Ep. 10: Do the Red Sox need drama and turmoil to capture fans' attention?

Thursday, August 10th

The Red Sox have won eight straight games and opened up a four-game lead in the AL East. But yet, it seems like the fervor around the team has cooled since the David Price-Dennis Eckersley drama died down. Reimer and Buck debate about whether Red Sox fans need drama and turmoil to find the team interesting these days. Buck also reads the worst column Alex has ever written: a meandering, cliche-ridden piece about how Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady. Huh?  


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And read where it's got two outs podcasts would. Curry the rambunctious way China mostly taught me the phenom Alex rare. And the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know what we forum gave precision definitely want not. Koppel Macy's definitely two outs which Buddy Roemer. Welcome to the pot yeah. It streamers are greatly. He's now back. Last time we spoke expected friend Jerry cal and Gerry Callahan degree happy transgender troops issues transgender ban. I would like to make statement that's as we hear on the edge of nuclear war with North Korea. I want Donald Trump to institute a deep in the mail you do I'm calling for it today right because when the inevitable draft comes yes. I do not want to be drafted in wanna fight because I wanna fight for my country when alaskans marching home again now now I do not so great chasing you with the train station now out Friday morning along the tree nope I'm going to be be like try and try to get as many deferments as possible or escaped camp it's going to visual of the train pulling out of the station Q boys and train. You know I don't have a key point in my lifetime painfully alone in painfully singles and nobody would be chasing after the train it might actually be chasing after the train by not as good a visual not just get a visual Todd I think transgender people in all seriousness of lucked out here is that the span gust there and it is not gone through. A lot of things to work out but they don't have to fight in this world where three it's going to miss on an identity country. You're seeded movie Yankee doodle leaning and right now shows not movies you know. Shows up at the station wants to list Nokia and they can't let him that is not fuel the guy who played Perry White. And the Superman TV shows says I'm sorry to all angles we before my time so it was my sonic lights that is a reference way he might sign letters he could be keeping you young were keeping your pixel used it yet as a gaming you should enlisting classic musicals I mean you've been through a lot of this stuff about what you know we we have real time these games do agree it's August that I've I've heard. And especially just don't. Pedro Martinez I I loved the story about a couple years ago. And you and a mutual frank I'll yes and that's who he was standing there and each did know Leo isn't mature. And those awkward for me and you broke is I actually during the in allude after the pregame in my head guys out there literally singing Broadway symptoms you you always enjoyed. And and you turn to Kyle said it's on twelve. Instead he'll get together the musicals and musicals. Where we had enough and we went Home Depot offered an Ottawa are big. That's a big brawny good especially the so wipe polio in the very bright very idea and you have a lot when he with the game but he's still romance to Wear nice well. And yet like music but in all honesty you flip through a lot of history and the Cold War Ara a byproduct of the cold weather product we have the air raid shelter drugs should I be nervous are we on the edge of nuclear war. With all this feeling nervous by the rhetoric. But not by the meaning behind and I that the funny thing news. That the if you take a wave of fire and brimstone we believe that the sanctions and in the the the and to be bull it is necessary. Right. But when you say the fire and fury the likes of which we've never seen. Cindy quite literally means something bigger than Nagasaki Hiroshima which means. Nuclear programme that aren't I go Medan Armageddon Armageddon aren't getting nuclear arm again yes and we don't want that we don't but I think our commander keeps words that are kind of irrelevant and so I think I think the whole attitude in the military industrial comp are gives us is that when we'll also look to slip that the crazy guy to weed out when he wants a North Korea but I just won some reassurance from new box out. Not so why shouldn't be worried about getting drafted and times I would not fare well on the one hand up here I think you do quite nicely in the military on my draft in not on the battlefield. And that's the most in my mind about. But yes you you wanna beat me up a little I don't because so I used to write a column for the on the boat Cuba what they're getting into line getting so Easter conference he did it was a eight back its sports article but for the front that's what we're trying to do right. And you ever like to really any of the calms you know because you know why it's. They did not unleash the full wired theory about three. While pour into words on it more accurate play. And studies where Iowa and what you worn yes. What not then you'd have that right is you view they'd pull in the reins the worst comma Everett herald allies of the words card well just like a year waste wise I wrote a column complaining. About the length of the baseball offseason the pieces wise the NFL offseason and a ball free agency takes a week and a free agency takes a couple of days. Why does the baseball season take a couple months for everything sort that's that's that's one I'd like to have so I wanna start this. Little being yeah