Ep. 19: Kirk Minihane explains why Boston Herald deserves to go bankrupt

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Wednesday, December 13th

Kirk Minihane joins Buck and Reimer on this episode of "Two Outs," where he proceeds to tell Buck why the Boston Herald deserves to go bankrupt. Kirk also reviews Alex's performance since he returned to K&C in October. 


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And Reimer sun two outs podcasts would. Curry the rambunctious way China mostly taught me the phenom Alex rare. And the old time baseball do you think the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know what before I'm gay priest is definitely want not. Koppel he sees definitely two outs which Buddy Roemer. We are here and special assistant that you must podcast with Kirk and hand Kurt welcome to the cells. Dodd thanks guys October to a real simple pleased. He was fourteen and slim OK I was thirteen to dream of mine. We locked hands we made love was a great experience now how far did you guys all the way whole the whole way at thirteen this thing yes that is not contagious or. The single little Q your corset and just aren't. Just aren't up but he does everything is twenty years ago that was a relevant question but twenty years ago are going and Alabama now do you do you guys and that's to restore it to god. Yes it did that Roy Morse closet homosexual man in my pants here I don't think's out now I think he's spotted heading just he's also an old school hates. Critic thing it's got 49% of the vote I don't think it would it would big victory it was for Democrats like a spokesperson was optimize what it would it was a victory QQ gold by the 49% the podium as you can is the worst candidate ever got 49%. Now them. Does he says he got down by pretty sandy here today you'd kiss me but not. Not too tongue you just I don't know that I ever it depends if it helped the ratings he's played for the ratings I did Ryan's podcast last week I heard some of them brought to this whole like I love Bobby should go but he did this whole like you know a year why he's selling here repeat to him in the public (%expletive) He's got a globe brand is dissent that's gonna be recognized as it's called fun and having a good time but I'm not a journalist I. But it does know. Whatever I whatever role he plays like yes. He. When you played with the abuse this kind of club for space right it's different now you you can't be. Eight Boston Globe columnist when you're on the radio full time if if one were armory he can do it. Yeah and I hate to be out of business you know yeah. Thank you radio which has owes me is that pocket said this that puck was not openly gay when he's on the big show for years now I'm amazed they feel like it was a different time I wasn't openly gay. I was openly gay but it was public via. We at this record on the air you weren't on the air it was you talk to the suit quality Harry or Hillary is MCI VA with a guy view of the wind and not all those sex stories on show. You can sexually harassed those women in the hallway of our lines it's good Landon catalog you can back me up and I don't think that out at me with an ever played. Would you like though I won you know. And hey if you're just silent counts and it is not is it. Closeted men who try you've heard this million times closeted men try to sound straight. Always come across they don't have a rap they don't have a a practice delivery press release that reaching the lines boldly say she's reluctant to go over your age old movies are different and a girl but it sounds it. Yes when when we went up for somebody says the design in the and you know you'd junior Tracy Hepburn acts on the security more. What the dams and a damn it didn't work of art and an item I have a clinic so the idea. The rap I rap I believe it Rio the SI swimsuit edition of recognize you recognize physical beauty I mean you just said ideally it's because you eat. Thank you ought to literal I can't stand straight man whose like is eager are no more breeze that issue I know that right is awesome to go looking. What does the next two grand old white landlord way tough call tough call yet that you. But when it's straightening can't do that it it just me. But could you if you order room you walk you you're you're on the road when he's worshipped god knows Harold and against these road trips and mostly part of the reason your business if you go upstairs in the 84 in there is. You're famous who Everly. And she's unsolicited went for you against McDonnell. I don't get it done at this point but I rearrange I wish I can certainly where I could certainly recognize the beauty. We do know but do we know sexual attracting. Attraction now which Michael amused subway and yes Mike Reamer and I would never had its highlights what ice but also. I got it right that I tried to sleep with one girl in college I'm also a straight out I was eating Iraq striking how where. America is ready to get specific with the podcast that's exactly like it's always wanted to unite and when Alex our exodus. We arguable I sense of tension you I know is that is that is that well. We have to tell you this before we have different ideas about how did you read you know I left against the politics in your getting a little more into a I want I want more political talk more news talk. Yeah now my advice for the old guy is just pushed by the way that's did just get I don't know blush it would never work a second doctor Andy hearts through it but I'm not highlight of Alex's day is finding a column. Tuesday. Sporting MacKenzie. I bots were MacKenzie to the dialogue doesn't doesn't IC even returners you're like hovering over the station at all times like when I enters a Red Sox thing with a comic moment perks and tax credits is when he's gonna listen to now. Yes you're over there is talk those excellent. What about why not let the buffalo snow game though I read it's they was due to the one on the Steelers patriots yes I was asked at its topical now. I court I would like had fun with the Harvard Yale called it a little rough a little off it was do agree though if you Udoh. Two readers in this thing you don't understand these Iraq people. Like Mexican right combo. What do Tom boys soccer. And because that the Dan Shaughnessy column people REIT believes he Buckley brand singled to date certain leaders attached to it people re adds legitimacy to high school kids people who read my column it if I do like maybe three high school calls a year always with Thanksgiving game to a setup home. Is that is a kid at Wilmington i.'s money has cancer it's a great story was Iguodala. An idea dad and I bottom. The Winthrop game because they could've played it on my part but the new football field was being renovated finally was opening. That isn't as it did one and not played all right and that that's when stuff. And if I don't like it but you can't. We usually can I write my columns a week. I don't talk I don't know how you do I literally don't lie and I are totally in a fantastic and I'll read if you tell them in Colombia and has gone on with this one hurts my mind some of them are 500. I'd really like what you say on the IRA or four columns which do what's best legitimate and good leader staff and those guys sucked but that's okay it was god I'm a good writer. A lot of herald staff and almost coming out there and out of the golf and 08 remaining in summary. Who really the debate is also did not like what I used to -- an album out as a failed tabloid. Of brightness. Great things like college is a -- exactly yes all orders so what what's the state of the buck -- afternoon we didn't show -- got a promotion. As we originally were five to seven nauert the Reid now at 3 o'clock to win it you got together because your bowl attracted to. The male gender. Tom etiquette it's that yet it does it beat him mr. shirt right now too and that's what's it yet it's like WTI and was the only sports talk station in the country that is as host with two openly gay show it to openly gay Lester Mike and mad dog broke operate it right exactly exactly a vertical Kia. Yes but that study shows a love hate you know I've my flag football on Saturdays and boss like attractively low from now a little bit. When he's compliments on flag on like football is Saturday it's so instead of playing in going to the bar my new team was playing in and going to be on the I would talent show on the old uncle on the front which would like no carrier numbing and opulent right it's not it's aiming whenever I say he doesn't ease tension right there that's that's that's at least I am always taking orders from you but I'm saying Kirk many and not always it is our conversation. But the but he got the only guest is the premise business. Totally buy