Ep. 12: Kirk recalls his days covering the Patriots; Fauria and Keefe discuss most important Pats

The Not Sunday Podcast
Wednesday, November 29th

Episode 12 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features Kirk Minihane detailing what he was like when he covered the Patriots as well as discussing recent station matters, Christian Fauria explaining why he doesn't like Brock Huard, and Rich Keefe comparing the Patriots to the Steelers.


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CNN sales. Which Brian Hannibal per minute and Richie. Christians for. It's let's get started with the man failed. It's Sunday we'll now here's Brian and right first sub spent a little little wild card Kirk Michigan could have you back on the on the shelter. Over the other life. Yesterday Alex Roemer was really taught him during that time reading via I think he stump them when lives questions. I get get I get by issue you know I. Elena. A lot talk we talk it out and bought bought it caught Abacha should I've I've outlined. I think you acknowledge the biggest star patient. Our operatives it is it is more it didn't putt at. Yes I had a long discussion with my boss that was a bad move on my part poured decision on. Your boss right now at the sister. I could hear you. Yeah and what it. Quietly up a couple of weeks ago. Why what what is the what do put up but it went in. Mark I had said Art Shell and you know what works. What did what are the bot bot. The instinct was that no one cares about me in the pot add. That in that. Right now lineup and you know you learn you learn to live and learn this business and I've learned for the future you know don't that stuff that you and public parks. I personally met. Now not true we met the super bull once. Last year. Yes. Not not not like a long time I think and and got it an immigrant law not. Why don't I don't. It ought all right Brian I don't remember did you guys run greater relative breakers on the way it was and it wasn't long conversation. Okay. The remote active. Duty air. Bomb. So. Like course. I first started the third manned permanent job Jerry. But after we left in it fired Kevin winter. In May like what these guys out wanted to try a little bit actually before Evan Bayh in the and the process and they get it out well whatever. I would I edit a couple of Brady interviews I did push it I didn't know. It's a weird spot Jerry interviewed Grady Irvin might. Six you're doing it Brady now. So we have over them going like I think it was a right move out and it went and asked question for you feel lately that. The big I have them like it's sort of know is why I don't want. We were asked great questions so we could take utterly out towards. What but he would not did not back up. So there is no there is no seed Alex you can ask Tom a question that was strictly our cameras and. Yet Ali you know did you keep your fairly sure I. I think this sort of rhythm I ask you questions. Are. Gary at like nine questions Euro last ticket semi up question. Gary asked a couple of like asked the question I asked the quarter up question. Gary asked about the question that you are back portion of the limited wanna get a middle. All right fair heard about I don't blame. I didn't think you guys missed a couple of collections with him as the I don't know if you guys thought you guys got as much on them as you as you cut albeit. I mean I'm willing to take all criticism from the man who wrote the the chocolate break. Enormous thing Everett is deductible right now yeah I think that it is the bullet injury I've been doing. Right that's right it's true it's like integrated search and 80. Among the series same pre existing deal or rather right careened to a wow but aren't all white line you guys ask them vote rob Lowe's first touchdown pass. Jerri at Jerri says that after the appeal it would happen. Our question on it be like that straight really at Virginia I get a check yet but I hope. But to be the first on these really talked about dropped listens I think he's been reluctant to talk about and that's why do. It is it is that you get against. It gives up along those lines that you never you never know not to issue. It doesn't hurt us of those asked. I don't let the other one could've asked about Michigan and John Hart mart. I'd I that it you know your editors should I. Run the ball eight ball you're asking me the question didn't. You all around here Ager spared nobody thought were Robert. They don't care they don't I didn't elaborate math right. But yes like it is they are like George are bite you're really got the doesn't like guys are I think. They've got you know like our. You Blackberry OEU like you let it worked out what Harbaugh. Likes. I'd agree that maybe he wandered through according. I agree and he likes Arnold I still think you guys should've asked the question because I think people you need to think that people you know mist in the white people do do isn't the show and not just in Boston's I think if these ads on the rise out. I don't. I've I've in learning and learning. Well. I think of valid criticism from that view I did come. Couple questions. Left on the table that really wasn't much into. A mistake that other they like even like this previous data re like what happens snapped like they were all it really did quarterback in the Arctic eat every week. I think that he bubble like 45 point after a and