by a compliment of really great piece Shirokiya WEEI ducked or appropriate. Roemer it's time for Tom Brady twos that are offering some proof about the TB twelve method medical experts say is Angela attraction site in China sea the globe my man give you little pinch in the body hit column like to be parents and you in the lead the story. You give Brady is necessary props by how not to Europe Europe Europe you when you op before we get further do you feel obligated to you do what you know not immediately out and get a hammer and I credit our demise and yet I totally agree with that and you do so here. You say at this point. And I quote quote please at this point. Anybody who does it with Brady is the greatest of all time is probably just trolling. Beautifully written declared a sentence about which there can be no debate thank you. End of discussion. Except. I have in my hands. Copy the Boston Herald that tree on my iPad. From October 27. 2014. And younger. More inexperienced out dreamer. Now it's amazing you can get that full archive Taro calmness that special privilege I still I do I know how to do things about it I'll eat it it's more than a few weeks. It becomes quote unquote archive glossed viewed as you can find it but you'll find the first couple they like a dollar that it will own when I was applying for jobs and sending Iran clips I used you paid. To down good night full curled. That's I was 10 so what EDD here now deflected back and re read what I just stay I think that I think the people so here's the Boston Herald column from 2014. Again. You are suggesting. Most recent on the anyone here suggest that Tom Brady. Isn't the greatest orbit votes is with a witty and I patrol thank right and you're here on October 27 2014. In Boston Herald. That line. Time to sack the QB debate it's got to be written it's got to be ready and Harold tablet it's time to sack QB debate as. And I know that you wrote that. And responsible for that and I'm just gonna read some of what you wrote here trying to tell patriots fans Peyton Manning's better than Tom Brady. Is like attempting to convince fear mongering cable news anchors that bully isn't the right. At a time toward those actors and it was our imperatives as it was very current event and what you out again it was a sports article for the front and I was eyeing news and as breezes read that or say look Margie a column for us I was doing it now the sports ego. And neither party is going so let facts get in the way of protecting their interests. Public unrest dries ratings and does the belief that Brady is a superior court decked remaining makes it easy year. For the Jordan wearing Tedy Bruschi. Jersey dining masses to sleep well at night. You really have I hate patriots fans. After thirteen years and countless hours of mind numbing arguments there have been held in dive bars across the comma while it's time to retard the Brady vs meaning debate. Does not paying more than can be said but let me. Spend now stalled through any words on teams have beaten Brady five of their last nine meetings he will never be able to shake the allegation that Bill Belichick steep that make him quiver and it goes on from there. And you spent at the saying there is nothing to debate he spent the next 600 words saying. That yes there is a debate in meaning is better than Brady that's right well and why is it that now. Anyone who we dare suggest that that Brady's not the greatest quarterback of all time is throwing just three years ago. Brady was team as good as Payton man out with two things number one. I never that it wasn't trolling. So it's number one and number two. Then narrative has changed the reality as always means rating is now one once more glory and again. Right more information you can always do it as our good friend the video is now you can always change your opinion when more information is authored so. Not one of my probably another one race that's perspective it's impossible to argue that Brady is better and possibility. Again three years ago you dutrow in the impossible impossible three your dreams come true three years ago once detained since. So on my proudest moments on it. But got some tracks and got people talking as we parted and the worst thing being criticized is not being talked about it off so. Quickly now I hate to immediately went on another line on now to another line to duplicate it really got nom I'll what's the tactic. And we end. Even remaining even that then this is in the run up the NC. Even have meanings Broncos went on Sunday no Brady V Anworth assault we're really Alex. It's all it's now time. Is that like cliche wanna I wanna be you blaming that on The Herald really know raiding our editors and it is salt Morton is so hats are on connecting trying to connect to an ideal guy and you falling upon weren't Islam trying to connect to rip off from the Boston leaving transcript from nineteen months by the exact. With the lunch pail Harold even have meanings Broncos win Sunday no heat in his solved. Will concede that the. One has what it in one sentence but the elements along. You just anarchy gay boys in the south and this is before I was out publicly is still trying to connect to the one to go Brady and worth this'll concede that the woman has swung right where every. They'll demand that everyone should wait until January in your quotes conveniently ignoring the last couple playoff games between the two have gone. The results of meaningless. It ego so I would have I would have been a little lot that would it's it's too. Long Campillo we eat what you like guys gonna try to connect to the average person it's the favorite headline that The Herald never gave anyways. Breaking news aim may OK I have this I have been doing around the house. Or six days