Ep. 16: Mailbag: Kevin Spacey, Alex's relationship with K&C post-Curtis incident

Wednesday, November 1st

In this episode of "Two Outs," Alex Reimer and Steve Buckley chide Kevin Spacey for using his sexuality as a way to cover up sexual assault claims. They also answer several mailbag questions from listeners, including whether athletes should be pressured to come out and the state of Alex's relationship with Kirk Minihane since returning to "Kirk & Callahan." 


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And read where it's got two outs podcasts would. Curry the rambunctious way China mostly taught me the phenom Alex rare. And the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know what we forum gave precision definitely want not. Koppel Macy's definitely two outs which Buddy Roemer. It is episode number sixteen of the drugs podcast how did you receive up it would be bogged. It's just does this week we had too many guests too many other people involved. I think we need a little a little last time but they home tonight we're gonna stay in tonight and watch a movie. Afflicts pizza for its we are recovering from Palo weekend which you know was obviously crazy for you covering the World Series. It is wild time I deuce games 34 or five Houston's and angry our rent or bought journalist and Asian island neighborhood it's very well yes the Iraq Willey incident that children come watch it yet so 1234 friends they were last night. Halloween night and we did to treat bank. Best customer that I if any Fenway Park vendor on the dressed all in yellow with black boxes that you know frank Duncan into baseball and imagine though. Ten kids in Red Sox uniforms. Seven of the tank is one of the same players uniform who was that player. David Ortiz rookie debt milky bats yes connecting with the young play the young the young hit Isaac I texted Sam Kennedy for the reds it is very pleased. So seven of the ten were McKee bets to wood gave minorities living in the past. And one Dustin Pedroia. Teetering on the brink of living in the past exactly. I was I the evil queen in Provincetown. Where there any even a custom. For the any not us you know cost him right actually kind of really no cost in my to spandex Mike haight. And a crown. So very minimal cost him eyes there are no evil queen's coming home the you know we we sometimes get. The occasional. Wondering Banda Tufts University undergrad that don't appear as an undergrad in your trick or treating you're eight total induced there total loser your high school. In your trick or treating with younger kids your losers well high school kids are trick or treat it like Tommy boys you're real story yet and the college to the doing it ironically. The ever made it to Pete's on for hollow weekend I have never been you've never been particularly any ever. What's going to throughout an eye on 101000 times but I've not been there fed Latino and name spooky. Did not know that that's been now why would I why would me in my position and have never been a pizza and how we think real hard. Means there's usually little baseball thing gets these use him either at the World Series or just getting back into the work and working in media gets in the way of having fun at us like we do is tired I don't know there was an outdoor and loyalists and hasn't to my danger that the difference between you and me is that I am out this swing and pick. Like working. And you just antagonized today. I that hey hey hey hi right. Most of the day and then I'm on the air and I tell you bands of Fenway Park outside of being with dad and cotton candy yes I have. As other anti racism. And the other great sport to demean any of the great. I I've met I'd note on that day and no I didn't know I was an hour in the afternoon at that point answer merits likes podcast yeah it's hadn't started dodger you'll be people come obviously with me. But up but we're recording this prior to World Series game sevens unfortunately won't be able to recap when Roby epic night for baseball. Are you and I have a disagreement about the games start times I don't think it's a prom games and at 1130 in the morning. I think many people were up at that time watching was reading was there that. At the ratings to be cured beats and it applaud it is an eight foot yells at 1011 Kenya. Won 28 there is no relevant equation. I'm saying if you are normal person think to 130. Not that you can do once in line. US so obtuse that their give it real people get up in the morning go to work incident that's really hate you don't have any concept that most people trying to. You don't go to work and see we debates. It's one period end and you don't go to bed at 1:28 AM wake up in the city it's a short commute for you you are he princes city I acknowledge that I respect that I'm slightly envious of that. But there'll one about the people who have kids in mortgages and I have to get up and all that stuff and they can't stay up to 1:28. AM and won two World Series as a young guy like it is my duty to defend it relates to test and it's and stick in as he was the old guy it's decreed whoever elegant sleaze at times you want weekday afternoon