Ep. 13: "Gays for Trump" Interview

Wednesday, September 20th
In this edition of "Two Outs," Alex Reimer and Steve Buckley spar with Peter Boykin, the head of "Gays for Trump." Reimer and Buck argue with Pete about the rationalization of Donald Trump's transgender military ban and debate whether Trump's cabinet is filled with homophobes. 

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And read where it's got two outs podcasts would hurry. The rambunctious way kind of pros say probably the phenom Alex a rare and the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know what before I'm gay priest is definitely wanna. Koppel Macy's definitely two outs which Buddy Roemer. It is another addition of the two runs podcasts out there Steve brought to you but what's going on. A working journalist Alex just out there it's going to pick axe trying to make a living. And you are you were New Orleans Sunday yes the apps yes it's that it was uneventful trip going to be easy it's an event was uneventful that way way writes the I love how I say it was an event you instantly now the we have mine works it's always when you say. How was the trip you weren't referring to breeze three for a quarter touchdown although I did you read the article New York Times or at Tom Brady is to get on the field. He's also a good rapper is well. Yeah now he's ahead of the defense is ahead of the raps he does at all wrote that. 2000 big take it that they they still might mitigate based on your lead but I'm still here. They did you can you miss that that was a great angle it was. I order read about the game that would have been my angle is well I was busy salivating over Tony Rama just soak it when he that's passed Hogan. Early in the third quarter. Which is like the worst pass and football history. Your instant pot was partly it was such a crappy past twelve men on the field but he saw something in real time aidid's. Right an amazing thing is Phil Simms would have been justice and peace there and would never. Been able to figure out actually got the TB twelve blocked delivered to my record on Wednesday it last night and excitement again. Lots of weird pictures of Hungary lots of weird model type pictures real strange close shots. I'm very bizarre for which brings me. I'm gonna have to get a sponsor for this look at things that history this week's installment of things that pissed me out of it difficult beat by the sponsor that's. Like lots of people wanted to jump on board. US steel. Things appears to be up by Alex go ahead what what what this week OK got it pretty pretty clean so. You. We did note you bought the book. And as they take my craft seriously it's obviously that you find Tom to be dreamy. Now more or drop load. Actually I that in Boston spirit I guess more for Rob Lowe got over Brady because I think Brady. It's teams opted touched on a real ago imaging soul. In year two week you post a cover of the book January. Your tweets as slow as it came look at those guys. And I re tweet that you with the following quote. So we do know sustained. Peak performance quote unquote. Refers to. Working out diet sleep it's set for com right and it hold it to people but that was really funny. And yet. Not even not even raised eyebrow about it like every two week text messages phone call mapping right so if I just saw is that what we've come to now that I'm not just the guy in the street that you were passed now. Here's my thing not every single Twitter response warrants or reply. What what it would white state like pop pocketed one block and I honestly I've seen you do ha ha like that with a lot of people. All but there's a new fans and trying to bring it on you know say you you you already fiery out the slot I. I don't need size you any further. You have a though when you needed me you you would have done that were on the rise this despite particularly regular after midnight right that you show the big time yes you'd talk in your pizza at 1 AM yet not now on somebody and get there. Like you used me is to get to where you are not you moved on yet thanked them for the call thank you for listening to appreciate ot. Even if I just have to like won the hearts one light and you wouldn't have this complaints that shows you how fickle. The and superficial really the whole thing gets on the Twitter back and forth. Hot so I got the TV talk manual I am looking forward to digging and I mean to be honest though Erica you know real quick to use the one that did the stop with the avocado history already I'm so sick of you we thank you very much out now I things at this you know about Alex's the flip side. Things I applaud Alex for. Curses at me for not mentioning this before but for six months now I've been privately seething. Every time somebody. Thinks that avocado ice cream is the punchline to every joke in history it's it's it's couple years old. Yes and miss it you and that's why over I haven't read the book yet do you want him skim it I've read a little bit but I it's. I'm like done with it like we know everything he got that interview on CBS a couple days ago Norah O'Donnell and does a lot but I'm not sure be noticed but Tom Brady doesn't need to may hours. He also is everybody coffee while it is that is a place on some level Adamson called which baking company and the maker screen. And a year in two months ago when Africa analyst with all the rage they thought it would be cute. To make public cattle ice cream and put it on the menu. And at the time it was cutting edge of the school was funny was hip it was all those things. And I dutifully went in there bought some aided