Ep. 70: Another Kirk Mailbag 10-26-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, October 26th

Kirk heads back to the isolation booth of emotion to answer listener questions, as he is still is tired of talking to other human beings. In this week's Mailbag Kirk lays into Curtis, Mut, and Dino - among others - as only Minihane can.


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All right just episodes of enough about me is brought to life. Exclusives on the multi. My great friends. With militants as we did yesterday. To get your shopping your closings take care guy like him there watched him layered. Turned from race lobbed into a difference between giant into ten million dollars. Thanks to militants you want in the if you don't know anything big Milwaukee in the process why don't it was just who scored just that. In which it just deal mafia I don't go to on Braintree although I'm told the wanna bring trees great builders wells at the mall there. But the one I go buy apartment car if your parking its profits mob you walked in. The walk you through the closure want you look great you walk out Andy great price and how difficult is this. Some things in life are complicated and difficult screwed up it's nice what's the while. For things not to be and that's from opens comes in Milken's is that he store for me and social clause in Braintree in chestnut hills where. In Chestnut Hill militants is the store for men okay we're ready to go and do back direct mail back to the first time ever we love the mailbag here because to talk to another human being. What sort of support guests on here and by the way you are up feel free to tweet at me at Kirk mean as you did from the times this equipment this mailbag. If you have any ideas to get some open any guest ideas it's open by the ways and producer. Possibilities as well same thing Kirk mean if you are young ambitious Smart person who wants to produce. Eight out wildly popular podcast in this is your. Opportunity to do so it's go to be mailbag as always I tweet out. I take questions I'm looking through your twenty pages of questions or whatever. Mercury. I'll start average randomly looking hear. Him. 22 Q do you think the show's emphasis on sharing personal stories in the polls show podcast. The very therapeutic effect on Chris curse him annoyed. Purchased some of the I don't I don't really know that well off the year we talk once in awhile. We basically only talked about show stuff I've no idea that's been therapeutic or not. I would guess in some ways it is but Summers are probably hasn't I think some of the personal stuff he's not crazy about talking about but he knows it's part of the but yet I have knowledge I think. Curtis Strange guys I guess that worked and now from most five years and get really have no off air relationship with him whatsoever instill in fact. When I'm out with him socially driven launcher worked in her on the trip together I can't get (%expletive) away from him fast enough for some reason he still underneath it all. A noisy more than anybody else why that is I don't know what that's about. It's quite more Bonn meeting Curtis but yes I would say it's it's cars. BBC. And. Man. Can I get stuck Felder questions and gets Felger on the podcast. No I can't joggers contractually obligated to a competitor. I believe or at least will be soon enough. Not only using each and doing. And on our best I've asked for all those guys over the ball signal understand why they think well I should say this I understand why they don't understand why. That because I think if you go on some of them like if if if something over there had to cast I don't need to. Pick a person Felger Mazur Fred. Or is all current news as Bertrand. And said to me hey I'm doing pocket so what have you on how would you two seconds because I think I would come across whale. And then. People listening say this kind of conditioning guy he has some good thoughts on the go find him another form. This is the thing about podcasts in radio people say though some people's some cell radios. Podcaster (%expletive) up radios it hurts this or don't doesn't. If they like you if they think you're a good personality VO fall you between different form so that's why bass and they've said noticeable with two mile expert talked a few months ago. I think you would do them lots of good for our state perspective Arab Bowery charger probably say you know it's a great idea what they come across great. They wanna find somewhere else we're giving them a platform. That's I don't get if not it five SA don't want their podcasts. Any of them I would do it two seconds my guess is they would say oh by the way that plug it right instinct for now. And it. Well did you know questions as always. You sometimes is Ralph Leonard royals. You sometimes seem to get a little angry when Gerry Callahan Romans is funny discrete John Dennis yes or no elaborate. On why. I do not is matter of fact John Jerry had eight. Crazy great run together. You know before I got 1415 years it was almost won me until. We know issues with that. Yeah it does bother me sometimes a little bit is that said the past is sort of this idea is mythology. That. John and Jerry got one great I showed up. And Jerry picked to be heard lose spewing this (%expletive) last week Dino was. It's not true I mean when I walked in there I walked into him a relationship that was damaged. A relationship that was I think effectively over David talked a lot then they didn't like each other which is okay you can crucial field like some. But this idea like he meaning in and you know. Were my way through and opted behind him you know coerced Gerri this is (%expletive) I mean. Jerry didn't like John John didn't like Jerry I came in after awhile I didn't like John John didn't like me. That's when Jerry elaborates