Ep. 14: James Harbaugh Jr. Interview

Tuesday, October 3rd

In this edition of "Two Outs," Reimer and Buck speak with Jim Harbaugh's son, James, who's currently studying theatre at the University of Michigan. They ask James how he got into the performance arts, given his family's football background, and also delve into his coming out story. Later, Alex chats with the commissioner of Boston's FLAG Flag Football, Danny Tyrrell, about the Gay Bowl, which is coming to Boston this weekend. 


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And read where it's got two outs podcasts would. Curry the rambunctious way China mostly taught me the phenom Alex rare. And the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know what we forum gay face it's definitely wanna. Koppel Macy's definitely two outs which Buddy Roemer. It is another edition of the throughout the pot house out Kramer Steve Buckley was do you allow. Well it. You know the microphones here a little strange accurately will use months as we're recording so please and she gave hears them simply the jam Wii's Exxon was he might lack the content it is the look at it is weird I mean I'm really not looking you went off it excuse. Recent come into the courts are off to Houston yes covered the Sox series begins tomorrow Thursday. That's quick trip it's a quick trip yeah opposing Q off the air these LBS's. Really go quickly without any notice you. Don't remember whether it's accurate in the playoffs last year against the Indians now in at eight. Split in Houston wore it in the two games to combat the great celebration excited. And work for it dancing in the playoffs. They lose the two games in Houston which possibly get Burlington signaling game totally possible and three could be called for an disinterested that makes any sense at all. So especially. At last year and clean. And helping this team. And winning game and Houston's team in this yeah I mean I'll be curious to see the TV ratings rights are patriots played Thursday night football against the Buccaneers by. Sunday NFL action all and you know Red Sox playoffs vs and neutral site NFL game I'd be curious to see their ratings as. That is that interest me but it go to Houston what's. What's so interesting about today's news cycle right like three weeks ago that would have been used by going to Houston inserts of hey you know what's going on are obviously now. It's amazing to even up in a month ago and we've had two massive hurricanes and Irma and Maria. We had been deadliest shooting in US history Sunday night in Vegas I mean it's it's amazing how quickly. The news cycle goes in the worst part is you know I bet you it's worse there now. It's still out in so many areas in the recovery job in the hearts I suspect yet in those areas so be. It but you minute maid park is clean. A dramatic. Exit he played team. Not long after the flight right there to clean it up and so forth and so I don't think LC it's it's a quick trip we fly and Wednesday game Thursday Friday in this till 1 o'clock local time world Friday night. Real quick do you buy into any of that I'm gonna cots and like the narrative of how a sports team in all areas you all. After tragedy your major disaster. And where you'd you know I don't your in this just by the tone you're taking that's definitely my cards on what they're doing said he is is that. In 2013 after the marathon bombings that the Red Sox series and say what you will win it with David Ortiz delivering that quickly dressed and it's afternoon. If Kansas City Roth and grabbed the microphone and said. This is Europe and city known and it dictator freedoms. And there there were some people that they cut very pious and what about the children and a message does that send out. My sister was an educator for forty years school principal. Ransom was pastors he said sometimes adults use at the awards when you become men don't you use those words and so forth but I thought that. What they would Ortiz said that day. Spoke but the masses he became one of he became. He became. David from disaster but if you're standing and chemically infected water in Houston. At the masters when a crisis has not regulate uniter you that we posed the question was it ever a situation rise weary team to me it's better. And I submit that David Ortiz. What was removed that week we were all this thought I was at stuff. I was pissed off because. Obviously because of the death and destruction it's just not because the two met on bombers who open off the street team which I grew up an exact thing street. Those two cute with a high school. The people in new port and all that. And in all of a sudden we and we all this stuff. But David Ortiz rather than stand there and and you know thoughts and prayers and he he said what inning single Boston when he would have said under the circumstances. I'm pace thought that's what David in Ann I think that that have did happen but I think they're deaf. Right aiming for a marathon bombings is certainly weak timid and way more victims