picture taken with it and weeded out on FaceBook and Larry answered. They don't do an avocado ice cream now because until the kids that run the wood big and company know that that's yesterday's news act like we've heard. I read that the introduction he mentions liability like a million times. Not quite sure what that means to make your muscles liable stomach quite hear the specifics there but. We've heard amused up buzzword a million times he'd heard that NATO is the avocado ice cream you know copy no sugar like it's like Jimmy some new talent like Tom needs. Phase two of the TB twelve net it does it feel like we've heard. All the stuff over and over but the new book is out it is a dreamy covered some strange pictures which is my biggest takeaways so far but a black on the show. Sometime been playing a little too nice over the summer to be honest with you many changes today it changes today as you and I have been getting along a bit too it's well so we decided to bring in. A dissenting voice ot Peter Boykin. Is the head of gays for trump and just I have always been fascinated I think Edmonton on the show in the past. I'm just always fascinated with gay Republicans and especially gay trump Republicans given the kinds of people he surrounded himself with is cabinet. The Mike senses that Jeff Sessions X that are Alex I'm using I'm sure he was very pro from band but Hampshire he's changed his tune now Juan Kama correct we'll have to see so it's white. Interviewed twenty minutes or so of not madness with Peter Boykin. Head of gays for trump we talk a lot about the transgender military band which is still on the news on also asked me all these concern justices petered Gore's tactics that are. They're gonna roll back the days civil rights man and an overall and back very started. Terrell something's. Back so we go back and forth with Peter that's on the other side you don't want to miss it. It is the two outs podcasts on the phone line right now we have on Peter Boykin is the head of gays for trump Peter Karrie thanks for coming on the show up. They are. Now Peter when we last spoke over the winner for an article on eEye dot com you touted trumps commitments to the LG BT community. Sending some this comments on the campaign trail so my question is nine months into his presidency do you still consider trump to be an ally. And why is not totally. He's still working that spend all American alliance making sure that. Everybody is protected. He doesn't really use. As much it'd be called sick of people at bank you know he can't look at these you know that I'd like you know help elect people out well you know aren't. LG BT. But in east for all Americans no matter their public and Democrat whatever kroc the board. Peter is Steve Buckley what is OG BP stand for. Now though he be transferred to many scam letters that would expand oil well. Did you do agree it would include members of the transgender community. Our heart that in theory are. You include. Community. And. They do include transgender community I'll go out there like that they have been. They're lit they're working on a different agenda. Tension there's always worked on different agenda and they always. Where and when are they working for our. On well that transgender are working toward a technically a straight life style. And you want to be women there women that want to be Meehan and anyway it's the the point where they are living a straight relationship. And it straight. Lifestyles they. At the flora your argument is that in order to reach that goal the way you define it that they're there is a course of action there is a journey. And and the journey is being transgender. You agree with that. Logically I agree that there are very regularly transgender OK so but you have to have part of eight trans LG BT they're not exactly get a bit. They have never they have never. And I created transgender part of the community which is the whole point of trying to make. So if if the president the United States wants to unilaterally dismissed transgendered people from the military. Wouldn't you as a member of the gay community problem with that. No I actually have no problem that'll be an anti changed and are you actually see. Taking military changed genders paramilitary or not they were gonna pay for their. For them is basically protecting. The military as much as possible because the military but the main military one not a military and individual as the issue. And arbitrary and standard changing your changed genders doubt that your status neck Israel medical pot that's reaching Joseph or learn. There's a lot of people just as. As when he got gosh that the electorate genders or suicidal. They have a lot of issues going on and they still discriminated. They're not the best at that point to be an active duty. I'm like almost straight people have no issues going on their allies correct. I'll believe me if they have eight issue at lime well my is many people who have an issue. And it they have an issue just the similar get what they are not allowed in the military as well. What you are going right now Alex is used when his finger but if you want to pick your. You agree that there are always been transgender people in the military I mean this edict that was about what kind of lives. There ought to live just like before Don't Ask Don't Tell is repealed they're always being eight people military. They just couldn't open so you know we're not out each and eliminate transgendered people. From the military in the strong policies just you know acting whether they can be opener right. I actually still like that it's