Ep. 73 - Mut vs Bradfo 11-21-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, November 21st

An emergency session of Enough About Me was called after a week of WEEI hostility playing out -- both on and off air -- between Kirk's friends Mike Mutnansky and Rob Bradford. Kirk attempts to come to a resolution of issues between the two parties and their conflicts over the Hot Stove Show and the percieved Minihanization of Mut at Night.


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This episode enough about me is brought to you by our great friends and milk so it Milton Jimmy is comfortable in our stores as you'll be in our close south replies are Braintree in Chestnut Hill square Chestnut Hill thanks also to Casper for supporting a Boe mean Casper he's sleep brand continues to revolutionize. Its line of product decreed an exceptionally comfortable sleep experience. One night this time you're fifty dollars off any mattress purchase by abusing Casper dot com slash Kirk and using promo code Kirk K I arcade dummies. And check. Above the emergency broadcast its we're taping this on Monday. The twentieth of November. Couple weeks ago it to the broke cast would have been right hand away I've got my older brother Emma and her brother in today as well and when the problems in the family. I like soulful I am not here I want him screaming and yelling I want to come toward resolution. Rob Bradford makes his debut on you know balmy podcast I thought that would be on the Brad bushel before. You work. You were retired Jon Lester about three years ago. Out of advocate for get a diversion of rad X yeah the re re booted on that idea is going to be on twenty minutes of silence honestly in my minutes he makes his debut. Is not true of co hosted for easily or without don't rely on the market model X that ever happened and I do Q and they would do well that's liquid crystal mall is a champion and killed this family rated. That's similar to the bottom I don't have to wrestle a reference is Ken mayors and yours won't central character by the way this Allison a free book. So it is four months let us out let us get to the to the problem with the hum do. As its peripheral a little notes although. It's well and there was going to be no occasionally yes or certificates. Also asked well that's all we can argue. Jessica that's now left the room at mayor's dog or Ireland. I'm just steadily much like the late Gwen Eiffel human do the vice presidential debates listening underway. Now to set it up for the people was right. There's a show was government knows the hot stove show. And the first voice of heard lots of Portman and 2012. You know. 111212. Well. So I feel like it's I still feel like a lot of ways overlord but keep in mind. So it was tremendous problems on the hot stove whom are between my. And rob and I could sense the tension in the room which I don't like I'm in no way how's this if I get rid of I want to get to the bottom of defuse it and make the hot social batters to just get. A social could be heard once a week that's on Wednesday night in the clock. I'm Leo yeah me for now makes sense Mike and its keys here is a mustache yet shirk from our office and India as an orange arsenal to governor I have. I was working on the notes notes as we spoke easily happen once rubs to all I liked in all our top. Multiple times over the weekend might be fired up. Rob epidemic he doesn't care what you'd how. Which means he cares. Let's just but we didn't argue bush showed area time let's let's get down to it right now. Nuts and bolts what is the issue right now between YouTube and still show with subsequent reports started my opinion as the top point. I don't issue until the brat four show was posted. It looks like looks like India in the movie milk music when you textures are applauding and its partner look at. That his search for a guy. I had no issue at all until. The press show you what you see us that's that is until you sell well seriously Cayman Cayman doses this acumen was sitting in the what is Al nugget discover gloss left Mike continents you hello Michael. Is that you're such an axle now I'm here for hours early to do Eagles it wouldn't ask and I do. Yes actually duke here today we have a unified and we'd go with what let's get my issue was that rob lied is now out podcast and he he lie. Coca you're saying that I utilized the all the big lies and I'm not committed to the hot though I never said. I'm not about this I'm not into the hot there you don't want to do matter. If it's in my time slot in six to ten night I want to host the show young and here's yours let's get this on the way if that airs during six to ten. I'm going to host the show no one else is gonna host mr. Right night and the night you optimize your classic who Ryan said. Man man implement I'm gonna host the rob said in the podcast to listen to that Herman listened to thank you rob said he'd throw some ideas what is a post he certainly did it and layered and 9 o'clock. Or Robert Ball 9 o'clock is during nuts right there are much are we re QB he can be judged still nine have been a part of the deal that was on its mountain. No I would in January a judge judge from nine Italian. You mean because it might get ratings are six to mechanical problem at this it's learning court I don't rob what it's very I'm judgment on this times like this all off. You should you are that count toward that counts towards my rate going to six botanic are you bonus. Yes I am bucket unlikely you'll and you'll that you're welcome but I am yes acts I'm sure you guys knew very very well to get to as it is right now number one when I I didn't like it's like you do for bonuses by vehicles on I catch like a cell right now under the football season you know how many. Hours I've twenty hours a week right. I'm on for 60% of that would go to go to audio recording on these guys on against C this is where you can't do is have rob is gonna happen Robert like David touched that he's shooting rob Anderson Marty getting at five minutes ago I'm only on the upper 60%. Of irate and hours during the baltics a football and might. Affiliation with the mortgage. I'm not gonna take one of those twelve hours Amman. And let someone else host I'm not Mike Adams people like I'm draw at 6 o'clock now months and he says he's gonna pay any final care. I'm not gonna get out of the way so you can or some deals that most of show during my hours now usually I say every open the show is not there. Then find one of seminoles host and want ultimately it's about why that's a replay will be actually that's not the big idol the big lie is a lot about the field goal to the table for (%expletive) shows and I'm very. You know he's a lazy guy shows up when nothing for two OK okay. Chip the ball. 12 which would you agree that New York Mets come from and yeah I absolutely do -- they go with once you're so I would say I agree with that mean this is your time's thought this is you were shows is. You should if you're especially if you're being noticed on that. From six to pan or whatever it is my country okay then great that's fine so. Bu I think the miss conception misperception here is that. That I had said let's do the hot stove let's do the hostile show it must be at 8 o'clock it must meet during must time slot not one single time device ever said that. My biggest problem is much in I would I don't disagree that that should be your show. But the problem is is that you don't you say you don't wanna do that you you actually if you wanna do that joke I wanted to show you one don't know and so okay so. That's fine I mean that's fine that you don't wanna do that that way. Okay. I don't think that you wanna do that our at all. About I think if you had your choice to correct me if I'm wrong you would rather continue the conversation of what you're doing from sixth and right. You would not want it it's a weird spot but yes if I don't know the show so okay so it's just a guess I just guess certain gesture yes or no. Do you want would you rather just do your show continuously inaudible Hudson oaks. It's a that's uncertain but that's not not that exact -- take upon what not that's not all use what I'm calling is that we are that is a nod to the show you brought in price Laird. To try to add to vacuum up because you yes man. On Pryor did it for you. Can't there was there in studio for the show. And he says right here based what was into from the beginning and you. While I disagree so you're saying that I'm not committed to the shell. And yet you have somebody was on the show disagree with you and just brushed them all know nickel like I am not doing my job. Which I think I am doing my job to do and parts to shows we've done here this year I which I like those shows how many guests we have should against zero. Right about expanding our borders and I've talked to many many many many people. Who understand and we just disagree on this we understand the value of having one gas ones but we're not cover what why here's my goal was when I'm on the air I can tell you Michael packets you mobile acutely. I agree there's little under lurk there is the value for meat what. We had different goals was