Ep. 65: Dale Arnold Part 1

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, August 17th

Kirk Minihane sits down with his radio father, Dale Arnold for an extensive two part interview. Kirk and Dale talk about Dale's start with WEEI, his 6 years as a co-host with Eddie Andelman, his firing from the station in 2011, and their differing philosophies on radio. This is a fantastic look behind the scenes from two people who have had very different careers.


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Where essentially two different host we look at things I think almost 180 degrees opposite and we have different philosophies. I had a good long career short Juan Pablo and Awad Watson and his dates are probably wins we talked about Eddie. Argument you mean we talk of our differences rhetorically he show we our show the station today. But I will syndicate dispute for months. Arrest is made public so when dale rips to ship them understand he did not know the time. The most going to lose going through we go through at all it's two parts lot of fun I enjoyed it if you guys wrote to a lot of good incited. Review gossip cop that's opened up what he did he got to its part one of the enough about me podcast with deal. So last parkas I was Jason wolf our old boss. Inaugural producer. He was the first producer at Eddie yeah when we opened doors right. So the first show I ever did in the deep part weekly gain power was dale polish or from the Michael Dale Arnold. You may remember the date. It was in February of 2011. Month doesn't think for you sort of recall some of it yeah so we show and I. I don't think I think we've met once you can't remember we did the show was fine. Show I do remember this actually happened we walked back into the old you know midday office. I took a left to win in there should grab my my stuff in wolf we came out to talk to you and I didn't think that it is it does it happens once awhile. When I went back home and and I think I saw in the middle of the day at where that you were out of the shop. We knew we do not talk to Glenn about it about his situation he wasn't like knocked over shocked were you completely stunned Alia. Yet it's totally Jason came in and sit down. Can we go over to the stockyards. And talked for its. And I think it was not a usual and if it never happened so yeah it's he's fairly unusual so he he asked me go to the stockyards. Went to this table in the back and he'd be eating sugar coat much he said look come we're gonna make some changes and and one of the changes is your route. And now at the time middays was the only show on the station that was beating the competition across the street right celeb yeah I was. We're we're number one we're beating the other guys. I understood what they were doing they felt that they had to prop up Clinton's ratings of bits than they thought they had to change things up a little you know and and I thought OKMR Michael with Glenn I understand that I mean. I don't know that I necessarily want a break up dale and Holley but I get it. But then what he said was. We need to get younger and and that's why that's why were making this move right. I stood up I said. I need a minute. I would in the bathroom. I didn't throw up as a vote from yes I did is I don't throw but I needed just cutting compose myself yeah. Went back and sat down. Part of saris a party at this point if we can. Did you do dissident you're afraid that make as seen below to return McGwire yes you know here what am I gonna do in the middle of this restaurant I'm gonna start tipping over tables and right. You know thrown plates around a place for yeah. He said I said that he said he at any questions I said. We want to ask right as an. And and I said no ice I think from the ago and he said. I want can be your house and talked him. Ilya and I why. When he showed up at my house the next day Isa Isa you know don't want to hear more. Okay. Any showed up my house in just wanted to he he said he wanted to make sure I was okay. I said I said Adam. You know what you basically said it's that a guy in his mid fifties. No longer hasn't job. And you know now I'm thinking about where Megan Cole bombing and do ya think. Believing at that point. And died except never talked this are you thinking you just part because of mrs. now legally photo I. I didn't I I didn't think illegally shifting now but he made it pretty clear that they fired because of my age he said we need to get younger yeah. So they put mutt and Lou in the north. I've never enters and Anderson and it's like it's it's deep it's rhetoric it's stuff they say. It's it's like HR tells them to say something new memories and would you believe it was so like this I will feel on and Jayson says that were up to him he brought to open Herter. We're brought you mean I had no desire to switch. That's my answer back then or now or any other time okay but he brought. He said he when he wanted to do was. Bring UN Saint Louis and Kutcher pay you want to fight its its stories that this other pressure bull (%expletive) that's (%expletive) and says. This was Jason Walsh all icon. OK Briggs because as you know what happened to this program directors not fighters and now this was Jason wolf and Julie con. Now money ended up being a big part of it you know they ended up paying much a lot less than they were fair to me it's a view wolf that brought you rented it to the stockyards absent. You're making addicts you know making 60% tax. Is a guy with a faint. I would've had to take it getting to this leader guys because as it turn dot com in in the interest to try to keep my family afloat and things go on. I ended up working here for 36000 dollars a year. That first year now the first year they had to pay off my country. Net beyond that. To do vacation feel instantly get a 36000 or me that's rough that par is worth press and it's not does Christ but that's. You know thankfully Nelson saved my spies but that's what I ended up having to do so so this happens. My take on what's at the time I didn't know you very well I was friends and remain good friends with much as you know. So the transition happens I get a minute mark Malone should did not I was not excited about the prospect that starts seemed doomed to failure and concede that. In at a critical and with talked about it. You feel bad at all knowing Mike he's the guy you feel like you were too tough on him. I was at I was a total dipped them right and I sensed hold him yet I know nothing I I was a total dipped to him I was completely wrong. But I was mad. Most of you know I can I doubt you can and anger somewhere that you write them there day they offered this guy from New Hampshire relic job and if I was in his position I'd have done the exact same thing he did her. You know why I felt the only reason that he's there is because he'll work for a lot less than mean you know my family's going through our manager and and so I was mad at him. Totally unfairly totally wrong. He'd he'd in this or any of that sum but without all that party. I would but. Was it tough for you to do that one year for 36000 dollars and just. See I'd have to have to do this. And you work if you worked tough you work that that's the doesn't even begin to cut that you look at this a talent show the date of the first month. That seems a mistake on every sport. Organic and you keep you could not. Know and I'm out there who didn't want it now. When when they first fired me they still had to paint. And so they you know they were paying you make you work for and and you know I I was doing Dave O'Brien fillings for Red Sox. I was doing weekends I was doing vacation Phil lands. I was making good money at bat. It was when that year was up that things kind of like rapper so what happened then you just they just Tennessee you're gonna that well. It's it's a longer story and probably more boring and you care for much a few months after they fired me Jeff Brown called me. What never met my life didn't know. He's the guy who replaced Julie con yes and Jeff Brown called me and he said yeah I'd like to talk to. My future that's fine and he set I don't wanna do it at the radio station he said can you meet me in the suite at Fenway Park. I'd east and and I guess he didn't want people to see us talking. I went Fenway Park still have my immediate pass because I was in the games when the park when up to the sweet he was there. And almost the first words out of his mouth were we made a mistake here right I said okay. He said. And this is where I was when my obligatory Jeff Brown imitation. I want to know if you would do fault at all. And I sit chip I didn't take the uniform off for you guys took the uniform off me. And he said would you consider coming back and I yes of course. I would like to come back that that be great. Okay I gotta I gotta work a few things out you know. It'll take me a little time that the pats the plant and I go home and tell my wife and kids. Good news it's we don't have to move. We don't sell the house. You know this is gonna work out the the longer he dragged it out. I probably should have been smarter to realize that is stood up to trust he was he was ticking me around or what's the purpose of that. I don't know I couldn't figure it out so finally as we were getting close to my contract expiring and you know the legitimate money expire. Kept calling him and he wouldn't return my calls and I sort of had an idea but finally. Right after the Super Bowl he called me back in he said that I said you know. We've talked about this for awhile now you know what's going on my contract is up here a couple of weeks. There. People go to stay with what we've got. So I hang up the phone. I turned to my wife and say. We can't sell outs rate. I can't afford I can afford to stay here he did that sold the house. Moved. Com. Wiped out pretty much everything I had for a couple of years. You know because I had. The kid in college and I was trying to take care of her and OSHA and another kid you know trying to finish up high school and. I mean what Jason and Julie did was business what Jeff Brown