Enough About Me Ep. 75 - Concluding 2017 with a Kirk Mailbag 12-21-17

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Thursday, December 21st

Kirk returns to the Mailbag format to wrap up Enough About Me in 2017, answering listener questions about his war with the Boston Globe, Michael Holley, his various recent spats with K&C co-host Gerry Callahan, the state of the weekly Tom Brady interview and much, much more.


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All right this episode enough about me is brought to you by my great friends at Milton mills who is comfortable in their store shall be in their clothes or Scotland closure will be in store every. You're going to be comfortable it's my favorite place to go I would if possible to get there warmer time before all these you should definitely do that. Just he'll square chest he'll Braintree social plaza. Milton is the store for me and it is the best place to go or guy you need help you wanna look great dot easy prices are great people are great it. Helium opposite her tell you something that's not true. I complain about everything I've never wants to Bible builds because if you mean no reason to complain. Mills is the best it is in the store for me. Price who had a couple of like casts in the in the bank that was not thrilled with one just didn't work out well once it sounds great not not anybody's fault. And one for timing reasons by Tamarine can do it didn't work so. Ahtisaari to bail while more mailbag before via engineered a lot of great few dagger mailbag is unbelievable person. Productive to leaders like fifty pages of questions. For good pick and choose I'm not going crazy today if you want an hourlong mail but what you know I've probably. Knows it. If you look at for. You know. Tired. Launch. Of Tomas in the world and show was. Two or should be good though we'll know a lot more tomorrow and you know shows. All right so what's the authorities episode episode and me. Tennessee. Campus so. Seventy fives. About a episode seventy in six now mailbag 12 victory without a male packs or whatever we want more. I think you know I'd be curious to hear your guys reaction you don't do for the quarterly mailbag next year. On them a try and get a try it's been you know crazy lately but I think when I get back from the holidays. They try so what's the sort of the meaning one in. So it's not every week but maybe you get you know. Two weeks on a week off two weeks on kind of thing we're gonna try harder here. I'm not vote me do a better job in spots or skip to be mailed. Meant a salon these questions she's of course all about the same muscles get to. A lot of people wondering. What kind of stance you're going to take regarding the Boston Globe do you were do you not like the Boston Globe tough question on the set I hate the Boston Globe. When I go in the office every morning before the show. You walked into the office. If Jerry's. Desk is the first when you walked in on a minus a couple stepped down do you as a warms it pushed the to a bus and whoever's in whether it's Alex or trainee. Or much or are tank where Tomas whoever we could take better not take that not a lot of chit chat. Now before the show. But we have a couple a person lives ago picture he Harry couple pitches getting married but from parents. And then BO various letters from listeners like you know lack of Newbury port people like you know in the (%expletive) you (%expletive) you (%expletive) you your (%expletive) hassled religious letters from people. The same goal and helped. In an editorial from the globe after the whole earning interest and says it should be outage now look at that all the time I used as fuel. But force or shall because they hate the goal will try to fire mean. They made up stories about us and tried to various. Now. And it's neat to where. The globe me some mark arsonist for a couple weeks ago. The globes trying to cover up their own histories sordid history of sexual harassment. And I've been working to try and bring that down had good conversations. Those conversations continue to go forward. I think at some point will be naming. Don't think I'd subway were going to name. The second person who was not being in that strewn in the first regional cell that's not public. On the other people take credit for. A cycle we're going to mean here very very soon it is just you know the problem the globe is always with them is just the inconsistency. Just the arrogance of but how to do things. You sit there take (%expletive) victory laps into the biggest frauds on earth. You know the spotlight stuff if you walker stuff they needed this so proud of what they've done meanwhile the spotlights sock asleep. And they said they're right all the stores are terrible women all the sexual harassment towards me what's going on on their place. As an on their pleas for a long time. For with people you know men in their forties and fifties taking advantage of Kuwait's. No thank effectively sleeping in ranking into crafting these teenagers and women in their young twenties. What if huge power over to behold the power of of of their futures over them. It's (%expletive) disgusting and I can't wait to bring them down and enjoy I'm enjoying I know I'm Brian and Boris had Hillary him he's listening the editor of the Boston Globe. You know was ducking us ducking me. I thought to limit his duty last week should call back whatever you want yet know which have a dialogue called him back she never got back to me. A call callous people the gold last week they've gone radio silent mr. scared and they're wrong in the know there about two app so do the hope (%expletive) Locked in this story in the deserve to be disturbed to eat. (%expletive) because they've been told fraud and is the joy joy like it will grate the globes question from the sky jaded eyes Scott I (%expletive) hate the Boston Globe. Com am. Just Tuesday up and