I do not do don't go where -- there does like kids can now an unknown I think is due to dogs aren't today's outlaw argued I gotta I gotta pretty easy YouTube creating a thread doesn't exist I don't want afternoon game. I don't want all white people playing I don't want people cars he says I don't want opening cars I don't wanna go back till a lot of what baseball used to be. I'm saying that the kids aren't watching baseball not because I mean you don't give the reason why they're not watching is not peak as the game's start. It is because. It is not because against what is because it is because it is slow and plot that's contribute in game five why is exciting to watch did not agree game. And no I you didn't read my column I wrote that I wrote that it was hugely entertaining but it was not hidden in again with splitting hairs. And where it jumping into a swirling vat of semantics here like jumping into swirling bouts of semantics that said I idea on semantics yes what I do every day I play on cement what it lacked in terms of greatness was great pitching and great defense yes it didn't have any great that it was the play in them ninth inning rebel injure leans into the stands and catches the ball pop. There off of I get hit and as a file agony and makes a great yet. But there was no Dwight Evans in game six and 75 Willie Mays eighth inning on Wendell throws the Pittsburgh or to mix the greatest catch in baseball history. Brooks Robinson 1970 World Series repeatedly robbing the reds. There there was none of that almighty god our prize Smith going up the middle make him fade away throw from hole. There there was are now that this game it was just it was it was billions in it was the ball smacking off the corner pocket. So so that has been in big topic that been doing with their the last couple weeks to start times ratings that I do like dealing with that but as some big news came outs and now of course what Kevin Spacey stars in opera couple days you won't spend. A lot of time on this is actually transition us transitions us though and too little Q&A day. I decide to little mail bag this week pleaded I will you do in between it at all so I'd retreated the first one needs to said you did not. I have that I have to meet later in eminence who had just as Al I was in pizza announced that after this mailbag idea. So we get many questions (%expletive) is people don't like me if you retreated at they would have asked me anymore but we did get a couple. Omnia Roy your eyes that's fine. I do wanna quickly touch on species now as they say it leads us into I think an interesting question. We did get bomb where we come down and as him using. These allegations. As a means to come out the clock and announce that he was. All kinds of chemicals and fuel crisis and it's a lot of waste ago but that since that's his direction and going and it. Listen Kevin Spacey could've come out by 101520 years ago it was a very poorly kept secret. It was very poorly kept certainly Crocker and exiting years ago that the Italian ties and our nation as a gay community would have welcomed him you know absent any allegations of course short and then to come on now and and and try to. Wrap it around all this and then as you pointed out some media did take the beta that you wrote that terrible and ABC news right she's writes Kevin Spacey comes out in emotional. Emotional letter first of all I hate that attitude anyway to describe the Britain. You know if that's a great point to be easy it's it's the reader's emotions are right right right so that that's just a pat keep my nanny I read a meatloaf mistress of being emotional industry your grandmother's recipe right so I don't like they did take debate with dating to me it's just as he's just comes across as high should he could've done this years ago. You know. So so this question does he have a role. In the industry moving forward. God I am my my first thought and I have this discussion a couple of friends this morning. Was that he now needs to be gentleman farmer and move often and in this sort of stay out of the business. That a friend right on the will be back in six months for the reality series and he's back in the movies and yet so it'll depend. Ends on how many more stories like this co writes you know real stories of this you know this. Alex wraps story now that was what the actor's name. Anti fourteen years all the time 1980s I mean obviously. I'm picking up many more people coming out and sang Kevin Spacey tried to sexually assault me as a under aged kqed and haven't returned to work bomb if this is. The only east and this probably isn't can be the only should atrocity of that former channel five anchors is Kevin Spacey. You know was very handsome with a friend of mine at table I at a table and a restaurant TC was equal opportunity as salters while both men and women. So if it's going and applying these patterns with all the accusers with Weinstein in jeans told backing gone down the line. I think we're gonna have many more she's a drop with Kevin Spacey is my prediction is now if he does come back in a B a one time I mean I know it's obvious. Yeah because it just seems