Enough About Me Ep. 78 – February Mailbag 2-28-18

WEEI Podcasts
Wednesday, February 28th

After some WEEI and K&C turmoil, Kirk is back to wade through listener questions as he fits in a mailbag podcast. Minihane discusses, among other topics: Gerry Callahan's voice problems, Gary Tanguay vs Mut, John Tomase's benching from the show, swim meets, ratings bonuses, Trenni Kusnierik and his Cartman-esque imitation, and perceived changes to the direction of the Kirk & Callahan show.


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Suit in this weekend they have their suits still going on right now go to builds the sore Foreman. Okay back gather enough of these of the episode numbers. It's a numbering off them so. This. Is about bounced from the podcast offers voters. Knew him so. Other mail back to educate promote Howard Kurtz tomorrow he's a scene and the former CNN now fox. Media critic sort of talked him in his new book about the trumped by administration media coverage trumpeter in the middle of that really enjoyed. In Mexico imitate the podcast with the and a podcast social justice disgrace in disgrace and looking at these sort of murders music. Jerry Lee Lewis Sid Vicious and cook it is really good. Us in the first 2004 running two days back to back I was blown away the jury knew Lewis well especially he's unbelievable. Sort of bring you talk to the guy running now been named for a repeat that execs were able budget content. For you guys year over the next two weeks. I've got to come in today did against quick mailbag wanna double 400 responses. So we're gonna give it to top responses this can idea do you buy half hour 35 minutes or so it was the which are gold gold run whenever. Again I know have been little derelict in duty here last month it's a little busy around the station and alum. Locked and loaded ready to be a three by guest here next two weeks from AG three the next ten days. The satisfied. So stick got a guy to read out to a couple of days ago to admit mailbag podcast fire away the should be funded hearings going on and allow response we'll start with this. Imaginary world we're against this scalable to show and then the casting which we're tank which committed to show 100% would you prefer him or mutt is a permanent how to secure really good question. A sort of muddy and into a jury's been out argued equipped cherry update com. So this injury was sick ten years ago of cancer. In what's a wireless happen in eighteen months or so ago is voice command and here's bad for companies came back and he was fine. Tsotsi Chara back how far back this one knows maybe three weeks is bush starts on the little scratchy. My voice to about him as well also to be prefaced her show. Rotors. How come so. It's our time worse and worse this or boss I really bad. Took some time off and he just sees these injections that was vocal cord yeah dot once set them. And died he is every three reaches into her for five sessions or something. When he comes back and you'll be you'll give you better answer. Initials rejuvenate its worked in the past I guess that really worked this time but did the doctor said don't worry about you know we don't have to go through a whole session and get rest raster voice and hydrate. It progresses voice that much won't back down for martian struggle. So I think that the decision we Jerry mantra was you know take a week off relax come back and should be considered easily be okay. Bogle report so more of a cherry next week to be back to become. 1% committed PaineWebber's a 100% committed mutt I can even imagine a 100% committed to language language does wanna do it. Ridiculous it is best for an hour to that he was the show's great the show today was great with tangling. The show Monday with what was on Thursday for will be good to. Odd percent committed ten reverse a 100% committed mutt. And I'd probably go tank slight tang whale from. But but but it's almost like it's imaginary because Mike is commit to 1% penguin will never be it it never will be that case. OK. A bunch of these whatever happened to mossy why some Aussie dollar apple to mossy. I just say you know I think this is a show decision. In mid issue actually is anger too much and we are. I think loyalty matters I think to my seat. Is not loyal to the show he's good writers are good guy. Now it's a must come to the show either I think there's issues. On and I and I think he's a trigger for. More stuff it's just a waste of our time you know and only flight to Spain that right now. So you know and I talked to John after we did the training on that Friday. Pretty good conversation I like whenever heavies got the radio leg right now not because being in ED extra inning. I think right now it's a must he was not that great the last couple times on anyway and and pause right now is best for everybody involved before gets. So angry so crazy at the stuff he just can't come back from. So right now I we put pen to Muster on the bench for a while. In the caught another question pockets your Brothers. It's like you guys go along pretty well can you talk about wire Brothers aren't getting on recently what is the main cause of the friction where do you stand. And boy that's a novel right there. Archived and Whipple my Brothers tonight. Com. Column you know