back to back questions. Same Kenny outscored gave to Brusca WEI back to back what's neither amassed about Steven Wright wired the Red Sox warrant these guys talked it's either right. Do you have to not talk with Steve right because the Red Sox we talked about today it happened. Steve Wright is not that relevant I'm happy to talk to anybody about it. I don't know those guys were told Christensen company couldn't I've no idea that the desk to Muster today can reach out and final for you guys. Tom I'd be surprised. You know I just think it's and maybe they they missed that I have no idea and we talked receiver Steve writes relevant and you know. What he did selling these Gregg got a say that Red Sox you know probably one of releasing him on I'm guessing. We'll find open at New Hampshire are all a checkered rob and in and and Tomas. Robert. It's very 1950s radio which bought costs OK so Jerry Knight a big fight about this yesterday. Recent I don't like playing the Brady interview which is (%expletive) All all trying to explain is simply can't go into radio report. So you know. Nobody statistically this is torture before today we have it would average day. And average you know like the average man attack people's into the show with ice ice and in the city ways that for a long time management issues our current. People's nor shall. But if we have Tom Brady at 615. Chances are it's 845 they haven't heard talk they wanna hear Tom Brady you're right Yemen places. But. We we replay it first of all I think contractually if we played six we have to replace eight or nine. Secondly. Our program Dirk and Joes are bomb I was on the good job with this he has. Excuse me he has broken down this show's segment by segment. So we see the numbers we we when we replay Brady a couple of hours away from the first time they both do great CAB chance to get a twenty share. 24 share vs your decision 67 share. Two times during the show for thirty minutes before our show in the fall book he really too bad a fall book we're gonna (%expletive) ticket every single time. So I've no the shall we A I think we have to do some extent second we do anyway because it gets big ratings when it stopped getting big ratings will push back in not to. But right now people wanna hear Tom Brady which I get I get upset. Sometimes I feel like Brady. Coast long answers can drones on purposely kind of sensational which I get from his and a problem with no recover from because if he says something more proof of it. If he says something whether it's trop. But that's Floyd Mayweather whether it's anything it makes really really big news which is another reason. Why I have no problem to bring your view. RVs on at 8 o'clock calls and he clocks tough spot I want play me at 9 o'clock we may play him again next morning at 6 o'clock which I don't like to either that was animation yesterday. So that's pretty much why we do it. Islands can stop it does really well I think Belichick does well too and I think those guys replay toward the end of their show was well which makes cents in the in the 5 o'clock. Describe Michael wholly in five words did okay. Oh waxed desire. Overrated. But mediocre. Average and that's it was a good five ports. I do you subscribe now at what's coming your views on the question to Michael sabotage for each removed from the hair all I tried to do with the other day could work outs against witness. I don't get it we've talked about a lot this week in a habit which is strange to me off so I I I've been walker or Vietnamese mystifying I'll never understand the will won once same thing. It's diseases it's almost purposeful it's really strange in the Richard are really good job on now will binary dale did an awesome job on walker you're always stepped all over the double file on every get if I was dale W. Furious I was rich I'd be curious maybe they're not I don't know. I don't think. Paul he cares about his show as much as I care about much. And I take offense that we are all in this together and one show's ratings impact of the show's ratings I take that personally. If I lost Tony Mazur Roddy many times ratings book I'd (%expletive) do anything to beat him I'd say (%expletive) forget this Woodward changed everything we do. We're doing everything different what are we doing wrong. What can we do better in May elect not to do that they've elected not to do that and it's it's you know. It's their choice I mean I much charm of pressure they get from for management but it's strange to me I mean you know I would say okay. Like I was safe Olbermann has what do you like the show. Is the most sporting MacKenzie show in the market. So what would you try to be the second most sporting beacon shall market by would you say and we're Smart guys are capable guys were Wu we learned guys. Let's do something different let's try something different every wants a while I was Gary angry calls once or does. You're alive on my mailbag podcasts. Hello. I'm I'm doing a mailbag podcast right now and you just called in live I would like your take. For a couple of seconds on the Jerry Kelly per million flight from yesterday. Mean it was definitely Mario. I think that as the show continues to grow. Popularity I think that you guys are horrified that can happen. You know I do I think that this that your totals school and get agrees some of the Leo good. You know like that you elect bill. All. Did you feel it did you actually feel uncomfortable during the fair pay for the first I thought you were a little uncomfortable. Delhi talks a (%expletive) much during. Wow. Torture prediction. Jerry's done an. They come by the I think after this thing tonight or not. While we're told a meeting at 630 Bo will be there for awhile with Tommy. Open my after. Audited hog argued call. Out. Then. What was the one they go you never know it happens on the podcast on Niles sound. Was I was answering. I'm okay. Do you think