment permission Don remember it is Michelle is it had a tough time at the whatever it is ridiculous that is that even then. Like the Catholic mass hole. Because would you feel kind of bad for them usually you don't know now you were enjoying my life. Would you like oh you know wasn't he wasn't buried it was you is who's on ice and borders now is that these astronauts none of you beard and he was very giving cremated by had been you know because I came back I came back from the president I connect my first honeymoon. Downed road rally to the Newport that's right down to because because because of Florida and get him up and all that it was terrible price wouldn't it anyway we're thinking like that's world thinking so I go over mom of course. With appointees completely off the noise. And this is just give me an idea of their relationship. The level of which level of which how (%expletive) up dad looked and sounded. If one is nothing intent is like oh we should thank you in the eyes it was probably eight. It's fair to senator Lu yen equity and Erica an up or for couple weeks of the things we didn't see them that we just. Two weeks before us and Fedora to for Labatt is reached talked him I think on the phone and you thought you'd drinking one. I call them twice in the week on Wednesday and Thursday before the party in. Dissented (%expletive) faced in the second time was like 330 in the afternoon and they did a cocktail hour at the pool that's right bigger as a what he just had drinker to did you thank you so. As him and it. So he drove from Kennebunkport to outside western. Which is a you know two and a half two hours on the dot on the highway in this guy literally if you saw you would think you'll walk from you know. Twenty feet and I think he actually couldn't want what mom I don't know could mop could literally never fight dad over gambit to dampen travel times of the remote temperatures to dinner. Which is a movie they're going to. Anything anything used in charge that was like at its peak. So the troops are together in relate. You know we believed we had no idea of the did two year finger injury there not quite two years but they were about to enter we're sitting there thinking what are we gonna do. Two of you said. I remember you both these guys are which published leave it alone ice let's find hospitals. Actually I mine that's inaccurate I simply give the keys and drive the price. With the like puppet you know I drove that pressure to Idec today trust me not who paid eight. Actually actually paper now mop up pump leather seats and that's why I don't know I com he came then I made a joke that particular through. We'll put a bit. And now. Slice. It special. Is it going there I know like I mean it's sort of bullets go far. And deny it you probably oh. So we it is. It's. I'd editing thing I've talked that we can keep in the back of some kind of weird that. Talk to him. And we saw them all the time but that was the call upon each and every doctor every on May be talked every couple weeks. It's. A girl on the longest and he says no way it was ever. Know. Oh god abused by as it was five on Christmas has not managed intelligently populate he fielded it and just call I pray OK okay amiga game. By the it. And I think that's at nab an accountant and back. It is applicable. Many apps please get these very remote writers and as you can take and you wake up summits of the in the same thing. But I James Bond but it. They'd get in this time video and I noted. And it put I Agassi thing didn't. Did you guys to Buick but geez obviously news (%expletive) up like we sent their talking in that bathroom was set and yet he's in the beyond. It is accomplished news is least. It is old as three of us are like having telling that to do something you're now tolls for about that later tell dad to do something. Was was still is grown men not an easy but it would we know experienced. Right is (%expletive) up as he wants stewardship I was still thinking like an average that the justices know that to me Marcus why you know which is unusual. I was crying and as that front row over the place these suspects to the birthday party. Which you learn a lesson never assume you agree I think we added it's true again this was suggested that may mama let him drive more. From the Britain counselors are basically this summer league Erica a couple of payments you're up there in their totally but almost yeah Harvard that are too high. Wanted average guy can be any of you know as it mama probably have a drive and it was in the hospital and or imminent and of course yet but. Wells where he would want. Right so we just read through this it again I'll talk to bring get outside the front your house there remember like shut the door knowing ahead in the door we hadn't been guts averages are to talk to him inside and I adored young and we brought about Natalie bottom outside that when used just. Mike really dead and you have to ghosts of earnings. That are currently disperse Imus thought it was a grand yeah everything affect his yeah it is double as fast as. (%expletive) kidding around right but he would in the I'd have to. Have to go this is this is not good for him or three major physical contact Emma and god knows what that's where you embargo on us to reach the what you gave a great line where you said. Hate when we were when we're growing up would remove the Boston for the very reason if there's ebony trouble imposed at the hospital division national weather but a global