initiative been obviously by. Still we're talking about a small number of people directly affected by Yunus and intimated it was like you don't because that's an odd directly affected by the bombings near my home was destroyed in Houston I'll take a baseball team winning game waited. Make me feel bad I didn't save. I didn't say a baseball team winning game but iconic play grabbing a microphone even sell the notes it's entirely to the discussion when as many feel bad because the the Red Sox winning the World Series to attitude I never reference that. Jonny Gomes kissing marathon there's line on the World Series trophy you know that. That's a meaty. Didn't have residence what did with David Ortiz speak with woods. I'll bring it up LBI's you know that it's specially the Astros beat the Red Sox in advance the LCS. There's going to be a story lines about the city of Houston destroyed by our Nina outlooks to the Astros. To give them some salvation in life and it's like. Your houses destroyed my next hour answering a water and expletive I guarantee there will be many thought Ellis but the views on today's silicon BUOK yes that we have on James. On I think it's like I think it was a great interview I was very looking very much like this I don't LaMont already done the week out yes we're gonna pull back the law here Larry that the interview at the podcast could be like. Yeah pull back the turn and I voted Alex in the interview always help me I voted now how ironic that her first episode he talked about a Bill Simmons out out OK yes and now a year outing here outing Alex nicely as the game late. But I've been open about that in the past to solidly and have nots I've said I sat on the show you don't like broadway's broadly shows you broadway's rock on Broadway as you people say. No I sit on the past but I I didn't say to James because he's studying the year. At mission and the performing arts that I got this and I wanted him to come on the show and I in his fifties she played up in the interview I did out Alex and said that. Is that James Alex years hates Broadway. Hate the musical. Makes me sound like such an apple to freeze like now in aides say it's the saying. Aunt aunt was harassing him and James was not please know we know what their conversation continued off this well it if we should have we should put them in there. But it does make me sign that he was not pleased at all he didn't hide the I mean it does make me sound really liken it. Thank god to masculine musicals which isn't it sound like an insecure and want to total at that he's a big sports guy like used to be like a puppet over the years that opened myself I think it was zero. My world and want to go ahead OK I played Julia ID 10 school in Cambridge horrible baseball you what. And mr. seasons. And now. Well now. I've everything line all these guys never suggested that you know that's not true you came out east that you would be the best player in the gay. They bought my way of saying that was a wink and a nod my bike I wish that my earlier. I'd been the best player in the women now I was happy I actually I respect you. Don't like to stardom the but. So I do is practice uncles at the team which comet orbits where I read in the local paper that morning that burn. Rated star agrees Deaver broadway's history with signing copies the album to a march downtown Boston watched it streak like 5 to 6 o'clock. Up the baseball practice wearing my blue sweats. Jacket club that shall reign at Harvard Square. But the team at Washington street ran out by the it's time. Years later I tell that story to a undermine. It's. All that story. And Allah that says. And you didn't know then. The telltale sign so I would ever get his way. About baseball that there is no right. That's partly why you know so much about it like me growing up I mean I was not a good player I had gone. I would pretend to be the general manager of the low payroll baseball team and sort my roster ego that's what I did so I think if you are not. I greeted sports you if you're interested and you you know find out more about immediate just disclosure I was the president. CE goes back seat for me again I love plays and about it starts to I haven't seen a lot of musicals to be honest I say hate musicals. Partly shtick has that. The only musicals they Xena like the nutcracker. And and an awful ones. One's just Kris Cheney you know nothing deep I think reverend amicable pronouncement yes for right guy. I will be in the movie. I'll get my sag card rate meets in Canada because it's it's like it's always wanted to do. I've been in the sport for 9 years am somewhat. Accurate tried something different. And given point in time in Rhode pick you. DD would you play more than just the sports. I'll concede at Jerry tang of course it does dubious stars here in Boston but he's needs and films plays and those guys right. I I need Jerry Kelly the goalies I've I've heard that once or Tyson. He. I never I don't eat managers. A tags do you would go outside your comfort zone now