Enough About Me Ep. 79 - Disgraceland's Jake Brennan 3-15-18

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Thursday, March 15th
Kirk welcomes in fellow podcaster Jake Brennan, the creator of the new pod-series Disgraceland which examines drama and crime surrounding popular musicians like Jerry Lee Lewis, The Rolling Stones, Beck, Sid Vicious and more. Kirk talks with Jake about how the idea for Disgraceland came about and what goes into researching his episodes.

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Okay this episode of enough about me is brought to you by our ex bar. RX bores a hole food protein bar with no previous 225% off your first order RX bar dot com. Slash Kirk and used a promo code Kirk that's KI RK. As RX barred knock on Kirk. Promo code Kirk KI RK we know enough Bobby's always brought to you. Our great friend to Milton Milton JB's comfortable restore usual. Go wrong at millones we know that we like this suit. Comfortable stuff stuff for work Ian aka the wrong I'm telling you right now if your guy and you listen to show. And you wanna look good go to Milton you're done studies. Social plaza Braintree Chestnut Hill square Chestnut Hill. Couple episodes you can go to Brennan I'd like. First off I'm jealous because it's great. I. Love great point that I he has he has us disgraceful. It's going over controversies murders. Lawsuits all the dirty laundry in the history of music started Jerry Lewis great episode. Sid finished second one San cookies three and right now it's a local guy Jay Brennan who has a great podcast which is just. Dirty gossipy. Music shipped through music history does awesome job does all self. It's really good I cannot recommend enough again podcast is disgraceful and I talked Jacob all the stuff I am I love this you know I like good documentaries true crime. Now music history for me it's a perfect marriage so you know if two people subscribe to podcast is this podcast I'll be happy for him to agree does need me anyway. I saw it coming to talk about this he's doing a great job cannot recommend the podcast disgraceful and created. Posted by Jake Brandon who joins me now enough about me so you know so I listened to a lot of podcasts and wants the wall ones and what these ones I've always wanted. Lake is is a listener. Is exactly Jake's doing with this disgrace which is doing fantastic three episodes and is sort of these mysteries you sort of because so many of them and rock music so. I beat curiously so case of just walk me through how this happened. Well I have my first kid and as a green legs and meals please kill me you know that book he oral history Europe and upon crop up. And I'd just like this and it just became a dad and a re in this thing about all my favorite rock stars Lou Reed Iggy Pop. And it should that your hazardous. I'm sort of all guys but I like the classic guys in Georgia's electric back brands are CarMax partnership but so anyways I'm reading this book is about some of my heroes these cures like these guys sock their bad for people. Your perspective. Is changed once you have a kid yeah. And that's sort of like started me thinking and I knew a lot of these stories I read the Jerry Lee Lewis or when I was really young it was a heroic zone anthology. And just kind of blew my mind and I would think about it every couple years ago has nobody notice you know Placentia. Haggar ardor for you tie attached to -- cure sleep you know even the guys I love Springsteen played with these guys never think of them is like but these are repulsive monkey human beings and totally don't like yeah jobless and kissed Jerry Lee Lewis is the when he was inducted in the rock crawl. Right and John Lennon he's next on the list these actually certain right now one now it's. It was two Polly's death as big mystery. A break now and I was adamant what is it is interesting stuff in the death by Chapman did at the Chapman did because he he was assessed at catcher in the rye right zealotry and you believe the John Lennon was full of (%expletive) Phony and we really get into I love John we really get into it he was kind of foolish right you know so it's like. It's that that. That is the really interesting civic came to mind you know is looking into other than you know he was murdered and all that other crap quickest which is true. But I love music download history and look for crime and and it's can be the interest except it's like. The details see I'm jealous I hate when people I'm glad it's here that he people (%expletive) great ideas which I thought of the such a great idea but it's going to be tremendous normally work. Yeah the pilot that the first episode mr. Smith an open message regular full if you would ever tweet yet some of Florida for work. I was doing run one day I didn't you know these things sort pop open your phone sheer success. Now this is (%expletive) fantastic the reason I. It's because it was warts small yet which is used to people saying oh he marries cousin open I admit I am like you just read books. I didn't realize that your news stuff to that extent via wives die under mr. circumstances back to the act of our park. Not an at all I mean like within a year in its opener and I in the autopsy in the way the local police. Anyway I think we'll either but but I I like the idea that your. Buying these people on rock histories on usually Bruce one personable person I think is outline his yeah with. There's nothing there right I mean he left his wife drowned in the end like you know (%expletive) up this and know that other than that there's not really there writes hi this is so. He picked which is what's a picture news first right yes what do you do see you how does that process go from. Picking now to getting the podcast on usually there's a primary source there's one doc I try to do you like this time these stories and visit on innuendo yet like yours