just talking Jon Daniels Alex in a couple of bad explorer from Chicago Michael Beckel go speak English on the show okay. So my goal is and rob BO I I placate the mortgage or you're right run its highest rated morning show in the city. I want. Once a day I want one of my things icing on the shall we do on the field. Played back on that shield that's my goal ratings to appease the audience and get played on high rated shows you all is the Levy rob Bradford interview MLB trade restock. That sure gold match so that's your goal vs Michael you're right it should be on during my. Going back after going back doing Kurtz host of this show is it's listen this is a different show understand. That a lot of people don't like these quote on quote specialty shows that our. And I totally understand when you do your show you wanna have on the clips you wanna play him in the morning show and use what I say placate Kirk and placate the morning show. Not I understand that you are trying to integrate we have the highest rated show I don't disagree without at all. My problem where that was that everything that you're doing and knowing you Mike. For as long as I do everything has become about appeasing this guy right here like everything. So you so he's on the show you hear the slate like it was that try to appease now oh now I'm just talking about this at everything like so when you come navigate and we and we talked about that show the other night. Well what's what's going back before hold on but yes your perspective it. Which you would see this is philosophical problem we disagree I don't think having how to pop song for twenty minutes. Nobody knows Robert I've battled out that it gets three years out here you I don't you know I don't know I. I agree I agree we talked about OK we use the coat back example writes though said if you keep them on for five minutes these matter whatever but the the paid off there. Is that the guy is just been traded in the Chris Sale trade if he's bad he's bad but at least your surfacing something in name there that whether it's for a band to get people listen to nets ago. Or then or later or listen to it later much like the podcast right. I use that analogy in the podcast and the park guess we just added that. Though these highly rated Brad functional level which would which does of the analogy is that you've heard city podcast you sure you've heard by Donald. Right so you've heard these people who have like. All maybe they have a guest on even though you know that person's going to be should he be every guest and maybe I guess is terrible. But still there is of value to drawing attention to that. Now does mentioning yes he does in the podcast. Rust he's still on the air still an ally Saudi that we so want do what you want her Michael Culp once again so if the if he's if he's on in these terrible. Get them on and off at three or four minutes that's fine I totally understand that you're going to would you go in knowing the chances are more than my business. You're going insane is that it's obvious. Not let's not necessarily mean again this is I think this it's I think that you're looking at it from you you guys you guys know which agreement right forever but tomorrow she's there to he's good. Let's idling should be lots of challenged him sold that's fine that's fantastic that's life. Have you guys in each other and good chemistry (%expletive) right but there's other there's a wet but in a fairly elderly if you talked about you know I go with mutt for two hours and and that's a show that's a different show. That's a different show right. So that but a different that it's eight you wanna be different once it well. But once once secondly it's certainly different but when you lots of you guys do like you're together every Tuesday night yet. That's what you baseball for two hours now not so sure you're definitely doing and that's to me that's the whole idea of a show. But you can just. Hours. Again if you wanna separate at 9 o'clock at night. If you wanna separated a little bit and not be like the usual Hayward just sitting around talking baseball which. We can for the three hours leading up this weird dark and agree on this this is how I've having done that show. Previously we just not agree on group that works. I haven't seen any ratings could be I don't know I'd ever CAA rings but I guess I get talking to people. In this and may be a different people that runway and I talked to Brian neighbor. That this guy cavalier with a friend. Ellen that's and the so anyway if if it is is that definitely it is. Is it different is that different show is just a difference and we're not gonna come to agree on this but I will say this is that might make more my biggest problem. Is when I say it my as and when you don't wanna do so you don't wanna do it's what I'm not say one thing I'm saying is that really come across no no no I'm not saying that you don't put the effort the united said that it on podcasts out stuff all the time at work and I thought I bit right or so the hot so mark here for years I don't think it's affected the choke you apparently you've got no I didn't like do any you can ask me and asked me who what I'd rather sit across from. The guy that when I commend him for power to do our social which once again. I never said let's do the hot stove show this year I've never said that. And so when I come in the for an hour do I want the guy who I know doesn't wanna do that hour with a guy whose eyes are popping out of his head we're going to talk about it. If the guy who's more pressure but and that's the thing and this is the same thing the same reason why one of the reasons I the morning shows so successful. You guys want people invested right you guys know if someone said if if if summits that outside your show a you know. I just language does what we've. We've dealt with this before they're gone and worked well so let's go to Ohio than what they're not Smart we'd like socks on here when it's ailments that we all that. We can't doubt his level no I never did I charted a different in the first shows what what is can I did and I'm not an interview in the future once again in my podcasts are never said that I said exit exactly opposite to the white so you wanna guy you want Ken Leonard in there because Ken will just say yes your elected I will fight. This out and continuously tend to be better than my notes in Austin. Yes I'm absolutely sure that he thinks. But I want yes I think around and it's been like this for all of you know yes and we lose someone it's one when they decide they want to do different things you start to wanna push them okay so how wrong. All her carjacker. To comment on the map broke the Ottawa equipment robber. Ever noticed that yeah years later. Absolutely I'm sure a bad melt meter Mark Bradford I I've I've again I get that's how radio actually that actually. I can actually tell you day's events that was properties I'm surprised that actually you're about meeting him. It went over every him definite about me too. A lot who he is grousing yeah he he had all the time yet it watch. The BTU yes let's as vocal work out but not what sex analyst. It with sex analysts argue back to my rob a second but I'm happy to take a break here to talk on my great friends and builds you brought Ken where there are Chris Curtis a couple of weeks ago. Mills is the greatest you know they've been so loyal to us and we are so proud to have them as a sponsor not just of the show but of this podcast. Is quite simply the store for men if you wanna go into a faded in the great. Don't mess around don't go online local searching you guys don't know what you're doing and no I don't. You drive to social plus in Braintree or where I go Chestnut Hill square Chestnut Hill. You'll get outfitted by Milton you walk in the people are great. The prices are great the book is great very simple if you like simple stuff. Don well he's going to melt and you'll look I'm telling you look fantastic when you walk out of there. Mills is the best shopping experience I've ever had in my life I hate shopping. I love going to militant of the close of the people there I love how they do business militants is V. Store from. A B I don't know what else could it be well again if if this if we're gonna break it down. Is you have probably say that I don't want you are don't want you on the show I'd rather yes they rather have someone go to a question no drop all made up for questions this. Is like you have any like this is this is is he show. When will you be that's only six the candies that you might like you coming in Nottingham don't want I don't like Jerry or me go to the website I wanna serve and that's not a that's the question I think about it and honestly that's a fair as director's cut that have been hustled out so show us a fair question and that's not meet to decide by how it's always been when you say maybe you had lots of Joseph going back to when you did it right it's and we got together Popper to you know it would be tied by the by how I liked out simply outsource the sure but so so I would disagree that is your time slot. I'll come back to I'd never ever said let's do the hot