basically had come down the financial and ultimately we're not gonna sit there and take but he. Trying to sit there and paid for these transgender surgeries. Did you join the military. We're not gonna sit there. And lets you take little eyeball the you can get adjusted in everything but it is true I mean even I think tropics said. Teachers surgery done. Pitchers so right and then rejoin the why does not technically culture in standard and more because they've already had their surgery their post stopped but now they're actually Miller being mailed. Court to let the medical side. At the cost this might mean you know that it cost a maximum. It doesn't matter what all of this I'm not I'm not robber might spot where the veteran. It he can't get the diabetes medication he meets. I don't care about how small that call is they are people out there that more important life threatening the medicine that need that at the cost us. Looked so small that I guess second join Manila area and get a boob job or I couldn't get. You know like Dick increased you know let's let's just start paying for that because it's not deny it's a voluntary. Procedure it's not life threatening it's not need it I don't typical kidney or a million dollars it's not something that we that the military should have paid for it's not up and much expulsion at the paid for peer. Why isn't it by the getting helpers diabetes. He gets them that when you go to the via the VA used to be for now they charge people. What they do is what they give him is the old. Diabetes medication he can't get data or he can't get it diabetes all he can't get anything new. When you go to the BA you can get prescription that you can use outside of the VA. So the VA system has really bad off right now and it's not just try and you know it is a lot of people have an appeal what that. So we're gonna sit there talk about we're gonna take for transgender surgery where we have battery in there on the street we had better and to can't get by. I agree with that you know when you agree that these are these are two issues that both need to be to riddles that need to be solved. That one. It's likely to rip my BQ riddled at meetings public the first relentless on the paper. Nonlife threatening. Things like change. You only can really help you can't have these transgender people in in the trenches with the with the man these soldiers and is is that an issue if you all that that morale and so forth would be. Somehow impeded by having transgender people on the men out I'm not putting words he mapping masking this is not a rhetorical exercise and asking questions. I'm actually truthfully I think is going to be more of an issue of male friend Chan's visit took email the gonna hormones. They're going to be what a woman changed its listening to a mail because at all. You know you look the military a lot of the women are kind of what you and they're not. Trying to be transgender is a lot of testosterone when you're in the military and go hormone. What you got to deal where it's what might that take hormone that our model and like you bet there's suicidal. And it's. Not a good idea not suicidal and I don't argue and make our blanket statement yet not all transgender people are suicidal Peters specially those without the surgery. Well you know they basically quote they you know that's what the liberals we keep quote naturally our ballot lot of liberals that we have on the show visited the desecrate that it's vital. Rates and that's an issue so that that's an issue. I think if only that I think you fall into the trap of thinking in terms of the military's being World War I in in the argon forests in the trench warfare in France and all that. Where is the military the 21 century it is so far ranging. That that yet you're not all in the submarine in the trenches with the rifles up over the you know that though the barbed wire and on that there's so many ways. That one could serve in the military serve effectively serve on verbally. What went without being in that stereotypical. Guys that people readable the militant. And I at that basically says you know they should not be an act of trench active duty because you're seen as only as strong as your weakest link but every. But errors earlier so mainland that a transgendered military person. Would be by definition a week Peter have you heard any general source. Here's more proof if you're going through surgery and you're going through hormone treatments and think like that gets you will have an actual medical issue. You have an act of medical issue going on so that makes you a weaker links. If get if the transgender people in the military weaker link how come none of the generals have come out and said it Joseph Dunn buyers you know came out and said we're gonna hold up under man. Not this is holding up on the band after such an issue up and it. Because they're going they're actually going through a study they're going to study they can't comment of the study is gone there. That's the thing is this study of what's going on. They got to wait till that gets done before they come in the dugout like this just their opinions and actually the president on that play into the actual president the president basically came down to is eight. As they pretty much a decision we're not paying for transgender surgery so the only way around it is. They tracked outlaw based that they were gonna take quart bag got turned down so then the president and what basically well. Which it had transgender isn't just in the military period because we're not gonna pay their surge or not. They got a good