shouldn't pars right but I try to treat everything as I don't you sources that are credible. Is credible journalism so if I want primary source dig into that. And then I just I just keep going and try to finally in what the jury who's won in yet suggested that since he got hammered the dominant thing. If argue that I'm not gonna do anything about accused killer Mark David Chapman perhaps find something in Paris. So you know write the story and then the next party's score that's it the music for Nam and you have to pay for rights to play Paula sheik yeah I thought I could get away with music fair use. All right but it's kinda nebulous yet anyone can sue anyone in America and so analyzed cases are talking about. People in and not so favorable way. From what chance during loses. He's alive yet I've right now we're talking yes weird and it's not just played for. So so yes he scored which is that you married scored all right narrate it nice or okay yeah sodium disorder dramatic. Narration. And that was tricky man that was at lake figuring out how to re. How to speak yes in a way he can't speak like this is known could follow you right superfast at it it's not koppers conversations as one dynamite. You can't fault her podcasts like that announced the first thing this worked for the second hand it was I'd I'd just not elect a cross between. Some Jewish back from Zoolander or Henry Hill from goodfellas and get us through effective rate that this thing network says that that prosecute those that the longest things Conroy tell. Howard speak in which it's conversational doesn't sound contrived. And really it's it's about public slowing it yes and and trying to be over its dramatic podcast reminds me of why listen to it. Is. You must remember this that yeah longworth podcast yet sort of remind its she sort of has any. Now I was so pockets in her she's issues sort of almost. Dancing like annual factually and whose price earlier. In the disorder that which is good that's. It's adjusting in the isn't is that move going to be to keep the ball to sort of that half hour. You know yeah you know be multiple part ones. Media talking with Iran. Bigger. Podcasts much bigger about doing. Them collaborating. Russert season one on one story consider twelve episodes like picking your answer something really dive. So that might happen in I think disgrace and a wanna keep it tight keep the thirty minutes people hurt it's some competition again in the people's ears aboard ship and niche like so I you know I don't I would I would presume nobody sees the charts you've done really well I'm guessing it's doing well. It's all mine expectation and she's doing this. So what is your background and now from music group in the music industry my dad's a musician always that as a musician who grew up in that I had. A went to northeastern at a record deal Wallace at schools it was like to do the co op and work weights but the bills are on two hours ago. And played you know 500000 people. Obviously did that put out records mailed leaning. And you know it seemed like a living at that time as an indie musician and and then when I sort of you know. Got to be in adults that you haven't family that's in the music industry caved. And I ban on various record labels at the time promo records and publishing deals. And at that time and publishing deal answered everything recorded ended up on Mike Sheehy. Reality TV really hurt my music and keeping the card actually answer catfish at this. Is the meager living okay it was it was enough at the time now. Pretty paid for songs on key of the Kardashians it it's it's drastically gone down last ten years because became the only source of income for musicians pose as it's announced that it once Paris doing it right but I had a song and entourage and our bank he was eke out some thoughts about not living watcher actually built it exactly and some guys do it but to really do it make like you know. Two grand a year you can see it in the studio like this with headphones on. 24 said it was all day pompano. And it's not widget that porno which among your kid trying to not at all not bow and from there I ended up I was hired an ad agency to be creative director just focus on music and and as for. This story like. So. It was Nasser said Allen is really great creative people would just like it for the type of great person that I am were just won me something in due to put it out yeah process of news yet. In you guys were kind. People work and so Penang agencies for years and never she's elected so I left there on in January 2007 team. And as a community this podcaster does not mean and again. Some things you can run your head for -- yeah I asked my eye and ask my wife and my serve creative. Partner as like he can hire me to do anything one job what would be and they both remarkably the same answer. Them tomorrow if I'll just hired top stories yet. Great story and are thought of before I thought that was being mildly bullish but it's those are the there's the same thing. And Adam who tried to armies except where it says I'd I paid to see an apple boot. In his talk he talked trees should write those are the camp idea of podcasting yet know what it was going to be yet. And that was that was funny I mean it's weird and I honestly music and true thing rock and first it feels endless to me. Maybe I'm wrong now is obviously this sums someplace but I mean it feels like you've skipped practice so I mean you know you go back as you go back. Yeah and yours you total lead belly now recognize I'd go all the way back I mean. Yet as a lot of stuff you know this is I'm not gonna touch there's so much unfortunately like kids' stuff but there. Like you know if Ceglia would call it issues its market analysts. And while Jerry Lewis Paul and marry your pictures thirteen yes and that's it. Speakers at thirteen point Steven Tyler adopted