it you'll doesn't mean you'd does that mean that. Alan it was just as here apparel segment Alex successes over. If I say that was a heck of a Bruins game anything right either I decided to go from everybody because I view it everybody's at all exports. Oh no solo. I don't want to throw you know legitimately I don't. I approach that brought so concede beads of sweat well I don't what is torrents. And we don't IIQ I'm taking my body waiting for the tax when the best sunny having a summit Daylon those guys are sort of what to Bruins came on your that's let's be honest I don't. The other is justice for. And now. That's my tablet rose taught us it is good but you know look easy to take you guys took over and no I mean and that's might think you're not the only person has come to the idea of talking about interesting stuff on radio agree yes but everyone says never you don't want to do was sporty thing you're just taking orders from corrected doings outdoor Kirk's there's a truth that you and I mean you keep an influence of mine no doubt you have felt here once you write a hundred peace does nothing but never a sports you know never what extent sports talk strategic and what we promotion but we're not Saturdays at 3 o'clock and societies that I'm sure equipment like look I'd vote on television and yes that date night. It's it's that. What do you think about the puck and mr. you don't like much. Should too it's a it's part of an attorney Tomas like he we have way more attention needs but it Bradford and it's it's we get that I just thought you last week. And erupting to about is interrupting you. So why that's enough to become monotonous and I was at a rate of mother. My my parents next meeting Alex is mobbed again during the shows they stop interrupting. I wasn't upset. It was something else appears Jean Hassell who is your dad but they're both great people out Internet revert they lost its Corey when he 51. Under 25 years thank you let it take you. Boston tops in the South Bend but she's expected to do not good yeah actually I actually noticed no doubt the black you know that's not what ought Boston tops in the snow and not I do this all the time since you which he mixed around. He's doing. Okay one you want to standpoint and a tenth I don't understand how you got it all day today the globe sucks I wish they were the ones going to report about the puck doesn't did you how the Harold L how come Harold like this week does that run covered it says the globe is calling you racist. Corsets that they should put him we're into right now I. It got quiet but knows I love their people barrel actually a debacle the definite difference there. I don't know where at least as an artist Kara like I'm all right Obama and John what did you Harold radio Protestant like not really it's a fun with Iraq for. We're playing out and do report on this Iran aren't at one great right now with a guy like Jeff to people like it. Steelers certainly does it is frenzy has but he really Marquette now joined Visio. My thing is I felt bad apart his circumstance part of its timing pardon should. That was it heralded not doing great job. Can beat us. OK so you do know the it is as models in the world. The Thai newspaper industry and it's it's a question. What you can as a web site. The website sucks right that's about you and I still have the latest data regarding that started before my reminds the Soviet by. I can I can be you missed it while they're working on its challenge itself as a did what. I can't tell you it's accidentally bad you probably don't go to any more I don't trust but in the last month and in Kellogg opted to challenge all of our listeners to go website. It's gotten much better watts I think it worked for Al outfit and out. It is. There are very few web sites you go to we have not yet pop up says well this guys aren't you get hijacked by immediately would've crashed your phone I totally about podcast and he agrees that it's a massive problem it's the mass of pride it's been it's less of a problem. Now new ownership of perception that exists in yeah of and it should but I am here to invite. Readers who may not read my column as they suspect about the website to go to the website and read my column on board to agree to and so forth nose and Jason and Michael. Truth got. You so the health bleeding money. Apparently and their sending they have two people in lake Voinovich that that is here here's that is right here here's money in waiting on fire that's actually disagree with and I eat we will get your your is this good and hard and well now I'm right nothing what do I think we hear and Bradford dueling. What's (%expletive) crazy. Life is on the table right now. Is that now that's an exit that's an out on his dad on the top only show the top of Photoshop light you. I don't at least they can pride that he. Coloring him now because that would have a clumsy right here at the is Lackey that's right. A guy like I couldn't get the job agreements mice so it was a pretty good odds beautiful. I took explaining why having two people there to write about. Chris Kimball maybe punishing the he pending next who who cares a a larger question would be why is the globes and eight people Olympics they show why they send. Nine people for the DNC errant because they don't mind losing on what he eats it low okay so you're making my point. Right is that. Newspapers in order to survive Neitzel look in your backyard that's their coverage ago. They should be covering the four major teams I schools colleges City Council Alderman. Local murders that in and sorry no coverage murders and buyers but it Errol we would want my my issue the house not so much the first appointees last it is and sports sections phenomenal and what we do it bees is is in keeping recovering back yet attention. In keeping recovering our back yard we descent to be enemies because people do you know it's a noted don't open noted don't I can tell you this I do this for a living. We isolate we'd like to about a bakery the question we I was soon enough we ice that we supported segments either Revis to now we of the billion. We talk about the Red Sox people right now are starting to two people down here to talk about. What Q what. Alex course feeling about you know like bats and an attendee at the top of the day it's it it did to Whitman would. You asked me an hour ago why it was at the meetings that night I would like eating curry favor with the. You know what you what you might not stop Alex you ask me I always complain community meetings I was keeping his cool. I was an English as I once now a year witness telling it like I was really good about it. Talk Red Sox but when we talk the talk radio guys talk on the show a dry in Dubai I. Keep to an aggregate Stanford on Saturday and went Harold stuff and I'm we stand actually that is not a club aren't a cleric now. And and I've always said at a both said Harold sending PG meanings winner meetings held should be real tabloid stuff and so that you in the past his time running routes no. Goalies to a split every two smarter still if he desist (%expletive) you to your readers nobody cares that's typically does like tightest I. What about that the big difference is the globe can afford to lose my daughters I guess those I don't agree with it. We. I don't know play agree with your statement that John Henry is gonna sit back and what they glow let your right of center right now what that's perception whether Israel is that the globes losing money internally DO perception idea reality that's the difference between us. And he he's a real business is the reality is sending these two people to link when interest is definitely literally you'd certainly like I -- hundred dollar bills you did or they'll say Robert Altman now much of the talk educate how much of the cost I don't need to be educated what you want is a cost to send those two people. This department had no idea not as much as a thank by 34 Brent. May be made mention to prozac is actually OK okay so you do that year after year you some different things. He's had two guys evil but in now what to space. Mike Murphy to cover basketball team Toledo central Iowa pets are all the time now with Murphy horrible someone's on the road all the time. So it was habits over the team on the road all the time. Okay now the unique to this is what I would here comes the 1970 to talk which we discuss what I wouldn't Denver I don't I don't company NBA finals. You know the agreed that makes trial company Olympics we don't cover. The the bottom. The preakness Belmont the derby in cover those you know company beat by one report covers these fights those are. That they believe and this is out of my mind your expertise. They believe boxing coverages important papers the Guinness