holding my iPad over my head. Went out and it was worth it was worth resort the bill well and with the guys that though because its dynamic it. Oh about pre yet plot atop the last couple weeks about the TB twelve methods can pass in comments. The article pirates three yet dot com last week which not very do you agree with the premise that he has nothing left the group on the field but in terms as TB to a Mets stuff. Still the lot the group needs to offer more besides anecdotal evidence that works. Com I I agree with the spirit is saying the problem you know get the you don't have. No because EE as a way of simply shutting off such as the concussions in any business. It is no witty comeback question that because of Croatian media. Rat somebody asked that question as some should have. And when he says. It it's like this crap David Brodsky polls where we couldn't put a month couldn't put David Price on the disabled list that he was and never happened before baseball history regular episode medical files in the baseball next course and that's rights. Sell and and they pulled the same thing while we moved on from David Price will we haven't beaten you still haven't apologized. I've I've moved. I think them I think the martyrdom of Dennis actors and a little. Immunity in knots right it's it's I have an element of the martyrdom of the sexy in everything but the fact that the Ritz club still hasn't owned. But would you want to see why it won't go away clearly David Price and we moved on from Tom Brady's encircled magical licks her little thing clearly David Price is not Sar. For the incident clearly see you want him to issue a weak apology wanna be lights. Now once and sincerity when he went under and constancy. And then we market but that might be I. He doesn't want to decency. Beats the crap for that says a lot iso tells I actually unconscious last night. Actually said now that you probably Norma of these David Price that I can tell okay. I am capsules looking no problem and not enough analysts note thoughts at some juncture late in the season. Some MLB thing where the players are gonna Wear special shirts with chosen nicknames on the back and David Price is chosen Astros that now because. It is is pastor is his dog is the last Castro from the Jetsons you probably do. I did not the dog in the Jetsons was that night and potentially get vans or pop culture current sort. Actually it the Jetsons. Was like. Predicting everything that's happened in the future in that need to drive is like that hasn't happened yet but give it to him but what newspapers coming over the Internet on the visuals mean beat flat screen TVs. Blocking streets and you know in the street elementary meet all that is as a ticking down rebellious it's in five years. Deletes hands. Something else athletes and again the top two players sports. That's pretty. That that's sobering speaking of the fetus so sell. I have no issue at all of that too is that the whole idea was to be self deprecating and I'll probably put like Sox on. Well yeah that would have been whole areas in very into it would have been ironically is everyone knew he'd be doing it so that we can get a charge out of it yes and I wouldn't have bounded disrespectfully. As I with a it's funny for the first time since he's ride to Boston David Price is so generous to you even act would have liked it. Here's mine it would it would it would thug in the pitches month. Asked his dad though is okay. With that what's the net from the Flintstones. I don't know I thought I thought I would certainly sounds like a network outside. Never repeal don't roll your part sentenced on appeal and re adult human mouse can plot in house podcast I was watching Dino. I remember it didn't come they come first you know I've watched the rug rats I want to view whether are clinically never heard the Nickelodeon. East what's been beating Martina at a per but it was. After my cartoon watching it. On but you know I mentioned Brady because that's been the big topic the last couple weeks each its course tonight the first pre season game you mentioned frequency quickly here. It seems to rights of the Red Sox are on a roll first place for game we over the yanks big series coming up this weekend. The price at dramas there's no doubt. About it as of now it's all patriots all the time do we need. In intense Red Sox dropped for us to pay attention to baseball street is a pennant race not enough that. That doesn't seem like it's the race. Will be enough if it culminates with a pennant a cat. So I give you and Ali made this point last night when I was Comcast why anyone know but we can get around that. And use those to go forth and so that. Affect. That deal with not a lot. Excitement about the 2013. Red Sox. Because the 2011 Red Sox had that game was crashed and burned September. Followed by 2012. Would that you'll want disaster that was Bobby Valentine treated Jon Lester. So 2013 comes along. And two last whistle but doesn't thirteen coming along. Anti bush slowed July 2 ways literally out through the not me I loved watching T now's a great team to watch and watts of power is as a personality as late as early September. I had my doubts about this team for the simple reason that Ryan Dempster took the mound one night at four pitches to hit it right that's right. And they they. They had 24 guys on the team trying to win a game that night in Ryan Dempster. Was trying to exact some kind of vengeance on behalf but the players association. And any took three of four pitches. It finally oh wait they're trying to Winnick gaming get to the post season and this has been. Is is throwing pitches and he can't even hit him he finally gets them. And and the next time up he writes a 604. Run over the monster etc. that's right and then