not to speed standings I don't wanna among a sportscaster to Gary he would be sports writers can ask the question press conference enough I'm not sloppy enough clothes but for high what you might. My clothes match and that's the huge interest rate today you want just yes that little warm for sweater is like 65 I mean let's not rush and all look at 7 o'clock this morning with 52. Today suggesting the days are note that today's and I like it's you know as a Alec when you get out your genes comforts. So James carbide junior senator Jim Hart by coming up momentarily out of an interview we talked about how. Not just the spot in music does uncle John as a coach grandfathers football coaches Tom Green married it just me as well. He's a coach so how does that happen how do you become a bigger. When your whole family is comprised of football coaches that we asked about that and also what gives reaction to him coming out which I thought was an interesting story. But it's a great interview and get by one that tell people that. You came up with the yes and that is a nicer guy I wanted to meet him. He's close to that front guys in my gathered just a couple weeks ago awareness two weeks ago they gave temper like hot at the look and I've talked about an interview with the number of people. Peter Boykin had of gays for compass on a few weeks ago and he started off. Like so what. It's somewhat sane he's like well you know transgender people have respect for them installing described in the snow as friends like okay we're anti ten minutes later you scream I don't think that and ended up there lady pirates and vice Versa you know. It's like a downward spiral that I was pleased and then after James Harbaugh to gonna speak with the Danny Carroll who is the commissioner of flag. Lack what I want it to be part here in Boston what you are if you want to come back tonight not to use and I set it up warming her up and are doing couldn't be here we worked so there's obviously you've got something went on here the critic Tom during the Dan writes we had to do it at night before Roemer after dark. Yes that Danny Tara coming up next we're having him on BI's. I think gave ball is coming to Boston this weekend the patriots are involved the Kraft family big sponsors that's and this weekend right in Boston were hosting I gave like football teams from all over the catcher coming to compete. And Danny played a big role in putting net again where obligate boys' football plays in the audience. Yet yup the exit to the interview that buying out a week at the April. Israeli aren't they really aren't a lot of options that you cannot listen to interview with Danny to find out but first James. Welcome back to two outs podcast is welcoming a special guest today James. Is he Jeter at the University of Michigan and you can also is coach Harbaugh son teams Harry thanks for coming on the south. Good are you guys think for me. We're doing great we've been very excited and you know for a couple weeks Alex ask averaging exploit isn't easy anti trump on Twitter and if you're in an attempt to. It's an easy way to Meyer. So are your game. If you're game program. I. So I wanna ask that the first thing when we got wits and your father. Jim obviously coach your uncle John coach grandfather was football coach Tom Green. Also when in your uncles coached so how the hell did you get interested in theater and the performing arts which is what you're studying at Michigan. And my brother. And what happens running back. The question. I think about it every thought that I think I guess. On an almost all. Everyday I was born unit playing in the coal. And then I mean we moved like a duck and I like economic and what you play. Like the ray standard chargers. I think just because my. I want binding to do that work. And I ever went in the bank. Just. An airplane and all the things that go our way from football and I think. And number. And it was actually I kinda credit. Europe. Let you know I needed every bit you're entered. We took that badly in the server but and I and widget and but actions and yeah. Hand I was blown away like. Well I. And I didn't everything I'll go to Kabul and I loved it hurt them that people feel it Wear it in and so when not on music. And so I think that my commitment to vote in the year. I think they're getting one. And every. Plane. Again spear. Divide in their everyday and from the audience and it is little doubt that were. Damaged in setting. So the question I want to ask and it's fascinated me ever since Alex told me you going to be on the podcast is that you'd you'd doable football lineage despite what. Turns you've taken in your light east of football mind can you just because oh cool your family issues. And you look at football game in break down play you know. Personality fences and I'll let. Oh yeah oh my god I would you know by way that I mean you know like among night. The straight mozzarella. And yours but that the people that are saying export management. Let anyone like your numbers be a