which you've if I've talked about the some short. In these situations where there's death in both your parents guests even worse obviously. Is tension existed before. Gets moved away for a couple years like when both my parents for sick for those two years. I think we kind of said we're gonna put this friction away with a to decide. Not address so when you do that two things happen what is it works for we're trying to do which is trying you know get to kibo. Get to the doctor's appointment. You know receives over. You're going gives him a ride to this when you go to CBS to pick this up you go for the blood count you go for the hydration you do this year do. And you know. That that part of Europe kind of all together. But the stuff that pisses you off about each other just builds in this kind of put away but it's bubbling bubbling in just kind of burst. Like all the stuff I mean financial stuff was a big factor there were things done and you know again today that it didn't thrill my brother didn't throw me and we dressed weird conversation. And I think I just think it is the way it's gonna be going forward Mon my Brothers is in the movement organ next summer probably. So with that he kind of goes and then he in my of the Brothers. Gonna stay around and its commitment to seamlessly STD before. That's kind of way it is right now where I stand on it is you know. I think it's unfortunate happened I wish it did happen wasn't worth it was not worth. All the long term aggravation. It just wasn't worth it. And it's upset and like I said it's upsetting when your entire app part of your life with him you grow up with is gone just sort of you know. And see each other like tonight a good time at general but there's definitely. You know tension in the year. Which is again they're both great over the last couple here's my parents symbol of the fantastic job so you know. Now apart at me you know always remember but it's a shame that one up like their sport you know. I'm sorry I'm trying to get pimping him. The shame of it is is no matter what it seems to me and I talked to people. They always say listen this happens this just happens in the life of will listen trusts and money you know it's inept it's just you know people feel like they're value less than somebody else here. So because they're being lied to we feel it ages leads to. You are really fighting about. You know like I was seeing a fighting about the (%expletive) coach you're fighting about something else in music which is an example or or you know is a reason to do. Why not ten mayor Chris Kurt so which one I four that finally I advocated the merger and tired on the summer we should mechanic course host for days. They should feel they do a good job applicants if the chemistry. They're familiar with the show they understand the stuff the losing tennis now guys an issue but the shot why not yes I'm absolutely with that. End. At least he's action rate. Some too what's a white trainee sounds like Eric apartment she calls in which I didn't realize which obviously is what his bodily. Being huge South Park being particularly in the early stages of what I'm doing training I even read you guys it was him but clearly we here it's obviously need. Doing Eric Hartman doing training. In I dad and I Samad a cart says words he gets nothing we does is work to make any sense. In Yemen realize I was doing about ripping you off totally. Like I'll be trying to you know be like you know. I am I did yeah I'm my dad and how my daughter is not bad. Like by the end of it like it is it's a (%expletive) stupid. But it's totally car. Aussie yes that is that is all the rip off. About a way like that sort of went marketing it as a much different questions. Delegates. On a scale of one to ten how miserable you are how rate how miserable you art swim meets between case raises a portrait assault eight point six. I think this guy Jeremy US discretion may be slow compared what I see is that these these from its. It's a weird scene to your (%expletive) seen so go to swim meets you go in so we'll take he has won and it's eight just some of Brown University. So she stamped in my before sometimes a Bronx awfully getting up for Saturday for all week. So just to be on deck they called at 715 dwarf our happy Gregory's. Like drop profits and fifteen I get to go for a run and owned and I chalk whatever I'm fine have a paper read something no prob the race starts so. It saves from 845 the racist till 1 o'clock. Shall have four races in will be like heats to 162634. So you know she races for four races and poll probably five and a half minutes over five. So we saying is what are you do the hour pass between two top perished sit there. But I'd I'd go for walks of over me you know small run a little fine bookstores that now have to killing these two sit there spiking my bought going to be. This terrorist by the lawyers fought psychotic as hockey parents or baseball parents about school parents they are (%expletive) crazy. They have their rate sheets yell and scream all their kids (%expletive) crazy scene. So there. By Jason asks can you explain to me like attorney general the real unbiased way your ratings are interpreted I don't understandable shows claim first place all the time. Well. You wonder why I'd say it's 