it's a book roast and acids in the show we back on TV I don't want to show back to be Jersey nothing merger again not a disagreement. Where Jerry wants it back on TV I think that's in equated I would like streaming app. That we can advertise and make some money off of a B file that I have no desire to go on TV happily it's beyond. I just I like the way it is right now. I don't think I'm going to ratings be any better or worse and vegetables shipped it matters he like to show you listen to if you don't you don't our ratings were in the differ we left. I talk to merchant ratings are different Felder Mazur boom I think it's all (%expletive) On if you like the show he watched in the morning may bring on when when your decorator and how's that TB in the Carlos to. Meet personally was up to me guessing now you know their throats should a money are probably say yes. By adage I would be driving I do not like the TV actors had like oh god it's like probably pass. Mike Spector wants to know why I was burp on the radio and fiber on the radio for two reason someone is actually tribute to Howard Stern. Number two was I think when guys you try is is close she came. Have a legitimate conversation like you have your bodies that tonight we're all gone to dinner Jerry and can increase my due Gary's come about I'm self. He liked to talk conversation what sort guys talking and I'm the founder Reid corps from talking human Burke is guys Bertram can say oh excuse me about picking the people in the car listening. You're trying to have a conversation as closest you came to real. That is wiper it is also of course attribute. To a degree howitzer team then. Let's see. Because they heat for management and a passion go with the Red Sox being the owner Posey experience opening programming on economic ripple that's a great question RP. I'll wider doing it fifty. I try to get Bill Simmons on the podcast a lot. A lot of times he says I won't go to the podcasts until you guys don't have a relation to the Caspian. Media line 8885 easiest your program which I did I never listen to him. And I say this immensely no show in America refused him more than we dubious Campbell cut policy ES. So I don't know why they do it I'm sure this financially works out for them it's a good spot for them I guess. Tom I doc I need for manage real passion over the Red Sox and the owner nine. Zero none at all that it's never happened. John Henry is not the amendment as if he's not on that. Either criticizing globe is fair game I mean they they deserve what you that's what we do that we do. To toot tootsie. Couple questions when they change or Jerry. Change any of lecture I like fighting which like the cherry and I differ floss beat some extent that it comes from a and whatever generation older happy generational thing that's great. You know or considered real date he's a forceful guy with opinions on the forceful guy with opinions. I think juries and you know really good about allowing me to do everything I wanna do it in the show much better in the meet with him. You want to do some things on the (%expletive) baby about it so sometimes have to be an adult comic big boy pants and let him do what he wants and sometimes by the way his ideas are better than mine. But nothing. New I think. I think sometimes Jerry gets so fixated on this thing is disguised focusing as Clinton's fault does things and sort of he gets beat it will take away from a conversation sometimes remind them amused by I get no problems that your will fight what sob so. Who can do to fight friends I mean that's that seems like an easy call. That the if you guys if you left WEEI. I militias leave with you that's a good questions watching all the time at the station collapse. Right now we're doing like thirteen 1412 ratings my guess is by left today. If I got if I decide I'm quitting. The show would be Gerri you and training. Imus. Or Jerry to mossy Jerry Roemer what the cast got people are Jerry and rotating their person on this say the show would you sevens and eights. May be 9897. To be said that third in the book. You know I think he would lose. 30% listeners that's about it. I'm it was as we get older. In the old people who call me me would be happier in the younger people who like me would go with me I want some Morales or go to a different stationary. Go somewhere else elicit the show but may be atop the read shall market. They make money for the station but it wouldn't be number one and our manager Jerry which I mean if Jerry left I can be number. If I left Jerry can never mean. I mean jury that that's that's that's bad that's. It's. Mean. There's you your family. Drink alcohol if so laws affect relation to my Brothers don't my wife does little but not all. My dad did ups and LaMont did not my Brothers or. Also sober they don't drink. This is not a lot of that going on no there's not. Oh. Are you scared of being diagnosed with cancer on that note would you rather know you're going to dire dies suddenly. I am now terrified you from the US that of being diagnosed with cancer. Yeah terrify you so much understanding the inevitability of it between my mom my dad. About uncles obviously grandparents. On its words she soared to bear like it's it's just floating around it's it can happen. I would see the last Jeb I with Kate that was an FK Harry I got game. They like it. Policy less jet I with Kate last week. In in the filling the loop when it eat before then. And great dinner. What's the movies find got home in woke up by an hour half after it fell asleep. At least terrible pains in my stomach for by a half hour. 45 minutes your cell that was one of those ones where you thought you throw up you got the point we wanted to throw up because just wanna get out of your (%expletive) system. And I did was we had passed and I thought what's weird the past Julio throw up. Mr. Pickens is paying Korea is I agree I is a pancreatic