stove show on Wednesday nights during my time I've never said that. What have I done in the two weeks on the year again nothing to push I I can't layered them what I can't letters on the edge of the night because I went it's what can I know I heard of the tough if you had no issue with. In the the first to like do the podcast. No white balls or likes the interview terrible out of the gate and if you go back interviewing. So we know that eloquently about rob on Tuesday you know we get rob want from the GMB the only show the what you want here would you be right now health and swine shall we justified your value to an extent by putting well. Number two from there. The interview went well and so we start the show yesterday or whenever ones and I I made a comment like we viewed to all all time. We back on each other you back on track I've Dag on you Bagram Kirk I called a terrible you call me on your right icing on the show wasn't terrible like too long that's my fault. That led to you wanna podcasts and it should be on the show look like the underdog I don't know now because in and we'll I don't want to Robson rob that should be well. How will once acted so when you agreed to it yes we went to witness OK so listen I listen back to the tune you said I was terrible that sent me. Down the road exactly were you talking about where Mike what we talked about you know. You say terrible if you wanna say it was too long that's fine and I and I say that lets you run I run quite right but as soon as you say that suits you say that in your head to new in my head I'm thinking and exactly when it says it was not like you're trying to please cart like would you say is terrible good you to seven. Second thing now because once again you'd a said you you're saying is terrible it's not your states are too large as they have to look again what was fight tonight overreact. Probably but as soon as you said it's terrible arm like that on. There he goes again that's what I'm thinking and I yet I. Overall not so that's oh so every half hour are the source I'll every. It was (%expletive) are we talk every well exactly that a lot and we're talking about every conversation we'd never happier. So you and relic of a show on the weekend. When you spent the first half hour. Taught a bagging on him in Boston has balls and about him being drunk and hung over. How well better than me busting your balls out of the gate about an interview what everybody just you show would try any two weeks ago. Using me as the reference kidding on him this is this thing I don't know so why did that set you I don't get. Again it didn't really since it ever you easy so instead I just said. When you said it was terrible and then like two seconds later corrected yourself yes right so all right so that's and so that leads to our happen not now that that that's not what it meant to let the participants say and as I said it might if you go back to the week before. On the air on the aren't on that your show. I said I wanna give it to do it in you know not to do it a year based on the air. For the exact reasons I'm articulating because I don't think that you wanna do it now if that's Sunday morning at 6 o'clock. Then fine. You know it's it doesn't make it different that's not what I'm talking about I'm just talking about someone who wants actually to be there and so iced but. Did our our denied not say exactly that to you on the year. On your show. To your face I guess I don't know yes I did but it so that when you talk when we got off the rails on my podcasts are talking about this that's what we're gonna head up that wasn't the the impetus the that one quote the impetus for what we're talking about you want it to be are not. Being on the show. That's not it. It's exactly like sent to your face the week before our. Tim I like I said if you want somebody keep you if you put cannon air if they invested can logical that gives you which is what you want it at the end of the day for you. The best thing is for. WE TI dot com ought to be mentioned going to be trade rumors he seems to be cycle I understand now is the best thing for the stage the more. You know that's I don't care about and it's fair about it. And the retreat reload personal and total world. That's the island. That was like five that was the AOL start. But if you go back to. Like do what I want we disagree with this now can we get some like ratings can we say well this worked and we distant if I still haven't seen it and especially during your time slot especially when your bonus especially when you're up to take ownership of that time. I am totally sympathetic to that. I I'll come back the right never ever said this through the hot Stosur to showed during much time. But it I am covenant for that hour to do the highest of show something that Turkmen and started. Oh so many years ago they did better then then there is a way that I think that has worked. Now you guys can disagree and that's fine but it distorted different time slot that's fine too. But there are I toll I've never all the things you're saying I'm like oh. What are you talking about I heard the like it used to it you said I did apart if it okay is break the style he did a podcast because of that one thing abused oh no I just said. I did a podcast. Often because the subsequent brought up exactly what I said too you're faced. On the air which was which was habit out we can't do that on a hot stove if you really want to do it. What is it what committed. Seven Fryer can layered and if you want to have the congress if not no no you know how we don't read our we might as we how we had become much better about it but we have we have the current we have the conversation. But he was on Tuesday night. And we talked about it in for about ten minutes I said to your face congress sitting there you were sitting there I said my I do not want you host in the hot stove show I want cam in Austin hosting the highest of show wide because he's invested you don't wanna do this so if you'd open when I say you don't wanna do this. I'm not saying that you don't work hard edit. Under saying you don't wanna do it that's not what you wanna do I'm larger program and that doubt that I think the president if I want to be in charge of probing a mutt I would have. I would've said hey let's do the hot stove show on Wednesday nights during must have thought as I said I don't know. Have control over this you know who does so go to them and say you're not happy with it but I told you I. Happy what I'm sure of that OK so I don't I'm not but it's it's your time but have you ever gone to have your regard to them. It's day and all too well that's what they want it is they can sell a name that's plus names are on a night of don't do it right so and so it you go to Joes are bottle and say hey how much is this sold for. Can we do and at a different time for gonna do at a different time in the stock the rob who's been doing it for a X amount of years stock the mossy. I'm in I'm open that congress conversation I had was gonna put a winds it'd o'clock to mosque is going to be there if rob wants in the right. That was the congress it okay but not so in you do you say no I don't want that there in my prime thought I did not know better than him that now. Mean it's because I'm in pretty open about this about saying hey if we are gonna do it. I'd rather have someone school. Maybe isn't you know is in reliant on being bonus is doesn't want to do something else to secure this. Obviously is again if if if you don't like that's fun and that might. I keep going back to you know I ask again who show is so you said you that would Joey Joey said it's human Tomas. That Hewitt to mossy if rob wants to communicate and Wednesday night's gonna outage at the mosque he's in anyway right you guys can do it if rob wants to command and I soon rob would want to the potential for a while right. A B doesn't want to keep the show their toll Anderson as an untried and yeah I mean I don't like all the way to being gone that I love rub its contract and if you feel this way and that's how it's presented to you in that I only get the (%expletive) I I don't know he'd have to say it's your integrated passionate about it he gets to sit your argument nothing. War you know. You can try get you out like he's trying to do that rather can host yeah you can get out since I've done this before you can do about it. Dot I mean it's out pork and you know what it is good and I say it again as it is not a vote. Getting me out if you were dole if you don't want to do that show. You don't wanna do the hot stove show and they haven't sold once I would I would talk to Jim Hackett who sold the show. And and sang but it gets and that's where you're not able to do that you you tomorrow do you want to say you want to be diligent at the way you want you wanna go so lots. OK so there's so let me ask you this ass against as the godfather of the show yes. So I understand the value in this this whole like months' time slot thing it was in the same when we did because it was my keys times he and yet he cared but he was on did not hear none of it right away that Edward and that is that this college