like they're just so many more of these out there and you read the story about his father in the daily now when he airfare publications but his father was this whacko right wing neo Nazi who moved to spam we like ten times and raped. Kevin species dot. I don't your Brothers so I just you know you certainly seemed to came from a pretty sort you back did you. Did you read the piece that that particular piece of a Kevin's face his father yeah area. Did it remind you of any characters in any movies Kevin Spacey has been in. Mean well it reminds you a little bit of frank Underwood from house a cards well for Albert's father was abusive as well I was thinking of the next door neighbor's kid's father in American Beauty. That he had the Nazi China. Yes hanging in his yes well you see you guys write mean go back to house of cards is of course has been canceled. Frank underwent in that series. Is bisexual rifle as round guys who keeps that under wraps and Kevin Spacey is made jokes as long as hasn't Tony's a couple of years ago he made a few jokes. And a coming out of the closet so it's almost as if like he wanted. To be outed Heatley you it was he was begging for all these stories are circulating for years and years. But I it's it's just unfortunate has listened coming out I mean I think should be a momentous occasion anybody's life. But it's just die it's just it's just unfortunate all around that Kevin Spacey added this is how we had to come out number one. And also him using. These out using the coming out as a cover for these allegations I was just pretty slimy and also saying the words I choose now to lay it. As a game. Like on new and shiny red light shows to limit now. This guy and and just and also attacked with Glen before the signing now one of the ultra right wingers can go back to the old. Whines about these days there perverts are hitting nine young kids if you're used as a young K a year inclined to be days which it it sets off that that whole ugly. Ugly side of my stereotypes at you not report to battle one topic. Not pinning your your Moya and by the way. See elicit questions I don't. So I just occurred to me as you're speaking I did re tweet your first one but then it's said that looks I don't want to prevail there was dramatic that was incorrect and I was getting on a plane in Houston. So I didn't make the effort but then I had to get on the plane attempt on my phone when he could have I tagged doing a couple other tweets afterwards and could have you could have revisited but I I just want a little bit of grace here because I did make the attempt the first time around. Here's one question know that ties someone into the the Spacey topic. I feel that many of the articles I read Greek and I'm not gonna do Twitter handles has no known stars. As good many of the articles I read regarding athletes and desire by the key community to come out. In order to be a role model or voice for change misses the mark. In the same breath we would all agree that no one has the right to tell anyone. When is the right time to come out so how's it fair to expect gay athletes to come out. When the rest of us want to give and take and use our time and place in this also dove tails to our conversation a couple of weeks ago with Jason Collins. He said he wishes more causes athletes would step up to the forefront as well. As to why as you man this is an excellent question that I have two very strongly about because a couple people on Twitter. Question does. Who I'm guessing either did not listen to the podcast what didn't absorb all the information. What Jason Collins said. And I agree with and I think you'll agree with is a short of course we want more athletes to come out but in the podcast we all said I said in a written this and have told us a million people. Do not come out to a threat through your. When I came out seven years ago. A lot of people email me with the only issues a married had kids and and and my response always has been steadfast. Do not c'mon it's who you feel ready and do not be intimidated. Or encouraged by people do living your issues. I don't understand all that's going on you know like they may be right all kind of sick relative of religious ramifications. Money finances that was right in the well and the may be need to get all the things quip where you come up so open medio cavalier. And stand up and apart since I know you must come out. It is come completely inappropriate saw I'd I believe that we've all been consistent one. Yeah I know I agree either wanting it will say go to play a little devil's advocate is. At what point do you say Jason cons came out. You know others in not the major sports are Robbie Rogers you know others have come out it's been fine for them. When do we say or do we ever say a year. In I don't love the strays but I'll say impeding the movement and being a little selfish in terms of keeping it to yourself and it's it's a private situation for everybody. As it everybody is a person has their own personal situations but to orbit is there ever a point where you say I mean like what are you waiting for while my. Rob mounts as you're asking the question and