and then John Ferrell is asked point blank by me. After the game was and always ask the tough questions and thank you as an frosty between you guys sincere compliment of really my job he's done his job playing a role as a cold shoulder. Called children. Have been invited in the minutes is up to be rob Bradford. Bank on. By and I asked him I said the ditty throw. At it right no just this is an equity was ten establish the inside part of the play. And two is now clearly he didn't do a very good job establish an inside part of plate that the next time out. They write it that massive loan on the left so so so. I had my doubts about this team right up to that and then of course they've they ran away with September. And epic post race and time and they went on to win the World Series and given what happened in Boston earlier that year. With the Boston Marathon bombings and so forth it was it was the it was a great moment. When the Red Sox stopped at the finish line during the rolling rally and things Jonny Gomes kiss the finish line but the world through its trophy down there. You go back to April it was on besides Johnny on and that's annual not that I never swear on the podcast because like in between between real real radio sway congress podcast and David Price that's it this is Arafat NC men. There he said David Ortiz had a rights liberties and start. And and that's a neat. If they have a do erect a statue of David Ortiz a set on my part I would demand. That would be David Ortiz holding microphones this team is missing now they're missing that rallying. It is it is a lot medicine and a lot of stories I still say it's likable team and in in that. Even a tease has been removed from the clubhouse he's been replaced by David Price. None of the other veteran players have as soon them on thorough leader and David Price. Sensing an opening or naturally occurring opening that we just said wade overtake him. It it as a meta pleasant place to shoot and I believe in and I might just making this up. And every conversation. With people. It's like Alec is Alec and I I keep getting that over and over and Polly said to meet the other night. That while that's just in the moment ball everything's in the moment and moment in which we are right now. People have an issue with this team now they've won eight games in route to me it's not just the team's general. That people should get excited about it though manner in which they won the games in rural. Seen really on with that incredible slides to avoid a tag that it up best tag in the history of baseball by a wide body but I thinks it great I. Rates but the best game they've played this season was last season against Cleveland past is at the walk off homer in the Austin Jackson not only was an incredible game. But added two ways yet act in the ballpark for the first time since the price fiasco was published in the globe you know the details on it he was in the box got the ovation from the fans they feel like that added to the drama. Tuesday I think in today's day and age we need the reds we need. That the games are not Justin. Chris Sale striking out ten guys is just not need repairs on my question is is happy drummer in a series that way or can't be these guys. Showing their personalities that we see a little bit of the little bands that get them both though so. I don't it's possible problem lies in its two Courtney and not it's boring but the I disagree it began organically right may have refined and I didn't mind it when it was are now it's not enough because they keep winning. It's as they only one was gain on it looked good in the things they haven't you know to think anybody takes and he joined that anymore and when I mean I do genuinely like and I. I stop I will not file my story yet but that attendees at bats are he's going around with when those steps. And it got materialize strong but that's you're tight. I have little strong but I think it's it began organically. It did it just kind of happened a funny and with and like I use an example of the left you'll fall we'll right well Opel is the right at opal is called. That's he's pesky all out and it was up there grew upwards in technically. It's a little today as how it's darted some people say Mo par now with the former pitcher came up with a non when he was doing. Color analysis from the radio years ago by. Me being maybe not but the but the beauty of it is the it is organic in that it wasn't some kid in the marketing department announced it. Hey I got it when we feel Opel Penske Paul. Eight grew again now that is classic. Organic happening. Let built up what was called at this point to something while trying to make that and that is the kid down in marketing who went to be you hung out with few. Man it's like anything he's got a whiny do you place. I've got files. And Andy said because this tip the memorable moment the Opel in 19356. Series. Some BU sophomore threat on it marketing to the side you gonna cause of this while Paul. And it is it's taken lanky no it's not taken up in no no nobody calls at the this Opel and act out the people look at well. It's a while Paul Light with an out in the dance has now become that forced things like it was organic when it started on the mound usually out of Columbus and what I said but they'll follow Paul is forced. The right feel well now the dance it was against. Now they didn't do organic rice began organically and now it is with geno forced. Justine knows. Wasn't it happened again granted I don't again and again and again and again and because they kept winning and became. Forced now PP it was like the statement on at and T shirts geno a time this moment T shirts that say it's time and time was for those who. Garnett has cut nets down it would play that song from the