2554. Seems to be the standard we have males that's how we're judged that's how we're rate. Calm the markets complicated I think I guess. She's crisis knowing. Is you know. They count their streaming weekend are streaming. We have a weaker state signal in the Providence area. So we have B rating. These listeners. In seed Norwood can't were ever listened to the profits should. Instead of us. So my reasoning is always will be clearly do missing a lot so that's that's partly that's about accounting actual profits rating. I'm telling our province rating immoral or indicate it was of people with those who live there or stoked. Where the signal is great. Such look at so I mean you know in the end detector to save from eighteen to 34 we beat them we could say from 34 a 54 we beat them. 25 to 54 is the standard. And the last four books we have. You know they want some before any with some after we it would have after. But 25 to 54 is the standard that's how you do a point 554 males industry accounts are streaming counts are province three in Boston. Counts in Boston market not provinces out of all you ratings don't count. Streaming you know whatever the that you know that part of it doesn't count in his court 25. 54 mail you can community can spin anyway you want. By Jerry wants to meet Niger tell him once we do podcaster Greg Christians and it's a real backstabbing sources and we back it as a father this. I saw a decrease and we decided yesterday Bulent to a podcast some talk with mental illness. And the way to. Companies he's worked for have. Cost him his job because of that yes but how will happen I would walk I welcome Dickerson and anytime politics actually he's gonna on here. Com. I think you know and it's probably no small part due to the struggles he's mentally but he's not reliable. And reliability. His first let's talk and write about talent especially at 6 in the morning like if I don't know you're coming in. In just me and you had your fill in for Jerry your film infamy with Jerry. And you say of a flat tire be two or three times and six UC kick him in your (%expletive) gone I mean it's I feel bad for you to bets that we just can't do that here. You know you can't call some you know in the mid day guys. Let's say we can't do the show tomorrow. You know Paul's cold calling guys at 830 you're gonna get somebody. You're cold call guys at 430 chances are Americans simply. So they want so why don't caught trying to offer self obsessed cry for attention posting very shivered does it was Jerry would double standard I don't give us your the show lately we do plenty of we do you plenty of fun. Six only amidst I'm here we go through pages of stuff. By his WBI of control over your podcast Mike wants to know. I mean. It's like it's a question I don't really even institute they have they'd never said anything of any content at all. I can't any guest I want on to mine which. I don't think you'd ever editing out my podcast I don't listen to the podcast LaMont. I don't think they have nobody's ever give me a Twitter feed back I mean you know if I wanted to have on. Primer gore to go the other globe on. Right now and one asking every question when asked him to I think people management issue with that yes but obesity Kamal when I fight them on you (%expletive) goddamn (%expletive) right so yeah that might be an issue. But it could told the pockets if you total podcast in that. It's under their umbrella I guess but they have left me totally completely alone and 5000%. No issue. Them. To any of us is and promises to wave of people cable from the merger struggle to understand which show is about why the success shore. Yes apps you think you know Marc cannon who is the general manager here now a sit in your radio data like a reason nice guy think he likes me. But I don't think he likes my I only appreciate your. Right doesn't view music great radio talent. And that pilot that is you know perfectly reasonable I don't have an issue that. I know he understands. Why we've been successful penalty he likes that enabled these expert gossip flexible shooting. He's been over to station or take Felder for example been very successful doing none of that stuff so he looks at that in says why can't she do that. We does understand I don't think is by doing that we repudiating everything our show is bezel for what Mike in and Tony can do that that's who they are. That's who we are by doing that would basically be saying everything we've done last couple years fake it was self fake any. But I think gets a dialogue going back and forth we're trying figured out but yet I don't think he's an attic again we don't want Tron Legacy is very nice guy I just don't think he likes it was up to him. I believe and and you say you know we just get some deals to do's and corporate Jerry is Jerry we do that shall we tell me. We get mud Gerri I can think you'd rather do abduction. In late you know by the guy b.s gonna show of course I don't drive to have a problem of having an opinion absolutely not that's that's. We it's crazy but it's. Some men. 