history get posted but he'd won right to write the same went. Right so I always say this mark cares about his own show we did you bowden's. The lot he did post on the roads blocked the vote October and you. You know I do is bring about says you'll Cabrera via. But so. If if that's the case in its months ago like is IE item sympathetic to having mutt. Have his show have that time sought and if that's having Tomas in for that power to do that based Foster whatever. But you know since I go back since we are we've been doing it for X amount years. I would say. Hey here's the alternative this do at a different time Q when we do it. I see some value at some different sort of value that I think the guys seat. And that's fine but I'm not saying that one that I'm gonna say hey you know what we have to do this right then and there. And I think John tomorrow as he thinks the same way Lisa the podcast that Tomas he wants him out too well I think he's things along the lines of one idea. You know so which is OK either we do what are we don't and that's that's what this comes down to do right. It and we don't know we don't we don't certain way. I want that this six to ten and the way you won the odds Tokyo does not sound like. It should it should sound 2000. It is so again and again you know audience in the week and it and it that's fine but at six that and I'm gonna push back in return. When it comes to bad yes slowdown baseball if that the first three to not an analyst at and that's fine you know it's like you have great great decision making amulets that hour from ninth and when you kick via the studio that was asked about our. That was good you. You're doing. So we we are gonna agree with that is that there's. Just as a granola Larry asked what was that was my path of aggressively appetite and I get. I did his job rapper was what. That we're honestly with the weird like I work with people who don't want to wait hold I don't like the idea. At all. No we don't know all the thought and then I got up on it on the air but much up percentage of people knowing you've been at the end of your show people listening right rob plays naive oak elementary shop from me tonight and the show. Rob was off Tuesday mrs. Hutchison by everybody involved except rob apparently. Because he was off Tuesday at a mosque is an indication. His spot would be Wednesday while I assume everybody is so I don't need this guy myself and patio what I thought was all along so what patties that. The garlic and to market will and then be released on parts why set off it and he said OK we get to go home now. As we think the open and so what what you said I am I wanna go home you admitted how tired were before we sent down I said fine I. Week ago. On good if you go if you play back that when he said what happened was when he says I says okay go home now and you says no use steel tan nice and I AM. In these you don't realize look I know what I don't I don't care what you should bubble look at my face but here's the thing you said ugly issue undefeated Tilton. I would I would I know I know. It read no I didn't I didn't buy you know but it's because said that our as the gap our proved to associate the it was like I think I would I would have done whatever as I always have mine was no I would I a lot worse than what do you take one call. Was there when Karl. Do you think now I I enjoyed listening to you talking yourself who's driving hole my whole thing was I would think that phone call I don't judge no I don't know I write (%expletive) I don't but I with all locking I would also note I would in that our tradition I did that and that our I would have won rather listen in. Two and Utah into another person that you talk to yourself. So that was what a solo shows at once again once vacuum so I would just say this. Is that I said I was surprised Thursday till then you want me to Steagall and that's that I am. And then you've got very very upset at even candy was saying like this is bizarre how you're right. OK you have in I would say in right after I said I am as Debbie happy to stay yes yes or no. He says I thought I was going home right eyes and then I would be happy this day I said and I think yeah like now like all. To me that all arguments though it all that had them with family members as you guys. This is not really about this this is this is this is rooted somewhere else over years and years and years that's it for falls. With start to draw I again this are to a bar which. Starts I look at you like I have no idea what you're thinking what he means I have no idea he talks will like it is a pattern arguably the league eventually but it's like you know fight for. It's not yet what you fight with her about whether you did this or that you've always talked about staying an extra hour but it's good but it's always about something else. If it's club votes out of these guys got to rocketing I'm great it's a leader in the fight on Tuesday but I don't I don't I don't I don't believe because you guys complain to meet each of you complain about the other guys for years argued back to my rob. The second in this episode of enough about me is brought to you by Casper cast for some sleep brand continues. To revolutionize its line of product decreed exceptionally comfortable sleep experience one night at eight tie the match is designed by humans for humans that's good. Beacon by multiple support of memory phone for equality sleep surface would just the right sink in just the right bounce. Considering we spend 13 of our lives in the mattress so important truly steepening matches before committing nets like Casper gives you 100 nights to try it out seek a normal don't. Would re distancing talked about your own experience with Casper and smarter than these people I can tell you about this I enjoy the cash for experienced sleep needs a lot lead to more and schalke should know that. Indymac five or six hours forget the goal for run it needs to be good that's what Kasper has changed my life and change your life to dummies to get moving you should do. He fifty dollars toward any Mac just purchased by using Casper dot com slash Kirk and using promo code Kirk. KI RK check out that's fifty dollars toward any practice purchased by busy Casper dot com slash Kirk and using promo code. Kirk I checked out terms and conditions as always. Yet they saw led 333 or four times a year or two or three times a year argue frustrated my market's frustrated with me and that's how work since it was honestly I always go back I mean I talked to you you don't talk the me. So I mean are different in or it's been robbed by. Not. Not the radio TVS and it's got a run in Italy and mean and the website is most sport should it's his job. I like doughnuts and more important and why is Howard's NASA and more important marine units from we have that Taylor the presidential round when you can do at eight pick we do live seeking to your TV correct is a sexy its roots somewhere there's mics that's ugly and this is my exact I was asked me and I I actually don't try to make sure eaten yet. Is money and also do the game is this because you are on NASA anymore. What's the what are recognized ordinance. Article but details are important and so here's how this were saying why they would obviously here's how this works that we do the pregame show for the rents. For years upon years upon years we always says it can tape it org do you woodland to alive. I do NASA pretty vehement and every once in awhile. And so when. I asked always up until last year's so always when they can be tape it's no big deal get everything done. Much like you tape a lot of other things in the pregame show say shore and then somewhere somehow that came out of nowhere where I'm prioritizing NASA over this. If I think if if it came down to hey I can either do. NASA and or yeah I think Kirkwood I would hope backed me up on this now for nine years I've bled out for this company right. Yes so screwed so like I commend you. I would much like the other night there was a reason why I said Al stay here for another heart that I wanna deal with it now but I'll do it because I knew it would help. You know I now I'm idle idle the messes up I don't care about for me when the apocalypse into the hot social tabs for me. I know one have guessed on too little things. In God's Isaacson helps celebs that's a disagreement now for me the raiders went out. Went over we talked about gas for the that there. I got it it enemy now and you get out and he said I don't yeah I mean this art I don't agree on this but I don't it's not it's not it's not about helping the web wouldn't you agree do you agree out at the opposite could read. No I but also if you could if it depends of his Red Sox is that it that's of this fall is if it. If his wrestler eccentric I do think he can be good radio that the justice. Yeah him just like to but no I indoors and so so for instance within the jobless figures in pop history so he was on probably whenever they signed David Price. David Price like he was the GM. Where Ford David Price he had some pretty strong things to say about David Price the guided society rather have you read quotes from your own