cancer related his stomach pains accustomed his mom had talked to a piece. A brutal pains was like that was not like that. That part gets in my head where I'm convinced that and I realize it's not the case of income step away but yet. I am. I'm really scared not like it's that it's a torch if it gets your sorry it's Friday and I woke up this one run differential wiped out. If I got cancer were I was 75 he I'd be okay. I'm more scared and get it I'm 45 or fifty when my kids your fifteen years old. You know it's hard enough for 43 year old 42 year old to deal with your parents having cancer if I I don't want I'd I don't want that for them. So yeah it's it's your job I'll be on the skiers should definitely like analyze sketch. And I know which rather know you're gonna dire dies suddenly seeing his team that's in question. I wanna Dyson on and I watched my parents. A couple of years and they are so brave they are unbelievable. I would want to be able to say goodbye to everybody spends much time with my kids. There's no now and one would Monday burden and that was the thing my mom would. Mac to my dad died from the seven weeks in a moment you really have said Sam Albert and you guys. Who were burdens on you refuse a terrible. In it wasn't true. In it what actual the same time ago birds at the right word but every once as a responsibility it was a huge responsibly does when he won the eight. You know I was happy to take pride take my Brothers were to. But I don't want. Damned to have to do that. You know hopefully when it ends and it is. It's it's fast it's painless all of pompano I want Chancy by my mom got to go to Nova Scotia sick about her failing my dad mom Ireland. On some uncles and all my my cousins on my nieces nephews came and said goodbye. He spent time with them them to watch them their friends. Is well they got to do a lot of great things while still feeling OK so yet deftly and wanna have a a good couple years. Let's see here. Lot of Marshall questions. I love are still left port knowing. In we have to deal when I get fired here I'm gonna go to bar stool so they go that's belly it's all your martial questions. I'm happy to yeah I hope to be young for a long time and love pork what Jerry I love the show. Of the way to stations going right now I don't wanna go anywhere when I say something stupid. If they can't come back from the fire me I'm gonna work a partial the next day that seems to be the let's them to him. You sure as a soap opera feel Mike Marcelo Marcello. Says I love. Keeping new mistress catching up. Forty think a vote but do you think about new listeners catching up on all the subplots. Geez that's a good question. Delta typically I think it was his sort of part of the part of the group and they kind of catch up you know if you listen you'll catch up soon enough. You'll find out the much fun Canadian penguins lazy in the training self involvement must seize you know we don't mean dreamers and now seen in. And I'm insane Jerry's a lunatic in the purposes you know I I mean recently characters I understand that. But I think after few weeks you can catch up and I think that soap opera pars is a big reason why people stick around and I would say it's not going to it's a big issue. If he I would like you to cut off all sports talk on your show Daniel. Once known no relation to how we opinion. Com. No not we talked about the states matter fact. That these sporting a MacKenzie. Character who was born in anger one there was ranking and rating mismanagement. This (%expletive) ass over something it's back when dean was around. And let me say. You know. Though we battled Dino was only too happy let me rant rave he enjoyed as much as any. But when that happens. Exporting our McKenzie had to sit and amen and nowhere. Was born in the way we won the first four every kids who do different things in your duties. Trending some random little games all over the place once the wildly popular and but if the sports topic is the best topic out there were talk about it we ought to Guerrero Brady yesterday because it's really good I'm market recap gain and that's a big game a mockery capsule which from last night they lost. They came will not (%expletive) matter today already doesn't matter to Pakistan now. And I are simply not mention anymore. I never was but now the position records say that and act like that if you don't like that. Eagles and other showed she can go listen podcast he goes satellite radio that your that your that your that your choice that's that's perfectly reasonable. I choose not to do. We have a a a core audience of degrees. Like tickle me trying to do the other stuff now is there resistance from then on purchasing what the (%expletive) you doing. Well again you know Monday we did the entire show on patriots Steelers it was a great game wild ending deserved to fall short one. So it deserves it we do we're gonna do it just because we're supposed to do it or because in the past. Shows have done it I'm not doing that's not gonna happen. Is once again has always does Mike is now fixed on the fly. Ingenious. Seat here. So many of the questions. Worshipping at time with them before the end. Much New Year's resolution sorry. I. Who two QQQQ. Did. You mention the sales people so many times I'm a big radio and they don't we you know the sales people interact with cal can you tell us. Well it's it's complicated not complicated it's. Essentially their job is to convince advertisers. That we're eight allow listeners in B we're not gonna hurt them. Other shows are safer and easier sell to some extent. Or tougher sell and we can't promise to these guys are in trouble sometimes they're gonna deliver huge ratings. Sometimes I think sales people throw us under the bus like hey we can't control and we can't do this now mrs. situations a few months ago some salespeople were great some salespeople were not. And as we think with the