note board at into football. But I am I don't think you understand I'd look at that game. Like at the moment where it. The injury so I would on opposite her I'm like throwing that well rob back. And in danger let but it in the. So maybe you can help us find out what's on the Patriots defense that you know we we need some help. It. Are you be mean you know the future of the race. I feel like I old guard and especially water. Atlanta Andre grade graduate stand. Back. I'm angered at our ice cap either I don't respect Ohio day on any level in the days ahead. But football game and at the Bambang labored for the patriots and. You know this nasty boy becomes Yahoo! he talks idealized aids a rail lines and a I'm an. Bureau we played Purdue yet and leg. It's on TV and there really are having watched them in person I can let I've been known like cry I think I hear it much on past. But on TV is even a word. And I I might not where I should be but you can always did it back to your during a new game. You're that down violent. Aggregate creamy. Our current about a lot. Is that that I advocate we beat them or not and a diplomat in any area they. It can do that to people he did that to people eyes James when you came out. I'm curious what your family's reaction ones. Yeah. Art rock and Utley a really good story and I wanted to be here. I didn't either I told my parents over the phone there is nothing storybook about it. Now late middle who wore it wouldn't it thought it would delay. That's now being aired Ayers liked. I didn't think about. Girls and whatnot. And then in college members here I'll. And it Burton. On the bank and let people about the name but it wasn't girls would like diet. And there they say that Munich com mania like it was weird and I do not let public. Heidi about that and I'm like. I didn't know only are doing now. It looked like lake. And we're I didn't answer from. And that started around. And I mean I had no evidence that thing and I wouldn't be ordered up or did they would India like. Open the way it was bank that. I just out of the question it would I would Iowa. Well it had a picture. By that I am at my wedding. I didn't hit it seemed like an audit at any site. Well like they ought to figure out and a one out in the I mob. An older. And you recruit what about it. That it by Amber's gonna on the. A lot of people do that that's my theory that and it's an on tray its entry wish you well. But then. And then. And then we. I'm here so bill Burt and about what it actually after the election. And it but I. In it that way. I'd like. Adequately. It bears and hear about it. I think we're going to be in I didn't go up any lingering urging. I would mr. lake. And the I knew what mr. I'd. And probably why we're. Here in the the other. And he is. Another incurred. Mean and Utley. I mean you knew you elaborate mind you literature although lie. Everything like that here. And right. Somalia and there. Now I worry kid on the new side of things is this what's called misspoke when I came out several years ago. One of the interesting developments was all the people in sports who who told me. About the gay person in your family that the lesbian sister of the gates on and so forth I it to seem like everybody and that and sports had some. And I not name names because I don't know these individuals are row publicly. Beyond their families are keep that private but and a number of very famous sports people told me about gay people and their families. So my question do you is it has that as your father shared that with you if you discover that on your wrong of people reached out to you and so forth. And you know I I haven't late re not mean it did you talked about it about spears sang. I mean certainly leg. There. I don't get people on Twitter that. I mean football pat it will pay it forward to respond would mean. Are at it wouldn't bank there and think about it and under their dislike but are things people bad sometimes that people. I every day I wondered if things are right I mean all all things if I don't care I honestly. Can't know what that is being mart and happening where. I was pretty yeah. Pretty hundreds and all I mean it would've ever thought I give you a little credit for most of its. He submitted it it's impossible to mr. offer at all then it's like. If if people think and and in some oh all of that I've heard that ten years ago so. A lot more ya ya if you. And that the art thing I wondered and on Ritalin. I think that something like that that was never really hear which and that there I think about god is my form it equity dark stimulate. Support you know up everything about quitting. So I don't like what they've got. But I don't wait. Are on the bad. And we're gonna run by the upper hand there. Right. My brother died villagers and I would now. It. That's what. For Twitter message that's awfully deep. No it did earlier if you click and it it was the look the dark saying he would like chairs beside you up now you're but they'll. OK but there are random you're now. On