story look at this you nineties you know I'd I think I think the overall data reactors and I think the overall benefit I think is too as long as you can limited and understand when his baton when Arnold that's hard OK this also and it's eleven minutes that that that's fair by -- vernacular agree on this result but this I will say I will say this is that I mean this though the (%expletive) thing is that. That I am doing it prioritize the website and I am also with the the pregame show. Prioritizing now I mean that's just pulled it. But in you can get what I'm saying both I would say. NASA and elbow but I think the website please factor that you want him again though beads and make them yeah that you think right now do you think there right now though you know after. How we've altered things in the job at any time I could I get it I think it was a different time do you I don't I don't I don't know now I've noise you know and I know that there's a different if if it was a different time and I can I can admit it certainly parts OSHA was done differently. Back when you dated back in those first few years and I think they should even be done now I get that. But but like this off the bull (%expletive) like idea that I'm not prioritizing. This radio station. Is ridiculous is for you asked what we get in art what I get annoyed about over the course of the year. That's one of the things we still after I explained that as are you allow a little less annoyed because on its there are times where it'll let me for a week or two because we have all our schedule listen I want the world and if if your brother around to witness and just fine you just have some of the right now. Usually that doesn't happen usually. Ike that's about you know not give them not to your credit your project of what we try to quotas on BitTorrent like that amid this this aren't we and we have done that and the other be it from not here who whoever wherever. And you know so we have a 162 you know be right behind Ian Brown's we have a we have a hundred and give a 162 games for a 162 games. We don't go to every road game so we are always we used to driving here for that hit a difference in it right so so we have 81 road games we don't go to all the road you know it's a week so we have we have. We know of other writers do it. And that's fine. So our lot but every idea every single every single effort you know every every single hole a modest note no matter has no choice and yet you always have Australia or says noting Evian or. Rob I'd be in the Bradford served with Debbie master Nona or near bra like that it might. I clear the this year he was guy you want to know what this all business he's caught up you'll have had a rush on the gap rubble being. Norwood with. When you do and you've never athlete economic added Gordon needs. Well before when he is right for the Boston low. Back then yes because we are very protective of an item that's a negative thing but any word play this this year I was this final period as (%expletive) and it's. As a six man because we were trying to do every single one. Are we were strutting don't care anymore. Now I don't care my great tournament this season you can see now on Elvis but hold on the Boston sports journal been good on its cigarette you know areas on the days you can't testify or by rich and it out of her grave near the Rio how much you know when you hit it isn't just a reality is that. You do hear it makes a few bucks from this. And we sometimes at the change Ers well obviously that's it I'm saying he's saying he's he's reaching out saying care. Once couple times you're not law. You prioritize at NASA's he always does that and I don't mess and it. And you say OK am I have my guy on yes all sorts of them. Was there what was there one. And this year we're reading cleared through you like it again always acted and and as you guys the way it was or what the problem I said who do you want you want this person we want this for the every single time the W you should you feel like there's certain guys accusing him. Yes okay so the dog did you ever serve not to do service any of those people to me. This year yes we talked about no hope derby double masters Donald no no no don't on the road we wanna avoid Ruddy you said I said oh boy I. Using him I said I agree that ice at every single person. When I could be there are too mossy could be there. I every single person this season. We cleared through you yet they're Nazis was much OK you know yes or no yes yes okay. So Hewitt said I'd be hesitant to surface different names did you ever say a name out of rice you know I don't know there was better there's so what are we talked about what would always me over the course of your twirls a casino that that's done. You can you can probably guess now we rob wants to do Nestle puts the whales were on the on the road you don't wanna eat it we can't we can't tape if that's very convenient. We tape OK just there are some days where it's tougher edge over Fenway Park but it would also honest welts. Data that tells you you'd use the web and this is my slowness. Tokyo sensitive on. The bomb all pattern of Bradley pockets are not sensitive and I didn't say it today you would ya and can I am sensitive when you say that sent. All of the bizarre is this a bizarre to me. Like what what they listen to what one thing that's one of its one thing rolls fine I mean there's that was that was the sensitive map that we put an end but it's but the one thing that he you know. He candid said. Which I don't necessarily agree with he says they occur that might actually. Wants to be the sporty guy by he wants to make it seem to you that he doesn't. Would you agree that. I think to some extent but I do think that would he said earlier is true with the the success of the show now I think that. Like I even think Saddam's within our own show where has in the talks sports on certain occasions because we're afraid of him markers shelves. You know as we're in this weird world but if you listen in my show that I'm doing a lot I mean. I'm not I'm not pretending. To be Kirk mean your parity in this it is that. Beat the Internet seem to be trying to be Turkmen and this was an area of evaporate and armed if a defensive insensitive and offensive same word. But we went I read on the Internet from someone I care about no big deal. What do some I know like eight or 910 years and says it listens to my show at night and knows that we do a lot of sporting segments in Nick's he's got my hand like what. What else is he getting what. Now here's what's the here's to clarify that I did it but I did before. I don't begrudge you at all for trying to learn playoff for the most successful show in the station that's not it. What would annoy me personally once in awhile ways and it's not only me. It's other people it's like this this idea that every single thing is you or. Your thinking about how all Kirk react. And weicker not that annoys me maybe that's my own thing my. But but Alice Kirk react to me saying an interview. I don't know is that I I don't know what it. You your life here my game and out now had a bullet all of us assistance. It is it is it's just how it is a possibility. Just every yet to everything I mean everything. Is about how was Kirk gonna react to this what is Kirk you can feel about that a lot of this is Issa that puzzle that's that's puzzle that's for me absolutely. Why it's odd ones you'd care that's please. Most of -- I'd tell you what you said it's abused until that is why you're passionate like what no no our shirts let it it's just that the past the rest of the opening is these Tomas he thought about it clear spot on. Like any jabs at that rob is doing in this and I have my my what I'm trying to I'm trying to you can live your life stuff you can clarify anywhere you want but here's I tried to articulated maybe I'm not. But I say you you keep coming back at the show you do in the show and of course can do this for a show and he I I I agree other people Archie don't. A lot of people don't I agree argued should play off of what they doesn't agree. I don't you know it's a lot of people yeah I've it's their thereof that like the voices that all the people act offended you again notre I think first thought and I've known him for years. I thought about rob does not Ambien Ambien is on as the Q you can believe I'm not on an idea believed OK so so I don't have a problem with that. So all I'm saying is it like this or this weird thing and so it happened. This is just Microsoft does some other people's perception is that it's weird things don't last I don't say that yes it's all here it is all the people who said you're as old and I say he's not a castle and the good not why I'm not say any day if you want to know. John democracy and outside I believe I'm guessing and I got out there and glared offered. Looked bus comes. Out as a plate tomorrow I know I tried to in my and so all I'm saying you believe it or not that's. That's where I'm coming from that I hope you don't take it as this from the school between doctors and off the schoolmate. In the idea of this if it was it was weird they were shared public notice that