its fourteen your girlfriend. On right yup focus just murder right re right so this year I've a couple of episodes to episodes and under and the back story that church signs audience out to his friends. Were pressured. The story goes from science minister says those killing themselves as they wanted their influence out of backs life. So you know and that one's outsized juicy is murder. I find. The ones that are more violent. Insane are the ones that are more fun to write in Tel so the next one on the region black metal yeah I mean that's gist Chris oh it's it's you what's the what's in amino amok and what's the thirties with a synopsis of much easier way niche Sheen from Norway they wanted to be the most extreme rebellious form music. Amber says it's seen worshippers but that was enough. So they had to burn down. Thirty churches. Or women that brought together in yeast. Murdering each other. Cannibalism. Its its dislike these walls while Cain went for. Do you find it they do you find yourself wanting almost to get away from. Like the you mentioned man and the obvious ones like Elvis the way he was manipulated stuff like that through do you find yourself drawn the guys I mean elvis' it's a wild street the guy who wrote the Sam. In comparison cookbook is a guy wrote the two of us books. Yet this kid he's human manager all really yet cheek room access yet Peter groom through those two great Elvis book I mean is that you say you know what I wanted to. How are now on it's a good what's funny about his late. I know Sam Cooke is right. You know people my age kind Dewey is but I'm against people twenty years younger noise don't so I say Sam Cooke's obviously. Yeah writer at your residence Lenin is or Elvis is that you find is a sank. I want to find the ones that. Really sort of dog you know sort of hidden away here. It's nine not that you should answer but it's both I wanna file I I wanna find the ones I love the classic rock once I wanna find the niche in that story for our on the on to whole thing right it doesn't get told you know yeah like that's why the John my want is exciting to me added to block him biggie but my my point of view on it is slate erotic who killed two Bakken dikes like while. We know no insane because they're afraid that he'll retaliate. But it's. You know my my take on it was the media killed two pocket I mean the media up that story to the point where there is animosity was so thick. Right you know he's driven to that and result. It feels like in office because social media whatever it is and maybe it's just because I'm older now and I'm I'm more cynical if he is a rock stars aren't. Rock stars use to be that's probably good thank and I think it's it does is say like. You know that's a bad thing but I'm not sure that's like when you look at the way these guys weren't the way they were eight treated treat others that may not be bad things that links in a Catholic. When I grow up. You know the biggest rock stars in the world of the guys we you know whether those guys who jagr bruiser. Like who's the biggest rock star on the world today. Yet our news now arranging easy. I guess but I don't like it doesn't it if you like but JC has a very public life he's Jerry Guzman instead rappers currency was not doing snap stories and ride all treat Pete Townsend these guys you know Jagger Richards we didn't know (%expletive) about winning military Diaw and get every. Six much you get an ass kissing Rolling Stone. Thing from whoever women and they went away then you bounced definitely feel that these guys are so public. The I don't know thirty yourself the BG easy disgrace and when they do you act. In Spain. They're back ash fail our shelves this choreographed sometimes two to like it's my time cores right have to pretend the star right. It's weird you know I'd like to go crazy and threw it right eat that we need that. Boy by the suggesting is like it's like you're singly. You know the way we celebrated like injury looses but now we look back early put these guys were major in Lewis is (%expletive) And these ink. You probably in ten hours. Yeah yeah totally and so do my thing is like why is he why is secret brightly and and then it's like a whole look at the way he was raised like a talking animal on the James Brown won in particular he raised like hung upside and down and burlap burlap bag at age eleven and beat with a stick. By hookers right like that's Ali I was raised its no wonder you are not you know. So that's what's interesting to me and I I think these guys now. They worries that way they go to school in the end major music industry before they get record deals right the wrong with it's not as interesting to me. Jamaican music does good I think doesn't have to mean user to be some weird you know if that happened this solemn angered this SU that these guys. Like Justin Timberlake just doesn't mean he's a talented guy is an entertainer but he's been he's been famous and she was like left in your soul train latest Michael Jackson was due. Yup but again raised lender Korea and also share experiences that's true that's true. As you be when used to I'd like to do that idea I don't know what I don't know that without I don't know my of my original interview there was down. Is it going to be I've hope I have a whole bunch of four when he got when he wrap our fire we talked with Dennis Wilson. That's amazing I just listen to that. You must remember this on the Manson and yeah. And a really start and that is how he died in every they realize right that's diving off yes define that term or rhetoric that was rather poetic communes where we're so I don't know what it is there. By one lead and he was that did say play that song at the end of her Wilma for as I was spokeswoman for an I don't know I don't know it's than that but I don't care so I didn't know. I know knowledge he was even singer and again