on the stories I like I like the old. You know stores. I mean hell I was at lunch yesterday. In an elaborate on a bunch of these stories every day after the show we elaborate on the stores as part of what we. Austin though I do not mind that at all L answer if you did you know question itself that we did. Then sort of enough. Last time summit do a few of those. Process trying to get rid of market in hundreds of these things I want to repeat them. Okay. Two. Matt juror wants to you know. Please write the producers you've worked with Josh begin stitch sausage Paul can purchase. I would say the two guys right now with the way we're doing our show right now we want to. I can and Curtis are one. I work with Paul and it opened Paul enough to form an opinion. Stich and shots were were just it was too early and work with it I don't think I've filled him we producers. A lot of all the basically between weekends and filling in before I was on the job injury in with John and Jerry. I mean you know look at 430 or forty of them. All of them right now Kevin Curtis what we want them to do. To a better job than any producers I've ever had in it's actually true we've site close not even close right now. They're doing a great job which is why in you know they think sometimes having the listeners think sometimes oh this is Kirk doing his thing. Now I legitimately don't know why it makes sense to take weight. Any part. Of the attention being directed toward the show from the producers to the most important short station by far. And have him do anything else especially book god (%expletive) weekend shows. Yet they just say don't you know what we're gonna give you an extra whatever it's not 2550000. Dollars it's not raised a gusher was much less than. It's a done a good job here's your bonus focused and keeping the show number one that is far more important we can get it god damn. (%expletive) anybody to do via other stuff but. You know decisions are made again we're not consulted in the U goes one upset about that do it again anchors will be as good. Producers of the show a year from now six months I was there were six months ago or three weeks ago with his new responsibility I do not. In this meal that soon to be kisses me off. Then. Okay. Why do you allow the play that should be promo for the afternoon showed during your show. All the Promos I think overall the station suck. You know that's roundabout way that's a proposed rushers. A comment on the afternoon show will do a segment it's funny and kind of wild than in loud and laugh and that would go to probable for dale hollow he. Where they're talking about something it's it's that we would never talk about it. In our listeners are listening to that saying these guys mock that kind of talk. In the promoting it why would I if I like to show boasted that shield if these guys have a phone conversation. Or bust each other's balls at that happens on a show that during our show that makes more sense. The polish suffered a station makes it's is zero cent non. It questioned by Jason an awful good questions I think the promo sock knitting baby different. Attitude. In the one and our show as in the one midday ish as it makes no sense to me I never understand. Blitzes don't sing Whitney Houston again or sing any song ever again I have actually apple industry. These things were you know you could hear everyone I know the great singing voice I know for a fact. If I wanted to acted any huge huge music star victories X practicing anyway uses on right now. You know till we kill. The Israeli pick one. About. All the man that I need noticing that some comfortable enough. I used to cry myself to sleep. But that was so. Before he moved. I thought love had to turn now. Now he's here. It's not the scene. It's not. Soon it is him. He feels me. He gives me an. A. Oh in the that have ever see. He's. Yeah. He's. And our buddies all the man that. I mean. Actually a great person. Have a great singing voice so blame ST YIBLANCETY. (%expletive) you mean great singer and not stop singing not how people on Twitter by people like you. I'll be harassed online I'll continue the battle I'm sorry I will. Today. Hmm. Aside from Springsteen this is Dustin big Shea. Where does the young falling it was the greatest bombers musicians of all time favorite albums on him so. I think in you guys can disagree. I think of Springsteen heady Mellencamp seeger in young as sort of the nets seem camp in I have never Neil Young has never been my guy. Ever for some reason I just I like him I think he's done a great careers great singer great song right about never Benny Neal young forehand. Couple songs I like. But he's not want my guys you know I think at some point I talked opus. And the podcast with current. It's up what you have to say these are my guys I'm gonna go down the river with these guys. Arrived at rip with him in for me it was Bruce in Haiti and seeger in that award by far I mean Bruce by far you know 90% in the opinion cedar. A little milk not as much. I should never from the people of an idea the people of the fall by the wayside Jerry gives me (%expletive) all the time for but I I admit I'm hyper focus too much. Our Bruce from the union as one of those guys who's just you know casualty of my musical war he's out. 22 if you had died last week in the wreck. We're giving your eulogy what would they've said the trend you've got to the funeral asks Mark Stevens. Mark Stephens gulf of Paul. If I died last Sunday in the wreck which by the way like we joke around could have easily happened that (%expletive) wreck still on driving I can picture that park coming in my in my mind my right you know high seas at the last second 11000 for the second. Quarter of give him my eulogy. In. My friend Jim who is a California would be good choice. My brother Ryan will be good