problem this is what we're gonna do you when he budget. No that's kind of person that is children born whispers don't know exactly as I know exactly I would actually are bought out or or or the greater Florida area. Corrected. If you've got a bit to present. He was born it was a choice fanciful thoughts and don't. Hit it graduates. All right back to my Brothers here in just a second but first hello fresh. I have teamed up with hello freshen their offering everyone our audience all the minute things thirty dollars off your first deliveries. When you go to hello fresh dot com and use the offer code and hand thirty. You fusion delivery date it works for you pause for weeks when you're on the town you can do that. Hello fresh obviously wide variety of course of recipes that change week. Three planes to choose from classic Beijing family awesome you know we want to great things to be of like my daughter Kate. Shall surely parred the experiences we'll flexed that part of completion to see happen but sixty. The food is healthy nutritious and taste great but toward the meals. Sent to meet at a borders by the lawyer Greg juicy burgers with that salad. Mean passed yet nice posse of like a lot regularly carry was a huge ravioli guy you cannot go wrong what's been all right the kitchen recipes or take about thirty minutes. Lots of one pot recipes for for speedy cooking to clean up it's easy to score in the restaurant. Is a classic menu as well if you coffin the simple recipes outlined step by step instruction cards even a dummy like me. I myself of the kids are away for the weekend summit I can make meals there as well. Put hello fresh stock hobbies echoed many of 3230. Dollars off your first week of deliveries. So eventually dads are under the master which like. It's funny gees like one a in this real issues masterly grape we pizza and pollute and there have been rent for two years we you know. So. It was me mom and dad ray we drove yet that you guys were so. Did Christine stay with the kids I drove him. You guys met up at a later that day we drove in and that was. For that appointment at times your life where you drove with dad you know five that's not a great not a fun experience normally anyway I got him but he really when he. But he was like (%expletive) Like it was weird yes and he's on their driving them like I'm forgiven him doing undoing of the map and it is September. Nothing you can go on guys and six months whatever sounds like September. Dads can be dead remember thinking marks dad's gonna go into the final (%expletive) thing the size of three golf balls this agreement on. Was a great guy had just you know the year last few months it's also bad form with all Smith seemed floored it. You should never use always kind of the port. Allies unless we use just gone right guard it was awful is a guy was a rocket scientist legitimately and a strong strong as Craig India you know alpha guy. And that we do this would be no experience with this we have gone drive and get there were sitting there waiting. And in which at the waiting an awful long Ian fastening systems talent that turns music really you know maneuver you can minimal ship would this is so this is how it works. We go in and we're in there for them that's. Saturday or Sunday. From Saturday Saturday Saturday yet it is Saturdays and quit so he then he gets much worse than they do all these testing on the ship we begins rolled up pretty early that's not. Brain tumor. It did a stand pretty quick yet obvious and adding everybody thought that's why it's so maybe rule out pretty fast now they're in this weird thing where they. If you re us into his kidneys fat that was what it was terrible it can be found resolutely to know why it was about time we got all of them we got to distill it noise out because we got sort them actually travelers for a couple hours later spread throughout the via neatly put nine drove a range 38. Lost so so where there. The four of us on interest ever concerned shows up. And we have going upstairs and there is almost like essentially they can call weird way. And for Dei awareness now we're in this world where the where with dad it was not a lot of affection. There's not a lot of play in helping him were dragging him in the bathrooms will go that path to bring him back we're thinking. Think he's. Got an and acted out here since Friday you know he does a second or third grade that he did so Monday Labor Day itself I think we've kinda I never in my life heard of multiple myeloma ever going to rise certainly melanoma like I didn't know what was going on. They walked us through it and they begin give us a real diagnosis. It was kind of like you know. When you and I don't know where you were a UN iris in their when he officially accept it and I don't know why but it was that's where they'd and the doctor came and gave some with the diagnosis and you hit your phone over to me because you looked it up on goal right then and it had a timeline at every stage area and they don't it's staged that. They give us the state because we knew was to it and we knew best case or two to three events right up stay up to what you would just Hewitt gone home. Within a much on number I'm like mama this week for you for staged traditional dancers we three for her at three. And it was sort of yet was that so we was and by its by wins maybe. It's. Ice they're heroes we just ordered to give honor to it and if I don't with the but it wasn't that given the steroids it for a program of the