by that album is his California blues with yet. Normally it's it's amazing it's heartbreaking public Joseph Sheehan. Well that's that anyone wanted to be has produced produced notion his record. He has this thing where he's like he's talking seeing any is there will love and asking these yes they still gently don't take how we ran in case our negotiating tools themselves. And then some burst out companies outs that's the story you know it's yet so so how we have Steve was. The big bass beat Purdue based produced dolce and stuff was it to be remembered and has sort McNally I guess rates him. And what's his name on the wireless heart breakers yes needs him to replace him in your point they produce the go Xiamen record packages comeback record. And you loved him and notion it was like to that documentary about him which could easily. In Washington don't take and don't take him in. Eddie who. Admired him of the Mosley if you nice way yeah I'll take him and by the way ST died of drug or drugs. 67. Went over to us yet he was broad. Issues about. Which is faced the guys using him a couple law. Cochran no obvious floor yet he got posters that girl I think is how I can read that Wikipedia page your psyche is it's is like the latest car of episodes McCain we have right now. I've twelve done I start the second season of twelve next week once they come on baby and you do every two weeks released yet. Pretty much have squeezes amid the and they get out before July 4 in. Its name that's what's at any backlash at all. What do you what's what's been the biggest ticket system. Fair. The swine. Has been and sort of in the Sid Vicious line. I got some flack for which is totally wrong but just like celebrating this guy who abused wife which gives you listen to the episode. And I'm not clearly say it's not doing. That was the biggest one and that's done. But it's just like yeah I came back from language you know for wearing now. We talk and here. It's where you noted that the criticism is what is happening here. Can't be expected. You that but I guess I am I am a consortium to see so many pockets of like I love your big mr. Forster due to class. And you liked him and then they just sort of fluently. And I guilty to amend a bit guilty about eyes times deuce on the heels put. Like is this something you say OK I can make a living doing concern yeah. Yeah if you are consistent with it yet I mean I had ad advertising. And advertising deal. Agreement right away right and that. You know it's you know not tiring but I think podcasting. Is like oh wait you. Assertive develop different extensions oh whatever the sort of creative is weird dude you know opening. So eventually you know I wanted to I mean this this. Creative ground it's super Super Bowl and now you're more work to be on podcast Loescher C do. What would you do for a I have a little steal and a built in North Reading it's an old massage parlor that was awesome effort really candies until it's perfect for that. After the slugger growth that's funny really yes temporary. It was ever there for. A minute I'm. Amanda's slow speed up cases it's so it's there. And when you started what was your best case scenario we used to book what was he what was the goal mean. The goal but if you exceeded your goals are in terms of listening this. Topic. Your goal was just had a horrible and it should be exactly in and maybe some would hire me to teach them how to do podcasts token medium and I come from like as the advertising world now. Podcasting it's hugely brands so there's the idea well you know maybe instead of doing music programs like it was doing programs at the music and podcasts rate. But now it's sort of the incoming calls have been counted and listeners there's a lot of other opportunities that you do stuff for. Don't jinx you have to give specifics but it seems like a natural gas in this is the I guess in the way. Between books documentaries podcast this is we are in the golden era of true crime yet like there's just there's an Emmy always existed but now there's so many places him for the surface I mean it is. Jim between documentaries and podcasts it is sort of I think the fabric keeps it and TV buy into it TV and even books which it has great niche as well. A mature what it is I don't mean the dateline forty hours of each and conflict thirty years people like me while you're watching it you're saying. In your formatting Michael OK obviously husband killed and there's not a lot of time into the wife poll watcher watcher are located in and we're done but there's something between like. That we yours is different closers. Stuff we legitimately like we don't know so you know it is just. But I I didn't know certain things votes and cook and never the book it served its graduates. That we managed to tap on Matt so what's so much when his. In the region the original expletive after that is back. And Morrison. Remorse yeah. I am Greek deal eating kill anyone but his guitar where Sina book just came out past or weeks I don't know it's great effort by a Boston guy like I kind of know sort contacted him was like what you mean to galleys I am and other big remorse and what you weren't here it is and you see this in the past or weeks. It was lost on me. Is it a whole other thing man relates yak it's like it's like wildfires. It's again that it's like EXE. Creative statement. They gets overlooked in his whole serve. Yeah catalog he was a huge but he did here in town I know I've I've actually it's funny so that was in the books from which just flip through I didn't I delegates at Boston yes sixties I had no idea yes his guitar player. Who was a New York guy with kinda signed with Carole king and Gerry go off and their talent work in his and it didn't really go anywhere move comes avarice and let's start working with Van Morrison and and get murdered mysterious really yet and viciously and violently and that's sort of the that this episode is like the most I kinda eerie James Ellroy yes of course love James Ellroy yeah. And I love how we can only takes two crime and kind of like dramatized it this way where's you know he's taken the (%expletive) out of it right it's the super compelling right. 