dirty blue collar crowd that while the boxing. Chance would you like what is happens to be. If not the best one of the boxing writers agree 100000 is and a dwindling field in my they'll but I agree with that but I would you think I now regularly. The Macgregor of fight in Vegas humorous he had something that was an event that's NC that's bigger I thought I'd probably isn't a semi. Was precisely that reason. What this was in the in Borges what does that all three quarters cut right wing span cover the spectacle I covet what people want to read that it wanted to inspect them I think with papers have always says I always think there's a disconnect between what people are talking about it what's in. The Boston sports sections like no other painted anything in an on court today. Anything of course on how to set should be the main story in alternate means during the glow. But it's not what ever reason there's that this probably should be remains one of the main stories if you look at what's hot what's what's better than Nat sex scandal bullet injuries to lead and he is but people can't get an extreme bought that I would that it score showed not to help from Silverman masters and out stinks. Number usage won't be conventional mastered out stinks. Ambrose he's like you said you trying to get my ego he's really going to be. Oh yeah nobody's of the Red Sox the Brodsky yeah isn't it I just say he's a really good B he should agree. The rescue deals was slow pay what is your knot again because he tweeted something about the show wants. Just zero now that it would recognizes the need as the injury expert people. That's what should he be ready to do you kids actually accurate description of the process. To your credit and and in decent exit by you you'd all reality walking authorities a big pick last now he he thinks that did Debra did to brunch he's the heats of the off season. What's out right now read it right that you usually know what's gonna read that. You write notes every. I supposed to say yes Kirk now. That's there there are Red Sox into one offseason coverage cart. Those are nice six holes of a library going to going off an hour with some viewpoints and and that's why I say don't company MB finals don't cumbersome as the winter meetings. Are important to uncover the owners means when you because the Sox were being sold is that okay that's right it's okay so you know when I was that. Dozens ball well you'd agree the world's changed it journalistically since it right did you know the Internet you have the metrics Anderson who cares about why that's a that's the thing that's. Appoint anyone to make. While our web site. Needs improvement in like I said the music for the tenth time it's much better than it was six months ago. They are doing things with video audio. Lines they are trying. The business model is suffering that we agree on this 1000% so it's just the ball up the tents are talk done let them on Procter. It is. That he's casual but so much more casual dress it and I'm going to suck stuff. Because I was at the forefront and it's congratulations and I was like three years ago Henry with the fortified feet at a integrated or that story New York's precincts Jean collection as house is old jeans that he keeps I not been Purdue yet but I like guys hustle and I think he tried to invite you over once and you denied. Was reducing I don't know I hate writing program does it takes the thing that the GB and you went off army for twenty minutes because they. I didn't realize it was a big deal because you have your back by two week re tweeting Euro as a reward zone and he did quite the opposite eat like Blake went after working. I helped him his career. The pragmatism should be TV shows and that's because of me. Okay I I close the but I did I don't agree on his own Torres items fight you over. DJ set all would be great we can work things takes you said yeah I cook steaks the backyard and I said. The use of more than no that was about oh toilet you know what that you let your house for stake I would go there OK but nothing dude you give us for the night and even state. But a lot of fun for you answer what they we have with evident it is strange to me about the fronts for why we do that Mike yeah surely years ago and go out and I think it's right about how you do offensively Polynesia you certainly agree or shall we walked hauling dirt enemies to -- The show and and build my voices was like the twelfth at the urgency with me. Ligament but I know what you error on the radio. But but the fact that you are see an old soul baseball and no question reality but it similar to that showed today you'd make fun of them half games if they didn't deny the spirit and had an argument about. I'd be okay. OK if there's nothing else better to do I'd be okay if you would you fight businesses aside in agreed one of the enduring and that's what's arguments. Is who should be no because I that you tried to know that it's gone it's been blown out the water while we stump steroids. Now this old man committee would really put these days it doesn't matter anymore. But the vote video link you walk they'll appeal the impetus to register with this new one Bobby do a good and in the I veterans committee that collapsing one I have now were Trammell Boris god and I brought it. Through the ITN apparently. Whether. You know you not you know why he's an ass hole that's the Antonov told me off the area before we started this if he did I. You get out I did us unequivocally powerful allies. He struck go get him. What hopes. On a good rage golfing debate bites. He gets tired I felt like I cowards yes and impose steroids but he's but it's not as thought that it does so that argument about pros that approach you open to voting steroid guys and I'll be the hip thing to do. Why I was on the forefront movement who could forget all your documents on the Jay leno's excellence and yes I was onto a job coach yes that I took a lot more now at the tights or cattle all in fun in the studio by Christina yes that's been on and I said Barry Bonds should be in the hall of fame who could forget it was a great but I am I'm a good. Off honest debate I just think that the ties in equation now people who thought that's all of this you know give a real fight about. I don't the debate used to be should the consortium. And threw three your body Bart Bryant and me in the press box at the old stadium. Began arguing is two years ago about the merits of the exception being involved name and he got to the degree. That whoever was Olympia maybe Don Lowery at the time. Made an announcement during the game. With the two people or arguing about the Baseball Hall of Fame please go it sounds like to you guys are almost acting for frequently reduced to debate remembered by go to Angola but like go Hillary let them know again let's I don't know what better way to get there as a celibate and a picture and post on FaceBook we currently with Bob and Greg nausea we have dinner. That's a bad thing Bob and I we are just suddenly got that we got me to pass Obama while we have that's it burger and then Bob's great. Probably because of great. Yes so anyway so passes and is its right. So I had no friends at this point you Jerry. Not real actor's actors it is who we got yanks I know it's subsided district during ET which I'm happy during are absolutely fine no problems in in. The Kerr Kelly she'll whip is smooth and take advantage yes and Chris can go (%expletive) themselves. As a true by the way what was at this morning yes at the Chris Wallace for a bit but they said to be through that they okay yeah no proof the lines are crazy. While it's crazy to the degree that your show lines people's pockets yes stuff that they drive these cars because they used to be using newspapers which is no longer relevant. That newspapers. Printing presses into newspapers in the right and that he's that's what the storm and in the eighties and pride that. Your show opens yes you understand why people who sell ads. Are living presumably get commissions on the he certainly view and incidents this entire station has gotten so operable. In his boot licking your concern I think every shell. Is I am run a referendum on your shadow right. You turn at 3 o'clock on Sunday to avoid is a medal when you with in the shell. It's soccer ball usually there's also some of the show the problem but there's a translator that stuff like I was doing it ready to mossy you got what you guys are ready to include ago. I did that late night midnight 1 AM we had full phone lines like 1 in the morning about that stuff I don't doesn't like it iteration it's fine if that's what it. Be calling in about after the break up I don't what I want it. I'm amazed by what was my play. I'm amazed by it would in am amazed