choice. Of both my Brothers guests may be Jerry somebody like that I don't know what they've said. Hard one I think today to I think there was a good father good Family Guy. Good son tried his best passion was work. But Allen and they and lives and agree shores of the Bubba me being a great guy happened and he won a silver in the individual stories about that. Which any gun if you're actually not it was a worked issue in the just process. So aside there are. Don't miss this on Mon. Passionate mission in my I had. Every time the sun goes out as some does down. On the attack government that it takes a magic hat on game day. Our Newton. We reveal the two lines would say to Bruce in the banditry the chance to meet his acquaintance have said the salon the I'd I know without a seat upper springs if I'm in its in its claim empathetic in time in the mocked for Nancy to Bruce Springsteen very simply. You music. Help me understand my dad. In your music helps me understand my kids and thank you that you need me batters on any better father. I mean. I mean I had a complicated at times relationship with my dad and now mock crime a crime in the sport in August and you get a man in a room in the Booth the size of an arm of the pace to Bhutto right now. 3383. Across. One Q so. Essentially three by two whatever else that works it's small it's like the one falcons Arnie does it. Aniston discussing Whitney Houston songs and crying and ranting and raving and it's enough enough no practice. But as a teenager. Is is often the case for sons and fathers. My dad and I had a difficult relationship not that difficult there are many that are worse. Really hard time communicating we didn't understand each other and the Springsteen songs. I'll be able listen to them and have somebody else whose little older who I admired who was going through adoption the same stuff. Meant a lot to me is a kid I can remember you know the since the records is acute understanding. And verses written signs of a father a bitter they're awesome that they did that. That. That encapsulate deal whole experience perfectly Asarco living proof. We says you know and the kid is like finding the missing words of of some prayer. That you could never you can never make which is exactly right you know we have a thing in your head Michael word in your head from what is frustrating here at two relief. When you have that kid is set feeling you've been you've these women women missing for him and then you have ECB Airgas. You sort of exhale and understand it. So Bruce did that for me I would say to Bruce's. Ever racist depiction dispersion all the time he had no memory of it but for me that's why it's won him great many reasons why. He means so much to me. We see. Why is texting and driving accepted. Killing innocent people being proposed six month like suspension for a first offense. I agree you know I've been guilty doing in the past I would never ever ever ever ever ever do it again ever. Ever ever. I have no doubt. I believe I do know this yet to Libya. And covered would give us some point. I have no doubt that this this this young guy was texting while he was driving as big a bad guy. But he used doing it I think in this about I got the car. It first thing is use shock. In the movies capture perfectly honestly it's time which of the all the car over into account the key gets on the car and we personally seemed he's installed next in the way of thinking. This (%expletive) kid was packed thing he was texting. And Jerry says all times more dangerous than drunk driving agree because it's far more prevalent drunk driving. We go today and you drive around in a receipt point seven people driving drunk you're gonna see but in forty people texting and driving. All the time. And you know it's it's insane and we were driving drunk and ought to then. What you're looking ahead general you're actually watching the road all the people talking text entry price drop to use. Six month suspension is fine for me. And I want police officers now to be stronger against Purdue and I want that god damn (%expletive) text line item via out of the station. I would oddity studio nothing good comes out for oil socket the second there'll texting and driving all the Pelz which LA days I was crazy stories are holding on 0:9 I am and I'm particularly special. LA only podcasts some guys I know from back in LA at some point in the next couple months we are doing. Men. Will we see. You really run five miles every single day be taken me off days how much did you time approved you know my payment time but yeah I run every single day and LTD occasionally beat. Few weeks Celtic dale maybe every three or four weeks. But every day I do yes and annihilate do we get if I don't do you feel not series teasing you about about that but I do I feel like this morning at Enron before the show and I. Feel a little more on edge than usual a run off feel better. That's a fact no question. When you next marathon I don't know and I don't really to a to a Warner now an awfully training form I don't wanna get up that early in the morning only train in the winter. Amok did you want for awhile anyway and a minus 5:6 miles in the morning maybe a mile or two in the afternoon. When he from. Couple don't want to this page are going back to them. Then. It was a better father dale Polley dale no question that's like close to me Ali you never home east of these four different shows there is much better. Good. Here had a gay experience. To question we think it is. If I ever had a gay experience Phil McCracken seventeen asks. And homosexual experience I have not. In I have to admit it's just not something in any way appeals to me. And you feel like it was this 2017. Human world we are almost embarrassed to say you have navigating experience utilities should make one option but