did. Was scroll. While I mean this is you know news. Legions of Regis. I never I never I met with him a couple madam with a limit it's that time I never really and it was a well executed sweet yeah no we went to the which a place Keaton and fill in that club and whatever those gap with the wolf it was. While a six right if you woke up. Rain in days feeling to witness. In the talking about the same thing happened to me and it never happened at the control what we do what is going. Yeah and and my my wife I'll give her credit she said to me you know two weeks after I met with him family. He's not to believe he sees scrolling and I remember I set to rule which. You know what Paul why nobody Jews. And I couldn't come up with an answer for it as it turns out he didn't need one rate because he wanted to because he could see a shortage in the Iran well you know. Let me on the second. Michael on the podcast that she now. The day of the operations. Abroad during two terms we started Obama term and in the prompt. Com we'll see the same guy in both terms might help with mice get the job corrected his mood change very very upset. You know Jerry Dyer you with a good relation put down the difference. I don't know where your relation to Michael I know it's pretty good I mean I think you guys are friends. I email if I found. Jerry knew I was to get fired for I got fired you know meet the way I am to be rational is no question I would Nabil speak for awhile I'd be pissed off. Is probably not right I don't know why I was pissed off for awhile. I mean as you said the date they fired me. Michael was in on that no he was that was not a coincidence sure what's you know that was that was pretty well planned on everybody's part. And I was pissed so what do you call when you get fired that what you call park house to get fired when you walk I call them within it there too I'm united column did you think we'll see you knew the tell that I'm right for help that he had and now the talented wolf he told you musical. You can tell me that right away if you saw that you use you know like it kind of figure out you know what there and do I mean and an appetite truthfully Kirk. If I was in wall feast place. And I saw the afternoon drive ratings and I said how can it bolster what I've got there. Epic land has been here a long time as great job I'd need to bolster this would like you. You know what stick Michael and and it. Maybe I would work I wouldn't have done to middays what did it rate that's where I think they screwed this thing. Yes that makes sense like. So like now when you think about out. Extra. But there is no party for awhile shore these feelings yes of course that was passed you mean you that you normally never seed did you at the conversation with Paul really with the (%expletive) what should you could tell me I'm your friend and I asked him I asked him why he didn't tell and and I think. I think Michael was upset knowing. You know there was going to be pretty big impact on them. And you know is that a reason he might I mean it's not like he could change all that it is not like they were on fire me he told me which have told him. You know. It like to say that but you know you're in the issue which outlook in Jerry's eyes and say cherry didn't read of no. And and it's ECD's that's why it after awhile and started thinking about it at all I have done that ought to that would. Michael. Fought for. Yeah you know what I don't know the answer that you know I I don't know feet I was awake. You you're getting rid of okay find legal Clinton makes more money you go from two days afternoons fully understand your rate which do. Fantastic but. He can get rid of this guy friend my partner to help me in this position. Is getting fired in. The that race and how about I don't know I it's it's great question I'd I don't know whether he fought for me. He told me that he disagreed with it and I don't that's not the same is is unity equally there why conversations never on the deal shall. Too much it would. For anti equity if it is well you when I've talked about this yeah I'd. And and who might say you're the one with the fifteens sixteens you obviously know what the hell you do the opening I don't I don't love. As much of it as you guys do. But man how can argue with. Him at the get mad this week now down I don't high IQ do I you know like I think I wouldn't wanna do what you'd. Like you you've got to be miserable person most. You have got leave here as usual you have. We have a great really people don't believe that big you don't say they think that that's. You know donors and I say that your Marriott in every week we get along fine but I just get mad. Of course that I used to work with it and and Eddie was the most miserable person government. Everybody was not to screw them he was gonna get them before he got damn in before they got him I mean he wore it seems to me. Bit there you know where where you UC beast these under the bed most of the time well sometimes are under the bed sometimes they are. Sometimes there's stuff