money with my last check right about a dollar from the sales from from just people that you put in for that that's their responsibilities say okay Kirk made him. Did X amount of live reads for C buffalo while Alex last month so we get to this amount of money. Indeed it was not my paycheck. Which drives me (%expletive) crazy I mean they're making money off of costs. So I feel they need to better job of that they treat us sales that would treat us like we're second class citizens while we put money in its. Without us they mean we bring in sales people all day you get bringing per minute it's only one. These salespeople as as is proven by the way there replaced all the time that is old ones were stodgy and have their three counts of mail it. But the young ones gets paid out left and right all day long. I don't currently have a lot of use for the sales department here individually. I would say they have a tough job I get that disarmament do like some of them though I do not like right now not break the relation does not. A drug trouble sample. Okay we'll read here. With two. What are you guys won here you want here. And maneuver as a Bradford question in my do you bats. LA stories I'm atomic oil experience and several podcasts. Here at some point. Net. I wherever your perception your kids' eyes once or able listening on the radio and form their pains if you based on radio curtain not a concern. Absolutely not concerned. Personally know the deal. They don't kind of more on kind of crazy. I think. You know they get here yelling they laugh now here is also wall will be the car listening in the player prologue showing them yelling and screaming and they think it's funny. I don't think about a lot mediation thing about it more as we get older and as they get older but you know they listen. The difference with their friends and listen occur in count and mean it annual kids when it can be listen Kirk meaning to show BP to re under that concerned about it. They know what I do. And yeah I obviously know and I can't adding to be story much of like that you (%expletive) honestly can't you can't do that. While we acknowledge a Callahan has jumped the shark is 100 radio years and he's really boring anchor on the shot if I'm doing is and he really. India. And he publication there I would I would agree that. It's. He do more FaceBook live media days like the one you at the globe please. That's it gets a good one that we just added we're due based provider listening to podcasts today. We're gonna FaceBook live some of the dinner tonight that the board cafe for example people like he Jerry and the person can. In much different environment you get that tonight her. You know half hour so. Com. I think it's gonna happen yeah. I'll budget isn't gonna radio insider stuff okay a year ago and I've brought this up and we brought this up. So FaceBook lives in maybe this is me you know Simon I don't know I'll be curious were you guys think this. So we FaceBook live the thing where when across street in had a fire fill out. And it got enormous. FaceBook live members historic FaceBook lab numbers while it was happening hundreds of thousands. The actual ratings of the segment while it was happening on there were OK but not. And I might series actually Glenn brought up first. Is it into a couple people with meters radio listeners who affect the ratings were probably watching a FaceBook like that sounded better you can see it was cleaner than a party work. And that affected the ratings. That the white and I love it don't you know I'm trying to think for here. But I do wonder FaceBook alive doing it while the show was going on does that affect the ratings of the radio show we not do that library to radio duo for other (%expletive) But behind the scenes meetings before the show me after the show dinners like this road trips I gets a good good use of FaceBook lives while it's happening on the air. Guys say I have my doubts I do have my doubts about that. That's shut shocked at the idea that you could tell I mean the next day we talked about it the next day we talked about the next stage in great rating. But we did it while it's actually happening not a great great. I think it sounded kind of convoluted people so you can watch the sector watch what's happening I'm gonna do that stint. So I don't know I don't know. It. Would. Hope. And they figure Harry arresting you enjoyed as well I get a kick I gotta admit we went this weekend I get such a week ago Harry is so into wrestling. It makes me laugh views so obsessed professional wrestling it's takeovers life I love it like watching it with him I would take every week and it does show notes it's funny does mean. What happened the Mercedes Mercedes gone totaled totally completely told done. Why you were someone who was so awful on me your your show was great jury sucks. Tribute to beckon us that's for an excuse. Do you ever see yourself making amends with Paul I did not. He called us racist. Acts like he's better than I am sure to be better than we are I have no interest in any in any way should reform have relations with all. I it to the simmons' question couple questions about that why. Why pessimism podcast will have mom I guess from the eastern Richards over that seems to be the consensus. Am. That issue number on what's next serious question. I don't go said this before I mean. You don't want for fifteen years of competition obviously. In different time. But I mean I'd like to be number one for a long time we've been number one now for whatever three quarters of the year the show has been together for will mourn year. CB to string together but you've regular for full year which eager for two years zero. You know I did to me like staying at number one is interesting is getting one page other people might disagree but I I like this I like trying to do different things. Alex saying OK let's try this. You know the into