that people wouldn't say. Hey here's a thing buyer's agent talks about the morning so we can make money and here's the thing they sit down these clients and clients are well. It's perk early in the same household as your practicing Nicklaus has yet to see that there's no god now you know minus the money goes Celtic on Holland is on congress. They're nice guys so it's easier just eased. Say so if easier. I'm bombed and acting at a college beyond. That I can happen why after the first element that they don't they only am I comfortable I don't like being uncomfortable and did a great job in the B did you do not like the okay he speaks words with. You'll like it was comfortable. I don't know if you even agree with that I thought it was great it was a good show. What was it like this is always the prominent gauge what was icy icy little ice yes Kalus IC net from me is finding that where it's like that for me. Alan I'll pop you guys I get sexually aroused and IC a comfortable I hear not I homosexual year I'm an icy section I guess I get off funding in the anger and potentially could figure out that you like to make on. We get so heated. That is soon is the red light you know we go oh that's right yeah when you would like I get right when you were numb permit debate Allen member would really let it meant going always knew that. The big chill over the idea Meehan the break. Talking of Adnan Alan don't don't like it is obvious you wonder that I could take away what worries Sammy on the big show if I hate to do this hopefully they want to sound. Is because I know there are certain people if you make fun of them don't get sensitive. Glen arbor god bless his soul is the least sensitive person that comes that stuff on earth I could say that I could see what ever I want about him doesn't give a (%expletive) At all. Economic picture is I mean you would agree. Some guests about it and others like our shifts summer better and other social sought to draw from it like to make fun that it does not describe as a care issue is better analysis. Got to him well when house's doubts. Altria were part to his weapons guns out from apartment I thought that the opposite the godfather I but this past Monday was my assistant you're good the other dubious who's better than one. To a better one thing I mean it's harder should do now Toronto is off. The pocket meego one. You know watches movies I've never seen you heard of are you gonna cast all of us yes you want. A cast of what I guess as a player and he said he's never seen casts a knowing look that bright cash and repairs now. Don't know what else and I said you never Humphrey Bogart to which he said well I you we look at it castle like okay. And it was organized I was I absolutely I was born I personally seen the edited it knew Tonya Harding who's like 25 about it which is insane general likes taken mr. Tony did you took out the likes correct in my noted there's a visit currently give this will be different no big both big movie guys. Passable like really leading up today yeah that air it was not those boos from. The sixty's and seventy's my serve like that there's currently it's paid you know I could have watched possibly see silly. Now look at the public when times are we gonna sit the all night long it like movies. God pilot got by the to. Sign it's. The volume did he watch Chinatown now the palm points directing do you not care. Item pecan you take it as a big yards from the person you do to movies in movie you watched him spacing. That that's that's a tough one because that's that's an excellent point because I'm a huge fan of Ellicott but I don't York. And that's when it in the heat in it is phenomenal you have been you have seen it since that despite the best part of it. I win win Exley asked a way to become caught it is it means that. In his eyes at all why. Does it mu let's use them. The greatest lines military death scenes in movie history that it hasn't yet in size it's great it's just. She probably you know repeat cultural center say. I can put this to at a time and space to come at it till you might. Sneak up while she's only practiced it it's you can't come back from. These stores until he does well they're guys' or they're not coming out now he's been on the back this is about Asian we've gone back in the people B already to be more stories no chance anyway. So it to bring a full circle sexual harassment stuff for example Saturdays apparel frontpage should build the globe for the sexual harassment story which have been the story. It was about to read it up embarrassing humiliating awful we know there are more secrets there. Why is America lost Saturday to this ball should go piece by piece one upbeat happily in real tablet. Gosh I don't make excuse yes I trap that was the day after world renowned beings okay whatever Sunday Monday whatever. We're wise you've had tracked knockoffs I am I doing. OK go back to the original question I acting the globe and hurled over the years. I've it. Bad generally taken into. What's how we how is he beat three shots rattled. He's an island and its opening went home like a shot a threat to commie pink socks. We just for example when you read it calms things concept. Right above me my immediate life or perfect white one though that's a that's a better clinician back. I have shot I give an answer. I can say is that I I don't know it's still relevant now with the news on Friday as a week ago. They were talking about it but Charlie told him a year ago now is now that you should the directory in some. Other conversations that are coming in media columnist of my trillion media and inside your shouldn't let always elect who would have to be good really good luck would have liked it celebrating the media you need someone who's at a young and so that I mean who wouldn't be afraid of its people. And EU law also wouldn't qualify in one very important respect. Every single person in the history of media with an immediate call has there are some interest in being on theory. Of course that's not what. Reality is you get attracted to a and and just to give you one example. I go back thirty years ago I came across it by accident Gerry Callahan wrote a piece in Boston magazine and Ian. It was exhaustive. Research in depth and well written. It'd be spoken guy who has an interest in talk. Yeah. That's my point and now he's becoming real India Indian woman factor at this point that layer in uniform numbers in safaris and one of the things we have to get the scavenger hunts and Jerry clubs NFL MVP he's the highest I thought which one NFL BP two years ago. That's an excellent point 11984. In the know White House oval in the MVP award Jerry Rice one. Heated to 95 was OK okay he he did but it you know that true. And did you know that no wideout is even gotten him Pete vote. I even a vote since. Rainy month in 1998 beyoncé. Ready must go yeah Brady won that year. BP and accurate. And all that. It's a chic on. What Antonio brown and and a big time against the patriots a cornerstone of our I don't know if you don't go. Among these are good enough as the Major League MVPs in 94 rate will be Hernandez Hernandez Ryan stamper consumers are right yeah it was 84 NFL MVP nobody cares. Nobody knows at the BP's not gamble and true. Picture by a foot. The teeth on talent and this is what I do you're just talks marked mostly in the NFL BP. While that's crazy that was a strike you yes that's what that's the business and it is presently Broncos I'm making the case with this being dude dude now. What the heck why not do dah an here when there's no clear cut favorite VP of popular kids. You know Joseph Dudek is now. And everybody Beckett plummets state in the eighties cover a site who made the cover of SI in a year when there was no dominant i.'s candidate. Sports Illustrated put Joseph dude yet when they AMOCO and line. What the heck Weiner do. Alec and he got a bunch of low deficit and win this in the past young that since you came out young people flocked to young readers emailed idea yet what that is what has cachet because I am proud. The fact that. I actually embrace the old guy stuff like when people we all but one with a went with subordinates you know way the sale but was at that game at least we pick knows he'll be here I play without a plan. Yes so at what the (%expletive) are doing I thought that. It I got my. We don't ask talks to you and doing not what can I get into real heated I mean that led to the bottom line is Harold didn't fight hard they decided working at your tablet area casesa of the globe gonna play dirty. No gossip columnist on media columnist Cindy should heads to Florida publicity just. They just told me twenty years ago with the we've been through thirteen you know. It's okay able I the fact it's lasted