you make a singer shows they don't know it's the beast these are necessarily always like. As I said your your really good at and I couldn't do it up like Howard Stern buyers. Mark Herman. And I think that's a lot about well I would say let's say he acted pretty well for him tools when wants to do it three. Want suddenly that always has accused of its its if I were only more intelligent capture up with new ones it's my place do you think. If you all it's what's. Companies which the two. Month which like. If you guys when conversation. For real on the year degree. I'm told much about me. And it's because this was a two point turned at some times outline. That it does. Probably owed or you'll tweet out up after eight tries of mass correct this was that an and we don't get stuff now but I also know U nine now this was this was the one time I got asked in and I. I said then I said you know I really have nothing gained. I don't know I'm gonna lose. Define. It in which the Packers and I'm familiar absolutely I'll do fine in here which he will have a conversation disagree will go back and forth. Where adults weakened. A canning Curtis adults. Are they are sick Oscars and they are there to stop with the alcoholism thing he still the second. Rain has been so peace deal a sick if you start up date I stop ya cause you just you just got the African actress I'm on it and so get at all. They tried so hard. To keep Kirk and don't have Kirk a lot like a pocket of so I'm gonna pull this audio Arctic set up pull this so I know who. Well both of them will try to make it look like an ass what you and I and that's when united now tempo of the things. United shows. As. Well whenever. Everything we beat your. Running shall in the morning with Jerry doing all these things you'd think I'd. I didn't know which I thought. I'd. And I should. It. The first person ever said to ever. It should be read. You the first person ever said the wolf said there was never gonna happen in your brother you action for Easter break. One shows that you could. I didn't think that you would hate. The persona. To Wear a I knew you should be it I knew you in twisting things to say people here view. Fearless. And and and there was no doubt in my mind you should be on the radio every. The right thing to you know become the primary host that one rate each Austin no. I didn't I didn't see that and I call it a bank. I I didn't see that coming but to your credit you guys did a good. It was a sort of experience people don't. Believe that that you know we actually some new eulogies and dale. He talking about. People that are now. Europe. And as for for ever doing it since I was 23 years old to retrieve all you can ask your broadcast. Which you say that you know you look at that look at look at the clicks of your re Smart that's not true. People don't care that's not true all at the discussion people here. I don't know maybe your right com we've ever discuss that and we just don't do a lot of you know internal clock type stuff but maybe maybe maybe right now. It's. Just not the is that the way the show. The way to show it was one it is. Dale Arnold and show. Show uses more involved who's sort of the the the thirty for thirty my cameraman Doug episode. I'm in the power chair the panel means that run it and it says that it. All that means is that I'm the guy. And I am at call callers. Only because I am better. I'm not a knock it's just you know it's complicated. And you know there's a lot of stuff and I just mechanically and your future. No no no its that's all ports that technology going loose and that's it's stop the whose currency whose. It's ups the show it's 50303030. Who sets that we make it's that it's 8 o'clock every morning at eleven or is it right you guys work all day. We don't do email chains we like apple phone calls at a conference call you know what did you guys talk that's. Now. I like that story course. That's. I know there's again personally I can win it'll make me feel better about me. Yeah. I I understood that and it makes you feel better so far but what you are Smart guy who knows we have legitimate criticisms with that piece of I want I I think that. Until we until we get where are we going to be. I sort of wanna lie in the weeds a little bit you know what Neil and they won't. Is that. You know numbers to. Were closer than we've ever done. But they're still 50000 pound. Until we knock off the 50000. I don't want talk about it just opt supposedly true goes yet second place as the should like them. I mean hurtful ways that's an interest in the competition this statement. It was Somalia now. The guy artsy shots at anybody else. Is Euro when Fred had this whole thing going on all weekend long and that's likely to adamantly denied YouTube. Vote the charity putt. I can be 5050 I'd listen to and where it monetize that. Race. We go to. Church. Beat me you shall art great idea but he knows. My phone. Any so let's let's go before it's a real quickly. If I do you do you ever talk radio. Salaam about two years ago. And I hadn't seen