delegates into us over and over again. We can cure his kidneys now. And we can given steroids but then we won't know what's wrong with them and I remember thinking it was portion because he was just so (%expletive) up. And a second ago was and the next day he was that we talk about the rats talks and talk about just aren't just giving his cut rate now you can just cut two to three guys are northeaster is money doesn't matter is on him because I care of the diplomatic do it today there is back to normal with the media an awesome run. For early geez get a bad months in a bad first his first dose on chemo screwed amount he got put back into those fevers and after that they change the dosage and he was. If I was and I got back and he worst year position. Fare the worst winter fair in a horse yet about it is that winter Anita winter Bob shingles September. Did you guys emphatically Aaron after stress in the morning happy masa for for us that we need to calm week. Again what I want to second week anonymously I missed Thursday Friday and next week and the next week. That bomb so. Yes that happened you know awesome run you're right firm way however long. And in ninety days we will doubled and it will do their problem on at some point one didn't you for. Bush but with dad yet. He just get a good run but after that he was never watching god I'm sick again. It was constantly he never had never agree period after. It was until Ireland. And you guys it was even really dealt with and yeah you saw it up and I was. I was not happy I was questionable for new York and they had the ability brick it was two weeks before our owners like that they said we can fluid you up we can get a couple these types of shots that he was Arctic starts at least a week or he didn't in the ended at it and fight. Gone it was weird like mom. (%expletive) are. We and the damage is bad debts moms. Think it's the worst have. Them healthy. Feeling good. 85% of the time. DA. I agree on absolutely killed civil legs. By the lake sort of the ugly and am I right that was that was march we're into march and it was at that point yet but so did the right went to Ireland. To the very and he got sick with a couple days ago I mean the public hospital. Over the course of this 1520 times probably fair. Probably six or seven different treatments for three or four times actually admitted yeah I legitimately suffer for days yeah yeah just to ease never. He wants after the initial one he's gonna do via. Mom that's she's that the stage is gonna do the union appoints them so we could do mob that's at least going in you're going in three days later that number and there's number front and at the end and either qualify there was all of its. And out the one thing that he didn't hear it in wanted it bad thirty isolated for. We yesterday with the audience gutsy and we have mobile kids could go no kids couldn't get anything less it was very bought boxed like couldn't had to be in plastic in the he didn't wanna do a bit at that at that point. As doctor really. And it pushed in towards whatever she's that is unique in what should be done that if he did this he mold the east. He compares to what we do like you did you hear what your permission level BB longer. Yeah you an idea dad though like so. They wanna go to our I want to go to our home one more time which I thought was honest is a great idea I know perhaps we know we said the long time to will do their Nova Scotia we brought problem on the Scotia. Whatever you equate every guys want to just let us know we'll do it I can take off work out here it's what have you got one so mama's. Mama's it was opening this crisis first game the Red Sox remember were watching it in a key moment. Mature overnight at one time. For chemo she had the allergy yea threat she added to an ultimatum that was that was their for that so I was sitting with them. Dad turn mean that was not feel angry at that point he says he knew would like to do was beat them your mom and I would like to keep him for two weeks this summer bird for Fred take a truck. Set a I said. You know data that isn't in it it was weird as you got lake is a process goes along along the sort of switching of late in the brought up to the father. Appointments which kind of equal. You can see that dammit that's really not give up into election it's shrine in now at that point deuce and he's not. Currencies is just a good piece a little bit motion. Comic dad that's really really really. Not good. What Hugo when he gets it. And you moment hospital for two weeks or few guys go in and mom it's can be you can. You can eat and that's a though you guys whose original plans or bust. Which have to be honestly it was fine apart restraining it because I thought. Statistically one was really really sick on the street and imam at that point. He had. Patriot cancer for over now six months six money repellent that points religion that the next every month and he has every time she got to scanners every time she got. Every time your waiting for to triple double. After that happened six months as her in that first treatment shoots itself up a break only shows that only through April march the right when number you don't actually really healthy for about their you know leaders here it is humorous at one right now. If I talked to a number signal would spring when we did it was great mom felt awesome trip we are but the last month is really nice restaurant when we took this really nice restaurant. Mom blockage was looking