Ep. 7: Gordon Hayward or Blake Griffin?

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, June 15th

Michael Holley and Rich Keefe debate who would be a better fit for the Celtics, Gordon Hayward or Blake Griffin.


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Michael holly and Ritchie sees he's ever green team ever growing podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird. And parish to pierce everything CE. So let's get to Michael holly and Ritchie. And the evergreen podcast. Where we talked mostly Celtics. Here and ever agreeing never a threat Michael ever greater on. I was excited signatures on iTunes and the new page on WEI dot com which keep Michael Holley bent kitchen. And guys we had a major bush Rouse your port yesterday say and a bush bomb blows bombed big time on his on his podcast. About Blake Griffin the could be a player here that the Celtics are a huge Peterson the Celtics and vice Versa what was your initial thoughts. My initial thought you really went on my initial thought class just like my own digital dot was that. Eight Israel's Borowski is more plugged in than anybody on any beat two. Sports politics. The arts whatever more so in chapter I think so more so yes I agree yes because he is. He's disconnected he teams agreed to leave him where they make announcements we've actually seen that so that's here he's saying it. There's some validity to it and I didn't think so talked about a durable because I missed that could lead to create let's. Well nobody's above it all is LA guy not so much I guess he was really moved by the Paul Pierce tribute. Well I bet they'll yes why do you buy know why why do you think that that would have such a lasting impact on and that he would choose to sign for team because of the way he. A former legend was received items as the number one reason but it's a factor clearly. He's looking at I think with the before we get to the Celtics aspect of it. I think his his decision is dependent on what Chris Paul decides to do they Chris Paul goes to disperse he's out. There's no way in my latest Blake Griffin is not gonna stay there to hang out with the hundred Jordan countered Jordan Blake Griffin. And critics are free agent to he's got to leave. Yeah Austin rivers there he's days locked up yet you know John you got Jamal Crawford so I think it's a pretty fluid situation LA's of the guessing about his options. The lakers are ready yet. The clippers are kind of under chilly so I have never made a conference final acing. That's insane he's really he's just broadening guide to turn and tolerant and yet you don't wanna make it to competitive overload him another day Gerri well did zealots for a title at the fit with the Celtics employ grip it's different it's different the only question is. Health. Guys. He's played 96 games out of a possible 164. My. Rough math tells me as I could the play he's a 60%. The. Afghans that he missed the the rest of the playoffs this year again and I didn't grabs going regularly hasn't read it here for an hour so that's a big concern but I think some people would see him. And say. Argues more vapor typical. Power forward in the way the NBA is going today the way Brad Stevens specifically in his offences would you rather have another shooter. Would you rather have a guy at second and you have Al Horford how would he play without Horford out what you I think he would be good fit but. I think I've ordered some of that concerns saying that I've inherited better Dick Gordon inherited that wings score more so that I got that that's what lot of his points Thelma. That's okay because it who put the Celtics have as opposed score right now they're zero Q nobody so I can't attend but he doesn't like to yes so it in Horford is actually pretty good three point shooters ghetto again inside outside they're both great passers. So if you have Blake Griffin yeah actually as as a defense you ever reason. Kind of protect the paint whereas right now at the Celtics forgive and forget about the pain what is going to be jumping all over these guys you three point shooting. They nuts and would not to worry about anything else would Blake Griffin you have to worry about an inside presence to that. I think now it out as is tough between the civilian court they were too and I put your name and open colonialism you know both scored when he. One point two points a game last year Gordon Hayward did it on a much slower paced Utah Jazz team took less shots than than Blake Griffin. But the idea of Thomas and Bradley and Horford so you of those three guys locked in as starters. And Ed what's a better combo Laker fan and maybe Jalen brown or Jae Crowder or Gordon Hayward and maybe those same guys go on smaller or you have to work and one of the international guys that you that you drafted the first round last year the Blake Griffin certainly have my action the better. Yeah out having me it's everybody can slot and if Jalen brown improves that's prove a point where