in a long time. I was it builds. I'm I was picking up. Mike talks that they had Taylor from my son's wedding yet. And Susan and I went to bill was to pick up the stuff and Susan said she said I think that's the gentleman. And I looked and Eddie was there with Judy. And I went over and stuck out my hand and said hello and gave Judy kiss on the cheek yen and you know we talked for a few minutes nothing you know dramatic rate is probably the first time we've spoken in five or six years. And I mean I have a cell phone number I truly don't is his bats adjourned until Stewart to stores all the stuff. You guys they're not talk. All it was bad I'm at the end at at the end of it. I went into Jason. My contract is up his contract was up within a month or so. And I went into Jason nice this is not a negotiating plan my part. If you wanted to stay here I understand completely but I gotta find another way to make a living I can't do this sounds familiar. Six years I spent doing jail cell I mean those years were blur. Five and half. That first half was not battered auto that was the worst always sold us. He was Selma because it is like almost like review a month away was actually pay as you. On he hated the idea is as the glass like of course that's I mean but he hated the idea that that he was in there with a co host right. He hated it when the matter who once it looks at my job was to challenge him you know when he would say something that was wrong. My job was to say well that's wrong that's that's not right and and he would get really mad at the great which sees it was agreed radio personality that is best. In this town out here and I thoughts going oh god yeah him in and Eddie in Martin and mark and Jim I mean yeah I mean they were they were ready to get you go through getting into and start. I knew I knew it was going to be tough I didn't know how how was going to be the problem lies. They stuck discus he had a year left in east they stuck us together the numbers went through the and all of a sudden he's getting a new five year deal and I'm getting if a new five year deal and so now it's now or six years into it. And I would drive to work every morning clinching the steering. And I would drive home everyday with my Guttman. And I finally just as I said I went to Jason and I tonight I can't make a living like this brutal news is it was a during breaks he wouldn't talk almost never right. Before the show after the show breaks on the and almost never. Though probably the low point for me ever. Was right after the Super Bowl the patriots lost to the Packers. And and I didn't think Desmond Howard should be the MVP is suitable. And I said so right and Eddie on the air said that I said that because he was black. The and Rene marsh Condo who was running our board to Niger bluntly guy was also act like and I looked at Renee and I gave them the cuts. And turn the mics off and I took my headphones off and I fired him off the wall beside Eddie's head. And I went over nose to nose face to face and said if you ever. Call me racist. On the radio again. I'm gonna kill. Woody's. Our dads that's what it meant that sorry I didn't imply and sell. Weeds in the work. And in the break ended and he basically tried to walk it all back right but that was one of the the truly low points. When. He called me a racist on the radio. We says bad and make it producer issues that squeak it can be. Viewed. And the professional for five minutes I can talk into the White House likes Jason hall office he's. Sorry spurs are critical wolf the white guy that's weird I hope given your history like China lack guys takeoff so Eddie goes to fifteen to depth. You're happy where it was gonna raise the rate we. Well John McDonough and the rest and raise the and in new becomes in love and I love me now work at union congress fears I love and great guy and indeed you do when you describe it he said the most miserable person government. Let's just like one new lease the the opposite so it was it was like such a relief for me to go from you know that kind of shows that I have that I'd been doing. And am alone with Naomi and he's fine Joseph Toomey good. Column which is good news showed that he was a better it was but I know it's different it was totally different. The numbers where. About same wrestled him but he did you mean it's. Did you didn't have any competition at that point some it was just gonna get the numbers no matter what the new is the one guy Regis it's at its. He he meant hard negotiating line in the sand he thought that he was worth a certain amount of money they didn't think so. And he just cinema and I remember the last show we did together. Where in a break that one of the last breaks. Any kind of not sobbing but he's real emotional. And he says. I mean a mistake I think amendment mistake. And I sets so don't go. Don't go I mean is you know is not the says you have to leave haven't hired anybody just don't know. And he waited for a base now senate bill at a and and he left he said he's got some principles man is around one