the book we try to steal a game by going to the globe please let's do that it's played this we never that's one thing you know. We never stopped trying to think stuff some of six keep sucks. Bad stuff funny but we're always trying and I don't see that stopping. You know every week in the week he's commodity in there such a nervous I think it is the weaker people say (%expletive) it we've moved on so far so good but you know it's when you have that feeling. That's that's that's a good thing I think I think we're all still really competitive. Oh F Mary killed dale holy Keefe. Tend to rise. And he be advocate be a solid and again be nice whenever I would try to pick Arabic of dale. Married Keefe you know you go wrestling Star Wars together. Have a good time we may disagree with different radio bosses I go get past that in a turn and entered a common loss solid marriage I think we do okay. So I make up the dale in their key for Gary dale to palahniuk have to keep a more attracted sexually to dale and I am the key I think. Kirk you two are always accused of being racism and for good sometimes prime ball sports as well as. You believe racial equality exists and boss or elsewhere give us two examples file racial inequality makes life difficult and unfair for minorities preachers question. On number one I do believe racial inequality exists for sure the question in Boston yes elsewhere yes my thing is. I think it happens elsewhere as much as Boston or at least I had not been is up to prove me otherwise but I mean he'll. The spotlight probably you know Betty door net and I networking is interest that is that is that is absolutely true. And adjusting I do think that did heed their numbers approved the black people get pulled over with more frequency percentage wise the white people back to me is interesting happened had a conversation. That is to me a racist a racist thing or a color thing. I do that economics is a bigger factor I think pork. White people in pork counties also have lousy medical care also lousy. Legal representation. To make a lot of it is economically it's tied to racism but I can get racism and that's stupid it is that's saint of course it's for. Peter Hobson says I'm ready to give up. On the Howard Stern Show because it's so embarrassingly bad what is your opinion of the current state of that show this unbelievable for me to saint. Is I don't listen Sturm a new stern now really hole. What's the lobbies interview it was in the YouTube but starters entered this world where it's like it's for me no different than the view. Anderson Cooper interviewing somebody here one other shows like that ports are you know it's just not. His characters on now I don't know they are that's Howard movement I was at the the old one a one on on satellite which plays you'll stop help. Some are frequently but not this much I've kind of moved away from it. I was the world's biggest Howard surfing and I get criticized her or whatever you want is being Sturm you know rip off. Gee I didn't mean Mike do you consider pretense terms and influences crazy Max of cement points. In anger showed its best is the best radio shall all time I mean you know at its best. But the Gary apology video I mean Gary Gary apology video. Starring Johnny G bands and you for a couple years and Jackie. In RD it was a great shower for ten year run or whatever it was on be believable. And surge may decision you know say it's because he's in the sixties we can't do the same stuff I get that and I do understand. But if you me. You got the power gore got on Howard Stern should be over celebrities. And now he has on his celebrity kisses that Grassley you know. Lena Dunham. In Allen. And you know whoever. You say (%expletive) guys this does interest me all I know the other people in the room to Gary's in the Fred's. In a Robbins or feel the same way boarded and has a (%expletive) great train I don't blame them. The morning show has been this is Maggie as the mortgage has been really really great the really really very the past couple weeks at least because you've been doing your reporting on the globe situation. Any talks of management to be taken Michelin interaction with the election do what you want. Other show Socrates well thank you for. I've enjoyed it and in any in the yup and it's adjusting purposes. Is we go up to the global sort of freedom of knowing. There one dimensional leave us alone because of Joey breaking on the segments we should the globe. We should and the is. You're right going to knock yourself. That's who we do I have enjoyed reporting part of by the our show was always been journalists substance you've always search for the truth. In this we're doing the same thing and I've enjoyed them join them enjoying McDougal went off tools that will absolutely continue to warn that. Com. You find it funny hearing other shows popping your outburst ranting and raving some of that for sure. I am I am I don't mind at all and trying to do compelling stuff. And this is my annual my. Spot here and in the podcast mailbag rice it was a good job amid issues do and they are indeed. And you see the ratings next week and you say holy (%expletive) they're Q can mask and they are kicking ass. They have a lot of fun. They go at each other not so much blue encryption but to go Golan. And having a great time and I mean the ratings are you know it's complicated if it if you're having a good time in your talent to guys. It's gonna come across like that people are going to listen to people having good time. Shooting on each other getting in fights fighting with listeners to which you do when you're in the car I always say this is people say I got a couple questions on the does what we treat them. Callers like ships. I treat bag callers like ship. When I was in the talk shows growing up I heard a bad call and listen hosts keep them on the air forever. I know I was thinking in the dining