guide and go crazy that in there was the guy with the and a teacher yeah. That we like that but again it was cool at first but Bucs come. Hipster like they had it so if you well on before we don't now this is going well before we sign. What would you have more he wanted to hide this it to be to start this is the best part get it done yet but I have more one that's are LG BT sports issue of the week yet it's Garrity two let's podcasts. Matt Joyce a's outfield. Suspended two games are lobbying an anti gay solar an interesting one about this some overheard him due he wasn't recorded doing at. There's nothing on tape some overheard him do it. Suspended two games postal link the apology on Twitter as a participate Pete lack of spam now organization. Supporting the LG BTQ community. Here's my question about Matt Joyce this is now the third incident over the last couple we get slapping each out. On Iraq 3 o'clock soccer. We had an alarm we spoke with the league in about. A couple months ago on the pulpit solar breeze entities and not now we have Joyce. My question is it just to cool we incidents wiley these three incidents over the last couple months or is there something else. I think partially it's a coincidence partially it's the end and a do not write me emails sitting on blaming everything on trump but I am saying is that we are in Europe. Political correctness. Twitter. FaceBook in people's line. And I think people are. And that's where we now have been. At the end of the day that's where we return. We row on the base. Plate uses of force with cliche. Like like like it grouping in the economy two years ago and where it's all Utley and them and ms. Angeles watch zealot three reviewers and sports. Good ink and a MU. And illness and it's why you broke out. Did you look at that. Boom. At that point out. But here's intimates in regards. For the period. With the newspaper and they've been a pot. Here though is might. People more aware. Even ten years ago toys that homophobic slur. An awful reported. Is mr. it gets more media now than ever before. It's up things I think it's. It's these issues. English speak currently. The only difference is. That seems. Ice built back in true McLaren still go back many stories we've mentioned. The college baseball players you're so mean with sports that piece them. Games that are couple years ago that was overwhelmed. By locker room talk. Berry difficult climate gate. Man if you're closet it. Week in and week you're dealing these issues. Are. You war. In the midst. Can't sing. The issues. This. And that's why. People. Oh ray I think chilling. People sailed it over it's. Not it hurts people. What dealing with crisis wise and you know abide by retirement in. Which the week. We need to use. Your. Whole point oh is is like let's go records. To. It would be it would be more than just two games suspension on that outcry would be far greater than it is so that's that's. It's that we get these incidents because it means that. People are more people years if you. But before we go to do you live to votes. The peak in the view watch and listen to that wrong club that they'd do it's. On its pot is the reason why Democrats will lose to applaud. And I think of funny interesting and formed in the doing it right there and well but I think at that. Stick that's. But they feel the people needed to. Week it though a couple of utility nobody. Was gonna say it's all handicap access. Israel. That what that did this. Week. If people want him. To steal time it's exe could be -- pleased about our news sports and. Thursday there's August 17 7 o'clock we have a buddy in Boston named John Martin music video preferred NASA. He as dale sees merit is it too cute she's a wonderful guy. He's been around for a long time we in the sports community embrace them and celebrate him and which raised money. So that he is mainly can deal with this crisis in the lives. So we went out and got the best pitcher in baseball history Pedro Martinez. Is coming to saint Peter's field Thursday August 17 at 7 o'clock. We're gonna get the biggest crowd we have had its re. Part afresh by chopping senate you know right now on Sherman streak of the freshman shopping center. Cool that any athletic complex buying some grass during a beach chair. Blanket what's I don't mean points and I went to point. And minds perpetually beautiful little old style uniforms we have college players I school plays from route from throughout the area. To be a wonderful night the weather is going to be great. By a program pilots raffle tickets and celebrate baseball helped John Martin on and the a less therapy development institute Cambridge now as Pedro gonna really try and Anthony's we don't know and music and only Pedro is unpredictable we don't even island in a pitching always down permitting me go to Missouri but we'll see him Pius -- it was 66 innings of the people what they want they want pages that's a great event as angry. As this house that's Thursday night and and like an old joke about a movie producer payments movie producer who died and thousands of people. With whose funeral and then someone mentioned. To Eddie Cantor knows of payments form back in the states to hear that thousands of people showed up that produces funeral. In eighty cantor payments he says what if the people they want the short path. So my Peter Obi act immediately thought you might penal than others as the two putts podcasting is always listening. And we subscribe to show in the nineteen stores that's the that's placed again got a couple nice compliment plus yes a couple of nice compliment a couple of nice ratings is well yes or ratings we always like that said WBI dot com and subscribe to us in the nineteen story thank you for listening what time Q&A couple weeks.