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That's our ex Bart dot com slash Kirk promo code a IRK. Are you able to steal late. If you're in the car and Jerry lewis' own. Just elect of the music you know you'd think the guys decree when us all afraid Dozier aerosol Obama separated. No but it doesn't affect me it's like live it's our club is still the greatest live album ever he watched Kevin Spacey on TV today. That I haven't been able to do I mean I'm with you it's weird music is differ we know yeah they James Brown was shaky guy chuck Berry's topic was a very shaky guy I mean these guys jagr but there's a huge industry Chuck Berry who went and did rock and roll rate they keep quite possibly invented eight entire. Cultural earth shattering thing pursuit chemist who gators got a great short of saying but I mean by chuck berries does you know instructional. Part. Are you (%expletive) him yet. But it's your right to music is abuse X hardest ones I think as we expected to be that way we give him a pass for some reason is baked into the cake in a way right you know I mean whereas with Kevin Spacey. It's like you wonder. How the matches beat George Clooney and I want them to be like. Frank Sinatra beyond cool but also relatable. You know and with musicians I guess I'm just fine with them being (%expletive) aliens has got to be Simpson is going to be Sinatra episode there that's next season as laws and policies of the Kennedy. Momo giancana the election and all that's you and the death of Canadian and assess and she goes there's no you're you're going anywhere in music you occupation of the stories go yes no no yes no it doesn't the kind of go a lot of it in one episode this season that you know the limelight murder story in the ninety's in New York not a whole club kid thing oh yeah elk and did that area yes those guys were musicians is guys -- killed as a DJ -- but the stories as to fourth and saints did that pretty -- -- What's the what's that what's the one that you what's the big on the ship and start tackling as the one he says okay this is the one I'm holding off forces them again it's yeah Phil Spector. There and I you know that's that's it that's a particularly big one the smaller ones are kind of more intimidating for me for some reason. You know like Gram Parsons right to kind of we do in a way it is not a lot of info out there here as well I mean and it was a movie about it but toys true you know. Gone. Group bought before one is another one so they've been you read. I mean so do you read of him or some book in insulation there's a story you know with the story before it goes well the puzzle different is the author in all right he told me this story yet calm but a lot of the stuff. I have people now like on social issues like sending stuff left and ran it you know crew will dock with a 150 potential stories. Questions and Cisco's view it's gonna be one of its business like any tension is a great (%expletive) idea and they do a good job in its funny how this works if you are great idea and work hard to do a great job guess what most that I'm more via your eyes you know others in and I don't get the sense. That you're gonna get it I don't mean those four years but you know to keep your Amman and it meant that a lot of work it's more the peeps on script. Scripts are. 5000 words yeah right that's not too too bright and again that's weird you had a finger like how to Conroy at the Stan Alex it fits within thirty minutes thing was that he can you know how many what's the work out exit. Why why why can't be forty minutes. Creatively I like you have blocks it helps me Kelly. To win. Yes exactly you know economics of India yet exactly. I mean the big goal over based on since summer like thirty twos Mercury fives. But right roughly in the third what music mostly grown up. Started out classic rock and then Lee high school and college I was like being elected yet alive pocket our Christine you know to the real self sustaining thing electors can pouring network work is greatly I was like you know. Two pouring in making records twenty years old with my pocket heroes switches incredible. And from there we develop traveling in the south and getting to like country music like you go to gas stations in. You know 1997. In Alabama and all its Hank Williams and Taggart writes that service kick that off. And that idea record. Yeah Brock records which would lose. His soul record from her programs. Americana country's unity point we thought he businesses I can I'm going to be able to use full time. As a musician for for career like I did my third about saying. They can do for 20/20 530 years here to think that rate was gonna come here and abuse them yeah yes and no I mean I walked in the island Def jam in like you know. Did the Springsteen thing lately for being our guy and walked out with a check in that was like I mean and then quickly and the to a different. So there are lots of those what what what what. Why didn't work. I wasn't what they wanted me to be at the time if the I mean why issue blanket unit today. And a gimmick well what what what do you think I was missing person yes I just boxing in I mean I've been and I couldn't happen in ways that time I had those opportunities yet I was hitting like I was like him early thirties. At that point. I was sick at Torrey and chic and I was sort of like becoming like a domestic cat you know like. I didn't know I wanted to family but I it was an there yet so I didn't have that thing I didn't have that like (%expletive) drive and go and everybody