you can you can start so he's starting three. You're starting four lists aids Griffin and your five his Horford. Now that's that is what we do we MBA five you don't get Hayward then. Jim Brown's improvements even more important yes they're credited to edit the data becomes critical of fur data angels play a game. Who do you think you'd rather have say Gordon were Booker for both say yeah outlook on the Celtics you don't pick one who we think he would pick Hayward. No lie health. Health back to that. I know they're big on that I remember before they traded for knowledge. Don't forget I mean he's the only Jesus factor yet he's only here younger had a basketball wise he's three years and he's also on the incline art on the yeah he every cyclical literally every season it's amazing yet better and better and better rhetoric or is Blake Griffin has gotten a little bit worshippers first two years and is now leveled off any advice to me that's still really really like lakers and but you can see each year at the strides that Hayward including this playoff season scored they were visited continue to get better. What they way Hayward not they have players just like Hayward put duplication. When you look at your draft pick last year brown whereas there's a duplication with with Blake Griffin nobody and a closely to the microphone. And his rebounds have gone down a little bit but he still he also play regardless Jordan who you know who it was comes up all. Only if you look at that doesn't say and Griffin was a 1011 rebounds per game guy and then DeAndre Jordan kinda Kamen really took things over and became that and it's still about game 88 and a half what's the lead this really does urine and I think you would probably get back up to that doubled divided into. His ability to score the heat he is illegitimate scored and that's one thing it. To that people don't watch a lot of clicker for a I think still. CM as the slam dunk champ and he's still the highlights of him dumping on Moscow off than him which is the poster sized dogs. But he can shoot and he added the three point shot this last season still not the Lola Al Horford has. But he has that Kevin Garnett range where he hit his shot doesn't look great but he knocks down fifteen to it to eighteen full. What did you say that is why some guys. Hate gonna dunk contest was to become established players almost like people is that the old Jim Carrey effect and you think of me as funny. I'm Sears has sold more rain I not come at them and I really brother Jason terrorists ready and I don't ever really an eternal sunshine was I knew I I'd much rather great movie by doing would you wanna see a sequel. A sequel no not at the originals frigate and one of them is a fun where does the tumors are pretty good about his delivery in Hayward and he'll address your resume. Very tough Georgia demo Reynard gave him no comment from vendors is a movie guy I am I yeah Adams already focused I was on a half we're on the basketball Montana you were talking we don't know how passionate they are no model that you plug plug La Hoya had a dark a solid tee shirt mockup to look at look pretty good as a Smart how much how much you wanna bucks putting rocks yeah well. I'm sorry Erica and I hope. I. I think he can help I don't know what is discount so they signed Heyward they draft faults which I think we all kind of agrees what they really want to that seems like you I don't think anybody has given us a reason to think anybody else I gave her Bradley's going into his last year were very friendly contract Ibrahim. Backed Contra perhaps. Where does this leave Bradley. You have to move Bradley this year so they get something for him no you re sign him you're yes I think you end up probably recite wanna back. And that ten year old to witness leaving someone there for three more years in front of faults I think although. Bradley. Brothers on front of faults. Vice president on from defaults volts so what appears full to the point guard. What do women they're talking more tournament if I don't fight but if he's a great one if he's a better one and Isaiah so Isaiah is easier to guard even though he's 59 new users shooter and in full six over the 10. You would be. He'd be behind Thomas. B of these basic primitive logic of the six man. If he's as good as he's supposed to be either Thomas or Bradley will become the sixth man not near one but I think you know ultimately all gathered amid colts is that it won't pick in the draft. And in you compare and Irving or wall rose's other point guards are number one overall. He better be the starter and a couple of years to actually daddy superstar player. Actually they just they have not that he is adjusting to them which is what we're talking about right now only a year wonder is he adjusting you. To come events all yeah not find the pattern and maybe not mean well what do the guys that I saw an interview you is silly commercialized I know an assault. Commercially can't really take