it ain't about me you know every week expect if you thought about that it was a I thought I had to look at don't object or I mean I could give us. There are certain things you know like you just done. I think. You're got a piece thing in the middle of the votes out. Of. Forget loyalists it wasn't that interesting a lot wider why did you ask remotely hates the media that's narrow the news anything nothing. Also okay so that's a question. By giving delegates say nothing I should basket we get technology has been nothing but the other ones that should. Try to pick the one and 100 chants of Brady says he did like I mean immediate of one of 100 hit electric every single. Honesty is gonna rip Harbaugh just to get him on the record about Michigan's losing streaks to Ohio State and then also an. Braided like you know I don't like Pippen all element unbelievable. It's your right the one and 100 chance but let us our air by the people who ate. Yeah so I came across. Your fantasy column in eagle Tribune. Oh rob did not start one of the parity counts of guy after guy who was that they came they came across. It. How would you stay here your writing style evolved when you're back there too when you actually wrote for Ireland's. I want that electricity conversational possible I always admitted I YouTube are available at all. But you know like when you're just trying to get in some right. You've got to I would I mean nobody else's but at that high. There's exports so Gergen on where. Appreciate it worked sort of they're not covered the week. And I like it there's the papers like the beat by the results at the white. So I thought it ought try to do it right like Bill Simmons right. Be conversational. And see what happens you know that was back I probably did you still enjoy like the process of writing. Yes I do I think come out so young that. Anything else to like yet and tea Teddy bears maybe not. So that would play in my life flowers were awaiting. I was still old you know. Yeah lighting up a threat to others upright and really it's. Two big eyesore really sort of process they got it right except I couldn't. Like it by the credit column today about Eddie coming up action about. I would be like I'd be dumb I broke all fight beauties but Eric I got that right Matt Light broke it is out. But I don't ever want to write anything down a piece of paper computer ever again. The rest highlight the guy I really do. You know I did quit but you do it for years ago fox well. And I go to practice I go to games and making walked out of there in the morning he'd be up the keynote at the pretzels your hot dog elevenths so it is an east bank like what do I what do I thought that by. What do I it written that really you know. How is your approach to how things are done now do you think that people are doing the right thing with covering the team heard there's some things that you you know adult lite. Our. I think Ike I think it should be is out and beat and that play I don't know where. Personally access to so not exist in real I mean really and they're so good. That I don't know where the criticism it's like the press box below it obviously he should not because they keep it said David Price should be writers and John Farrell. Or you could have a real conversation. We're the patriots like. Where's. We're the critics like what are you gonna criticize the battle and what. What's the big the big thing beat writer should be bank they give you that. It brought psychiatric you know what why. Watch it right under the board right now should be on something involving agents were. Won't know. Now I agree I'll but I didn't phrase the question on like the way that what what people write like the way it these people approach games and what comes out of July. I don't dare I did yeah I know when you guys equity reduction during the game like. The actual schemes stuff like much her actually it's 46 yard play like he got to realize that people cared up beat all you got a quarter they're watching. Like enough what ever. See guys. I thought during the game I keep getting injury update at other Mac meal. 200 what was your approach down there than. My vote should always you know. We're. Only those. Adults as we aren't the only legs. And ever elected peace rally at 35 people waited but it would. And in and I had a child I would say well you don't get guys over there a market and jet the agency Serbs that they did mar. I have Bart Scott and it led Baltimore yet so I would go. I travel like before it Egypt go to Baltimore they tried puck decides he tried altered. Despite rejection I tried practical Marty tried doctor reed. The other is the Jean pocket agents can't talk. This week you know you find it situation during the game has fight in no problem. What's basically up. To still. Still yet car and I talked to stills McLane right and Landry right it's me was my brain. Right still entree got elections still said that he dot Brady at. I mean I really but he kind of said Beatty did a when our church picnic in a walk and I understand. That it you do it headlines still I got a great head that's going to get PO I charm. Quote that the that is coming around. I. That's what you're. My salad I should always glad it didn't but it became I began to understand. If that's what you do a lot about it but that's worked it worked a website. Of the big legal people work for these people produce