like a weird way it was mostly. Almost like that we like and do it if sickly with a (%expletive) (%expletive) that the accused shot. And that was the that was Kenya a gag up before we gets accused in Italy angry yeah OAG and he flew back and brand hospital next day. You know people who suffer. Now almost eight months. And the last eight months freedoms. I was just as it for a team for the needy kids he was okay did a good result return finally but the last the last four months foolishness in and in fluid food its has not. Gotten there. Right we go ago a couple of times a week every day this doctor doctor don't Austin match and she tried hard he fought until like I think appoint. He's kind of done in the dissident Sunday night. I got we got a call it's the last call I got in house it's been some person's house mom. Calling. She said I can't read them and bring him into. Two Mass. General. She was yet she went to dinner and the day before mom totally Johnson's Johnson's odd formats and news knows. Ask stupid but I mean what he won foretell that before we get into Poland I want to use. Like telling your dad that you can't drive anymore it is. As a fear. No one knew. Conversation weird you're there for nine missed out on that I was that we used day without the winners when the Weir's days was we got we got news in my mind. Dad I drive and parts you like as you and you want I would tell you I was at the meetings we had a discussion we don't really know you're you're this is in the middle of the day on African Tuesday out of I don't know dollars a day that mom got it checked out. That's right so so mom my mom is in for four or five days with bombs for this for the collection stall (%expletive) up. It was pancreatitis through Colombia to use was it. Ultimately which it's really why she decide to stop and more in the summit and while you can do and it was painful all the time. So we got her out after a couple of issues that you feel OK while I was going on while they were checked her out we were to meeting with doctor atomic ads apologist. That's just she said you know we have one more treatment really is what's not working. You go one more and he was (%expletive) up that point so we're gonna try to homer joint trees in my dad's sister has her husband's semen. You're gonna and driver back if he could not drive anymore. And basically made a break for all we rough poems seem. Made a break for sleep at home swayze or wherever amateur call from tree said saying your dad's driving and I went from one in the national sprinting across. Richard A Guardia airport at two. That it's and watched Netflix dramatically watched that drive you know. You take a shortcut through via old Taylor's hotel and there I saw him do now is what this guy's gonna draw people. It's 5 o'clock in box you're texting in your text in because I'm driving right into Boston and rightly so desolate that's for so we we won ups this is going on we bring mom home. Right yeah I served icicle back I was back as a creature on major units in Lexington we we pick up mom every mile. Three of us medium like I'm ratings and this is going to be war. In recent you literally can't drive and misses its music he didn't fight. Last moment please do what he said was we said boy as easily when you say this to me that means it's over I can never drive and relied human like if you feel better we all this we had this conversation before once before when he gets sick before that you'll give it up for awhile and in in as again you know look what happened last time to happen again the problem but this is what O'Donnell wants right but the detail because everyone was not the first time in all the time it happened they were both. Obesity at a time tragically six who have been doing shall we did she could drive he just got helped shape that it's always thought I was Oscars for over which you did you go to the swapping him as he love love love love him and love going to go to breakfast this friends and loved him you know that you love don't you love going in of the drive he wanted to he wanted to go to Duncan W they get it and you don't mr. coffee while ago and do you ever get the paper wanna go to with the to have dinner with his friends or go finer breakfast places you know in love (%expletive) blog shortly but we went. Mean a couple of weeks ago. And provisions would that provisions place there. Instantly want why mr. Julia Ross to get breakfast Harry looked at the Steve these adults like it all the breakfast. You know that place up on that great. Loser. To the time I'm score sparks elections but I mean. But that was like that was like his arms off at that point and that means you live for month after that news but news that was really that was that was. Well coached ships now we're finally there's the whole time. In our Christine sages like every day you kind of waiting for the news you know that point the real anxious coming up we do we call them. Thank you use mama's not responding pollution missed them they could see. Because this could get a life or it's not answers for our legs accumulate in Michigan grayer like Amir killed complexion ends in that was just. Shale and it was a mess he said that time were actually there at a hospital in April actually became the hospital with her like nine minutes and what do you all do it stayed there and bring them home sometimes did stay a couple of hours to a team that day that Saturday was the one that Michael is there that they came in and we're just. Who's