so you said you first came out your body there was a recent actually after the election. Do you think her relationship with them has changed since then or has it or has it not had any effects. On now. Well you know I. Outburst like that. I. And I haven't played. And now they really talk about it I don't look at you're right they don't know it's an issue. If I know like Portland I actually got lucky. Are the man tired and bored of being young and I don't think it in all of our way forward then is there an apparent that the word but it went back up. I mean I can limit by. Pavlik probably. And literally at an art but apparently don't see it. I feel you're up late I'm a lot hotter it. I figured I bet. It did it more often did you weren't exactly and you. But no I don't mean. That we or. Kicking goes you know probably better. Absolutely. You know when Alex went out experts told me about my first thought was I need to put together. With Patrick Burke was the son of Ryan berg who's the president the Calgary Flames National Hockey League now not Bryant had a son. Brendon who was gay and came out as follows hugely supportive Brendan subsequently died car accident it. The the entire Burk family has been behind me you can play project. Which is really opened up a lot of the lorries and it is just made a lot at mines in in with a berth in the in quite Rourke I know Brian and it was ex wife. I know. Patrick pretty low. So that that's something you need to know that there are a lot of people in sports who would be very supportive much as. Of the whole gates thing but the fact that a family member of a prominent sports persons go. And the bad. And let's I always wonder there. I mean and they igniting beyond football. And let it. Like that and everybody. I mean I'm circuit bubble looking up team spirit many if and. Some great. Programs. So what are we gonna do you go about your father's act that's my question before you answer that I saw that new list of ways it's like brownies. Is basketball dad's pants on like very concerned about the. Yes. There. Are and I am well. And whatever you and me. You know everything that when it all about. Well now anger. You couldn't predict about that and they read. And I'm all it aired it. Like I mean your. And there's a picture but the standard that's yes you throw line and then they get there. I. Board. Late on. Which. Who here. And I are a lot about in. My lap and I got a good up. There. Would go about about it. Anyway. And then. Ending the walls or he's leading overhead in the what I. Call it late but bars. It everyday and it equipment even open it. I mean don't we why he doesn't come. Out and I mean ought not at all. Correct ticket to his brand at this point he was light of the odd that your tactic on the stopwatch around his neck he can't lose I don't think I'm sorry. I was in the UC EO. And doing it. But I mean I'm all in all. I mean nowhere on and then at the Arab. It'll be like that. It. On wet there and it rock would I don't know there's no better out. Zero sponsor like Dick d.s that are good doctors knowingly that. You know I think anyone. All cars. And why I'm. Tired. There. Eight Wal-Mart but we'll let. And they relate. All the stock market act like black huge art shortly yet here. It will then you. It pretty funny Wal-Mart. It be funny Wal-Mart cinemanow is saying please don't Wear a product you know just don't Wear any of our right and thank you very much you'll take legal action. About the only. I mean. You written in Atlantic. None none none out and. Alex wants to wrap up in I get asked the most important question news theater major Michigan right. OK so outs and I have this thing Alex is defiantly in dive Broadway musical is that thinks that makes them bullets. Telling me oh no now it stands now and and and that's that's why don't what us how to put defeated each incident value. Because I wanted to come on the steps and Alex Alex the pats on the Alex Alex's its wing coups in die. It's morally OK but we all need a brand and league sports columnist and I capital over the bug is so what's your previous all time. Aren't out it would appear yes. You know I don't know it is my immediate chain is that it the year the year like what you're. Idol is definitely on. The one. Hadley inning. Is an area. No I'm not. How I wanted I wanted the state feared Gypsy carousel. Chorus line Oklahoma I was headed. I haven't or haven't you know the weird drop dead right leg the one that I. You're German guy and basically it that would wrap that sort. We back and operate that spot in the Junction City and then you turn it Berlin. Pelé is they got a struggling like me this sad indeed that can't even come to repayment. And she die anymore they see jet like Allard during an op. This is the musical. Exploits he got it could get into partly you know these kind of musicals existed Vatican get into. Being in the news even told the rocket. Yeah number musicals even even the classic musicals can be dark and mysterious Gypsy about a domineering stage mother