papers. Sometimes don't even though don't care what Israel cracks our resume and edit LB radio obviously. I don't get to read it what it can sell you develop the export you know. And that's that's a Serbian rob yeah that was all it I had acute it would never would never be Belichick. That's immediate except reference East Asia through Friday. But we have. Yes people go in there would ever seek US culture was impressed that could be wrong. It's you know if you put in the UK look at me and asked Belichick. What does gonna ask you do you think these guys they go to the Belichick press towers just wanna hear their voice heard on its courtroom us. I don't know like yeah I mean but it looked like like Greece agree to it got heated there. You know what you know I think carve out a question about that you'd think. I you know everybody's sort after the game that is I think you know why you why you write ignorance or you're right for. Ellis art art owned. The law. It drops a lot credit there's some extent. Or these other guys let's say just Sullivan say just over the Arctic. I am more and I'd say boy you writing is more. Rewrite or drape yourself. Your I think it's a market signatures art form or you're writing it so people read it yet just not seat and. I agree I think it's that sort of you know it's. As a journalist it's not the greatest feeling in the world today is veering all for clicks but at the same time that that's what pays the details of what makes the company money is clicks and you have to have to tell lime and nail for every click the eighty story right you can write you know a feature about you know. Neitzel there or whatever so I just think that these people don't really. That. Girl that lady there is credit so to speak yet nor I. Regard it terrible. Not terrible elections is that seems like that in the a lot of heart and in a lot of ways inspirational that that means it's a very tragic situation. I didn't read I'm sure we'll be adding and adding that's you know I also it is wanna get you know what actually wrote that down at the yacht like I actually won out Brady I woke up. Like you ever find yourself. Just human being Bob if so does something. If you walk. Before yell at amber getting your pick him as a person not sank yeah. Like yeah they have like why you know all you know what I get it I I guess I get it even imagine. Obviously he's not do odd percent who would be a major. Yup you ARRIS. Would you give Mormeck. I should that I think you'd be. Boy you can see that I think that's not really at that time the question I think honestly that's one of the things every in my actually and to actually get along in depth in pretty. Be alias alternate. Light in hunter right. It's. A not here with you beat port city. All art for the gas that election files. Up. I asked Ken Ken layered when he was on the podcast was there weren't kerosene Ken Leonard who is is favorite Friday football guesses then this year. Cool in here that I have a feeling it out without knowing and I'm usually disagree with the op many battles but I would say he's the only answer is our beat up most ship Charles. You'd be correct doubly sad. Would you agree absolutely well until this. Held this year. What do you that would have planned for Friday for Steve. Well liked what he you know as the dollar. A like me a bit like all of you and out usually it'll be like I see it like in your pocket at all you're like you like out at a buck any. I might select few that'll talk to them on my early down their. Oh give me who knows them Hannibal. The young guys the securities that that Perry's Kevin Duffy Arctic. Quote. Purity ya. Joseph Girardi acts on Thursday night sessions. It got a few positives that I was gonna say do you RD car in it in and forever all sort of things in categories of all the but the argument. Yeah problem. So like about it is after the game. Not the Goodling and yeah a little awkward but that's our white Oak Park 0000 that's fortunate. Don't say that the approach. District judge Aubrey. Talk about like that I have a question by you so I think we'll catch you talk about. Right approach me e.s are working guy I think he gets good answers that is the guy out of the whole thing. They'd likely be played much but because the other day. You question it is. Word answer. Average from Belichick I think it ice in the U. I think everyone should be striving to like this. So why don't check like. It is you've been around for years. I like migrate sly like a lot of great guy worked his. Obviously you're up there as well I appreciate Jerry Soledad as well but he got it right away during the interview. Same way he reached out like I. I thought checked treat police like light. Dart equipped spotlight except widening the major reason that I thought about. Pockets are restricted. I was thinking the same thing last because he was that knowledge it was a directories on one of the conference calls about I think about a penalty clay actually very innocent question about penalties. And I thought to myself note that Rees has been around team water and anyone else does it hasn't you know the producer relations at them. So while you know and go to work every day just get shade on like that why why when you ever fight back but to me what's the and what's the what's the value in order you know. Showing your displeasure at what would that get. Other problem for Mike and