at that the limit your right emirate dad kaine. For a half hour instead of a Google. Needs his sleep sitting up camera we definitely that's it he speeds and of course but Paul. Guess that's what I am satisfied until we get the cost are we get Nicholson diapers and get thick mop calls my house Sunday night. She's driving him with him at that point. Com and Christina she went except when the next morning. I met we switched off you were or either we just getting their siblings and you've got their orbit later and he was. That point like I couldn't believe what he looked and sounded like his voice missed all the different he was weak. And we kind of went through for a few days and and the way didn't. That first day in we're just kind of waiting like me who goes hospices screen hospice for my grandmother and you know also she passed. And we were trying to get there and after day it too early to talk mrs. Here question aren't expand you know it's time were and a groan knew was. So that. That night. We switched off you've you've stayed in music that you feel point in the two nurses at lake 630 at night said US. Then that the and I were we thought he was and I cleaners actually said US. Based on his breeding patterns. He probably won't make it through the night and your I mean you're now you're officially convinced the only we've never gotten time lines no oil and these series of awful us forces and their thinking it's Tuesday so was that night or deny that Isiah Thomas had fifty points to 53 point soil is who switched up a summit go and then there was that that. Great meeting with what has to do was to weight rooms are greater user visit him yet because and you could book and the price you people beaten such are going their missing for two hours and we via. Like how women their thinking like there's a chance that I'd probably. So Ryan weeks in Europe and Africa for so she missed. Him he can knock him believe it's gone. So I walked on the hall. In. Their agenda I'd like literally out of it for a couple of days could speak. Haven't awakened when they are probably yeah than many had any water Walken and in and in the chair next the bed his dad sitting. (%expletive) is going on. Which then kicked off the oddest. Six or seven hours long wait till 8:30 in the morning next it was it was so that is you know 788 o'clock and until 730 out of the gender its population are agreeable prospects Olympus we had a change it change or earners at seven man and it was about an hour and a half until she got speculated. That's joiner should never say goodbye to a server right she socked yeah (%expletive) it's hater just begging begging her to go in at giving a more Maggie trying to get up and you wouldn't get up and turn on the one tips and crawl. I think I can promise you Jim Sullivan his old bones Somerville. Mom mrs. Evils happening to us about not enough as mad at me you know mostly out of them toward viewed that he NASA one point but the game. And number 1 in the morning actually I'd say it was like me and yet but idea Isaiah Tom Wright Mike McGee's you can't just as anyone to they only got one and I just I try to describe that night it's it's. Possibly group picking them up with the putting on. Sit down one injury he wouldn't have a drink. We forget that it is edicts Coke right tickets typical kind of Estrada is gaining so -- news -- use -- but is strong enough that he could you would get up guys between animal and I'd like to get into the month that was mom was down Q could you get ready to force him lose it's in the them a lot of walking and it's in front of interest coming cubic now sealed in particular give a little more medication that gives him that we don't wanna get mad at him because delirium there'll she didn't know that they didn't the nurse and dad's and I -- and say that because she was an idiot -- the morning nurses like well the reason why we don't wanna go to this is because they can go and get the leaders were below what are together and now we're here. Six hours but that was yeah that was I mean I'd I discovered an entry as it was when that was the worst enemy liken it freaks me out. Freaks me out that other people go through that for more than 1 evening it's easy to trees that was the longest. Eleven hours. An hour's of them and the next 1 goes into Wednesday morning and it was important bright active auspices. 24 on almost 24 hours and don't. Just mean bosses when. To curb when. Acer's own creative guy that did exist and forums G. It was a fifty degrees is the last night like Alec that your limits I cannot have Michael's refreshing here. A fresh year ballot for sheer and it's 48 out cold in its. Now I think we're trying to also tell it costs almost always out of the gonna blow mattress with a sheet. Guys an Osce summit and Greg couch 31. Now and other nobody wanted to tube like it to get the sheep that was about against the young woman that blanket tremendously Bosnia for that your that it before she. It sucks I side and actually. It's more moment that it pick a mama's. Picture mom. Councils and sick mom with I think. Previous sick yet we. We never Yeltsin never presented never presented by your mom was mom lost her hair that was Chicago where he does right lot of weight which we also be a fat. Also during an appointment and defend the picture with the way he was it was on the way it is. But in the pick a name and he's huge and he was big you consider him a sunny drops. The doctor there and lose as it is the first is the first