then answering at the same breath. And at what time does it becoming impediment that's that's applied in this in a vacuum but again. You have to take each individual case. And is hard for a lot of people to take that first step absolutely. And I waited and I've I've I went to bed every night my freshman year college dreaming of the moment came out. And didn't do it until the end of my sophomore. And I are college kid who was Sonoma and I am not trying to and I had this conversation and on on the air and I got a lot of laughs I'm originally said the incidents some of the people lapped by about its at all or may be right. In in a lot of circumstances or maybe just in some circumstances. Gracious knows it may be harder today to Kamal that it was back in the day for the simple reason that. 101520. Go beyond that. You're in your own little shell dealing with all listen but the but you weren't getting bombarded with the media. Media being us medium being television programs like will and grace 1520 years ago. So these days there are so many people. Banging union new York and and be seeking you to come out that. It might speed up the process before you're ready to do. So I would tell what was people yes it's it's called this the willing grace come back it's called Lucy. All the stuff that's happening I'll listen to spike as reason magazine go to this website out sports and so what's at Ziegler. Every single week rights really awesome piece. On some athlete at the high school college or minor league level who's come out and it's always a cheerful uplifting story. That that inspires us and I understand all that but at the same time. Look at one individual person who who still wrestling with this and all of this media is coming at you. Maybe just push all that media away from moment and just just take a deep breath and Figaro we ago. To go back to the free agree with that at all ideal ideal I mean I think. I don't know if I liked him to say that it's harder now in some ways and any across the board interns acceptance and it's far easier than it's ever been but I I understand that point where there there is. There's a lot of Paul you know when you come out he can't just come on in my view if you. Come out now and the cameras while Monty winning play with senses that that came out is is better now than it's ever been of course the coming out. Is still. Somewhat difficult and it's very personal as a personal process but you know the go back to the phrasing of the question. You know is it fair to expect GAAP beats to come out I think a good analogy is in terms of athletes being socially outspoken. Entitlements social causes you've seen a lot of over the last several months might phrase always on that has banned or might viewpoints rather on not always has been. I liked it. When athletes are socially Alec and athletes are politically active because they think they have incredible platform. You can reach wide groups of people which in our polarized times politicians camps are. Certain celebrities can't if you're on one side of the political aisle the other sites completely tuning you out and vice Versa. Good athletes are there are some of the few people who can still reach large prime society. But I also say just because and they're a football well. Doesn't mean you have the responsibility. To speak out or an obligation to speak from just like the government only suited for that role anywhere exactly so. I guess I view coming out as the same you know if you are closeted gay athlete I think it's great. And out encourage anybody stepped forward because a deep look into all bought in terms of changing hearts and minds by. Again just because you can shoot a bounce the ball well hit a baseball far doesn't mean you have this obligation to come out publicly when you're not ready now. He answers it this is a very slight Segway so I hope you'll indulge me for just a minute I'm doing thoughts thank you and welcome early on. The trial phenomenon as it was gaining speed right I took my A liberties I I I made my editorial stand. On trump a number of occasions and it it was it was one thing from people to the extreme right earlier jerk and all that. But then I began getting emails from people but the marine -- fifteen years huge fan I would be takes. On but I really do read the stuff on line in The Herald and so forth for escapism and get away from all that you boom bust. Laws are little rain well agreed to buy escape but I can't you at the politics hi from the real world com. You're answering the question before we've imposed. Let me let you you you would use it you gotta adultery and that didn't indulge me I'm so I am listening and so I I eat in fact took some of that Clark. That that. These people that you just marked might be out the holding up signs at it in front of the state house is something at every occasion. But now it's 8 o'clock at night knowing these cheers and read your boys and girl and re but I have to say about the rats and you mocking him for that I am I took that like OK it will. Listen I'm I'm reading a really cool cool book right now called I am a man about the movement and American Indians in