yeah. Are not your you know you'll quite get that these develop what you want the public I'd get a bill like. Belichick about to give away the state secret police I guess that but like it a good guy he worked hard. Clearly like use I would say 0% favorable porch in Elkhart argue over the last. Like why is doctor yet to the point where else like. Addict and upbeat Dick you maybe I don't. I think that's part of it to the standard care anger Egan after the game about the Brady taking out her early questions on me he could have very easily just you know no. I think to me Dodgers went on that rant to prove a point about just how is thoughts are on the subject so sometimes when budget is addicted users backed down to it. For his true feelings towards something else regardless of the question. We are you order your favorite sit down there and you cover the team you kind of a stage your own union talked to anyone. Like I got no car in. At that point. You feel that they aren't. Actually like very well idealized you explain yet on weight. There. Are attracted around there. Well I mean our satellite. Jack I was like Jeff. Sort of about it I really toll in my own mind I would go out on that I would not vote or as a and a look good now yeah I'm not a problem or whether the. Oh that we got upgraded and world where top. Yeah. I would I would hurt but it is and how are colliding outlet like I. Sorry do we get nothing acted. I'm doing this year's. I'll I'll I'll I'll about it wanna do it motivated me. Did you mean you know I mean I just want to be able to do it like I love guarantees. Have gotten I'm not Kosher but she's. You've been very nice you know the past a year or so. Tires up as well I really like hurt it the ethnic kind of person that it. The balls a lot of these I don't know her. Well. But rob rob rob rob at that it would wait as possible eruption. Rob. The acute episode scheduled work thirty games a year opened the same. A guy like Ian even liked it I ate it at that he is actually part of Silberman did a shoot out. Do a lot about a lot of big man would accomplish something he discovered. And. Do you accomplish is that it. The biggest accomplishment. Well I mean secure empty that you bring about the project negotiation I would be indeed the guy who is creating. Harry Twitter board it. It bluntly it's creating and Laird parity order. Seven all the work of that court to be part of this serial killer it dearly but Eli episode that you want us at least at you know what I'm sure realized. Lot ought to. We can all agree for our state well I want I want what Mort that the results today correct. I don't what sure it all you ought to know what I want you here right animal scorecard in my purse Brett. You. See I am not. 109. Yeah rot in a little. I on the jobs I thought ma was rattled. Well Larry first our first I don't know how how you let them go for an hour and a half after like four or five minutes of the didn't for a mormons this. Nothing makes me happier and more on fighting. A war and what exactly got resolved nothing that's the shows that at 9 o'clock then at 8 o'clock. Up absolutely. I did that but. It showed how sent a marvelous with the old age but notes. Did he have to think about all the stuff we did this come doing all. Not all old cola beat though your boss. But now we're happy that not a. Yes but that's the thing that I think mud doesn't understand he can commit to that podcast wanting to written much in toggle mutt that just came out. All but oh what was brought us closer to stop the podcasting and called my top and say come down from towns Edward. Not that Robert roadblock set a lot when it would decide to expire right. They fired they went and erupted only gets caught but you know beating just turned it did that apple should. Probably in pretty clear he wanted to talk. I don't think so but I thought it odd. How the Audi a six iron do. It may fire they'd heard him legitimate marketers are a real. You're poised as his team Brad feature. Yeah it brought a lot of guys robbed at eight you'll want to Egypt being what the hell I was one of them. That this dispute from NASA bottle wipe out of the number one pick the abdic pragmatic. Fires one of them. Other people again people just starting that businesses don't know any better like Ebert LEE tragic turn them into like Bradford. Which is looked very straight alteration. You in big mud came across as childish. In accord. Of course. They have given it. Not much preparation and the fact that lob up later caught flat rubber mat out of Norman beat Matt he's trying to play like he wasn't at the end. Oh how. My block where. Why am I wonder what people and Eddie. You're never. I've not like you'd draft it is like I might help but to be that and get strapped in I think it's. That's really insult I would never felt like we get ready certainly would help. And I was really surprised rob called by the second effort out. They god they didn't rob refresh is what Robert pressure off all their. Order already Betty I I. I think his own account he's very concerned as mentions. What. This web site being from a couple of days ago I sources tell the I thought that was brought up. It was mentioned it was a big topic it was just know the guy does does ourselves favorite we should appreciate the theory that he doesn't let's just you know make ours snake and. You orbit that you market is price should it. Hole