I have not. I am. Moon. Lauren Gilbert asks in your opinion what was the funniest segment on Kirk in. Yeah. The funniest segment curtain talent I think has to be down the brings to Clarence Clearwater revival is literally. The hardest I've ever laughed my entire life. Was was much saint class Clearwater revival Amazon ice word got Hamels bombed. I've always had a lot of them in his first 1617 months were reports that have had a lot of them and we have a good time we laugh a lot. This is idea this misconception the shows angry Jerry can get angry I get angry but we laugh more than any show out there put up next anybody. It is also this nice she budget questions about you know didn't. Race and racism all. Where the most open minded. The most inclusive show in radio and it's not even close we would welcome anybody I don't care what color you are. I don't care where sexual orientation is out here and I don't care. If your coming in your funny urged and you help the show you are welcome in in fact you know the crazy you are the better you are. Frankly we we are the most inclusive show even read. Him. Out what's. There. Well. In. My can do that. What did you Michelle Madonna sucks from and in football and even your hatred for anything old time recently spent a good play by play. Mean I. I think as we've is we've gotten older and Heinemann. We understand it's not Claes Hopkins thought it would be best play Disco. And output data right up there I understand. Why should not called me and him and Callahan is a no brainer follows up the time because we have people around hearsay. Stalker gallon meaning calico assembly was there's no no research put into it I mean you think about it. Did. So. Started the show Jon left. A morning showed it was enormous success by any standard a huge success for decades. They move him out they put me I'm here are the team may move us or whatever however you. No promotion on port I mean I see no promotion (%expletive) bill promotion initially or talk of stories are public keeping the name Dennis and Callahan would John's not not there because a brand name. Me having conversations like this with people. And you know no promotion no commercials no billboards nothing knows nothing nothing. To roll out do your show and here week. We did and you know. I think that the sort sort of the Elena juices don't podcast at some point is well sort of be the few weeks for Jon leaving and starting new show the battles we fought to get shall we wanted I think will be good. With a much different guests to be good hour long podcast we'll do that someplace I would say is we had to fight tooth and you get the shall we one lucky the ratings were great from the start. If they were we would have had battle after battle after battle we did our show. And the way we do it got the ratings that other people did they would want us to do that issue. You know like if that kind of show gets ratings are as good as ours they never say those people try more like them you know that conversation never happened which always baffles me. We baffles. An F and F marry kill training might injure mill hill geez. Who moved. Them. I guess have to kill mud. On the model be good husband. The roof tough call here. I guess and merry training I guess who god. A move well. I don't know I guess it marry training too much I guess. Elliott much to hear coming and we see them. What happened much like this may have such a loser. Why is he called the C with bodybuilding gambling alcohol fake outrage excellent question. Of ice marriage PCs are evaluated. Yeah. I don't know sums missing much a weird guy. When my best friends are they weird guy. I know what's going on he's talked about it though is he's compensating for something finally happens you. Now what's happened if you six foot two I think he might be different I honestly think that I think some of its height issue. But he's compensating for something it's going on the slight breeze moving around these weird little addictions with the drinking and gambling. In the body building in the Wii's weird stuff that's going on to something deeper going on I would try to dig and find out but I don't know. You feelings I even you battle summoned and here and he patrol and emotions during fights. Mean. You know I don't know I think I think. I do a pretty good job controlling others who disagree. I think it's important to be angry on the air if you actually angry and Lenovo I think is that some people do in real life they don't want to hear fake argument so suck. But it is important. Is understanding when it's done it's done and you move on the next two or three years of a hundred degrees Myers is almost one in there you mean there. He's out of it ruin the entire show me now I know. Now actually a baby a little you know bitch fight with somebody yell and scream it's over go to break we come back and I'm five. I think is a big thing at the queen with every room watching their you want everyone there and its environment you enjoying having a good time. That's a big difference you can have real fights in the piston (%expletive) you (%expletive) you (%expletive) you (%expletive) you. Go to break. And then you're fine that I think is a big difference. Peninsula pictures. And. Any other back story between you would bend and Kitchener producer. Not really an you know I know hall in key should take satisfaction and trap me some why don't you didn't. And here's the thing like it's not the public it's not this big thing if Bender producer of our show and Chris wasn't the following an app offered the job. I don't think we did because Sherry wasn't aware of it it's a week it's it's I think it's more of area. Semantical issue I don't know. I've I think they did a great job listings podcast I think listening to leaving these two guys leaving the afternoon show. My