thing or at least if we can make this some sort of a compromise their decision where it active. You know they can't servant active duty that maybe they insert into a you know lack of formal all of that they just up like that because look at that women did not. Urban. Duty on the field for the long. They worked in the poll that work in the background it worked and thanks so why not changed genders as well I'm not saying yet again. We're every change gender in surgery I mean ever every transgender at a military but I stand that we should not have to pay for their shirt. Theory that you direct the direct and as a transgender people are lieutenants who are captains that you don't think that they're serving admirably are up to the full standard. I think that it's impossible they might have to do a grand forever called us up like that maybe not take people and that they. Future maybe take it on case by case basis. You know unfortunately at Dick extorting Cilic on down to evidence saying no trades in the military because our hands were tied. Because we were not going to say. Or post surgery period. And they work or they were forcing us. The banks are not its point that everybody on their god all over veterans out there that need actual real medication in real surgery. Like we can take these are real surgeries as well but the fact again I know we are. Real there there there there are real but they're not. They're not needed. They're not alone oh alone in Cuba currently have fork in the road here they're not needed. Is this. They're not needed their cup and personal if you wanna take care. Don't join the military and expect the military gonna take bigger personally. So we have and the people the military spends you know we're billion dollars A other little notice they're dedicated. Gone and the military spends on crap. But they shouldn't eat table we've identified. Eight bull crap saying it needs to be we should not be paper transgender surgery period. So let me ask doing an age old question. Do you believe that aim a man can be trapped in a woman's body you know it's hackneyed cliche and old are warming to be trapped in a man's body and therefore. There can be turmoil and banks that can be so surgically and psychologically. Possibility but we Nike to military bill without OK you are solely you can feel OK so Jordan the only sort of have battled our. If you'd we circled back that you don't want stringent people military that's kind of what we're we're what I am leaning toward and you've taken us there. You making it seem like that it that trains ended people. Or people who want surgery they want that surgery if they in making it seem like it's a whim it's like it's like your hair color so. You know there's plenty of people out there has been pressured in the being haven't transgender surgery when they find out of that and the surgery they're not Dilma. There's very timid in their their dividend mailed out there that don't want to be changed to a female they're very. Mental doors you'll be mailed out there that owns Kansas you know the higher pressure because the whole poll Petraeus in the community. Is trying to pressure people into doing that when they estimate trying to change children and their little. They are pressuring people into trying to do fertility acted in now. I think they are actually caught I actually feel like changed genders in it sale set and it says are actually called lean on the side. And basically because they are like children and homeless guy does. Homeless basically they're trying to in gay people. Because they take shelter it does get you more children who have just happened to change I played a Barbie dolls and everything outlook. But up ratchet up I had parents that were looked super able to try to change me into a girl. Look at some point woke double what they held going. Peter do you well you have evidence of these parents are trying to change their kids aren't there and you go on to your church. You you can't you applied my unit and the that you like your audio. You began the interview by being somewhat conciliatory. About transgender people being in the military provided Igawa got surgery on the wrong. Witness. Tiger can hear it we well arrived and I can place it sounds like you really don't want stringent people in the military Perry or to exist. Now audience that it shouldn't exist. That's on their own personal that I can't make gay male and I never been and I was somebody who wants to cut their stock while and shove it back and I'm never gonna identify that. Are. They'll never came and the heart in my community by community is that gay community and in the game male so they don't. EB TQ elemental ready to have. So so went at the beginning of the interview when you when you said it was OK it's transgender people being notes are provided the people the wrong surgery and so forth. YouTube you really don't agree with that at all let's just something you said because we could. It won't let up at there's less minutes now in the and his they have they're doggone gone out on the aisle you're certainly a tight at such a way you did that matter even unit and even heard. Yeah you gave us that bumper sticker at the beginning of the podcast but not here in this hole I want these people cut near junk on and they should they should stay behind closed doors. That that's kind of where you while you're stating your. Baiting words that amount this guy basically said now you feel we're gonna get basically all I have to. All I had set my arms and has no life. With people that my message why am I going to be better than I would that