Ep. 71 - Kirk and Gerry address the behind-the-scenes madness at WEEI 10-27-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, October 27th

Kirk and Gerry give their side of the story regarding an ongoing campaign against the K&C Show and WEEI. 


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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which occurred commit ahead and Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. Special episodes of enough about me is brought to you as always I'd exclusive sponsor. Who. My great principles. Social plug. Braintree in Chestnut Hill scored just that we always coach Jerry Kelly and network's few days ago. I'm not sure you have becoming the host of left it to you and that you're not tortured us and that his that you can do it who we first finals truth. Genes drugs boots. Yeah no it's a good casual went just able builds is when you go in there and political wanna Braintree much interest rate they passed a lick wanna just square person to bust. He goes there park walking both a similar in the fact you're a little claustrophobic yes I need room to room. And the people they're great they leave you alone if you wanna be left although he needs to Milwaukee shortly and layered walking yes you can park. I guarantee you get a spot light for spot you know like the crowds elements. There are loyal sponsor to Dennis and Callahan and out curtain down in. In a pocket who can't make enough we love them and we account and you just go to build the closing suits which are close fall closer every need Milton is the store format and back a few hours off said the come back in here feel pressure to an hour and a half off today. Thursday on the show you practical rafter that. We teased throughout the morning and night before. A conversation we have 8 o'clock this morning right before. The CEO our company stepped in and says and most comfortable having that conversation. And now we see here are some. Almost twelve hours later. And in my right hand a list of things we can talk about from from General Counsel of intercom. So they're trying to do our best to navigate through that stuff in the conversation. About a situation has plagued us in his plagued the company here force several week. As a explain Q a twelve hours ago we might be able to podcasts geek is. The rules are different and we are recording this so we're trying to violate rules and mature. We can do that a much you can do that then I'm sure there are eight rules in all the rules to say right now. Well good we can this guy I've got a problem. This is currently second and third appearance on the from me it is yet and I have a feeling it's going to be most listen to excel. They question Europe is that for me yes that makes. Oh we have things sale might really sure. Where to start and cry she cry on this broadcast live now well. Yeah not the Searle. And give the demo of the family in the into. Past. A so so few weeks well as accurate secretary of weeks ago he has couple weeks ago an email. Was sent to you. By our vice president cracked and company it's an achy dynasty could be something. In generally when that happens that meets. Yes it's not a good thing Nancy trouble on the horizon and let me say also win receive. It. Nine times. Is a legitimate or what can be spotted it legitimate reason for yes and your initial reaction is you know I'm in trouble. I've been through this once toys and you have to. And included a clip from the show. Lengthy clip from the show on which you and me and Gary penguin. Discussed this story was April may April 20152015. To add your two and a half year old clip. And when you see that you click on is say all I'm gonna say some really stupid yes let's be honest. We say stupid stuff tasty. Sophomore stuff we juvenile things I think people who listen to our show people who. Advertise on our show understand that it that it would be more than occasionally offend people but I would say what you say about us we are equal opportunity yes going by the way we find each other but each other there's nobody. Generally who's even people who hate us and does want to vote there admit that we are equal opportunity. Critics have X dollars and in this case though we were talking about a story from a couple years ago MacLeod we got a from channel four in Boston. BZ TV camera club and restaurant by the way criticized him too because of the way he handled that was about it. A four year old child. Who was born. Girl and the name media. Changes name to Jacob and the parents and therapists and medical people. Concluded that the child was transgender and we're gonna help him transition before so stop this once it. I have to admit you get decent equipment that goes into driving somewhere. I have absolutely no recollection. And until I heard that had something like you said to me. Listen dumb stuff we took over the years with the life I had some recollection is that the story is crazy and I haven't seen anything like this. In fact. We've talked to some people in the last couple weeks and they haven't seen anything like people in the know. I thought it was crazy I used the word crazy these were insane. You and me and paying way all agreed I believe. You can listen to them to the new segment only use hero we all agreed. It was Craig's. In in the report called courageous I had a problem with the report is characterization I characterize that in my way. Crazy and I would say that that we talked to a I would say that always said this about as we've discussed this topical law. Is that my take on simply this. Is I understand it's a brutal situation I understand it feel bad for the kids who are suffering through a change sympathy for the parents. In for their friends and family around I get that for me. You need to go through. Puberty is my opinion easier body changes if you don't like therapy and you decide you know what I would live my life as a woman sent me an earnings of one. I got you back a 1000% 101000% if you think that's the right thing at that point after therapy in studying and talking doctors talking your family council great. When your four years old. Five years old I have a 50. My five Earl Watson be lots of different. I understand I date they all the five Urals surely something wannabe in the super Euro notes dog heard him. So anyway so we