it was almost two years after and is it was how that you surfers that. Like right after block when your podcasts and that you were too easy. It was weird adamantly. But the way. If our way over two years color elements at least on the net I don't know I said that begs a day so that if we free we wanna clarify this if you tell me right or wrong it's open. Yet that. As a typist you sell the street Burris telling a joke rock Pepperdine their life like (%expletive) old this is called selling. All they have to do do do the steeper rolled on the ground eats that up. It's not like him all he knew what you (%expletive) me award. Which I think I'm encouraged that it is no better. I I actually thought a case of the most difficult in the other day and up late and with a play. And it was it was getter like you said it was good to spice things up lobe is fine what did you you're mad mad at Michael. Now here it was too and you know go with walls night new car you know bugle laughs in the laughs. It whether it's smut or other people and I was reference Brent laughter. Can rejected him laughing matter yes laughing is Soviet backed away from was about funnel that funny it was my leader nick I don't wonder will make fun of him because that is just said I think I think you were another of the your noble how sadistic. I heard heard now that the musical on the phone that's why I agency I liked him no adult step up like that he's always welcome nick and I mean every Tuesday read me the library and model is dollars and let him know that baseball Leo. Anyway that the answer to rob talking in Neiman know know what else defy what wells. On it with absolutely. The Fed was on windows live in the little bizarre I mean I give you credit for preparation I think he's he said is you know you're gonna it's gonna happen once rob rock and get this chance that they'd get this outages and fellowship hour comment on this for an hour. They'll LC the work you. And I've I've watched I'll cor issue and by New York core issue. He's not with each other doors are really with me to like hover over all this is with Joe's are behind that should core issue should not be here at me right now. He should be a room with a program director hammering this for a false. Well I've doesn't historical does this start with what we want to show all the way that doesn't it start with what we said when it was never the show was never brought to me. Ever ever ever as a serious thought so they're going to go annoyed by it. No I'm not an Illinois shows ever brought to you know and I'll never know no this year yet in the last two years I've never ever said hey let's do the hot stove show. Like in the years past yeah I took ownership of it I was like part about it it was not much time thought it was a different thing. But in the last two years I've never said this to the hearts of show I mean I think that. You know so when Joey comes to mind and says you know we're gonna do lots of show. But I would say it right then and there when you say well can we do another time this is my time slot this one imposed. Like I guess that could upset but I that we would have. Shield it would sort of move forward in 2017. And now why did you sit down and ask you this why did you sit down with him in the John fort started. Go and want to so probably insane hate this is what I wanna do this I want the show will be primetime slot like time not this this is how we're going to do you guys don't like it. No problem. Voted to other guys. No problem easily could yeah it'll probably do now going forward. And figure out what other have a show that means it's completely get how I show me relic and I willful figure out something where were talking baseball without. You know forcing guests at that well again this is your time I've Torre said this this is your time slot this is I actually understand that. I'm I have no power to say hey can layered in you now I've no power to do that but I can't just voiced my displeasure which idea on the air to replace. And say play evident in our podcast I mean that's that ask me I mean RC well obviously you think it was dornin there that that it talked about that it has to. Yes. You brought any yet some don't like he runs out to try to. Again you can ask you can ask my garage a bit and you can commit to talk about all this talk to him I wanna ask you when asked Ken about why it was a podcast can be. There was this gonna be about after the GM meetings we gonna talk about it. You would that you would pay after the GM me right but you can ask and you can ask can I tell you ask because you said you said that. It was already prearranged not gonna talk about when I Afghan commands that we're gonna talk to the worst thing you talked about. Was that by many labeled as the drama on the hot now because because it was difficult because you because as it happens when you're doing a podcast but I know that you know this. When you do would podcast you start talking about stuff they comes up we start talking about it and comes and he comes up again we start talking about it and it and a dominant the conversation. Easy so all I can say is up lines I'll be someone you once we get this kerosene Kennedy Eric I'm here enough for him were. A bit but that. I give credit to right that's right that's what we have been that well but when you want to stop everything and hey mark come on come on then you're gonna do you want it's somebody their it was gonna agree with you says like is it his unit was gonna agree with that Wednesday in notes and just yesterday and I still look at this it says I think if you're in the air notes this keeps saying no matter what I say. You're just gonna say no that's not how it is I'll tell you again ask and when I asked taken up a bit hard to believe me guys it's hard you know you can solve that much. Go last canned it's not that complicated what you ask and if you with that short bodies at yesterday's I don't agree review. Seven when we started talking about it when we start talking about it during that showed during the podcast that's where we went with them this is what happens I am sure that. The twelve plays that Turks scripted for this passing on exactly know that you know I mean you call this people just didn't talk after the carries you. Try it this this is this a I don't get that have been like they don't edit the exits as an active and passive aggressive it was like up all. It was so they of the younger guys that needed to pearl was disgraced analyzed that was awful that's that was not our problem that I can't do this anymore it's map broad mass brawl is with Kirk's first it was the first use I played a minor role. I would rob all the time. Same exact and I that I think hurt I think Kurt with a little more effort it was a perfect. Was the perfect that's yours that's the talk that's you know but it's started. I'd miss. It's. Always we should. Yeah more of the rub it Leo since they these you know don't like the ball when they win they can say for alls who want to work but the ice so the who will win tonight still that. At the but good things we have before you know it's true. That's absolutely I'm sure if that's what it was where I felt that now we know what I mean it was weird that you brought it like zone and know if there was there was now in its Huber. Now you you don't hit you can't seem to be conversation. Fun here now you know Hobbits Kirk Kirk. I know the Kirk. This whose two years before you brought it up on the older ones are a year and a half. There was no wonder he did but there was that it was it was a year and a half and yeah yeah yeah exactly army dislike for Buckley but Rowling not I don't know I don't know that's in the SEC I can't use everything I say yeah you guys assailing don't know I can be honest like in. That was a year and a half game. As IKEA and possibly can't as a year and a half after it was when I was driving over when I was driving home in I heard you guys certainly has surfaced that that call that was an oh a minute but it was the first blow with a different time. And I was surprised because number one or not it was a different time wearable I was aware that you would that she thought all the time. So so. I was surprised it was a year and a half conversation before in the congress you know what I want to music option to know what I don't know because there was a year and a half before. And went with and and as it lies and talking to her. Cart in when when I called when I talked you about that the main impetus word. Was that like you were lumping me in with (%expletive) piece Ebert. Should know I don't know I don't give a (%expletive) now but at the time I trying to cared but that was the only time I was right on that you do you'll cared so you're wrong. It's a that otherwise might but by this but it got to know knowing needed I was in the states. A year and a half later our. Guy would you bet your holster and possibly unethical. I heard it was always me. It was immediately after the next game are a couple of days after. Listen with your can win this battle it's not the problem once the badly as you called nasty stop me on the view or one. United States as she did I say salami