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The benefit is easy easy to cook delicious ballots in this for less than ten dollars immune can't be. He of the burger with me joining jammed. Yet the washer at the only if you want to keep testing recipes again. Easy PG ravioli that's Harry meaning him special spinach as well. Get beat it's convenient recipes are great to full time registered dietitians on staff optical deference to help me. It's delicious. And the price is great you cannot be good hello fresh and get it done me good health first dot com again using offer code minute and thirty. A degree are we Hamilton. We all know it Howard Stern was a big influence on career what are your thoughts and his rivals or may open Anthony. If you listen at all or did you us at all it just keep Howard you know I never listened opening than ever for all I know they were grateful and they were terrible. I was always a certain. You know I really was that was never mind never my world. My world them was turns turns turns turns are far more at NASA I can't tell you think it's funny always at a morning shows you know. In this and warn wall of the rooms and Matty. And in this news he lacks. You know I didn't listen a whole lot to. I missed most of John Jerry Lewis in the store. You know it was a lot more stern John and -- to be short but those of the two shows there were definitely wanted to. Shows I listened to. I talked with take the year off my answer questions about that will whip if I was here take a year off what would you do to fill your time you know I don't know I really don't. The man you know tegra came in this morning and everybody's job again my job. Gary came in today's second in a back Texaco mine you'd you'd I'm tired all upon its release and this is our life. Every morning getting up. You're in the shower for thirty you know like I'm gonna be funny you're trying to be funny nine minutes 6 in the morning. How funny you're at 6 in the morning usually we joke right jump up and down yelling screaming. So every day but when you go the show starts you do what you feel great in the show and so you know I'd missed the show the world what they do. That's been a lot I would like to watch for kids in the school bus like the pick them up at the end of the public to do stuff which could do but more. I like to be illegal for run them to watch TV and to read I'd like to may be right some more maybe do something else I've no idea I'd like to find out. But that's not gonna happen you know I'm I'm stick around until literate him either stuck in the rain. Did. Am. Somebody pages were just just do. Somebody wants to know how many read you'll friends. On the real friends. That's a great question I think when you get older. Don't you guys when it'll it'll save some people with him early forties and Grossman mid forties. I Philly you lose a friend or so every year two extra because her real from a 25 let's twenty real friends are 35 it's twelve of fourteen now let's say it's extreme real fresh in my life outside my family and whiteman family. The real friends in my life are you know. Comment by you Jim. I'm real real we're talking real real friends Jim. Rob Bradford Jerry. Marked. Just said is empathetic. I'm talking like friends friends friends friends friends. But he Riley or or to California. And on. Not real yet I'm not talking like guys guys guys who like you know who would consider you know. Super close friend again outside. Submitted some of guys are friends with guys who have been IC wants good guys you know yeah. High school friends you Argo and I shall couple by raising a body any normal I've watched with every once while great guy good friend. But like when you get older you have kids. Spend a lot of time to catch it you're just not. That's the way it works. Justice. And we hear this job all the time to shop kind of swallow measured the rest your life the people who were in that on your side become difference you know that's. That's kind of how works for a commissioner in Miami I feel like and so I'm trying to think. Tank. You know I guess but didn't quite to level those guys I would say no. It's just for the core four or five guys. Yeah I would say. Let's see whales here and when your parents Willis all settled had deep stuff you that you maintain a relation to your Brothers. Oh. How I mean absolutely yes that's that's I mean listen for the worst the worst has already happened. So amazing any worse than it's been so yes I do thanks. Secondly yes you can mutt really likes you do you think you need you to maintain employment I think he will be. Much like be far before I became whatever I am now we've been friends for almost ten years close friend we talk every day it's not gonna change. IDC Jerry slipping in New York great like I think yes they're part of some. Bryson is wants only my nose in the car driving were right but it very easy out here as a 110 degrees or ten degrees everybody has the same thing. Although I think some people action flick in the car the window doubt it's cold it's a three fingers the target the finger out. Although we all optical right now Google. Can. Jesus I got. Such a damn Yankee Paul Casey actually that the key rate to account put the Dickey flat out kind of stick it out in India before. Don't click that's yet everybody. Even par that's talking grosso of course yuppie that the biggest summer emerged so (%expletive) hard to shake like some sort of my partner like ten minutes but it's a foot out the wind. No