the 1870s. And it's it's a book about mid nineteenth century history that is all that is a powerful warming read. If it returned the page with that trump isn't there a while office is my escapism so it may miss a good example but you still get my point. So so I started to okay I'm going to be now you remember I asked the pointed questions to Bill Belichick. About the letter to probe he did so so I wasn't afraid not afraid to mix when it's necessary correct and and I use that word necessary because it is necessary head coach of the patriots. Endorses. The most polarizing presidential candidate Robert time. Yes it's necessary house that's so cute so they that's where I've arrived. Where. Moving forward win win world events. Government events White House advance. Jump into the sports day to. It's been impossible for me not to write about right so when when the iconic. Greatest coach of all time. Kenzie letter that the in a presidential aspirin read that rally the night before Election Day. Well that's that getting into my plate and if you. Same token. With the players taking a knee in the White House getting involved will now I can't not write about. Absolutely and it. In and you and your upset about mixing sports and politics be upset with the president be so at the White House and this at the debate was dead. It was dead in the water torture and called the ailing players sons of bitches in September and we just had chapter. After I I do algebra I do feel bad for a world vice president Borg it is wanna go to a game while yes he had a thing of popcorn. In had a program. He just wants the watch his beloved Nissan is the before he wants the force as Pena keep that in mind. You that the dumbest thing ever. Though hold and it's going to the football game and weaving and my seat that's why I mean the thing is to get up and Bob McNair inmates running the prisons in the NFL wants it to go away but yet they can't help and so it just keeps stepping on their feet. On the hit a good question but I'm that your Europe ranting I am. FMK you know that you know that I try to look it up okay yeah Donald Trump junior Sean Hannity or Jerry Kelly and now. Tonight none of the above none of it for either for either of victory. What of the three names against Donald Trump junior Sean Hannity and Jerry county. Mary Callahan is because ID B I'd Eddie to be fun and Rama I'd marry Jerry I'd him bleed Donald Trump junior and analysts on I think. I I would Disco hate I don't know wilderness a downturn junior. OK how am real fun with him yeah. Yes another one that I'm okay would Jerry. Another one FMK Kirk carrier to mossy I'll answer this and say I want married to mossy Al F Kerry in that scenario and I'll kill Kirk. At a soccer with a shared off the other Danes studio and that it is now. And I would hate him runs like forty miles on day passed sunken chest and out and out hate to marry characters he would be a bank in new sensor house I would say this in approached with Tomas it's equipped Callahan. I think hang around the house on Monday night. Roasting chestnuts and talk and stuff victimized it would be blessed it would be great yeah what's interesting guys aren't any anti liberalism all these while I want ever had a democracy and in about tomorrow with some honesty about any topic. That he could not. He didn't have information and have knowledge in any. Is an inside joke I don't quite yet it's from Andy big showing and can you ask about to tell the story of a nice old woman named rose Pavano Alec stories. Okay and I and I teller you know mark you have like 45 seconds. Used to do a Saturday morning show at a time we and the Red Sox had two minor league phenom named Brian rose and Carl Pavano ego. And it would cut the bottom by the late treated for Pedro right to date assay don't know sports there you know some and his pals to a upcoming season the entire season was Rosenblum on rose in the Von Rosen on. Doing my Saturday morning show I thought it would be fun. To find somebody named rose Pavano and put her on the air I love it and I found a woman living in Florida and a cholera and we discussed and and she was like with little way I'm sure they're nice boys and good luck to them so I actually could say we've got rose Pavano coming on the show this morning. And and this that we innings of four at what was actually happening in real time but it was great but now these as they hotshot producer afternoon drive he can market. It happened the he's retroactively appalled by your old your old gags were and once beloved of their time announced this much of you can't go back and watch a silent movie and so this sucks. Yet the look at it and in its times you're comparing your old were you aware to and on not be nice for I don't know Bach and let's edit that out for ya Israel into a I'll leave it in the if you want financing to. If you if you watch a Charlie Chaplin movie or Buster Keaton movie with Sox. But they did they use it in 1926. Nothing nothing no comedy there's cord in the fifties or sixties it's funny today. I think. Very very few ball I actually this is not just old guy challenging young guy. I can tell you with