reacted to this story. And this turned out to be the trigger. This this this effort against us. I mean you know. Look obviously there's a line we've jumped over the line back and forth many times I've many times over these fighters. I think part of our job. Is to India and keep the challenge things is what we do best that yes we ask questions question things. If there are people who're fed in legitimately offended by it. And hurt. She drawback for those people I do I don't want people. We're going through tough times you feel bad about something like they're being attacked agrees we just we just we just question that's what we do. In that hurt somebody or offend somebody. I would say genuinely feel bad about that but I like to talk have a chance to to discuss that person as well. I feel bad for the parents of this four year old child that must be that. Any any parent has to go through that might my heart bleeds for you I wasn't attacking me and we discussing. And debating the issue I mean as parents we have sympathy for people who have kids who struck at times I've. As much as I disagree with their decision. I do have sympathy for these parents and this kid. I'd you may you may mean not I know the conversation. Now all I'm saying be the comparisons he's paired a minute I've sympathy I think they're doing the wrong thing I agree imagine how difficult it agreed that I sympathy they're doing I'll say the wrong thing they're doing it prematurely due yet. At a very young age I think you have to wait which by the way these leaders and analysts are crazy well because of because of this effort. Against right now agree with us of course which we'll get to a camera company. And there and I don't. There was an effort the campaign began. With Venus this upsets somebody who is. And I'll also say it has its. She and transgendered. Family member child who turns into trial. That you remember of this effort that child did not transition at for that child transitions in in in later themes. I had a conversation with the person. As an idea. Leading this effort and we talked about those. Struggles of raising kids or you go through and I absolutely sympathize with them and he told me. That person told me you know that the decision to do this with a four year old is very controversial I said you think it's craziness that he thinks is controversial as it. We disagree I think it's a reasonable disagreement. I I don't think there's anything over the line while that at all leader of this campaign in that meeting which would get to the second with Phil Zachary Joey in me knew it in Indian leader of this effort. Said he would do. That could pull that he would do it at that age anyway that was he'd sort of the main crux of of dispersant mean this efforts thing and so what. This campaign pretty much was was they decided to contact every single advertiser of the curtain Callahan show. A long email which I had my left hand right now. Which goes through specific stuff and talks about. Are you I will give you the quote their god mr. Callahan savagely attacks the sanity. Of the parents and suggest taking the child away. From the parents of a transgender child. While the parents may have made some controversial decisions they did not deserve this abuse. First of all they went to the media I didn't. Tell the world about this track also. Channel Ford did this child was on TV this child at four is quote did. Saying he doesn't like call you stupid girly stuff I mean. I. We didn't bring this story into the news now. Mom and dad did which is usually have a in his campaign. Meeting reset so wired under sucked in recent votes in the news is what we do we react to news. And I don't think we savagely attacked. I think. I said this particular way which is what we say all the time and use you think the authorities should take my son away and I think. We're gonna and play football this and I think they should take Harry awake as the wall and climbed trees right. Anyone elicits the shows and knows we say that all the times for helping Callaway what a terrible parent out there right or center we kept every time but it goes to the track was sick take his kids away Zoller and this is this campaign is led by somebody who does not listen to our show. Does not listen to our Charlotte and it's we we we talked about transgender issues. We've mentioned Chelsea Manning hit you know that was. We mentioned. Kate I'll jump ahead to the Caitlin Jenner right discussion beacons. Every single talk show every radio show in America is discuss Caitlin general the fury of reach the next few weeks. Go in the wake seen email velocity shooting tragedy mr. Khaled eyes and they came here. We have our first responder here as long as there are no more transgendered Kardashian and you can forgive him or her toward. The personally in this campaign had no idea when I was talking about everyone body. Everybody who follows me everyone listens to what's new and in fact that tweet was. Linked was that was a sub tweet of another tweet about this hero in Las Vegas it's like this stuff yeah not not the of all we got it right. He's. You know he got shot in the neck addict he saved thirty people yeah. So I think that guy should win the USB and courage award now. Years ago I thought he afraid news or no Galloway or Lauryn Hill those with a runner ups. Should of one ESPN courage award not Caitlin Jenner. I know that's controversial. But I think most people agree with me the Euphrates who's raised over a hundred million probably 200 million now. Was more deserving of the cards with a came Kennedy disagrees with that and so if if unless I know there are no other transitioning. Caitlin gender. Generous war or pedestrians. And maybe this kid will win the award he should. But explain to me how that could possibly be controversial and only I don't it is we can keep it in context. That is not the least bit controversial. When you listen the show or not I mean obviously. He personally news campaign has no idea is talking about and once to a mislead people because. That is is is is unknown. That's Stan is again it's here's what happened nominating it for courage and. It's 830 sleep just to take you had occurred nearly half inches. The leader of this campaign as. Some history of being. Involved in this stuff. You would contact the most. Them