of those who bulls took he told me this story which ads like bill or something like out he went in Jules the toll simple he structure. But he's Britain you talked to he's just he's one of those I don't he found another job for him you know in the circumstances he was in it was at least here. I had a wife and kids in and you know it it was a little harder for as much as I might have liked that you bodyguards saved up. And and you know he's one of the top and campers in the country can probably and I think probably does make pretty good living just off that yes. So obviously that was a that was abortion search for two was even knew me all wrong. Yes yet no known to me was that was was a one of those holing out remember. Com Hollywood's what ended up being the second choice. Jackie's first we offered Jackie McMullen the job she took it she accept it and was gonna commit and be the co host and then. She got cold feet. You know right just before we were gonna announce it she says you know I know I set I was gonna do it by. You know the the commitment. I gotta be away from out issues of great mom you know it's hard cares about a kids and and I got to be away from from home in the middle of the day should it kids were athletes who want to see school day art it's hard and sell at the very last minute she said I know I set I would do it but like I just can't and she pulled out and and that's when Michael who if if all he walked. By boss who then got no idea. Did you know right by the way to tank waste story he told about it. Exactly. Has slowed a bit of the Brady Bledsoe went yeah yeah that's not true. It's total (%expletive) what rule you're shocked to hear a side note I'm here you're shocked to hear this. You know it. I don't like him very much how is it. Really. A lack of now. But just to friends or shipments on set with 1. O'clock. Point taken you up and you know I I never went to Jason wolf since I can work with this guy anymore and by the way. I didn't go storming out of the studio and slam the door beak. Because of sports take that as Sima I will grant that seems unusual I mean have ice stormed out slammed the drawer at any other time and them. Term and we were together there was that time as you'd like on. An hourly now would be the one yeah fired my head no and remember. It was ten we in Iran at times Joyce at what he said I only all. It was quick but did you know right away were all that who's gonna worker. I hoped and have a media he's make it he's making a move to a medium that he never worked in before. So you know I knew it was Smart guy and I knew he was you know it can happen and all that stuff done. An old by the way I don't know if you know this but he is black all time with the speed so I know apparently I do. So I I had hopes it was gonna work and it didn't take long. For him to get this medium you know pretty quickly and he's been great. Yes so yes we. Us together for five years now not some like some like that so then to now we've sort of go full circle here so your body serve in the wilderness for a couple of years three. It was an all three years. I become a star when you're on the bench just pictured did no coincidence now finally I finally got my graduate I stopped holding down the mass. And all of a sudden you know the salt thing ends is we take a pause to thank god for that. In this sort of weird search begins where they didn't they've they've (%expletive) up there would have likely to come on for a couple of hours. Like after the did they show a couple of news is weird sort of thing and all the sudden you chemists are popping in with hauling more more. An image is sort of like they can it's OK I guess we have a show here were not right. Phil called me and I'd never man in all. He called me and he he would he wanted to meet here. He in my go to Fenway to in my notes stockyards and I came in and sent his office without. And and kind of asked if if I had any interest in in going back on full time yeah. Tan. I don't know what he meant you know what where was talking about what was he talking about. He asked you know about going on with Michael Lynne and I said you know I'd I'd be interest it. I feel like Adam. He's sort of the position it was in. He's had Meehan and at a disadvantage. You know I'd hurt financially three year right and you know. He signed source Avaya approved meat kind of deal. Which is fourteen. Three. Contracts at December 31. So. You was just served a year now posters which third. Now. On the third guy they decided they wanted to at a third do you buy into his eye on the matter. Shall have to. I think things on her door shadow what you're doing in the morning. I'd be successful moment to picture oh there's something you haven't well now I don't know if it would have the same dynamic. It's Ortiz. I think there's something about you know that first news of the type of thing you guys off real well. The right I think there's something to be sent from which you. Were in a phone conversation. With. Something in the globe or something. They offer media