this bowling in well last beyond that I understand it but Friday afternoon was sort of like you would of thought somebody and it's like you know what. You guys are partially to blame this is partially your uncle that passage of time partially. Won't mostly I believe that you know if you go to a restaurant and it sucks you know go maybe go warmer time you the second she not and that and it. Whatever she'll put a second time. In and it was out of business that's life that's that's called capitalists. You know in and Harold unfortunately suffer because he didn't try hard not individual call messiah like as a Q but is it collective whole. Philosophically. They took the wrong that we disagree maybe got a lot of lot students libel suits and stuff made scared them ways you can call him the globes and usually there all these rooms when it's a must not trying I'm not saying yeah I'm listening to six. Individuals. Are not are are trying hard to collective philosophy was flawed it was wrong. The website suck which is important the app sucked which is important. But they decided we are not gonna fight when we tabloid democracy in the globe (%expletive) you you liberal ass holes were gonna be the ones who braced on trop. This is the era where by the like New York Times were people reading it right. And the Washington Post to post read they should sit like the New York posted we are bracing Donald Trump. Fought the global market liberal agenda stop calling us racist. Go pound sand we'll think Abby again Jones is lying all the stuff should embrace it in some days this is crazy stores and we have one more macabre thought that's easy. But some bases while stories in the conference front page C six to eight different things Sox. I do wish they would go one topic in lasted only the post but I don't want to watch a cooking your post what's the issue. I don't put to tabloid now. It's nice to talk about go after trump because. The pay did not do its front the president right there's nobody union it did not with anybody to believe and they didn't endorse him in the Republican primary into its everybody else. And but yet. You would ask if you ask. Most people if is that Harold at most with the one thing because there's a globe and so what columnist on the I'll read you and I put apparently you who like each calling Jack asked me what they do they just a few minor league coach you know that that's that's the way to herald feels just a slap together and air radio feels cheap the whole thing feels just cheap I look at it is ambitious and close. The failed. It is it has failed I mean out Spiezio hurting you you're you're putting an element confidently with a spread yet it was OK this might just educate your spend Miami and get this money to make money. If you put Kuerten and am held radio three years ago our radio B business you can acts so out of Hewitt it's got to as we but it does that we've been sued the F editors like control more than that the what's the point. You engine oil would have I had at least I don't why haven't budgeted metered or at the I have. It's a final for the patent I get Charlie I hate Iran get out and it's guy here Kirk in general at least an island. I heard the crowd and she can't talk about that wanted to what's that it at least and royal human decency but here enough of that yes I just did Harold just said you know what we're not gonna fight. Which there were some missed one I would say they have been fighting for 23 but when I'm with the globe. But I changed my three years ago is different now and I got to fight it but I've been there I can we speak today and I went out the last couple liars I understand is that when our ears have been there they've. Now eat if you were born contention is that they let the global on this that you know thing. Then fine right. Think that they are big appears to fry. Like covering fires in City Hall. I want to and I guess legalities of the year I actually write a reader is now without that read it wrong I'm against it many click I don't generally isn't gonna it's also that the city fire fire with my whole career is built on stuff like that I can tell you you don't radio and you do really well I can tell you rate its state think it's. Same thing it's a Russian kids are sitting in 128 going toward women but with this read newspapers they stuck in that. Right that's right. Listen to me they're stuck in traffic. Eric the bodies they want something. To generate some emotions right when people sit down read ability roared when I got you got your regularly board that would be informed by Jason massacred and not know is that yes Alison I should watery Jason astronaut when the dumbest economy. It's it's that's your that's such a different odd article it's not a half days you have no clue you're talking about we talked about it you don't eating what you don't will you best just sitting at this success is a promise I did not have a successor radiant you have. So want to go to a different site this argument. Right in your Utah and Arizona. I know you SR right unnecessarily wrong. Because you can only speak to the issue from the perspective the talk show the happiest to respect radio host I'm not the thing so honestly it's what you do your argument is Jordan missed peoples of the Carter visited there exciting it's good pocket and get. To bigot torque of published to kill the pick up The Herald. They've they're big and listen good riveting radio and they say oh. Oh boy high hopes for him are really worried that she gets. All ships so it's a Red Sox fans don't wanna but threats is what you're show that studio. In what we do want it in entertaining fashion if OK so those who I don't really like the guy that much drove it's good that he's. It shoots her it's like shock she's good. You're good at their people of opinions though the days of the visit the guys on the beat filing notebooks for me it's over astronaut acted on the I would agree with you view it's a game stories and stories I want notebooks. And why don't you like notebooks year old dot dot dot I know you like father like this and got my satellite doesn't know ultimately kill them. He originally noticed that the implants and he and where where it. In likely take about where I was way ahead of the currently ago. Like two years ago equivalent apparently John Wayne hired elected bishop did not much of that I'm right. What's that I'd say that about you before that I looked like John no GPU to cities like I was in my eyes it people upset I was critical of him into doesn't thirteen. Win win Ryan sometimes I was just fighting. Yeah criticizing me I was I know you know talk of a mind that was the UW does not apply to women Ryan Dempster threw it to repay Iraq get a ride right. If Ryan Dempster should be thrown out of base. That it was 60 jacks tech game was fixed that he could Jack's team the Yankees that night. Did not become important to the Ritz what you take until it sees his number retired in I wrote us and right eye to what vetoed. Ryan Dempster and encode sort go about clown. And put on what I'm saying is. I delivered my part of the bargaining okay how it's not going under because ST I won't let you. Perhaps it's hard to stop out of pocket and but if my point is it a political document you gotta you gotta have someone deliver the news. I'm not really got to have Jason masters not a if you got if you get partly voyages on one page yeah saying this is south barrel screwed up. You've got to have someone deliver the content that we only getting the news from the news Bret that's why don't fight here all right by the top of the. Time Europe that's fine by the time I've had passed by the time you open the paper the next morning if you most people already know this art of the deal. With like with the good news from from the eastern smash and it's dirty briefed. Between TV and the Internet it's over called a different good opinion columns in different is always appetite for that. This stuff. Steve Conroy Kruger right at home Barbara (%expletive) kill this. I mean. To you I abroad to sit on the road Bruins fans that might ruins and C guest mr. Marriott points or log your points are right that's the error at one point three million area era if Jesus Christ an incredible. And as I know my father's Westin points started points Axel that's excellent that's it what else I think that's a message that eating more. And I guess that the delegate are being upheld accurate no other game experiences you wanna tell the people I'm misinformed I was told you gonna reveal system. Experience dealing agonies John Shockey never even dabbled at all. It was on my Coke days like that aren't. You know Hollywood we have that was never I've never been attracted to men and you know I mean I was never propositioned that was