I cannot tell why do you have transgender conservative brand and I do actually built for them and understand what them but at the end of the day. They don't understand what I go through it I don't understand what they do do but I and they'll tell you that the personal matter and you can't bring your personal matters to the military and expect there and just sit there and. I can correct time when it's partly I acquittal you're urged her not to quit earlier problem not quibble OK excellent not to quibble but every single person in the history of the military has rocked their personal lives of the military and the gators a map now. They weren't boot camp they've basically they strip you down your personal problems and they make you great soldier a army oak. Want to I believe that you on the Internet candid person a soldier all gay people should be allowed to serve openly because then would EC while we heard all along aren't that arsenal cop with a aren't they bringing a personal I've got to go. Straight people are bringing their personal. Greek people straight beep that's just who we don't have to get operations to begin we'll begin operations to be straight. But we don't plan to get operations and stuff. In order and Serbia or spinal level that we need to be. Is a medical issue. That is an issue that the military shouldn't have to be involved in that personal matter that you could take care you take care of it. It would be going back of that and brought back but in the end of the day at the end of the day you're human goodness all these terrible thing in people who wanna cut their junk up those that that was pretty much what you said. Which I cry it out on attack on eight that are patient and if you wanna make speech and all that basically mentally. Basically what you're doing you're you're you're being dismissive of the entire transgender community with that statement. Well I don't care. I don't that realize there's an end genders because I think humor and the knowledge and gender. So Peter the last question here what do you think about. On the conservative justices who trop as a point annual corset to senator forget for instant per second these people also. Not exactly on the gay rights outside of things either woody think of them. I think they're doing a wonderful job. How he conservatism of the Supreme Court even if the eBay this week and maybe win one barely get overturned so abortion. The concerns me also overturned gay rights rulings mean to me. And I know Rick Perry gay rights because that is and everybody any abortion is murder. I don't like that it. There we don't have enough time or we don't have enough time to have an abortion discussions so let's let's pass on the at the memorial or. It funny joke you know while last parties at that. But you you vote you didn't just open Donald Trump you voted for the ticket in the ticket included a chance and you won an order for. Yen and Mike Pence has been proven. But is not that not anti LG BT you're gonna go do research. What. What researcher used found that there is he's pro Al. He beats you can find heavily web site chicken thigh and things like note that basically prove that yes he was involved in some build whatever that they're up to the point out. I you know giving money to people who might wanna change you they work but at the end of the day he has worked hard. And you don't look and it ABC interview where he basically says it. The truck demonstration him. Well not we discriminating against LG BT people and then if people actually worked on the religious bill to make sure it did not expect LG BT people. Just because he has a Christian. They both liberal gay try to attack anybody who has the Christian. Because they say all instantly Christian hate gay people that's not the case I don't know how many Christian variant Q. There in the truck can't paint without that local meat and love the fact we are what we are and they leave us alone the Republican. There were Maine Republicans at that the let people billion live your own lot and stay out of people love that what republic as well and yes you're gonna have some Republicans that are just waking Bart tried to judge but they're going to get their religion because the only person that can judge may. In my life now he's got. Did anybody gets the nondiscrimination act amusing congress. Do Mike there. Would you research I don't care as there's any different things that people in jail and that's going to look at how many different things that Barack Obama did when he was in the you know all on that it's a mechanic Larry Hillary look at Hillary Clinton. Look at Hillary she would completely against gamers and it. Is. Completely Bill Clinton came out what don't they don't they. Re out of Republicans came out of appeal that basically said. What you can BJ which just can't talk about I don't doubt that what don't. Hillary Obama they are now pro gay marriage had not heard any statements or Mike Pence or Jeff Sessions or any but. Yeah well you know you ever watched ABC you have watched ABC interview about that with would like this well you know what's and so let. They LG BT will not be discriminated Darren administration. That they are deck there you go if you watched interview where trump said he will honor the Supreme Court ruling on gay mayor. He's appointing justices that are out there don't buy their marriage period. Mary I agree that now Jeff Sessions though public debt to talk about how they're gonna let. Gay people of their lives tips us and now you know over an amicus brief for the Justice Department and Emmerich is brief. And a