person advisory cancer to be told by doctor are you ready to dialed in here's some of that it's about those baskets but again it's hard her for mom for our one you know for sixteen months she lost her hair when she didn't loser here she was so great in green legitimate first chemo. She was sick looking for two years sucked in seasons of dad dad and we we played that Jimmy Fund term dad. He was terminal like it was between 11 in the first this what's that summer now. Venus I mean if it's one way I play and run a couple of times you guys in the couples and that he was still yet so it's held an athlete. A good day that's Sunday. Good to be a good to blast him for hydration and I brought them we parked in the you know. Cheated the cheating land right generally get them apart responded go out there and he would not drop off development from advocate told Estes. When we took the elevator we parked. Where is your view is right now. Is that where the show isn't as a producer behind that's it from there there's an elevator. It took dead and thirteen fourteen minutes. After early exit of a bit of a play nine holes ago. So that what you will eventually but it took it took it for my bottom members as members defeated master shuffle look yeah it. I got that first day when we start doing the Hoover he had to get the if the biopsy. And that that was snout at the last six weeks or ever. He couldn't get out of the Hoover and we stayed outside of Lexington at their at their townhouse for. It was dirty Mexican side to walk to that this too is that all right yeah that was the last couple months I was off from I mean for the biopsy was sort of interest. Which is so spent bright house as thousands scripted that it forces in order for ninety degree angle turns. I'll go here immunity and we need to when you think it easily mystic. Recently we beat tried as hard as funny funded think we talk to a dead. We mourned toggle yeah yeah how wide it is hard not to remember. Now is like when the day he died. Want to take that right term and he was in the hospice that that's one thing that sticks like jealousy that's Willie had the we get over the loss of us on Leno that's the one thing meaning that. And in picking a bottom I don't think about during the chemo and think about during practice we don't seem yeah but I think that a Texas. Mom. When mom died. We even when we saw we saw you know we gave we wanna close caskets rumbled. They did to you remember that it had its should they did yet in India never fully committed to a but he did. A member win you know even some Soledad blah blah those noses years. We saw him in some stomach pouch to legislate certain areas get people a Torre's an awesome job there really great to us both times they do domestically to open the casket for us to see. You know beef was open public. Recently argued endlessly did us and I think either everything could be you couldn't it was unbelievable. With the same colors scan yeah clears and they did they did an awesome job down like they're really how many did that we won the clothes they do it effort for I guess for us. And and I thought mom in the weird way like look she kept asking me Tuesday that if she looked you know sometimes did send a shiver to seven days yeah I'll show Asia Africa there's Pollard were established like it was. Are there is in its socket like the last six or seven months for himself he had no joy mom. Still through at all. Like it to a really shall domain but with cost mature demean you. In two weeks before she died. She drove she drove around the target target target the target little electric scooter thing because still we are we went out to dinner when my main interest trying to walk on docs squared she smiles and gestures try choose she was. Dan had no dad and unemployment. Should be the ones that part of the past few months that's sort of you know. You've lived life. Like. You know yet awesome life he accomplished great things but he lived life I think is like pessimistic. You know he was that he was a glass is half empty guy yeah optimists like feeling that that that ancestral group has grown but I think he had mom as well. So I think we're dead leaves cut for you try to fight he'd be good Aminu was overuse Smart guy to practice he knew. He knew the odds news over it was over mom I think until the very very and early treatment showed that nearly one. Wanted she she she wanted to live dad did not want to be he's a model of opinion. The way wasn't in the weightlessness final in the final three weeks are going in daily for fluids and all that mean you saw on there we have a great 1520 years got your hand please Marco Island please mania sixth grade kids all local. Mean they were you know they were they were gonna have an awesome run just hold we've (%expletive) starting with that date which is still coming. The first practice we you'd. To your play Libya that might pick a dad I still think of him disorderly it is. This all the you know I think I'm still I would say she's believed he will always remain the dominant figure there's no doubt about that he's always going to be. The guy and a hangs over everything every decision and make. Everything and you professionally in the duke kids whether it's good or bad they're able to learn from your dad. Everything its public funds and sound is the key is going to be. I think the guy that you're gonna try and please be you know it's it's just not happened but that's an always going to be offered. How about it out and