there was never really that world Alex forties weird story the trampoline and by the way it's not having sex on the streets of poverty. Northern a look on prop probably he's defaming my people and what your ace in the questions on the state of the shows station mapping intimacy is as you know but she said from the heartbeat station. When are we getting more prominent church and W yet because that you even that you sensed tension on the show and templates that were there to be can help. To drive because truth Emeka what did you ever Christmas means popular you are now that's right and then where hosting teensy. Oh you lot went yeah there's a point is I thought you said I I thought when angered Dino is an act that you network routine. Now mean trainee and trying to make. Actress is in a week honors on mr. simpler resale beauty shows don't anymore Chris week it was. I need to work I you know I guess I do wanna play on when you made economy because I said that I would be an event planner or foundation. If I like is this a lot going on him but when you lose when it was proposed. A I don't wanna work. Don't. I don't finances are decent I can probably withdrew retired good. Not to the degree that would want to but it if too bright. So house is almost paid the national what was always a twenty years let's just say this I don't it's gonna happen the barrel but these guys who's coming in the name of the studios. Gay host gate how it was gonna say it would work out the gate house payment incentives hasn't gotten quite as a buck we love you it's just this your. Which your butchered your first 34 uncles. I am writing dot that power really now but I I would continue to work because. I IC guys in his sixties who who brag go retiree percent pension. Late and that plane keynote on the point rate and they and they they put on way they they don't look at Pete. They don't sound happy. I love what I do and I love getting up at 6:30 in the morning entering your shell and you do and it right for DC and and and blanket on the Jim died so being social working. Writing. I don't wanna lose and I will find something to do to keep working my goal is just to keep port. One sure thing I do wanna bring up with you what's what's his urges are gentlemanly. I'm sort of pain with somebody but that's what's not go well. To submit them what's going to younger older. Younger and younger a little bit Brazil. It's much better. What twenty years younger now. Well this is just like me you want to polish his entire sex like fun let everybody know much our experiences the bathhouse is now that's that's that state has got to me now gone into the New Year's yeah he's a threat doesn't. Without these. Jason who's decent looking at the PayPal now that teletype is firing off a product congress. Is Larry that I wanna keep. We sure that he's there's a reason you shouldn't. I wanna keep working at some degree of certainty of any idea what's going to be 150 people via which they have no idea what's what's that going to be months. I think they don't you you can make a phone call were humanity took a political radio once a week but they. Pays pretty well there really freelancing I enjoyed my time marriage or shock it was does not overwhelmed with the author well were you here when it was on margin John Warner and what you. Are you were John and Gerry India you were speaking of its first year thirty knew I was a cab is among liking them. By the John Jerry shale. Yeah Eritrea with and anywhere they talk throughout the afternoon here after that at that goes into the afternoon showed Clinton. For awhile to development and that would work either until I. Crunch it's generational commitment to dominantly. The whole show has to be balmy. A judge had the papers probably a non interest to you opening. Glen would have played a good traffic cop what you do you think the traffic I was very volatile it is very adaptable. Like Glenn Glenn is talking much more politics now that he did in the bigs because of Moscow that point right. But because that's over the season with Eric that's a bit uneasy actual room with amber talks that he sees what works and I heard that I agree with the being the content that shall decline has sparkled. I don't know I agree with Alec I only Gladys the dominant person Brazil is to show. Sheila yeah oh yeah he was really good at carrying up. Charity get tendered. And Exxon absolutely days when what C so people give me plot when I see Jerry is more attracted. Them to relish the thought I was nuts all broad population they're very attracted to help you just we act spinning night would you be so strange to be such a bizarre XP color really month proposition you'd put even if you'd like hanging out we know me and honestly I'm a big conversation must tell. A mob guy content no I don't like I want to be left alone it's so strange. That is certain non. Genesee claw and when you say about I would say that's just the young Randolph Scott Young Linda Scott Assad is an attractive guy what your first crush and yes truck owners. Now some where bridges. At the Humphrey Bogart just it just would have known not attractive guy what you were talking. Enough chino on the god that was very handsome guy. Yeah where he's he's got ragged. X one is lab results of those guys like Sean Connery who you know our age gracefully now as of the life Eid Al Pacino in the gut by even I was gave it I just watch what your way. What's in the gut filer I thought that as is that as the young Q are sunny. As that thing that weren't those suspenders that the derogatory or hair it's hard aero prompt. Source list margin movie history Louise restaurant across yes and since that's the worst this part of all time you know while we're at all like that and by god or oh yeah all my guy. And the do we post in the background that's right and this is the by six others. If the sound and in by the way when he's beating him up is gonna roll your eyes it's fun when he's beating him up one of the extras staining in the background of the fight. Is that guy who plays young Jack going god by the I was a true yeah the yeah these young guy and I talk he's also in goodfellas these guys hang in the meat locker. Yeah I've bombed and was named in a DiFelice is the guy but he talks the guy because it with a coat and and frank yeah he's the guy heading into the meat locker in god and in goodfellas he's also a young Genco. The adequacy year break a CN glee. And englishman Gary my theory in god by the two. If you seek out by the one and sunny speeding up Carlo with a do we stand at Bagram he's an act like guys. I'm a movie actually miss them I get a movie extra for the best Boston movie of all time Alex. The departed dollars goodwill hunting frenzy medical. I would the verdict. During the looks great movie when I notice. Resources what is in the courtroom yes in the corner that just saudis go watch it in the last half Alia rose eighty sit there like music Thabeet. One of my big issues with that is that he sees the phone bill he goes the nurse's house to opera phone bill yet we should get. The older nervously yes yes and the address is Arlington. Right he is clearly liking east the only help yes you like. Brett harbor in the background it's like at three jacket weather old via mail but that's open around them and I know that's true but it's a great movie stuff like that part of it is a great look at that Jack Warden great movie I've received notice I'm not I don't know heightened subject three hours to sit idly while other very you know I I so energetic what do you do all day grind British boys it's honestly that it's time slack with rob now -- you know telling Robin John yell out well posts I'd get that celtics' story up it will post I went on articles have been. Was your friend of mine who's Dexter and when he goes awake in the verdict is any good news is only a matter of the with a can madam at the beginning we await the day yet as a friend of mine who's an actors in Warner Warner at funeral home. Paul Newman tracked him. Visible to carry attractiveness I guess Robert Redford not so much more guys were Japanese cancer because he allowed himself aged naturally like that about him deep respect. Like you said when he put us answer to it. I think it shows so last year feel like with the easier to do from the standpoint that you were more open to talking about actual issues like trump you loved doing trump last year so do you think it's a little more tired as to why a million times on stories getting in one side oxen and start again right here but it's gotten it's gotten repetitive we need something new yes it's Roy Moore it was dead at that doesn't mean doing animate Jerry and I got a big fight toward the end the show today trump because. Jerry believes if if I'd like your