absolute certainty that that The Marx Brothers movies are still funny. Iowa and the wound to why you need to demean one if you do one thing tonight. Before you go bar hopping whatever it is you do non renewable Marx Brothers stay room scene ignited the opera and tell me that's not going. At the and that the next time we sit down I defy you tell me it's not funny. Here's 1 bot what what am I asked me a look at odd The Marx Brothers year's squad. In the movie news. You know I was I was I was reading NYNEX question what's the movies emblems Bristol united the opera state room scene the statement. Mark rose marked as Allen Allen has this little seen two and half minutes and that's this thick. I'm I'm asked to and it's. Maybe it anyways it's a very funny seeing K I will when and we finished taping now get my opponents to. Here's a career oriented question but for me knew where you guys see yourself in five years radio where prince play alive for me off and me as well hopefully alive but we continue to make the right choices here nonstop and now. I'd digital and that's pricey myself mr. Buckley against apparel and five meters are definitely an element of yeah yes. A totally believe there are the going to be around for a much longer than people give him credit. Because there'll continues to innovate and hurled radio which are used to be a part of Harold radio and and the videos and they bring students from different classes and from different colleges they get a really cool thing the other day news they took. Six or seven college students and put them in the same I think and Revere. And they altered different modes to get to downtown Boston. And they do that commute one of the draw on the team on the bike on two and over and so forth. And just to see how long it would take a male run the longest. I believe it was. Identity. But I not and that not not that should not work that should not mean that should not be the case. That he should not take the long but again I I I was flying so I have read the piece yet but I'm saying is I just got back muse the most Mary got but I thought the idea was really good innovators in the globe to mean that but the the papers you can point at either papal on any given day. And slamming and odds are this is stupid and I get that. But both papers are trying to. Stay in the long term I hope both of them do I want Harrell to be of more of an agitator like they once. I want her out to be marked the near post. And I feel like it is in cases so that I critique for tests that on pass that along the powers that be please. Odd couple always that either that did you up by the garnering gave you were in jumpstart your career by the way down and had your com's US have since said that you hated one in DC but yeah hated deeply that's fine but you've been unleashed now. I how would you agree. A totally know I've I've since exit summoned today on my age 24. To begin in the editorial freedom out here no one's ever told him what to write no one's ever told me what the sale on the I'm pretty incredible and you know big fan. Yes and it's it's because some big fans mocked and ridiculed that will. And even if you're not a big thing you can mock and ridicule me as people read my Twitter mentions now I was a quick went just for me. Howard things with Kirk post Curtis incident in band I would say. Bomb things I think are fine between me incurred we didn't speak at all over the summer on the interaction we had. Off from like Comcast and the crew. Let's say September was really S on briefly at his father's week. And might crazy parole hearing in mid July outside of that had no contact whatsoever. But since then I think things are good in fact that and better than they've been I've never really have a personal relationship with Kirk never convicting professionally. We're back on good terms so my liberty issue of the conversation that we have in the hallway with a certain yes boys go ahead personal ad. Well Glenn Ord way yes and yours friend of mine yes. He radiance was always just a few minutes ago and he is of the opinion. That you might have been a bit more feisty in your returns. Yeah you know. People say that to me my first show back definitely was Tamer than usual but there broom environmentalist. Caught me off guard does expecting it the fist fly at 605 and never really happened. So I should have brought the fight to them I did not this past Tuesday in my last year and Glen has a point. Absolutely this past week I think I was as feisty as excited that we did a lot of drop below it was mostly sports but we did some space he would try to mix it up. On bottom totally looking to bring it to him totally and no I pick a more comfortable now. Beyond the Mecca from then it ever been quite frankly you do take the morning drive Kuwait and we had to talk to rubble by crying out loud I mean how arts while I'd be like we might rolled there that was not to break on the Jimmy droplet treats to be feisty it's a top of trumpets to do dot thinks when they have to show centered around those topics. I don't I don't standout. As often as the smartest thing they and other topics come up like this arcing it rated