guess is that. In leaving a lot more to do with the future which again privately he's told me many times to satisfied with. Then that it publicly about Al exit and he's got issues with such. Then podcast I think he thinks is a good opportunity to do something and in in in private business tonight and you do a great job Smart guy works hard. Worked so hard for the spot guess whoever you receive that were open as a producer for the podcast ever. Ever ever did a great job worked tirelessly. Went above and be on so I have no issues have been whatsoever none. And I didn't UW EI cruel and on your own terms or will you get 500. I'm having August fired eventually at some point I think well you know bills are to be something necessarily stupid I think they'll just say. We have so much pressure on his behalf to view the sorry we don't wanna do this we're moving on whether it's two years from now. For years and now eighteen months six years I've no idea but yeah I don't think on my own terms. I like to be out here you know 5050 years old do I think it can last in the seven plus years here I do know an August. Us scenario here from Brad Joey is sick Crist curse has been ordered suspended you hang up he calls. I mean just you know it's scary to think the courtesy and right now we're number two when that happened Joey or Joey left for another job. It might be acting program directors at the station. I mean you have. Why give a level of senior is maybe I just been ignored and the public work next it's true. You really consider walking away this summer duty apparent you just look at people the bank you can stay NASA Bernard. Would say consider walking away realistically I mean I'm 42 with a (%expletive) deal for thirty years. Not all be dead of cancer and sixty cents (%expletive) stone called law. A little bit I thought you know I think in a different job. In a different job where you you were like unity give leadership for six months he just. Invited different job I think out of gas for some extended time I think the best for 34 months off. I feel will better doubt about it yeah and as we're doing this I feel better now. But. But I don't. I think over the summer and even like it September. I just fell off a little off. And sort of you know still (%expletive) up over it was just so fast that it happened with that several weeks those two months. Really deal with any of that going to work was still enjoyed it in in in the guys were great it was great station. Just felt weird and odd and felt non felt a little. But he just woke up after a long nap that kind of feel you can feel so I needed I needed a break. They didn't point out that it played them off but I wouldn't have minded six months off just to relax and paying out the kids just do that yet in a perfect world I wouldn't mind that. Yes I considered it I mean an additional. Term but by any different job that was taken some long term something I think. Done. Here I want a key to pare pare taken Harry's friends. Apparent that point he carries threatens the corrupt few and complain about some he said there you never. Never apps are not does not happen. It's up to mean joke around a I mean you know dads don't give birthday party whoever maybe here. But they're all. They're on the ice that their their own sets up an issue so far there really complain of choice and radio I think they might disagree too politically imitate him (%expletive) idiot you know. I keep did the but see. Didn't. I lead to a reading all these adults who obsession he personally. It's unhealthy seriously to make you feel weird how I like that (%expletive) eagle leader of the house like the people are some practicing I would be doing this for jobs. If I didn't. In I think I've made myself an interest in radio personality and I think I have a lot of listeners. To think they know me in want to know more about me dad is my job my job is not to be sports Hough. Host my job is to be pushed into telling. Radio personality and I am the most compelling personality on the station by 50000. (%expletive) yards it's not even close. Not even close so now. I don't mind it I mean there's a question and dissemination is just stupid but not I don't mind that. Com and Curtis seven with the real pain seeded team that was a bit but Jerry's parents can you expand. Bomb. Ali said at a that you alluded to it and that's Jerry story to tell. All of would say is that. I guess this is manager asking I guess there's let's. You can figure out from here in the Doug Richards responded Friday we played this. Not much him not doing this deep breath. There are there is when you go through a process whether it's with your parents. Doctor bad no apparent people doing their kids they're so. Talking incredible it's amazing to me these parents of the Jimmy Fund are unbelievable but I mean parents anywhere we do this for the kids but there comes a point. Where you go three battling long battle were when your parents just say when your parents is really sick. In the end is finally arrived and it's hospice time or the very very end the year around in your saying goodbye. And you OP senator you have to say open to anything you can do you open your dad your mom kills same way. Those are moments those very very very very last moments and I can. I'm looking right now at naked picture looking at Greg from his clearest can be either variant. Our sacred. And if somebody for instance texts you something personally sensitive in the incredibly rude. In the wrong in (%expletive) illogical and stupid. This is an example chose theory god damn selfish (%expletive) Ass hole when nobody misses. Nobody ever wants to hear from again because irrelevant. They're gone they're (%expletive) Shoot. Your ass holes. That's I would say she she is an example nothing specific nobody specific just sort of a scenario