mean that there is a lot. That out here. I don't like dying to see both of mourning one of my I would just noises in the national to a book and I'm dying to see. Michigan we don't graduate in every. Does draw a lot here or years ago and that thing alive that apple. Where we have a graduate that year. Play in the book one I mean literally every single unit among the book. Welcome element it is flat out the funny musical little time I've heard amazing thing state and having a close second lease Pamela. That is not. Like Regis yes. It. All right James really appreciate coming on the show man and again I I hit my disdain it just like musicals to the and some I mean you know you noted and I was out of bugs or an hour. And today they are coming on again men and Cheryl talked to you soon. Play. Welcome back the two sides podcast very exciting to have line Danny Harold the commissioner. A flag flag football near Boston possibly a big role in. Ringing be able to Boston this week and now full disclosure. I did have Danny in studio yesterday. I deleted the file so are doing it again Danny it's great chat with you once more. Go up and back. And now we couldn't and now we studio always the first option but you know what its second times intelligence crisper. And batter I'm just saying what I what they need to say so or having your line. As the game ball coming to Boston this weekend not please explain what that is what is that gable why is it something not worth talking about here. Short so the cable is a national actually international. Including Canada. Flag football term for LG BC. Aptly outcrop. Across the country. We it's an incredible. It. It's an incredible event that we get together one a year I there're over 26 participating cities that have different. Only be achieved flag football organization in their local. Community is and all with there are no style and where and then once a year or on the day we can we all come together and bought over the you know anti export of like well all in together. Ought to continue our mission and it achieving stereo type and the athleticism and ability of gay men and women in black belt I'll Boston this year would lucky enough to win the bid and we will be hosting gable seventeen under very honored to welcome a bulletin that serves. To the city or what he did on. Yet on this story first came out a couple months ago was a big deal the Washington Post wrote about it right are even write about it which I'm sure other comments are lovely and that your if you read them. Com. Cut the anyway. But if this was such a big deal because the patriots sponsored the event why did the patriots get involved and what is that and and how that come about the patriots are sponsoring this event this weekend. Short so that that are great stories we hear me so proud of the New England Patriots were being equal progress and actually in our professional. All athletic organization Como and support arm are are all so they're good story about Peter how we met them. So I'll mention on commissioner of ball and local league and the flag like football league in what and or friends of lesbians gays. And we are and our team year. And the organization has evolved over time we became a few years back an official Bible one C three. Our part inform all our mission accusing her eyes and creating community groups Weickel ball. But also for our all our commitment to giving back to their community around so. Each year this year alone we oh peace donating well over 15100 dollar of the ball here. Work and we partner with other organizations throughout the state of Massachusetts to new export. Paper Warren who served for LG BT you'd. All of and we do that in a couple ways but one of the ways that we do that as we get a scholarship well every year to a deserving. Are graduating senior who has done just that statement that day and recommendations explaining how they've made their high schooler treaties or. Paper for our community or more clues. And we partner with Sheikh flag that this year the event will we are giving out. All of our scholarship. To the winner that same night that the people like annual Gator day where all honoring the allies of ally of the year. And there are honoring John Ashcroft who of course is Robert Kraft. So yes you all so be president of the New England. Patriot foundation and the boy and girl. You're being honored crawled and work opt particularly with the Boys and Girls Club and ensuring that you know. Stop her train titles that work a transgender used etc. so. Anyway it's Josh crop in preparation should be about it. You know doing some research and learning who was going to be among them on stage and now we've learned about art scholarship winner who well what are organizationally alt Powell specifically called out. I'll be in that speech is one of those organizations fighting the good fight. And you know even made a comment about you know about how real footballer patient should be Iran and challenge out and a bell and we were so well so thrilled