most said you know would we like these guys who believe he's got some. Mostly national signal equipment the freeze on until we figure this out what this campaign to do with this effort we do is contact. In a very good that they were contact. Board members of these companies they would bypass the advertisement goes the board members. Of whom aren't in Boston don't listen Omar and I'm not so I would say most virtually all most of them didn't listen to the it Clouseau of us discuss Italy or use email that lacks whatever you wanna call. I would say if you put in context it would make a lot more shorts and without the opportunity for us to respond to bar side. So you know what they say after awhile they get 25 or thirty calls it is fine we're good we're moving on they don't wanna bother it's hot button issue and and mrs. in his campaign with at its core 82 and a half year old story that I think is really the meat. Is a two and a half year old story so after a week or so. Phil Zachary who's our vice president in Joe's our program director said let's bring in the leader of said movement for conversation. Now I would say most. Most talk show host and probably have an issue with that we we bring him in. On and we have an hour and a half conversation and and within that conversation which I would say at times was productive. Voices were raised at times. Arm in after awhile the leader of said movement want Jerry united signed a document that stated we would never talk about transgendered people again which. When the name Chelsea Manning came out records she's been in the news or any you know that was anything pick and entail and general who's always in the news. I mean it's hard to say it's impossible safe and very excited that we had we are really good segment. In three months ago say. The father. Of a transgendered track star transient it girl. Eight in Connecticut right envoy to the transition to a girl a movement won a competition want one or has amassed on the guest we had some issues. Questions about it. We didn't we do and the trying to use what does that mean maybe. We disagreed at some level by the we have honest dialogue about two calls about in the father called and I thought was fantastic. Yeah was absolutely great laid out afterward Donna said. They have a lot of sympathy I have a lot of respect for you have a lot of respect by the way for your summit excellent guts he said he understood were coming from a post good honest dialogue we talked about. That day by the way with the leaders this campaign. We talked about certain things out so obviously the leader this campaign to know Gary tank you know Mike finance laws ignored headline was. Didn't know we have a casting which. You know that we have no well extreme. Dugard tried Gary didn't know. He didn't know why. Honestly sought ways to really know what the show wasn't every time we said what you listen to show he said no one niceties that maybe help us in the show said no. So you sit here he's getting angry in this in leader of this campaign says. We spew this week spew that we do this we do that while acknowledging he never listens to the shot. Eddie is also the show we know is also. He said in passing you know it's great to do the Jimmy Fund Preston well he said some you're. Trying to. Part yeah that's right Jerry there's certain there are certain people who have to a charter served people who have. At least pause. On advertising who give us big checks every year the Kenya so one thing this this pain is not. As of right now. Hurt the Jimmy Fund has taken money away next year potentially from the Geneva and about 5000 dollars I'm talking about. Potentially 67. Figure and always asked for was balance we offered him a chance to come on the show what we always do store call in to see it in the news to an hour to do two hours. As always we are inclusive and I are the ones that come on and and let's talk about the one thing I kept saying at that point five times fifty times over the past two weeks you can say what you want about us we say dumb things. We say things that we regret later sophomore sophomore things we take things later on which I shouldn't have said no doubt about it. I mean in other show in the market let's just say. A we usually Smart funny. Sarcastic. Transgender person in the media. Give me another show that person on watch what suite four hours we would want to not because the two engine because that be good on the re right and exactly it would be different. I don't puppet and we probably have some debates as I think I expected to affect your trenchant will be interest. Haven't like talked about your right. Remember this guy for an hour and a half we'll get that little more danger after that. After that meeting. Which nothing was accomplished when we want to correct not nothing and all temperatures were heated between other members of of the company in in in the leader of this campaign. I spoke to leaders say campaign that date for. Half hour maybe forty minutes I thought had a pretty good discussion. At the end the conversation I said to be a campaign leaders this. I said. While we do this what's but you put a pause on this on this analysts of these endless phone calls in attempts to that it had to block our advertisers. Give us a week and we'll figure out you know some some sort of dialogue or something we can do whether he would say. Whether we talked he talked to members of the community but we have round table something if you really feel as passionately about it were happy to help. He said Kirk no problem for talking again. Literally within that same day. We were getting emails from sales people saying this guy Keyes campaign. Phil Zachary the vice president of our companies have the same experience Gerry Callahan is at the same experience Jerry elsewhere the same thing that I did. Which after going back at four had the same conversation over and over you've actually say the leader of the campaign. What is it to you that you want one are you doing this he said to me that he said to you I don't know no we said to me is he needs time. You think. You'll call me back that was the answer is said let me think about it cornerbacks and what he won accomplished what do you want from me he says I won't call you back. Hung up in my phone in my and the rest of the day