and repeated and an unknown but it did an article on the Aries you run its school right. You beat Abraham. Similarities that's not one minutes and you call me you said he humans but said you know like drop off my and it was. It's cool off some of the dads at your friend might be found. Nothing to repeat these toys make fun of Nawaz it would be honest we can't let. I'm being honest is McCain in indoor reads no no you're right it's not different budget today. Kirk's lumping you repeat you know now and I did not that was what you're talking about the Red Sox or something like that about like whatever wise. And that is. The impetus for about yet you're right about I was gonna like she's Ference right as it no I say yes they did and also you're half right congratulations you're half. Half price to witness I was wrong now. Know your halfway house know about about how that conversation went right in signal problem happened with the bonus of like this. East that'll ever happen again. But you didn't really hit. But it epidemics and a year and a half later surfaced that quick hits it Steve Buckley of the Steve and I know why you are currently led Steve Buckley says Steve Buckley on the podcast out of nowhere is that I think you go easier on rob. Two days later. Two days later leave this. It's like in two days setting yourself and went on his coaching going on not that is not true I and Lamotte with him I understand your talented guy I always figure talented guy. You are on view. You are one of the foundation donated forget it Kirk went went when he called me and begged me for a job at upper deck card company right. And for and I said I understood his talents. I understood as to how much I went up I never said oh yeah equity current. Right exactly so our party is saying you're not part of the morning shall X Kirk in the air on casting couch party Portland and send him when somebody goes past them. That's that's that is there a natural. But I'm happy for you guys and I'm happy for you I happened unhappy from higher than Ian we're having that mustache happy him and you have by and I'm an ever ever ever ever gave him Kirk. Of that I know that you keep surfaces once when your back unnatural often I'll I think I think I understand that I felt like they agreed I'm thinking yet another day I want you I think that is I don't know that that from optimist I'll. I ask you this do you think in the last yours alone when there's been situations for you who you made the top spot as your. Yes it's. Or. Not I stayed in. Not since I don't curt Hebert said I don't I'm saying we know we we we're fine yeah you write an hour and only IR line. Yes Curtis Martin I had my ex. I have not now when your editors think now the widget to form. Between a ridiculous ones. That oil stated we I I I. I told you in fact on the phone and it is about it the thing he did you guys that I guess is just is now three or four website you'd get that's true I was fired but so that we publishing. Or is life has been defused abuse angry is rod Jordan walked yes I actually more annoyed now. On fortune. Because nothing's it it's it's added. More of my eight time that I want you cannot do everybody wants to do you can now book god Chad Jennings an urgent is regulation actually jaw. On the categories. White guys around you want to rob you guys abroad to act. Is never gonna have to Wear what is the future. I guess both scheduling on on this week I'm now is is my show. You juniors. And B why is sorry about ruining your ratings what. Was a fugitive couple on Friday with those. Who have actually really what is hot social accurate that our rob now okay that's where that's what it's not as an emergency now without likable maverick of the future about corruption. The futures of rob wants to do with the way he wants to do it he has to find and replace. It we can that we can do reasonable. Yeah I've always that minute if I honestly don't know a guy and I thought we made surprised what moments ago but still feel the tension in the asthma. Modest very upset you're bull pups don't I don't I assure you don't have an all time and your roster each other it's not I don't you know him able pissed off at each. It's out there now that I love like I lowered my IQ that's the product that this is the issue we now that run I love audience yes. I didn't do it while it's will be pissed. I'm not I'm honestly not at a spot. I'm not so much what my I think he's very talented I understand that this time slot is not only is it comes back to this skirt the exactly what we said before which was. You in the morning show you guys get past you guys get a says. When you'll feel people or investigation was one of the reasons why and whether it's that he owning that time slot or not. So that's one of the reasons you guys are successful in the morning is 'cause at least but he thinks he's best field. Right but but no saying he's not he's an avid no no but I don't I think I think no on either edit and I think this mart wants. Probably with our visit to Baghdad is. Your dreams would you vote will go get here you what is the dream scenario for us we put leisure perfect putts to not show it that it's not an announced on on six the content and that is not doing it weighs on what is. You're hosting it would. It is one or two other guys and and just doing a regular baseball talk show for for power. Not not forced around the they guessed that may not matter I don't have outscored. A once during offseason and on Caroline three time right these are gonna call for Herman we've got let's give rob puts a week and show he's on to say he's not known that he tell you much robs invested in hot stove. You put out score wrong with you attract for an excessive and a plot to OSHA yes hotels where he could do it but you can do it on. When there are we gonna do it during my Eddie could you could or couldn't do the Mike and Nancy. These and anger at the passive aggressive. What you get a lot of it which I I am I'm toll deferential month. A BI QIQ and there's a difference between actually enacting something. And being annoyed by that date you just don't wanna do the hot stove show. You're there and because my here's the thing is just you wouldn't want and if you're saying. Before and after yet again it views crap are we gonna do with Austin shall we got to do it I'm not saying you don't put the effort into it it's been a crappy I don't know nobody but before and after you don't wanna do the show that hour and I understand it because you rather this. From six to plan your show I told you wanna put it not. Clocking when a different host I'm no I I was I was trying to come or at 6 o'clock I would you know I never I never I would you sell this shall know my ball myrtle living your life and never said that are holding I never said that and he just I actually have never said that. I never for once addict and was the one that brought that up there were not doing his sixty valued at times thought too much is that you know in this is when my solution I described. Opera one which is if you don't want that hour and in. I don't know if you. Absolutely you're going to be bonus to be judged on the 04 hours I have a oh okay if that's. By then that's fine but if you can cut that off after three hours Wednesday that was the hot though show that was that ratings then. I'd say you don't wanna do it's I don't think that's okay fine not given that a if he wants about the host thanks awesome congratulations. Right yes so I just says I just you. As much as I ate in things you would feel the exact same way. If someone says odds before and after aliens studio wanna do it should be and I have never have I ask for gas for the first two times than you had witness though still much the issue yes of this still this like yeah. I mean I don't. About. The issue yeah I had in right I just articulated it and music here. Well you know efforts to ban U verse two yard Deborah said it's about social never sent his effort was bad for the best. I'd never said he wasn't investment should you or somebody else does not vested ODS and start at about I don't know I run threat in the the yes investors are right work right. So you know balls I do once again if you have before and after a guy like if I when he says. I I hate to do this and then after right after I hate to do this you probably aren't feeling great about being in an album I would say that but you won the best in the shall we. You know it's a Dutch but that's his deal man but he believes that you be invested he did show he. Yes yes would you be I don't I don't I I would think that he would rather you bet I want to I think that you would rather just not judicial altogether I don't disagree that we would be best to show he. Yeah I'm in the air to them and this ultimately. What's this really ultimately you and your time don't you Porsche decisions program I can't do they don't have tried to do you could have played and how can do with a hot stove show. Our. Robin Tomas there yet I'll get one great chemistry to show he took calls he usually does against. You guys like with the disagree with Mike if you that rob can why it and I'm okay but he saying that now. He