car next to me is thinking hang up on this Bos. Sort of silently on here I am I should do it I would say I'm a treat the caller is if I'm a listener which is basically shut the (%expletive) up or down with you your (%expletive) war. Which is true. Let's. It's just that takes in the after financial losses that. Bomb them why are you accusing tangling mutt is rotating hosts. They denied any input on anything of any value there tune in the pop culture they hardly team in the sports I do not get a mutt is there for us the plays he's he's a little toy to play with them have fun with him. He gets frustrated he's the one guy. Israelis are loath to be the one guy I'm telling you he's never leave in casting coach he's my favorite guy and the cast a coach you know by the he stick around because like you're not like them deal with Mike and it's he's going nowhere. In about the ray tech have been fantastic lately the ice rink I. You hate sports I got to sit march schemes and your dog who enjoy it I don't hate sports. A porn sports when things are born. Like everybody else in America basically I was captivated. In enthralled by the US patriot scheme in the ending. They get really else I holy (%expletive) moment watching that game that's what happens really enjoy it happens as the with the Seahawks game. A couple years ago we that the falcons. Like a great sporting events for me are still awesome. I see here and means questions. We'll do a couple more you know this is the India I mean I give you fifteen minutes OK (%expletive) happy. It's. Seth what's the white knowledge from the (%expletive) treadmill sometimes Tehran outside. Of for me I got run in the gym across street new bounce guy Scott runs great guy. Big fan of the show we like him. Now run a trauma every once in awhile I get bored in the true that this morning I woke up. Ran outside I enjoyed it once you get on your feet at 4 o'clock in the morning and every time in his you're okay. And it goes by faster. I go on the treadmill. Ten minutes a treadmill feels like you know amended note I'll be running a treadmill. You know look down it's been sixteen minutes and run run run run run like Alicia looked out the nineteen minutes 21 minutes people (%expletive) You go outside you look around you can also mix up Iran outsized again Auburn on the street ticker right here about this heel I've no doubt try this sort of a down here before. Well this is interesting and it goes behind faster. He goes by social I hate I (%expletive) hate running on the trip paid. I did that one. Yeah. Then. I want it to more. We're your favorite fight this year some wants to know. Boy. But the Marcia many if I was good that was a good fight must he did very well. I wrote was the trying to remember was the Schilling mossy by Fisher last year. And I remember that. But I like that I like the like to Muster one here's the thing you wanna ask what won the issues we have the show going forties. Because of who we are now we have a profile what we've done we've created. National figures are not coming on the show with the speed. The used to I think Natalie Cole Lama and (%expletive) him he should get should keep me. America wanted to do a play look like an idiot they know and hours a year ago six months ago there was some of its work now. Also for the podcast also for the podcast people wanna come here fight. They just don't wanna fight. And that's an issue that don't say part of the biggest issue to show the part has my -- great majority of his fault. Is. Is that's that that is right now the biggest problem I think going fortune. Any radio voices of concern mad huge fan view in general and cuts and salary not a general pain and a big voice on the big fake sports. Guy and he's exported to. No stern I was a storm Doug edged enjoyed becoming a judge and jury what they would do is they would criticize media members in town. On the on the show did. Com. Their fights on the year is idea that Dallas love that I knew what does her work on the show was (%expletive) was it Jerry. You wanna people who who deviant who work report or Republican or disagreements and nothing is we've proven to be further from the truth he's always wonders the first day I got. And before obviously but decide don't join nothing the voices of dissent because he knows it's boring if everyone agrees. That doesn't get people listening to get people talking and that is the passion in the room. I'm. So I would say you know. That there were big emphasis for sure. Yes no question that was seen in a nationally nobody else really. That that were really big influence is much I just enjoyed their although house as well Mike you and Doug. Mike and the mad dog we have the manager on every week and fight with the image where the station's other shows would not real fights every week. That the units are on the fight with him about something it was different you hear that. Is much of the places. C. When you hear most and least last won her. Last one. What would be the perfect setting to be able to fully be yourself how much do you self censor. Well oh how much self censor. Probably less than I should. I think. What happens. Sometimes. Is you'll start going down a road you kind of take a left. In incense or a little bit not a lot but it's save yourself that's probably the right thing do. I don't think. Yeah I mean would satellite radio bar so be better place not the sensor circuit swearing in the south I guess. Well I need to be totally fair here to be totally fair measure lets me do more now than any radio host is probably have been allowed to do. The station or any station in this city I mean really I mean think of things I say the shots they take people the station. The other station I talk about that stuff I Purdue I mean there is pretty much free rein in that it would not exist existed. Five years ago. Those factory. Was great with that Jews are bonanno Gavin Grant