never called back that's were dealing with you know. And ended that's sort of the back and forth we've had and what this campaign does they will call these people. Angry people milled to Buffalo Wild Wings in Kabul farms in you know chic on greed and all these people say you know we like these casual loyalties guys. So with the campaign will do is continue the call them and say hey just so you know these people talking this other places talking about leaving. They're talking about suspending your campaign why would you not want to do that what why are you doing that in the badger and call and call and call that doesn't stop now say this you know. It's affected us it's affected the lives of the salespeople it affects everybody in this building. Really I mean in affects the Jimmy Fund it affects a lot of things and you know. At some point we kind of felt like we had to respond because. We had to respond and you have to watch yet to say. I'll fight back but just have an honest open conversations we we asked did people on the campaign. To come on the show the leader of the campaign to come on the show he declined we asked the leader of the campaign the people like for a trend generally come on the show he decline of opportunities. And I say this too and it's open I say this to our management team I say this to. Legal team I'd say that you always wanted to do was tell the truth there's not. We don't lie and the people who listen to us know that we don't like where open where honest we're talent at the wait is. This is not the whole truth. If you read these emails if it was in this campaign. You know struggle through if you know the show you know it's the whole truth like I said there are times. When we are sophomore silly and stupid and childish and Todd George is wrong manner and I've had the energy is wrong and and and this is one of those times there's other times when we crossed the line we know and you've been suspended and so aside. Right I agree that let's say this there are like feel differently for example about the transgendered community and I did sever years ago. Some don't you sure amused you'd you'd do to package of changes and Irish tonight as I told the evolution of all united sympathy for these parents that frankly would've understood. 56745. Years ago I understand. These parents in the store I have great sympathy for them it's not easy it's hard raising kids. You know one of the gonna have a cold warring about you know where they can make my practice. And you have acute who's suffering a great sympathy that greats of the the person leading this campaign for what they've had to go through great sympathy for the person and their family was struck that seems now. And I'm happy to say seemed very happy confident that he did like them very happy that individual as well you know I don't black and Utley but. I don't like. When. When things are not fair if you had this campaign. Has been largely almost entirely unfair and we have decided to roost. It's always asked us to tell us side of the story we tell the truth were telling their side of the story may be if you listen the show if you knew the show in new us would have been different about a commitment and example to real quick that's a good one so we so we did a show one day we'll get the sound this tomorrow for tomorrow for you talk about it. If you must insure every day you know once he comes in just make language does you know. You see these these places song he's a singer he he likes the son of zone I saw frustration and so some singer Barbra Streisand song for one day. Well it wasn't us one of our many parity counts we have a picture of Barbara Streisand. Body language space correct correct which happens and it was a very well done well I mean lap mark and right lab model laughed. Between is out. And the leader this campaign from that very offensive to transgender people we explain the situation and he said Adam talked I'd understand. Which is too bad if he understood he might find it funny humorous I'm not sure anybody else. Took offense to it and I guess it's it can't have a 100%. And acclaim or on purpose and appreciation for some like that but I thought it was pretty close people that was very funny was well done. As you point that we make fun time well time he loves Streisand it is nothing. Nothing crossed the line here there. Anything else I outspent its its its hard always ask is two euros and the story. We give everybody. There's that chance there opportunity during which could have one when anyone calling and when he wanna be against it. When you wanna sit with a us. Telephone conversation in situation like this we listen we give everyone else a chance. We ask people who support the show to do is listen side. That's it and we learn things for people we have all the certain ways we have discussions and arguments and disagreements. About afterwards at these people we and we have a good time that's our show. And you know it's been very successful and molesters are big reason why advertisers are big reason why a lot of them have been extraordinarily loyal. And you know we know we're not easy shouldn't DO sometimes are not stupid we understand that sometimes it can be legitimate brushed back and we do the best we can to avoid that stuff. But most of the advertisers have been fantastic we appreciate that a lot. You know people like bill to sponsor this podcast but for trying to get us trouble trying to get the station in trouble. And we decided to Megan not fight back patched up a conversation after why you say we have to get our side of the story out we decided yet here. And you know we weren't able do this one we're able to hear I hope. This podcast gets out to everybody knowing if it will not cherry. Ultimately it's it's the most. Local podcast and now planet earth that's unsure from one of the top 52 but guess what dale I know him okay. But you can we'll talk about the hopefully on the air and and we will invite any by any means but the you can see anyone about us who we have never said we don't want this personal honor of that personally disagree group disagrees with us quite the opposite we want people want all of you disagree pregnant yes anytime. So while I guess that's it must've anyone else know loans say thanks for listening and thanks for. Considering also acts.