morning show was to bring in three if you will. Left the agitators and MBU trainee into my seat. To combat them whereas before this is not a date on Dino but when it was just Jerry and John Dennis. They were like minded in their political bent if you well. And never was there room for descending viewed if you called and argue with them they would mark you ridicule you and hang up on your there and replay it. Cut it up to strike that long while now by bringing you guys and he you can't really say all right that show it's all this that the other thing. To attack with will be don't like it don't listen that's fine that's what it seemed at freedom of choice but no list. That if you don't listen on most days he'll be somebody in their talent import craft. Exactly exactly I mean it when I which is what makes the race before I went before even was invited on last year like I'd listen to too mossy training on and now it's ADs to people are saying to Gerry Callahan. When I've once it Gerry Callahan my entire life I mean here doing what I have said to one. You know in the car here's a chair Joey Jerry's mellowing. Well here's a Jerry question we get to my question is Gerri really distant regional rightwing astle we hear on the radio daily. Is it just snapped. I would say Jerry is not possible I like Terry lots. Under anymore but he is delusional and that is not he words he views the world pretty bright guardian ones if you I would say I. And contrary for. At least thirty years yes. I remember sitting next to him and Dave Revere the rules under an 86 World Series Sox Mets so that's how far back I military. And what I can tell you is that Jerry is the most and this is good or bad ticket for its worth. Of all the people known radio he's the most honest on there there is Noelle okay I'm gonna go on the radio now and beat this guy. That's Gary. And he he's got a lot of old time me. 1950s. Ozzie and Harriet leafy suburbs Dag gone award in the morning the way he was raised. And that's what he latches on to now but to go back to the question and I jumped in on. I think he has some degree in recent terrorism having you when he shows no in his old age. I think gas to be that to compact car yeah I think yes to be stabilizing force because of Kirk where intern to that's ago. Ideally how now third co host this helix and everybody would be banned banned for life sliding Jerry. Is the mellowing calming force which is quite ironic considering Jerry pay your bill blonde. More us and I will forever be indebted subject expert bailing out just like Cody Simpson. This past month but no I mean acting Jerry's political views r.'s political news. They're not exaggerated on the act I think the way in which he talks about and sometimes exaggerated just as the way that I'd say biggest thing trump did not. Yes yes he sees as not like map at our good friend Tom shack who's to spy on line never trump says yes he dies. And how how do not. Mean at this point if you are defending. Everything trump says. Mean come on Tommy and I love opposing viewpoints they'd they are insisting to me I hope that. Long live the opposing viewpoints on fine with whatever Carroll has the front of the book every day they go back so gimmick that your company man but I'm finally on that's not company line item I'm. I wanna see is a guy Jeff Jacoby writes for the globe and in many times he writes columns that are so part of the right Michael guy was coming from. But he always makes a good case is a good writers opine well there's a lot of controversy if you I've recently tenure at times and bring in some more right wing op Ed voices Erik Prince the head of block wire how to not bad not too lying on a lot of people are upset about op I'm saying. Why I mean these are viewpoints that our government. Articulates in many cases considering him you're thinking of putting squandered charge of the effort in Afghanistan so. Why wouldn't you want to just hear the other side out that's my take on that in this goes back to that we may have had this discussion on an earlier odd. The whole business of people. This is very 21 century. The finding people on FaceBook aboard for track it's very well and in this block yeah I've not done any of that I Warrick in sports. Which means that automatically have a lot of friends who right wing net jobs. And can comes with the territory it does come with the territory as an amateur in the press sparks and talking you know in sports fans are and people in sports definitely leans. And I can even around here. 25 to thirty people that mean. Not daily but weekly and monthly contact. Who are hard who remain hard court from supporters. I want a top and one engage. I don't wanna set my in my life that's that's the way I am I wrong about that I apologize. Everyone knows who writes in on this and these people haven't closed me out of their lives. So I'm on clothes in the bottom line it was Dario at lake yeah which which actually goes to the final question and ask your what is like to be liberal snowflake that is not touch it Korea on its fun right I would say I mean if over an extra vote more to me to ball was I would say. We aren't touched