still do it. Yeah and I think it some talk in the health yet with some of them stay in PO. Which Karl bush sure all right I'm saying that some of armor are still yes they're try yeah that guy would be able to do that I'll deny it blows my mind that anyone who can make. Any living in music industry in 2018. On and he is shocking. And why it's so why is it's so difficult. There's just you know I think it's a capital thing this is not as much money. In federal money in the industry anymore collectors and hacker advertising buyers. Other forms an excellent the biggest out was the biggest album last year. My sale and it is that Harry styles one maybe OK Mike why is that a much different is that. Financially impact verses say born US. Close to the download buys a match up is December meeting in north freer it's and a basic it's just become chief Ali yeah yeah I mean you'd see the actual return on selling album 1984. So. What it's a wickedly you know I'm knowledge in this park it's O. You know what he if you if you wrote notes you wrote every bracket. Yet so I'm posting road but let's say where Rhode. Like the return for that is different and if you wrote hello from ideal thirty years later. But you know get X amount for Apple's download her. You get directories is small smaller Myers standing and now it is like that Harry styles record thank you look at electoral Mars again except. There's like it's on. The civic splitting up the smaller pie and what happened like what would happen to. You know I grew up in the game you and your music taste different mind when I grow up. You know it was a guy in the Guitar Hero songs cedar. Groups Mellencamp. Guilin. Forward he came back where. Well I think when everything. Bigger and starter. Carper corporations at break you know I mean who's to say back then it was still about making money I mean I mean show me in but now Sony's boards are controlling things and they become more efficient. So I think there's this mindset like wolf really wanna maximize profit we had eight should songwriters write this on not Harry's swipe to maximize profit. Think it's it's they mitigate the risk by putting people into the media and if it in the beginning to the meat every you know I'm I'm an activist and watch all these eat it but the thing that's so great about your thing it's so great about these documentaries to watch a documentary about. Chicago. White values where he wants to happen now need is all you need to make it work behind music invented here is a bay and the (%expletive) hate each other at some point break up on the average than ever and ever come to watch it no matter. A watch Chicago. We each. You know. But Peterson Tara became too big and David Foster came in this drama McCain and out and console it's a story and about the story. But that's forks but the other thing is that you always always get these documents to the back then. Is a manager (%expletive) over. An artist and Bruce with my propeller the Eagles with. Yes and every single time ideas publishing via lake is that is that worthy of this episode and like some guy who. (%expletive) over a bunch of people. Yeah I had guys like that history is still going on the one I kind of wanna get into visas allotted dirt there is the guy what's his name the guy who did boy bands guys. Pearlman was opinions in Japan view was that yeah yet but he talked about a money is well yet. What's your point yet the so the first record contract iris and yet the guy flies up from Chicago race and pathetic record in the years this 1990s sent in how much were you in the bank at this point. Like four books. And your play and shows. Yeah there. Weren't any you know. Play you know we want to put regular people here and back them for the inner you know when these labels and you pre sell 50000 copies before. Before its stories that order because they had such. We get no money. You were supposed to get at them more money to carry independent label is split 5050. Vs major label you're getting like if tempers rate. So. We had an eye on that as well and we had a choice we had major labels are talking to enter to Indies hurt argue. Huge one of them flew talk to us this is the deal you're gonna get too creaky old blah blah blah. Based music to records and EP cash it's we on number tweet on the polishing. By the time we get the contract it was seven record deal. Less money you know all the publishing all the merge in the rights to everything I was ever gonna do music we've addressed. Okay now guys right guys do we have a great lawyer the lawyer was and we heard and this gives you murder court recognized ads in magazines that this thing's coming out more torque for a moment what the Koreans to man's record come. The lawyer thank god it's like don't do anything. You know she gave them money records coming out don't sign so we never saw so. But the history get guys like I guess there's a good Bruce who was he. Shows up in held as a sign this deal work. And ran. Yet I think this is the knives. And now here you know we don't own publishing essentially. So he was known. And on the right when when Iran delay armor from the police and that's right as they cope when I'm about or accuracy captured misting is that for every breath you take us to be worth. I think I'll accept your hand. You're now more months it's million dollars a year it's insane so it he did he won two. Well that's right these street racer JD can eat nuclear threat so it's huge it was wonderful action to a topic. MC hammer accusing it. It's been in the weight room and it's been I mean that you know leg injury Parker June 2. Only I think what about it acts was I think you might have and it is it to have is sorry you rate this thing here like this the best market in here. Associate that the beastie boys and budget that's what Levenson I mean McCarty says yesterday's walked around for days