would be or people that what was the main point of this that this. I think just a typical Colombian get everyone together it really don't really don't get to meet all the time because we're all doing different things and I think just you know ideas to make the website better. I understand Altria were told me that. Hi Anderson said it once and for Gary anyway I it would be part of the captain Kirk was in direct quote. Now why do nothing that came up. I know I know I tide is not like Gary Chang play. I'd say it's. I'd just like a jury that I was that it is it is a lot of steps. Yet yet I mean I think ties ties a good kid I think that he's and he's working on a podcasts of his own path. Hockey podcasts. Do well gets in his voice out there. I would say why would anybody who. Well I think yes good point there and he hockey podcasts and artillery battery life however. Well it's he has good one and it's gone back to his credit he's trying his name out there that's the first week it's I can't fault. York David Gill Brad bar like you about the direction of the but the let's airlock was apocalypse. Watch. Yeah. And actor and stand understood button and team Brett. What. Are enough but media having on coming up. Or are they right now for next Thursday apple Jack McCallum eight last week. It. But he. Wants. To. Org. What's what they think he would object be like I would bring MM okay to a male OK but quite okay we're in Iraq like you know. Maybe maybe I should just integration say you know what all it is going to be drama filled ought. To be. I think it's not a bad approach he'd like it so. And another daughter rather Brad though much numbers did night and yet I think are. As bad week. My brother is actually very well surprise but the job. But the you know at cedar ticket brokers got regular budget it like gossip out of thirty or delete. They had a big desks and tried. To death in the court. A court begins today. I have a like the way gas and electric is very evident I don't bet. I feel bad (%expletive) out of what you. Were. A better. I think that's the good lead and we'll talk to next week. It up next. For. Yeah. I'll hear record. Well what. I was but now you know who now talk to is feud with Brock Huard. Oh. Look at brought her back to the Big Apple showed a possible. I hardly hardly yet we we've got a guy and it was it's it's worth the list. So Krishna heard on the the pregame show this week that you're not a big stand him abroad he. I. Our question. Itself to me over the weekend I wanna get the violent but let's let's hear. I don't like Mike back. Oh round judges little La you know little worn down irked. A little more salty. Corbett like. Brought. Org got really accomplished much drop out like it is ego. College debt in light out of that we are elated that the CI. And welcome our. I don't buy it. And we all see what I eat all the all away always like on a low. But of course brought easier catch. Majority of them do or die situation with with the ball. And yet touched. How many years he's found them. Remember. I don't remember ma am not bitter memorable right but I. Up and now. Church the great guys did a lot of Bud Light my quarterback or some Bayer got a lot of it is thirty that a lot of I L. Had already. He added you know about eight. Who was your favorite quarterback the platelet. Ought to pick out great right now it is obvious. But I really like doll out. Or warm welcome but yeah like. I got. Together like. Like AG relate it greatly. Reduce Ortiz. I ordered it. Now why and what the best years when it was over or public water spotlight. I'd be played great. You know. Pretty. Are accurate. Great leader. On do we jewelry. A lot more. On it right now. A great situation. Patrick Chung on the afternoon show yesterday said the knuckleballer. Talks the most trash on the field on the patriots. Who is that good teammate of yours talked in those trash. You know. Erotic. Sure wardrobe like excuse there. Talk to. Dollar remember like 00. Early. On John Randle. Got ran all well. They. Warm up a road. And it. Don't like a light a curtain call to order. I noticed lots of light it on you. All don't be evil and you know up. Well. I she. Was altered bill also get a lot apple. Work never ever ever ever what you're doing cobble block element immediate need it like we're. More global green. And joked. About. It like. Okay. I write about you. Lockheed builds and or combo block that we. Know I would feel I would like. You don't always work. Is now weird province of why aren't they using the crazy loud wants. It's funny like. Omar and interpret that position satellite. You believe that there the most like you know while the group. Notable fight. He looked like it would aggressively. All. Quiet and just you know. Spoke game. You know yet really eat chocolate. Eight. I want to ask you one question about the majors it'll long term who is the player you think they can least afford to lose. Besides Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Org one I don't know I don't like my back. All around the edges a little. You know a little more rounder or. A little more salty. Corbett light. And block. A court I don't really accomplished much. Like it is ego. College debt and light out exactly like partly in the sealock. And opened fire. I don't buy it. And all. I eat all all away always like on a low. Just. But quarterback brought your. Maturity and