and show that we talk and a heightened talk about I mean. What was out all. I've. I don't know I truly well. You notices this is the safe space and say truth here. Have you avoided if I remember right it as an immediate stimulus. We talked on the phone and I was never offered the afternoon shall ever do that immediately before you're full time. Before the election back with. We're way. They hauling. This is before us is that for mortgage. It was never it was never. Anyway you join us this sort of second. A lot mean. Appreciate him more beaches and that was happen. All I thought it was whooped. It up. In some ways financially I am well but you know why. I survive. It was hard initially because there were a couple of people in particular. Celebrate. Its here's one was John Wall. On the team to archery at several people east celebrate. Them know my. Only. Worked in one. School. He he had an issue. He was stolen sports on our show right from metro he's the pros doing as the Nazis. And and we tried to atom involve him in lead paint John Malia right do we walked guys and a whole thing. And one time he asked Jason wolf if he could go with us on the patriots Monday to Chile. Into the sports down there. And Jason asked us was that your fund care of it that's fine. So we get down to Gillette patriots Monday and were getting ready Vince Wilfork walks and regular weekly guest Vince walks in to do the interview. And John starts asking him questions like he's the third hopes disease. And I am looking at Michael Owen and you know at Johns asking questions and and Malia. The interview ends and quite often you probably done this to kind of walk your guest now. I walked Vince out intimate control room down there actually nieces who was. And I said he had a sports guy and and so when we went back to the station. Michael and I hold Jason. He's the third Austin. And and I think that's we get pissed off at me about he was he was celebrating. When I got fired on torture in which he was so happy right. The other was date Portnoy. Hula who wrote and on bar stool he was celebrating when I got fired. He did another piece and I and I signed. The deal after my contract was up I signed a deal to keep doing stuff here into villains and have some pride man you know how can you do how can you look yourself in the mirror. But he was pissed off that because of the Brady kids. You know he posted the pictures of Brady's twelve year old naked pictures. And okay. You know it's not a mural pictures as much as mr. making fun of a two year old package all fairness and being complementary should know he thought I should have been better but considering I was in Brady's play as a howitzer and now but anyway so I I sat on the air come. And he get pissed at me about that has never forgiven me. Ironically not long after that he went on stern. Right up there and certainly stern killed and listen to he fought stern was gonna give them the at a boys and stern just killed. Yeah I'm like even he's been martial law that that's the I've said that. Obviously field you have the right to do me a month at having it did applicants I would not be posting can expect it just it's never missed. The big it was funny just never. Well he had the opportunity when it fired. Unload both barrels and needed a soap John Walcott gave Portland media people from occupancy should reach out. And help people station organized the very first. Weekend she'll like the filling it. I was working with tedious. And boring Europe's. And you know what that text machine like you know I don't look at it turned the text machine up guys. And I was getting a lot of I'm so glad you got fired you know you get a lot of those and am. I'm a big boy can handle that. And one of the text that showed up says. You know your daughter humans. I believe. By the way everybody year glee it's. So I showed us. I love Steve the Osce as you know the techsters don't know your phone numbers right there right. The us he's taken a phone number doubt he's got a calling rip this guy and you wonder. But people like I mean that's different but you can't. Yeah he did that their mission its Twitter text and I mean I was a unique dynamic is whether you're you get to ward of the tax once computers input but the point. I try to use them just as as it should show us yeah you know this guy's got an idea what about this that's sort of thing. I probably have been guilty in the past of looking at it too much I've cut way back I don't use them as much. Because frankly most market funny any I. Thanks again for listening to the enough about me podcast. Actually know what I'm really not thankful at all he should be thanking me get this ship every week these great podcast. Totally free do if it was you go to iTunes. Download Dakota stitcher do the same and reiterating leave review that's he can help me out. This podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee you can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end. Never go thinking is why I think he's going back and forth here's the point hockey.