they just that this sort of offer that's unbelievable because in that the two moms the exact opposite person or exact opposite people and yeah every single decision I make it's going to be in the back my music still an gas. Green. But at the plate here Mansour before forgoing any other communicable. Canticle of the masters committee did Gallagher a great guy dad growing up for me was we would go. This is like almost tradition we would go down Kate. The C should. Migrant mother and my pop novel. Whoever was beef dinner in which have loved the blame if forget risking kneel before an hour drive I'm Marianne and I. And and you beat them beat them get a couple cookies remember we hear the talk to obstruct would accelerate. I'm forgo. Or mom how is the best pitchman actress it was in the news brings turning goes we should make the cookies chocolate chips opinion that it's. This Armageddon like. That you desperate to. That's right if we could we never have a home there which really last about tool but it rhymes. Yeah there's no sugar cereals in the house no soda in the house now than. This war were Allen wore them down should thank us. To data drive home about six recant later via. It's as if you regularly but it one. About forty or 45 minutes in the draft it's that geez and Obama's economics piece. Electrician out I wanna get a month ago to go home to society under the focus on the eagle finish. Movie fly home you know why the white beam as ours remembered always 100 (%expletive) flu. When he was younger he thought Lew or Lou as just the other a tunnel and at age 800 in the 9200 miles are completely going to be aren't 150 miles an hour and a car seats the country now actually not proceed else. Through 93 be enough. Which registry. Jesus dressed Ellsbury they'll. Call. She goes down the line to go through you know go through some support. With the lights going up there I have got to get pulled the driver boom boom you run spread promised in look around the globe some Rossi was first got the birds at your running around. Gated sprint upstairs via. Guy. That dosage of that house for over thirty years guarantee. That bathroom. I never you know guys are never nine point I've never ever seen united as a bouncer about him but it enemy be don't be in there that was that was on an object in them when emergency emergency which may be what he knew we could make it answers to take this easy PG walk upstairs absolutely. To the bathroom arm after a very big news. Great political group went over to those of the shelters and hire me. Plus it's absolutely don't mean they design if they do they are saying. Suitors and dad need to have a Superman he loves I'm actually not designed for again. Push in Nova Scotia. In knockdown didn't love he'll you know viewed as we you know. Because doing all over again you've owned a restaurant for him like an architect firm I think you have these we look at these numbers to great restaurant owner of they're busy restaurants. What he has and spent hour. Now that's it. We're stories. Cooking them and through right now I don't have gone on here insurer fine we're fine we'll do this again for a moment think Herbert there mobsters. That's all different story or dad's time to weigh on me so it's impossible. It's weird it's bizarre. Still bizarre with a six months later for but that's. That's a Peter minstrel the comic was in a he wasn't ass hole he wasn't nestled same time lawyer Claudia astle yet he was not be could be. Much is he got old it was much I got more I got a couple last thousand years at the office you can you can hear the version of Peter miniature goats have yet to secure a party job right let's but that's I mean adding that was what he was saying he was I think he was in national. When like I think even now. So if 43. I was seventeen sports. Think that's it's just it is it is that seems to I was (%expletive) up yeah that's insane to grow and up to a pretty (%expletive) up so. You can you do the best he could he got older. It's are smarter and realize is that he realizes mistakes use them much much much better. But the last fifteen. Graham and much will get whenever an organization that generic drink it make Italy's if they really did and I think I look at our relationship with that from whatever until now. Decade in the airport and we just didn't like each other much and you love me but you know there was a lot of there was it was very complicated and bad back and forth but dad from when I was 22 until now. It's awesome and I have more better members of the Internet and do it mom because of the sporting stuffed the ball fault it's the constant gulf. That's thank god for golf as it yeah that's that's I mean that we are part about the gulf things that's. Holler probably will always remember the cat doesn't go squeeze the most sort of most times and stuff and guys socked in let's say well I mean not only adding I go back isn't much you play them he's a person I knew that spend that much money in the game got worse in on top of that which in the end it. That you wanted to destroy it with you know widget to do what you did here particularly from the (%expletive) wife I was and if you never know that was it now that was a north. Witching hour for the piano working for the first in north. And the guys are standing in there in the back I went and alleged albeit at bars and screaming just any particular one hole but late. Just it that's that's the stuff. I I don't I honestly don't think Hewlett. Actually playing golf