him for. Reality britney's. He Mac to Mac commercial of Marco Fultz and during a finals. They know yeah there would expect we rookie you know where your rookie year he's a rookie or rookie of the year and maybe he hit in the vehicle Lee. It here why is that Jason young fellow army MVP of the we know that's aka happened just a light year but I like the mentality. At the mentality is is that of the talent matches the mentality he's got to start probably forty gigs. He'd be he might not these video guaranteed to. Simmons didn't play at all right to Simmons yes I he'll be in the mix so the blazer fan here he yes his year that he was actually a rookie to seniors Gordon error was a rookie. But number one picks it's almost a 5050 shot if you go through the last 2030 years number one picks are usually the rookie of the year and teams have gotten better. And the last ten or fifteen years with these number one picks her as far as I had a car journal boss gets real split and even if any Bennett year. Was and electoral deep boat to. Enlighten you it's a terrible did you look at some of those names you know like oh you missed on Bennett but. So every dollar draft of that either as a on this this unbelievable player there their next double faults that we seems like a guy I think that. Terry rosier and may be my guy Marcus Smart those beats you guys at their. There might be desperate gimmick and a move. And just talk or Max says I love Zetterberg desire to be getting close I love my column so it's hard not to I did personally. My godfather. I markets Smart is the best defender on the team. Now as simple about Avery Bradley goes on though Avery is better to a player. Marcus is a better defender it's okay so you got markets was a better defender than Avery Bradley Korean Max. They have Avery Bradley was a first team. All league defender last year who knows what what this year's stats will say or are teams who look like. But we get torch went a combined carrier and they are the ones Isaiah Thomas but now. The deepens. Disappear close the sad reality that they got offense rushed in the backcourt to be lower overrated but he but if you get to those guys. Essentially he's saying get to all league defenders first team owners. Yeah on carrier carrier ring if there was an I. Offensive team he'd be on that that's more important he played like he was going against. But describes. It and I the problem Golden State definitively better. Thompson's a good defense they are civilian version of credit for a you know he's got a pretty easy for it was the first team now Ali last year now. Topics on and they don't. You did all right against leg as good as Bradley and Smart are they had no answers for him to know if there's also shows you. How your height or amber says about Isiah Thomas direct also be limitation. Because look at Klay Thompson part of that he's a quick is Bradley your six he's so big and so when retired what Irving's try to score on we got four inches and wherever the wing span is like that. That's really tough that's another reason the like you got Marco faults you know he he might not be a great defense defensive players first few years in the league. I would say he has the ability this wing spans off the charts that he's he's a good size for combo guard there and points are or two guards still growing. He readies would not only 1990s doctor and a growing cinema anything and the cards are like a load not yet I wanna go to the card it's gonna be weird European golf somewhere else who has the Sacramento from 510 Bolick Palestine which is literally lies. We totally Stein Jesus this would be a good drought and in that the kings out the door off but I can stand to put this is a pretty good drowsy resembles some Tulsa also. Kings held him there is it's a good job to have two picks in the top ten. But given number one pick that's what you want to mess around on tray down but it sounds like all the scouts everybody saying that this is a draft that. Couple real starlets in the Gallic faults and ball a number of potential all stars like Jackson and Tatum on dumb line in any vin. True NBA starters that'd able is different comic categories there's like fifteen or 21 you home like this is a much better draft then what even last year. You guys are the great Adam Hamels Barca story from their couple days ago where. Marco Fultz. His guidance counselor got a call from Brad Stevens so Bret Stephens is calling up this guidance counselor asking how he learns. And Erick and Ed. Ironically the guidance counselors from Norwood. Everybody you know what I read a couple. Self expand from Norwood working and how it's real Maryland at the map the Catholic high school. This got a phone call from Brad Stevens he wanted to ask about Marco Fultz. And what she what she told them. Was that. He's always looking to get better and that he would ask her pick we meet at 6 AM. To go over. Out some some I never saw success this panel classes started it ain't. Any subject that's