I'm live or die situation with. All and yet arch. How many years you thousand. Remember. I don't remember a law. Not their memorable sight. And now. Certainly great guy did a lot of spotlight Michael Eric records and clear got a lot of it is dirty gonna want to bite L. I already. Know it really added you know about eight. Who is your favorite quarterback the plate with. Ought to pick out great right now it obvious. But I really like. All warmed up yet like. I got. But he get. Like AG relate it greatly. Reduced Ortiz. Goes toward. Now why didn't see it or at best years when it was over or the water. Like. We played great. You know. Egypt's. Are accurate. Great leader. On new jewelry. A lot more. On it right now. Great situation. Patrick Chung on the afternoon show yesterday said the Malcolm Butler talks the most trash on the field on the patriots. Who is that good teammate of yours talked most trash. You know. Erotic act. Sure warmed Oprah likes answer. I talk to. Our remembered like 00. Rarely. John Randall. Dog ran all well. It. Even equity warm up a room. And it. We don't like our like. There are I don't corporate. I noticed lots of light don't you put a halt. Our Irish were asking everybody this week who on the patriots would you least afford to lose not including Tom Brady and rob Marcus. It's a really tough. Well I think probably would have been my answer recently performed yeses question being the year assemble on. A putt with those guys so. I think even though Gilmore has looked a lot better the last few weeks away Malcolm Butler does that mean he's the next best player I know he's become up and down this year. But maybe just took him out completely. You know Gilmore. Data most see who's looked decent or even given the opportunity. John the joneses is good but I think you just need all those guys that you need as many good corners as possible. Especially for talking about playing at the Steelers or whatever offense comes out of the NFC. So. Now even with saying Malaga Pollard got hurt I'd think they could overcome it but I just think. He's by the next best players up. Put him down and go on the other side of the ball in Yemen bill. Really sneaky tough. I think you know you look at all the he has Havel contact as compared to coax in and oh yeah and white but it's the way that he does it seems like. Every third down Brady goes way. I think Alan Dow up 30% of his characters roar on third downs to go first downs. And he's just so important the offense and obviously poet comes back and he's back when he was in the year I think it's a moot point as an adult I just think that he's. He's sneaking important. He no he definitely is he doesn't return a punt still attacked and it was that he wouldn't but he but he is doing yeah years that's important. The right data needed to do that and Gary does seem to come up with a few big catches and I think. Really kind of underrated within a dole is how big he's been on the playoffs the only overs crew of the patriots would be real quiet the numbers of religions don't about it yet. So that that is a pretty go south of the that the running backs a figure well you lusty young Lewis ice look at the other guys tonight can activate Gil sleeves of any one of the one of those guys went down. I think he'd be fine with simple apology and without Hogan. Cooks I thought of but that recently so you still have brought in the scenario based on the other receivers. So it's tough when you see them play without their center in the right tackle like they've really been tested. Fan noise stepped up in in Britain gave better in the conversation maybe some people assemble courting. Or just you know Adam. I don't I don't mildly Yemen goal on I got the goodwill on a mystic wood Butler just because how important that position happens to be but. Man there's a lot of guys and they've. They've lost the Bonser on the sheet as you think they've they've played so many games without like the real starting lineup that they would wanna put out there the other time. Tucked it in the one. Thing that could prevent this team from going miserable as injuries. And I think that there you know teetering outline of even them and they lost five players on Sunday. There weren't big means for the just aren't add up in the yeah so. Mean they can afford to lose cut Mora I just think that they you know lose you know. One or two more guys going down the road they can run. You know eventually pitted becomes an issue of just are right now the quantity of players that are hurt rather than just strictly the quality of it you can't does that buy you a pretty impelled check of the Cuomo if you're down two year. Fourth linebacker your third top receiver and just did those the trickle down effect is. It's pretty mesmerizing and it you know there's maybe a good thing and a weird way if you're gonna lose element if you're gonna lose hightower. Do it earlier in the year it's that I can adjust because if they lost. They don't settlement last game of the season now the playoffs start you don't have them they then you really trouble that he really scrambling now they're they're used to it because it's sort of figure out what their rules are yet. Well where you know at the patriots and the rest of the AN CE. Did them and the Steelers I can't I can't make a good argument for anybody else you know the chiefs looked so good early on and now they look so