about Saul. Or that to happen I would hate that person for the rest of my god damn (%expletive) like until my last breath that's an out. And are what else. Hi Anderson once and always by WBI guy would be a guest on Saturday skate you look new time 3:40 PM and Wednesday there ego. I am happy to be guest on Saturday skew any point this year and they're tying his and one half mile absolutely no problem. It. I just imagery this academy last night. What are your top three favorite drops. Com. I three favorite per gallon dropped. I mean I have to admit it's not a drop necessarily the couple things that make me laugh my ass off every single time hear any from battle brightness. The Lindsay Buchholz this morning Lindsay Buchholz thing with this degree you know they never makes me laugh every single booking time and and is it occurs one. He would support review the best of Kurdish drops would do it a bracket with the sixteen of them. BP you know any curse when he won you know I mean obviously of what's good weekend any of them you know the we honestly think it would have been in any of these drop to be. It during the show just sort of what you intend Islam on his own intent is like ten is the best in the chair ever worked with because he understands our show. Our show other guys may like other guys more. But there are times where in the middle of something in ten goes to drop the we want an image to rein him in upbeat enough done for a couple of years. And we'll do intend knows it in place and it's great. My favorite Curtis dropped. All I had chicken yuck and hockey one right now I mean that's quite right now my favorite one. Bomb my jacket cheat day one which he they won't courtesy. I mean obviously deter course with my right it was hot sort of the newest ones. Made me laugh the most of his a couple of great cherry ones. From the past as well as a whole bunch of we're gonna have yell. Digital podcast what needs to know about drops. Them. Two. It's. A part of Ireland is your family from your for watching gaelic football early. My family is my dad my mom's from Nova Scotia my mom's nose go from Dallas from. His folks came from. My night my grandmother came from Danny goal. In my grandpa came from Turks dead which uses two small little you know it's funny go to Ireland. And you wanted people really know Turks TDs in Everett has everything we've discrete toward guide her class and break I'd never heard com. But it was a great that we that we went Ireland's in my in my wife. My wife Christine who was. Unbelievable. With my parents you have you have no idea how credible shoeless and parents. During this whole process. Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing. And continues to be as we go through the post of credible she loved my parents Putin for 25 years. And they loved her she loved them in and you know the relation they had was incredible to. But she was unbelievable in this process anyway she was there aren't owned. I was there originally was going to be the original hit the arrow lecture pitched. Me up my parents hate my dad who could be crazy sometimes. It just me by the we will always have to Kindle one day. My dad says I want to bring Kate Ireland just carries to young only appreciated that he knew at that time. That this is going to be you know this is indicates blasting them with migrant but not with her grandparents for the grandma grand. If he wanted to take him in and they just yesterday he knows just not feasible it would when he gets sick which basically my dad came back from Ireland next it was not possible for a couple of days. With one you guys get sick over there gates and aides did work so it was going to be meet. Kate my parents and in my mind my wife and Harry jumped into became a family trip. And it will be degraded shipper programs soul so so glad we didn't last summer summer 2016. Com it was awesome really toward guy. By this round we got to go to Don eagle for a few days. In my dad sees cousins that we got to see how's my grandmother grew up in was born in. We took some pictures front and there we have the restaurant extort grace for a great triple program so that we did it. And I love love love. Love and love it. The BC did a lot of what questions today which are running are scheduled routines and yes real quick and get a very early now before the show. And this week I haven't because it is access to a (%expletive) up but does a route in which a strike deal. Early in the morning so you cyclist Michael fine you're 4 o'clock knock yourself. Well pressure radio matter in twenty years. I came out to. I was talking to somebody here one higher ups the other day. In twelve years and I have no idea what's going to be going on please usual say about. Terrestrial radio. It is steel. Remains. With satellite which I have I have serious and with podcast which I was doing the secure right now. It remains the only place we can get. Telling local hawk the very next day after big game. Or wash something's happening during the day or something if you'll localized they have not figured out the local podcaster satellite market I don't think yet. So yes I think there's always going to be place for. Well the slice of the pie these big now as will be twenty years it will not will still be significant my guess is yes it will be. Yes it will be the thirty year old 35 year old to solicit the B 5550. Years from now I don't know I have no idea but most of my friends and I'm in my early forties. 