thinking. I must of storms from some must. Via according to another guy may be you know better than it seems like. By and large he's been above board. Yes no answer anything amiss and things. You read. Yeah others announcing disgraced we're talking disgrace and yet he's he's not the stars Stevie Wonder. I don't know if USC wondered George Harrison and I wanna do that home invasion but the deal. Is a penny hit decision revealed. Now you're out there now I mean in a real way it's not like a lame positive thinking of ways and yes they wanted to McCartney considering. Although check ram card the other record. I was from we used it was the second story. It's incredible. Amount to McCartney this'll change but the there's a piece. And wonderful Christmas. The worst song ever made. Ray Charles's racial and worthy yak yak. To be yet or that and I think all the hate he's by topics I've booking him. They're lame it's huge holes like. Civil right here you know expulsion it's gross. If you figured things where if I love people who (%expletive) pig that I liked to sing no. Great guy inaugurate a talented guy. Yet but here the (%expletive) flaws here they are Johncke maniacal recognizing brainy yes I mean if your point. You know I'm guessing when you're six years old like it was not easy for Charles Gibson and taking guesses he did not easy up ray Johnny Cash to be used. Yeah Allen his home invasion which sells steam arts right Thanksgiving dinner this round. Can't find them enough info it's his book but it's like you pages and Cassius. The cash what you. Yet which you pretty good book industry Roy Orbison. What's there public voice is that something. It's a spurred on. Yes you have an extra Johnny Cash house burned down major catches as everybody does. Apparently. It's over it's it's huge for a community. Things (%expletive) great and in and you know and about it it's not your Republicans artfully you know maybe it's your critical as fox and hearing you say this is it makes it can tapping into the right. Was or is is you can tell you somebody runs you're talking I mean for podcasts. Like that you know and I finally. Just you know I mean come on you you amounting almost to consume what you're doing it and it's people going to work and work in its. Like you know that was a perfect most people drive 25 like frost. You know we worry we could finally average of most people listen for eighteen to 22 minutes it network and it was yeah. And it was suggesting and drive home and in their (%expletive) done yet you must beat you know. Stunned that the success and I am I am blown away I keep him like I'm gonna (%expletive) it up. And I'm gonna lose it I'm like responding every tweet every since Graham post series if it's gonna go ahead of the the finest over and carrying it do you sometimes feel like we ship them over component here yes for now coming to me like how long's it take. McKee Steve. I machine and I cannot act Connery I sit there read it now I think is as read the whole thing and I go back and cut out yet but it takes me like. Hour hour and fifteen minutes not a lot a lot of it is once they tapped into what the tone was going to be yeah it is pretty much like. One take read the whole thing right before it so happened in my head and wants it give people send you crazy conspiracy should nauert now. And once did you Kerr cocaine in and a core right. But documentaries that. Their big balloons and yeah Houston 120 really yes and directors that we used to you know documentaries week. The the violence the Shia. HBO on Andre poetry yet it was good. The last was like infomercial for yes so before yet here but 91 in May be Buick here group in the ninety's and it remembered in this good you were two different he would get it I was way more focused on. Russa image yet yet but I figure figured that was way more focused on the bloopers stuff. I get a diverse later in elegant universe number Nebraska and your visits like everybody in part rocket that's an area and it and it's lame but then. You know the first summer I heard the river. I I literally cry. Truck jewelry furniture college and literally started crimes like this is my (%expletive) life it's my parents right it's everybody's yet you know. He's the easiest on the eyes on another plane and they just get Hughes was it was the most overrated. Classic rock who do you BC's this sucks did you like Eddie. You out flowers here while ours is a top five record. For me seeger. Not as big this year but I appreciate more things you know IC IU the classic rock she rebelled against her illness. But now I find myself I want with stealing game comes. Zimmerman ended its admitted to hazard a Steely Dan would not be displacement and now on and on injury case and a guys that's a weird yet but that act like unfortunately for me this character flaw. I've never moved past times to also stock into that here have to get. Past Lisovicz there a uniter reference but this is like whining and listen to a new record in music is yields peace should and shouldn't. Yeah which it you'll find soldier oldest four eyes he belongs to them my daughter's elevenths and now into that immediately. Honestly this is by comparison between but like you said you crowd is there percent. For her size times style it's great. A bit like what Fokker which the 430 man decrying. Oh I think. If it should outside they'll think yeah if it's. But that's that's that's a good song yeah it's amazing right is that is that one like that. Oh who is the union he would share all they did see rankings I don't get it which take about killing. I wouldn't have liked more but that's probably true Taylor Swift. Something assert that I like you know as manufactured that it is super manufactured but even some in fact it looked Carole king and Gerry up and that's the brits it's in the spotlight yet. But yes yes but she just for players on the she does