he. Acknowledged. Then and although the work we've done so afterwards leadership we have introduced and our scholarship winner of jaw and it out robber or that. We started talked being used rolled here two days later we have all of our control are on the gable. Probably not even at gateway all the back and let them know they let you know it spoke to us all learn a New England Patriots. Were be more than honor to be presenting sponsor along side a long time on their planet fitness so. We love that story because golf and iron there will be times of authorship and things like. The bow and we you know whereas that had nothing to do it that we do but it was about who we were are and it's really about. You know how much you did. But how much you get so we are thrilled that our commitment to this community brought up the benefit of monetary on. Yes the patriots despite their trump wants have been very analogy BT inclusive over the years they sent an amicus brief a couple of years ago for same sex marriage is certainly. Right up there warehouse that day there'll be people listening to this who will say. I played a full volley there pot you legionnaires' now straight people ball is no you know patriots don't sponsor Miley so why. Why is it different why is there a gable why is there this vague gave flag football league in Boston who wise more than just. A bunch of guys going out playing football or sports on the week. Shall unite they can and that question certainly should we now. People well how does the right art what time exactly you know. In. Years ago. You know it certainly it would not. You know eight war. On it or not it is to be the and that never mind particularly clinics and and you know the year growing up the locker room they got people. All the kind of burying two DJ and and so over the years shore maybe a little more common now they're national economy now you know every day. About what the case years ago organizations like and I'll personally. Umpqua and a level but it. You know. You figure out that should be bull. Organizations like the Berkeley the pinnacle. Pivotal part in in getting lately are powered a little bit more culturally acceptable. And and that's why it's so important that we again. And that we combo. You know I'll come out. Oh game with an organization. That. But I think what most special blow off in particular other than any Utley play on center is not just ignore Al. Played a couple games going all of this is unity. We hope people you know may plan there create connections. It would. Feel disconnected. I'll people who we accept people all levels that maybe they were rated. Sport and now and hurtful life. And learned that skill and feel and be part of the team and and finally we we make sure not at all about giving back while all these. It's a news service. So it did so and so anyway and not about actual life aboard about how proud. Men and women and Damon went without it but it's about community we do to greater and greater. And how many gay flags full bars will be out in the Boston area this weekend. So we come over 800 and yet he's yeah he's coming from our Honolulu. Out all multiple teams elect code our Canadian Brothers sisters from Tron now. It's going to be gonna get pretty intense weary are quote totality in the back today. Revere hotel law and Coleman and read an overflow into the ball park plaza. And we're playing just to just shot a one hour west of the city at the beautiful program. Part flip side gorgeous it was certified turf fields. So avoid this all then this weekend would be mine yeah. People and it it is going to be very important on apple we're gonna. And your board with a law crowd certainly would be. To check out this weekend. Right Danny appreciate coming on and hopefully won't have to do is the third time hopefully you know isn't enough. Great pit ever how appreciated well over a month. So thank you all pertaining into another edition of the two sides podcast and banks collect to our guests James. And Danny Terrell commissioner of the flag flag football league in Austin who is greed is well and yes full disclosure. I thought it was the big shot into the big men around campus invited Dan means the studio a couple of nights ago hate to comment. Demented WEEI or so a year around Vivian in studio podcast interview. Give the gables and good publicity. And then while a night later I deleted it as I was trying to edit. This out so I'd weep for you folks out there in the audience I believe free. And I thinks thanks to Danny for hanging in there and doing with mine stupidity and doing it again but I promise the second interview was even better. In the first one as always please subscribe to is in the nineteen story that's the best way to get a new addition. Of the two rats podcast every other Wednesday and why you added we very view but and I we love. Those five star reviews you can awesome course behind us and two putts page on WEEI dot com our anyone again thanks for listening what's not to you and a couple of weeks.