bad sense. I don't like anybody in the south. I got to the jaguars defense like the numbers are good in the event there are the defense is vivid so Blake portals. Tennessee's not ready the rest the AFC east is that the north but really the exception of the Steelers is that so. It's like the NFC might be five DE 5060. In the AFC is definitely it's like if there's anybody other than knowing or Pittsburgh going to be shot. Sort of the simple apps and a and you look at the numbers that the patriots did go up against yours and they've won four straight to crush of five on the last six and I think what gone back 22007. Brady has thrown. Point five touchdowns passes and no interceptions against Steelers increase. I eat kills obviously it's like it's sort of the project a real stats but he does absolutely dominates the Steelers and that's why. Or sell the game and we fifteen you're the winner will have home field and that's nice but it doesn't really seem to matter for the pitchers they seem all the Steelers suffered on the flip side the Steelers need to clinic yeah and going on sale ads here but yet tiger that I don't know. I guess. The defense is better for the Steelers fassero so different from them a year ago it's still a lot of the same guys it's obviously Thomas dropped the spurs' Antonio Brown who's unbelievable. Love young bell but the patriots have. Been able to contain those guys in the past the even evening games they've put up numbers they've still been able to. To beat that doesn't really matter at the end of the day. The defense has been an issue they even talk about river last year at the end of the year already thinks differently we're gonna rockers Jethro the saints are asking a blitz for real time aren't all say as. It's either they've been really stubborn now for years. They've seen the tape they've been on the field Brady and yet they have not figured him out yet at. All what's your thoughts on Tom and style. As is looking ahead you do you like Agassi in the media be like. Yeah I mean it's it's a different but we're so used to what we get a Taiwan at a time and you know talking up the worst team in the league their baby plan the niners and the browns next week. And we hear all about how well the left guard is actually up there that you think in her honor Elvis the he'd hear all about that. So problems doing it more like a fan would do wrote a media member would do it and I don't think it actually mutton I talk about this on the radio the other night about. Clearly Belichick's success you can't argue with and it's if you compare any coach to Belichick politics better like you can't fives and so. But that doesn't mean the styles the only way that works as we've seen other coaches even guys from Belichick's coaching tree try to go on and do it similar to him. And it fails as it is opposite so. I think you have to sort of be yourself and Thomas had success maybe could've had more he's won a Super Bowl. And so you know we don't we don't brought you the sea and coaches do that kind of thing in Rex Ryan try to for a little bit but. That doesn't mean it's wrong but I think I think you can have success being the more hockey got a guy who's willing. Talk about injuries the guy is going to look ahead a few weeks it's a bit the big take whoever Tomlin is. You just set yourself up to look so stupid. Because if you're talking but the week fifteen game. And then you lose week fourteen how can you possibly spin it that you weren't looking ahead and that your full attention on constantly working and if they Baltimore that's like it's a huge chance on its web gain rights to give pointers to setting yourself up the bill in what you say you should win the Super Bowl. Regularly as as the head coach of the team and I guess he has more job security than most because the Steelers don't fire coaches like Digisette their coaches for ever bomb. But if you're singers should went through bold and you don't. I think just thrown right back your face that you told us you should win the sooner we told everybody should so why didn't you haven't yet the wants are making excuses are somethings though. It's just you wouldn't you wouldn't I don't know quite what put back comment target on her back. Also I think that Tom and style works because of the players as Arnold textile necessary work with weight on Valentine's brown and I don't think their their personalities were necessarily mesh I don't think Belichick wants guys to not missed did not go to training camp and child amber. Yet I think you there'd there'd be a certain shelf life for those Gaza we've seen like Randy Moss was on the lick cannot even better for one year. This second year I was cut him some slack as Brady wasn't there the next Theo is gone but Corey Dylan was amazing then gone my get a you Martellus Bennett now is sort of outside thing now because he's back with the injury but there are clearly depth I think he'd be willing to bring in the blood. He wouldn't be with them for ten plus years fifteen years ago. Three straight road games thing here here in studio for three yes shed notion that we had a great shed show well last week ordered the back in. Yes three straight home games including the our road games that you include in the Monday nighter so I think what even a polished show on that Monday the reports to law. Perhaps dolphins too so squish the fish for a vertigo. I guess.