4243. Next week. Still listen to traditional U. Yeah it. I think you will be. Then. Seems you held back a discussion John Dennis yeah I level Paul when Jimmy Fund golf came up please elaborately said he played twenty times when you turn it's my understanding is it's not the case. He was tweeting about stuff in the GB for people said he slowed down so I don't think I think he's exaggerating his level of global. We tried to a podcast with big star bar to big canopy FT yeah we've tried we've discussed that they follow me a Twitter apple and at some point I think. I think that will. Now what happened. I don't know wedding when they're in talent I think that's gonna happen I don't know that yet. Even then. Moon and then. Down this road before a very many times we're not doing we try to do we did again have to pass like everything else here half. I feel like getting in the world of T shirt business anyway accurately down does not in any way interest me. We view our show we leave element you coffee mugs and T shirts calendars. In election early though. You know. A going back on TV I am not we saw with Comcast see the Dalai some other. Some other stuff. C gaming we're getting attention program director the the week three ratings security having him before he did. And we won Wales number one congratulations. To do and she went a couple more now. Our Aussie couple here and what does mean mean to you your family. Hell that means ending it's a place from most relaxed and I enjoyed the most earth. I mean that's the bottom I like I love being up there if I didn't have to work tomorrow with live that to a numbered I'm retired that is where I live from with say. April to November may be. Depends where the kids are in the grandkids all that stuff I love it love it love it love it. Parents love that I love my family exit really likes to stick enough it's the best the best place on earth. What got you hooked on its pristine again I think a citizen prior podcasts is you know so that was a key for I was 910 years old. And born in the US taking the album dancing in the darkened born in the USA. And you know. These were some neighbors for she was just like to get back thousand top ordeal and he became his top forty phenomenal pointless in Houston it was got. Here's basically bored Georgia David Lee Roth four. Of the Thompson Twins and we want us but I like porn USA like him more morn I had an uncle Michael Steve. I was married my aunt Sandra who would you missed my mom's sister was phenomenal throughout the entire process from parents to her and her daughter Nicole. And. My. Uncle Steve was a huge Springsteen fan from back in the old field from the seventies. And he said you like I'd aboard US album and he said you like this guys and yet he's unions more there it is there's more real this is this for so on. So we've maybe some of the older stuff the river and Warner run like tip line because it was in new except it was new at that point. But stuck with me and stuck with me all the way through junior high high school. I never appeared rental. Getting to go back if financial songs is great I mean you know this is the reality situations on the list of Bruce Springsteen music all the time until like that's it he's he's my guy. Good. Factor (%expletive) gaining the Carter Kirsch an arc him perfect classical traditions we tried our camp I didn't think it worked. Jerry didn't think it worked either and I think Jerry Tammy got sick of arcane and social media is just kind Dixon cheap stupid shots. So we used now with them the car we tried to have host a show the very beginning this will be a Monday. Early on the per gallon show he said no he said no again I liked any regiment the charity golf term like a lot. You a good job on the weekends Alley he fits we're trying to do I think it's kind of not a perfect marriage. What do you dislike about yourself. That's your question by Adam some ball. Sample all. Hidden. My hands I mean just you know you'd be for me to be shallow. But I don't like. I don't like. And get frustrated so quickly push it. But today we get a couple of really born segments. A publisher Digisette you know what it's time again phone calls on (%expletive) it was just do it. But so they become his baby get all over from and they can give my shares were you know it's really not a big deal to launch with one segment. I do get I do get frustrated sometimes in my own level. Intolerance with stuff like that. I don't like. I don't. I don't like. That I am not. I don't like I was shown I wish sometimes I can be more social I don't like them so anti social. Ireland it's spare like to my wife her two. Friends of mine are in the other people and so got him into I think it's almost like. Some weird. Some going armor I really struggle with I wish I could do a better job that there are times or going room. I'm so want comfortable why can't hockey game gathered fast enough. May be great sometimes just be able to have a good time not. Drinking go crazy priest be able relax him a nice conversation occasionally I get there from the right Ramon comfortable enough but. But yet. Why do you say god damn all the time you're an atheist so you know because the only really only sport it's I mean. If Agassi (%expletive) on the air you guys to be sick of these think (%expletive) on the upped its its greens were never. But you know condition chip again all of you what that is. That's a heater. Can you just do your guide him Omar or just just just eat a good idea food which you which c'mon let's. We get a coupon let's go you have to get in the goddamn car that was frustrated about human handlers. So maybe that's maybe that's it. Were cited your life justice I'll tell. Happily arms ourselves. Oh I don't know in what has been podium. Yeah. Again gets gets in the server podcast that we get to at some point. How did you in my become such good friends seems not to given different intellectual capacities to be too I mean listen you people dumb stupid friends much when dump. We do we get shows together at a pair rob Bradford kind of put this together because Robin do you shows me signals justice and shows a mutt. And what was resistant at first to demonstrate