for the speaker's. You hitting yourself me swearing in you. For doing whatever he did you bit. In the grand steamy love being able to deal with this idea to do that yes that's my mama mama sale on afterwards you know talks about you guys golfing. When you ask me awake he talked she hit it there it's unbelievable rate. When yours hurt you can play these uses we. You know that was that was the other put I remember that was that was the only dispute over Carlos at the back is the back in the heart the fans Jack entry. That the budget may not played here to play I mean when you know what you might have been Mr. Bush and it certainly have a which some estimate that having dad just had a bra and he just drove up drove to any point which was never the aiming point. So my guy had no idea without him golf course especially I'd I would aim for the spot hitting my my neck throughout T. Amnesty assailant. That's and he was a good he was he was a big leagues now not want us grandfathers who easily can he was not tackled by himself. That we need now is not but he is not get a hold and on and Obama in Lebanon that yet but geez I left them alone when in my in my daughter's on pelicans remember him. (%expletive) off our guys when it's good for you standards it's I remember is that relevant today dale archer isn't that never they never known ever hear. I've ever program trying to pretend that she Miami unbiased jurors and in doing ready to Julie Billick going down comfortable which airline you're an antiquated it's it's a fickle public that it. The it. Good to rearrange all the she doesn't have agreement how old cold as it was when you don't need it if I wore a semi come to you British or what she's a lot of videos instantly that you can do to the angels. You think with a you know the phones on the video pictures but I I would get a day thinking. Of the Mel voicemails thinking if I had any any or voicemails and in the week for mom or dad none of them without kills as Ellis Smith hurtful. That's stupid. Nation on its (%expletive) problem but it's Agassi and I I believe that hasn't even seen in my dad and keeping space and iphones that are being left it was it was action Harry's birth whose culture. Is April 23 and number camera. In god expert yes. Yes BAA at that point you know there are done enough to messaging moments just moments just outer just before she driving driving some answers yet prime movement but she did but that's. It's. Those are off on these. Two camps to remember now he can even. Yeah movement any officially she's two and a week but now I have a picture up on the run and she's just as usual no charge from. Yes but and every wants to allow us to say who's that who's that shall shall remember grandma and grant your group even grass it is likely remembers likely doesn't know mom healthy. So when the all creatures come after what she's written you know Brunette with Harry silly little six years she has no idea who she is when she sees or six doesn't but she'd recognize grip on the granted but that's well so that's optimistic and into the podcast and answers from historian talked about our grandkids and their parents but that's. I mean. Not that unusual we all know people lose one apparent only meals are each sport that now I've won I've won in front of inference mom died Monday tanker cancer dad died 242 were mom. A critical look at the goods in Iran or how would know she died. On that anchor cancer long ago she was when traditionally username which you (%expletive) cares that it what you what you say you don't know these people I was always an example has yet that's the other thing I I don't know anybody obviously that double principally that Sampras and storied artists of which part of show that there are out there Afghanistan. Car crashes yeah aid but it's weird is that that's that's (%expletive) up. Riser try to tell a story Deb this week I feel it in my left a couple of good stories. I think a month ago. They should I mockery. Trying to do a couple parts of my music writer podcast. He got to see yourself as writers want a god wants subject moment. Hello is it was what nine minutes to. Yep probably affect felt honored and loved pause after. Pause for some sort of a lot of it's a positive minds. Keep Reid and he powered through people call bad so called Peter a economy hero of the it is it. Your Weather. Bureau about me every day for the stars and tried each Barack news view ocean at this moment and let you pop. Top let them expire but god the are you leadership yet a little bit of real not because it's it's one of the first after the little personal. You're giving up some of it still bringing personal where it was previously like Castro and didn't go. As I want you're. Short number to know what's shows no opportunities through this this was number ones that you guys get yourself out here. How to go to negotiators in the no I'm happy can be happy person that's nature of the things with it within the last race. And as Keefe and which is an art. It's that show really riveting dads and that's the second worst move that that it. All right guys thanks for coming in much summing up. Normally. We really really public. Big trip provisions but you wouldn't he if who has spent his Tamils and that is the enough will be podcast episodes of himself. And hand. If you like us you can subscribe obviously feel free. Leave a comment if you would that we helps us thanks again to the great people Milken's. We're back then couple weeks from now.