now she gets credit. And you get power. Chain smokers. Polls play. You'd be you'd kind of cutesy Michael. The islets of awful it is extremely deep and it's again it's sort of like solely keep my my thinker grown up with I was always the guy who liked everything right and get on that ship sport. My dad open for the Ramones when I was three years old. And I got beat up for. By the punk rock kids for like you Ramones you don't like or your solar mojo over an early look at notre. Put even and even in high school I was the guy who's friends with like the football players in the drug dealers like I'd get the court holy. I'm four ether but she's actually she's yet to grip on the scene the scene appears to act. Which is a strange music you go it sure what I'm sure what to say the eighties now musically 2008. Austin music and you think keep in the batch like. Oh c'mon this is I mean there's always a great song exactly. Yeah he's great but Munich prince's great yes. Or prince episode. In the death of sing mean and now. It was a mystery like that happening more resourceful fast it would deal. This is just kept all I mean we're talking with us there shows when he said. Doing. Think we're talking now seats listening mode but we don't is pouring as we speak he never stops talking to understand it I think he's afraid it's. Why he thinks on his whole life you know legacy and life. We sucked yes awful I understand wasting my time I'm like if you. Amicus being minus doing things right I know most the stuff in a middle that you like holy (%expletive) that's lately and they literally don't know what the (%expletive) yeah. I think if you look at it like this got to thank you fought in he's doing some on current version of what he's in to support buys on (%expletive) It becomes a you can unravel sitting there. Exactly it's Anderson to rationalize. Like a hundred jazz concert. I've known about the patients that much saying (%expletive) him so they grabbed some semi government announcing both a I can only be upset about something. What's who's the greatest by performers seem. While proud to be fruitful Ghazi you know that and is in our Jane's Addiction I know them for godsey kind of invented. Straight edge in indie rock you know and that just me like an incredibly. Amazing like yours or Bruce yet multiple time did you like you know a solemn eyes are I think is torque. Just at the 99. Soria. And that was phenomenal. And I'll never forget I sat at the causeway before and in there it's just me and my girlfriend at the time they're wearing. Springsteen and an unlistenable crap hole. And it was just us and there are drinking Jamison is great and didn't. And then the rest of the rising toward good Soria and to record here yet grade I haven't seen them since we think what do you think elegy government entries your kid but what would occur hoping he'd be doing today. I think he's one of the ones and maybe this is fantasy but I think. I think EB rebelling in a way that we wouldn't be able to really fully understand I don't I don't think. Also like a Bret Easton Ellis kind of way shore late Joseph has podcasts yes so what's the yet sometimes I like Susan though so he's easily things were easily he's super liberal. But he doesn't take the liberal narrative she slit. He's not afraid to like go outside of the marriage and I think whatever Kobe we battling against it would be of that sort of it would be cookie cutter bull (%expletive) sandwich on money. Better underrated overrated story. There's a lot of stuff I don't like but I love the guy his voice is good news summary yes there's a list like this like a decade of records I don't care about there yeah those guys have never pro James never been on the they were phenomenal. I saw that I they're good like it is utilized some rocky point Rory opening really for Smashing Pumpkins in the 201. My uncle told me he was this must have been 77. When you became popular park and Albanians he saw Boston percent. If five people this before the rollercoaster. That's that's a should he did a flip of the of the disabled Charlotte on phasing which can romanticize like. You gonna do this link and I find myself my daughters played as a music making fun of them like this is the (%expletive) you never ending circle. My dad could tell right by my moments he can play the human race. In after his dad said who's (%expletive) lose rekindle some grant every (%expletive) able rapper and which is the weirdest the difference now is is no mono culture. There's no like with our kids they're not gonna grow up listening the same thing that's true you know that's just a little it's a little different that it's acceptable humor to accepting nowadays we're yes you could say some Xbox console while the generation gap is is still doesn't feel it's disgrace claim which is a great podcasts like and recommend enough so every two weeks through weeks this will drop us what you drop tomorrow which a drop as you know in the pocket and Tuesday. Next don't take this as we speak honestly thought that things went right this (%expletive) expensive you know yet to know where you. Your your what I wanted to serve as a falcon was a dose execution only from dying. Women by some as my son and daughter born like I was always. Like a Buick OU meter Goran do something you feel like you pretending your good guy fortunately. And all this is traffic I don't know what the (%expletive) happened lately and that it'll stretch and everything Alec actually fifteen minutes you like this is reasonably she can't you run back home. Every every three hours and I know nothing. David I was I was and is there have been ordered but so Tuesday is the next one for you. Some subscribe to it. What else you want on this track. Subscribe rated review rate review of apparently got us pictures if some. Especially Jake thanks so much as terrified by appreciate that.