awesome the first guy de La shows with. And agree this institute humor we'd like to gossip you like to make fun of other shows at the time who weekend guys you'd never on shows so we tell every guy that we they sucked he deserves her chance. We bond together through that. And if always you know I've always had each other's backs I mean it just so happens that we may have helped me professionally. I'd be able to help him. But yeah no he spent a great friend to me and I think avenue really different him. So I. Ill always blows my guys always have a spot our national I don't even care. If he sucks and which does a lot he's always union show sorry where its where it's going to be. What life lessons. Your parents taught you we pass on. To keep Harry. As it is hard isolate B do you find yourself it's funny that you find yourself saying things you you could hear you're dad saying it's he say. I think my dad you know worked so hard he works so incredibly hard and even as a kid. And I talked about this in the eulogy. Which usually don't wanna read those eulogies I want people enough agreement parents or. Order of some podcast at some point think of have my Brothers and together with me in you know I may read through parts it would start my parents. Maybe the year anniversary of one of them passing her may go on their birthdays or something I don't have to be that your Father's Day or Mother's Day. You guys minutes ago that your not. My dad works all parties hardest working guy person ever been around in my life. I work hard to or minus off power card and I hope they watch out there watching you know. Among around early in the morning no and I'm here working in working podcast and working on the show and doing this and hopefully they see that. On June for me anyway if from what I can do when you learn about that. My mom is just the the kindest person she didn't that work for anybody in that. It skipped me I think but. Yeah I think that my mom gave her body changed she wanted to believe everybody all the time which could herder Taj was also was sweet quality. And you know Agassi yet my kids are ready they're young they have that in me in and I to pass on the Keith Urban culinary got that from my parents. Harry I don't think is can remember my mom or dad really. And a Christ but I think it will. And I think she's remember that my mom's specifically. And I think that's great and it's awesome I wish. I wish. I could you know pass more stuff on. Early. But yet but but you know I think it's try you try to destroy your best to try it take all of the the media. You try to take all the good things you learn from your parents. Best money tries but she can't. Two not use on this immediately the parents and that's about she can do and by the way something she didn't like a by your parents growing up actually some of the gripping jeweler you'd like. So it's it's ongoing. It's ongoing I know I joke about me are allowed my parents visa makes it easier for me but it's. It is on going. Let's do one more shall we have to yours is a multi day effort here. Race. Now I'm only view that one. You gotta get ratings were a great host if you ever got the opportunity to be program director part of me into would you do it. We have program director guest in regions are gone. To a take a heavy role in management in some form or fashion when surprise me I think they did some people. Think I have good instincts for this supposed other people I mean I'm always gonna be. Whether it's here or outside Guillermo is going to be some you have the people of the people like him by the way that's how you do industry. But yeah I would like every bigger role a bigger say in who goes where and who gets hired when business of that I think I know them doing it again this year for the Smart about this yet. I would like that. Yeah I think at some point. You're going to get that from me yet yes the answer the question is yes. I think we're done. I think a good again this effort to crush averages ten haven't read what do want again I think before the end of the year as the British circuits of guests hero the next few weeks away. If you want we just that you bought just to do Melba actually. Mean tell me on and just to mailbag to maybe do them. I don't mind that I really don't. I think the questions are good and compelling if I do mailbag every three or four times I meet. That's actually file in the I don't have to have. You know but if I have a good guess on the have a big stock market have guests on just have guessed not to feel like the podcast better damage yes let me know. Not at her opinion or at the parking Kelly and show mercantile. That's enough about me that's going to be episode back to blackmail X. Is going to be at this season. Number. There are sedentary in the seventies. But while think. But yes that's that's it. Mad and ten layers of producing this way it is indeed producer going for it to commit more hands on terms of booking guests finding them. Abandoned awesome job with that. Prince that's enough I'll be brought to you by militants the store for many weeks moos. Exclusive. Podcast producers of enough about you back a couple of weeks for the gas from to a premium to. And I've a couple of ideas in mind but again and don't be more socially interactive I've struggled with us start with this broadcast feel free to tweet me. Just ideas movie preview podcast that's actually fun I welcome your put like he's subscribed by the way iTunes. And meter rate it helps me. It helps the sponsors world helps build to restore from in Chestnut Hill scored just built in social applause in Braintree. Which is my favorite quote place on earth does not even close nothing even close at a great time. Every time I go to the secret. You cannot go on that note he stole from any spots. Enough from me you talk to you.