private lawsuit this summer that argues the ban on sex discrimination and Civil Rights Act. Does not protect workers on the basis of their sexual orientation so we epic example right there the Justice Department under Jeff Sessions intervening. And saying no you you you don't have rights as DP pointed com. Similar because that's the way they read the law so that means people need to work or get more out personally met with Jeff Sessions and I know you were by people for gay people he took my card natured joke. Cart and by the fact that we're held onto the court. And. Well if that's the way he interprets the law they interpret the law that means that means to. Up and helped each could be in there. If they need to decrease safe sexual orientation may be need to say that a lot of people have that but that's what they're determining a decade. But I felt that goes a lot where that hole Tran gender issue and they're trying to push that order. So much could the transgender lobby is Berry Berry Berry you know all the money info attached and they are pushing that one in every pot. You don't dig the intent of folks there yeah Peter. Yeah it doesn't accurately. All of a lot of transgender people. And we we act you have transgendered pregnant but like got that I can identify what what they want to do what they want change but I've got into the islanders let it sit there and take. All right time. The that there work for their rights because I have my own stop the world I am a gay male. If you're like Alter the damage they can do their stuff but I'm not gonna that there are used my time energy we what I want. Ostracized from society like they are so you don't feel any sympathy for the hammer any irony. Well ultimately formed yet but at the end of the Delhi. The military the military award. Peter going to order that you want to be change you want change you change outside of the military being enjoyed argue just hold until you get out of them. Change only have only a whole bunch of people from different different walks of life come together. For the common good you do realize that. And torture. Peter Blake in ahead of gays I gaze for trumpet Peter always on sparring with the appreciate come bombs are not again sometimes on the line. Peter thank you. Our pocket come down your getting really feisty during an interview you almost I've ticker feed off the desk which is big for. It is big Atlantic might feed on yet means and understand nothing quite do you I am standing just got a my dad and I was a kid thing I had to get out of its share. I am standing up because this chair in the studio is still low. Can't doesn't move up as this from day it'll make too is that elevate net com I'm only 2017 we don't have that so lot. Certainly interesting Peter point tonight interviewed Cooper's story several months ago for EI dot com envoys. Clinton got that far but I enjoy eight I drew people on the fringe is by idea they amuse me and die he certainly. You know Wetzel condescending I I eight. I I didn't enjoy him you guys are now no I think to say you enjoyed him is patting him in the head and saying what a nice little solid. He is not I'd crossing I'd fun watching you go off always on racing of the dip the biggest. Usually have with a whole gay thing is that there are still too many people out there who will tolerate you need in The Who has been on the street. But. It's like trains genders are still to be when debt than mock to some degree and an I think we in our own. LG BT community. Still have some of that in this guy is is exhibiting what I'm talking about totally the point that I brought up to them as you know gays this that they say but transgender people now. Is the stuff they used to say about us. It's a step that you did not ask yes and I don't see hi you can't sympathize with that make back next in don't confuse. Changing. Your take on an issue with evolving on an issue which had two different things. And you can find evidence. Harry S Truman as a young man you can find correspondents in the ticket accurately paint him as a racist. Right. Man he he apparently considered Mayo looked at may have taken a nod to the kkk as a very young member if you read David McCullough biography Truman. You see that you'll also see that he is the minute desegregated military in 1948 so he. Saint Lyndon Johnson from small town Texas Johnson City. Who eve ball to the point where he works with mark became the landmark civil rights. Legislation in 1960. I am so sick that argument in Jerry says it's mile time while Barack Obama is anti game at one point killer OK yes they where. And involved in her very much pro gay rights this trump administration. Is not they've not done a single thing that's helped advance the LG BT columns it is topic so you. You can't. Good in him though and glad you brought this guy on him. Frank male we have money again I got your blood boiling. I hear now is not always a win in my bucks so as always thank you for listening to its podcast this is episode thirteen while will unlucky thirteen will be back in a couple weeks episode fourteen. As always outlets into its WEEI dot com subscribe to us. In the iTunes store and three remind you every show we've it review in the nineteen store we like those five star reviews keep uncommon. But in Roemer thanks again for listening and that we talked to you down the line and couple weeks without. More fund bought this is this is grateful to the Sox the labs to get that that's who that's right socks and who's your who's your number two starter. My number two starters but got a sign off before we do replacement articulated.