question. It's yeah. Me. How serious of the talks are with Portnoy a partial. View they defeated you think crime is too young and monitoring users to give you freedom which you might well. You know again am I going anywhere but I talked to Dave a couple of times are good conversations. If I didn't have a job I would go to bars to sports I'd be happy to do. I got fitted five it'll sort of Super Bowl at the bar stool showed there. I was amazed amazed at the loyalty because I get Barcelona. But it was in Minnesota crowd packed the middle of the day we day with with with people. And ill surprised it was obviously too young crop of guys my age and play people who like me you why it's surprise me to CFC younger crowd that got fit in fine. You know. Actually not a problem now I I would I be you know seriously give you freedom it's true I like it. I think I think I would love to be able would say whatever the (%expletive) I want them all the time. We I would miss is the localized part of the I am a Boston guy with tear. The 95% of my life I'm from here I care but the issues here going to Marshall talked to a national stuff like I'll be honest. Francis I'll give a (%expletive) about this college basketball thing we shop now can't it doesn't I can do Foreman Tom but not not not on authentic and to her about it. Again a terrible LeBron James talking about college basketball writes I don't care about. You know whatever international story I don't care about. You know college football I don't and you on that ship and no shows you do that she'd have to. I don't care vote no in India and mutual trade deadline don't sorry don't care. He had to do stuff like he had that would be that part to be concerned for. Solely pages. Simon actually opened up now because some cute and Brad says mantra down your throats cast a coach pulling apart. Thank you leave any moment that sounds eggs they died stations around angry this is the most vulnerable caves he's ever been. Obviously my two questions were where about that in. Here's Steve Kirk. Could. We had a I had confrontations with people in upper management the last few weeks there fresh produce on the things we do which. I think I was blamed. It was a fair I think some of these indiscretions of others the station. I need to take a lot of heat for that now with success comes that I can accept that. I think sometimes we're treated like children a little bit which can be frustrating. And I think we are sort of not the communication has been an issue. But you know we're not gonna change our show that is not. It's just it's just we've been too successful. And the people who like art show would leave because they showed us weekly differences Gary. Silica a typical per gallon issue we have found it stupid shipments on the Marjorie can sound we're fine. I would totally top two last week at Fort Myers obsolete copped to. I didn't know what the (%expletive) and which way it was up I know we can do. You know could we could say no germs feel the same way there was frustration. That was looming there was texts there was don't do this to restore to that that is not the case this week. So you know if you said Icrc Kelley show which of most these questions came from last week of Fort Myers you're right. I goes a compromise show we figured out that's not going to be the case going for OK it took a week and I know what I mean we we help. We talked I talked to Ken Christian Gerry these guys. And we said it's going to be weird for a week or two of them would be fine. We figured out now we're fine we're fine going for ID if you're a fan of the show you've listened last couple days I think you know we're going to be. If you as a week ago I can understand I was not happy I was confused. We thought big brocade were told we weren't okay. There was some segment rose to guide me really this is really this is the world now because of this is the world now than we get a figures that we allowed a scale. And I basically you know you're right is a middle ground here the son and I think. Since then it's been OK really hasn't this week has been totally fine. There's been as there are things last week in Fort Myers always cigarettes weak now there are things rice had I don't know if we can do this which I'd never said before. This week is not the case that is a percent of itself when it does and we're in an election album I don't think that's going to happen going forward. Now we talked or Roemer in a city get the phone calls this week. Like here we get to two or three phone calls not dreamer not really but I would say the week before that. The week before that I would say it was an issue. A week before that out to remain open the Roemer sound at all. So I think that part of it like I Dave says okay obviously some flexibility here we can't let the show not be to show it's been such a success for the station. So I think there's been on the air ransoms have collectively gave understood so I think it's gonna be okay. But yet because of his mailbag we go over the da. That's kind of part of the reason why do one last accustomed to doing a mailbag. But our image but (%expletive) lying either that are lost my (%expletive) mind because I would is said and I I don't know what's going on. I'd say like last week like Monday Tuesday. Thursday