felt so strongly about it the podcast advocate for some miles what you're telling as part of mass change. Of leadership post bush. Right I sit all I've said all know I've said all the same things are said here the exact same price but exact same thing you said and by the white mutt. It was the exact same thing I said to your face on the air. It is nothing new here nothing. Except that you get a podcast about if it and I did a minute podcast with you to your ace on the earth say the exact same thing but what's what's the difference. I guess there is no different. That's it. We've accomplished if I mean literally nothing right Myra I thought I was with friends giving the Ambien and I brought a lot and I walk the walk off that cup you know him. But he amusement. Do we accomplish nothing. It's never going to be posted. Also on the website and Henry accurate four hours early finesse your dog mean what else. You didn't do anything nobody did it was great ones also don't all of which are issue or that issue bringing into an accomplished and you would be more Nolan I think drizzle. What do we accomplish I I had you'll hear this yet here she's with him that's fine so why we have urged each other fine. My thing is it's your time's it's your show. You can do to show you one would you call pots social don't think you can shift and that's TU. Joe's office Joey this is the shall doing if you don't like it pounds. You can do. McCain he at least. Power in your city Joey join me hot social rob in jail once a week park where it's our turn now to the I wanna do you think you would. No that's what we got the first week on now I can we move forward and the culture. Again if he is probably that. You have to say to him coming every week we're doing my weight if you don't like it we. In my let's. That's that's and inspire Prague and also when ID it when someone. Doesn't wanna like. It's not about the direction you speak up if you like rush is not yet is not about the direction so much about him get away don't want a rustic Italian for sure I. I've set it I've just a rock and let it wasn't so it's not about the like gas or no gas or anything else it comes back to the what my problem my thought was. The exact thing we're talking about witches if you feel like someone rather do something else I'm not saying there was lack of effort Laxman ActiveX execution but it would you feel that that's when I think all of us we all take pride and held and I could be wrong maybe speak for you which of the problem. And ten. Putts though show. Him to mossy and you guys do pot socially one that's why I'm not a rocket again so there were some points it just like I did this audience you probably know but if I don't know. Look again the the only the only reason I even brought up the kennel thing was because you know as wild eyed view you would rather not do the hot stove show right yeah but it's okay. But rob that brought to the brother and I do some segments of our show short got to do so yes I know it doesn't he tries hard you try to make who's been right its national across rob that it well might wanna do the show that I'm slightly to knock your ideas acuity either show. I mean that's that's an. Exactly and that's a that's why I I offered this solution which again I I've as I've come to understand predict and I can't yes I've I've come to understand that the use motorist in judges from Little Rock or nurse at ten. Putts though show. You do with him Tomas and the way you guys wanna do know. We not done with that but the issue and we're done it and if not I'd just that it has to be in that not as Annika in old dogs and imports. Non issue here we unite like it's an issue. I don't wanna do the high punitive it knowing it and edit it in a nutshell it is the ultimate enter into it and not show notes if if if mark wants to be honest I'm no missiles in his pocket. And in a nutshell fall off a coal mine. All I want is that. If if we mutt doesn't wanna do the hearts though throw a no no let's take it. But not if but aren't really that wanna do it would have made it home mine right rob OK okay well then don't bitch about it before now there. Over the past of aggressive mother. A bit about the other well. I know we en us on the birth and I talked about it right here there are you doing your. And you're about yes. Three hours worth I know I thought my shorts and it was like at first I wanna talk about show they a target for second thing entry into the Red Sox last hour nobody can with my ex explanations. Again I thought this inference given that if so night attend Wednesday's. Liked it actually have an issue it's a way in my called me earlier this year instead you wanna run to a nine and wanted to satisfy. These threats. And why are we doing that. Because you're rewarded at 8 o'clock a eight week to week I'm happy to announce that tomorrow would you like the clock with a big on its opportunity on Wednesday to myself behind it is there's no and he knows that showed I hear that's all we do now from schools have been uploading to my one rate and spies and likeness. The dogs are east Portman. And so replies that Jessica and one that's more tomorrow she's. So that the 9 o'clock Wednesday a check which. And but compatible he's OK with that night and why why did we do it nine this past week. I asked of I was on the I was not I was we were on the sidelines right after diagrams and awesome play at Fenway Park as that is eight or nine if that's Tuesday. So not if you're doing 8 o'clock am. This one too big for things to goad for Euro on to have three hours the awesome show your hole and went in the starting one hour I needed till ten anyway why. As they said you know on on the faced Atlanta where it started last Wednesday you're until then this Wednesday. It was Trout is if it came acted to immediate football science. My nice that I would day. It was I don't know backwards to go back here I'm I'm in the move for him to answer or solution issue. So 9 o'clock a week from Wednesday and lots of Greg yes lock it and in my ministries degrees seventh assembly and on this Wednesday that's fine I don't options on the part of it I totally understand. I. Am doing okay star Olympian month. You've got into my she's fine although he doesn't like you according today you I'm up he he's arm and he's on me I'll ports. My you first. Accomplished nothing here I listen to this isn't always operate on the Bobby podcast ever is what the enemies of the street. Disagree actually use the market yesterday newbie once it will be hosted was filled against if you only gets you at a filling guests via a community to once a week the post has. Has welcome as the duo and every other week thing decorative mr. uncle in your pocket that anytime you want to you have to show they show pay out timing gorgeous seven of the Brent Rocha it happens reachable. Probably would probably from a public. You say. The candy version seven of the show like three to passive aggressive shots second vote that audio podcast shots I've passed forever yet. You felt maybe a third most popular figures show which are being the key signal that you accomplished I don't agree on just to Wednesday's nine. He's ease acquiesced I think he's actually get more and frankly believe. Or 25 years they robbed his canoe well you're so popular still be well. I don't know if I'll really. Op as of right now so we had terms on. You have when robs on the road are doing is NASA and whatever you can book where he won that that's who the pre correct yes that's much pre emption that's your real estate in this is 9 o'clock Wednesday in. But takes ownership of his had to modify that's must time on investment he's gonna give you invest your fund. Raw heat yes that's I'm I tell you Ehrlich in there surely you like us away yeah excellent guest that Foster Brooks felt. But you'll have to believe this was not attend hot stove show okay we're trying to out of picture after this YouTube shaking hands and be in the middle. When Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton himself got up right. It it's all right I accuse the if that's what did you I have good attribute it in Florida if anything else that you know the greatest hits. You secure oaks that it has for years. I'm not funny drops cord clutter up my. You can laugh at all. Why are right shows that. They morning nearly 100 to have you pick your ball mustard jobs. Everything is fine I can tell us to defuse what's a good enough. Lisa viewing my Brothers at this point out that worked out some great radio Brothers though. Too many of the most in this business injury count. Like many other Terry Calhoun Emmys was you feel good look at him bring him. Is the ball me episode seventy something when it. Brought you by my great friends and builds and you store for them we love you go to can I go to the one just those purchases of your brain treat you that as well. We're back which Jack McCallum. With good reason why I put this forecast for Monday. It is the of Szczerbiak who is the point I would never would I object with Colin reed. I don't know at what point I'm on the podcast or go short talk this is responsible possible. History looks forward now with some.