prominent Democrat male Democrat in America right now after the Al Franken Joba. Just by Dubai dribbling Aziz Joseph Biden videos read this is women media section of deficit so there we had a little creepy at the smell it it's strange. But these sexual harasser dollar trump is not. Leaders but overall accusers say dirt does that with a smile like I'm there really believes that cited as saying I know he suddenly thrust into the rate your chances smiled. Dogs don't think now he does but I would prefer Clinton and I said this I know it sounds over Hillary Clinton because I've. With a walk the earth to treatment and illiteracy and bitterly cannot vote for dollar from my daughter became. Which no fair I mean I don't apple and god knows. But Jerry thinks he'll vote for Hillary is worse than trump because Hillary Hillary Springsteen told you to do well on the vote for John Kerry in Barack Obama. I'll never voted for Obama I'd never vote for a Democrat or Republican might like to selection as well as for libertarians always throws in broad twice sitting on Massachusetts a matter. A vote for John and since 1980 he just got it. And now and he's great he's cyprus' presidential vote to die. Is that true yeah they voted for Clinton for president now he's still a reform so that obviously you guys have. And she'll pick and elected Mondale still alive. They'll like usual due to over Republican. Not on national ticket I mean John Aniston was a sitting around whose president was an independent what if virtually baker who voted well he's honored and Republicans probably desirable in a case the US to vote Republican attack I don't. For Charlie bakery now there's evidence that Republican. It just. Is you know the masters you have to might a blaming sort electable Republican of measures that does that have to vote for like oh right wing nut job. What do you think Mitt Romney was a right wing nut job that Mitt Romney ran for president lists of the window and yeah. Now we don't know the due to be that the governor wanted the problem is he was running away from running that that's that's triggers a Charlie Baker wants like those who beat the Republicans for speaking out. He has no chance no chance. He's just actually considered Romney when he ran for ten against Ted percent to content with the old. Never mind that I was first yeah he kicked his ass at that debate. The only down number oh my body says he sobered up which Nocioni was talk of all these things he was gonna do and then Kennedy said. You know old politician it was only gonna come from Enron and answer. Romney just choked itself wide open set I don't know that and it Eddie Collins well let me tell you something jury always Brooke on ten. Battle on not read that I read his book organized cross street you like how he's we and on the pockets and a great so it was a good the good but the answer question that's not. That's really the issue. I would agree. I don't have a big appetite grabbed talk about stuff there read accurately noted that most there's a challenge but even last year like and it likely would you NFL stuff like sometimes like league issues will show the show today oxygen valueless and being an issue god knows 6 o'clock I didn't I was not Jerry wants federal uniform number Kenny brings it went right I mean I'm very high. An accomplishment Jerry does have a uniform no fetish. Let's annoy you think now and don't know I see the size easily finish fort. If which you would agree if I was on the show anymore in the U whose Jerry and friends UB a much different. It would be issues based Odeo unfortunately what is the final voice ports are they may. Better when no market trades in the cup they would do what we're city pot to immediately still want city politics that would either we're working the ball they'll. It betrayed the cubs back in war. And whoever was wearing number five gave up the numbers in the market where it. I was there on Sunday morning when you Myers John Allen says Nichols are. In both new meat and Dick Adam jumped on its debts irrelevant nobody cares I look at a number C I admit and then. Gerri on Monday morning the twenty minutes after the attack yeah and I'd numbers have never meant anything to me and I don't care about them dead even retired numbers not meant a lot to me especially with the said the Celtics a silly. Leo we did it yet but I mean I but got no usury too when he sees that should be guitars. I outs agree absolutely great young players yet Kenya so right Alex go digital for him he's dead to reform for election. But Tony sing yeah he wasn't on the ballot confines front to go to first table for once and for helping me actually to tell my children have voted for Barack only crowd actually Clinton please them we know his brother were. Was a mechanic he would. Two blows Billy who what people are based on we played the Dayton another you know that for us and and to. I don't think Tony was even about the deeply ten news I problems on the belt did you you did you offer him. I've not done yet can do this I always wait I have friends over a week we could stakes in ever bite me. Doing moment to go you don't who's going to be there. In my house the whole thing debate Demi don't go. I don't haven't really figured out you should everybody over six. And then the past. Who Tim Allen can never. Tim never yet to whoever comes over. Tim who want to just by being private individual in spiky CC's he's Sean who invest some academies of coming out you see him yet is public sort of that website of the season real wealth they are ecstatic that's at a company. Well of I mean there will be changes do for your forcing. Now I'm vote Clemens and bonds advocates control certain people. I'm voting for Chipper Jones. I I haven't arteries both attend. And bums me out that I can't vote for advocate ripping from the groups all of the world for him. What is there a talent people. You get criticisms conduct those clips and doesn't observant Russian write anything else I am I'm open to if you know I mean I think galaxy Jimmie Johnson bias at Jimmy and Alex is. On but on five just at that come back at a this month it was Saturday marks said the mine was a number. Well what I mean really so Alex have all my career ended when he does that hurt Alex has been some very heated moments. The couple weeks ago we before some dale hollow shall we had a monitor into the pep talk can start out by saying something us at forget it and you can hear Alexei. I thought the opposite of I think. Did you get that's it was not a bad as FL owners you chill so I was about on the I was the worst thing you think it was an apartment knock him come back to the show for sure absolutely. Over the after the Paris thing I'm Mike I totally (%expletive) up widget that I'm done. The curse I think that as a as an alcoholic I think he stirred up big time and you guys punished them severely. And you worked it out he's back on the field. Thank you for the recap I am going to be okay no doubt a microphone this is a newspaper in the lights are on I don't have now on I had no doubt that he's going to be back when you write my opinion was gone and we America. I don't know that's a that's a fact I had no doubt he was going to be back in your show because these important year's show he brings incredible energy here shortly. Yes what I like is actually like Jerry county couple weeks it did a segment or you raided the hottest host at WEI. To tell people ten years ago that Jerry would you say it like that nobody would believe the five years ago. Rabbit to chase officials does that mean we would have gone quite close I mean that you guys show was me you write that story. And so that's what I want to get on your race is right of the shell and give us their support of enough but that's my eight perhaps the most acerbic name and concrete and he got a heads a little bit with Saturday papers got Angelo was that he threw his right now we're just not allowed to. A real easily the worst idea it's not running mates and it makes no money can't really I mean normally. It's enough to pay for my on what you do when to renegotiate all of them. Leverage I don't know if I do think it never hurts to give me another year another year here in Iowa have a big sport because I'm turning into one and I'm turning into one of you notice them host I'm not with you guys as a man and his sons why I'm I'm one computing Harriet show at the what does that mean he posted shows a post shows ever believe that's another thing it's much I drove knocking down this (%expletive) over the last few years it's much harder though to be right there and admire his self Saturday morning I have to. You know quads a snowstorm that's a thought I started yes that's hard. Do you bag for calls the general I do know that we're seeing