shows three days of particular I was like I I literally don't know. How I can do this anymore. And have it be successful entertaining at all but I don't understand how mean do it. But now market and in the appeal does help boost the ship going on to nothing going on board things are at their their their hot it's like that. That's what I think verses like two or three years ago I would have I quit (%expletive) you would take off of a (%expletive) great I am now it was OK okay. It shows important chose important. What like there's a bigger picture here there's two things going on here. Let's relax take a deep breath there really have their day. And then is it worth it right now damaged and even more go (%expletive) nuclear region to the point of returning in the show's gone but to really show bond that it's. As opposed say let's be adults about missiles figured out in notes to act and show we're going to be. I think we've done and I think you know two years ago for sure I'll emulated a year ago about the W boon to. But I do think with time with understanding that that there's a whole process to this thing I think once you get to that point. You know you're then able to figure out and I were able I think unable to figure out but yeah last week man was a (%expletive) We year weird weird weird weird week. A couple levels number one we know what was going on Regis had some some strange (%expletive) We assume we're back in force there was some heat this contention. Jefferson Jerry's voice was an issue obviously our relation with the Sox was an issue. I was you know we know third person and essentially without which are struggling. Were away order remote. There's not a lot going on so this is sort of accumulation of (%expletive) We are like an odd idiot has it been like in September October it would have weird so we have the power to 102 through hatred stories we've done some of the dump ship. They were both in shooting moods to igniting that that triggered a bit of art of telling you honestly. I tell if I mean just telling of elastic enough additional I'm I'm being straight with the year. I'm fine now a week ago we done aside I would would nod time right now told we fun. The current talent show is in the final four drove back next week which will be good. We'll figure out whether it's about full time whether it's my tank way somebody else. Whether what we're we're going to that part of it I'm not concerned organ to figure out. Well when is Harrison mania pretty excellent question wrestle mania as Harry to every time is the second week and I think in April. So coming Harry I going to WWB show. Friday march 30 at once is what is in the Boston guard I think we're gonna come in before that show here. And people live wrestling podcast that day for a summit big Russ and me a big fat. (%expletive) him wrestle mania preview Karrie meaning it secured for that that. Go to quarter two more. In my voice to scratch I really think without. Then. See. It shoots all the Parse through its all you know him. It can you please come back this was more about this Q please put back the first at thirty says Novo meaning you're the good ones like change in nannies Siegel. I don't know if maybe you guys know better than me what is happen. Why is is happy with dom. What does happen with these. With these. These pockets like they're all gone how would you look them all up there all talked him. Tanner Carlson knows he's when he's guys who runs is podcast and that it. I'll get some answer I don't have any articulation on that I don't know why that happens I'm with you because you know I was looking at the new evidence awards like the worst was hope where's. I wish Matty Siegel where's Marty Lange. Well and hopefully they'll get back up you could probably find them I would guess I don't know this. He could probably find on WEEI. Dot com probably I have no idea political looked identical there I I don't have an answer for you. And ward team. That's a good question yeah I understand that either. Mean. I'm not doing mats. During never wanna meet your fans some guy asked me enough planes for. Listeners I don't mind the robbery there when you meet and could be nicer house come back from a flight get a day of two or three of them came by for that they're great they're great in their initial. I'll say this slate and you learn. Well over few months ago tap the past few weeks but people who love our show we have import I would disagree. We have the most loyal fan base stolen our show is our listeners are (%expletive) insanely loyal ever backs. They'll fight for us we ask me do some he'll do it to do something on their own. They have our backs and no they didn't last and I can tell they were like you know let's give these (%expletive) hassles of configuration. Government acted like after three or four weeks of probably countries say we go find something else but they're loyal right now which I do appreciate. And you know. Did it truck and I believe most we meet them in Mason of the showed us every day the flock to him. Yeah Christ they're great posters are offs (%expletive) moron there. And after credible run I'm speculating Jerry's run on the canyons he shall it be coming to an end to push again mother's apartment third it was really efficient mergers replacement. If