eventually a mark in the new year but it seems like he's OK with that. Where there are limits as are our fervent professionals. But you know in eight you know it's working in B they know that people like it. So I think they're okay like that. Pomp but I think you know. I is much is anybody's a lot to do it Camelot I am allowed to do that and I do appreciate. When you allow when he going to leave WEEI again there's you know. Once I get fired here I'll go somewhere else because that's attracted to him the job. Into that happens I ain't going nowhere as long as I'm satisfied financially and assess my job with my performance in the ratings are good. I'm going nowhere you'd be stuck with me for years and years and years I am. I could do wrong will go through real quick I guess riches younger I am younger than Lou I'm an aggression him. Forty years younger in England forty years and Jerry details in his eighties always old which is younger than me is how you won't be here very long. But same thing. The people that matter at the station I'm by far the youngest voice and station. So I am going absolutely nowhere or yours and this. Is on everyone's onboard in the ratings are good I couldn't ten more years it's a 578 more years in the Indian audience that I think would be the plan. Or done I guess said Curtis printed out I guess three or 400 questions and it's twenty of them point five. So yep that's going to be the end of 2017. I believe I'm on vacation next week. We back January 4 is that right that Max Baucus is don't be surprised if one speaks in between now and then. Appreciate every listening certainly appreciate builds the great sponsor enough about me. More than make sure I'm sure we love militants. Ralitsa good guest lecturer at a couple lined up all for the gonna work out again in people have been on left and right other a few more of these don't your feedback is well. Obviously you can liken subscribe and I think we play polish but subscribe to a like it is one that only helps us that helps sponsors if you like this point it's more like this. They don't do more of open ideas like this city can tweet me at Kirk mean if you have more ideas for this podcast going forward. You know it's been a while it's been you know an insane Europe's have gone over probably too much for you guys as well. I do wanna set aggressive at times. The podcasts after the emails I got in by the way continue to get in letters of the station in boxing in which. Unbelievable. You know I I observation and you guys why. But that the feedback I got from you guys with my parents was in I'll never forget it from all over the world. On their forget thousands of emails and letters that stations stuff. In overwhelming remain overwhelmed by that. I wish I was handling it better. And examine the anger bring on the air right now it's still from that. And behold he sees itself as a cliche it's not. Very tough. And there are people who are here and say that which you know whatever book it's a different month troop. It's horrible. Com. But but you guys held the wheel but there's no doubt being able to come in here brigade yell for hours and coming here wants it won't talk to myself for an hour. Has been therapy but I really can't you know I just. I try to get back to as many people like him should do better job of that and going to a better job to get back there at some point. I've not respond to your email yet it will calm written back Q. Incredible on never forget it sort of one of the things. I don't even go back to what's on look at them in the makes you feel when Felix shipped witches you know 50% of the time. Heal up to Maine yesterday. To my parents by some means sold. Com and I went through. Is walking around in the house is empty myself. I was going through stuff. And that's just the worst feeling in the world such a few and now. That it's it's just it's hard to describe. Com and there are a lot of things like that wants to watch out clean up some old emails and saw a bunch of them. In people at stores it will force them under this similar to mine that that way you know alone knows club. But people my parents anymore we're way. Com where younger them in their people younger than me all of them who do you deal. But it's sort of it's helpful to know Richard you it is helpful to know that you know situations. And I really means it meant a lot to me every single one of the game really heartfelt. In in I can't think twisters in the fall so for a few months ago we got the situation. With with the sponsors you guys were (%expletive) incredible. Those couple of days between Cumberland farms Buffalo Wild Wings built into all the sponsors. We're really loyal to us but you guys were you know it's good to know once in awhile. That you guys are out there you know doing that for us was over we were overwhelmed by that your Bible we thank you guys a couple times in the are probably doing enough Yasser obviously. The best listeners out there drops crazed sometimes you know we know it touched the (%expletive) you need to call. In people's social media and Smart funny and it helped the show as well with the parity accounts and funny tweets in the pictures. Big big big big huge part of shall underrated part of Jones and the character with initial was people's social media. So thanks you guys that we do a better job I think even 2018. A more focused we have better ideas we ought to stay number warmer not going to stop working on the other shows popular shows with other shows. Is they don't do that as much you know cares much we will not stop doing prompt should that. Prosecute us they deal bring you much enough mommy's. Per gallon shall keep rolling on thanks so much sourcing was back in a couple of weeks with me yet unnamed guest or. Says enough about me podcast episode 75. The mail bag. Brought to you by great people build the store for men talk to you on this podcast. 2000. And it.