isn't political on all the go to break. Rite Aid Tony yeah on what's what we're right back Tony and mark we're gonna get you don't quote we circled out talk to go to break we took away please please. But what many awesome bill. Now that's it that's different now it was a really yes it was in next at least always be the next test really to a podcast yet used to be homophobic. Communities in the murders your lineup Pernod. I mean Louis coming programming by what goes America as a bearded Jesus taught what the good what the ticket that's all right. Awful yes yes it'll get national bite the well we're gonna right yes you can tell a story about how he used to be homophobic Joseph wants all the world is not only suggesting to focus on attorney Mossad told Jeff Snyder supports for charities to jump on the used to not harmful. Not school he's not now. Please point where he's fighting artillery that passengers survive tortoise and let you be more the good old days ago. Now where were more like a first it's you've got just got to be using. Homophobic language in the podcast at 2 o'clock central intent absolutely welcome. So it was a serious I've sixers have migrated during the commercials sometimes. Money for nothing was. On you know money for nothing dire straits on. Yes I want my MTV is alive in there in the original. This little thank you with the year he's in the make up new member on in there and as soon as you were millionaires they say whenever that's gone that's. It is out of satellite radio right now but I feel like. Like that's part of the time I thought you should hear. You think it's his summit that's what people said to me that I instantly lines and old like the godfather it is is some racial lines in the it would take those are not reject. Number the meeting of the five families in apparel with the drugs yet you know like animals or whatever at the actually and and it it's a means it's an act that put trail what people would have said that's the good looks exactly and say yeah right. Right I mean I recognize that you know. I mean amok analyzed for so that worked high school and college I stated I wouldn't say it it's weird you wouldn't say that word. He said the word to some of your being a fact you wouldn't say it's them like. Oh you prefer men sexually look at it's degrading our whitish in Afghanistan it's feminine right right near you but it's it's a weird Ali told me to fairies worse. The theory can be very hurtful to young people right that's worse than than than. I don't have agreed let's fight yeah of that I'll say if I said at back and by that I if you look if if if kids together and in kids call it fair to me irked her that parents I don't doubt that and that is is that is. Is it's almost cliche at this vs north. Now I don't timing as a high school. I yet it was a it was a day is like retard I'm glad we don't use that word anymore but that was a word that was part of it is who were saying that doesn't mean you're not being eyed sensitive pageant to keep the acts between a first got to college my friend in college were shot to camp Cotchery were they worse they've got to that I was headed for their bowled over our eyes don't actually what's the privacy. These. You know he's but I hope they came out they defeated no I was gang and you never heard on the reader or anything you would never you're never in your hand brake. I think it's I felt I've become gay or not going out to his crew at all now. Kyle won with but he Kyle yes who's that Odyssey and what's instant because I was gay guy yeah yeah give any street Francis used. Not least her friends couple never make it to you straight and the like in new friend that that's not stupid why it is unlikely people. I spent my whole of our history people bull. You know what I feel like when someone's gay I have a big attack a connection something to talk about. Instantly boom we had to like he successfully. Come from the same and deeper they go out together or not I'm not really. I like media and I like penis in italics was like this in like 91 human it is lifestyle and deadly three months yes the sister I mean you're you're you're very much as a box of but I yours and I think like every day for clearing the way for some you don't see Jackie Robinson yes absolutely battling drugs wanna. Jack Adams can hide the pact with black. Escape for years particularly to drum major leagues and had no big deal is I believe Bob. Easy Jackie Robinson arsenal Brooklyn Dodgers clubhouse in 1947 room filled with people. Who had no old friends relatives. Were flat rate were raised nine B player Watson what. That everyone in that locker room as family members of friends rig workers who want to say it was a really good professional port professional athlete can come on the closet. And in the big force that's been talked about talked him to beat them confident that we talked about that every pot house of the I was in the park as his biggest. We tight but they ratio as a result when's the next guy coming out listen when we don't argue against them because it's just the to a we have some good bye but he should know we have to change that now though because we have radius that podcast as it is reckless sexual addiction for years. When I mean who's gonna be a star about talking about. I don't know now I don't think it's going to be each year a good argument over a piece used in the magazines and on that deck rugs and talked about. And I guarantee it will be open again beat teams with within four years I mean it just the way easier on saint. That's true beauty to qualify I'm saying like trees Gabe I mean like no I don't operate I don't never happen. It'll happen but I don't like I simply mean abdominal happened it it'll happen with. The young players emerging who's coming to previously majority school with them will ascend to greatness and it will happen is some easily get outed brutally at social media. That's I think some guys in the some bitter guys come out pictures of proof I'll have to come out. Well but not seed an on off I'd be on board are going out to defeat population yet coding is it. Horrible mean vindictive thing to do absolutely must Sam must think it's appropriate bouncing nets that's I think I got athlete would get a lot of support. Should it because the person who did it would be it is it is heinous. Increases that come from aren't police well done that we saw nothing but the monthly. He might actually we went back to try to you know do your thing we moving over to now is the guy who did this that tyrants like there have been attacked. Again. A laid out for you herald gave up. Pick has way more respect for you that he does let me tell you that they tally elevating the Capitol Hill campus that we want to do they we don't want ally tapped out holding today's people to go up I think there is your paper this big big big bodies. I'm Harold if you regularly I really got out how to do well a lot could be better try harder to covet it are great picture though. Great pitcher creepy pictures are more out there I think him riding a horse of the polling places they just just to sexually attracted Mike Pence on the go your way but he's a good dad thing. Is the tax paperwork also got I mean like you know he's. This and really it's older it's not all mid thirties is the oldest guys ever and he sexual tension in the area. And I got a short putt would be much to control demeanor. Is that true. Yeah chip right now right now nothing obsolete in a lot of GMs about that went very productive yeah from what it was Irish women. Well. They were shocked and really Terry ovary yes the more attractive future. Dodgers go to Jesus you are pulpit telling the Jersey you can see you being attracted Jerry like. Sort of a war hero macho. Trying to tame him John Wayne foxhole yeah. Walter brown and our rent it at a C three Academy Awards for best supporting actor that's proper way I can't thank you for coming by. That does it for episode number nineteen of the two rats podcast again we want to thank god our overlord Kirk men hand. For gracing us this presents and joining us on the show this week happy holidays everyone I should say. Merry Christmas since this is Trump's America what's not due after the holidays and if you wanna get me. A great Christmas gift what you can do is go onto the right team store. Reviewed two outs raid us writer review. That is what I want don't want presidents don't want money no I want five star reviews. In the iTunes store to rats podcast Ross of our own page and WEEI dot com you can check us there as well as always they offer listening it's been not. It's been fun during the show it but nineteen episodes and now we wouldn't would not be able to do without all of your was ownership and again we back after the holidays type Tia.