the money you sir are not. Mean how can you not see what's going on here now this White House this week real quick just been burning me up. I'm basically I'm actually judge your student of history graduate John Kelley's line at the civil war broke out because there was a lack of compromise. I was dead on I was those and I says that is is one of the dumbest things hampered because it's historically incorrect word yet on what we we that we like historical not religious they went. The Missouri compromise he has banked on. Yet on the compromise and 1854 ports. Which Millard Fillmore actually. After Zachary Taylor died and really in a warrior poet signed off the fugitive slave act in so right with which was which was horrible compromise. And at three fifths compromise in the free fair and from what I know at Fillmore lots of compromise we used to be. Mocked this day because this otherwise decent person allowed the fugitive slave act programs beat fifteen and so forth and every single year. In the city buffalo woodland cemetery they have a commemoration of Millwood who was prepared because in January 8 in every of somebody university buffalo. Past the commode and delivers speech extolling the virtues of president Fillmore. And who after his presidency was a great man now on the nearest to buffalo library analysts doubt. But the fact remains there is that that that little problem with the fugitive slave act. Which is part of his record and yet the kind of talked around so. So when I was in general Kelley is there was a whole lot of compromise going on to defected Franklin Pierce who's in the Hampshire. For fifty years after his death. Was marked in ridiculous confederate sympathizer. So let lets. The normal grown ups about this and call this what is that was stupid what he and I would say you're not a snowflake if you said this White House official position is to be sympathetic to the confederacy. The snow like that it's calling every Saudi other very nice people on both sides Charlottesville. I trump endorsing their Virginia governor saying like to keep market standards that she's opt although you know what's interesting is is that obviously I group with a different brand of American history may be needed. And obviously in probably continues to be very Euro centric. Which is why. How woods in people's history people take that as a sophomore in high school but it just nice and pretty weighty things right it was a little it was hazard meeting about it yeah just like but I I should ask I read it as a thirty something new world so different but but. The the whole point was American history is I always learned. That Robbie Lee was a noble man and that he he believed in states' rights and his beloved Virginia was more important than anything. And I always bought into that this was a very handsome in two with a white beard the beautiful powder blue jacket I can't elect a land like a big way appeared when they go. And end. I've always grown up believing that he was all he was heroic in us horse and all that. And you see imminent and in the Eva even in this doberman we Lincoln. Where at the end of the movie les apple Macs he's on his horse and takes his hat off and on that right that's all well and good but he still led. This band of rebels an armed revolt against the United States you can't get away from an inconvenient reality. Now now you can he one side was fighting to keep slavery and the other side that was biting to a arrested so that's that's how I break it down. In ten seconds. Hypoxia got those are my questions if you retreated at we would've gotten more but there's it's like Osce always astute screwed up there as a Red Sox offseason question that well now we're gonna take. As my punishment that's it and ask if they can't get no baseball for you nets in your punishment a Saturday and why the seven as well always that I'll tell us that's our show. What Imus that's the right where we have a good movies to its rescue providing this way at least for this month we're going to be on salaries five to seven and then on the eighteenth with a live from Fenway Park I'd never been to Nazi I'm excited to be leading up to the exciting BC UConn football game and part of the approximately zero Boston college for. To accept yourself for that without the -- of captains are bonnet it's because we well alright folks that they get from listening at different episode two outs but like the Lister involvement tweeted us apps but in Boston media response curious respond to me. Asked out hero one is why they haven't opted tuchman you really matter if you're. I'm I'm being that they gave pastor of dynamite and the intern and the orange shade as the kids say but compared shady do you know what that means equal the orange shade. As always subscribe to us in the nineteen store or listen to us WEEI dot com and if you do happen to subscribe we read you. And I teens we have a five star rating it's very exciting ratings and reviews that's a move up the iTunes chart they cooperated sale love doing this. I and I look and I love you right there and gospel of love them full of adrenaline pull up but totti and a couple weeks by.