not we predict happens with the show larger tires don't get that sense. Adult matter of fact that your order for a while. Somebody else asks it seems to carry callous to them exhaust what the constant fighting with management clashing of the show should be and comes down to it. Who sighed as young as he copper Callahan under a minute is the ultimate question. In Jerry's a survivors so if they kick me out Gerri would you show with my he'd talk with the Red Sox pitchers we told them to play ball and cashes checks. That is on the criticism that it's a half as he survived in me money her and we wish I'd instinct. I do so I do I do I think you wished to I think Jerry down deep which is we were more the corporate financial sometimes. I I think last week and last admirable but just (%expletive) (%expletive) this but I think he's okay he's on board he goes works he knows good radio but anybody. And it's working to continue work shows can be great mid day guys got anything going we shall in the afternoon so it's going to be absolutely fine. Going report that's an idea on the give you forty minutes it can't. My voices is policy giving year shoots here right now which is frustrating. He's just doing your part just a future of Mike yams absolutely we've reached out to Mike several times I. You know I'll Mikey still working in New Hampshire much for what's going on would love to have Mikey Mikey wants to come on into the podcast any time he wants c'mon. It is it is absolutely. Open note. No doubt I mean look. I think Mikey thinks the guys subdued him meeting I can assure you I did not I had nothing to do with that zero. To do with. Do it might you. Mean. One more. To see it always questions and writes this yeah game. Robert trainee Tomas the in new you know might. It's among them. That's okay I guess you know what do you do. Them. But of course is assisting the train was the best part sister apocalypse it's a beach at the problem. And people want me to be like (%expletive) this (%expletive) that. It Britain and not like it's going in you know people talk given reasonable discussion and you get out of there think there was you know the the way it was set up was. There are accounted Telus are these are the things you can say it's in the radio which we all knew we didn't that was part of the deal. Miriam and honest dialogue between all which is which we had. In idea after her show was sick of me. You know being critical of them and let me know went back at them we had a good honest discussion which is great I like how I met Jimmy's weird like. It was a good conversation I enjoyed being part of it. I don't whenever when the rumors turned in turning it means saying all right this is about you took. That's part of I had no prob with that whatsoever I was not throw my for a being out eight again we get paid for ratings over the it was good great great state. That was decision to me I mean we gonna do there are charged they make those calls the big boss made that call. So that's where was I know probably a no problem we did a few months ago with that the people in the trajectory and actually enjoy it. Actually that that was pretty interesting conversation valid and a great op podcast actually has finally wearable shows the Margaret podcasts ever been had no problem. You know either I can lie and say like a puzzle that I didn't people are pigs stated that they want to say to me they sell them and their moment so there you go our. So. That's. Next week and weekend after this disgraced Republican eschewed what did you plan this came. He's the elicited out by the way before I am Mollison the first couple with a really good. And again shall be fine we have our Kurtz on we have this we have the so we overdo it at three like the next two weeks. And get a feel like oh you guys a couple of we'll go week to Jeter's going forward you know. And do you work on the podcast now balmy but you deceit by hello fresh as I said in our great friends at mill that's now Columbia says it's up and the Sony. How about episode under. We have damaged and ideas are good guess going forward all I I do wanna it's a you know when I started doing really do want one into one of these three or four partisan sort of dig deep into an issue the original thing I want the my pitches that I wanna do sort of the Reggie Lewis death. No it's going to be 25 years I believe this year that's correct. In you know it's still to me sort of one of the great unsolved and talked about. Things in Boston don't really know what happened. A kind of wanna do a three part and talking to the doctors and lawyers and teammates in the people define what exactly was going on. A perfect world like just this summer. That Dixon taking it but I'd I'd like to do was to get to organize some other sort of serial ones in mind. How your golf. So gonna supplement podcast file any suggestion to want to act hurt me any time you want in podcast just ideas. People like us thoughts ideas and criticism and you know they know their personnel. And we'll continue to toward coming back I was Howard Kurtz. I think we're go back to back weeks we've done that while Flickr YouTube to. It's like it. Iowa and Ottawa couple weeks after that and again any ideas go Portland itself Moby podcast episode number so what. 76.