been asked to remain on weekends. Oh I love this guy. All right Bob I don't I liked that story that is until I could go. Let get chills I tells all I can think of as Bret Stephens started to change that game kind of did you look and identity that. Guidance counselor like pocket. But teachers service past and handle that deal that just get out of my air as we go we get over these workouts are they help us that the guidance counselor. The guidance counselor what would happen if decoder guidance counselor what willow we learned. Artists counts for my article. Tell you exactly do we need to pick a mile from off the subject of the problem there was no but what happened. Let's see coming yet says he'll forget he's fight he's Edward disasters might ask why you ask these questions if you want the job of out my guidance counselor. He or she society he she she she would say her name be an actress. I can see your face as I can't even silly season opener as a mineral I don't know about Eric out of hopes that the right now but average is now. Nobody is she's not very popular market she used to Wear it does on Michael's Mike Ditka kind of like sunglasses he may that's why haven't you. With sunglasses inside show is that I hated dad should I issue I don't know I never saw with the sunglasses off. But there always are power like that half on half Bob don't have a sunglasses but not sure if you know exactly that I don't know exactly. This is a rock heroes in Jesus that. I know it's your victory and what about like her respect that are not gonna I can't remember name and like I've heard everything about right so filed final thoughts around the warned year Blake Griffin or Gordon Hayward Michael you'd go with Tony reality. Do you imagine yeah well throughout the whole warrant reference come I would resolutely gets a bit copper around the horn yesterday how well and yeah. And I certainly is nautical around the horn here what would you not say pardoned the general definitely but there are but what was your question I'm sorry I kept my question yeah Vijay Mary Audi right now. Who should. That's another project ask him and no I don't if you I would deal with the like reverend Gordon you were to do is look you Blake. This makes sense you know business and I think and the I think direct descending player Gordon Hayward had so when it ports are those like her and I. Feel like he is very underrated. Here I think people kind of crap on the the last two years. And he's a better player that. Like he's a better player to me that Al Horford as people talk themselves an hour for pretty quick you have to get a lot of hours when he talked Amanda Horford heard talk themselves into Horford was because of enough older children ran the whole terrain that you are gonna get him because they the F electorate so that's what it kind of body and throw and he saw throughout the season may. Sort this out. Yet it is. But if I had my choice between the two it's still taking Huard a guy who's. Coming up and getting better every single year verses a guy who has health issues and the stats say he's declining every year. I'd still take that guy who's gonna the ticket and excited for both of someone of those that has to do is get it can't be okay. I supported they did art a lot of and it's a huge if they get near me and I gotta go from zero. Before you compare LeBron Carmelo but the real departure other bras don't get what you give up for common law was trying to get him or Paul George. Yeah and I think Carmelo is more likely cause New Yorkers willingly trade Carmelo whereas Indiana's like OK come on their history or why we do that. Are which are economically even give them the spectrum of well they like Kevin Love maybe they built those aren't bad consolation prize it's not but you know what you had only Nixon and an angry young pieces to other people are bullish. You know decades ago. It's a dumb trade for Cleveland because you know exactly was happening now almost confirm. That LeBron is leaving if you give Paul George where year. LeBron doesn't resign he can easily say we talked about the justice on the Harry can easily say. Welcome back to Europe and come back to Cleveland don't get any don't listen to these reports Cleveland I'm from here it is all this is my town somewhere in my career Lecavalier now. And that he has not and Zoloft Sodexo probably won't and his first cavalier. Project and went straight what they do a trailer what year that guy and then dispute go back to a lottery all the next hour week is the NBA draft sort of more contents item two weekly or have more throughout the offseason for the Celtics as things come up here so while subscribe to iTunes or continue to listen to this year. Do you ever is that what we had a complex and he said did you resent him with liquor. The senate with OK I'm with the unilaterally implement a you're right it how to clip of him just like play at stick you. Try to deny it later. Though the fur also talked it next time.